Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1860 Page 1
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# j| . I (ff betting Mm. V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.^ WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 1. I860. N9. 2.325. . ; -" ?*. ?*^W-- ..--W ? '-J? ? - I THE EVENING STAR t? PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) ?? ?nt ?TAR BUILDINGS, ( orner of Pennsylvania av?nu* andWtk H.t ?T W. D. WALL AC 11. I'ajxna a*rved in paakarM by carrier? at 94 a j ???rt ur 37 oenta poc month. To mul aubacnbera the pnoe it f 3-50 a year, ta advanct: 92 for aix month*; (I for tfcrw montha; and for loaa than thro* montha at the rmte of 12oanta a week. Smgla oopiea, osb c*?rr; in wrappara, two ctifTa. {L^ADVESTiana^Taahoaid be aent to the ofSoe betore 12 o'oiook m ; other wiae they may not appear nntil the next day. I? ?? ? 9JI > The foreign intelligence contains further particulars of the state of affairs in Syria, and the details are most harrowing Nearly the whole Christian population, or at leest the male portion of it. hare fallen victims to the bloodthirsty Tindietireness and animosity of the Druses Reports are even said to have rea?htd the British Government that the city of Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the ~ - J ? ' nvuu, auu uao Ui 100 UlUVl pOpUIOQS OI IDC oriental capitals, which was known to be threatened, nu been sacked by them, and that 600 Christians there had been massacred in cold blood, the Dnteh Consul being among them, and an American being counted among the wounded. To this attack upon Damascus the Druses were doubtless prompted by their horrible successes in other places, achieved sometimes by the direct aid or the Turkish authorities and by their sympathy and conni vance in all cases. | The reported butcheries at Zahleh are abundantly confirmed There, and in the surrounding villages, the survivors of 16.000 families are reduced to homelessness, naked nets and famine. The earnago has been fearful At Hasbeija equal atrocities have been committed. The place had a Christian population of about 5,000. belonging not alone to the Maronite community, but to the orthodox Greek Church, and to various Protestant denominations Of the latter there were about 200, having a native pastor and a church of their own A letter from Bejrout has slated that of the 200 onlj two men now lire, and of their ,uw ureek teilow-Ubnstians only 36 men survive, while the fate of their wives and children is wore# than uncertain. At Rasheiya, at the foot of Mount Hermon, there were about 2.000 Christians, two-thirds of whom perished by the swords of the Druses and the bayonets of the Turkish soldiers, to whose barracks they fled for protection, but whence they were inhumanly driven by the troops. Even Beyrout itself is scarcely protected by the English and European vessels of war lying there, which, however, had afforded refuge to the frightened Christian population. In all or nearly all the massacres that have taken place the Turkish troops hare taken more or less part. One account states that Ottomon soldiers from Damascus enabled the besiegers to take Zahleh; another aa^a that the Turkish Government, or tbe local Turkish Governors, have lent the Druses men and cannon; and the details we hare from time to time laid before our readers abundantly confirm this view of Turkish perfidity and cruelty. What scenes of horror were enacted at Damascus, and what will follow the sacking of that most fanatic of cities. it makea one shudder to contemplate. The lateat foreign dispatches intimate that now. when the maasacres have been completed, the Saltan is making a show of concern about hit Christian aubjecta. and that a commissioner P supported by an armed force, haa been sent to the scenea of slaughter. After what haa transpired. no one can place anj confidence in either the Sultan or his' commissioner, and it ia not to be expected, or to be desired that thia tard v Ere tense well satisfy the Christian Powers of urope, many of whose quasi subjects fell victims to the blood thirstiness of the Druses and the Turkish soldiers. If the tenor of the disflatches received bj the English Government ? correctly stated, oar own Government is also immediatety interested in the matter, and we will not believe that England will permit any petty jealousies respecting the influence of those Powers in the East to tempt her to shield Turkey from the punishment so justly merited bbe at least ought not to oonnive ac such atrocities practised upon Christian people It is reported that the Emperor of France has already.through the Minister for Foreign Affairs formally apprized the Government of the Sultan, that, in concert with other Powers, he will without loss of time and directly interfere to stop the carnage If the report be true, Napoleon III merits high commendation for h? promptitude in the cause of humanity. The Emperor of Hnssia is also said to have moved in the matter. England appears to bo slow to act, although a discussion in Parliament indicates that she contemplates some movement of the kind. Moat nrobablr the three nnw*n will unite in m demand that every Druse sheik who has taken a leading part in these massacres shall be expelled from the Sultan's dominions; that the whole country of Lebanon dhall be placed under a Christian Governor; that the Pashaa who have connived at the carnage shafl be punished ; that indemnity shall be paid to the survivirg Christians, and better guarantees be given f>r their safety hereafter Such demand would be moderate The difficulty would be in tno nature of the guarantees to be given with respect to the ftiture.?Neic York Com. Adv. First Babies ?There it an extensive fund of strong, wholesome common-sense (ft moat uncommon possesion by the way,) in the following plain paragraph frem the Springfield Republican, aaU pftrenta may save themselves nd theiroffspring much unnecessary suffering ? ?>ui6 iv iicau in excellent suggesuons: "A somewhat extended observation, and a solitary experienoe, have convinced u* that first babies have a hard time. Parents must have two or three children before they know what a baby is, know how to treat it, and acquire patience to treat it properly. The poor little fellows that have the misfortune to come long first, have to educate parents to their tack, and in the process they get spanked, and shaken, and abused. After a man has three or four children, he learns that whipping or II ^ H ? .? M ? ? -? BinaiDc a oana lew tnan two jean of age in barbarism. We know one ''paternal head'' who (track hi* first child when only six weeks old, the im actually believing that the child knew better than to cry, and that he stopped crying at that particular time because he struck him We carry certain notions of children and of family government Into married life, and the first ehild is always the viotim of these notions And not alone of these, for the parents bare not learned self-control, and a baby is whipped quite as often because the parent is impatient or angry, as because it is vicious or intractable. We inflict on our first children the floggings we ought to have for our _ ___ m kt rr.i - - ? uwu tui|Miii?iic? or ireuuineos. Tbis pounding children Wore they become, in God's eye. ^ morally responsible being*, is very strange business. Patience, good people? unwearing patience' Don't wait to learn it antil one of your little one* shall be hidden under the daisies! A* Ia/caioi'S FtBTiLizcit ?Very severe f>rohibltions bare been issued in France, Engand. and Qermaay. against the use of poudrette imperfectly prepared, it having been proven L ? A>l 1 ' uj o?i?ai u|Mnm?Du mat me lopeal matter of sinks cannot be converted with safety into gardea manure coder Ire years careful preptaratiom Pestilential and other diseases are propagated by vegetables grown in aoil thus manured. 1 et. it is stated that these death-dispensing deposits are abeolutelj used in the market gardens around oar large Aaeritu cities in meir natural nau. ?aa many of tbe fruit* and vegetable! to grown can be told bj the noetrils ; or the taate before they are oooked, and in the proceee of oooking. It ia the opinion of akillfal uiedical observers I that nearly all tha novel dieeaaaa which now afflict many American cities. ot# their origin to tbe organic diseaaed matter taken ap by ^ egetablea and fruits grown in toil dressed by fo<eal matter of sink*, and transferred to the tornanh Oslloping consumption in persons ^ m it* a ? * " wmmmm IWUIN HT? MTW MM BUbjec t to thia terrible diaaaae have been traced to the OM of egetablee grows bj poudrette. Thia k only ooa inataaee oat of a thousand. .... m L T Tbe Auguata Democrat learn a from a P prlT?tr letter that a gentlemaa living near Madison Spring a, Oa , lost 15 slave* from aun atroke a few days aiaea. They were engaged la ditching. 1 A Heme ia the Celestial Empire?Bease el a I'kiMH Geatlrman This is an introduction by a Chinese gentleman to his house: He first took us to his country house, now uninhabited It was the perfect residence of a Chinese gentleman. There was a very large garden; with bamboo hedges and large fish tanks, edged with walls of blue bricks and perforated tiles. His pigs were in admirable oondition, and aa beautifully kept aa the Prince it *. ? - - - vunsun >ai winaaor. AtK>at tbe grounds *er? nutmi;gs, mangos teens, plantains, cocoa-nuts, dairens, and small creepers trained into basket* and pagodas. Inside the house the drawing-rooms had doors sliding across circular openings. We then went on to this good gentleman s private residence, entering hy a Chinese triumphal gate. He tolls me he has ten miles of carriage road round hts estate. It is on a One undulating tract of land, reclaimed from the jungle, and laid out with rare taste. In the outskirts a tiger killed a man the other day In his garden I found Jocko, living in a cane cage, next door to a porcupine ; there were also some rare birds, further on some rery small Brahmin bulls, a Cashmere goat, and a family of young kangaroos There were all sorts of unknown beautiful flowers ?laced about in enormous China vases Here first saw the tea-plant growing. It is of the camelia tribe, three or four feet high, and bears it small white flower, like the opening Hncr.?lflA T woBok/v?. 11 " .vww, jl nacouvnu lUO " ID^Q'QO wor,' a kind of rounded convolvulus, that only opens at night. There was a bower of " monkeycups"? the pitcher flower, whieh collects water, and from which Jocko refreshes himself in the jungles. The fan-palm?a beautiful tree on the lawn?produced water of clear, cold quality, by being pierced with a penknife. Several minute creepers wore trained over 1 wire forms, to imitate dragons, with egg-shells for their eyes, and there were many or the nel ebrated dwarf trees?the first I had seen?little oaki and elms about eighteen inches high, like small, withered old men. .The house here was superbly furnished in the English style, but with lanterns all about it. At six o'clock the guesta arrived?mostly English?all dressed in short white jackets and trowsers. The dinner was admirably served in good London style, and all the appointments, as regarded plate, wises and disnes. perfect. The quiet, attentive waiting of the little China boys deserved all praise. After dinner we lounged through the rooms, decorated with English prints of the royal family, statuettes, "curios." from every part of the world, and rare objects in jadestone and crackle China; alao, a portrait of our hoat'a son. who i? h?in<? rj; , ?o >u 1>UIUburg. Thk Bocmd-Brook (N.J.) Tragbdt?Effect of Playing on a Weak Intellect.?At the inquest od the body of Coe Lewis, who killed his wife and then committed suicide, at Chimney Rock, Bound-Brook, Somerset county, some thirty witnesses were examined, all of whom seemed to concur in the fact that Lewis was exceedingly jealous of his wife, and for some time had been Tery miserable on account of 1 it. Lewis was a man of rather weak mind, ..4 ? ** 1 uu cm miu parsons mougnt 11 wry pleiunt to excite his jealousy. One witness testified that a few days since a number of men were together, and agreed among themselves to tease Lewia, who was in the eomj^any. They sent one of their number to the barn, and then, in the hearing of Lewis, commenced asking each other what had become of this man, of whom it was known ;-"1? ? ?- n w JVOJVUO, probably not without cause. The reply was that he had gone to call on Lewis' wife. As soon as Lewis heard this be rushed from the room and ran home like one crazy. The cruelty of this and similar conduct towards a weak-minded man is severely censured by all. Mrs. Donnelly testified that a few jays ago Lewis called at her house and told her that ' he was in trouble; that he suspected his wife with the man above alluded to, and that it made him so miserable he had that day been oat in the woods with a rope to hang himself, 1 a \ 1 -l * ? * - - * ? - uuv diu cnangea dim mux! " He said also that "he could not stand it much longer ; that he would certainly destroy himself, but that if he did so, his wife should go first.'' Sbe testified also that she had informed Lewis' wife of her hosband'a threat, and advised her to leave him ; but she replied that she was not afraid of him?that she could trust him. No definite opinion can be formed as to the manner in which the crime was committed, whether accij ?-< -- !-?? uuuuii ur idwduodii. some suppose that Lewis killed her when he went mp in the morning to call her. but the more probable opinion ia that thej had a quarrel in the night, arising from his jealousy, and that in his rage, which was stimulated by a half intoxicated condition, be choked her, but was unawares ? ? - ' mat ne bad deprived bar of life. On discovering this in the morning, he wu driven to flommit suicide. Description or a Panama Beactt.?A correspondent writing from Panama says : Some of the women are remarkably handsome and graceful. About nine o'clock in the morning, when the rajs of the sun were getting to be nnwurfuI T L ?l * |rvnw>*?*) A. U1 VppVU X UIV Q 11UU90 J WH1CQ WM visible through the verdure, to get a cup of cold water. The heads of the family had uo doubt gone into the forests to pick fruits, for do one was at home but a young Indian maiden, who started up like a startled fawn at my appearance, and might hare fled, if I had not been stationed in the doorway. Forming my hand into the shape of a drinking cup, n/l ? s? * 11 ... iv uij uiuuui, x uiaae Known my wants. She wu immediately reauured, and led the waj to a shadj grotto, in the rear of the dwelling, where a crystal mountain spring burst forth from the rifted rock, while I followed, in speechless admiration of the vision of loTelinass whioh floated before ma She wm attired id a loos* dress of the pureet whit*, ado wn which her laxariaot hair, plaited in broad, flat pl*iu, hung to an almost incredible length. Her complexion was a soft-tinted olive?a good, rich color, but jet ao delicate withal that the slightest emotion was sufficient ? viiaiwu mi uor conii. isioh rounded arm *u inclosed bj a curiouslyshaped and costly bracelet, and in her ears were strangely-fashioned pendants, somewhat in form of a crescent. Her forehead waa exquisitely chiseled, and her feature* almost Grecian in their contour. But, how ahall I aver d?nr<lM thnu ?ln?innt ?-? O? ?? 1 umuij O/CS, their fathomless depths of liquid blue, or those long, drooping laches, when ever and anon came softly down, like silken curtains. Albxaxmua ?A writer In Rockingham Vir ginia citizens, says:?"Arrlred at Alexandria, I put up at tbe Marshall House. which la now kept by Mr. Wesley D. Millar, who d<x* up the tuavUtr >? modo In grand style. We mean no disparagement to any other Hotel, nor to any former proprietor, when we say tbe Marshall House was uctct or tier *ep*. iut jaaea traveller will here And every comfort the heart could with?kind attention, comfortable quarters, and plenty of everything that is eatable, done ap In primettyle. Our young friend, Jewett 6 Roger*, formerlr of mis count/, will be found In the "oflica," ready to gre?t the new comer with one of hit blandest mile* He spares no pain* to make all feel at home Oor friends who call at the Marshall, will Had that we have not spoken without the book Business la quite dull here now, but everything looks only the more comfortable and cozy vi me iTiaiiiion anoraea the people. Indeed, we do not believe that tbere la any place In the whole bound* of the Union where the people enjoy more of the real comforts of life than in AlezaudrU They have everything that the heart could well wish Pure air, wholesome water, plenty to eat and plenty to wear, and then juat enough of what are called the luzurtea of life, to make the inhabitants comfortable and bappy We eee It in their feces, we hear It in , ?* ' - I. ptreepuDle in tfceir motlooa. it does my very heart good to wltnew tbeir ? Jot menu. And for pretty wwnln/wa will pot Alexandria ag&loat the world, film the dear beautiful little dreatnrM what v/mu .. t i I. . ' ' i ??? *?i ?PMI A mu. WINILOW, Exparien ed Narse and Female Phyelatan, preaenU to tie attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SVRUr, Far I'hlldrea Teetbiiu. Wfcltfc fr?*tly f? th* pr*c**< ?f ttitblnf, kv hAii lof U>* (am*. r?a?tirf all iDtaromauae?will allay ALL rail* in a tpatmadic teu*n,aad > SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapoad ap?o n, natbaro, h will git* rttt ta y*an?lT??, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOVR INFANTS W bm pat apaadtaid u>U article for ???r lac yaar*,aad can csnriDiHct and tbuth at it, what w# h?*? ' r b*id iMt ta i?ay af aay OTHIK Mtdiclo*? KIIH MRS H?? IT FAIL?D, IN A I IK I LI ,T*"C* T0 riCT a Cl'it, WIBJLWW'I ?bn timdy a**d. Hiftrlid vi kM* SOOTtdfTNQ u 'oitaae* of dit lauiracuMi 07 anyi " ana wba aaad it. On th? eanlrary,altar* I SYRJP, dalirhttd Vith ill ortRATIoni, and' *r* *? in tarn* af bifhaat eomm?nd*ti?ti ?f i? a> iol thcu sad mtdienl Tirt??? W? .p?ik in Jilt BMItB " WHAT *1 DO ISO*," After tan fim' Mnriuci.lHD rilDSI out ?IFlTiTton ro? thi rOLPiLMiifT or vhat w? una di clakk. la almaat tnrj iniunca whtra tba infant it aafarh>f frain pun and #ih*a?uoa, ralial aril b? foand in Iftaaa ar t??tUT rainatta ?ft?r tht ??rap it acminittarad. Thi* valaabl* preparation 1* the prescription af ana of lb* matt IIFIIIIKCIU and KILruL KL'KItl in Naar Inr laad, and bat btan Bead with NBTBR-rAlLllvo iCCCSft fa THOUSANDS Ot CASES. * it aat aniy r*n*?*? th* child fr?m pain, kit invifaratM tk? t*mach aad bow*!*, cornet* acidity, and fi?*? t*ni tpl inirfj ta tb* wb?la *y*t*n>. It will OmNi 1 nvtaiitly r*li*T* Giipins in thk Bowels and Wind Colic, and Ttrcomi canvalaian*, wbieb, if >ot *r?*dijy r*m*di*d od id d*atb. W ___ iuai*v*fttb* ?* AftDIURBST RIM- FOR irr la th* WORLD ib all caa** af DTi- CHILDREN ?tirt and diar RHtza I ft CHIL- TI'ETHIKfl PR*!*, wh*th?r <1 aria** from itching 1 Ar from any otb*r cant*. W woald aay ta *?*ry moth*r wlo ha* a child *af ftrinf from any of th* for*g*iii J complaint*?DO HOT LBT TOUR PR B JUDIC BB, If OR THE PRBJUDlrli Of OTH IRS, land b*fw**n yoar (afaring child and th* Mli*f that will b* ICRI?yaa, IISOLl'Tll.T SVRI?to follow th* c*? of tb raadtein*, if tirrdy a?*d. Fall dir*cttor.* or Bung will a tarnpaj.j *ach boul*. Noa* g*nuin* anl*** tb* fac-*iinila 1 CCRTli ft PERKINS. N*w York, i* or lh* ovtiid* wrapp* Soid by Drag gitu throarhoat th* world. Principal One*. No. II C*dar Birni, N. T. met hiit n uioia p?r mill. ? ll-dftwlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, 1R60, the steamer L. J. , Brenple,Captain W. H Ritter. will l?ave Georgetown EVERY TI ES ? DAY, THURSDAY,and SATIR-*""^^* DAY, at7 o'clock a m., and return every alternate day,at6 o'clock a ;n. On tVe Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherd stown. je 21 3m FOR HARPER'S FKRRY.-CHAXQE OF 2)4 YS.?On and alter July 2,1860, the iteamer ANTE I A) PE. Capt. J. WiLL?,cvryinnthe United State?^^B*^*fc mail, will |e?- e Georgetown EVKRY MONDAV, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.at7a. m.. and return AVatrr Tno?/U ? Tki.?/4?- cs~ * 1 - ?fir ri < * , ? uu,??u ^(Iiurasj. ,.N- B?Every YVfrdnesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherda'own. je 5-2m* 1 ^0 ? J.KST received, IoJf j ?" la8"orted,) 1?0 do. HERRING ard ALEWIVES. 25 do. REFINED SUGARS. ?* *>hhds. PORTO RICO 8UGAR%. 6 bbl?.( Bayfield) WHITE FI~H 25 boxes prime Eastern CHEESE. For sale low l?y JOHN j. BOGUE, Georgetown. D. C. A GKNCY FOR FA IR BANK'S SCALES IN j GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agent* for 9f."Sfea.?A* a^0XS?SR!fii'Sl?d and we,i known i i-Airurji ?nu uuU?Tfc? SCAI,KS. A fu ] supply oonstantly on hand and for sale at lowed if* V and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjoining oounties. Ail 9cal?s are warranted durable, aconrate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, Je8 2m Bridge street 2 doors west of Hith. f^RANDELL, OPTICIAN, Vv No. 1JS Srtdg* it., iitorttttewn. Has constantly on band a large assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Penscopio, Hnl. nriul ?P ?|V,? alifl'Tirfl _< M SJ ? ? v. wua wmm. v?U0l W# CIV A A' ' Li?lO) OI ^1 tn? bent sua.ity. in go'.d. silver. steel.aiiii German silver frames. N. B. Old F'wnM Repaired and new c.asses set in thorn to order. no l?-ly JOS?. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jeffenon ill., Georgetown. Having given my personal attention to this branch of my business, 1 am prepared to .? ?. attend to all calls with promptness Persons from a distance oaa he suppliM at a 'ew minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. w>_ < - --- - ... rarwcuiar attention paid to the removal of the d- ad from tbe old to tbe new burial grounds. Hoarsen and H?rm?s for hire. ap )0-6tn M~a*sey7collins a co.'S phTladklPHIA DRA I'OHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite ail persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to cive it a trial. ARMY A SHINN, Agents, fe ^ i7 (i rwn St.. finortotiivn. T proclamation! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fco. Whtrtat, At the present season of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. cholic, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. &.O., to., prevail to an alarming extent: An-'t ichereas, It must be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know <?f A REMEDY at onoe Safe, Speedy, and E&t-aciou*, DR. MONTARDE, or Paxu, offera hia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER &a the moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no impoaition ia intended in the sale of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED t? all easts when the medioine faila to Rive entire satiafaotion. Ask, then at any Droc Store for DR MT>NTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take aa directed, and if not perfeotly aatiafied. Return to our Agent. D. B. CLARK, ESQ., IKHtrMtUll 4 - ? * ? CU UDf who will refur.d your money. Prioe?35 and 50 Centa per Bottle. For tale at all Drug Store* everywhere. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Arent, Jy 11-eolm Baltimore. Office of inspector and sealer of gas mktrbs Washiwoto*. JoJt II, 1M0. NOTICE IS flE RE BY QITEN. Tfcat. a?ree blr to the proTinona of the mdinanoe ?f theTN>fporition approved May 1* 1880, the undesigned it now ?repar?*l, "whenever reeuired in writing, and SHre Xmeit of the fee offifty eenU, to m.peot. Swain?. W Jrove, and ascertain the aocuraey of registration of any (M meter in use in this oity. Every meter, if found inoorreot. will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked a? true, will be set iniu plaoe, If proved to be ?oour*t? .n i: m?*aor?mect of jas, it will be lealetf aooordinilj andacain?at inpoamoa for as*. * *' i ??,?2 vT?- atraot, (n*?r Odd Fel low* Uali ? I tpea from 8 a. m . to 5 ? . m. charges w.cunningham, _ Jn,peotor and ??^*r of ??* Metora. Francis h a r p e r, , HATING OPBNZD A f AMILY liRUCERY AND FEED 8TORE, Comer / fine York avenue and Tenth street. Respectfully aolioita the patronage of th<>sewho m?? be in want of any artiele in theabore line. His endeavors shall be to pleaeet ami by a strict attention to the wants of the pnblio, he hopes to merit a share of their patronace. His took ooaaists of every article usually to be found ia a first-class Family Grooery and F??d Store. ma 17-tf PAPER HANGINGS, Ac. I&*.-"WJJSh# LSUA,DK8 P^i,RKBH0;NRD PKINT8, PICTURE OJKII tassklP sra. .SSWiiWSr&^S!*; country. Plewe giv? m? a call. JWt Vor/et thi number. J MARKRITKft, * ^.No-486 8eventh ? wuu reuu?r nan, NO WILLIAM BKADLEY BUGS TO *r * '?"Orin public and hu friends that he has on hand a lar*e stock of Marble Mantels quits a new style. Al?o Monument Head Stonei ^"bJs whiah hs has to dispose of at prie>-( to sail tha times. Also, Brown Stone oonstautU kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to maO-Smao Pa. bat. 18th and 18th sts. 1T\M ArL? SUuAR. ? 'o. ?JKrUtflfJL ??" , KINQ 4 BUKCHEI4* Jfeto-U .* .OtT : AUCTION SALES. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. T1UKTEE' SALE OF A PART ow A TRACT OF LANDoailed "Petor'a Mill Seat," (United in the oouatT of \Ya*hmgton. on the Pmey Branch Row), and about thrre inilea froin the oity of WMhinrton, bein? apart of the property known M the Ptney Hranoh Trottint Co?r??." Rl virtna /.f ?*?> A*?^A ? *-??* " ~ k Vi ?wv UOUU0 vri ?i WUC ownm on or about the 9th day of Auiuat, 185*. oordcd in Liber J. A. S i No. 159, one ol the 'an1 reoordi of the oonnty of VvMhin* tun, in the Dutriot of Colombia, and the other bearing dat* on or about the 14th da? of May 185?. a"?J recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 177. 'olioii 4*4, et aeo., aiso one of the land record* of ?aid oonnty. I will proceed to i*ll at publio auotioni to the hi|h_?t bidder, on TUESDAY, the7th day of Aucu.t, 1?60. ^nvsitic ui ino rmej ottnoo row, OOllUiB'd Vithin the following met-a And bouod?, to wit: Btginring lor the earn* at a'tone. No 4, planted in tie went line of Mid road, for th? co'theant oorntr of a lot of tad land laid off to Ht;a !*p ak man. ?n?i running from tiieaea north aixtf-one ard a half degreea, weet fifty mx and forty-roar bandredtha ?eroh*a, with !*?e*bman'? north line. t? a atone, So. S. at tbe north weet oorner of^peakman'a la ger lot and the the b unnni of hi* einalier lot, then'e runninr north thirt* ?.nii .. --- twenty eight and a haif perche* to a ?take in th^ onth line of a road twenty-live feet wide, and with the eaat li>-e of :*peakman'a arral er lot, where ia pi ante# a atone No. A; i hence running ecnth aixty<>ne and a ha f d?*ree?. ea*t fifty nine pe'oho* and four and one hundredth of a p*roh to a atak? in the weat line of th? Piney B ach road; thenc-* with aaid weat inftof aaid Finer Branch rma inaatraicht line to the p'aoe of beginning, ' ontainmg ten aoret aud ihirty-aix perch?a of land,' more or Ieaa; together with the improvement* thereon, which conaiatofanew, apacioua, and weil-bui't t?o-atory Frame Dwelling house, atabling, ahcd*, and out houvea. I erma of aale: One third caah; the l*alaroe in 6 and IS month*, for which tho purchaser will be required to rive hia note* htlln ni inl?tMtf. nm day of tale. and aeeured by a deed of truat upon the pre^iaea. Should the purchaser fail to comply with tha terms of aale within five da?a after the dav of aa e, the troatee reaervea the right to rese'l raid property, at tfepriak and cat of the defaulting pure** aer, upon givint five daya previoua pub'ie no'iee by advertisement, in some newspaper published in the ci?y of Washington. of the time, pl*oa, and t'rraa of such re?ale. All conveyances at the oost of the purchaser. R. H. LASKEY, Trustee. iv 13-?nJtri? ? ' * ' * n ui\nr,,^. rt li( V. By A. GREEN Auotione?r. VALUAB1.E IMPROVED AND Uwimpbovid Pkopkktt oh thb Island at Auction.?On THURSDAY. the id day of August next, I shall II, in front of the premises, at 6 o'olock p. m.. that valuable propert? known as the retidenoe of the late Peter Caianov*, deceased. it being all of Square No. 233, oontaining about to-WO square fe* t or ground, with the improvements, whioh oorsist of a handsome fir?t olass f atne Cottage Uwelhnc House, oontaining eight conveniently arrangod rooms, dairy, smote house, stable, oarriage ar.d a'l other neoes'sa-y out houses, a pump o< e*cell?nt water in the yard. This property i< handsomely lltll&tMl- ftnH K? - * * w<iw?>v?i %rj rvuifocuui ? H rOl WPI , a>oth I) and Water *feet?, ai,d oousider^d one<f the most healthy ana pleasant private resideucos in the oity. Also,K handsome Hoildinjt Lots, b*ing lots No. 1,1,8,9.10, and 15, in square No 3&S. These l>?autifal and e>evated bnildinc iots are on 'i'hirteenana a-half and Fourteenth ftreets weht, atd C and D streets south, and present many inducement* to pe'sonn wishinc to purchase a handsome huidiii* site or mate a food investment. The sale will oomtuenoe on the building lots in sauare 265. Terms : One fourth cash: hn.lan?? in k to i? 24 month*, the purohaaere to give cotes f >r thc deferred patinenta, tearing liiWeat fiom tl.e day of a*le A deed given and a d?->d of tru*t taken. T?tie indisputable. All conveyauoing at the oo*t of the purohaeer M. K. DA NO KR FIELD, Residuary D?vi*ee. jy24eodfc<l* A. CKEEN.Aict M* RJ*HAl/S SALE ?In virtue of 'wo writ* of fieri facia*. if?u*d from the Olora'a Oftc" ul t'leClrovit Court of the Diatnot ofCoto?nhia,for the count; of Waahing ton, and to m?dir*etcd. I wi I expoae to public eale for oath, in froi t of the oourt house door, of Mid county, on HON DA Y. 6th day of Auguat next, lftft*. at 12 o'clock m.a.l defendant's right, title.o aim and interest la and to the following described property, to wit, viz: Lot No S, in Square No.706, an4 lot No. ? , in Square No. 801, together with all and singular the i uprovementa thereon, seized and levied upon aa the property of Juliana Barry and Jatnee C. Barry, and will be sold to ratlafy judiciata Nos. 143 and 194, to May term 1859, in tavorof Anthony Addiaon. W. SKLDEN, WT a JT-?k-i r~ - - ** - ? * - u, . taargiiiu tur lilfl VlliriOS Ol UolUmbia. jr 13 dtd* MARSHAI.'SSALK.?Invirtuecf Jwnts offtan facias issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of *he District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, ana to me directed. I will expose to publio sale, for cash, in front of the court house door of said oouuty, on MONUAV. 'he 8th day of Aujiast n?xt,18?i, at 1? o'clock m ,al! defendant's right,titl?,?la>in and interest u and to L.?>t No. 15, in Square No. 732, in the oity of \Va?hington, L>. C.t togetuer with ail an-' singular the improvements mereon, -nrt !evi*d upon a* the property of Cliaa. H Van Patten.and will be sold to KAtiafv Judicial* No* 78 a id 79, to October terra 1859, in favor ol John W. Thompson and Z. D Oilman VV. 8KLDEN. jy lS-dt* U. S. Marahal for District of Columbia edttcatTova rT The second annual se-sion op Mr. J. H. COMBS' Engliah and Classical High siohool will commence on the first Monday iu September next. Applications should toniada in July, a* the number of pupils is limited, i'or .erms, <ko., see circulars, io,, or cali at Mr. C.'s esidence, No 303 Sixth street, near New York avenue. iy !1-eo3w* Commercial college, No. 4T? Skvkxth sr.. Opposite tk' (itntral Post OJice, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, BoockeepinK, Mercantile Forms and Calculation*. Business Correspondence, Bills of Exchante, Carrent Hills, Commission Sales, Gran,mar and Arithmetic, fry A Preparatory Class for Bo/a. ?nr Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Rooms open from 9 ft. m. to 10 p.m. For term* apply at the Rooms. ms3?-3<n WM. W YOUNG A CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Niw Ahasgmest. Thia well-known aud popular Seminary, which Kan been ?o successful under the entire care or Mrs. Z. Riohards (or more than ten reara, will be opened on the first Monday in September n-xt, undfr the united siiperviaion and inatruction of Mr. and Mra. Z. RICH aRDH, in the wnll arranr<*d and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For rartioulara. aee oiroularw at all the Bookatorea. ma23-tf MMRS. McOOR ICK'8 SCHOOL. R8. McCORMlCK deeirea to inform kei frienda and the publie generally that rhe will reanma the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The ooarse of study pursued will comprise all the branohes requisite to a thorough English ad?oation. In addition to her day scholars. she is desirous of receiving into her family a few pupils aa boarders aged from lo to 14 years, who will be under her immediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodatioa and due oare of pupils have been aonsiderally iceteasfd and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with refsreno* to her school ma; apply to W. D. Wailaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner jimcmars apply p* hei reaidanq*? No. 3ft Cameron street. Alexandria, Va. r-tf WHEELER A WILPON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rkmovkb to No. 346 Pa. At., nkak 7th St. Enoouraged by the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of Wheeler A Wilson's unequalled Family Sewing Machines, which for th? iMteight years have most triumphantly maintained their superiority, aa a family institution, over all competitors for popular favor, the Agent haa taken one of the fine new atorea lately erected on Pa aventie. near 7th at. where a beautiful assortment of all th? various st* lea may at all times be seeu. There were 21,306 of these S^winx Machines told 1 in the year 18Se. Ladies are invited to oall and see them, together with certificates from many of the beat oitiaena of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly teatod superiority Ifanv ladiea cannot call, let themaend for a circular by a'l means. It is high time every ran It in the land was supp ied with one of thesa healtn and life saving instruments. Full inatruo uoiie, doui printed ana verbal, civen free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, . , Ayent.No 346 Pa. av< nue, jy 11-lm Between 6th and 7th ?U. FRENCH LACE MANTLES AN ^POINTS IV *"n Shvl*?, and ?Sun Umbrella*, hread, Valencinee.Swie* and Cambric fcdrin??. oniton, Onypare, and French worked CoUaia, Linen- Cambric, Sviu and Thread 8-t?, i uoioroa i mrii'.i.t, >* m, cambric, Jaconett, Mail, Nanaonk and P *i<l Nanaook Madina, ?i*?rTi G!ny??, Gauntietta, Black Silk Mitta, *.0. Foraale low br _ _ j*V TAYLOR * HUTCHISON J BOSTON ICE. U8T rcoaivad par e<sh?on?ra F. Gilfillan. Mary H. Banka, Naw Jam#*, Houlah, and ?. W. H'.tt. Foi'taw Hundrad Tona b?*t oaalitj BOSTON ICK. I.. J. MIDDLRTON, jj a>-?o8t offico corner mhand F ata. CH1CKKR1N8 A. SONS' SUPERB PIANOS, I oalf for sat at a?* JOHN f. ELLIS'S, SO* CLOTHING, &c. ^F.LLINU OFF ?? AT COST ! In order to deor??a?en.y atock 1 hare deWtxiin'd to clone out th*M?n?? of put SUM MP.I CLOTHING at c<??t Ail >? vut of Summer Ci -*hm? are respectful ) invited to oall at No. 4?0 Seventh ?t., opposite Poet Office, and ?ee the treat redn^tina in Summer Ciotinnc. w SJ SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLK The lavorita rwort for WHITE .ILPHLR IPRlHHlt Mountun Air. tnvifora^ tTUDVD. >un tln* Bathe, Large and CUMBERLAND CO, Wall Vcnb ?M Koomi. Ptmitylvamta. Society acd a (iotW Accoxxobatioh* ro* i Vet' particular. eei><! 300 |(or Circular. _ wvv* L,'V - ilt K? v ?* r*,^ "i ' ' TERMS LOW. IN k VU*?*CHKK, je ? IQw Cmrlifl* Springs, Pa. WCHMIDTO Sl'MMKR GARf>KN.-<?a Sixth street, between C and Uouiaiaia av . A . ? A mar be found at all timea one of the m<>?t popular. ** lai. nrbane. and i tellifei.tXbJB^ Rentaurant keepers.who l>?uks up hia reputsmu with LA<?KR H4- KR from t*>e Citt or IUhtiiik i.* i.ovi, rnnaoeipliia; with HKAMMK* I oin theohoicoet vinetard* of Franoe; with WINKS' unexcelled on the hill* of the Rhine; a d with a:i Artie)* of WHISKY whieh *?t a<'k? itrong'y of the true flavor of the Monoatcaheia and Bourbon Paatablea* either of the*c may fx* individually, he haa sought to make them *ti 11 more *o h> the erection Ih- r-ar ground* of hia favorite e?tahli?hmentof a *paci<>uj Arbor, where hi* gu"*t* by da* mar enjov the cool brweae and be free from -or* tw? ardent ray*; and, at 'Hhe witrhine ho*r of night," quaff h>e ice-cool l>ager without fear of having their enioyment dampened by the falling dew. Such in<ii.b?nit-nt? will, doubtless. cans* many of our readers to drop in and take a note 'if nothing else,t and, most likely, many of those who go will goagam. In addition te all this, he hat engaged the Tros peri brother* and their associates to disoourse their choicest pieces of music livery Wednesday and {Saturday evening. jy 10-1 m Analog tan retrkat. On a mat osta* island, Opposite Georgftmm and WajfctiulvN Th* subscribers having eased for a 'erm of years this beautifui and romantic spot, opened A ? . A it for tne accommodation of lbs tuDhc on KBV th?31st day of May, l?>". For 'MhHJL pownery, uciunuui prnmen?'lN, IisTing. ftc . I 6iiiInij superior la uusurpasseu in the Union. The House la large and oom?nodioii?, having h-en entirely renovated It haa a large Danomg saloon attached to the houae, b?a dea Dinuig an < Dressing Room* for both tail's and gentlemen In addition splendid Arbors detac <ed f oni the feulidnra. Partiea, Families and Individuals will ind it a moat deal able pwe to paas Ui? su try days of sum mer. &a every attention will be fuarftnticd t?y the proprietors. The atrioteat police arrangements wi ! be enforced, and politi al discussions will h# prohibited Tne Larder will be found to contain ail the de icaoies of the twion at all time*. . The Par ?ili be furniah?d with the choioeat Liquors and ^ inea and the fio' at Seg&n. Societies, Sunday School*. Club* and Military C? mranif# will find tbie the most dealrabie rea rt near the metropolis for (pending a p easant and or deHydav ID"Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded from the grounds. Running and dogs prohibited. fHT" Boats will leave the 'oot of High street, Georgetown, and G it'eet, Washington, hourly, from 8 o c.ock a. m. ti 112 p. m , da' iy Persons preferring a p!oa*ant waik can reaoh the Island via the Aqueduct. Weiolicit the put/ho to judge for themielvea. acd fe*l assured of lvinc patisOvat'on ie '9 eotf J*roB \V. POWER'* A CO. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. y**B York at entu, bciwm 1 tt and id ttt. In ca'uinr the attention of the to h t ground# I would sta'e that every ai ancem-nt ha* A . ? A he?n made to make th:* ,-R**treat" tnorty'f^kw tltilMli'OM*'. /! . Vi I . - . _ - I w... w V< W1VI J USTJ. i'lVUUOJB \ 11*7 ' dUMflHLb dens are open to the pubito tree of ofcarge?a ooiiC rl riven br a select band. Those desiring to enjoy the dance and waits wi I find the saloon in oompiete order to render pleasure to all. On othtr days the proprietor will cheerfully g-ant tb? use of ths rounds for lohool or other Pic Nie Pa. ties without charge. For the amusement of children he has introduced a number of little games, never before seen in this city, and oalcu ated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." IV B.?Attached is my Bottling Establishment, and families oan be supplied with any quantitv at their resiaenoe. of that healthful drink, LAbt-.R BEKR,jipon short notice. j? 15 3m SALT WATER BATHING. ARPHALL'8 PAVILION. (Moore's Land1 <r~. at r ? ' 1*11 lie upru IUI mo IWJ-pUUD OI V1BS A torn on the 13th of June. Thu risligh'fulycTA V rMort for thoae seeking health and pie?? ure, is unexcelled b? any place of tbe kind on the Potomac river It la ar.uated ab ut "ne hundred milea from Washington immediately on the Hotomvo, and id tall view ?f >h? Ch?aap<ake Ha*, and famous for fine Oy atra, Soft Craba, Sheephead, an-1 other Fiah. and ea?ily aoo> xa'ble b' the steam bo&ta plying between Washington, Haitim re ana Norfolk. The npderaigned baa ma e additional nupi vvwviiM in ' is DRir nouBi" ana mAnT < tti0f improvements to the oomfurt at.d enjoyment of h i lu-'iU. The Bathing oannot bo surpnosed. did AnglinranJp entt of Fishing and Sat leg Bo\t? free of oharce. He has spared no expens* in prr> vi din j a good Cotiilo? Band or iti laying in his nock of choice W ines, Liquors.Sotar*, ic.,and for th^s-who wish to avoid extreme fash'.on and to seek a retired p aoe where the* can make tiienisoiv?? at home, there is not a more pleasant p'aoein the United State*. The proprietor pledges hiir ??lf t- at ' nothing shall be let undone on his part to rend-r them so. Terms for board: 50 p r da>, for ien than a week: fr>r a lonrer tiin?. ft 1 * *? per month. Peraoua wishing to addr< a* the pro prietor will direct to Leonaratown, St. Marj'a oounty, Md. i J?8 Jm R J. MARSHALL, Proprietor i WOOD AND COAL. i WOOD AND < GOAL ' Delivered to all parta of the ?ity, at the lowaat DOlfllt.lA riinfl t j.t w. m. galt, Office 282 Pa. a v., between 11th and 12th au , ma 17 tf north aide. The subscriber having on hand an MMniite utook of FURL, la prepared to , Mi) at a very tow figure for oaah WOOD Sawed and Split any aixe. Call and see for yourself! r. w. bates, ! Wood and Coal Dealer, ma 18 s. F. eorner of Fourteenth and C ata. A I One at 25 oenta per mont h I OnA At Mk Hn PIANO Oi??t fl do. i ? at fl SO do. FOR One at f 2 do. One at $2 50 do. I RENT. And up to #7A ?Bdo. JOHN F. ELLIS, 1 Jy SI Pa. ?v.t between 9th and Otti iU. , P NOTICE. ERRONS Declinini k >u?ekeeping or having a surplus of household effeota oaa find ready sale by oalliiiK at mr Furnishing Store, 4 J* 7th street, between G and H streets, east s;d? _ a? 8-Sm wunoi.PH BUCHLY. rn/| THE NEW BOOK9. ARY OF LORAINR, by Jamn Grant; pnoa iAaanta. Caatl* Richmond, by Anthony Trollops ; Antobiographioal Recollections. by th? IMCbu. Robert Leslie, R A.; with a Preparatory La ay <>n Leslie aa an artiat, and aeleotiona from nia oorrsspondenne, by Tom Taylor, Kaq ; >1 25. The Three < lerka, by Anthony Trollop*; 41. < Foraaieat I PHILP k. SOLOMONS', Metropolitan Bookstore 33*2 Pa- av.. Betweee 9th and 10th ?ta. I Bole agenta for Laureaoa'a Stationary, A a. ly U CH1CK?-RIN? A SONS' WORLD REnowned PIANOS,only f?>r sale by thf^^^^ subscriber, at whose extensive ward: o?a. you will find alwayee lar*e at >ek, embrao - *? * 1 ing every variety, style, price of Piasafor saleapoa easy tar ma or discount lor oaah. Piauoa aiao from other good *akera. Pianoa for hire. i JOHN P. ELLIS. Piano ud Mumo Dealer, i 306 Pa. a* , between 9tu ai,d 10th it*. Movie eent by mail free of poet. M uaieal inetramenU repair, d. Jy M WASHINGTON SKWING ROOMS, TT fM M Mm two d*ort NoriA t/ Pa. iM. Now lithe time to get SPRING and M)MM?I J*H1 RTft made np to order. The ?Hb?onb?r ia prepared to make SHIRTS. DRAWERS,**^aft the II?irt Vckw* J?* WW. CCOnUNKAU,?^?*or.f uTn mK> h'Awnr . m?m?r W rimI rrth ?17^"* pkrfkct, new, rusevtornt OTI # # ca#?, iroo-fram?. beautiful f >n?> PIaNO ?ftj? ( **** ,at JOHN P. ELUS'*. 306 Pa. ?t. PtANiOs POt RENT, from half a>Uar to #? Al*>, great bargain* in S?oo?d fca^S unoa. , . , ?" im..? ltliS WEEKLY STAR Thit toUlnl PmiIt ud N??w? J*?rft*i-*?ft tftiuin* ft <r?ftUr nnMT <?f nUrwtui taftdiaf than ?u b* foilm any otktr-u M*> i?h?d o? SfttumtT BK-mlO(. A-'l - ???iwa, ???i bi iim,t? man. Start* copy, par tLuiH. ?1 S> fiw? r pi?a - - . * Ten copt?a -TT N Twenty copiM M ? Bt *u^*oriSin4 la ?l?b? ra*a*j aitmot a#u h t*>ra wttkoat lb* of a irn' ar?nt.aa win p< cived X> par ?art of 7\? Wmkli fr.i> wt to avfxl. It iavftri?t> ? oonta n* ?h# ' a *?htn?t?a New?" that u at ad a TKt R><*?? ?? Stm eirf>a,at? lo jr tkroMghovt Uw w<g itn Sinfla MNN (Ul vra>p?r? ) aaji fca proowra* at U**oanUr. {mm oiaia,? a/W U>a taaua of papar. Pn<?-THRKK CfcNTS ITT Putmuttri who ant u u?ti will ha I ><?w?d > wwm'MnB off* P*pt?. FOR samc AND RENT. VAM'tRl.K farm, RTOCK crmpj*. i\f. PLKMKNT* Ac *c . -OR WALK Ot kxchanok fob improVku< it\ rko*'r.ktv -The ?ijb*onl?*r io eont-tqimto* of at* is ability to fir# that m*r?n at hf F* m wa #u it re^uirM, o8?m if. tof*tb*r Jilt of tiuii hrtHh1 M?r ? i\ t* ?' u ? ? ? -? -- - - ? V.., crop*, implement*, Ac . now en th? ^r*Ri?<?l either loi u.e or exc?tange for iBMt>r?d city property. The Fsrin oontaint oue hand ed Sid sixty six acres, is .neated in Moitroiuery Connty. Maryland >stant ten mi ee f ? \Va?hi*cfc>*, ihe Hro< k* ; e Terxpike. "h?* beet road lradu.g * ut of Washington It i? d?m?( nr> neo'ssa-* tn enter into a mu.ute description of the Parie, as it i? e<e umed do one won <1 purchase wiikont ftret ? intiug tHe premtee* Any i?(o'ir.?hnn wi 1 howev-', oheerfsilj I?|itkd upon tpp iwt onto WI I.LI AM K ?*TL'BB9. 3'J'J K street, between lJtfi ud Ulh Waohingto" City. W. O. Ws'Imi Editor of th? P'st. ka-'Ws the Farm weil aw-' will aeeord fall iLf<>msti< conoermnt it to en* (nsnirer. J-W eotl I/OII KKN I-A thr?e story BRICK H"I SK. I on H "t eet, h?t?een 4lh and .1th Also a ten ktort HK li t (IHTAI.I Tann*>.??* avenue and north F aurruiindt-J h* a larf common pasture, and would l? a bli> loodtim (ur t dftirginM. laquiraofC BIROF.. 446 12 h ?t. j? ?-?o9ii * CH?l'\TR R KMDKNTK FOK *ALK.-Thrff ' and h half a re? of L*od situated at Bailor' X road* at the intnrsaction ??f the Co amb an aa<I i.e*?bur|j Urrpik*?. t l mil*a from V\ aihmi' > and 5f'om AI xandria- The improvement* oonaiet of a fiouee. o<<niainui 16 runu>, barn corn huuae. iliei'i, A o. The yard i? wall ?/ a->d with tre** ail kaa I.. ?* a? I -- ? ?? r * - - ? - * ? - ?<*r I I ? an awurni Wll Ol Wftisi, r or luni f pa-tien !*r? Mtit <Mi th* ir?mi??i laWN.'AV ? F. or ta J NO. DoWUNG. Km., or A. U. t>A OK- <U M?r?h*l ' kiiotion foo n?, WMhiniuo, ll C. Tta* above dMoribod 'opcrtT Will be ?oid low for cuIl it S-?*MW L'nK RK\T-Th? tin? ?torf (brown fro-1> I H'U'!*K. No. N>w York li?(vM>a 10th and llth 'Irs-U. north tide. ooniainiuc kft'ri room*. Thi* houne i* convenient to th? Patent Offiro, Tr^?iir?, etc ; i? lighted by *,av an.l in mv+ry im ftuitth ? for a boarding hou?*. Rent mo t?rat?. Appl* n?-xt door, or to A <?. FOWLER, n?poni Ho >r north wine ol Patent Oflio*. fOR REX r-Ttv tine FR A? E HOUSE known r a? -'French Evan*' Houm.'' *ituai -4 on M ?i north. b?tw?rn 9th and l<Hh streets, No. 580, on* of the movt dMir?bl? pri vate rfxdraoN in Washington. This h use is surroundod by fruit trwf snd rrmt nnmbrsof currant ba?h?s of ra rious kinds, and bne r harts tr*??, with I6,iw Um of f ?und, walled in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth ?t. between D and E Jy 13 tf KVOR R K NT-Three BRICK HOI ?F *-?ns on Twelfth street, between C and D; ot>? on Ui? corner of Twelfth and H sts.; and ons on H, bs tween 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMKi W. BARKER, on H sfeet. between 11th and llth. No. 423. ma?-ll |/OR KEMT-A thr?f story FrAMK a on Elerantk st-?et, betwaeu I and K Irqsi's ofM. *?N Y OER. at the rlsabiBc anc GisViUti F, t%b!ishment of C. Snyder, next door U t*a War < .1 FOR RKNT-TW new ud wp;I arranged three itury BRICK HOUSE. So. 0 Mrwt, between l<Hh and jrtn at*.. First Ward, -a'-elj oocopied by Mr, Bo?Ii?eo, Ru*?ian ?ioti jjivew imwi?vtiat*ly. Inquire of Mr. k?1'TH EY S. PARKER. next door oa?t. m* t4-ootl IT'OR RENT?A t*TORE,oornor of fth ?t. I and Pfirn. avenue, under Uie Clarendon Hotel, citable far a barber's aa'.uon or oicar store For information meuire at the mar an tpORRKNT?The FIR^TFLOOR of Ue build Hit immediate.y opposite the w?-et win* of the City Hai.,reoeutly occupied by Chae. t?. wt.Mt m an office. Also the front room in the eeovEd story and the third floor of the wine Im.idin*. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLA CHTNo- S I^Uiiaiana m i. ta tow". J? U U SENATORS, MEMBERS OP CONGR EBB.? o Two splendid suites of ROOMS, alecaaujnir.lshed, will t>* rented Ounn* Uie ?a?tiuB o< Coacross, in the molt desirable locality in thia city, fieing witiun one or two squares of Brows'i and National Hotels. Those u pursuit of suet Rooms vrill do well to inake eari? app icatioc at No. 37# -tth street Mwran D street and Pa. av. ds ft-tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE K?CTORY^ f f n D. rv. L ?A ?a?l ' - - - v MJa? ? ?' <? Wit V1NI IW? OITMM< We hare jus' finished a namber ol t'lt oiui CARRIAGES. uoh a* Lwit Wa*<mj. Park Pkentetu. P* truly Cm* YStX&Z nam, and Bugttit, whiou we will aaila gr - M aver small profit. Being pract.cai m?ohamos in different braaobe* 'if tbe f>unn>-ss. we t\tter o? reel Tee that we know the ctries and aaa.i'y of work that wi ! give aatis faction, oom bnang lichtneas, oumfort and durability. Repairing promptly and earefnl'y attenc?d to at tbe shortest n< ti?e and ra??l reasonable o^arrea. WALTER. KARMANN * BOPP. i\MAKi.,s W?r. 4? U*? f LI . k - ' * -w 11 n 1 v-. ! au V m BV1 TT w. A UUVft? ap 27-dlj TCARK1AU8. HE Sabacnbar u?.tih? otada adcuooBata hi Jaotory, niakicf u low osa of tka .a^ , ? :atbe Distnot, wnara bia |iwoi..ti?>a f<> oanutaettmncCARRIAGE 4 WAGONS of ail kiiraa cannot oa * i-pesaed, aul rom nu Ion* exparmioa is tha baainaaa, he bopaa to I re Mticfaotian. A!: kind* of Carnacaaand Ufbl Wacoaa kapt aa **VMR K.PAIRSnaat'T Sana, asi all araars praapt i art^ot o<t to. B?a?a4-kaM Garrtac** tatan idaxebaacetarMV .WW. ANDRKW J. JOYCE, * ' * n Mn>?r of 1Mb Mil V TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JJOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT TMK We are now manufeciuMnc all kinds of BOOTS fcnd SHOKK, and oorrtantW r?oeiTin* npp f of eastern n &d* worlr of ???r? de ioripti i", mad* KxproMly ux>il?',udvi!'f Bl M told at? muoh >u?<tf ino* tliu hu bwi lib heretofore charted in th i otty lot luoob itJenor II till!?. Peiaon* in want of Root* and Sho?a of aa'^ra or oitr made work, will aiwar* find ?. food MeorUnwat ID itiifHkiid *1 the i.WMt urin?a Kit? " * mmJ! ~ 'GRippr* Vilo.," 3114 PfniTlnna >ww. SOUTHERN mi NK *?NUFACTO*Y. ? IN Tth Btbbkt, Opro-'tte Odd fa<mi' HmM. foiwi'M. D. C. Tratreiere will ?tndT their interwta 0- txtmn my TKl'NK?,VAUCliii4?,bWwn **,r ms oha/lnn eleewere A? I u?* cone b?t thrHtfll beat miO^rial th? market afford* ud mylor^^^" the b??t workmen, I ou confident t reeommeod my work to be superior in Strtnsik Mid DurmJniu? to Trunk* that are made in other eitiea and eold her*. I keep oonatantiy on hand, ana make to order toa one week * notioej every deeerietiee of 8qlk leather, iron frame fkes^h dress mm* WOOD BOX trokes. ashland mnd inker ralices l_ AV ELISG BaGS; HaR HESS; toln,?rA'???%o??'. o.l*b^ FAMILY gEWlN(? M aCBIN b P jaMES B. TOFHA*^ |^IGHTNlNtt l1qHTNINO !' li0htN1N6* la Tin or Puci, Purai roa Waal F. LaIARRE. Stmikwftt tmmH )<*4 mmd C ttu, PLAT!N A-* ? P U*IN0 BOM. Reepeetfwlly a.nn<>?nee? to th* public of W aiklMton and viojnity UuU he ie prepared to execate aO orders for ereotinf Lights lag Coodactnre oa tks most approved ?r PuUfic prinetp'ee. o^nstraatad of the verT beet of inntonaie, on very node rat* tanaa. A!. Plaima tipp d Poirt* wWhare eiat-efcata/ed T211 hf, T name. n <~?ku?i ? ail? ??i any main Hit so orasr. ir? if B| OHM'S I.I8KAKY hKEIKH, INCLUDING tfc*^iHl?rdurW?i~?1 u^wteaj iastratad, Hcwntifio. k*hi oionoal. LmI*imUo4, ud T-f.STiiS.TT&ort. u2?t iow prioM N*v worm a ao4?T to tha series ertrj north Any rain MniM h* had Mf hratelr.anfl back vo didi ou urn a! va*s ??uii?L Th* ^3!Lr?"K>'4p&S(5f& h,. W__ ?? FIITDIE8. E H?rt ib store. aad mte; nmitwl 9 AM JTXfVA ffSof entire!* Maw Patternisi.0 Axiim ud Finish, superior is style io anything haretofara off-red in this market. We mritr eitiMns y en* r?i I* to oall and examine <*r atnnk ?f (J?. w.?.. Wraffa &?!???*- u' ^ ZU Work ia thm akmliMiitmN to Mr aara Will bo promptly attend ? ?Mf >. "V"' * 50 cH4KiWS8AV?a?Tc?vw ?... bean aroairaa. Tui toa M fiaofl ?at* "'poand by oheet or ot^rwwe. WiiMMiMtl ot m n.or* ??wmj9 ^ i<t?cHKLU m* 9* inir PiflMnlh ?L ui Vww lit %?.

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