Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1860 Page 2
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! 1 IIK I, V KM [Mi M'AK. WASHINGTON OITTs u I ItMMill Aagatt 1, 1?60 Spirit ( the Morning Press. The Cmrtitmtb* piVlishes a biographical sketch of the Hon. J. C. Breckinridge, ls?ued by the National Lnnwratic Eifcative Committee. and occupying nearly aeven columns of tbat paper. It also publishes and comments upon tbe JnttlllPfnctr'j art.rle nt nn lh? vain* of platform*. The Inttlhftatrr diacuaaing the "no chance'' argument a^.ied agatrst tba Constitutional I'nion party, complacently suggests that "It 1> one of tba. peculiarities of the pending canvas* that, wfclleearhof the organizations competing wiU this party ban ita peculiar adherents and esracial ratroQS ihev all alike unltr in irvn.tino tbe policy and tk? nudldtH of the Constitutional L'nion movement as their -second choice ' Tbe ardent frttnds of Breckinridge and l.ane, of Douglas and Johnson. of Lincoln and Hatnln. la default of securing the election of their political favorites, look with complacency upon tbe success of Bell and Everett. The fact is not withcut its ensy explanation, and constitutes in itself a merited tribute not only to the high personal worth of the candidates thus distinguished bv tbe preferences of friends and t:nnon?>iit?. h?it alto bears a strong testimony to the pre-eminently liatioual and satisfactory public sentiment Which they represent " \IT" The City Council of New Orleans hr.? reported in favor of uniforming the police of that city. In Charlestown. Man . the authorities have derided, by the casting vote of the Mayor, to prohibit the running of horse-cars on Sunday. M'f A s-~h(?ol house at Marion, Lynn county Iowa, wm struck by lightning last week. Friday, nd three out of seven children were instantly killed. The other four, with Miss Kellogg, the teacher, were knocked senseless. HJ-A market gardener in Southern Indiana baa a '-patch'' containing one thousand seven hundred acres plotted in watermelons llis markets are Cincinnati, Louisville, New Albany, and Chicago. The Rava6U> Sybiah Tows* ?Damascus has a population of W? turn inhabitant. Zahleh be ra* It w*a r?*?<! ' ' r*-: -- v~ Mvavu vvUKiiiiru I I RUUiS, l/'ir fl kannr 7,U4>, (of whom 4.OOP are aid to have been lain,) Umbel va G.nui), and Raahaia 2^00. U^-The He* A!r Power*, of J?outh Baintree, Ma?u< busctt#, bas been before an investigating council, reproved for impudent, indiscreet and eensursMe intimacy with a female friend of bis Church, but it was recommend) d that be l>e r? stored to full membership on nuiking suitable % oufesslon t? th?? church Cv" <?ov Wright, I S Minister at Berlin, gav>* ?u entertainment on the eveninc of the 4th *\f lulu ?A *kA..? art? * ??i *- * ? * - v. Uir:> ui>Jf AUiriK <llli, IIH'I lldl ll? ICt Hon Robert C. Wlntbrop, of Boston, James Knox, of Illinois. and representativea of almost everv *tate of the I nion. A number of speeches were delivered. among which those of Mr \V intLrop and of Gov. Wright himself excited the most rapturous applause [J"7* A few patches of snow remain on the Northern slopes of the White Mountains The snow arch in Tuckerraan's Ravine fell on the l^th Ult The snow Is now about five feet d^ep, on each side of the stream which forms the arch. It s almost a solid mass I'nlc.-s w.irm rains occur la August some of the snow in the Ravine will remain until September?and poisihly a small portiou will last until the first fall of mow In nrly Autumn. FllH?1. Hon. D S Dickinson and lady, of NY, arrived here to-day. and have taken rooms at the K rkvrond House. F?th?r Timothy J O'Toole, of New York ???, 111 iiiwn, mopping ai ioe residence or lain muUirroa Ninth str *t Mrs. Bnrdeil Cunningham waa married in San Franeiaco on the 16th of June last. The Oniden Era, which publishes the announcement, docs not give the name of the happy Individual Walter Taylor, of Fairtteld county, Conn ? ? ouvicted seven years ago of pension frauds, ha8 beea pardoned by President Buchanan, on account of falling health cfter serving out nearly half of his term. - Hon. J B. Guthrie, of Ky.; Col. Hooker* of Miaa : A J. Glossbrenner. Esq., and family, of Pa ; Newton St. John. Eaq . or Ala ; ex-Senator Ward, of Texaa; and Ger. Lowe, of La., are at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York. Lola .Montex, wfcoae life vtaa despaired of mm uvi (<>. ?i nfw i or*, l* again pick up, though her permanent recovery is not looked f>?r. The seeds of consumption are so firm!) r? ted. It is said, that she will never be able to entirely remove them. On Thursday evening last at Castle Point. H> be ken. N J , the Hon. Xluscoe R H. Garnett. M. C , of Virginia, w::? married to Mary P . the accomplished daughter of E A Stevens. Esq The nuptial e?-r?*monv w?s performed by the Rizht Reverend W. H. OdenLeimer, Bishop of New Jersey. The New Mexican mall, with dates to the 16ibcf July, has arrived at Independence \ t U'l h*/l Q-? ?* * '" *!- ' r,L- ? - . u .I C ?uai .'lail-idl LUaVft, with flftv Mexican#, h id goneln pursuit of a larjre band of Sa^njoe Indian*, who had run off a herd <>f steep for the Rio Grande. They overtook the Indians and had a fight with them. Twenty Mexicans and forty Indiaus were killed and wouad> d A considerable quantity of ideep and i>:b*r stock wa? recovered Butfneas at Santa F*wai recovering Theeropa promise a lln?? rteld, but provisions are st: !1 acar ? and cou.nnnd high pric**. Capt. steward, a fe * days ago, went la pursuit o'. ar d captured the f.itrily of the principal chief of I r e Kiowa tribe of I ndiana In the melee two n'd.ers were wo'inded Llmrt Bovard waa alao wounded by an arrow being shot ln his I f k At tiie Ja?t accounts from him tb? point of I me i-rrow wn ?Hil in the wound He would he ?ent to Pawnee Fork for medical treatment Two Indian* were killed. TmsZolavk* is 1'uiladblphia ?On Monday afternoon the- went through their famous drill at Pairmount. Tbe North American says Tbelr drill excited, as we have bint>d. un hounded admiration Tb>' corps was exercised it the manual of arms, in companv movements, in firing?*>y companv, by liies. by squads of four, at will, and while lying on the ground?in tue p*? aliar Zouave drill, wherein they deployed in open rank five paces apart,, then rallied by foura and by company, going through with the exercise in wblcb the Krcnch Zouaves so much exrH. making themselves formidable against cavalry or infantry a 1 ??-a ? _a .. ? - faiurci 01 lue drill dfMTVf especial mention The company movements were f<erJOrmed without music or the l>-at of drum, yet wltiiout ? aoiltary break in tbe step. or a wave In the line of the front; neither wu there any un? venneca in the length of the step.but with h rli' id uniformity of speed. whether ov tile or bv the Pank. they kept on. going through with the < uaugea of amia on tbe march as accnrably as If in a dtesaparade. The firings were superbly done. specially th* firing by flies and by squads, the apparently aiaiple movement of ramming cart* ridges, which all drill sergeants know to be one i f the moat d'fltrult things to teach their in^n, was performed with wonderful precision Tbe iteration of sticking arrus waa like a feat of lw?r drinala. Tbe oblique ?t?*p. ordinarily a mode of pri>a{rt-Mion * ry unsatisfactory to the spectator*, tod entirely destitute i f pleasure to the men, w?i am>tn?r brilliant nhibttton, and one that prog 4nr> d a marked effftt upon all wbo saw it. | When tbe various company mo?emenU had been executed in quick time, tbey were repented In double quick time, upon rapid trot Here the nuperlomy of this corps became clearer than ever, for tbere is the greatest danger that the men will either becaote flurried, or that they will lag from we*riu*s? Neither of theae things happ<ntd; with uniform speed, and always with sn unbroken f'oat, tbev ranubout the tleld, continually varying their ma r em art, but never verging upon torifami i w vautiiuK luu^es, tbrosw, snd uarryl?: ? i>f l,>- b:.\ exerc'ses were executed with irn r*it?le perfe? tlnn ; the rutting rallr upon the 'rptre. aeeotripe tiled ^*ith the abort Zou-?*e bowl. evoked bouts of delight, waving ofuinbrelUa, bandkerrbleto, paraa- la, atlrka and bat*, utd "tirred the arethiug ami to unwonted outbreak*. 1 ue whole pn?ed off In a propitious muinee. snd. strange to say, at the cW of tb? Ion* and Intricate muruvcrtn*. th* k-?i. - 1-1 ? ?? - j # ua ? iv^bfd way u llgbl of foot at u> many nras?hopprra. wttb*ot tbe Irit indication of weertueaa The Zouith are expected at Baltimore at 4 p. m. to-day, and wilt be received by the Independent tire>? and tbe Maryland ttuard. Tomorrow they drill on the oj en ground at the terinlnaa of the AfndiKn Avenue Railroad. WASHINGTON 71*WS AND GOSSIP. I Pkitchbs or srmmi T??m ? [Editorial Carrttporndtnct of The Star ] [No. 4] July 28, 13#0. A BO V 8 Cril BE EL AMD. The train stopped but Are minutes s' the Cumberland depot, and we are agaia off like mad after quietly traversing Its ftreets, so thai I had capital panoramic views of the whol^ city. We are now winding around the bases of the peculiarly picturesque little mountains,m-h onealinoat isolated lroin tbe other, that form so marked features of the scenery for thirty miles above Cumberland. The higher the train ascends towards the immediate bttae of tbe All<*gmtiiea. the more aried and picturesque does this charming scenery become; set off with indescribable effect by tbe highly cultivated level plains interspersed on all sides nround The Potomac, ever and anon In sight, has become a mere rivulet, apparently, no mure important than what "was Gooae creek orice'? though ' Tiber now," in Pennsylvania avenue, aa, gradually, the surrounding mountains become higher and more precipitous The effect of this lK-ely scenery la evident In the eyes of all in onr car, who can naturally find time for nought but stretching necks out of tbe windows. At a point some thirty miles west of Cumberland we reach Piedmont, the chief starting out place of the coal trains; a point that would doubtless hare become a town of much Importance had it been located six miles further east, ere the road leaves the (there)spaclousand smiling valleyofthe Potomac. It Is at the foot of the famous grade ascending the Alleganie* to thetr very top in some twenty-live or thirty utiles. A short delay there exhibited it to us as a very busy Industrial hive, a large numI ber of mining and mechanical la bo: en making it their home or headnuartera. Soon off ?nln u? now ascend the mountain In earnest, winding among ita crap* and clitta on th? Virginia aide of the (now) Potomac-rivulet rolling merrily down hHl hundreds of feet below us Moat signs of cultivation soon cease, and little meets the eye save wild mountain and de?p gorge views. .Nevertheless, the restless enterprise and indomitable energy of our race soon be.omes visible not only in the magnificent and greatest work of internal improvement in the world on which we now journey, but smiling fields on the mountain wherever not too rocky or precipitous, and dams and sawmills with laborers' cottages in abundance upon the Potomac headwaters far below the level of the rail track, now .ittost man's -4 i ? ' 1 ou|/ivm??vj v*c? mg uinauiiiiirii U1 IiaiUrC- IDC character of the growth of timber has greatly change^, and the ipru f pine tree of the .North rears .is head in all direction on the mountain side, peruaps a hundred feet above its flrmlv embedded roots. We are nigh a\ tlie top of the Alltganiea, with the waters of our own noble Potomae (at home) atill by our side, by no meana aa formidable, however, a* Mavor mitt?r -?t the Intersection of Pennsy?vania avenue and Seventh street after half an hour'* "right smart chance" of rain. By the courtesy of the conductor. I am now rld!ng upon the Iron horse itself, the better to catch viewsof the scenery. My steed weighs thirty tuns, yet is far more obedient to the will of the driver than half the living steeds at home, in nothing Is the triumph of American mechanical I genius inore conspicuous than In the perfection or me description of locomotive used by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company on this portion of their vast enterprise. It la of the immense weight of thirty tuns, necessarily to enable it to drag after itself the Immensely heavy trains it conducts so swiftly, yet so safely, up the heavy i/radfi anH a?nunH - * ~ n ? ?tub muiuiuuc ui curves upon which the rails wind up the ridge and leap from one craggy mountain top to the next one, a? it were, yet no two-how carriage in an avenue of Washington 1* more obedient to the will of ita driver, than the mountain locomotive and ita train, to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com paiij wni-vra.rea engine-ariver. How well trained they mint be before being entrusted with such responsibility as that of the civil and obliging, smoke-begrimmed Individual woo stands patiently beside me as I occupy bis bandy stool, portfolio on knee and pencil in band, the remarkable exemption of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from accidents resulting la injury to life or limb, tells. We are now at Altamont, the highest point of the AUeganiea traversed?2,700 feet -.l*ove the level of tide water; a drenrv. cloud capped region indeed, though, through the front windows of the engine-driver'* car, an open country on both sides of the track la visible?the glades, upon which we have now entered They are comparatively level and broad mountain tops, long cultivated, more or leas, and before the railroad brought their advantages into very general knowlP(L/*?. famoii* n?in*U? *a ? ? -p., r. a? uiuiiitr r<iii^ri for stock, owned and driven to that end from far below. Cur way for many mile* lies upon these glades, apparently less interesting than the aacent to our pretout elevation We reached Oakland, the (upper home, shortly after 8 p. rn , and by the light of a bright moon saw a multitude of city people upon the porticoes of Its spacious summer hotel, and the railroad platform. A brief bait there for a baaty meal rendered It rlear tbat tbey were for tbe moat part a usual watering-place crowd; clever people In their way, doubtleaa. but, nevertbeleaa, all wellnigh dying with curioaity to aee who deaigned adding themaelv?*a to tbe Hat of tbe company of the bouae: aingle ladits of " uncertain age," /U ravlainlu ' .1** * * v B^ru, / yuuuger uiaiacns, oent on catching beaux; criticizing mamas, whose t>ngues are. every one of them.a scalpel; romping girls (ruin six to ten years old, aud children of both sexes apparently trained to get in everybody's way as often as possible ; to say nothing of the few of the other sex visible. Fellows of sixty, weighing from two to three bondred, and sufltriug, even at their present altitude, with the memory of the beat below from which they ran away, after the locomotive; and very interesting veryyouni; Renilrmen. bent on catching belles?fair matches In temporary uaelessness of their devoted companions of the other sex. Aa4 started out to get away for a few days from all city assortstlnn? ? frnm ? ' - ? v.uwu.,-1 iutu luin one in a city it surfeited with well nigh from year's end to year send?1 journeyed on through the glade*, ten miles further, to Portland, to remain over, for a day, among the natives; the rough mountaineers indigenous to this latitude, and, further, to catch brook trout the mean while, If iny luck shall not fail me. W D. W 1. Decision is a Patknt Cars.?Judge Dunlop, vuiri juage or tbe Circuit Court, baa decided, ou an appeal from the Patent Office, that Akins and Felthouse were the first inventors of the wheel-feed in aewing machines, ordering a re iaauiug of their patent to James Q. Wilson, their assignee. This reissue was opposed by 1. M. Singer & Co , claiming to have made the inven* tion in 1?50, while th? judge decided tb&t Messr*. A kins and Felthouse made it in tbe early part of l?4iJ. It is said that all wheel and four-motion |>uuk < ? urvrge n. r?ioai excep'ed) infringe the reissued patent. Wobi on the Public Building#.?It is said that on account of the failure of Congress to provide tnean* for carrying out all iU appropriations, work upun some of the public building* of the country cannot proceed during this season. The Treasury extension is included in U?is class, but not such public buildlnga a* require mall expenditure for repair or for purpose* of preservati on Sci*!?riric.?TLe Coast Survey Office and the Siuitbs^nlau Institution are Investigating tbesubjectof tornadoes, stimulated by those of recent occurrence in the Weat. An efficient officer connected with the coast aurvey has been detailed to visit tbe scenes of their effects for the procuring i7i >ui;u u? m *u Kn^npiiy, ?c , u win ua tbe dentine rlamination. Aimt 1st*j.lio*sc?.?First Lieut. J. C. Iv?*, Corp* of Topographical Engineer*, bu beee directed to act a* astronomer and surveyor of tbe cjinmlailoa to run tta* boundary line between tbe territories of tbe United State* and California, and 1* to report to tbe S?cr?tary of tbe Interior for Instruction* im thi abkkiicb of Governor Cobb upon * visit to Georgia, Philip Clayton. E*q., 1* acting See reouyoi we Treasury. | Naval.?Lieut A. W. Weaver baa been detached from the L S. Navy Yard at Phtladalphta, and ordered to the Susquehanna Etr*K!tB B PTrtaaon, of this city, has been appointed Lieutenant In the revenue service. The W*Atnaa?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer> lsaa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the {Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation to about 7 o'clock. AcgBst 1, 18?0 New York. N. Y .'...clear, warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind W Richmond, Ve clear, 73 \ Petersburg, Va. clear. Norfolk. Va clear,80?, wiad N Raleigh. N. C clear, 77?. Wilmington. N. C clear, warm. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm Charleston, S. C fli0, wind SW Augusta, Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear, {*?*, wind MV Macon. Ga clear. Columbus, Ga clear Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Mobile. Ala... clear. 97?. New Orleans, La cloudy, 85?. nox TBI W1IT. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hagcrstown, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling. Vd cloae. very warm Parkersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 55?. Cleveland, O ( clear, 56'. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor reciea lor temperature,) 29,975; at noon, '^9,975. j Thermometer at 7 a. m<J9?; at noon, 78?. Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a. ax. today, ?9'; minimum 64?. Fr?ra UU(?rai*. Oregon, fcc. The following additional news by tb? Pony Expresa has been received at St. Joaeph: Sam Francisco, July 19.?The Ponv Exprere with St Louis dates of July 1st arrived at Carson Valley on the 15th inat , and at San Franc sco on the 16th It also brought the letters by the previous Express from St Joaeph. The delay was occasioned by waiting somewhere wcat of Salt Lake lor an L-scuri, ana mm Having to journey two hundred mile* in company with soldiers, making only forty miles per day. The rouU- between Carson Valley and Salt Lake is now reported well stocked and clear of Indians, so that the future trips of the express will be regularly mnde. The news received by the Pony Kx press. which left St. Louis on the 1st instant, of double Democratic nominations at Haiti more perplexes th#> Democrats more than ever The party organs hesitate to support either ticket, for fear the otbrr may prove the strongest one. The federal officials, nearly all of them, support Breckinridge and Lane TWo companies of overland emigrants from Michigan have arrived at Carson Valley within a week They passed over the Indian infested portion of the route, without the loss of one of their company. Salutes have been tired for Douglas and then for Breckinridge and Lane by the partizan* of each, in every principal town in the State. The probabilities favor the nomination of two _i--? -? *- ? - - eimorai m kms r>y the two wings of tbe party. I A Douglas Ratification meeting is called for this evening at San Francisco, ana Ex-Governor \Yeiler, Archibald C. I'eachey, General McDowail, and other staunch supporters of the administration are announced as the speakers. The Sin Francisco Herald, the onlv democratic organ that came out in support of Douglas after tbe announcement of his nomination, has become ilent for the preaent, It baviug received orders from tbe Custom-house, from whence its main 11 nnnrt - J ? au.yv ? ( v?ci 1 T CU , VO UU IU . Vlany people are leaving Vlallla, a southeastern border town, for newly-dlacovered silver mlut-s near Orven'a Lake, on the eastern slope of the mountains. 200 miles south of the W asboe mines i The last accaunts state that3t*i men had arrived at tbtse mines, and that rich sliver leads of quartz vieldina II.?? m>? tin >>?< l"? " 1 j ? _ r? ?. ?CTII uiwi'vrrfa Oregon dates to the 13th state that four companies ot U S troop* were to l>e dispatch?-d to the country east of tbe Cascades, to protect the settlers against the Indians A company numbering 12 persons, from Kalamazoo, had a fl^ht with the Indians, and whi pped them; the company arrived in excellent health on the 14th There remained In the State Treasury S3-J0,(i00. The statistics of operations in the San Franci?co .Mint for tbe past year show the total gold coinage at #ll,!HlO,UOO,and over S5UU.MJ0 mlv?-r Captaiu Smith's company, while iiiwchlRX toward* Honey L*ke, was attacked by over JtSi Indian*, armed wttb guns and bows and arrows Tbe flgbt lasted nearly an hour. Severed Indians were killed Urneral Harney arrived by tbe Pacific, on bis way to Washington. Col Wright has been appointed to tbe command of the department, Ac. Oregon gold in considerable quantities ua? been found in tbe tributaries of Des Charles river Tbe Snake Indians are manifesting a hostile disposition. An election for member* of the Legislature has be?-n held in Washington Territory. Returnsare only received from Cowlitz county, electing two republican* by 30 majority i bis county has heretofore been largely democratic. I ^ -- uuiu diiiibu v/oiumDia to the nth state that a new gold mining region has been discovered In Rul Okouagon and Juseneile counties, '"bis is regarded as Important mining news News from th? mines Is generally eitremely favorable. Fbom Japan By the bar> Carrie Iceland, which arrived here on the ltfth of July from Kanawuga, Japan, we have intelligence from that quarter to the *-?)d of i^he Iceland brings an assorted cargo of Japanese notions and general merchandise, a package of documents from the Emperor of Japan to the Embassy at Washington was received by this arrival, which will be transmitted to its destination by the next steamer for the Last The package is oblong in shape, about eight Inches In length by four in breadth, and four Inches thick. It was forwarded through the United States Consul at Kanagawa The news Is meagre. J*an Francisco vts?els bad obtained cargo** without trouble, but the prices of good* were H&ld to have advanced vety much. American half dollars are represented to be nselets for th<- purpose of trade. They are received at the Custom House only at a discount of 6 per cent. Yw" ATTENTION.?The regular monthly in*et< k 5 ot Company C of the Washington Light Infantry wi 1 be held on THIS< Wednesday) K\ rjNlN(i,at8 o' their Armory, in Tho-u's Building, on Seventh street. If Capt. R. C. STKVENS. rri* CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT I L 7 CLU11.?The regular weekly meeting ot the above-named Club will bo he don TO-MOKKOW iThur?dajj EVENING, at Tuorn'i! Hall, at eight uVlock. The Hon ('.in ?u- ? v ? - - ?' - -1 , ^ ' I AI.UUIIi "? 4? I > I more, hat acopted an invitation to address the Club on that evening, and a?l persons friendly to the oau?* are invited to attend auj ? CHAM. I. CAWFIBLD, Sec. fV^^GRAND BELL AND * VKRKTT Wt;DNESl.AV KV^^A'KiTr"' Tho Executive Coimn ttee of the Central Bell au?l Everett Club of thm oitj announce to the publ A tin* A II U A ?' >\ kt ? .< fi > < . . V . us uwi \Jrv."A ,1 u iMKfiTINIi of th* UNION PARTY will be h?ld i > front of th? City Hail on WKUNESOAY HVHMNO next, the 3th mutant, which will Ins addrea* d by several able speaker * fiom abroad. The friend* of the cause in Georgetown and the adjoining counties of Mary land and Virginia are rnnpectfully invited to be present Particulars m future advertisement. By order. aul 31 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE l^OK J*AI>K?A very excellent Grand PIANO, .T very cheap. Apply to 11. O. CLAL'GHTO*, Alexandria. Va. an 1 3t Treasury departmknt A August 1st, '*0. PtoPc>iAi.* will be recein?d at the Treasury De partment until the 15th nut, for supn; jiug, for the us?* of the Depurtm nt. 150 cords of Oak and 100 onrds of Hickory Wood?all of the brat quality, to be delivered at the Treasury Bunding, corded and measured urthe yard by a sworn measurer at the exp n*e of the oontraotor; and of 150 tons of Cum berand Coai?75 ton* of white and ?5 tons of red ash Anthracite Coal, all of the best tuaity, to be de liv*red at the bmJding. The Cumberland C oal to b? al lump?hand picked. The white ash t > b ? smalJ furnace or large egg sise; the red a*h to be small egg size, and to be weighed by a sworn weigher, &u l-eodtl5tb 1 THOMAS P MORGAN S Announced Ifv his friend* as a candidate tor the Boa d of Common Council from the Fir*t \V?.rd. jy ? ?' F'OR SALE-A HORSE and CARRIAGE. In quire ttKAHI-K'S Livery Stable, H /TV street, between 21st aiul 22d sts. 1^.^* Jy 31 Mr* OH SALE?A pair of fin? carriage HORSES, 4 with CARRIAGE ami HARNESS: gy . work either in ingle or double harness; to TZ3 be seen at Mr?. HRYANT'S. N, betwoen^1"*^ 14th and 15tU street*, south side. jy 3i-3t* F| fOR PHILALJELPHU.-Thc steaiiier Jainea Jerome, Captain Jerome, has ar rived anil will ?*jI fix- * , ??? im Friday lOo'clook freieiit apply to * UYDK * DAVIDSON, jy ^i-3t G6or|gtoW>? JN WARM WKATHBR ??? We are now reeeiviujc, awl Will b? darinf. th? mo. th ?.f A u*u*t 1,000 niMuf COA.L, of ail wh. h wawill nfll choap if ordered prior 10 lit Septfinlier. Call ^arlv aud i?av?> your ord?ra at ir ?" *'A ".TSVSRS *. SON, jy 27 iw "Offio?oor. G andad ?u.. vv*.Kin?'n * 0 * ?????????????? WANTS. 4 WOMAN WANTED, to take charge of a i"Y baby and make herself generally useful. Apply at thu office it* L7FAYETTK HOl'SK-Wa, te, a to?i COOK WOUAN and a good WASHWOMAN. Good refer^Dnoa required. Corner F ana 14 h ?t?. It* IVANTBD-A am ATION aacook. by a mid ?? dip aee.l colored woman. References given. Addrees '*Ct>"Ic." ffgr Office. It* DART5ER WANTKD?An eaergetio ?nuaj man. with *Jf|Nfin respectable and profitable basine**, which will require traveiin* Address 'DIXU.x," Star Office au ' 3t INFORMATION I?* WANTED OF MY npphew. Maurice Kennedy, a young man of aU'ut ??years of age. who eaiied from Liverpool to New Yo?k. on board the ship Manhattan, on the 5d of May last. and. wlien last heard from, left Cattle i v* ? t l. f it* L- r* r% a mrum, ,?bw iuh, iui v. v;. AIT info matio* re? pectins hi* whoftabonU wjll he thankfully received by his aunt, .Mr*. D. MEHE OAN, near mvOmHoum. First Ward. Washington, D. C. It* WANTFD-A SALES LADY. Non? but th? best need apply. S. HELLKR. jy 31 No 34 Market Space, bet 7th and 8th sts. w anted-a good cook and chamber ? ? mAiu. neierence? rw^uirea. Apply !<> or.*J. POE, Jr., Bank of Columbia, Bridge st, Georce town. jy 31 ?t* WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform the dntiea of chambermaid. No one need apply whoeannot bring a recommendation from her ia?t p'aoe. Inquire at Eckington, two milei north of the Cap itof. jy 17 WANTED?By a teady ami in<iii?tru>u? man, a SITLATION as collector. Best of rwflm inundation* given. Addreas M. C., Star Office. Jy u-tr WANTED?To hare everybody know th?t ?h*T can purcha?? their Summer Clothing at cost at Vft. KiO HAVAnth st . nnmuitA Pnat i* 19-i m T CHAMPAGNE ON DRAIT?HT. HR Latest noveltr out-CHAMPAONE ON DRAUGHT?in fountains of 5or 10 gallons each, warranted pure wine. Persona wishing to aea or try enn be accommodated by calling at my store, No. 4 03 p?. avenue. jy 31-St HENRY C- Pl'RDY. B'lLLIARDSr BILLIARDS*!! BILLIARDS!!! REDUCTION IN PRICES On and after the 1st instant* August) until the 1st of November, our price* will be as fol- \ lows: Single Game 20 cents, f | | LI Three (James 50 cpnts. * MILLER k SIMPSON, Billiard Saloon, 430 Pa avenue, jy 3n-eo3t* Be-ween 4>? a .d fith ?ti._ \KW STYLKS QENTLEMKN'S PRESS SHIRTS of all * i a?ii. AIho. a larr* and supe rior assortment LINEN and All'SLIN inp am and fancy pattern* and warranted to fit. Call and try at LANES. jy an 3t 434 Peno. avenue. M SELECT SCHOOL. ISS L. A. PLl'MMER wtll open a School for Children on th" first Monday m S<'pteml?er. in th<? honse formerly occupied by >1 ri. Lawreno , on 5th street, between an ! TI? v'o. Tennt $5 P?r t?>'in of eleven weeks, j>ayal>!e in advance. jy 3) 3t* New silk mantks AND HOOPED SKIRTS. We have received hv exprean a supply of rich plain *.I.K MANTLES and RhAJ. VKENCll LACE MAN rLFS and POINTS AI?o 10 dosen of the fall 8t?lo of WOVEN SK IKTS of bup?i lor quality. Ladie* in want of auy of the at-ove kihmu ai very Jow itrices will plea*o cive na an earlv oall. jyy> t*vi,*m * hi?t< his mar v l ur <:<wuw im/ H li ** * ? K Havf inst received alarge stock of Bleached M'l Br<?wnC<?TT()N8ii| Hie ?>est maker M?o, SHKKTlNOS, TAKLK 1.INKN*. NAPKINS, TOW KI,IM(iS. IRISH LINENS, U " ?' rar.le I .AWNS, frum 8 cents to 2>* . HOSIEK\, GLOYE8. GAUNTLKTTS, WHITE. RKI>, MI.1 E and GREY FLANNELS in vaiety. We hav? a low rich ORGANDY R'?BES <m h\ud whioii we have ma'k?d less thau c <*t jy 3*1 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. OUR THANKS TO THOSE OF OUR Customers who have so promptly called and settled their lulls a? rendered 1st of July, and we will t* <rratly obliged to those who have not settl-d.if they will do so by the lit Augus*. as we are in want of money doe us at the p'esent tune J. W. COLLEY A CO . jy 28-5t .533 Seventh St.. aliovw Pa. avenue. %?AGlMOf.(A HAMS iT 1 MAGNOLIA HAMS:: We have ju?t reo'ived another supply of <>or M \GNOI.IA HAMS. whioh have riven such sat faction for severil year* p\?t We guarantee every one of the (* *? qua tty; K1N<? A Bt/RCHK LL, jy 2" Corner ^iffcwenth ?t. and Vermont av. FOR S \ LK-A very valuab!" SERVANT WOMAN anH CHI I/O. The woman is about 24 \far? ofa^e am) p?rfert y healthy: sh* is sii picellent hous1 ?oi van: anil nurse ami a p!ain cook To any one in want of an ext-wlle-1 se'var.t ?li? wouid l?e invaluable. The child is ab-Mit 4 y?ars old. H'-r< wner is anxious to ami 1 her in the I)istrio*. Trader* ne^d not apply. A'Ure a Box No. 7 *tar Office. j' A i * HEAT BARGAINS IN \jr DRY GOODS. Selling off at reducd prices the entire stock of Dry Goods in Store No. .*>*21 Seventh ?t., ft few doors above the Avenue. Puichaeers of Dry Goods would do well to call early and secure bargains, as tlie whole stook must be sold in ft ahort time The stock comprise* every article usually found in the Dry Goods line. Call early to get bargains. HENRY KG A N. j y 2a 6t .Vil Seventh st._ CAPE ISLAND. NEW JERSEY.-VUitorsto Cape Mav will find good accommoda- A . . A tionh ftt \V1UTK HAIJ.. Terms on'.v per week, including the ride to the l**ach in the morning. Dr. 8. S. MaRC^^^ jy 27-2w* P opnetor. i^ARD.-As an inducement for families to aojourn vv ?t the "HYGEI A"durin* the m -nths A . of August and September, the Proprie-yc!Aw tori have reducd the price of Board to 92jLli?BU per d&) and 912 per week, from August 1st. JOSEPH PEG *R. I |?roBri,tor? C C W1LLARD, i 1 roP'i'tora. Old Point. July 26th. i* 27 1m ttlll (tnn WORTH OF DRV GOODS TO O IU,U1IU BE ?*OE? AT A ORKAT SAC HI FICE. from now until the lit of September, to clone bufinenn. at BAR A BRO'S. I street. h<? tween 7?h and Ktii iti., n*ry Yard, Washington. A* thin is no humbug, you n ay expect crea- bar xaina. Intending t? make a change in our ItminnM. we are obliged to sell out our stock by the 1st of Sept?inl>er. Thou? who wish to purchase largely must call noon, as w? ar* already ver* \ u?> in measuring out our stock. This will also be nM chance for persons to buy to sell again. jy 28-lw Baltimore bl'ttfr house. Daily receiving fresh and sweet, in lioshen package*. Also, Ohio ButW, at lOS^and li^ o? _ts. riuiji^ui i a nr.w r,*, J> -''9 Exchango Place. Baltimore. eightF A T I O N A L EXHIBITION. At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. 12*A-20iA. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth A.naal AxricuUur*l fctnl Indiifttna Exhibition on the grounds ally provided by the citisens of Cincinnati, ?hicU are to lie fitted up in the best *tyle. There will be MR i Ani T?nta for .. ?r 1 t , tl I 1' A II w- iv i VII c Uirpirtf 1*1 I ' I I * r~j M K.NTS, MACHINERY, TOOl.S, DOMESTIC M ANUFACTURES, FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS. awl NA TlVE WINES: with Stalls and P??? for HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, and SWINE; and an unequal'od Track,one mile in length aid fort* feet in width, for the exhibition ofliorees The Premiums otferod?in cash,?cold. silvr, and bronze medals,?diflotnas and ceitificatee, amount to ? 20,000. The Exhibition will remain open Ironi Wednesday, the 12th. to Thursday, the o| September, thus giving time to examine mm test th? imnia ments ami machinery. Fur premium lictn or information apply at the Oflice of the Society, No 356 Pa. avenue, (up stairs ;)or to the ubacnt)?r, at Cincinnati, Ohio, litV PKRLBY POORE, jjr 24 tf Sec'y IL S. Agricultural Sooiety. UNITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, Washinotoh- July 17, latjo. Proposals wiil be rioeived at this Oftoe urfal noon of Tuesday, the2lst of August next,for Famishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two rooms over the oonneoting oorridorsof the Capitol Extension Thft nmnnaal wmh*ka ? ??? -^.1 _ r. ..r? ? - uoa IMV yi IWO IV) VSUI1 V*"l I ing ooinplet*. in piaoe, painted witn three good ooata of white load in oil. AH of the Iron work of the Ceiling*, of every deeonption, including the fnateninf a of the ceiling to the walla and to the roof fratnee, onset be iooladed in the price btd. The propoaala muat tie endorsed, "Propoaala for Iron Ceilinga." matt be aoeompanied by a guarantee. aigned by one or more reepoaaible per aona, eddr-eaed to the und?reifned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the preaenoe of anoft peraoaa aa may obooae to attend. Thfl dr&vinff nf th? AAilinra ?an Kmvi Office. ~~~ " " "W7"B. F*AN"k LI n7 Captain Topojtraphioal KoiinMri, In oharge of Capitol Extension. Each proposal rhoald be aooompanied by the following inarantfw: Form of Irunrantie. The uBderaignod, A B and C D, of??, in the Stats of , and in the State of , Hereby Kaarantf that in ?a?e the forecotnc bid of for iron oefllnca. aa above doacilMd, b<t accepted, ha or they will, within ten data after tbe reoeipt of the oontraot at the piaoe named execute the c> 11 tract r,?- u - ?.? v j ?? ** ? tui tiic uri jnru, wiui m?ou Kuu ?uracirn* ipcur.uei; and, m ease the said hall Am! to enter into con'raotaa afurenaid, we guaranty to malm good the difference between the offer of the aid ind that which ma* be accepted. Date?, i860. Signature* of gnarutora, A B. Witneai, B F< I hereby certify that the above named ? are known to me aa able to make good their guarantee. Signatare, 6 H. Tobeeigned by theUaited States dutriot jadge. United Stfttu dietriet attorney, collector, or some rioni known tii tk< VL'&r lUurlnMi jy 18 did ~ " ' UhM6VAL ft MoKKNNKY h UANSQALE, INSURANCE * REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Washington Ruildint*. rorner P'.nv anA Itk it., ?r* f>r(-r*r*<* to TaJt* Ri?k? on ? LIVES, HI lV,DlNfit*. M ERCU AND1SU, , II .rSKIIOLD FIRN1TLaE.fccv at fair rat??, tn ?ound companies. ? e name in part: ft: -To"- ?{! The Northern'Aunrftoc*. I.o&Uod ?E:aIS Room No. 1, jjr j TREASlRRRf* MONTILT PTaTKMRNT, * * -* ?? ??? - l- - -?*- -* - . ..-11 mmm*L iiutiMf T*l ?g ||m m A J A* ? f fltfli ti <*f <#. milHIII IM (m?M n ?m wm mv iw?>t ? -? ? - , and M UiJtuUaa^ brmmckft, by rrtwrnt rre'tr^d to Momd*w. &d J fit. tk? ?mw? fm ?*?4 drift* kmvtfer* Itrmad. but trrrt t\*n unpaid, mnrf <*? ?mim( IM '"<? ?IM to 4r*fl Shmnnt, ?iM, (A/ amfMl of futmt trtun/m to mud from <i?iu?rw, u tr^rW U< &?cMi?r| w? Or?fU h?r#t?? < for* dr??n. IavhfttplAoo. Amonnt<i?i4? but not in g 1 fo?ita. p*iU. th..u*h' >*ot to dnil 1 | : - ^ - I I TffMury of tko l mt#H Suim WMhtncton, D. C # ??> ? m ?t*S? m ?lw m 41 A mi *t?nt Tr?-*?nr?r, Bonton. M h 7? M4 *i Jt "14 19 ! V m m A?.i?Untfr??.ur^r. N-w York. ?w York |^43?u WiilW Assi?t*nt TreMiirer, Phi,(*?iri?hi?, P?nn?Tlr?nia.. ? )?7 (H9 31 ' i<wr iTt'^n ? AmiiUoI Tr*??ur?r. Chari-.tT.n. ?outh Carolina . . TtS? ?JM ? ' BlT S ? < mm AuinUini rretiiurrr, .^cwurir?ii?; _. Assistant Treasurer. St. Louis. Missouri .... .._ . xx m . ? |KU I7474 ? Assistant Treasurer. San Francisco, California. J *38.987 16 * M 1 IAS Mil 79 Depositary at Buffalo. New York..... _... J7? ?? mi c f"' f ^ D-positary at Baltimore, Maryland - 2<l AJ5 h , isjta <? , jy ma &% Depositary at Richmond, Virginia J3.2lfl <k 746 06 s. 41 Depositary at Norfolk, V lrjiina 1IJW W ; 1 ,?4> SP loiiTj u Depositary at Wilminrton, >orth Carolina nfijn? 16 I ? mo ?r | SB MC ! > Depositary at Savannah. Georgia M.AC 93 7.?!n ? K ZM S* Depositary at Mobti*, Alabama l <C | *>.Wt ?7 e~ TT IS lVpositary at Nft?hriiJ?,T?nMMM _ .. ,.? , .. Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio .... __ 9.OT0 ? S.?T? 2H 1 *'4*! CI 0pontanrat Pittsburg. Penniflmia 1 #7e M> my,' Depositary at i.out*riII?, Kentucky......... 7.IW Si swuj Depositary at Galveston, Texas ... 16.009 W iM\ ?X lit lMs Mi ftep..sitary at Norfolk 1 V* g.' ! ?. tt |?po?itar^t Cincinnati ! McLean 1 - 9.047*1 <rr i ST jf ?i i&iz ??? * * * * ti ?4W?.' ?V?i m Alii f' '?"! M?1 J \/H IVMW| I i ? > - - - Depositary at Detroit, Michigan r? ic^SU tt ?..446 SI tJf'T *4 Depositary Omaha Citr. Nebraska 3.546 79 UJ 56 3 434*1 , )ep<HnU>rr at Hudson. \Vi?oon*iu - 14.771 7n { 14.W: T> Depositary at Oiymaia City, Washington Territory 1,4l*> 73 1.226 ? *? 73 D*?o*ttarv at i aliaha*a*>?. Fluids 2 ?7>: ?? - > I JOf> 44 Dr0*'**^ Omaha City,<Gilmor?i 13,154 US 4. Sn 9*3 3* Assa* offib* <>f the l.'sttad Stat***. Nt?w York. 43..V3 w | 4K?I3 ?u Mint of th* U nited States. Philadelphia, Pa.. ?5mm 16 ( 9 .IM w Branch mint o! the Unit**! Statos, Charlotte, N. X 4ur .0 Br.xneh mint ofth^ United Stait-s, Dahlnneca, Ga 27.<Wi> 03 J Brar^h mint <>t tiie United State#. N?w (?rf??ni. La tm.lCI 4?> jn 46 Brani-ii miul of tiie United tea Fr&aoiaoo, C*1 [ Ml *?' <*t ' { smjtm m #435 XT 15i 6.13W?< J i fJ 96 , #4 99 US X Deduct orerdr*/t- .... ?.. ? . . . -..*SSJKJ lS 9M7.MI tt Add diff?r?no? in tr&mfera . ... is ma (2 Net amount subject to draft .. ... 3,99G 62S 43 * Trantfere ordered to Treaatirr of the United Stat*?, W??hinrton. P. C Jnr n? m Tranetern ordered to aa?i?totit Tr*ae?r*r. St. l.?ui?. Ho ffll 44* ti Transfers ordered to ^iwitontTr^MttrM. t?n Fr?nciwn, Cti !W <*' m Transfer* ordered to Depositary at Norfolk, Va................... <o mb** c Transfer* ordered from Auistant Treasurer, New York, New York Auk 1-k AMUSEMENTS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL: 7HUHSHAY FVjiNl\G, Avt**'.Zd. LAST NIGHT BUT ONE! Gsiat!! nttiTFi !! Onm*T*?r !!! Owing to the iimnenw wit lefaction fi ven on Tuee day evening, the management respectfully a ,#oulo? another Monster (Jilt, and l.*?t \12bt hut One <<f THI ?DON f? MUSEUM OF ARTS! FJHT* HGAVTIFVL FKESMNTS, V JLlsEKll AT 3 22A. Giron ?'? ??> fre of charge, in part con*i?tinf of Superb Silver plated i ??a K?rvic?, m 6 pieces, all included in one gift; Two Gold Watche*. Two Silver Watchea, Silver placed Caice Ba?lcet*, goblets and Muck, Beautiful Cameo and Mosaic Set, Rt^gs, br-aclct*, #c. <>rch?*ter?Viohn.O.G Bird; Piano, P. of. j*ch?ll Ticket* of adtni Mon. oil tms occasion, to a 1 parts of the nail SO ol?.; for m1? at H. S*-mk??n'?. ISO P?. av., hot. 9th ami loth ?ts.. a here the present* mar 1*> wen 'I K-ket# may al?o be had at the hall from 9 a m. to dp. in., and on the evening of the performance. Doors open at 7!?; commence at 8 an 1 PINKY KRA V.Tl TROTTING COURSE ! Pibbe a.nd Stark f ok S'ii0. ^ T i Milt Htats, best tine in .fire, im Harnttt. Geo_ \V. Nelson, enter* brown hor?e Brown John. Kob't strong, enter* brown horve Toby Tramp. Wm. t leover, enter* bar home Bar Dick. Trot to com* off VV KDN ESD A Y . August 1, at 5 o clock. Good sport u?ay be expected. Admission cent*. jy 31-2t* AL/? fete champkthet LCEFLLiiS Washington city gar DENS, (A'ttr York or,, bttween l*? and id Ht. ) MONDAY. Arorsr 6th. The Manager t>eg? t>> announce to the public that a grand Frit, comprising many NOVEL LNTERTAIVMENTS rarelr. if ever, witneiae.! in this iSv. wi'I h? tirm as attove. Gar<l?ni? are cany oraccess, and, bum or FAMILtB* Will find, A PLEASANT RESORT And a ?p enriid RURAL tNTERTAlNMENT. 1 lie entertainment* wiU*e<>mm?n?c atj4 o'clock, wit., a LAUGHABLE SACK RACE for a Silver GoUet. Afer which. CLIMBING THE GREASED POLE for Pnm. CONCERT BY THE BAND The beaut:lu! and kpacioui Pav,.ion wi.i 6* thrown opeu for Dancing/>*? of chartte. At liarlt. a ?plei><ti<i Mon?*o!fi?r H AI.LOON ASCENSION, with KIKE \VORKS attached. After which. a Lr uliant di?plt) of PVKOThCH NIc'S. HJ~ An efficient police will be on th? rround. ? Excellent inuMc will enliven the Entertain menu. Admission 25 cent*; children 10 cent*. LA FETE CHAMPETRK jjrSi-tf C. i. WALTER. M?nater. personal! IN FORMATION WANTED OF SIG'R G PKKjMCO. wnich will be tiiar.kfu ly reorivod by G PlCCIoLI,( Vice Consul of th? Two Sioiliee,> No. 41 Front ?t.. Baltimore, Md. j|r Madame mokkice, Tbr ubkat a*t?ologmt Doctbkks, ju\tfrom Eur op*.-T?i? hunly cif\?d Mid intc ifent !a>ij c%? be oonauited on the Pnat. Pr?aentau<1 Fatare Event*. cail at No. JOA Tweuty-aeoond street, botwoen h and 1, Washington. j? UJm* lost and found. fT REWARD.?Strayed away, July 17, a very >t ginall rel TOW, with a hurt tail, and white in l?oth flank*; with horns, an<l*kl^ about 3 years old Also, a large hrindl*^bJa? Cow, with horna. and aotne whit* about her; Ion* tail: vellow apeck in right eye. and partly blind. Hoth inilch o?<ws. The above reward will be paid for their ret-un to N? High at., Georjetown, D C. au -? W ^(1 RK'A'AK I).?Ran aw?y from the residence yJW of John \V. lijnoukhs. in Prince JJk fi e /e'K county, Maryland, on Saturday Ql night iast. COL.ORKD l*OY nam'd Henry. about 17 year* of age. apare built, dark eyes. good aetnf teeth, and quite mtel.igent. I wi!lJ?? five the above reward if taken ill the State of Ma ryiard or District of Columbia. R. P. JACKSON, an l-3t k xecutor of Mrs. Hmoct. deceased. a (MT -? ? .! - _ I ontoiusi cvrilllip;, un Ifip aVfr Uw, I J i?Ma9th*ad lAth ?ts.. a lad* * LEATHER Fl XG, containing a puree with small change. aa>l a breantpin in the form of a cross. The finder will confer ? favor by leaving it at 19* I St., botween gnh and 21at sl-a. jy SI itt* LOST-A BROWN BIPFALO COW. with t e fore teats rising above others; right | ear split; sea-red acroes the loins. A(i>ud|Pu^ rnward will bo gn-en for her leturn to JAM KH HaZELL. butcher, Washington. iy?3* (CA REWARD.?Runaway, July JS. my NE$ >11 GRO MAN LEWIM. calis himself ^ Lewis Thomas; aged about 23 years; & feet (fif 7 inches high; a da k chesnut color; cheek (tones high; quick when spoken to; no mark* Jk remembered. He is a shrewd negro and hav JQL ing tx-en several times in Washingioa. may t>e thereatauta. $?> given if taken in Charles oounty. To be lodged in jail so that I g?t him again. S. A. GARDINER. jy*-6t* Charles oounty, Md. AUCTION SALES. o? r r* ? - ? ? ay ? v. KIVV1IB C W., ABCtlOnMrB. Stocks at ArcTioN.-on fmoay afternoon, Augm 3d, at ? o'oloek. M th* Auction Rooms, we shall Mil, in sum to it? Corporation of W&aimijtou Quarterly 6 ft Miit. Stock, #tfO Corporation ot Washington toon annual M XLS I ar.k of VVa?hincton Stock. T?riti? cash in cnrrcnt fn-ids jy 3l_-d J. c. Mo^tlRE k. CO-Aaota. Br A. GREEN, Anotioa'Mr TRUSTEE 8 SALE OF OLD oricr,DOOR?, 1 Wimwi. Bliww *st> Hinwom Bcildikg Lot, it BK1BO TMB Pao?BTT or THI Wutiik IiOSB comfihi. at Acctioh ?on frldal, lb* 3d day 01 Ao?u?t. 1 shall Ml<toa ths preaiM?,at ? o'clock B. m.. on Tirsut* tti rd Mmu i " street* north, it haing known Ri the W ester 1. H(M property, a.i the Briek, Window*. D or* tod ttiiwu, remaining from the fire. Also, the band ame lot of ground on whioh the building stood, it being south 26 feet 7* inchos of Lot Square Term* for briek and malarial. cash; for the baud ing lot ooe-half oa?h; the balaaoe in t,13,and 11 month*, the purchaser to give not** for the deferred pa< menu, bearing internet from the <1at of *ale. A deed given and a deed of tr??t taken. All conveyancing at the eo?t of the perehaeer. Tf the term* for lot should not be omapiicd with in five days from day of *a e, the traetae reserves the right to reaell the prcpert! at the u*k and oo*t of the first enrohaeer. by advertising the same S tune* la the Star newspaper. ' A 6IEKN, Ami. QAJM PACKING aim, ?-AIWPRKl.r?HON,sai P?.?t. I?OR SALK?A i.tnv'? oinivn ?rtsiv I fcWTPlfMPHKEY'S St?bl?., Mmi of fcUynVi J AUCTION 8ALK8. other Auction. Sal**. mm first fgoROWD8 OF LAIHK* AND URKAT KAJi GAIN'*. catalogue or MANTILLAS. Dt'STKRft. Ao . To l>e ?oM at Auction t>T \\ all 4 B&rraid. THI RSUAY MORNTN*. Arorrr J. No. 1-3 Krenoli L*"* MuUilu, roti |9 Mek. ? 4 4 ?* it M lA " 3?3 l.*s? Piceoloinini**. " 2 " H 4?X ~ " " | II * " *-2 M Btirn<>iie. i Hi * ?3 ? ( tjg * " 7-3 Fl.xtnoH Muti'lu, ?* 5 ?-3Pm>li-rl,w* " " i l? * ** 9-1 L?r*e Kionnc^l Manti'l*. '* I ij? " lft?4 Sqrare L*o* " IS " 11 ?2 *' *% ? ?? ** U-ft Frb?*? Trimm** *Vawl#. " ? " " 13-1 Colored BoHerod B?r*c?>. " Alt " ' 14-1 " " Mantilla. " ll2 ** " 15-2 White Bicece - #? " " 16?1 Black " - " Sfl ** M 2 * " rt K| M " 18 2 White " " ?7 " " 1#?2 - " H.awU, "as ' * A>? I Rifei'k <*i!k M * ti! ta ' ? ? " ?' }(.j ?? ll ? ? 22?1 ** X|g *? Sa> Perempt'Tt. Tninioftnli. It WALL tc BAWXARD AucU By A. GREEN. AuoUonwr Hui ?tn"LU A3d ivi I ' tiCjr* r L n.>11 i Bt at Acctiow ?On ICIfPAY, th? M iaat, At 10 o'A "c* a B1 . I ?ha'l ! ' . at tf.e <>f ri nt riiiAii d?cl>niiig i.oua. ir;>tb ?t T*twwn tt acd H ?trM?u do th, No. 402, ik? lol inwinj >.?>n?*hrld trx.dt ti?VlAho**nj Chair* and Tah>?. Matt-e-top v ? rte- iftt>#*arid vv*. hitai.da. M?hogany aid B?r??ui, w?rdr Matt-*???>? and Catt-?^at Chair*. Walout aud ot ?r r. W* i nt Sideboard and Tab!**. Father B?k1a, IV w?aod B<> atrrA, B iLi'ti She?t?, Comfort*. Ac Hrua?*l?. Thr** ply ai d ofh?r Carpet*. r mncn cmr.% >*.?< atti ?trier Orrsamenta Hur MitWKl other Rockera. altera, Cutler} anu Jab!* M &tu Chir a. Glaaa ana Crooke y Ware. Cook, A ir-tiihi and otti?r Store*, Witn a coad lot of Kitebao Krqctaite* and other article* too nameroaa to enumerate. Term* oaah. _li A. MKEW. Ami. By A. ftRKEN, AuotiooMr. WILL BE ADDED TO THE SALE WHICH will take plaoe on FRIDAY, *d A u(eat, at o olojk f >., oaoorneroi Twenty thirdao4 Lata.. Lot No ??,in 8?nar*3. beloagiaf to the haira of Riobard Davia. deoeaaed. Terma at sal*. htl 1 9t A r* B C? I* fet +. a. ?v 4i? vkikfthf ahuv br J. c. mogi'lrf * co . aaotto??*r* Peremptory ^\lk of milliwkrt a ml steaw goods, lauoiouin. tata*:x..v l?< s? ?'ikkni?t. us t ??!. >ati kd.t^ >i( kmn'j. auf uat 4u,, ooin meroina at o'e ook an-1 c->i 'inuir* fruit) cay u? daj uuti t?? ?!, >;?,i :.?p +" <{. wr ?na ac at th of k c *u- * ?. fm , n 3*9 p?lii. j*. t^twwc >?t!i a..) 1 t. it'ffii, a larg* n:, -tf ol t <>dt in tna il?. ooirpuaiii*? craj? ana si k hon>.<>t? >.f r *w vt.apta. tiimmm and c mraw bcuntu, uau and F au, Co:.t?k! Hur and **traw har.nfu, colored, b.ark and v\ mte iocl'i hata. oatr>ric a:m *w.?? ko?i r? ar d i i ter t; n*. l>o do uaii 'a and htripa, da 4o co 'ar? ai <* seta.u far.t?' rodies gioipa. corda braida, kringpa, r uud r i>t? ca >* ?<! a. i. l ?? ** ? " C71.B, Cllt DUUUDI, r>MB vrof III . t- ribgM. Kwi V & Kninh Thread, Cotton, V?j?:.oi? Si.k, Biond ?od ry oth?r ?ri*ty of L?om, Hoop Sk: t? r-fiioh Art ^ L*.1 ? ' ?nd G*tit:?m?c'a !*r.k 0 In brdlH. | S^win* ;*k?. Spool Cotton*. Hur P.n? <>(V lni,d?. H-?fl I)r?M*a Half, T -vth fcori C??r b?, Opf.aG ?>>* P ' t*m I'i'd 1'im, Go.d and Silver Thmb.#?. Taek < <>i?b?, Latin. ?, iiurr iou'i ftuc Jii.m Hn b?f E* truti, Frmsh *nd German Co'cjce*, H*lr Oil, Ponsade. ttc , 4*. II uf wmch wiil bfmd without I crwa: $* and u:.U?r, cmh. ovr tktl nn* or?"?ii or en on dtya, for tffcoitd m4oim4 ootoa tacrine la tercet tulO J. C. MoOUIBK A CO . A?oto. riffS AFTERNOON TO MORROW By J. C. MoGl'iKL A CO. AaotionMr*. Trusteeu pale of a ImPKOVBS COP*T*T l*KAT K1A.B THE ClTT Of WA?M,noto!?-<?L ?KDNK*DAY AFTKK NOO.N Auiuit 1st, M * n'e >>o*, on in# prrir.!*??, bv virtue <r * <l-~d of wuitdv.?d M?rih MA. 1M*. %ivd ouy r*?ortl*d in*r J. A h , >?. '!>, foiu?? Tb4. et eci , <> * of rh? l?nd r?? -rt? for Washington ooui.t?, Dift'wt o( Coitus)"*, w* ?h?!l Mil til Ui*t o'riam iinm or ytrMl ot land itluM in tte county ol Wanhincton. in the Diatrist of Columbia, and known and deacriaed an bom; Lot namberad two (2/ in Gsorge I at.or'a sbdiviaion ot a ??rt ?>f a fa t "f land c\ 0.1 P, anit Paina " contain i n i?e a* res ai.J on# ?ixtA*rtii of an icrt.murt or !mi w 1 tii th? impriivftwcu, ooD?ii"nt nf*eon foittbie two-atory H?uare Cottage. wiUi wida bal , par.or, dining, and breakfast ruoaa. fna ohambora, and kitchen. ?itu?t?d or an elevated point uaok from the road. a> d aarroaaded by a grova of handaoma shade trees; a ao. garJaaar'a hoaae, stabis, aud otaer oat-baiidiaaa Ths groaoda arc laptatfally laid out with walks and drivss.aad ooatain a rouag orchard of frait tim. eraser*. w?aW? *"* ?'? iSE? zzlsai nXtT * KtMt?d ? tfc* T*i tn trf't t rt?d, diatMl kbont OM lad ft haJf tI ?2T* f White ?cd L*vi?. u rNniM>tik,|l u4 ^ ,?r.C^LW.'ih l"A?.rr^- *?ur?* <*?<l or tnmt ooinft .?5 2 .T" J'th* *"r"M Ml t* * iinVTof uIi?HDV lB.Ulil?*?*?' ?* **" ri'* *nc tt a ?i^ wrtbtHf. All OODVftT&rminr &t tk? *a*? a/?L? * - , w-jR*T ? !? /" 1 j. r,rxrA',if^'(-n">n By WALL* BARN ARO. A.odoDMr* tor* room on Ninth atrial, D?it u< Parry * << o.'b. ^ y.'.n?l'.f !"" '* ?v*na<?. tfc? ?>iitira atoafc of a V| ?* iDWioiirw w- * <*** ? ***y *** Safeiha. )ester L2ee^mS0 1'lk0* amMi'ioiihiI PiMotoaiaia, L*c? taw* f*??? ?, HUok feud V* hit* WfN* l>o?i??r? am: MaatiJtta. A to, Itagtana, fbkW't, Uaataia, Ac Ac. A* rfcta aal U l**? r*rf*ina Mf M expaotad Tfea ^ cial twitioi oi th? Imim ia reau?"tfu!lj aolic t?l J. SOd WALL A MAtNAKP. A?te. CMNE Kirk* nUU>1TK*t,^""?W'KLVlN?, f?jfeg?v'a rf&T?^l*.7^ara! T*na? out. ir?* A.Bmmmn.AmM. F?r Superior Itte Water, 1 With Bdiewu 3 Pkvtt HI CBUX Srim, o?? eiiT'i, NoiUkMMt oot. MutMhuNtti M* Ftmrtt ?l, * jj* *W

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