Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. -. y UZ7* Though Tub Stv? la printed on the fastest tmin prnw in use south of Baltimore, ita edition la so large as to require it to be put to press at an j early hour; AdTertisements, therefore, should be sent In before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may do* appear unt.l the next day. Nottci to Waibixstohiaii*.?'Thoae of oor feUow-rititena leaving for the watering place* and elaewtoere ahonld bear in mind that we do not mail Th* Star exrept after payment In advance at the rate of 37% eenta per month. None* ? District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted in tbe Baltimobb Sub are received at and forwarded from Thi Stab Office.* Vhit of Rbv. T J. O'Toolb to thi Citt -dh RbCBPTION bt thi catholic Total ab*tisb.hcbSocibtt?Spbbcii? Srbbkadb.?It bavin^ become known that tbe Rev. T J. O'Toole bad returned to this city on a brief visit from New ^ ork. it was determined by the members of the Catholic Total Abstinence Society, of which he was so long president, to give him a formal re at - ? - * - rrpuon. Accorainjily. last evening the members I of the society met in large numbers at their hall, on the corner of G and Tenth street* and, after ome preliminary bust sea, appointed a committee to wait on the reverend gentleman for the purpose of advising him of their assembling, and of their desire to have him meet with and addrew them It was not long before the committee returned, in company with Mr O'Toole Immediately upon entering, he was greeted with loud applause, and Invited to take position on the platform He was welcomed on the part of the society bv Mr J O Clark,chief marshal, in a fewappro;>riate remarks. w'"**""J the compliment In the following langnage. ao fitting to the occasion After thanking them for the kind reception which be bad met with at their handa, be said: > 1 am sure it affords me great pleaaure to have It In my p? wer to addreaa you once again,and to aav to you. as I feel, that very few occasions could Interest me more than to meet you?all members of our Temperance Association so largely represented on so short a call as that on -which i find vou here thia evening [Applause ] I am exceedingly glad and rejoined to And that the cauae not only still lives, but flourishes, and I truat that It will long continue to flourish. [Applause.] 1 K?vp no rfnuht that ?nv / nn?? 4" ? * ill nuicu SO III ur LI spirit, 90 much heart i? manifested, will not fall aa long as tbat baort continues to throb, and to beat warmly In the good offices of friendship and klndneaa And aa vour assembling bere to-night 1b a manifestation of that spirit of friendliness and kindneaa to m>-, it is to myarlf an evidence tbat tbat beart is still beating warmly and generously, nnd therefore conclusive ground for hope that the -i'od cause is bound still to flourish amongst voa. i Know one tfcing, my Mlow-members. I have t>een slnre myself true to my pledge This 1 have iofd reason to hop*, and every reason to know, fcas been the rase with molt of our members 1 ..m not one of those, as you know, who are disi ?ed to ejact too mnch I have always said we might tofely look fur a margin, and allow a margin, like the man who is making up his account, who always leaves a margin for bad debts. ILauehtcr 1 I have al?r?v? ,K~ -? f 7- ?" ?? ~v lpdviujr of a margin for inconsistent member* Do th is and still a great deal of good will be accomplished, because the greater number will be cood members 1 can tell yon of very few things in my correspondence with Washington that have gladdened me more or produced the quick throb in mv heart, or the tear more readily in my eve. than the announcement of the earnestness and the fidelity of the great mass of our society to the cause of temperance, and to the principle upon which it was based?that of religion. For, tw assured, one way or other there was r.iwavs a little bird that kept bringing me the news. And that little bird knew that there was a cord in my heart that it touched, and that it would reanond more than anv other that coald be tourhwf It was that cord that linked me with the temperance association [Applause ] Therefore that little bird never failed to say * word or two with regard to the temperance association, and all it* workingi, and plana.and arrangement* I have therefore to congratulate yon. as I do myself, at finding vou assembled in such large numbers; and only to say I trust vou will continue to prove to every one, what y< ur own experience of temperance has made yon teel. that It is the holiest and beat rause, and based upon religion, and kept free from all the worldltnesa anil v?i-? worldly Khrnei. and plana and arrangements of politics, or anything else that can interfere with what ia holy and what la good. Aa long aa that it the case, that we hold to the one cause, and look npon that as the end to be attained and to be abstained, so long will you have the blessing increased dally, wblrh has been a comfort to you for many years already; and so long will we hope that there will be at least In this community a of men who mav be hplH fnrth ? ? hand of good, lawful, solid. loyal citizens, arid consistent member* of their church?a credit to themselves and a credit to that holy church which alwavs feels itself proud to behold amongst her children those who are able to reach to the highest c ids of religion, and to hold over themselves that monl restraint, and to exhibit to the world that courage, that fortitude of purpose that enables tr.rm to tleer clear of all danger and temptation, aiid conduct themselves in a manner becoming men and Christians The speaker then proceeded to give an InterestI ;nf ir/Annt nf win* K* *??* __ uau n.mmru ainre lie had bn-i a resident of the great city New York. He- admonished thenu to be faithful to their pledge, and show to every one the blessed influences of temperance under the benign Influence of religion. It was the great secret of happiness He should ever treasure the memory of the Society and 1U members He concluded aiuid great applause The reverend gentleman was serenaded about eleven o'clock. A Mkert Timb ?David Shea. Michael Healy, and M Malone got into a fight on Monday afternoon, on Sixth street, being urged thereto by pine-top whisky or some other evil spirit The trio seemed to enjoy the fun extremely, and the < onfllct was not confined to the locality in which it began, but by the activity of the parties, by which they gave variety to the entertainment, it was transferred to Seventh street. Here they were Intruded uoon hvofllc?r J P fin? ?K"-*? ? -? t f .... . -rw uucncui pvftl to arretted the combatants David Shea left the ring, probably disgusted with the entrance of a frnh man at this sta^r of tbe light. Malone and Healy turned against the interloper, and the result was King's nl. e white coat was torn and saturated with blood King called for aid; but no one helped till several policemen came to Lis assistance, and tbey carried tbe parties before Justice Dona. The prisoners were both bloody and braised, and g*ve evidence of having been in a hard fight But although they were restrained from light ng, their tongue* could not be control. ed; they went on at a rapid rate, not caring what they said, until the Squire, managing to catch their attention, informed them that they must give bail for court or go to jail. This sentence paralysed their tongnes for a moment, and their astonishment was amusing The justice, tired of their company, committed Healy to jail, and Malone gave bail Officer King, in order to et'.le a disputed point relative to the duty of citizens to ass ?t an olBcer when called upon, intends j-rcser.tlng a few who were present to the grand iry, we hear If so, when officers go to artest d-?penite men after the case is decided, tne i-uuing crowds will be meager, comparatively. It is due Mr. Malone to say that the evidence proved him to be the aanultea nsrtv. and that tt>? me againat him has been aettie'd. Alii?<idiu. the Beat Wheat Maexet ? The Oaaett* ?ay? ? Wr mentioned yesterday that tne steamer Diamond State was discharging, at the Pioneer Mills, a cargo of wheat bought in the city of Baltimore, for the use of that establish raetit. This is the third cargo which has been purchased is Baltimore for the mills. It is a practical deiuoostratlon of tbe value of Alexandria .? a wheat market orer Baltimore As an exhibition of fact, It particularly addrt-Mes itself to the firman on tbe Potomac, some of whom, within a few weeks, have tent wheat to Baltimore, onlv to have It resold at Baltimore and sent up the Potomac again to this port. The agriculturists of all tbe rc^ioa around will flud a better market at ineir aocrs itian anywhere wise, both for buying and selling. Let them try our merchant* ana traders, for they go further only u? fare worse." MB- Emtok: Will you be kind enough to allow the following from an old and constant eader of the Star* 1 should like to make an inquiry of the Board <4 Trustee*, and it is this: W bat are the ousliflcatmns that entitle the scholar to the medal ? If it i - ???*- <??- ? j? - - ? ? or tor n uoM-iuip, uoo noi iDf Board recollect the most tedious and scrutinizing examination which Miss Sarah Powell underwent on the oceaa:on of the recent examination*, far excelling any uf her classmate*, and for which I noticed at tb? distribution* of premium* she received nothing Now, Mr. Editor, I may he wrong in making thi* inquiry, but I should like to have it answered Farts like these we ars ail entitled to a full under landing of. in that there mar not be any blame attached to either the Trustees or teacher. SrscTiTOi. !*kvxbal Cliicu ?Anthony Thomas, who wm arretted on the JlHh last., on a charge of robbing the bousr of Joseph SchoOtld of two trunk* and about K<rt. ia also charged with stealtag i*JW from Jobn Palmer; ?3S from P C. Reeb, various articles from l^awrruce Rlker It ia a gauntlet to * run tfeat w.U make bin very uneasy before be gets tnrough He was eaatm: ited for a further n**rtag. - Ora Wood and Coal Oialiu will And, In At ? ? . uotner CMuata, an lBTltattoa far proposals for wood aa* oooi u, bo famished to theL'niUd states Tiooocry Department A lOtOBio u*x named TLoiuna Pleaaauta. Wtl *n..wn to tb? trailing commuuity about b?s.?r. ?u taken wttb a flt !n~be atraet yeaterday morn- , lag, and died la a few is la u tea. I -. nrr - *?s\ t-yr . . ib* rosill UI?T*1CT JMSTtTfctTlOK Yiitiid*t.?Maw Berret. who baa been absent from the city for sometime, having returned, waa present yesterday at the Smithsonian Institution and dittributed the premiums. The distribution was Interspersed with the following songs and recitation* : Song?'- Washington's Grave "?Female Department Fourth District School; Song?"The Rambler"?Female Department Fonrth District School; Recitation?"Prologue"?Thomas W. Wise; Recitation?" I.ove of Country"?W 8. Robey ; ? Hall Columbia," by the Band; Song? " Let me kias him for bis mother"?Female Department Fourth District School; Recitation?"A Mod'St Wit"?John T. Hadaway; Recitation? "A Tribute to Washington"?John J. Cook; " Washington's March," by the Band: Bonn? Bonny Elolse"?Primary "Ne 1; Recitation? ' Sword of Washington and Staff of Fraaklin"? O. T. Tbompaon ; Recitation?Tbe American F lajf'R C Sebastian; "Star Spangled Banner^' by the Band; Song?" God ia good"?Primary No 2; Song?" Maid of the MliT'?Female Dep irtment Fourth District School: Song?" Columbia, thf Land of tbe Brave"?Primary No. 4; ?" Fund momenta of my Childhood"?Primary No. 3; Finale?"Star spangled Banner," by all the Schools Nnr tbi of thp T?rrlws? Hp t# u behalf of the scholars of the Fourth District, presented Prof. J. H Daniel, the teacher of music iu tbe public schools, with a very handsomely vt r"uvht sliver cake basket Mr. Daniel thanked tl e scholars for this beautiful gift in a very happy m inner Among other things, he remarked that he believed if he taught music In the public schools two years longer, he would begin to grow young so fast as soon to become a child again. He expreaMd himself very grateful for this rr-seBt, and said It was a source of great gr itlfl' atiou to him to know that he waa thought of bv the scholars when absent. Prof. Daniel certainly deserves great credit for the successful manner in which he has developed the musical talent of our public schools A pleasant feature of this occasion was the appearams of the scholars of the female department of Primary No. 1 in white dresses with a black ribbon encircling the waist, and neat and beautiful ties of the same material fixed to the dress on either shoulder. This was through respect to four of the pupils who had died during the year. Mixkd Cask* ?Yesterday afternoon, Elliabeth Spa' ks appeared at the office of Justin* f)nnn to sttswer to a charge of keeping an "Ill-governed and disorderly house, commonly called a bawdy bouse." This case arose from an incident which occurred some time ago. A young man whose business culled him frequently awav from bis home, and prevented bis return until late hours, learned thi t another person, also a married man, was in tbe habit of visiting his wife at home during his absence. Returning at an unusual time on the occasion, he caught the person referred to and a fight ensued, In which the right husband came oil se verely handled, being the weaker person After suspected that the place of meeting had been changed to the hotse of the defendant, aid by observation became satisfied Mr. Lloyd appeared for the defense. The prose CUtiniT t-vlrlVnrr vuent tr. Ai-?J o ? j-* v ?v tuo uiM/iuciiy chararter of the bouse; but the defend introduced Thomas Slater, who testified that tt ia hia bouse; he kept It He is not married to Elizabeth Sparks, hut keeps h?>r to attend to the house for htm. J uatice I)onn dismissed the case against the drfendant, and lmimdiately ordered Slater to give bail for a further bearing in a similar rase against himself There are several cases growing out of this, mostly Corporation cases of profanity, disorderly coaauct, Ac , which are all held over. Dismissed ?Informants sometime* make wide mistakes This morning a colored man named Jacob Dodson, who was employed by Dr Blake, Commissioner of Public Buildinjs. was arrested by offlrer Cbipley on a warrant issued by Justice McKeana. charging him with failing to comply with the registry law The warrant was issued on the information of VV Roddy, and was a novelty of its kind, being made returnable before the issuing magistrate or John i) Clark, the rule requiring it to be made returnable before the issuing magistrate or the magistrate of an adioin lag district; and it also leit the penalty blank When laid before Jusiice Donn, Roddy objected to his trying the cts^ The justice informed Mr Roddy that' he understood his own rights, and would hear the evidence, and if he attempted to nterfere i n the case by any contemptuous conduct, he would send him to jail Upon hearing tiie testimony of respectable residents, it was proved that so fir was Uodson from being a non-resident, that be has been a resident of the city and well knAU>n # * u?na mit iui iur iu*i twenty years Of courae the case was dismissed The officer in the case knew nothing of it until the warrant was placed In bis bands by the informant. Thi Jacksox Democratic Association ?At a regular meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association, held at their rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, nearly opposite tbe National Hotel, on Monday evening. July 3". tbe following resolutions, submitted by Dr. Dubamel were unanimously adopted : That ? ? _ 3 . ??. f v vuiuiaiij approve UI I the administration of oar patriotic Chief Magistrate. James Buchanan, and believe that by his Brm and impartial administration of the General Government be Is entitled to the regard and admiration of bis countrymen. Resolvttl, That John C Breckinridge and Joseph Lane, the candidates for President and -Vice President nominated by the national de mocracy, shall receive our faithful support, and we have the confidence that. If elected, will administer the Government according to the prlncipies of our Constitution, and with a just appreciation of all the rights of all the people of the States, and that all will be alike protected in the enjoyment of their persons and oron^rtv I X 3 ' Charqi or Robbzky.?Last night, Officers Irvin and Gormley arrested John Kemp, jr., and Thomas Katlitf. upon a charge of robbery. Tbts morning they were taken for examination before Justice Don it Mr. J. I. C Dana was the prosecuting witness, wbo testified that tbe accused are hackmen, and a few nights ago be engaged them at night to carry him a short distance. They charged SI 75. but reduced the fare to SI.25 ! \V I tit ess had about #7U in his pocket-book. In one side sliver, the other aide gold. He stated that be bad paid out aotbtng of that money except to the backmen, and believes that in paying In the night instead of giving five silver quarters he bad given them five ten dollar pieces, as that amount was missed He stated that KatlilT drove, arid he requested Kemp to ride wtih him, and Kemp was the person be paid. Kemp Is quite a young man Justice Donn committed the prisoners to jail to await a further bearing. Alvxakdria Second Ward Usion Club.?A meeting <>f those favorable to the formation of a r_i *- ?-? - - * i, moil i/iuu wna ueia ai me old court room last night J ?T. Armstrong was called to the Chair and Daniel Harmen appointed Secretary. A committee of three to report a Constitution and permanent oflicers was appointed. Robert Jamieson wu recommended for President, Geo. T. Whittliigton Vice President, C. W Alexander Secretary, andF. W Ashby Teasurer, allofwbom were unanimously elected. The meeting then adjourned until Monday night next, when tbe Constitution will be reported, and other business transacted A Trip.?A Fit si-Rate Ckamee to set th" Great Eastern ?We understand that a few enterprising young gentlemen are getting up a peclal private steamboat excursion for Tuesday next to visit the Great Eastern in Annapolis Koads It will be gotten up on a tine scale, and will be strictly private. The number being limited application should be mad? at once to the committee. whoa? headoiiarter? >? *t vni.i. k* _ _? -J ? . ? ? W #-# US* ? "WW 1 B> av. The peculiar advantages of thia kind of an excursion readily suggest themselves to the mind. The great fcomroenainK features of it are the ielectness, coolness comfort, and perfect at-homeativenesa of the trip. oaiCCLTCKAL Faie GIOVHM at AlixanDai a?The Potomac, Piedmont, and Valley Agricultural Society are making the most strenunn? iMtiAM ?1 * " ' __ . .V U?V ?UC u(>riiii(d 01 a r air ana Exhibition at the ground* of the Company, thla fall. They Invite proposals of plana for -laytag out of grounds, aa well aa for the labor and material necessary to do the work. The grounds of the society (says the Gazette) are well fitted for the purposes of an Agricultural Exhibition and if i???? .. .U.UVW1I jui(>iu?ij will Decome Oil** of tile most attrac live and beautiful ipota in thle vicinity A Smash ?Tbis morning, as a servant boy was waiting in front of Dr Waring's office, on K street, with tbe doctor's buggy, the horse, a young and fiery animal, became frightened, and s'tarted at a very swift pace down tbe street. Tbe boy, though, field as well as he could to tbe reins, but could not control the animal, and finally the bujtKy came in contact with the tree boxes in ?- * nuui ui uiwuo ? rrswuranx, ana was aiuaibed. Poitunately neither the boy or the bone wu injured. Improvements?Commissioner Taylor, of the Seventh Ward, has in progress the grading and unveiling of Thlrteen-sna-a-half street from B to Maryland avenur, a very necessary improvement, and has completed the paving of Limerick alley, between Second and Third and D streets and Virginia avenue; and of D street, from Second to rour-ana-a-bail street*; and the carriage and side walks of Broad alley, a forty feet alley between tMxth and Seventh and D and E street*; a very pretty job. A ccidxktl<ast night a lady was severely bunted by the explosion of a cainphtne lamp, In tbe bulb Ward. It U hoped that her injuria are not serious. A Tbottiho Match cone* off on Pluey Branch Course tbla afternoon, at five o'clock, between Brown Joton," "Toby Tramp,' and? Bayl)lck " TBI Capitol Association announce "the picnic of the hmoi" at Arlington Bprtnga on Friday nest See advertisement. Tax Hiawatha Clc ? proposes tojflve a grand Iwwuwa ucuniua uj UAYKuOjU Of) ilMMUy next 8?e adTertiaement. h,BB Uut DiT* AflAi* ?l#r Editor- Our ffcmoua police rvttrm thrives apace unaer the fo?terlne care and nrotection of nnr fimnm nf police. One would think that those brave captains and lieutenants, and subordinate offic r and high privates, and low privates who come up to the City Hall in such warlike manner on the ttrst day of the mouth, and so flerrelr draw down their money; and so, patronising with grace the convenient loafing places along our public thorough fares during "all tbe other days of the month, where they, as Intelligently, diacuaa the politics of tbe day and canvas tbe probable chances of this or tbat candidate, garnishing their opinions with appropriate exclamations exceedingly popular with our police, yet, not laid down In tbe regulation*, would occasionally find a few moments time lor a little recreation for tbe benefit i f tbe corporation, the tax payers of which .feed and clothe them. A fine opportunity to stretch their legs. and. at tbe same time, to air tbe neighborhoods to which their laborious loafing* are confined, Is presented everv Sundsy afternoon In tbe vicinity of (i street and New Jersey avenue, where there is a collection of " plsyful " men. who " smuse " themselves on a Sunday evening by throwing stones at ladles and gentlemen who may chance to pass along the street. Last evening these " target men''~could have witnessed the merrimtut of these " funny fellows," as practiced upon two respectable ladies and gentlemen who happened to past that way In returning from a stroll in the Capitol grounds The joke consisted In their practicing upon those ladle* with good sized stoues, first trying to see if they could hit the ladies without striking the gentlemen, and then reversing the operation, and practicing on the gentlemen to the relief of the ladies This was continued for some distance as they walked along, ana one or the gentlemen was severely struck by Interposing bis person to save his lady companion from a huge stone that was flung with great force at ber, and would otherwise have struck her Our " model" police, by attending those amateur Punday evening performances a few times, migbt get some useful bints regarding that portion of their police duties which teacbes them bow to assist successfully iu breaking up an election precinct on election dsys, when the chances are against their side of the municipal treasury. July 30th. Law and Order Criminal Court?John O'Brien tried yesterday on a charge of setting fire to four bouses belonging to Jackson Pumphrey, was acquitted by the Jury. ucwia vuiiina u iru mill ( OIIYICICU VI on aiUMU and battery, wu fined $5 and costs. John >\ . Gross, Conatable of Georgetown, was tried on a charge of exacting extortionate feea. The Court instructed the Jury aa follow*: "That were an execution la iaaned within alxty daya after judgment and superseded before the return day of said execution, the officer having charge of aald execution it not entitled either to a commission or return. ' That where a judgment has been superseded and the return day of the execution occurs before the expiration of the supersedeas," 110 costs a* commission or return on said execution can be legally charged by the offi cer who had such execution in charge, unless levy be actually made." To-dayThe court took up the case of the United States agt Hugh McCaflVry, in which the defendant was charged with an assault and battery upon George H. fctchison. The case was pending as our report closed. A Dkntal Convention is now In sesalon In thl? city, consisting of delegates from every portion of the country, interchanging views and developing the results of xperience. This assemblage is called " I he American Dental Association " It met yesterday at the Smithsonian Institution, a large delegation being present from different parts of the Union. None other than formal business was done, Including the reception and adoption of a report from a committee on credentials at their morning *es?ion. and the afternoon session was spent in the consideration of a plan of organization A constitution was finally adopted, the basis of the organization be log strictly representative Mystkrious?About noon on Monday, a very interesting as well as exciting scene 'was witnessed on Four-and-a-half street by a number of individuals. It looked like it might be a light, and then again it looked like no fight at all. One big inan was laid out on the sidewalk, and a little man was making motions at him, which at a little distance had the appearance of thumping him A UH\r r?*a??* ?j v?m?v vu* umu iut nine man in the house, and the big man went away. We tried to get an explanation of the affair, but were unable; nut from all we could learn, concluded it was a final settlement of some business transaction. Good Ixtihtioss?Our friends of the West End are expressing their gratification at the announcement made to thein that Dr Blake, the energetic Commissioner of Public Building*, intends an immediate Improvsment of the gutters near tbe War Department, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, on Pennsylvania avenue, | where, after every rain, there is a vast accumulaI tinn nf mn/1 I* 4 m J ~ " * v, U.UU. i> is luueru a uiucD ne'QfQ improvement, and we can miuw our friends that if the Doctor says so, It will be done. Scarcxtt or Laborers in Alexandria.?The Gazette says: "We are informed that in consequence of the recent suspension of navigation on tne Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, a number of laborers on the coal wharves, left the city in search of employment A large quantity of coal is now * - -> v i ? * * ' " aui'iiiK ma oeinn snipped, and It Is expected for the remainder of the season, the operations of tbe canal and coal trade will be more regular tbnn heretofore It la hoped that In view of thla fact a sufficient number of men will soon return to meet the demand* of shippers, as laborers are scarce. Mi. Kditok : Tbe pump at tbe corner of F and Twelfth streets has been out of order for nearly a month In this hot "-i*1?* ? ? ?uv icviurnin III IUB( neighborhood art put to great inconvenience in eiiaing tome distance from their home* for water. Whose duty is it to attend to this ? July 31. A f?CF?"KJtER. Police Cask*.? Before Justice Donn.?Kmilitie West was arrested by olBcer Yeatman for being disorderly and profane. She was required to p*v the sum of #3 59. the costs assessed in ?nrh ? ?? ? Thos Smith was arrested by officer Carter for occupying a back stand on the Sabbath, contrary to law. Fine and costs 91 53. Tri apctios uli, bv Wall A Barnard, tomorrow morning, willnououbtattrac tan Immense number of ladies, to purchase bargains in lace and silk mantillas, raglans, dusters, traveling cloaks, Ac., Ac. See their advertisement in another column. A WATDVB rkt >?? ?LM '" - >?v?a*a? w? ???C |A/pU101 |(UI CXUlUillODS 211 Odd Fellows' Hall, comM off tomorrow evening. The number and value of the gifts have been greatly Increased, and the chance of get ting a person's money back is getting better and better. Central Guardhouse Casks.?John Kemp, jr., and Thomas Kattiff were arrested by Officers Irvin and Gormley, and retained for a bearing this morning, on a charge of robbery William Babbington, assault and battery; ruled for further hearing. 1 4 Ca.n r*? rv '* * * " uaiirci KB. ? jjoii l Ilirgei id* gt IlQ fete at La-flier's CHy Gardens, next Monday A novel and entertaining programme la ottered for the delectation of the public. See advertisement in another column. Special Election ?The ?lection in the First Ward, to-day, to fill the vacancy in the Common Council from that ward, does not seem to be very exciting, and progresses quietly. The candidates are T. P. Morgan, the former member, and Rob't Earle, Jr. _ _ dress Drill.?We understand that the National Rifles, (Capt Schaetter,) leave their arino> ry, corner of D and Ninth streets, this evening In fatigue uniform, accompanied by martial music, for the purpose of a drill. Thi Event of the season is to be the grand cavalry tournament gala pic-nlc of the President's Mounted Guard at Arlington, on Monday next Look out for it. See programme in another column. A Grand Bkll and Evhitt, it will be seen by an announcement In another column, W come ? on nHMHTmill next, in front of the City Hail. Ski notice, in another column, of a ateamboat excursion to Old Point and Norfolk, on Friday next, per steamer Baltimore, to see the Great Easterq. Alkxandeia Union Club.?The regular meeting of Mm Alexandria Union Club wul be held to-night at the Armory of the Letcher Guard, on Columbus st. MARRIED. On Tuesday evening, July 31st, by Rev. Joha N. Coombs. Mr. NELSON BRUMAG1M and Miss FRANCES PUMPHREY, all of Washington city. DIED, On Tuesday eumini, after a painful illness, Mrs. SUSAN tV KOB?NfCr?!\i ??-i oa - - ? - -o? ~ j'aim, WHO UI Cha?. Robinson, The funeral will take place on Thursday evening at S o'clock, from tha residence of Mr. Jas. Steele, on Massachusetts ajr . three door a from 7th it, to which the friendaof tno family are invited * On the morning of the 1st instant, HARRY A. MeOH&N.acad month* and 11 day*. The funeral vill take plaoe Thursday, August 2, at o o'clock, from the residence of his parent*, No ass loth St. On the Sist Jnty, at his residence, on O. between 9thand 10th streets, HENRY PLEASANTS, ia the 4?d year ef his age. His friends are writed to attend his funeral, on Wednesday, August 1st, at his late residence, at 4 o'olock. * TTHOMPSON'S CELEBRATED MB01C1NES, LIFE PRESERVER. 1 1 ),?M? . im- ? ** ? L ? -i| EXCURSIONS, PIC NiCS, 4c. DlC NIC Of. ^I.ANK.Cg^PKL TO CO ; TV* fabbath'&hooloY R v da.p-1 will enV ' a Pio Nio to Columbia spring on jfTFiia^*FHIUAV, August S. Ticket# forMgMv**-?? adults 55 oents; children in cents; to iw r*}F b** li?d of the teaihers and scholars oj me school. Omnibuses will leare the Church, corner of Mary. land av. and 10th sts., at 9 a. in. and 2 p. m. no I St_ r* DON'T FAIL TO GO' OR AND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION, For the bon? fit of EAST WASHINOTn\ MF.TH P. MISSION, On FRIDAY EVENING. Aurust 3. Tickets oxly 25 Cesjs . The Youn? Men ?>f the Congregation of East WasJiiagton Methodist PratMtant Miss on have chartered th? commodioui and exoellent steamer Phisu^ ^^" (Capt E. A. R?thar > for a Moonlight Eicunwin down the Potomac, as far as llOLl.AXDf POINT The Committee anirt the public that ever} effort shall be made to make this the most pleaMnt Ex?ursion Party of the aeason. An exealleut bras* band has !>een engaged A popular Glee Club is also expected to be present. The boat will leave her wharf foot of *th st., at6Si o'clock ; foot of 4th St.. Nary Yard, at < o'clock exactly. I ick et* enn be hs^t kt K.w?ic ? ??? ???.tit an<il> ?t?.; and at the drug stores of Mr. Boswell, 5 McPherson. Capitol Hill: Messrs. Bates and Bury, N'avy Yard ; and of the Committee. _ _ _ Managua R. B. Ferguson. Samuel T. Ferguson, James J. Mreast. James O. I,usby, Johr M. McFarland, James Forester, John F. \ an Horn. J. Henry Berry. au 1 . THE GREAT fTm, ^^^EASTERN EXClR91QN.<aKD& This Mammoth Steamship, the trvnder of the age, will arrive at Norfolk and be open for the reception of Visitors on Saturday next, August ith. (n order to enable the Wanhingfmiann and other* an opportunity of witneijjuni tms veaael, the vpiriKuu sicAiirar DAii i win inaK^ anfx: ouraion to Old Point and Norfolk on FRIDAY next,tlieSd of Angnrt. Leaving her herth.fnot of Sixth *treet, at 10 o'clock a. m., arriving at Old Point 4 a. m. and Norfolk 5H a. m. After which the Baltimore will lay alongside the Great Eastern, aud remain sufficiently long to allow the pnwnfri to hoard and inspect her. Retnrning will leave Norfolk at 6 p. in. Saturday evecine and arrive in Washington Sunday at 11 a.m. Passengers will be Utken off and landed at *11 the regular larding* on the Potomac Fare for the round trip, including meals, J6 For further information apply to Captain C, E MITCHELL, on board.or at the Company's office, corner Sixth street and Pa avenue, under the National Hotel. GEO. E. MATT1NGLY, General Ticket Agent jy31-td Potomac Steamboat Company. CAPITOL ASSOCIATION PIC NIC. The Committee of Arrangemerts on the part of the above Association i tend to mftlf A t ki a "flio r> ? ? Nli**" "f ^ ? V- 1,111(7 IIU I IV 4ll' v'l Ben ? * ARLINGTON SPRlNG,on*B"HB"? KR1DA Y, Anrust 3d. Withers' celebrated band 1* engaged, so that all who wish irav trip on tha light lantastic toe; hut yet, a cotdiaf invitation is extended to all who wish to take their families to enjoy a pleasant day of amusement and the cool hrpi ? ? nf tlia ritrnr L i*A?tLin? 11 J .1 _ ...v. u ?>pvtikwi. 11* 01 j bn i iik wri im iiuiip uii 'lie rart of the Association to render to all wtio may favor them with their presence as perfect a protection as if in their own homes, the chject heing inure for pleasure thao profit The 'Washington Harmoneons" will favor the company with several Quartettes and Songs The steamer Gro. W. Ki<k.? has be?-n chartered, and will leave 14th st. bridge every hour from S o'clock a. m till l? o'clock p ra.; fare 10 cts., children half price. Whale's omnibuses will al?o leave the corner of 7th st. and Pa av hourly, and run by the 14th st. bridge across the Long Hndte; fare 15 cts. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and wirvt G'n-rril Com. of Amxnefnienti for Asforitlion. B. Rallard, Andrew Bain, J. I.. Bryan, H.G Divine, W. H. IV?->, H.H.Clark, J G Weaver, A. H.Aloott, F.Barrett. W. J. Harrig. jy 31 -3t f HO! FOR GLYMONT! OOK Out for the GRAND AFTERNOON EXCURSION of the HIAWATHA Cl.UH. to he civen at Glymont, TUESDAY, August 7. Tlitt will ...* a 1 . ..w VW.U..KVVW "III uav ?MCii UUiiufl rimca\urs to make the occasion one of interest and pleasure to all who may tavor them with their company. The Holy Hill Hand has bet;n encaged and will firniah delightful music to all who lore to "trip it on the lixht fantastic toe." The steam-r Phkn x vwill leave the foot of High st. at 1 o'clock; 8tone House at l.aif-pa*t 1;6th street wharf at 2 Coaches will leave 7th and L st?. and 17th st. at half past i o'clock. Tiokets, admitting a gectleman ami ladies, 81. Committee t>f Arr-ntementt. D Perkins, Win Goddard, VVm. Goldshorough, F.Moore. Win. Moore, jy 31-8t* L PIC NIC' OGAN TRIHK, No. *, IMPROVED O. R. MEN, (GHOBOITOWS.) The member* of Logan Tribe lake pleasure in announcing this th??ir Annual Pic JT*k Nic. at AN A LOS TAN ISLAND, on MONDAY, Aufiut 6. The memliers of the Order will spare no efforts to make this the "Gal* Dar" of the season. Every arrangement that will adilnce to pleasure and eaiovment has b-en The Holy Hill Band ha* Iteen en?&K<>d, and will furnish delijrhtful music to all who love to "trip it on the light fanfast c toe " Boats will leave the Stone House Wharf and foot of High ?t. every five minutes. Boats free. Refreshments furnished at low prices Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. jy 3D 6t_ GRAND CAVALRY TOURNA- (A gpjgfc MKNT! GALA IMC NIC! Gl2flk At ARLINQTOX SPRINQ! the President's Mounted Guard, Or Wa?hi*oto!? City. Take ireat pleasure in announcing to the public their intention to hold a GRAND CAVALRY TOURNAMKNT AND PIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on MONDAY, August 6th. This will be a strict y wililary arrangement. *a practiced in the cavalry school exercise'*', and none will contend for tbe prizes but membera of the ^The*oflowing namod centlomen have kindly consented to act in the position snsigned them: Judge*. _ Hon. J. B. Floyd. Secretary of War ; Gen. J. E. Johnson, Quartermaster General U. 8 A ; Lieut. Col Wm H. Emory, 1st Cavilry U. S. A. Address to the contestants for the prizes by the Hon I I- StflVACI nf Wft?hin<rtnn T,arr.?-.r. Hon. Alexander K. Bot?ier. of Virginia, will pextMit tin* prizes in behalf of the successful rulers. Substantial seats will be erccted for the acc-mmodition <>f the ladies, and every effort will b? made to ensure the comfort and enhance the pleasure of all who may favor the corps by their pretence on the occasion 0We beg to assure the publicthatorder and decorum I will he ruidi* in intaincd, a? an ample police force will be detuled for the purpose. W ithers' full baud has bueu engagod for the oc cuMon. The enclosure will be open for the reception of vidifrs at 9o'clock a. m. Ridir.g to commence at 3 o'clock p. m. Omninuses will start hourly from the corner of 7th Ht. anil Ha. av ;also 12th st. and Pa. av. The strainer George VV. Kiggs will mako trips from Uth ?t. bridge. TiCKKTS FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Mahasxxs. Maj. Jas. Y. Davis, Capt. P. II. King. Capt. Jas. B Tait, " F. H Aiha' ffjr, " l.ein T?wers, " P. M lJubant, I Unliintraurnrfh 14 DII "a ? . n ? vh | l?Vl/k. ii. i "**?0 ? v u-ti OMMITTKS or ARB AMiEMKST*. Capt. Jon. Pflclc, Scre't (ieo. Lieut. R. L Teel, Private W. J. Garv, " H.W.Martin, ' John Lang. O* 8. Wm. 8. Te?l, jy 30 Grand pic nic and ball. To >? given by Esputa's Citizens' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, OS TUESDAY, Aiovst T. The proceeds to be applied to the purchase ef & NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. The members of the Band promise that nothing shall be wanting upon their part 10jfr?>a>rVv make this pic nic aoeess! well worthy thf patronage of the generous publio. The bestof Music will bo furnislied. and everything done to promote the pleasure of the day. rruf" A If VI f?tTOt>a i u i - uimiiDi/oto will leave the corner of Seventh street and Peon*, avenue, and from c ?rner Twelfth aud Penna avenue ; al?o, from the Navy Yard. TICKETS FTFTY CENTS, Admitting a Gb.ntlxxan amd Ladiks ; To he had of an; mernl?er of the Band, or at the Musie t*tore of Mr Eliia. jy 38-8t JJEL10HTFUL PIC-NIC MERIDIAN HILL. Til# Pif? Mtit r.f tlua , ST. ALOYS1U8 SUNDAY SCHOOL will take place at Me idian Hill on TUESDAY, August 7th. Everything will tx* done to m&ke the arrangement* p**r-44i4apf^f-*?> feet and tenure to all a day' enjoy rnent, A ine pavilion has laiely mtn erected, making this the pUaa<U)4e?t pi.vse of retort in the vicwii Jf Of the oitjr. \\ it tier?' Brass and String Band hai been en{??? for the oooanion. Refreshments at city pi ices. Ti kets cents; children K> cent*. Omnibuses will > un from the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street by way of North era Liberties Market and K street Fare ten c-nts j *?oa way. jy 8IKM WFBM&T* T??.. AN NOUNCEM KNT SE ffcmberaofthe PERSEVERANCE FIRE I COMPANY, No. 5, have the pleaa-^rfrjr*,^^ ara toMiwunoe U> their m&ay fr* nd and the public in general that their (Mr^U'+ir* ANNUAL PIC NIC will take plaoe ai aRLING TON 9PRINQ on TUESDAY, AU(iu?tuT Particular* in a future advertieement. By order of > (ML * ?/v u /-v 19 Anna m.t /? *<aa W?o !>.; L*M?!?? Ki*?unq woS?,2 t?. j&J aSVSfc I .. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 1h*T O-torg tenm <ul< **< firtx vagi nrs=*tr?ll and eterbtt association OFUKOKGETOWN. I) C.-Tb? ?up|k.rl ?r? <>i i>?m ui'i r.verett a e reqw??t*<l to maat at Art I'aion Hal . co ner ??f Gay and Hich T HI RSI) A \ F. V EN IN G. A uCu.t ad. at I ' look. for thf purpo*e of forming a oonatiUiUoa.aitd oliiar neoftflsary arrangements All who ar? deteraunei! to maintain the Cou?tituUoa and Union are req urate J to attend aa l it F^HOR BOSTON ?The ffcat tailing clipper achoonI er J. \V. Nearer, Captain Nickeraon, has ica arrived and 1. nov discharging i.vr Iraicht-^^^ For fn-nht or t?wage lor the above portdhe^^* ?ui -i ?. w, dsa.,. gu^vi&a. if 3B it 99 and 101 ater St., GwrttUiwi. p I s H! ^ fish:: Nov 'and.nn per aciteouer J W. Seaver. and lor salebt HARTLEY * BKO.. if 3S St 99 and 101 Wi er rt., Gwrfttowa. frOR NEW Y<>RK-Th*r?*til*r packet ?<-h'r? r York town. Captain Woglom. and tur- ?xv pri?e. Capiato Cole, arc now ready for car ^t> ?o. and will wtii asalovw with dr patch. For^^^? appljr to MACOUB i DODGE, M Water st , Georgetown. j* XI \ RARE CHANCK.I9 NOW OFFKRKOTO am. ?ny onf wnn m?? t>e iieairoua or eriWicr in & profit*!. e buain<??. %t one of the h-?t al?:ida in (ieorcetown. 1 offer my entire a took o I DRV GOODS4 on leaaonable terms. in orde' to mihke a ehstize in my business. W. R HURJPLK. jy 21 lm Corner of Huh and Oay?t?. Balance of stock positively at co!?t. ?... '.^!,mn,|*nw th'" toolow orn?T !*took of AVw?VwNf KV' EMBROIDBRIFS AND DRV GOOD*. *uoh M Tra*Hin? Dr*?? Q<km)i, K?r?cM, Lace Shawls. Manti laa, Black and Grey Bargee Ouxters. San Umbre,t??. P?r??w.|?, Hair Nrt?. Mitrt. l.ivc# and t?ren*dm? Vail*. Ho *kirt* Arc* Mn t a r.J Ka!<w > J -- ^ * * , >. c uu i"-iww 1 vwivm pr^pjinn jf lo leave the oit? will fcnd An abnndnne* of ne?e??ary article* at K. GU rMAN'S, No. 117 Kri<ige atrwt, Geortetown. t). C. ^ jy 12 StawSw BRIDGEBTRKRT. SELLING (>FPT~SKLLING OFF " ?tock of DRV GOODS. I.ACK MANTLKS, SHAWLS, 4c , Ac., to be cloned out, a? we luteinl inakinc an alteration in our ?tore. Come 90011 for bargains, as we wiii b?? compelled to va cat? the premise* in a few daya. Srif.MAN *H1'\T jT?7-?>o2y 9t* Bridge ?trMI. H_ A VINO DF.TKR MINED TO CHANOF. MV bdaiBOK, I'll o<>?nm?ioe from thi* date to '!] for eaeh my entire utock of DRY and FANCY GOOD*. Having pnrohased o the niott faror* ble terms, and hein* detimui < f o oeint out aa early a* cosaihle, all who may be m want of bargains will do well to give me a call. W. R. HURDLK. jy 34 Im Corner of Hi*h and 6?? ata. ~ for salk"and rkxt. [For other "For Smlt n*4 /imt" *4rertt}*m*ntt, tee first pan' ] l/OR RENT?A convenient two-*torjr BRICK P mil ok - <v iii i.A r?.i^ ... - -1 ? ? - ? -- | .? " ivimvt. % n (fuuu?ur>l fuom for ? 17 per month No 46 I Tenth ?treet, near E *tre??t notlh. AI?o.?om? fi i.e l"urm?ho?l Room*. I nun i rf of 0. F. MiHAFER. Pa. avenue. 1rf>twe*n 11th a*ri12th stR. au 1 3t* 170R RENT?Thnt n<*at and convenient ( OT 1 TA<iK RFSIDENOE 'formerly oernpiert ?iy H. H. Vom, Eaq .ion Twelfth street. we?t 5 ni?*. between <> ami H. This 18 a most denuabl* ?itu?t?on in point of locality. health. k.c. For pa ticular* ibVV U 1 TL'i ?.~v? I U -I- - - -- ' ?.?* ??*?w ?uu wo. u - an r, c t iter of O and Fourteenth sts. jy 31-31* L^OR RENT ?A comfortable two-??ory "RICK IJWF.I.LING.25 feet front, N<-. 5JO. Vi jrinia avenue. l>etween 3.1 and 4th sts. < ast. A pomp < ( pur* *?U>r eiose at hand. Ali?o a *?u* two-story HKICK DWELLING on 1st strwt -a't. n-ar S' street M>uth. R*nle h>w to good tenants. Kt quire of j> a^8f H ALLKN. No "9Q Va av ARARK CHAM K FOR A MAN WITH A SMAtaL CAPIIAL.? The subscriber haa bought propertv in Maryland, therefore will sell a small GKOCER Y SI ORK ??n 7th street at private r-aie. For par'inulars enquire at 447 7th street, b*-tweon G and H. jv 3Ktt* FOR RENT?A laree double MRICK HOI>F, containing 11 rooms and passage, with stable ntl /ifirnatra hnnso al?i? ? f ? ?L m?i io>?v ai"uov ? aiov rm puiilj' ?'I woiiCl III HIC vard: on Eleventh nt., ne-ar I. st, For term* inquire of GEORGE T. LANG LEY. on L a'., near hour teenth st. j j^2fi tf P(tt RENT?A ttnimii BRICK DWKL r LING HOUSE, on H M. l>etwnen Uthand 13th sU., No 404. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 47H 12th i rnet jy 18-tf F*OR RENT.?A new and handfcoine FRAME HOFSE will he for rent in a few days. It is beautifully bitu&tod on Thirteenth street, i>etw?**ii Georgia avenue and K st., Navy Yard; has a large KB'uen 101 muvoneo, a pump oi g <xi *wr n ar. aud con'ain* 4 roome. kitcheu and w (Kl.iie*. Will be rented low, with or without tlie lot, to a g?od t?nant. For nale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CI.ARK. Navy Vard; or of JOHN PATCH. 6X8 H ?t . between 4th and 5th jv 16 17 OR R ENT?Two oomfortabie tbr??-ntr ry h ick r HOl'^ES, six rooms and kitchen each. situated on Eleventh *t., between B and C. Rent $125" per month Apply t?. GEO. F. HUOUELY, at F. S. SlymV Office. Eighth ?t. jytl lm* L^OR RENT-Two beautiful ueiT BRICK HOrS^S, on Eighth st eet went, between >1 IkjlH utrAats inrfK wro-t 1 D ?" ? 4, V ? 41 mi. w > ov r- IUC, r% y y. y V*? . * I H 1 C. HA1SL1P. .No. 391 Xintti street wi st, or l>r. KEA^BEY, No. 332 Pa. avenne, between *th and loth streets. jy 12 5? * FOR <*AI.F. OR RFXT-A^'eaeantiy iituatorl COTTAGE hOl'SE, containing 9 rooms. There it a square of ground attached under culti v-atinn ; a larce stable on one tnd < f the fquare. The place will be sold upon very reasonable terms, or rented to a prompt tenant. Possession given on tlie 1st of August For particulars inquire of BARBOC'R 4 8EMMES. Grocers. jy *7-eott HG8TETT ER'S ATOM ACEf BITT E US, Mrs Wmslow'a Soothini Sir.m. Liouid Ren ?* net, >pnidt> (s'h Give, Mu>t\ng i in.ineui C? Avre'a >1 of'iotuw. H< uck'a fauao a. 4 e , with a fieeh sucpijr of pu'" M^iemes. at MOORE'S West End Drugstore. 113 Pa avrane.Houth side 017"Fresh Bine Liok and Cotif'ets Water aa above Alao, improved Fruit and Vegetable Jars. jr ?3 ?w pHOPOSALS FOR PAVING. Offick or Commissions! of Public Bvildisgk,! JuljSO iR6<) <> Pr< po?al? will be r*~ei*ed at this of ho* >ip to 12 o'cWmlt. m , on the 9 n day of Au*c*t next, for ?ira<iin?. Curbing. and l.ajicc the Krick and Klu Footwaj", and Pavine the Gutt-re, etc , on the north iide of B street ?outh, between ?ih and 14'h stree's west Tne Curbstone to he of th? be?t qua'ity granite, dreeyed 6 thick on top, and 6 inches dees on front, and a inche? deep on the back ed?e, ana no piece ie>s than 5 fe*t long 16 inches deep, a:.d to he joiLted and well fitted and set in a b?.d of coarse irrAtral rv/4 waII ? " ? I W * VI f OliVI * Ull IQUIIIIWl The Brick to be of the bett quality hard red pavitic brick, to be laid en * bed of chare river Band lour (4) inches deep on a bed of fire gravel free I rom ciay or Joarn three <3) mohep de-p. with two cuu'iea on edee uext to the curb and oneoourae on ed*e on the inner line. No extra measurement for brick on ed<e. Tf e Stone pavinc to be of ooiuwn co'.ble stones n"i "icTOn i tuur inones id aiameier. pic pi the stone , uu the outside line of the prut er, which must be nix inches id Diameter, laid on a b d of coarse sand and olean gravel, free from c.a* or loam at leaU 9 inches deep, and to b? twie? ra ' liied, the second time after beicg well wet; and covered hue clean crave, or c arse sand. T'>e cen'reof the cutter to be laid with five oou -ses of hard red paving brieks on edge. i no Ma^cuiK t? r>e otthe t??*t u iialitj New York North river fK?f in*, in pieeee of not Ini than four (4) feet lonf by Knhtffii inchen wide, and not leg* than four (4>inahea thick, to he laid <>b a bed of fine clean ?ra?el 6 inehee deep, free from clay or loam, and well jointed. All Gra-lmc not exceeding one foot to be rated as trimming, and the iu'p!ui earth to be removed t>y tbe contractor to auoh p > e a* meybedeaifnated by aup?rintendeut The * ork to be dore in the beat and moat work manlike manner and to tha aatisfaetion of the Corami ai'incr of Pub'io Bui.din*a, and cntier theaaperintendeaoe of aucb peraon aa he nay appoint, and to he completed on or before the ftrat of November next, and warranted to stand twelve (12) laontha after emnpleUon. Ali repair* that may be required within tbe time for whieh the work ia warraoted to atand to be done at th? ez psrae of the oontraetor For the doe perfbrmanoe of the work, af re*ably to oontraot, bond and security will be rrqoi>-?4. Bidders win atate aepara'e y the rate at whioh the? wi I execute tlie ourbinc. paving an<1 Gauging, icoiutlins materia s. and mark their proposal a* follow*: "Proposal* for ttradinf, Ao , B atreet ooth'' J NO. B. BLAKE, jy 3'-?1t9th Ab< Comiwi??ioner. IMPORTED MINERAL WATERS. JOSEPH W. NAIRN, DRUGGIST. corner of ? fS???e an<* Ninth street, keeps cnntfuitjv on hand fresh CONGRESS. BLUE UCk.aml CANADA WEST AKTESIAN WEI L WATKR; ai*o, a supply ol UATAWKA WIN Kami iJK A \ I) Y, from the ooUbrnttd Zimmerman cellar*, notoriously unnurpasced in Cincinnati vr elaewhre among the manufacturer* of the pure article from American gmpr . jj 36 7t HO. HOOD >uu now on hand a vm iarre . BtKsk of fin* standard SMI.VKR WARE, ail of hi* own make, that be will sell as low a* any of tne Northern Wares are sold for, and at the same faw will warrant everything to be ita-idurd il^er. 3*S_Pa. avenee. f* JJ l^NAMELLKD * A a I t TP am * a'mr? * a ? __ WAW 1 Cib^| Direct frrnn the Manufacturers. The~a?most>*.,tiAil style* of Mantals, enamellsd inlimitation of such r*re marbles a* tt>? Spanish, E*yp iari, Vienna,Verde A&tntiio, Porphyry. B po?tPll?, and others equally celebrated. The imitations are so perfect a* to challenge the clo?ett scrutiny. In elesance of finis the* stand onnralled and a e so htfhly polished that'tbey retain thtir bf*uty and fret hues* longer than the cumriKiii mar uiot, wmmnflT are ?oia much crmaper. They have JpW used in this couatry for the 1m( ten, ud ia hnrope for more than fifty ye*r?, and have givea entire fcaUsfactioo. P ea?e cali ami ttunis* at ... -w " HAR*0VKR S, , . Stove and Tin Store, oppo. PatioUo Back, jy M 2w 5 doors north of I -uuinBua arena*. WOOD A?NlD9 COAL i _ . OFFICE, rA- AT-< A**htb St., THE LATEST NEWS TtLKi; k \ I'Hin. Farther lr?m Kartp' Sr. Joan*, JnIt 31.?Ttie trainer PHmt Albert. from Getaway on ibr *lth, arrived b?ee tbia Hi or d ikk The t anafer of the Gel way mall contract to the Canadian Hue of ateemrr* baa hern cancelkd 1'arlian.enUry prorrrdlnn ha*r been unioiportant The government had withdrawn the bank upply biU I.ord Broughan. d aclalma anv intention to Insult Mr. Dallas, tbe American mini?tr* hv ?.i? ? mark* at the Statistical Coajjreaa toucbiaj tua presence of a negro la tbe aaa~<ubUve France is preperian <or * Powrrf'11 later ration In Svria, la Aeirnme of tfce Christiana. and baa notbe other Kurt>pe?n ifotf rammU o( tlx- fa< t The Neapolitan M alrtry withdrew tbur r?* * nation, tbe King bavin- '\kcO dt> * ?'? meeanrea w ircurf the idbrtiou of Um troops to the com tttntton Advcfi from China of the 7th of J one ?ay* th?t bo?t11ti<-a \*rr<- nbcnt rwrnnn < In^ I? >? aa rumored that l-.'.uutf RtiMiana w? r? n ar Ling to Pekl.i Tb? rmp^nT of A i*tr a and the Pr; >' 0 of I'roi la are aboit to bold a conference Tut I.atiit rua Teligkapb Lotcpo*. Jul* '14.?A telegram froui Sicily aav? < < ? * IIWI uinniMl IBMUIca fail IKtMtiol to UMI r*l ly to Sard! ni* Dtalubancea atill continued n Svria at tfce latest ?dvtcra Tru '|? w.ll inim*-di?t*iy en bark from Maraeillea. Toulon, and Algi?r* for *wia. Lord Palmeraton baa announced tbat the (> *eminent bad ad<*pt^d tbe com mlaa! oner* report t? ?w_ *- ' .ur uw i-iara> at a CMl of iil.WJU (*W rterling. which will be raised bvaunultles terminating iu thirty yean. Onljr Li OOU.UUU will b? required this year. 4 here was an advan?a *f 'Ja on rorn la the Liverpool market on Frlafcv The FriBie si ales at Halifax Huifil. Jul* Jl) ?Tbe Prior* of Wait! landed bere to-day at noou Tu* squadron was ! U ? ,M.,? .. -? ... - . ,r>inui)> ii n'i si salutes It um tup 11*1 and the batteries jjrt-eUd L. ni upon bisar-!vai. wtal* the people turned out !n imrnenee nuintx-rs to yive bim a <ordtal reception H<- was fft?otfi with an address at tbe dock yard Hr w< rt tW uniform of a Colonel of tbe Army, an 4 rod# ?# bof*'Inck to tbe (ioTirnrafiit House. Emcri;' kg from the jrates of tbe dork yard, tbe procession paa* d through a double tie of troops and rolaatwri to the (iovrrnmfnt House Here were a nuaibrr of triumphal arches erected In tbe street*. In< ludmy Cuiiard s arch, with a steHmshin on tun of th? Volunteer Artillery arcb, built of n.Hilary trophic*; the Mayor's arch, tbe Archbishop's arch; a very hsndsur e Eccl** astical arch, the Masonic *rrfc, and a number of other verv hands ni.e arches; all of which were beautifully 4e? orated The firemen turned ont with "tro,*hv" 50 ft-rt i high, surmounted by a coltaul figure holding a 1 bo#e pipe Thirty-five hundred schoolchildren | also turned out in white and blue, and sung the national air hem. "Hod save the Queen " Ail Ui? public buildings. ? well as private ones, scboots. Ac, .weresplendidly d?"corated with | banners, transparencies and evergreens The luxv.>r ,.f u .??i * *"? , . ?iir uisyw 01 nnifnn and a considerable number of ottiff Americana were in *U?-udan(e. and were well recelred. The luir TearherV Au?ciiti(i< 8tuc*ii, n Y . July si?Tbe fifteen annual ?f?Fi(>n of the N>w Yori State Teacbera Aanoclation commencpd In thia city to-day. At leaat an bu idred teacher* are already tieie and tbe nuaibm ti ItwailHg every hour. At II a m , Mr. McEUtgot called tbe MMKlat on to order Prayer waa offered by the Rnr Mr Clark, of tblt city, and ti.e teachers were welcomed t? the city by tbe Mayor. Hon A Weacott, and by Hon J. n-u ??- - - ? - - rei?. rn-saem ox iDe Board of K<1 ucation Mr M-kllg ti responded toihfiddrnM of wleoaie and thru proceeded to de-liver the regular annual address The association then adjourned to 4 o'clock, p iu The New York State Association of School Tea' her* also holds its annual meeting here this afternoon at 2 p m Fssrral ef Rtv. < ouriland Van heusalssr. N J . July 30?The funeral of Rev Courtlaud Van RtomIm* i?nk ni?'? afteriioou A v-ry iar^e number of prominent clergymen, of different denomination*, were present The funeral discourse was delivered In the PrfihvtofiM church, by Dr Ho**, of Princeton? I> ? I'litnier. Board inau and Cb? ster participating in the services The bells of the City Hall and various churches were tilled. and during tba passing of the honored remains from bis late residence t<> the church, and tbence tj the railroad station, the hotels, stores. b*uk* and private dwellings along the route were closed Such a token has never before been exhibited in this city. The remains were tiken to Albany, N.Y., for interment in toe family vault. Tkr stramikip Great l.tttrri, C*pi Mat, Jul)- 31 ?The Mrtnutijp Great 1 Ilaiifrn arrived b?e this moraSuff at 6 o'clock. There la great dlasatiafactlna aboard of be* There are no adequate a. coaimodations food ta acarce and dear, and water ia Belling at 10 centa a glaaa! Indignation resolution* renaurin^ the dlreetora have been unanimonely paaa<-d Singular conduct hza Wen manifested by the official* towarda the paasengera. She atarta for New York to-night, and Will rparh *hnn! ft u ??? lac Nzw Yobk, July 31.?It U announced that the tamer Gr?-at Eastern will again be opeaed for exhibition here on the 13th. 14th. and 15th. after returning from the Chesapeake Mr^Deaglas at Burituf i?u, Vt. Bchlinoto.n Vt . July ?Hon 8 ADouglas arrived at f?\ o'clock a m. He waa greeted by a large ind enthusiastic collection of cUiteoa bacorted by the Howard Guard and a large proeeasloo of carrut^ea. he pasoed through tl*e pr faclpal atreeta to the Town Hall, where Mr Hase introduced Mr. Douglas to the audience, and Mr. Douglas reapunded In a abort speech expressive of kis appreciation of the kind and honorable re ceptiou thus far given bias in bis native Slate. Mr D. r"ceived his friend* at th* Am??lf?n h?ui Mr. L>. left for Mout|*ner on lbe 7\ o'clock train tbia evening. ? Sap pated U iir* Murder irtr >arriat?WM. Pa. Nuiiiitowx, Pa , Julv .'*? ? A woman named Ellen McNamee. who reaidea In Plymouth towncbtp, a abort distance below tbla place, waa found lying dead at tbe foot of the cellar atepa of brr dwelling, to-day, her arm and aevt-ral of her rlba being broken, and ber akull fractured Her buaband has been arretted and committed to pria^n upon the cbirge of wife-murder Both tbe huaband and wife were of rery lntem;?erate babita. tw. * ; a -?L * ? i ur pwiin iirr uoiu irian. The Ziurn. Philadelphia. July 31 ?The Zouavea drilled at Point Brwf thia afternoon In tbc presence of a large number of apectatur*. Their drill on tbia occasion wu even anperk>r to tbat of yesterday. They received the cordial endowment of eminent military men mho were prcaent Th.a I evening tney are at the Acadcnj of Music. It la now ?toted they will leave for Baltimore at nooa tomorrow Kratickf Ptlitiri LoviaviLLl. July Jit.?General l/eaiie Coomb*, American candidate for clerk of the Court of Appeals. fa addressing a larjre and entb :aiast < H'll and Kverett meeting A large number of lad lea are among the audience. ' Illtral IkUllifract. Savajixah, July 31 ?On Monday night, at tt Douglas and Jobus<>n ratification meeting, while Mr. Johnson waa speaking, tLere ww alight disturbances?yrl'a and biases; bat Mr Johnson continued for two Lours in a powerftn speech lailarr at liaciasati. Cikci*kati, Jnly 30?F Z Wridemrmrr 4 Co.. made an esii^timent to-day The liabilities oruienmi are fll0.i?<i The aaat-ta are Hid to be uuall. The Excitement la Texas Nxw Obleax*, iuiy 30?Two abolitionlcta b*T?- been hung In Texas for diatrlbuttag arm to the litre* Death af Hm Jaaathaa Phillip* Bo?tos, July 3u ? Hob Jnnat an Phillip* died la tL!a city to-day. at the age of 8* year* Alexandria Market* Alexandria. any 1?Flour?Family #6 (I0a ffi 50^ extra *5 50a6 76, w per *5 ??*i Jt JW heal ? whim*, urw, lairvotooa *1 aw; rea fi ** 1 .'.'5 C?>cn?white?a7lc.; yellow 7Ua7Se, ml ied Matife. Kv? MiTc tut* ??Me. Corn M?l ?5n~??c per buihrt. Seeds?Timothy Stf Ma S3 50, Clever *.s 75aS?. Flaxseed tl 3Uat \i Provisions?Butter. roll, lsdOc . Bacon llkalSc.; Pork S7a7 40 , Lard tfalte W hlsky SUMc Ba I timer* Mtrktti Mai Tineas. Aug 1 ? Klour has advanced ISk attc; Howard street sad City Mills S* S7 Wk-il firm and active; red SI SOuSlJU; white Si SBa SI <0. Cora higher aad arm; yeliew Ttc: whtte 75aauc. Provisions qalot aad steady Whisky slightly improved; Ohio Si^aSle. RtvTtrk ntrktte New You Aug t -flaw kx *4VM?*4 6C : stew sis im mg oti:<> si ibi* 40, southern ?4 ma *>55 Wk*l fan UweiJ ??.; Hootboru rod 1.3U Cor* bwidriM-rd Walr ; intird <fc!Ka?3c Park U Arm aud quirt Lard fa tiro Whiak> teftrm at ?0fce. Nbw York, Au. 1 -Mtcki art acttw w?d hti'hrf. Ciljooo Mi Bock Mh4 ?; CMiber. I land coal Cm Ilk; lit! note Central ?U?m T^x,; MtcHkaa ?outbar? 48*; fTY ??tral Mk; I 1C- 4 ny 47 \; Mil. and Mlm II; *? * H I Mo. U%\%

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