Newspaper of Evening Star, August 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 2, 1860 Page 1
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I $btnm% Star. V2i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 2. I860 N?. 2.82fi. THE EVENING STAR ia PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, \ (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE irAR BUILDINGS. Corner of Frnns\/lvaniaav*nu? mndWtk St., ? w. D. WALX.ACH. tlap?r? eerred in paekag?a by earriere kt |4 ? * ear, or T> oente per month. To taaii eabeeribera ?!? pnoe is f3jj a year, in mdeanct; 92 for ill months; fl for UrN month*; and for ie?? th*n Vue? month* at the rate ofl2 oente a week. Single oopiee, OH1 cmt; in wrapper?, two ci!rra. flT" A d v kbti ?** ??ti ahon d be sent to the oftoe before 12 o'oioek m ; otherwise they may not appear antil tie next day. DR. LIVINGSTONE'S EXPLORATION* In the geographical section of the British A?s K-ialion, a vert interfiling paper, bj Dr. Livi-.z?tone, was read. We suhjvin afew extrics : In the upper part of the Lower Shire, in the highlands, and in the valley of the I'pper Shire, there is a somewhat numerous population The people generally live in villages and in hamlets near them Each village has its own chief, and the chiefs in a given territory have m head chief, to whom they owe some sort of allegiance The paramount chief of one portion of the Upper Shire is a woman. The sites of their villages are selected, for the most part, with judgment and good taste. A stream or *priug is near, and pleasant shade-trees grow in and around the place. Nearly every village U surrounded by a thick hedge of the poidonou* euphorbia During the greater part f the year the inhabitants could see an enemy through the hedge, while he wuuld find it a Uinicun matter to see them, liv sbooilog their already poisoned arrows through the ten^ ?ier branches, they get ?me a red with the poisonous milky juice, and inflict most painful if not fital wounds. The constant dripping of the juice of the bruiaed branches prevents the enemy trom attempting to force his way through the hedge. as it destroys the eyesight. The huts are larger, stronger built, with higher and more graceful roofs than any we hare seen on the &amDesi. Many of the men are very intelligent looking. with high foreheads and well-shaped head.-'. They show singular taste in the astonishingly varied styles in which their hair is arranged. Their bead necklaces are really pretty specimens of work. Many have upper and middle as well as the lower part of the ear bored, and have from three to five rings in cach ear. The hole in the lobe of the ear is large enough to admit ene's finger, and some wear a piece of h am boo about an inch long in it. Brass and iron bracelets, elaborately figured. are seen; and some of the men sport from tw<> to eight brass rings on each finger, and even the thumbs are not spared. They wear copper, brass, and iron rings on their legs and arm?; many have their front teeth notched, and some file them till they resemble the teeth of a saw. The upper-lip ring of the women gives them a revolting apperanoe; it is universally worn in the highlands. A puncture is made high up in tne lip, and it is gradually enlarged until the pelele can be inserted. Some are very large. One we measured caused the lip to project two inches beyond the tip of the noit: w h?n tu- ??* , *hw >??uj oiuucui mr cuuiraction of the muscles elevated it over the oyes. ' Why do tbe women wear these things?" the venerable chief, Cbinsurdi, was asked. Evidently surprised at such a stupid question, he replied 'For beauty! They are the only beautiful things women have; men have beards, women have none. What kind of a person would she be without the pelele ? She would net be a woman at all with a mouth like ' * man, but no beard." " They seem to be an industrious race. Iron is dug out of the hills and every village has one or two smelting bouses ; and from their own native iron they make excellent hoes, axes, spears, knives, arrowheads, Ac. They make also round basket* of various sixes, and earthen pots, which they ornament with plumbago, said to be found in the Hill country, though we could not learn exactly where, or in what quantities; the only specimen we obtained was not pure. At every fishing village on the banks of the river Shire men were busy spinning bauze and making large fishing nets from it; and from Chihisas to the Lake, in every village almost we saw men cleaning and spinning cotton, while others were weaving it into <tmnr ninth i?? !?.?" m aiu)licit WillstruotioD, all the processes being excessively slow. This is a great cotton-growing country. The cotton i* of two kinds, "Ton^i manga.'' or foreign cotton, and "Tooji cadi," or native cotton. The former is of good quality, with a staple from three quarters to an inch in lengthIt id perennial, requiring to be planted only once in three years The native cotton is planted every year in the highlands, is of short staple, and feels more like wool than cotton. Every family appears to own a cotton patch whicQ is kept clear of weeds and grass. We saw the foreign growing at the Lake and in various placed for thirty miles south of it, and about an equal number of miles below the cataracts on tne Lower Shire. Although the native oolton require* to be planted annually in the highlands, the people prefer it, because, they say, "it makes the stronger cloth." It was remarked to a number of intelligent natives near the Shire lakelet, "you should plant plenty of cotton, and perhaps the Eutfliih will come sooa and buT it." '-Sural* iH? country if full of cotton," naid an elderly man t who was a trader and traveled much. Our own observations convinced us of the truth of this statement. Everywhere we saw it. Cotton patches of from two to three acres were seen abreast of tho cataracts daring the first trip, when Lake Tamandua waj discovered, though in this journey, on a different rout?, none were observed of more than half an acre. They usually coatained about a quarter of an acre each. There are extensive tracts on the level plains of both the Lower and Upper Shire, where salt exudes from the soil. ?ea Island cotton might grow well there, as on these the foreign cotton becomes longer in the staple The cotton growers here never have iheir crops cut off by the frosts. There are none. Both kinds of cotton require but little labor, none of that severe and killing toil required in the United Stairs- The people are griat cultivators of the soil, and it repays them well. They grow laasaver in large quantities, preparing ridges for it from three to four feet high arid about a foot high. They also raise maize, rice, two kinds of millet, beans, sugar cane, weet potatoes, yams, groundnut*, pumpkins, tobaoeo, and Indian hemp. Near Lake >'yassa we saw indigo seven feet high. Large quantities of beer are made We found wfcole vihacee on the sore*, and aav th? ?t?. pid tjp? of drunkenness. the silly sort, the boisterous talkative sort. and on one occaaion the almost-up-to-the-tahting-point variety, when a petty chief, with some of the people near, placed himself in front, exclaiming. "I stop this path; you most go back." Had he not got oat of the way with greater speed than dignity, an inoansed Makololo would have cured him of all desire to try a similar exploit in future. It waa remarked by the oldest I traveler in the party that ha had not seen ay muchdrunkenneaa daring all the years he had spent in Africa. The people, notwithstanding, attain a great age. One is struck with the large number of old grey-headed persons in I the highlands Thia seems to indicate a healthy climate For their long lives they are not the least indebted to frequent ablutions. ''Why do you wash yourselves? our men neTer do, said some women at Chintardi to the Makoloio. An old man told as he remembered having washed himself once when a boy, but never repeated it; and from his appearance one coald , hardly eall the truth of his statement in question A fellow who volunteered some wild geographical information followed us about a dosen milee. and introduced na to the chief UnAM* ka sawtn* i?TKaw kew? -.??J J 4MWW // AU?/ u?fv wauuorVQj they don't know where they are going.'' Soold that mia," said a Makololo heed to hie factotum, who immediately commenced an extemporary Molding; yet this singular geographer would follow as, and we eonld not gat rid of him till the Makololo tbreatanad to take him to the rirer and waih him. Toe eaator oil with which thay lubrieate themselves and the dirt serve aa an additional elothing, aad to waah themselves is like throwiag away the only upper garment they possess. Toey feel cold and unoomforUble after a waah. We observed several persons marked by tha email-pox. On asking the Chief Mongasi, who waa a little tip*y, ana disposed to be very grst cious, if he know its origin, or whether it had come to them from the sea, be Mid, "He did not kaow, bat supposed it had coiue to them froas the English ' They have the idea of a Supreme Bring, whom tfcey nam* Prmmbe, and alto of a future atate. The Chief Chinsurdi aaid they all knew that they lived again after death. Sometime* the dead came back again, they appeared to them in dreama, bnt they nover told them where they had gone to. Thia ia an inviting field for benevolent enterpriae. There are thousand* needing Chriatian inatruction, and here are material* for lawful commerce, and a fine healthy country, with none of the noxious insects with which Captaina Burton and Speke were tormented, and, with the single exception of 30 miles, water communication all the way to England. Let but a market be opened for the purcbaae of their cotton, and they can raiae aluiest any amount of it. and the alave trade will speedily be abolished. THE GREAT EASTERN. Her Dupartare fer Cape May?Scene* on the River aad la the Bay. On Monday afternoon, aaya the New York Times, about 4J o'alock. the Great Eastern left her anchorage in the middle of the stream, in the North River, and nrncuxlflil nn h?r CaDe May excursion. She has between eleven ana twelve hundred people on board, nearly all of whom had paid ten dollars each for their ticket. Among those who were invited to do exoellent service, were Sergeant Dickson and four other officers attached to the Detective Police, who will prevent operations on the part of some noted thieves, who are known to have purchased tickets, expecting, undoubt?dly. to realise the amount of them twenty or fifty fold. From an early hour in the morning, large crowds assembled at every available point on the New York and Jersey sides of the river, and on the Long Island and Staten Island shores ind eminences to witness her departure. The excitement was almost a? great as on the occasion of her coming up the Bay. The Battery was crowded to excess. In faot, everywhere, on each side, thousands upon thousands of people were congregated. They had to wait much longer than they expected, however, with some impatience and weariness. The delay was partly owing to the state of the tide, and partly to the fear of breaking the Staten Island telegraph cable, which crosses the river at the point where her anchor was dropped, and with which it had become entangled. By using extreme cantion. no damage was done, but some delay was the consequence. A large fleet of yachts, row-boats and small sail craft lay off Staten Island and toward the Narrows to antioipate her coming. As there was no wind, they found it difficult to control their movements, which obliged the Great Eastern in one or two cases to vary her course from direct channel-way to avoid a collision with them. By the time she had prooeeded half way from the Battery to Staten Island, both the wheels and screws were revolving rapidly, and the ship carried a tolerably sized 11 bone in her mouth." The excursionists, in large numbers, were seen on all the prominent parts of the ship, except on the paddle-boxes, which are always sacred to the pilots 8nd Captain when the ship is under way. The three tops were well filled with people, who looked patronizingly down from their lofty height upon their fellow-passengers, and particularly so upon the outsiders who were following in the wake of the ship, or on her quarters in largo and small steamers. The most crowded of *1 rrn t? Iir ?? ' * uiu? ncio mo laomis r. ?> ay, xienancu Hudson, Columbia, Mayflower, Tiger, Thomas Hunt, and Kejrport, besides which the Island Bell, Satelite. Moses Taylor, Huntress, and Francis G. Speight, were all well filled The steamer Delaware, which accompanies the Great Eastern to Cape Maj, had a very large party 011 board. The steamer Saxonia, which arrived and passed Quarantine at 5 o clock, fired a gun for the Great Eastern as she passed Large numbers were disappointed in their efforts to get on board of the excarsion boats, which were in some cases dangerously crowded before they had called at half the different places mentioned in the advertisements. The Thomas P. Way came down from Newark with her deck literally packed, and was obliged to pass by and leave several hundred people standing on the pier foot of Dey street, who had gathered with the intention of going in her. The new steamer Flushing. Capt. Ximino, brought down over six hundred persons, and, on her arrival at the Fulton Market slip, some four hundred others went on board, making about one thousand. The Flushing made a circuit of the ship as she lay at anchor, and followed her part the way down the bay. The Staten Island boats , were all thronged from 2 to 4 p. m , tbose on the 5 o'clock return boat baring a good view of the ship, passing her almost within hail. AH the shore of Staten Island, from Burns' Hotel to the Bluff, were lined with spectators, who wared and cheered as the big ship swept b y On the Long Island shore, from Bay Ridge to Fort Hamilton, crowds were also seen. Most of the steamers, finding it late (nearly six o'clock) when ther had reached the Narrows, turning back to the city, each company giving the usual parting hurrah. Tbe weather was all that could be desired, and without a doubt, her passengers will bare a pleasant time. OrBA.f Telegraph Cables.?Mr. Kamett, who has reeeired the concession from the French Qorernment to establish an electric telegraph from France to Amerioa, writes to the London Times :?My cable is so made that no sort of corruption or corroding influence will damage it, either before or after it is submerged. When a cable of any kind ia once laid in deep water it is hermetically sealed, and the chemical action of the sea-water then takes but slow effect, eren upon iron. But regetable material?say, for example, wood or hemp?teems rather to be improred in <^iality than deteriorated by time, which is prored by many instances; I will only mention one, that rtf tk* lin*.nf.K?HU ?Kin Ra?bI v? " W-WWW ???F * ?/ "* M Wl^O, nuiuu lay sank at Spithead for 50 years, when the hemp oordage as well u the wood wera found perfect; or u maj be aaid even tougher than when they were new, as much of the wood now even in a thousand shapes testifies. The iron, however, had yielded to the chemical action of the water, and waa literally destroyed. The importance, therefore, of my cable being so preserved is not that it may be safe when submerged, but that it may bear any kind of exposure to damp, dirt, wet, or dry wherever it may lie, before it is submerged. and during transit also through any climate to any part of the world; and that it may also be tested electrically under water for any length of time, before it is finally submerged without a chance of damage. Militart Emulation ?The recent visit of the Chicago Zuaves to this city, Albany, Boston, and Philadelphia, has put all our military amateurs on their mettle, and many of our volunteer companies are about to introduce the style of drill, the gymnastic exercises, and even the rules as regards temperance, the effect of which hu b?en ao brilliantlv exemnliffAd in the Zouaves. But still, this company, with its universally acknowledged superiority of drill and dicipline, is not to b? allowed to carry off the palm without a contest. The challenge which they gar* to all the volunteer companies in the United States has been accepted bj the Colambus Guard, of Georgia, who offer to c mpete with them at Memphis, Tennessee, in May next. Should the terms of the Colum bus Guard prove satisfactory to the Zouaves, the scene of this modern tournament will attract an immense concourse of people from all parts of the country, and will rival in celebrity the famous Field of the Cloth of Gold. We know of no reason why Col. Ellsworth should reject the terms, except on the ground of the remoteness of the period fixed; because the ten intervening months would suffioe to enable his competitors to attain the highest point of proficiency; and his challenge was to companies now trained, not to those that might hereafter he trained. Still, he will hardly stead upon that formality, end will probably accede to the propeaittoB.?If Y. HtreUd. Amis. WMSLOW, N Experien ed Naritud FeraeJe PhyeiolM, preeente to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fir CUlirii Teeth lag, Wklah (inUt faeUitaiaa tha pracaaa af taatbtaf, ky Mflti lof lha rani, raaaauf all mftmatUM-will allay ALL rail* ui apaaiaadia icutn.tnd li SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapa*4 apati it, mthara, it will fi?a rut ta v ?a ui RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa h*T# pat ap ?nd aaid thta articla for arar tan yaara, u< Can (AT, III coitriDincB tROTICTHof it, wbat ? hava navar baao abta ta<??? aay af any OTMBI Madicioa? l?btbb MKS. Ha? it pailbd.iw a iik6li ll?- ?ta!?cb to ?fr?ct a cull, wi.hlww s ?hio timalj aaad. Ififirdid * kirn CnDTtflnn an laatanca at diaaatiafacuac, by any " * ana wba and it. On lb* cantrary.ailara IVR'JP, dilirktad with it* orUATiom, and! i?paa? id tarma af hifhaat coaanaaodaciati el i? tai ical afaeta and madieai Tiriaaa. Wa apaak in .hia matter " what wl bo now," aftartao yaara' aiparianca, *l*d FLIduI oh* rlfl'ta* tio!a roll tmi rVLriLHI.1t or what wl Him dbclaib. la a I moat aaary matanca whara the infant la aafarInf frara paia and aikaaation, ralial will ba foand in fftaaa ar twenty minataa aftar tba af rap ta et.mtniatared. Thia rateable preparation la :ne Dreecristion af ana af tha Mai 11 r (ft i INClb and ?lr LPuL ?u?all in Naw Enfludiulkll kllll ?lld with NITIR-fAILINS IVCCIII II THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It a?t only ral'S'aa tha child frara pun, bat In riparaiaa tha ataaiacb and bowala, corracta acidity, and fiaaa ini and aaarfy to tba wbala ayatam. It will UrnMt inataoUy raliava 6EIPINe IN TH1 Bowm AND WlND COLIC, and aTarcoma con?aia??na, wbiah, if i?t apaadiiy ramadiad and in daatb. Wat tliaia it tba HIT AIVDIURIIT RIM- FOR mimth) WORLD in all caaaa af DT?- CHILDREN ??TIRT and DIAI RNCKa IN CBIL* TEKTHI^n DRBN, whathar It ariaaa fram taathmg 1 fr from any othar caaaa. Wa ?oiM aay to a?ary moihar who haa a child aaf fannr from any of tha faragatng complamu ? DO ItoT LBT TOUR PR RJl'DHIS, NOR THI PRUt'DICti OP OTHIR9, atand batwaan yaar aeOrinf child and tha paliaf that will ba ?CRI?jaa, moLl'TH.T irRI?ta follow tha Baa of lb madieina, if tirraly aaad. Full diractior a ?r naing will a company aach hntila Nona ranmna antaaa tha fac-almila CCRTll * PERKINS. Naw York, ia an tha oataida wrtppa oid by Drar^iata if roorhoat tha world. Principal Oroea, No. II Cadar itraat, N. T. Prica anlr iS Casta par Batua. oa ll-dftwl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE 18 NOW OFFERED TO aiiTon?who may be desirous of entering in a profitable businr si, at one of tha beat standi in Georgetown. I offer my entire stock of DRY GOODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a uiiaucr in my ousiueflB. w . k nuKllbK* jy 24 tin Corner of Huh and Gay gtgOFOR HARPERS FERRY. N And after Jul* 3d. InfiO, the steamer L. J. Bren*Ie, Captain \V. H. Ritl-r will _|L " ^ leave Georgetown EVERY TI'ES g.?A*W-ft DAY, THURSDAY, and SAT IR 11 ,l DA V. at 7 o'olock a in., and return every alternate day. at 6 o'clock a. m. On tfee Saturday trip fr<>m Ooorzetown the boat will run through to Shepherdntown. je 21 3m FOR HARPERS VTRRY.-CHAHGE OF DA YS.-On and ait?r July 2,l8fin. j> mt . the itf-amT ANTEI.OPE, Cajot. H J. WELL^.carryinRthe t'nitnd States^^*"^^*?* mail, will lea?e Geor<?-tnwn EVERY MONDAY, WEDN ESDAY and FRI DAY, at 7 a. m., and return erery Tuewlav, Thursday ami Saturdav. N. B.?Every Wednesday tho Antelope will run through to Shcphordaiown. je5-2m* 1 Cin JUST RECEIVED, l*>U BBLS. WHISKY, assorted.) I*) do. HERRING and ALEWIVE3. Sli do. REFINED SUGARS, J-Ohhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bills.(Bayfield) WHITE Fl-H, 35 Uixeg prime Eastern CH EES E. t? - 1 - l__u - rur wio ww wj JIHIIN J. BCMiUE, je ft Oooritetown. D. C. A GKNCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN l\- ttfcORGETOWN. The undersigned have l>?en app int!?d Agents for the sale of the a!>ov? celebrated and we,i known PLATFORM ai.d COUNTER SCALES. A fai! supply oonstantiy on haud aud for sale at lowest ratee. HaV and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adj -mine counties. AllSoai** are warrauted durable, aeon rate, and 10 ,i?. ..u.f?..on Bt-?KY t BARSAK? Dealer* m Aericuiturai Implements, Je8 3m Bridge street 2 door* westofHieh. ran dell, OPTICIAN, V> No. 12* R'idm St., (ttortfrwn. Has oonetantiT on hand a large assortment oi Fr*uoh N?*r sighted, I'eriscqpio, ored, and aT. other SPECTACLES, ofCy^> the h?*t ^ua.ity, idsilver. stoe .and German liver frames. N. ft. Old Frames Repaired and new c aeses set in tnem to order. no 1?-1* JO?, r. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridte and Jrftrson sts., Georgetown. Having given my porsona! attention to thia hraucn of mt business, I am prepared to . attend to all oai's with pr< toDtneit Umj}}' Person* from a distance can bo supplied at a 'ew minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CoFFlNS always on hand. Partioular attention paid to the removal of the d'ad from the old to the new burial ground*. Ot?arno* and Hors?s for hire. jtp ii-6m \f ASf?BY, 1XJLLIN8 A CO.'S PHILAUEl,LTI PHI A DRAUGHT AI.K.-Wp are constantly reoeivmg fresh supplies oftheahovedeiighliul beverage, and invite all persous who want & pu-e unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A SH1NN, Agents, fe 47 Green st.. fienrget'>?riu XT NOTICE. i. i E W FAMILY GROCERY STORE, PK.N MSTL V AN I Jl AV., Southeast Corner of Tenth itrtet, Washington, D. C. TKa na<lAi>?ionA<l * * m IK- uiiu'm 01^u<m vfuuitmij ftiim/uncci VO ni8 friends tiat ho has ope nod the fine store formerly occupied by H. H. V"ss, Ksjj., and that ha ha* reoeived a large assortment or SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every article in the Grocery lino, to which he particularly invites the attention of resident families. He feels assured that hit arrangements for a constant supply of FRESH GRoCplRIKS will enable him to suddIt the demands ot those who may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In his purchase* the subscriber has directed special attention to the selection of Teas, Coffee* and Sugrarg, Which, with all ether articles in his line, will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms, FOR CASH. jy 24 '..2w P. McDEVlTT. WHEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rkxovkd to No. 346 Pa. Av., jkki.* Tth St. Enoouraged by the substantial and rapidly inoreasingpopularity of Wheeler A Wilson's unequalled Family Sewing .Vachines, which for the laat eight years have most triumphantly maintained niivoiiuinj, ? ? iruiiij msmunon, over &ii competitors for popular favor, the Agent ha* taken one of the fine nev stores lately er<>ct<?d on Pa. avenue, near 7th at. where a beautful assortment of all'the varioua styles may at all times be aeen. There were 21,306 of theae S*winr Machine* sold in the rear 1850. Ladies are invited to oall an<l > ? them, together with oertifioatea from many of the b?at oitisens of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority If any ladiea cannot call, let them send for a circular by all inaans. It la high time every family in the land waa snppied with one of theae healtn and life aaving instrument*. Full instructions, both printed and verbal, given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J STEER , Agent, No 346 Pa. av*nue, jy U-lm Between 6th and 7th sta, Om FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Washisoto*, Jnlv 18,1860. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVEN, That.agree ably to the provisions ef the oidinanoe of tne Corporation approved May 12. I860, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever required ia writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to in?peot. examine, test, prove, and asoertain the aocnracy of registration ofany gas meter in use in tnis city." Every meter, iffound inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked aa true, wi.l be set in its place. If proved to be aeourate in its measarement of gas, it wijl be sealed accordingly, ana ???in pat in poaiuoa lor KM. OflN No 510 Seventh street, (near Odd Fallow*' Mali ) <>pen from 8 *. m.. to 5p. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf lnapeotor and Sealer of oas Meters. Francis harper, ~ InriilS OPINED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Ctmer of New York armut and Tenlk Mrret, Reapectfully aelioita the patronage of th"*"w!?o mar be in want of any artioie in the atmve line. Hie endeavors shall be to please^ and by a strict attention to the want* of the publio, he hopes to merit a hare of their patronaf e. His took oonaiata of every artiale usually to be found in a first-olass Family Grooary ana F?ed Store. ma 17 tf 275 ALS:EN 275 JACKS ON, PLASTERERS, Pin5a. Av*?rr?, Between inth and Uth streets. ja 19 NOTICE. ERSONS Deallam* bowkewiegor haviof a I RUDOLPH BUCRLYi AUCTION SALES. By J. C. McGl'IRh, * CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPl kkit oh Capitol Hill ?On FRIDAY AF1ERMOON, Auguet loth, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, hv virtue of a deed of trust, dated Nov?mber 23d. 1855, and da y reoorded among the lard rteords of Washington count*. I tha i Mil the eastern part of Lot numbered seventeen, in square mmbered seven hundred and twenty-cine, fronting twenty xeven feet on East Capitol stre?t, between first and Seoond streets east, running busk eighty ax feet three mobes, together with the lmprorenents thereon. m , All oonvevaacinr at the ooatofthe purcraaer. Terms: One-half cash; balanoe in 6 and 12 nonttu, wi h interest, secured by a deed of trust i* the propeity. JOHN HEPBURN, Trustee. i jy 18 eofcds J. C McUUIRK A CO.. Aucts. MARSHAL'S SALE ?In virtue of'wo wriUof _fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's O?e#ol tie Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the count; of Washington, and to medireoted. i vi.l to publio sale for oMh, in front r f the oovrt h<>u?e 4i>or, of said oounty. on MONDAY.6th day of August next. 1?6>. at 13 o'clock m.,all defendant's right, titl^oiaim and interest ia and to tne following de?crii*d property, to wit, viz: Lot No 3, in I Square No.T06, and lot No. 9>, in Square No. 801, \ together wit) all and (insular the improvement* i thereon, eei&d and levied upon as the property of Juliana Bar:; and Jamea C. Harrv, and will be aold to satisf; judioiais Nos. 198 ana 194, to May i term IM9, in avor of Anthony Addiaon. wTseldkn, U. **. Marahal for the District of Columbia. < jy 13 dtds I MARSIlAl/98ALIi.?In virtueof 2 writs ol fieri facias ismed from the Clerk's office of the Cir- ? ouit Court of the Distriot of Columbia, for the * county of Waihinaton. and to mo directed. 1 will expose to public sale, for ca*h. in front of the court house door of said oounty, on MONDAY, the 6th day of August i*it, 186<>, at 12 o'clock m ,all defend- J ant's right,btUclaiiri and interest ir and to Lot No. 1% in Square No. 732, in the city of Washington, D. C., together wiih all an* siogular the improvements thereon, seixedand !evi?d upon as the property of I Chas. H Van fatten and will be sold to satisfy Judioiais Nos 78 and 79, to Ootober term 1850, in favor i ol John W. Tlomoson and Z. D W SF.LDEN. jy 13-dts IT. 9. Marsha! (or District of Colombia. EDUCATIONAL. j T'HE second annual session of J. Mr. J. H. COMBS' English and Classical i Huh School wil commence on the first Monday in September n?it. Applications shonld (x> ma<l e in July, aa the lumber of pupils ia limited. For | terms, Ac., aee jirenlars, 2to., or call at Mr. C.'s esidenoe, No 303 Sixth street, near Now York | avenue. iy H-eo3w* CO MMERCIAL COLL E G E, No. 4T*? Skvbnth *t., Opposite tKe (itnnnl Post Office, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Boot keeping. Mercantile Forms and Calculations. Busin?ss C"r respondents, Hille of Ezohaute, Current Bills, Commission Saiea, Gran.mar and Arithmetic. J[7~ A Preparatory Class for Boya. ID" Ladies will be inatruoted in line penmanship. Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Room*. inal4-3in WM. W. YOUNG k CO. THE UNION FEMALE AC A DEM V. J New A kk a m; em em. TIii? well-known and popular Seminary. which has been ?o successful under the entire rare of Mrs. Z. Richards for more than ten rears, will b? ??peii?d on the first Monday in September n-'Xt, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH\ROS, in the well arranged and delightfully located I'nion Academy Building. For particulars. nee circulars at all the Bookstores. maZi tf Ti MRS. McCOR lCK'S SCHOOL. i*l RS. McCORMICK desire* to inform be friends and tne publio generally tnatrhe will resume the duties of her School on the lal Monday icSeptember next. Tha course of atudy puraued will oompnaeal! tha bra.iohea requisite to a thorough English education. . In addition to her day acholara a he ia deairocs of receiving into her family a few pupila aa boardera ?sed from 10 to 14 rears, who will Le under h?r immediate care and overaight. Her arraugementa for the aoonmmodation atfl dueoaroof pupils havo been con.?iuerai!? increased aad otberwiM improved. Those is V^Mbingtoc desiring partioular information with ref?renoe tc nor scflooi may apply to W. D. WiIImIi, Editor o the Star. For term* %cd fartner pa:tic?lar? apply ** hei residence?No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria, Va. o r-tf Proposals for repairing the ?'us TOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, MD. Trbascrt Pbpartmk*t. i Washisoton. Juijr IS, 1S6".% P*ofo*aLi? will be reo*iv-d at this D*partin?nt until the fifteenth day of September, A. D.-186 K at 120'c'ock. noon, <or the repair* of tiie Custom 1 House aathoriz'd to be repaired at Ra t:m.?re. Ma>y and, aucordins to the plans and sp?o<fi^a- 1 noes prep\re?l at this Department. Bidders will be required to receive the old cast-iron work di?- i p-nsfd with in part payment of the work, at the rate of on* doilai per hundred pound*, and will be ' required 10 mrnisii ai> lite n aterial and perform a!) the riocefsary labor to con plete the repairs acoordln* to the p ana furnished. N inetr p'r ocnt, of the amount of work done and materials delivered aooordiuc to aontraot price (a^.i-1 a-nount to he ascertained in the manner p'esorib?d by tin oontract, by the estimate o: an a<ent of .he Department appointed f ir that purpose) will be paid monthly, as the work progresses, and ten per oent. retained until the completion of the oontract and aoo-ptanee of the work r?y the ac*nt afore?aid, and to be forf< ited in the evert of nen fulfilment of oontract. Specifications aid dravines will be rea'i* on the 15th of Ausurt, when th-^y can be bud on application to the Department. I he proposa s must l>e seut to th's Department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasure a^.d plainly endorsed " Proposals for repairing the Palti mors Custom house, and wilt l?e opened at one o o ock ol the day named lor 'receiving the HOWELL COBH, jy '7 2aw3w Secretary of the Treasury. i UU NITED STATES CA PITOL EXTENSION, Washington. July 17, i860. * Pboposals will be received at taia < ui*il 5 noon of Tue?day,the21it of Auguit next,for Furn- J ishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two ' rooms over the connecting corridors of the Capitol \ Extension , ? ... I The proposals "<u?t state the price for each oeil- ? ing omplet", in place, paintad with three good i coats of white lead in oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every description, including tue fastenings or the oeilicgs to the walls and to the roof frames, mast be incla- ' de<l in the price bid. The proposals must be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceiling* " and mmt be accompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per sons, addres?ed to the undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above. in the presence of auou persona aa majr choose to at'end. The drawings of the oailings ?an been a?en at thta Office. W.B.FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical Kngineera, hi oharge ol Capitol Extenaiun. Each proposal ahould be aooonpanied by the fallowing guarantee: Form 0.f (rnarant't. The andersigned, \ B and CD, of , in the State of , and in the State of , nerahj guaranty that in oaae the forecoing bid of for iron oefllnga, aa above described, bs accepted, he or they will, within ten daya after tha receipt of theooutraotat thepiaoe named execute the contract Tor the oei!inga, with cood and auAoient aaenntiM tnd. in cm* the said shall fail to enter into Kn'raot a* aforesaid, wa guaranty to maks g'nd t> difference btlWMu tlie offer of the said ?* ?ad that whioh mar be accepted. L'ate , 1800. Signatures of guarantors, A B. C Di Witness, E F. I hereby oertify that theaboye named are known to me as able to make good their guarantee. Signature. Q H. To be signed by the United States district jnd ge, United States district attorney, collector, or some terson* knowu to the War Department. jy W rttd Nl R WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO 13. inform the pubiic and his friends that he A as on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels ji nite t new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Table rops. Ac., which he has to dispose of at prices to tuit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. sna 22-Smeo Pa. av.. bet. 18th and 19th sts. Lightning: j LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! 1* Tims or Pxacx, Pxipaxkpox Wax! F. LaBARKK, 8mUk*Mtt eorntr n/ \Otk and C ttt* PLATINA-^Pf'kD^^hVNING RODS. ELespectfuUy uouiuivi to the pai>lie of W aehin*>n and rioinity tbat he t* prepared to execute all orders for erecting Lightning Conductor! on the most approved acjentifio principles, o?natruot?c1 of the very beat of materials, on very moderate terms. a hi! Patina tipefd Points whiohare manufactured ?y me will be stamped with my name. weather Vanes of any design made to order. jy Dim , | One at 25 cents per month une ti an ao. ao J PIANO Oo?tt fl do. "naatflM d<>. 1 FOR One at {2 ?u. KENT. And up to 91k 88d<> u. CLOTHING. Ac. WELLING OFF AT COST! In order to decreane my ?*ock I bar# det?rnun<??i to clone out the l>alanoe of m* SI'MMKR CLOTHING at cost All in want of Summer Clothinc are reip^ctful1 jr invited to oall at No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post Office, and see the great redu tion in Summer Clothinc- jjr 12-ltn SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE The favorite reanrt for WHITE SLLPHCR ^ene'^TSr" SPKI5IOS, Mountain Air. Inncora CUMBERLAND CO. Vv'1 T?*SUm1m?? Pennsylvania. Good Sooiety ami A Good Table. Accommosatioss fob for particulars send 300 for Circular. OWENp, Ol-KNDKNTKHMS LOW. IN & VISSCHIiR, je 7 l"w Carlisle Svrmt'. Pa. CAPK ISLAND, NEW JKRSKY.-Viaitors to Cape Mm will find good accominoda- A . ? A tions at WHlTK HALI,. Tcrnnonl} V per week, including the ride to the bear'. ii^GU in the morning. Dr. 8. S. MARC> . jv27-2*^ Proprietor. CARD.?Aft an inducement for families to sojourn at the " H YGKI A"durin? the ni'ntlii A A jf August and JSepteiulMT, t>ie Proprie WMy tors have reduced the price of Hoard to S2?lUflLL per da> and 912 5u per week, from August 1st. r?rr\V i Lu'ru.' ( Proprietors. wig rouit, juiyastti. jy ?7Im t SCHMIDT'S SUMMER OAKOEN.-4?n Sixth ! atreet, between O and Louisiana av.. A ? ? A may bo found at all time* one of tlie nw>t YtTBk Y popular. *? 'ial, url-ane, and intelligent Rfntaiiraiit Kot-pers, who l>ack? up hia reputation with LAGEK BKER from the Citt or Ruothiklt Lovk, Philadelphia ; with Hit AN DIES fom the choic?*t vineyards of France; with WINKS unexcelled on the hills of the Rhine; a d with an article of WIIISKV which smacka *trnng>y of the true flavor of the Monongahela and Bourt>on Palatable as nther of theM: niaj l>e individually, he haa sought to make them still more ?o hr the erection thf rear grounds of hia lavorite eFt&hiiahinent of a spaciou* Arbor, where hi* gueata by day may enjoy the cool breeze and be fr?e from ro|V too ardent raya ; and, at "the witching hour of night," quad hia ic?-cool Laser without fearol having their enjoyment damponwd by the failing new. rtich inducements will, doubtless. rai?" inan* of our Traders to drop in and Uk? a note t if nothing else.) and, most likely, many of thoee who < pro will goagain. In addition t* all this, he ha* engaged the Pros peri brothers and tli*?;r associate* to discourse their ehoioest pieces of mtisic Every Wednes<ia\ and Saturday evening. If 1" Im WA>HIN?TON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. New York avenmt, b'Jwtrm l.?? and 2d it*. In calling the attention oftbepuMicto my grounds I would state that ererr arrangement ha-A . . A be?n made to make this "Ketreat" inort VrTA attractive every t'ar. Mondays the Gar XLJELL dene are oper to the publio tree of charge?aoo'ic- rt liven b? a sejeot oa-id. Th'>?edesirmg toer joy the danoe aud waits *i I find the sauon in complete order to rentier pleasure to all. On oth--r days the proprietor will ctieerfuily g'ant th.? u-e of th? grounds for school or other l'lO Nio Fa tio? with uut charge. Vor the amusement of children he ha* introduoed a number of lit?le games, ii"ver before ?ee:i in ihis nit*,and ca'cu au?d at tiie Mime lime to amuse the "old folke." iV B.?Attached is ir?y Bottling Establishur nt, and tainiHes can be supplied with any quantity at their'esioenoe. of that healtuful drink. LAG I R BKRRi upon *h"rt n?tio?. j? 1ft 3m f ^ RKEN SPRING 1* PAVILION, Kefir the Old Iron Foundry and only half a m*lr by Ixnd from tkt Omnibut Stand in G*ort?:rrten. The ladies and gentlemen of Wa?l>ir.gton and Georgetown ?re respectfully informed A ?, A that this bnautifiii p.ace, on the foun 'r> y w Branch, is now handsome t fitted up fo? the reoeptinn of Pio-Nic Parties and visitors There are numerous springs of the purest water and a oenstant shade throughout the da*. There is a large saloon lor daneiuc, with dree?mc room attached, and shady and s?ats throughout the grounds. Sohools, Soeieties. Clubs and Social Parties <?an obtain this deiightfti. i-Iace far Pic Nice without cliargefor the grounds <t pavilion by givi; g Brnarintrvr tVi r<a-? Am mm n/.?mA r . . ~ -v . Vitl ???J V Mo&ii ar-? s<>fve*1 at *11 hours, ami R?fr*ahm?'nt? furniahed ?t oit? pricea Offioera wili attend at all tim'ifor the preeerra tion of order, a d no paina wi.l t.e pared to give aatiafaotion to a'i v ?itor?. JOSEPH EHRMANNTROCT, je?S-eotf Proprietor. \1 SALT WATKR BATHIItO. i.?IARSIlALL'S PAVILION. (Moort'i Land irg> wiH be open for the roc*ption cf viei A ?. * lor< on the 13th of June. Thie delightful yclBk iei?o t for thoa* asking health and p f a* fri'-iJE 1 are, ia unexoelied by any pin.3? of the itiud on Uif Potomao river it ia aitnated aS' at one hundred from \\ anhmcton immediately on the I PotomM), and in lull view "f 'he Chesapeake Bar. ind farnuup for fine (>y?t*ra. Soft rraba, Sheepheai. 1 ia?t other Fiah. and eau:y acoeaaible b* the a team ^ oata plj 1111 between Waahiagton, ltalti>n ire aau I Norfolk. The npderaigned haa ma e additi >i>a improvement* in ria Batt> Ilouae* ar.d many other mprovementa to the oomf irt and enjoyment of b.a ;u?ets. The Bathing cap not be surpaaaed. Helen iki Angling audi entrof Eishingar.d Sai mg floats "ree of charge. Ho Iim pared no expense in pro riding a good Cotillon Band or ic laying in his sto^k tf cnoice Win?s, Liquors.t*?f a >. A c.,and for thosfhovisti t.. avoid extreme fashion and to seek a etired p arse where they can make tliem??ive* at . lome, there i* not a more peasant place in the Uw- 1 ^d states. Tiio proprietor pledges himself t*>at lothtng shall be left undone on his part to rend-r ;hem so. Term? for hoard: 91 SO p- r <iaj, f"r t?aa han a w?ek; f >r a longer time, #1.2S per nay; $30 i ?er month. Persons wisninx to addreaa the i?r'> trietor wi'l direct to Leonariltowt, St. .Vary's a X'unty, Md. jeft-3m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. IV NEW GOODS. ? ? E Hare jnst received a large stook of Rieaehed tn l Brown C'?TTO.MS of the t>o*t makes *< , JHEKTiNUS, TABLE 1.1NHNS. NAi'KlNS. i rOWELIMiS. IR LINENS, JM) tans ] AvsNS, from 8 cents to . HOSIER'S, ( JLOVES. GAUNTLETTS. WHITE. RED, il.l'E and G R KY FI.ANNF.LS in ra-ietr. W? lave a few rich ORGANDY ROBES on h r.d . rhioh we have marked leas than est. fA VI iiu ui'Tn?ior*a? i jj w - i ^ i ti' ' a nu v n i r?u . MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA SINGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tki* Delicious Summer Btrrrast. The Healthful tad Tonio Propenaitiea Of which are now well known and Unireraailjr Admitted Throughout the Union. la Now For Sale in Washington ^ , Jam W Hnwi tttK P m*m J. V. Coburn, 13th and H ata. Ju. E. O'Brien, 9th atd 1 ata. Wm. A. Brown, ISth aud F ata. 1 W. (?. Jonea, Maa<aohnaetta a*, and 3d at. , Peter Mona?han. New Jersey ar. and G at. I T. Cogar, P?. av. and Mil at. Jaa. Bligh, llth at. F. M Orme, Pa. avenae. E. K. Whits & Co., Pa. aren?e. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue, B. Hayea, 4th and H ata. George W. Orme, Georgetown. TV C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. JAS. MoDONNEl L, ly 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. Natio?iaS6AP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gilli SiniT, 1 Brtsfft and Water (trull, n - wwr|fioir?, u. I . A larjre atock of CANDLE8, ' Brown, Family, Castile and Fmej SOAPS. Alto, TA1.LOW a.ul GRF.ASK I for Locomotives, ?t?ainHoaU, and al kinds of t machinery. Uwayi on hand. i aad for sale at prices to suit Uie trade C. B. JKWELL, Proprietor. ?T 10 aotf BM'T,MORKBUTTFR HOL-8E. i Daily reeeiviag fresh and ve?it, ia Goxben pack* 1 !< < . AJso, Ohio Butter, at 10S and 12>i o?- ts Kl.LICOTf A HKvn F.J, jy ? 89 Eiohanf Place, Baltimore. I, 11 JOHH p. ELUlf THE WEEKLY STAR Tkn axcatlaat Faa?i;y ud N?wi J^r?kl-?Mtaining a cr**t?r r%n*j of mtaraaUac r??diag thMi mi be foai>4 m u; other- u H^UM Saturday moraine. Te*m*?< ?.?*, u 8 njie, p*r at.cum. < 8S Five orpir* 5 ? Ti?n ropi*a . ? 90 T*Mt| oopi?a~ 14 on Bt ?u*>?cNt'.m io olatw raiaad amoac n?"i?hSort w<th< ct th# intervention of a n it' agent. a* witl N> pereeired >1 *er ?Mnt. of Tb* Star vi>i S? ared. It lavariabi* oontatna the *a-hirct?a N*wV' that f.*? mad* Tkt Errmtng Star eiroa.ata an (0&rr& i throatuont the ouaoir; st the counter. imm diUtiT after lb* mat of paper. Prioo?THRKfc CENT* 117" P 'rtmui*-' who tot a* areola will bo !o??d aooinmie?ioa of fi oent?. FOR SALE AND RENT. l^OR RKNT-Th* throe atorj (brow* fro O r Hor?F No. W7 .N>w York arenne. hot ween 10th Mil lltli Berth Mil*. Milkiniu ro"nn Thia houae n convenient to th? Patent Offiee, Trea?nr?. etcta Iic hted Ut f a*. aad in erer j *?' auitab fork boardiof houae. Rent Apply next door, or to A O FOWLF.R. ?<vin4 #o<>r north wingot P?t.-nt Offioe. )y 14-tf L OR RKNT-Th? iM FRANK HOIMK known r *a-Frrnch Evan*' Homf," situation M at. north. 9th ami l<*h atieota. No. 3*20, ' bp of the in??at desirable private reaideaoee in Waahmfton. This h"U?e ii aurrounded by f-urt trees and ireat number* of currant buanea of ra rioua kind*, aad tine shade trees, a itd )?jmp fo?t of I ound. walled in Appljr to J. C. COOK Ei?lith at. between O and E. j; 12 it LMIR RK\T-Threo HKICK H< H*SK8-ew ? r Twdtth itrw. C Md D; on* on the comer of Twelfth Mil H ate. : and one on H, hetw?'n litn and ISth ?t?. Inquire of Jx.MKs W. BARKER, on H street, betwr?n 11th and 13th, No. 48*7 w>a? tf fOR RENT?ThM new and wel arran??d three r ator> BRICK NoJ*M.M U atreet, betw-en I'Hh and i*h eta., Firat Ward, l?telj occupied l>> Mr. B"Ji*co. Rumian Legation. P< kioo airen imm?v1iately. Inquire of Mr. SOL'TIt EY 8. PARKER nea'uloor east. ma 16 eoti CH)K RF.NT?A ama, i STO R E, ooniar of ?tt F and Prnn. avenue, upder Ike Clarendon H tei, suitable for a Karber'a saloon <>r cijar atore For informal i on in? n ire at the Hotel. ma r*> I^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of Ue baildI mc m.meOiatei j opposite the weet wit.* of the City Ha. rt<ceniiy oeoupied bp Cliaa. 8. VTallaok ?.a an office. A ii>o the front room IB the aerond tor? and the third floor of the game boildina. For ttrma apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 8 Louiaiaua avenne. ja 19 tf SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.? Tw?. aalendid amtee of ROOMS, eletantiy faraiahed, will ?> rented diirinc the aeeaioc of Coacresa, ir. the moat deairate locality la U?ia city, foemj within one or two a*aare? oiBrown'a and National Hotels. Thoaeir oursuit of aeeh Booms will do well to make ?r j &pp icauon at No. 37 M tth street. between D street ao1 Pa. fcr. de 6-ti CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAB RIASE K *CTOR Y. D Strtrt, Brt(Men 91* and 1AM Strilr. We have inst finished a number ol first elaea CaRRIAGF.J*, such as L??*t Fnnry.JF\\ & Wancm*, Park Fk'nton?. Fnmtl* Cmr VigCjijffL rtatft, and Butt s, whicn we will sr.. at w i ?? & ver? una profit. Being pract.oa! mechanics in different branch** of the business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles und quality of work that wiM give satisfaction, oombininc lightness, octufort and durability. Repairing promptly and ?arefo'.r attended to at the shortest n< tiee at.1 n?-?t reasonable chances. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP, Coaohmakers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. ap at7-<lly CAR RI AttKS*. . HE Sstiaoriber having made additions to Li. factory, making it now one or the .argest~^MP9/ in the District, where his facilities : flKK (narutaotnnr.r CAH RIA6K A WA'iONS of a 1 kicda o*nn>t d* earpaaaed, aa4 from bia Ion; ex^ri?DO? ic th? ?? reaa, he Lopea to ci?? canera aaltalaruon. ali kinds of Garr .aces and Light W a?ona ka?t fcaa<l. All il Y.PAI ISan'.' t t< all arlar a ?r?i*H T attended to. UaMk^kart Carrtarae >c e'ehaxae for mrv dx. anprfcw j. joycfc. ??nwr ? 14th *nd K mtm TRUNKS, 1BOOTS AND SHOES. Bouts and shokp to suit thk times. We are new manufac'ciriK all kioda of BOOTS and ?hokt*. and oonatabtlv raoMrinf ? Fupp <>( extern m?'l? work of er?ri de HHJ ?cnpti'?r, made expreea'y to order, and win be anld at a much >ower arioethaa haa t*aa" VVk heretofore oharted in tkiia citj for muoh inferior article*. Peraora in want of Root* and 9ho?a of eastern or pity made work w.;. a way find aaaaor*meol iu ?VUIc ?uu vjir ivwrai pi jrr? ?J< > C (IV ? WWIi h RI TIN 4 tlRO., >yM 314 Pennsylvania aveoae. tJOUTHURN TRI'Ni MANUFACTORY, i? 499 7th Stiiit, Orpofi" Odd Filiates' Hall, ITaj>Ai?iM, D. C. Trav?*ier? wili atudy ?aeir internal* o? ciuuniii my TRUNKS, V'A I.1CLS k.o .before P"r ?r*Tt? ohantir elaewere At I ua* none hut th*3jfw* boat iraterial tue mariet tffurfi* and emplo*^*i*J the It**' workman, i oan eon?dent!? rtcmtwd hit work to l>n up?rir>r in S'r>n.rik ard DurabUity to Trnnka liiat Me made in other cUi??e and ao.U here. I kt-ep oonatJMitly on hand, auu to order ion one w?^ek n-'tioe) every d'scnpUan of SOLE LEATtiFR, IROff FRAME FKF.*1CH DRESS amH IBOX TRVy-tiS; ASHLAND mmd tkn VALICES; THAYELlSti BAGS, HAH NKSS; SADDLES. WHIPS, *c., tr. Trunks, &.C., Repaired and Covered, ta ft workmanlike manner, a'. abort n<tioe Trunka d-> i verea :i any part of the city, Gaori#kown, or Alexftndnft. A mo?Aritnt Tor Hn?'i PA Mil V SEW I NCf M ACHINK8. ~ de lS-ly JAMK8 8. TQt'BAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part* of tue oitr, at the lov??t K>?Bible rate*. T J. 4 W. M. GALT, Office '2*2 Pa. av., U'tween 11th and 12th aU . n* 17-tr _ north_?d?:_ rHL SLB8CKIBKK HAVING ON HAND an extsnaire af>ok of FLKL, is prepared to te!1 at a very tow ficure for oaah. WOOD ?awo<1 and Spilt any ?ise. Call and s?e fur yooraeiX. R. W. BATKS, Wood and Coal Daa!?r. ma li 8. K. corner of PoirtMntk and C it*. PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. k- ?? Drncx oiCoMHMdomior Ptblic Bcild;so?,/ Jalf SO, iM*. < Skalid Proposal* will b? re-eivsd at this of. hoe up to IS o'clock, m , on the 9tA day of August lext, for Giading, Carting, and l.aj ing the brick ir.d Flag Footway s.aad Paving the GutWs, etc . >n the north sid? of B street eonth, between 7th sod 4'h etree'e west The Cerbetone to be of th* beet quality granite, (rested 6 inches thiek on toe. end I iaohee d^ss on rront, aid 3 inohe* deep on the baek edge, and no ieo* ie<s thai. 6 feet long 16 inches deep, and to be ointed and we!l fitted and set in a bed of coarse {ravel,and well ran,t"?vj. The Brick to be of the beet enahty hard red saving brick, to be laid en a bed of sharp river land loer (4) mch?e deep on a bed of fcoe grave. free rum olay or loam three (S; inches deep, witt two xturees on edge next to the ourb and one oourse >q edge on the inner line. No extra meaaerement for brick os idee. The Stone paving to he of ?oee?i eokwe stones lot exceeding foer inches la diameter, except the itone* on the oeteide line of the getter, which nnstbe six inches in diameter, laid on a b d of soaree sand and elean gravel, free from c at or ram at least 9 inohes deep, and to b? twice ammed, the second time after being well wet; and s'vum w.w ?nf oiean cr?vM or mtn itno. rh? eea're of the fatter tnh? ia>d with fir* eounn A hard rad paving brtcka on edge. The Flagg'ng to be ofthe brat aaality New York North river piwi or not loea thar feu4) feet long by eighteen inchee wide, and not laea han fcur <4)m?hea thick, to be tail mi bed of iine c'ean gravel C inches deep, free from eiay or cam. and we'l jointed. All Grading in* axea-dmg one foot to be rated u trimming, and tha ru'flaa earth to be ra*toved >y the aontractor to aueli pla e aa may be daai( nated by en per in leu dent The work to be doro in the best and momt work nan1 ike manner aad tn the aati*f*?uon oftheComm?ainer of Bui.o n*?, aid *n1ar th* taper nteodeaee ol eaah perron aa be may anfoiat, at d ? be completed on ?r before the fcrst of Noven.t e>ext,and warranted to ataad twaive (t? moatha liter MMWletH'Q. All reaaira that May be re^air?d within the time V>r whieh the work te warrai t<-c to etand to t-e lOMM th* U^MMnftlM cnitrMt' r For the due performai c* <>f the Wi.rk. a*re'?Mj *< oontrsot, hoc 1 ud ??ouiu? wili be r?-eaT?d Bidder* will et?te -p*r%'el j lh? rate at wh'et, he* wi 1 execute the eartiin*. Hum ud K%fngi, no!?dict i itrnt'i. mk! mark their propeeak ea V>l>?w? : *ProM*l? tor e^Mf, kt. U street loath " JNO.B RUKK. j> a -dttth Aei Chjwwwtiyf. W?J A B FIXTDR E t?7 E Have in etore, itiS ere daij nmtiu. AS h'i X TUWmS of entirely New PiNkmhH fW n. lad Piush. Mwior is etjrle to My thin* heretofore WNW IB tkia Mrk*t. We invite citiaene ienere ? tooell end examine oar *u*ck of Cm ea.l Wet'r F"ixturee, feline onnftdeat that we here the beet . coted ?u>ok la Weahiarte*. Jill Work m the shore line intreated to oar oare 11 be promptly attended to. MVKM4MH5HAN. mar J-Jtf >T? D aireJ| BOSTON ICK. U?T received ear aeh^oeera R.Oilhllaa *er? R.fSSr'us3iST.' mis. i . j miini *ton It y>-eo>l ftffee r ltthaed F ate. MAPLEBUUAB. A V?ff ni?? M of MaFlE Bl ?IAB, Jest re "7,' ? EIN? * BUBCWCLU t. a< / #

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