Newspaper of Evening Star, August 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 2, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY ?, IBM fcnnt of the mirilBi Hrr ?e The Constitution cont?-nde that tbe Breckinfidge and l.ane pirty ' the only t'nlon party. It lao bu an article on the maaaacre of the Chriatiana in Syria. The Inrtlltg'Mctr aaves the Inion in a twoeolumn article, and In another article repllea to the Constttwtien on the platform question. 117" We have received from Mr Franck Taylor (who haa the book for aale) a copy of "Appletone' Companion Handbook of Travel." An lndiapenaaMe manual for every traveler and buaineaa and profetaional man. letter from Mr. Seward 1? published In the Chicago Prt**. In which he says that be in under engagements to visit the States of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, at some tlm* during the present season He promises to look in at Chicago on bis return, and meet the republicans there, but he will not be abletospeak more than once In the State. Elrctios is Nokth Carolina.?To-day the lection for Governor and members of the Legislature takes place In North Carolina. Thedemc. cratic candidate for Governor is the present Incumbent, John W. Ellis, and the opposition candidate is John Pool. There has been a long and vigorous canvass between tlieae gentlemen, and the election Is claimed by the friends of each. The main iastie iu the canvass is the question of of ad valorem taxation on slave property?Pool being in favor of ad valorem and Ellis against it. The vote of the State two years ago was:?Ellis, uciuucrai, oo ~zzz\ mcr??( independent, oi>,965. |r/-The Chicago Zouaves left Philadelphia yesterday ft noon in the regular railroad train for Baltimore. They were escorted to the Baltimore depot in the former city by the Philadelphia Washington Greys, and before before parting company with his military friends Capt. Ells, worth addressed them, acknowledging the distinguished kindness of which his company had the recipient, notwithstanding a slight clrcumatanre of which far more had been said than deserved. No where, be continued, had the Zou?vps been more considerately cared for than in the city of Brotherly Love. On the arrival of the train ct Baltimore it w?s greeted by a salvo from heavy ordnance in the hands of a Baltimore artillery company, and very soon the visiting company alighted and bees me the guests of the Independent Greys of Baltimore. They will continue In Haiti />?<> Hll c?-I ? ? ? tin cnuiaiy uo'iiiog, wtien they will pay this city a visit, gi ve a specimen of tbeir drill, and return again to Baltimore the same eveniug to take the cars for Harrisburg and Pittsburg, en route for Cincinnati and St. Louis. The Zouaves, including the band, number seventylive, rank and file forty, officers thirteen. They will be received hereby the Washington Light Ittfantry. The Trip ( the Great taster, t. ? ape >Iay. Ihe Great Eastern arrived od Cape May at about 8 o'clock Tuesday morning She had 2,087 passengers aboard. Most of thr? steamboats which accompanied her dcwn tumid hack when ol1 Bedloe's Island, after giving flttinj: parting solutes. The ex itemeut on her departure was evt-n more intense th-rn that wh.cb accompanied her arrival at New York One of the sttamboat* at coiiponied the steamer to the bar. \\ h?'?i cr< >s:t; the bar the engines of the Great Eastern w-'? slacked The bar was safely crossed at biah Jitor at ! > ** ??* - * * ?... .. ..Muuira i iviunaay evening, the steamer having twn feet to spare under her keel The steamer then ft off on her voyage at full s^>eed. the bund playing several livelv airs On her arrival at Saody Hook tbe great SO tun anchor was secured for sea service. There was gre-t d.rtt- uity in getting it up The hook of the cat block uav ng been broken it had to be replaced The capstan was too small for the cable, the slack cf which was pulled out by the weight of the anchor. This jarred tne bow vtry heavily ebout a dozen times. The sea wss smooth, but the ship bad a slight though graceful roll, wbich sent many of the passengers to tt>e basins. At %% o'clock land was lost Bight of in a haze; the Highland Lights were last seen The vovage was commenced auspkiously, with a splendid moonlight. It was not until their appetites w?re sharpened that the passengers found reason to 'ompluiu, but wLenavery meagre supply of food was put before them tuey grumbled with a great unanimity, in consequence of tne cock of one of the compartments having been left open on Sunday night after the ship v* as trimmed, the ice house ana store rooms were flooded The meat* were cold aud of but little variety,and the delicacies were ruined While grumbling about the fo-jd, another serious matter catue up for consideration. At 11 o'clock water had given out, and none could be obtained at Irs* than ten cents a glass. Many used liquor 2nd fftn?lH#r?KU A r. V..~ " , -?...uiuuarunm wci idc result. A third aggravation was experienced in the sleeping accommodations, whiru were on a par with tbe otcers. Five hundred slept on the d< ek, on cfleap straw mattresses, aiid during tbe night tbey were burned withcind. rsand drenchrd with ram. Fortunately, there were ouly a hundred women present. On the arrival of the Great Eastern at Cape May a series of indignation resolutions were unanimously adopted by the passengers, censuring the directors for the singular conduct of the omclals towards them. A special dispatch to tbe New York Tribune gives the following act ountof the Great Eastern's excursion: *CoLC*Brs Hocse, Cape Island, July 31.?Tbe excursionists by the lireat Eastern arrived oil tbis point at seven o'clock ou Tuesday morning, tbe steamer having, through design or mismanr.geuient, run about thirty miles nut of her course. The atmosphere was still and stifling, and after a n:gbt of horrors thev rushed eagerly upon tbe propeller Shriver, the first boat brought aside, and In other steamers Nearly tbe whole company, numbering about t,000, were landed on the ourn\r\tr ' Without exception, tbe excursionists are disgusted and Indignant with tLe trip and its management throughout From the moment of starting they were made the prey of the most reckless avarice, and la no single instance, so far as I am Informed, were the simplest rights of the ticketholders regarded. 1 There was no accommodation whatever for baggage in all the ample store-rooirs of tbe ship, and articles were left loosely 011 deck. The grossest favoritism was shown in the disposition of the state-rooms. Huri ladies were tbe victims of Imposition in regard U? them. No definite information could be bad of anybody, and the responsibility was shifted from oue !o another, until the passenger, In despair, gave hitnstlf up to discomfort ' A large number of ladies, and nearly all the tbe gentlemen slept or straggled on rude mattresses on tbe decks in dirt and disorder. and were exposed to a smart storin of rain before tbe bour of waklog. Those who Lad state rooms were crowded together, and ? fit red from terrible heat and the great rocking of ttie vessel. In tne morning It was impossible, without bribery, to obtain water for washing, or the plainest article of the toilet The reporters were, with one exception, roughed with tue r?st The fortunate exception spent the night in a hen-coi n aii eaort was made to provoke music (nmu L>< dworth's b ind for dancing, but after a few melancholy (trains, the u.usictaus refuted further discourse unless they were paid twenty-five dollar* " A lighted clg.?r set a mattreaa on fire in the middle of the night, and the rigging wu endangered Tbe'e seemed to be no d.scipiiue whatever among the ofllers of tbe ship. Tbe rudder cbaias broke, and for nearly half an boar tbe steamer was guided by tbe engines alone Tbe wheels were frequently deserted "The restaurant was one grand swindle. It was given oat. as soou as the people Ml down to tbe first supper, that tbe most necessary a.tides bad run out; and only heavy fees to tbe waiters, after long waiting, r roduced any food at all Hracklsb water brought, in some cases, twenty-five csn's a glass, and tbe confusion and filth were simply revolting. There was not s single expression of pleasure. ' The general Indignation took tbe form of a formal m< etiug on deck this morning Mr Wai Fulner a- ted as chairman, and Dr John Howe as secretary, both of Mew York. A series of bitter resolutions were passed, snd obtained a large number of influential signatures. They denouuce tbe ex< ursion m a swindle, and the whole arr*n{feuirnia ss contemptibly disgraceful. Tbey l?o advise sit persons who propose to go to Nort ' k sad Annapolis In tbe Great Kaste r?i tn flsu I at Home for fear i f similar treatment ' The t fllcerB of the ahip disclaim ill responsibility lor the cutragts. 1 h# ialaud la crowded with PhilMMptiana, v L? d e m* making triw to the ate?u.t r There wilt be little thane* of food and rest for the ex4 uisloi ;?ta. All who are able will return to New ^ ork i>y way ef Philadelphia, this evening O titer a will stiy on the iaiod It la said that a rru?d of people will he taken on board the Grtat KaaU-rn for tue return trip. In addition to the regular c??tiij?ny. A lleert of ateambo.ita and sail* tug v? aaeia ratue dowu from Philadelphia fio.ns, August I ?Chief J oatlce Sha?e,? f tfce j*u, rui.e Court of Maaa-icbaaetta, haa retijjued, to take tftot from the lat of September * WASHINGTON NIWI AND SOMIP. Stircm or Scmmia Tbavbl. [Editorial Ci-rttpondtnct / Tht Stir ] PoKTLAHD, Preston County. Va., > [No. 5 ] July 39. lSflu. J The Gladbs?CATcnm? Beooe TbOCT?Clauses XO ov1k mocjitaiss and wadiso ix TAll Uiaii ixv Aldkb-covkkkd Moiamii to that Ksd?1The Cheat Riveh Rkoioji. Ac., Ac. 1 was off at an early hour this morning, flahlng tackle In band, to try my luck after brook trout. Two miles of a laborious walk over a mountain top ridge?tbe apology for a road being shock, lngly broken?brought me to tbe banka of Snowy Creek, a famous trout stream. Albeit but for my experience in earlier life in traversing prairle? covered with tough grrsses waist high, and swamps knee deep with water, and spongy sur ftcesoll, my expedition of the day would have paid no dividend whatever. The stream Is a iwifl one and the tfnut wi/iontiw *? * J if any of the Siar't city reader* hereafter easay to fish it, 1 advise them by all means not to venture the task in patent leather Congress shoes, as I foolishly did this morning. But to come armed with a sharp hatchet to make alder-bush bridges in an instant, and to open, as occasion may require, space in the overhanging dense shrub foliage, through or over which to throw the rod, line and bait into the pools of the stream in which the trout use. Though muddied amazingly and tattered not inconsiderably,! managed to secure a string of twenty beauties In about three hours after first unwinding the reel, fishing (traversing) up the waters for a distance of about half a mileI dined, by-the-by, at the farmhouse of a very intelligent and clever mountaineer, David Freeland by name, who had resided on the bank of Snowy creek for twenty years, until he has a larvf. rlMinl hrm n ?vi; Luuuunauir in an * sion, to which now and then summer boardera from the cities resort, who are fond of exercise with the rod and line. lJisciple* of old Isaak Walton and families cottoning to substantial country living, while away to escape such a state of the thermometer as now prevails in Washington, will find hltn worth cultivating. 1 thus return my thanks for his frank and unexpected courtesy and hospitality. From him 1 learned much concerning ^he agricultural capabilities and methods and modes of his native glades region. While it is difficult for the farmer in them to realize half a fair remuneration in raising corn, rye, oats, and buckwheat hourish here astonishingly, and j>otatot s yield between three and four hundred bushels to the acre. Wheat has rarely been sown here, this year paying far better than ever before?from twelve to fifteen bushels to the acre. For summer grazing of horned stock, the ?" .in.1irn.M-l " n - ?uc nui iu over ? iLIP yl(iLi of timothy, red-top, and clover being enormous, without fertilization. These ^rtss"s spread into t^e timbered land* around the open fields very quickly, where the cattle carry the seed in grazing "in Uie range " Sleighing la not unfrequently good here for five consecutive months iu tUe year; and it rarely happens that any month passes with out experiencing (here) palpable and visible frost The mercury in the thermometer here hovers at about 75 degree Fahrenheit through the sum. mer, except when Jai k Frost sends it down occasionally for a single night. 1 am now writing in an unpretending but cowi fortablc couutry tavern, at Portland, late Cran* berry Summit, upon the head waters of the Monongalia river From the brow of the hill juat south of the railroad here, one enjoys a msgnltlcent view of the valley of the Salt Lick, a uiounain glade of exceedingly picturesque proportions ! Tuat hill would make a grand location, indeed, for a mountain-ton rp?nrt f?.r f/?iv-? ? , ?. uvm ?uc tlUCI who must flee to some inch refuse in July and August, to escape feeling in those monttia like luckless curs compelled to trot around with shaking sides and swollen tongue banging nut. As yet there seems to be no admixture of any description of foreign society?either native or otherwise?among the population here ; all being apparently rough and hearty mountaineers. Timber-getting is the employment of those too poor to Live altogether by farming?pipe staves, locustpins for ship building, tanner's bark and hoop poles being the articles they send to market These are shipped in very large quantities from this station ; making a trade of no little profit to the region, the results of which appear to be carefully husbanded and devoted to the Improvement of homesteads tpringing op in the glade* and mountain sidr*s and tops on all hands around. The tinr.e approaches for the arrival of ?he accommodation train going West?at 9 SO a. m (of Monday morning)?so 1 must close my portfolio, and prepare to be t>ff. Immediately on leaving Cranberry Summit we | entered upon a portion of tbe road embracing extensive rock cuts, and beavy embankments over short but deep gulches or gorges, md therefore exhibiting many fine panoramas of mountain scenery. A fine tunnel, too, was close at hard. The country on both sides of tbe road, though of course mountainous, appears to be fast coming into cultivation; and the varied crops uj'on it?dead ripe rve, oats just showing a disposition to htad, buckwheat beginning to bloom, and sombre-headed timothy fields?form charming contrasts with the rich hues of the surrounding foliage. The f>rade rapidly descends, and tunnels are frequently traversed; all thoroughly walled and arched overhead with brick. In nothing is the superiority of tbe construction of this great work more conspicuous than in the substantial manner In which arcid^uts from falling in of its tunnels are guarded agulnst by meatis of solid ui&soury. In half a dozen miles from Cranberry Summit We strike the >ait Lick, (head waters of the Cheat river.) and rourking along down by its side, tbe mountains again rear their heads souie hundreds of feet above the level of the rail track, appearing to grow higher as we descend lower from the regions of the clouds. Less signs of cultivation are now around us, the country being far more broken than upon the glades proper region, which we left a short time since. The flr tree of the far North is common here, and its draperv of dark green foliage and its graceful proportions are exquisite additions to the beauty of tbe momentarily changing pictures flitting before my eyea. For two miles ere reaching Rowlrsburg, where we strike tbe Cheat river for tbe llrst time, looking from tbe hindmost car's back window, I have exquisite views. The Salt Lick runs aiong. leaping over rocks and loose stones at but a little below tbe level of the rail track, at ita side suarp mountain tops forming tbe immediate back ground of both. Tbe number of curves hera almost cheats the observer into the belief that be has been journeying under the mountain tops, Instead of around them. Cheat river is crowed fnr ? -MV I?l?? time here, over a substantial covered bridge. Shortly after leaving Rowlesburg we are fairly In the mfcjjniflcnt Cheat river scenery, a view of which, from about a mile from Rowlesburg, la worth the trouble and coat of a Journey of thoomndi of miles Last night It rained heavily , hfreabout.and Cheat river is consequently swollen- t adding tbe pictures even more effect than usual The train stopped for a few moments at the celebr.ite.i high tnisei work, having an altitude of more than VUi feet above Its base In a deep gulch below. The paaaengers left the cars j and studied for a minute the combined wonders of art and nature there to be seen as, perhaps, nowhere else in the world. The river ran at the 1 base of the mountain, apparently 5U> feet below the rail track here, and the longest-armed passenger foiled of strength to cast a stone into Its waters, though to the eye la so close proximity ss i that one might conveniently spit into them. W. D. W h. AwrrL Calamity ?A Man's Left Torn of in a Thrashing Maehiti<.?\ dreadful accident occurred yesterday evening on the farm of Mr Wttn. about one mile southwest of Tecuuoseb rlllage Mr John Uwe, one of tb?- proprietor* of a j thrashing machine.and bad been thrashing wh*-at, Mr. Lowe blmaelf feeding the machine. For i s me cause the speed of the machine bad txei * stacked, and V r Kowe for soine purpose stepped over the cylinder from the usual noelt'on of the fetter, and as he moved to return be culled to the driver to put on tbe speed again, and stepping over tbe cylinder be fell upon the feeding apron with b>s lets against the .evolving teeth in a moment bis left leg was ground off above tbe knee, and Lis rl {ht foot was taken off a little above tbe ankle Tbe sight of the man's mutilated, inanglA limbs was boirlble. The shock with , tbi 1. n of blood was such tb?t the unfortunate man rapidly sank and died in tbe night ? Adrian (MkA ) Walcklinetr Taa W bath*.?The following report of the weather for the morning it made from the Amer taan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of obaerratloa to about 7 o'clock. acouit 1, 19?0 New York. N. Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant Washington, D. C clear, wind NK Petersburg, Va. clear, 78'. Norfolk. Va 78?, wind N Raleigh. N. C clear. 75?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear, 92?, wind 8W Augusta. Ga clear, warm. Savannah, Ga cloudy.KP.wlnd EWE Macon. Ga clear, warm. Columbus, Ga clear, warm Montgomery, Ala clear, warm Mobile. Ala clear, ?J?. New Orleans, La clear. 87?. rioM the wist. rt J I _ *_ a*a I rrucriCK, .11 a clear, plcuuil Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, calm. Parkersburg, Va clear,cold. Cincinnati, O cloudy, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa clear. S5P. Cleveland. O cloudy, 65?, wind SE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 30,111; at noon, 30,(*j8. Thermometer at 7 a m , 66^*; at noon, (8'. Maximum during 24 houra ending 9 a. m. today, a4'; minimum 59'. rrir*WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY.? !L3 The Battalion will meet TO-NIGHT, at hsIT-past 8 o'clock, to make arrangements Tor th? reception of the Zouaves. Every member is expected to he at the Armory precisely at the time. Bjr order of the Goruniaudiog Officer. If P. J. ENNISS. Sep. flf MEDICAL SOCIETY-An adjourned I * meeting of the Medical Society of the Dis t iot of Columbia will he held at the Washington Infirmary on MONDAY, August 6, at 12 m. Business of importance will he before the meeting, au 2 St w f l.l pPitt \i i? - - - _ a j l??? j/., i%*v. ltcg. rrs* CENTRAL BELL AND ErERETT IL ? CLUB.?The re?ular weekly meeting of the almve-named Club will be he d on TO-UORRO \V (Thursday! EVENING, at Toorn's Hill, at eieht o'clock. The Hori. Coliman Yxlloit, cf Haitimore, ha* accepted an invitation toaddre?? the Club on that eveninc, and all person) friendly to the cause are invited ?o attend au I 2t* CHAB. I. CANF1ELD, Sep. rj=?GRAND BELL AND KVEIETT LL? MAW MEETING. On WEDNESDAY EVENiNC-,8 h inst. The Exocntive C> mm ttee of tl? Central Bell and Everett Club of thi? city annouice to the public that a GRAND MASS MEETING of the UNION PARTY will be heM i . frntof th-City Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING next theath instant, which will lie address it ly several abie speakers fo.n abroad. The friend^of the cause in ueo g?-towii snd the adjoiniur eonities of Mary land and Virginia are respectfully invited to be P esaut Particular# in future Bdve-tisem--nt. Bv order. aii 1 3t EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE nnn ?n i' ? - ? a?ul. ?J > - - v, . itait. i* llli'7 J?MUIH f flHIH IiarnP88 r MARK sold f>r want of um t'ai barv ivniit HOWARDS Livery Stabte. Sev x<Ln enth street. near H. ___ ai^ V! 3'.* I AW SCHOOL I j OF HARVARD COLLEGE. The next term will commence September 3d? I"**1For catalogue and circular a Id rest JOEL PARKH R, Rn^ll Prn/e*?o-, Cambridge, Jt'Iy. I860.jau 2-3t) i unbriqgejl?. I HAVE BSMOVBD TO No. 10 MABKBT Space, Pent). avenn*. between Eth and 9th utrri'ta, where 1 will he hair? t . ?mi1P I on *1! who will favor m? with a cal1 with* a fine st^ok of BOOTS and 8H??KS for* i.aflies', Gents', Boy a',.'VI isses' ar"t Ch>*dren'? wear. ib2 eotr J. ROSENTHAL. 'P SPECIAL NOTICE. 1 HE Very ?r<-at increased demand for Grover 4. Baker's celebrated noiseless Sewin* Machines r-'nder* it actually necessarv for me to mak? extensive improvements in my store, for the especial tale of that article and the eq-ially celebrated Balin of White Rose*, for which I have the exclusive agency for the L>i "trie* ot Columbia : in onsequ' nee of winch, 1 shall, on Saturday n?xt, August 4th, off-r jflu.OOO worth of my most Fancy Stock at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash. Every rr ??: 11 1 J- * riM.n win i?b mane 10 inaKO purchasers comfortable during the hours of sale. * t STEVENS' Fancy Store, an 2 3t 336, between 9th ana loth 6ts. Royal Havana lottery.?Th* foiioT" in^ numbers drew the principal prizes in the drawing of July 17th, I860: No?. Prizes. I Nob. Prizes 2!?.n30 ? | l .567 S2n <oo 0,yn . 50.0"?> I 27,235 10,1100 10 O10 3(1,0*1 I No* 6%. 1155. 1431,2985. S913, 4523. 5192. 6122, 7101, 75,?. 7776, 7808.8365. 8461.9123, '.W43, 9=38. 1044'J. 11223, 118 4, !2?>28, 1212n, 12159, 12545, 12883. I4?r 4 15725. 17?tt, 18275,18718. 18am, IM-S, 19859. 20105, 2>?W 21448. 21 >18, 22553 23??2, 235T7. OT04, i?5435. 2.5478 , 25716. 25965, 267*0. 27 47. 2K041. 2tfW. 2H89cJ. drew ft lnOO each. "The 93",omi prize, I am informed, was d awn by Messrs Tesser h. Co."?E strict of Hirana cor T'.'rond'nct rf Cknrlrxton Mtrrury. vub>ish(d July ??, 1860 The next drawing of this celebrated Lottery wil' take place on the 4th of August. For particulars see advertisement iu another column. It* DON BORIGUES. COR SALE?A very excellent Grand PIANO, i very cheap. Apply to H. O. CbAlllllTO^, Alexandria, Va. au 1 3t FOR SALE^A HORSE and CARRIAGE. In quire lit KAHLK'S Livery Stable, H rv _ ?tre?jt, between 21st and 22tl ?t?. jy 31 lw* POR SALE?A patr of fine ear'iaee HORSES, I with CARRIAGE and H ARXESS ; r\ work cither in minjcI? or doiib'e harness; to be seen a' .Mr*. BRYAXT'S, N, between 14th and 15th Htreeti. couth aide. j> 3l-3t* PH>R PHILADELPHIA.?The steamer James Jerome, Captain Jerome, has ar .l*" 1 ^ rived aud will ?-aiI for th* above port Sgf-'T^n-i on Frida? mor:iog, at 10 o'clock freight apply to 1IVDK 4 DAVIDSON, j y 31 -3t Georgetown. Drays, wheelbarrows, wagons, CARTS, CARRYALL*. Ac, FOR SALE.The undersigned, at hla od esttbli hment, High *tre?it, U-org?:town, optosite the Vigilsnt Engine House, has on hand ana for sa e at tlu* lowe-t cash prices, a large assortment of ;h*> above named ar tides. Tiicy are of the beat materials and workmanship and worthy the examina i n of all purchaser#. jtj4-o .3t* richard JONes. fp CHAMPAGNE ON DRM'MIT. I IIP Latest nov?it? out?CHAMPAGVE "X DRAT'GIlT?in fountain*of 5or l'< gallons each, wariant'-'d pu^e wine ?-crvns wishing to see <>r tr, can !?* accommodated by calling at my store. No. 403 Pa. avenue jy HEXRV C. PI'R DY. I ft i SEVENTH S I REKT. 4 / * iw-t ? i'l1! AT THK OI.D STAND. Th* subscriber, grateful for the liberal patronage CTT\ heretofore extended to him. has pleasure to announ"e to Ms formerLyM Jl M?custome's and the public geneially th^tli..^P mjiMhe has again cpene l store at his old ?tand. corner of Seventh and F streets, with a full anil complete assortment of fine GROCERIES, TBA?, UQl'ORS and CIGARS He solicits a ca 1 from all in want of goods in his line, intending to spare no efforts to give entire satisfaction. F'esh BUTTER and GIGS constantly on liand daily. jy ae.^w VVM. II. HRERKTON. ^ 2++- THE GREAT /#?** ^TCE> EASTERN EXCURSION. This Mammoth Steamship, th* wonder of the ape. will arrive at Norfolk and he open for the reception of Visitors on Saturday next, August 4th. In order to enable the Washinstonians and others an opportunity of witnessing this nobis vessel, the splendid steamer BALTIMORE will mak" an excursion to Old Point and Norfolk on FRIDAY n?'*t, the 3d of August. Leaving her berth, foot of Mxth street, at 10 o'clock a. m., arriving at Old Point 4 a. m. and Norfolk 5J* a. m After which the Baltimore will lay alongside the Great Eastern, a d remain sufficiently long to allow the passengers to board and inspect her. Returning will leare .\orioiK at t> p. m. Saturday eveeins; and arrive in VV ashtng'on Sunday at 11 a. m. ... I Pam>enKern will be tak?n off and landed at all 'he regular landings on the Potomao Fae for the ronnd trip, including m<*als. ?6 For further information applr to Captain C.LMITCHELL,on board.oral theCompany's ofipe, corner Sixth street and Pa avenue, under the Hotel. GEO. R. MaTTINGLY. General Tioket Agent jy 31-td Potomac Steamboat Compaq. Attention, VlRST WARD ! The sulwtcrilier hat on hand a large stock of ?eatonable roots and shoes, which he^^^ is Killing at a gr?at sacrifice for cash. Children's roots ankle ties, gaiTK RS, from 25 to 50 rentn. mi?se?' GAITEKS, morocco HOOTS. *nd SLIPPERS from 25 cents to #1. Ladies' G \ ITER BOOTS an J SLIPPERS, fiom J7J\ cents to #1. Men'sOALPSKIN OXFORDTIESand MONROES, 75 cents to ?1.25 Men's PATKNT LEATHER and CALF SKIN CONGRESS BOOTS, from *1 to ?2-50. And all other kinds, equallv low. J W. DYER, No. 131 j t 2B-eo3t* Pa. avenue, bet. 19th and antn stt. * M Pfl?TI.'li 1 "mineral waters. JOSEPH YV. NAIRN, DR U<M 1ST, oorn*< of Pa avenue ?n<l Ninth treet. k?ep* C"nstantly on hat >1 fr?*(i CONGRESS. BI.UE I IOK.anii r*NADA WEST AKTESIAN WELL WATSR; ii?o. a supply of GAT a W B A WINE and BRANDY, from the celebrated Zimmerman cellar*. notoriously ui gnrpKMed in Cincinnati or el?ewl?re unionr the manufacturers of tie pare artiole f?m American grape ir MTt WGALTS' O O D A N D COAL OFFlCn tf 82 PA. AV., BITW. 11TH AHD 1*th ST?.. North tide. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth st., ma 17 If Belov War I'epartmeit. U^OR BALE?A LADY'S RIDING FONT i? r oflere.1 far sale upon very l?w terms, fiV-_ in o?'ii?equeiioe of her Uaving left the eity.^L*^ Mid having no further use for it. Apply at^* J. W. PLMPHREY'S Stable., rear of Natpnal i* ? w? w # EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, 4c. (HAND E X C U R 9 I O N TO ANALOSTAN ISLAND. On tkt orcajion of the Inauguration and Opening of tkt ODD FELLOWS' LIBRARY, I O. O. F., D. C. WEDNESDAY, Auorar S, 1*60. The Committw of Arrant emant* cordially iaa>te their brothera *>f the Order, and the Jp"?h citizen* <>f Washington and town generally, to participate witi^ ^^^^ them on thia mt?rea i?g occasion. No pam wilt be spared to make thia F.xcuraion agreeable and entertaini ig. A ppropriate adrtreasea will b? delir ered. ami t'io amusement* of the dat and night will be varied and elcaaing A fane band will be in attendance; and the cnmpanv will be ent?rTained with numeroua tonga, &o.. "Sjr a corps of accomplished vocaiiata as h is inienaed to make this tk* Excursion of the reB*nn, the lady friend* of the Association I ? specially irftited to be prevent. A commodious and safe st< au lost. with nun er ouh le??er craft, will ply regularly ever? ten min utes, from 8a. m. u-til 12 o'clock at night, between the Island and the wharf foot of High ?t., Georgetown, anil Morgan A Rhinehart's wharf. Washington. No charge for croasing or recrosaing the river. Arrangements will be made to have the omnibuses ran from Georgetown to Washington until mid aigiit. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies: to he had from Taj lor A Maury, Bianchard ft Mnhun, Wm. P. Bat I v. and from the various Committees and the Floor Managera. F. ??. 8TCART. R. FINLEY HIJNT. JNO H. BARTLETT. au 2,4,7 Committee of A rrangemoi.tsR A N D PI C NIC vj at th? PARK HOTEL, On WEDNESDAY. August #th. John Esputa's eelebrated hand is ensa<*d. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting . | gentleman and laniea. Omnibuses will run from worner t*J y*lr* 7th street and Pa. avenue hourly. Committee. I.W Clubb, W.H.Clnbb, G. Bats. Jas. Litchfield. aug 2-3t&au6* pic NIC or ?_TUlfP_OHAr?L TO CO M. I -1 M H I A M'KINtt. The Sabbath School of Rylanrt Chapel will giva a Pic Nio to Columbia Spring on . FRUAY, Auiu.t 3. Ticket* fi.rajdHpflX^S adulta 25 cents; children 10 oenta; ?" W~fe>"V3a*y (? < had of the tea^hem and aoholara of the school. Omnibuae* will leave the Church, corner of Maryland ?v. and 10th ata., at 9 a. in. and 2 p. m. aal^2t G DON'T FA11. TO GO' RAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION, For the benefit of EAST \VASHI!i(trnv MKTH P MISSION, On FRIDAY EVENING, August 3 Tickets osly 24 Ce*is The Young Men r.f the t ong rogation of East Waihiiuton Methodist Protestant it Missionhave chartered the^Lf^^gjn ,diou* and excellent steamer pH ^llx**^,ac ,," (Capt E. A. Ryther) for a Moonlight Excursion down the Potomac, as far a? HOLLAND'S POINT The Committee assure the public that every effort shall ba made to make this the mott pleasar.t Excursion Party of the season. An excellent hra*? band has been engaged A p^pnla' Glee Club is also expected to be present. Th" l*?a'. will I . ? l.arf ?*/?.. ? - <*1 e ? ? vj if *? nai iwv vi tv !I pi f ?i 073 H PI'TI j I'JOl of 4th rt.. Navy Yard, at 8 o'clock ezacty. lick ets pan t.e had at }*heph? rd's book ntor<\ corner 7th and I) its : and at the drug store* of Mr. Boevtll, Island; Mel'herson. Capitol Hill; Mo** . Bate* and Bury, Navy Yard ; and of the Commute*. Mnnafrr R. B. Ferguson. Samuel T. Ferguson, James J. Hrca*t. James O. Lusby, John M. McFarland, Jaoies Forester. John F. Van Horn. J. Henry Berry. au 1 TXAPTTOL ASSOCIATION i 1' PIC NIC. Th" Committee of A rrannemerts on the part of the at>ove Assoc ation i t-*nd to jt k make this "the Pic Ni?" of th? ?ea son. at A R I INGTON SPRING,on*"1 FRIDAY. August 3d. Wither*' celebrated band is eaga?c**d, so that all who wish nay trip on the , light lanta?'ic to? ; |,ut ?et. a 00 d ial* invitation is extended to all who wish to tak? their families to enjoy a pleasant daj of amusement and th? cool lire' z of the river K%,onrtlnn? will be done on Mie part of the Association to render to a'l who may favor them wit h their presence as perfect a protection a* if i m their own homes, the object lie in* more for pleasure tha 1 profit The ''Washington Harmossoas" wiil favor the company with several v(u?immspa ;-ongs I lie KMMMT (iio. W. Rlr. ;? Iim been chartered, and will leave 14th ?t. bridge every hour from 3 o'clock a. in till 10 o'clock p. m.; fare 1ft ct*., children half price. Wbaley's omnibuses will a'so leave the corner of ?th ?t and Pa 1 av honr 1 v. and run by the 14th st. bridge across the Long Bridge; fare 15cm. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and O'n'ral Com. of Arraiittm'nts for A*tormtion. B. Mallard, Andrew Bain, J. I. Brvan, H.G Divine, W. H. D^a , H.H.Cfak, J G Weaver, A. H. Aloott, P. Barrett. W. J. Karris, jy ?l-3t f P HE MKM HKRSOFTHK JOURNEYMEN I BAKKR?* A^OOIATION tak?ple*s % j ure in announcing to their friends and the jft ( fub ic th?t they will give their First Grand#?* 10 Mr at the |>ARK on TUESDAY, 7ti.QtaA Ol Augti*t. , The Committee will spare no pains to make this the finest Pic Nic of the season. Ksputa's bras* and string musi<* will b" on hand. T ckeU 5>> cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Coac^e* will mn every tan minutes to and from ' the Park dii'in? the day. Jy SO-jjuSt&aoV THE COMMITTEE. I | HO! F'?K I V.MO.NT ! iiuk ??ut lor the GRAND AFTERNOON F.X< URSMON of the HIAWATHA JT"* n.l'H, to ho riven at Glymcnt, on^XoKT 1 TUESDAY, August 7 I The Committee will nae t' eir utmost endeavo a to make the occasion ono of i terest and pleasure to all who iray tavor them with their company. The Holy Hill Hand has been engaged and will < fu mah delightful music to all who lovu to"tiip it , on the !i<ht fantastic toe." The steamer Pn?> x . will leave the foot ?-f Hifh at. at t o'clock ; Stone < House at I a!f-pa?t l;6th street wharf at 2 Coaches . will leave 7th and I- at*, and 17th at. at half fast 1 o'clock. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and la- j dies, St- | Committee cj irr'simmn D Perkins, Win Goddard, I Win. Goldaborough, F. Moore. t Win. Moore. Jy31-6t? ( LPIC NIC' ! OGAN TRIBE, No. e. IMPROVED 0. R. ! MEN. <G?0K0f T0WN.) Til" members of Logan Tribe take pleasure in J announcing tliia their Animal Pic J*., Nic, at ANALOG TAN l"l ' '1' r,| F on MONDAY, Aj>fust6. "?i Th-members of the Order will spare no efforts to make this the'"Gala Dav" of the a<?ason. Every , arrangement that will adduce to pleasure and en- | joy ment has b -en made Tiie Holy Hill Hand lias been enta*ed, and w 11 | furnish delisihtfnl music to a.i who love to "trip it . on the light fantaat c toe " Boats wul leave the Stone Houst? \Vi arf and foot t of Hi(i?i *t. every five ininutc*. Boats free. R?- ? frenhtnents furnished at low prices Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladi?s. Jy 30 6t_ l GRAND CAVALRY TOURNA O* mteZr MENT! Jtk ( GALA Pic NIC! flk j At ARLINGTON SPRING! thk President's Mounted Guard, Or Washijigtos City. Take treat pleasure in a' Bouncing to tbe public their intention to hold a GRAND CAVALRY a TOURNAMENT AND PIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on MONDAY, August 6tu. i This will be a strict y noliiary arrangement, as t practiced in the cavalry school ejeroue-, and none t will contend for the prizes but members of the ' ^The'ollowin* nam?d rentlemeu l av kindly consented to aot in the position a.i>?i ,u?.l them: Jl'duk*. ? _ J Hon. J R. Floyd, Secretary of War; Gen. J. K. Johnson. Quartermaster G?ueral U. S. A ; Lieut. r Col W'm fl. Kmory, 1st Cavalry U. S. A. 1 Addrrss to the contestants for the prizes by the ? Ron. 1.1. Stevens, of Washington Territory. a Hon Alexander K. Bot? ?r nf ? >> - . . ? ? hlUIV) ?? HI | p eaent 11: prizes i n behalf of the aucceahful ndt>ra. r*nk*tantial vll lie erecte<l for the accommodation of the ladies, and every effort will be g male to ensure the comfort aud ruhance the pleas- 1 ure of all who may favor the oorpa by their pres- t enoe on the occasion We begtoaaaurethepubl'Otliatorder anddeoorum [ wil berigidh ni mUined, a* an ample poLoe force 0 will be detiiled for the purpose. w itliera' full band ha* been engaged for the oocaaiou. The enclosure will be open for the reception of f visitors at 9o'clock a. m. ( i Kidi'C to commence at 3 o'clock p. m. Omnibuses will start hourly from the ooraer of R 7th st. ami Pa. av ; also 12th st. anil Pa. av. i The steamer George W. Kiggs will make tripa ? from Uth st. bridse. I TICKETS FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gen tleman and ladies. . MAifA?iaa. 1 Maj. Jas. V. Davis, CapL P. H. King, J Capt. Jas. B Tait, " P. B SchaHTer, " I .em Tewers, " P. M Dubant, 2 " J. Hollingsworth, M Robt H. Stevens. * COMMITTXI or AKlA*aKX?XTS. o Capt. Jos. Paok, fWg't Geo. Seiti, Lieut. R. L Tee!, Private W. J. Gary, j " H.W.Martin, * John Lang. O- S. Wm. 8. Teel, Jy ? ( 4 1 R AND PIC NIC AND BALL, U To be given bv I Eiputa's Citizens' Band* d aT 1 ARLINGTON SPRINGS, 1 on i, TUESDAY, AcatiT T. The proceeda to be applied to the purchase ef a NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. < Th* m?Bih?ri of the Band promiae that nothing f ball b* wanting upon their part to^fgy,^^ _ o make thia UPlSSpS \ veil worthy the patronage of the ceneroua public. g The heat of Maaic will he furnished, and every- n thing done to promote the pleaanre of the day. 8 THE OMNIBUSES , ? n will leave the eorner of Seventh street and Penna. o avenue, and from o<>rner Twelfth and Ponna. avenue ; alao, from the Navy Yard. ^ TICKETS FTFTY CENTS, ? , Adiiittiho a Qkxtlzmax ajh> La dim ; C Ba&KmoU'"WW AMUSEMENTS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! rk Uk sday k vh si so, * LAST NIGHT HI' TO NK ' gftkat 5 otlltit - giutut !" Owing to the iinmrn** *atiafa*tion airen on Tue* day eroding, the management respectfully anno i e* Mother Momi?r Gilt ?n<i I.e?t Night hat On* of THIODON*8kl SKVM of ARTS! FORTY BK4VT1F0L PKESKSTS. Vautip a* |3lt, Given away fre' oleharge, in pert ooneiatim of Superb SUTer-elated lee Herriee. la 6 piece*, all included in one gift; Two Gold Watchea, Two Silver Watohee, Silver plated Cake Ba?ket?, Gobleta and Muga, Beautiful Cameo and Moaaic Pet, Rirga, Bracleta. *o. Orcheeter? Violin,C.O Hao; Piaao. Piof. Pcbill Tickete of adi!i*aion. on thia ooeaaioa. to a I part* of the hall 5?> eta ; for aala at H. 9emken'a. ?* Pa ar? bet. 9tn and 10th ate.. where the areaants may be aeen Ticketa may aleo be had at the hall from 9 a m. to $ p. in., and on the evening of the performance. Dcoraopen at7K; comm?BWHI *u 1 A LA FETE CHA MPETRE ' At lceflers Washington city oar OEMS, (..Yew York ?? bftw*n\H and id ill. ) MONDAY. Acocar ?m. The Mtnvr beg a to announce to the pufelio that a grani F'tr. coraprimiii tnanr novel entertainments rarely, if ever, witneeeed in thia city, will be firen a? above. |?^The 6ard?na are ca?* of aooeea. and. BB&ta or rAMlLlZft will finil, A PLEASANT RESORT And a op end id RURAL ENTERTAINMENT. 1 he entertainment* will commoner at 4 o'clock, with a LAUGHABLE S*\CK RACE for a Silver GoHot. Afer which. CLIMBING THE GREASED PuLE for Pnaee. CONCERT BY THE BAND. The beautiful and apacioua Pavilion will be thrown opea for Dancing free ?f charge. At dart, a splendid Mon*?otfi<?r B A L LOON ASCENSION, with FIKK WOR KS attached. ,A<W which, a brilliant display of PYROTlvCH r* iub. |i r An efficient polioe will he on the ground. %nr Excellent mutic will enliven the Entertain menu AdmiMlon 25 cent* ; children 10 renti. LA FETE CHAMPtTHE f jj SI tf C. J. WALTER. Manaier. I? PRKK CONCERT**! JRNST LOKFFLKR, Nnt York mrmvi, b*txrt*.n '.?? and 24 flreH*, woeld rea??ctfu!iv tat* t?? the ruhlio fiat A COV'V.RT i 4H| SELECT ML*lO will be given ever? M??N DAY iDdTMlRSDAY EVENINGS dunnc the ?en?<in. a? h?? Pavilion, eorriiienoing at 3 o'oloek ai d ending at 1?? p. hi. Previous to 'he Concert, tae Saloon is open to thv>?e deairing to whiie iwiT a few hours in the rr.aay <l*noe. ICE CREAM. WATKR ICF.J*. au<1 ever* rflecMptioa of CONFECTIONERY* a war* ready at eity pMMi Parties desiring the Gardens for Pie Nio p?r p<>s s. are requested to give adar or two notioe. je 1* 3m WANTS WA NTKD- A SITUATION ti aa'i* orcham b-rmatd, or to do piaio newmg. K-fereno"* giv?n. Addreas rhambenuai l," ij a-Office. au2 It* U'ANTKO-A COACH PAINTER. (Don* hut '* n firit-?'!a->* ??'t krrt\n n? ! appv.ito whom ?o?vl WACO * .<! ?t*vlv *-o.-k Wt !> *'' Appi* to WaI.TKR. KAK M ANN A BOPI'S. on |? ?t . between 9tii an<i lot . It* W'ANTKI. \ CARPENTER, oompet*nt to " th? finishing vork of a hou c >n t;ie hard?ome?t ?ty|? To auch ? oq# ckx! w*j?i wi>'I t?e liven, <.">n*ta : enifi"' ">'? ' t. *< '' ! .-?tu'da\ ev?np? . or oft-n- r if wftn'ed ; a? th* corner of Itith and O sU. A ?iusln man p ferred. au 2 6t* PART.N'KR W ANTED?An en*>rg??tie younc mu,Tith respectable ar.<l profitable liaiinm. which will require traveling Add rem* ' PIXON," Star Oi?? m i 3t W ANI KD-A SALES LADV. Non* hut tha y v beatimdwfli. H. HKLI.EIt. jv 31 No 31 Market ?paT, hei 1th and ?th nts. _ U7ANTRD A WOMAN. MHHanatlcMNi " n| kid. V on? n*?.t apply who cannot bring ii rrrott>mei>dalKM) from ii?r ia?t p aoe. Iiniuire at Eekinicton, two mile* north of ihf Op itol. jy 17 tlMMI'li-ll. - I- - - ' - -- - _ _ ... - - . . . ? - - im m- ' i n I (ft *? SITUATION ** colW'or. B'?t of recoro m?n.lmon? ;i^n. A'ilreaa M. C., Star OAoe. JyJitf 1VANTKD-T<i hav '* know that the* ? ? can purcha* th*ir Summer Clothing at co?t at No 460 Seventh ft., oppohiU1 l'o?t Office. jy 12-.m PERSONAL. Madamk morrice, tbkGkiat a?t*olo01?T AND D"<T*R*?, Jtutfrom Kurop'..- T*l? highly rift (1 and mt?iiuent '*?iy mi be oonemted on the f'a?t. Present ai.d Fi'tnre KmU. Call at No. 'JO? Tvrnti-iMMDd itiect, Mwoen h and I, Washington. j < 19 Shi* LOST AN]TFOUNa Ot)A REWARD.?l?oe?, Imtwwn my hou?ee?d the brick->ard of A AT A. Richar<??, ?105?Sl <> note ofijank of Washington, and People * Bank of Baltimore ail 2-3t* A * T. A. RICHARD*. f^OUND?A B U N DL fc OP CHILDREN'S SHOE?* lian been left at the utore of the ?t<h orihers which the owne pai. have by Mnnt for nivertiaimcnt. H. F. LOUDON * CO Citizen and Military Tail' ra. It* Hiw"'' H??t ! O Ti REWAR1>.-Uti???(l awaj. Julj 7, a ver y ?a# a mall red COW, wi*b ?hort tail, and ^0-pi| hit- in both tianka; with hurna. and Wr ihnutSv ara old Alto, a la^ce briBdie^hdM* 'Jow, with horna, and m>ine white al>out her ; lon? ail: yellow apeck in nglit eye, and pa'tlv blind. Hot'i inileh o"W*. The a!?ove reward Will b* paid ror their ret irn to No I?-9 HirIi at., Georgetown, D.C. au '-3t* ? ^11 R KW AR l>Ra.i ittj frnra tne raaidoi V'-J" of John W. Burrouiha, in Prtnea JtM Jeo-ee'a connty. Maryland, on Saturday QJ n<ht iaat. COLOR KL? BOY nai?<d Heary, Kt ibout 17 ??rara of Mf. apar- l.unt, dark ?y?a. JTM ;ood aet of te< th, and quite lutel igent. I will l * [ive th-? above rr ward if t? k*n in the State of Ma 'ylaed or District of Columbia. R. P. JACKSON, au l-3t Lxecutor of Mra. Smoot. deceased. ftCA REWARD.?Raraway, July 19. my NEJjOU GRO MAN l.EWIS. ealla hiinaelf Lewis 'I homas; agod about 23 >tar?;5 feet r inches high; a da k cho?-ut col- r; che?*k jr\ tone* high: quick wlien ap..k?n to; no reark* Jk eiuerabeieii He la a ah>f-w.l n?(rn and hav ng b en aereral tiraca ia VVa-hmttoa, way be ;herea*>oiita. $.JS siven it'taken in Cna lea cojntr. ** . I ? " 1 '" u ?< i<>area in jail so that 1 g- i him Main. S. A. GARDINER. }j 26-61* C bar lea oountj. Mil. MEORGE R SLOAT 4 CO 'S ll SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. Fir*t premium avardrd at 19 out if V Stan end C?u*ty Fairs. The cheapest and hest S?w:nz Machines ever inrented are universally admitted to be those mann"acfurwl h> G or*e B Sloat & Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic and Shotrle Machine* to #fln Fancy Ellipnc. Walnut or Mahogany Caned. ?63 tnd *t?. Toil* Cased, Wainot or MaUo.raay. ?75 ami fiS. These Machine* are of iup<-rior workn anii.ip wi more elil'Orate fini hfndJS per cet cheaper lian any othT S^Wf-? Machine ma nfootur^d m he United Mates. Call and tee them at MAXIVELI, S Fancy More. 128 Pa avenue. jy 25-eu6t J THOMAS MAXWELL. Afent. N~ErWSlLK MAMT' KS AND HOOPED SKIRTS. We have r^cei' ed by a supply of lain *?'.K MANT1.ES and REAL FRENCH ?A':K MAN ?'LES and POINTS Also 10 dozM f the fall style of WOVEN SKIKTS of aapenor quality. Ladies in want of any of the above goods ,? very lew prices will please give us an early oall. jy ? TAYLOR A HUTCHIS'** . "kUR THANKS TO THOSE OF OUR CUS. t toipfru who have eo promptly celled and sMtied heir bills as rendered 1st of July, and we will be really obliged to those who hare not settl-d.if hey will do ao by the lac Autui'.Mwe are in want f money due ui at the p-esent time J. W. COLLEY A CO , J* 28 51 Seventh st., above Pa. avenue. kf AGNOLIA HAMS! ?1 MAGNOLIA HAMS " We hare ju?t reo'ived another supply of oar I \GN01.lA HAMS, which have ci*en such satifiotion for sever%l years past We guarantee .veryoaatobaof thabestouam: KINO a UUKUaHLL, jy g Corner fifteenth si. and Vermont av. l?OR SALE-A vary valuable SERVANT , r WOMAN CHILI). The woman is about 1 I years of age and perfect y healthy; she is an exellent hous* servant and nurte and a plain oook. To any one in want of aa excellent servant aha rnuid be invaluable. Tha child is ab*ut 4 years ' id. Har owner is anxious to sell her in the Die- . rio*. Traders need not apply. Address Box No. 1 Star Office. jy ? ^ HEAT BARGAINS IN JT DRY GOODS. Selling off at reduced priees the entire stock of )ry Goods ta Store No. 591 Seventh ?t., a few oors above the Avenue. Purchaser* of Dry Goods roald do well to call early and aeeare bergaia*. aa .ui. -?? - ? ? .... . iuvt rum ue soia 10 A abort Urn* The utock oomprme* ivwj article usually found d the Dry Good* line. Call early to jet bargain*. HENRY EGAN, jy 38 t 1*1 Seventh ei. Mil ftAA WORTH OF DRY GOODS TO SlUyUyU BE SOLD AT A GREAT SAC11F1CE, from now until tne I*t of September, to lose husine**. at BAR k. BRO *S, X street, boween 7th and tth *U., Nary Yard. Washington. 1 i* thi* i* no hambaic, tou way expect groat barain*. Intending to make a ohange in oar business. , re are obliged to sell out our stock bj the l*t of leptember. Tho?e who wi?k W< purchase largely aust eall moo, a* we are already rerj ?>esy in measuring oat our etook. Thi* will also be a rood hanoe for persons to buy to ?11 again. Jy ?-iw ? PACKING ' 3ms: fc : jTMf* Campbell * BOW. MI !*.? . AUCTION HA UBS. mtk*r Amrt? * ?" IfK P+4(* Bj WALL Kb A NAID 4 ??' ?..n~.,r CURIIV L MARK A* :> 1 Hli < OI T* A T Arctic -Of StiTI R! AV MOfcNfNO 4 ? met u Mo'fkwk.vt wi aril, ia |r. ElofttM Ave to' " OwPonel ?r?f c?:t. One (Vk l<?a Colt. On H?J foil H*i* terfaBiMV. ' Jh tula _ IVAI.L A BARNARD. B? J. C. McGl lRK A CO.. A RMTI'R K a*D HOUSEHOLD kFFKCT* 1 Oo SATl'R DA \ MOHMIN#. A??p.t ? ?t 1* o e'ock. oe the 6 ?IC r ol the Aee 1 |R^?- we It* 1 ?, ? r?rf t? .?? F?ri. ter? ? J , f r-eu o: ? Its T dec i m k.nnwM o?r-i. Mm c?ny ?rd W ecut fehi.lortr*. uwv?ti? ?? iw*? ? nri. B<xiUvJ? Ktrcwi. Wkkitudi, Tr?i e S?t? Looking (>>? ??, H?" And Shuok Mat'reacM. B '?t >r?. B*<1? and PiT!ow?. D iitm T?fi ' DH IM t kiin, Carpeta. Oil CiiHh, Mtttivc. CoiiklPI aod oik?r hil?l?D I t Ulll. T?rrr o*?h. ? J c. M?or'IK * co^. By J. C. MeQl'IRK A CO.. Anctioa?*rt AUOTIOX !* LF Of FA.KCV ?0<>rflH*' ipg on h?<M* torn# tra ??o<1 d?l wrtnol #x*.r <nf t ? -? ** >?*. I l?<r? C~r <> t> diaforr ..f tft# > 10 tfce i d i?r. { t m 1 i-np-mm ot? in n?? ato? for f ha oofnmr K tton I f *1 tr>?t to tha k<U** ol (,?.,r,.? .* A ?r?i tba<r r?>>wtivf vi ;i ti<?, r' d d t ?i a ify tha *rtia>a to h? >. J oitior t imi : n. r^' r*' ca.-? MibHoti*. HniMt*. L???*a. F!vwara, Or*M Trim IMI, Fwitifri, J^ek?y IUu. Kmbroutfrin, GIovm. CntM, Be*) b'aoh Lara Poirta ard M?ntii a? And * ihou?ftr><] artiol** of diffarant hinde. all rf which will !< oti?rad in ?n*ntitiM to amttha pnrOha*?ra ai r*ar ?? >>. tiiarrt.j girir.g '.ham r?r? If even ?? the m?>?t r *tae i?? lu nioti ??'*? T?. - *? .. .4 i a ? - * - w : f !.? 11 ! ' m?l , over < V M l ? 0*' ?. hT.VhN?'* fane? Ml .1 MVf/tyjm. rHfS A FTKRIVf >f > /V & Ti> NOKKQW By A. URKKN Ai?lioaMr. V AM'A HO: I.MPHMVKU'A.NO Camwrr? PBOrKBTT OH TBI l?l.?*P at A rcn??n.?<?n THl K-UA^ tb? 2d la? of Autu't Mit. I ah* 1 1. in front of the frftoi.??>? at 6 o'clock p r . that ra!l?b!? ^tofrtf knor-, . ih? nmittin* of tkc iat? Pet*r rmvinw. it hrini a i f 9?u?>? No. 2X1. e>t?.tain: t >ut ni?Mf f*? t offrour '1, with th* in pi\ -hi-ii?? wnict Of n.t of a handeome br-t ?1mf f * !i? C\ tt\(? Dir?, inc Hob*, eontaiiilnc *uM ?or.r?ijiPi:t f ?rr*n<v! ronmi, dfciry, imnltf hou??. rta *. oar >ac? a. <t a othftf 1 ?!M>a j out iiiiuir*. a pun p o ??e* nt water in the yard. Tbia P'op^itt i? handa ni*'* aituatad, and noundftd b? Fwnrtmitti ?* '. 'Utn U ?od VN at??r t?, a;.?: cunlwl one 1 thft mnit [im'Ui an i p '<a(M,: pnvata rftaidfmc? a la the etty A m<>. ha?<l?oni? UitlHoc l.ote. bftine k>t< No. 1.7.1,9 in. ani 14. in ri j*'r N Timer tiful ami ft ftvatwl button.c ioU a>ft? i, I MtU>er ana a half a'.d Kourtften 1 b atresia wei-t. and C ?r'd P at'ft- tj aoiith, an<l pr^?"nt rnaoT ii?deo?niftnt? to pft eoca vieii lit to htchi a Mtr me l>ui di >c eitftor maii-a (Di e' in">tn?fttit The eaift wi.rooni.ti?ncft on thft t-uildmt !?te in eq uarft Xh fftr ma . Onft f'nrih ra">. ti*;an<*ft in *. I?. I? and ^4 ni<'C*hr. ttift fuiciia*?>i? to ci ve notaa f >r t'ft dft ferred pa>iner.ta. tiftar'n* 1. t- ft?? f oni tl.e d*i of ex'ft A dr-ftd f 1 Vftn ai d a i1*< d of trnal tatftP T?t'? 1 if A ; r-i.v?}*i?o:r.c at the p"?t fl;i? pUi. hM?r M K. HANGER FIELD. K-?i ''i*ry l?-v,.'? jf U A. (iHF.KNi Atnt. By A. ?REKN, Aneuonwr. Wl1.1, BE ADDED TO THE SALE WHICH wl'l take place " FRIDAY, si Angrt, at I o'clock p. m., uuoornerol l w?rti third and Lata.. koi 'R. in ^^uare SR. heionniBK to the heirs o| icharil Da' ia, tleo a??i. Term* at i4l?. au 1 3t A.GRKFN. AuM PirjirRR DAYS by J. C. McUI'IKE A CO., Aactioncera. ST?m;K?* AT Al CTION.-On PRIDAV AF TEHNOO.X, Amruot 31. at s o'clock, a* the Ancti n Ro<>ti?. we ?h?il I. ir. en in* to ?uit? |U'*' t/orytiriUuiu of VVa*l)in?ton (4?art*r!) 6 per cent, mock, ?svi Corp <ration ol Washington hem annia! a p?r cent f?i?ck. M SV.arM Kar.k of Wa-btngtnn Sroek. r*riim o?*h in onrreot lundt Jy j:-d J. C. vcm irk A co.. aim. By A. GRKK\, Auotn>a??f Trustee ssai.eof old brick,door?. vvmrow*. klism asd harmomb bi ilmhu i ot,ii miiifi tbk fmatt or tie Wmium Host Compjiio. 4T Acctioji ?on FRID4V. ih? Ski iia* of A ;*u?t. I ni? . <.n the irMnuw. a o clock p. in., <'ii fwcntf tmrd. Iietwaeo I. uid M north, it bsinn *n?'W Mtkr WfiUrn Holt property. a i the Briok. Windows. D ors and Kiind', r?? tiDin( from the firs. Alan, the handa?nn? t ofgrouu<! on vln?)h the buiidin* being sooth *irobes <?f l,ot No. 22. ? Square [%<> >!. Terms for brink and material. cash; for the baud leg lot or.a-ha'f oa?h; the halanee m 6,12.and IS moutlia, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pa- m?nte, brar'r?g irT?<-eat fr??m th- da? of sate. A deed given snd a deed of tra?t taken. All ouavetai.cing at the ??? of !ha purchaser If tfte tarnis for lot should not be ooirplifld with io lira days from da* of sa e, the tmtM reaerres tne >ight in re?eM the propartt at the nrk and oost of the brst tu c^M: r. by Um aant I t.rn's in ths Star new?nap~* EDMUNi) HANI KV, Tmstee, Br W. R Wo6?WAII) jy2Bd A <?> F.F.N7 Auot. Rr A. GREEN. Auctioneer /^OOD TWd !?TO! V KR AM E BOUSE AND * Lot or thi Icuxi it acctio*.?Ou Kit DA I . thf /7th i atant, I sha I ael , in front of tho prewt'ca, at 6 o*c <>ok p rn soafi half Lot F, id subdivision of Square No 416. with the improve m : ts. e->i>M?tii:c ofasix-d two ?to-y Frame Houae with 4 robins, kitchen and wood bonse This pro, ertr f orits ?m Seventh streat wast, ra*t to the cor- er ol soa<n K stree\ ai d run* hacs to an ai e? Term*: One ha foa*-h; balances IS months, the purchaser to give for the deferred parn at b-arin* intereat from day of sale. A dead riwra and a d?ed of trast t ikon. Title iniispstabie jy 23 d A. GR Lr..N, AaoC CT-THK ABOVE SALE ? POSTPONED nulFRiDAY, Aug. SI, same boar and paoa jy z*-e< oao.^ A. GKKEV A net. D? J. C. McGl iRK A CO . Auctioneer* Peremptory ?ale of millinery AND t?T?AW OOODI, EkBBOIDBBIBB. tBH , m*G*. Lac*? i'iifi *4key. Kamct Good*. Ac ? ? On SATURDAY MuaNIMG, Au*n*t tth.ooro Dic e rif at ?? o"c'<>ok and e<>nunaiT>( from oa? to daj onti the whole i? (iiipvt^ <>f, we *h*'l eeli, at tb^ttore of R C MitMU Kr^.. No lit P?n. avenu*, between 9th a?d b-th a lar?e v*ri rij't R>:od? in hi* line, oo?rpri?m?? Crape and Site Bonnets of new Map**. Triintr>efl and antr.ifini d M'aw Bonnet*. Bat* asd P au, Co!ur?m air ami Straw Honn't*. Colored, h ark and ^ into looker Rata, Carah/io ana 6?im E<ixir*? and Ineertiofa, iio do bau a and r*tr p?. On do C<>Iaraa-.d Peta,n>flu>ta'Bodiec Giikh, Cords Praid*. Print***, t nted R i bt.or ?. Gtuseaad Pilk BuUobb, Plata Drop Ta* ae , rr i.|N. Rea \ a' -ncia. Pncli~h Tnr?ad, Cotton, l"?pe ial Vtlerteia Si k, Blood and every other va of l/? r, Hon, bkita, p eueH Artificial Flower*. Ladiea' and Geniiemac's s*ilk and GioghMi Umbrella*. S?wi">* Silk*. *p-v>! 0otton*. Hair Pm all kind?. Head Preeae*. Hair, i "othane Nail bruahea, Comb*. Ope a G a ae* Pi>rb-nK>naiei Caid Caem, G^d anl 8ilw Thimble*. Tuok Cnaih*. Latin'/. tiarriao^'a and Jvlaa fcaaie'a beat Ex tTMU, F- nrh and German Co ofte*. Hair Oil, Pomade kr , Ae. All of wniek will be eo d without rmrra. Term*: f?> and under, oaah; over that aim a fireflit nf fii r.A tv- <4... ?J ?J * ... - ?? no'r? hiring in.?r?>?t Mid J. C MoGl IRE ft CO . A?ota. \ p u"-T T y~ 1 ? U FT H. W. HAMILTON, No. #19 Siviiti STtllT, ffemr Odd Ftilowt' Hmll, | FVal.r in PA1NT9.0IL9.0LA99.VARNI9RBRUMEA fte. ft?. ' JfeS9M>4i* MIXED PA1 NT* ft it **' , vitt htoMi and ,>\l bra?U*? to lean frm of harr* j* * I Y IS DOWN! M Nation ak1l hi?? hibition, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sm. UrA-WA. rai and l-<lu?tnai KxhihUicni tlw jrewie liher?V/up'tn Uw^rt ftwVTj?'bo s^?s#yaK?9 TO ^rernuim * ^ oo^ foal*! JO iO.MO. Th? Exhibition ?itl rtati umo iron WtdM. lay, th? lJlli. to ThorwJa;. th# Mk, o: W?>fib?r. k I iA^?my^tinw> Jto ?mum mmI M tfco imp * 1 For premium liaU or laformaUoa uiii at tbo *??? <p 9

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