Newspaper of Evening Star, August 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 2, 1860 Page 4
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I THK RVRN1NG STAR. Thi Mitbo* ?Prof. Bond, of Harvard Collage. savs of this phenomenon : " The evidence collected from a larger number of observations does not materially change the path of the great meteor, as communicated toy me to the Advertiser of the 3IUb ultimo. It indicate*, however, that Inetrnd of falling upon our globe or being consumed, like most bodies of its class before reaching it, it may have passed beyond tt.e limits of the atmosphere, and resumed its original character as a wanderer In the planetary spaces. The accounts from the seaboard agree tolerably well In describing its appearance as a gradual Aiding aw*v,at a considerable altitude above the horizon, siifflc;?nt to rarry its petfc. when prolonged, quite clear of contict with the earth. If the velocity, relative to the earth's surface, of twenty miles a aecond be admitted, it follows that the greater rt of the apparent motion of the meteor w*s due our motion in the soiar system, and that the major axis of tLe orbit of tbis little a*?er:oa, ana tbc period of describing i^scompltte circuit about the tun. roust have b?-en lew than those of the earth. A telescopic view of the meteor wai enjoyed by Mr. C A Damon, of Boston, who had the singular good fortune to catch sight of it in full course, with a telescope of Ave inches aperture. Blo^dis's Last Fui.-Ua the 18th the dav announced for Bl.mdln to walk hisrable, It will be recollected that it rained heavily This, of course, wet the ropes and guys and a rapid shrinkage was the consequence The result was that all the guys that ran from the centre of the cable to the Canada side were broken, and tbe cable left swinging, unsustained laterally bv the slightest support When Blondin, who haa not heard of this until just ready to walk acros* from the American side, wis told, and was en treated not to cross, be replied that he had advertised to crow. and he would not disappoint the crowd assembl-d He did cross the cable in this frightftil condition. When he reached the unjtuved portion of it, it commenced swaying frou aide to side over the terrific abyss, but collecting all determination, nerve, and skill, he safely ac compiisbed his terrible programme, though much clogged with the large pearli basket he wore ori li s feet He returned over the stme swaying and frail bridge with a care and caution that showed bow sensible he was of the peril he was In but yet determined to meet all and dare all. Thin may be set down as Ulondin's greatest feat, and one which no other man will ever dare attempt Thi F.ffkct of thi lsk or Machijiiht is thk Shoe Tkadk?The Haverhill (Massachusetts) correspondent. In sf>eaking of the sboe business of that town, allud-s to the important results likely to arise from the introduction of machinery In the manufacture: "The shoe s.?le is progressing quietly, with n realization cf fair prices, and a prospect of a <le mand for all desirable styles that have been manufactured for the present sale, though It would even now be an easy matter t-> glut the ma ket with certain style*, the facilities for producing them being so much inferior to what have hitherto eiisted The application of machinery to the manufacture of sho?-s has made so vast a d H'erence lathe ease and rapidity of their production that those engaged in the business can scarcely realize the advantage they pewess, and before they are aw rc of it, tb>-v are In the wsv of creating a surplus The effect of thir change in tbeir production will be to lesaon tbe number of rriaiiuf.icturers and oper-tives, and until they real zs fully this fact, and walk directly out of the business Into other branches less crowded, the biis'ness v 111 be bard, and will fail of bHtig remunerati ?e." The Doe Who Kbsp? a Dkovkk ? I know a shaggy black and white dug who keeps n drover. H? !s a dog of an easy disposition, and too frequently allow* ibis drover toget drunk. On these occasion it is the dog's custom to sit outside the publlc bouse, keeping bis eye on a sheep, and thinking If I could at any time have doubted tbe fact that It was be who kept the drover, and rot the drover who kept would have been nbundantly proved by Lis way of taking undivided charge of tbe six sheep, when the drover came out besmeared with red ochre and beer, and i<ave him tbe wrong directions, which he calmly disregarded He has taken the sh'.ep entirely into 1 is own bands hus merely remarked with respectful firmness, '-That Instruction would p'.a^e them under an omnibus: you had btttcr confine your attenticrn to yourself?you will want it all;" and has driven b.s charge away with an intelligence .... - i 1 - ... ... wm auu mil, nuu a OI DIlSlDeSS, that Lai left his lo.itcfa man verv,very far behind. Thi \0tk of thc slliam to ths FaK.ich Kkpibob.?' 1 hive at heart that your Majesty s&ould know with wuat crW I have learned the events in Syria Let your Majesty be convinced thit I ahull employ all my power for establishing security and ord-r in Syria; that I shall severely puaish the guilty parties, whoever they may be, ?nd render justice to sll In order to leave no doubt whatever on the Intentions of n;v Government, 1 have entrusted that important mission to mr Minister for Foreign Aff tirs. with whose principles your Majesty is acquainted." Dkocoht i* Rhode Island?5*o little rain bas fallen in Rhode Island the present season tnat the streams are very low aud many mills are stopped entirely while a still larger number are running only a portion of the time In tbe present condition of the domestic. dr? irnnli -- ? , ? <uc Providence Journal, the drought is a serious misfortune. It occasions not only a great loss of profIts to the n:ar<f?'turers. but deprives many dependent persons of their means of support." and gl*?s to sorue of the villages an aspect little less dull than during the great revulsion of 1*57. A 5tw Kit as frisk ?The London Daily Telegraph's correspondent states that a Polish proprietor belonging to Posf-u has purchased Mount Vesuvius cf its present owner. Prince Pastelcioala, and intends studding the lava sirface of its precipitous declivities with vilai. hotels and other I laces of recreation, for the aiinuseuieut and accommodation of English tourists. am ? li*. li*?cols. Read from left to right, or from top to bottom, ... j ?l * * - uu lue uaiun di uum uce AKRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?Mn AnJ>r*on, Vrs 6m ?, B W Iz:*'. La; Dr t? Bay ** and it, K>; G Majo an J .7, >C; 1. 1' BriMit, o Foarnat, I. l-"? ur11a . La; G SJon-fcAV Moritf.Twn; J McMskr, J K Qaion. Miss, J L 1 at?, ^a; V Klltert. hLj; J i McLaughlin. M Frw. Ga; li;t T J Ivv, L VV H Ha'id. Miss; W Jeakiusand jr, Mn Jci kias and daughter. Va; J Davison, Miss: C A M?>r*e, La; A Wa'd and fain. Mts?; Mrs H Chriitv.SJ Kor?*rs, K?; Mrs L E Tajior, Va; J Berget ar.d y, Ala; I) HiJarisoc. Ga;0 Stak, N Y; T Patno and j. J MO* rr aca I f, T S Cue ns. La; W Hison, M<1; \V J-rkins. NC; W Anderson, ars; S D C anient* D N|^srs, ua; J Harrm, La; J T-*rrpkin? Aia: W B Goald, A Ar.drevrs, 111; R B-arman, Md, NATION\L HOTKL.-E H Hall?n, NY: J D Sat (*> , Mas*; W hioh es. La; W Nelson. K?; J M IVil..'. kiV- va/ if ?- - ?? i, 11 ?? ? ivr?, it, ti h< iv?nt an 1 on, M-J; ti W Ku'>x Pa; M R Sr.a klicd, Pa; F Walto, NY; C * P<**rca. O; J brr*n M C>mn>, Mi'i Wm Ckhtoa. Mich; A S Pnlfxit, L Nick?r*on Md; \V Gray, Mi*? bra*, Wt*? Hl\ceh '1, Mi?? Clem*u?, M< ; T Herlbeck H tlerlbeuk. 80; J Plait aud ;ady. J Johu* >?. A M*?nard, lia; \v' A a. n-o i. r n?! ar<i. Mr? Ba KrJ, W Lawren* XV Ransom, R Stuirt. Va, 'Mjrauam, A N?al and lad*. V it* . i. iha r, O Hart ret,Md: J Montj>>mery, O Piunkett, LkI; U C Ball, J A Alien,Md; J Hons, NV. KIRKWOOD H??U?K-A <* Co*. W Templ#trn,U;('oaC H He.' arid U. l.'sN. .-on I> l-l-ik intoo, N E Paine, J *'ai.!e? \ >; Mr llurnitt. F a; I UU>'?. ?J'' ??* '? * " * cvnuuu, "TU'e , J F%fOrt. Pft; W' >1 Ma t.r f *dk w V M K ^?r. Pa; J <irr?hnmt NY;AJ W'sk:iff?inJ:j,MrOorii.? , Va; \V ft J-nefir, U*N. Washington house-hod d kiiiore.iwi; J Kaliof, W Ja*?*a, NY; A Stafford. III. " OCEANSTEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbom rut Umritx) Statks. L#*''.. For. Days. Prrm-g New York ...Br?-m?n?_.A' *. 4 Ctntdi .Boaton Livwrooi -tug. d Artk'i New York tjavre Au*. 18 Fkom Ecaops .Liverpool....New York . Jnl? t' Auatia Mian I ivwpooi N>w Yorn.. July 21 Ar?o Boatli'ptun ..><**? Vork...Ju > t> Karopa.... Lirerp -oi... BoMon July 2R Persia ......... Liverpool.....New York .'ug. 7 Ti>? Havana mail atramera leave Nr? York on the ad. !2th, nth, and ?7th of ~v>;> month, and Chariaatou on tbeitb and 19tii. Tha California mail ??<?"??r? l?a?? New York on tneWh and Sutii of o*"' montn. Nino. ?63 i oti^f ok 1hk rkviOVAL OF thu land offick. FRoM HUUSo.N to FALLS opftt ?ioiX, in TH L SrAlfc of WI8CF*sln. In accordance with the pronaiona of the act 01 Con?r*M ent1tlr4 "an *-t authorizing oh%n???in tbei-ca loo of !%n* offioo*," pnvH Vmcl. >1 1851. u i? hrrafer dt ?r< d an<1 mad known that the cftje i?' the k*i? of p<iijli? J ami a at Hckik in ihe t?r*t? of W;aoon?;a, wi I be rernored to F/ LL? Or i*T Caoix. in aaid at at early a jnriod at t Ku.n?r ?.o'w at to th? preoiae tim? of oloaicx the nthoa at Hudaon. preparatory to removal ai.'l : iu opening tor tmaioeaaat Fa i? of St. * 10 x. wi.i tx> i! v"u >jj Ui? Regular and Keoelvrr lor the laao uiat'ict. bivt- u:i<1?rmy hind, at theCity of Waarington, thia 'hiitirth day of Juue. A. D., 1W0. By ordsr of the Preaident: JOS. S. WI'SON, < it" miaaiuner of tha ? ,ia- - 1 )J 3 law6w HO. HOOD haa now on r.anri a *er? larre . >toek of In* .tao-ivd NI-VKR WAKR, a of h'.? own make. that k? will sell a* low as ?-.y of tM .Nor Ik era sold lor, a&d at the tun wiil warrant everything to be ?tam'? "1 ?ilv#r. .IS* Pa. aT?nite. ieJJ PlAXI'.-BtKAT HAR0A1N8 ? One Roirikrauts P.a?o, in b??? order.for t7 ? Ud? r.i Uae.e Piaao ft-r >. A?.? ft.!*,1 j g.^?j t'ruce .Melodeoo for #3*. Po.Hl*' ?u McomWH'Ci tenpe at the Mu.ic 5Jt_r* *f <i* i>? w a Mi?T7Pm(TT mflKK ? ' BBAt tTpuT IPKK.HT OR < OT X,*eK "ANOS JMJUOt " ' ao* Pa. ? ?? , bet. ?th and loth at*. Cn.cdciin* k. Bou' Piaooe at ail |rma jy 10 I MISCELLANEOUS. PROPOSALS FOR SEALING WAX. Po?r Orrtci Dkpaktxikt, July 24, I860. P?al?d rmopotals wiil he received at this D? partmer.t until iue3I da; ? f Septemter uext, at 12 o'oiuo*. noon, for fnrniahlni raalicg Wax. for the one of the Poat OAoea in the United Stat?*, from the dato that the oontracitberef r ahal! be executed to the Slat day of December. 18M. Th* Wax to be delivered. free of axpenae. at the blank acenotea of the Poat Utfiee Department, at Waahinct^n, D. C., Mew York oity and Cincinnati, Ohio. The eatimsb'd quantity of \\ ax required at each a*enoy year y la ?pacified below. District No. 1.? Wafkintton, D. C. 150 pounda of Scarlet Seauu* V\ ax, ol good quality, for ordinary uae. District Nn 2.?At Xtw York city. fimpounaaof Scarlet Sealing Wax,a&me aa for diatrio'- No. 1 Di8T*iCT No. 3.? At Cinrinnati, Ohio. <" pounai ui pear ? aimg v\ ?x, same aa for district No 1. Th?o mtraot Will be awarded to the lowest and he t bidder, the bent bid to be determined * fit r a careful examination for the purpose of ascertaining wnich bid wi I. in its practical raauits, ba most advantageous to the Department. 11 the Distriots should be reconstructed, or increased in number, the Sealing Wax anall be delivered at suoh p ass or places a? the Postmaster Geceral shall detigna'e, at pro rata prioea Samples oi tae cealiug Wax required to be furnished can be seeu at. or procured from, eith9r ot the above named agencies. Kach bidder must furi.iah, with his proposals, ev idei on of his abi'ity to comply with his bid. Two sufficient securities will be required to a contract. Fai.urea to furnish the Sealinc W ax contracted for prompt!) , or furnishing an article inferior t > tiat ront'auird for, will be o<>n?idored sufficient cause for the forfeiture of the contract. Bids not made in accordance with thf se proposals will not be ronsidered. Proposals must be n arked, on the outside of the envelope. "Proposals lor Sealinc W?," and the letter containing them addressee to the First Assistant Pwstmaster Oe.eral, \\ ashington, D. C. J. HOLT. jy 26-1aw4w,Th Postmaster General. OFFICIAL. VJ ?ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Treasury Dirartmijit, July 10, I860. Proposals will !> rwoeiv*l at this Department until the tenth day of September next, pursuant to the following vol of Congrein : As Apt to facilitate oommunioation between the At'anticand Pacific States by electric telegraph. Be. it enacted by the Senate and Hov*e of Representatives qf the Unittd States of Amtr\ta in Contrast assembled. That the Secretary of the Treasu y. under the direction of the President of the United State*. ia hereby authorized and directed t> advertise for sealed proposals, to be received for 60 days nft-r tun pasaate of thia act, (and the fulfilment of which shall to guarantied by responsible parties, as in th.* oafe of Dids for mail con tracts.) for tho use by th* GoveMimei t of a line or lir;es of macnetio telegraph, to he constructed within two yoars from the thirty first day of July, eight en hundred and sixty, from mm- point or p lints on the west line of the State Mi-souri by any route or routes whioi the taid o< ntractor* may elect, (connecting at tuch ^oint or poir.ts by tele - - ?fa? ? *iiv> (>oiii::K'<iiif ;i W I 'I ! f?l II15 4 N- w Vork, Charleston, Philadelphia. i?<mt <ith<?r oiti?s in t!i? Atlainic. Jfouthe'n. and Weit rn M?f? ) to the city of r*ao Francisco, in the rotate ol California for a period of ten j?>ari, and hai aaard the oontraot to tho lowest re*pon?ible bidder or bidder*, provided such f>roflr<ir Uoee not require a larcer am ant p ?r *ea- from the l'nited *??t.-?? thar. fort* thousand collars, and permission is hereby grai.ted to th<* i>aid parties to wlioin raid contract may be awarde i. or a majoriti of thjm. %>.d their assigns, to use unt.l the end of the said turn, such unoccupied pub,10 lands of the L'nited *ta;es a* maj be neciMr? for therignt of way ar.d for tne purpose of establishing nations for repairs along said line, rot exceeding at any station one quarter section of and, such stations not to exceed one in fifteen miles on an average of the wnole di*taioe, unless >aid la>>di shall be required by thf Government of the l'nited ?ta*es for rail road or oth?r purposes, and provided th 't no right t" pre empt any 01 taid iands uud-r the laws of the Unite J Elates sha'i inure to s?id ooinpai.y, tneir agents or a?rvaiita, or to any other person or pers 'n* whatsoever: Prond-d. That no euch con trict shall l>e n a:e until (he raid line shall be in a?'oa operation and HTinrati th?r?itnri?r ?h.,i oeas> whenever the cont actors fat1 to oomplr with m* contra t: thai the Government hali, at all times ?t.r,t ?<i in p'iori-.y 1n the use of tne line or lines, am sha havo the priv-nrge, when author red hjr aw, < f oonm ct.n^ fail li:.e or h .es by telegraph wi>n *-.y military posts of the United r*tat?F, and to u?ethe*aine for liover m*nt purposes: And pro tided also. That said ?ine or lines, except iuoi a* may be oonttruoted by the Government to connect Mil iine or lines with the military posts of the I'iiite<4 8'ates, shall be open to the use of all oiti z-ns of the United S:ate? curing tho term of said ooutact, on pajm nt of the reyular charges for transmission of dispatches: And provid'tl. alio, That huo:i charges nhal: not exceed three dollars for a sinjt.o di-patch ol ten words, with the usual proportionate deductions upon disoa'ohes of (r?atsr length, provided that nothing herein oonta>n*-(l ahall uo: fer upon the said parties any exclusive right to construct a telegraph to the Paoi fij.orde ar the Government of the United States iroui granting, from tima to time, similar fian cb:s?s aud privileges to other parties. S?o. 2. And bt it furtktr enacted, That the said contractors, or their assign*, shail have the right to construct and maintain, through any of tho Ter I ritories oftne United Mates, a branch line, so as to i c >n'iect their tai'l line or line* with Oregon; and that toe* shall have the permam-rit right of way f.?r wl line or lines, under, or over, any unappropriated public lands ana water* in the said Territories by any route or routes which the said con traotors mar selrct with the free use during the said termor such lands, as may be n6aes>arf for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs s ong said line or lines, not exceeding, at any station. one quarter section of land, suon stations not to oxo*"d <>ne in fifteou on an average of the whole distance; but should any of said quarter sections be deemed essential by the Hovernm^nt or any oompany acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, tha ?&id contractors stiill relinquish the occupancy ot so much as may be necessary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount of land for like iis* in its ateac. :? # 3 And bt it furtn'r tnacttd. That Pf, in any year during lue continuance of the said contract, the business done for lue (ioveriinient as hereuitff>ro mentioned by such contactors, or their I a< tens, sna I. at the ordinan r*t ..f '? priva'e exosed the price contracted to be paid an aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treaaury Khali, upon raid ?M>counU beir:? duly authenti oated, certify tlia amount of such ex< eaa to C< n grata: Pror <derf. That tha use> ol the line be civen at any time, f ?i of ooet, to tne Coast Survey, the Sin.tnao a an institution, and tlie National Ob?er vatory, for scientific purposes: A-.d proruled furth'r, 1 h\t messai ca rnoeivpd front any individual, company, or corporation, or fr>>m any tetecrap(i hiii s connecting with this line at either or its termini, shall be impartjal y trausiniU d in the order 1 of tneir reooption, exoeptnu that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And pro\ vidtd Jurttur, That CoBfrMs ultall at aay tune ha .'e tlie ruht to "-'tor or amend tuis aot. Approved June 16,1360. The lowest off -r for tlie use of suHi telerranli lor th" public a-moe, will 1y? acotpted, provided tho tor ma and condition* ?xp-e*sod in the aot ana1! be fully b<h forth and stipulate') in tn*? proposala, wnich must be acoonipaoied bv a guarantee, in conformity with theJ7tti section of tie aot of Jnly i, li3*, iw n-gard to mail servioe. to the *that the lin- or linea snail be completed vrithiu tin time p-?tcribedt and th\t the guaranto- aha!! then enter into obligation to the United Statin lor the cerlormario* of the service for tie Wovernmen*, under saH act. at the rat:'a offered in the proposals. Such guarantee may oe in tne following form: "The undersigned residing at , in the State of , uadertaae an<i promise that if the Secretary of the Treasury shall ancept th? within p-o posalt, under the act of Juue 16, I860. th? line or iineaof m^aetid telegraph ?ha!l be ooippUted ard put into operauon on v>r rvefo/e tin time .-tat* d iu !--? 11 iu" inn wo win men execute with the parties signing the witmn proposals au obligation to the United States, in due form, aa *ure ue* for the of the aervios, according to the terms and Condition* oontained in tuoh proposals Dat'd at . Thea^ove guarantee muat b? accompanied with th? certificate of a I'nlttfd States di; triet attornr. or d'atriot judge, s'aung that h* la acquainted with each of the persona signing the euarant~e, and kiowa tiiem to be men ol sufficient propeity to make go d tneat>ove guarantee. 'I tie prop >*aia and guaant'e must b? M&'e<l up ani dire?;tod to "the Ssori-ta-y of the Treasury, Washington. D C ."and endoraed "PioposaU for t'eo^fio Telegraph." Hi'WKi.L COBH, jjr 11 2awtd,VV&.S. Seoretar? of the Troaaury. T> WOT ICE! tit- OULAR STE AM PACKET LINE HE T WKKN K \ LT> M' >R K AND JC" 1 . WASrflNGTO N.-i.eave C(.ra-&?^W> ineroe at wlia'f, Baltimore, as fol-?** a-_?i.-*iA> ows: The St Nichol ? swrt wenvpam w - - - / ? ?j*# * ua i ? m o p. in. Ooi.cmbia,ev?ry SATURDAY, at 6 p. m i ,f*vr Kiiny - Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washing t ?n, as follow* : Columha. every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. Sr. Nicholvb, every SATURDAY,at6a. in. For freight, c40.,a;>i>i* to TH08. W. RILEY, A cent, Riley'a Wharf,at the foot of roar i?-TATBm 11th at. Washington PeHron? in search of guitars, Vioiina. Fiutea, Accordeona, Fmtinaa, Uarioa, Tamhorinee, Brass Iuf.truments and Strugs of the fi'at Huality, will find an immense assortment at the Mueio Store of j,2? W. G. METZEROTT. LIFE or LINCOLN.?The Life and PuMio Mn?fi of Hon. 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The i -oatrated Horse Doctor, being an acou'lla and >.'?tajl'd account, nooomramed by mor* than pioteriat repre*entation? oTthe ?arious dieasee to wtiioh fne Kqume race are snty?ot*d; tocether with the latest iu?de o' treatment and all tne reeu sii<i sf<-*eiption* writtea in plain hnihsn ry Jvuw&rd Mtii'W. fS-K). \ (w>grse of six Veturea on the various Forees of matter and tneir relation* o each other, by Mioiiael Faralay tteenta. For sale ?t Me^opolitian Book Store. PHJI P kSOLOMON'S. 353 Pa av. t Sol* At eat lor Lawreooe's Stationery. jy 19 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. THE STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HAVING t undertone a thorough examinft tint by the gover meat inspector, now ready for Exosrsions to <?reat Fal's or to any points on tha river not over V inilrfs distant She will ran to ^jincton from Fourteenth street, or any wharf tn TVft*hingron at 2n c<*nU for the round trip, or 13 cents for the single trip, or from Georgetown, by way of the cana , for lJoents ronnd trip; 1? cents smcie trip. Excursions to the Inrane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, tar ting from Geor<e? town at 12 o'clock m , and stopping at Stone Mill Whari and other wha-v<>s in \% ashington, so fts to reach the Asylum by 1 o'olock. jySeolm JOHN M OO R E. Proprietor. CAPON SPRINGS. < ~ EW and improved route via the Mftii&ssfts Gftp Rftil Road and the St1*5- fJT burg and Capon l u'npike.J^j^ IJlJ, UUi J IO til lir-D l'I B14>& I lift UVO' a comfortable ana ?-a(a road. Leave Alexandria in the Oram* and Alexandria Train at 7.16 a. in., take tho Mi mh? oars at the junotion, arrive at Capon hy 5 o'clock p. m. h are from Alexandria to Capon. 35.00 From Washington to Capon..... - ... 5'>o For information enquire at the Rail Road Office oorner of Sixth sr. and Pa. av.,'n Washington, and at the Ticket Office on Union at, Alexauaru, Va. jr 18-dt?HhA as. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BhANCH. Chang op Hour*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, lst*>, trams will run as follow*: Loave Washington at 6 8> and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at iJto and SJO p. m. vmi oanoa; auxp. m. Leave Baltimore at 4 25 and R 4n a. m. Leave Ualtimore at 3.16 and 4.20 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. in. PanaeDgera for the Kant will take train? at 6.?) and 7.4(> a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.4' a. in. and 3.2? p. ro. For Annapolis at 7.40 a in- and 320 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Saturday evening thej.20 p. m. train coet to Philadelphia only. j? 13 <1 T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THRBZ] DAYS WITH THS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. SiH ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: 1/7- -.',? i rr> r fgot i'ie X East 7 en tie sure and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jar.Icson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS" ROUTK: Memphis by Ra I,thence h* Fir?t class Packet* to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery bj Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Fir?t class Taoketa. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers 0 TWO DAILY TRAINS?Hchdats Isclcded, Leave W n*hington al 6 a ni and > p ra The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh strert at 63^ a. m. and 6J^ p m. and connects at Alexandria wiin the Orange ar.d Alexandria Trains for the ^tonthwest. Otfico?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BA0QA8B CHECKED TBR0176H TO HSW ORLKAH8 Lynchburg !|S5<i Memphis ?? S3' on Bristol ? 16n Atlanta & no Knoxville ?_.5n'0" Macon .. 28 on Chattanooga ....24 on Coluin!>us 31 50 Da ton.24 no Montgomery ... Si no Huntsville .27 no ) vs >1 em phi*.12 ,V> (irami Junotion ?.3" oo N.O.J viaG. June. 42 V* Natlmlle ? 25 \ via Mobile.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is *00 MILES SHORTER, and 44 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any oth*>r l-ine?the Lynnhburr Extension being now completed, aa aiao th? Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS' It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! 4 To N?w Orleans Tit Honrs. timp I Memphis.? 54 do. I Montgomery 63 do. ITT"The U.S. MAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over thi* New Line. Ticket* can he obtained at the Hoath Western Office, oornef of Sixth ?tre?t and Penn?jlvama avenue. t'? the following points: U?no><t'nrK, Bristol, aim.* vill", Atlanta. Chatianooea, Huntsviile. Grand Junotion, Macon, Nashville, Dal Ion. Co.umbus, Montgomery, rsjobite, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IP- THROUGH rlcKFTS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. tfT^OmnibusPft and Baccate Wagons leave the office at 6 a m. auJ 6 p. ni. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Acent, maZT-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. T*HE STEAMER J AS. BUY Will resiling hoi I trips on TUESDAY, Slat of February,laeo. Will i?ave WASH INtiTON every TUESDAY aml^ -1" FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a. in.,an''. ALEXANDRIA at h)ilf-p*?tfi o'clock, for CUKRIOMAN ftntf tiie int^rirmdiate Lan?lin*a. ()a hnr roturn trips, she wiil i??.v(> OlJRRlOMAN ev*rr WEDNESDAY nad SATURDAY , at 5 o'clock a. m. LUC1AN S. PAGE. Proprietor. N ATH[LBOUSlI,_A j't. A1 oxe-ndria. '> P FUR NEW YORK. ABSA9E, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATb ROOM. ?7.50. Tne New \ or* a:id Vireina Soraw Steainahif Comjaaf't new and elefaat at>*p.mahip ^4CiMk M.UONT VERNON,Oa?t.T.O. Smith, tfjLfcC; , ... .~w?v ?i.w v.-u o i/n j*U *. ) T T OU * ~ tern Wharves, at il'o'oiock &. m. everj WKDNF-SDAY, and ths Company's Depot, at Alexandria, a; 8 o'o'ook p. m. Batno liay. Passengers fron. Washington and 6<*>rgetowi can tAk* the coacues oornocUng with Aleiani-'ria steamjKJats rr rai'ron-1, whiah leave the corner oj 7th ufaet nuu I'a. avenue boarly, or Utey can leavs out^i* steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 ' ilock a. nit MU-ts foomi oar. be engaged on a#pUc*t.oii U &t?.<sra. Morian A. Rhicobart, Western \> tiarve* Freight wiil be reeeive-1 np to tfce hoars of cepar ti'i. iCf" lnenranoe will t>? elT^e'ed on all goods bj tills i:no at the cftos of lite Company at H per oenl premium. The (vooommodations for passengers by this tins are in every respect first a ase, and every effort wil bo made to render tbis oominunioation with New York an agreeable and lte&ithfnl cne. For frnirht nr n>n?>? ???' -* vrtxxri if & - ?--- r??w?wjrf.j w/ rv"WH CO., Ajenta, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL k CO., aeS-ly ? Weat at. oorner Albany. New York. dentistry" D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM 1S Haa closed hi* office for the season, anl will b<< absent, as u?ual, durin* tho mm in(*r month* ; will rMninfl practice about the lat of October, of which further notice will be given. jy ifr-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a practical teat of two yeara, feels that he can with oonfiJence reoom ^ mend th* Cteoplaatio Proceas formaertir.ifcffiTJO aruftoisl teeth It haa the advantage or"**-** trecctb, beauty, oleablineas, and chaapneas. Pall over aera inaartMt fnr a ha V?rti?i - - ? ?. W? * ill fIVfVI MUIU (Tto* SM Pa. ?T T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY^ JL HE N*it Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot terT, oonrt noted by the Spanish Government, under the ?upervi?i?n of the Captain General of Caba, will take plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Augcbt 4. 1860. SORTEO NUMEKO 640 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 inie of.?.9inr>,i?no ?n pruee o? ...91.?'* 1 do fio.oon en do S"0 1 do ?,000 153 do 400 1 do 80,000 20 appro*. 1,900 I do 10,000 IN ALL itSS PRIZE8. Whole Tioketa, 9'iO?Halve*, 910?Qaarter>,9*< Pr-?ea oaahed at tight at 5 per oent. discount. Bills on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded aa soon as the result becomes known. All ordura fnr 4" " ' * --- ...... .?? wuviuua uj uo?eui to D9 AQ( resseo | to DON RODRIGUEZ. _ jjr 19-tr RtmofOftr PoitrhftrlMton. S.C. F|1 R E, F I R F.. POTOMAC WATER. I am Mill en?a?ed in the PLUMBING and fiAS FITTING Ml SINK#S at my old stand m Philharinocio H/vll. The advantage of having a plsnUnil supply ofwator was roadiiT observed at the fil? o> yesterday, aa 1 am wall satufi?d I should have named out bat lor tha bountiful supply upor mj premises and th?t of my neighbors All ordara for the introduction of Water andGaa will b* prompt'? attejded (o. Terms as reasonable as any plumber in tha oity. jt 3 C. SNYDER. HOWE'S IMPROVED W EIGI1ING SCALES These Scales are offered to the mblio aa tha moat simple, durable, and reliable scale* ever pit > aae. First class premiums have been awardoc item by the United StaieaPsirsnH Vir.;?,? ? ???? -?? Society; Vircinia State Agrieu^tural Fear; Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New \ ork State Fair, Vermont Stat* Fair. Jko., A c. In every oaae where exhibited thev oave reoeived first olass premiima F^saeat onisiana avenue, Depot of filler's <t?l|-lT K' O PATTWON. At*t tilled, made by the mo?t reliab.e distillers in Fkiin ylvaaia,Maryland vid Virginia, warranted iurp. AJeo, import<hI Hrandies, Hennessy,QUrd. D?pay * Co.. Jules Robins, Ao. Also, Peaah aod Apple Dr&ndy, pure Holi&nd Gin, old Jam&:o& am !*t. Croix Rem, and wines of every variety.#! o 1 esr* ap 14-ly iiSO Pa- av.. twtv.9th and 10th sts. # MEDIC IN SS. | lA JVHRITUK, * RUTillURB LOrt HOirilAL, Hu Duio+irtd ik* ?mm ('nam Sp?df, *?U MJj Kgi-tual Ktmtdy Mt 14# world, FOR ALL I>I!?KASES OF IMPRIDKNOK Lfir A'O FjIL.SS DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMKD ATKLV. A CCTK? RMJIJMOTffl), 0/P JVO CHARdX iiV FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VlibiHtfUl irii'Jw ?f l?? H4??r tad Bladder, la^alanurj Diaebtrgi*. li?r?t?oty, Stutra. DtfcilitT, Nirtcm Oyip*p?r. Lai i ?ar. Law Itpin'u,Uaa rati** af Id? ?, Pi:pulMa ' * Juj, 'i nkiiuft. Dinuioi of S.fti ar >iddio*M, Duaat <f the liidj Tkmi, !?? or otic, ?0IW?II a( lb a Lirp, Kiant ?t awala? tbaaa Tarnlla D.aardara araiaf fro TV Mttary BaMta a* Tasth?thaaa Draadfal tad Paairaau'a Praeucaa vbiek dar Marriaf a irnpaaaikla, aud daairay bate Bad? IM Mlad TO UNO MSN BtpatiaiiT fliltn aararoa iha aici'.OMaf ?,lUrj Tlaa, tkr. draadfai and daatracuva habit wr.icb aonaally aaraapa w ar autiinal? gn.?a ihoaaanda af Taar.j Mao afrba mi atai'.ad Ukn-J tn 1 brillaot lotallaet, wfca tnifbi tihirvitl ba?a autraocad liatamof lanataa with tha t ban dart af iImhoii at wakad m MMf tka linuf lyra, Map Mil vm* 4mm. Hiiiuai MA.RR1BD PUIOMI, ar TiUf Hu rUfa, baicf inriif akraiatl *?ikllul Hftuil d ability, da I wmi'.m. Re , apaadila carad a who placaa kimaaif aadai tka atra af Dv. J. uf rtUfl aaaiy eoatda in bia banar aa a f aniiamaa a&d aatl jacli? ralj apau bn aktll aa a pbyauiaa. ore lot Ha. r bo vti nBDniciiNin, laft baud aidt rmof fram Balumara I'.riat, a faw daara fTM lb a earn a r. Fail cat ;aa*aarva casta ul tukai. katUn at M paid aad * an lain a ataaap. Ui. JO?M?TOH, Mankara aftha Rapa! Cailaft aflarjaaai, Laa4aa, rralMII fram aot af tba maat aintuanl Oallaf aa ia tka Btuad Rutaa, and Lb* fraatar part af whoaa lifa haa kaao apaat id tka baaatu.a of Loci an, Pant, Philadalphia and alaa#haaa, haa af " c. u iofn? or in* dm; aatanianteg urn taat vara I'M kn??ai many troablad with nn|U( in Ui kiad ud mm vbic tilMr; grail oar?aaat,aia, baing alarnad at aiddaa aaanda, baabfaliiaaa with fraqaaat biaahing. attandad aaaa Haaa wiib darar.f arrant af mind, vara carad tmnadlalalT. take pa?t:c?lar Moricr. Taanf Mao ud athara wha ba*a lajarad ibamaaWaa by a aartain praetica indalgad to whan aiana?a babu fraqaaniiy laarnad from a?il campaniai a, ar at acbeal, ta afacta a( which ara mghtlj fait aian whan |talaap, and if aat carad. raudara raarrmga impoaaibla. and daairaya batb aiiad aa? bcl*, ahnald apply irnmadiatafy. Then ara aoma oftha aad ana malanebaly affaeu tradaaad by aarly habiu of vaaih 'il I Waaknaaa afiba Back aad limba, Pmna in tba Haad,Dimnaia af Bight, Loaa af Maaealai Powar, Palpitation af tha Ma*rt, Dyapapiy. Nir??? Irritability, Darangamant of iba Ihgaativa raocuaaa, Wan ara! Dabillty, aympiotna af Conaan^uan, Ac. IH1CSTALLT -Tm faarfal facta an iba alad ara raaab la ba draadad?Loaa of Mamary.Caufaaiao af Idaaa, Darraaaiaa afSptrrta, K?i! Farbadiuga. A'araion af Saciatr, Balf-Dntraat Lo'a of Bolitada.Tiraidit*, ate., era aacna af iba aaila f r? dacad. NEKTOOS DMIklYT ?Tbaaaaada aaa aawiadga what la tha e?u?? of tha r dacltning haaltb, laamg tbair ?igar, baaaminf waak. raia, narvoBa and aniaaiatad, ha?mg a atrian ifpitrinn a boa: th? area. coag h or eymptame ef ceoearnptie* diseases of umimncR Vtin the mitgBided ?ud ir^prKieiit ?ot*ry ef piaaeare #ada hi hat ini'ibad tht eeeda ef thie pamfal d'eeiee, it ;? a/lea happene mat an ill-tirotd eenae of (ham* or dreed ?f Jiacatary Ie:era him frotu ap;i*irg to tboae wbo, from e-Jscjuion acd reepectamlity, can 1":;a tafnend him. H? fail* ir'.e tke Ba.ide of i(??r?ni and deeigmrg pretendere, who, incapable f coring. #lch hie pe:am-iry iul>e:ar.ce, keep him trif-ng month after mouth, or ?e lore -a the emalleet fee c.*n ke at tamed, and in deapair leeae Tiro with rained health le a;gk e?er hia galling dte*ppoinin.e< or fcy the see of that deadly poiaon, MercBry, haaten the coneiitattrnal eyirpterre ef thu terrible diae?er, each ae-Afact.ooa n'tne Heart. Threat, Neee, k in .Ac., f rograeemg with frig t?tfal rapidity, till death pate I period to hie dreadful euffenrje by aendirg him to that aa dieeaaered roatitry from whoee bourn* oe traveler tetaroe. Lift. johnson s remedy p"r ORi.aWIC weaftnem AMD impotehct. y Ihle greet and important rerredy weakneae ef the orgeat ... .aa..J .. I f.A I - . .... A .1 .k. us biiiu kiiu mm i ?.|?i n??Bar.'>i mi uv mi narToaa >04 dakilnaiad, vaa kad Imi all kapa, aa?? kaan immadiataly raliavad. All irnpadnnanta to Marritfa. Phyaika! > Mac la I Plaqkall eationa, Leaa of Pracraau'a Pevir, N?r?aaa lrrilaatlliy Tramblmj Mid Wiik . attar IibLSauar. aflka BHI furflj kind apaaadilr earad. KNOnKlKMCKT Of Til Pllll, TDK MANY THOUSAND! carad otihia inatuailM alikll iha laai aaramaan yaara, and tha uamaraaa important Sarrl aal oparatiaoa parfarmad ky Dr. Jahraao, witnaaaad ?j i> a raparitra af (ha paf*ra and intny atftar paraaat, i.aucaa at ai:KCt n *.*i Rppaarad ?f?m and again bafara ibi pablie, kaaiilaa hia atanarnf ? a gantlaman af Cftaraeiai anl rt*?ual kilHT, U n ia*C!tnt faafaniaa la iha tc'.ad. (an VI Ij D~~R. J. JJOVEF, IXID'8 IMPERIAL WISE BITTEKS, Are now being used from Maine to the lirwt !*a!t I.ake, anl ttie universal verdict of al! who use ti.em either as & wW'ona or a* a bevtratt. u that they are im^a'pased in the world l>r. Dods used them successfully in h'? practice for 2S year* before we purchased of him the so ? . i?ht to manufacture and presont them for sale to tne public. For the cu>e of Ii.cipient Consumption, ludicestion, Dyspepsia, Piles, Nervous ea, Female Com plaint*, and all capes rMiunujc atonic, they are beyond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole some and delightful Beverage. producing all the p easant <:xhilerAtiiic eflects of Brand* or Wine .. ?> i. _ ?a . 11 J _ t I wuuifui ni'-ii iiuunuut rn?uiii? * <*l H'l lUOCUB "I humanity and at; a<lvooat*? of temperance assist us in RUDBlituiiiK these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mmtril poison? and adu*trrat?d Liquor* with which th?> country is flooded, and thereby effnc'ua.l) ai<i in ban ehing Diabase and Drnnkeneas from the land. CHARLER WIDDIFIKLD A CO., Proprietor*, William street. New York. J. ?CHWARZE. Ageut, WMhin(tvn, D. C. PR. J BOVKK DODS' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys. (ladder ami Urinary Organ*, and e?peoial!y for Femal* Obstructions, never fail to oure, aud are warranted to give satis taction. CBaRLKP WIDDIFIF.LD 4 CO.. Proprietors, 7P Will&mst., New York. j. HCHwarzk, je7 ly,r Agent, Washington. D. C. Highly important to all; mrs. rors IN VI AN VEGETABLE UECOCTIOX. It iB well known that in the Spring people are mnrfl ant tn AnntraAt A. *?? ? * ? ..... * w-r WVH?>?*V> 'Jicvinr tiiBll BV OU T VVUVI period; an<J it is equally well-known that the way to *ard c<T disease la to kMp the blood pure, for "all ti-? ilia that flesh is heir to," arise from impurity oftbe MOfMtft* main spring of our existence. Ir in, therefore, important t-; ail that the system ! should ca thr.rour'tit e'oans'Hl and purified, and thiH 'an be done in the most effectual vay br cunt 1 MUS M. COX'S INDlAy VEGETABLE DE \ CO(JTl0N, the beat remedy discovered for the oure of diseases of 8kin. Erysipelas. Somftiia. Rheum* tinin, Nervoua Debility, FeVera of different kinda, Dr*j?ep?y, Liver Complaint, and all otherdiseases arising from impurity oi the blood. Ithasefleot-d 1 the most remarkable ouree, aa can be shown by numerous certificates from persona of the highest respectability, and la recommend ad by a>! who have uarj it iu the moat invaluable remodial agent of the day. It la soM by all the Druggists of Baltimore, ! anuat the rosuienoe of the proprietor. MRS. M. COX, lftS Ea3t Baltimore street, between E^en street and Central avenua. None genuine unlesa her name is blown on the | iiuvie anil in r bcm on trie ourE. IC7* Pfiee ?1 per bottlo, six !>ottles for $5. Wholesale At*nt. R. 8 T. CisasL. Druggist, Georgetown. 1). C., WhoiMale Ag?ntfor the District, arid will suppy the trade at my prices. mar ?? tr pHK ALL SUFFICIENT 1UEEK TIIIKSKMAK, 1, 9, k S, fr?lKt?W by Royal Letltrj Pcitnt of Euglmmd, MUl rtevrtd by tk? Stall of tk* E'oi* at Pkarxnaei* <U r*'is. and tk* Jvxftrial Collttt of Mtduxnt, Vitnna. No. 1 i? invaluable'or exuauatioc, Spermatorrhea, and ail physical disabilities. No. a ooanplotaly eradoates ail traoes of thoes disease* that hive been hitherto treated by the nau- 1 seonsaod pemisious n?o of oopana and oubebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious use oJ mercury, thereby insvriny to the sutferer speedy relief, aispersinc all impurities, and rooung oat the venom of disease. TR1K8EM AR,Nos. l.*and S.sro prepared In ths form of & loxence, devoid of taste ana smell, acd ?an be c&mod in the waistooat pocket. Hold in tin cmoi, ana divided intr separate doses, asauuunia tared ov Vaptv.o,J<al>nmand. P??o*, Fioord, fte. Prion 13 eaon, or fonr cases for wkioh save* (J ami in cuw, whereby there is a savin* of To be l?.ao, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, l'J4 Bieeoker street, four doors beluw McD?ueaI street. New York, immediately on reoeivin* ft remittance. Dr. Barrow will forward tka Trinaar to any part of the world, seourely packed, and ad4ress?f acoordinr to the inrtruoUons of the writer, gold aiso tj a. CALVERT KURD, Jr., WaaAiorton. D. c. da Mm Cmm HWlNDLINtt QUACKS* AtT10N!-U*aok?;-?heir Books. Cardial Cucho. Hospital*, Ine/rameoU or Rinc*?aku theni ali, and, if disposed to proit bv ay agpari??, write for my private Circular on SPKKMATORRHtKAITS CURB. With itAmi ATiriniAil. r?*, in dence. your friend, a former sufferer, merely np?r soribini Box 17f>, Chanestown, Mass. iaU-lWwir I AWM. T. DOVE * CO. j RE Now prep&rei to exeonte any orders with 1 which thoy may bs favored 10 the PL.UMB1.N0, gas or steam fitting BUSINESS. inr Store on 9th street, a lev doora north of Pa. avenue, where may be fonnd a oomslete assortment ism *mat *-eA "vlsr NKW STYLES OP RICH JEWKLRY?H.O* HOOD has jest opened a lam stoek, whioh he will "for very jow rat-s Therefore those that are wishiac to o&rry home anything in his line < as presents, will do well to oall and examine his 1 stoek at 33B Pa. avenue. jeH |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKER Jt CO.'S B3JBOT 0PXO3M. I AnaMata?i4 MA* v nv/fc viuj | ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, I but (round from freab 8pio*e, iel?ct?(l ud oleaoed bj as ex p ready for the purpose without reference | to ooet. They are beautifully paokM in tu.foii, (lined with paper.) to prevent iniury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary rroond Spicea are almoal invariably short We warrant them, in point of ctrencth aad nchneea or flavor, . beyond all comparison/ MI a ainclo trial will abundantly prove. annfrctured oiuy g dURKEKA co., 1WI Pearl 1. Nt.w York. I ALARGE A890RTMENT Of Steinvay A Son*' and Raven, Bacoo A Co. >^4^ PiaNOS haajimtbeea received at tkeaole|mbbel a.'inoy, ooraer of Pa. av. a . J Eleventh it'll 1! I < j>? W. ?. MKTZEROTT. ^ MISCELLANEOUS. m/'VA / ^ / KOOHOMT : V\ V \ //^ ^ A ^ \ f ^ D!3P ATCH! % ? \ Safe thf Piccci! 4? *?e*dtntf w%il kmrrm, r?tn m ?#?ii r?*ki?W famtJUt, it ia vary dattrabi* lo hav? aoiar ah?ap and oonreoirat way for rcpainaf For later , Toyt, Cro<ik?rT. A o PALDI.IO'I PKfc-PAKED GLI B mMU all auch eir.*'t'-nciea. and no bonaeboid oan adord to b? without it. It la a.war* ready ard op to the atiokicg poiut. There ia do longer a neoeaaity for lirrpirt e'mra, ap Wintered veneera. beadle* dofla. mud broken eranlee. It ta jest the arftoie for onne. ahetf. and other ornamental work, ao popaiar with ladiea of refiannent and taate. Tbia admirable preparation la need ooid. being ohe,-nioa,]y held in aclation, and aoaaeeeinf all the ra'nable quali tiea of the N?at cabinet makers' alae. It mar be uaej in the plaoe of ordinary mucuage, being raet'v more adheetve. " USEFUL IN KVSRY HOUSE." Prtft. 18 oenta N. B.?A Bruah aooompamee eaoh bottle Wkeltsali Dtrct, No. 49 Cedar street. New YorV Addreea HENRY cTsPALDIN? t CO.. Box No. },?00, New York. Pat ep for Deal era in Caeea eontaining Foar, Eigfat,and Twelve Doien?abeaaUfWl Litnograph<o Show Card aooompacyinc each package. frr A Binsle bottle of SPALMSd'S PRB P3TRED OLVS will a?r? ten Utnee iU eoat an oaally to every hoa?hold HI Sold by all iZ"ininent Stationer*. Dracgiata. Hardware and Fnrnit?re Dealer*, Srooer*, and Fancy Store*. Country merohanf*ehoaid makeaaoteof SPAL DING'S PREPARED GLUE, wben makir.* a> NVMk It wi' I ?t*n<l air oil mat#. f* >'< 1 T / f^BJJEras*a ifl ij Jl ? Tk ? J?- J ."? . C?* <I!C >( jU"Wtl*far ?w t? (lit d?t / ' fcj C- > < P' Vil.?af tkt Jf /fw? J5f < *?Jt m mmsm ^ w]" |/1 jf<ot upon pritmg 4 rmr* "> Mb ? *? (4n t? Ik* r*li'n tVlftrr-. at 1. sv",f *'* **''*/? * ,5* ^(nO .Tjl ia? n^v ?_' f nj vy. it< r?<?? ? m mkimj m g? I ft sfr "&&&' ' .s/ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MowiEYwiiie WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LAB^^LirOTHE^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, 50LE PROPRIETOR j IB SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. fOR SALB IN WASHINGTON BY j 7 ly BARBOUR ft hKMMK^. PARAFFIN E Oil,, THE CHKAPKST LIGHT KNOWN! r^oeiving PaafEne Oli direot from tire works in we?t?ra Vircinia. Thn ?nality of it is excellent, producing a Pt*alT, bril iant and lirht. and morn i nMnt to th? erea than ea? ight. Thi? Oil i* fre? from alliteration,and verv much mor" economical titan many of the Coal Oils aaed at this time. iiy" It ia in no way exp'.oaira. W( keoa aiao a auaply of the moat approved styles of Lamps, 4o., f-?r t>urnirr this Oil. KING & BURCHELL, Apenta forita sale for the District of Columbia. Corner t-ifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, malt FMVITHUNDRKD TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived the da*, eir.^ritcinc ai: ana i ti?B and aire* of Sole Leather. Ladiea'Kfr^F Oreaa and Packing Trunk a. Oar trunk^ ?*u ultima room exhibits at thia time tr* crwat^at variety of trarelroc re^uiritea at moderate irioea. to t>s found tluaaid? of New York. Ala<?,evoT? description of LADIES' HAT BOXEfe, VALICES, CARPET BAG-*, SATCHELS. Ao. ir/-0!d Trr.r.ka repaired or taken in exchange for new onea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO, Trunk Sales Room, mar3!-tf 39 'J Pa. aveuna* piUH ? SIMPSOtfS 1magk9LIMMKG'4 ^I1ISKK^^1I1SK^^ W? offer for Bale th* a! ore studarcl brand of fine Cooper Dntii!?d Mated Rye Wbteky.JB b*rrela ai;a naif barreTi. As it IB of oor own diBti . uon.ana mxruy improved t>t u?, we oor.tricLtiy reoominend km the fviht ann beet Whieky Utat ova possibly be diatiiled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, froin the largest stock of Pine Whiskies id Ute United Cjh-j FREKSUN ft SIMPSON, Phoenix Diatiilery, on the Schnyiluii rim, Phila. Offioee?96 Wall street. New York ; and 109 Bo ji Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar g l> 279 ?TJSIW 206 Pa Av*.. FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. At*., ft.l?tUs4s?. CONFECTIONS, WUUrfikfL PATES. PRESERVES, CONDIMENTS, A a., Sff teave to ccul the attention of his friends JLM e eubiio genetaJly to his New Store, kixirT WVllardi Hotel, j?at opeueo, la oonaexion with kit old establishment, where h? wL! ^e happy to raoeire any orders for am pen or Confection* or hl? owi Alao, all orders for Dinners, Rappers, Bails, a?C Private Parties, whieh will be eerved op In his iabiutablestTle, with the same prosaptnass aad die vatoh whioh he ha* hitherto ah own oe ? t.?. a. uiui. #. m. hot*. (. k Ami, m A M A ICAWi JL a nrwn ir L W111 praqtooo l?tke ll ' J*Cobrt o? Hrrors and ApNiiiit Jackson,the Federal Court at Pontotoo, the Courts of the Seventh J ucUciui District of Mlanppi. and will attend to the CoDootioa of Claia* tV>*?rkna? ?W. NmIi M<w?IwI mImT JACOB REED. HiDirtcrnB ?? MILITARY CLOTHING, SOVTKXAST CoiKll tSCOHD AlTD SfftVCB l*T*., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY C1.QTH?~FOR SALE12,000 CRABAPPl?HCI Ktar. iim5 the attention of the pablio to oar large aa4 wail m leeted stuck oi Cnampacne aad Crab Apple Cider, which we gnaranteo to be pure iuioe, ana will be old on reasonable tonne fn order to mafco room for oar spring (took. Gi * as a eall at the Union Boi&ilMi H > No. IT ftreoc st.. Coortobtwrn A YKI.I.OW PINK I.Ij M HE1 /\ LL l>e?onptioE? of the L?^,^ ~Tf?Y k?ME^CAU^,UT^J^?&h?.rf 4*Mw iwmwFT?W?> . WtlQmino. Mtf W4""?!1!?!!! KSftV ^ jyeyjitMUawto |?t 8PIUN6 U4 QUMMKB HWHw <wi> W-?* w. n BOTM ^fia?P?w vrs ?? MEDICINES. WHAT A \ KF"j* BAHbAPARlLLA n?>r? ? OR DEEAXOEMk vr OF THE Lit EE. _ .. Siott'i C?o*nW. ( T?I'?d't \ Co., Atft . Ant !>.'?.{ ZV J r. Jr~. Letrrll, M**?.?*? ; 1 <ak? wf CI k??n * (flirts with Llrtr Co??iMiit f.* ?ti ?* '?. dunnc whieh I wm mw vdl.Md wuok oj IM tirn* ttt *iok. M*Lav*rw?a mtr* u> tk? w>a?k. ariLi. th? doctor* *?? | i-fforod iroir or??tiTcn^?? *'.d rhiM tltwitMf. Mt akin wm olinr< b.d ?!)&? f?? nil ???? ai?1 kin olUii fliow. OooMi<'tikil? I bad a apMtitr. bit ifn*nl!i nose at all A <1r?adfai wg Mtion of o?prm>i<m my ton.iwfc with iwi>" ton ?liaorai onHUvij of MtkKM *11 or*-, kart n* m ucuiik. Yri twot ksov how Biirli I ?il ferod from ar. iod*acrit?Na of djMT?M Tr ior| ooctiu>>?rc? of tki* om.ditioa. vitkwat r*n?4. hao worn m* oat ao ?ha? I u?rw rx^etfwi to batiar ; bat r*adinp. in tk? Chri-tiar of JOIT tt'Mfik li!%. I oranntnoM! taking It. Wit* 00 OMionti tmti 4om of yoar Pills, to U>? bowf 1 a* ?oik direot From th* hr?'. it kftd Oior* fl??t upon mj difordti than | ?upp.?rd artUint o ^uid tutv. 1 regim* ir; hr? th rapidly, and ??'m. aft*r wi^ki, en**} a* cx-d h*?)th ana auencth a* an* ot?i#r man Ma? ta? "Dtap*aa*r <1 ail |ovd" at.uaMr t>l?a< tnga ou to* JoK* W.Kwrt Prcparad bj Di. J. C. A VKR a CO.. Lowail, Ma??. jl i9-#otn U. o. n. d? T. A. . iiniEwr.LLs UNIVERSAL TOUOH REMEDY. Far ali Throat and Ijunp Comfrf.nnt*. frt m Common Coughs to Actual Con.tumpr?vm. HlJNNfci^'KLL'K iltTLV (ELKBRATEO TOLiU A JJODTW*, Tkt NatvraJ and Sure Rrm+iln far all Nor vou< Comy/anttt, From N*?ral|na U?r.u?n ail c.iu>i a b*r?- (>piatn W*v?ni?Ml t<>tiM(<i|'i}>iitiiiii rrriii<>uc and tn* oonun ' ?ki?f . *? <- I'imu* I OS>J* OF SLKF.r. The Tola A n<?! i nr.. tlfuvh ?ontai not a par tic e ol' Ofimr.. ^rv<t|rr? ut thf r?^ul'^tn^nt* of. Md m*r t" u*nl in * t cmm ? uwww Oanai ?m a?sd Without ?r? 'Ni!.( an* Unite t>?t i ur>?. ar.4 . arinc the p?ti'T.t in n p*ri<v ? naUra! ? *t?v r)i? l uinml C<?k!i Krm?<?. i lr??-J from alt th* oommon oSi^ct.on of oi|h Knn^'.M. whi?k . r jilun* nau??a or prostration,) mi) b* con?iil?-r???l th'"1 oouunou h a I 'I tir?*t imI i.una C?mpla:nU. and uaed ait i- tj A (kmc a!lu court fr. rr. ;r>jrrielpri or friend* the n.o?t itror* inntti|aUM of i-utli K'-rooli*#, nail r?a.;u.? of o?r pai iftiicu t? b?|o?ad w.U al. <iai..1 mirt pa>ti?u ar.y to furcha#c <>nl? of thna# who o*n bm dep^n^ed ur-on. w* wait in oonftdenoa IM a?ei"in?? ? ' rui'i.w ?.nc rh>*ici?n>. "Prioe* within r**ch <>f * t " RRiBKAL A?E??T?. W. W. Hcnrkwkll ? Co.. * a.i<i * Co?iiiwpi?I tiarf Rn?t<'ii, t?*n. HrjtjiFwiM.. HA Water ?t.. N>w Y"*>. I n^r ih? ?pt fu^fviiKie of J( ?H \ L. HI'N N K\V F.iA.. Chemwt nnd Phfiwyttirt. Ml>*. whrtM *icn?tlire ? >v?i the ?w> k? of In* C?nnin? oi.!]r, ftiid to *?rm addr*?* all ootnatam OStlOttS. Snid M ?1! r*?p?ctat'> rv*>ri w h?r?, arid ail th? Drujtfiau in XVnahinirtoii and C?.tnHn*n. mar M eo.r Helm bold' Genuine Preparation. highly conckntk atkdDOMPOPNO fi.iid I XTR ACT HI'CHI'. A Fo?ttiv#and hewed? For Pi?ia*?? ?f tn- Ri^ADHER. KIDNEY*. GKAVKI.,*^ f?R<'P?ICAl. J*X\ eu.lNCi. This 'tt'dimn* ;nc tn<-?nwM o| l>ic*?a<*?i, and 'X?it- th" A BM)* Bi.NTh ?? < h?*a S? a" a.-n.h* whie>> th< WATERY OR C ALCIROl H ...i.! 1'K.v.Tiiin I'Vi > icl; ..o, ? .? n I I* r* * ?! "? ?** ' MRNT* *r? ""dsi W. a* ?re!l ? PAIN nwti IN FLAM*' *TlON, for MES. WOMRN. OH CHILUHkN. HKLMBOLDH KXTK ACT HI CHl', For Weakn*?*??? trtttag from F.imim, HahiU of l>iMlp?ti*n, ariy !udi?er.",*ioji or AhB?*. A?*>fA *? foi,otrint gymrtMmir? Indopiiitinn to Rirrttos, l#o?* of Pow?r. Uv< r M'morr, of Hrrathiiu, w W<?k Xwtw, _ Tr?pNta|. Horror of pi*****. Wikjlilaw, ]>iinn?** <~t ViMta, Fain id ? Bark. Vci^rB*i La** ludeof th? f}r>t H?nd?. i-ianhicc of tk* B?4y. of th* 8km. fcrojiu'im en tk# F?o?. PAI.I.IP cih'NTKNANOK. ^ ^ < Th*ee symptom*, if to go on, which th?? roeliom- irvnrtaMT remove. *oo? 1'".?/" IMPOThSCY, FATUITY. KFILEFTJC FITS. is Owb or Wuirn rww Fatibht mat Einit Who oan ?a* tt at the* nf*tfr*to??Uj foliovw # by th.^ -luRKFri, lUHKAUK** " ' "INiANIfV. AND < - M PTtyN Man) ar???nv^ ?i tiieoauneot *a4r?rlnc, puryQNE wn.L COSFESti. THE RKCORDSOP THE INSANE ASYLUMS An4 tk* AfrtaffeAo/y IMatki bp <'cmram^liM Bwr mip'? wituyii to th* truth of th* a?*ftru?a, THK COMHTITJL'TION ONCE AFFKCTIO) WITH ORGANIC WEAKNLM RHHirM the aid of innd'.CMO* to etr?ncUt?fl A nd lnvir^mtf th# Hy atr>m, mt<4 HiLXioi.i't EXTRACT flftjCHu Mran aMytft'i. A. TA1AL WILL COHVfMCK III M'??I )lirTI< 1L FEMALES-FEMALEfc-FEMAl ES. old or Youyu. sihglw. married, oy COSTEMPLATI>V MARhUOE. IN MANY AFFECTION* lECPUAR TO FEMAI.KP.thi extract Huchu it infjadlU tj any otb" remedy, a* in Chl?ro?i? or r ?t?nti?n Irrcitn Arity, Pa;nf?in?M, or Suppression of Cm tomarv Evaonatior.s. U'o^rated or hoirrboa* it??r oftnc l't?m?, l>?Boorrh?M or White#, MartUitf, and for a I complaint incident to th* x whether an?'Lc from lodinoeUon, Habita of Dissipation. " DECLJIfE OR CHASCE OF LIFE. (XX CTMrTOH* tWVI NO FAMILY SHDl^U Bfe. WITHOUT IT Tak* no mor* Balfam. tier-ttry, ?r Mtdf'nt f#r ? ?? . mnJ /> ?*** ?# bxttm?t. l: ELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BCCH I SECRET "SEA*E*? In at! their ?t?.te?. Kt iui? ntwiM Little or bo enaiijt* In Piet; .N inoocmiwx)', And no It rutN a fr*toenl desire bo ?ivea strength ?? ; > iu&le, thereby Removing Ol-struot. >ns. Preventing ant ouring Strictures nf the Vrethra. Allaying Puc and lt,fl*!on, ? frequent in tn<- c.tfi of disease and expelling mil t'oxt?m I)t>'a>'d. and wo?* nnt Mn'ttr. THOUSASDS CPON THOUSASDS WHO JiA VI III*. TUB VICTIMS <>r OrA CIS. ?r?J who hav- pai<i.4m?t>/r<* to be oared id a short ti-r?. ha\ e fauiid tli-v were deceived, and that Che POIjMJN" hat, by the as* of'wwnm as rmtjuciMTt," beer dried up in the to trnU ^ oat ia ar Miravatori form.and PERHAPS AfTEK UARRIAOK. Use Pklkbolb's Fbtbact Bvcarfor all affix; tions and disease. of the * URINARY ORGANS. Whether sxirtini id MA. K OR PKMALK. Prom whatever aau.e <jrigiua:iug and no matter of HOW LONG SI ANDI.NG _ I lStteaera ot toeae (/T'-Id t. uir* U.? ar' n?a Lhw^ttt HELMB?>Ll?*H EXTRACT BrutH IJ* THE bRKAT DlL ETIC, And 1* o^rUn U> bare tSir d'urrd effart iaflll Dla mm FOR WHICH IT IS RKCOMMKNUEO F-Vtdmrt of tkt m?*t nmd vsronixbU (Ut. iar will acooipp*"; th? m*<lici-ea CERTIFICATE}* <?F CUREJ*. f"rr>m 8 tc * yrar .. landtnf. W itb Name* isowm to bCIFNOE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per battle, ar iti Ur |i.00 I ? Dahwrrtla any Adflr?aa, aecuretj packed fro observation. Dwcijii in iu C*?**rtic*TioK? t area Gaaranteed ! Adrtre Gratia AFFIDAVIT. Personal)* appeared (Wore me. an A derman Iheeity of Phi a^elphia.H.T H ri.*?nin.wh'i daly awora. doth aa*. hia preer ra iona ou.taio no aataotio. no wrourj. or oilier lninrioaa arat*. w-w. ? www Will IUOU W1VTV MPP? Hill W W Nombar, 1IM WM p. HIBKKRD. Aidmmmm. Ninth rtr*K, *hn*? R?^. Pkila. Who imiUvor to ditpot* or twki* owi" ??4 "OTin" A.BTICLM Oil TBI BETTTATIOB ATTAJKBC K^mboid'a 6*n?LM Proa?r?t)ona, * - Bmot Buciui. ** " fttrMMrill*. ? M lm?'ow<l Rw Wirt. Bold Ky 9. B. Wa.IT*. *<9 9m?Ui ntrr+L. tad ft. C F??n, J b. , toraw mn twiiH kbd Klnntli f jetoVktffs&wfimxmek Clt out tko MT?rta?emr>nt ?nd ??n?i V*r it AND AVOID IMPOSITION AMDKXPOftURK M> ? XllT , . rkL'PONTS 61TKPOWDF.R, " jo^YJueris&sSfit'c. S*i? Asmet fm ikt iHttr.c. Cvwmb**. Wu?C Oi^era OM> ?iao M th(?<>An?af A4am?* ?'" CnmiMT. W i?*hirc1?? 0 & H?Wl? rOK STAMPING ^ kl A I AND *NVKU>rm* N 0 I TO MATCM. CHARGE) ?r.:Z^n UCH>KpTO?E. HILP * cotoiioN^ AllU for Lurnw'i o?.H?raU?l Li mm Pmw>, 'lfclS." Ac- Ac , ja ? ?mj JttT*. ?t.. bat. nh m4 m *. ^ ICK^RINW * SON"* WORLD EE V/ novnod Pi ANOA oaljr for WJ? ter ubi vkow rit<Min*tf* ?r>?.?B|||l yn? will ud >ck.*fnhrM-W VV " A iaf aran vari?:j,?l)l*,prte??fFift at? i*i?v?o? ??? urm? or diMmut tor ?tiH. Pi??o? fciao Fr<.? it W other (ooH u Utri PiUut U" biro. . w JOHN P. K.I.LI". V r ' '

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