Newspaper of Evening Star, August 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 3, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Friday a?(i?t s, km r~r Tbat valuable and popular family journal, ttf WtiiLt Stab, full as ntual of Metropolitan newa and gmalp. and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced in ita entertaining content*art tbe following articles: JfcW.v Riting?m ro*wi by John G. Sax*; Tht Btl'e* Sfratagem?? nrjp i*l're.ilmf story; Arrkbtfknp Hughes A-nong tht Latins?a practical *p?"K; Am Ingenious Puce of Work; " Be K<nd"?a poetic gem. The Fiitl oftht Prince of Walts to America, Tht Mother and Sitter of Mr Douglas, One of the Meteoric Stones, What Beromts of the tfewspaptrs, A ffairt in M'-tiCO Jieitgums Intelligence; The Massacres in Syrta, A Volcano at Work, Vint uroioors Conrention; Waiting for a Letter? ? /MM, Death IfwrM* of CArw'; W*J do Children Die, Abut* of Human Rigkts; A Scene m the Honsf of Lords; The Apprehended Civil War at Occoe/uan; The Late Meteor; Btandin's Last Crazy Feat; Appearance of the Prince, of Wale."; Alleged Murderer Arretted, Another Meteor Seen; Baltimore at it is; Mammon c s. Hymen, The Sight of a Beautiful Blind Girl Restored by Marriage; The Z oweere* on their Tour; The Trip of the Ortat I Eastern to Cape May; Our Watering Plate Cor. retpondence; Treaty with Japan; Another Horror tit lown; The Not* of the Sultan to the French Emperor; Movements of Gen. Walker; Operation* of the Patent Ojfict; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Distribution of Medals and Promiums to the Pupils of the First ernd Fourth Public Schools; The Bell and Everett Clmh, Republican Meettnr: The SfambamJ A?dm Hen' at Alexandria; t-trrnaJ' to the Horn. Daniel S. Dickinson and kit Fpeeck on Ike Occasion; Visit of Rev. Father T. J. O'Toole to Ike City?kit reception by the Catkohc Total Abstinence Society, speech, serenade, fc.; Sketches of Summer Travel?Jive very interesting Utters from Ike Editor noit on m western tour; Tke Trouble at Occoquan Ended; The Sew Abnaden JNM; Department Sews; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, fc., fc.; Late News, foreign and domestic, bp mail ana telegrapk; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of ckoice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This U just tbe paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to aend to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or Si.So per annum; postage |/ivp?iu uj suiuipe wucu K> arranged. Spirit of the n?rnii| Press. Tbe Constitution descants upon "tbe supposed abolition conspiracy in Texas," and upon the political .and social omnipresence of tbe colored specie* of tbe genus homo. Tbe I*t*Uigencer discusses recent proceedings of "Tbe True Democracy of Michigan " HjT Senator Cllngman bas formally declared in favor of Breckinridge and Lane. 1X7 There is grerf\ complaint of drought throughout several of tbe Southern States If~7"Josiah B Taylor. Esq., retires from the Loudoun Democratic Mirror, and that paper will hereafter be condncted by Benj F. Sheet*, Esq U_/~The I'rtBce of Wales is having a "good time" In Halifsx? reviewing the troops, attending balls, regattas, and horse races He "goes it while he's young." fFT"9 teamboats are multiplying on the New York canals, and are found to answer admirably. The apprehended injury to the canal banks is no longer an obstacle. |?7~A correspondent of the Express gives a list of the steamers which accompanied the Ureat Eastern down the bay. and sets down the number of excursionists on these at 11.900. The Hendrick Hudson alone had "2,500 ID" According to a publication In the Haitimore Exchange, It was ascertained by a ccnsus of the State of Maryland taken in 178*2. that there were Ik'.* In the Slate 17i>.6be white inhabitants, and 83,302 negroes. Among the articles brought up from tbe < wreck of the Hungarian by the submarine opera- i tor was card of a young lady, on the. back of vqfeicb t was written in pencil, in a Arm band, "Lizzie < dies to-nigUt ' " 1 U7" At tbe latest dates from Japan, everything was quiet at Kanagawa. but tbe Interior of the country was in a disturbed state It waa tbe Prince Regent who waa nssassinated hy the ad- | bereota of Prince Me tan Tbe act was committed within the walls of the Regent's palace. The iMaiaiu harl *11 h^on rar??..fw? t- * - ? wm vv^i'tun u & uc ? y "U11 is j represented to be very liberal toward* foreigners, ( and for this reason he encountered tbe ill will of , Prince M?Uo. Tbe Chicago Zouavea opened their drill in 1 Baltimore on Wednesday evening, in the vast ball of the Maryland Institute, in tbe presence of the several companies of the Baltimore military, ' and crowded galleries of ladies and gentlrmeu We need acarcely say tuat tbe b <b*>t admiration ' of ell who saw them was woif by tbe Zouaves. They executed first the SccHand Hardee infantry movements which they followed up by the peculiar exercise of the Zouave corps. After tbe con. elusion of the drill, the Zouaves wer? escorted to the Assembly Rooms, where s collation awaited U>em. On this occasion complimentary speeches wen nil^t- whirK urat.. ? ? ? ? , ... -wv v|si?7U Ml uy U01 liUSworth on behaif at the visiting corps, in which reply he moat co.dlally acknowledged the warm reception the company had met with He com. plained, however, of the act of the Philadelphia Wilmington Railroad Company, who had 1 crowded the whole ccmpauy, band and all, on the road bttwea Philadelphia and Baltimore. 1 Into a t.ngle ear. Paring Yesterday morning the Zouave* pa sard round Baltimore inspecting its many objects of interest, and in tbe afternoon drilled at tbe terminns of th? M tdison railway ' ronla- To-day they will iaak<; an excursion down the C beif sake Bay. a ad to-morrow will come to Washington, as before announced. irr As many of oar readers may be unable to i aisiwOT to themaelTe* the query, W bo are L>ruar?' we willadd that theyar*aaectof Mohamiaedaaa, I wbo trmrt tbetr origin to a wandering nmatte 1 named Hamsa, who, in conjunction wltb out of i bit follower*, wrote aaacred book, embodying hi* * doctrine*, for th* guidance of tbe prleatbood only lie lewgbttbet Ood ooeid w*y <* bwown to mw- i kind by manifestation* of bia presence in baman I form, and that be had ao manifested hlmaelftrn < timer, tbe laat time being in 1020, la tbe person of Hakem, a Caliph of Egypt, who left the care ] of the faithful toflv* principal minister*. A com. i plicated (ratem of prleatbood ia maintained; and 1 many of the doctrine* of tbe aect resemble the 1 Christian th?oli?w Tk.? ... --- - J ' - - ? . sic miu 10 Berife ineir hum from a Mohammedan missionary namtd I Darazi, or Bmai. bnt they disavow both his came I and dortrines The Druses have ( former times been noted for crualty, and for hatred of the Chris tisn religion, especially of a aect called Mar on I tee. i whose spiritual bead la the Patriarch of Antloch, 1 though they have some relations with Rome. In j I tie iate s.aughters, however the fanaticism of the Druaea baa aot permitted them to make any dia- 1 tl ik tions and all Christiana have been lndlacrlml- I aatelr tha victims of their rage. i (L/~ The America* Scientific Association coinmei?< d its eleventh annual convention on Wedne?l'> ->t Newport, (R 1.) The u?e of the f?tate I House there bL b*vu granted by the General As aembl v Th? * ? - - r,. ri me society are; Pre?lHmt, lauc I**. Esq t of Philadelphia; Vice |* re* dent, Dr B A Gould of Can bridge; Gen ' er?l secretary, Profeaaor Joaepb Leconte, Coluin- t hi*,* C , Traaaurcr. |? A L Elwyn, of Phlla- , d*irbia. Profcaanr Hmr; la to delWer a discourse , commemorative of tb? life and labors of Dr. Rsbrrt Ware Profeaaor Bacbe will alao, by ap- 1 p linwit, tlT* ao addreaa on tbe'Gulf Stream," 1 Vhllc ProfeMor L^ldy will dlacuaa the extinct l r^ptllla and mammalia of Nortb America Tbe t proceeding r>ftt?e wloua meetings will poaaaas , much In ten at, especially for acientlAc man. 1 tta relation will Uln >?aaion for* Week or tai t <?? -# * & WASHINGTON NKWS AND OOUIP. 8ritcbss or Bommbk Travel [fdilirMl Corrttfond*net Tk* Srar.J (No 6 ] July 30, 1*H>. The Curat Ritir Rrgios?The Jocrmey Down thi Mocktaihs, Ac. The train Is again In motion. Afler leaving the tressel work, enjoying a mile or two more of Cheat river views and pawing through a aeries of stupenduous cute, we again course a comparatively somewhat lea*broken and gladv country until we reach Kingwood tunnel, and, as we are about to enter it, I am forced to lay aside the pencil for the lime being The train has uow just emerged from It Its length Is seven-eighths of a mite. On entering it, its darkness of death was but dimly relieved by the light of the car's lamp, lit for that purpose. The air in it was perhaps ten decrees cooler than out of it an<i th*> passage through it waa made in perbapa five ininutea. Aa an engineering achievement, It ranks deservedly the first in the world, of modern times. Another short tunuel la soon afterwards traveraed. It la cut through aolld rock for tbe moat part, and thua presents a natural carern-like appearance different from that of the interior of the other tunnels previously traversed this morning Tbe density of the foliage upou tbe mountain aides and the abaence of clearings after leaving this last mentioned tunnel, obstructs the views for some miles. Tbe run of the grade baachanged, and we are now journeying not so swiftly the mountains to Gralton. Deep rock cuts are frequent. At Newburgh we paaa through a snug village In a mountain gorge, with every sign of '.hrifty business life about It. A stream. Raccoon creek, is close by our aide on the south >nd th? debouch of a coal mine with lta train-rail track _ at hand. The business of that mine doubtless gives life to the vill-ige aforesaid, ai well aa to another?Independence?close at hand, and perlaps larger. Journeying on for some miles further west, with frequent crossings of the Raccoon, nothing atrikes me in the scenery as worth particular description, though were it anywhere but on this line of so stupendous wonders and striking sights, it would doubtless soon become famous. The appearance of the country on both sides of the road continues much the same to Grafton, though we pass Thornton, a well built village, the result of the erection of many saw mills upon Three-forks creek, now a considerable ?tream, the swollen waters of which rush rapidly iilcng the rail track, and at very near its level. We tarry at Grafton for dinner?and a capital one mine host gave u?, too The ho?t of a railroad dining bouse wh? thus deals fairly by his gu?sts on compulsion, as we all are, under the penalty of going hungry, fairly deserves canonisation. Grafton is the point of junction with the Virginia Northwestern railroad to l'arkersburg, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad's most important w?stern connection. Here they have extensive machine shops and other paraphernalia, and a considerable inland town has sprung up in consequence of Its business at this point, which, with the coal trade centering here, Is very great. From (irafton west we keep among the mountain spurs, descending them far more gradually than was our ascent of them from Piedmont to Altamont. The settlements for some miles west of Grafton are few, along the line of the railroad, unsubdued nature being left for the most part entirely in sway, apparently. At Grafton we struck the val icy nvcr, a considerable one, at its falls six miles further west. The scenery after passing the natural dam at the head of the falls becomes more picturesque^ as the broad expanse of the rapidly rushing rKer below, opens wider expanses of views SBortly after passing Nuzum's Mills we see palpablfc proof that we have accomplished a considerable descent from the Alleganles' summits, in the taller and more vigorous corn planted in the much wider and more frequent expanses of opened lands successively coming into view, and orchards of sturdy trees tell of the much longer cultivation of the region than a few miles above. A mile or two ere reaching Fairmont the railroad crosses the Monongalia, Just below the valley river's junction with It; the passage across being made over a light but very staunch bridge. rtie Monongalia (on the southern bank of which we enter Fairmont) ia a noble atream Indeed, apparently aa broad aa the Potomac just al>ove tfce r*uUa One %Jt kliC Uuvwl U?^'Cii?ivM bri (for ordinary travel) stretches acroaa the noble river here, and is an object of great interest to the traveler per rail through this old Virginia town, the chief importance of which growa out of coal mining operations in its vicinity. At Fairmont we bade good-bye to our new but very agreeable icquaintance, the Monongalia river, as our course thence we?t lays up one of its tributaries, Buffalo :re k for some miles, and through a rougher country than we have traveled of late The sides of the creek soon, however, become highly-cultivated farma, pleasant indeed to behold. On rea< bing Mannlngton, a village, ltl miles west of Cumberland, we stem to have gotten fairly out of the raigr ?-f the Alieganies' spurs, around and among which we have been courting to-day up to that 1 _ 4 I>')iiu. r rom tberr wist both side* of the railroad em to be cultivated for the most part even tip to ttie peaks of the still considerable mountains ikirting the valley of very unequal width. At a point on the road the train stopped to permit tbe passengers to step Into a large roadside lot; house, Inhabited by the family of perhape the oldest man living , of course an object of threat curiosity to tbe traveling public. His age is lot) years, and his wife, two years his junior only, lied on Friday last. Though nearly blind, and within tbe last three weeks having lost much of his remaining strength, be conversed with fair average intelligence for a superannuated person. I'p tut mould since, he never knew the time when he could not get about conveniently?walking often, until then, a mite and back at a time. His two-story cabin or lor hnm? "-? 0 ?-w ..? o'iucuujr built when molestation bv Indians wai not uufrequently the lot of the settlers hereabout; for be bat been sixty seven years a resident west of the Alleganies At his farm we are on the water* of Fishing creek, which we are to follow for inilea, 'basing it in the tirstsix miles nine times, and traversing six tunnels in that distance; so the country hire la eridently as rough as any on the whole route of the road, if its mountains are not very stupendous. One of the tunnels mentioned ibove (? arrjring us through underneath a considerable mountain spur) Is apparently half a mile in length, being next to King wood tunnel, the largest we have passed through to-day. On this part of the route the grades vary frequently and tuddeiily; that one luinu*<u?t?i?r mm - . _ ? f w ?uc mnnci 1 refer to being a ninety-fret up grade, while tlat met on leaving it la as ateep a down grade. On the whole. I hive traveled through little rougher :errTtory than tw?, to-day, or little territory premtlng more difficulties of engineering in the sonatruction of the Balti mere and Ohio railroad. After traversing a tunnel aome thirty mi lea eait of Wheeling we suddenly came into a much leas broken, and much more generally cultivated country, which soon brought us to the thrifty village of Cameron, a passing point for the trains going Eaat and Weat, where we atopped five mlnutea The appearance of the farms around It, covered with ripe and cut grain, varied the scene agreeably, as I confraa to have seen enough mountain scenery since entering the cars this forenoon, at Cranberry, to suffice the eye for one day at least. W . D. W a. r*AVAL ? Assistant Surgeon M. P. Christian, ind Pas?*d Assistant Surgeon John Ward, have een ordered to tbe steamer Susquehanna, bound for tbe Mediterranean. Flrat Assistant Engineer C. W. Lorlng baa oeen detached from tbe office of tbe Englnoern-Chl?f, Washington, and First Assistant Engineer Goo R . Johnson, ordered upon duty la that slice Ueorge E Law, Matter In tbe Navy, baa been promoted to a Lieutenant from tbe I9th of July. Naw Mta Lamms?Tbe contract division , rt tbe Poet Office Department la now engaged on be letting* of about nine hundred mall roatea, rtalcb were provided by apecial enactment of >agre?, and advertised la May last Tbfsserrfce Is distributed throuoh ?? ?? ?- ---< *???* ? ? ? / ? ?** avivi* ory of tike I'nion except Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Joroey, and Maryland, which ' :ompriaed the regular letting* ot the last spriug rbe decision* will b? made known the 10th last., ind the routes ao let to be put in operation on Ac flrat of October next. "' Ml-* ?" J? " PBOMOTION* AID ArrOIXTMKNT* IK TBI MlBi>i Cos r? ?Captain Wm B Slack, appointed (Quartermaster of tbe corps, with the rank of Major, vice D. J. Sutherland dismissed First Lieutenant Matthew R. Kintzlng, promoted to a Captain. Second Lieutenant Adam N. Baker, promoted to a Pirst Lieutenant Becket K Howell, of Miss., appointed a Second Lieutenant?all from the 1st of August. lwiO. Lint Point, In California. It seems, has not been purchased for a fort The Government, in view of the necessity of acquiring the property for a fort, has sent out to Cslifomla to have It condemned under the law of that State Should an exorbitant value be put upon it a second proceeding of like character may be had to test the value of tbe property. The Point in queation extends half a dozen miles, and is held at S*JOO non Absinck or thk Attormv General.?Judge Black has left the city on a brief visit to his borne in Pennsylvania. A. B McCalmont. Awlstant Attorney General, will act in the capacity of that officer during hit sojourn away. Army Order ?Thomas Korber has been directed to repair to Fort Columbus. N. Y., where he will be assigned to the detachment of boys learning music. Th* Weather ?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the fmithsonlsn Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. August 3, 1800. new vorK. IN. Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md overcast, pleasant. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind 8SE Richmond, Va clear. 85?. Petersburg , Va. cloudy. 77?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 78?. Wilmington. N. C clear, cool. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C pleasant. 00^,wind NE Augusta. Ga. clear, verv warm. Savannah, Ga cloudy, 84?, wind E Macon. Ga clear. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala. clear. FROM TBI W**T. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hagerstown, Md clear, warm. Grafton, Va cloudy. Wheeling, Va cloudy, warm. Parkersburg, Va cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudv. hot. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,096; at noon, 30,077. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 73'; at noon. b5J. Maximum during 24 hour* ending 9 a. m. tcday,85Tj minimum 69?. Nmvi from the Rio Graade?Letter from (' itofi Lee Head^uartrrs Department of Texas, ) San Antonio, July 19. I860 \ Colonrl : 1 have the honor to state for the Information of the Secretary of War that the officers on the Rio Grande report everything to be quiet on that frontier ; and tnat since their communications of June 1, at which time all was quiet, even rumors as to Cortinas or his men, or of robbers from the other side of the river, have ceased. 1 do not think It necessary longer to expose to the diseases incident to that region, at this season, more troop thin niav be actually requisite, and propose to withdraw from Fort Brown one of the companies of the 1st artillery, and from the river iwu ui me companies 01 me ?'<l cavalry # * * After the withdrawal of them; three companion there will still be at Fort Brown t*'o companies of artillery, (including light battery "M" '2d artillery,) two companies '2d cavalry on the river between Brownsville and Ringgold Barracks, and two companies of the Mh infantry at R inggold At the [tost* on the river above the Iroeps will not be ditniniihed, but will be increased on the arrival of the 3d infantry. 1 hive authorized Major Aunt, on the approach of yellow fever to the vicinity ot Fort Brown, to remove the garrison to some eligible camp in the interior, and to leave a guard for the protection of the public property at the fort 1 have received intelligence of the arrival of Col. Bonneville, with three companies of the 3d infantry, in the neighborhood of Fort Lancaster 1 am. very respectfully, your obedient servant, R E IiRK, Bvt. Col. Comd'g Pep't. To Col. 8 Coopkk, Adj't (ien'l U.S.A., Washington City, D. C. LODGE OF PERFECTION.?The inom1 berg of Osiris Lodge of Perfection No 1, will meet THIS (Friday ) E ENING, at 3 o'clock, at the hall, corner ofNintn and D streets, lt^ JOS. W. NAIRN, Matter. rT3=?A MEETING OF THE PERSONS OF I. '* U 'A l??nl P? < ?! <rioliJI|r to t |l O Bell and Everett party. are requested to asseni>>r# at the Northern Lilierties' mai ket hou*e on SATURDAY, August 4ih, at 7}fc o'clock, to make arrangements for the ratification meeting to take place on the 8th inst. au 3-a* iY^NKW BUILDING ASSOCIATION -I he IL? second monthly meeting of the I nite*I Building Association, will he hel < at P, tomar Mall, corner of Marjland av .and 11th at., on MONDAY EVENING next, the 6th inst, at a o'clock, when the second payment of dues will be receivd. Persons wishing to take stock can do ?o by making a;pli<:*lion at this meeting, au 3 3t CHARLES WILSON, Secr'y. y<r?MASOMC.-A special cnmmumration of iL < the M W. Grand l^otlgcof Froeand Accepted Masons of t^e District of Columbia, will tie heid on MONDAY EVENING n"it. at 7J* o'clock, at Masonic Hall, corner ef Ninth and D street#, lor exeniplifving th" work. The officers and meml?er? of thr* (*ruiifi I ?wl?n ?eo ? ?? * ? 1 - IU in |?uin iun' in their atrotdance. aid all brethren in good hta'.dms are cordi<<Uy invit d By order of the M. W. Grand Master. au J-3t G^A. SCIIWAR/MAN, G_S. |>f MEDICAL SOCIETY.?An adjourned I S meeting of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia will be held at the Washington Infirmary on MONDAY. AtMU> 12 in. Buu nesR of importance will l<e lx>f .re the mealing. au2jtt W. V. UP PITT, M. !>.. Rco. 8*c. (Y"3=?GRAND BKLL AND VKRKTT !J3 MASS MEETIN6, On WEDNESDAY EVEN?NG,8 h in>t. The Executive C- nun ttee of the Ce tial Bell and Everett Club of thi? ciiv announce to thepub110 tnat a GRAND MASS MEETING of the UNION PARTY will be held i front of th* Citv Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the dth instant, which will l>e address d by several able speakers from abroad. 'I ho friend* of the cause in Geo gttown eud the adjoining counties of Mar? land and Virginia are respectfully invited to be present Particulars in future xdvertisem- nt. Bv order. aulSt EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE L'uk h|KK-A t?KRVANT MAN who is a F cood farm hand and coachman and well disposed, will be hired for ihe balance of the year A home in the country prrferr?d. Address M. GARRI ' r, a?6G street. an 3 of H\V. HAMILTON. PAINTKR. and DEALER IN TAINTS. No. 588 7th Strkkt. near Odd Pillow*' Hall. an 2-tf PUTTY~il< DOW N. SUGAR,COFFEE. TBA, itv. Id hhd. PORTO RICO SUGAR. 15 do CUBA SUGAR, ?> bbl?. RKFINED M'GARS, M taRi JAVA COFFEE. do M \RACAIHO COFFEE, 25 do HIO COFFt-E, to no or. iiu.nisiiU COFFEE, 3) half chests GREEN and rla'kteas. S boiM A()amanti\k ca Xdle?, 20 do PRIME CHEESE, 3" do KTARCH. ? . ? Now l&ndinr from steamer Monticelloand packet oho ner Mott Bedell. am) for sal- 1 w bjr nr. au 3 6te<> SAwubl, dacov fc FOR SALE?A fine young Saddle and Harneas M A RE-sold fur want of ui-e Can be rry seen at HOWARD'S Livery Stable, Sev enth street, near H. au 2-3t* ^ ^ ( Law school OF HARVARD COLLEGE. The nf xt term will commaaM September 3d, I860. For catalogue and circular address joel parker. finjfall Prr/gfO', Cambridge, July, I860, (an 2-3t) Cambridge,Mait^ T^m SPECIAL NOTICE. HE Very rr?-at increased deniand for Orover t Baker's celebrated noiseless Sewing Machines r nders it actually neoessary for me to make extensive improvements in my store, for the espeoial rale of that article and tho equally oelehratad Halin of White Roses, for which I have the exclusive anncy for the District of Columbia: in > onsequenc* of which, 1shall, on Saturday n?*xi, August 4th, od>r #10,000 worth of mr most Fancv Suw?W * ?..i.n? auction. to the highest bidder, for caah. Every i pflortwill he made to make purchaser* comfoi table during the hour* of vale. At STEVENS' Fancy Store, au2 3t 336, l>etween 9;h an<l loth sta. FOR SALE-A HORSK and CARRIAGE. In quire at EA RLE'? Livery Stable, II r\ 1 street, between 21st and 22rt its. ^ ^ Jy 311 w* /*CTV RHEMOVAL. I MoKENNEY-A LANSDALE, INSURANCE A REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Washington Buildmtf, corntr P;. *r and 7Lk if.. J ar* prepared to Tak* Rnk* on < i at fair rate*, in sound oompanie*. We name in part: 1 he Park. N. Y., cash capital and surplus. #Z?.000 I The Merchants, Ct, do. di ?),?? I he Pheti*. CL, do do 582, ft* he Northern A*aurance, London 2.1*4.009 " Room No. I. jjr ifl-eott , BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! BILLIARDS!! I HtDi CTIOn i N PRn>*<>> Ob ??] ?" i! or Novemoer.our prions w ** as y|^pi|^ i r 0 EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. QRAND MOONLIGHT KX CIR 91 OSWALD H CHa'pKL CHOI P, On MONDAY. Aromx 6. Thi* rbqtr take tifmum m nnouuens a MOOflMWT fc.Xvl'KfflON <hi -J? ^ MCNMAY. A )cu?t6 Tcon mil t eoBfa'tof the eboi'plM*e th?m-^^^^^^^"? i<> rriak " tin* oae < f U-th p!e*?ure ud earn ment to all. a* \ "i v< cai and iriatnxner.tai inu>'" will b* i'i**H:r*<v1 in aiiii'vUnc* to en.:i ven aJ win mar p-fcari t. The s'eawer Phb*ix wiH le?v? berwhai ? the foot < ;' Suth ?treet at : o>lork. ?nd Bladen'* Wharf Saw Vard. at * <?' > * Ti<*fc*t.? fortentlemen. SOceBti: lathe* an?l oN d en. 25 oenta; to b* had of the committer of at th? i>oat. Tho ticket* that have Tuesday. Au*u-t 7. on the nrfaceare Kenume, ther were printed bv mutake. Com m ittt.t. B. Middleton, VV M. 9t*nl<?rd. A. H. Bradley, an 3 3? U R KM E \l Itk'R S5TKAM PACKRTFl'.'vTNO CLOl Pwill ma reeular trips from the Aqo'dnct to ARLINGTON SPRING. >? thcto August instant, for IS cents round^^***"" * trip?cent* tingle trip. _autjn JOHN MOOEK. (J RAND PIC NIC ?I AT TRI PARK HOTEL, On WEDNESDAY. August 8th. John Espnta'a celebrated I>an<l ia eiiiated. Tickets Fift* Cents, admitting ? gentleman and ladies. MNjjiT f f Omnibuses will run from "nfi" tVTB Trm 7th street and Pa. avenue hourly. Committer. J.WCInbb, W.H.CInbb. G. Bat?. Jas. Litchfield. aug 2-3t& au6* C- DON'T FAIL TO GO' 1RAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION. For the benefit of EAST WASHISHTns METH P. MISSION. On FRIDAY EVENING. August 3. Trrrira n*? tr OS The Young M*n rf the Congregation of Kwt Washington Methodist Protestant jr*"" w Mission have chartered the eommo- & dtousand excellent steamer (Capt K. A. Rvther) for > Moonlight Excursion down the Potomac, as far as HOLLAND'S POINT The Committee assure the public that every effort shall be made to rnake this the mutt pleasant Excursion Party of the Reason. An excel* Iei?t bras* !>and has l?e?n "engaged A popular Glee Club in also expected to he present. The t>oat will leave her wharf, foot of 6th st , at 6.1, o'clock ; foot of 4th st.. Navy Yard, at > o'clock exact *. I iek ets can l>e had at Shepherd's hook store, corner 7th and 1) fts.: and at the drug store* of Mr. Bonwell, Island; McPhereon, Capitol Hill; Messrs. Kates and Bury, Navy Yard ; and of the Committee. Manat-rt R. B. Ferguson. Samuel T. Ferguson, James J. Breast, James O. Lusby, John M. McFarland, James Forester, John F. Van Horn, J. Henry Berry. au 1 f HO! FOR HLYMONT! 'ODK Ont Tor the GRAND AFTERNOON EXCURSION of the HIAWATHA k CLUB, to he civen at ftltrn. nt mi f ?*> ! n Tt'fcShAY. Au(5ii?i 7 The Committ?? will use their utmo?t endeavo-s to male* the occasion one of i'.tere-t and pkasuie to all who may tavor them with their company. The Holy Hill Hand has l>euii eniagea and w>ll fu-nish del-shtfnl music to al] who love to"rrip it on the luht fantastic toe." The steamer I'hm * will leave the foot ?-f Hifh *t. at I o'clo.-k ; gv-ne House at I a'f-pa?t l;6th ?tr? et wharf at i Coaohes will leave 7tli and L sts. aii'117tn st. at half rast 1 o'clock. Tickets, ailmittin,; a ner.Ucinau and iadiea, $1. Committte of *. P Perkins, \Vm Goddard, \Vm. Goldsl>oroiigh, F. Moore. Win. Moore. y 31 ?! * I PIC NIC' LiOGAN TRIBE, No. ?. IMPROVED O. R. MEN, (G KORliKTOW M.) The member* ol Logan Tr:l?e take pleasure in announcing t hi * their Annua! Pic ji"?k Nic. at AN Al.OS r A.N ISLAN' on MONDAY, August 6 will kmKiM The tneinliers of the Order will upare no efforts to make this the' Gala f'av"of the season. Every arrangement that will adduce to pleasure and e iio\inent has h?en made Tl.? Ikl. M.ll u?1 I... i? * -- ? * .??. ?? '?? i/whm ii^ urr-n nn'T w-II f'irnish delightful mimic to fv!l who love to "trip it on the light fan fast c to* " Boats will leave the St?ne IIoa?? Wharf and foot of High st. every live minute*. Boats free. Refrenhment* furnished at low prices Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gcutlerra-i and ladies. jjr 3D M GRAND CAVAI.RY TOURNA- oft iMj MENT! GALA PIC NIC! Cl^ At arlington spring thk President's Mounted Guard, Or Wamjikoto!! City, Take great pleasure in announcing to the pul-lie their intention to hold a GRAND CAVA1.RY TO I RNAMENT AND I'lC NIC at ARi.INiiTON SI'RIN'fi.on MONDAY, A?t<?r?t 6th. This will he a strict y it-iliiarjr arrangement, as practiced in the cavalry school e*erct*e ;, and none will contend for the prizes but meiul>ers of the Company The following named gentlemen have kindly consented to act in the position a*-it;ned them : Jcdrk*. Hon. J. II. Floyd, Secretary of War; <*en. J. K. I illMMa I ?n?r?nr..??utar M< 1". < A I .1 #*?1 ! Col VV'ni H. Emory , 1st Cavalry U. S. A. Addrr** to the ?;orit?*tants for the pnz** by the Hon. I. I. Steven*, of Washington Territory. Hon Alexander K., of Virginia. will p-e?ent th? i n l>ehalf of the mi<*c-?ful ndt-rs. Substantial ?e!Vti< w II be erected for the accommodation of the ladies. and every effort will be ma-ln to ensure the comfort and enhance the p|ea? ureof all who may favor the corps by their presence on the occasion 0 We hej;1,1 *wire the publ'cthat order and decorum veil l>o r ici<11 * m-intai ned. a* an amp e poiicr foice will l>e detailed for the purpose. Withers' full l>and has been encased for the occasion. The enclosure will be open for the reception of visitors at 9 o'clock a. m. Hull c to commenco at 3 o'clock p. m. Omnibuses will start hourly from the co-ner of 7th Ht. and Fa. av ; also Wth ft. and Fa. av. The ateamer (ieorge W. Kick* will make tup* from Hth st. bridge. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gen tleman&ml ladies. MAKASKR*. Maj. Jan. Y. Dnvis, Cap!. F. H. King. Capt. Jaa. B Tail, " F. B Schaeffr, " I.ein Twwers, " P. M Dntmnt. I U..I!:- ?1 ' *. uutiiuiowurin, KODl. II. J*tevfns. C^mmittb* or Abbaso*m*jits. Capt. Jos. Peek, Serg't Geo. Scitz, Lieut. K. 1, TmI, Private \V. J Gary, " H. V\ . Martin, ' John Lang. O' S. Win. 8. Teal. RAND PIC NIC AND BALL, VI To l>e given bv Esputa's Citizens' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, OS Tl'E^DAY, ACOCST 7. The proceeds to be applied to the purchase el a NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. Tli" m mbera of the Band p'omise that nothing shall b? wanting upon their part to make this Pir nic well w??rthy th* patronage of the generou* public. The best of Music will be fumishwt. and ?verything done to promote the pleanure of the day. THE OMNIBT8F8 will leave the corner of {Seventh street and avenue. and Trotn corner Twelfth ami Pcnna ave nue ; also, from the Navy Yard. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS, Admitting a Gentleman and Ladies : To he had of anj member of the Band, or at the Muiio More of Mr Ellis. jj 3B-8t j^ELIGHTFLL PIC-NIC MERIDIAN HILL. The Pic Nio i f the ST. ALOY8IUS SUNDAY SCHOOL will take place a: Mr-, idian Hill on TUESDAY, August 7th Everything will be. done to make the arra<.tcemen's per-fBHMK^?^X feet and so ure to all a flat'i enjoy .B3t3S3?2 m*n'. A fine pa' ilion ha* lately i ?u erected, maknif ihi* the pl-'-a?aa'est place of resort iu the vtcini y of the city. Withers' Brass and Strin* Band hai been angr?*ct! cwaniuu, Refreshment!* at ei*v price*. Tickets 25 cents; children 10 cent*. Omnibuses will >uii from the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sevruth street by way of North em Lil>erties Market and K street Far* ten c?nta each way. jy 30-MWFS.MAT* T ANNOUNCEMENT HE M?mb?r? of the PERSEVERANCE FIRE COM TAN Y, No.liar* the _ple?9u r<" to announce to their many f11 niifJfcidlfr und the public iri general tfiat their prwv-*y* ANNUAL PIC NIC will take place at A RLINu TON tM'RINfl on TUESDAY. August 14. Particular* in a future advertisement. By order of Jy 23-eo6t CO*.OF ARRANGEM'TS. I PERSONAL. II NFORMATION WANTED OF SIG'R* O. PEKSICO, which will be thankfully reoeived bjr li PICClOLM Vice Consul of the Two Sioiliee,) No.41 Front ?t? Baltimore. Md. jy 27-eo3t MADAMK MOKKICE, Tuk Gbkat A*tioloi out and IVcrx***, just from Eur opt.?T*l? highly *ifl u and intelligent lady can be oonaulted nn the Past, Present and Future Event*. Call at No. U05 Twenty-aooond street, between H and 1, Washington. jei9-3m* (jJREAT BARGAINS IN " .?T reduced priuea the er^tYr?"?tock of Dry Good* in Store No. itfl Seventh ?t. a frw loors above the Ave?ue. Psrchawriof Dry Goods would do well to oall early end iscure bargains as Thl n,?*t ^ "?,d ' *hort tnn* Jhh: every *rt,o,e u'nai,y fouad Pr^B ?tr1' to ,et b&rKain, HENRY EG AN, ? j?i atvimil II ?in nan worth of dry goods to ollmnhi uk SOU) AT A (iRKAT SAC Kl PICE, from now until the 1st of September, to ?lo*s bnnness, at BAR A BRO 'S, I street, he;w?ea 7th and 8th Kit., Nav; Y?r<1, Washington. this i? no humbug. ?ou u'aj ?x^?ct gr^a' ba? tain*. Intending to makoaohange in oar business., re are obliged to sell out our stoek br the 1st or Jeptember. Those who wish to purchase lar(*K ilianos for p?Miii to buy to ssll again, jy ?-lw i AMUSEMENTS. At odd fellows- hall SArCKDAY EVE MSG. A*? mowstfcr shovtrltof G< 'LDF.N GIFTS! LMt Nwht of Uil |reirtt nicM""'n' pf THIODON*8 Ml SRI M OF ARTS FORTY PW4 VTTPOL PRESENTS. vuxic 11 m. Given nwiiT fre? ofcliarce. in part consiatiiK of Scpert- Silver Dialed I'm Service, in 6 piece*, ell inr tided m one gift , Two Geld \V ( Two Silrer Watchee. Silver pla*e.l Cake Ba?keta, Goblete and Muce. . Beautiful Cameo and Mo*ai- Het* RiPfi, Bracelet*. ?e. Orcheeter? Violin,C.G 8i?i>; Piano. P.of. k ?ill Ticket* of ad<i i nua, ou tkn ocoanion. to a I rart* of the hai! io ct? ; for tale at H Swmken , 330 Pa. av? b*t. 9th and IWh et?.. where the present* may l>e seen. Tickets inar al?<> be had at the ft I I e n . . * . t _ + nnii iroin .1 a m. 10 0 p. m.. aua on tne evening 01 tti* performance. Dporiop?n ?t 7H: rxmnwctttl. 3 AT GAR I JVr?c York nr.. Krtic*m 1 >1 mm4 M ??*. ( MONDAY, Arorsr 6t*. The Manager l*** t? announce to the pnbiie that a grand f<r>. comprising many NOVEL ENTERTAINMENTS rarely, if ever. ?it noised in this city, will he g> ven as alwve. UJTThe fi art) ens are eas? of access, and, meat* of FAMiLtlft will ind. A PLEASANT BSOAT And a ?? endid _ _ Rl'R AI. ENTERTAINMENT. 'I he entertainment* will eorni?e?oe at 4 o'clock. wiU. a LAUGHABLE SACK RACE for a Silver OoMet. ?Afer .winch. CLIMBING THE GRE APED rubn ior rriiM. CONCERT BY THE BAND. Th* l*autiful and ?paciou? Pavilion will ba thrown omu for Patinnt fru nfrknrw'. At dark, a ?pl?<>did Montfolfi-r HAL LOOS ASCENSION, with KIRK WOR k* attaaoad. Alter which,a brilliantditplt) ol PYROTKCHNIOS. fET" Af efficient polio* will h" on th? ground. Exoellwni iiiuhic will wli'r* HwIUihhkinenta Adininaion 25 cent* ; children IP ??*nU. LA FETE CHAMPhTRE' jy !?-tf C. J. WALTER. Maw?f. E^REK CONl KUT*! RNST LOEKKLER, Nr%r >#r* mm**, b?tirtin 1*1 nttd 24 *trt*t*, would rtw?ept/ull) *tat* to th? pul.Iic that A CO.VJERT ofUBI SELECT ML'HIC will ba riven ovar* M'iN W DAY and THURSDAY KVENIfltfS danat ma aaanoa. at hia Pavilion, eommencinc at 3 o'clock ard er.din* %t in p. in Provioa* to the Coaoart. the Saloon is open to tho?e de?trtnr to while S7HT \ few hour* in th? m\z* danoe. ICE CREAM WAT^R ICES, and trtry oeeo ipti?>n of CONFECTIONER Y alwf??? r*>a<lj at cjtj j price*. Parties d->Mrin? the ?iar<f?r>? for Pic Ni? parpour*, v a ieq nested to gi*e a <iay <tr two not.oe. j? !8 3in WANTS ? ~ WANTED ? ' uy person having a smile ROCK? A WAV. HoltSK and H^RNKSS for wile mav h??a- of a pirrhaper t?v applying to G M. C., 3<>4jiorth H nt ct. Capi'o! Hit . ' an 9 2t* W7 ANTED - By . ? 'espec'aMe Protestant w*?n'*n w aSITl'ATIO.N tonnraeor do lifkt v?rk nf any kind. Inquire on 1", <-tr?H, lietw^n 3-1 and 4th streets, !<>citil hon?? from lit* corner ui Fourth re t. a.i 3-?t* r|U? NEWSPAPER CORRESPONDENT#.1 Wanted,a p-a tic'i cone pondent. lor on ind?p?pd**nt daily joarra! in a principal 'Ortnern city. A dail* l?*tt?*r hy the a!t?rnoon mail. aiH a 'tatly 'elfKiapli ? dt*pa'c-i will Ik> required Addresa nntil I'Jo'cl'Hsk satantav, -,H. at W?ia office. mm J^K* If *\TPI1 I I'1BPI'K"I'1'B . . l V I (I < >J|t. uwillf ' " ' ? " tn?fi?ieJiinK aork of a l<nn>? u tue n?ndHomeKt style T''such*ono g<x?d ??;?? mill he jiv?n cuii4-t*"t ewfilirriimit. and th- pwli evfrj f-atnr da\ o\?ninc or o(*"H'T if irani?Hl : at th? omnor < !' lot I; and O (U. A Miifl* inau p f?rrad. ?N C *1* rAR I'M R w VNTKiV-An wglie * init man, with .f i>?'-in renpectaM* ard proli'aWe hukine?fc. winch will require tiaveiir-K Address ' DIXON.' >'ar OMoe an ?-* 11/ ANTKH-a SALKS I.ADY. *oue l.ut the '? best wod anpl.. if. HKU.KK, j> 3! No. 34 Market ^pace, bet ?th and Htb i?t?. WANTED A WOMANperformtlwdatM of chambermaid, So nn? n?ed apply whor?n not bring a recommendation from ner 1a?t p'ac?. Inn m.c at Kikington, t?? milee north of the Cap itol. j) 17 W'A VTKO?R? a ?tead> and iudn?trioui> man. a r SITUATION a* collec'or. Ueet of recoin nt"ndatioin gi vn. Address M. C., JH*r Office. Jy it tf VVANTIiD-To Save emjWt know that th?* ? ? nan pnr<-ha<? their Clothincat o?>*t at No. 4???* Seventh st., opposite Post Office, jy 12-lm rvot** a ** ? > * ??? ?* liUM' AIM U rUUNU. Foi Nf>. A OOI.D ?fl ACBI.BT, wnh "?menrraved On patment tor ton advertisement, th" otner mty olilain th<> mhh- f oin H F. *.OITD<>N At CO , Citigen Mid MUi ary Tailor*. It* _ CTRAYKU OR. *TOI,K\-Ob the l?*th of July. ^ a milium size dark 0RIXDLF. CO\V.H with short horn* and a caek in the leht horn, ami both ears ina k^). A ?<jitaT>'*AaJM regard wi'l be given for information or the r< turn ofthe raid cow to M'? B MAURUPKR.nn B L, between 3th ard ISH ?t* , Island. an 3 *t ^TXAYKD ~0|l STOLEn .-From the i-ub scrioer, lastjnight. on the Bladen?bn:? r\ road, one mile from theOapitol, two hori^?."L^'J? each about seven year* old: one a bay. other a dapple gre*; botii valuable. The c *t ha* but one Bho? on the fore foot A lib"ral reward wili bo riven for their return to m? r???i<ene?. au 3 ST JOHN' A. BARTROFF. Cs)it RKWARD.-l,o?f, between myl?ou?eard the brick-yard of A AT A. Richard*, al')6?S 1?*not? of Bank of Washington, and .|5 People s Bank of Baltimore, au 2-3t* A A T. A. RICHARDS & r R EWARD.?Strayed awa*. July *7, a very Kmall ml COW.wnh short tail, and whitf in both flanks; with homi. ?wl |W| alxiut 3 yarn old. AUo. a larne brindl'' Cow, with hn'u.i, and soine wiut* about herTlonc tail; ytdlow *p?-ck in njtht eye. and partly blind. Hoth milch diV4. Theal?ovti reward will be paid for thuir ret'jru to No 19'J High st., Georgetown. D. 0. au '-3t* u; II RK.WARIi.-Kan iii> from the residence of John W. Burroughs. in Prince JtM (?-orj?e'B county, Maryland, on >atur<1ay rvieht last. COLORED BOY nam*d lionry. alxiut 17 year* of a<e. tftrn built, dark ey??. 4A good net of letth, an<4 quite intelligent. I wil. live th? above 1 "ward if tak'-o ui the Stite of Ma lylacdor District of Columbia. R. P. JACKSON, an 1 3t Executor of Mrs. Hn,oot. deceased. ~lrjR~SALE AND RENT. [Pot otkfr 'J%r Salt and Rent"' advert inm4ntit mm Jirtt page 1 FOR RKNT?The l?r?e STORE ROOM an<1 CELIiA" on tiie oorner <?f I a?>d Seventh ?ts , Nav* Yard. This t oom i? suitable for an* business. Can be rented wi'h or without the dwellinc Po?sefcuion tivfii 1st of September. Apply to JOS. k EPKT11, 4M I >t.6Mt. aii S 2w* FOR SALR0R RENT-A pl? ua-1 and commodious DWE'XING H' UsKoi H street north, ltetwcenftth and 7th, No. *.?7? rent Jin): and on? on Maine avenue, near the Artiiory: rent For further particular* a* to above, or the purchase of other eligibly located property, unproved or unim proved, apply next door to firat named bou??. auS3t*_ B MILBIRN. l/OR RENT?A convenient two-*tory BRICK 1/ HOUSE ; will be rented to a punctual tenant for $17 per month No 461 Tenth street, near E street north. Also, Home fine Furnished Rooms. Inquire of G. F. SCHAFER . Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12th sts. au I X* I70R RENT-A larpe double BRICK HOUSE, r oont*imn? 11 rooms and passare. with stable and carriage bouse ; also a pumeof water in the yard: on Eleventh st., near L ?L For term* insuire of GEORfi E T.I. awn i ??v ? - _ ,? ?. * v? nu i oh lj i>?i nwir i" our teenth et. j j 26-tf For RENT-A thrw-.iorj BrTc'k dwkl LING HOUSE, on H ?t. ktween 12th and 13th ets^ No 404. Apply to J. kirk WOOD, 476 ltth m-et jy 18-tf COR RENT.?A n?w and hand?ome FRAME r HOL'SK will be for rant in a few day*.Mt la beautifully situated on Thut*?nth street, tx^reen Georgia avenue *n<l K st.. Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pomp of good water n ar, and contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and w. odshed. Will be rentad low, with or without tbe lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE : worke welt in anrthing I nature of T. E. CI.ARK. Nary Yard ; or of JOHN PATCH. 618 H et.. between 4th and Mh jy 1< IpOR R KNT?Two comfortable three-st/ ry brick F ROUSES, si* rooms and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh sL, between B and C. Rent $1230 per rronth Apply*0 GEO. P. HUGl ELY . at F. 8. Myers'Office. EiththeC jy 11 1W fOR RENT-Two beautifnl r o i f ? _ ? ? w *% ? V I\ A* HOU8f-9, on Eighth it Ml we?t, between M and N streets north.'went ?i<ie. Apply to MARY c. HAI8IJP.No. S**l Nintu street we*t ot Dr KEASBKY, No. 33S Pa. arena*,between kh mid l?th stroeU. Sw* _ I?OR SALE OR RENT?A p'easantly situated r COTTAGE HOUSE, containing ? room*. There is a square of ground attached under culti va tioa ; a !ane stable on one ?nd < f th? rquare. The place will be sold ofon very rra*onatile or rental to a prompt tenant. Pos?swoa giroa >> tW? 1st of August For parties lara inquwe of BARBOLR A SEMMEb. Grooora. j, >7-ro6t WOOD a0^?8 coal* OF PICE ae# PA. At.,brTW.Ujm AHD l*i? ST?., Mill and Wharf foot of Sere'ntoanth .? WASRLNOTON TT <F1EK> iN8U*ANCK cb?rANv. i p. hanbon. AlH TiON riALBK. iy Fc* othft A urti?m $ <**. fo<?. Bt WALL A HARVARD, inhomi V'OKE OXEN AND CA?T. MoRRE. TOP I Br?ai?A? *T Araio*-0? haTI KIMV moRKiixm AinMt ?t ? ? o'clock, ?? will ? !. ib frcMl of tft* A?wi* Room ? , On" Vokcaf ftM torf# wHI ferck* C**?. C?rt, . , 0?? |p *1 B#? um t"f hp?c) ftlid urmn. tcm'omi .. _ ? 9 It wall* HARNARH An*> By J. c. NHJl'lre 4 co., A>etio*f?re. deremptorv i*alk of koi R i OTHAT " lm o*n?? or fur ?*? wmt Aff> Ron T* H Mini -Ol I H.pIIA ? AFTER ?M? >. A *<< ( 71A. ?l A ?VJori, m IM yw?M. w KTU'U S't ">. St. *1. ?nd ?, > No *Tt, fro*tl?f il kr ! - ? Ml Pl'<*lrt W*?t, ftt th? unw o' ??r'i? H ( . riuiu k*?k H* *m4 to to t l*f. 7 h? aorur L<'? * Df Iwo TwTn?*'Oi? ifclH* ?t*k; tk* r+wMw l? ? < M ra?t> vitii luterrti, ttdirfd b> 4?r4 of tr?rt Oil t?' ' uld J. C. ?;?r,t|RK A CO.. A??t? 77//y AFTERNOON l TT) MORROW Br 4. C. Mefil'lHK * iILAmUmmti UTOCU iT AWIittN.-Oa FRIOAV AT O TKK\(H)N, Awmi Jl.?l 4 ifk. ? tk* Auoti n Rooirm. w lift ! ?*li. ir mt to iwf?2f*> ? or^.>r*Ui>L of U'Mhinctofl Qmmrfrly |S* t'oip r*ti-?n > WmIumIob F?bu MMti I ?*r Stock. M Sh*re? Kerk of VV?<hiertnn Rtoofc. T?r?i ?*h m e irrwH h iWI? ?? "I J.C. MflWtlRR * COmAiiou. Br A. GRKKN, AHIiiu'WI TRURTKK 99AI.KOF OLD RR ICR.pOnRP., A Huisi" A?r Hakiwomb b> l-OT(IT BEI*r. TBI f'K>' TIRTT Of Til ?Dllr llntl a t A rrt i n? ! t- K I 114 V i K? *1 tat m AnHt. I ahail Ktli,n| IH? pr*mi(w, M t .uok p. ro? I'we'it* third. iwi??i i. ao4 M tr*?u north, it b*jc( *d?'W mtlir \\>fU>rt Nooa frof?rti. I tfc? Kiel. W inrtuvi. I) on ?nd Klin4a, fwma'niai from tha *ra Aim*, tba md4 MiMli'tofirwid m vhiok lk? handiac bainf ki'UtJi & ft*'. ?>* i ncb? ? ?>t'UH.\e. ti.m I*<uar*> ti>rm for hriek and m?twni.M?ki Mr n* wiw inc "t nw Km f ea?h; th# halanoa >a ?. U. ai*1 10 munili?. til# purouaaar to sir* noi*? for Um deferred fktrarnu, hrtrm( intermit from th* day of ?)*. d A d**d ?tv*i and a 4+*>d of tra?t tahar. AH m- " vim* no in* at Ike o*v1 of 'hu HrcUutr ff tkr t*rn> for iut rkmtlj not ha ?oin^iH with infivodurt from day of i?r, tha l rr??rr?i tri# rtcfct to ro*?lt th* propart* at tk? nak and ?n?t of tfca Irat ?ure^a?(i.h? adirrtia^nt tl?a ma> a timaa in tha Star EDM I'M ft HANfKY.Tniau*, By W. K WOrtl?WA?P? _jf 2BJ A I.UKKN. A at. Ry A. URKKN. Au*inn?t. 1^OOf) TWO j?TOK V FRAME IIOrRK AND Lot oh tub I?u!ip at Atrno*.-Oa t-RI DA \ . til" /7th i i.aLart. I all ail wi . in froat ot tka premi ??, at fi o'c ock p m.. eonth he if Lot F, ir? Kiit'divieion of Squ*r* No 43*. with the imejora fit*. cv>n???Ut'g of a rood two ?to7 Krtmr Ho?ar with 4 rnomi, fcjtoheu ?n? wood Ikhim. This f ?rerl* f< on S?v*?ith weet, rut lo the o?r er of eoath K etre*>\ and rune hare to an all*y. Term*: Dm hilfi?>k. haltnoe n It moatlw. the ntchiai to m?* not-e fitr ikrtffffrMl b-?rinr^ct f'??m i ay of ?a>e. A deed given a"?d * d'f<) of trust t?ken. Titie in^ieeu table, jy 23 d A. VRKKN, Am). G7- niU ABOVF. tl.K Is* POSTPONED Until FRinATt Au{. 3.1, **wir htn and p ?nc jf g". oo<1& A (? K KK "5, A net. Bf J. C. McCI'IKK A CO., Aectionoere l/rRMTl'* F A*B H'H SKHOLP KFFF.CTS I U^9AT(<rPAV MOW NI N<?. Aer?i?t 4. et M> oVoefr, on the Iret <I-h r of the Aec i n Room*, w tin. I ? ??.. nrcti o| P?ri>Ur?u4 Huiie*li? d r f f cU of a family dec ninn h< u?*keepinj cowpri. I -?f Mmintmn ai d Waluut Sofa*. Rockete. Caueenl \V?x>d -eritf CkMrt. l,"u?uce. Hi r>*au*, VVt hittnd^, tone |/?<tin( G'aeeee, Hair and Shttok Matlre*?e*. 3 - * n.J . . . ^ n. n "?m. ?%' U r I "w?i. Dunne Ta' !** ihrmt ?'h?ir*. ?'*rp?t*. fit' xfattn*. C' ?ktnc aid oiher r' :ove?. Kitoi.m t't'aana. IVrrra caato. _?? id J. C. McGDRK * CO^Ame** H? W AI L A BARNARD. AyotioMfrt. * d SORRt.L MARK AM> THRKIi Col.T* A I i AorriuM?On HATIRDAY MORNING. ? H I i n?-t . *? I" <?Y!ock, we *1 rf in liont of the Aae 1 ion B win 1 < ln? s??rrel More a>,d Colt, Ou^Dwk R(??Co!l, . One Bay Cell. ^ S*l* T*rm? muii. _au J. 4 W ALL k BARNARD. A?m>U._ Hi J. r. Moftl'IRK A CO. AmMmmn PhRKMPTOiO f A LL OF MILI.l*KRY and jn*w GOOD*. KMBROIMIIII. TRIM - I.aie- fun ''Hit, Kam \ ?io<i . A' On SAl I'M DAY MokNING, Audit Un.ooro metcin ?t So'cook. am nominaing from ?iay t>? caj uuti. the whole ia di?p<ta?d of. eha't eei,. at th?atore of R C. Kn., No. 3W Pcnii. aveni*, fcotweer an-1 l?ta atreefa, a large v?ri ?ly o( (<>od* in hia me. cmariainc? I * rl?A nx 1 Sili L ILknuola ?./ Wa Til?n"?*d and untrtmni d !*trasr Bcunets. Hats and K at*. CV>t?r?Mi l-a<raud Straw Honaets. Coior<>d, Hivk u1 ?VhUeJoofc?>* H?n, Cambric and b*in K'Uini and lnsertw.??, I <> do Ban*a and Strips. !) ? do Collars and $eta.i nfenta' Booie* Gin p?, Curds. Braid*. Cringes. lut?a Ribtoon*. ti \uze and Pi k, >V. k lluttoni, Plain Drop Ta? ae . Itiep?". Rea! Va' toia, Kn*li?h Thread, C?t*??B, Imperial V?'?iicia Si.k. Blond and evary o(hfr v* net* of L/o'f, Hone J?kiit?. K ench Artificial F'owarr, Ladle*' and Gentlemen's Silk and Gingham Dm brat las. 8*win* !?i!k?.8pool Catton*, Hair P n? <(all kind*. Head Dr?ti?, H?ir. I'ooth %n<i Kail Hrushfla. Combs. Opes G a ses. To<tfm<-naia?. Caid Casaa. (void aud 8il??r Thimt'.aa. Took Combs. Lnbtii" , Harrison's f.n1 Jules Haule's baat Ex tr?wtf. Fr? nch at d German Co'ognm. Hair < Ml. t'onad*. Ac . Ac. AH of winch will l? od without raaerva. Terms: <9"?? and under. cash. over that sum a eredit of ?- and ? days, for approrad endorsed BSi?? bearing in erest I ii i q j l M"?l UK A ro . AwtiU. 1 H? A. 'KKtN, AaoUtfnMr. | WILL BK ADDED TO THE SALE which will take p.ace on FRIDAY. Sa A mo at, at* o'clock p. m. on ooruerot I w?nt? third and Lata.. Lot >0 8, in Pq iiare 3, belonging to tke heira ad K<ol>ard Davia, deoraaed. Term* at aa!e. aa 1 St A. OS BEN, A act. FUTUKK PAYS ^ By i.c. MeGL'IRb * co.. AuoboMMt. Aij?*tjon 5?lk of fancy good* Ha ic* on haiKi mm* ten Ut"u?and 0 a-* w rtfc of extreme I a-fj 3 ?ok, I inn deem ad to diaao*e of the to tiie higheat bidder. f .r oaah, aa i intend r*at improvem-nta in kit ato~e for tke ooiM'tt *ea?cr I f el -atu, ft ad Uat to tke ladiee of VVadimttoi.Vnorirtovii, A.exaiwiu* and Uieir ra?pecure vi 11. lira. J no- d n -t ara ifj the t-> f.p aotd. other tu?i. m a general cla?a? Ribbina. boaneta, Lacaa, Flower*. Draaa Trim unga, Faatber*. Jockey Hau. Eiubroidenea, Gioraa. Real'hfaok I.aoe Pointa and Mantiaa And a ikoaeand articlea of different kmda.alt ?f whioh will be oflered in aaanUtiee to an>t the ear onaaera a* nesr a* possible, thereby firing them ad\ antages rarHr found, even at the most nttB ire auction ?alee. Teriiu : #25 and a Oder oaah: ov?, fO aad M day a. sJTEVK>8** Fan?* *tora, 336 Pa ar., Hct. 9th and 10-h au 8 * % J.c. MotflhRK* CO , Aaota. VA 1.1 ABLE FARM FO*. 9AUK -The eah sonbers will offer fur MUa.on the premises. oa THURSDAY. the 'ftih of Aagust, IMP. that Tract of L?and, oall'd ai d known by the name of "Piaaatavay Forest." formerly owned by tae late Dr Edward Kver# field, and reoeot ? by the lata Matkiaa Fversfieid. it contains Sit acre*, mora ar less. aad for productiveness e*aa to any land* in that fertile re* ioi . It . ies oa the Pisoataway | Brauoh, and is well woolat and watered, ha ring an at undanoe f fine nua-iow and It adioias the lands f Messrs. Joseph B Hill, Stanisiaas H anc. lord, Thomas ?* . Robinson a .d W m. fl.Giyu, (ofThos.) I This land is oapable of prod set og la graat abaa^^^^^J ^.mm.wni.vMIMIIII tMCTOMMMllr i crevi in PriM*George'a ?>Mwh . aed often ?rv? 1 eppo rtuoitT to those who vak U> invest i? Ml " Estate. v H? haildinc ? are ordirerr. bet t?e a^andaaee ot &ne handing tin.t?er,o lT h*lf a mne from a ao?? aaar and ?ri*t n.i i, r?i <ier? boi. not oo?p?r?U?nr c e?p ltial"ile from the A ?xmJna Ferry ud 12 mtlee from Wa?bin?ton. . J i he ier?ia ?f ?ril be liberal fSMtabl J p\id 10 cash on tbe ftay <>r ?ale, u.e reaidaa la 1. t and 3 reara, in e^ual instalments, to be awilH by , tlie < nd? of tlie aura a?er or purohaeera, witb u prored seeunty. b?a- ii:t i-tere.t frnm day ?rf 0<> the pa; taent ni the wh ! enroll*** noM) M int'reet a a?od and euffioiebt d?ed of tbe property wii! be ?ire.i. _ _ _ CHAR .1.8 E. KVEK9F1ELD, MaTTHKW E. DtJVAI.L. ? jj 27 vU Wr BmH H. Erereieid. HT(PTKITEH't* tfUMACfl BITTkIST * re. Wia?ln*'a So<?thiiu Sir .p. I naid In net, hpaldine'a ??tne, Mu?tan? Ay re'a Meototnea, Hoack'a Panae -a. *e , with * r ..L ? ' . ..~?u Mpp J f?i MndtUIBM. At __ I .:OOEK ? W?*i Ko l Dr?f fiton. ^ 113 P* " .ETPr^k Bine Uck and Co-c ?? M fctmr* Altojoif'iivMl Frnit m4 Jmr%. if *w ' 'l"1 HOMPpON'!-" T u^P?Mv8?"ED !"a' cordial. m F?ta. ~J r^l c^FQ|t p ^ For Superior Soda Water, With OcImiom Fnii a? Cbkam tn(M. C ttou I .KAY J*. I NortUut eAr. MkWMli?MtU ??. Mil Fwtk aC I ft f4 hr I i^OR SALE-A LADY'S HIDING PONY la I I offered for aale a^?vtr; Jr?W Ufmi g\ I I* 9

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