Newspaper of Evening Star, August 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 3, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL HtW S. 1X7" Though TMt 9ta* la pnntM on the futnl *te?m pre* In u?e aoiith of BsWrnorr, It* rditlon la m la/^e u to require It to be put to fr^M at in ?arly hour, Advertisement* tbrnfw . thould be seat In before 12 o'clock in , ctfettwkse tbev may not appear nnttl tbe n?*t 4?t Nottc* to W*?*iietr>*ias?.?Thoae of our faUow-ctt inn* W<avlng for the watering place* end Haewberr should beer In mind that we do not nail Tun ?ta? except after payment In advance at tbe rate of 37* cent* per month Nonca ? District of Columbia Advertisement* to he inserted to the BaLTiMoaa Scs are recelvrd w ana forwarded from The !?Ti? usee. Hfll aar> Kvmn Clcb Last Cvixiro.?Quite a large and enthusiastic gatberi ng was present at the ball of tbe Bell and Kverett Club last evening, to listen to a ?perch from Mr. <'*hi?b Vellott, of Baltimore, announced to address. them on that occasion. Tbe meeting being alltd to otder, a roronittee w*? appointed to wait on YelMtt and inform him of their aaa? uiblijg and dealre to bare him address thrm. The comui ttee havlag retired for thia purpose, Mr. Bcardsley was called npon for a speech during tbe interim. That gentleman, in reaponae, < ame forward and spoke n bla usual happy and eloquent stvle, until tbe arrival of Mr.Yellott. Mr. V., on entering U?? room, was loudly applauded. and <m being introduced by the president rf tbe mating, was received witu three enthusiastic c**ra. He then proceeded to deliver an able and elocueut e*^eech, aaaurlng those present tbat If tbe I a??n throughout the country won Id only petfom? their duty, victory wa? certain. Some Were soswns;uin?? as to suppose an election of their candidates could be HB'erted by tbe people He would not go quite so far as that, though be did not regard flhi* as altogether improbable; but if tbe i.dberenla of tbe cause which they advocated would ?H?iy ?*ert themselves with proper seal. bv ;iatiuw? in unTKuriu, iuf nection ?f Lincoln cmld be prevented, and the contest tbn being thrown into Congress, he regarded I tbe election of Kdward Everett by tbe Senate aa aa inevitable event. He at some length the causes which IM to ^br formation of this party, which was con ( ceived and born in Washington city, alleging the present distracted condition of our country to have freiefi brought about by the maladministrations of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Previous to their being elevated to the responsible position of President of this mighty Republic all was pence '.fld harmony. The repeal of the Missouri Compromise was not had because of any real or iniftni n^su I 111 H f tn IKd tlmilk kkt># tataa tku 'aia^iuai j win i" ?uv ctvuiu. vui wa? H'l lur purpose of accomplishing certain political end* determined ffpon by unprincipled politicians at Washington. Tbl? slavery agitation?the question of slavery in the Territories?had bran brought .<iw>ut by the demooratic party for the sole purpose of drfentlug Sara." because they saw he 'v#? making inch rapid strides that If his course wtre not shortly checked |he would override the Tlcnioctatic party and get possession of the spoils *ml the offices, which they didn't care a great leal about releasing their hold of They succeeded in checking the progress of? Sain, but waked up in his sttad a more formidable adversary?Sambo It was a momentous period in oar country'* history when there was a necessity for tbe organization of a l.'ntoa party. A few years ago It waa thought all were talon men, but auch was not now the case. If policy dictated he would favor a union with the Douglas rxirty first, and the Breckinridge party second; out never would he in any event favor a union with the *Abe Lincoln party. All men in the South were not rnntrollfil hv imiml in/i<rm*itt hut tit mo? ? mm b* mere passion. Regarding the election of -M?e Lincoln a* * direct intuit to the South, they would ?top abort of nothing but having bim ither displaced or a dissolution cf tbe Union. *'nder sucn circumstances never could be In any * ve?t favor a union with such elements. They 'wet* hostile to tke I'nion and to tbe dearest rights /one section ot tbe Confederacy. He thought It highly probaMe that Bell and Kverett would carry every Southern State, with the exception of one ? South Carolina ? which would go for Breckinridge. Massachusetts, too, , he had every reason to suppose, would cast her electoral vote for their candidate*. He wu frequently applauded; and when be bad <-on< luded, a vote of tuanks was passed for bis kindness Ln appearing before them arid delivering sim h an iSlf and interesting address. The meeting adjourned without tbe transaction of farther business than to listen to the reading of the report of tbe committee relative to the mass meeting, on Wednesday evening, in front of the City Hall. Akeaxgkmsxts ros tiis Reckptios or thk XoVavis.?Tbe arrangements for receiving and entertaining the Chicago Zouaves (pronounced Wiavs) during their brief sojourn in thia city t).?vc hwen coinpleVd. They will arrive in tbi? ity at ft o'clock a m to-morrow, when they will be escorted from the depot to Browns Hotel by thr \\ MhtniTtnn lnfm?trv Uzior I lawls whose guests they will be. After partaking of breakfast there, about ? o'clock they will pro< red to the wharf at the foot of Seventh street and take passage oil the steamer Mount Vernon, for the purpose of visiting the Tomb of Washington Returning probably between y and I o'clock, tbey will pny their respects to the 1'resident, after which thev will return to the hotel fordinuer At 3 o'clock, they will afford our citizens an opportunity of beholding their peculiar and superior style of drilling, on the open space in front of the ^tty Hail, which will be subjected to a thorough brrshing up for the purpose We are requested to state that ladies only will be admitted on the portico steps and other convenient locations in the immediate vlclntty. The police will be present in fu?l force to preserve order The visitors will leave the city for Baltimore in the SJ? o'clork train of the same evening. We understand that the Zouaves are to beao ompanWd to this city by the Independent Greys, of Baltimore. The* a5i? Visiters ? Yesterday morning a hackman had a gentleman arrested for Crcidnny, iuu me genurojan ccoipiainea 01 ackiiiaa on the same ground. The cases were laid before Justice Donn, who. In view of all the k eir< umstaaeev dismissed them. The facts w?-re that the gentleman called a driver and told him to ^rran^e to carry hia family and baggage away in the afU-rnoon. In a moment be was surrounded hy - whips,and to rid himself, threatened with a forcible remark to use bis cane. One of the hacknaen replied In an equally orthodox style, which was all the ground of complaint. Lieut M< Henry, as soon as he beard the complaint, remarked of the backmen "that they are really an annoyance to strangers, and he had told the officers orer and over again to keep them back to tbe curb." He further remarked that, as the btckmen are so tenacious of tbe law wh?n strangers olT-nd, the} sbonld expect to be dealt with as strictly. Passxxocks r? Stzaxek Mosticxllo fob Niw Yon. OS \Vxt>.*k?bat?Nathan Rice, Mr owen and daughter, J. L. Hitsie. Mrs Samuel Alrlch and child. Dr. Mackie and lady, Mrs Kfi?nrh two c hildren and lorvanta \f?? a l.. - - ? | ? - ? ?? % ? w ? . n ica . Mahon and two children, Thos Gill, Mr. Miod, J L Evelith. Kbfn Kveltth. K. W Had dm, 1 Miss Vuiv, A W. PorVr, Mr DeCamp, Mits JVCamp, Dr. Antisell and lady, Mr. Lemon, Mrs. , l.nova. M:m Lemon, C. McDonald, John W. Buckley, T. B. Brown, Mr P. A. Cole, Alej. Parkins, editor Clarke Journal, Mrs Capt Gedney, two children and servant, Miss K Sherman, Mr Calvell. H H Rhodes Case rom Co vet ?Yesterday, Officer Stafford went to the shop of Mr. W P. Webb to serve a civil warrant upon one of his workmen, which be did. snd required the man to acknowledge the service by signing the warrant, and set a day for trial. This the workman refused to do, ana Staff >rd seized him to take him before a mai;is trate Mr Webb Interfered, and put Stafford out of his shop. Stafford went to the office of Justice Dobs and got a warrant, which was .....4 n> U > W.t.K K? r.?l I ? ?' ? ?. , ? VM ?? ?f J'*"" ii i ramiiB ( After a bearing, Mr Webb wat required to ((Ire 1*11 to appear at the Criminal Court. Policc Ca?**?B*fort Jmttiet bonn ? Daniel i McCarty and Pat Donabar were arrested by j Guardsmen 9carff and Handy, for fighting, or i trying to flgbt and taken Mure Jwtlce Dual, I vrbo, In Tkew of the slight damage, and In cob- , ideratlon of proinlsea of better behavior on the part of the combatant*. tned them *1 M each F Lebar arretted by Policeman Fanning. , foe aa aasault and battery, and waa held to secunty to kaep the peace, but it appeared also that he } naod U*guag? nut allowed by the Corporation blae laws, for which he paid >1 'M. Fn Alia?.?CMMlderable amusement la anticipated by partiea proposing to vialt the Waah" tngtoa City Gardena on Mondav evening neit A ^ HMtaaai Is efffred. and hcintiM ?# u ut.d will oe ^ffordrd for all wLojo to ciyoy tb> maetvea In the highest degree Th- entertammenta will commence about four o'clock, and continue until aucb time aa to enable fernilira and < Mldren to return borne at a aeaaonable hour Do'at forget La f*t' Ckampttrt. Som Dcst?The Avenue tbla morning, did not appear to be very greatly Improved bv tbe new puia of watering. The dual la sotue place* wia about three Inches In dapth, la others not marathaa one 1 nth This, however, mar hare bran a deposit nubaeqaeat to tb? laat "wetting dow.. " Bv tbe way. what lias bee.orae of tkr eppewrtatUMi for eleanliyc and wrtti?K Pennsylv*at? renur from th? Capital to Twenty flr?* Nn?w O'clock -Decidedly tbe met attractive a?d ^jfwtwt^iMt^on of^thf day is theauc k CoRKKtfOSttlBCS ? Wasbroton Citt. Aug. 8, lf-60. To IT? M Brown*. Editor of rk? Contti/ rtT>* ? Dem Sir: My attention having been ('ailed to the resolutions adopted br the Republican Association in tb's citv. <md published 'n the ftew York Tribune of the 3t'tb ult . censoring my conduct tn refining to give >.r O A Hsiand several sentiemen" perniiasion to erect a liberty pole on tbr open spare In front of the Bank of Washington. I have to requeat the favor of you to ifive a place in th? Constitution to tbe resolutions and the correspondence between Mr Hall and inyaelf, ao that my fellow-citizens generally may have an oppo'tunity of determining whether 1 have merited tbe censure pasa*d upon me Very respectfully, your obedient aervant, John B. Blah [Correapondence of the New York Tribune ] libkktt at tub fbdbral mbtbofolis W athi.\utoi Citt, July W7, I860. The following resolution* were unanimously pused by the Republican Association of this city, at a meeting held at the "Wigwam" on the Wth Instant Whereas the United states Commissioner of Public Buildings, John B Blake, has withdrawn th? permission previously granted republicans of Washington city to erert ludi 11 berty pole as would have been a credit alike to the great republican party- and the metropolis of the Union, and from which was to float an ensign bearing thirtythree stars and thirteen stripts? our country's flag?an emblem of the union of the States : Therefore? Rrsolvrl, That we regard this withdrawal of permission heretofore granted to all political and other parties as an act of petty tyranny and proscription, which could only emanate from a mere partisan, and an agent of such a corrupt political party as now governs the nation. Ketolrtd, That the attempt of the Commissioner to hide bis act behind the shadow of late is only a nol timl and ku ht??rfni/?? mrxti mnk*?a th#? act of prescription more palpable from the fact that inch a low (if any) has to long been allowed to slumber or to be violated with impunity, the evidence* of which we have had and still have all aiound us Ke.'olrtd, That, whereas such permission has been denied RsHMinw hv the United States Commissioner of Public Buildings, we, the iiiemi?ers t f that party in Washington, wishing to prove ourselves law and order abiding citizens for the present la tbis esse, waive our kiohts in the national capltol, and deem it advisable to erect no LIBEKTY pole until the inauguration of that n*tioial partt which shall establish in this city tiuk libxety and the equal rights of the nieml>ers of all political parties, and who shall regard the l>istrirt of Columbia as the property of the satioh, and not a section of onr country Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished the press for publication^ \ Washing to* Citt, D C., July II, I860. Sir : At the request of several gentlemen who are desirous of erecting a liberty pole on which to hoist a flag, 1 take the liberty of addressing you, to aak your permission (as Commissioner or Public Buildings) to erect one near the ranter of the open npiice in front of the Bank of Washington, at the intersection of Louisiana avenue, 0 and Seventh streets His Honor the Maror has given bis consent, as far as his power extends over said streets. Should \our permission be given. I can assure you that, if they go ahead, they will erect a pole that will be botn safe and ornamental. An early reply is req nested Very respectfully, your most obedient, G. A Hall. J B Blakb. Esq , Commissioner of the Public Buildings, Washingon, D. C. Orrirx Comxi?sio5ei or Ppblic IIvildixgs, i July lb. ls?o. < t*ir: Your lrtt?r of the 11th'inct . requesting permission to erect a Ul??rty pole near the centre of tbe open apace In front of the Bank of Washington, waa handed tome whilst at dinner, which prevented nie from Kivlug it the consideration to which it was entitled. As yo^ mentioned that tbe Mayor had given his consent, ] requested the hearer of your Tetter to state to you that I had no objection. fMuce then I have bed an opportunity of examining aa to the extent of my authority over the matter, and 1 find that, so far from being authorized to grant the permission yon requested, it would be my duty, under law, to remove tbe pole, if erected. I therefore have to recall the verbal acquiescence, in the permission you obtaiited of tbe Mayor, which I communicated to you through the nentletnsn who delivered to mc your letter. I shall refuse all similar applications, come from what source they may, very much regretting that a sense of duty will not allow me to gratify my fellow-citizens In a request which wfias so harmle** and unimportant Very respectfully, your obedient servant, JoH.1 B. RlaII. Comiuiitinnn G A. Hall, Esq . No. 307 I'enu. avenue, near Tenth Street west. CoMVlKri AND AoKlCCLTrRK i* THE ALBXiMiki* Cit^ Councils?At a called meeting of the Alexandria City Councils on Friday night last, in the Hoard of Common Council tbe Chair laid before the board a communication from the Mayor, enclosing: n communication from J M. Vernon, which statwi that Mr. V. was m rout? for F.nrope, for the purpose of making arrangements with a company in Bclgi um to furnish the capital to but Id vessels tor direct trade lie wanted an expression of opinion on the part of this city as to the feasibility of the project, and desired to know if it would meet the approbation of tbe people He did not want money, but wanted friendship iu tbe undertaking. The communication also suggested that an appropriation of 9/ysi would be i)nite acceptable. The communication was laid on tbc table. I John A Washington, Ksq , President of the Potomac. Piedmont and Valley Agricultural Society, was introduced to the Council, and (the Board of Aldermen having been invited into the chamber of the Council) addressed the meeting Mr Washington said that he appeared as the organ of the society, of which he was president, to ask a subscription of foW?i or f 10 UW to aid the association in opening an agricultural fair here this fall. After the city bad expended vast sums to constructing railroads, this was but a means to render available and to realize the benefit of those large investments. The crowds which would visit this city, and the trade which would flow from their coining, would speedily repay such an outUy. It was estimated that this fair would bring L3,?Xi people to the city, whose expenditures would be at least S75.000 The interchange of couitesies the openings of trade between the visitors and citizens of the town, would leave valuable business in its wake; it would secure an annual flow of people and money into the city, which would be not for one year, but for all time _? + ^ ? ? ? * i v iuuw we numiK pia< e?l on these fair* by other cities, he mentioned that Richmond had given *50,000 to the Central Agricultural Society, and Petersburg 937.000 to a similar institution, whilst Wheeling had offered the Central Society 815,000 to bold one meeting in that city. He hoped the Councils would take such action as they believed the interest of the town dem^uded. On motion of Mr Ashby, a committee of two was appointed to consider the communication, and Messrs Ashby and McKenzie were appointed said committee. lu the Board of Aldermen, after they returned to their own chamber, the action of Council on the communication of J A Washington, Ksq., was concurred in, and Messrs. Armstrong and Hryan appointed a committee on the part of the Aldermeu, to take the subject thereof into consideration. All Aboct Ducxs ?This morning a colored man. for years a huckster in the Center Market, and well Known to our citizens as Goodln's Ben,was arrested by officer King and taken with a basket of ducks to the uffice of J ustlce Donn It appeared that live of the ducks were of another person, and B?n wa? not aufborixed to sell them Ben wax required to accouut tor bta possession of tbem. He came to the city laat night. and atopped at his mother's on the Island; while there Ben's ducks, bv some means, got out of the basket, and got mixed up with the other ducks. It it very d fflcult to identify duck* that are so much alike Ben couldn't do it, and so they were put together In the basket. This morning, however, the owner of the fire ducka managed to pick his out of the flock Ben waa perfectly willing to give them up, and the case was dismissed. ________ Columbia Aixoit and thb Volv.ntbkbs? The volunteer companies which quarter at the Columbian Armory are in want of light, it would appear from their complaints It seems that tue Gns Company has cut oil' the gas because of the bill which remains unsettled. This bill is chiefly the cost of gas used during the time the volunteers stayed at the armorv by order of the department or President, while the Harper's ferrv excitement existed. Though a company paya its proportion of costs, <he gas is (till cut off because the whole is not paid. This shows the neceesit y of some kind or general organization, that will insure an attendance to the*- minor detail*. It la otily since the disorganization of the regiment tUat these things have been neglected. A* Unlvcky Cut?By an Important improvement in the vicinity of the Bank of Washington, the drainage of that lot was seriously affected, | the improvement cutting off a drain that was constructed from that lot. The consequence Is the filling of the ceL'ara under the bank property with water, which, during the prevailing hot wither, la not ve.ry conducive to the health of the neighborhood It waa an object of curiosity yesterday , and to-day men are employed in pump mg o.u iiit wtier preparatory to a drying-up" arrangement. Xbsivkd at Carter * wharf (foot of Tblrteenaud-* half street) cteaiuer S. Seymour, Palmer, from Philadelphia, with tons of coal for Messrs (;iistleiu-An A Bro Al*o, rlioouw Nijfna, Ki 11fiinn. from the aame port, with <!U ton* of coal for Mr. James Fraser. BASC*i>XIDGB Mextisg 15 Alxxahdkia.?A meeting of the friends of Breckinridge and LamM -o l>e held at the Court Uousc In Alexandria on Wednesday evening next, to appoint delegates to the Cfcerlotosv ill* Convention 0 Diitiift Militant? Mr Editor . I am glad to see tbat tbe captain of tbe National Rifles denies that he or anv of his corps has anything to rto with tbe current diacuasioa in the Star relative to the military. Certainly. I could not suspect tbe Captain of ridiculing bis own tine corps, or anv other of the companies of tbe District. No one who ever possessed a spark of military spirit w?ld do so. Now, that the letter-writers are burlesquing i our military companies may be proved by the , following passage relative to the National Rifles ! in the article signed " A Military Man" In tbe Star of Thursday laat He " Tbe feet of the case Is th'=it there is a young [ company just beginning to bloom cut into the proportions of a full and well-drilled and wellbred organization of men, who. by tbeir eu< rgies and unremitting endeavors to have an exception to the " poor apology for military" In this city, have excited the envy of some of the more sensl tlve of (1 suppose) a certain company of inftntry, ' who ace clearly now that to have any place among good toldttT* they must pay greater attention to their tactica, which seems qnite sufficient cause for the envious slur Intended only forthe National Rifle* contained In hit communication." That the corps he refera to la beginning to be ' " well drilled I claim as a fact, but that they are i Just beginning to be " well bred" I deny. The* ! and all the companies of our city are comp scd 1 of already originally well-bred gentlemen. The uncalled-for attack upon other companies is beneath the dignity of a soldier; and the captain of , the National Riflrs may well Inform the public i that he and his corps are not guilty- of it, j though the public knowthem too well toattriliut* It to thein. In order to save all other companies from like aaperfions, I now declare that I am not | connected with anv infantry corps in Washington. With regard to the remainder of 44 A Military Man's" ?ffort, I have only to say that walking 44 arm in arm*' with a member of Congress does not increase bis capacity to judge of military performances; and as for his having that44 honor" be alludes to, It Is probable that tie and myself occupied similar positions at Vera Cruz, and the service oi uom of lis aian t anord material ior camp chat at Vtrgara. I only wish to save our military from the extravagant acrlbbling of letterwriter* like " A Military Man." Oxs OP TBKX. WSSLIY CbaML aud the ?lavibt C} cannon?The male membera of Wesley chapel, of this city, have, generally, signed a " calm, but eariieat protest," against the action of the late General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church on the slavery question ; expressing the j Opinion that all interference with that subject can ! be productive of no good, but much evil, and fraught with danger to our national prosperity. ' They recommend that the members of that | church, while deeply spmpathiilng with their brethren of lf the border," patiently await the session of the Baltimore Conference, In March next, having confidence that that body will so act as to subserve the true interests of the member* within the bounds of the latter organization. As we understand the matter, the General Conference was under the control of ultra anti-slavery delegates, j and have given offence to the membership in j slave-holding States bv the enartment of anew chapter on slavery. or Allkts.?The paving of the alleys in the squares No. 77 and '214, the hills for which j have passed the Councils, will soon be commenced. as we learn from the proper officer. It would 1>e of vast benefit to the health of every square if the alleys were all graded and paved. Tney are the receptacles generally of the flltb of every square, and the sleeping apartments of many families open into them llnpaved alleys are not effectually reached by the police regulations. and consequently are seldom cleansed. The stagnant water, decomposing vegetable substances. &.c., serve to poison the atmosphere ( which families residing around such alleys | breathe, and sickness must ensue. The alleys should be as carefully attended as the streets ? they are the air passages of the squares. DotTGLAS AND JOBKKOM MkHTING III ALIXA*dria?The Gazette says: "The Douglas and Johuson democrats assembled at the Relief llall last night, in considerable numbers. The meeting ! wai organized by calling R S. Douglas to the chair and the appointment cf E. B. Powell .is secretary. On motion of G. W. Brent it wai agreed that a Douglas and Johnaon club be organized, and the following gentlemen were appointed a commit- j te* to report a constitution, and select permanent I officers for the club: Messrs Albeit Stuart, James Crawford, T. J. Kdeiin. Thoui8S Coyle, and George \V. tlutchina. And having pawed a vote of thanks to the Relief Fire Company for the use of their hall, the meeting adjourned. Criminal Cocrt.?Charles P. Pengstnck, jr., tried yesterday for an assault and battery u|>on John Kane, was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine of ?30 and costs John Rile^ was tried on an accusation of picking the pocket of a man named Malone, from the State of M issisaippi, on the tf-M of February last, at the Inaiiguratirn of the Washington Statue. The amount alleged to have been taken w*s #70, but no identification was made of the money, and so Rib v was acquitted To-day the Court met at the usual hour, but bad transacted no Dusiness at 12)$ o'clock. Fro* Occoqca* ?Affairs at Ocroquan are now quiet, and HUii't probable thorp will be an attempt to renew tbe cause of the dltturbance. A letter from there says: * 11 wa* rumored here, a few days since, that tbe republicans were about to memorialize Gov Letcher for perini*sion to erect another pole. It Is also said that J C l'nderwood has ceased to elalin to l?e a citizen of Virginia, and refused on Saturday last to exercise his commission as a justice of the peace. His commission expired on Tuesday He has closed his establishment, and declares he will bave no more work done in Virginia. Some of the republicans are still anxious to raise the pole ayain." J A Convenience ?Mr. C. G. Mortimer, the j agent in this city for Martin's Virginia Cream Ale, has sent us a sample of that most delicious bererajje, put up In stone bottles expressly for family use We can only reiterate wbat we have already said of this Ale. that In our opinion it has no superior and few equals, as a family Ale. Mr M is located on D street, between Sixth and Seventh, where he will be most happy to meet bis friends, and bave his Ale ta*ted r.sil nmi see biiri?he i? a trump We commend t> the public both him and Martin's Virginia Cream Ale. Camp Meeting.?There will be a camp-meeting on West Baltimore circuit of the Methodist Protestant Church, to commence August 17th, on the fine site near Sandy Mount, Md , owned bv Judge Brown. The President of the Maryland Conference ha? designated the following minis- | isters to attend at the meeting and officiate:? ' Ken. John Eiderdice, C H Littleton, D. Kvars Reese, H P Jordan, W. T. Wright, J . T. Ward, Dr. A S. Eversole, Geo W. Simpson. Dismissed ?Young Kemp and Ratlifi, who were arrested on a charge of robbing J L. C. i Dana, were discharged from jail this morning? I the witnesses proving nothing against them. The condition of the prosecuting witness at the time the robbery * as supposed to have been p^rpetra- ; ted, and the places he bad visited, made It doubt- ' ful if he could fix precisely upon any plaeeor per- I on in connection with tbe loss of his money.* Uxgdn ? The excavation having been comfiieted, the foundatlona are In courae of constructon for the new iron buildings of Meters Coyle and Egan, on Pennsylvania avenue, near Seventh street. The work and material of the foun- I datlons attract much attention. The flne large ! blue rock used In the masonry ia furnished from the extensive quarries above <iforgeiown, worked by Silsby 4 Co. cxntkat Guardhouse Case* ? Julia Manner was found drunk in the street, for which sbe was fined *2 15. Richard Right was disorderly, and accused himself of throwing stones In the street, which waa not right according to law; be was charged fci 15. T. M. Dennet waa drunk, and. the record aaya, disorderly, too. The assessment in his caae was alao fixed at fRi 15. Sibiocs Accident to a Washington Bot ? At the depot in Frederick, Maryland, on Monday, a lad from Washington, aged about twelve years, wboison a visit to the family of Mr George Mehrling, waa on tbe platform of a car, or at- ; tempting u> get on, wnen ae ien, me train pnued over kits foot and ankle, crushing tin* bones so that amputation is thought to be unavoidable. To Bex tbi Ghat Easts**?We called nn Ellis to day, and were glad to aee the list of subscribers to the excursion to Annapolis by steamer to ae? the Great Eastern steamship is rapidly fliliug up. Araoug the subscribers are some of the best citlxetis of Washington, and their families. Thiodok'* Mcsbum of Art ?The attendance was unusually large last night, and the performance moat successful. To-morrow night Is the last night. It is worth the price of admission to hear the excellent violin performance of Mr. Uird, accompanied on the piano bv Mr. Schell Reduckd Fare ?The fare between Lynchburg and Alexandria, via the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, ha* been fixed at seven dollars?a re- ; dnctlon of one dollar on the former rates To all points north of Alexandria, a similar reduction has been made. The Rici at Pinky Beanch ?The race which came off at Piney Branch on Wednesday last, resulted In the success of Bay Dick, entered t>r Mr. Wm. Cleaver. The distance was mile beau, beat three In five, In harness Time?first heat, 3:3: second, 3:4* j third, 3:3*. Stevens la making extensive preparations for the comfort of the ladles during the boars of sale, commencing at nine o'clock, on gUturday morning, at the store 338 Pa. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. f A Uiahs Pic-eic la announced to come off at the Park Hotel on Wednesday, August a. See t advertisement. # iCOMMtrHICATlB ] ft'i Hawushad ? Tb? attention of the people of tbe United States H to the subject of appealing % Teacher's floroeetead to each common s-hool in the United PfaU,s. during the Presidential campaign. Instead of pole-raisings. as an enduring measure of American ci viluatlon What I* there in the Katitu-> tio-a t-f other nations which *> rin adopt! Es ?t li?b in thescbool ami school district an American Institute and Miniature Republic, In which the ai ivnee of self-government ar?d representative government will be tbo study and the art of a p-orl^ From England, adopt the high moral c taracter of the people in the time of Alfred; security of person and property . arbitration, as now eitsting among merchants From Scotl*nd. take church libraries and wide roads From Ireland, model farm schools and moral suasion From n . r rau<_e. premiums for merit, among women and men From Spain, the planting of fruit trees on the roadside, so that passers-by can eat the ripened frntt, and the pasturage of sheep In the woods and mountains, sttend^-d by a shepherd and a shepherd's dog. Prom Germany, a teacher's homestead, burden, orchard and farm at the school; cood education, morals, industry, prosper itr.wlth kind, pleasant manners; lone credits and easy payments on the purchase of homesteads by beginners; marriage portions for young women From the Tnrks, truth and honesty From C? 'ada, a national normal and model school, and school and school-district libraries, to which the county, State and Congressional documents may be sent; thus makine them the property of the people in the school-aistrlct library, and not the property of the politicians, as now Will not the adoption of this measure during the Presidential campaign restore confidence and awaken stronger hopes in republican institutions' warrk.n ajid m\*ion. ru* uoubt ?i ni? morning, jonn upen net m appeared before Justice Doun to answer the charge of resisting officer Stafford in the discharge of duty. It was shown that Stafford went to serve a civil warrant upon the accused, and required him to sign the warrant Id acknowledgment of the service This he refused to do, aud the officer undertook to arrest him, and was ejected from the house. Justice l>oan held him to ball for Court. America* Dental Association.?The convention of this association re-assembled yesterday inorning at the Smithsonian Institute, the president /Dr. Atkinson) in the chair. Interesting scientific essays were read by Dja. Marker. Flagg. Taft. and McGuillan. and after other business, adjourned until four o'clock. At the evening session the ass elation adjourned to meet again at Cleveland, Ohio, on the last Tuesday in July, iwi Thk Chkra pkakk asd Ohio Canal is now again In full operation Large quantities of coal are coming down from Cumberland for ahipment at tide-water In Georgetown and Alexandria. \\ e learn tbat the measure of raising the tolls on the canal is again agitated, and twenty-five cents per ton named as the proposed increment. This creates much anxiety on the part of the friends of the canal and the coal trade. Accidkht.?A young man named Henry Middleton met with a serious accident while gunning yesterday afternoon in the fields north of the city He had borrowed a gun which was very heavily loaded, and on exploding It, suffered the loss of two forefingers of the left hand, besides an injury to the third linger. Tiie gun burst at the breech, close to the spot where it was grasped by the young uiau's left hand Sehknade.?A number of friends of Mr Thomas P. Morgan, of the first ward, complimented him with a serenade at a late hour on Wednesday night, on the occasion of his election to the common council. A fine band was engaged, which Itlayed several beautiful airs in front of Mr. Farter's residence, when tbat gentleman appeared ana delivered some remarks appropriate to the occasion. The I.athe* should bear In mind Stevens's great auction sale of fancy goods on Saturday next. It will 110 doubt be one of the best opportunities of laying in articles in this line, cheap, that will be offered for some time Read the advertisement in another column, and be ready for the occasion. Police Statistic?.?During the month of July 20ti offenders were arrested and taken to the central guardhouse Of these 119 were white aud -I colored; 177 males and females; Ift5 whit?* males and l'J white females ; 70 colorcd males and 11 colored females. Baptist Association?The annual meeting of the Potomac Baptist Association will be htld this year, at L'pperville, Fauquier couuty, commencing on \N ednesday, the hth instant The Kailroads will furnish round trip tickets to Piedmont Station, for the accommodation of those wishing to attend. The Wawoh Chapel Folk* announce a graid moonlight excursion on Monday night next. See advertisement in another column. iioi.lowiy's Pill*. DiAHKHfr* ?a sudden supp essioaoftheevmeuati'iim frequently finis in collapse. The acti n of Holloway's medicine* are bust-1 on a more rational frmciple; l?v combining with the depraved humors hoy iieuttaliZ' and expel them through the natural channel*. They puiify the fluidr, cb-ans" the ImiwhIs, in vigo ate the stomach. and bt regulating the various functions rextore the bony t-> its nor mal Ktate of health. Sold by all Druggist*, at 25c., fc!o? and ? i per box. au 3 1 w From Dr i.uwir, or Vermont. BI'ri,TK(;to*. Vt.. NO?. 12, IR54. Gentlemen I am pleased o state that I have tried the Oxygenatr-l Btitrrs for Indueation and Debili ty, and found immediate relief from u<.inz only a p'ait of a tiottl-<. I hare the greatest eo-fuUnct tk it a.* acurtjor Dysp'vsin fnd tie e.ral Debility. and r* commend it with much pleasure to aii persons laboring u"der tno*e diseases. You are at libe. ty to use this as you think proper to promote the tale of this excellent medicine Y"ura, 4c . James Lk\vi?. The Oryt'tiatrd Bitter t five a healthy tone to the Stomach and Digestive System, and act a* the surest preservative against Fever and Ague, as well as other infectious diseases. Prepared by S. W. FowleA Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Unman,S.C. Ford, jr.,#. B Wait*, ?. Stolt, John Schwarze, Nairn A Palmer, Wash iunion; and by dealer* everywhere. jy Sl-lw.r Ikv.oorate thr systkm.?Two-thirds of our H I nrnfrftd from ilnrtrwamonto "f ? ? ? ..".w..p,?.iivii. o VI HIO riumiw;il and the nerves. A w&ut of vigor in the digestive organs causes an immense amount of discomfort, both in body and mind One prtriratton and on* only, reach?" the cause and the consequence* of this discomfort. To give strength to the weakened stomach, to ^atm the agitated nerve* and to re*to'r? that regularity of Action in all the organs which cormtitute peif*ct health and tend to secure a long and pamWs life, there is np medicine now lefore the world which will compare with Honttitt's Stomaeh Bitter/. It would he an insult to the rrader to suppos'- that he has not hoard of their aiTiazing success in Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint, General D"hilitv. and all the disorders to which the stomach, the liver, the bowels and the nervous system are subject. So marvelous is the effect of this nr> at restorative that physicians of eminence do not hesitate to affix their names as witnesses to the testimonials of persons who have l>een rescued from suffering and danger by the Bitters, when the remedies of the dispensary had all been tried without avail bold by all druggists everywhere. jy 31 eoSt M*a WlMTitV B-H ' - 1 - ?V "J v*fWI 4VMWWU U U1 OC flbUU lOlUftiD physician. has a Soothing Syrup for Ckxlden TttiKMl, whioh greatly facilitate* the process of teething l?y softening the gums, reducing all inflammationTill allay all pain, and is sure to reguiate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will rive r?st to youronlves. and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in all oas*s. See advertisement in another oolnron. *- ocll-ly Biltocs Fkvkh ?This dangerous disease is imm??liately nipped in the hud by a timely use of there anti-febrile and c >rrective modioines ; t&ey purify the 4t>cretionx of the liver, renovate the utoinaeh, and cleanse the blood Thousands who would have unk beneath the violence of this fever have been restored to hea!th by the use of the remedies, after all other means had failed fold by alt D.-urgiats, at 2Sc., ffie., and #1 per box. Jy27-lw JMITKKS (MIRACCLOCS VJtRMlS UXSTKOYKR, the oWest and ?>est remedy known for exterminating Rat* and Mioe, Cockroach"*, Bugs, Ants, Musquitoes, Flea*, Moths,Grain-W orni* and Garden Insects. UjT Principal Depot, 61tf Broadway, N. Y. r?old by ail Druggists everywhere. ina 18 3in Lyon's Magn*tic I>**ct Powdii Externa-nates Bed Burs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It eontatns no Poison Lyon's Magx*ttc Pnx? Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap9 3m Homeopathic Rxmxdixs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use. in boxes, at 25 and S> cents ea^h. Al?o. in oases, oontaining 3) vials, from 94 to fi e\oh, with book of full direction*. Pur sale riy Z. 1>. Gilrnan. MO Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail ?K*nt: W. A. FitXRerald, 353 north P street: alM> by F. B. Winter, north eorner ol K ftre^t and Vermont avenue. AUo, Pond t Ertraet of Htttl, for internal and external inflammations of all kiada. Sold at above. roa9 ly Dairy's Taicoramovt is tke beet ao<l oheapeet artiole lor Dreesinc, Beautifying, Cleansing. Citliu, Preeerving and Restoring the Hair. Ladiee, try it. Sold by all Drag fists aad Perfumers mar LJ 6m PsiiaiaB,?Persons deeiring Penatee will a'wayt Itwt tiiem r?f wohenreet the fltsr ?<?? ?> ? DIBD, On the 3d mat., MARY CATHERINE, infant daughter of |?eter and tte late Catherine Fljrac, MM 14 months. The Trends of the fomily are respect fully invited to attend th? funeral o? tlii? tFndaj ) afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from her father's residence, corner of Seventeenth and H streets. * I?OK SALE?A r%r, exoellent Grand PIANO, Jwaa^,AM" - " ?' CLAUUilTi(5"' * GEORGETOWN. ? C?n*tfmUMU4 V rw Smt Giohiiovn, August 3. I960. The following re-appointment* at Aaairtaat en gineer* harr t?>*n mad* we understand. by Captain Ben ham. OM Knyt nerr of tbr Wubin|!?Mi Aqn^durt: Mr E D T Mrni In charge of the W<?tiiint?u division , Mr Hutton, in charge of the distributing nstrvoir, Ac.; and Mr Riv?*. bis friends will hf glad to bear. rom?i fr?m Virginia to again takeibargeoftbataplendidtriumph of engineering skill, the Cabin John Bridge, Mr Wiliintn H Sblrlrjr,lhf rfldntudgrBtlrmulr accounting clerk, under Captain Meigs. La? been cont.nued in ot?ee bv the Chief Kagincet. and ar ' Mwfurr" wuwronit.a day or two since. in iiaiuiu^ i . I'm iKini in miinr\in?n WHO eSee Tb* Aqueduct office, w? bear, will bereefw be In tbe room* formerly occnpied br the Attorney General?In the bniiding on tbe corner of F ana Fifteenth strreta, in Washington Tbe office in Georgetown will be kept open probably for the uk of the assiataut tn^iueera. (Several of tbe contractor* were in consultation with Capt Hetibam yesterday. and arrangements were made for an liiiimdiate recommencement of the work \N e have heard of no appointment of au engineer by Capt Meigs yet. Mr Gower will probably continue to act a* hie clerk We congratulate the citizen* of Georgetown and Waahington on tbe cheering '?roapect of an early com:<leuon of the work, sud also that tbe anticipated trouble on account of conflicting authority, Ac , seems to have been averted by tbe good sen**and moderation of the *ittri>lirnnM?<wi We understand that our term rid young fellow-citizen, Kngineer Cbr.s. G Talcott?recently removed from tbe Capitol Extension?has been appointed Superintendent of tbe Richmond and Danville Railroad, (one of the leading llnea of Virginia.) at a liberal salary Tnere vrva an extensive conflagration on Bmli Ktreet, in our <*lty. tLia morning, which entirely destroyed the hotel and livery stable of Mr Wm C. Hazel: also tbe adjoiulng stable, which belongs to the estate of tUe late Col. Bowyer, tud Is occupied by Mr. Dtvia. proprietor of the hotel on the corner of High street rbe lire originated la the brick stable of Mr. Hazel, and is supposed to have been tbe result of an act of incendiarism it soon communicated to tbe hotel on tbe e?st and the brick stable on the west, and there being a scarcity of water, or some delay In connecting tbe bose to the ttre-plugs, all three buildings were soon a in.-us of ruins There was a stifl breeze from tbe south, and for some time tbe property on High and West streets was in great danger Mr Hazel's borses. we lielieve. were all uv?<1 but he lost a valuable carriage and buggy, and a number of other vehicles. als? a large quantity of hay and oats The rnoat of hie furniture was saved, though In a damaged coudition, and hi* Insurance of f.l.UOU in a Northern company, will not probably cover more than half his entire low Mr Davis lost some provender The stable occupied by him was insured in Washington for 9>3<ni The entire loss is not lesa than t&.UUO probably, and the insurance, it will be ?c?u, is only VJ.3U0 on the whole. There was a large and enthusiastic meeting here last night of the friends of Hell and Kverett Tbey met in the hail on the corner of High and Gay streets, and the room was crowded The assemblage was calkd to order by Mr William H . Tenney, who, after briefly stating the object of this meeting of the I uion party, nominated as chairman Mr llenry King, aud be was unanimously elected. Mr Benton waseler'ed secretary Mr. Tenney moved that a committee of five be appointed by the Chair to make the necessary arrangements for the marching in procession of the Bell and Kverett Association of our rltv frmn th? corner of High mid Bridge streeis, at 7 o'clock on Wednesday evening nest, to the ui.uu meeting of the friends of Bill anil Kverett in Washington, and that all opposed to the present democratic rule be mdiaiiv invited to join in the demonstration. He tinted that his object was to let the Brecktnridge party aee the strength of the opposition in (jeorgetowu. He was custodian of the v% nig barner carried in the campaign of IMU. and though soiled and worn in the aerv ice, it wss just as appropriate imw as then, having on one side the motto " K l'luribus tnuni," and on the other the goddess ?.f liberty with the trumpet of fame in her hand This banner can be used, with music and transparencies, and there will be no doubt two, three or even Ave hundred persons will be in the procession. IIis motion wasiarricd The Chairman appointed on said committee Messrs Tenner, Laruiu, Bremmer, F. Lazed by. and li B. Walker. Mr. Breinmer moved that a committee of three l>e appointed by the chair to drift a constitution and report to tliis meeting on Tuesday evening next 1 his motion was carried, and the chair ap pointed Messrr. Br t miner. T A Lazenby, &ud Randolph Clark | iar James a Magruder entered the room and was received with applause suggestions being made about renting a room, someone said that this wat the rooui of the Democratic Association. Mr Teuuey said the Democratic party was dissolved ; thev were too i>oor, it seems. hereto pay rent, and had asked for tbe use of the Council Chamber, and to use ^as at the expense of tbt town. He would do the president of that association, however, who is als*> preside.,t of the Hoard of Common Council, tbe justice to saj that he had tendered the use of the Couucil Cb-imlxr, in which to bold this meeting. Is it tbe pleasure of this meeting to uae tbe Council Chamber and gas of the town, or to rent this room ? Mr Magruder thought It better to pay tie rent of tbia rqpm ((5 per month for three month*); and by that time this room will be loo small, and it w ill be necessary to get a larger one. He imd<a motion that the committee already appointed rent this or the adjoining room, which wa? carried Mr. Tenney thought it best to defer tbe election of permanent (liicers until tbe next meeting, but :s - - * * - *? ?* * it w.m jusi ah mey piisifQ Mr Magruder thought it better to eDter into an election immediately. He made a motion to that eflVct, and said that there was a larger number present than at any meeting of the Democratic Association In this room. Ilie motion wu carried. Mr Brenner nominated Mr. W. H Tenney for I'rea.deut The nomination was enthusiastically received Mr. Tenney returned his thanks, but thought they ought not to select him. as this was a meeting of the Union parly, and he was known to have b>-ea thoroughly identified with the American party He would suggest the nomination of either Mr James A Magruder.who wa? never a member of the American party, or of our worthy chairman, Mr Henry King, one of the very few who never left the old whig party. Mr. King waived all claim to the honor, and nomluated Mr. Magruder. Mr Tenney witLdrew his name, and Mr. Magruder was unanimously elected. He returned his thanks, and si>oke briefly but eloqueutly, Plllmri finor thp rand : riatM nf fh? I * niAn nurttf Mr Teuney hoped Mr. Henry Kiug, who ao faithfully and steadfastly adhered to fata principle*, and could never be prevailed on to be a kuow-uothing, would allow himself to be put In uomiiiation for Vice President. Mr King was accordingly elected vice president, MrTenuey secretary, and Mr T.A Lazenby treasurer?ail unanimously. Mr King aaid thiawas the largest opening campaign meeting he had seen in Georgetown for twenty years?since 1840 He then, tn a humorous strain, related retain lacences of thoae data, and concluded by moving that ea< h member pres ent contribute what amount be pieties, to de r y the expense already incurred for room reut, Thta motion waa carried, and it was announced that enough was contributed to pay all expenaea already incurred Three hearty cbeers were then given for Bell and Everett, and the association adjourned, to meet on Tues lay events* ?wrt, ?t ? iifc. Some Inhuman wretch entered the arable of Mr. H. C. Adtliaoa last nijjbt. and severely Injured one of bia boras, by catting a gash la bla neck four or five inches loag The borae wou.d soon have bled to death bad not Mr. Addison discovered the outrage, and closed and sewed up the wound, and the patient amy new recover. GEORGETOWN APVERTMTS For other Gtorgitoif* adrtrtiwnentt s?t fir it p*gt IN WARM WEATHER l'R r. PARK FOR COLD' We are now rcciviun, ami wiil Ue<Junni the inoi tb of A ucast. i,u*> torn of CO AL, of ail which we will sell ch"?p if orJ ered prior to 1st September. Call rarl* and leave your orders at our Office*, if rou wish to ?ave mooey c. H \ KRs* a son, No. 41 Water street, Georgetown. J. W P. M YhR?* * ?;0? jy27-2w Oflioe oor. G aad&d sts., W ashing'a. Balance of stock positively at oust. _ , 1 will commence this day toelose of ?y Slock of MILLINERY. KM BK01DKKIE8 AND 1>K GOOD*, such m Tra*elm< DrMi lioodi, tiaregea. Lac- biiawla, Manti laa. H ack and Ow Barec? Duatora, Son Umbrella*. Paranoia, Hair Neu. Mitt*, Lao* Hid nrrnadme Vail*, Ho > Skirt*, ^0., to . at ar.d .{flow oat. I 14m preparing to are the cid will find an anundane* of n~nataarj articl?e at E. GUTMA.VS, No. 117 Bridge atrf*t, 6?urntowi, D. C. jy 18-ttaw3w g,g BRIDGE STREET (jj? SKLLnra ofp^skllivg off;' I.arM atock of DRY GOO?*, l.ACE MANTI.En. tfUAVVbS, Ac . Ao.. to '>? cIoa?d out, aa we intend uiakiu* an alteration in our a tors. Com von for tarsalni.aa we will m compelled to iv oAt * thft Br?mia?s in a. fnw litfi. 11 Having dktkhminbdtocuanokmy hva'ixw*. i'M ooiviiioro* frvan tk.?d*te (omI for ouii mi entire slock 01 DRV in4 HANCy liOOW. Haviiig purohMCd o lh? iuo?t fnor? bla term*. W?d bein* f ujit ueulr m (>omiU?, *11 who m?y t>?ui viatof bargain* will do veil to S1T? me a caJh. ^ 9orp*of Uiih^a, H.. | THE LATEST NEWS T E L KG K A PH1C. Later lr?a Oatral aad *??U lurkaAaether Halkrr KiMitiaa New Yost. Aim 1?The ateaiacr Narthrrn Light, from Aapiawall with Cahforata advice* of tb* Uth ult and l earlT #1.:n raaaurc. arrved tUta morn lag Advice* fro? iiuairaala dale that th* ailarima Gen Walker left Ruataa oa the -Mat of Jaw* la a v booner. a< ompamed byoae hundred am>, and at aea ?u joined bv another vraa?l It ?a* aupponcd that be intended to make a d<* ral u|?a Ontoa or Truii iio Tbe Interior of Salvador had bees visited by a severe It waa reifwu-d that ?t Vincent bad beeu destroyed Advices bad been received from Valparat* to July 2 and Callao II Letters from tbe Utiar p a. e ?tit# that the dlflcnlty between Peru and <ba ( i ted states a unsettled tbe Peruvian Govern u.> it ot stinately refus.ngto make any concre* ?n Affairs look squally in Bolivia, and Gen Belaeti bad g >ne tUre to take command of ",r Bolivia* arm> The ten thousand ounces of void supposed to have been shipped In the Chilian ahfp Mat as Const no, wht' h was wrecked on tbe const of Kratil, was not pit oti board It was supposed tb? wre? k waa intentional. with s design to j;rt (toasrsslon of tlie treasure Tbe jfullty party had tied to Kurope The Teachers' Associativa Itticm, August t ?Thtf4 Dtw ? After the adoption of the resolutions reported by tbe Committ#* vMbrdiv M r UnlkW ?- * condition of the Tancheta Ad vocab, ?Ut< ?| that tb* Legislature bad hll^ to mike appropriation for It, and It muat now irly open the a?i pport af T?"a<- brn Mim? R Anthonv offered n resolution proT* di *g for a phonographic report i>f the proceedings of the next martin?, and on* declaring tbat tb? ruleaoftbe aaao> att?n bad been sadly aboard, b>4b of which ww ubM Mr Baker reports tn favor >f holding thr annual meetinp at H atertown. which, after amnr difiin on was adopted Prof Tbompaoa. of New York , auboiittrd r*ao lutiona of mipwI for the late Prnf Goodrich, which wii adopted A beautiful apectmen of aalt wji preaented to the President bv Mlsa Harriet C. Abbott, la behalf of the lady teachers of ;*yracuae, which Mr KlHgott acknowledged In a handsomeapoech The Aaaociation took a rercaa till North < arallna fclectiaa R tMKR. Aits 2 ?The vote In thla cltv atood Kllla (dera , and the present Inumbent) 193. Pool fortruia tlnn) S'ii l'nr M il'nr riiAiniuan lAm?n i IT:I; RWdso* (oppoklt on) 5'Z*>. l*i official returns front nine preciact* Indicate that tbe opposition bsve csrried the (Uikr) county, wLlch has heretofore b. ei largely democratic" WlLSISfiTOI, Aug. a.?WlVDe COUBty?R?tnrns from this county, mostly official, c've Kills <detn ) a train of 34 over the vole for Mr Bucha'ian In 1UM New Hanover county?Seven preHnta. exclnsive of the city of Wilmlnjjton. give Poole ;opp ) a gain of 54 over Fillmore's vi.te The \V ilnui.^ton vote has n- t Iteen counted close, but the d*n or rati c legislative ticket Is known to be elected The ( aaeof Hherasaa M. B*?th Mil warm, August 1?t*t.erinsn M Booth, who was arrested some time Since, and who baa been awaiting trial la the t?|.?ver Reacts rase, was taken from the room of the Custom House, Whp wit pnnflnMl >t boaii tii H?v hi ?n armed mob. who pltrtd him in I carriage they bad In rea<ituen? wht U drove <<0 with him into the country The United Sutea Marshal and hla Deputies were at d;nner at the tune The jalior wa? silenced ?>v threat* of violence, and lacked up in the roout in plane of the prisoner. Mr. Donglaa at Providence. Proviniiid, R I., August I?Mr. Doaglaa waa received here this afternoon by an lmmenae collection of people, who. headed by a military romjmny and a band of music, ear orted him to the city Hotel In the evening he vi? serenaded, and x great throng iwi ibled He addreaaed the crowd, and waa enthusias'.eally applauded l*nuaual preparations Lave been mad'- for the clam bake at Rockv Point to-morrow, and there la no doubt it will be largely attended irnrther from tnrepe New Voik Augus S ?The steamer Asia, from Liverpool nn the Slat ult., arrived here this after ii' on Her advices have lieen iimlnlv antlriraUrl by previous arrivals. Tbe rtcsmff Kuropa bad arrived oat The late?t commercial advice are aa follow* : Hull ion In tbe H - n k of ICngland baa decreased Tbe London money mnrket closed gen t rally unchanged. with an abundant supply Ktwdtia < allege. Uim??riri. Mr.. Auguit V?Tbe graduating < las* vt Bowd ?n College nambera tfty-flve 1 be exercises were unusually interesting Tbe decree of LL I) was conferred on \atban Clifford , uf Portland. Daniel ttoodenow. of Alfred, and Jno Appleten of Bangor To-day. Rev R D Hitchcock. of tbe I nion Theological Hemlnarr, delivers an oration before tbe Historical Society, and President Lord, of Dartmouth College, ad dresses tbe Phi Beta Kappa Society Dauphin ( stf Democratic t onveatisn. 11 a r r!?bceg , August 1 ?The Democratic County Convention met yesterday and voted down a resolution favoring a fusion of electoral tickets A resolution eadorsing the nomiast:ons of Douglas, Johl &(Uft ait'na'.^r uthb with arr^mi una Dimity A V??i| Lady Barat t* Dtalk Niw York, Aug. S.?A young lady named Grabatn wji shockingly burnt at Brooklyn vm terdey t>y tier clotbea taking Are from a maich. carelessly left on the atoop from which aha waa oiiaerving the Great baa tern She died laat night after horrible suffering Itougias Mat ficatiaa Mwttag., Ga . August I.?At tbe Douglas ratification meeting in thiacity last night Herachel V. Job:.son spoke Several slight disturbances took place, and he waa greeted with yells aad hiwi He continued, howevar, and made a powerful apeeih of two hours duration Gsrersnrat ftteaaer Share AtlahticCity, N. J., August 8?A govern ment steamer, name unknown, waa as bore last evening on Brlgantine Shoals After lying for several hours ahe was gotten off, and proceeded on &er voyage. Death of the Hob Isaac A Rice. Irdiaxapoli*. Indiana, August I.?A private dispatch from Delphi states thai tbe Hon Isaac A Rice, the Republican candidate for Congress. front tbe Eighth District, died at 10 o'clock today, after an illneaa of thirty-six hours Bell and Everett Meeting New Oilttis, Aug. Tbe Ball and Everett meeting which took place here last alght, waa largely attended. Some dozen speerhas wore delivered Sailing of the Great kaateia for Old Psiat and Annapolis New Vol*. Aug 2.?The steamer Great Eastern sailed tbia afternoon for Annapalla. via Old I'olnt Comfort. She cleared the bar at 8 o'clock. The Explosion en Board the La Crews. New OaLKARs, August t.?Nine persons ware killed and four wounded by the explosloa oa ooard ioe uriuisi U t row y#Meraay. Death atf Man Jahn I Wall* Boston. Augusts ?Hon Joha S Walla,a distinguished citizen of New Hampshire, died yes* at k<a A arvra in r *at??r 9t. Aug. 1.?P. B Fouke * nuiI moiml y mien.lasted to Congress yesterday from the Kit;titb distrl-l of Illlaols, Markets. B&ltikoeb, Aiv 3 - Flour closed Aim, mv nowarrt at and Ohio *.'> fu Wk?tl closed active: r?l*l *la*l 3J, white*! 3**1 ?S. Cora closed active; yellow 7ua?3. white 7*ah0e FntIiIoui elos?<l quiet; bacon ?ld?-a 12c: meat pork t*U. pr me *15 50; rump *14 50a 15. Whisky deeod steady at *?Xs2le. _____ New Vara Markets. Nnw You. Aug 3 ?floor is ftraa, *tate Sft Hi a.r ' Obio*.'. Wa5 4i Southern *5a*S 55 Wheat is firm; Southern red *1 ??a*l Cera is Inn, nixed Provisions uiu uanved Whisky Is doll at <te rmmw< New Yob*. Au* 3.?dull and lower; Chicago and Bock latend 7?#j Illinola Central bar-* 75*: do tonda 04H Michigan Soathara 44 k; N. V. Caatral 84*; Penna Coal Ca MK Re (lag 4jj|t Hudaou HIeer Railroad 57Mo. 6iU. F/>"S.8ra, Thaaeair moat baaatilui atytaa at Mantau. *aamelled in imitation ol aaefc rara martMaa aa the ?st?si ia-Xsr-JaBaEs'-vt luuUtma* are ?o.perfrct aa to oiiattaafe the eioeaat acrutui). iaeWant* of fcnia> the? ?taud ?arira.ilrc and are ao uighl) po!i?u??i taal U?y retain thatr l>eaut) and frnakaaa* longer than the oominor. m?rb'aa, wlulethM) arc aold atuch ctteaaar. They have be a used u, tfua oeuato am ta* laat tea. and w h urupa for more taaa Eft? J "arm, and have giran e-iira natialaouon. haKRO^Kh"^ Htoaa tad Tta 8U>re. of?oTNlii?4i?Bnnh, I j, * 4* i^prw worth af Loai?a~ ar~a?.

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