Newspaper of Evening Star, August 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 3, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A NOBLEMAN IT illTIS T UUl Le' jrooder comes a nobleman, Yft. though hia is brown with tan, ? hhow dm ft nohler if you cao. Wl? garb i? eoaree, and soiled aiil torn. Od fftinioned. too. and thread i*re worn. Ami to the fopim? look* forlorn. Bnt mark eaoh lithe ftod iio?*t limb. Neither t ?o *ro?s. nor vet too slim, C,.*J and himself nave gi vea hiin. God and himself I dare repeat. Thr-.ugh labor. h*re erforniM the feat, A ad made the noblest man Ton meat. He is no eroqching, cringing thing. l'he minion b*?o of priest or kiiut. That tiibute will to imutor bring. He cannot ben i the supple knee r or p!%ce, to those who chanoe to t>? Ciotned with a brief authority. He i? no trammeled partisan. The bigot slave of creed or clan. That d*re? not what becomes a man. H* oannot stoop to intngaet vile, Th? caititT rabble to h?**uile Kor puwer, and thus his soul defile ; Bat walks erect. and firm, ftiH bold, A* tho'ifh he all himself ooutrolled? Thus does his inner l.f<* untold? N<4 with a proud and haughty mien, A pompous strut ?ud backward loan, Lite sum*? rain egotists we've seen; But oonseiout of his innate vorth, ileedlees of aocident ?f birth. He peers him with the best of earth. God (rant that we uiajr ever b? Ail em:il>us of such aa he. Hit compeers in nobility. ETiqCSTTI ASD THE PsiXCB OF WUIS ? The Halifax Acadian Recorder It exerclaed on tin? question of etiquette. Itaaya: \V t are apt upou ibis continent to look too lightly upon all matters of court etiquette It it far tberwise In Europe; and no reasonable prraon can doubt thai m nr h of the fnrm?t?? ???k ? practicable of "the pomp and circumstance'' which characterize the European courU. will he observed In the Provinces during the Princ-e's viait. If this view Is correct, or whether it is so or not to the full e*trnt to which it presents Itself to as, we feel assured that some people in this Pro Yiace (wl.l, before another month has expired, be roost astouodlnulv Ukeu down In their ovru social seif-- stimat*-. It is undeniable thata large portion of the peopleln this community imagine that they are Koing to be -chock by jowl" with the IMnce of Wales on his arrival htre, and bis Royal Highness will be as accessible to -all sorts and condition of men'1 and women, as as itinerant lecturer upon phrenology or any other equally popular science We may be mistaken on this point; but otir firm conviction is that some of the folk* will, by the time the Prlnr#'i ?l?it ? <??? become wl?T and per bap* ^adder men. It It, however. understood that no one will be *'.lowed to ?p?ik to bit Royal Highness so long aa lie is bis Royal Highness, unless be addresses 1:1a" visitor first Y\ ben be become* l?ord Renfrew, any one may open the conversation. Another fact we learn frmu this Halifax paper. 1 be gate baa been sbut down upon tbe flow of congratulatory addr- KM from corporations societies, cities, towna and guilds. They came in such a deluge that at tbe 1 west computation It would require three mouths to recite them Thk Two Sixes ?There is n surly always some thicg of nature s own gentility la all young women (except, indeed, when they get together and fall a giggling ) It abames ns men to aee how much sooner they are polished into conventional shape*aan our rough masculine angels A vulgar boy requires Heaven knows what assiduity to move three steps, I do not say liks a gentlemen, but like a boy with a soul in him; but give the least* of society or taltlon to a pleasant gtrl, and a hundred to one but she will slide into n-aatmeiii Before the boy ran make a bow with^ out upsetting the table There is sentiment In ail women; and that gives delicacy to thought, and taste to manner; with men it la generally acquired?and otf*pring of the intellectual quality? not aa with the other mi. of the moral.? Bulwtr Lfttom. Railioam ?The Railway Annual for lb59 atate* that in nine years, or from SO to 50, the railways of the United States hare increased from 7.355 to 27 9.X in lies in length In this period the Increase in the New England States amounted to <M 74 per cent , while in eight of the Western Ptates the Increase was 1.2U1.41 per cent At the ame time the former gained in population 16.12 per cent . and the latter 46,2*2. The total cost of the roads, up to 1359, amounted to ?365.45I,U7U,, of whlrh 1 jfiia 1 ? * n. ii is su^ipowu one iturd tui been wasted In construction. There are at this time 2b,UU0 miles of finished roads in the United ^Ut?s, and about IS.CM) either under construction or projected, requiring #400.(100,000 for their completion. CI7"On a railroad in Kngland has been placed a locomotive which has projectinK over the frame of the engine Urge adjustable mirrors, set In a proper angle. By means of the reflectors tbe engineer has a view of the whole train behind him, so that, la case of a casualty to any of tbe cars, he can see it rt-fiected in tbe mirror on his engine fk>me trial trips have been made with this appar atus, and they are stated to have been very satisfactory These mirrors can be applied at no great expense to every locomotive. A If D fir m r m * " ? - AA?XVX r H?jO dl mis HOTELS j NATIONAL HOTEL-G C Weiddeiban. L*J W F AUu.<>; C A Stephen* and lady,NC;S D ^anoey. Va; Miaa R Yanoey, d^: Miaa Yancey do;C M Coirad, 1a; R Wearen ana la<lT. 8C; * D MeCluUsher, 1-*: H W Montgomery, do; G Miller, <P ; R V Harnett. NY;NJ Hammond, Ga: I' W V %n* ha", do; M Go *, do. J S Car/enter, NY; \V H Maa?fc Id and lady, do, Ml** Mansfield, do; O I Mnam, M.?? A TiUham. Ma; P Kobert*, ,N Y, T JluiMi. ?; G W Kii' X, Pa; C B.aU?, do. J \V?d y, W Wortaington, Md; V Da Graff, ?; W AM P?; W a Jenifer, I 9A; F B Hake!;, Mia*; Mia* M Haake. , do: VV H Cole?. NV, H T Braid, n, fil'i J C IMe and family. Pa; w M Coon* ano livd?, 4-; V Mitoh? 1. So; P F 1'andridge and ?on Va;J Hanua, La; F d Goode, do; S A Booth AU; M ~haokic?!ord. dt ; J S Wmtakar an<l fairi ?, i.g, J Wn.telon. n!d; J W Robi nion. do; J Frenonand l vdy. Pi; S Sherman and lady, Tex**; W R M*?o, Va; W it P*rvl et in and lady,do; Miaa A C Pm dieton, d. ; Vi?j ti 3 Kinf. do; W a Flei??.<>; \ B Haunt, N Y;8 Libert. V*.: i v.. - ?-j v ? <' y ? i I &4l I mx aad ai?:*r, NY; J tt Hi. , do, L B Ja. nut, BEiss* HKOWN8' HOTEL.?A Murray, Va; J Van d?* ad. 1 *; O F<*d?eu?, N\; K V Pa?e, MJ; H B nd raatand ly. La. J Allen, Va; F. Vodin Hi d I' Min; D O'Hri . W Low, 'J>nn; W Tellor. V.-.; / Bea-ti. Mi < M Oi t-erl, I'id; J W tMnd?nin. Md; Kl(W d? 6ai ttro::e, fcnj, 8 Crawford au?i tan . tr?; J DAem.Lk fc Caa??- hury. Mo; 8C H?h? t mil 8 fm mt Mia m Thoms'jn. Tri: D Yeilott, Md; J Biaoawn! and ly, Mr? G ntry, Va, K1RK\V(K)D HOUSE.-J Wkufa. Pa; G J hn a c . L'8> ; < >1 W l> Lewi* and ly. a Mill* , P?; \V Mont* m-TT. Ark; U Adams, M s*. M Portar acd ly. Mo; T R Kenca.lan.i fam, Ala; W *inl?toa.Ga: G Chorpennmg, Cal; D. 8 P B a kburo, Maaa; W P Che**. DO. Washington house-JF^rarfk.Frano?; Mr and MriAR Brown. N t; J Brown, dot W A K?rn, OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS k ?k>* th lsitbb Statu. Smmuti. Lmw. For. Dayt. Brwn'a New York._Bremen__.Auc. 4 Canada _Bo*ton Liverpool....Aug. a Artio New York... Havre . Aug. 18 Frow Eubopb Am*? ??.Liverpool?New York.. JbIt 21 Antra him t.ivwfiml New V <>rk.. j ulf 21 Arwu South'pgoo... New York.. Jaij *? Koropa.... Liverpool.. . Boatnn 28 Peru* ??. Liverpool... .New York . *ag. 7 Tiie Havana mail aseamera leave New York oa the W. 11th, 17th, and 27th of each month, awd ^ WeeC?SiWnifa mail ptw???*TB leave New York on gk? 4th *i?l Ktk of ? ?' Month. JUST PUBL18HKDT~ N R*8A> on the Kitare ?u<l Pu'faoe divtm <oi of th? Kftitu, ita Geological and M Serological; Phenomena nod rta Aatron^naioai element*, hv Pro'M?or Bum E. Cmm?. Washington, D C. Pnoe fUt. M"d?ru Paintera, vol 6, oompleting tke oele britjd^oit of jukn *;- ?' , .m. u., contAluini i m jB'Mtr?lload Bwat)-I' e? of Re auou? F"r nnu and Spiritual, witJi oop iou* and mo lit bean Ufa! illu?trationa, 813 V. OrimdMi 6 rait a, a tale of the Southdowna, bj AVj.luuu Hvu?"n Amaworth. 81.25. The itHiat a'ed Mortt Doctor, Mine an a.'ou'ata ^, aoeompaaled by mor# than *? pietoria. repre antatioaa of the > arico* dieaaaa to wbleh tn? Pquine rao? are iubjrct?d; together with the lataat mod* o treatment and all tha raiu ?tte ?re?e ipt.on? written in plain fcnjliah, hj Ldward Manew. f S."0 K ooaraa of ?{x lectaraa on tha nnoia Foroea , of mattf and their relatione to aaoh other, by Mioia'l Faraway M aetua Foraalaat Me.-opo ttiaa Book Mora, PHJ. P l?OW)M(iN'S, 34* Pa at. Hole A rent for I avrenoe'a Stationer* jy 19 4 - ? _ <!M?tK?*lti ??r rcoDtk 0d? at SO do. do PIANO Op*atRl do. < ni? at f 1 5# do. FOR On* at #2 do. > ?n* at ft sn do. RENT. Aada?t?rr* ftdo ,?OH V P. ELLIS, if 21 Pk *?.. boti Mn Nk and ?th lt? AL B! XX ALE AND XXX AJLK!! Tli* ??d mom vholMOM* Al* la thi* city i* t n vu? a AMii.tu ioN BRBWVK\ Tki? A t* wad* from mah acd koytooir pnA not fail ?*?*> / Btirs mtitfacncn u> oon amm. C C0L1NEAU. Prorrt*eor of th* la< l< WmI'? WiM?f? w?W(?>i4rn? FiAN?fi*-?RKAT BARGAINS-??r.e Ro?enkraatf Piar.u, IT. he?it order, fur f7S - J1V * n- * * < ? *** fW> f'ir *JT Alm RffF 1 i*rt <<? ? l*nw mrlideoiifor |9. I'mTTll t .1*.... m wy at*|* My U Sw? , r <(*?*' w O H?'.T7l'lf?Tr MISCELLANEOUS. BY THE THE UNITED li rarmoM of lav. I, Jambs Bvckakar. President ol the United States e( America.. do hen by d?e!w? and make known that public sal*e will be Hat ths smier mntioDtd band Oflh?s in tke ritory of Nebraska, at the periods hereinafter cnated, to wit: At the La d OCoeat Biownmtillb, sonm^ncinc on Monday, the CJi da? of August next, for the disposal of the poblio lands wiUn ths following townships, ns: ypTtk of Ik4 baft ItMf nnd tail mf tk? ? ?li mrimrimttl I meridian. Townahipe I, 8. 3. 4,5 and 6. of ru(? S. Towoahipe 1,2. 3, 4, 5. and 6, of range 3. Tqwnahipe 1, 2. 3. 4,5. and 6, of raogs I. ffwrtk of tk* line and ?>.i| of tk* *ixtk principal meridian. fownahipe 1, S, 3. and 4. of range 1. uwaampa 1,3,3. and 4. of rang* 2. At tha Land Offioa at BaownaTiLLS, oommenoLng on Monday, the 20th day of Auguat next, for tha d:a?oaal of tha pub!lo landa within Ua following towoahipe, vix : North 9/ ike bate line and v>e*t $f tk* tixtk principal meridian. fowaahipa 1,3,3 and 4. of rang* 3. ovnahipa 1.8. 3 and 4, of range ?. ownthipe 1,2,3 and 4, of range 5. Tnwuahipa 1,2,3 and 4. of range 6. To #nahipa 1.2.3 and 4, of rang* 7. Towaahip* 1,2,3 and 4, of range 3. At the Land OAoeat Nebraska Citt. ooinraeno log on the 30th dll of AnnitMit fnr I the disposal of the land* within the follow lag township*, vis: North of Ik* bast lint and east of the tixth principal meridian. Townshi p 16And fractional tow nship IT, of range8 Townships 7, 8,9, in, P. IS, IS, 14,15, and 18, and fractional township 17, of ranee 6. Township* 7,1. 9,1?, 11, IS. IS, 14, 15, and IS, and fractional township 17. of range 4. Township* 7,8,9, and 10, oi rang* S. At th? Land Offloe at Nhbasea Citt,oommeno I inn on Monday, the 77th dar of August next, for th* disposal ol the pubiie tanas within the following township*, vis: North of the base line and last of tho sixth principal meridian. Township* 11. 12, is. 14, and 15, and fractional township* 16 and 17, of range S. Township* 7, S,9,10,11,12. IS, 14, and 15,and fractional township 16, of ranee 2. i Townships 7, S. 9,10, >l7l2. IS, 14, and 15,and fractional township 16. of range 1. At the Land Offioeat Omaha Citt, oointnenoing on Monda/.the isth day of August next, for the disposal of the publio .and* witmn the following township*, vis: North of the bast line and east of the sixth prieuipal mtruitan. Townahipa 28 and 23, of rants S Townshipa 23 and 23. of rang* 7 Townahipa 22 and 23, of range 6 Townahipa 22 and 23, ?. I ranee 5 Townahipa 22 and 23. of ranee 4 Fractional townahip 17, and townahipa IS, 19. V, 21, 22, and 23, of range S Fractional townanip 16, and townahipa 17, It, 19, 2",21,22, and 23, of range 2 F aotior al townahip 16. and townahipa 17,19, 19, 20,21,22, and 23, of rang* 1. At the Land Offioe at Dacotah Citt, oommenoing on Monday, the6th day of Ama-t next, for the diapoaal of tne pablio lauda within the following townahipa, yis; North n f the bene line and ft ft nf the rixth principal meridian. The parta of townahia24 u'aideof the Indian reeprr&tion, of rangea 6, 7, and 8 ml ? ? ? 1 - ?- ?? ~ - i a? parts 01 lownsnips i\. 25, SB, and 27 outride of he Indian reservation, and townships 28, 29, 90, 31 and 32. of range? Townships 24,25, 28, 27, 28, 2?, 30, 3', and 32, of range 4 Townships 24,25, 2A, 27, 28,29, 30. 31. and 82. of ^Townships 24,25, 28, 27, 28 , 29, 30,31, 32, and 33, of range 2 At the l^and Office at Dapotah Citt, oommen oing on Monday, the 20th da; of August next, for the disposal of the publio andsj within the follow ing township*, viz: North of tk* base line and *ast of the *irth principal meridian. Township* 24, 25 2b. *7, 28, 29.3% 31, 32, and 38. of range 1. North of the bait Itn? and went of the s%jtih prmripa meridian, Townships 25,28,27,2*, 29,30. 31. 32, and 33, of range 1 Townships 25,28, 2t.28.29. 30, 31.32, and 33, of range 2 Townships 25,28,27,28, 29,30, 31, 32. and 33. of range 3. Land appropriated by law for the use qf sohools, Indian, military, and other parposes, will be excluded from the sales. The offering of the above lands will h? nnmminA^ on the (1st* appointed, and will prooeed in tKe order in whioh thej are advertiaed, until the whole ahall have been oflWed and the aalea thug eloaed ; but no aale ahall he kept open limter than two tpttis, and no private entry of any of the landa wilt be admitted until alter ihe expiration of the two w?oks. Given nndermt hand,at the city of Waahington, thia twentieth day of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and aizty. JAME3BUCHANAN. By the Preaident: Joa 8. Wil#0!?, Commiaaioner of the General Land Offioa. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every p'raon entitled to the right ol pre-emption to any <>f the landa within the townabipa and farta of tuwnahipa above enumerated, la required tn eatabiiah the aame to the aatiafaotion of the regiatar -unini ui mo prnp-r una omo'iUiO make payment therefor aa iunn aa practicable after eecing this notice, and befora the day appointed for the oommenoement of the public we of the lands cmbracing the tract olaimed; otherwise aoch olaim will be forfeited. JOS S. WIL90N. CommiMioner mf the General I-arrd Offloe. Note ?Under the regnlationa of the department, aa heretofore and now exiatmg, no payment oan made for advertiaiog proclamation* except to aaob publiahera aa are ipteially autkortzed to publish by the Coismisaioner of the Oeueral Land Off oe. ma 2-W.lSw T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, A?. Whtrtai, At the nreaent aeaaon of the yetr CHOLERA MOKBU* DIARRHEA, CHOL1C, DYSENTERY, DYBPE-PSIA. Itbnif i/nuiiil 1 1 ? COi| SOM prevail to an alarming extent: And xrkercas, It must be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know ?f A REMEDY at onoe Safe, Sp**<ly, and Ef<aciou$, DR. MONTARDE, or Pabis, offers his _ MIRACULOUS PAl* KILLER as the m<>kt CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satmfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition i? intended in thesftle or this Oreat Mediotne, THE MONEY WILL BK REFUNDED in all mjm when the mediotne (ails to give entire satisfaction. Ask, then at any Drag Store for DR. MONTARnn'* MIRACULOUS PAIN HI LER, take m directed, and if not perfootly hUiINi I Return to our Awnt, D< H. CLARK, EftQ-i 4S Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refui.d your money. Pnoe? 24 and AO Cents per Bottle. For eale at all Drug Store* ?**ty Where. J AS. MeDONNELL, General Acrat, ]y 11 -eolm Baltimore. PR<$>MVouskRA* T41*?CmT firAETMITtT. I \ W AiHTSQTON. July 13, 186M P?oro?AMWill be reoeived ?t thi? UBll. me nrwwu li J?J uf S*ftnabcr, A. D. 1M>, M 12 o'olook, noon, for the repairs of the Custom HogM antfcoric*?l to be rtftirtd at Baltimore, Mary and. aooordinc to the rua aed epeeiftoaUoi.a propired at thia Department. Bidder* will be nftirfd to reoeire the od oaat-iron work dip-need with In part payment of the work, at the rate ?f one dollar par hundred pound", and will be required to farniah a! the material and perform all tae aeeexsary labor to complete the repairs aooordin* to the p ant fan lined. Niaetv p*r sent, of theamouat of Work dona and mater alt delivered acoordinf to oontraot pnoe (sai I anount to be ascertained in the manner prescribed by th< Contract, bj the estimate or an ?;fn' of he Department appointed for that par p >sei wi I be paid monthly,aa the work procreates. and ten per cent, retaino.1 ? ?n? gyinpienon oi the ?ontract and aoo*ptanoe of the work by the a*ent a'orei-aid, and to be f >rf? it*d <a the ever.t ol nen falfll>n?nt of a.?ntr*ot. Hpeoi6o*ti'>na and drawings wv! be read* oa the 15th of Au(a?t,wh*n ?h*y oftn i>? bad oa applioa'ioi to the l>epartment. The propoaa nut be eent to th a D p\rtmei-t. add'eeWd to the Secretary of the Tre*aurv a*d patnl) endorsed " Proposals for repairing Ike B*iti mart Custom and will M opened at one o o oil of the l.?t day named lor reo.UTiag the HOWELL COBH, jy '7 2%w?w Secretary pfth* Treaanry. RKGULAR ?TKAM"'PACIRT LINRBBivM me roe at. wharf, Baltimore, aa fol ?The8r Nichol eveir WEDNESDAY,?! ?. m. Colcmwa, every SATURDAY, at ?. m. t.eave K iley'a Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washington, aa follows: CoLCMBi*. ever* WRDNMn? v fcts. St. N'fiinni, eriry SA^URDAY.atS*.m! For freight, ?,<>., MfLj t? ?H<W W. RTLJBY, Agent, _ Rilejr'a Whnrf.nt thefoot of nir l?-TkThii lift at Twuhincton ?>E*f*ON8 IN SFARCH OF 6U1TARS. I Vioiim, PlutM. Aooordeona.F.utiDaa, Bnrjoa, T?ir>bo'iii-?. Brui Iuatrumenta ud firing* < f tfer ft at , will find ad immeu* assortmentat the M umo store of Jf2H .W. 0. METZKROTT. THKVV. BE AITIFU1- UPRIGHT OR COTChi altering k Son*' ?!?*pnennf** jy"? * ? r TRAVELERS' DIBECTOBY. THE STKiM ER FLY1NO CLOUD HAVIKO m aadergon* a thorough mmiu - _ _JP"? w tirtL by the gover meat icapeotor. ao* rudi for Kxcaraiona to Great FaJla or to any point* on the river not over ? mil** dutant. She will ran to Arlington fr?m Fourteenth street, or any wharf in wa?nington at 3?e*nta for the roand trip, or ISeenta for the ?qpletnp, or from Georgetown, by way of the oana , lor 16oeata roand trip; 10 oenta aingle trip. Exouraiona to the Ihn&ne Aaylara every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, starting from Georgetown at 1J o'clock in., and stopping at Stone if ill Wharf and other wharv?a in Waebington, ao aa to reach the Aaylum by 1 o'olook jy 3 >olm JOHN MOOW K. Proprietor. N CAPON SPRINGS. EW and improved route via the Numoi 6u Rail Road and the Stras- ? burg and Capon Turnpike, only 18 miles of itaging aoomfortabie and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the orance and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m.f take the Ma aesas oari at the junotion, arrive at Capon by 5 o'elook p. m. Fare from A lexaad ria to Capon.. From Washington to Capon 5<? For informaion enquire at the Rail Road Oftoe oomer of Sixth et. and Pa av.,'n Washington, and at the Ticket Offioe on Union at, Alexandria, Va. Jy K-dpnthAm BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. d Washington branch. CHAitei or Hovxs. ON AND A.FTER WEDNESDAY, JuaeUth. I860, train* will run as follows: teave Washington at 6 20 ud 7 40 a. m. eave Washington at and 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. ^re Baltimore at 4.26 and 140 a. m. re Ualtimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On bandar at 4 28 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at (JO and 7.4" a. m and 3 JO p m. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and 3J0 f. IB. For Annapolis at7.40 a m-and 3-20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Satarda; evening the3^0 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS XN TaRBB SA7S WITH TBB CHOICE OF THRRF ttnTTTKS Mm ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, N*to Orleans and Jackson, iu nt>y uklkaas: M EM PHTiT ROUTE : Memphis by Ra l.thenoe hr First olass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by First olasa Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS-Sisditi Inclvdid, Leave Wanhinaton at 6 a. m mad 6 p. m The Steamer GEORGE CAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh streot at 6JK a. m. and 63* p m. and oonn*?t* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthweat. Uffioe? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. ....... vuov^oi' inn'JIttU TU n* W UKLIABI Lynchburg #8 50 Memphis _ $31 OC Bristol 1500 Atlanta * & 00 Knoxville ?SOOO Maoon 28 on Chattanooga 24 on Columbus 31 50 D&iton _?.24 00 Montgomery SI 00 Uuntsvilie .27on ) va Memphis.*: 50 GranJ Junction .30oo N. 0.> via t?. June <2 50 Nashville _?.25 601 S via Mobile.. .46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is #00 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Mae? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompleted, as ?!so the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST ASD MOST PLEAS AST ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It it provided with First class Steeping Car*! (To New Organs .^...T9 Honrs. Momphis >4 do. Montgomery ? 63 do. Na?hville 46 do. lE^The U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Xicketa oan be obtained at the South Western oe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points : Ljnohburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, unatianooca. HnnUville. Grand Jvootton, Maoon. NaahvilLe, Dal ton. Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. UT- THROUOH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. m^OmnibaaM and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Arent, ma23-tr Comer Siith st. apd Pa. ?t. THE 8TEAMER JAS. BUY Will rmme her trip* on TUESDAY, *1st of JT*** February. 1880. Will leave WASH INGTON everr TUESDAY and^""^"? FRIDAY, atSo'olock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'olook. for BIIDlililla *?<! "i? intermediate Lading*. On her return trips, ?he will |oav? CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'ciook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH^Ag't. Alexandria. feiO_ PASSAOB, AMD STATEROOM. fT.*0. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamship sawn iWo'S will leave the Coirpany Depot, tern Wharves, at U'o'clook a. m-every WEDNESDAY. and the Company's Depot- at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. sama day. Passengers from Washington and Oeorgctowi oan take the ooaohes oonneoting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, which laave the MM m Tth etieot and Pa, avenoe hourly, or Uiey can leava on the itsamsr from the Western Wharves at 11 a^lock a. m. State rooms oan be engaged ?n application tt n, nuiuoua; i, western WRftrTOI freight will be reoaived ?i? to the Loan of depar i?re. ITT* Iwroranoe wi!! be bC????^ pa All (&>?* by thlThne at Hi* oftoa of the Company at K per oenl premium. The aooommodationafor paesearers by tkla Una are in every reelect firat-o aaa, and every effort wll be made to render this oommanioatlon with Ne? York an agreeable and healthful one. JPor rrcicht or p&aitace apply to FOWLB * 00., Agenta, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL k. CO., ? t-ly eg Waat at. oomer Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D dental notice. r. LOq.MlS Hu plosH hi* oflloe forth# e?A on, and will b? *b*?nt, *h uaual, during the turn mer month* ; will r<?*urae praotioe about thol?t of Oct. ber, of whloh further notioe will be gives. jy 10-tr BDKNT1HTRY. R. h1ll8, after a praotioa! teat of two year*, * that he oan with oonfidecoe reoom Band the Cbeo?la*tio Frooe** forinaertineKafCM artificial teeth It ha* the advantage* or"'"1 " strength, beauty, oleanliness, and eneapneM. Pall utter ceta inserted for #3f. Partial ia proportion, oiftoe Son Pa. avenue. hi V?. KOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. * ri r, next urawinc or the Royal Havana Lot , t*ry, oonduotod by the SJ?ani?h Government. jM?der the luptrvmion of tne Pap tain General of Clba, will take plaon at Havana on SATURDAY, August 4. 1M0. SORTEO NVStERO 640 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZU 9100,000. ! 'Tt"r-v"SSS S"r I do 30,000 lis do 400 l do so,ooo 20 approx. I do 10,000 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tioheu, $40?HalvM, 110?Quarter*, ptmm o&ahed at eight at s per oent. dieoonnt. Bills on *11 eoivent Baaki taken at par. A draw ins will be forwarded aa eoon ae the recall becomca known. Ail orders for eohemee or tioketa to be addreeeed ig nriki 1 pwnvymouKZh II jy 19 tr Oct* of Cftv Prut. Ohtrlmtnn. 8. C. FHIRB, FUR. POTOMAC WATER. I arn still eniared In the PLUMBING and GAS FITTi NG Ml'SIN KSS at my old stand in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful apply of w&tnr III readily observed at the fire o: yesterday, as I am well satirfi*d I should have b?*-n burned oat bat for the bountiful supply apor ay premises and thu of my neighbors All orders for the introduction of Water and Gas will be prompt'r attended to. Terms m reasona bis as any plumber in the oity. Jy S C. 8SVPER HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soalee are offered to the enblio as the moat simple^durable, and reliable scales ever pat is f.miliums nav*> rv*>n awardedthen by the United Stat*? Fair and Viru ma Af-ionltural Vermont Stats Fair. *?., to. I? rr ease where xhihited ther nar* weired ftrat oiaaiprymianu For ea e at 43 Louteiaaa avenue. Depot of SiUer'a Chill?1 Iron Safe*. ' K? O >iTTHOH. Arwi*tilled. made by the moat reiiab ediatillerain Penu lvama. Maryland aod Vimnia, warranted ?? *. I Alao. imported Hrawlio*. Heoneaey, Cftard. Dupay Croix Ram, and Winee of#wi vanaty alt oi 4 0 MBDIOINEB. BALT1"E5i MfflTAi, am tu mm g*?m. 8fu4f,mmdim* X/?tlMi Rrmviy m (A* WmrU, FO* ALL DISEASES OF IMP*tTDENO* LET NO FALSE DELICACY PEETENT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. A CURS WARRANTED, OR NO CHAEOM IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WhIIbim ?f l?l hil. Iuiciiim Aftcttan* ?f U? ud Bladdar, iB?alaoury Oi?o?rf??, lmr?<aa?p, ?????. DaWil?. NirtMviH, I>r*??p??. La' ,1<?? fcinla, Ca* IkiMii iIMiu, Mpiuun riiinluiu D?m~aaa of?i*hi a? (rfiiKNi. Diuut aftka Maad, tkml m? ?r Bktfi, Ki.umi af lha Lwin, Ma walk a? Sawaja? thoaa TarriMa Pia?rdara anting fr?m Miurf labita 0 Tovtb?ibaaa Droit hit and D??u?;u?? Pracu??* ?kteh raa dar Mamtfi ispaaaikla, ?4 daatray Muldf a?4 MM TOBN0KU aptasatj* ?ka h??a kMwi Ik* vtcuw*?f Mtun Ttaa. Ur; draaJfai iiid daatracu*a habit which ?!.? i?Mfi m as aoumal? |rt' i ihoaaaoda rfTnr.| Man ft at waai M talaota and kriilaat intallact, vkt mirbi atbarviH Ha'l nuancij Huiayif (again vKk Uiiltutin rfltMMati at wakad ta luni; tka liTicf Ipra, way aail nk Ml aaaA(Mil. . MAUUACB. MAUUK0 ruaOHa, ar Taar r Mf-_aaa"?pliUaf Na? rt*f a, kaiaf a vara af akriiaal vaakaaaa, arfania daVwtty daramf.iaa. *?., apt ad 11? carad. a *ka placaa blaialf an dar lha aara af Dr. J. aaay raUft ml; canlda is kia hanar u a patiiau ui taaUAll; raly pau bta skill aa a phyaiciaa. urriCB Ma 7 a (J FT I r&XDKRICKITftKKT, (aft hand aid arainf fram Baltiraara tixttt, a faw daan fra* Ua carnar. rati nat ta akiani aaai aad aiaNi. Uttan aail ha paid aad aantua aataap. arm. vw| Mfniin #f tba It^il Callage af Carf aana, Im4m, rtilMH fram *aa af the bmm eminent Colitfm ia tbe United lUM, ad tba frtitir ptrtrfvhMi life ha* k?ra ?paaiia Ika bnfiuli of Ln4m, Pmria, Philadelphia i>4 ilHttari, baa ?ffected mil W Ui Mat ummiD| carta tfcat vara aval toava; (May traabled with rtnftof ia Ik* baad aad hi* vhea uleep: natt tarnaaaui, kaui iluaad at eaddaa aaar.da, bsabfaloaaa with fraqaaat blvaLing, att*r.d*d aaat* Haa* vitk daranf ement af and, war* carad iraaedtatalv. TAKE PAftTICVLAR WOTlCr. T*aa( Man and oibare wba bar* njinl U*M*lrM by, prtcuca tadalfad ta wbaa alaaa?a balm fraqaaatiy l??raad Train e?il eampaaiana, ar at aabaal, Ibe alacta af vhlcb a/a otfbtly fait a?an wbec |*a!eep, and if nat carad. randara murritfa impoaetbi*. aad daatray* batb nlad aaa bad?i aboald apply immadtatalf. Tnoee ui aooia of lb* aad aod elaaebaly afaeu lll<ll?d by aarly babtta ef reatb ?ta t Waakaaaa af tba Back aad limbe, Paine in tba Maad, DiaHiaaa of ifhi.Laaa af Maaealaf Paver, Palpitation af tba Ne?rt,Dvepeper, Nerveae Irritability, Oeranjam?at aftb? Dif (Mia* Paocuooa, aaaral Debility, MENTALLY.? Tnt faarfml iftctiM tba mind art biUH ki dnidU-Uti o( MioKf, CmThmi rfldui, D<prtH<? f Spirit!, R'il For^odmfa, A'araion af Imiiii, lilf Duirm Lot* af Saliud*, Timidity, ate., era mis* af the t?il? pr? 4ae*d. NERTOII PMUITT.-Tti?iu<? M? aaw)adja vbai la tha eiaaa of their dackmnf haaltb, laaiaf tfcair ?a taroiaf week, pal*. o rraaa and amaciaiad, bs ?inf a unjalai ippatranc* aboil th* uii, ctagh or aympt*tn**f caoaampUM DlSk.A8Ka OP IMPRUDEMCK Whan tha roiafaidad and impradant retry *f pliarar* lada ha haa lir>vitad tha aaada of thia p*iafat diaaaaa, it taa a/taa happana that an ill-iimad aanaa of ehama ar draadaf dtacaaary datara htni from applying le tboaa aha, fram adacatiao ud raapacubility, can alar* bafriand him. Ha falla inta tha handa af ignorant and daaifo'nf pr*t*wd*ra, ?bo, incapabl* af carina, dlch bia pacaniary aanataoca, baap bin tniiof month altar motitb, or aa long aa tha aaajlaat fa* oaa ba abUinad, and in daapair l*a?* him with raioad baalth la aifb a?ar hta (tiling diafippointmant; ar by tb* aaa af that daaoiy poiaor, Diarcary, haatan ;na conati'atiooal ayiuctorra or tbla tarribla d?iui, aach at Afaeuonao' tfca Haart Thraat, Naaa, kin.Re.. prorraaair.g with frightfal rapidity, till datth pata period to hit draailfal asfaringa by aandug hire l* that aadiacoaarad coaniry from wheaa Doaroa oa tra?alar rataraa. OR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORtiANlC WKAUKM AMD IMPOTENCT. y thla frail and important raraady waaknaaa of I*a nnaa ua apaadily carad aoa Ml aigar raatorad. Thaaaanda aftba at rar?oaa and dabilttatad, wba Had laaf all bopa,baat baan imraadiataiy raliaaad. All tmpadunanu lo M>rru(a. Phyalaal ar Maotal DiaoaallItauor.a, l.saa of Procraau*a Praar, Nar?aaa Irritability Trimblinf ind Waaknaaa at Etbiaaaae aftka Baal faarfll kind apaaadilj carad. ENDORSEMENT Of TIE PREM. THE MANY THOUSAND* carad attbta inautatioa wHkla tha laa-. aa vamaao yaara, and tha namaroaa important Sarflaal oparattooa parformad by Dr. Jofcnaao, wunaaaad by tha raportara of tha papara and ninjr athar paraooa, naticaa af ?QKb btti arpaarad again and again bafora tha aabltc, boaldaa bia atandmg aa a gantlaman af ebaractar aad raaaaodbtli'.y, la a aaRciant gaarastaa ta Ua afliatad. Van IS-ly a -* o r unvri7 i\/ir\'u Un. #i UV ? IJ li !/*/!/ O IMPERIAL WINE BITTBRS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, ani the universal verCiot of all who use t em either as a medicine or &? a bereta)r*. is that they are ur.surpaseU in the w?rl<i l?r. Dods used them successfully in his practice for 35 years before we purchased of him the sole ncht to mauulaoture and present them for sale to tiie public. For the euro of Incipient Consumption, Indirestion, Dyspepsia, Piles, Nervous Disna en, Female Com plair.ts, and all oases r*? airing a tonic, they are be yond douht a most invaluable rerredy. Aside from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole some and deughtfai Beverage, producing all the pleasant oxhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results, l-et all friends of humanity and ail advocates of temperance assist us in subslitaing these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mineral poitoat and advlterattri Liquori with whtoh the cctoritr; is flooded, and thereby effrto' aid in ban shine Disease and Drunkeness fruin the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD* CO., Proprietors. 78 William street. New York. J. SCHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. 1/ IV . # I > V F T lj Tj IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidne?s. B adder ar <1 Urinary <>nran*. and etpeeiaily for Femal? Obetr?otu>nf. never Tail to cure, and are warranted to give satisI action. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Proprietors, 7% William sC, New Y'ork. J. SCHWARZE. je t-ly<r Agen*. Washington. D. C. H^HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MRS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ia well known that in the Spring people are more apt to ooutraot disease than at any other period; and it is equally well-known that the way to ward off disease is to keep the blnxl pure, for "all the ills that nesh is heir to," arise from impurity of the blood, the main sprioc of our existence. It is, therefore, important to all that the system should be thoroughly cleansed and purified, and this oan be done in the most effectual way byusing MRS M. COX'S INDIAN Vk(iETA.BLE DE COCTION, the best remedy discovered for the cure of diseases of Skin. Errsiseias. 5cr>fti'a. flheniaa tiam. NervoijS Debility, ?$TeraLof different kinda, Dr?p?p"y. Liver Complaint, Ana 111 otherd>?e*ae? ariamg from impurity of the blood. It has effected the moat remarkable ccrea, m o?n be ahown by numeroaa certificates from persona of the highest reapectability, and la recommended by all who have uatd it u the moat invaluable remedial agent of the day. Q7 It la sold by all the Drvrgiata of Baltimore, aiidat the reeidetoe of the j^rop^eu^^ 169 Kant Baltimore street, between K4en atreet and Central avenue. None genuine onleea her name la blown on the bottle and her seal on the oork. ID- Price 91 per bottle, aix bottlea for 8&. Wkolitalt Attni. R. 8. T. Cisam., Druggist, Georgetown, I). C., Who'esfcle A feet for the 1).?trict, and will soppj the trade at ray pnoei. jnar ?Mr -J'HB ALL SUFFICIENT 1UREK TRIES JEM AIL 1, S, A S, Frtittttd by Royal Litlmi Patau of Smtlmmd, mud i*cti*?d by th* Stall of tkt Ecol* it Fkmrmmcu <U Paris, am4 tks Imperial Colin* qf Utdiciu* Fmiim. No. 1 in invaluable for ?*h%u?tior., Ppennator rhtea, and all physioal aieabilitief, no. s completely eradeatas all traoes of tbom j diseases that have boon hitherto treated bT toe nan Mnna and pernioioca one oiooparia and onbebs. No. 3 has entirely sucp'.acted the injnrioue use pi mercurr, thereby maufin* to the f utTerer inm; relief, disporeint all imparities, aad rootinf oat the TMioir nfdtseaee. TRIKSEMAR.ftos, l.Sand .1 .are prepared in the form of a lomente, devetd of taste and si?te>- \ aad can be carried in tHe waistooat pocket. 8<>!d in tin oase*,ao<i divided into separate doses, andmuaitered oy Vaipeaa, !..v Roux. Rioord, *0. Price <W each, or fonr ceses for f9 whtoh earee R3 and m fS7 case*, wher*!>y tberela a savin* of #? To be bad. wholeealeand retail, of Dr. BA R ROW, 194 Bieecker street. fonr doors below MoDoujal street. New York. Iinir.'viiateij on receiving a r? mittaaoe, Dr. Barrow will forward t!?e Trieeemar to any part of the world, eeesrely packed, and addressed aoo->rdm* to the instructions of the writer. Sold also bj B. CALVEM X FUKD, Jr., Waahington. U. C. de ft-to C SWINDLING UUACES, ACTION !?Qoooka;?Iheir Booka. Cordlole, Bnofau. Hoapitole, iDfJrumenU or Rioce?ehoa them a. !, and, if dispoaed to profit b* myexperie?oe, write for m? ?n rote C iron jor on SPKRMATORRmEAIT? OURS. With atoms ecoioaed, odareaa, in perfect oonl denoe. yoorTriend, t former offerer, merely nptr or!hint Box 1T6, Cnorlestown, Mom. Jo u AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RR Nov pre pored to exeoate ony order* with which they moy be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OK STEAM FITTING BU81NBW. (OT Store od 9th atreet. o lew doora north of Po. avenue, where may be found o complete oaacrtment waTKRdjiukrs^nd other GAS, STEAM^ad NKW STYLES OP RICH JEWELRY -B. O* ROODhoa jnat opened o lorxe atopk, which he witlrffnrot rery tow rotea Therefore thoie that ore wiahin* to oorry home *ny thine in kia line M pre<enta, win do well to oall and examine hi* etnokat S3S Pa.avenue. je? JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. B R. DURKEE ft CO.'S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PtJRE, but ground from freeh Spio?a, selected mm! al eased by us eipreealy for the pur?<>ee vithoat roferenoe to on?t. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent uiury by keeping, acd are full weistjt, while the ordinary rrouad Spieee are almost invariably abort we warrant them, ia point of mength and riohieae of flavor, HKYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa^j ainji" Uia^will abundantly prova. to U- ifJ)A ft' PaaS A LABOR ASSORTMENT Of Stoinvay * xx Son*' tad Haven. Bacon A Co. PtANOS baaja?t t?*en r*o?iT?d at the aoleflppBn r;1 * ' * firtfffasgii'&y' 4 MLSCEXLANB0P8. / ^ / xoovoky: % v\ f ^ * DISPATCH! % ? J Stfe the Pieret! ? _J1 k --- ? ^ m^n rmmirntmd fmmriUs, tt is *?rr daai rable to bai? aowa o*aa* and eoBTMrnil ??' for ra^Mriif Farutar*. Toys, Crookerj, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED WLIB meeti ail ?ooh *a?*rfr>t>?iea. aad do kotifkoM MB ford to b# viUoil it. It la a war a raady tnd ay to u?? iticiidi point. There ia ?o ,oum a mm aity for limpm* oiia<ra, renaera. baadlaaa dolla, and broker eradlaa. It la Jaat tbe arOoi* for o?u?>, ahcii. and i ther ornamental work, ao yopalar with ladi*a of refiDemeat and Ma. Tiua adourabia preparation la aa*d ootd. batag It bold ! ao!a:,.?a. ait?i MNMHai aii tba raJvahie a?a at? of tin but oabio?t maker*' ciaa. It may be aaed ia Im p.aoa of ordiaary MUM*, being r**tl? more adhaaire. " USEFUL irr STERY HOUSE." Pritt, 35 oenta N. B.?A Braih aooompaniaa aaah bottia Wk+Utml* Dtrot, No. 48 Cadar atraet, Naw Yort ?? ineoK o ?how Card aooomp*nyin? Mk paefcaff*. fnr A ainaia bottle of SPALDiyva PRB PARED 6LVK will ?t? ton dm its oom u aaaliy U> very boaaohoid.-TTl Sold by all prominent ?iat)on?ra. Dnni>U, Budvui and Faraitare DMitrt. tmiiii. Md Fancy Store*. Country merchants should ruak * a not* of SPAL DtXO'S PREPARED Gl.VE.wb?t> makiaa ap their liat. It viil*tan<1 am olin.ate. fa W-ly ^ ^ VmvA for m* h* (fAr / r* |V(i? r?Trf ^ *< lfi>wifii>'<,)/w* S P P > ? ^ yk^tf^tw ^jr?<*? * * ? ^ ^ X r^SS^ < '!'' ?ri if**" d*J**4 wr-m mftrmf ?jk??(1(I.* li? r,j~ r ^r 01 lii ?<<i>it< A??# ort. /iMffjy *4-t\L0 ^ Tr?ii?Wi?it> <x? i?W ^ W ?4tl'wicm ? t if MtJ^nul M ssr* I f "* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ?m?rMOT WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABErWoTHE^S ARE AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. L/\D r> j f i' I nr it' II I <r/-i %r d it y 7 ly BARBOUR 4 PEMMKS. PARAFFINE OIU 1HB CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! We ?'? now rteeiviai Faafiue Oil direot from the works in western Virginia. The quality of it is excellent, producing* steady, bnl ian? and i eantifa1 light, tod more pleasant to the eyes thar cm light. This Oil is free from adulteration, and very maoh more eoonomioai than many of the Coal Oils aaad at this tima. IET It is in no way explosive. We kyt-p also a soep.'y of ?h? moat approved styles of Lftm?s, ho .for horning this Oil. KINO *. iil RCHELL, gents for its sale for the Disti ict "1 Colombia. Corner 1-ifteenth at. and V#rrDont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mail F~~ 1VH HUN ORED TRAVELING TRU1jfKB arrived thi* da*, etnf'acing all quali ties and sixes "f ??le Leather, Ladiee'HcvM Dress and Packing TrOnks. Oar tnink^****^ sal"s room exhibit* at this time tM variety nf t r^vAlfr# r^auiaitAc ai mA^arata aru Aa Wa foundfthia ild^ofNew V'.rk. ATeo.evSK tion of I.AD1KS' H\T BOXES, VALICES, CARPKT BAG*. SATCHEf,S. A.O. Ip-Old Trunk* repaired or tat an tn exehaofe for new oqm. _ WALL, STEPHENS A CO, Trunk Ha ea Room, m&r Sl-tf "*8'i Pa. avenue. ffittHAN & SMPSOIflj We offer for ale the abore standard!brand of fine Copper Dietii><i M&'tnc Rye hnky. in barrel* ?ik1 half-bar re,? A* it ! of oar own diaUiia tion, and h u hi f I its proved b? af*. we oonM??Uv rMommecd it as t'.m rriwi aud boat; hiaky taat can poaeibly ?? dietlUed. We also offer oar nr n bi kit v c vr armrcrrv V14A/ fAMiA I MM M Mm f JIlU?a I f tpd other brtnda.froQ the i&rgeet at.?ok of PiM Whitkiea in tiie United SUrtoa FRELMAN * SIMPSON. PbT-nix Distillery, on the Sehuyikil: nnr, Phila. Ofioee?Wall "treet, New York ; and 1M Swum Front street. Philadelphia mnr ? ly 279 T?5?S2>1' 206" Pa. AT*., FOREIGN KRUITS, PA.. ATI^ b. m t nth m. Kit to c*R thenttenuen "o*Via Mondei* irnbuc generally to hia New Store, under Wli air a Hotel, juat opened, ut oocnexion with hia ?tobiiaheaeot, where be wi.l hekM; to reomrewy orders for aujenor ConfeoQona of knows sxtm ffte "s ira:taWe ?tj>. with the mid* arrm?tceaa *r<i die MM wwnti M Mil kttherta ahAVn M ?. a. Korv. i.kifni. 1 AM1I, MOTIA AUTR Y, L _ AtTOkjfM TS-AT-LA W Ho:n Sniiw, Mihm Will prMOM In the H ;chXonrs of Krrort Mi Ar peal at Jack?or.,the Federal Comrt at Povioum, ftte Courts of the Seventh J uciciai Dietrftt of Mi*sfisr1 "liar IACOB RKKD. ? Mmvucmnef MILITARY CLOT HI WO, SoVTZBAJT CotNIk 9kohs altd Snvci 9n? rtilL.AUKL.rtHA. MILITARY CLOTHE*FOK ?ALB. ta 12,000 the atte'tio* of the p?b!ie otijarif ar<1 well ee iMted eiock of CMinpacBe IM Crab Affle Cider, TkMhvepvutMto be eare,aad will be old on term* Id order to Mb room for oer eprinc (took. Give ma a call at the fa * No. IT 6r?wi?tr|?aiT!Cn A YKLLOW FINK LUMBKK. ALL DieeriytloM of the aN?re Lumber, foi urw&ff R#ss BCARMAad FLO? "RING dreeeedor ladreeeec ) hit Lime*) ^lreatfr? the aoutheca miHa br ^OY ft. MrrCAl|2^?08^gn WASHINGTON IKW1NA KHlMa H MM Milt.. NN Ifmtk ?fW. 4N. 0EE^ ? ? r <?-K <. ft HOTW* 1FK OP LIMCWLN.-lb* Life and PabiM serviam of Hob. Abraham Lioaoln, with a portrait on Heel, to wkinii add ad a hjo* raphloal ak?t3h of Hon. Haa?(ai tr D w. B*r< ? ?; jiioa fiT Jn?t pa >!i?h?d an<1 M Hi* a* ?* M etj-opo itaa b > k?U>ro oi 1l % MKD101KH. 8kf what AYfcft* KAMiPitlLU DOKM MJ| DIRA>UEMt>T Ol THK LlfBK. IHotT'l CtiHIM. I _ T*,;?d'r* * K\m . Aac t '? ( ^ Dr J. C J M? m V M^.rTw- ^ 'j'^,w^1TtLT' T.i? kn<i k|i<H>m; eM>e*ti?iL i>f aickn*** a<: ?* >, fcm i in kw?nk. Ymm c?i>'of krow Wow airk I ?' | twrwl from an itdaankaM* W in? ' <l,atr?a* fi.t I long ontiiiwe> ?M tkit ou4.Uoa. w<U-et r*h#(. mm worn ?? uut ?o ?h?* I d?w to ka , btttfr; b?t rwiiii, u U* CkrutMe ?*f year Faraapa'illt, I m>m?'noMi taking it. vitfc <m ? MIIOW an*!! dftM o( TO?r Pil!?, to rw?li*to Ilia i hoWWl M foa dirMt FmMM tM fcr?\ N ktd ?<w? 1 aftoo* apoa MIT *i aor4?r t|iu I ?m?"< aa?tfcli?? ??Mj h?v?. 1 rfjunti at br* tt> rmftij, mm n*m. aft*r tltTH vroka. ??io> M (""4 kwttJi ku? auwoctfc aaacT otfc?t Mar U4"Dim?m?i <4 all go*A" ih< w?r M?aainf Alt joe Jons W.froTT Prwparwd by Dr. J. C. AY)- ft * Oil.. Urall, Maaa. Jy t|-w<? TJm o. n. ?t) T. . HCKICWCLLH CMITEESAL COUOH KIKKPT. D.. .? T1 - I I " - / -- - rww (mi an' u?i/ twn *? V p?r r *rmm C(MM"ii Cough* to Artuu* C on** mpt*on iriTLT ( ILIIRATM O TV Nmfmrmi rnnd 5wr? Rr mody / * // if?r?w?i Complaint*, Proa Urou*I Kit CMn vbw?()fiiir, , ft VM f?N ??<1 to tbaf of rrMM-M m4 tM ekM( MIH Of I lI'Mf IU? <iK SLRW. J Tbo Tola A?<4?% lki?|k tonlHMH ?4 ? Mr ? tly . ~- i j iT it n) mJ m*y ho o#*?1 m ?6n>THrO?I?tr rw nd VltfcoBt ?ro wtllf trtUilf Ml CtW.lM Imtiu th* in ? y Mtim1 ?*o. * TwVnir*r?a Co?|i kmwHj, (t/**d frwdi mil th? common ot>i?etw?n of 1 oagh Rom atom, wktok y or Mlttr* iiuim or r-aaUftltou.> nifcf ho ooh?id(>r??] tli." oomisoi e. pni)t??.l Luc Cmmtplftinta. and a??d with ^?rf?rt .mpantty Aafciaa i to on?rt fr^rw profri*ti>'? or fr *Mta th? w??t _T mvot* invettication ofSotfc R> mmi>??.a>Ml ra?din? A of owr to h? |o*d?i with all <?If?. mm t mor* pftrUeatar:? to nolf of tkoo* wft. X?n K? upou. w* rut >a aoaiiiaa? th? cmom of Pati'nta tud PhuioiMt. "Pimxx within r?*ch or a 1^* tmtii *enrr*. J. W. Hrxnwiu ft Co.. 1 awl 9 ComnWftJ Wft%rf Ho4t"D. <iro. Hrxii'wtLL, 144 Wfttor it, N?w York. ihc tffii tu^?rvuior of JOH \ L HtNBFVrFI.I.. Ch?Bii?t ftnd Ptia'Mao*uti?t, B'-tioft. w> . wh"M ninftin'r O-'rrr? the oo k? of thf KMivin* only.anc to who* MdrMf aU tommn?t?o?. HoM trr ftll r#ep*eUihlf ?rmvlwr*,aod ftil th? OrocgiaU ? Wft?hia*W>B ftod 6?or|rt?iw?. iw ? *o.r Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. ? HIGH IV CONCK.NTK ATED*" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT 0UCHU. A Pomti v# and S?*cifco Rcm?lr f rv. r .1.^ it ? fki\L'u / m ft-1> fa 6?>r \j\m ?i mw n in/r*. Riii;iEir( RAVKLaMt l>ROF?fCALlf" ELl.I*??. Thu M?<lic:n? the of fnctwUua? and fxoit-K Ihr AB"*0* B > N T*? into k** Ui v U -1. ? > vbifk tl?f WA 1 F.R Y OK CALCKROyt* d*fn?ilioM. turf till'* N ATI RA< KS1.ARGK MKNT8 ?' rx4u^.u well m* PAIN M?< IN FLAN V ATK'N. a~d?ia ?o?.4 f.^r me y. womeh.or ch1ldrk!y. HKLMBOLD** KXTR ACT Ht'CHII. For VS ntwk i.f i ri A'luni from Eia?i?M, Hat?u ?.f Dia?ip*t>'-9. Mri; IndiNrPtionoi All**, A"rnd*si wu* tk* f die trim Symptoms^-lDd t.p>.?iuor to Eifrlion. L<>*? of Powtr, Lpe?of Memory, Diftoulty of Br?*tfcin?, w?* Nwtm, TI ! >(!?>. Horror of Di <-?**, Pimii vii of Vui(?. Pur in the Baal. l<a**itndeof th* Mimlar SfiUim. ^ Sot H^nda. F tihiii of tk* Mf. Dr^neta of the flkin, on the Km* PALLID CorNTK.NANOE. ThM? atmptoin*. if friWiwrd to go on, whwk tbia me 1icin? invari?h|? r*mnr>i, eoofi W ?wi , . impottncy, fatuity, epileptic fits, m* jLp On* or W itin thk Pat:knt **t Kir;*? M Who <j?n Mtr t'.atthej are n >t fr t, u*nUj M ow*4 bf thoa.-piflLKt L HIHKASK!* " C MIN9\MTY AND m^*| MPTl?^N., Many are ?nr* of tAe c*a?e ot th?>r arfferinf, fiUTNOP/K WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THh IN*ANK AS VLt'M* * tkt Italia bf fr Bear arnfi" witatH* to the irvthof the %? ?rU'in, THE CoNSTlTtrriON ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC \$EAKNE*S Re, aire# the aid of medicine t? etrrpcUtea Aril InvigortUe the Wkt'h Helkbold'* FXTRACtT Bl CBC ?Mn<w?. A TB1AL WILL COWVWCB TBS BO?T tWrinL. FEMALES-FEMALE9-FEMAI E*. ?LI> Co .VTE&pL A A W MA kit t10? (N ALANY AFFECTIONS I ECCUAR TO .MALES, the extract Hncha i? acequdtlrd K-? another remedy.** ia ChJ?roaia ?r kdMtm |rr?f aia'ity. Painfaineaa. or Sappreaaioa of Cm torn At* K vaeoiuiotn. Coerated or fcirrboa* atat* of the L'tero*. l,e?JooTii?a i?r Whitaa. SUriiUty. And for a 1 oomplaiuu incident to the a x whether anaiiiir from Indlaoretlon, Habiu of DiaaipaUoa. or ia the DECLINE OR CHANUE OF Lin. ? crmrroH* iiori NO FAMILY SUOl'Li* HH WITHOUT IT T*bt*o ?n?r< B+l'im Mercmrg, m amgtmmm* iselm f?EC*ET i'V^EAHKP Id all their Stag**. At little Little ?r acekaaceln Diet; Nvibomvcomowi, Amd w KTrentr? It '-aneee a frequent deal re ar i ?iv?e etrenfth to Uriaate, there, y Eeinovin* obstruction* rrovaatinc; an4 ?irim Strieturee of Ute Urethra. A! PliiUf! Infl%mn.aU..e, e?> frequent in t*? oiaa? of dieeaae*. and axpeilinc *U ft** ? ? > MMfW, uuf teem ??< Ma Hit. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS . WHO 11A VI BEKN TBI VICTIM* < ? or ACES. / and who bar* paio ktnrvftt* to be eared la aahot time, have fou;.<j tb*y were deoeiree. and that the ' POISON" haa. by the aee frovBrn aaTBHWBNTt," beet, dried up In the ay atom, to tweak Alt in *.r irfrftra'*' fnfavi ftr.r! pxvhafs aft?k"marriagm. ? - m** Uk Rilmold'i Kjmrr Been for tllifw bom Utd of th* URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAI K OR FEMALK. .1 From *bttrv?r eu ? on*luauar n?l ?o mUm of HOW LONG eiANDING 10 1 HE bKRAT DIl'KRTtC. And is eertaia to hare the d?*sir*d fff?l in ail Djm UNPOR WHICH IT IS RKCOMMb.fiWF.JI IMAm of tkf *?i' rctrnfil' a*4 mpoaMu CMrUr vui soo.-ms*''* th? m~t|oi-e? CERTIFICATE* <?F CURES. ftow I* S? yrart nmmAmt, Price 91 00 per Mile, er an f?r|i.M Delivered to an? Addr^ea, securely packed fro oheer ration. Dnrmiai Stum-ox ? m all Oaw?mc*Ti?ii? Owes OaaraitrH ! Adrlre tiratM It AFFIDAVIT. Personal!; apae*r?0 before me. an Aidsr? the city of Phi adelph>a.H. T HimnnD.whc Wm c a y sworn, doth sa* . his prefers H?nr oo tain ao aareotie, ao m?r?urj, or oM?er it.Jcri<?as_Graj?, ' WM P. HIBHKRD. A'drmrnm, , Ninth (irMt, above Rw.Plii*. Addrtu .etttrs fof irj<xm*i*c>i in colidfQM to flL t. RLRbold, niiwiit, ' fflammtr Who endeavor to or Tim own** a?d "OT?*m" AST1CLM OH Til tVimnM iTtllKD "TT^Hr . rold by s. b. Waits. 9m?u itnm,uds. v C Foar, Ja , aurm Pml ftvenaeaud ITIei will rp,,vff4"^iW &*HL k Cat oet the tu'. vwrtiee'-?nt and ??nd A AND A VOID IMPOSITION ANDKXPOMJRK apt aolv rkUrON-rt* GUNPOWDER Mr*? WMhinrtit. D C. tea l?wl? frOI iTAMflNf PACKET Of PAPB& AND ENVELOPE? TO MATCH. METROPOLITAN fooirroAi, PEILP A HO LOMOND AmbIi f*? Cmmmm't ?? ? >*?** < Lm Pw?. - Mill?.* * -, 4.M.A? r UIPlit.M WhUKllrt'M. r*BICS?*AlNtt 4 *OH* WORLD Aft t du? d?l*P1AN OP Ottlr for *4* b, Mb* nb*r, at vhr>M ut*Mirt w?r?tooro?HHH| vna trill ft ml alwaya* >*rr?M ?k.n?kfM l' ' mc iT+n wietT. tjKprto* of Pta-?f<>-aat*??oc MJ Urif ik dxxHiiit Ur oMt> Piti.o*elae from otkar god ti after* N|n hi - _ ~-.-3ag5Sx ? M^oZ^-wo > % n i

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