Newspaper of Evening Star, August 4, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 4, 1860 Page 1
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' ??? I ' 11 ? ???? i A r (girtuiug Star, I ^ vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. AUGUST 4. 1860 Ny. 2.328 % THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ^ (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) * AT THE STAR B11LDIN(?. Corner of Pennsylvania mvmue and 11<A st., IT W. D. WALLACH. served in ptokaree M o?mer? at #4 a *^sr, or S7 cent* per month. To Bail ahecnber* 7 tne pnoe i? $iSi a jear, i? adeant*, %l for alx mnrtWa- At f? *: _^ntKa> And fnr Iau ?K?n |wu?tl-, f 1 |U| klHCT ?" thr?e month* at iherate of l2oenta a week. Single copies, oilcuti in wrapper*, two cents. nT-ADmTi.nm* ?hoald be ?eat to the oftoe beiore 12 u'o.ook iu ; oUMrviM taey mar not appear anUl the next day. THE ELOPKUKXT. Upon returning hmne late one evening, I read on the slate, ".Vary , No. ? Danyki.1 Ureet. Pita** rail immediatelyV The I (VA11U11J iu Ui j I wiucuvu, as ncu ?s kUC ?c* of the Applicant, induced me to give this .he preference of a first call. Upon discovering the home by the Dumber given, I ?u not a little surprised on finding ?*iyself accosted bj several young females wit** were standing at the door, and who welcomed me as if I were an old acquaintance. The matron of the establishment next anproaohed me, followed by the remainder of her household. She was a large, portlj woman, of well-formed features, hut with a leaden expression of the eye which chilled familiarity. Her " I am glad to see *\ you.1' was delivered in the same tone as she t would reply to a dun to "call to-morrow " ' You have some one sick with you?" I remarked. "Vm," repliurl; "there isone of the girls who ha.* been taken sick, and nothing would satisfy her bat to senator you. I believe her nurse put the notion into h?r head She wnnta for nothing, as I can take care of my own sk*k; but she ha* seen you visiting next door, and fancies you can do something for her. Let me show you to her room.:' At the doorway of the room I was met by the * nurse.who had been frequently in our employ. I entered, followed by the matron and all the girls, seven or eight in number '-Mary," said the matron, " here is Mr. 9V ' Oh. I am so glad you hare come, sir; I did nn* AVrut/tf. mi tka soma ti m a knl JJ*.- ?.?? ? v. v.jrww It, av vuv BBUiV W*u*? HVIUlUg UUfc her hand to me, and requesting all others praseut to retire for a few minutes. To examine into the condition of my patient the better, I brought the candle beside the bed Her face was partially enveloped in the sheet, and her head sunk deep in a feather pillow. As I took hold of her wrist, she begged me to tell her the truth of her situation, for, she said, "I am not prepared to die, and leaat of all. here " This was her fifth day. Physician and nurse had successfully done their office, and, to all appearance, the symptoms were favorable On my assuring her to that effect, she raised her head, and leaning it upon her hand, ejaculated? 4- Thank God ! thank Clod with great emphasis. " I did not send for you," she continued. " because I have no faith in my physician; but I wished to be assured, from another than him, that I would recover. I am tormented by day and night with thoughts and dreams that make T - r ?J J t ? ^ should die of despair did I not believe that I may yet live to repent and reform."' I reassured her of her favorable symptom*, and requirod of her to dwell only on the certainty of that future of reform and usefulness she hoped for. I was about leaving her with her nurse, who had jast entered, when she nf asked me, imploringly, to call in on the morrow, as she had something to say which she felt she had not s'rength then to communicate When I entered her room the next morning she was awake, but did not notice my presence until I addressed her. It seemed I had driven 1 away a pleasing reverie, for her recognition was followed by a formally expressed "You are here To my different inquiries, she replied and remarked as follows: that she had slept for a few hours after I left; but since, until daylight, her wandering thoughts had raised visions of gloomy character; that she felt aow that she was not so well as yesterday, and piteously besought me te do my utmost to aye her. ' But you are doing well,Mary," I observed. " Ob, no ' no, sir ' I feel that I am not. 1 dread that I am not." On saying this she oovered her eyes with her arm, and sobbed loudly , ' Maiy'." said I, in as angry a tone as I oould counterfeit, " I came here to relieve your suffering, and to cheer you under your Mffliotion If you continue to aggravate your sickness by these demonstrations, and in my presence, too, the object will be better gained by my absence, lou cannot know upon what little joor life depends. If you continue to despond thus, even though you were much better, you will die. You are now safe?I say. safe, wanting only obedience to all that is required of you. For you, a girl of sense, to anticipate your fate by harboring a suspicion of the wont, is unaccountable weakness Cheer up* Had you the stength to stand up and look t ' at yourself in the glass, you would wonder, as I do. that you are taken to be ill. Let me see you smile, nay. laugh, if it is not too great an effort." The nurse handed me a potion for her. As I p1?o?d it to bar lips, she made a sour grimbf* ace, then, with the remark, "Am I not brave ?" swallow-d the whole of it ' Now." said she, " I feel like another Der son. Celeste, tell Emily I want to see her." ft In a few minutes the latter entered. \ ' (lire me your hand, Emily," she said. ' Forgive me for what I said to you yesterday. I know I hurt your feelings. Am I forgiven ?" " Certainly," was the reply of a young girl of melancholy sweetnem of countenance, who appeared touched by the explanation, or the cauie of it. They exchanged a few words, and I was lefi alone with Mary and the nurse. Before leaving the room the shutters had been opened for some purpose, which gave me an opportunity of seeing particularly the fea tures of my patient. Her face wu oval, her ieyes blue, and fringed by their almond-shaped line of lashes, a nose retrousse, her mouth larze and well-defined, and * <?hin ? j ? ? ? - ? " uvi uui wa.rMated a dimple that alone would beautify the entire expression of worse features. Her auburn hair jet retained the braids, though ruffled, which it had when *he was taken sick. I judged her to be aboat twenty years of age. Yet how difficult it is to estimate bv years a life which is crowded with events such as hers had recently experienced. W hen I returned in the evening her symptoms were not so favorable. The physician had ordered her to be kept free from intrusion. It appears that she dreaded to be left alone. \and, a* soon as I was gone, she was surrounded by the other girls of the house. I called the matron to me. and told her that when I was called in to the sick I made it a point to be oeond to the phy*iMan; that, from disobedience to his orders, in crowding the sick room & and talkinir to that i>?li?n? tli?? ?? L:,,:? 0 ? J ? ?MWJ ffVIO &UUOg W ber " She U convalescent," I continued "All she now require* is repose and quiet. These she must hare, if I have to pat a guard at the door, or I do not return." Complete compliance was expressed to my "Except Emily." said Miry. "She will not talk to me, and I have much comfort in her company " "Te tnis I consented. With wor*e promise for herself, and with increased sympathy of > her companions and attendant*, her hope of recovery was yet stronger than it had been With a "good night." and advice to ooax herself into sleep, for the prospect of repaying me for ay visits by teeing her improvement on the morrow. I left. On the following morning, at ten o'clock. I again called She had slept at intervals dur)lr (ha nirhL in<l Ml than in t alnmlt** T? Ithe evening, when I again called, to my horror | and dismay I perceived her with her head over the side of the bed. rap ported by Celeste, in vein attempts to continue a retching which bid been effective an hour before. " It is all over," she said. " My dream of life?is ftnished. Just, too?when everything of the future was so promising?so good. Ob. Mr. , do you hnow?that last night?I dreamed of home ? Father and brother were there" (here she sobbed so distressingly as to (smother articulation ) "Oh! it was a sweet meeting Before I awoke this morning I was so happy I tried to sleep again to continae tae dream, bat?aow?it is all orer; I mast die-and bare!" ? 1 "No. no, Mary," I replied, "not ao quid Yon have nothing to fear." ' Then i may hope, and will get well?'* I bowed affirmatively The nurse agai Ksed a cloth, saturated in cologne, over h< b and neck, and in a few minutes the luxi | riant sleep of the convalescent ?to1e over her To reassure myself of her condition, I ri mained for a half hour to see the physician, ei gaged, in the meantime, in looking at tl books and ornaments of the room. The physician came in and pronounced Mai entirely out of danger He gave her permi sion to sit up in bed the following day. an left orders for her future nourishment, sayii he would not call again until sent for. Th last remark had a telling effect. Mary's ey beamed with hope and joy. I was taking in leave, when she called me back and request* that I would coll the next morning to listen a recital that would be as strange to me aa woe Id be important to her that I should kno it. I made the appointment. As I entered the room I wan surprised i seeing Mary sitting on the side of the bed, h< leg? hanging down, partly uncovered, charged her more with indecency than iuipri deuce; told her that I had done for her to tl extent of my services, aod that it grieved m where there was so much promise, to see i early a departure from it. She threw herse in the bed, with her hands clasped togethi under the back of her head, while her aru protruded beyond and half concealed herfac Shu remained for a while silent; at length si looked Celeste and I alternately in the face, awaken in ua some new development. Secii we said nothing, she exclaimed? " Mr. , you have seen me through tl fever, but when I had it I did not foresee tl dangers that waited on recovery. What sha I do ? 0 tiod ! why did I not die ?" I asked what new phantom troubled her. 41 It is in remaining here?here, where scorn myself, and from whence I have not tl means to leave without submitting to a degri datiun that I loathe more now than eve Though, if it is inevitable, it will not bo lon^ and maybe my God will forgive me." " Explain yourself, but without excitemei to yourself." She began : " I believe I am well, or out of dange Now I seek a friend, such as I never knew tl value of until now; but you have done so muol and I have so little in only a grateful hear that I dare not ask you to continue your kic acts." T rftnliiu) nfAnionlw -5*1 J...... vuw ?? ?u J/? WVIUVIJ lit turn OIK ation dependency thai made our acts ti more pleasing to ourselves. " Then hear me through; I will tell jou al My father lives at . lie sent me to a neigl boring convent, where I was educated, and r mained until I was eighteen years of age. E is a wealthy farmer, and my brother, oldi than I am, is asso?iatod with him. My moth* died before I knew that I had lost one. On a return home I found my brother engaged to I married to a young lady, the daughter of neighboring farmer. It was settled upon I boUi families that I was to marry her brothe whether I would or not. I had before formt an attachment,which was warmly reciprocate* for a young man who wasclerk in a neighborir town Without any dislike to my intended, nursed an affection for the other in a spirit obstinacy and wounded pride in having diet tion in inattAfa nf offa/*i\. u? ? ? w*wa? vra "UVVll'/U 1U J II iitCr III ticed the coolness with which I received my ii tended, and threatened me with exclusionfro the wnrld until I was of lawful age unless I con plied with his commands. Apprehensive r-uch an event, I listened to the proposition i my lover to elope. With the monney he hs saved we left home five weeks ago,and took pa sage in a steamboat for New Orleans, determii ing to be married as aoon as we landed her Not being acquainted with your laws, we wei much surprised that wecould not fulfill our ii tontions; knowing no one to vouch for us, v could not obtain a license To aach other, 01 pledge was as strong and binding, and as sacr< as oarson or urient e?>nlH mitk? if ??> and wife, frell, we put up at the ilote After being there a week, Charles found h scanty fund much diminished, and. with tl hopelessness of obtaining a situation, certa misery ahead Another week of board woui exhaust our resources.and we had not enough return to oar home. The yellow fever, whi< was then prevailing to a great extent, rais? craxy fears in both of us, night or day the was no consolation for the horrible situation which we found ourselves. One night we we in agony from being kept awake by the moai of a dying man in a room net far from our We now acknowledged that we wandered awi from home like two foolish and guilty thing and that we were justly harvesting the fruit One morning Charles came into our roo gloomy and dcjected 44 4 Mary.' said he, 'we have mado Judics ourselves It is folly for ur to be thinking being legally married when we havo not tl Uo2t rxmamm* ? >??* L-f *1 ' " vmj?, j;ivnj7wi v? eupp'U UOIUTB Uf. il 18 01 1 use fur up to be in each other's way. You a better off than I,for jou oan get employment a millinery; but I can get no employment,at must work my passage back. At any rate, mast leave you, for I cannot pay this week board.' " I cannot conceive what passion posses* me when he finished. I was so startled at tl idea of his deserting me that I eould not thic for him, or for the causes that drove him speak as he did. My first impulse was to i>p in his face; but I only looked him full in tl eye, as I advanced to him and told him 'Go!' " I then took a the window, thinl ing desperate things, not notioing Charles he left with a bundle of his clothes, tak< f,r? -rv__ *, L- Tl J? ? tiuui uui iruuKn. ioe ainner Dour passed; wu equally indifferent to the cravings of n tare a? to the world; had I known of poison, would have taken it. : At night the chambe in aid informed me that my apartment wu ei gaged for the following day. Suspicions my character, if not of my ability to pay, hi been aroused. A hint was given me to leav I replied, like a guilty thing, nothing, still ii different to life. I wonder now at my feelini then. I could not excite mys?lf at my situ tion, not being able fully to realise it. Su< denly a thought struck me; 'To the river !' said aloud, and hastily throwing on my bonn and shawl, descended the stairway. Sudden! the hellish thought entered me, 'if I am lost I said, 'I will be etili worse; I will go wil the current ' 44 It was after nine o'clock. Well, air, started off at a rapid pace on the streets, im gining that I should find Charles; not that mntMl tn u? hini hut >??? ? ?4 * * ? I ~ - w ??i v m u wujrv'fc H Oij walk I stared impudently into the f*c of men, who took me, no doubt, to be crag; in my fast gait, while I swung in my band kerchief violently by my tide in walkini When nearly exhausted, reedy for poiionhi 1 known how to purchase it, a oabman a< dressed me,and asked me where I wanted to * " ' I do not know,' I replied,1 anywhere. " ' Jump in,' he cried, 'and I will ahowyon "Involuntarily I resigned myself to his a sistance in pushing me in the eab. It rattle away for some squares, when it stopped at th house. After a short consultation between tl cabman and tbe proprietress I was invited I descend and enter the house. I was really b ?ide myself; I mean, thoughtless of the dang* I was running but conscious of all I wasdoin; and I felt as if a hand was pushing me from b hind. Mf iiiiim nt ? -?? _ vt ui upj icVJ was uuriuttii Without a blush, as if it were the house of friend, I familiarly entered the parlor. Yc hare aeen the parlors? Thej are splendidl furnished?much beyond the extravagance i the richest where I was born. The proprietres as she is called, took off my bonnet, and, lea< ing me through the rooms to a back gallei shaded by curtains, asked me to take some r< freshment,which she handed from a cupboar* Then she showed me to this room, desiring a to give do thought of the morrow, m she woul fix terms with m? which wogld be ?a tiff actor; i. Strange that I, brought up in the strict conduct of a convent, should find myself in parley wjtt an enemy that I had been most educated t< n shun. I believe I thought I was in a dream sr yet, in my destitution and despair, what hop i- had I then of bettering myself? I was not u the vein of sleeping; and as the pronrietresi e- saw me transfixed iu thought, she took me bj i- the shoulder, saying she would let me nee hei ie company to drive away the unpleasant thoaghti I had. I was led back to the parlor. Sever* y of the girls whom you have soen in this room .1- were seated there talking and familiarly fittifij id beside some well-dreMocfmen. When I enterec ig each girl closely scrutinized me; bat two ap is proached me as I took a seat, and proterwd i ^ ?> -!?? *- ' n wotvuuiv. vuo wiu rjUlllJ, WHO 811 DOSiaO IDO j and seemed interested in me?is she told m< >d afterward?because my conduct reminded hei to of here on a similar first step. I must have sa: it an hour. As I showed a diffidence and reluct w ance in moving with the others about the room they shunned ma. They were not encouraged U it think that I waa-one of them, or perhaps thej er were, like Emily, toe painfully reminded oi I fcheir first step by my initiatory. At any rate a- we were repulsive to each other. Shortlj ie a gentleman of pleasing exterior approached e, me. and complimented me on my appearano* so and looks, at the same time placing his banc If under my chin, which I repulsed without a er word. Involuntarily tears coursed my cheek as yet i was not ashamed; they were more froa e. a feeling of destitution and loneliness I was ie not again disturbed When they all left th< to room I was shown to this apartment. A fen ig minutes elapsed when the proprietress entered and in a rather brusque tone said? ie " ' Well, my little miss, you have come t< ie live with me. and I hope you know where you .11 are. But where is your baggage or clothes? " I informed her where my trunk was, and that not having paid my board was the reasor I it was left I went to bed without saying raj TimTftPS' T rtnnU L1 ,v r' -J " -? - vvw.a ?v/v X lUUU^Ul li UI??' B- phemy. I thought the ear of my God wai r. deaf to me. I locked my door, and in a fen g, minutes the fatigue and excitement I had en< countered induced a sound sleep In the at morning, on.awakening, I was informed thai my trunk was at hand, ready to be broughl into my room. r. " At breakfast, which was late, all the esie tablishment was assembled. Tho girls wer< h, neatly dressed in blouses, most of tbem with t, their faces powdered, and took their sean id without e*enar??? of TK.?. _ 0 - v. .M?-?vtvu * uvi v " no more attention to me. by word or look, thai u- I noticed, than if I had been longer with them 10 Though all the furniture of the house is so ele gant, the set-out of the table was meagre and 1. slovenly, but not dirty. Broken cups and b- saucers, and dishes set without any regularity e- Eggs, which were in a large bowl of hot water, [e ana buttered ccrn-cakes, seemed the most in Br request. Of these and some figs I made mj r-r first repast. Not a word was spoken loud \j during the meal. As each one fiuished, she >e left the table and joined a companion for t a talk. How imitative of my convent life ir .v one rMnMt hnm ?i-U' ?* !? --~.v-._i f??, ? - .? Uiuviviu tu auuiuui r, I thought 1 was the cause of this silence ai >d ineal, being a stranger, but I was since in i, formed that it was always so. A perfect in ig difference to each other reigns throughout. I " As they change their names with theii of new life, they desire not confidants to remind ?- them of that which they have left. I said i 0- perfect indifference exists towards each other a- I should except?yes, I do exccpt?when ont in of them is sick; tor never has been greatei a- silent sympathy for any one than tor me ir of their inquiries of the nurse, and their deeiri of to sit by my bedside for hours in the day id musing in their own thoughts, anticipating 1. tnv wiflKoa Kn* *? *? *'"-L~1 * j ....... gmu^on uu isiuii OUUiluri n- except, again, Emily. Well, I worried mysel e all day, thinking of my situation. I could no re realize the reality. I was blind to the future n- and desperate in meeting it. At noon I fel re wearied, and lay upon my bed for repose. Ii lr the evening I was roused to consciousness h; A the violent exertions of several to put me in i in hot bath. I had a violent fever, with th il. strongest symptoms. Cupping, nursing, an< ,is medicines?your visit*?and you know th le rest." in Exhausted by this recital, the interest o Id which enlisted my feelings to the exclusion o to any regard for the imprudence of the indul :b gence. she rolled on her side with a sigh; thei id resumed her former position, gazing on va re cancy, awaiting a reply from mo to rouse he in from the reverie that she was in. A thousam re suggestions for hor good passed one by <>ne he ds fore me. She was not entirely lost, and hen ?. wiu a signal mutnpn within my reacti I fel ly her brow, then her pulse There was a eligh ;s, agitation to the latter, but a healthy glow t< ?. the former, albeit intense thought had e?u*e< m the perspiration to roll in torrents on her nil low. Tbe poor girl was now sensible of ne: of situation, and looked to ni? aj her cn!y friend of to save her from the brink of destruction. A ie if in acknowledgment of the greatest boon ] lo could ask, I tola her that I was grateful foi re this opportunity to meet her expectation* u in the fullest of mortal ability, so far as tosupplj id means to send her home, and to extricate nei I from her perilous situation. He who ha: '? flffiAtiw) tha vwtiaim an/i *V?a fl--l 1 - ?>.U vuw auuuuiu unouru i rnj of hope through the heart of this unhappy sd jne. She saw *he was not all lost to virtue frou ie an indifference to rice. The link to the lattei tk was broken; the magnetic power of good hac to not lost its binding and attractive powerit u Mary," I said, "you will be well enougl ie to leave to-morrow. I will, in the meantime to procure you a room in a private house, when you will remain until you are well enough U k- return to your home." as I begged her to be composed, and to placi in fall reliance upon what I promised. I told he; I that the recital of her past sufferings would b< a- injurious if prolonged, and that I would post I pone what more she bad to say until I returue< r- the next day. n- On the evening of the next day I called will of a oarriage to take her away. I now asked thi id proprietress, who had not been appri?edof thi; ?. before, for her bill of her board. At first sh< Q- demurred ; then supposing, from a remark tha $s I purposely made, that she would be returuei a- in a few days, suddenly acquiesced. As w< a- DUHd through the corridor several of tbi I boarders nodded a good-by, while the girl oallc< et Emily caae toward Mary, and, with tears it ly her eyes, whispered some parting words Four day's after her release Mary was plaoe< th by me on a steamer destined for her nonie. I pon acquainting the captain with jest enoug) I of her history to awaken compassion for a de a- serted female, with the noble charity so ofiei I tested under similar circumstances and char >r acteristic of the commanders of our westen es boats, he refanded her the passage money. A: J, I bade her adieu, I told her I interded om a day to recur to the late incident! in her life u S a romance or reality She replied : id " No one would believe it; for the subjeot, ?< i well aa the friend, never did nor could agaii o possibly meet under like circumstances " Two months later I received a letter from her, informing me of her reconciliation to hei - parents; her formal marriage to her repentant id lover, who had satisfactorily, she said, excused is hia desertion, for, on the night he left her so te insanely. he had taken the ferer, recovered, to and inquired everywhere in vain for her ; ard a- concluding with such lively expressions of gra"ir itude that, had I opened the vista of heaven 5, to her aonl, I could be no leas in her opinion a- Will Mary think this recital a breach t. of oonSdecce if chance throw* these linea in a the way of her perusal ? Perhaps they will >u stir up reverential feelings for that Providence ty that favored an humble indiviHn?i in of on* aoul from being lost to itself and u?efult, imm, and may develop a corresponding gr?t1 itude in directing her to seek to do a like govd j service to another aa despairing aa the whs. - i IVfAPLK SUGAK. _ ? d A very Bio* lot of MAPLE SUGAR, just re r. *7?T5P* KINS 4 BU*C?KW? J ? "-p *? Aim*. WIRILOWt M Kxporm rd Nnrte and Female Ptiyuotac. ?rct*nu to the ?tu>nt:t?u of Bothers. ??f SOOTHING SVRDP. Fop Ihlldria T?rthli.(, Wklak ffrAAily feel.tdMi tb? ?f IMU'nf, kj IK| lh? flint, mvi'l *1' inltminAUAn?viii a..a/ ill r ai!? tr.c tp.'.anitdie aeWMi.asd it SURE TO RhGVLATE THE BOWELS. D?ptnd apw, it, iMthoi, it will flT* rttt ( (Mtiliin, And RELi EF AND HEALTH TO YOCE I.MPAlSTS W n?ti pg( ap Mid <*ld :hn irtielt far e?tr iu jt'.rt. and 1 ca* aT, in I'OltrtDIKCI a!*I> TUCTH of I'-whalwt h*T? !? ? ! bltg iklt t? 1 m M nMf tTHII Mtdtcia*? **?>?. MRS ma? it ralLBO.m ft > i l * iii- ?ta!?ri to ?r PICT a evil, WiHSIjOW ?b?Q tirc?l? in J . B???rdid wt kii*? duti*nc ax iuiuoc* #f d <BtuhctN by ?ny ?nt Tit uttd iL Ok t lk? c??ir?Tf ,*ll Ar* IYK J f | aii.rhiid ?iU itt ? or IP ATloVl, Add IB urmi ' kifhttt comntnd?ti*n *f > a> icaI en tkd mrdict num. W? ip?ak in .hit nuit^ ? what fl bo know," t Afttrtsn Tttrt' ixDintn:*. i5D rLlnot *>I'a tt?rt*. T in ? v ,*' yh ? r;: i V! i >i i *-. o r wh * t w ? H t* I d ICLAM I. In >lnM' ?'iry imiut < thin :na infam : anfari It.* tigm (ua and aibaaatiou, r*:ia: will b< foand id f 'ua? ) irln?!inl*irrtm?fH'? *i.i?iiniatat?d. Tbia *alaabja praparaiion la in* praacr-ptian of mi af U? ' man BIPIRItncSD aod ??ILFUL NCRils in Nil Ear[ lud, aadbaa baat. aaad with nirn-rtiLiiis irccm n THOUSANDS Ot CASKS. r It Bat an17 raha??a tit* child from pain, bit UtlfmiN It* i atamach and bovaia, corracta acidity, and gtTta tana and anargt ;o lb* wOola ayaum. It will <.!ro#ai ir,anally ralia'a Gsipins ih tuk Bowels and Wind Colic, and a^arcem* convalaiana, wbiek, If itt artadwy ramadntf L and in diath. Wr |-?ia?aittba HIT inbilRKTMM' FOR #r* in tha WOULD ' in all eaiai af DTI- CHILDREN *<TIR T and DIAR 1 P.MIT4 III CHIL- TEICTIIIN6 J**1*, whatbar M I mail lrmt?ittiii( ' <ir from ui t'.llll I caaai Wa wou 4a*y to a?ar? rnoiiar who br.a a coitd a?ffirirr from any cf tha for again* complaint*-CO t o T LIT r 101'H PRIJUntCIS, nn* THI flUt'Mrtl Of OTHIH", Und hliVi*n trnr r hi 1/4 amA ?K? aali mi tW?? w - < t?, AKSOLOTILT IV**?M follow U>? 0?? ( ifc madicina, if tirral? ml f all dirteiior.a ? unf villi eomranv aaeh boitit Nan r?r.?fn* mltu tha fae-oimila Clifl i'lA * PERKINS, Ntvr York, ia on tha aatuda vrappi o.d by Drseiftata throo jhoat tha world. Prr.cipai 0<fiea, No. It G?<Ur iraa:, R. T. 8S Canta rar Botll*. II -d* wl t EDUCATIONAL. ~ Commercial COLLEGE, No. 47* Sevktvth ?t.. Opposite the Otnetal Po*t OJlct, Washington City. Armor tan 9y*t*m of Penmanahip, Bnoikeepine, Mercantile Form? ai>d Calculations, Business Cort responderoe, Jiilla of Exchame, Current Billa, Conir.ismon Palea, Grammar and Arithmetic, i ETA Pre>paratory Clasa for Boya. iTr" Ladiea will he instructed in fine penmanI ahip\ , ttooma open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms applv at the Rooms. ma*-3m WM W YOUNG * TO. ' THE UNION FEMAI.E ACADEMY. J New Arrangfmknt. This well known and popular Seminary, which ha* l>een bo successful ii rt'ltr the entire i-areof Mra. I /. Riciiards for ntore than ten ream, will be wpened on the first Monday in September next, und?*r the 1 united supervision and instruction of Mr. and M rs. Z. RICH ARD8, in the well arrangtxi aud delight- i fully 1 ?cated Union Academy Building. Tor f&itic ulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma&-tf ! \1 MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. I'lRS. MeCORMICK desires to inform he 1 friends and theput.iic generally thatrhe will reenme the dotics of n?r School on the 1st Monday inSep. ten,her n?xt. Th? eourse of study pursued will oompriseall the ' branches requisite to a thorough English edcoa! tion. In addition to her day scholar*, she ia desirous of teoeiving into her family a few pusils as hoarders aged from 10 to 14 yeara, who will t>e under tier im mediate care and oversight. Her arrangement* for the accommodation acd due care of pupils h*ve been consideral if increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington I desiring particular information with referenoe tc her school may apply to W. 1>. Waliaoh. Editor o 1 the Star. For term* and farther partloslars appiy at het > ramdance? No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. ' rtf 1 | ]NITKDBTATE? CAPITOL EXTENSION. ? *_/ WASH15GTO*. Ju!jr IT. If*0. Proposal# will He r<e?ive.i at tins Onoe until ' noon of Tuesday, the21 at of Aur.uit next, for Fnrn5 ishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two , room* over the connecting oorridors of the Capitol f Extension f The proposals ""list state the price far each ceil 1 inn comptet*, in rIm^, painted with three good 1 coats of white lev! in oil. t All of the Iron work ofthe Ceiling*, of every denoription, inelud'ng the fastenings of the ceilings to the walls and to the roof frames. mm be iueluy iled in the price bid. a The proposals mast be endorsed, "Proposals _ for Iron Ceilings." and must be accompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per i sons, ddr'-ssed to the undersigned. B They will lieooered at the time m?r.tlnn?H in the pronenoeof suoa persons a* may ohooae to . at'end. f The drawing! of the oeiling* san been saenat this f Ofioe. W. B. FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical Kcgineer*, In oh&rge of Capitol Extension. Kach proposal should be acoorepained by the r following guarantee: Form oj Gvnrant/*. 1 The nnder*igned, A B and C D, of- .in the - Slate of .and in the State of . nereB by guaranty that in ease tho foregoing bid of for iron ceiling*, a* above describe i, 1* accepted, 1 he or they will, within ten day* after tho receipt of t theoont'actal the p oco named execute the ooutract j for the ceiling*, with good and sufficient securities; I and, in case the said *hail fail to enter into 1 con'ractas aforesaid, we guaranty to make good - the difference between the offer of the said r and that which ma* bo aoorpted. Uate , 18b". Signatures" oTsuaraotnia, A B. _ Cl). TVitn*f?,E P. I hereby Octt.'y Uiat th?ahoye named are known to me aa ab!e to roakr need their guarantee. Msnature, ? ri. J To be aigned by the United States district ju<i k?. United Htatea diatriot attorney, collector, or aomf pnraona known to tna War Department. jy ltt dtd Nnotick. i EW FAMILY GROCERY STORE, PlNX(TLVAKIA AV., Southeast Corner of Tentk rtrwf, Wiahinrton. D II The ondersigned respeotfnlly announces to hi* friends that he has opened the fine store formerly 1 occupied l>y H. H. V?ss. Kay., and that he lias re- < ? oeived a large assortment ol | I SUPERIOR ? FRE8U FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every article in the Grocery i line, to which he particularly invitea the attention r of resident families. j He f*els assured that his arrangements for a oonB stunt supply of FR K3H GROCERIES will ena ble him to supply the demands of those who may ( { favor hiiu with their < PATRONAGE. . In his purchases the subscriber has directed special atteutiou to the seieotion of Tea*, Coffees aod Sugar*, . Whioh, with all ?ther articles in his line, -will I* . disposed of on the moat reasonable terms, 1 for cash. I jy 2*-?o2w P. McDEVlTT. s 1\I EIGHTH s national exhibition, 1 At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept.Utk-?:k. 1 The UNITED STATES AGHCULTL'RAL . SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Ai.nual Asneultu 1 ral and Industrial Exhibition on the % rounds ln>*r- , , Ally provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which , are to be fitted up in the lx?st style. There will ]> Halls and Tents for the display of IViPLEWKNTS MACHINKRV Tflrtl.ft. nnMEOTif l MANUFACTURE**. FARM A.N 1) GARDEN , . PROpu^K, FRL'ifS, FI-OWKRS aud ISA , TIVE WINK#; with ^t&JU and t > HORSES, CATTf>, SHEEP, and SWINE; , ) and an unequalled mile in length and , . lortr f?et in -width, for the exhibition of Hor?ea . The Premium* offerod-in caah,?sold, silver, and | ? bronze medals,?diplomas and certificate!, amount , , 10 #20,000. ( The Exhibition will remain open tron? Wednee1 day,the 12th, to Thursday, the iWh, ol September, t thua giving time to examine and teet the irapla i i menta and maohiuery. For premium list* or information apply a. the i i Office of the Society, No 34# Pa. avenne.(up . ataire;) or to the ubeonhw^at Cincinnati, Ohio. unii. i l<a bl t rt/ur t*t, I jy 34 tf Sec'y U. S. Airiouitnral Society. J fr?FASURY DEPARTMENT, 1 August 1st, i860. Proposal* will b* reoeiv*d at lbs Treaaury D?aartment until th* 1Mb last, fur supplying, for the age of the Departm nt. 140 o?rde of Oak aid ion o?rda "f Hickory Wood?all of the hfit quMtj, to ba dearer'd at th? Treasury Hui.din*. co:ded and innasu ad in the yard by a sworn ineaaurer a'the exprnae of the oor.iractor; and of U0 tons of ber'anil Coai-7Ston?ofwhiteandJ6to'ie?f r?d a*h , Anthtaoit* Coal,all of th? heat quality, to bade ltvered at the buildmf. The Cumberland 1 oal to be > al lump? hand picked. The whit* aan t > b* unalj ? ? >> > ?>< <7 ur lar^r OK( 110 IM Mil to M SUlftl'. egg aiie, ami to b* weighed by a aworn weigher. >u I codtlSth IM H WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO i~* U inform the public and hi? friend* that he ( hw on hand a large stock of Marble Mantela . uuite < a new style. Aluo Monument Head Stone*. Table Top*. k.c . which he haa to diapote of at pric* to auit the timee. Alao, Brown Stone constantly kept on ban J. Plumber*' work prompts attended to. i ma Zi&nvQ f?. av.,bet. lwkattdlKhaU. CLOTHING, &c. S ellinooff _ at cost: In ord*r to <iecr??a?e my ock I hare deWmin^ to rlow ou? theha?an<* of rnt WfMMEt CLOTlllNO at coat All if want of Suiwutr Cl?thint are raapeetAd y invited to cali at So. 4?0 Seventh ?t . opp??it? po*t OIRce, and the treat reduction in Summer C.otbiu*. j\ li-ita srTi MKR~RE80RTS. I AKLIftLK | The favoma resort for WHITE ilLPHUR f^ SPRIKQt, UuuaImii Air.iiiviioraCUMBERLAND OO \Vel1 .V*V\'Wt4kl*?. Fumtlramuk. , tiood Sociatr aad a (rood i Table. Aecoifj?o?ATio*? rom " F?r pwtievtan eend 300 for Circular. OWEN?. ft I.JEN DEN TERMS LOW. IN 4 Vl^&rHE*, je 7 low CmrlisU Svnain, Pm. CAPK I8I,AND. HEW JKR?KY.-Virttmate Cape .Ma? wili knn cwod ?ccooim<HjA- A . a tion??t WHITE HALL. Termi vm> 98W|7jAy per Week, including the ride to the !-*< >? idl I m the morning. l)r. S. S. MAKO V . jy 37-2w* Piofnrtor, C^A R D.?A* an inducement for faini <ie* to enjoin u / at the "HYGEIA"duriiu the iii -iith- ^ . . A of Auguat and September, the Propria-VcSmV tnri have reduced the pi toe of Hoard U> per day and 812 jo per week, from Auguat l?t. JOHEPH ?EG?iR. I pro-r^u,,. r. \\ 11.i. a r t i t I ropriftor?. _OM Point, Jul> J6th. ~ jv 71 I in SCHMIDT'S SUMMKR OAKH?>N.-t'n Sixtn I street. lx-twe?n C and Louthiaua *v .A. .A may b? found at all tiniea one of the nio|t TV-mY popular, rhi lai, urbane, and intelligentUijflLL Restauraut Keepers.who l*?'ks up hi* reputation with LAGKK BKF.R from theCtTT or Krothkrlt i-ov*. I'hiladeipina; with HKAN DIKS from tbe choicest vineyards of France; with WINKS unexcelled on the hi'ls t?f the Rhine; a-d with an article of WHISKY which an ark (.trong'y of the true flavor of th? Monoucahela and Bourt<on l*a!a'able a* Mther of these ma.? he individually, he han sought to make them still more so h* the erection ths r?-at cnmnui of his favorite establishment of a spaciou* Arbor, whore his gu.??ts by da> may enio? the oool br?v??p and be free from .-ol's too'ardent rays; and. at "the witching hour ol nuht," quaff his ice-cool Lager without fear of having tlieir enjoyment lamp*'tied l>* tlie fa'lint dev. Such inducements will, doubtless, Aiix1 many of our readers to drop in and t%ks a note (if noth>ne eUe.i and, most likely, many of those who go will goagain. In aOUiti<>i. i- all this. he ha? encased tue Pm* p?ri brother* and their associate* to di*e?mr*e their choicest pieces ol music Evory WmMMM and iSaturdaj evening. j) WH| AMilXiToN CITY GARDEN. KRNST LOFKFI.KK Proprietor. iVete IV* ar?ss?, h'twten 1*1 and id ill. In ratline the attention of the public to nty grounds I would state that etrery arrangement ha* * . . A been made to mase this "Hetroai" ><?' YMHkT I attraotive every daj. M onlays the bar ioy^L dene are open to thepuWic tree of charge?a owue n given by a s*- ectbaod. Thusedesiiiiig j(.y u?e danoc and wa ti ? I 1 find the sai< on in cuwpU'tc order to render pleasure to all. <?e oth*r days th? proprietor wiil cheerfully g'art th? as* of ih* grounds (or school or other Pic Nic Pa. Liaa with out charge. For tu? Amusement of ohildren he h?? introduced & number iit'le (Ames. nevr before soou in this citf, and ch'cu Ated &t the fcAine time to Amusr the "old folk*." N. II.?AttAched i* my Hottlinc K?tAl>!i?l.m at. And <Amiii?? caii be supplied witn a ?y quantity At their residence, of thAr healthful drink. LAGKR liKKK. upon short notice^ je 1& am | ' R KEN SPRING l* PAVILION, year 'A' Old Iron Fnumlry and only half a milt by land from the Omnibus Stand M (i*tn*?t"vm. The lAdiee Acd jentletnen of Wa*hinfton aud Georgetown are respeotfuJy mlorrcuvt A . . A that fats beautiful'.on the Koun-iryY??R W Branch. i? now handsom-*'? fitted tip for^j^jQLj, toe reception of f ic-Kia Parties ado other *?iu>n. There Are numerous springs vf the purest water And a constant shAde tnmuchoat the dar. Tnere uaIa k? saloon lor daueinr. with dressing r?m>m j ? 1 >* nuncu, itiri mamuj win an a aeau throughout the grounds. Hohoola, t*oci?tiea. Club* a?<l Social Parties oan obtain this delightful place lor Pic Nioa without charge Tor the ground* *?r pavilion l?y givn.g tut* proprietor three <1*?? notioe. M-as ar_- aervod at all hours, and Refreshments furnished ateitr pr?ces Officers will attend at aJI time# for the preeerra tion of good ordtH, a d no paius wi 1 l?e spared to g've satisfaction to *1] visitor*. JOSEPH KHRMANNTROrT, jer3 eotf Proprietor. \1 HALT WATKR BATHING. [MARSHALL'S PAVILION. iMww'i Land ill* > will be open for the reception of viai A . . A tcr? on th? 13th of June. This dehgh'ful re*o't for tboae health and p e?.? JjlJSLl ure, is ucexoelled )>v any p.wof the kind oa ui*Potomao river It is situafx1 aV ut one hundred milea from Washington unmediatelv on the rotointo, and lulu'J view^f htChHtt'-kk* Ba*. and famous for (In? Oysters. Soft* "ral>s, pheephead. and other Kisb. ar.-l easily aooessihle h? the steam <M?ats piling betwoea Washington, Kiwtim re and Norfolk. The undersigned fias ma e add Hi ?.a) improvements 10 Hi Bat'i House* and many other iDipruveiMcU to the comfort ai d eujoy went of ins en-st*. The Bathing cannot be iu*p?.uid. > ? nn Hid Anr'tng and ? entv of Fishing ard Sai itig Boat* free of charge. He baa spared do expe na? in pro vidinr a goon Cotil'o" Band or in laying iu hiaatook of choice Winn, Liqnora.Seears.&c..and for tli->?r who vrisn to avoid extreme fashion and to seek C , retired p'aee where they can make th*m?e|vo? at home, there is not a more p easant piace in the United States. The proprietor pledges himself t at nothing shall he let undone on his part t rend-r them so. Terma lor hoard: 91 V) p-r day, {?* <-? than a week; for a longer time. 91.2ft per ?'ay; #? ail r mont K ?? " rvi awu?ut i vibuub n iBIIil.C V? SOUH UM PfO \ prietor will direct to Leonardtown, St. M?rj'? DUUntji Mdi je8 2m * R. J, MARSHALL, Proprietor PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Urrici or Coxiiiiiioiiii or Public BciLPttos,/ Jul* 30, IHW. ( Sbai.*d Phoposals will be re?eiv?d at this of hoc up to 12 o'clock, m , on the 9th da; of Auttit o^xt, for'trading. Curoing, aud l.ajing the Hriok and Flag Footways, and Pavin* the Gutt?r?. etc . un the r.orth tide of B street ronth, between 7th ana U:h street* west The Curbstone to be of th > r>est quality granite, tlre?-ed 6 incnes thiok on top, and ? inches deep on front, and a inches deep on the back edge, and no piece le?s than 5 feet long 16 ir.ches deep, and to be lointed and well fitted and set in a b? d of coarse gravel,and well rammed. The Brick to be of tfie best quality hard red paving trick, to be laid ec * bed of sharp river sand lour < 4) i nohes deep on a bed of ft oe g ravel free fromeiay or loam threei3> 'nohes de*p, with two ooorses on edge next to the curb and oneoourse on edge on the inner line. Noextia measurement for brick on edge. T;.H n*\ n? K? nf /*/. -- v . ..b uvhmicu IIUUUIB 1UH1P1 not exceeding foar inohee in di* mater. nerpl the . t<>ne? ?>n the nutude line of the gut'er, wh'eb muatbe ?ix taohe* in diameter, laid on a b d of p?%rs? sand and clean gravel, free from da* or loam at least 9 mokN deep. and to b* twio* J rammed. the second time after beitg veil wet; and covered w.tli fine r ean travel or cr arte ?and. ( The oeotreof the gutter to be laid with ive ooaree* of hard red paving brick* on edge. The Flagging to be ofthe he?t eoality New York North river fltggiog, in piroee of not lee* than four [4) feet Ion* l y eighteen mobee wide, and not lee* than four (4)tneliea thick, to be laid oia bed of fine o'ran * ra?el 6 innhe* deep, free from -ola? or loam, and welljuinted. All Glading not exceeding one foot to be rated u trimming, and the iur*lu* earth to be removed ' lir tbn aonl idtnr hi sunk ?' ? ?... nated by superintendent The work to be dope in the beat and moat work manlike manner and totbe satisfaction oftheCommi si"aer of Huh io Kundio**, acd m<ier thesuper intende*ce of auch person as be may appoint, and to be oompleted on or hefore the firet of Noremt-er next,and warranted to stand twelve (13) months klter c'Dipktion. [ All repairs that may be requir"d within the time f?r which the work is warranted t" stand U be j Jono at the expense of the ooatraoU r a For the due porfo-maree of the work, afre-ably fl to oortraot. bo?d and s?oariiy will he rrqairr4. Bidders will state eepara-ely Ute rate ^ wh>oh | ;h?T wt'l execute the ourt ins. paving and flaccinx, a nc'udint materia'*, and mark their proposals aa ol'own : "Proposals for tirauiag, k.e . H street i iouth"_ jno. b. bLaKK, jy a -tirwn %in ?'.omfr>i?i?i"n?f. National i SOAP AND CANDLE | works, Gins Sum, Bitxeten Brxdgt and Water ilrNU, , Georttioten, D. C. ? A largo stuck of CANDLKS. Brown, Family, Castile ud Fanoj SOAPS, Alan, Ttfl r*n? -_i f ?of? 1 i ?tiu i> m for Looomotiree, HtParoKoau. and a1 kind*of machinery. , Uwayt ob hand, , . and for aale at priooa to amt tha trade 0. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. 1 <* 10 eotf 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, I PLASTERERS. Puna. MVS, Between lOUt aud 11U meet#, |? ]? % <t> THE WEEKLY STAR Tkll ImuI; Md NtVI iWMi -tnauuunc cr*?Uir vartot? of iot?r??tiDC reediag thtc o4.n Ufba?4ta My oUw-n pat>Mafc*4 ? >*tortl*? aorniii. Tii?i-(V>4, Mi<arta)<|r,u Jrumtt. p?r ?r.nom._~_ ?* I it? iv ??? 5 m Ten copin _ . a m Twenty oo^im 15 ? dj fV'?"Crir>.nt IB C^IIDf r?iw<4 ?RK)I1| B#i?febora witfc*"? latrrrMifl'M) <* % i?-?i u?m u wIII Ix^wrrtl^roHtofrU S*~ will H* ??k. U invariably oonta.nt th? ' <*a*kiti(U* H***" Ik*t kw mad* TV Ft'Mioi Star eiroaia'e mo a*?#raiif t*roacfco?t i*? aoaatry. K7>9ir.c:*aofiM<iii wrapr*T?' can h? pron?r?4 at th? oou:iW. i vtivii ?liau*i? aft-r Ut? imb?<4 M*?r. Pnw-THRhfc. CF.NT* t7" p?*taut?r? vki art aa actili vill ha U>wwt a ciimajtaiua o: t< owtis. FOR SALE AND RENT. h^OJl RKNT?t^ree ?tory (l.r?wi tr?K I nOU??I*. No. ItiT N>w \ orfc anmtf.Wtf** Mite AJk J 1 It h mi r?mim unrl n BkiiL AAnteJuiiif rooi?i?. Thi? hou?<* 11 cwnvcmrnt to iiel'tlmt (if fir*, Tr??a?urj. *10^ is iif i.tec Wy tav in ar?rp ??> MiUkh ? f,.r a Uutriiiat liutta*. *??t mol*MP, Apply n?xtdn?r,?r to \ tf. FOWLKR, ?<?>n1 Iteor n?rth tim n| P*??nt (><w. It 14 ?f F'OF RFN t~Tt* in* FRa ME l?Ol*?*E WFrnch Knum Hmw." fittMW <* M at. north. kt?e?ii ath umi h<m ?(;? (?. No. Hit, una of Um nu?( il privtu rrtutfim < n Wlahincton Thia h cm ia aurrounoori h? fruit trorn arrt rreat rum her* of currant S??ha? of r% rieira kui'U. at'1 line ahad* traaa. a 1U1 |?*t of % oundirmUodin Ap^'.j 10 J. C. COOK ?i?hth at DiKlR J* W tf L'OR RKNT-Three TRICK T!Ort?F*-ona on ? T?r*!lth afreet. tvtaeen O and D; one on tha corner of Twelfth %i?1 H at*.; ?a<i ?*e H. be lf"n Uth and ;3lti *?. Ic^UHf uf JAM KS \V. R A R R ER, on H at<-?ct. bat* h*b lltfc ami rSth Xo. 1.1 < POR RF.S T- '!>? ' arw! wrll arra?\?~4 thro* tot) HK1CK No. hm.ub (i >lr*Pt, trftwv*n ;9th And^Kh au., Firat WkrL uccu^)?d hr Mr. Ro<1i?r.>. Ru*?ian 1.*k.*ti--i. r -ion fivi-ii iii:!V--<ii?t? iy U^iiraot Mr. AOl'THKY ft PARKKR. uoilOour m* It ootl l^OR RENT?A mtl! tl>TORK. ooniw?f Kli ?U i ami Penn. avenue, u-rt? tn? <':areo4orj Hi<M, fort hartw'i it!voa or ?c*r iu>t? For tnfoi mation n.auire at the Hot*I. mar jn l^OR RKNT?Th? FIRST FLOOR of the hoiWr inc immediately oaooaltO the ?Mt win* of tha ,i. if.i Z. a %? r?i? ii vi?| U**H| IVVWIIJ - ny V KM cs ? AT I| vi an ofttf. trie front room in the eeoood stor j and the third floor of tbe aaiue I >?<.(! inc. For tarn* apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 9 L'wiaiana avenue. ja 13 U ^ENATOR*, MLMhKKt* OF CONGR KB*.? ? Two spcudid suite* of ROOMS, aleg *nLj furuai.ed^ wt'; h? r?ntei dcrinc tM i?hiuii vf Cn|;reas, in th* mmt deeirabie oca :%j m this cTtf. jeinc Within one or two aqnare* of Brown'* and National H?te ?. Thn?e in pn-aait of each Romni nil do wail to make early application at No. STf th etrmt between D at reel and Pa. a*. <1* i U CARRIAGE FArf0RIE~ WWm iSUINOTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, htltrreu 9?* and NXA Sir tit. We have juit InaM a bmiiiIiw ?f int sl4N CARRIAGES, such as Lic*t Wmtonr, Pnrk Pktalonr. Famr.\ C*r rJJGggTl rint>/, itnd Fv*t"x, we wi.l m1 at M * % ?w small pnHit. Beint practical m^eh^nios in different hratiehes if the bunn?er. we flatter nurse. v?s that we k?"? '.he itjie* *r?1 qua i?y of work that wi'l give sat.s f??rtM?n, ootiibtmufr licbtnews, oomfort ami daratam TResairinc promptly aud oarefvllf attended to the iliorteirt nrtie* ard mut r??srir?b ? ehanre*. u a i M- u i. * u u a ^ k; a. u/\n? fn%Ahmaker?, sucoessort to Wb, T. Hook. _M JT-dty _ T HE Sab?orib??Ahi^If siditioMic teotetry, making it now om ff tbe .viMt^jma. in the District, where bis moi.itiet fn y^XK rmnvteotunccOARRl \6K Jfc LIGHT^^=^? WAftONSnf sJI kinds eanrot be mr^MMd. *r>4 frotii iiis iocc experience in tM bssmees. he hoyai to lire i?ner?L. Mtalvbun A.; kiuda of CvriAcet a&A Light W mom t?ftn ltd- REPAIRS r nt t 4 ene,?n4 all *r?*ri preset T atteoded to. SnsW ui' Camares tUtn TM'Urf* tor wv MS. ANDREW J/JOYCK, 4MM MrMraflMMiKds TRUNKS,BOOTS AND SHOES. IJOOTS AND TO 8UIT TMIi We are now man n foot uriua a!' kind* of BOOTS and SHOKS, and ooretantlr rec^mac >gA| tupp'y of eaatern m*^i? work o' everr M-IW eonpti???-, m^c eiprera'r toorde'. anfl will^^Bw be euid at a much tower one* than baa been". heretofore ouarjeo in thta citj lor seek iu|en<* Irtulw. Persona ia want of Boots and Fnoe? . ! eastern or city made work, will a! war* ftnd a rood uw^mtnl in atorear.d at the lowcat pnoea Give a* a oa'l. SRI^FIN * BKO., ap k-r 314 Pennerl varna avenoe. SOUTHERN TRl'NR MANUFACTORY. 4M Tth Bruit. OppOMl* Odd Hull. Wti'ktnfion. D. C. Tr?v?i?t? wtli stoCy their interests t> ?xMiain my TRUNKS, VAL.ICK* ke . Nefore pur ^ oKmiur eisewere Aa I dvq* brt l>est materia! tne market affords ad ipl<?*^K1?*i 'he b^s*. workman, I oac noofcdcnily rwimnitid my work to be superior in ki d / <u-a*u?i? to Truuti that are mads in other o(Ue? and iu>id here. I keep constantly on baud, as-i make to or4*r <ec >ne week's DoUoei every description of SQI.M LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS: AS/91 AND mmd ftk-r VAL1CES, TRAVELING Bags, HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, #>.. Tr?>i)li*. Ae., Kf-pnired aiid Covered, in a work manuk? mt'iDAT. at short notion Trunk* delivered m mi ^art of it* city, 6*ort*lo vn. or Alexandria. Al*<?Aceut for H?W('i wiebrttad FAMILY SEWING MACHINES de Ib-li JAMES ? TQPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. Wl O O D AND coal Delivered to all part* of Lue th? IcvmC ?omiI>1? rate*. T J. k W. M. GALT. OH* Pa. av., Mvwd Uth ar<rf iJth ?u oi* 17-tr north ?1<I?, THK S llsKHiBKH HAVING ON HAND WlMtfrme >-tnok of Kl KL, it pr*pvwl to ! .' at a ver* '?? ft?ur?* l<.r ouh. WOOD and !*r!it ar.y iih. CaJ! ate Me lor ycaraetf. R. W. BATES, W !?*) and Co*; D?a..?r. ma 15 9. F. oorner of Fourteenth and C ata. W HEELER * WILSON S* SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Room to No. S46 Pa. At., diu Tt? St. Kneouratwl by th# ?ut *t?n1i?l and rapid ;t inBreasin* popularity of Wn --l^r a WMikm)'* or# luaiiad l'ai'ilt !*< ?- . >.acliin#?. which for the laatmght \p?r? have r n?? tnu:np!a- tl* maintain*} Uieir atipertonty. as a fo-iuW it ?tiUition, or?r ail Boinp?titor? for popu a* favor, th? Aimt ha* taken ?m of th? ft tie n?* ct'>r?ii lately OfN-t"d oa Pa ?? snue. near 7th ?t. where ? beaut ful assort<nent of 111'the rariouft utile* may at all tune* he area. Trtere were 213* of tlieae y*m? Machine* aold in theyear 10M. I.adiee are invited to rail and *ee them. together with certificate* from man* of the be?t citizen* of \Va?hu ct?>n an.I Georretewn, in relati'-a to their wall known and thoroughly tested mperiority If an* ladies can mt call, let tfreai esod for a circular l?y a'l uivtnt. It is high time every ramilv in the land wm ?urp led with one of theee Health and life saviux insl<iiiuanu. Foil instrne ?on*. hoth printed and rerbai, *iren free of charge U the home of tbe purchaser P. J. HTKKI, Agent. No 34? Pa. arenae, jf 11-lm Between fitj^and Tth eta. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 9EAL.ER OF 6A* METER*. NOTICE 18 HEREbY GHEfi. TW iff * kbly to tiia provitiona ?f tfc* n<41nanoa of tM C?r?<>rati' n M?ro<?i Ma* it lM*. tho undmifMd i? sow fr*ftr?^."vh^?v*r rMnirtd 11 vrtti*|.Md mi pr* ptimml of Ui? t? of fifty tMk, to iaapa*. xaroin , t?at. pro**, and umi tain tka >mmi of iittrauon ofuf iu m*t*r in ua? m tm* eity " Bvary matar. if foaad mcorreet. will be oor.deme*, had another. araJad and mar??r1 aa trM, will ba m>( in i<i ^laoa. If to ba mmm* la Ha n*4Bur?ai?>i)t of cm. it will b?Ma!?4 MMIWp , ind a am n< > n aosi ioa lor aaa. _ Office N'o 410 ttovnn'b atra?t. (omr Odd F?1 ?* ' ai l ii?mi from ?. m , b>5f m. ? harlks \v. ci;mmTngham. jr I* tf I nupAator and t*?*l?r of <4a? Maftara. L*7 GAB FIXTURE!. '~ E Hava in atora. and aradu y laanina. 9AS VI XT I KM So( entirel* Naw PatlaraaaiJ AuLr.. .ad finish, superior ia style to anything h?rsta>n iTered in this market. Vf? invite dblMS iisirH * to call apfl examine our stitck of Gas aii<! W at*r ixtaree, whi| conb^nt that wc have the baet ?t.?ck in Waehinrtoa. All Work i? tlwahovf 'a? mtrasted to Mr Mr* r,l. be prcpUT 4 MeGHAN. s?rMf mPumt P R A N C I 8 H AIPE R, FAMILY GR^KR*V?aVB1FRKD STORK, ('<rrnrr *f Ifrtr Ver* mmm *<< Tmtk it'SM. K .e.-tfiilly soiioita the eatronafe of M>? ? ?h? nay be in waat of aay article ia theaoor* Itaa. His ndeavors shall bo to pleas?, and by a etrict attei ion to the wants of the public, ha hopes to ment a hare of their pstroMfa. Hit tock oonsn>U of rrery artiole aaaaIN to >?e ouad ia a fcrst etoaa Family Grower7 aiM Fy . BOSTON ICE. Bwgeasap It (w or f n? ?U> t>? ubtAtBMl ilth* WAifelS(3t(?M BhSw* K*~.TSmTI"? ^ s?? "fia T ui' : .5T" % ?^nVV?^^Vu?*

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