Newspaper of Evening Star, August 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 4, 1860 Page 2
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* , _ "I THE EVENING STAR. " WASHINGTON OlTYr BATTRDAY Aaga>t 4, WO Spirit ( the n?rnli| Prm The Cmuftmtto* argues at length that the true iaau? In the current Presidential contest la the quality of fb? !?tar? and the consequent liability ?f the Government. The I*t*Uigtnc*r, for the information of aome .--/-..CTpMrnrrni, rfVIPWI Mr Krertlartdge'S "Tippecanoe speech" in the campaign of I86A, a* far as the spc?-rh relate* U.tbe popular-sovereignty d*c Mm. JLr A rump mectlaic commenced vesterday in , V fjlmorHnid rmity. Va., ikw Wimw. ' ir7?TheotB<?*wf Ww Ftortdtan and several stores in TaUahasire, Florida, were burnt on Saturday last. Lom not stated Jacob Little, the stock broker, has failed again in New York?three times within a few jr?ar* fnr District Attorney Roosevelt, of New York, has appointed James Bifchantn Henry, nephew and the late privs'e aecreUry to the President, as assists at district attorney ILS~The Russian cabinet. In its note to the French Government, reiterates its opinion that the events now transpiring in the Kast hold in suspense the peace of the world, and that the very existence of Turkey is at stake. U.7* O- C. Wharton. Esq., of Culpeper county, hu been appointed by Col. Crozet, his principal Aoictant Engineer on the Virginia and Kentucky railroad. A few year* ago, Mr. W. had charge of the location of the extension of the Orange and Alexandria railroad to Lynchburg, where his qualifications as an engineer were fully attested foMSTHixu rua tHa Labi** ? A newlnvent on has recently appeared, which, although useful to every l>odT. is specially claimed by the La dire, as being exactly suited to their wants and requirements They are delighted with Spalding's Prepared Glue It brings up no disagreeable sssr* iatlons of sticky glue-pots and stifling odors, but is merely a clear tran?|?arent liquid. In a pretty little bottle, with a small accompanying brush, lit to stand on the daintiest toilet table in all the land, withcologneand Perfumesand China trifles. And so useful it proves, too, if any accident happens to the ten thousand little knirk-knacks that the ladles delight in. No sending to the manufacturer I or repairs, at an expence scarcely less than would | t Hi* 41 ~ * ? ? i.unac??mne. a Ifw Cryital ! drops. skilifiiiy applied by ftir lingers,will set all right r or fi?fH?iure, for work-ho*es. for books. ] for every thing, tt it a perfect little family physi- , clan' The amount cf money tint one of these | botUes ran wve in a monlb, would seem almos' incredible, and Ladies rely on tbeir Prej?red <iluea? a sort ef inagk ian that a 1 f ft' ct every tbing' And tbey knotc. too. When any article of domestic refern meets the enthusiastic sanction at tbeir hands that Spalding's Prepared Glue Oas received, you may be prettv sure it is something worth having on your closet shelf.? Aetc York Duf atrk. XZT The following letter Is just in time to afford a few seasonable hints to those who propose to visit Annapolis to see the Great Eastern, enabling tbeui to go prepared for emergencies: 1 Assapolis, Maktlamd ? Mr. Editor A few days since, 1 passed twice through the CspiUl of i Maryland. and of all the places I have as vet vis , ited, I must say that tbia excels, in apparent antiquity and finish. and In downright stagnation ' of life. The railroad connects it with I - ? ton and Baltimore. ?i.d steamboats frequently < laud passengers at >ts wharves from North and , South, but on arri ving you find no preparation of . any kind, saving a few .-arts for baggage, that tells of uiir expectation on the part of the citizens ( of eve< being visited by strangers, "j'hall 1 find < hack ?n au omnibus at the depot?'' 1 asked , Xo, sir, we don't keep tbem " - How then shall I ert mv wife and child to ?" "You ' *intt w*lk, sir?all walk here " And ?o eff we 1 tramped, the taeraioiueter about tt) ; the sun shining in f' )l si mmer splendor; through long. , dusty, and almoet deserted streets, to the house of a friend. The mrxt morning, again we walked ' another mile to the woarf, and waitfd jn the r Street some fifteen minates or more for the South- j> ero steamboat. Returning, we arrived by the K stvamer about mid day?the hottest day we'have . thus f<tr felt? oinmbus or back there was none ( A cartman took c:iarge of oir baggage, and again ' we slowly trudged our way to the depot. Fam a told, s r. that one gentleman ?en<t? / ?? ? - why in the name of "merry to pour traveller*, will be not change these for an omnibus, which may r < ajrv both passengers and bam<age I am told that there .s cat hack, but I did not tee It, and until 1 hear better tidings of Maryland's metrop. olis. 1 must remember ;t as the ont-korse city, or city of carta Yours, Viator. |Y*?COLl'MBlA TYPOGRAPHICAL SO II < CI BT \ 'T e regu ar monthly meeting of tnT* Society wiii be held THIS EVENING at 8 o'clock. II. S. BOWEN. Heor'y. if nrs^yorng catholics friknd so 1LJI C1KTY.?The moittny me<=tin? of this So.jiet? wu take p!a< in thfl tta*eutent of tt. Aioj in* CiuirclTT SI NdaY AFTF.RNOON next, at ft o'clock precisely. Bv order. U 1. P. McHENRY, 8err*y. nr'y" PIC NIC.?The friend* of thn Orphan are Uof rmwt respeetiully inter i>?<l that arrangements have te-eu ma-l* t<> give a Pi<--.\ic for the benefit of St. Vincent's Fema ? Orphan Asylum at Arlington Springs on .MONDAY. August '2?th. Particulars it future advertisement. au 4 :? ry5^ SEV KNTH WARU.-A meeting of the II S Voting Men's I'rron Assoeionofth?- Seventh \\ ard will t>e held at CuL ,'1 ,L , ? ??'i c/icvciiiii *? . ?n MONDAY EVENING next, to peri'ivt ar raiiceinenta for attending the (irand Ratification Meeting. at the City Hall on Wednesday next. Let every meint'er be present and bring his friends. By order of the Committer. It* (Yy*JACKrM.)N DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIAlL_3 TION ?The regular wrckjr meeting nlt e Associate n u ili be lield ou MONDAY next,ti n in*t.,a t*11 i stt-rniance is requested as business of importance w 111 b? brought before the As* ei tion. CORN KI.M S BOYLE, Pre-. WM. J DONOHQi?, Hec'y. nu 4 ? rr-^??jRAND MASS MEETING and TORCH ll_3 LIGHT VROcESSION. By th- friends ?.f BELL AND KVERETT. On WkDNESDA* EVENING,* h last. There will be a grand Torchlight Procession aad Nlasr Meeting of the ?'on*titi:tional Union Parti on WEDNESDAY EVENING seat, the 8th instant. The meeting will be held in font of the City Haa. where stands lor tae officers and speakers will be erected, and will be addres?e<f by the following enluent ^K^tleni^u . Hon. Richard I. Bowie, of Maryland ; George A. P? arce, Esq..of Maryland ; RoberiS j*coti, Esq.. of Virginia; J. M. Kilgour, Em., ul M Ar \ ai.ii - I.?.' ?? m ? , !. U'twaoj , I?jgq , OI thi?ci y. aidotners wiio ha*e kindly couaerted to ' be present and make ?ddr? ??? . I I u? f l.owi'u Order of Prooe?sion will be nb served by tne various \\ ard t lul>? and < ther? di* posed to unite witii ua in the celebration : The Tmrd and Fourth Ward Delegation* will iiieetatlhe Northern Liberties' Market House. The Second Ward Delegation will meet at the corner of New York avenue ami Fourteenth at. The DeleeaUooa from the First Ward, Georgetown, and the neighboring counties will ineet at the Union Engine HoSW. The Fir h and Sixth Ward Delegations will meet at tne Island Hall. The Seventh Ward Delegation will meet at the Steamboat Wharf, far the purpose of receding t' e Alexandria Delega>ion and escorting them into the The Third and Fourth Ward Delegations will move from their place of rendezvous along New York avenue to Fourteenth street, where the? wi 1 be joined y >he Second W ard Delegation, and t< getiter proceed to the Union Engine House to join the delegations rendezvoused tliere, when they will all m< ve in a body to the eomer ol Fourteenth street and Penn. avenue. The Seventh Ward Delegation, with the Alexandrians. wi 1 march to the Islaad Hall and join the Fifth aad Sixth Ward Delegations, and then in a b<?dy move to the comer of Penn. avenue and Fourteenth air net, whence the whole bod t of the prooea - roiiD. tvenue and Four andahalfetreet to to the City Hall. mi 4-31 W. B W EH *, Chief Marebal. rr?*A MEETING OF THE PERSON* OF | 115 tlx Third and Fourth Wwdi friendly to the Bell and Everett yarty, are requested to u?'mWe at the Northern Libertiee' m'kit houee on SATURDAY. A?fu?t4th,at 7H o'oloek. to mske *r I ruiNMnti for the ratifccation meeting to take ytoe* o? the tth laat. au ?-Jf |V-5?\EW BUILDING ASSOCIATION he i U? ?econ<1 month!; meetiu* of the United BuUdin* A?aoourtion, wilJ be hel* atP toma<* ? nil, 1 corner of M?n and av , &o<l lltto sr.. on MO.\ DA\ EVENING next, the 6th in?t , at 8 o'clock, wht-n trie second fay men t of due* will be received. Peraoae wuhini to take atock can do ?o hy making i appiioetion at thia meeting. au S-St CHARLES WILSON, Seor'y. ' nrv* MASONIC .?A special communication of ' i^. 5 the M W. Grand Ludjeof Free and Acee^tm .liaaons ?fU.e District of Colombia, will he he'd on MONDAY EVENING aext. at7* o olock, at , Matouic Hall.corner of Math and D itrf?t>, for 1 eiemplifjin* the work. The ofioora and inembera 1 of th# Grain! Lodge are requested to be pun< tna> in k.-.. -?i-ii. .v.. ? , ?i.u mi orauirrn in good itai.iling 1 ar* ot>rdiall) inrit d 1 ri- "" 1:?. ' tor itaSjir ^j6T.Tgyyteag ! iriot of C< luoib<? will be h?td at the Wa?hiagU>n loirmr; on MONDAY, A'juit Waa. Bu.i 1 a ,e1wasuin?tt8,c!itv mujm ! New York Avenue. l*-iw?en Kir?t and 9?con<l sti , 1 EJT Atm ??ioo 2SoecU, U I .1 *4U . a ' . WASHINGTON NRWR AND OOM1P. 9kst<-hks or Scmmir Travel. ( Editorial Crrr?>p?n'iemr* / Tkt St*r ] [No. 7.J July 30. I860. Apfroachiso Wxkbllxg. On leaving Cameron we teem felrly to be getting below tbe region of mountain sptrr, larger expanses of tllle<l land* being constantly In tight, cultivated, too, evidently bj n people of much more mean* than thtlr brethren adjoining | i them on the eeat, u their Improvements Indicate? the latter evidently only eauylng to grow food and provender neceaaary to tuataln a very sparse population. Juat before reaching Moimdavtlle. i the valley ?f Grave creek, through which we have been couraing for aome mile*, expauda Into a lovely conn try. teeming with the fruita of agricultural induatry. A view up the valley of one of the three creeks that come together there la exceedingly beautiful, there being more than a thouaand acres under luxuriant cultivation in alght, lnteraperaed with improvementta constructed as WpI 1 as nn? mt*nm rru ?WW V ? VI ?uv UiUV IIIU?C. A ur point of moat interest about Moundavlile (situated at the junction of Valley creek with the Ohio) ia the famous Indian or ante-American-Iudiau mound?the only one 1 have ever heard of located in Virginia. It rises in a circular form flfty odd feet above the level of the plain on which it stands, and at an angle from the plain of perhaps forty-flve degrees, and Is truncated at the top. On Its sides stand trees that have been growing there more than four hundred years, as the annual rings la their bark testify. Soma years since, an excavation into It revealed a tomb constructed of the rough, flat, loose stoic of the creak's bottom containing a huge human skeleton, the tomb itself being surrounded by a great quantity of human bones. The presence of copper ornaments interred with the skeleton ia the tomb indicates that Its origin was before the supremacy of the prevent race of American Indiana in tbe alley of the Ohio, for on tbe discovery of the continent they were unacquainted with the uae of that metal. Soon we are at Ben wood, having courted along the Ohio's east bank from Moundsville. Then I Kiw the first sign of Virginia's valuable northwes'ern manufacturing, in the smoking and glowing tall chimney stacks stretching thence up the river four milts, to Wheeling. Everything about Ben- ' wood Indicates to the uninitiated that It is an old 1 village; which is not so, its oldest bouse having been built within the last eight years. The ashes of the bituminous coal, used here for every con- i ceivable burning purpose, in some form or other, imparts this superannuated, or rather dingy appearance, to all on which it falls, even to the persons of the denizens of the towns and villages i where it is thus used. At Ben wood we parted from those of our traveling ?' 1 _ _ ? _ ? .? ? - ? *.?* ? f" urc%i iictt for Columbus and Cincinnati, who crossed the river on a ferry boat, to Belle Air; while 1 wended my way up to Wheeling, to remain over < until this (Tuesday) morning. I cannot part with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad without expremlng my admiration of j the completeneaa of all the company'a arrange- I menta for the comfort and safety of the hundreds of thousands of pass^n^ers it transports annually 1 over the long line of its work My trip from Baltimore to Wheeling was made up to the very < minute of the time table at each succeeding itation Though tifty trains apparently were met >r passed, there was no confusion anywhere; and rr&n the conductors down to the brakemen, all , mployed about the trains aeemed to vie with , ?ach other in civility and obliging courtesy to all he passengers?points of more importance to the t :omfort of the traveler than one can imagine who J umn iiiucb. ana ii n111 es on routes where the discipline it not such an to insure y jttience and civility upon all connected with the f icrvice. I At Benwood, where wc struck the Baltimore c uidOhio Railroad's connections with the western ^ onds. we flrst see, as remarked above, the great a uanufacturing establishments of western Vlr- * ;lniaj commencing at that point and extending * ip the river some six miles, to the northern c toundary of the corporation of Wheeling, so ( smous of late years for its production of nails * nd a hundred other articles of cast and malleable ron ware, paper, glass, crockery, Ac. The town , tow contains about '20.population, and wears j dingy an appearance as Pittsburg?or, indeed, ( iirmineham. Knirlwii th? fn?i '? '* 1 ^ ? ? ? j ?? ? ?wv^4 *? I?f nultitude of factories and workshop*, as well as n its dwellings, being almost entirely bituminous oel A hundred years ago it was a colonial routier post. Fifty years ago it was the depot or the emigration into the Ohio valley. Then he journey from New Vork, Philadelphia, or . Baltimore, to Wheeling, was alm?st as mnch of in undertaking as a trip arrosa the plains to C&li- ' ornia is now. Subsequently It has been one of be great renters of the flit-boat commerce of the 5hio and Mississippi valleys; still later, as im- 4 x>rtant a center of the steamboat trade of those J ralleys, and now It is the center of the great c ravel and trade between Baltimore and the West, A'hich, with what it retains of the boating busiiess of the valleys mentioned above, piys better, { [ apprehend, than any trade it has enjoyed in the Tiuvitiona or iu existence. The superstructure of t he original Wheeling susj>ensinn bridge over the 1 Jhio here, that occupied so much of the time of j he federal courts of Virginia and the Supreme j ?oort of the 1,'nited States some years since, blew >ver one day, and the company have constructed | i much wider and more substantial one, opened 1 'or the use of vehicles to-day (July 3i.< for the first lime A noble one it is?second only to the super , itructure of the celebrated suspension bridge over ] ibe Niagara river just below the fall*. 1 necessarily remained all night at Wheeling, e arhere I devoted some hours to obtaining nformatlon concerning the city's business and 1 he resources of western Virginia laying immedi- | itely around It?rich In bituminous shale and ;o*l?the means of working up the minerals and ] products of even Missouri and Wisconsin, which > Wheeling is now doing aunually to the extent of nillUn. J..H ' ?- ' ' " MiMivut v* uviiaia wunu. a o our ioriner iciiow t :it)zen of Washington, Mr. J B. Ford, the chief ? igent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com- ? pany here, who has become the man of enterprise, 1 pnergy, and success in this community, I am much indebted for courtesy while here and solid J information which few know better bow to appre:iate than myself. Before bidding Wheeling * good-hr, I may mention that a company here are ( rxtracting oil from bituminous shale by a newly* discovered process, which reduces the cost of } making tbe crude oil from to 3 cents per gallon, and besides leaves a residuum of a pound ?f parrspblne to the gallon of oil extracted ; and 1 also valuable white, tfreen, brown, and blue pig- ( menta Tbe works of this company are already a decided succeks, and much excitement exists on 1 kccount of that success, among the manufacturer* i of coal oil (crude) Id all this valley, in Pennayl- J vaala, Oblo, Virginia, and Kentucky; nearly all i of whom are preparing to work upon the new ' plau. which la the Invention of a New Vork 1 chemist and refiner of coal oil*, named Adams. W.D. W H. ??? i Abmy Iktklliobxck ?First Lieutenant John Pegram baa been directed to relieve Second Lieut } Wm T. Bell, 34 inNntry, in command of Fort c Marcy, and In the duties of A. A. C. 9. of that poat The order from the headquarters of the Army at , Sew York, directing the tranafer of First Lieuta. Samuel L Chalfin and Absalom Balrd, 1st artil- J 1-ry, baa been rescinded. 1 Should yellow ferer make 1 to appearance thia J leason at Sullivan'? laland and the measure be , recommended by the surgeon at that pott, the > commanding officer of Fort Moultrie has been j mthorlsr d to remove hla command toSmithvllle, | North Cnroll na . . The following regimental transfers have bees 1 made la the 2d artillery, to take rfiect October 1 ; t Flr?t I.'eut Henry Benson from light company M t to company C; First Meut. James Thompson r from company C to light company M ; Second i Lieut J P Jones from light compaay M to com- J pxny K; and Second Lieut. G. D Bailey from a company E to company M. * 1 OrimATioNn or thi T?*a*u?t.?Tbe draft* f paid by tiif Treasury during ttie put week d mounted to SI.573.QUO, leaving subject to draft t 13,977,1)00. Drafts in th? aggregate amounting to { 11.070 000, on poet office account, have been g s?u*d Although the sum in band is com para fi V?1 V small, bo crobarrmineat to tbe Treasury la * * ' / ?* '.trrx -. *"v- -? -?* ?. ? ,-'^ '-J9rrig'. ^ intlclpated The receipts during the lut week were, from ruMnmi at New York nearly #900,<?#; Boston, #194 H0?; Baltimore. #5fi.lW0; Philadelphia, #46.<**>; New Or lean*. #*23.000; Charleston, HU.M#. There waa u Important typographical error f# i dlapatrh atmilar to the above, published In tht#. moraiag's Baltimore papers, representing the imonnt subject to draft to be only #3.(177, Instead 01 99^D77.0U0; a mtsta**, we are assured, of the types, and not of the gentlman who sent the dispatrt, at whine rfequest this statement la Made ^ ^ Post Office Fisasces.?The following f? a statement of the receipts of the I'ost Office Depart ment for the quarter ending March 3#, !-??, and the expenses paid ou account of the collection thereof, vix: Amount letter postage paid lu money. 9227,028 12 Amount newspapers and pamphlets paid tn money 1>,753 58 Amount registered letters paid In money 7,007 80 Amount postage stamps snd stamped envelopes sold 1,781,341 15 Amount emoluinents from box rents. it 671 so Gross receipts *?,217,908 11 IXPKXPXD. For the compensation of postmasters 665,931 (? For incidental expenses of postofflces, such as clcrkhire, rent, A.c 301,992 71 For ship, steamboat, and way letters.. 2.993 89 ? 990.917 Si Net receipts SI,*236.*84 52 Exhibiting an increase of ?143,371 &0 over the preceding quarter's receipts. Amount of postage stamps and stamped envelopes used In prepay ment of postage during the quarter Sl.tt65.7Stj 83. Tub WliTfftl ?ThA follAuHntf MnAft A# - - HV iVfrwi VI UJC weather for tbe morning U made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation 1* about 7 o'clock. AreusT 4, 19?0. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, pleasant. Baltimore. Md cloudy, warm Washington. D. C clear, 35% wind W Richmond, Va ...74?. Petersburg, Va. clear, 78?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 78?. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C clear, pleasant. Charleston. S. C clear, wind W Augusta, Ga clear, pleasant. j*^vannaii, Ga .clear. 79?, wi '?d N F, Macon. Ga ...clear. Columbus, Ga ...clear, pleasant. Montgomery. Ala clear, warm Mobile, Ala clear, wsrrr, -3'. Ucur I . -?? k? v tt vi iju ? v. irn r, cr . FROM THI WMT. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Hagerstowu, Md cloudy, warm. f>rafton, Va .clear, bot. Wheeling, Va clear, warm Parkeraburg, Va clear, warm Pittaburg, Pa clear, 76 Cleveland, O overcaat, 73', wind S Cincinnati, O clear, warm Cedar Rapid*, Iowa clear, calm, 70*. Ottawa, 111 75". Dubuque. Iowa cloar, 73?. Rock Uland clear. 5'27, wind N W oaromeier at rne umithsontan at 7 a. in , (cor reeled for temperature,) at noon, 20,&W Thermometer at 7 a m , 783; at noon, 87J. Maximum during 41 hoara ending 9 a. m. Ulay, 8.V; minimum 71*. IC7"The following is Lord Brougham'* apolojy for reminding Mr. Dallas of the presence of a iegro on the first day of the late Statistical Conrention in England: Lord Brougham said: I exceedingly regret that he observations 1 made on the first div have iieen nterpreted into something disrespectful to the United States. No one who baa known me will iccuse me of anv such intention. I respect our >rethren of the United States, even wheu I differ rotn them When I called attention, in the iresence 01 our rnenrt, <\lr. Dallas, to the, in mv 1 pinion. Important statistical fact that a most e?.peetable colored gentleman. fr?m Canada, v;is a member of the Congress. I only called his itrentlon to it just as I would the attention of our xcellent friend and representative of the Braiils. ?tio is here to-day; and God knows that I do not ntertain the slightest disrespect for the Brazils. I night also to have called the attention of the "onnt de Rlpalda (the Spanish representative) to he same subj-ct; they have colonies and th??y live persons of various colors lntbHr po-s^sl^ns ] call his attention to it hereby. [Applause J HATAWBA WINE AND DRANPV FROM \ L' Znurnorni&n & Co., Cincinnati, < n <lraiulit and n Ixittles. Bottles of* cents. JOS VV. DAVIS, It* corner Ninth and E s'?. AM. KIND? OF ' f\ gamp. ; Boueht at the Highest Prices, At KLOT/M RESTAURANT. au 4 ?clm* Ninth St., bet. Fa av and 1) i>t. , I A PRTK PII A M Ul'TD 0 I I / ~\YASHiN(iTON V'ITY GARDKVS. ; ><ew York Avenuf. t? trcen Kir t and Second *t?.. MONDAY EVENINO, Angu 16th, from 4 tiil 10 o'clock. fD" A<lmi?MOQ^5 oenU It l?u PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, I O 11th and 12th street*?Fifty copin* of CIds [( ?'* Political Te*t Rook or Encyclopedia r?eivcd this day by expre*?, and for na'c ? Bl-JN. F I-KENCII'S. an 4 fit Mnt.i Pean. avenue. j CELLING OFF: HELLINe OFF: > UHEAT BAROAtys 4N DKY GOODS. , W? eomm??nn? to H?* ?! > ?<? . it ..... - - -vi. iuh * U 'HI ' HH1 f1 VirUOl .'SPKINO ANDfL'M'IKK I.RW8 GOOI'H. Black Lace ShAwU, and Maitillas, in f*(t ?[ sn? uress at reducd Prices, many at ?ss thin cost of importation in order to r<xiuoe oar i ^.arge J*t>>ck. also , In Store a full assortment of first class F tar'? 'om-stic Goods, for *en*r>vl Jainily purposes, all it the I >west Market P> Ices. J. \V COLLEY ft CO. , au fit _ 4:23 7th St., above Fa. av. gALTlMORIS AND OHIO RAILROAD. | sTKAMsifir S3WE-- 1 ""^GREAT KA5?TKRN.^*=**^** J For tlm accommodation of the Citi*ens of Watihngt?>n and vioiritjr desiring to inspect the Main H.-in ni'-nriismp, me loiiowmg arrangements h?v? , i?en made; r . I ruin* will leave Washington station on MON- i JAY, TLKSDAV, WEDNESDAY. THl'K^- 1 DAY, and V RIDAY, 6th, 7th. 8th ?th. and loth n.-tant, at 6.2n, 7.V\and 1140 a. m , connecting at < ttaltimoro with the superior steamers of the Bay , Num lur the great Ship. The ?trao ers will leave i he Norfolk Company's Wharf. Baltimore, at H *0 i m., and Bowlj's Wi.arl at in a ut. and 2 p. in., kllo?ing am?ie timet i walk fr #111 Camden Station i ift-jr the arrival of the train* Th? steamer* will i un t. the ship or hack in less than two hours i Retumin* Meantor* will leave the ?hipatal>out < loon, a:id 2 and 6 p m . and tiaius leave Haiti wore < it 3 li. -1.21, and 8.'5 p. ni., and reaching Washing- I on (last train)br lo p. m. \ Tickets <nly 925) from Waabinglon, including he round trip by railroad, a visit to Baltimore, the , 3av >teaniers to ami fr m the Great Eastern, and L fil !1 tiliniaeinn An l?Aa?/l . WH in/mil fclio r?fllO. I'a *e igi-r* havj choice of trains going and rooming. Ticket* good for same day and also the ol lowing morning W. P. SMITH, Master of Transpor.ation. T. H. 1'ARSONS, Agent. au 4 5t_ J pROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Jrrici of Coxmissiosbbof Public Butldikgs.I i Auguat 3. lfctyi \ I Sbalbd Pboposals will be received at this offioe ip t > U o'clock, in.,on the 13th day of Augu*t nf it, or Grading, Curbing, and laying the Brick pavenent, and Paving the Gutters, Jte.. on the *?>ulh iide of Missouri avenue, between Third and Sixtk 1 itreeu we?t, connected on Pour-aad-a half street )> a F'ag Footway. ? The Curbstone to be of the beat auahtv of New fork North river atone, in pieces of sot less than our (4) feet long, sixteen (16) inches deep, and four bod a half(4K) Inches thick, and to be jointed and veil fitted, and set in a bed of ooarae gravel and , rail rammed. ... ... i The Briok to beof the beat quality hard red i>*v - ng tsriek to be laid on a bed of aharp river eand our (4) inoheadeep on a bed office gravel free from 1 day or loam three (3) mohea deep, with two oouraea J jq edge next to the curb and ote oouras on edge on he inner line . ? . , Mnex'ra measurement fjr Briok on else. The Mone Paving to be of oon.mon cobble itonea not exceeding f.'ur tuoho* in diameter, except the tone on the onttide line ofthe gutter, whioh must >e eix inchea in diameter, laid on a bed ofcoarae i land and oiean gravel, free from o!ay or 1 >am, at ea?t9i'ches dree, and to be twioe rainined, the , iec>n<i tim* after being we 1 wet. and covered with , i clean gravel or car?e sand. The oentr*of the lUtter to be laid with five ounrsea of hard red pavii g briek on edge. The Fiagginc to be of the beat quality New York Morth river Flagging, in pieoeaofnot l*as than 'onr (4) feet long t jr eighteen inchea wide, and not e?? than four (4) ipehea thick, to be lai < on a bed i if fine clean g avel 6 inches deep, lree from clay or : oam, ai.d wrll jointed. t All fading not exoeeding one foot to be rued aa i rimming, anu the aurp ua earth to be removed bv i he contractor to anch piaoeaa may be de.ignattd i >y i tendent t The work to be done in the beat and most work- t naciicemvnner and t?tfie atiatkctian ofthe n?n> > :aaioner 01 runi.o Huudin.*. and under the ?u I erintend^noe of cueh person a? he may appoint, t mi to M complete I oa or before the fi at of ?? renter next, and warranted to ataad tweive(lJ) nontba aflrr completion. All repair* that may be repaired within the tine <>r *inoh the vuik l? wa ra >tod to stand to Im I lone at the exp m?e of the eou raetor. 1 For the due perfo ma?oe of Uie work, acreeablf I 0 the oontraot, bond and aeourity will be reqaired. Bildrswil atate ae-a at ly the ra'e at whioh i h?> wili*x<-oute the Cu.bmt, PaMng, ai.d Flai1 c.iueludinc mateuaia, and ina'k their aropotals ( ,? follow.: " Propoaa-a lor Cir din*. to , Mia?ou i c venae.'* r JNO. B. BLaKB. a an 4 dtl? attf Commiwoner. / # # OBORGETOWM. GmtttfmHmf / fL 5t*r. ^SlounowK, August <. IHIO ^ a? wij w?. w iiumr an iw nirnvrincva Wtia* In towB, day. Mb McMatt, tbe foreman of DfiimtM & Sen, of Baltimore, con t radar* for tba coast ruction of to ire* work of the Aqued?ct hrtdjje over Rock Creek. 1 He Laa come on here In order to collect a force and mike other nercaaary arrangement* for the immediate recommencement of tbe work. The coal trade has been very active during tbe week, and a great number of men have been employed In screening and shipping Tbe sunken boat l.yn& k*s ?>een raised, without drawing the water off the level. We understand that Mr. Kerr, one of tbe proprietors of Anal<?tan. will be serenaded on tbe Island to-night. l>y Withers' full brass band. Oar young friend, W R Hurdle. oflVrs great bargain* to the ladles at hi* cheap store, corner of High and Gay streets, as he Is determined to sell out at any price he can get. Any one wishing to engage in the dry good* business at an established and favorite stand, will never meet a l>etter opportunity tban be presents. 8ee his advertisements in Georgetown column All who wish to spend a pleasant dav in agreeable company, ought to patronise the plc-nic of Logau Tribe, 1 O K M . at Analostan. on Mon* day next, it is not necessary to say anything of the place, as our citizens generally know all about lt^ and of the members of Logan Tribe it need only t* said that they will pay the greatest attention to securing the comfort and pleasure of all who attend. About 400 beef cattle were otthred at Drovers' Reat yesterday, of which 3M> were sold to District kiitrhs.M at -< ?0 eii .uw^ uv/i* ?? ?iww? *w ?u (icr iw ig? k run 10U were driven on to Baltimore. Good white wheat it now bringing here from f 1.40 to ?1 50 per bushel: red is s ?t,nde lower. Notice advertisement of steamer Flying Cloud in another column. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other <i forKttoicn adt-ertinmtnii *tt firn page Those persons who have blood red MILL BAG* in their pox??>s<ion belonging to us will pie&so retura them to Columbia Mills, \\ at^r street, tjcorgetowu. au 4-3t BOVCE. THOMAS & dodge. 1 N WARM WEATHRR I PREPARE FOR COLD' We ar? now receiving, w?l willbadann* th? moi tli of August. l,ww oiisof COAL, of ail ?ii??, which we will sell cheap if ordered prior to lit September. Call early and have jour orders at our Offices, if you wish to *nve more? C. MYKHS A PON, No. 41 Water street, U?orgeU>wu. J. W. V. MYKR" *. CO.. jjr 27 2W Office cor. O and J2<l sts., Washinjrn. O II I M B I G : We will commence on Monday next, Jnljr 9*b, to close out our entire stock of SI' MAI ?-'R OR KSS? liOOl'S, A c.. Ac., at Prme Cool for ?'a<h -no m<?re will t>e asked. SPILM AV i HIMT jy 27 *ogw 9** Bridge str> ft fWOTlGK TO WATKR CONSLMKKS Mayor'* Ornc*, Ge?rgktow*, D. C ,f July sMin. I860 \ F.xtract Fbo.m City ? rdi.tascas And hi it further orda\n>i. That the Water Woad halt at ati turns have the power, and it shall be their duty, to ret a Me the ??e of street wa?h~s, fountains, h>?l ants, ur other attachments 'o the water work* according a? their judgment snail die t*t?,and they shall haveth? p?>wer to shut ?<ff -he water from an) person or persons woo ehal will hilly linr1 gau tiieir poMi-he<l notice* relating to suoh attachments or the use of the water. la aoeordai c? with the above, notice is hereby given that from and after the date of this pnblica tion all fountains within the corporation inm s iiiu-t be shut off and housekeepers a e warned tha' any n^gl^c* of fheir h?uran's or rare!?s* waste of th? water wilt br> punished as the nrdiuanoe provides. This notice is rendered neo"s ary o? the groat ?oarcity of watsr in ih? hirher port on of the tow-, and the Water B?ard will leave no means Ill.triAil Li rfl'nAH w tha owl! ~jjr 25 ~ * MENRV ADDISON. Mayor. Having detebmined to change my hutiiiRF*, I'll commence fro-n this data to - II for rash my entire stock of l?H V and ?-"ANCY GOOD"*. Mavius purruasM o th? most favors hie t??i ins. f?r.?l ' ii it df iKirons < f c'< ?i 'f i'iitik? early \b p<>*siM<>, a!' who ma* hr in want ??f t arc&inn will do trail to kivb in* a call. w. k. hurdle. jy 24 1 in Cornor of Hich and Ga* iti. WANTS v WANTKD-ACOLORED WAITER. Apply at 347 Pa. avenue. It* %*/AXTi:D.-A WET NURSE v. ar,i?(! mmd at?iv. Applv to Dr. C. DOVLF, No. 27 Fonr-aii l a half street. an 4 3t* WA nted ?A ny person having a single ROCKAWAV, horse and iiA R nes* for *al? may h?a' of a purchaser hrappUing to G m. C.. i.ifi north H (''aaitnl Hill " " * - - ..W - mm - v ?, vopi Ul |Ii|<t nu J ~ ll/ANTKD-Bj a repperiahle Proro?'ant woman SITUATION tonurneor ?lo light wotkof in* kind. Inquire on F atreet, lietwe-n 3d and 4th ?tre<-ts. fourth hoime from tii9 corner of Fourth Hrf t. an 3-2t* \V'ANTF.D- \ CARTKNTER. competent to '? th? finishing work of a hou?e in the harMllomem Htvlft To such a one Rood \vatre? will he Eiveu, oon-lant empIo> m**iit. and the cash every - aturda^ eveuim, or oft'-DT if wanted : at th* corner of If'tli and O sts. A single man p rferred. an a 6!* WANTKD-A SALKS I,ADV. None hut th-? ?? hewt n^ed apply. S. IIKM.FK. jy 31 No. 34 Market Hpace, l?et 7th ami 8th ?t*. WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform the duties of chainlM-rmaid. No one n-?ed apply who can not linns a recoiiiinendation from her la?t place. Inquire at Kckmgtori, two milea north of ih* Cip Itoi. jy vf WANTKl>?By a steady am! industrious man, a SITUATION as collee'or. H?*t of rwom m*nd%tloni xi von. Addrews M. C., Star Office. Jf H-tf WA.NTKD?To have e\-erybod* know that they can purchaae their Summer Clothing atcont at So. 460 Seventh at., opposite Pout Office, jy 12- in LOST AND FOUND. Q P EJSWARIL?S-'rtfaJ or uto'en from the ?ubi1>er on the 2d intit. a im&Jl bright c\ KAY MARE; sta^ in firphead; Ion,; 'ail. jLSJB The above reward willt?e given for h??r re ' I'irn to L. LIBKR, on C street, between ISJfc and lUh ?ts. au t jf Jri AN Kl) OR !*TOI.KN?On the Ht'h of JuU, .. ... _. 1 I. . n I a* ??. " ' a imAiau*u ait'" uarft n-|th short horns and a crack in the i if lit JPMf torn, ami l?>th "?r? ina k-d. A suit ati'edhaAs* re?ard wt'l tx> kiv> n for information or the return >f the said eow to M*s B M AG RUDER, on B't., between :3th aud 13>i -Lb., Islaud, an 3 3t COO RKWARD.-l.o-t, between in* hou?ear>4 tJi-U the briok-tard of A A. T A. Ricii?ril?, Sl05? ?lon note of Bark of Washington, and #5 People's Bank of Baltimore. au 2 ?' A* T. A. RICHARDS. STRAYKD OR 8T??I.E*.-From the sab acnoer, Jasttnight. on the Bladenshurji fry road, one mile [ oin the Capitol, two sach alMiut -even years old; one a ba\, the ^^ ^ jther a dapple nre\; both nlmbn 1 he * ey haa ?ut one sho < on the fore foot A liberal reward rill be given for their return to m> residence, au 3 3t* JOHN A. BARTROFF. "personal. AC AR D ?Mr. Editor : In relation to a grand 1 Moonlight excursion of Waugh Chapel choir, id vertisrd m your widely circulated pap r ofresI 'rdar,?I would like to say in relation to ita failure it was caused by on* or two of the committee rev>nsid<-riiiK. 1 nope that this will exonerate me r'om all blame whatever, as I wan not in faver of a -econsideration. Y?>ur?. Truly, It* AMOX H. BRADLEY. VIADAMK MOKK1CL, Thiuimt asteoloL?1 ?iHT A WD Uitiikh, J upfront i.wro*?.?T?n 11Kh 1 > k ift'd and mtelUient aJy can be consulted >r. the rut. Present ana Future E rents. Call at Mo. 204 Twenty-second street, between H and I. Washington. jei?3m* fj^OR H1RE.-A SERVANT MAN who is a cood farm hand and coachman and well disposed, , rill be hired for the balance of the rear A home < n the country pr?/erred. Address M. GARRITT, IA6 G street. au 3-3t* HW. HAMILTON. PAINTER, and rvt* 1 I T7tl v n? i jc<l\ I.* 1'ALl 115, No. 5^2 7th Street, ntar Odd Ftlletet' Hail. , an t-lf PUTTYli* DOWN. FOR SA LE?A fine youug Saddle anil Harness \ MA1E-nM f*r Tftnt of n*e Cm he r\ wen at HOWARD S Livery Stable, Her J rath street, near 11. _ au a-3'.* "* Enamelled SLATE MANTELS, DiTtttfrom tke Manu/acturnf. These are most beautiful styles of Mantels, enLinelled in mutation ol such rare marbles as the $pani?h. Kei p lan. Si ;una, Vorde Antique, Porpby- 1 jr, Brocatelle, and others equally celebrated. The , nutations are bo perfect as to challenge the elorest scrutiny. In eleranceof finis ' they staiad unrivalled uid are so highly polished that they retain their 1 >eauty and freshness longer than the common marres, whiloth>*y are sold niueh etieaper. They hav? nKfn used id this country lor the last tea. and in nurope for more tnan fifty year*, and have given ii.Jire satisfaction. P ca^o call a id examine at \V. H HAKKOVKR'S, Qt ? I ?B ' - Q? ww i in ^u>r?, oppn. i'itri0QS Hank, jjr 26 2w 5 Uuora nortU of I/? ?!? ? *v??. , Baltimore life insurance co.-i* . COIFU1ATID 18SU ? JuHK 1. DoRilMOK, PrM-i H.Coiiltu, Sn'i. tlu? oomp&njr insures lives and BUYS md grants annuities, * . Uohoripti A pamplileU m?T b* obtained 41 Um 'ompanT'i Afonor for th* IMatrMt ol Colombia, I of W?ii Johnson A Co., JUnkera. JOth ?trm j ItMSTn. o. < ? - ? EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. T;.. I. O. O. f7~ ffl plnirkif ckntral lodor. foi th? ItK'tit of th? V\ ! ?* v ft mi Ortake pito* on til- 9th. I ?* .POWFONKD BBti fi rthfr n.-tio*. lt^ pIC-NIC At COLL MBIA SPRING. Tt?? nth r*chooi ofUrroncH Chapel wul fiv* Music hftsheen entftre.1 for th^ <x*-??ion. and the committee pledge themselves to innke it ft scene of r*re pleasure *n<l enjotmeiit to all who rn?r favor them with thf-ir Dre?ei><** \V nilct'n line nf iituri will leave the uf Mkrtlwid ifMU' and 8?? entti *treet at US' a m and j?t> p. rn. TirkrUfor a?ntlem"n Aci.l?; for larfi.*s i* cents; children not oaanected with th? whoyi 7 c"5t* <P ^JRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION BKNEFI-TOF* FAMILIES. The ?t*fttMr rH*jrx will lw?? Bohr?r'a Whfcrf. Nav* Y?rd. at 7li o'ol k on THL'RR- ^ DA'\ F.VKNI N(i. Aiicaat Mk, proceed down tha riT*r a ?nitabie to enable her U> return at I'usnntW# hour. Aa excellent atrinp hand of munc will ba in at W*ntianea. Ticket* oniv 25 cent*; to ha had at tha atora of Mr Adam tJaddie, Jr , and at the t>oat on the are rtme of the excursion. au 4, UNPARALLELED ATTRACTION Oh AN n PRIZE PIC IffC' At ANALOSTAN INLAND. On .MONDAY. Aoufar 13. in? Oar Huadred Piece*of Jewelry OlTea A?aj! Anmnc which a'ioi.n and 9ilv >r W*tC? f>\ Pnacinx and Mu?ic during the da) In Kip ta's Bi?m and String Band en ^2* ulMt caged f?r th? occasion. Tickets?SO Cents for <Jen?lemen. 25 Car.ts for Ladies; Children a Imi't'd free. Tickets for ui? at C. II. And*raon'? aad Lasann<>nd'?, 7th street; Dr. *chwait?e'a Drug Store, Pa. av.: and at the fwtof Hifh ?t. wharf, Georgetown on the day of the Pic Vie. f^TNo charge male for conveyance acroat to the!?land fro-n the wharves (lt For List of Gifts see small programmes, nu a-7t tfjJRAND ANNUAL EXCURSION ST. PETER'S SUNDAY SCHOOL, /i'? Ili? > > ? nai'b ii iuti> ' To Gt.YMOXT PATlLTnN. Os WEDNESDAY, Actr^r S. 1? 0. The oteamer Movvt Vmhoi, having b*eneng aged for the occasion. will !? ??-# her <rh*rf, ff?ot of JMxth ntr? t.atT1! and^^^l??-? Navy > a-d lit p o'clock a m. In afternoon will leavx Sixth strnet at IS and Navy Yard at 2 o'clock. Returning will kave Gljmont at S and 1? o'clock p m. limner arid Supper will b" furnished hy the prop ictors A fin" Urn** and Stuns Band has h*?n engaged. Oinnil iisse'w II ?>? in re* hness at th" corner of 8e\ mrith ntr*??T i?n<l Pf?n avenue, and the Northern l^it'Tt* .Mark) t to convey pa*?eugers tnand f em tli<: hat Tickets ST c?nt*; children 25 cent*. i omfr,itt*r. of 4-rune mufJ. JksIi l-'I'lthrll. H itetKU** iiil4*hsn, I^nr.i* llaiilin. Nicholas |*h?Vn, Ri?*nard C, flo:s?ati. Jo^n B Marill. John <"aHa?Mn, William Dtltim. (??ori;e ?V Ca?tell, Wil tam Pa t*, <?*orte Mi'obell. S'iihi"! K'"?n?. fi. \V n\ lieatle>, Jo**nh MHtinnan. Jn^r?h Prer. If the watto khoqlil not t?* favorableth" F.srnr tiuu wili i>? p-?*lpoue<l unt I fuither Btlrt an 4 30 SR KM KM BF.R ' TF.AM PACKKT Fi.YING CLOU1> will run renular trip* (r0"> the \quilu~t to .ft ^ ARLINGTON SPRING,on th? 6 h fc* ^ Anc#i?t ir*tan?. for 15 cent# rouii'f^fc"rr**-*" tri?? l???nU Hid* tup. au a Jt JOHN MOORK. P R A N D P I C. NIC *1 >T THte PARK HOTEL, On \YKDNE3IMY. AucostRth. J ohn Ksputa'a celaUrat*! l?nd it enta : <. Ticket* Fif>? C-nU, a.!initUng a . ieiiti>>iiiaii and lvuea. ,*~TJ Onifiii>ii???- will run from i-ornt r w W lr*y* 7th *ti<#-t an<l I'a. avenue hon- I*. IdmniKf. n? /it > ?? j. ? i M H Ciul>l>, O. Bats. Jas. LitchfielJ, Mt T'HF. Ill MBEE8 OF THi JOURNEYMEN I HAKhRV \>S<>riATION tak-plea* ute in aanouiK-inc ?" th-ii fn#i?t ami the jjj pub i>-th*t tliev will cive their First <?ran<t#^ft PIC NI'" at til-- PARK on TUESDAY. 7t XlM , of Auru?t. The Committee will ?p?r? nn|>in? to make this the 6 neat Pie Nic of the seftoon. r.xputa c l>ra?K and >triu( music will l?? on haa*.!. T'^ket* 51 cent*. a-linittiuK a gentleman and ladies. C?arh?? will r in ever? t*n minn???a to and from the Fark du in*; Uie day. _ j? y?-e..3t A a 116* THE COMMITTEE. I HO! F<?R fll.VMONT! * OOK Out for the OK AM) AFTKRNOON F.X?M K??ION nfth" HIAWATHA ? .I'M.t" ' < c vrii ?f li'ini'Pt, r 1 t'u 1 - ? ? ? i i.i r.r^i ij\ l . AUCOilt 7 Tue Committer will use their utmoot *ndean?ra , to n>ak? the occasion oaeof i lur^st and pi'Mure to nil wl?o mav ttvur them with t!ieir companv. i T(i? Holy Hill Maud has ! *-n enswiwi and will \ flj JllRt! IIIIIMC t" ?! Wllo lOl'M to"l|ip It | on the licht fantastic toe."' The steamer Phkxix will Imv? th? fnot Hi;li it. a? 1 n'cliick ; i House at talf-past l;*th utreet wharf a' 2 Coarhm < will leave 7th ?uJ I. rt". aid 17th at. at hail cast l o'clock. Ticket., admitting a ?eatleniau and ladir*. ?1. Commute* of /rnnrmjun. H Porkins, Win Qoddard. Win. Goklsborough, F.Moore. i wm. Moorr. t v at' , I PIC NIC' ' jOliAN TRIttV v.. - i"""'""-" " ~ ___ v v ?*?? * >* . * V? - ? I 11 I H V/ V Ei U O K MKN. (G?o*^ KT??"*.) Tli* iwmb?r? of l?f:an Tnhe take pleasure in announcing this their Annual Pio jr*?to Nio. at ANALOG TAN l'l ?T* fcr "k f on MONDAY, AujukK. The metnl?er* of th* OrtW will i>pare no etforta to wake tin* the "(jala l>?\ " of tb? a*a?on. Kvery arranrement that will alduee to pleasure it 1 e i- 1 jovment ha* Iwen made , The Holf Hill Hand has heen entaced, and will furnish delightful inttatc to a.1 who lova to "trip it on the lirlit fau<a*t c toe " Boats will leave the !*t'>n? Rou*e Wt.arf and foot of High at. ever* live rninutea. lioata free. Kefrcahmeutt furnifthed at low p-ioea Tickets Fif>j Cents, admittiiifc a gentleman and ladiee. JjrJB M R A N D EXCURSION . VJ TO AXALOSTAN ISLAND. Oh tkt occasion of tht Inauguration and Opmina of the OPD FKI.LOW8* L1HRARV, ( I O. O. F., D. C I WEDNESDAY, Ar<iC>T ?. 1*G0. The Committee of Ar. cordially innf i their brother* f the Urrt?r. and the Jf* 1 citizens of Wanhintton and tieor^etown generally, to participate with^?*" ^^^th??n on thu int rea oe<-??ion. No pan* will he spared to make this Lxcuinion acrreahle and 1 entertai I <g. A ppropriate aldresaes will lie deliv ei rd. attd the ainuaemento (I the dav and n??ht will \y vnriffl anfl pi >a?ing A fine band will be in attendance ; and the company will be entertained with numerous s>>nga, 4.C., b) a corps of acoomplMh??l \'Oc*ll?t? A> iti?ialw4Mtnmiln thi? tkr E*cnr?ion of i the n-anon, the lad; f> lends of the Association ae ejpecially invito to be present. A commodious and ?*f> air'U?at. with ruir?ron craft, wi!' pi} "tn:arh ever* ten nun ' utes, from a a. m. u* til 12 <? clock at night, brtween the Island anil the wharf foot of High "t.. G?orge- ! town, and Morgan 4. Rlnnehart's wharf. Wash- > iuxwiu. .><? cnarge lor crossing or recrosung the < river. ? Arrangements will be nude to have the omnibuses ' ma from Georgetown to Washington until mid- < nisht. i Ticket* ON E DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman j and ladies; t? be had from Tav lor & Maury, t B anchard k Mohun, \Vm. K. Bey W. and from the < various Committee* and the Floor Managers. I F. i?. KTIAR'IV R FIN LEY HL NT. JNQ. H. BARTLETT. au 8,?.7 Committee of Arrangement*. ^3^ GRAND CAVALRY TOLRNA- ? GALA PIC NIC! fall ( At ARLINGTON SPRING! j tbi President's Mounted Guard, O* Washixotom Citt, Take great pleasure in arnouaciBg to the pubiie < their intention to hold a i.RAND CAVALRY TOURNAMENT AND PIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on _ , MONDAY, AcersT 6th. This will he a strict'jr ii ili'arj arrangement, as praetioed in the cavalry school exercires. and aone . will contend for the prises but members of the t ^TheVJlowinf-named gentlemen have kindly ?on- * ualah ?? " " k * * * _u ?v iu ?uo p?'3iunn ft9SI(DOd IMni I J LDGKSSon. J. B. Floyd. !??cr> tary of War: Gen. J. h. i eon. Quartermaster (Jeueral U. 8 A ; Lieut. I Col Win H. glWT.W Car?lry U. ^ A. Addrraa to tho oont-*tante for thejnw by the . Hon. 1.1. Stovtu, of Washington Terntorv. . Ron Alexander H. Bother, of Virginia. will pr?Mnt the prisea is behalf of the successful rtd? r?. Substantial seats wll be erected for the acorn ni'xUtton of the ladies. and every eflort will be a made to ensure the oomfort and ennauoe the pleas ure of all who may favor the eorpa by their pres . Fioeoo theooeaeiiHi t JW ? t>?f to aaeure the public that order aad4*ooratn wil be rigid!* m mtained. a? au amp e po.ioe foroe Will be detailed for the purpose. v> ithen' full baud baa beep encaged lor the o?jasioa. The enclosure will be open for the reeeptioa of n?it<>re at 9o'clock a. m. Kidu g U> oonnneoce at S o'clock p. m. : Omnibuses will a tart hourly from t ?.- oo-ner of ' 7th at. and Pa. av ;aleo 12th at. and Pa. av. The ateamer George W. Kiggs will make trips from 14th at. bridge. TICKETS PIP TY CENTO, admitting Jeman and ladies. Minant. J Vlaj. Ja*. Y. Dana, Capt. P. H. King. - fi %??: ** J. Holnngaworth, " Rol.t. H. t*tevr?e. ^ I GtAVD f!G NU KSt BALL. T?* Ifroe f* E?put?? Citizens Bard* AT '*L'"vr?l f TTK^nAY, Ar?r,t T. T The proceeds to to# a#p to the par "ton ? of m SE1T UNIFORM FOR THE BASD. Th? m'ufceraof lto? B? <1 *'<?,?? thai nothing 1 I ?li upon their p?'t t. y . . a make thi? BtttfrtX I PIC NIC , ?wy I W*li Worth* tli? MeeMM of U?* imtrull puMie. I Tha K~?t nt \f wiTit-* fii n ??h*ri. Mrf I thing nonet" promote 'he flwmr* the da*. I THfi OMNIM 8F? . _ / will leave U?e corner of JV-venth etraet aad P?i??. | ivonui1. *' ' fnnii i- rnfr Tr> Ifth *im( F?.nna 1 imm? ; a.1 an. from the Nary V?nl. TICK FT?* FIFTY CKNTP, ' _ Ar<MiTTis<? a (imni*** **T> l.4W?? : To *e hail of air memVer oi the Rand. of at tiia Mimic *tore rvf Vlr FHis. jf >-* r^EUiilJTFtl. PIO-NIC mkridiaa RILL. Th* Pic Nic of tt>?* t?T. ALOYttlUR ?l*NDAY ftCHQOL trill take piae? at Mr i?1ian Hill c? TCWUAY. Au|un ?th. Kverrthm* will b'yfTjiu done t? uiakc th* arrangement* per fret an<1 ?e.ure to all a iltr'i enjoym^nt. A fine pavilion ha* later* ovenJrertor, making thi? the fli'amfl'wt plveof rnort m the wiw * ol the city. ? W tthera' tf riv?? aiui String Raad ha* togace<! for ther>oca>ion. RefreufiHIcnt* at eit* ?l<-e?. Ti i'U 2S r^ota; children M oent*. C>iiMiil?uae? * ill itu lion ill* comer of Penn??.. vani* avenue and wnitli -treet way of North rn Mlrkft Arid K F Vf l#ri o#it? **rh w%f. jy rM VV FSM4 T* " AUCTION SALESL B> J. C. McGt.TRK * CO .Aacttonaora Peremptory salk of millinery ADD STRAW "inooi. Kmbroipuib*. TRtx I.ACE*. Pttfl NUT. Pa*CT 0(X>M, 4?.??n J*ATI RDAY MOKNINO. A MOT* ?k.Mi ? laatcinr ?'* ? ??k. an* c.niiMif Ami wmm tm ? aj anltl the whole ia UiapoaM <4, wa ?l>a ail, at th# atora of R. C. hl? ? %.. No 3? Prno. avetiu", bcMrpon <nh rd-* t?*th afr^ta, large rani-tj of gr^wla in hia lia*. ?? priiiM rrap# an<l Hiik Bonnet* oi ??* an ay, Trimmed and untrimmrd Straw Rouaata, Halt and r.?. Colored Hair and Straw Bonnet*. Cotorad, BiMk and WkiwJMkM Niu. Cambric and Swim Kdgn.M ai.?t Inaerticfs, Bo do BaiCa and Strip*, o do Collar* and Set# .1 nfants' Bodio* Gi*iH, Cords. Braids. Krn*M, r ?ted Aihboi,* Gause and Si,k. Silk Buttons, Plain Drop Taa ae . Fringos. Rnal Valencia, Knrlmh Thread, Cotton, Imperial Va ?neia Silk, Blond and erery other rm riMy of !/? ?. Hoop Skirt#, French ArtiSe?al Flowers, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Silk and Gingham Cm bre! las, S*win* Silk*, Spool Cotton*, Hair P. na of ail kind*, H>*ad Dresser, Hair, T v>th and Nail Brashes. Cowiba, Opera G>a-sea. P<"t*-BH>naiea. Card Cases, Gold and Silrer ThiBi'-es, Tsok Coaiba. Lul'ic *. Harriaou's an J Jo la# Haula's boat E1 tracts. Fr'Bofc ar.d German Co'oeoea. H- ir Oil. Pomade. Ac . kc. All of Brbich Brill be ?o d without roserv*. Term*: #*' and snder, cast; over that sum ? credit of tfci aiu? ?> days, for approvad endorsed notes hearing interest an 1 d J C MrGLIWF. ? CO . Anots. * * i d w li 1 i u a i ?" ? ' - ? M- n il .-tii c n l-r, ir TiaofOI'V' vrillAI fcaiI laoiaa. leaned fr<Mu the Clerk'* 0?re <?( the Circuit Coart of rh? IMatrict' the rsog'itjr of Washington. aitf to me ?1treote<1, I will exj-ia'e to pahllfl ?ale for c?? froot of the oonrt h>'?M<l(?f,pf uid oi'tnlt.<>n MONUA V,(*lnl?? of Auftiat tie*:. l?h>. at 1J o'clock m.,aW defendant'* right. rit'e.c'aim and ict?*r*>?t ia ana to the follow ing de?onbe?l propertt to wit, n?: lx?t No s. m Niua'e Mo ? *?. and lot No. >?, in t*i uare No. W* . together Willi ail a'id aicguiar the i wproreroenta thereon aeized and lerie?i i??<>r aa the property J a ibu* B*rn and Jmim C. B*rr?, and will be old to eatiafy jadioiala Nn. I?8 and 1M, to Ma tarin IHSB, in av?.r of Anthony Ad.iiaon. U fKLDKN(T. Marahal for the Dtatnet of Colombia )y 1? MA RJ*H A 1/88 A LE.-1 a nrt oe of ? wnU of feet facia* iaaae<1 from the Clerk a i#*e of Um Cir ? t ouit Court of the Diati.ot of Colombia. fej the % oounty of Wa*hincU?i . and to me directed. I will *Kpo*e to pa Site for e?*h. i u of tue caart n"H?f fUH)T 01 *ain OOU'ltT, on !?!??:> DAY. 'H* * ? d*j of A u*or t next, W6", at is o'clock at .all drfenC ant'? ruht,tiMe,cla<n ai.<! interest ir. aod to Lot No IV, in t?*nare No. ?32. tn the eity of \V??htu?*or. 1?. C? to*etlt*f with aii mi) iimi ar the improvement* U)?r*oii. Miud tml Isvi'd ?r<>n M tka property of Chaa. If Vm Patter, and will b? sold to aa&afv J?dtcia* No* 7* avd T*. to October t?rm lgSP. in ?vor o| John W. Thompson and Z. f) Vi mto W St'LDEN. 18-<Jt? I*. S. Marahal <or Ihatnot of Co umbia By J. C. MoGUIRfc * CO.. Auctioneers. PKRLMPTORY SAL.K OF KOFR I.OT8 AT The ? < op Fi*?t iu kit win irr Nkth H Mutrr <?n I I K^DaV AFTKR Nt?0 ?. A7! > o'clock. on the premises. w??ha'l *!' I^?U V? ty >!, K. and K3. tn Square N<> t77, frontier ? a h IS |<ft i* Fi'at *treet weet. *ttheeorrf>r o?n?'.?h H ?t , mating hack T<? teet to an a ley. 'I he < n?r Lot it improved by tw> I nt l I- nun* H'-nwea Term* One i?urd <\*h; the residue in 6 and 17 moni H.wit nit-rent, " nred t>y a doed of t-11 on 11" ???im an 3 J C. V cM IH F A CO.. A Beta. u. I * * u iiio ^ uj ?. ?mnvt'in n at V#VJ.? A acanpwi. Auction j**le of fancy ?o??Ha-itc ou han't Home ten th< u?arid dollar* srurth of <?xtri*fn* U'f? !* oek, I 'rare decided to ii?no.?> of the "m" to the htgnert bidder. f ' omK, u I intend feat iinprorem-nts in m? sto-e lor the Bonun? season 1 f o> rai ded that to the ?<?> ol Washington, <?oorff-lown, Alexandria and thei r re-p?,-tire vi-ii. t ?. 1 > f d n ? re ify the*rti?te? t-> be Hold. <>th*r 'liar. 10 a c fta'oiatiK >us. b ts, L?aces, I otf.i, Uimi Trim mi iiki, Faathrr?, J ?cfcer Hats, FmbrnidwiM, Glovae. Crapes. Real Mack Lace Points and Mant.i a?. And a thousand articles of different kinds, all ?f Vlilith Wll bo offrr^d ir ^ItS"' *ie? to >?it the f?f oUas- r* ai near p..-ml.!# t'?* e*? firms them a-nar tajes r*r? f lou:i<i,even at the m >?t rxten ki' ? au-'tion ?a!e? Teens: %&ai.d ande- evsli. over fC an'I 9j days. ! f E V ti > f* I arc* ""tore. Pa ar., ?h t. <Kh and 1# h ?* *n Mf J. r. Mi.?tLiKK A CO . A??ta hv i P yw:rmd l a. r?n a m ? ^ * -?/ ia V/V ? n uv UUHWI 0. T?ri?TFE*}4J*AI.K OF VAI.l ABI.K Pior kkiv os Capitol Hill?On RIOA> AF TKK >UON, A U* u t lOUi, at * o'clock, on the premise* bv virtue <T a deed < f truat, dated No vemix'r Xfci. 1#*A, and do j reoordad amour the Uutd reoorda of \\ <*kMi ct<>n e -tint*, I !.?!! Mil the p-i tof I. >t ?.u:nl>ertrl kenteen. in Ma are numb re<1 sex-eu hui -i" ! &i <1 twei.t* cin?,fronti m twenty aeven fe?*t ? ? Kaat Captlo' ?tr*??t. batwaer Fir*tarid Secoud tr'?-U ea't. r tinning l*c* eight? kit f Tt three moa<<?, t '<ether w.tli I tie improve moot* th?r*on. A'I ?oiivevaaetnc at the cost of the ptfi.Mir. Tartnc One ha f eaah; b*ia*??e iu C MM IS in>ntb?, vi h interM*, eecarad by a dead of traat ?a the propety JOHN IIKPBI RN. Tnrt* jy 13 eoftda J. C M <H? CIR K It CO- A acta. I AW SCHOOL 1^ OF HARVARD COLLEGE. Tbe nejt te-m wilt ooniiii'-arr September 9d. 1W0. For catalogue and circular atdreaa JUKI. I'AKRhR. RnfU Pr*feJ*ar, Cambridge, Jtly.186'. <au2 3t > Cambridge.M?*a. T* SPECIAL NOTICE. , I HE Very gr at increased <iemau<1 for <?rovar A Bak-r'p n u?ele?? Sewing Machine? r ihl?r? it actually n?pf??ri lor !" to make e*taii'iv unproviMaenta m inj &?? .for tt?a ?p?cial ?a.e >f tliat article and tue eqi?* ? oelehrataa of W tii'e Koaea. for which I hav* the exclusive aeen sy for the Dt?tn?? ??l Colamlua ; in r<?na*qii?*e? of vbich, I ahaii, on Saturday ?*xt, Aujurt 4ih,off?r worth of my m<>?t l'an. > > kat?ut>!ie III'- loll, to th? hl(rhe?t >.|.1r1?-r. lor canh Fv?*y -llort wiil tie made to Make purehaaeri oornforta M? duriiiR ike hour* of ?aie. At STEVEN?' I ancj Stora. a?? ? ?3?. Utwtn ??! aai "4h iU FOR SALE-A HORSE and CARRIAGE. In quire ?t FAkLK'S Livery fctab!*, H rv itr*et, betweon llit aad 3M ?U. TL*?k jy 31 lw* G'EORt.E B SI.OAT * CO '? I SLTERlOE SEWING MACHINES. First prtmtmm ?w>ar<frrf at 19 Mt tf 9 State Mi i r?MI? fWri. th' chmpml and Iwtl Si'tibi Mapfcinna ?vm in lu?'v*r"fc"' fiiittJS to t* thu?# mm ncfuf?jl bt G-orrf R Woal * Co.,Pht Elliptic: and Statue MwIudm Sm f uKg Elliptic. Walnutor ?H T..".tCn*d,wai.otorMa?H?fMy.r??Nl??i ? * &JKp^2,,^lVr?J't.7d3aVix" Mr fail?|? 8 Fincy ^tort. p* h^dh# j?2s?o*t j Thomas maxwell. A**nt. H'gggacagitgagggs^ ? * *?*i<iinc'a G M. M i:itu;i uuMt V UTr?-fe Hn?ok'? |>uu? *o. vtlk'W |E Sfc-^j: It *9 tw I^HOMPSON*? I iJfWMIil coInal. For mUo, wteotMAi* Md r?t? St ft. C. FORD. Jr, i*?? - ft?.?. Wood c ? A L Pa. A*., JUji **? * For Superior Mft Water, Witt Diliewu Fbcit i?? Ctui Inrrt, A ? G R A Y Nort tut oor. MmmohumU* ?v. m4 Fvurtt at. )!**

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