Newspaper of Evening Star, August 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 4, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS". , w ir7*Tbi?atfc Thi Hta* I* printed on tbe f*?te?t " strum pr?i in n?e south of Baltimore. Its cdtVion u bo large M require it to be put to pr'-? at an early hour; Adtfrt'vmrnti, therefc^ ?hould be aent In before 12 o'clock m ; c? jervrise they may not appear until the next d' j Noticb to W u^i^osum ?Thotr of our fellow-cltiiena '''tTlntr for tbe watering placet and elMWtir",^ abould bear In mtnd that we do not nail ^hi **ta? except after payment in adtit tbe rate of 3Tjtf cents per month. Ntnrs?Pistrict of Colombia Advertisement* tn he inserted in theBALTixoas 9c 5 are received at aad forwarded from Th* 5*tak OtBce De li, of thk Chicaso Zouavk* ?Th? a?ni ?f the /.ouim will take place In front of the City Hall, at 3X o'clock this afternoon, and not on tbe ground* south of the President'* Houne ha tatol In the of this morning. Thi Chicago zor*viw.??ThiB corps of active looking young mm. vrboie fmne has preceded their arrival at ?*Very town through which they have passed, mane their (rand tntrtt Into the fits ol VV iMhln^ton this morning, by tbe train ari: *i*f < tlx o'clock, from Baltimore 1.' ng before the arrival of tbe train, the depot Jor a considerable distance round wh literally "be^'iegrd by |*rsons. all seeming eager to secure a position where a view of this <*lel>rat?-d corpa r.ilgbi4*? had. Amonn this gathering was a large liuiiiWtr of ladies, standing on gas-pipes, boxes, niep* of en< be?. and all otner available positions (hat were at all *le>ated. and which seemed to L 1>e regarded as the special property of the fair sex. At a quarter to six the battalion of Washington Light Infantry, under the command of Major l)avis. arrived accompanied by tbe Marine Band, l nitpr the itlwtsnklp of Prof. Srala They Ihalhd on the corner of tbe street opposite the depot. and rested on their arms. A shrill whistle of the traiu announcing its near approach, caused a rush towards tbe station. Tbe train having; arrived. Major Davis, (.Juartermaa'er Towers. Capt. I Ha bant, and ?>ther officers, left their company and - ' ~ .^r,..u KI iur uri?H IT loe purpose OI In* troduced to the otsr^ts of the distinguished cornpiny. and welcoming them to the National Metropolis. A very cordial reception here took place. Hanged la line and escorted by the Independent Grey* of Baltimore, Capt Clark. Lieut. Kerrhmer, they left the station, and pasted in review before the Infantry corps, when they halted. The Infantry tbeu defiled to the front of the line, when the order to march was given. They proceeded up New Jersey avenue to North A street, and from thence down Pennsylvania avenue to Brown's Hotel, where they partook of a boui.tiiully-suppl'.ed breakfast, which they seemed to fdisb considerably Though we were ?w;*.re that, from the national reputation this company has acquired, our citizens were all on tbe 7*1 nri to witness It, we did not expect to see them welcomed into our city by such a vast number of our cnizens as were upon the avenue this morning. Breakfast over, and a few moments allowed for the men to brush up their uniforms, and enjoy a brief chat with thecrowdsof friends and strangers - u-.. .wivnan mem llKt- a bodv guard. the drum brat to quaver*, and the Zouaves and Greys were in a few momenta under arms and ready to march. The Infantry battalion formed in the s'reet in front of the hotel and occupied the right of the line, the Zouaves occupying the center, and tbe Independent Greya the left In this form the corps moved down Pennsylvania avenue, the Y>and playing a lively air. to Four-and-a-half at , and down F? ur and-a-half street to the steamboat 1 wbarf, followed by a dense crowd of spectators, the gallant Zouaves l?eing the great center of attraction. and executing a variety of maneuvers of a novel character on the way. Arrived at the wbarf, the companies embarked on board tbe steamer Thomas Collyer. Captain Baker, and set out at once for Mount Vernon, the crowd which hid gathered on tbe wbarf giving them a hearty p?rt!r?g ebe*?r as they left Oi reaching the wharf at Mount Vernon thev * formed in lire and marched to the tomb of \Vas. invtnn. when they took position around it. while I CWMM h*n<l J: ? ^.ovtiKou u vicuiii uirgc, ioi? i lowed by a requiem by the iMariae band After Viewing this venerated spot a abort time, tley proceeded to the mansion where they reus*: ned aometim*, sranuirig with interest and a patriotic pride the various objects there. which appeal so a>r"ni;ly to the patriot's heart and aw'kt n such deep emotions in bla bosom Retn?nioe to the city, they marched directly to Brtwn'i Hotel, where they partook of a sumptuous banquet, and then, at 2 o'clock, visited the Preaidmt at the Executive Mansion They were received in the East Room about the time we went to press I he Zouaves are composed entirely of young ineu, Oocd looking generally, who appear to know bow to show off their Hue forms to the best advantage. They stand up in line like aoldiers. and tbcugh destitute of the fer< < iout> )>eards and heavy mustaches with which everybody has b*-en a< customed to aaaociate the name which they t>ear. look like brave and true men Their uniforms are of the lively pattern, the prominent colors being scarlet, blue, and bufl' Their dress consists of bl ue jackets embroidertd with yellow 1 kit It worlr *- nd nl??tifiill? u .?u I'ivHCiuilJ CUi(CU n nu IUIJIIU tiraas button*; wide scarlet trows?r*. with a blue n'ript. at the aide*; red skull cap. with a blue and gold band; blue shirt, fancifully embroidered; aid patent leather boots, with yellow leggings TL.e li.euibers of the band wear *?arl?-t coita. Mue trowsera. and blue caps The ofllcers wear b'.i e frock rfats aashea, and aworda The Zouiivea ?.irried li^hl Minine rifles, and the heavy aqusre kinf>aack?, and blankets w re strapped to their lucka Their captain, or colonel. (K. E. Kllswortb )'? a very handsome man. who appetr?, 'while he in, .taina the strictest disci:)!'' among hi* men. v to be very much bc!?ved by them A graduate of \V?' Point, be i* a most intelligent and thorpmb-ijoing officer, and appear* to Lave made the rtlceiicy of hi* little corps in their peculiar drill s Bistter <>f deep study. AU their graceful movements. as tbev nerfnrm their ? > a :.ifd bv him with an eye open to the detection ot li e slight* ?t fault; and great praise is due, both to officers and men. for the complete-new of their ten en*?mbit. The following 1* a list of the corps: Officers?E F. Ellsworth, colonel coramandli._. J R Scott, first lieutenant; H D Latlln. second lieutenant; Charles De Villiers, surgeon; J It Taylor. p;?> maater: Hayden. orderly sergeant; Knox sei ond sergeant; Wetberell, quartermaster; Bot?ford, color sergeant; Nevlns, bugler; Rums, guide Cadets ? Tucker, Connor, Barclay, Rogers, Abby, James. Fergus, Sibley, Brand. Cutler, McChesney. Smith, l atterly, Wade, Hatchelder, Banks, Coate*. Olcott. Scott. Brown. Long, Hi?mer, l.arabee. Hall, DeWltt. Aiken. Nathans, True, Yates, Baldwin, Hand. Behread, Walker, Phi ill pa. Kennlcot, Innls, Fruin. i ?A J. Vasa, le-der; Smldt. Drack. Bar nard. tieius, Bier worth. .NuraburgT, Drnke, ?w-buonakt-r. Slumf. Weisgrtiber, Wertb, Chatfey, Xev;ns. Robinson, S. Dean. C. Dean, Bauer. Col Kllsworth ia about twsnty-two or twentythree year* of age. aoine flve feet si* in bight, a> d though slightly put together, looks like a man of prop? r nerve, the stuff of which good soldiers ire made. He wears bis hair, which is d*rk and long, In a very careless manner about his beardless yet determined looking face His voice is not loud, and he issues his orders in a quick, sharp tone The men are almost boys perhaps none of them being more than twentyfive years of age: yet they possess that sinewy sppearance which belongs to manhood in its prime. The assiduity with which their drill (the Hardie drill) is constantly performed has evidently much to do with their general lack of superabundant flesh, while It has given them strong muscles and light active habits as well as bright intelligent looking countenances; and their youthful apjiearance would be no objection to them, i were brave and efficient soldiers wanted. Focxth Wakd I'hios Clcb is A lex a n ubi a ? A very enthusiastic meeting of those favoring the election of Bell and F.verett, in the Fourth Ward. ey* tbe Alexandria Gazette, wm held at tbe caster) an School-house Thursday night, Uro U. Harper to tbe chair A committee wj appointed to report pernianent oflrtra. and. after oonaultatation, reported tbe following, who were uuauimonsly elected President, 8. G Harper; Vice President, D L Smoot: Secretary, Jacob Roxbury; Treasurer, W B Price. The constitution of the Alexandria L'Dion Club, witb tbe neceaaary alterations, waa adopted aa tbe constitution of the clab. The Chair wai authorized to appoint an executive committee It waa determined that tbe clob meet every other Thurtday night at tbe Lan( aiterlan School room, and a vote of thanks waa tendered Mr Beach for the use of tbe schoolroom; and a number of names having been enrolled, tbe meeting adjourned until next Wednesday night week Tut Gala Toreuawest of the Presldent a Mounted Guard at Arliruton Springs, to con.e off on Monday next, is to be one of tbe tallest entertainments of tbe season. The pre pa ratio, s are pei fee ted oa a moot admirable scale, and no pains has oeen spared by tbe committer to secure the fullest possible eujoyment of tbe alf*ir by tbese who may attend. The prize wreaths "Iiu ! !> hi u?- pmrutru w iuc ?n vuiiuui *aui?ri? to bestow upon the anldi?( honor, are already prrpeied tod in ay he seen at the show window < f Ferr> 'a dry good ee?abllato ment. comer of .Ninth tree* and tr.e avenue They are very beautiful and valuable and doubtleaa will be worthy git's wtll bestowed upon the fortunate maidens bo Mf receive them Chiui 01 Ks*cd ?Yestrrd y. Officer Allen arrested Terence Keenaa .who stands charged with drfraud: ni; Oeneral Davidson, of l/ootaiana, of uieney amounting to uear WUO The accuaed wrs a uathman in the employ of the General, and the 4 fr-ud is charged as having been consummated during that time He was required to glr? accBi)iv tor hewing. [ A Habiai Cblrci Cask?Yesterday. Messrs. Thrift. MUler and Csrost tried by writ of habeas rofp\i? w brim ens of Kphraiiu Halle* k. who was lately srrr*ttd by OOrer Allen under auspicious rlrrumstanee*, indicating an attempt to aell a negro not bis property into alaverv, and other offenses of a like nature, and who waa rom* mitted for a farther bearing bv Justice ponn. The result of the examination yesterday was that Judge Crawford remanded the prisoner to j*il to have his bearing u before ordered, and gave three weeks for the witnesses to appear, provided the* do not appear at the time fixed, which ia Monday next. This decision of the Judge gives lb tbe magistrates commitment for a further hearing a power to retain tbe prisoner notwithstanding the writ, and the witnessts from North Carolina can be obtained In tbe time specified without trouble The magistrate, if the witnessed should not appear on next Monday, would probably have dismissed tbe prisoner Now they havs three weeks further time granted to come forward in Officer Allen, seeing that considerable anxiety existed with regard to this man, suspected that be might be connected with other similar transactions in this vicinity, and especially tbe Armstrong f&se. which was tried a week ago In that case, Mr. Prlxxell, who arrested Armstrong and his white companion, not being able to secure three men at once, lost a white man who broke from bim. leaving bis vest, in tbe pockets of which w?re some papers Allen sent for Frizzell, w,ao came to the city and Went to the jail, and there Identified Halleck as the very man who earapeti from him. This in connection with the other charge elves a still more suspicious aspect to the cast s. TheTkxplaka is New Yoke.?A correspondent writes as follows of the recent visit of Washington Connimnrlerv of Knights Templar to New York W ishington Commandery i>f Knights Templar, under tbe command of G A Schwarzman, accompnnied by Hon B B French, Grand Master of Templars, and Rev D Haley, Grand Prelate, was received here with great eclat. Un their arrival at Amboy they were met by a deputation from New York and Brooklyn, accompanied l>y a tine band of music. On landing at the Battery ther were received by a numerous escort with another band. Speeches of welcome were made here, to which responses were made by W. B Hubbard, B B. French, and G. A. Sc.hwarzman Fr.mi tbe Battery they were marched through Broadway to their quarters The next rrornlug they were escorted to the Great Kastern. nud several hours were spent in examining the wonders of that truly marvelous vessel I in FH/lnv uonint* * ? * ?? 4 - a ^lUlIU Uaill^liri WOS I tf II HJ I the New York and Brooklyn Templars at the Lafarge Hotel. But Saturday was the day of triumph: the weather was magniticeut, and the Knight* were marched through Broadway to Pulton street, and through the principal stree's in Brooklyn The sidewalks were thronged with spectators. and from the upper windows were boats of ladie* waving handkerchiefs and expr^ssing the mcst unqnalitted delight at the splendid appearance of the Con.mandery. 5o far as I can learn, the visit of the Templars has been one of nnalloved pleasure and will be long reinemU > I uciTu ny uinr QHU." Editor Stab : I* the Police of Washington formed for protection or insult?for protection against, or for the committal of, abuse? This morning, the sob* riber of this note, an old supporter of >our impartial paper, was standing on the avetine. in front of Brown's, looking upon the reception of the Chicago Zouave*; a Hue had been formed to permit the eutry of the litter to Brown's, and be had conformed to that requirement: but, notwithstanding that fact, one of the model Polli e passing, thrnst him heavily backward, with cieni hed hand ?nd arm; and on the former turning and looking steadily at him. had wafted to hi in the words for which others are arrested, - Dami. it, I'll do you worse than that, if y?i do not yet out of the wav prefacing the remark by a slur upon the look, which was given only in surprise and contempt, because the person, from delicate health, wai Incapacitated from me*tin2 tbe insult In the manuer it deserved jt it juat" that citizen*, willing upon proper notice to comply Willi all municipal regulation*, are to be treated with the lownesa of the bravo ? Aug 4, 1*60. A.n Old Sgbsckibkr. Work Aroi-sd thr Capitol and !n the building itself is more vigorous than for < me time p<at Ground baa Keen broken for the (lights of steps on tbe eaat aide both of tbe Senate and House of kepresentativea ; and. in the case of the latter, the masonry is advanced nearly to the level of the ;?rnund. The Iron-palings between the Capitol and ttie enclosed |>ark due eaat of it have been removed, preparatory to Betting the road further back Ground haa also been broken justwthin the wrst Capitol gate for the samegeneral purpose of extension. The naval monument, that has for so many yeara occupied the centre of tbe basin of water in tiis paved flope on the wi-atern approach t > the Capitol, bas been removed. The last of tbe marble statu, s was tak*n away yesterday for conveyance to Annapolis, where the monument will be reinstated In the interior ef tbe south wing plasterers are engaged in r? plasteriug tbe walls to the ritfht, l?*ft, and front of tbe flight of au-ps leading to the hall of the Houae of Representatives, a-id in tbe hall itself the desks, formirlir - t ; - j liavf ?>een replaced From all appear?!>< ?? the lmproven:enti to come from these change* will be considerable. Criminal Cockt ?No business of Importance wa? transacted yesterday, on accomit of the absence of several witnesses in the sevtral cases called for trial. Kphralm Halleck. charged with endeavoring to s-11 a slave belonging to a gentleman In North Carolina, was brought Into Couit from jail, on a writ of habeas corpus, and motiou for illf hary?* from Imprisonment was made and ars' '-d by hi* I counsel ? Mes?rs. Thrift and MiMrf?upon alleged Illegality of the writ i.f Commitment, and want of evidence sho'wing the prisoner guilty of the After a hearing, and upon affidavit made j In open court by Offi'.cr Allen, the Jndjte re manded the prisoner. and dieted that, in case ' the muter of the said slave did not appear within two weeks, the prisoner be discharged from custody. 44 Ujiios Pclfit "?Messrs Joseph IJ Bradley, Jr , M. H. Miller. R. T. Mosse.l. Henry- Heard, J. ri Moore, T.J. Majjruder, and Wm J Rhees, Committee on behalf of the Young Men's Christian Association in Washington city have published a book of sermons composed by eminent divines of ail tLe diO'erent ProUstant denominations The general object of the publication, is to do g?>od The pecuniary object ' Is to enable the Young Men's Christian Association of Washington t<> provide at tbis centre of |>olittcal and octal inU i'-n- e ;i su'-tibie Hall, commudious, attractive, aiid accessible, with a library, readingroom and other appliances fur social, intellectual, and spiritual improvement, worthy of the city, and of the Christian and moral sentiment of the whole nation."' ThxGrkat Kastkbw left New York on Thursday evening, at tt o'clock, with &*) passengers on board. She was met at sea ten miles south of Sandy Hook, with side wheels and propeller troing. and looking majestically. It was suppostd she would reach Hampton Roads by 5 o'clock last evening. The steamboat Haiti more left Washington yesterday morning with a number of passengers for Old Point, Norfolk, and the Great Kastern. We would call the attention of readers to the advertisement of Mr. Smith, m ister of transportation of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. In relation to the railroad accommodations for visiting the Great Kastern during the coming week. Thk following bills have been approved by the Mayor:?For rebuilding a bridge across the canal at'the intersection of Virginia avenue and hnsitw atsaut ma* 1* ? . VV?, 1IW? ALW ?UBU <f tCTk III widtb; repairing a lewrr at tlie intersection of Ninth street and Massachusetts avenue; a bill making it unlawful to enlarge, eatabliab, lay off, or conduct any aoap or caudle factory, bone-boiling or other establishments whereby offensive odors are generated. within twelve months. within 150 yards of any dwelling, unleaa two thirds of tbe owners or occupiers of the adjacent property give their conaent. Bkak ik xixd the beautiful exhibition, the eicrlieut music, and the copioua ahower of golden gifts at Odd Fellow's Hall, thia evening it la tbe laat nltfht of tbe pffn-nt engagement of the Museum of Arts, and will, of course, be tbe occasion of a general rush Forty coatly presents,valued at $?25. are to be distributed among the audieace. For particulars, str advertisement in another columa. t ? _ 111 <i * s _ _ -?? _ - ?,?i\tkactor* wut ana in anoioer column an advertisement by the Commissioner of Public Baiidings, Inviting urupowli for grading, curblug, and laying tbe brick pavement, and paring the gutters, &c., on tbe south side of Missouri avruue, between Third and Sixth streets west, connected on Four-and -l-half street by a flag footw?y Thi Gkahd Excvesior of the Odd Fellows to Analoatan Island, on Wednesday next, for the brneflt of their library, is expected to be a soperb att'dir, and will of course be very numerously attended by our citizens. See advertisement in n >ther column Phi CoaposATiox Taxes for tbe year 1060 are now due and payable at the collector's olltce 1 he law aPows an abatement on the annusl tax of 5 p?r cent , if paid on or before the 1st day of September. t?tivkss 1> making extensive preparation* for tbe lumlu t of the ladle* during the hour* of ale, commencing at n'ne o'clock, on Monday morning. at tbe store 33b Pa. avenue, between | Nintb and Tenth street* f Cexteal Guardhouse Case* ?Mary Brown, drunk; diamlaard. David Barry, drunk and disorderly; line and coat*, 92.13; workbouae 60 day*, In defkult of payment. Th? AQcrorrT ?We are oUcialtv Informed that tbe work on bridge No 0 of tbe Washington Aqueduct (across Rock creek) W}li be roumtd ou Monday morning nest. The Hirdu?9r Gcakds? We understand that a very handaome compltirent w? pnld to tbe lata Brevet Brijr.O?i Henderson on Thursday night, by the National Blurt, a company whtcn wm organized mnif month* .ago in tbe First W ard. and whose present captain Is Mr H H. Ileaderson. Tbe company hits tUhri itnal/ tbe Hend< r?on Guard#, on account of tli?- lone, ?allint and faithful senrtres of tbe lateCnmma dant of the Marine Corps The company bonorrd their captain last ninbt with a strenade. and when called upon to make some remarks, be stated that he had accepted the position with aome hesitation, fearing that be might not do justice to tbc company. He proceeded to lay that he expected from tbe members prompt cooperation and a cheerful and steady discipline To be a good soldier is to rise to an elevated and noble scale of manbood Tbe qualities required ate patience, perseverance, endurance, forbearance toward your comrades, generosity, a freedom from all that is little and base, and a courage of the loftiest kind Tbe laurel crown Is suspended high from reach?so much tbe greater tbe reward of blm wbo wins and wears it. As there are no Army troops near to serve as models, allow me to beg you to observe tbe drill, discipline, and bearing of tbe U. 9. Marines I am fortunate in having obtained Sergeant Buckley to drill you occasionally, as no one Vn that respect Is more thorough or efficient than himself Ahd now I cannot let this opportunity pass without sincerely thanking you for the very kind compliment you have paid me. I beg you to believe that 1 entirely appreciate it. In selecting tbe name for your company, you have touched every feeling of filial pride within my breast; and not of pride only, but of heartfelt affection. That officer, after whom yon have named yourselves, is said to have been a father, not only to his family, but to his troops As for myself. I know that I almost forgot the parent in the man, and that my i highest ambition Is never to trail hia banner In j the dust. Mav It be said of me that the son at least endeavored to follow In the footsteps of bit father and bis friend Since I have assumed the command of your company I have seen every reason to be pleased wttb the step I have taken, and none to regret It I hope that you will prove good soldiers and good citizens May the cause of our country be ever nearest to your hearts, and may you devote your energies and your best exertions,and if necessary, your strong arms and vour keen bayonets to the support of the Constitution of the I nlted States, the rights of the States, and the liberties of the people. Regulations forth* Collection of Taxes is the city of Washington ?Very little charge ! has been made In the law prescribing regulations and limitations for the collection of taxes imposed on goods and chatties and personal effects in the Citv of Washington, but what change has been made is material. Section first reads thus: " Be it matted, That all taxes, except taxes on real property,'imposed, or which may here- j after be imposed unaer authority of any act of ( Congress relative to the Incorporation of the city of Washington, may be collected by distress and aale of the goods ana chatties and personal e'TVcta of the persons or person chargeable therewith, where the value shall exceed #10(1, not otherwise, under the following regulations and limitations, that is to say : 1 It shall be the duty of the collector of taxis, I a* early as practicable after the annual tax-books shall have been placed In his hands, to caute the tax-bills to be mnde out. and when the same are ready for delivery, he shall give at least ten days' notice of that fact by advertisement, at the expense of the Corporation, in all the daily newsnanars nuKl ! ?-? -1 ?a *? ? vi a puuiiouru ill lUC tuy UI Tt asuai^ion. IOT 3 period of not less than twenty day*, warning all persons that if such taxes are not paid at the office of the Raid collector within sixty days from the I date of such advertisement, the same will he rol- . lected by distress and sale of the goods and ch it- j ties and personal effects of the person or persons respectively chargeable therewith. 2 After the expraion of such term of tixty days, the said collector shall, without further delay, proceed to collect such taxes as shall be In arrears and unpaid, by distress and the sale of the goods and chatties and personal effects of the person or persons respetti vely chargeable therewith, first making at the time and place at such distress, a demand for the payment of such taxes upon the person chargeable therewith, or in his j or her absence, upon any person of his or her I ramilv, or other purion wtoanoever, who may appear to be in charge of the good* and chatties and personal effects intended to l>e distrained, or of the premises where the same may be situated. Polic* Matters?Btfort Justice Bnrnaclo? i Christian Dice, carrying concealed weapons; &20.91 Jas Ross, disorderly; f 1.91. MaryRoss, do.; 94. John Roach, vagrant; workhouse 30 days Pattick Downes, cursing In the streets; ft'2.94. Edward I'mpbries, disorderly; ?3 94. J. W. Welsh, cursing and swearing in the streets; 3.38 Geo Hurnnardt, malicious mischief In kicking down a fence; ?5 94. Johanna Maack, cursing In public; SI 94. Joseph L. Cartun, profanity; SI o-S. Mary Frazier, profane language; S2.94 Dan Stewart, carrying concealed wenpons; S'J0 91. Rlchiird ItraitforH dfnnk?nHillunJ?>li.' workhouse 30days Geo. Wilson, carrying a concealrd weapon; ttt.Ot. Jos Johnson, disorderly; 91 5?. Tbos Walsh, having hack on stand on Sunday; |3 15. Ellen Mahoney, drunk and disorderly; ?(> 15 Amanda Young, disorderly conduct; Jfl 1>1 Ellen Martin, aisorderly; |104. Henry Matthews and Barney Kelly were had up on a charge of stealing a mortar, and each held to bail for court. Lawrence Smith, charged with larceny of a coat; ball for court. Btjore Justice Thompson.? We learn that a larger number of Corjioration cases have been tried at this office during the last month than heretofore. Si; Warrants have been Issued against the driver of an omnibus for occupying a stand and waiting for f<tre oa Sunday, the 2*Jd,and Sunday, the 2!)th ult. The defendant was convicted and j fined in three of the above cases We learn that j great disorder has arisen from the unlawful prac- i tier >! running otiiniDiin-i ana narks on funday to place* of public resort and entertainment just beyond the limits of the Corporation, and taking up and Betting down passengers at the oinnihua and other appointed stands in this city. In the cases of the hack drivers charued witu running their carriages on Sunday, the *2*2d July, nine convictions out of the twelve cases tried were made, and th? defendants lined each SI and costs Four warrants were issued yesterday at thi? ottice against persons cbarged with keeping hoga in pens within seventy-five feet of inhabited dwellings. These cases are not yet disposed of. The District Military.?Editor Star: lu behalf of the poor "apology for military in this citv." some reply to the writer who signs hims'lf ' A Military Man" is necesstry. In thefcrstplace, the United States Army does not {tosses* such a remarkable military suprttnacy when we compare them with the military establishments of Kurope, and speak of wtll-trnined and tiisri/ilint/i troops; and where this deficiency is so apparent in what we Americans regard as our >l models," how is It that some such person as the " Military Man'' presumes to speak on the ' astonishing merits *' of the National Rifle* *n<4 -? much slush upon the balance of tbe military of this city? Are all tbe military qualities of the soldier alone confined to tbia particular corps? If so. they are blt?saed. and are an extraordinary exception. "Military Man," whilst "locked arm in arm'' with an M C., was certainly blessed with a rare and incomparable sight jn witnessing tbe ?' Naiad Queen" tactics of the Rifles M. C.'s have an elevating Influence011 tbe minds of many persons, and to this may be ascribed the flowing eft'ustons of bis pen. 1 will inform "Military Man' that Washington has bad some good soldierly material In it; and, independent of services of many on tbe fields of Mexico, which is calculated to make soldiers, some of it has received the endorsement of as perfect an army Instructor ;,s ever stood before a company of regulars, be having been an accomplished soldier in the Knglish army, and an instructor In our own; and certainly th' se having received this endorsement, and who made no fuss about it_ ar?* not ?n k?ku,.? k-. i Rifles aa "Military Man" is disposed to place tbem. "Military Man" bad beat five bis name In future communications, and allow us to judge of bis superior qualities and position, before per* mitting blm to thus make pre-eminent one corps and casting the balance far below mediocrity. He may rest assured tbat this balance, however contemptible In his eyes, have a sufficient amount of the qualities of soldiers to out-rival his own. Anothbk Military Man. Edito* Stab : The remarks of your correspondent Ambulant," a few days ago, as to the wretchedly neglected condition of our side-walks, (not to speak of broken and sunk ttag-wavsaad of carriage-traps of gutters,) are Indeed well called for. Our foot-wavs have never been in a more dilapidated, miserable condition all over the city than tbev are at present, and it Is hoped that before another return of the W ashington season there will be a general Insurrection of bricks, and thst Mavnr m th? * rhi#f i? I ? j , -?? -% wmv? uuvtci ?uc iaWj will leave no stone unturned to insure us an even tenor of our wavs throughout the city, even if not rivalling the (Kamps Elypfees Such a delay is at present is the more disgraceful, at It coats the corporation nothing to carry out the law, and the official* concerned, bnt a little energy and attention. As an example, and good locality to begin with, I direct their attention to both alaes of 8eventh street between L and M streets, north. Pakk-IK. Jiilovrt -On Monday, officer Kimball arrested Miss A. E. Posey, colored, upon the complaint of Virginia MaLorde, col , who claimed the protection of the law, considering the reception of the following note as sufficient reas->n to fear that serious bodily injury was intended to be administered by the writer. We give the note verbatim et literatim: To Miss Vireiner Malx>rde Ill tell you once For all If 1 ever catch you in Mr. H.'a Room i mesne to atrlpe of every Rag of clothing you have on. you Llttel thought that i here of your being there to-day Heading ap to aee If be wa? it bonne 1 waited For you to come up i was tbere to Receive you and a reception l?ouk to be remembered bf yo?. . E Posit , She ww taken before .luetic* Doon. who or- i dertd ber to give fecurity for pr?*. t # Capture or Pwoitt?Deputy Marshall George W Phillips, acting upon information remlrid that Ktitntt. wboie recent escape from the ciMtedy at Maters while on his way from tl*? conntv jail to the ronrt mom to receive hi* *?? t?>nre for horse stealing. cf which be had t>?en coiivl< led, and noticed iu the Star at the time, in de arrangements fur his rec pture, and succeeded at an early hour this morning. Deputy Phillips, with Jailor King. and Messrs Hobinson, W ilaon, McGowan and Goddard, jail guards, planned to make a dnwil npon the house of Fiigltt's father and the house of a Mrs Hooper, at the Navy.Yard, simultaneously. Captain fcinc, with Mr. Goddard, went to Mr KugiU's. while the Deputy. with the remainder of the guard, went to Mrs Hooper's. '1 hey became satisfied that they were on the right track at the latter point, and soon discovered the fugitive secreted uader the floor nf the basement To get him out reqnired some labor: for they had to rip up the ?r Ik. I .. - ?.- ? I buvi u? me uuuic aojuining, ai wm as icr a nor of Mrs. Hooper'* bouse, to get at blm. This was con accomplished, and be was soon again in tbe custody of tbe Marshal If tbe otHi irs bad not gone at tbe time tbev did, tbey in all probability would have missed them Five minute# earlier he was not there, and a little later he would have left. It la said he baa not at any time been further than Alexandria. N arrow F.scafi ?Bell and Everett came near losing a zealous friend to-day. As the steamer George Page was pasalne up at noon, a man standing on a decayed pier, of wood and stone, opposite tbe arsenal, cheered repeatedly for "Bell " He'.nu more Intent an bis candidate tban bis platform, bit foot dipped, and In an Instant be w?s struggling In deep water. He went down like b*11 metal but came up like cork, and piddled finely for a moment; but be could not swim, and bell metal predominated, and down he was volng again, wben his only companion, thought It time to interfere, and leaping into the water, helped the drowniug man to tbe side of the pier. He climbed beautifully, and was soon sented on the rocks drying himtelf. He was looking remarkably meek when we lost sight of him ?Alt.zani/ria >emtinei. i?citl 1'rbvbntkd ?Yesterday.Policeman Yeatmiin arrested two young gentlemen, named W'm. T.William* and A. Rusaell. between whom it wag alleged a challenge to ^mortal combat ' wai in transitu. They were takep b*Xore Justice l)onn, who held them to bail in S^.tiOO each, to keep the peace and not violate tbe dueling law It is proper to add that tbe challenged party, or the gentleman who was to have been challenged, expr?as-d much surprise when arrested, and avowed that he never bad and never would fight a duel, and never would accept a challenge; that he had not received any hostile message ?>r paper as charged, and if he had would not have noticed it; and, finally, though he would defend himseif if attacked as the law allows, that he did not wish to make himself a target for anybody to shoot at. The Justlce released him on his owu recognizance to keep the peace. I Tub Alexandria Gymha^tm ?The Gazette of this morning says :?' The young men of this city held another meeting at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association on Thursday night, to organize a gymnasium, the number in attendance being quite large. O. P. Hill was called to the chair, and L. Withers appointed Secretary. A constitution for the government of the gymnasium was adopted, and the following gentlemen were chosen its officers : Presidents?\V . A. Duncan, P. B. Hooe; Vice President?Dr. C. W. Chancellor; Secretary?G. P. Hill: Treasurer? W S. Johnston; Directors?C. \V Jett, C. i. W im*. rhas W firM>n Thm H Fowle. The association will at once proceed to establish tbe gymnasium As toon a* a suitable room is procured it will be fitted up, and ample conveniences provided for healthful and ploasant exercise." Sehioc* Accidests.?A bricklaver, named Grubb, employed at the Ninth street Presbyterian Church improvement, received two very severe cuts upon the forehead, yesterday morning, by tbe falling of two bricks froin a scaffold about forty feet above him The bricks cut entirely through his hat, leaving two deep tithes, and a half inches long over the right eye, and one about an inch long on the forehead, both very severe wounds His injuries were attended *. i. ?? ? ? ?* - * wj oy mr. jimrt nt. Italian, at nis drugstore. On Thursday afternoon, ? man fell on the corner of Ninth and F street*, near the 1'atentOffice,and fractured hii ankle, besides dislocating the joint He was attended by Drs Miller and Borrows, who dressed the injured ankle and set the bones. Center Market.?The prospect of a pleasant day and the additional attraction of the Zouaves, indnced a much larger attendance at the Center Market this morning than usual. Quite a number of persons from the country around visited the city, expecting to "kill two birds with one stone" ?sell their produce and see the soldiers The supply was ample and of excellent quality; the prices, in consequence of the Increased supply, were In manv respects moderate The attendance of purchasers was large, and during a part of the diy a brisk demand prevailed, to the satisfaction of the dealers Good order was maintained throughout the hours of saleTim Serenade alluded to in the "Star" of yesterday as having been given to Mr Thomas P. Morgan, by his politital friends. In honor of his election, it seems was not so oiven?It ? signed originally only to lw? given to the captain an<l commissionedomuersof the Henderson Guard, and by general content extended to the honorary members of the corps, among whom Mr Morgan'* name was found The serenade was participated in by the friends allke of Mr. Karle and' Mr Morgan, and was never designed as a political ovation. The handsome reception given by Mr S S Parkf r was also utterly devoid of politl ral significance, be being also an honorary memb?. La Fkte Chamrkthk !?The Washington City Gardens, v" New Y ork avenue, between First and i*ccond sts., will on Monday evening next be the center of attrai tion for our amusement-loving citizens Plenty of sport mnv be expected in the sack race and novelties At dark, several splen.lid montgolfler balloons, with fireworks attached, will be sent up - Excellent music will be In attendance The entertainments will commence about 4 o'clock. Noble Act.?Yesterday, policemen Watson and Uinnlty, having occasion to pass through the old St John's p rave-yard, from which the bodies have been partly removed, discovered several uien laboring to get a cow out of an old grave into which etie bad fallen. The laborers failed; but the |>oli<-emf 11 cast ofl' their uuiforins and got a spade, and by hard work succeeded in relieving the poor animal. Mr. John Wood, one of the oldest, most res* pec ted. and most estimable citizens of Alexandria died suddenly yesterday morning. He bad be? n to church on Thursday night, where he was tirtt stricken with illness; he retired to his chamber, and died before sunrise of the next day. A New Idka ?A grand prize picnic is to be given at Analostan Island on Mondav. the 13th Inst . at which one hundred present! will be distributed by lot amonx the ticket-holders For particulars of the novel and decidedly popular affair see advertisement In another column. Niss O'clock ?Decidedly the most attractive and Important information of tbe day is the auction sale of Stevens's fancy (roods, which will be continued on Mondav, at 330 Pa. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. f Ikv.oorate the ststsm.?Two thirds of our diseases proceed from deran<ements of the *tomach ami the nerves. A want of vigor in the digestive organs cause* an imm?nse amount of discomfort. l>otli in body and mind One prtpnratioH and one only, reaches the cause and the consequences of tins diseonilbrt. To give streusth to the weakened stomach, to calin the agitated nerves and to restore that regularity of action in all the organs which constitute peifvct health and tend to secure a long and painless life, there is no medioine now i efore the world which will compare with Hoswtrr't btomtr* Buter*. It would lie an insult tothereader to Ruppose that he has uot heard of their amaxicg suecess in Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Ucncial jjHnmij, ami ail me disorders to which ibe stomach, the liver, the bowels and the nervous system are subject. 80 mar veloua is the effect of this'great restorative that physicians of eminence do not hesitate to affix their names aa witnesses to the testimonials or persons who have heen rescued from suffering anil danger by the Bitters, when the remedies ol the dispvnsary had all l>een tried without avail , Sold by all druggists everywhere. jy 31 eo3t Fhom Da I.iwh, or VnsoxT. Bukuhoton, Vt.. No?. 12,1854. Otntltmru : 1 ain pleased o it ate that 1 have triad thd Osytr.nat' i Bitten for Indication and Ltobilitjr, and found immediate relief using only a part of a hottl-. J tare I At gitalin ton/vie tut tit t( ?.? aeurtjot DytP'Pttn nnd Gt'trai Debility, and rcoommend it witn much pleasure to ah persons laboring u-der those diseases. You are at libe ty to uae thia as yon think proper to promote the tale of this exoelient medicine. Yours, Ac , J axis Liwit. The OrytenM-ltd Bitter* give a healthy tone to the Stomach and Digestive System, and act as the surest preservative against Fever and Ague, as well aa other infectious diseisrs. Prepared by S. \V. Fowle & Co., Boston, aad for sale by Z. D. Oiiman.S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarae, Nairn ft Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. jy 311,w,r i r?r?oai ueamnc remuea WU & wayi tin th*m for ?icImui(* tt th* Btur OK?? Miittiv MARRIED. On the 3d instant, at St Aloruua Church, by Rat, Father Mtfuire, >ETI.R G\LLANT. of thia city, to Mih MARY K. MURRAY of Prinoe Oeorge'a county, Md. DUD, . On Saturday, Aufu?t ?th, M AROARETT LEWIS, in theflith year of her a?e 'Bl^eaed are the dead who die in tha Lord, faith the Spirit, Tor they reet from thai' labors." * (Maryland papera oopy.t On the ltt Lnttant, A.JiNIK, aged 5 month* and daughter of Patrick W. and Bridget Eiekey, THE WECILY iTtl * I 117" Tb*t valuable and popular family journal, . the Winn Stai. fell u neunl of Metropolitan neve and goaalp. and choice lltmry reedlug. la now on oar counter ready for delivery to the p<ib lie. Kmhrii rd ]n iu entertaining rententtare the following arttclra: Early Rising?m poem by John G. Sase. Tk' Stratagem? nrrjr imtire*ting ttorf: Arthtfifhop High** Among tk* La dm?a pratttfi rpeeth. An Ingrwiou* fittt of Work, " Bt Kind"?a poettt grm, The Vistt qf tht Prtmtt of Wnltj to America; The Mother and Stitrr / Mr. lMmgiat, On* of tkt Meteor,r StMHi, Wtat Bttmtits oftk* Xtwtpaptr*; Affair* in M*sito; Ndiftni intelligent*; Tkt Masf-rei in Sj ria. A Volcano at Work; Tine Grower* Conrmtion, Waiting Jot a Litter? a poem; Dtatk Warranj of Ckrist; Why do Children Dn, Abut* of Human Rights; A Setnt ia the House tf Lords; Tht Apprehended Civil War at Ottotjuan: Tk* Latt Meteor: Blondin's Last Crazy Ftat; Appomranct of tkt Prinet of Waits; Alleged Murderer Arrested; Another Meteor Seem. Baltimore as *t is; Mammon rt. Hfmn Tkt Sight of a Beautiful Blind Girl Restored by Marriage. The Zouave* an their Tour; The Trip of the Gteat Eastern to Cape May; (tar Watering Plate Cor retpondente; Treaty with J*\ an; Another Horror t? low: The Soft of the Sultan to the Frtnrk Emperor; Movements of Gen Walker; Operations of the Patent Office; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Cmerts; Distribution of M'dais and Premiums to the Pupils of the First and Fourth Public Sehools; The Bell and Everett Club: Republican Meeting; The Steamboat Actident at Alexandria; Serenade to the Hon. Daniel S Die km son and hit Spteeh on the Occasion; Virit of For. Father T. J. V Toole to the City?his reception by the Catholic Total Abstinence Sotuty, speech, serf neide. jr.: Sketches of Summer Travel?five very interesting UttfTi from tk? KAttnr MAW A- ? ?* * 'rl - Trovble at Oecoqunn Ended; The .V> ir Ahruidtn Mint; Department Nevs; Editorials; Washington Nevs and Gossip; Local Intelligence. fc., ft ; Late Ne*#?, foreign and domestic, by mail nnd telegraph; Interesting Personal Itrms; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention This 1* just the paper above all other* for person* sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only three cnts per copy, or SI to per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. P LIST UK LETTERS IB til* Poet OfltoO, WMhlngtOL City, D. C., Auiuit 4, I860. [Ordered to be inserted in the Ktkjtso Stak, it being the aewapaper having the orgeat oirculatio* of any daily paper published in Washington.] II7-A11 persons apply! ng for letters in the followlug .ist, will pieaae say they are adtkitihid. , LADIES* LIST. Ad?mt,A):c? M: i,L?ur? Rodpfra, Mr? Cath Alexander. H irriet Hill, Heater' Swr r. Mm Li;u? Brown, Mn Win H.h, M r? Charlotte > .Mn.Muy Burkt. Ml** y\mrgt H lit I!.im C Brnit, Mih ? B?rtx>ur. Ellen Harper. Miry (" bnmh. Mih Miru Bronkt, Julia How-trd, Mr?E A B Smith, Kate T i Bennc". A i iliac H?rm. A nf K S(.-r<.Mar K Clark, Mary Harru, Mra Li :y 8te?niaor.,'Miaa J ri..b i u-i> ? ? v,.? naiiraii-i i, ..iury oinfti", Locy (J Chase, Emily Jooti, Aiuelit Sirhrechh, At.n* Colliui. Mtm Jopnuo, >1 rn 8kiii>tr, Mu? Collina, Mr* W P Johiua, Mri Eltti SuckiKj, W ) Conner*, Mary Joh>.?r>n. M.rj Ht w?nr?el. Mn R I (Joburn, Miry J Joh?*o?i, Miu Aim feenkaum. Mad J I Co | Mn L Keunedy, MiuA E Murpe, Mm Mary \ Duraiid, Mr* Linf, Mm Aaote Turin,, Mn Bank l>avi?, Mirn Le?n,Mr?C Thoiu??, MnMarieo Dti 'tn, Hetty L * ren^e, Mn F E Terre't, M L DeVn-.gui. Mn (i Le?iw M1U K .>r'e Tm V K j Peeo?e?, Helen M<c,Mir(<r?t Ipdike, Mri E run u , Miu b M ody.S rah W rlili, MriJina . [hiTill, Jjoe Milhnro. Mn C V cid, Mn S W E?t <n, Mi??Orne M r*h ill, 8t?ie V'?i- . Jine 8 K??m, Al'tn K Middleton, L) <1t? Warde, Mr* i Kiinn, M-?ry Mullen. Elit beth Wwi, M/> Bir?h 1 t<vir'i,MriElirt Martial, K uny W'illeu, E fc Polk, Mr* E Mitchell, Lilly W-lliaii,*<<n, Mr*t?*o ' frttcn, Mr* Miry Mc'Miirt. Cynthia V\ hitaker, Mn ) M Fry, Mr* 8-.'e T L Mr8??m?, Mn Wi',ffc(rf?r, Mini ' Foley, .Vi.irr tUborii, Air* E A W illiaiua, Mn J Kram er, Mr* A'i? U'NnI, Ellen W?ldo. Mn 8 Green, Mn Fauuy Patteroou, Mary L Ynunr. Mr* O A iireao, Miaa V Petor, M ?d V Youur. M M Griffin, Mr* Patu*on,Mary Yerby,Mi**V 1 breabrey, Anuie Rokaaoii, lute II I GENTLEMEN'S LIST. , Artrtuong, W L Faherle.Juo Phillip*, W R?i Austin, L?r Ju M Funk, Henry Palmer, W C Alcorn, Jno Fitxpatnek, B l>i.n. W T Allyne, H 8 Futke*. HC Fim^, Ju j Abraham, li F Gardener, N H Pou.?>o J B t Aiifiu. Kucen* Graufe, Win Paint, G W Auder*on,C C Garoer.Tho* PreiiUM.G A A(tl?(r,Cha*?I Oiuli, RH Porter, L> D ?' ycr, W M Gihboo*. Ju A Parry, A W Bio* ne, W W Geere,J8 runiAacc, C Burley.Thoe Coma. J G Redwood, W H Brem.Ttioa Y Grvlloe, Jo* Roach, Wio , Br^ynard, T L Griffith, J W Rider, I?r K K Boone, 8 I runee, Jno F Richardeoi,, R T?I ' BI-achird.L B Gi??, H N Rooch, Jas | Boirmui, R R GtlTahcr, C8 Rtae.Geo Bal lwin.P Herbert, GN Roger*. Geo Bredwell, M F Hunter, W C Rive*, F 8 Brown. F J Hnli, W B Rogera, AW ' Bacon, Aloiiio Hammond, M Hot .(ford, A O Brown, J B?1 Hu 1*on, W V Bmoott, R Brice, J J Hant, M Kur a dcu, R Boyd, Ur J?9 Hyatt, Th-d 8t John, Sir , Butler, J L H Oman, 8 Schutter.Mr Barreuger, J B Hughe*. R B Br r rill, L W Bowcn, J L Hotel,, Wm BoatherUnd, L M Rna J tk H-iar/4 B D hi ? .?U I I Bittt, Hear; Htor.R , Boclienheinitr, H Hebron, } H 8 mh, J P H iiruiu. H t)?2 Harrison, J Iklitaitr, J O Bmarii.GroM Hoffwui, H B H'o* ken, J B, )r Bickler, G?o?9 Hvhimii , H B Slioccri, 1 L B"!cti, G H Huth, K G Joe Bir lett.GT Hutehiaou, K S.bley.Joo Bochler, OA Hoyt, E 8 Seyboli, Ira 1 Brook*. E N llickri, Chaa Ri(?<n.JuoN J Brown, Batlejr H-burn.C S-h.rt.ii i Brown, B C Sunden 0 N I Brjdj, Andrew Hut, A J Km wart, Uch Criatit, A C lr?w?, Win Wi?w, G K Ccopden, W H Udell, Xeleon Kmiih. f G Chamber*, T J?? Jonea, Capi T Srudbolu.. f Cawood.8 Johuaon, 1 koa J VitXBa, Lbca L , Chut, S P Juoca, Jno E Sirauou AD>?ti.porl 1 C'tInu, 8 P Jociri, G*o W Biriih, Or 1 I'uraf, N Jannaon, A B Krotl, i; M I Cheatham, W P Kfllejr, Tho? L Schmnii, C P P.. t.j. i? ??- " ? J -I #?v OIKIUl, L IV Coiater, M C KiUun., Capt ? ???-, A C C*verl?, Z B Kiuliiun, C S Spencer, A Clark, Ja* Ken, O'haa E Tli..ui?a, H H C*rt-r, Jaa W O Thori.toa, R a C"r.*tord, J P K Lenom, Walter Tuttle.PS I CHndfe.Joa l.-wia, Capt L Timine, JF Cuiitngham, J R Long-den, ? T Taylor, Jno Ci4lijr;ta, Jno?9 L*inj, Dsvrf Cndera ood, Joo?3 * Coyle, Edmood Lmdaly, C t pham * Co, Henr* Carter, C H Moffat, Thoa Vincent,}' CooWy, B?2 Minor, Smith Wetater, W Clemeua, B Milea, 8 B Webb, RT , Cowry H C Marcellna. R H Weber, R Doukioaon, W H Mattair, L H Webaler, N Dougm. Win Maiijtn, Jno Williooie Mr t Oobney.Tho* Morj.n.Ju Wealing, Mr r Dowluir, R Milea, t H Wmeberrcr, L Doff, J 3 Miliar, I' H Wood, L A Dillon, Jno Mirav.D Wright, J H Dana, Jno W McNeal, A ^'yrick, Joe D??el<y, F McCanu, D C W.llar, Joa Dobbj?, P McLaughlin, I) Wallaca.J N C ^ u, E J McConuell, ( E WiImb. Jno H " Dickina, A 3 McCrea, J M?2 W aera, Joa R Dickaon, A McCabe, Jno W ahinrto?, H W 1 sricMon, jvievary, L WiImmi, Hirun fci.liumn, J 8 McNfflj, W N Wilkiu?ou, Qeo Edmoution. J N McL?iu, Tho? Wuod?,G?oW Erleslon, J R 0'F*hert?, D W (r ad.t Et.rit, Fred Offntt, N M Witltl, E Eclrlkcinp, B Okiaoti, Nelaoa Wodaworth, E C Kalcaiicr.JA?3 O'Neil, Jt.o WiUoa.CC F?I??,T J Prutwi, Wm Ward, Dr A Kuher, Ju A Pcabody, N P Youmg, I>r W B MISCELLANEOUS ?B H ; X T Z.?2; L E L; Sar J vaut of Richd Palter. j IH^LBTTK&> MCIT in ALL CACKI BI Prepaid. t Ann* WM. JONES. P. M. AMUSEMENTS. ! AT ODD FLLLOW8' HALL! SATUkDAY EVENING. August 4. t MONSTFR J*HOWER~OF SOLDKN GIFTS! ' and Last Night of the present engagement of THIODON'S ML'SKt'M OF ART8! | FORTY BEAUTTFOL PRESENTS, Valukd at 93SA, Given *?* fr?* ol r h?.rr* in ?*rt winiiilinr nf Superb Silver-plated Tea Service, iq 6 piece*, , all included in one gilt; Two Gold Watches, I Two Silver Watches, I Silver Plated Cake Baskets, Goblets and Mugs, y Beautiful Camw and Mosaic Set. o Rings, Bracelets. *c. t Orchester?Violin,C. G. Bimo; l*iano, Piof. kiill . Tickets of adnti?ston, on this oooasion, to a 1 ' parts of the hall 90 ots.; for sale at H. Soinken's, 1 *30 Pa. ar., bet. Mh and loth its , where the eree- * ents may be seen. '1 ickets may also be had at the * hall from 9 a m. to 6 p. m., and on the evening of a the perfortnanoe. J Doors open at 7fc; commence at . au 3 (, ATL^FLER^TWA^lNGTJN?iTYGAR- J (iVste York ar? and 2d its. ) ? MONDAY, August 6TH. ILT Am efficient polioe will be on the rroond. 6 Excellent music will enliven the Entertainmenta. [ Admission 25 cents : children 1? ?Mti ' , LA FETE CHAMPt THh' ? jy Sl-tf C. STWALTER. J EH KREK CON?-KK'n?! RN8T LOEKKLKR, Ntt York rrmm*, fca- I W'M* I ft mmd id iirMU, womd rnaaeeuully 1 Me to the tuDiio tut A CONNER 1' ol|H J SELECT MUStO will bertroa every MON 1?F ? DAY aod THURSDAY EVENINGS danaa tec mmoq, at Aia Pavilion, ooaunenaini at S o'clock 11 acd endinf at 1* p. m. Prevtoua to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to thoee deeiriaf to while 1 away m few hours in the Ml; dance. ICE ' CREAM, WATKR ICE8, andeverj ce?s .ption of CONFECTIONERY alwaje r?edy at city ?no6i? ? Parties dwirtu Ua Gardena for Pie Nic par jomc. are ro^tM** loiiwaday or two w>Uoe. THtf LATEST NEW h* T E LEOK AP H 10. (araliaa EUritaa Pit taa>r?a ft ? A * * i ? l i - ? ? - - *1 i ? - - mv ( .ins 1 ? I"'? T" w . r,g j v ?TTTWP hi** b*i received at ttoe <tf the P?tef*onr Ktf rraa. IV ?fwi rr<?m Nortt OuttlH ron tinu?a u> rome la aiowly. Kin majority la Oraavtlle county la 190 The legislative democratic ticket ta ?1?- Nl Hertford ?A reported (a'* fb* Ellta of JJ5 Warren.?An I* rraa.d airily for Kllia The dinocralK tefiilaUn ticket la elected by a aalM of the two \r1 n^t. Halifax glvea a gaia for Ellia Cabaret, aa tar a* beard from, gleea a aroall gain for Pool I,encir rtaroaipiete) gi v?"e a g*\a for F.iim Goilford gi ** laere gains la favor of P?Md Fmnklin ? Bllta hold* hli own Northampton g1 vra amall pain- for pool New Htinover glee* alight galaa for Pool Oraa>?e gtret *ool Mv gain Kuwan j;' vn large gain* for Pool Flabar la drffat?-d for tbe Senate?a democratic Icaa Wake rouaty abowa a gain for Pool of wl. Foravth >Ucwt a large gala for Pool Randolph ahowa large galna for Pool f*itco*D Diaearcn 1 <trim cim'iv electa the whole opposition tagtalaMve ticket?a gain of two mem bera W*)m? -Kllti'i to> irai 1J74 Pocl vol# WW Brunswick?Ellis 410: Pool 4(1 New Hanover ?ElPs 1,54V: PMlttl Pampaoa ?Ellia 1 (31; Pool .**' Duf lln -Ellis 1.JK; Pool itr Cohimboa ?Ellis's maj 185; a democratic loss E igeroinbr?EMs gal na 1W). Carteret?The opposition elect a Senator and member of Commons which ai* Pool galna In M?*cklinburjr. Wilaon, and Nam counties Ellti has ainall cains [Th an Dispatch 1 Davidson eouuty?Pool, 1 ,"J4T. EUia 845. tors>tL?Pool, 1,?A, Ellia. 1.015 Rowan?Pool, 1 'K&l*, Ellia, l,UB Mecklesbarg?Ellia. 1,10* Pool, ?? Cabarrai? Pool's majority is about -M. Guilford?Ellia, 401. Pool, *.m. *? l-M - "1 *??? Waif, (coir.plrte)?tillla, 1.491; Pool, 1,573? lieaw d'-nun ratlc Ion. J<>bna?n?EI11>, 1,134; Pool, POO. Tbe low and k'alna are estimated by the vote of 185?, when Ellis w? rWted ?m McBae by 16,283. Tbere have thus f r Leen heavy gam* lor Pool, hut not enough to afect tb?- result Well Inform-d parti** give the State to th? n?fro> rats by c.OUU to lU.oOo majority. The f.r?l - "U NosroLC, Aug. 4.?The Ureal i.ulcrii passed Cape lieary at 5 p. m . yesterday wbere she wma met by %> vrrai steamers crowded with ea*er sp<? UUin. The ordinary salutes were ?xchaa.e4. From the Cape to the Roads th? (ireat Kaatrrn male 15 knola. beating all I be smaller steamers wbo went down to eacort her uf>, and aitcbr-d in the Koadr. near Old Point, at 9 p m. U?raalute was responded to by the battery of Fortress Monroe The weather was delljjUtfal, and all enjoy ed the scene On board the Great Kaatern there was much eirilrment Complimrnary resolutions wera piaaed by the passengers,(lun in number1 rulogl.1 >g the ahip and iter officers, and praistag her ua-iagement. fare, etr There was a grand time on hoard last aigh', and u> day the vis ers will be entertaiaed hj music and a ball. All are delighted, the visiters with our beautiful hart>or and the ship and the courtesies of htr otti era. Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Old IVlnt arc rrowdtd with vl?itrr? Tha Priace af Wtlra. li alirax. Auu i?The Prince left Halifax at ieven o'clock tin* morning, by car*, for W .ndaor, iccompanied by the Governor, Adm ral M:ine. tien William* a brilliant alafl the member* < f the government, and both tranche* of tbe Lulllature He received a handaottt* rereptioa Triumphal arches had been erected and salutes wers tired by the volunWra. artillery and rifles from Haliftsx" After a ' filiation be proc. ded by land to iiuntsport, ? !b au t*> ort of over JfiiU carriages He rived iiddrPM>'?at Windsor and Huntsport, md tmbnrked at II to In lh# Ki n?h .lunKmi ?tvx. h, after firing a aalute , Sj.i-d for St lohn'a In Bring the salute at Halifai an artllleryMan Wut blown to piece* A Large Andience Hnird Ai.BAtr. Angn?t 2.?About 5.1)00 periuMUKm lied In ^tate street to-nlgbt to witoeoa Profeaaor Donaldaon walk acruaa a wire atrelcbed front Aalociatloti Hull to tbe top of tbe Muaeum btilldinf Tbe "I'rof^Mor ' appeared in tlgbta on oae end of be wire.walked out twoatepa.returnod. and bow mg to tbe audience anuo in< ?-d tbe vrtre not strong nongh. and w thdsew badlr ael!:njr anaudleace argv enough to excite tbe ?nrr of politician* felrgrtpkir ( iraiita with Atlaatic lit|. PHii.anKLrHi*, Ang 3.?A telegraphic cable laa be*n laid icruM tbe Delawar* nw. eonneetng tbe wire* of tbe Aiu*r;cati Telegraph Coin i?nar taritk - ?4 ? j wiau a mi*" IIU1U [din rriiovmjj Uif dim. attic* hit'ierto etfwrirarcd In iendi ng tiM?Kigra to and from tbia popaia- iubiiki eaort N*rr Texas rim Niw Oblears. Auguit 2.?Galveston dates to hp 31 at nit , ?ay that tLe large flouring and lumber mill at Austin waa burned on the v*4b Loaa IlOtMKJt). The fire waa the work of an incendiary K negro w.i cauzbt aetting Ire to a building (n ieorgetown. and confessed he waa Incited by two Kboiitloiiitta to burn the town Accident from Fireworks. Ph iladelph ia, Aug. 3 ?During an exhibition >f flrewurka at Fairmount last evening. Profeaaor lacka<>n. wbo waa superintending the diaplay, *Ma. n? it la aupposed. fatally injured bvau txploilon of powder. KaUraad/Aeeidut. NiwYoii, August 6?A train waa thrown Vfltt th^ trtu Ir An th* I /* ? i.i--J u-' J Al ? ? ?~ mm >?K I r- .UilU Kt?l 1TUWI WIS Doming 11par Bedford by which a Irrmu was tilled, and the engine*.- and conductor badly laurtd Bnltintare ntrkru ItUTmoii, Aufi 4 ?Floor closed firm, Howird street *5 .Vi Wiw-at closed buoyant; whit* M >">, red ?l l.VilM 27 Corn closed steady, fllow ?tic ; white 73a77c. Provisions closed uabanged. Whisky closed steady at 2tl\a'Jlc. N?? ftsrt .Varkru New You Ang 4 ?Flour is firm; State** 10 5 JO; Ohio f-> Utai AU; Southern ?^a?> M W umt firm; Southern red $1 JlUfl white 9148. 'orn closed sU-adr; mixed Wafti^c. Pork is dull; ness Sis SSaftl'J & Ijird is ttoady at I2J|al3\c. Whisky is steady at 2le. Financial. Niw Vo*k, Aug. 4 ?Stocksare irregular; Chi *Co and Kock Island -1; Illinois Central sbaiea 6\\ Mlchiiran Southern 44; N Y Central r4V; reana. uoal uo. (*>){; Reading 47 Ya fi W||'. FOR SALE AND RENT. [ tor other ">br Sait and Km:' Mjirtt pagt ] l/OR KKN I'?The iarKe .-JOKE ROOM a- I r CELI.AM on tk? curacr of 1 and Seveotu sts , V'tvT yard. Tliis room is tuitable foraar business. 2an Iw rented with or without the dweHinc. Pos?mioiijive* l?t ol FffUmbw. Apply to Jot). lEPETl 1,4-tf 1 .U#?KL FOR 8AI.K OR R ENT?A ?lr*a-t and commodious UWKi.LliXO HUL'SKou H street north, ?-tWf-eu6th ami 7t... No. 4.?7?rent &mb; and one hi \i?mf avenue. Dear tne Armor); rent $JM For urther particular* a* to above, or the purohase of uner rliKihi; l<K-ated property. impiovM or unim >roved, appi> usjtldoo. U> tirai nftme.l bouse. auS-Jt* BMILUIRN. FOR RUN T-A larre three-storv-and-atno HKIi'K DWELLING HOL'SK. situated at kt No. <* > Eleventh st , a short distance f ->m Pa. .venoe. Rooms lar*e; ?;?uae arranged witk the uotlern eooveuieuoes ; I'riok lUli t and oarr,a?-icu^llUHTMr, K?ut nH<drr?U to goo4 t*M't Ipply to J AS c McGt IRK A CO- aa?-eotf l/OR RKNT-AHrja double BRICK HOUSE, r ooatMBiif 11 roomi and pa*aa?e. with jkI carriare iiomm; aJao a pump of water in the artl: on Eleventh ?t. near 1. ?t. For term* laamre fGkORQE T.LANGLEY, on L F#ur senth?t. ifMtl FOR RENT-A throe .tory KRIOK DWBb r KING HOUSE, ob H at. between 12th and 14th ts? No 404. Apply to J. KIRKWOOl). 4T? lftk ; r pot. jy l^tf [?OR RENT.-A new and handnome FRAME l HOUSE will be fcr rent in a lew day*. It la eantifuily situated on Thi't-enth meet, between reorgia and K ?t-. Nary \ ard : haa a largo arden lot attached. a patxp of g od water a ar, od ooatain?4 room, kttchei. and w od.hed. W * rt-1,t?**i <jw, with or without the lot, to a g'*-<i nanl. For sale cheap, a good, strong WOK K lORSE; worki well in anything fnanire ofT. 1. CI.AfiK. Nary Yard; or oflOHN PATCH, 18 H ?t.. between 4th ami ?h Jy H '/OR R ENT?Two ornnfonable three-att ry book HOUSES, mz room. Md kitoben each. utoaied n Eleventh at, between B aad C. Rent flipper K.nth Apply to GEO. F. mUGUBLY. miWfM, I I ? ? ?a - 1 ? ' - lywrr ?nw. r\ic nin II, ^>R R K.ST-two ?irtifal m BRICK . HOI SH?,o? K.irh'h at iM WMt. brtwei* wgEaesmsgte JkJ OOD! ~ " WOOD!! , w O O D S! STOVE Mi KINDLING * Www T. i. k W. M uiLT.

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