Newspaper of Evening Star, August 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 6, 1860 Page 1
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r # , ' ^ - { Otaing $kr. > i* Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. AUGUST 6. I860. N?. 2.829 ?^i???? THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) I AT THE STAR BUILDINGS. C?rmcr 9J Punn<ylcania avewu and llfA tt., 1 IT w. D. WALL1CH. p*r?rt WfTwJ in paokacaa by carrier* ?t |4 ? year, or 91 oeoti par month. To aail aabaaribera Ithe pnoe ia #3^.1 % T?or, im alvmict; ft for aix month*; 91 for three naontha; and for law than UrM moiut at thtrato of Mowu a veak. Single oopiea, ojr* cwrr; in wrappera, two rrtKTa. m^AaraaTiaiMcnTaahoald be aent to the oAoe batore Uo'elook m ; othemaa they may not appear until th? next day. uprrautui si rtwii umce. Tbe following la a list of patents issued from the V 9 Patent OSce for the week ending July 31, r ?0 each bearing that date: James Adair, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For Improvement In lamps Henry A. Alden. of Matteawan. N. Y., assignor to the New York Rubber Company.?For improvement In belt lacing Jostah Aabenfelder, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For Improved journal box for railroad cars. Minor kl. Bacon, of Mystic. Conn.?For im-. proveaient la machine* for dresaing mill atonea. Harmon L Bennett, of l?ong Branch, N. J.? For improvement la machines for covering potatoes. Cornelius Bergen, of Farmer, N. Y.?For Improvement ia grain separators. Lewis R Billard, of Norfolk, Va ? For improvement ia ratchet driils. William H. Btahon and Aiwiutm H Ij>? ' "Warren, Mum ?For Improvement in device to prevent fe**ses from cribbing. J H Board man, of New York, N. Y.?For impr< vement in Mmji boilers Nathan Brasher, of Green's Fork, Ind ?For | Improvement in beehive*. James Brooks, of Romulus, N. Y ?For improvement In ditching plough. Thos H Burrid^e, or 9t Louis. Mo.?For Improvement In stesm ploughs John W. Cliff, of Rochester, N. Y.?For register point. Lorlng Coe* and Aury O. Coes, of Worcester, .Mass -rFor improved machine for heading screw Vk reaches J. W Covel. of Bangor, Me.?For improved harness buckle riorinn nam* ana r rta k iroerm^r, or Brooklyn, N. Y?For improvement In catameuiai bondages. John Dain, of t'tica, Ohio ?For improvement In composition for preservation of timber Joseph H Davis, of Wohurn, Mass.?For improvement tn warming apparatus Joseph Desnas, of Troy, N. Y.?For improved horsr-shoe machine. Levi Disbrow, of Oswego, N. Y.?For improvement in apparatus for destroying vermin Lockwood Drake and Kilns Hewitt, of Mar shall. Mich ?For improvement in smut machine*. Ezra Emmert, of franklin Grove, 111.?For improvement in cultivators. Benaiah Fitts, of Worcester, Mass.?For Improved planing machine. Elisha French, of Braintree, Maw ?For improvement in apparatus for rescuing horses from ire Frederic Gardiner, of Gardiner, Me.?For Improvement in mowing machines P. W. Gates, of Chicago, 111.?For improvement In casting stamping heads. Justus Griggs, of Utica, N. Y.?For improved mar tine for making screws. Ira Hart, of Clarksburg, Va ?For Improvement In machines for threshing and cleaning grain. David Hinman. of Bevea, Ohio?For improved mode of forming the centre for the shafts of grindstones William HoOtnire, of San Franriaco, Cal ?For Improvement in apparatus for boiling and distilling James Jackson, jr.. of Westerly, R. I.?For improvement in oil cana. K. Curtis Jenkins, jr . of Springfield, Mass ? For improvement in skates Jo*. E. Johnson, of Brock port, N. Y.?For improved device for beating smoothing irons. W. F Johnson and J Doyle, or Wetumpka, Ala.?For improved blind slat machine. Wm Johnson and H Wanabraugh, of Cincinnati, Ohio ?For improvement in cooking stovea Jacob H. Calb, of Charleston, S. C.?For Improvement in street lamps. Wm. A Keeler, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in preserving food. Sam'lM. King.of Lancaster. Pi ?Forimproved steam croas-cut sawing machine Jacob Kinser, of Pittsburg, Pa ?For Improved aausage stuttVr. Ernst Kirsch. of New Haven, Conn.?For improved carriage body. Henry Kurlb. Florian and Cbaa Robltaille, of Brooklyn, N Y ?For tobacco box. E. W. Lacy, of Oak Park, Va.?For Improvement in hemp brake 'A W. Lee and E D. Lee. of Blakeley, 6a ? For improvement in cultivators Arba C. Lewis, of Burlington, Mich ?For Improvement in fruit-drying apparatus \V. C Lostutter ana S. VV olcott, of R isirig Sun, Ind ?For improvement in cultivators Amos D. Lufkin, of Cleveland, Ohio.?For Improvement in preparing hides. P Martin, of New Orleans, La.?For improvement in cotton seed bullers Mxttbias McGonnlgle, of Allegany, Pa?For improvement in bee hives J P Mendenhall, of Farmlngton, 111.?For imnrnvoH nAnnllacv tieo Munce. of St. Louis, Mo.?For apparatua fur cleaning window* Jo tin Park, of Joliet, III?For improved churn. Jacob M. Patterson, of Woodbury, N. J.?For Improved construction of lightning rod*. Edward Peach, of Utlca, N. Y.?For improvel went la awning fixture* John G. Perry, of South Kingston, R. I.?For Improved meat cutter. Abraham H. Phillippi. of Reading, Pa.?For Improvement in gaa regulator* for railroad car a James Radley, of New York, N. Y.?tor Improvement in lamp* for locomotivea. 1 J. C. Rainbow, of New Brighton, Pa.?For improvement in belt truases Jos Renard, of Lyona, France ?For improvement in preparation of Aniline colors. Jamea Rogers, of Santa Clara county, Cal.? For Improved machine for forming atove pipe. r?jMtrV Rom >nrl *? ki *'?> . ?? - ? > | . ,Wlil5W IVIft, N. Y.?For improved padlock. F M Ruachbaupt, of New York, N Y ?For improvement ia apparatus for manufacture of in^gar. Samuel T. RuMell, of Ottawa, 111.?For improvement ia rotary engines Jona B Snafer. of Grafton, Ya.?For improved railroad cattle car. D L. L> Sheldon, of San Franciaco, Cal.?For improvement in hernial spring trusses. Hufua Simouds, of Ludlow, Yt., and G. N. Goods peed, of Winchenden, Max ?For improvement in machines for making wooden bowis. Christopher Smith, of Nauvoo, 111?For improvement in corn planters Jesse Speer, ot Hazlehurst, Miss ?For improvement In cotton cultivators. tieorge S G. S pence, of Boston, Mass.?For improved boiler and condensing apparatus. Walter W. Stanard, ot Buffalo, N Y.?For improved refrigerator. George A Stanley, of Cleveland, O ?For Improvement in apparatus for moulding candles. Henry rvjveetappls.of Napa, Cal ?For improvement In fan blowers Edwin C Thompson and Miles B Wheaton, of New York, N V .?For box for silvering and albuminizing photographic paper. . William Toompson, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For Improved nail brush. Ltevid 3 Vail, of Industry, 111.?For improvement in seeding machines Isaac Van Bunschaten, of New York, N. Y.? Far Improvement ia vapor lamps Ausbent H. Wagner, of Staunton, Va ?For improvement in mills. John B. W snds,of Memphis. Tenn ?For fabric for rooting belting, Ac. Chapman Warn*-,, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For improvement in pump* F. W. Warner, of East Haddam, Conn.?For Improvement ia mowing machine* Janath&a Warren,of Brooklyn, N Y.?For pen holder. L. R Wattle*, of Newton, Maas ?For Improvement In looma Wia 8 Williams, of Lynn, Maas?For improvement In machines for skiving lsather. Horace Wing, of Buffalo, N. Y ? For improvement la machines for crimping leather. Nathan Ames, of Saugus Centre. Mam., assignor to himself sad Kdwlu M. Montague, of Boston, Mass ?For Index door plate. Thaddeus Fowler and De Grarse Fowler, of Northford, Caan., assignors to the United States Pla Compear, of Seysor, Conn ?For Improved machine for nianufatture of pins Geo E. Frew, ef Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to it 1 lnJ mJ In Kb Bli>lHMUfia ^ York, N. V.?Per pen and pencil case. P. H Goddard, of Lexington, Hi., aaaigner to kimaelf and John H. KennatUy, of same place ? For Improvement In corn planter*. Kphralm L Harlow, of Monmouth. Me., asatgnor u> Wm O. Brown, of same place?For Improved peatnir jack. Lewis Jennings, of Brooklyn, N. Y , aaaigner to himself and rfTblcklnsoa, of NtW York. N Y. For Improvement la cotton p:< k?r? isiac Llndnioy, ef Prov.deuce, R 1 , assignor to Limself and Daniel F Tompkins, of Newark, N. J ?For imimwasst la aegara J. A. Matthews, af St. Louis, Mo , assignor to Limaelf and 3 H Hemphill, of same place ?For itnpr??emeat in repeating ordnance. rfa-uuel Man, of Chicago, 111 , assignor to Harry T Man, of um? pt?*e ? For improved ore sepaS-mael Mllto. of New York, N. Y", assignor to himself and F. Franck, of San Francttoo, Cal ? For Improved elevator and lock for wt ndow sashes. Salmon K Plumb, of 8oathlngton, Conn , assignor to the Peck Smith Manufacturing Company. of came place?For Improvement In casting cyli ndera for meat cutters Lyman Piatt and Russell Wlldman, of Daobury, Conn . assignors to themselves and James 9 Taylor, of same place.?For Improvement in machinery for forming hat bodies. Oliver W. Preston, ir , and William H Farntiacj, of Corning, N. Y , assignors to themselves aad Payne k. Olcotts, of said Corning?For Improvement in straw and sulk cutter*. Reuben Sbaler. of Madison, and Calvin B. Rogers, of Deep River, Conn., assignors to C. B. A J Rogers, of Deep River, aforesaid, and J. Champion, of Jersey City.?For improved foot cleaner. Thomas Shaw, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself and L Nev Brognard?For improved teeding aparatus for steam boilers David Sherman, of Union Tnwn Mil Robert \V. Fenwick, of Washington, D C.,assignors to D. Sherman and Bernard Mills, of Union Town.?For improved churn. Joshua Turner, of Cambrldireport, Mass . assignor to himself, Calvin F Hinds, of Boston, and Warren Filton, of Beverly, Mass ?For improved oil feeder F.dmund W. Farbell, of Boston, Mass , assignor to timself and E. A. Slinonds. of same place.? For improved steering apparatus. Charles WUlcox,of New York, N. Y., assignor to James Wilcox, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improvement in sewing machines. C. M. Young, of Binclairsviile, N. Y., assignor to timself, K H Brown, and E Brown, of same pUce.?For improvement in stove jointing machines. Retssuts ?Hiram Aldridge, of Michigan City, I ml LV. I ? 1 -1 - - ?> v? i > j/iutcu bucc iur grain wparauin. 9?lmon Bidwell, of New York, N. Y., (formerly of Chicago, 111 )?For Improvement in gas repifaton Jlines A. Cutting and 8 H Bradford, of Boston, Mass ? For Improvement In photolithogm,m H. Gllmore, of Worcester. Mass . as- J signee of James Kmmerson, of same place?For Improvement in ship's windlass. George P. Gordon, of New York, N. Y.?For improvements In printing presses Designn?David Hathaway, of Troy, N Y., assignor to Fuller, Warren k. Co , of same place.? For design for a six-plate stove, and for design for a coal stove. D. L. Meineke, of St. Louis, Mo.?For design for a trade mark. benjamin S Pardee, of Mount Carmel, Conn.? For design for hub bands. N. 8 Vedder, of Troy, N. Y., assignor to Thomas M. Tibbitts and John T McCown, of same Dlace.?For design for a cook's stove. A. K Sanders, of New York, N. Y., and N. 8. Vedder, of Troy. N. Y., assignors to A K. SanA# ..U ?? V U 1 - ?? , ui mu new iuii.?rur aengn ior a coot.Ing stove Walter W. Stanard. of Hufftlo, N. V'., assignor to S. 8 Jewett and F. B Root, of same place.? For a dr-stgn for a cook stove, for design for a parlor stove, and for design for a cook's stove Additional improvement.?A. P Wlnslow, of Cleveland, O.?For Improvement in roofs for railroad cars. Affairs iw Syria.?44 Ion," of the Baltimore Sun, says : 44 The late events in Sjria and the manifest inability of the government of the Ottoman Porte to afford security to the Christian population within the Turkish Empire, revives the recollection of the candid and sagacious remarks which the late Emperor Nicholas made to Sir Hamilton Seymour, the British minister at St. Petersburg, on this snb j ici. i ne tmperor said that Turkey waa a sick man aad must be taken care of, and the remark w*s in fact, made a cause of war, or, at least, 1 was followed by a war, which was founded ou the supposition that Russia would herself take care or the siek man. A year ago the Russian , government again advised the governments of < France and England that there was to be 1 trouble in Turkey?and that it would tend to the destruction of that empire. At length the trouble has come, and we tee England and n -??- * " r miice sending powenui neets to tfie theatre of Action, while Russia ha* signified her willingness to co-operate with tliose powers in any project for arined intervention in the af- , fairs of the Turkish empire. The original Russian policy in regard to the "sick man ' is now probably to be acted upon. The Syrian Christians are the oldest organised body of that faith in the world. One of their bishops, Johannet, visited this country wme years ago. and produced a profound sensation in the religious community. Since that time Syria has been a favorite ground for missionary labor. From the Unitea States and from England and other countries, missionaries of various denominations have been established in Syria, but it does not seem that their presence afforded any protection to the Christians or lessened the enmity of the fanatical Druses uguiuob IUVUJ. Historic DonBTS.?She (Soplna Dorothea) hu bewitched two or three persona who havo taken her up, and they won t believe in her wrong. Like Mary of Scotland, she finds adherents ready to conspire for her even in history, and people who have to deal with her are oharmed. ana facinat?d, and bedevilled How devotedly Miss Strickland has stood by Mary's innocence! Are there not scores of ladies in this audience who peraiit in it too ' Innocent ? I remember as a boy how a (great party persisting in declaring Caroline of Brunswick was a martyred angeT. So waa Helen of Greece innocent. She never ran away with Paris, the dangerous young Trojan. Menelaus, her husband, ill-used her; and there never was any | siege of Troy at all. So was Bluebeard's wite | innocent, she never peeped into the closet wh<9re the other wives were with their head* off. She never dropped the key. or stained it with blood ; and her brothers were auite right in finishing Bluebeard, the cowardly brute; Sea, Caroline ot Brunswick was innocent; and [adame Luff rage never poisoned her husband; and Mary of Scotland never blew up hers ; and poor Sophia Dorethea was never unfaithful; and Eve never took the apple?it was a cowardly fabrication of the serpent's.?Cornkill Magazine. "Th* Girl I Left Behind M*."?The departure of the French troops from Milan was cause of great grief to the feminine population of that place. The railway station was a real scene of desolation?th?r? w*i nnthim. v-..>? tears and embraces without end. The bell for departure had runs, but the departure oeuld not take place without aa many broken arms and legs aa there were broken hearta. At^laat a sergeant, who had an incouaelable damsel hanging about him, thovght of a stratagem to briig mattera to a close lie ahouted aloud that there must be extra cars put on to go to Magenta. All the deaolate beauties crowded into the cars, but the perfidioua aergeant had given the hint to the oonductor of the train, and the supplementary cars were not attached. The signal waa given, the train moved off at the rate of twenty miles an hour, and the inconsolable ladice were left in the middle of .. * ? -? - ? * toe station, ana uiMe tneir way Diet rrom it, as it says in the song of Malbrouk, with swelling heart* au| red eye#?Parts Cor. Courritr des Etats Unit. What New Orleans Hcard aboct Occoqfa* ?The New Orleans paper* of the 28th, piblish the following dispatch from Alexandria, it illustrates some of the errors which creep into a statement in traveling a thousand or so miles by telegraph: Great Excitement in Virginia?The Lincoln Banner Raised?Troops Ordered Out. Albxahdbia, Va., July 28.?The State has been thrown into a perfect state of exoitement on account of news received from the town of Ocaagua, in regard to a black republican movement. It appears that a number of black re publicans entered the town of Oooqsa, baring in hand the Lincoln and Hamlin banner, ana hooting at a high rata. The people war* drixen to madness dj this movement, and steps weft immediately taken to fraa the town of these man. Letcher, upon bearing thia intelligence. ordered tbe troopa out to quell any disturbance which might occur, and protect the black republicans.(?) The order of (Jot. Letcher caused Gen. Hatlen to resign the eominaad of the troops. Farther trophies in anticipated. Thi Lime Poijit Sit* ?om a Fomr ?"loi," of the Baltimore Sun, savs on this subject: 'An appropriation of #300,000 was made towards a oft to be constructed for the defense of Sau Francsoo when Mr. Weller was Senator front Califonia, and It has not yet been expended. Lime P?iat was selected ana approved of by the proper aithorittes for the site of the fort. The ow ner offerd it and still offers if for ?200,000 The title vbs made clear and the price was shown to be reasaable and fair. It was about to be purchased 3sr 4 years ago. Finally, the contract for purchse was concluded some ten days ago, and a dr ft was drawn for the money. But at this point be President interposed, and positively forbade be purchase. It may be, however, that he has n>t yet fully acquainted himself with the subjoct, v made up his mind upon it. A California Jurj, should the land be taVen under condemnatiot, will, it Is believed, fix a much higher value upoi it than the sum at which it is offered." Dk*truction by Grasshoppers?The Chicago (Illinois) Times says that the prairies in the vicinity of that place fairly swarm with grasahoppeis. There seems to be at least seveu gra? hoppers to every blade of grass In some places gardens have literally devoured by the hopping Insects. Among vegetables, however, they appear to have a preference, and while some kinds nave been eaten up, others have escaped with not much Injury. [CT* Jones and Brown met at the Post Oflioe, Jones complains of a bad smell about the Post Office; and asks Brown what it can be? Brown doesn't know, unless It may be the large number of deai Uttert there ?Mobile Mercury. Anns. wnsLow, N Kxperien ed Nurse and ^Female Phjsloian, prvnan ui me kiwanoB oi moinere, ur SOOTHING SVRUP, F?r Childrea Te?thla|, VUlk fraatly facluti m Ua prtcm ?f laathlnf, b? aaftaa IB( lb a faraa, rad*p:rg all inf ammaUM?will allay ALL rain and apaaroedie aeu?n,and ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dtpand (pan n, matbara, it will gif* raat ta yaaraal*aa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa bara pat ?p and aold thia arucla far a?ar (an jaanjld can ?at, in coitriDBtcB ino truth of it, what wa ha?a aaaar baao abla ta aay ?f ao; 4THIR Madielna? nbtbr MKS. HaaitralLBD, m a llitdLI li?- (STalfCB TO BrfBCT a COBB, WIN SLOW'# whan timaly aaad. Natardid wa knaw a<li ITiBII>n ao ioatanea at diaaauafaeuan by any ana wbo aaad it. On tba eantrary.allara SYR'Jf t dalirhtad with ita oPBBaTioft*, and ! J r??? in tarna ml bighaai corrmandatian e! t? m< -leal affaeta and madical finiaa. Wa apaak id ihia nuitv WHaT WB DO BROW," anartan yaara" aipananca, aud rLlDeiorit reputation for the ri'LriLMIIT or what we h ik1 uecuaR ?. Id aIriooi a?ar? inatuica ?hin tlx infant i? icffir Inf from pain And aihaaauoo, raiiaf will ba found in tftaaa r twtnty minntaa aftar tha ayrop *i.mintatarad. Thia aaiaabla preparation w tha praacription sf ana af lb a moat BIPBRI1NCBD and illLrcL itCBSBi In Maw Cnjlud, And baa aaan ntad with n IT ER-Pailifte iDCCBS* Is THOUSANDS O* CASES. li act only ralia?ai lb* child from pain, bat ln>if*ratti tfca atamacb And bowala, corracta acidity, and fi?aa taca And 9Q9Tgy to th? whtli ijihu. It will ".Ireaat Inataiulj raiia** Gkipins in ihi Bowili and Wind Colic, and aaarcoma canvalaiona, which, if tot at tadil? raii>adiad and in daatb. Wa ??? "?;??aitiha eeit iivDttkliT RIM- FUR any in tha woeld id all caaaa of DV?- CHILDREN ? T ee v and Di aB EMS a IN CHiL- XKETHINO whathar It ariaaa fcam taaihing 1 tfr from ana o'.har caaaa. Wa woaidajj to a?arj rootbar who baa a child asffannc from any of iha foiaftm; corrplaiuw? do rot let TOL'e prbjudicbl, nor thi pr s j i* dicks of othiri, iUiid batwaan yonr aoffarmf child and tht paliaf that will ba flurb?yaa, aesolutblt al'bb?to follow tha naa of th ma licina, if tiiraly nrad. Fall dirtcttof.a ai naitif will a tampan* aach bottla. Nona ranatna ui.laaa tha fac-aimlla CORTl* ft PERKINS,Naw fork, an tba aataida arappa oid by Urarf itta throaarhoat tba world. Principal Oreca. No. II Cadar Straat, N. V. met ni? ? uiou rtr Btttit. ? I Id* wit GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO any one who mar be desirous of entering id t profitable business, at one of the best stands in Georgetown, i offer my entire stook of DR\ 600DS on reasonable terms, in order to make a chance in my liosinens. VV. R HURDLE. jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gay sts. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, I860, the steamer L. J. Brent!?, Captain W. H Ritter, will 11 leave Georgetown EVER V TUKS DAY, THURSDAY,and SATUR-**"" * DAY, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. m. On tie Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Sliepnerd Blown. ^ je 21 3m |jH)R HARPER'S F^ RRY.-CHANOE OF r DAYS.?On and atter July 2,I860. ?. the steamer ANTELOPE. Capt. K J. W*ll^.carryingthe United States^BftMMfc mail, will leave Georgetown K.V h H V VlnVlu V WEDNESDAYVnd V RI UVv . at-7 a. m~and"riturn ever? Tuesda*. Thursday an<t Saturday. N. B ?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdstown. je S-2m* 1 cn just received, lt>U BBLS. WHISKY, < assorted. > 1? do. HERRING aid ALEWIVES, S5 do. MEFINED SUGARS, JO hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.(Bajrfield) WHITE FI-H, 25 box us prime Eastern CHEESE. For aale low ky JOHN J. BOOUE, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. Agency for Fairbanks scales in GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agent* foi the aale of the above oelehrated and ve t known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu Rupply constantly on hand and for saie at lowest 'MM. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjuiunc counties. All Soal*s are warranted durable, accurate, and to civ* satisfaction miaw l n t d m > d n u v wsi i ua i\ * /in i/. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je8frm Bridge street 2 door* west of Huh. CRANDHLL. OPTICIAN, No. I Brxdtt it., Otoritttwn, Hu oonstantir on band a large assortment os Frenoh Near sighted, Periscooio, p"l r >i n i?i ored, and ai. other SPpXTA<;LE9, oi"V_^ the I .e?t 4 j. in cold, tiller, steel.and Gerwai silver frames. N. B. Old Ff?m?? Repaired aof new tasses set in them to ordar. no ll-lf JOtS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruin* and Jefferton its., Georgetown Having given nay personal attention to this bianoli of my business, 1 am prepared to .?-n? _ attend to all oalls with promptness Persons from a distanoe oaa be suppllod &t a 'ew minutes' notice, as 1 have a largr (Humucui ui wr r ins MWkTi on null. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d>ad from the old to the new burial (round*. Hear?e? and H"r??? for hire. ap i0-6m |\f AS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'S PH1LADEL L"i PHiA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are eonatontlj receiving freah supplies of the above delightful txv race, and invite all persona who want a pure un adulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY * 8HINN, Axenta, hi IT fir??n it.. 0M>ri*towiL CLOTHING, &c. 8ELL1N0 OFF AT COST! 9 in oroer 10 aecreasemy atock 1 have determined to oloee out the balance of m? 8UMMKH CLOTHING at ooat All lu want or Summer Clothing are respectfully invited to call at No. 400 Seventh it., oppoaite Poat Office, and aee the great reduction in Summer Clothing. jy 12-lm N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION. At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept. \2tk-20lk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold ita Eighth Annual Agrioultu ral and Induatnal Exhibition on the ground* liberally provided by the citisnna of Cincinnati, hioh are to be fitted up in the beat atyle. There will be Halla and Teuta for the diaolar of I viPI.E PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS. and NA TIVE WI N Eft5 with Stall* and Pens for HORSES. CATTtK, SHEEP, and SWINE; and an unequalled mile in lencth and forty feet in width, for the exhibition of H?rses The Premium* offered?in cash,?<oid, silver, and hronxe medals,?diploma* and oei tihcate*, amount 30,000. The Exhibition wilt remain open iront Wednes day,the 12th. to Thursday, the a*h, ot September, i thus giving time to examine and teat the impla m?nts and machinery. ... For premium luta or information apply at the Ofte* of the Society, No 336 Pa. avenue, (up taira ;)or to the *ub*eriMr,at Cincinnati, Ohio. BEN. PARLEY POORE, )T 34 tf IT. H. Atrioultunl BooKty. mMiaMOt f A OAUO I . . . MAGNOLIA HAMS!) Afianjgpxxss stsil isr 275 ALkBN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PsmiA. Avsmri, Between 10th and 11th atrMta. Je 19 I # AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, AuotionMr. TRUSTEE' 9ALE OF A PAR Tot A TRACT OF LANDoalled "Peter'a Mill Beat," aitnated in the oonnty of Washington, on tne Pine; Branch Road, and about three miles from tne eity of Washington, being apart of the property known as the Piney Branon Trotting Course." Br virtue of two deeds of trust, one bearing date -on or abuat the 9th day of Anxnst, 1858, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 1?, folios 34". et se<i., one oi the iaa't reoords of the oonnty of Washing ton, in the District of Columbia, and the other bearing dat? on or aboat the )4th day of May HW>, a^d recorded in Liber J. A. 5., No. 177. fo!k>s 4M, et seq , alto one of the land reoords of eaid oounty, 1 will proceed to eel I at public auction to the high- at bidder, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of Au<a?t, I860 at ha'rpast 6 o'clock p. m., on the premises, "ail tha; part of a tract of land oalled '? etei'a Mil Seat/ situate, lying, and being in the oonnty of Washington. in the District of flonmhis.. anrf m the weat side' of the Piney Branch iom. oor.ta.n- d w;thm the following met??a and bound*, to wit: Banning lor the mdi? at a *100*. No 4, planted in tii? west line of said roa?l. for the northeast corner of a lot of said land laid off to Hays 9p* ak mao.and running from thenoe north sixtr-one and a nail degrees, west fifty aix and forty-four hunIredtha perohfa, with !*f**kmai.'* n^rth line, t" a st:>n*, No, S. at th? r.orthwent oorner ofSpeaItmiri's larger lot and the t-ie h^icmnr of his smaller lot, theure running north thirty and a halfdegrees, mat twenty-eight and a h\lf perches to a 'take in thsoath line of a roid twenty-five feet wide, and with tie east line of Spcakman's su a! er lot. where la panted a store No. 5; tlierce ruuning south sistfme and a half degrees, east fifty nine pe'obes and tar and one hundredth of ap'rch to a stak" in trie treat line of th* Piney B ach road;thence with said vest line of said Piney Dranoh roaa in a atrsirht ine to the p'aoe of beginning, containing ten aoree ind thirty-six p?rches of land,' more or less; together with the improvements thereon, which con list of a new, spacious, and well-bui t two-story rrame Dwelling house, stabling, sheds, at.d out louses. Terms of sale: One third cash; the lia'aroe in 6 vi.(J 12 mouth*, Tor which tho purchaser wi'l be required to give his note* bearing interest from the tay of sale, and secured by a deed of trust upon the (re^ifg. Should the purchaser fail to oomply with the t?rms of sale within five days after the dar of sa t, tie trustee reserves the ncht to rese t raid property,at therisk and cost of the defaulting purona s?r, up?n giving five days previous pub'io no-ioe br advertisement, in some newspaper published in tie city of Washington, of the time, plao?, and ttrma of such resale. Ail conveyances at the oost o'the purchaser. R. H. laskev. Trustee. jy'3-eoAds A GREEN, Auct. EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 476 Skvsnth st., (jpponte tkt Qtnrr&l Post OJtct, Washington City. Armonan Svstam of Femnanshin. Rnnik??iin? Mercantile Forma and Calculations Business C<>rie?pondence, Bills of Exchange, Current Bills, Commission Salaa, Grau.mar and Arithmetic. fE^A Prwpa-atory Class for Boys. uf Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms appiv at tht? Rooms. maM-3m WM. W. YOUNG A CO. fl,HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1' N>w Arrasgkmhst. This well-known and popular Seminary, which ha* been bo aucct ssful under the entire care of Mra Z. Richards for more than ten rears, will be opened on the fir.Jt Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arranged and delight fully located I nion Academy Building. Tor partioulara. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma2S tf MMRS. McCOR ..ICR'S SCHOOL. RS. McCORMICK desires to inform he friends and the pnhnc generally that rhe wi:i resnu the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The conrae of atndv mnranatl will tha brauohea requisite to a thorough fenjlish ecucation. In addition to bar day scholars. ahe ia desirous of reoeiving into her family a few pupils aa boarder# aged from 10 to 14 yearn, who'will be under her immediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooomm<Nation and due eare of pupils have been consider j increa??4 and otherwiae improved. Thoje in Washingtor deairing particular information with referenoe tc her school may apply to W. D. Waliaoh, Editor o the &tar. For terms and fnrtnnr partiealara apply at her raaadenoe?No. 3* Cameron atreet, Alexandria, Va jMvtf UNITED 8TATE9 CAPITOL EXTENSION, Washington. Juiy 17, 1860. PiorosALS will be reoeired at this Offio? unM; noon of Tuesday, the21st of August next, for Furnishing and Putting up the Iron CeUings of two rooms over the oonneotiug oorridora of the Capitol Extension Th? proposal* must state th? price for eaoh oeil inn ooinpli*te, in place. painted with three good coats of whit* lea<i in oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of ever; description, including the fastenings of the oei!in*s to the wails ai;d to the roof frame*, must be included in the pnoe bid. The proposals most be endorsed. "Proposals for Iron Ceilings." and mu?t be aooompanied by a guarantee, signed b? one or more responsible per sons, addressed to the undersigned. They will be opeaed at the time mentioned above, in the presenoe of suoo persons as may ohoose to attend. The drawings of the oeilings ean been seen at this Offioo. W. H. FRANKLIN, Captain Topographioal Kngineers, In charge ol Capitol Extension. Eaoh proposal should be aooompauied by the following guarantee: Form 4f Guarantee. The undersigned, A B and C D,of , i? the Mate of .mil in tka a?t? ..r K--? by guaranty tliat in ewe the forecoin* bid <>f for iron offline*, as above desorlh?d. b? accepted, he or they will, within ten dajs after the reeeipt <>f the oontr act at ihe p aoe named execute the ooutract for the oeilinzs, with good and sufficient securities; and, in ca^u tha said shall fail to enter iuts contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the difference between the offer of the said and that which ma* be accepted. Date ,1860. Signatnres dl guarantors, A B. Witness, E F. I hereby oertify that the aboye named are known to me as able to make good their guarantee. Signature, G H. To be signed by the United States distriot jnd ge. United states distriot attorney, collector, or some persons known to tha War Department. jy 18 dtd WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rbxovsd to No. 346 Pa. Av? xiaa 7th St. Knoouraged by the substantial and rapidly mnre&ninr DODiilarit* nT \Vh?l?r v vvrila#.n'> ~? ?[ualledVamily Sewing Yachines, whioh for the ast eight years have mosttiaiiiphaitly maintained their superiority, a? a family institution, ov<*r all competitors for popular favor, the Agentnas taken one of the fine new stores lately erpotrd on Pa avenue. near 7th st. where a beautiful assortment of all'the various styles may at all times b? seen. There were 21,306 of these Sewinc Machines sold in the year IHSt. Radios are invited to call and so* theij^tugether with oertHBoates from many of the beet STOaen* of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority If any ladies cannot call, let them send for a circular by all in?ans. It is high time every lamtlv in the land was supp'ied with one of these health and life saVing instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verbal, riven free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. avenue, Jy 11-lm Between 6th an 1 7ih sts. Treasury department, Antnst 1st. 1960. Proposal* will be reoeirnd at the Treaaury Department until the 15th mat, for aupplying, for the uae of the Department. 130 o?rd? of Du ard 100 oorda of Hiekorr Wood?all of the beat quality, to be delivered at the Treaaurr Building, corded and meaaurad in the yard by a sworn meaaurer at the expenae of the oontraetor: and oflAfltona of Cum berlanri Coal?75 ton* of white and 35 tona of red a?h Anthracite Coal, all of the beat quality, to bede livered at the building. The Camberlana Cod to be al lump?hand pioked. The white aah to b# small farnaoeor large egg aise; the red aa* to be a mall egg aise, and to be weighed by a aworn weigher. au l-eodt!3tb Removal. MoK ENNEY * LANSDALE, INSURANCE h REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Washington Building*, comer P*. ?v and 7th tt., are prepared to Take Riska on LIVES. BUILDINGS, MERCHANDISE. . HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, fto., at fair rntes. in aonnd anmimni*!. W? ntm> in ??rt J he Park. N. Y., cash capita! and surplus . J^5,000 XI*? Merchants, Ct, do. do 250.(TO The Phenix.Ct., do. ao 582 (W The .Northern Amu rate?, London 2,194 .(*o Room No. 1. jy 21-ea6t PAPKRHANG1NGS, Ac. Pine, Milium, and Low-prietd PAPKRHANG Ac , at reduced prioM. Remnants of low-priced Paper* and Window Shades, at greatly reduced priori Order* for Paperhantiug tod Window shade* executed with (kill and dispatch, in city or eonntry. Please give tne a eail. IJcm't fortet the number. J MARKRITkR. No. 486 Seventh st .a doors above Jy? eol* Odd Fello?>' Hall. M4PLK.i;0AR. A very aiee lot of MAPLE 8LGAR, jut re ?7t?' KINO * BUECHELL. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE The fevonto reeort for WHIT. .FLPHtm 8-S, irinei, ! Mountain Air. irmjora CUMBERLAND CO. fT&l ^^JS3iyS Ptmn.'yirtnia. 0"<>d Society and a Good r?w?. Accoxmoutiom won. For particulars ?ond 300 'or Ciroular. ' OWENS. CI ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN * V18)>CHER, ja t low Carlisle Spring*, fa. CAPE ISLAND, NEW JERSEY.-Vuitor* to Cape Mar will find god accomin<><!? A . . X tioaaat WHITE HALL. Tarm.only per week, including the ride to the beacii^JiLX ! the morning. Dr. 8. 8. MaRC* . J> if7-2w* P.oariMor. CARD.?As an lMrtfement for fami'ies to sojourn at th? "H Y(Jt?tA' ?iur<a< tn? m nthsA ^ ? A of August and September, tiie Propria-Yt9AW t<>r? haw reduced the price of Board to per day aad %\iSu per w*ek, from August 1st. W? I Old Poiat, JoivjBth. )*Tt \m SCHMIDT'S SI'MMKR OARDEN.-?'i? Sixth Htrnei. between t: aiul Louisiana av .A ?. . A may be found at all times one of the most Y?jfcy ^lar. pe'-ia!, urbane, and intelligentAmBLX aurant Keepers, who hacks up his reputau>>ii with LAUKK R - KR fn>m t>?e City of IIrhihh lt Lovk, Philadelphia; with HhANDlKS* f on the choicest vine>ards of France; with NV1NK8 unexcelled on the hills of the R nm*; a d with a). A.rtt^}p nl WU IViU' V ? ? ?!.>K ? ?/>l - t? true flavor of the Monoofaheia and Bourbon Palatable a* eithor of th<*s? may individually. he has sought to make ti.em still more so ht th** erection th rear ground* of hi* favorite estab'ishineut of a spaciou Art>or, where hi* guests by daj may enjoy the cool bre< so an'l be free from .*oi * too ardaiit ray*; and, at "the witching hour of night," quaff his ice-cool Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened by the tailing dew f*uch inducements will. <onml*M. cau*? inaiij of our readers to drop in and t*k? a note < if nothing else.I and, most likely, many of those who go will go again. In addition t? all this, he lias engaged the Pros peri brothers ami their associates to discourse their choicest piec?*< of music Every Wednesday and cvwurua) c v ciuag. jTin-ini WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERN8T LOEFFLER. Proprietor. New York artnue, brtrrim lit and 2d stt. Inoallin* the attention ol the public to my grounds I would state that every arrangement ha*A ? . A been made to make this "Retreat" moreWf?*L attractive every day. Mondays the Gar- Xkid&X dens are open to the public iree of charge?a oouc i given by a selector it. Those desiring to enjoy the danoe and valtz ?1 I &od the saioon in oomp rtt order to render pleasue to all. O- oth?-r day* the proprietor wi;l meerfn!!? K^ant the u*e of ths grounds for school or other P10 N10 Paities without charge. for the amusement of ehi'dren he ha* introduced a number of little games,never be.'.'e seen in this city, and c*iou;ated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bott'ing Efttahlishrvnt, and lamiliei can be supplied iritn any quantify at their residence, of that healthful drink. LAG> R BEER, upon short notice. j* 15 3m / ^ REEN SPRING PAVILION, Near tkf Old Iron Fcmmit y and tmly hmlf a mil* fc> land from the Omnibus Stand xn Georgetown. The ladiea acd gentlemen of Waehir*ton aid Georgetown are reapectfulljr informed A . . A that thia beautiful on the Foun rj ? Branch. la now handaome t fitter' up for l.< g 1 tbe reception of fie-Nie Parte* Rid otlier \ iaitx ? There are nuweruua apnnga of the pureat water and a ovnatant fciiade throughout the day. The'* laalaige saloon for dancing, with dreatinc room attached, and shady wa.ka and a?ata throughout the crounda. Sohoola, Soci^tiea. Cloba and Social Partiea can obtain toia delightful place for Pie Nica without oharge for the grjiinda or pavi.ioa by firing Ui? proprietor three daya notice. Meala are aervad at *11 boura, and Kefreahmeuta furmahed at citj pr cea Offioera will attend at all time* for the preaerva tion of good order. a> d no aaina wi.l be apared to give satisfaction to ail viaitora. JOSEPH EH R.MAN NT ROUT, je fS eotf Proprietor ANALOSTAN RETREAT, ON A HAVouTk* IKL^id, Opposite Georgetown and Washintiun The aubacnbera loaaed for a rm of thia beautiful and romantic a?ot. upcneq A . . A it for the accommodation of the eunlic O'iTkW the Slat da* of Mar. IMP. For Beauty olJLiiJU. scenery, delightful promenade*, baking, to., t?a idea i.a superior ia unsurpassed in the Union. The House ia argeand oo ran odious. having b^en entirely renovated It haa a large Dancing Paloon attached to the hoove, bee dea Pining an-i Drwtn.c Kooma for both iaoiea una genti^m^n In addition ?j!?i did Arbors deUo led f-om the buildinra. Parties, Familiea and Individual will find it a roost dearable p aoe to pass the sultry day* of soon mer, as every attention will be guarantied by the proprietors. The strictest pofioe arrangemerts will be enforoed, and politi al discussions will be prohibited The Larder will be found to contain all the de ioacies of the season at all times. The Par will he furmsh*d with the choioesi Liq uora arid W inca and the fin-st Segars. societies, Sunday Schools. Clubs and Militar* Cumriniea will find thia the moat desnabie rea rt near the metropolis for spending a p.eaaan: and or derly day. O^Cnildren unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded fr?in the grounds. innning and dogs prohibited rn? i>?.11 i??? t ? ? nj uu?M mm irftvo me iwi c?i men Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o clock a. m. ti l 12 p. m , daily. Persons prefernnc a pleasant wa k c-an reach the Inland via the Aqueduct. We solicit the public to judge for themselves. ar.d fo"l assured o( giving satisfaction ie 9 eotf jacob W. POWFr? a CO. Mm salt water bathing. ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Moore'i Landing ) will be open for the reo' ption of viai A . . A tors on the 13th of Jane. This de.igutful VcSA W resort for those a*eking health and pleas ore, is unexoelled b? any plaee of the kind on :h* Hotomao river It is situated afc ut one buadred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomao, and in full new nf >he Ch"sap?ake 8av. and famous for fine Oysters. Soft Oraba, Sheep head, and other Fish, and easily access, b.e b the sU??ra >oati plying between Wsahington, Baltic re ar.u Norfolk. Tho nndervuiMd has ma e addri?na! improvements in t ia ttatti House* and many other improvements to the ocmf ,>rt ar.d enjoyment of his guests. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. Splendid Angling And 9 entv <<f Fishmc and Rai m? Rn?n Tree of charge, fle hu spared no eppenee in pro nding agood Cotit'o?> Hand or in laying in hi? atock of choice W l DM.Liquor a.Sfgar*, &c,^td for t h? >?who wiah to avoid extreme fashion ai.d to aeek a retired p'aoe whore they car make them??lv*? %t home, there it not a more pleasant place in the United State*. The proprietor pledge* himself t'at nothing a hall be left undone on his part t> rend-r them eo. Terma lor board: ? 1.30 p?r day, for e?a than a w*ek; for a longer time, 91.25 per uay; ft 36 per month. Peraona wiahing to addrees the pro prietor will direot to Leonardtown, 8t. Mar;'a oountr, Md. je 8 2rn R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. PROPOSALS POR PAVING. urnci or Coxxiatioxu or Pcaiac Bcildi*gs, ( July 39, i*60 j Sialxd PiiopoeALa will be weired at thiaofface up to IS o'clock. iu., oa the 9tn day ef Aaguat next, for Grading. Curbing, and Laying the ttriok and Flag Footwaya, and Paving the 6utt*ra, etc . on the torth aide of B street south, between 7th aa4 14th streets weat. The (/artiaione tn be of th* beat quality granite, ureMou o kuuiie* luio* on low, urn * iocliea a?M oa front, and S inche* deep on the back edge, and no pieoe le?? than 5 Tom long 16 inohee deep. and to bo jointed and well fctted atul set in a btd of coarse r ravel, and well rammed. The Brick to be of the boat quality hard rod pavir.g brick, to bo laid en a bod of afcarp river and four (4) inohea d*epon a bod of ine gravel free lr??in clay orl'am throe (9) inches deep, with two ooaraea oa odre nex? to the oarb and one eoorae on ads* on the inner lino. No extra measurement for brisk on edge. i ..t tHoue pavuu to be of ocmaaea oafctole atone* not exoeadiug foar inohee in diameter. txorpt the -tone* on the oateide line of the patter, which Digit bo aix lacuea in ciameter. laid on a t>-d of ooarae ?auU and clean gravei, free froin okay or loam at le??t * inonee deep, and to_ be tw loe ra i mod. the oocond time after bring well wot; and oovered w th hae clean travel or ooarae aaod. The cea ra of the t utter to lie laid with 8 ve ooareea of hard rod paving bnek? on edge. The Flagging to be of the boat quality Now York North river pi<*oee of not leal than four (4) feet long br eighteen inohee wi<*e, ard not loea *' frvH r i A \ i notiaa th 10W ? ko km* A from c.aj or loam, ud well jointed. Ali'Ufttltng uot ex. erdinf on* foot to to rated M trimming. and the n,?lni earth to be removed by tbe contractor to oh pla:eaa may L>e deaifna"Hl hy snpTintenrieut The wort to be dore in the best ??d moet work manlike m?? ner and to the to ttefacuoo of the Commi*?<?ner of Put ic Boildinf?,ai d rnder them per intoodeaoe of mil My aeaoint. and to heeomp.-twi on or h?B?tiM irwt ofNoveothar next, and warranted to rtaix? twelre (IX) montto after c >mp.etion. _ Alt rfjatre that nay be ra?air*d withia the time fr,r which the work u wan anted to stand to ba rone at tbe ?xper>ee of the contractor Bidder*wtH wtate eepera'cly the rate at whioh Omw wi'l ezeenu U?# ewrbin*. wa?iat aad Ihiibi, jy Sl-dttth ( Co mm 1 eei oner. THE WEEKLY STAR This exeeUeet Fib r ud Nawa Jotrat am Uuainj a n?Ur nn?ty a* iaUr?tiB| ratline thaa ou to foaa4 la H? attar?u p?oiU*?l am SfttanUy ?ur?ung. T?*m??0?<*. M nerieMr. u adrmmna. oofr. una ? #J ? fiTpe>"pi?? T . * ** -^r ii|?ii **^* 14 SaafcaanbiBf im alafca mud mbobc n*i*hSor? stzT^srvJ^ Kiiifsi* ?jr?l " FiTOiiffo v per Mt of TV VmU| 8mt win w a?T?i. It IBTB: *bll contain* tba * ?* ?J.hi>(?! News" that hu raaua Tk* Ermum^ Stm etroa a? ao geiMrft.'Iy throat boat U* aout.lry. ! &.v??Eur?Sw " ?" C7" pDiimuiri who Mt M MNii will km lowed a cvommi?ion of an ?u. FOR SALE AND RENT. Vw&StS'I* !^%?crKQt ?i EXCHANGE FOR I*PROVED CITVPROr EKTY.?Tfceeebaertfcer le ability to (iv* that eereonaJ hiwiim V? hi?F* m wh eu it require*. offer" it, together with hie et>x?k m fcne trmi" Maree.Colta C<w?, Hoc*, growing orof. implements, Ae . w* ee the yre?ie??, either to# ?a e or Mrtenif (w in>?r??*ed city pro^crt* The Farm e?ot?ia- one fcurd ad ud uiti m aor*e, m hxvUM ic M ?iu<iih..| Coaat?. MaiVati. dutant tei miiee r<x? WMiiiniU'i., ? ttM> (trouknhe Tam?ike. ne t>eet road >*Jir? oat of \% aehtuctoa- It t?. uneeeeee?'7 to ntrt iato a minute deecription of tha Flra,u it I* I * nmed no one woe 4 furmuf without fcret viaiL' t tee prontieee An? laforiaation wiM, howe**f. ohe-'fu..j hefivxa vpocapptiofttn?W> WILLIAM t mi n h" JJX k alraot. batwaaa 1SU mm liu. Wi.-h.ujton Cltf. W. ii. WaMach Editor of tha Star, known U>? Fwa fd: an>? will aoaortf Aui n.funMtu-i tot c?rmn? it to at?? inaairar. )?? i,M?R R K * 1'?A tkraa atnrj HKtCK H('l ?K. ua II ?t M>1. Ixtv??ii 4Ui ?mt HA AUo a two torjr hklck l()1 TAOK, ?iLk ivln. ootmc of Tanne .?aa and north F atraat. urrotmdad h? a iarfc common paiitura. and would ba a 4a?i -a )>1? lo>tbog for a tia.rjiuau. laquirr of C. BilQE, 4 4*12 h ?t. if CVOI NTK i KKMI)KM'KrOKbAl,K.-Tli'f? and a half a re* oi Laixi aitvated at Bauay'* X r <ad? at th* :nt?r*acti.?n of taa Co;arabiaa and t.eaaburg turnpike*. an milaa froai Waakiafton v d 5 fiom ai aaix'ria. Th?- iiuprovaaaanu ao natal ofa ftoan*. ontaitiinjr 16 room*, barn. oorn bona*, kadi, *e. Tka yard la wall aradad witb traaa aiui ia? in it an noa.lant wall of watar. For fartt*r particular* apply o? tha nremiaa# to W M PA\ > F, nrlaJVO rrflUl IVfl V .. A n UktlV - ?w -? V W ? wi i? kJ . V? > V Muraha* '? auction '.<om?. \* Mbiafton, D C The above de*onh?<l property will be eoiC k?v for aaah. jt .Veo4W ITUK S*ALK-A?aaH FARM ofWaorea.aitnai-d ? Ht the Little Fait*. harm* a ooauortablec wenmg-bouae. oorn-hoaae, k c ; wel! fenced and water?wl: within fair pilM of Wa?hiagtMi; 19 acreeincaltiratiob, the :*i c ? in haodeoiri* wood .and. It ii pe^u.iarly cmi rat'.* m a oonntry rw denoe, being perfectly health* and mod ronaacuoally situated : rxoelleut fcahu i aud hunting. In^aira <>f Mr. MARRIOTT, brio(e keeper, Cham It iut*, Little Fall. (in-l?>g LV'K RKNT-Tl?? three utory (brown froitl HOUSE, No. >67 New York arenue. between 10th and lUh atreeta ner'h aide, containing hfteen rooms Thia houee ta convenient to the Patent Office. Tre*?or?. etc.: ia lighted by gaa. aad in every way auitabre lora hoarding howaa. Kent moderate. Apply nf?t d?or. or to A G. rOWLSft. e?oo*<<l Apt north wintol Patent Oftee. )y lt-tf I/OR RK.VI-Tto fane FRA.MK HOL'HK la-wn r aa ''French Kvan*' Honae.** aituaterf on M el. orthy between 9th an<^ Irtth atreeta. No. MO. " ?' urwi ituiv piiiavr i P?mvnwu? ss Wanhmcton. This h line 11 ?urtoiinded by fruit trees and *re*t number* of currMt tunhee M ra rtoui kind*. ami iue > hade tree*. witii Ifwfll* f*M of % ound, walled in Apply to J. 0. COOK Eishili st. between Dand E. jy 1 1 tt FOR RENT-Three BRICK HOt'*FS-o?s ?b Twelfth street, hrtwMg C and D; ons on the corner of Twelfth and H at a. ; and on# on H, bs twe?n 12th and 13th ats. Inquire of JAMEs W. BARKER, on H street, oetweea 11th and llti, No. 44ft. mad tf FOR RENT?That oew and well arranged three story BRICK HOI t?K.No. l%?nG street. between l<Hh ami 2th ?t*., First W*r3, lUrll occupied h* Mr. Bodisco, Ruaaian Legation. Po?e?-j?i(w given immediately. Inquire of Mr. !*0 t'TMEY 8. I'AKki'R o?it door east. ma l?-eotl tK>R RENT-A small STORE, corner of Mb st. r and Penn.avense, snder the Clarendon Hots , snitable fur a I'arber'i saloon or oi<ar store For information inquire at the Hotel. mar > Hlb II I AT_Tk. VI V ST IT I IUIU nftkakaili. rv?? % ' a a a v?? wa mbw u?n ine immediately opposite the weat wingof the City Hal.,recently occupied by Chu. S. Wi vi. u an ofcce. Alao the front room m the aaooud atory and tne third floor of the ?irn building. For terma apply to RICHARD WAULACHTwo. W Louiaian* avenue. ja 13 U SENATORS. MEMBERS Of CONGRK8B.Two aplenaid euitaa of ROOMS, elegantly ftrniahed, Will ba rented daring the aeaaion of Coacreaa, in the moat deairable locality in thin aity. being within on* or two a^aarea of Browa'a and National Hotel*. Thoae in pnremit of aaot< Rooir.p will do well to make ear'y apr cation at No. 17 Mh atreet. between D and Pa. a?. 4a & tf CARRIAGE FACTOR I Eg. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strtri, Jjt l*r* * 9tk a*d MM SfTe+IS. We have Jnat finiahed a n amber 0I firat olaaa CARRIAGES, each na Litkt mi u I 'a ^ Watouf, Park Fkm tonFamily Car jguiy; ruit'i, and Btuttn, which we will aa^ at*? m~. aver amall profit. Being practical mechanloa in different branehe* of the t>aain??e, we flatter oaraelvea that wa know the atytea ana quality of work Uat will give aatia fvtion, combiuing ightneae, oomfort and taxability. Repairing promptly and eareful'y attended to fha a h.irt -* f n tioa ar.H mnat raaanraltla aKarnaa WALTER. HERMANN A BOPP, Coachmakers, ucceMora to Wm. T. Hook. M r CARRIAGE*. HE 8vti?orib?r nannc rcaoe additional* kl Ifcotorr, making it dov one ofttie .it Ui? Diatnot, vtiera bit jactMUoa nanntactu nor CAR R1A 6 E A LIGHT* '! WAGONS of all kind* ofccnot be aarpawd, M>4 from hie on* exportenoe :a U>? buiMH, k? k?f? to tire ( eru aUirftetwii, All k'sda ol Carrucaa aa4 lAtkl Wacoaa k?ft ?nd All RKPA1KB uUir <ra*,u4kU ?r<?n pmipt j attetiCrc to, ST" "" * M ** ?w-n? m? U?. ft rnt* TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JJOOTS AND TO 8UIT THE W? krt m>v nunufiotariK ail Innda of ROOTR and s*HOhS. aiid oois'a&tfv receivinc app'y ? ! eastern mad* work of v*r? d* ll| soriptio-, made expressly to order, and will* ! be sold at a much ,ow* jjnoathan has Ikm* heretofore charged in this city for m BOk inferior art idea. Persons in want of Hoot* and Shoes of saslern or citj made work, wi i always hod a jood assortment in atore and at Uie lowest prices Girsasasall UEIPFIN * BIO., ayt-r SI4 Pennsylvania avscoe. SOUTHERN Tll'M H A NUFACTORY, ? 4?? TT? OppoiiH Odd Ftilm' H*U, Wa-kxmttom., D. C. Traveler* will stadv their id teres u o- exaauaia my TRUNKS, VAJCKf fro . before wr?ns chatfm e: sewers As 1 as* none bat tkeHKWM best Materia! the market affords and Lhs b*s? wurkmeii, 1 can oonidenLy raeommend my r.irW tn Ka siinwruir in Qf??sa* L anH I >HH III flfn til Trunk# that are mad* m <>tl>?i oiu?? urn aoid hare. 1 k??p o<mttant:? on hand, am) make to ord?* ion ?LgAT^e'r ,*fA(Tv 7RAM4pFhPEyCH \EsitJlpDLhS; WhiPLtt^fu Trunka.*e.,F-pair** and CvTflfwd, is ft varkmanlike mai.nn, at abort uotloa Trunk* (t*;ivnr?d inani part of tftaaity, org*?U,?U4 FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. &?U-\w J AM KB a. TOPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD A N D COAL Dalirwad to ftli parU at ti? oily, at Um laweet aui!?r ralM T J * W M. ?ALT. Ofto* a?8 Pk bolvMB UU Utd l*k , no 17 if aort* *?. T'HK ?LB?CRIBRK HAVING ON HAND 1 u nt"i un ?took of Ft EL, la prepared to Ml! it a rerr k>w tcu" for oaak WOOD Sawed tad Split aay iiM, Call and mm for yovaall ?U M.mmJZntsteS&faL. WO A P FIXTURES. E Hat* in stora, tad are iltt.; rtownu. 9 AS F/XTPRffS of MUraly >aw Pattern! m.r*" t>r.f r im Finish, Mpmior in ?ty!? U< mm rnn* hwHw offered in thi? mark i. W ianu aitisens genera It to call and examine our alock of Gai aad W?t? Fixture*, fonling wifcNl ttoat we hare tU? baat ?e>et??<1 ttnok in Washington V Work tK?> *hov? Tt*? latraeted to oar ear# will be proa>t)y attend lo, MYEES 4 Me6HAN. war 6-tf ?T? Detroet I,, r i_ BOSTON ICE. ^"? lew Hand red Tone ba?t eaalito BOSTON ICfcL^ . I- J. H'DPI-Iton. i* *-Km nj??m?er Wtlniwl fit* A L B!X* ALE AMD IXX.Al^t: ?^wsa?r-^;rr

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