Newspaper of Evening Star, August 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 6, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. "fc'ASITINOTON CITY: -Monday Ai(?t ?, M4 firlt il the Pw* Ttic Crmttituium twiU a pom the dtflVrentr reeds ?f the i?wil partte* In the present contest It ai*> defends at length r*en?tor Davla from an attack in the Ohio Stntttmm, which the Comxtttmmm attribute* to Mr. Manypenay, late Commiaaioacr rl lnana Aflaira. and now one of the ediw* of that paper The main point In tbe defense i? aa follow* ; " A preliminary accusation ia that Col. Davla wa* politic a!!r nnfaltbrnl to President Pierce In l.ta ?vi t _ * - * * * w -inr? wunr uniain|( opinioni aaverse to \hr>m? of the President upon the question of squatter sovereignty. In oraer to make out this charge tbe first necessary step Is to sbow tbst President Pierce held tbe doctrine of squatter owmtgTrtr; and this fict Is simply assumed by tbe ex-louiinlssuniur. Tbe answer is that President Pierce never beld, or professed to bold, any uch doctrinc." Tbe tnteiUgmutr descants upon the tariff question . r / trTit Haiti more police have obtained an apparent clue to tbe two Japanese swords stolen in tbat City. in*Some Baitimoreans are conning over a arhem- ?o erect a grand private par* out of "Little Switzerland," or Stonv Run Valiev m ? - '9 cy The population of New York city In 1855 lta present amount It stated at Sb4,l> 0; an increase of 40 per cent. In five yean. It aeetns that the State of Pennsylvania waa not ao named in honor of Win. Penn, ita founder, but of his father. JET"The committee on Farms, of the State Agricultural Society of Wisconsin, have made a careful e*Um<ttr. from which they set down the whe?t crop of Wisconsin for the year IStiU, at JSjOOU.UOO bushels. E^The first of Augus', facetiously styled the *'Negro Fourth rvf July," was celebrated by the entire negro population of Cincinnati with great mthiuium Tka ?I?I ?1 -V!?? - - -? ? M uv piiUVtpQl UHJOUl VI IUC ut*.mu n tration, how^v^r. wu the erection of a monument to John J. Glines I" 7" Tbe scientific party who went from England to Sf-ain to take observations of the toU[ eclipse of the tun on the Ibth insl , telegraph home as follows: ''The success wag complete We have two photograps of red flames, which prove they b? long to tbe sun, and many photographs of othrr places." Hj~ Letters from Old Point Comfort report tbe company at the Hygeia more brilliant than usual. It Is stated that a grand fancy dress ball will come oif shortly; and though the crowd Is l^rge, our Information is there is plenty of room for ail who arrive The season will be extended into October IET In tbe Board of Common Council of New I York city, at the last meeting, there were seventeen member* of the twenty-three present in favcr of paying the bills contracted for tbe Japanese ball. It requires another vote. The managers persist In their contempt for all demands to test the accuracy of the bills of expenditure. m- In Philadelphia, tbe excursionists on board ths steamer Warner, who visited the Great Eastern at Cape May. have held an indignation meeting, censuring the steamboat captain and others forbad accomodations afforded them; and ha\e taken measures to raise a fund to prosecute the steamboat men for not carrying out the promises set forth in the advertisement of the excursion, 4c. fp- The directors of the Great Eastern publish a note throwing tbe whole blame of the faux pas of the Cape May excursion on Cox, tbe steward. Th^V flats ih* fnllrtUrin/* * ? *' 4 " ? J J V?auuc > * am Iu tucir Blipulatioa with him . M Tbe utmost attention will he required to visitors from those under your direction, and the refreshments to be provided will either in quality nor quantity fall below the standard of a tint-class hotel " J?7" It is gratifying to find that the great Powers of Kurope are aroused by the enormities in Syria Tbe Emperor of France has already sent General Tocau as ?sn envoy, who is to be followed by a division of troops to be drawn from the army uf Lyons Six gun-boats have been dispatched from Toulon to the coast of Syria, at the request of Com. de la Ronciere le Nourry, who commands the French fleet in the Levant. It seems there is to be joint iatcrference, England desiring to act in concert. |rr The Mozart Hall Democracy In New York had a meeting on Thursday night, and resolved to as?ert its exclusive claim to regularity, being fcrtifl'd in their opposition to the State Committe?. of which John A Green. Jr., U'chairman, toy the action of the Charleston Convention previous to the bolt. They therefore declare It incumbent on all good democrats to bow to this decision, aad to cease hostility to the State organization recognized by a united National ConYention. They resolved also to elect delegates to the State Convention, (Douglas.) Mostgoxkry Cousty Dkleuatk* to th* MutlanbSuti Cosvbxtiox?The Democrats of Montgomery county held a Convention in Rockville, on Saturday last, in the Court House, and appointed Dr. C. A. Hardinc. Dr H R Crawford, and Col Benj. Shreeve, delegates to the State Convention which meet* in Baltimore on the '.?th in>t. There wu a large number pre*ent, and considerable enthusiasm manifested. The Convention was addressed by Gov SUvens, of Oregon, and Mr Washington, of Virginia. rimui John C. Heenan is at .Newport, R. 1. Dr W Stone, of New Orleans, is at the Klrkwood House Jerome Bonaparte, of Baltimore, has gone to Paris to see about the disposition of his deceased father's estate Baron Rothschild, of Paris, whose income is ifi (4AJ.OOO francs a year, is aojonrning on the bank* of the l^ake George Witb his suite of ten people" he is making tour of our watering places. . ... VII? n.n ? ...... ^aiuaurie v Higgles. a pupil tu one of th' public schools In this city, wbo recently took a premium for punctuality,la Mid to bave liot mlswd a day from ber acb<*>l f >r nine year*. A good girl and a prize for some nice young roan. ?7Governor Reward baa announced ilia intention to exhibit the Arabian boraes presented bl/n at the New York State fair. ry^5=?I O. O. F.?A Special Meeting of the Librat>_3 ry A w at ion will i>? held at the l.ih-a y hoom. i (>w<1 Fej lows' Hall. 7th Ptreer.l on I UBS 1>A Y 1-iVr NlNti.7th instaui. at R o clockThe Managers, and all Committee* connected wuh the kxeurmon. which i> to tak? place on Wednesday. inst., are requested to be present. B> ordar. au 6 2t rr5=* ATTKXTION.~BATTAI.ION WA"H. U-f l>r,TuN LIGHT IN FANTRY.-T'ie regular monthly myelin* of the Battalion wi I take place TH1> fcVKMNCr, att>* o cl'k Kvtry member is expeet'd to be pr<*een*. as business of tba utmost importance i- to N? transacted. }? D I fva-?oa ? i. j. ?,.>.'1^, rfer'j. [YV- SKVhN IH WARD.-Tb? Seventh Ward 1_L3 Caioi Club a..d other friends of Bell and Everett, wit. aiseiiMe at Island Hail on * EDNLSUAY EVENING 7 o'clock. for the rnrp <? of ?tt?tx'ing the ratification meeting at the City Hail B> order. au 6 St nry"I'IC NIO.-Tlie fiindi of th? Orphan are j L < nioat re*p?et ully lnlor t eil that arrangen.eata haw b?*eri mail* to give a Pic-Nic for h<beaetit u! ft Vinccnt's Femae Orphan Asylum a' Ar!irtt<?n Spring* on MONDAY, August 20th. Particular* m future a>lv?rti?rm?nt. au 4-31 rr^*JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIAILJf TIO.M ?The regular wrrkly meeting efti.e A110 hi a mill le held on MONDAY n?t,t.k in?t., % full att nuance is r**<iii**t>'d as bos ness of linsur.aiif* will be - > > >1 *s? ci tion. CORNELIUS BOYLE. Pre*. WM. J. DONOHOQ. Sec'y. a? 4 2t ry^SKW HIM! mvn ? - ? ? ? . ? adov/VIA riuni'?7 11 < Motimi HHihtlti; iri'-rtniR "f the United SutMing A?*ociation, will l>e hel at P to?i>ac ail, corn- r oi M?r> auu av . and llth on MONDAY JKVKNINU th* flth in*t . at 8 o'cjook, wh**n the naeorHt Miynj 'tit of .iue? will be rwiH. P?r?nr? wi totttk* -took can do so by makin* application at thi? meeting. au >-? CHARLK.8 WILHQN. Secr'y. MASONIC.?A ?f?cial communication of IL^ tte M W. G raad Lodge of V roe and A o?*pti<jTlmoii< <>ft t>i?tnct of CotumUa, wilJ ba held o> MO sDAV KVKNING n-*t, at 7S o'clock, at JWaitfwic Ha! .corner of Ninth and D etrrat*. !<* f*???plifvint tbf work. The o?a*r?/uid roeoibara of t':? ?ra'?f f^ige arr- r<-qu? trj to b? pomtuW ia t.-air % rt ail Lfthrta u good ?tft?iing t\ i ?jsf / >'? t ""-v ii ;' i A * ** * 1 * -? 11 11 ? WASH I Fie TON KIWI AND BOMIP. Seetchm or SvMxn Teatil [Editorial Ctrrtspondtnet of T%t St it ] [No 8 ] Jnly 31, INK). The Vaxley or the Ohio?The Tmir nov WHXXUSO TO Clsvslaxd. At 10 a m to-day I left Wheeling for Clewland. crowing the river to Bridgeport, Ohio, and taking the cara of the Cleveland, Plttaburg and Wheeling Railroad, there. Oor way for more than forty mi ire, to WellavlHe, Uya i hi mediately on the Ohio bank of tb? river. which enable* tl.e traveler to get a better view of the territory on the Virginia the Pan-handle?where that immediately skirta the Ohio, than of Ohio; ex cepi net river Oats, highly cultivated and very productive, as they are. There Is evidently no difference perceptible to the traveler by this road in the progress of the art of agriculture In this portion of the two States, though the river towns and settlements of Virginia here show to much best advantage Her towns are larger, though not so numerous as those of Ohio; that Is, immediately upon the river, and mora manufacturing Is done in them; VVellsburg, not far above Wheeling, almost rivaling Wheeling itself in the appearance of its factory and furnace smokestacks. from the Ohio side of the river. At Mingo, 19 miles above Wheeling, is the junction with the Steubenvllle and Indiana Railroad, in the midst of one of the most beautiful vallies my eyes ever beheld. Every description of the crops of the | sruuu Kruwu uere ai mis season are nourishing on the small farms into which the flat it divided; and toother make a picture of prosperity and happiness that is not a little enviable. Steubenville, comparatively an ancient Oblotown, with annels teeming with incidents of Indian wars, It patted 22 miles above Wheeling, itretchlng for a mil* along the river's bank, and giving evidence In its dinginess of the use of bituminout coal there as freely as at Wheeling; though the rapid transit of the train through it, and the position of the track immediately under the hill, aflorded me no opportunity to glance even at its distinguishing features. Above Steubenville, as below, plenty smiles upon both sides of the river?Ohio and Virginia | appearing, here, to run an even race in the pro i'i lunr aria 01 improving the Industrial and physical condition of man. In 25 mile* of our progress up the river 1 saw but three steamers under way, owing to the very low stage <f water at present. Railroads having monopolized the river's former travel, the class of fast passenger boats so famous here ten years ago no longer lists; those plying between the river towns now, steaming but half as many miles per hour as their predecetsors above referred to, and being devoted almost entirely to the freighting business. The entrances to coal mines in the hills skirting the river on both sides are objects of great interest on tnis part of my route. Their train roads shoot down for hundreds of feet, it may be, to the level of the river's flats; where flat-boats receive their toads of the mineral, dropped into them from the cars run out over them upon staging From Steu Denvilie up the river, the manufacturing characteristics of the region teem to have been transferred from the Virginia to the Ohio aide. Thua, while Virginia, here, Wins with amlllng rural homesteads. Ohio smokes and burna, not leaa interestingly, with Iron milla. Ac. Above Jeddo, however, on the Virginia aide one aeea half a dozen coal mines In operation within the space of a mile or two; and, aa a conaequence, a thrifty and well-built village stretching along the foot of the hills there. We dined at Wellaville, Ohio, 43 mile* outfrom Wheeling; and again taking the cara, this time out from Pittsburg. At 3 p m . I renew the journey to Cleveland, heading back down the river for three miles, to a point whence the railroad diverge west and starta out from the river'a bank tn rrnci *V>?? ? 1 -u- ?* ? ?-? > j <v ijajic nne i loore. On leaving the river the route of tbi* railroad runs up Yellow Creek valley, which in tome of ita attribute* differs from tboee of the creeks 1 wound among yesterday in Western Virginia. Thus, the highlands between wbich it lies are but hillocks, and it (the valley) Is broader than most of them, being far more cultivable than any that 1 saw between tbe Alleganles' top and Wheeling. Such being tbe characteristics of Eastern Ohio, hence It sras settled up before Western Virginia At Hammondsvllie, 6% miles out from Wellsv;ile, we pan'd a dozen coal mines and coking furnacM, In which tbe refuse coal Is made merchantable?put into shape to be of value to tbe iron masters; and aiao a manufactory of coal oil, all together employing perhaps a hundred hands and their families. Near Ilammondsville, we passed the handsome nf ?k? ? ? ''' renowned E. K. Collini, the founder of the "Collins Line'' of ocean ateamers. who iince the Government withdrew Its aid from that enterprise and its consequent death, has himself withdrawn from commercial pursuits in New York, and becoming a heavy proprietor of coal and Iron lands in this vicinity, is now as conspicuous as a miner, iron master, fcc., here, as formerly as a seaman, ship-owner, and merchant In the Empire City. We are now at Salinrsvllle, near which in early times there were many salt works, one of wh'.ch only Is now In operation. From Yellow Creek to Hammondsville, I forgot to mention above, Is one of the richest iron and coal tracts or veins in this country, and discoveries of siW-s for oil wells are now being made there As we progress Nortbwrst c?al min^i i?m u ? ?v vj/VU ?V view with nearly every turn of the road; while the country immediately bordering it does not appear to possess the agricultural advantages of the vicinity of the Ohio, the fields seeming to be quite as worn out as those of any Kastern State, while the farm buildings. ke., are not as good The minerals in the bowels of the earth here evidently attract more of the capitalists' attention than the superincumbent soil. The county (of Columbiana. Ohio,) in which we are now traveling, however, is regarded as one of the finest wheat producing counties in the State That is, off the line of this railroad below Summltville, the frontier of the mining part of it, which we have just paaed The farms here run from one to four hundred acres lu extent, and sell for from thirty to forty dollars per acre, exeent wk?? highly improved Ai we progress into the interior of the State the appearance of the land improves, together with that of the farm buildings, creditable indeed, to tbe Quakers of this section, who own them. At Hanover we met a freight train from Cleveland of M double cars, half a dozen of which were laden with iron ore from Lake Superior, destined to be smelted in Pittsburg and Wheeling Its superior yield of iron of the best quality justifies its transportstion so far frsin where mined Thirty miles out from Wellsville we passed Kast Rochester, a village of some importance ere ratlrosds hsd usurped the carrying business of the Sandy and Beaver canal, on the bank of which It stands. That not being navigated now. East Rochester evidently shares its dilapidation i -hi. -i " - . ... .? ? -. ? .uc tiCTonarn 01 ?ne Ipnee lock* la tbia P< nusyivanla Quaker settlement of Columbiana, as well aa with the tbriftineaa of their stock, and their a)item of cultivation. At Bayard, 38# mile* oat from Wellaville, we come to the junction with the Tuacaroraa Railroad, a branch of tbla on which we are traveling- Its length la 34 ml lea, and it traveraea a portion of the State celebrated for line agricultural lands and ansurpasaed mineral?Iron and coal resources. W. D. W m. 0 * Captch ov a SLav *E ?Lieut Maffltt, commanding U.S. steamer Cruaader, reports to the Navy Department that he captured on the 23d of July, near the I si and of Angullla, one of the Bauamaa, an American brig that had the night pre no.i? lanaea m cargo or aiavea on the Island of Cab?. ? ?> ArroiHTMBJiTs.?The President baa appointed the following persona aa deputy Postmasters at the respective places: Henry W. Tilley, Georgetown, D C.J Miles Naah, Tallahaaaea, Florida Natal ?Lieut. Win. N. JetTera, at present attacbed to tbe steamer Brooklyn, ia to be the bydrograpber of the Ubiriqui surveying party sis 1 JET The New York Tribane i? authorized to contradict tbe report that Mayor Wood ) to mwry ?8U?er-l#.l%wof;?ro?0 Bwxnctt, rn ?i I Tu Wbatkib.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Inrtitntlon The time of observation ta about 7 o'clock v AraesT 5, 1M0. New York, N. Y clear, pleasant ^ Philadelphia, Pa. clear, hot > Baltfnjefe. Md .......clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear, wind MW Richmond, Va.... clear, warm Petersburg, Va. clear. Pf>->. Raleigh, if. 0 81?. Wilmington, N.C clear, hot Columbia, S C..? clear, warm. Charleston. 8. C...'?. clear.82-% wf^ ?? Augusta. Ga. clear. plensant^P^ Savannah, 6a cloudy, rainy. Macon. Ga. ..dear, warm Cohimhus. Ga .clear, warm. Montgomery, Aia clear, warm. Mobile, Ala .clear, 96?. New Orleans, La clear, 94?. FROM TBS WIST. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md .cloudy, warm Grafton, Va...,, cleaf, not. Wheeling, Va. clear, hot. Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, pleaaaut. Cincinnati, O clear, hot. Pittsburg, Pa clear, warm, 72?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 >. m , (corrected for temperature,) 89,977; at noon. 29,975 Thermometer at 7 a. m, 7)<7*; at noon, 87?. Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a. m. today, 9?'j minimum 72?. nrS^ORAND MASS MEETING AKDTORCHLL2 LIGHT PROCESSION, By th?* friends of _ BELL AND KVERETT, J On WEDNESDAY EVENING.?.h inst. There will be a grand Torchlight Proceanon and Mua Meetin* of the Constitutional I'jiios Pa*tt on WEDNESDAY EVENING next. the 8th instant. The meeting will l>e held in f ont of tb< City Hall, where atandsforthe officers and speaker will be erected, and will be addresard by the follow in< eminent geutlemen : Hon. Richard I. Bowie,/ Maryland; George A. Pearre. Esq.. of Mar\land; KotertE Scott, Esq. of Virginia; .f. Ki goo:, Esq., of Maryland; Joseph H. Bradley, Ksq., of this ci'y, and others who have kindly consertetf to be pretent and make addre?se?. 'i he fullowinc Order of Procession will t* observed by the various Ward Clubs snd othei* diapoaed to unite with ua in the celebration : The Third and Fourth Ward Delegations will m* et at the Northern Liberties' .Market House The Second Ward Delegation will meet a! the oornnrof New York avenue and Fourteenth at The Delegations from the First Ward, G^?"g*tnwn. and the neighboring counties will meet atthe Union Engire H. use. The Fir h and Sixth Ward Delegations will noet at thp Hall The Seventh Ward Delegation will meetut tho Steamboat W harf, for tlie purpose of roceivinttho Alexandria Delegation aad escorting them intothe line. The Third and Fourth Ward Delegations ill move from tteir piace of rendezvous along Vw York avenue to Fourteenth street, where they wi 1 be joined > y the Second Ward Delegation, andtcgetiier proceed to the Union Engine House to oin the delegations rendezvoused there, when they will all move in a body to the corner of Fourteenth s-reet and Penn. avpnue. The Seventh Ward Delegation, with the Alexandrians, wi 1 march to the fxland Hall and iuir the Fifth and Sixth Ward Delegations, and thenin a body move to the corner of Penn. avenue and Fourteenth street, whence the whole l>ody of the pr?ces sion will move along Penn. av?nue and Fotir-anda half street to to the Cit* Hall. au 4-3t W. B. VVEBH, Chief Marshal. 1 IVOR SALE.-Tb? light draught fast waling T \AOhT POINTER will bfi-oKiohMp^L on immediate application Tho above Boat i* SO l>e?t long. 12 Met beam, with a fine cabin^^* 12 feet in length; was fited up for a pleasure i^at, bat would make an exce lent market boat. Inqi i e ofH O HOOD. 33? Pa avenue. au 6-ti HE I'V DERSIGNED BEGS LK WE TO I inform his t< iends and the public gener-fj\ allv that he has removed lo No. 319 F street, between 10th and llth. He has always on |W hand BASKETS of all sizes made to order, I 1 I and old ones repaired. AUo, particular care taken of a.l kind* and *iz ? of STRA VV CaNING. au 6-eo3t* T. HOSCHER. Basket Maker. SUPERIOR WHITE AND RED ASH EGG COAL, ?Now on the voyage and daily exprcted toar ive, schooners Chas Moure and Ja< Tire, with 183tons Broad Mountain WHITE ASH EGG CO \ li.aad 17o tons K ED ASH EGGCOaI,. Persons desirous of procuiing their supdit fo the win *er win Rave money by lea' in* their' order* ? > that their coal can Ikj delivered from th< vessels. SHERIFF A DAWSON. Four and-a-half street and Canal, ?u6-4t (Int.) west noe. SEVENTH STREET. A beautiful assortment of GOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and low priced GOOD"*. FIREBOaRDS, PRINTS. PI' Tt RES. CORD ami TASSELS. 4c.. remnants of low priced P \ PERS, with a handsome stock of WINDOW SHADE"4, at greatly reduced prices. Orders 1-1' f..r PA PER HANGINGS and WINDOW SHADhS satisfactorily exe-uted with skill a <1 dispatch in city or country. Please give meaeall. Don't forget the number. J NO MARKRITFR. No 4^6 Seventh st., 8 doors ?t>ove au6 eo8t* Odd F Hows' Hall T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE N?it Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tftry, oooduotod by the Spanish Government, under the *upervi*ion of the Captain General of Cib*, will take place at navana oc SATURDAY, AU?u*t 25 1860. SORTEO NVMEHO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?l00,000. t pnie of fino.nno so prise* i do ? 9",ooo eo do 500 I do 30,000 163 do 400 I do 1o,noo 20 appro*. 1^00 1 do 10,000 IN ALL 5198 PRIZES. Whole Tiolreta, 9*0?Halves, #10?Quarter*, *. Pn*e* oashed at sight at * per oer.t. discount. Bill* ob all solvent Bank* taken at par. A draw id* will to forwarded a* soon u the retail beoomes known. All order* for scheme* or tioket* to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, All fi-tr n?_F?nf Pi>w Pa?* " n ? ?... - v>?j ? ?i vn>*? in?v"?u, n. *i. ?pHK GREAT EASTERN. ANNAPOLIS AND EHK RIDGE RAILROAD. rfducud fare. The following ra ex have been established on this route, i being 25 mile* nearer tee* r?^. thari any other lor citizens iljKf| Washington and of its vicinity =^^5 visit the Great Ship,) to continue during the visit of the ship to the Annapolis Roads. Round trip t ck ts go<?d for the dajr. From the J unc'ion to Annapolis 6>> cents Patnxent to d j 55 cent* * Phelps to do 50oerts " Tappington's to do 45oents " Greftihills to do Wcents Millers to do 35 cents " Water Station to do an cents Gott'a to do y? cents " Crownsvllle to rtn o> " Kglehart's to do 25 cents *4 Best ? Gate to do ISoents " Welch'* to do 12 cent* By order: THOS. OaITHKR. Secretary. 8teamt>oats will ply between Annapolis and the Great Eastern every hour. Fare 25 cents, an 6 dtioth gXCURSION ANNAPOLIS, TO SEE THE GREAT^EASTERN. The Committee bee leave to inform their fri'nds that, for the BXCUK8ION TO 'Kmmm ^ ANNAPOLIS, they have at a great expense engaged the I*ri??v? wijt, and^?*?**"1 * plenum Fieamor a A1 .TIMOR E, which will positively leave her wharf, foot ofMth street, on W KDNKpUAV AFTKKNOON. at 4 o'clock, arriving at the GH BAT EASTERN by 7 o'clock the n<-*t morning; leaving the steamer at 1 p. in., and arriving at home on Friday by daylight. Tlioy also bet to state that they kave kad a* ?? trrvi'te with H. J. Jarrett, Esq., agent of tSe Great Kastern, wno ha* authorized them to assure ub cribers that the Baltimore can lay along side of the Gcat Eastern for five hours Ttie boat will stop going and returning at Alexandria. Moore or Marshall* Landing, and Po at Lookout Passage and m -als $5. Tickets can he obtained from the Committee. i Wm H Ward, P H.King, r* V. Noy*s, Sainii 1 T. Drury, Johr B Turton, P. J. McHenry, Dr. Force, John F. Bridget, Cha*. Cunningham, Wm. M.Ellis, Andrew Joyce, Dr. J. R. Major, Wm. Lord. John F7Ellis. R. H. Laskey, T>r. ftidwell, Georgetown. John W. Thoiups n. Navy Yard, au 6-d d Dr. J. Wm. Bowling. Alexand i?. "GET THE BEST*" THOMSON 'S~CELEBK ATED SKIRTS. I NOVELTIES FOR AUTUMN, 1860. The Eageale Pari* Gere. > Ceaatitntiea. ? Soathera Qneea. *? Fairy. " Ptriitaa Trail. ? Zephyr. | Remodelled from the lateet Parisian design* Manufactured eolely by ? from Tkomeon'a Patent Improved Corrugated Spriofi and Inimitable Wtdre Slide. Every Skirt tlainptd with our name and t.ade mark, the C<own. For ca eevery where. The Be?t le the Chrapeat W 8. A C. H. THOMSON * CO , ??0 BaoABwaTt N?w YetK. au 6 UJtTbtlat8er*lftwlm . ' 1 HfiMT> ? J! * ' '* "I 0 ?POR6ETOWN CORPORATION LAWS, I A Kisoictios In favor of H. Polkinhorn Rttolveri by tkt Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of | Ommpn Council of tkt Corporation of Gecrgrtoien, ! Tnt the Clerk be. and he is herebr authorized to i pjkto ttvi order of H Polk In born forty-live dol* I liWlor prist500 copies of memorial relating 1 ti(bf bong Bridge. f Approved July 2b. l^rie. j A RfsoWtioi in favor of \Vm. H Chunbetlala. Ht'okwi by the Board qf Aldermtn and Board of Common Council oj the Corporation of Gtargt towm, That Wm. H. Chamberlain be, and b? U tecreb* rwensed froin tlie pavment of four dolhrs of the flne imposed upon his son on the S9d June tilt ? , said Cban.t>eri;iin paying all costs?with the line m posed. [Approved July 0. 1*60. V_ R rsoLcnos to pay for services of Board of 1 Retolred by ih? Board of Aldermen and Boord 0f \ to mm on Council of the Corporation of GtorgetMm, 1 "bat the Clerk be. and be it hereby authorized to 1 ay to the order of W H Tenney," W H Godey nd A H Pickrell, eighteen dollar! each, for line days' services aa Board of Appeal* for the ear IWJo. f Approved July INK) A Resolution Id faror of H B. Walker Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of i'ommim Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown. TLat the mm of sixteen dollar* and twent>-three rents be, aod the tame la hereby appropriated to be paid by the Clerk to the order of 11 B. Walker, in full of his bill to date. Approved July 2??, 1860 A Resolution to pay for repairs on County R our! Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board / Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That tbe Clerk be, and be it hereby authorized to tbe order of R. Shoemaker twenty-six dollar! and twenty-five cents, being one-hair the approKrlatlon for repair* on road from Shoemaker's [ill to Georgetown on 3d October. 1859, provided said Shoemaker produces vouchers for tbe expenditure of said appropriation. Approved July 28, ;M50 A R*solctio5 in favor of Jno. A.Smith Resolved by the Board of Aldermtn and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, Tbat the Clerk be, and he is hereby authorized to pay to Jno A-Smith or order, fourteen dollars and eighty-six cents for cost* In Circuit Court to October, 1359. {Approved July 28, li^>0 A Resolution In favor of Jos h W. Maril. Resolved by the Board of Aldermtn and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, ! Tbat the Clerk pay to the order or Jos'h W iMarll two hundred and nine dollars and twenty-three cents, in full for bis bill for repairs of pumps to the 9th of J une, l~6u Resolve A furthtr. That the Clerk is hereby instruct* d to notify J W. Maril that this Corporation will only pav for work actually done on the Cublic pumps, and not so much per year as, from and after the passage of this resolution. f Approved Joly 2^, lfKMJ A Resolution providing for the expense of the Poor and Work House for quarter ending June JO. I860. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Foard of Common Covnril of the Corporation of (ieorgetotrn, Tbat the sum of six hundred and sixteen dollars and ninety-four cents he, and the same is hereby appropriated to defray the expense of the poor and work house for quarter ending Jnne 30. and tbat the Clerk ot the Corporation be, and he I is hereby authorized to pay to the order of the Trustees said amount, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, they furnishing the proper vouchers. Approvtd July 2b, I860. UEUKUETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other (ieorfttotcn advert nementt tte first pag* fyS^LECTI'RE.?Prof. Mathews will d?-l ver a Ikj* Lecture at the Lecture Room of the Methoaint Portestjmt Church in Georgetown. I HIS ( Slonday) EVENING, at ft o'clock p. m. Th p ocei'd* will he appropriated tnwarrt* repairing Lynchburg oll-ge. Subject?The ISth cent ry. Admission fee 25 cents. it r5=?BKLL AMD EVERETT PALLY FN M R GEORGETOWN.?There will be a grand rally of the friends of B*i.t. * EvrRKTT.ui front of the Town House, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of attend ins: the Mass Meeting in front of the City Hall, Washing.ou. A full band of Music will be in attendance. ''Come one?coine all Roll on she Kail." Bt order of the Bell and Everett Association of Georgetown. JAMES A. MAGRUDER. Prti. au *? 3t W.H. TENNEY. Secr'y. ( )S I' On Sfl 111 rH a V ni?Kt in nanrkkArkA/ A Li ofRwlier n Whitehouse on High ?treet, Jtv a patent lever Silver Watch, -with dr>n!>le #%} cas<?. An* o e leaving it with Mr. AnHiony^"? Roller will receive a reward of five dollars. It THOSK pioRSoSi WHO HAVE BLOOD re?! >11 I.I. BAGS in their |xirMMM belonging to us will pleaac return them to Columbia Mills, Wat -r stret-1. Ueoreetown. aii 4-3t BOYCK. THO.MAS 4 DODGE. IN WARM WEATHER PREPARE FOR COLD' We are now receiving, and will be during the rnor th of A ugust t,?mo ton* of COAl., of ail si??s, which we will sell chnap if ordered prior to 1st September. Call ?arlv and leave your orders at our Offices, if jou wi?"h to savs inonev C. MYERS & SON, No. 41 Water street, Georgetown. J. W P. MYtRS * CO.. jy yr-7W umce cor. (i and 22d sts., Washing's. Having determined to change my business, I'll ooiumano? from this date to ?ll for cash my entire stock ot DRY and KaNCY GOOD*. Having purchased o the most favorable terms, and being desirous ? f o'.oainc out as erly as possible, ail who may be in want of Itargains will do well to give me a call. VV. R. HURDLE, jy 24 1m Corner of High and Gay sta. gjo br idg k street^ qo SELLING OFF! SKLLINO OFF' Large stock of DRY GOODS, LACE MANTLES, SHAWLS, Ac , * c.. to lie closed out, as we intend making an alteration in our store. Coin* soon for bargains, as we will be compelled to vacate the premises in a few days. SPILMAN 4 HUNT. jy 27-eo2w 9S Bridge street. \1 AYOKS OFFICE, 1*1 OioBOKTiiwn, D. C., July 18, I860. All pnrron* wh? are annoyed by nui*ituc,?? which endaus*r tU Ueaith of the town tre re^ue ted tu report the bame, in writing, to tins office. | jy 18-w4w HbXRY ADDISON, Mayor. WANTS. ANTE l>?Two WHl rEfilR to cook, wash and iron. Ac.; th* o her as c'.ild's oiine. | I**! Ma<i>achu?etU avenue. It* WA N T K D-Three g?Hxl JOURNETMkN PLASTERER!*, on Eloveuth ?t.. hetw?en O and P > ts. Good waxes <iven to tliem that will suit. Ca*h every fcaturday eight. ?u?-2t* J. W. REED. WANTED?A WET NURSE vmH unmed'ately. Apply to Dr. C. BOYLE, No. -IT Hon r-and a half strert. 1*11 4 3t* WANTED-A CARPENTER. competent ?o th-? finishing work of 4 hou?e id the handsomest style To such a one good w?^< will he given. constant employment, and the wish every r-atunlar evening, ?>r olt<?ner if wantod ; at the oorner of loth and O sts. A single man p t ferred. an 3 6 ' . WANTED?A SALES LADY. None but the best need applr. 8. IIELLEK. jy 31 No. 34 Mai ket Space, t*t 7th and ?th sts. WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform the duties of chambermaid. No one n-*edapply who cannot bring a recommendation from her last p aoe. Inquire at Eokington, two miles north of the Cap itol. jy 17 Wa > rr:u?tiy a stead* and tndustrioua man, a SITUATION a? co1lec?or. Brit of re com m*nd*tions given. Address M. C., Star OSoe. jy 12 tf \T|7 ANTED?To have everybody know that thev * * can purohass their Summer Clothing at oo?t at No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post OSoe. jy 18-ini LQST AND FOUND. R EWARD.?Straaed a war from the sub?oriqpO I>er on the 27th of July, two 8QW3^itk heavy with young. One or them h'ackTTLJ^^ and brown like; latne in the left fore l"g.(QM|Lfli and the oth r of a lighter colored b nek a-d white, with long ear*. The above aum will be paid to any per?on who will bring them to the corncr of North Capitol and O streets, or leave information where they are. nu 6 3t* d* C REWARD,?SM-ayed or atolen from the aub?iber on trie 3d inat.,aamaJl bntlitcv RArY MARE; atar in forehead; Ion* tail. jLLA The above reward will be given for her re turn to L. LI BER, on C atreet, between 13S and 14th ata. au 4-9t* STRAYED OR STOLEN?On the l?h of July, a in?dium aitedark HRINDLECOW,^?|| with aliort horna and a orack in therichtSU^ horn, and both eara ma ked. A uitableJhaBto reward wi'l be given for information or the return ofthe aaid cow to M'% B MAGRl'DKR,on B >t, between I3lh and 13}, ata., laland, an 3-3t STRAYED~OR STOLEN.-From the aab aorilter. Illllnicht. nn tk* roarl, om mile from the Capitol, two hora?a.*?^i ach a ho at (even years old; one a bar. the ^ ^ other a dapple irray; both valuable Thegiay hat but one ?ho< on the fore foot A iibaral reward will b?> nven for their return to my renWeno*. au3 3t"_ JOHN A. BARTROFF. IT"OR HIRE-A SERVANT MA'J who i?~i r good farm hand and ooachmanand well dispoaad, will ha hired for the lialaace <>f the tear A home in the oooatrj preferred. Addraaa M. OARRI IT, 246 O street. an 3-at* 07Q PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between i O 11th and 12th street* ?Fifty oopie? of Cluake?'s Political Text Rook or Encyclopedia, re ceived thta day by axpraes, and for tale ai . BiN. P. hRENCH'S. fu4-?t (lai.) are P?nn. ?venu*. % EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, TA \NOr NCEMKNT HR MONTGOMERY Gl'ARD Haro tk* pkm"* of jin??jicinat to thotr mwi' fri?nd? and tha au -lie r"n?r?'It that thoy will cira a QRAM?*^^* PIC NIC at Arlin(t?a . u Wr.DNKSDAY, tba 15th Pwtwuiw ir % Mturr ?/1r?irtiK*m?nt, ac 6 WClaNGEaM, lot Li?I Select AmciicSi*NentkrFainment, COMMCUC'SW AT 4 O'CLOCK T. M Ma?"-a. POWEJH1 * CO. b#f leave to inform t? < f en4??od th7rnt.ii-t mm ..n FR I PAN soil PATl RlJTV hVKMM.-.Aumt l?? hM and Uth. Mr. C B.W. 'fcler io'I h " '"n'f flP exhibition, ami Mr. J K. SchkLL. Piani't. will at ten the a> >v" I' ni:d % .! f..rrn election* of tha rno>tpopul*r L>?-iatic *ud CImik Muue.os vkiah ore?*i<?n (*r*e *tten??wnce ts requeatcd. Admn i"ion free. ^ ?u 6-4t^ The navy yard bapUst sabbath SCHOOL will rive in RXCl' R 8ION t<> Foit Wft?hiniton Hid Whit* H<m*e. on WEPNESDAV,^ ^ * Aiuuat 8th The atearoer Pn? x will Iwire the wha'f. toot of I trtixth atreet .at 7 o cloak and tt>? Nftry \ ?rd wh?rf at V o'clook a. m., and at 2.'clock p m Mucoid Refrwahmanta at city ariooa. GarU" ticket* IP c"wt?; l?die? 2S centa; children 10 ?eit*. B> order of the * ??? CO M Ml TT E E GRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL MAR5HAL1 AS PAVILION. AGR AND TOURNAMENT and BALL will ?** ?t MAR*H * LI/8 PAVIL- _ ??^ 1 / k V fl * * a T~V a. ? - . 1 , 1 4 ^ ni','nu r.siM i ,!im urn mat. Rider .< from Wa?hiugtoe, Georg*-^^^^^^^^ i town. And Al^xaudia ar?? mo.t reapeetfully solicited to rid". The* will be furnished with ooatumo. hoerd and horse feed on the above day for twelv* dollars (#12.) Wi'hera'a Celebrated B-ass Rand hai been eaF*ted for tho oeoaaion. Ttie public are lavited to attend. The ateamer Baltimohi will leave Washington on Monday. the 13th, at 10 o'clock a. m and land at the Pnvilionat5o'clock p. m Retnrt ing will laave the Pari ion on Wedn aday mo nine at 1 o'clock and a rive >n Washington at 7o'ek>ck a m., lhu? affo ding a good oeportanitjr to thone wiahirg to avail themaeivee of Sa.t Wai-r Bathing, Fishing. Crabbing. Ac. The undersigned has spared no expenae to make tin* Tournament surpass an* thing of the kind that haa heen given in the State of Maryland, and nothing ahail be left undone on hi* part to render <%oinfo t and pleasure ?o all that mat give him a call. an 6 1 w* R J. MARSUaI-1., Proprietor. piC NIC AT COLUMBIA SPRING. The Said ath School of '-oranch Chapel will five a I* I ? -\ C at COLUMBIA SPRING, WEDNESDAY. AngustAtflHff Mnair haa been encaged for the occasion, and the committee pledge tHemaeh e* to make it a ?cene of rare pleasure ani epjo? merit to allwhoniav favor them with Utrtr pr?*aeno . Wlraley'a line of atace* will leave the corner of Mart land avenue and S?v enth street at 8 3' a m. and" ?jn p.m. Tick* U for gentlemen Sfor ladi?a Scents; oluldren not connected with the acho.>l7 ceiits au 4 (TNPAR AI.I.ELED ATTR ACTION ! ) r, hAW" PRTZ E PIC NIC! AtANALOSTAN It.AND. On MONDAY. Accra* 13. 1*60. One llundrrd Pieceaaf JeweiryGivea Away! Anion* which a ??oli> and Siivr r Watch. Al'an<-inr ar<d Mi< ic dnrtn* the day Jfify will afford enjoyment t? all. oD Bap ?a'a Ba-a and Striae Band en gaced f>r th?? ocr*si<?u. Cent? fur fien'lemea Cert* for I Ladi?a; Children almi t-d free. Twket* for atn atC.H. Anr|e?-?on's and (.am m"B'l a. 7th atreet; D>. "ch* * tze'a Dm* Store. I'a. iv.; at-l at 'he 1 ot of Huh at. wharf. Georgetown. on the dav oftha Pic Nie. |rT"Nocharse male for convtyanoe arroaa to th* |aland fr<>-" t' e wl<arve? ETFVr l'i-t "f UiIts see small prograinmea. _au 3-71 THK MFMRERS OF THK JOURNEYMEN I BAKI K>' A>Sor| \TlON Uk-;->aa ft% ure in anmnrir k t" t:r n Iri? ti, ar<1 ttie pub ic th?t th?v will giTe their First Grand #VM PIC NIC *ttli? PARK on Tt EJ*DAY, 7th UA of August. The Committee will ipare do pain* to make this the finest Pic Nic of the season.. Ksputa f bras* at>d ?t in* music will b? on hand. Tick*ts 5" cer.ts. admitting a gei tieman and .a die*. Coaehe* wi' I rnn even ten minutes to and from the Park du ingth*?dav. j> 3> ?o3t&ai?<>? THE COMMITTEE. I HO! FOR ?l,YMONT! I OOK Out !<>r the GRAND AFTERNOON F.X< T'RJUON of the HIAWATHA jp?t C1.1'K, t<? r\ven at Gl>m^nt, TUKSDAY. Angus'7 Tite Committee will u?e tWeir utmost endeavors to make the occasion one of i* tere?t and pleaaure to h 11 w' o mar favor them with their company. The Hol? Hill Hand ha? been encaged and will furnish (' I'chtlul munc to ail who love to "trip it on the li<ht fantastic toe." The steamer Phsxix will leave the foot <'f High *t. at I o'clock : Stone House at i a f-p*-t l;fl?h street wharf at 2. Coaches will leave 7th and I. ate. and 17th *t. at half past 1 o'clock. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and ladies, .?!. Committed of Arfntement j. D Perkins. Wm Goddard. \\ it. uoiiutxirough, F. Moore. Wm. Moor*. y 31 ? ' (iRAND PIC NIC AND BALL. VI To tie given bv Esputa's Citizens' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, on TUESDAY, Atarax 7. The proceed* to be applied to the purchase ef a NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. Th? m'mbortof the Band promne that nothing hall be wantu.g upon their part to make this Pic NIC well worthy Ui- patronage of the generous pubho. T:i>? best of Mu?ic wilfbe furnished. and everything done to promote the pleasure of the day. THE OMNIB1TSFS will leave the corner ol Seventh rtreet and Pennfc. avenue, and from c ?ruer TwItvh ami Pwnna. avei - ? - umv , ww, itum iuw navy 1 firU. TICKETS F7?TV CENTS. Admitting * Gkntlkman and Ladiir : To >? hut of anr nwrnlwr ot the Band, or at the Mime More of Mr Ellia. jy 3B-8t J^ELIGHTFL'L PIC-NIC MERIDIAN HILL. The Pic Nic ? f the ST. AI.OYS1US SUNDAY SCHOOL will take place at Mr iihan Hill on Tl'ESDAY. Augrunr 7tt\ Everything will be done make the arfa iinn'un per ;?? -*> foct and se -ure to all a day'# m^n'. A fine pa ilion has la t fy .neu erected, iiakin* ihi< the plea.-au'est place of resort iu ice vici'>i y of the ?ily. Witheta* Brass arid String Baad ha* beeaeatr it t*t\ fnr tKr. i??" ? '? 0 .vi ? ? MWW| Refreshment* at ci'y P'ice*. Ti k*t* 2S cent?; children 1A cents. Oniiut>uae? will - unfrom the corner of Pennsylvania avenue ana Seventh ?tree*. b> *?j of North em Libeities Market and K xteet Fare ten c?nts each way. j> y-MWFS.M&T* RAND ANNUAL EXCURSION ST. PETER'S SUNDAY SCHOOL, ( 1PIT"L HlLL.t To GI.YMOKr PAVILION. Os WEDNESDAY. Au.pst ?*, 1*60. The steamer Morjir bavins lx*en *nra^-ed for the occasion. will lea e h-'r Jl^*^ wha'f, foot of "-ixth t. atTS ?.r.; nav) * ard at o'clock kn. altornoon will leave Sixth street at IS, and Navy Yaol at 2 o'clock. Returning will leave GNmont at 5 and 10 o'clock p m. Dinner and Supper will be furnished by the prop letors. A fin* Brans and Strint Band has b?en enraged. Omnibusse* w.ll l>e in readiness at tbe corner of Seventh *tre>et aod Penn. avenue, and the Northern Libert) Market to convey passengers to aud fom the b'-at Tickets SO cents; children 25 cents. ( ommittee of Jacob Fleishell. Jo??ph H Fleuhell, Dennis ? alltfhan, Dennis Hanloa, i ? luuuioB i niiiPii, menara h. boia??u, John B Muill, John Callaghan, William Dalton, George C. Ca?t*U, William Pa teraon, G*or?a Mitchell. ?%mual Evana. G. W Wheatie*. o?eph McGuiggan, Jaooh Dyaer. If tli* weather ?honld not b? favoraKe the Exour?ion will he postponed until farthw notioe au 4 31* S remember: team packet plying cloud will rum regular trips from the Aqueduct to arlington spring,on the 6th a* Auguit mitaot, for 15 c?nU trip?1" cent* tingle trip. au 3 3t john MOOKE. {.j r a n d pic nic A T TH* PARK HOTEL, On WEDNESDAY. Auc*?t?tk. John Eaputa'a oelebrated hand la en*aced. Ticket* Piftr Cent., admitting geUleiaan and i*W 4MH0G??$ Oinmbuaea will mn from w>f?*r W> ' 7th atreet and Pa. avenue hoerlr. Committer, m i.W Clubb. W. H. Clubb, O. Bats.. J aa. Litchfield. aaf 2 3Utfca?* PERSONAL. M THANKS. R KFRR Takea thia method of returnee hia aincere thanka to Withera a Band fo- Ike t oder of a daiuhtful eerenade at Analoataa on Sfttartay nifhtlaat * PAST, PRESENT. AND FI TURE EVENTS, will be ftbafftetorilv eipiftioed. by ft iadv.ftt her residence No. 3ST C at. between 1st ftnd Sad tU., Iilftnd. Conroltfttion fee ?5 oenU. ni<>' (VI ADAMK MUER1CK, Til OftEAT Amouv on the Pwt, Preeeci ftnd Pntnre BmH Cftll ftt No. U04 Twenty-eeooad itreet, (>etween H ftad 1, Wftehinctoou Jei??n? THOMPSON'S *?-? p'cro?&4fe AUCTION SALBH. > - - - i - n tjr Ft other Aurt?n Belm. am fir* jMfv ~iri>A*NA*ir*~?rC*lEV. Aw*r?w~T, &t?rri "*rm. D- C UOIUKBOID AND Kirowr.v ri *>| ^ ll tmt. *T Ar Tt<?w ?Wa *1* vail on TkCIHDa V ?ut nil iut? t, a* 4 n'cla * p at tit* oftk* MM Mri Cos. t aea t . *? * . o?pomt? "?a O*?rg?tova > Tla a ?..,< II m iIm */? fix;# T.v? <*?. Ps'ior, diniag roma, aa<< Coofc Ptora*. Flrtt rat* Feather Bni and M?d.uad?. wrtt?nc I aa < C??> h*a tkMt*. Bnraau and T?M _ ? am. K>n?*?r Kaivr*, A< Kite baa tVu k Terra. oaah. __ aa K BAKN AItn* HOCKEY. A acta. PH? J C. VcGI IRK * CO . Agtli?ny?ri crk.mptok\ salk o* nilimiv am? Straw iimm, RauoiMiili. Trim M "> . I.A( *? t'KII' *U1, V*?(l OOOIW.At <? >All HDAY MUKMNIi, A u? n?t m?trsi ?t?o'c <wV wminrri (V?w ? <i?? antii th* wh<>!? n r%?p ?'d "f. ?' >k* m<<. at - ?t.T? *: r f >u < #. Km >?? ?* P?*.r. Mfm mm )rth iliMte, ft larg* vanTrim ?< <] and ntriiawd Mrt? Hate and F ate, Col?r*i Hai-an* *traw Hot. iff*. Colored, Biark and |.it? Joetry R?to. CMknt and t>win K4(H ( ?*d I?rtwf. d? df. r^;::^s^T,^u ??**. OimM. Cord*. 8rai<1?. Fn?fM, t ut?d ftibtWM, HWW ud 9ilk, 8i!k Rnttona, Plain Drof Tti w , Krtni**. RmI Va??K?ia. Krrlisfc Tnread, Cottrn, Iwip*. |?1 Valencia ftck. Htond aod ?v*ry other r* natj of (/en. hoof Ski u, french Artificial f ow*r?, btaiM' ana uenueewi e dub " ?i??" > brella*, S?wiiir Ppool Cotton-, Hair Pin* of all kiw)?, Hwd Drum, Hur, Tooth mh< Nail Bruihea. Coniha, < >po a G ? >n. Port??l< 4MMM. Card OWN, Go d and Silver TiMiabloa, Tiiok Comb*, Lnbm'*, Harriaob'a and Juloa Haaie'a l-aat K? tract*. ^ Erenon ai.d 6ormu Co 0(D??, air Oil. Potnad?. Ac . A< All of wnirh will ba mi A without i a?i tra. Term*: > and r>d?r, cash; oftr that nbI credit of 60 and da; a, for appro rod eodoraed ?> got**. bearing latoreat ^ an 1 d J C MdOl'lir * CO . Anct* K? J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FOl R LOT* AT I The Cobnbe or Fib*t ?tbbkt w?t aju Nobth H ?t*bbt ?On IlKSDAV AFTI.ft NOO.X. AacuaiTUi.atC o'clock, on tha precniaoa. we *ha'l eel, l/?ti No. 4IR.CI, ffi. and 63, in Square No. fn, front; nc earh S feet on Fi?at itr?*t ww. at the eorner of north H at, running haofc M? toot toana.loy. Tha eornar Lot la in,pro red by two Mil Fraaaa Houaoa Tfrmi: On* third ca?h. the rMidM la fad U months, with interest, aecared by* dead of trust on the premises au i d J. C. MoGUIEE A CO.. Aacta. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For tkm "For S+U in4 Rent" UwrluiwwH, rt*) FOR BENT?The larre STORE ROOM aad CELLAR on the corner of I and Seventh ?U , Nat* Yard. Thi? room is suitable for any business. Can be rented with or without the dwelltM. Po? session siven 1st of September. Apply to JOS. ? EPETTL 4*2 I st east. au 3 2w* FOR SA LE OR REV T- A rleasart aad oommo dious DWELLING H( I SE on H etreet north i..>t won 6th a'i'l "t N i'. 4 ?T? rent #? ?; aad one on Maine avenue, near the Armor?; rent ftJM. For further particular* as to above, or the purohae* of other eligibly located propert?. imp-oved or aaiin proved, applv next door to first named hujee. au 3 3t" B. MILRt'ftM. F7?OR HALF. OR RF.NT-A p eaaantly situated COTTAGE n(H'?E. containing I room* Th?re i? * square of ?rt>nrKl attached unflfr culti vs tion ; ? It'ie sialde on on* nd ?>f th* r^ukrf The place will he sold upon very rrHonthlr term*, or reut?d to a prompt iwiut. PoiMHion (ivra on the lot of Aniii<t For particulars inquire of BAR BOl'R k SKM M KS. Grocers. jy ^ I/OR *?A!.K ?A LADY'S RIDING PONT la I offered for sale upon very l?w term* fix. in consequence of her having left the eit*. and liavinr no further use for it. Apply at x J W. Pl .MI'HRKY'S Stable*, rear of National Hole'. jy SB ao2w KfOB RKNT-A large doable BRICK lOVfC, I containing 11 room* and passage, with st?t>H* ?? and carriage house ; also a pump of water in th* rard: on Eleventh rt., near I. ?t. For term* im?ir? of GEoRGE T. LANGLEY*. on L at.. near rnmt teenth et. jy E70K RENT-A~Uiree story BRICK DWKL r 1 I Vil Hi .IOL . _ H -A ? ?* - * ? m gjg nut r"r<. "n fl il ITIWC'II UIQ ftilQ st?., No 404. Apply to J K IRK WOOD. 476 lSth mwt if lt-tf FOR RF.MT.-A new and han<ieome FRAME HOITSK will be for rent in n few day*. Il is t^MiMluIly situated on Thi'teenth *treet. between Georgia and K at.. N?< ? Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pump of it.-od water n-a:, and oontaan* 4 room*, kitchen and wi odstied. Will be rented .<>w, with or without the lot, to a ioo<i tenant. For kale cheap, a *<?> :. strong WORK HORSE : works wel'in anything Inquire "f TK. CI.ARK. Navy Urdjor of JOHN patch. bIS H at., lietween 4th and Sth jj FOR RENT?Two comfortable tiiree-aU ry trick HOUSES. an rooms and kitchen each situated on Eleventh ?t-. i?etween R and c. Rent flJJi'p-i month Apply to GEO. F. Ul'CUELV, at F. 8. Myers' Oflire. Eighth st. JT UJIn> * FOR RENT-Two beautiful new BRICK HOI'S* S, ni Eifh'h ?t eet west, between M and N rtreets north, weat side. Apply to mary ' c. iiaislif.No. 2?l Ninth street weet.orDr. KEaSHEY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. jj 12 5w* pROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Ornn or Comniioiaor Plklic BciLDivoe.i Auguet S, II*1 S PftorniAU wi'l be reosived at thia cftoe up t" U o'olock. at .on the 13th day of Aaca?t n?xt, for Grading, Curbing. and lajing the B ick pave me?,t, and Paviu* Uie Uattera, A c . oa the e?aUi side of Miaaoari avenue. between Third and Pink ?Mt, ouao ??ed oa Four-and-a haiI atreet bj a F an Footway. The Corlwtone to be of the beat ita.itTofNtw York North nrer atone, in pircea or not laea than four (4) feet long, aixteen <! > mohea deep, and foar aad a half(4tt> mchee th>ek. and to be jo nted and well fitted, and aat in a oed of ooaraa gravel and well rammed. "ibe Brick to he of the beat qaalit) hard red Paving Bnok to be laid on a b<a of tnerp river b*i c four (41 mohea de?? . n a bed of fiue gravel free from clay or loam three (J) laoheedeep, with two ooaree* oa edge next to tfce euro aod ote c >arae on edge oa 'he itiiter im? Moextia ineaeurem*nt f jr Briek na alee. The ?ton? Having to be of oonmou cobble at or-' * not exceeding f ui luchia in diameter, except the atone on the oat>id* line ofthe gutter, which mu?t be aix inehea la diameter, laid 03 abed of <*? Mod tad ol? an mM? from el?? or I ?, le*,t 9 iiciiri drat. fcno to tx> twif* rarain*d, th* t:m? after being we 1 wet. a-?d eo?ere4 with ? iIm.. ( kveiv o mtttW, Thr oentre of tha K?tt?r to he laid fi e oour??? ol nard red pavluc brick on edj . _ ? ? T he F'miinr t? be of the beet quality New ^ ?rk North rirer Fitn *. in pieoea of oo? l-ee thaw foar < 4 f*et loaf by eighteen inoae* wide, and not Imi tf.a-i four (?( i-cne* thick, to be Ui? aa a bed of fine e'Mtn % ?rrl 6 u.cUet deep, free from el?? or loe??, ard wli joinUd. All |-Mine tot MMfdim ore foot to be rated aa tnirimiPK. and the aa*p u? rarth to b? removed b* the ooctiaetor t-? ??* p.ace aa may b? det ifoat' <1 by aipe i Undent. The work to be doae in the beat a"<J moat work mao!it? m?n??r and t toe attraction ofth? C? m mivaioeer of PaUi.o Hai'dia.s. and under the ?a per<iitend*ne* of ?ueh pernor ?< he w>%y appoint, aud to be o-'mpi'-tel oa or bef. re tie fi at of November i'?xi and warranted to aland twelve(III months after eoaipleuon Ail rrpain that au a? muimJ biau ? for whioh the woik ia >ud to etaai to ba done at the axp n?e of the o?n rtet >r For the due arrfo mate* of the work, agrees bl/ to the oontraot, b?ad and security will be rpaired. UiiCi ri >i I rtate ee.a'Stlf the rate a' ah oh the* wir ?x?-cute the Cu bin. Paving. at<d Placet jt, lrciadijK in?teua.a, aud mark their srnpota aa follow^: "Proi,o?a.f for <*r~4 af. Ac , Mioeo* i arerue " r JNO. B BLAKE, au 4 dt'3 mt C?Mjpr. Attention. hlltWAKD! . . Tb" aubeoriber ha? on hand a larfe (tock of ac*aonable BOOTS and SHOES. which he^^^^ ia ?e!linc at a cr?at *aonfi<* for ra*hCbiidrea'a boots ankle ties. and GAI- 4 T> RS, from 25 U> iicente. Mi****' GAITEKS. MOROCCO BOOTS, and CLIPPERS from J5 ?ent* to #1. l.adi<-a' G A ITER BOOTS aua SHIPPERS, from A 37Scent* to ?1. 9 Mena CALF SKIN OX FORD TIES and MONROES, 75 rente to (1 -25 Men'a PATENT LEATH Eft and CALF SKIN CONGRESS BOOTS, from *1 to ttJH And all othe kmd?, eauaUt low. J vr. DYl H, No. 1S1 if P&.MTi'MaJi ^ 464 STREET. 4f)4 AT THE oTp HTAXD. Th tultMriber, grateful I >r tk* lib*raj ?lroW? 9 heretofore ztrndod to him. h?* tue^M pl*??nre to annoaaee to hi* foriiierfwiM oa*<ome * am the public cene all* th?: Ls.^ he hkiania opened tor* at hi* oM M*<1. . oii'nft (if Seventh and K itrwU, with l??I f SSfeK liM, iat-ndint to *pare bo e#ort? to fir# entire ??t l*F^wIhDBUTTF* and K ??? eoa*aatlj ? hu I WM. . BKMtMTOW. I g??E i^KJK. X&liS on Alt wko will ?ror nm> vit& * o*Ji withr ] a &o? of BOOTH and 8H"K8 for* K. LadiM', Genta'.Boyi'.Mimm* m? CkitdrM j ? ?-. au I -otr J. ROSENTHAL. V AW SCHOOL OF HARVARD COLLEGE. rSaaKsr: irr.^asr"'" " - jfff. W O O O COAL X98 Fa. A v., IB kT ?. Utb axe ISti In. ?

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