Newspaper of Evening Star, August 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 6, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR.I Prta Pike's Peak. ( St. Jcsara. Mo., Aae. 2.?The Gazette of this Tnorn'.njr contains the latest newa from Pike's Peek. ft The expreaa from Denver city, which arrived P last night, brought |I2,U5'J in duat. There are at present about 100 quartz milla in 9 the mines, only a few of which are up and in r working order Some of thoee worked by ex- I Srientrd engineers realize from 9100 to 9125 per ft j, having rich quartz to operate on, while * ethers make from 900 to SI (JO. Six men in one ? claim have taken oat in three days 4)* pounds of gold Other clftltns are worked with t-quslly 1< good success, while some realize little or notblaaCrlme of all grades prevails to considerable extent in that vicinity a. J * a.i a _ _a ae ?? it _ 1 a uwrMcuTc tofiiaao Mssfd over mryinue. j Kansas. July 2(i. demolishing everything in Its "way Three dwellings, two business houses, ^ platforms, and printing offices, were blown to \ plec?v and the poat office w is turned around and o aet into the street. Every building in the place i was more or lesa injured No Uvea reported lost. During the heavy storm whieh visited oar city yesterday, the 8e? ood-ward cbool-bouse and a 0 residence were atruck by lightning, but not aeri- ? oualy damaged. A span of horse* were killed in t the street. A person bad hisclothe* ac ore bed. but, Btrange to say. received no shock from the fluid The postige rates by the Pony Express are reduced to #-J 5o per quarter ounce. There is no r change in the telegraphic rates A Docslas Pbotkssiox Prkcipitatkd into *UI? D i t'*s A lsiinKalilA ?a in* ?< >BK * * 1U urlli UIA I rw fll lb* Lougins celebration in Fond du Lac, Wiron in. Wbile the procession was crossing Division street bridge, over Fonddu Lao river, it nave way 1 under suon an unwonted load of Democracy as bad gathered upon it, and let the crowd into the | wat? r below Fortunately the mud was much deeper than the water, and no other serious consequences ensued than the fright, and the thick I envelope of slough nnterial brought up by those whom the bridge refused to transport in safety over this peril lu th* line of march Thel! htof t torches changed to a scene of merriment among a crowd of fun loving boys what might otherwise ha ve been a serious accident.?Jane?ctilt Gaz -u* ll/~ A special dispatch to the Baltimore Sun ' aavs: " Jacob Forney, late Superintendent of Iudiaus in Utah, Is now here. It s**eiris that he wls ordered not to draw upon appropriations for the I fiscal year ending June 30th, ISflo, without previously tarnishing estimates Not having complied with this direction, his drafts upon the treasury, to the amount of ?30,000 or *10.000. have not been honored Moreover, It i? charged gainst him that, iu his pu refuses of mules, stores, dc , verv much lest was really p iId than appears i upon the face of the receipt* hi* ac ounts are now t'? course if ri^'.d investigation at the i bureau Scbtivoks o> a> i.xrmt!nao ;ci>( ?Three | of the rholr of younggirls, who. dr?sv-d '11 white, greets Washington as he entered Trenton in l?vy, on bis way to Ntw York toas*ime the Presidency, and strewed his with Mowers, still survive. One vet livesin Trenton; one is tbe mother of Senatcr (?hes*.r?ut, of South Carolina; and one Mrs Sarah Hand resides in Cape May county 1?7"A huckster in Baltimore, named William 8. Brown, made horrible work of committing sii<-lde on Tuesday last He flrrt cut his throat, ad then opened the veins In both arms, when, | d\ h? ? he wished, he swallowed a J Lottie of laudanum' OZT'The F.ssex county,(N. J.) Medical Union , have unanimously resoiveU that all tonic bitters, ( poradics, Ac . are nothing better than whiskev i lu disguise, and tuat they consider it the duty of the profession to prescribe official tinctures with ' the utmost discrimination and reserve. Tbs New York Evening Post gives a list j ?>f eighty-Jive American vessels engaged in the { lave trade from February, 1?59. to Julv It), , 1W0. Most of them cleared from New York. A Bad is mid that Chang and Eng. the Siamese twins, dilter in politics. Both are veteran democrats. Cbang is now for Breckinridge and Eng for Douglas 1 lfT"Mlsa Dlx savs that ten years ago she estlma ted the proper subjects for lunatic asylums as one in the thousand cf our population. Now she estimj. ts them as oue to four hundred and ninety. 1 JO"The water in the Alibama rivers is lower than it has been known for years before -Navi- * gation for even the lightest araught boats is very dlAcult. (p*Tht authority of the Richmond Examiner is given for the statement that Johu Mitchell has gone to France at the invitation of Emperor Napoleon. IE7~A Berlin paper announce# that the sa> of Humboldt's library will begin on th- 17th of Sep- , temoer. The orders, so far, are more numerous t from America than from any other country. 11 JET The sixty-three rioters arrested at St Louis ' for raising a moral tornado around several disorderly bouses, on the nl<*ht of the 25th, were the next day fined 85 each by the recorder f JUT'The Memphis Avalanche says that city Is f In such a had condition that It actually needs a 11 vigilance committee. iET Large veins of copper and silver have just j, been discovered within twenty mi less of Athens. ^ Tenn. t< LL^The Red river (Canada) mail recently came ft through with four papers, carried by five men. ? ?-?? t< A h R1VALS A T THE HO TELA NATIONAL HOTKL-S J Bauieax. V?; K W Branch, do; M P Smith, Md: K C Mo"re, T??x; Mrs E Strong. Miss; C Strong, do. Mi?s O Stroug, do: D Wil'ismi um) '-? as J . _ * I v? .??ioa L/CWI", uu? I< Burton, Ala,\ W T>iomp?oii, ^Y;C Halfirsz er. ? !??.;(? W Addiaon, M4; O E Jotory NJ; W Man- <? ley, do; G W Co*. Pa; W T Jrnir n?, NO; W T t France, do; J S Smith, Ark-Col I'Neiuotx*. Viij J & R Webb ai.d .adj. Al?; \V N J>ff.r?,Nv;H W Alien, La; f k Wh-, Iowa; A T Amsa, Md; A K J?avi?aud ladv. T^xa?; >! ? B Rer.-g aud lairnj. Mo; Mr* J c. Or>n?, Va; J W Kaker, Texas; \V T Hill, do; O T Hill, do; J M Hall, do; N Mitc-ell. BC; K K A?borne, Md, B O Whitney, Nt; l? S Mo aJ*. She-man and ia?l*, Tex"c;0 L MoN:el,Fla;J Morgan. Pa; > E Goodine. Misa. 2 D Hatc\ A;?; JAWemea, do; T A Oarcy, A T Hi'l, 1 exaa; O O Matbiaa, Md; J E Matfciaa, Misa Z H Bntta. Texas; H A Kabore; Md; A Albixa. do; W Keer. Va, VV Stamp do; J P VloGi'l.Md; \V A a Younc. Kaaaaa; J C liaviaoo; Ga; A G Gorwtall. Pa; A Ala;B H Moore and lady, SC;N ? B'ooks, Md; K Campbell. Md, J O fcp*ar. do; J W ?, Wicn, Va; J Max'* La; IS l< ??ere do; M A V.alo. Havana; ?>oosai>iur, Teuri; J G Food, tn; H liib 11; W Brooke, do; Oapt J Fotter, fcnjt; R J / B>bbiaa, Pa, R Barret, Md; M S Cameron, do; J ^ elwain, Oa; F Roberta. Switxiand; J P WintT. Ga; J E Dnrahani and lady, La; R fikin, do; Mrs r? W Creery and oh.ld, uo. BROWNS' HOTEL.?E A Lory. a\: W O *1 * ? _C-I J - -? ?ic^uu-i'i, sv-i urne, J W Derrj, I> n; K H Rutcr. T?x; Mr* 8axt?r and fair. Mr* S CoMM, G*; G W Roper and fam, NO; J caalmeaa and J. n A a; L Arnold, HI; G MeAlfin, Pa; T Ba.-re NY; C K KU? worth. Col Co; mtndi^i Z nave Ca n 67 men. Independent ?r?y?,&? mec, Ha t; l>- Owen I ?,K Man nine, W H Manning, Sc.'; J M Duaiop. Kr, Y H Cabell, Va; J Ha I, J W Bax er.Tox;?* Boone. I! ; J !*a't?r'r. I a; C Bo??, Va; Hnrna ? Md; C Viuirrn, DC; P Kirk and ly. % ' dama and tl jy, J \Vi ?n&>r?<'U and i>, Browu auu It, H Point -r, ii j Gi; a n Tetn; T Coioiiton a>id fain.Miaa Irgle. ? W H Baaaett and ,jr, H Huda-n, La; i?m ik. ' M'-a'iJ H*r l*, \Ia; H G Parker, J Knw a .? an. Ga; J Tafirtaa, La: J K.N'ehol. 'l G Hero;, _ T? o; J Ha*? an" It. l-a; U Cloud, .Md T Wn tu?, . silk*, f A M>oeie. Mm: , J J !*:nifh ^C; ti B L*e. lex; i* H Ha?e? anU J T Montgomery and Vy iiiiiAU'ici'on, \ J G M t'h v?s Kj; V\ w n?. NY; ? ' Middieton. Md; M J Money, ajj?t; " Z1H Potter. Ga. h IRK WOOD HOU8E.-A V Reed. USN; T A Ji huaton. > \ . G Hood, H b l>r a . ' I t.-, \ a; _ D' *tooa and a->n, T La?'on, La; J Alien, NY; W fevphena J A J< aoe* and It, Ga; .Mr , Mm W Hutohina, Mia* F. K'lloott,'"t, J I.ach, J,1 Cal; J L aiter, V M Cannot. M>*a; TTnplett, V "W Gain, Va; R Prioe.L MtK-nna. d fam. Mm SNWarkiM v. v u mi*-, n r. tt?rrii, O: C J " Wrf.K ^ OCEAN STEAMERS' SAIL'NO DA ITS " From the Uviteb States. u Srwmff i. lmm. For. Dam. y Canada. Borton. Liverpool Aug. 8 tl Arago ? New York... Havre Aug. 18 From Europe Ar*a" South'ptou. >*w York... Ju'j t. t- srupa.... Liverpool.... Bolton ..... Julj '<8 Persia.Liverpool t\ew Vork..<*|. 7 Tl." H*v*rA mail stuamera Iw , > N?w Vork on ^ tkf> id, 12th, rrth and 37th of eao;i month, and CUrhxtuu on to* 4tn and 19th. t< Tb? Oa.iforu.a mail ?ta*?*r? la?v* N*w York Ob o th? *h and Sith of nw month. U V IGHTMNG! tl Li LIGHTNING H o LIGHTNING!!! b ? n la Tim or Pracr, Fret are for War ! F. LaBARRE, I * SeiUA?*?*r tomtr of 10?4 and C Hi., In MAKtVACYVmSK 0? I p PLAT?NA-TirfED LWHrNINU RODS, | [\ Keae?otlelly 44in??unc*e to tne paMio of VVaa!un| I ton and nwaity *h%t In# is prepared to . ?n I orders for erooti :* Llsfitnin* Coadtf tors th< I| M<>?t approvod a<-jet)tifec principlee, 0"Belrii0t?d ol I | the v?: 1 V?t of maleria'.a, ou very movers'* l?rm?. I 1 ?11 Piati- ? tipp P'?'nt? which are manufactured I \ r mo w! l bestamped with mj name. n W?atuer Vane* of any design made to order. I < iv ? l? I NEW SILK MANTLES " AND HOOPED SKIRTS., ^ Wo have received i'j txpr*** a iiitil; of rioh I riam ? K MANTt.ES and RhALYKFNVIl _ ,A<K MAN^LKPaad PtlNTS Ale* !0 u. zeu * of the f%l. st.Ie W ?,V K.M SK1 KT? of *up?i mi I qu? ity. Ladies in w*nt of any of Ik* above ifvuda I very low prioes wil ?lea?* five u? an ear y ear. I jt y T?TLOIt ? HUT. HI* ' . I _ PBRS****'* Deol.. .P7 - ^; keeping or having a I 1 aaralee of fcoaeeh -id rftrts aaa find ready aa'? by I 1 oaiUn* at m? KuruiaAin* Store, **n yth street, be I 6 tween <? aa?1 H streets, ea?t aide I tl U)B* TfuVt PH WITH' V. I BAI TI*I0RESITTER HOUSE. 1 11 il* receiving lreah au?Jsweet, in Goehen paok- | a ai? . Also, Ohio HutU-r, at ioj* and 12J* oettn |o El.LlCOTi A ill-.WHS. a Jj ja 99 Exabyte Plaoe, BaiUmora. la MISCELLANEOUS. ^FFiCH O ^aPSK?I:TfcR?ND BEALBR WiHIWTOj', JbIT 1?, 1M0. NOTICE IS HEREBY GirKN. Tk,ure?blj u> the prvvisioca oft*? mdiMBoe of tue Cororati 'D Approved Mar 12 1<W>. tbe andermgoed i* o* pr0tafi?<V?h*t6veT required ib writing. And b pre p*? meat of the ftm of afty oenta, to inepeot, lAmln . teet, prore, Aadaeoertaia tbe Aooaraey of egietraiioa ofAny *aa meter in um ia tela city.". >ery meter, if fused laoorreot. will beoondeonaed, ad another , waled And marked A? tme, will be et ia H? pace. If proved to bo acourato ia i?? Maiir?ment of gas, it will bo sealed accordingly, nd A<Atn pat in postMoa for aee. Ofloo No 410 ttereath street.(n*ar Odd Fol)Wi' Halt ) Open from 8 a. id., to 6 a. in. CHAK..ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf luapeotor and Seller of tfaa Meter?. YORJK.A NJ>.W AS HJ N8TON ' oi ajiMiormr i*ihk. Th? Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Llexandna atd Washington for New fTifc| fork EVERY' WEDNESDAY, at 'olook p. m., and New Vork for Waih-^"* c?ton every Saturday, at S o'oiook p. m. Passengers oan join the skip at Aleiaadria at any ime before the hour of the steamer's departure. N. B?In the event of the steamers inability t? iroaa the bar in ooaM^aenoeof tew voter, ail goods rill be promptly nghtered to and from the ste&mer iy the lndersigned. For freight or miub app ? to MORGAN i RHINEHARX w Western Wharv. r PROCLAMATION! O THE J l!l ri'/lK.'MB UF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. Ji ;holera MoiWi5V~"~~ """ DIARRHEA. 3Y8ENTERY. fcHOLIC. DYSPEPSIA. w , DEBILITY, Ao? Ae? irevail to an alarming extent: And whereas, It moat be of the . F'RST CONSEQUENCE o every family to know <>f A REMEDY at onoe Soft, Sprtdy, and Efficaritmt, DR. &ONTARDE, _ or Paais, )ffsr? his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the mmt CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL it.ME.UY f UK THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to aatitfy TH.K PUBLIC that no impoaitioL is intended in the sale of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BK REFUNDED ut all rates r hen the raedioine Una to jive entire satisfaction. isk. then at any Drue Store for DtL MONTAKDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take as direot?>d, and if not periaotly satisfied, Return to our Agei:t, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4 S Street and Penr.s* ivftnta Avenue, who will refuid your rr<oney. Prioe? 2* and 50 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Dtu* Stores everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, Geuera- Agent, jy ll-eolm mor?._ B[No. 660 ] Y THE fRE811?ENT uF THE UNITED STATE#. la pursuance of law. 1, James Bcchajah. Pres dent of the United States 01 America, do hertby leclare and make known that public *al?s will be i?id at the under-mentioned l. and Offices in the rerntory of Nebraska, at the periods hereinafter lesiguated, to wit: At the Lard Offioeat Biowmvilii, comm'ncng on Monday, the 6ih dat oi August aext, for the lisposal of the publio lands within the following ownships, ria : S'orth of tk$ bast line and east of tht sixth principal meridian. Townships 1, 2.3.4,5. and 6. of raEge S. Townships 1,2 3,4,5. and fi.of range 2. Townships 1,2, 3, 4, S. and 6, n| range 1. Vortk of the bate line and tpest of the firth principal meridian. Townships 1, 2, 3, and 4. of range 1. Townsmps l, 2,3, and 4, of range 2. A* ?k? T *\OC. 4 n_ n> miv uai.u uiuco ill HKUW.ISV'ILLI, COminMOng on Monday, Uie 20th day of August next.for the isposal of the publio lands within trie following owr-ships, vis : forth af the base line, and west qf the sixth principal meridian. Township* 1,?. 3 and 1. of range 3. Townships 1,2,3 and 4, of range *. Townships 1,2,3 and 4, of range S. Towr.ships 1,2,3and 4. of range 6 Townships I, 2. 3 and 4, of ranee 7. Townships 1, 2, 3 and 4, of rango 8. At tba Land Offioe at Nibraska City, oommenoQg on Monday, the 20th da,? of August next, for he disposal of the pubao lands within the foii<>w ag townships, viz: forth of the base lint and 'ast of the tixth principal meridian. Township 16.and fractional township 17, of ranges Townships 7. 8, 9,1?, 11, 12,13, 14, Id, and 16, and raotional townnhip 17, of rang* 5 Townships 7, 8. 9. lo, 11.12, Is, 14, 16, and 16, and actional township 17. of range 4. Townships 7, 8, 8, and 10, of range 3. At th? Land Office at Nebraska CiTY.eommeno i| on Monday the 27th dai of August next, for the isposal ol the publio lands within the following ivnikina vi* forth of Ikt bast line and east of tk? siztk principal TTltTXd lfl/1, Townships 11, 12, U 14, and 15, and fractional jwnships >6 and 17, of tange 3. Townships 7, 8,9,10,11,12.13,14,and 15,and frao lonal township 16, of r*nge2. Townships 7, S. 9,10, >1,12. IS, 14, ar.d 15,and frao tonal township 16, of range 1. At the Land Office at Omaha City, commencing n MoT>dav,the 13th day of Angina next, for the lsposa; < ( tha pubUc lands within the following >wn?hips, viz: 1<nik of the base line and ?ast of the sizlk princijmi meridian. Townships 22 and 23, of range 8 Townct lps Zi and 23. of rang* 7 Townships 22 and 23, of range 6 Townships 22 and 23, f range 5 Townships 22 and .3. of range 4 Fractional township 17, and townships II, 19. 2<\ I. 22. and 23, o! range 3 1 rnnftitnal i* ??J 4 * > wcivwm kowubinc iq? anu uiwnanipi 17, 18, Id, r> 21, 22, and 23. of range 2 F aono'.al township 16, and townships 17, It, 19, I), 21,22, and 25, of range 1. At the L*nd Office at Dacot&ii Citt, oommenint on Monday, tft*6th day of Au?u<t next, for he dtipowtl of the publio lauds within the foliow r.g townships, vis: Itortk Qf tke base Itne an t ?*.?f of tke sixth principal meridian. The parts of township 24 u'sideof the Indian Mervation, of ranges 6. 7, ar.d 8 The parts of townships 24, 25,26, and 27 outside of tie Indian reservation, and townships 28, 29, 30, 31 nd .12. of range 5 Townships 24,25, K, 27,28, 29, 30, 31, and 32, of bilge 4 Townships 24. 25, 23, 27 , 28,29, 30, 31, and 82, of tng* 3 Townships 24, 25, 88, 27, 28 , 29,30,31,18, and 33, of knge 2 At the Land Office at Dacotah Citt, oommen mg on Mondar, the 20th day of August next, for ie disposal of the public lands] within the follow lg townships, rij: lortk of tke bast line nnd east of tke sink principal meridian. Townships 24 25 2b.27.JB_? *>. *i *? --- ? -? . - . ? ? ?t ?t ?uu *>, U1 Utg? 1. lortk of tkt baultn* anA irnt etf Ike link priiuipa mtridum, Township* 25, M, 27, &, ?. ??, 91, K, and 33, of inge 1 Townships *5.26, 2*,2?.?. jn, si,52, and S3, of townships 25, 2S, 87, 28, ?, ?, 31,32, and J3, of inge 3. Land appropriated by law for the use (J schools, ndian. military, aid other purposes, will be exluded from the ea!<>s. The offering of the a!>ove land* will beeommenoed n the days appointed, aud will prooeed in the order i winch the/ are advertised, until the wholo shall i*e he*n offered and the sale* thus olosod ; hot no lie shall be kept open l<m*er than two wtcks, and o pirate entry of a.iy of the lands will be admitted nut alter ike expiration of the two weeks. Given under mv hand, at the oity of Washington, us twentieth day of April, Anno Domini one lioasand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the P-eaident: Jos 8. Wilson, Commissioner of the general l,and Offioe. IOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION** vt? Every person entitled to the right ot pre-emption > any of the lands within the township* and parts f townships above enu meratr .1. is required to - ibhsli the saino tn the satisfaction of the register id r?o?-iver of the proper land oflioe.aiid make pay lent therefor a* on a* practicable after seeing tiia notice, and be fori the day appointed for the ommenooini'nt of the public sale of the inmla emraoioK tbe traot claimed ; otherwise seen claim nil be forfpitod. JOS S.WILSON. Commissioner ef the General I.and Ofboe. Noti ?Under the regulation* of the department, * heretofore and now existing, t o pa) meat can Ns iade for advertising proclamations except to xuoh ublisbers a?are tytttmily autkomrd to publish bj >ie Commissioner of the General Land Office. ma 1- *V jaw J NOTICE! t-KGULAR STEAM PACKET LINK BE WKKN BALTMOKK AND -IT"** ta. V An H I NG TO N.?Leave Com ierne st. wha f, Baltimore, as fol 'T'e Nichol s every WEDNESDAY, at6 p. ?. Colombia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. l,eavo Kiley'.- Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Vuhinrtcii. f??i!r?w?. CoLr tin a ; Tf.fy WE DN ESD A Y MORNING, 16. Sr. N cHOLii^flverjf SATURDAY, ?t 6 a. m. For freight, ito- aoelj to THOS. W. R1I.EV, A*ent, Riley'a Wharf,at ihn foot of mar 16-TATHm llth at. Wuhinitnn [>ERSONS IN SEARCH OF GUITARS, r VioliDi. Flu??a, Aooordoona, F.utiriai, Ha^oa, rambo-in^a, B'aaa Initrumente and St/inca rfthe rat qurllt}, will bud an imroeoee a*eortm?nt at n? M aiio Store of JyW W. G. METZKROTT. LJ O. HOOD baa now on hand a ver* large tl "took of Bre ataadam Sit.VER WARK, <i or hia own malt*, thai he will *cll aa low aa acj f iu Northern Wareaar* fold for, and at the i ic.-rrfJSsssr"^ ,w,rr I TRAVBLEBS' DIBECTOBY. T? BTEAMKR FLYING CLOUD BAVINS M. undergone a tnoroagh examine jr??k Uol by the (over meet inspector, u now rwdf for Exoiviiou to tkt**?* " Great Falls or to uj point* on the river not over ' 9n mi>i distant She will run to ^lington from Fourteenth street, 1 or any Wharf in washunton at 30 eents for the rpand trip, or 13 eenta for the <im1? trip, or from Georgetown, by way of thseanal, for ISoenta rosed trip; 10 oeots single trip. Exou-aiona to the Insane Asylnm evt?r? WED NESDAYAFTKRNOON, starting from Geerfe- ' towa at It o'oloct m.,aad atospinc at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharves in Washington, eo as to reach the Aaylom by I o'clock. jy3 eolm JOHN MOQWE. Proprietor. |\1 CAPON SPRINGS. I EW and improved route via the Manassas Gap Rait Road and the Stras- ?c^?1 ? burg and Capon Tnrnpike,AjHjKziy&HBP on!? 18 vnilea ofptucinz liver?? a oomfortable an.f safe road. Leave Alexandria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. in., take the Ma ami oars at the junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon From Waahin*tonto Capon 5 W For information enquire at the Kail Road Office of Sixth irt. and Pa. av.,'n Washington, and at the Tieket Office on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jj 12-dtythAm Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. jgj?.niwuiiiiPwmmam Charox of Hovxa. on and after W ednesday, June Uth, 18trJ, tr&ina vill run aa follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4? a. m. Leave Waahinston at 3.2u and 6JO p. m. On Panda? at 3 2" p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and ? a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.9* p. m. < in Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East Will take trains at 8JP and 7.4(i a. m and 3 20 p m. for the West at 7.4a a. m. and &9Q p. m. or Annapolis at 7.4?) a m- and 3 20 p, m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening lho&20 p. m. tram com to , Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARHONS. Agant. NtW ORLEANS IN TSREIXI DAYS with tbi CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ??at4i ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orang* and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, * ? ? ?? iiasnvtlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM PH7S~~ ROUTE: Memphis by Ka I.thonoe bv First otasa Paokets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: 1 Montgomery by Rail.thenos to Mobile by Firstolaas Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays INCI.CDID. LeaTe Wash1114ton at 6 a m and ft p m The Steamer UEORli K PAG E le*ve? her whart foot of S?Vi?nth Btr?f t *.t KV * m unrf BW i? til connect* at Alexandria witTi the Orange anil Alex andria Trams for the Sontli we-t. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oomer of Sixth st. UMAS1 CBBCKED THROUGH TO HEW ORLBAM. Lypohbnrg . |8i>' Memphis >31 00 Bristol .150' Atlanta ? .2R 0i> KnoxviUe _.20 0o Macon 28 on Chattanooga .24on Columbus ..... 31 50 Dal ton ......? . .24*10 Montgomery ....... SI UO Huntsville?.27i*i I via .\iempniM2 50 Grand Junction >.30 00 N.O.S via W. June 42 90 Nashville 25 fOI \ via Mobile.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, and *24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l-ine? the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as aluo the Mississippi vycuirai, muin( 11 uif> QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First class Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans 7'2 Hoars. Memphis -54 do* Montgomery ........53 do. Nash vii le . .. .46 do. fETThe U.S. MAIl/arid ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Lice. Tickets oan be obtained at tbe Houth Western Omoe, oorner of Sixth street and Pecnsjivama avenue, to the following pcints: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Uhattanooca. Huntsville, Grand Junction, Maoon. Nashville, Dalton. Columbus, Montgomery Mobile, M-mphis, aud NEW ORLEANS. IT^ THROUGH TIFKETS TO THE YA- \ RIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. 1 fE7" Omni buses and Baggage Wagons leave the ofiioe at C a in. and 0 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket A tent, ma23-tr Coraer Sixth nt.anri Pa. sv The steamer JAS. 9uy Will wrann ho? trips on tuesday, 21 ?t of jp"" Pebruarj. I860. Will 1 eave WASH i ington every tuesday and*"?^"* PR IDA Y. at 8 o'clock a. m..aa<i AUEX ANDRl A i at half paste o'clock, for currioman and the < intermediate l?an<1in??. On her retnrn trips, nhe ( will leave cukrioman every wednesday | and saturday, at 5 o'clock a. m. i ltjcian S. page, Proprietor. i nath'l boush. Ac't. Alexandria. feat* f > FQR N&W YORK. ! a. ABOAttfii inujLUUliN9 MF.AL8 AND | STATEROOM. 97.40. The New Yort and Virginia Screw Bteamahlp | CoraiMT'i new and elegant atoaroahip frji < MOONT VERNON,Caft.T.C.SmiUi.^anfi i will leave the Coirp&ny'a Depot, We? , tern Whar?e?,atlI*o'cIooka. m-every WEDNES- | DAY, and the Compioy'a Depot, at Alexandria, < at 3 o'olock p. m. earae uaj. Paaaengera from Waaiington and Georgetowr i can take the ooaohea connccting with Alexancrm etea.-n^oata or railroad, whiott leave the corner ol 7th at *eet and Pa, avers" hourly, or thoy can !<*v? on the ateamer from the Weetern Wharvee at II 'olook a. m. , State rooms oan be engaged on application U Mesara. Morgan A Rhineuart, Western W!i*r ?ea Freight will be reoaived a? to the hours of depar i?re. ID" Innarasoe will be effected on all goods bj ' thisline at the cftoe of the Company at K per o?n? prgraiom. i n? Koommoa&tioDi for paaaesg era by thia lint are in every roapect fe'al-a Ma. and every effort be ii.ade to render this o<>qaiv.unic*tjon with Nee York tin arree?b!e &;:d healthru I one. J For freight or ps.t?a{e ap?W to powle * co., atft&u, Alexandria. h. b. cromwell a co., aet-ly ?6 West at..ooruer Albany, New York. ^ DENTISTRY. J D DENTAL NOTICE. I H. IiOOMIS Has clotted his office for the aca- ( on, and will be absent, as usual, during the aum , mer months ; will roiuim* practice about the 1st of Ootwbor, of which further notioe will be given. | Jy "?-tf | < Ddkntustry. j R. HILLf, after a oraotica! uat of two rears, feela that he can with confidence 1mnnii _i *"!1 i mend the Cheop'aatic Prooeaa for lnaertincnMBM ' artificial teeth It haa the adv&nt*??>8 or"" '1 , atrenfth, beauty, cJeanlinuaa, and ehaaaneaa. Fall , DIMr iMl li.Mll* ' Tr.r a? ?'?' ' 1 _ - ?? .? ? *'*> ID prcfuruDD# I (Mice 306 Pa. ar?BU. " , Fm* I R E, F I K F.. _ ? \ 1 POTOMAC WATER. 1 I am afcill engaged In the PLliM B1NO and GAS , FITTING BljjilN baJS at my o;dstand la Philhar- ( mo nic flail. The advantage of having a plentiful . suppl y of waUr was roadi r observed at the fir* <>' I am well oati fi <1 I should hav^ Swd . burned oat bnt lor the boni.tiful supply upor my preim?e* and tli*t of my neiy hb?>r? < Ail ordsrs for the introduction of Water and Gas will be prompt y attended to. T"rm? reasoua , ble as any plumber in the oity. Jy 3 C. SNVDKK . WNEW GOOl ?. E Havr just rtoeived a large stock of Bleaehed an! H 'own C<?TTO >8 <>f the best mak'i , SHEKTlNGS, TAKLE I.INKNS, NAPKINS TOW FLINGS. IRISH LINENS, 20? v?r ' A ** NS. from 8 oent* to ??K : HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAUNTLETT?. WHITE. RED, . Bl.t Hand GREY FI.ANNKL* in vaiety. We ! ha e a few rich ORGANI)\ ~ ? wmon we have marked Irs* than or ft. ] J* an TAYLOR k HUTCHISON. , Francis harper, J H AVI*'} or *!**!> * I FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, t Corner nf Srw York ar nut and Ttntk rtrut. I Rosaectfully solicits the patronage of th<>** who i mar Ue in want of any article in theattove [inc. Hi* endeavor* shall l>e to p!e*HA, and by a atriot att?u 1 tion to the wa:tt? of the public, he hopes to merit a J hare of their patronage. Hi* tock consists of evury article usually to lie found in a firat-olav* Family Grooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf A One at 25 ocnt* per month . One at S" do. do PIANO One at f 1 do. <>ne at ll 90 do. ' FOR One at 92 du. ( One at 92 so a* ' ' KENT. I And Bp l<> ?7 * #8 do. v JOHN F. KLLI8. < i j 21 Pa. ftfn between 9th and oth at* O WILLIAM BRADLEY BEOS TO D. inform th* public sn.l hi* friends that he haa on hand a large stock of Marble Mantel a .uuite ihv atjrle. Alao Monument Head Stones.Table Topa. to., which he haa to dispose of at prices to auit the tirnns. Alao, Brown Stoee constantly kept i on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended W?. 1 ma ?3 Smno Pa. a v.. bet. Jtth and Itth ate. rr?HRKk BtAI tIPIM. UPRIHHT OR COT Li"* PIANOB ro' ss&iVtes ~ ?***? fcttofoKssr1 ? ? j # MiSDICJLNIS. 1 IB JOBHBTUH. I' Buyuaoai LOCK HOtriTiL, Hm Dutmtttd tk* moit Ctrtmm, Sp?df, mmd tmtf EJFtt.uai Htmsdf $m tk* World, PGR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMKD ATfcLY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WHtiw af tk* Bxk. tnntam AfiiMfiitfiti iad liaddar, lovaianiarv Diacfcarjaa, Inra-.aac;, aoara. DtWity. dirTNUiM, U( ?Mr, Lra iHru, Om fcMMa af Idea*, PilfttiuM aftbt Vaau, ""-??idu j>, Tramkiicja Dmaaaa of Sifbl pr iidAinaaa, Uwtui af lha laid, Threat * CI Skin, Ali.dMi af lha Luji, lianicb > ?awaka? tfiaaa Ta.rntla lnaeraara irrm( rrna owary ?iu m Tntk-OWH Driidhi u< D*nticu>i PnebeM vtiek m In Mtnn|i iicpaaaikla, ud datu-af tola Btij u< Miad TMMMEI t?nci?llT wka k*T? kacama ika 'icuai af Baiiurj Titt Lkti draajfal ud daairacti*a baku vkiak aooaallr avaapa M u? rnun aiy grata ihaaa-oda af Yaa .f Mao af tS raaai attltad ttlin'j and krillant iatallaet, wka irigfct aUxtanaa kiM tntraacad lanataa tub lb a ihaadare af alaaaaaat at vakad la iuuii ifca linag iff*, may tail ?na fell aaat laaaa. MAUUASB. HiUlU PUiOM, ar Tainj Ma^aaaiaapialtef Mat riafa, ktmf avaraaf akr*'?>l vaakataa.* dakilttj iafWmiuaa. Ac., apaadii* carad. Ma waa alacaa bimaalf indat lha aara af Di. J. au ra11*1 aa)y eonlda id hit hanar ta a gaol' man aad taal.ati!y lit) pan hit akilt aa a phytic:**. UrriCK Ha. T tOBTM ritDIKICHTtltT, laft band aida r?if( fram Bakixnart ttrtat, a faV Jaara f?a? Jka earn a r. Pail aa( la tMtrta auaaaad aaakar. Uailan aat ka pa.d ail aaaiala a iub|. DM. JOIHITt'I, Maiakan af lha Rayal Caiitf ? aflatf taaa, Waa Ha*. fndaatt Yarn an* ef tb* n>Mi an ma at Cailaf a* in :b* Cni;*l iulM, Led tb* [ part af whoa* lift hu b**n *p*nt id tb* baariUU of Lor. don. Pir.a^PhiUdaphu ?. d ilnit vt Ul afr*ct*d ?*m? ot tb* mt tManiahinf tim thai war* a?*? tutwfi; many traatlad with ni'gc.g la lb* haad and tan waan ttlitpi r.-nt uir'iiuiii, cxiof alaratd at aaddaa laaoda, bu' fuloata with fr*<;atat biaibiag, attaadad aana kail with dtraafamant af r.ind, war* earad lmaa*dtat*lvTA IE PARTICULAR WOTICR. Yaang M*a andatJbara wbafeaa* ii.jarad ifiamaalaaa by a lartam praetic* inilalfad in whaa alai.a?a habit fra^aaatiy laarnad fraiu avil coxpauiaua, ar at aebaal, It) a af acta al which art oifhtly faltaaau wbaa (ailaap, aad ifaat car*4. randars g>iru;i iitpoaaibla, aad daatroya bath bu.J tad body, ihonld apply imraadiatalT. Taaaa ara soma of it* aad ana nalucbal; afacu ?r*1*i*< by *r\y habtia af Toaih ntt Waabnaaa af tha Back aad limb*, rain* tu tba Ha i, Dimi.*** a/ ifht.Loaa af Maaealai Powar, Palpitation of lha aart,Dy*papay, Nar*aua IrritabiU ly, Paranfamaot of tba Dif **tia* Faacliaua, Wacara! D*biitty. tymp'om* of Coiiaainfuon, Ac. MENTALLY.?Tba ftarfai afaetaaa tba and ara aaafcia b* draadad?Loaa of Maiaary, Canfaaian of Idaaa, OapraaaTaa af tpirita, E?il Port?diofi, A*traionoflaci?lr, HalfPiairaai Lot* of Solttad*, Timidity, *;c.,era sam* of lb* *?'la pro daead. NERTOCi DM1LITY ?Tbaaoadi *aa aaw'adf* win l* .b* casa* of U>*ir daclmiof haaUh, iaauif tbair b* aarn.iif ptia, airfosi &ua iraicitna, H*m| pp4Tijc? *Voat ;tia i;u, cauf h or ty-nptaoja af cao??u.p.i?? DISEASES Of IMPRUDENCE Whan fit raiafaidad ?od impradaut ?o?ry of plaatara Ia4a ba haa iirMba i th* of ttiM paiofal diaaaaa, kt >a? Wua Upfim tbv an lU-ureaa urn of abama or dratd of uiaca* try datarabim from appi?i?( lo tbnaa arho, from advcauaa an4 ratptettbiluy, ec.n aloca bafnand kim- M? full* lata tha handa of ifnortn'. and daaifninf praitndart, who. incapabla af cnnnr, llch hia pacani&ry tst ?:?nca, kaap In01 tniirg rrootb af"ar noatb, or at In. f aa tha araailoat faa e*n ba at Uiuad, and id daapair ltt?t Dim with raioad b tilth ;? aijrt ??ar hia falling diaappotntinafit; or by tha aaa of t*?t daadTy pauoa, Mareary, haaian tha conatitatiooal atmp'.onia of ttu tambla diaaaia, aacb aa Afactima of :?1 a Hair. Throat, N?a?, < in.Ac., prorraaaicr with frifMfal rapidity, till daath pan a Striod to lua araadful a?iffarirfa by >tnd< ( him to tin aa laea'trtJ; from wnoaa neart<? oa tratalar ra'.araa. DR JOKNSOM'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WKAIMKM AMD IMPOTENCT. my lan rnii am lraorriani r?rLiii wiaimaan ici trftH art tpotdily errtd and fail ?if?r rtnorad. Thoattndt o:tk? mat uinuui dabtiit-tod, wfco ktc ImI tU kton imritdialtly rtilOMd. 41! imp# limto j to Marritgt. Phyitwl ' Mtcta! DlienllCtaliona. Lota of Proertalikt Povar, Hilton frrittoiiliy Trotst'itnf iid Waakntaaor Eikaatuoa o?tk* oaiftarfa kind pattdilj cored. CN'iX >&S1CM CUT OF TIE PRXM. Til MART THOUSANDS cor ad atthit inauisuoa viiklo till loot ttvtntton cad tho nomtroat impercati Barrt Ml optr-itioni parforrctd ky Or. Johnaoi., vitntootd kj ># ro port an of th a pa port and many otbar parooea, noucoa of vfekh h??a appoarad afain and again Uteri tko poblic, koaidoi bio atabdiu| aa a (on'Jasan of tkiratiar aad roapoaot fctlity, it a taflcitnt gaartcitt to tko aSietod |ag tt-Iy R. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, in J tne universal ven'.iot of all who use them either aa a mtdicin* or a* a bereratii. la that they are unaurpaa*d in the world Dr. Doda used them aucoeasfoliT in hia practice for 25 year* before we purchased of nim the aoie . iiht to inacufactme and present them for sale to the public. For the cu'e of Inoipient Consumption, Indigestion, Dyapepaia, Pilea, Nervoua l)iaea es, Female Com plaints, and a I i case* rea mini a tonic. th?T are he yond don lit a moat invaluable renedy. Aside fron, their medicinal pnjiertins they are a pure, whole tome and delightful Beverage, producing ai the pleasant exhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. I .et a!I fueLds of hnmanity and at! advocates of temperance assist ua in subatituing these valuable VW?t*hle Bitters for the mineral poisons and adulterated Liquors with whioh the country is flooded, and tnereby ? aid in baa ah ins Disease and Drunkeuees from the land. widdifield ft co? Proprietors,?? William atreet. New York. j. SCHWaRZK. a rent, Washington, D. C. PR. J BOTKB DODH' IMPERIAL Giy BITTERS, For Diseases of the Kidneya. B adder jlcJ Urinary f'rgans, and especially for Female Obstruotuir,*, ever fail to cure, and are warranted to jive satis^C^ARLES WIDDIFIELD ft CO., Proprietors, 79 William St., New York. J. 8CHWARZE, je7 ly,r Agent. Waahington. lh C. Highly important to all; MKS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ia well known that in the Spring people are more apt to oontraot disease than at any othai period; and it ia equally well-known that the way [o nard off disease ia to keep the blood pure, for 'all the ilia that flesh ia heir to," anae from impurity of the blood, the main apnnr of our exiatenoe. It ia, therefore, important to ail that the ayatem ihou'.d be thoroughly wean^^d and purified, and Lhia oan be done in the most etf.-?ctaal way by using MRS M. COX'S INDIA X VbUETABLE DE COt'TION. the beat remedy diaoovered for the oure jf diaeaaea of Skin. JCrysipe a*, Scrofula, Rheuma bam, Nervous Debility, Fevers of different kinds, Dyapep*y, Liver Complaint, and all other diaeaaea inning from impurity of the blood. It haa effected the moat remarkable cures, aa can be ahown by lumeroaa certificates from peraons of the highest respectability, and ia reoommended by all who tiave used it aa the moat invaluable remedial agent ?f the day. J! r" Iti* mid h* all th? ? ...? Ui uwuiauiVi in J M the reasdeuce of the proprietor. MRS. M. COX, 139 Eut Baltimore street, between E'len street t.nd Central avenue. Npne tannine tinleaa her name la blown on the r?otti? and her ee&i on the oork. fnTTrtoe jl per bottle, aix bottlea for 95. WkolnnU Ajtnt. R. 8- T. Cimkl. Drueriat, Georgetown, I?. C., Wholesale Agent for the Di? ;riot, And will anppj the trade at my prtoee. nar ?7 tr pHK ALL 3 V P K?C IENT THREE TR.KSEMAR, 1, ?, k 3, PratMiarf Ro\i*l Ltttrri patmt of England, mm itrwta oy iKt ssau oj tk* hcoit it PkarmatU it furis. ?U tkt Imperial CoUttt <J MtdUtnt MNK3. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion, Spermatorrhea. and a.! vlijsioal disabilities. No. U oomp'jtfjy erad cites all traoes of thoes liseoses that have boon hitherto treatod by tbe nan modi and permoious uu of sopana and oubebs. No. 3 has entirriy supplanted the injurious use o| tneroury, thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy e'.ief, flisporsin* all impurities, and rooting out lb* reuom ofaiseas*. TRIESEMAR.Noe, 1.2 and 3,are prepared in the form of a loieare, devsid of taete and smell, aad san be oarried in the waistcoat pcclet. Sold in Ox mml and d i Tided into separate doses, as ad minis lered br Valpeau, LaJleniand, Roux, Rioord, Jto. Pnoe 93 eacu, or four oases for $9 which sares (3 ind in #27 cases, whereby there is a savin* of jK To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. UA R ROW, 194 Bleeoker street, four doors below McDoucal itreet. New York. Immediately on reoeinng a re mttanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneeemar tj any part of the world, seou re It packed, and ad irevMu aooorainr to lap 1 , Urnotiona of tho writer. Jold also bj 8. CALVERT FORD. Jr., Wukniton. O. C. ae ?-?m C SWINDLING QUACKS. AUTION!?Giaoke;?Iheir Hon., Cordiaia, echo. Hoapiuia, ImOrumenta or Ringa?ahaa m all, and, ii dmpoiort to profit b? my axf wi w?, mtefor m? private Cnaula/ on SPERMATORRH(KA ITS CURE. With a tamp enoloaed, addreaa, in perfoot oonft leno?. jour rriend, a former anfflrer, manly nw nribtnc Box 1T?. Charleal->wn, Hui taM-OtWIv A WM. T. DOVE A CO. rlRE Now prepared to exconte any orders with rhich thev mar be lavored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. irr 8to re on 9th atreet, a few doors north of Pa. ivenae, where mar be found a complete aaaortment' >f CH ANDELIERS and other GAS. STEAM and gviTi'D Dirrnu fj i- ? . r? m * u rt A< vn- ?>?? J? f-IJ New styles of rich j ewklry -h. o* HO'JU htt jnet opAQMl ft lane atook, which 10 will <ifler at very iow r&tea Therefore tho?e hat are wiahinc to oarry home any t hi nj in hia liip m preeenta,wi.l do veil to oall and examine his itook at 33B Pa. avenue je S [MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. B. R. durkee A CO/S EUBCT sFzoas. 6earanteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, >nt ground from freah Soioea. .!?? ty ua expreeely for the psrp^ee withoat refxr^tioe o oo?t. They are beautiftiily paoked in tinfoil, hned with paper.) to prevent injury by keepinc, led are full weight, while the ordinary r round *pieee are almoet invariably hurt. We varraat hem, in joint of etrenrth and rirhueee of Savor, BEYOND ALL OUMPARI80NV iiaciacletriai Sri 11 abundantly prove. fe ft A URGE ASSORTMENT Of Stetnvay * HL Son*' and Raven, Bacon A Co. PIANOS ha* ju?t bean reeei ved at the eolefBHHft Mceney,eorner of Pa. av. and Eleven*h et."? ** ' jy g W.ft. MKTZEWOTT. M LSCKLLA-N sous. I & & W0,0IT: X \ m <* W DISPATCH! ^ f A I \-/*T Sal? llf^Pireti! 4i un^Mti tritt k*p?tn. IN* w wU-fmiMW . fmmUiu, it u wr tatnbit to h?T? eh?f ' *>4 aoimiini wit for iMMriw Furniture. Toys, | Crockery, Ac. puoino'i pkkpaked olck meet* all sacli MMriMUM. and do bo?e#*oM we afford to bo witboat it. It is always ready a?d up > to the atickia* point. There 11 no Iodim a awn sitj for lirapirg cMurs. splintered reneers. headless doll*, and broken cradle*. I? ie jast tj?c artcie for onae, shei . and other ornamental work, to rofiar with ladies of reinwnt M This admirable prep a ration ta used old. Mm cnerriioeily heid is eolation, aad aoseeeaiof all the valaable qualities of the t<eet oabinet makers- t)ae. It may be csed in the place of ordinary maoimfe, being vaet.y more ad hest re. " USEFUL IX STEM HOUSE." Pries. KsmU N. B ?A Brash aooompanMe each bottle Wk*i?faU Depot. No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Pnt ap for Defers in Cum ootit&iBie* Foar, fiifht, and Twelve I?r>MD?a beautiffcl Litbofrftph >c 8I11 w Carti accompany mc each paekace. H- A *ujcle botti* of srALDJntrS PRE EDGLVB will ?*>'( tK ubm >u oo?t tanaal!j to every how?hoid.-ZTI Sold by all ruifiti??at Stationer*. Druggist*. Hardware aad Furniture Deaier*, Grocer*, fccd Kar.ej Store*. Country merchant* should make a not* of 8PAL DING'S PREPARED GLTF. when making *P their list. It wi I *tand any elimate. fe lft-ly / lP 'A Jl f T%h M i u < ?? ?" i M< ?^ ' ?<! 0 Vl W"***y3" " *f (?* o-4tlt fHHitifr t? U / r IV lit Tmlln / Ik Mcmntpait ?,) / & 97 QO ? Ji'A* <J< <??. r~rr*-U It Jf ft 4 s ^ Vw a mom* o?^? i-ama t* m. - w. fli" " *oldt*tkt B**t'? tmlp. /(??,'' .VeMMaW ijr U' /ri( Mrnnnt ia\ r ^ r! w. 0? {'???.<. .<? iwiaml .y ?5?'x $ ? |. s?5 * i g^f 1 solefcopribior, t fs totyjWaff / OtisR) / \/? *&%&'' .5/ * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL in punnhasimr. tmf vaiify WHISKET TO SEE THAT IT IS Mmmilffiy WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEiALLOTHERSARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. bOR SALE IS WASHINGTON BY J 7 ly BARBOUR 4 9F.MME8. PARAFFINE OIL. THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! wear* now rw^mnt 1'a-alHne Oil direot from the works in w ?t?rn virrtr.ia. Theaua it? of it excellent. pmduotnr a atea-1?, bril lant ard :>eautitn light, and more piea*aat to tta* f-jein tban eas light Tins Oil is fr?' from adu'terat'on, and verv much more eor comical than maty of Lie Coal Oila used At thia time. MZT It ia in no way explosive. vv e k?-^p a?u a surpijr ot tie moat approved sty.?a of Lamps. ?0.,for brsiss tkii Otl. Ki\8 A KL RCHKLLy Agents for iu sale for the Dist'ictof, Corner Fifteenth at. *nd Vermont t>. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mall Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thi? da?, emMaoint a. *na!i-*rrj? ties and sizes of Sole L?a?lier, I,a.iie? VKX Dreeb and Packing Tunkn. Oar trunk^"* ??i?? ro.mi emibits at tbis time the |r?at>-st variety of traveller requisites at moderate prjaea. to be found thie sideoTNew York. Also, every desorip tion of LADIES' HAT BOX En. V A LI CEP, CAB PET SAG-. 8ATCHEL8. Ac. frroi.! Trunka repaired or taken lu exchange for new vue*. __ W ALL, BTKPH ENS * CO., Trw r K (i Room, mar 81-tf Pa. avenue. fbeeman ^ sjmifj imacholimmacku We offer for tale the above atandard brand of fne Coeeer btBti!l?d MaltflO Rje Wfciaky, in barrel* ana naif aarrei* A* it u nf oar ova diatma lion, and tuiaiy improved br aae, we ootifrieutly recommend it a? the rrtui and beat W hialr j Oat can poaaibly ^e diatiiied. We alao offer oar fll T\ Diurr v r nrw/cr rw vw ?~AAti JU J II M O rr IX I O A. J5 X t ?1 other brandfrom the iargeat at<>ck of Pin* hukiec in the United State* , FKELMaN A SIMPSON. Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuylkill river, Phils Ofioee?96 Wail (treet. New York ; and |0V i So-ith Front etreet, Philadelphia. mar &-\r , i.?. e. uiu>. a. m. aoTT, t. &. imi. LAMA*' "o** * A?lr2iir* rs it n ? , Eolli Braim, M;m., Wi.; jraenoo in the Huh Court of Rrrors aad Ar penis at Jackson,the Federal Co art at Pontotoa, the Courta of the Seventh Jadicua, Distrfct ..f M sipyi, and wui attend to tbe Collection of ClntM 'kraiMMMk* Nnrtlt MiMiniMl M II n JACOB EKED. <9 Mmricmn or MILITARY CLOTIIII8. BOVTHK4.ST CoBNBB J?BC0SD ARB SPBVCB ?Ta., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHE FOR S4LE. *?-? 12,000 AtuMiflMEisfc &s& < the attention of the public to our larce and well aa < lectod mh of Charopair-e aud Crar> A ppla Cider, which we guarantee to be pur* iuioe, and will be ' oid ob rwoiiMi term Cm order to nat* room for our apnnc atook. Sito ua a oali at tho Unioi. Bottlii.t Depot, fat No. f 7 6rMB at., ?oordotown ~A YELLOW PINK LUMBER. /ILL Description* of the abor* Limbar, for builSini purpoaea, mbracinc90UARE; HEWfi I rfraSffisessM.! WASHINGTON 0EW1N8 ROOMS. j M M M* dvri Ntrtk 9/ nL iat. i ! * v I >. n Wnrw HOWE'S IMPROVED W E16 RING BCALK8 n Theae Soaiea tre off?red u> the ?nblic u tt ? oat aimple.darable, and r*i labia aoalaa nvar rat ia Vermont Stat* Fair, 4.O., Ac. In rerj out wto?a i axhibited they a*T? raoeired irat olaaa preriuaaa j For aa at it Louliiana arena*, Depot of Sidler'a ChtKed iron fiafea. < da M-It If O PATTIBOW. Aiwt < tilled. mad* by the nott reliab di?t. i?*a mP*?oivaaia, Maryland and Vircima, warrautad para. ( A lao. imported Rraadiaa, Hanneary, (nard. Da pay * Co., Julta Rob:n?, Ac Alao, Pcaafc ai.d Af? ? Brandy, pura Holland 6in, eld Jawaiea and BC J Croix *?m, and Wince of arrrr rviaty. all el J ^ M^ICIAIC8. WRE WHAT AYKKT MIMrAliLU k DBhAffar^irT O'FTNE LMM. Ptw'l Til td iM n.A.i .iu >.' ! IV. / c. A**. LemJl. M**??Ctr ?T ^ ^ E to t9ii fOJ ?Ul ffUr t?A K f A f* A I' LA M4 iATH? ft ( IC FILL* b*r*4?t' {? m* I fcad ? b*M ? flic ted with Ltvwr C<>wi?i*irt for six yfftrt . daruic which | *u n*r*t vrl'. mm of t*,- % U(i?r?rj itel MrLimm mm to tit* t?>wei. ad, tJi? doctor* tirf. vw c nt+m*#4 I >n> M I db newer* coativerwt* Kcd fll?> rt.?r? Mi ikm vu ?inr< ti>4 ach** th* m rt? ik IklloflM f?IO* 1'afai ?1|| n?< TlilTllnai *(>r+utr, but BOM ftt !< A draatffa # * Mtion of oppr?*?ion on ib? etomsell. Wirt nnn'" 1U VMHvaiwa ? w?p wm w- ? ? ? ... "> n iniitf. Vm o*n' ot |b,i? jmiv Murk I ? f tarnd fr. m BT. in4?aorit*lwa f?aliaf < durtraa* r' (Org OBUBUBT"* or thi( OOl.dltlOB, VIUK>II PM wont m out 10 ?hB? I t??? osfMtod U h? hotrrr ; b?t reading, ia tfe* Ckrikti?< A<i?oaau. o( yo?r fa'aapa-iiJa. | NMiiNC taking it. witt <? eaticria ?n.?l> <.<> * , f > oar Pilia. to i?u> Ik" koMli a? TM 4iri?t. KVom tfc* ira*. it k*4 ?<* affwt k^ui ?f ciMriar tkaa I ?upr<>a?4 m jU. i ?Uid h?T'- 1 rrgaiMM nit brfetii r**Uli, BM aft*r v<M?kii. aa coud kaa'th a?: tiragth b? aay othrr lata Ma* ti* "DtiMM" "< ail got d" ahovar b)*aatnga mi ynt _ , . ^ JOMB W.iwt Prepared hr Dr. J. C. AVKR * tX>.. |.?v*'!, Ma?c. ty imuhi O^a jt^Le gft9 T. HntlEWELL'S UHIVKKSAL COUGH EiBEBT. Far ?// Threat and L*ng C??f/??alm A** C'mHMN C??fil tO Actual CilMWBflBM HUNNKWELLH K9TLT (ELBRRITIV TP Xj DM" X3 Til Natural mud 9w*r Rrm*4f far mil AV wm CoHtjdtnnt*, Froi Nevr&lgia thrnuah a ' eae?? ?k?r?(?pnn m ever hmI to that of IHiniiii r * *< m tn4 the i ORIIDCI chl*l MDX' u' l ll MC L4NM OF fLF.Kr. The Toil Anndiio, thoacb oontai "-in* not % patio e of Upturn. pro^?o?a all the r?*uir?iifMi of. an.i m*i? need ic ai! ca?> whwewr Otiani w%? & eed without pro eei> * anything Nt? Carw*. a**" iMTiat th- patten* in a f*rlert j nat .ra> * ate TNi I'm vernal <'< ?* K?meid?, t |r**?d !>..*? a th-common otiecti>n of < oucn Rrmiw*. vkff produce uaviea or proetralion. mat t?e o?natd#r?<i th* ootnmon enemy to a.1 Throat and I.nor C?>w?plaint*. and n??*d with perfect impan't) Aafciac ? lto #o?rt from piopriet.oa or friend* the wto*t mw? mvMt.natioa of botii R emodi-?. and reading of o*r pamphieta to he found with all deaier*. anm >r? paili ar y to purc/iaae on * of UioMvIa o%u be ?iepeii<ird upon, wo wait in c "ufidenoe ti aeciaiona of Pati*ntn at.*J Ph? ai Plana. "Pnoee witlun reach of a 1 " . ... - ?"nu *?m J.U HrNiPwitL-A ? ? .. Taj : ?* C. mnie-,- .a Wnarl 1*0*1011, OB". IHtxiwiU. 141 Water it, N'? York, t nder 'iie ar?eiai xup'rvi*i<c <>f J??HN L. HI N NEWKLL.Chcmirt and Phaimaewatiet. Basfcoa. vIioh signature ? vera the oo ka nf ffce gennii.e only, and to whom all omr.nan* aatioas. tj all respectable dealers "W7 where. and all the DrutgisU in W sshiactct. and Georgetown, mar it ao.r fielmbold'c Genuine Preparation " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BI CHU. A Positive and Specific- Memedi For fliMMts of tii? BL.ADDER. KIDNEY*. GK A VKl..aiv<1 OR?'PSICAL 5*w ELLJN?s?. Thia Mtoicic too ea*es< tae power of Digestion, and sxoit'c th* ABKUBKNTi iw hea Ui? tinw.h, whtoh the WATERY OK CALO ROUS <iep>*iti< DS, aid ai UNNATl RAl. ENLARGK Mr.NTS aie redsoed. as well as PAIN aad IN FLAMMAT!ON,and*isfo?l f?r MEN, WoMEX. OK CHILDREN. HELM BOND'S EXTRACT RI'CJIU, For Waakamat Arisiaa frnin Kxoeaaea Hi' i? of lluinatirr f'fUoo orANn, Attended WUk tkt/ Uovnm* Simxptam* !? lndia???iUoo to Exertion, Lo?a of Ppww, ^x>m o^Memory, DiBcc tj of Brw>thni, Horror'of DtMNi Wik'^Mii pimr. ws? of Viaioa. Pur id tl?? Back . 1'iiiwm; Lftaaaudeof the Ni?oi %r Svatotn, Hot Hudi, F! uikui of tW My. Drj ct?? of ,.w Pk in, Fruationa on U? r*of . PALLID COUNTKIAMCL Thoee mptrrma. if *!lowad to go oc. which thi? ' m<?<iioin? rwor'i. mnih im potency, fatuity. epileptic fits? 1* OK* of Whick twk Patient hat Fxriaa Who oftx rt? tbkt they ve not frequentj foUoved by ?hoa- "DlRFFUL l>ISEV*KP " "INSANITY AXD CONSUMPTION." M%r,? M* aware of th? MIM ol th*>r awflorinc, bctxone: will confess. THF RECOHHSOF THF INSANE ASYLl'MB An-t tkf Melmnrkoln Oftkt (y Com/wrnpitom Bw nnf'? vitn*?? to tli? (r*tti of t?e %aa?rtiur, THF CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTIO) WITH OROAMC WEAKNFSS Rftqnirea the fcid of mwtioine tn trmrthra r* im; i^vir. niiF ?nf Wkick HamaoLD'a FXTRACT UlCRC t?r?r? dbly do* s. A. T1IAL WILL COKV/M I Tift MOCT ftttfTlCAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FKM AI ES. old or yocya. sIsolf. married, os* COSTEMFiATiye MAX hi AGE IN MANY AKFRCTIONS rECL'UA* TC> FJMALKS. ih* extract Burba la nneaaadled h-? at y other remedy, aa in Chi mm or RetonUoa lrre*uarity. Painfnlneoa. or Sappraaaioa of Cue to mar* E>acaaiioM. l';o?ral?l or tairrlM>?i state of the I term, Leuco-rhcra <?r Whites, Hteri.ity. ar?l for a.! oomp.ainu ir.cidert to the a x whether aruirr fron1 Indiscretion, Hat.ta of Dissipate*, or ui the DECLINE OR CHAKUE OP Lin. SKB *T MPTOMf AlX'VB NO FAMILY Sttof i.1) Bfc WITHOUT IT T*k> mo mm B+1 < am. Mrrcirry, m vmpUmrami Ntdirm' fm **?.?? .?a*r nnd D*?tertmr /H'east#. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHI' BCREtIMBABKS In all their Star**. At Uttt* np*M?. kittle or do change In Di*C No lnoenmiaao*. And ?< Jt7To?ip(. II <~aases a fre?aent desire an i gires rtrength In Innate, there; y F?tno\inr *<??strnetiona Preventing an<l oarioc Suietarea of tW VroUi'%. A I 1avII!? Pain ?.11|4 Ir flaaaaBaiiAK . < . tDe'of and eip? .Ubi mil Ditaat'd. and ?ro?-?i c%u M ???*. _ _ THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who bavl bbbn tub victim* "f ocaccb. ar>d who b?v* pa.<i kvmryft*? to be cured la a ?rr?-? tiim, uave found th-y were a*0+1 red. and U?( the POIKOV bM. by the aee of>wnm m TS1MSXTB," beet, drlM BP It U( By?lMM, to MMk out in an a*iravated and ?* "* PRKHAPS AFTAK M ARM AVE. I'm Rilbioli)'! Fxmrr Bccwrfor all affec tlooB and di?t*ae. of the i'rinar v organs. Whether exiaUot id MAi K OR FEMALE. Prom whatever oaa- e vnf inatidraad do matter of how long f* 1 adding Dieeaaei of th??e organ* re*Birett?* a?i of a Dtmt* extract buciq; >9 the bRGAT dl I RET1C. . _ , - - u ,vu i n nvvn r 1 ur^l". Ertdemct of tk< imii rtiimbU mm4 r??pwt?*fcia cM> (<r will aoc<>maa"T th* tn^icfM CERTIFIC ATE*' OF CCEEH. J+r>m 8 ( an n??ri With NAME* HOWI TO SCIENCE AND FAME. Prltf 91 00 per NUlr, ar tlx far fl.00 , Delivered to acj A?ldr?aa, ooureiy paoked fro ilymtioB. Dimi ii 9TMTTOH* ii ali. Comrmciriom Care* GuranteH : I4?1r* 6ratl> AFFIDAVIT. P?r?on?llj appeared bofor* mf an A thecity of Ph: iul?vphi* H . T H klmboi.d.wIm i?taf da. 7 a worn, doth m*j. hia ^rrMn'ioM MlUii mo Krootio. bo mrroBTT. or oiJit iujitiom iru?, t ar? parely regataVie. H. T. HELMjoL.IT 8worn and aabaoribed before roe, tkia Be day of Normbar. ISM WM P. HIRRFRD. jldrmtaa. Ninth KrMt. above Rao*, Phila. Addraaa letter* for information ia e<>L^u<>npa to H. T HELM BOLD. Chmaiat. AND UNPRINCIIM.ltti iimi H* Who end?Tor to dupow or tiki own" and uotikb" abticum ok tii Kimtrioa tnttin EuiMbold'a 6M?1M Fr^rtUoM^, * " SasaMkrilto, - Improrwd Row Walk t Bold by B. B. Wt!tx,4U8 8*twUi itrmcu^ 0. C Fout,Jt , oorMr l'*u. inaM u4 fclmMk ^^Lb?%rSSiU?JIinzmh. 5?t ovt the MWrti** And wnd |?r it dND AVOID IMPOSITION A Nl> t XPOBL'RK A# * AOlT Q7Q TTpotkntinu oax; k|i >?n (o frMadi ia? Mbiio K?n*rail} to kis N?v Star*, indw wlJ??t ? rTssyjfc ? MvtUT oramlr N|?n?rOwMMai iru***! m mfo'UXiog. * jTtatvli.l ? _ ly^^iiag^.?*,r ^y^Vrn' |>? pan t kt-la?1? "UlN'i i t*o>? w???u0 BR L mowwadPlANOl.only for ?U? I>t th umcr ?*ri?ty.?tyle. *r><? of Pi? a to atewaa ?i* ttrw or diMOiit lor Mil. rMMMin *fc?r fomi Mkm. Pimm for hir*. 7o?w r. ku,i*. Pimo MKi Muair iffiw, m r%>?, HL Mil?* aU. ultMUll Buffr** of p *t. V wati laatr? BMU r>??lr?t |t 1? f) IA N (?H.?4i R K \ T BAKU AINU-<f? ?nu vv M^I ?iioflr

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