Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1860 Page 1
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w ftaittg Star, '*? f af? ; +* u* t *\ .1*.' " r- 1 ? ?i . ~ , 4f* ^ ? ? * V^. XVI. . WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUISDAY. AUGUST 7. 1860. N?. 2.330 THE EVENING STAR is rirBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BC1LDING9, A Corner of Pennsylvania avenus and 1 Uh St., ,T W. D. WALLACH. Papers nerved in packa??a by oarrinra kt < I vear, or St oents per month- To nail snbaeribers the is a ;nr, in adr**e?, 92 for aix month*; #1 for three months; u>4 for Inns than threw month* at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Single oopiea, osacewT, in wrapper a, two cuti. [LT AtTiiniianTK abonM be ?ent to the ofltoe Ibeixre ISo'olook m ; otherwise the; may not appear until U e next day. A Picture ef Qimi Victoria and the Iteyal Family. Rer H Baylies, who is writing series of letters from England to the Zion'a Herald, draws the following picture of Queenriftctoria and the royal family, which differs mffferially from the rose-colored portraits that are generally presented of her Majesty. The picture was taaen at the Ascot Race*. It is well the artist delayed drawing it until after he was off of British soil. He says : Hiring been disappointed by a slow train in reaching the place in season to see the Queen and her husband and children enter, I determined to get as near her Majesty as possible, and succeeded in getting Into a small enclosure just in front of her stand, which enclosure. I hare reason to think from a notice, was, designed onlr for * the members of the Jockev A Club.' It was a verv good plaoe, howwrex, and. for an hear or two I Bad the most favorable opportunity of look iog lit and Quisling the 4ju9#D. Prince Albert. Prince of Wales, PrinL omwi AUce aod Tl^Iotr and Louise, together' with her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Count of Flanders. Prince Louis of -Hew; in all, eleven carriage loads of royalty and nobility. Prince Albert is a good, wide awake, sen[V pible looking man, familiar aod easy, and fit for a husband to a queen, which he is, and only is. Prince of Wales is about 18, of light eomplexion and rather spare; looks like a fair, sensible .senior in college, and will graduate at Oxford sometime in June The Priacesses resemble very strongly the Prince of Waies, and are not especially noticeable for beauty; indeed. I should not have looked at them a single minute were they not daughters of the throne. As to the other personages, I saw nn mam that would attract attention. There wcilft thousand on the field better looking, and to all appearances equally sensible. I suppose it does not require much sense to patronise horse racing, aoes it? Wall, what of the Queen ? I am not in England, and so I may speak U nderstand, I was within froin twenty to sixty feet of her more than an hour, looking with my own natural eyes, and with th* same eyes assisted by powerful raceglasses. which I borrowed. Let me say then s I think. Before I express my thinkings, however, let me remind you that very reeently the Queen refused to sit for a likeness to an American artist, because she said her time is fully employed. That is not the reason, as you will guess. Queen Victoria is doubtless the mother of aaveral children, and is said to hn an ptpaI. lent wife, mother and woman, which is likewise doubtless; but she i3 not handsome, as wme of her portraits represent* her; she is not food looking even, according to my taste, hat kisaable little month yoo have seen in h?r portraits waa borrowed, for it is not in her face Her mouth is rather drawn at the oorners, and arched in the middle. Her com9 vlexion is that I hare named for her children, nut her skin looks blotched and unhealthy. I especially watched her manners in her conversation and her movements among the family and visiting Royalty, and I must say she wu entirely wanting in what is termed grace, and was certainly very far from appearing queenly according to the conventional meaning of that \W kan aka Vt/twail ?n -wa nan 4a frk* w VIU ?* Uv li nuo uvncu 1U I V.^ P"J IJ.-o kU IUC hearty cheers of her loyal subjects, there was a look of the disdainful attached to a stiff and cheerless motion of the head. I was for a moment within ten feet of her, and noticed the same expression. Speakinc with an Englishman in Paris about her, the other day, he remarked "0, she doee very well for a Queen to fill the throne; she makes a good mother and wife, and that is about all." More than once I heard this sentiment expressed. The portraits yon see are portraits of the conventional Queen, and not (he real. Tux Lat? Mbtxor ? Prof. Bond, of Harvard College, in a further note on this phenomenon. says : The following is an outline of the path described by the great meteorite of the 29:h inst., as derived From observations ?U.?D IU HIWU3 VI UIO UVUUIIJ. Ik became visible in the region of the great lake*, pursuing a course E. S. E. from the northern part of Michigan, in a straight line over Lake Huron, Canada West, Lake Km. Southwestern New York, the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Southeastern New York, the Southwest corner of Connecticut, Long Island Sound,and Long Inland. It waa seen 200 to 400 milea at sea. and probably passed on to resume its path ia the solar system, undoubtedly a good deal disturbed from its original orbit by the earth'a attraction and the resistance offered by its atmosphere. Its nearest approach to our globe ? was within Si miles; it was at this elevation nearly when crossing the Hudson. 45 miles in an air line from New York. Its velocity was about 20 miles a second. The vertical diameter was i of a mile, including the brightest portion of the luminous atmosphere surrounding the nucleus Although the above results mast be in the main correct, the difficalty of reconciling the accounts ofd fferent observers is sufficient proof that thej are open t? future improvement; as pecislly as regards the velocity and the fact of the meteorite having left the limit* of our atmosphere and pursued its course indefinitely beyond Roth are points of much astronomical interest. The velocity being known, and the fact established that the body had escaapd cor.tact with the esrih.we have all the dacin?cet> try for ascertaining its orbit with refereocu to the sun The amount of its motion, diminished by the part due to the orbital motion of the earth, gives a period of revolution considerably less than a year. Those who have had an opportunity of witnessing an occultation of either of the brighter stars in its path would do well to oommunicat* tbeir notes to wibi cjaarter where they will be accessible for scientific objects Two instances of Um kind hare come to my knowledge in which the planet Man was occaltated by the mataor. Observations by a watch, or some thar reliable standard, of the exact time of rifibility, are also desirable. I?e question whether the meteor was finally ooasnmed is tba atmosphere, or passed oat of It.will be best decided by its appearance at Sea from a vessel two or thraa hundred miles to the A eastward of New York. Tie Drcse Massacres ?A letter dated Bayrui, July 1. has the following among other booking details of the scenes in Syria ~"It i? ow ascertained. and a nominal list of them baa keen mad*, that up to last night the Druaea hare karat and pillaged no leas than l&l Christian Tillages since the 29th of May laat, while I bo leas than 75.900 to 80.000 Christian inhabit* ant* of Lebanon?many of whom ware, a month ago, wealthy men, others in quite easy oircumstannsf and ail slrangora to anything like poverty or waat?are home leas beggars, darending on actual charity for theit daily bread. Over and above the number of Christiana shot ip actual warfare, between sevan and eight thousand have been butchered?hacked U deatk would bo the ttter term?aa no batcher ewr used in his calling half the cruelty uf these blood-thirsty miscreants?in eold blood by tbe Druse* And, beside* this, more than 5.009 widows, who, until thia Druse campaign, wmrm happy wivea and mothers, nave lout the r husband*, brothers, fathers and all male relative*. even to the mala infants at the breast, and 1,600 children are now orphan* Moreover, ftfty million* sterling would not pay far the lewna, village*, hamleti and silk factories destroyed throughout the mountain*?all the rvranart* n? tha f* liln TKara ta a fearfully loof liat of scnveata, churches and nunneries belongit% to the Mm? people, all of which hare Ween plundered nod then destroyed <t by the llruM " ? iT ~ jjjk JOM.< U * j Th? Jar?nt and tha Ethaalaglcal Baciety The committee appointed by the Ethuologioal Society of New York to hold an interview with the scientific members of the Japanese Embassy have furnished their official report, from whicn we make the following extracts: THB tVBAAST TO ROMS. The subject of an embassy alleged to have been sent from Japan to Rome, A. D. 1528,was broachod. Mittsmoto stated emphatically that no formal mission to a foreign country ever occurred previous to the one or which he is a member, accredited to tho United States. Be obaei f fed that, some 278 years ago. some young men, connections and representatives of three princes, visited Rome, but without any governmental authority. WH AT THK J APAKESB OWE! TO CHI3A. As it was rumored that some of the members of the Embassy bad beoome indignant on their i peopie oeing comparea to tne Chinese,we were I agreeably surprised at the candor and magna, n unity of our informants, when interrogated leSpeetfng the sources whence they originally derived tea, silk, porcelain, wood engraving, paper, printing, and gunpowder. The answer was, uniformly, "China." As it seems possible, if not probable, that navigation was as early developed by the islanders of Japan as by the natives of the neighboring continent, their opinion was asked respecting the origin of the mariner's compass. The answer was the same, and as promptly given, "China." Indicative of views and feelings untainted with national prejudices, these replies are characteristic of superior minds. They were surprised on beiDg informed that the seamen of Europe and America are indebted to the same source as themselves for that invaluable gift of science to art. -j japahese cheap literature. When asked if such books as that betore us (one printed in colors) were rare, the reply was, they were very common, '-in much plenty." The report of old travelers was confirmed, that the Japanese have what we oall encyclopedias, or dictionaries of art*, and collections of "manuals" like this, numerous, as it would seem, and certainly as fully illustrated as any modern French series; and at one-fifth of the cost, too?cheap as we may think the Parisian issues are So far as regards the production of a cheap and useful literature, Japan may be said to have been centuries in advance of Europe. The cost of this book was about ten centa, from eight to ten oenta. Acquittal of Judge Terry. ? The San FUnllatin nf Tiilw 1 1 "B?a * ? ~ M. MV'OVV u uicbiiu v/l W UIJ I 1 J O .""AO WC have before stilted, Judge Terry's trial was fixed to come off before the District Court at Jsan Rafael, Judge Hardy presidmg, on Friday. The following witnesses received subpoenas to be present and testify at the trial, vim :?Chief Burke. Captain I. Lees, Coroner McXulty. Dr. Holman, Leonidas Haskell, Jas. W. Stillman. and Henry Frit*. These witnesses, accompanied by Alexander Campbell, Assistant District Attorney of this county, started for San Leondro, on Friday morning, in the yacht Restless, about 7 o'clock. The subpoenas were returnable at 10 o'clock, and u the trip usually occupies about two hours. I the witnesses say they expected to get there in ample time. But the Restless was becalmed | in the bay, and it wu nearly 12 o'clock before I her Dassen?rs reached San Rafael. At nin? I o'clock precisely, according to tbe time of the officers of the court at San Rafael, which was in advance of the watches of the people generally. Judge 11 ardy opened the court. Judge Terry's case was immediately called. He was ready with his counsel, Messrs. II>ge and Crittenden, and his witnesses, who had gone over the day before in the steamer. The eourt then proceeded to empanel a jury. Out of the first fifteen men, twelve Jurors were selected, the dofence having challenged three peremptorily The prosecution was conducted by Mr Haralson, District Attorney for that district. He did not ask any of tbe jurors a single question, or make the slightest objection to their being sworn in, as they were called. The panel was therefore completed in a few minutes. When the last juror had been sworn in, the Ik.l .... -V?11 1 V uugv MllWVVW VUBl 111 O Kj ftUUUlU U O JJI U* cecded with. The District Attorney stated that no witnesses for the State were present, and asked for a short delay to give them time to arrive. Judge Hardy refused to grant any delay. The Distriot Attorney then submitted j tho case to the jury without any proof. The Judge charged the jury that, in the absence of proof, they must bring in a verdict of not guilty. The jury immediately returned a verdict of41 Not guilty," whioh was recorded, and Judge Terry was discharged from farther cusI tody. All this was done ia less than an hour? or. a few minutes before 10 o'clock, a* we learn from respectable witnesses on the spot. At a j little before 12 o'clock the State's witnesses reached San Rafael, a "day after the wedding.*' They wore prepared to prove the fact that Judge Terry killed Mr. Broderick in the duel, so conclusively that nothing but positive perjury on the part of the jury could have pre rented tfcem from Bnding him guilty under the statute. Virginia Items.?An extensive revival of relizion is in progress at McGahevsrille, in Rockingham countj. The services Lave been protracted for nearly two weeks, and the interest is unabated. A large number have embraced religion, and the altar is still crowded with penitents. The meeting is under the direction of the ministers of the M. ?. Church, South. The Rockingham Register says: "We are pleased to learn from a gentleman just returned from a visit to parts of Pendleton and Highland oounties, that the wheat crop in those counties is very fine. We laarn, also, that the season hia been very fine for the growing corn, fruit, Ao., and that an abundant aeuon will crown the efforU of all who till the soil, and depend upon the mile* of a Divine Psovidenee." Edward Snyder, of Hanover, Va., haj two pointer dogs, which ean worm more tobaaco in a day than any twe hands he owns. The dogs rua along the farrows, and show thair great sagaoity in detecting worms, finding them by the seent and eye. They never injure the plants. and where the field hands overlook the iaaacta, the dogs are sura to find them. The animals devour the insects eagorly. Tobacco is coming into market in Lynchburg mora briskly than it has at any time during the season Whole fleets of wagon* may be seen at any time before and in the yard of the various w&reheusea, being relieved of their burthens. It wai found impossible to complete tbe sale* at more than two warehouses on Wednesday?the offerings were so large. Price*,we learn, are ruling lower, than when there was less coming forward. A good manufacturing article is, however, bringing good figures. Lower grades are not much sought for. The King George County Court met on Thursday. Very little money, very JUtle law bmaiatm, but very much politics. No hotel for man. do stable for beast, not some whisky and some watermelons. Tbe Fredericksburg Herald says : " At this county seat, we know aot what the court-goer or traveler would do for food or lodging, were it not for the gentlemanly courtesy and kind hospitality of eitiseas of the oounty, who, more perhaps than anywhere else in the State, retain the cordial easterns of the " olden time*." i ? Left the guu Bluuxq ams> Wui to Er*op? ?The New York correspondent of Ihe Mobile Register relates the following : " Beeently a gentleman returned from Europe; he bad been absent with his family seven months. II* paid his gas bill the dey he left, and the house bad not been opened for arren month*, Jet when it was the gas man took a return ru^ the meter, and a hill was made out for Mr. Qrimell went and complained to] the Secretary, related th? circumstances, and Es4fn >r *77 f eij threatened exposure of sueh a barefaced robbery. He refused to pay the bill. "Very well, ir,': laid the tieeretary. Mr. 0. went home aod told his wife. "Pay it," said she. "Why fo7" said he " Beoaus*." said she, "the day we left New York Thftd to go back to the hoQse for some article I had forget. The window shutters were fastened; I lit the gas; the other day when we returned I found it still burning." The bill was paid, for a steady gas-flamer had been burning for seven months " Amu. W1MLOW, N Kxyeriaa ed Norae and Female Phyeleta, yreeenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer Children Teething, VMtk ftMUy fact?? prv?f u?thiai, to Mftw Kf tut cam*, Mdacirf all inkamnmioa?will aifay ALL PAll* and apaareodic iew?n,*nd U SURE TO REG ULATE THE BOWELS. Dopood a poo It, motbora, U will girt rnl it juntlTii, ui RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR IN PANTS Wa km pat ap ?od told Una aruclo for ?? ? too fiiri, tod CA!? ?AT, J* C0WPlDB:*rl and TBrm of it.wtaMwo ha?o airir btto ikl) to tay ?f u; OTHlt Mtdiaiaa?wbtbk MRS Nil it riiLis,i!< A IIR?L1 IB- ITlRCl T 1PFICT A c?l, WINSIjUW'S whan umoly a?od. N*Ttrdid v? know inilTiMfi >u inaianet of dta atiafaetion by any ant who 4 it. Oo tbo cantrary.allaro S1TR0F, dalifbttd with it* 0r?R4Tl0!??, and l.p.A tB torntt of ki(taaat cmanioodatioa of la mt-ical tlt:ta aad nodical TirlBtt. Wi tptiik in ;hn m\ttw ? WHAT VI DO HOW," aftarton yaara' axptnoneo, awd r lkdgi oi'l iifi'TaTIO!? roa TUB PULFILMBNT OP WHAT WB NIDI Dl* clabb. in almoot a*ory motuia whoro tfea infant la aaforI tnf from pain and oibaaauon, robot artll ba foand in Iftooa I or twtnty mmataa aftar tha ayrap n auminiararod. Thit oalaabla prtparation it fa prtacript:on of on* of tb* moat BlPBRiBRCBD and 9BILPUL NUBaB* in Now Enf THOUSANDS Oh CASES. It ?( aaly raliavaa tha child fram pain, kit Ir.atparataa tka torooch aad kowala, earraeu acidity, and ji?aa tana aad aarf7 ta tha wnaia jatam. It will almaal inatantly raiiava GsiPlNA in THI BOWILI AND WlNS COLIC, aad orarooma conTalaiaaa, which, if iat araadil? ramadlad aod ta daatfc. Wai uTaittha a BIT and iuk?ar rim* FOR m t in tha world la all caaaa af dts- CH1I.UKEFI WTHTind Dul RH<za ti? chil- TKETHI9IG P***. whatbar it ariaaa f?% laaihinf 1 from *?>? athat caiaa Wa would i.iT to a?ary maihar wio uaa a child aaffanof Iron lof of tha fnragan ( coroplatiito ?DO NOT LIT your PKtJuDicaa, nor thi prejudice? or othbbii atand batwaan your gaffcring ;hild and tha raliaf that will b* flURB?yaa, absolutely sCRI?;a follow tha oaa of th aadicina, if turaly n??d. Full dirtciiora ar aainf will a cornpir. aach Uoma. Nona ganolna anlaaa tha fac-aimla CURTll A I'KRKiNd.Naw York, iaan tha aataida wrappt old by Drurgiata thro or boat tha world. Principal Offica. No. 13 C adar ttraat, N. T. Priaa onl? tS Caata par Battla. oa ll dtwlr * GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO MiT one who may be desirous of entering in a profitable businr ss, at one of the best stand* in Georgetown. 1 oifor my entire stook of DRY GOODS on reasonab'e terms, in order to make a change lu my business. W. R HURDLE. jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gay stg. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, l?6n, the steamer L. J. Orengle, Captain W . H. Ritter, will leave Georgetown EVERY TUES DAY. THURSDAY,and CATl'R DAY', at7 o'clock a in.,and return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a in. On t^e Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherd stown. je2l 3m 1 JUST RECEIVED, lt>U BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) 1*> do. HERRING and AI.EW1VES, 25 do. REFINED SUGARS, K hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6bhl*.(Ha?fi?l<l> WHITE FI*H, 2^ hfllfll D'imrt !'ftot?rn For aale low ky " " "JOH'n'j'bOGUK, je 8 Georgetown. t>. C. AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKSSCALES IN /V (iKORGKTOWN. The underaigned have been appointed Agents for th? Mlio of Iho ftbor? ?uhr*tei' *.n#1 veil-knoWI] PLATFORM ami COU NTKR BCALfcSs. A fn i supply oonatantij on hand and for aale at lowest ratea. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in anj part of the District or arfjominc counties. All Soalos are warranted durable, accurate, and to give aatiafaotioa BUSEY * HARVARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je8-2tn Bridge street 2 doors west of High. C" Tan dell, optician, Mo. 1 2* Bridtt it., Otori t0wn, Uaa constantly on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Near-aigntud. I'eriaeopio, r ored.amial. othor Si'ECTA^LLS, ol""v_^ i ?* the best ?ua.itj, in gold, ail ver, steel.and Gormat aurer (rames. N. B. Old Franiea Repaired and new g.aaaraaet in them to order. no 19-lj JOS. F. BIRCH, UsnERTAKFH, Car. Bridrt and Jtfrrxon, .tJ*., Genrtftofvn. Having given mi personal attention tu this branch of my boMnes*, lam prepa'ed to _ Attend to all oai's with promptness Perrons from a distauns can V sup 1 plied at a 'ew minuten' notice, as 1 have a large aaaurtment of COFFINS alwajs on hand. Particular attention paid to the reinoral of the d> a?l from the old to the new burial jrounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m \f ASSB Y, COLLINS 4. CO.'S PH1LADKL1*1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly | receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite au persons irho want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY & SHINN, Agents, fe 47 Orwen ?t.. Georgetown. DROPOSAL8 FOR PAVING. K Office or CoMMisaioxxaor Public BuiLniims.t AuguatS, I860 < Sfalkp Proposals wi 1 be received at thia office up to 12 o'olock. m .on the 13th day of August it. xt, for Grading, Curbing, and laying the Bnok pave meiit, and Paving the Guftvra, Ac . on the south aide of Miaaouri avenue, between Third and Sixth atieeta vest, connected on Four-and-a half street by a Plag Footway. The Cnrbatone to be of the beat oualitv of (New York North river atone, in pieoea of not leas thin four (4) feet long, ?ixteen(l?) inchea deep, and foar and a halfUK) inchea thick, and to be j.i nted aad wfl1 fitted, and aet in a bed of ooarae gravel ani well rammed. 1 he Bnok to beof the best oua'ity hard red Pav ing Brick to be laid on a bed >fsharp river aar.d four (4) inoheadeep on a bed of fine gravel free from olay or loam three <S) inchea doep, with two oouraea on edge next to the euro and olb ooarae on edge en (he inner line Noextra measurement for Briok on edge. TKa Stnna P? vtn<r /* Ka rsf ? u? fcwuw ? >uft tv -?V V* UVII! II1UU OU?'DiO (flUIIPl not exoeeding four inches in diamator, except th* tone on the ontode tine ofthe nutter, which must be tix inohee in diameter, laid on a bed of ooarse sand and olean travel, free from olay or ! >arn, at leaat 9 ir ehee deep, and to be twioe rammed, the aeeond time after being we!l wet. and cohered with i?e clean gravel or ooarse sand, The oentreof the (Otter to be laid with five oourses o 1 hard red pacing brick on edge. The Fiagginc to be of the best quality New York North river Piaffing, tn pieces of not than foar(4>f"?t long by eighteen inohee wide, and not leas than fonr(4) inohee thiok, to be Isi' on a bed of ftne eleaa gravel 6 inohee deep, lree from day or loam, and well jointed. All grading not exoeeding one foot to be rnted a> trimming, and the earptus earth to he removtd b? theeoutractor to sueh plaoe as may be detignatjea by superintendent. The work to be done in the beet and moat workmanlike mtnner and to tne satisfaction of the C< m miasioner of Pubho Bui;din?s, and under the mi perintendenoe 91 each person as lie ma* appoint. aaa 10 M oompleted on or before the #>f N varnber uext. and warranted to ataud twelve(U) month* after completion. All repairs that n?y be repaired within the tiir.e for which the work ia warranted to ataudtobe done at the expanse of the oontraot ir. For the due performanoo of the work, acreeabhr to theoontraot, bond and security will be repaired. Bidders wiil state separately the rate at which they will execute the Curbinf, Paving, at.d Fiacgi; *, including materials, and mark their proposals as follows: 'Proposals for Grading- Ao , Missoa i avenue." JNO. B. HI.aKK, au4dtl3aug Commissioner. ATrE:",ONF.R*T ward: . ; The subscriber hxs on hand a large stock of a?asonabie BOOTS and SHOES, which is sm?i na at a treat sacribco for caiih. ChndfTO** BOOTS ANKLE TIES, and GA1-, rM^ssw'^^T^8^MOR0CCO BOCTS, and SUPPERS from 25 cont* to fl. 1 JuJi<*s' GAITER H(inT?.Jai * - ? ?v. ? W ****** u Uil I EjI\r",lIfIU ami. Q0J tO S] M?'? CALFSKIN OX FORD TIES and MONROES, 75centa to $lJb. Men'a PATENT LEATHER ud CALF SKIN CONGRESS BOOTS, from ?1 to #2J0 And ail other kiada, quail? low. J W. DYER, No. 131 jy P?- arcnne, bet. 19th and zotli ati. Mao,,OluhaM8:m4oWOLIA m^NOW'SA'K^J jKSASWf s. afaotion for aevaral ?a?ra paat Wi guarantM " '" ^nSrt^ROBKl.L, tf Qttrner rinmmnth at. ami Verroo?t ar. p " NOTICE. r BR SOWS Daolintaj housekeeping or ha vine a anralua of houaanold effects cs?u find ready aftia by ^aiar *: *i a-' * .< 711 * AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoQUlRE * CO , Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROP^ ok Catitol Hiu. ?On KKiDA^ AKIRiNOON, Ai|nit loth, at 6 o'clock, on the peimsee. bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated Novmber ?d. US6, and da y recorded amani the land roords of Washington oounty. i ahau sell ths eateru pad of Lot numbered seventeen, in square nmbered seven hundred and twenty-nine, fronting tsxnty seven feet ?n East Capitol street, between Fr stand Second streets east, running back eighty si feet three mobes, together vith the imerovemoto thereon. Ill convevanomx at the ooatofthe purchaser. rerms: One half oash; balance in 6 and 12 mnths, vi h interest, seeared hy a deed of tniet oa the propet ty. JOHN HEPBURN, Trustee. > eo4ds J. C- MeBUIRE k. CO.. Aects. liiLL'ARi.r. rmu vna anu_Tk. ..k T joriberi will ofer for sale, on the Premi*9*. on THiRgDAY. thetfithof August. l(Wfl, that Tract ofLaod, ?<d known bj tbe name of " , away Forest," formerly owned by the late Dr Edw*4 F.versfield.and reoeotlr by the late Matkiaa K.v>rtfield. It contain* 618 acres, nor* or le*? *nd for productiveness n equ* to aay lands in tiu fertile region. ItTief rm rile Pisc?t?way Itrawfc, and is well woolei and watered, having an abundance "f fine meadow'and. >t adjoin* the *nd? f Messrs. Joseph B Hill, 9tan-slaua Blandlord. Thoraaa vv. Robinson and Wn. H.Cayan. (of Thos.) Tki? land i* capable of producing in great abun danoi tobacoo. oorn. wheat and allthe orop* usually frown in Prinee George'* gounty, and offer* a rare oppoitnnity to those who wish to invest in Keal bitale. 'I h building* are ordinary, but the abundance of fine tuilding timber, only h\if a mile from a /too * saw and grist mill, render* building comparatively o**ap. it i* 8 mile* from the Alexandria Ferry and 12 mil?* from Washington. The term* of sale Will be liberal. $3 <*#> to be paid ii cash on the day of eale. tiie residue in I, it Mid 3 TMri. in 60 11*1 lnntJLlmftnt* tn h*? nnrwl h? the Umda of the surcaiT or purchasers, with ap prove* security, bea'iriir interest from day of safe. On tbe pay m^nt ol the wh ile purchase money and interest a rood and sufficient need of the property will t? riven. CHAR! fig K. EVERSFIELD, Matthew e. duvall, jy 21 wU For Becj. h. Eversfield. EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 416 Seventh st. , Opposite the General Post OJlee, Washington City. Armorian Sy*t*w of Penmanship, Boockeepinr, Mercantile FoarJ?e>od Calculations, BusinessCorrespondence, tfitaf of Exchange, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Gran.mar and Arithmetic. J IT" A Pn^ai-atory Class for Boys. \yj~ Lilies will be instructed in fine penmanship. u ?... a . a-- ?a _ * i\innii" upon ii inn 7 II III. bU iu p. III. r OT MiTIT1B appl* at the Koonia. in* 24-3m WM. \V VOl.'NG k CO. TMIE UNION FEMALE ACADKMY. 1 N*w Ark am; k v in r. Thin well-knowu and popular Seminary, which has l>een go successful under the entire oare of >Ir?. 7.. Richards for more than ten Tears, trill be opened 01: the firut Monday iti September next, under the united Hiipervimon and instruction of M r. and M m. Z. RICH ARDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For jartic ulars. gee i;ircn!ars at all the Bookstores. mri23 tf \1 MRS*. McCOR\,ICR'S SCHOOL, i'IRS. McCORMICK desires to inform he: friend* and the public generally that rhe will rnanin* the dutie# of her Sohool on the lit Monday in September next. Tii* course of atady pursued will oompnaeaii th? branohes requiaito to a thorough Enguah education. In addition to her daj scholars ahe ia deairoua of receiving into her famny a few pupiia ae boardera aged from 10 to M ynars, who will t>e nnder her immediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodation and due oare of pvpila have been conaiderallr increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington aesirinf particular information with refspnoe to her school mar ?PP'7 to W. D. WaJlach, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner partloaiar* apply at her residence?No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria, Va. -"it __ CLOTHING, kc. ELLING OFF AT COST! In order to decr?a*e my sux-k 1 have determined to close out thel>aiance of in* SUMMER CLOTHING at oust All in want of Suminsr Clothing are resp<K"tful!y invited to oall at No. 4?W> Seventh st., opposite PnKtQftoe.aad soe the great redti -tion in Summer Ciothiue- jy li-lm LrNITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, ) Washi??tox. July 17, It)*). i'Koro?A.L? win he r?o-tve<l at thM Otfic until n.Kin of Turteday, the 21st r>f A nsu-t next, for Furnishing a:.d Putting lip the fr u <>i ins* ?.f two rooms ???r the connecting corridors of tliw Capitol Extension The proposals n->ust stato the price for e-.oh ceil ins complete, in viae*, painted with ttiree good coats of white lean in oil. A'l of tho Iron work ofthe C?i'iiy?, of everj description, inclining the listenings of the ceilings to the waits and to the roof frames, must bo included in the price but. The proposals most be otMlorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceilings." and mast be aooompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per sons, *ddr<-**ed to the undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the presence of suoo persons as may choose U> att?nd. The drawings ofthe oeilings aan been seen at ttuc Ofioe. W. 8. KRANKLlV l n Tnnn7T&abioal t ??i.^ra In oharge oi Gapiioi Extension. Kach proposal should be accompanied by the following guarantee: Form of (iuaranttt. The undersigned, A B anl CD.of , the t*tateof .and in the State ?>f , h?ralij guaranty that in oas? the foresmng bid of for iron oefllncs, as above describe, be acoepted, he or they will, within ten days after the r??ceipt ?f t ha oontraot at the place named execute the oontract for the ceilines, with good and sufli?ien? aeenr.tiea; and, in case the said ahaJI fail to enter into oon*raotas aforesaid, we guarautt t?i mak.? giod the difference between the offer of t<ie said and that wiiioh ma* be aoeepted. Date , 1860. Signatures 01 guarantors, A B Witness, K F. 1 hereby oertify that the aboye named are known to me aa able to make good their guarantee, j ci(uiure, l> H. To be ?i*ned by the United State* diatriot J?H *e, United State* diatriot attorney, collector, or aome peraona known to the War Department. jy 1? dtd HOSTKTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. Mr* Win?low'a Soothing Sirap, Liquid Ren net, Spaldiac'a bine, Mustang I.iainiept Mm Avre'aMedioinea, Houok'a fanao?a,&o with^B a freah aupply of pure Mediutnes. at MOORE'S Weit End Dru| Store. 113 Pa avenue, *outh aide. JX7"Freah Blue Licit and Congreaa Water aa above Alto, improved Prnit aud Vegetable Jara. ir N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, St,i.\2tk-7f)ik. _Jhe_JJNlTED STATES AGRICULTURAL SUCIKTY wiil hold it* Eighth Annual Atricultu ral and Icduatnai Exhibitiou on the ground* liberally provided by thecitix*o? of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the !?J?t atyle. There wiil he 11 alia and Tent* for the display of 1XPLE MENTS, MACH1NER Y, TOOLS, DOM ESTIC MAMFACTIRKS, FARM A\b GARDEN PRODUCE, FRVlfS, FLOWERS, and A SiVE WINES; with Stall, anj Poia for QR8ES. CATTI.* , SHEKP, and SWINE; Mid an unequal>ed Track,one mile in length and forty f?etiu width, for the exhibition oi ilor*e? The Premium* offered?in oa*h,?^old. Wf, and brouse Biedala,?diplomas and eettiboatM, amount to '20,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednea day,the 12th. to Thursday, the 4nh, ol September, thua giving time to examine and teat the imple m^nta and machinery. For premiam li?ta or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 346 Pa. aT??nue, tap stair* ;>or to th? aubacriber, at Cincinnati, Ohio. UEN. PKRI-KT POORK, j) 24 tf Sec'y U. S. AcrioiiUpral Socket. i?namellkd w Xi SLATE MANTELS, Dirret frvm the Mannfaeturtrt. Theee are most h*antift<! stylo* of Mantels, enmiHled in imitation of soch rare murblcs aa the Spanish, Kcrp lan. ?1 ?aaa,Veal? Antique, Porphv ry, Brocatelle. and others equally celebrated. Tne imitations are so perfect as to challenge the closest scrutiny. )n elegance of finia they stand unri va'led and are so highly polished that they retain their beauty and freshness longer thaxi the oommoii marbles. while they are sold muoh cheaper. They have been used in tfcia oountrj for the last ten, and la hurope for more than Efty years, and have riven &!"!? flirt Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank, jy 36 2w 5 doors north of baummna svfqua. Ds C! | On Kn#aner the 1st in (tent < Anput) until the 1st f November, oar prices will be anibl- . S lows hHMMB Single OuneS oents, ' 1 hree G.ames 3" gjlfymg * ?|*rP*ON, " Billiard ??N>on,430 Pa aywnue. J Si* -* Be?woen and 6th ata. J SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE The favorite nwrl for WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, M<>aa1ain Air. lovifora^ CI .M BLR LAN 0 CO, \Vall-VentJ at?<i P.ooma, Pennsylvania. G<?od Society and a Good Accommowiioj?8 ros p*rUcui*ra Mod ,W owENrS^fc IF.NDENTERMS LOW. IN A VJSaCHRR, je 7 low C*rU*U S*r'**?, Pa. CAPE ISLAND, NEW JERSEY.-Vi.itore to V Cape Mar will find ?ood accommoda- S . . A tioneat WHITE HA1.L. Term* only flVcmV < per weak, including tii? rtde to the beaoli^tiaflu in the morning. Dr. S. S. MARC k , jv 37 ?w" P'opnrtor. CVAKU.-A* an inducement tur famine* tnaojonrn > at th? "HYOKI A"d?na? the ?i)1lill?. ? A of August ami Septeaihec, the Propria yca^V tor* hare reduow tne prioeof Board to #*AUIU per day and #1SS" per week, from Aufuet 1 irt. C?C U^lLL'ARffM Prt>fT"tWrm* J Old Point, July 36th. }T TMtw CCHMlDT*S SI MMER l^RDEN.-Ob *ir& I? street, lift wee* C and l,ouMtiana . A may be found at all Uiues one uf UK> most Vca^ popular, fcerial, url>aoe, and intelligent Restaurant Keeper*, who hank* up hi* recitation witii 1>AIjKR BHF.R from the C?ry or Ukotmu- , LT Love, Phi adelplua ; with BK AN OIKS fro?n . the choicest vineyards of Fn??ea: with WINKS unexcelled on the htllaof the Hhin*: a?d witl> an . article of WHjfKY whioh attacks ?t^ii*:y of the true flavor of th>? Mononrahela and Bonrtion Palatable as either of theee n?y he ladividuaily. he has sought to make t!ieui still more so by the erection thi? rear (rounds of his favorite estaMishment of a spaeiou* Arbor, where his guests by day may enioy the cooi bretse and be free from Pu, too ardent raya;and, at "the witchiti* hour of night," quaff hia ice-cool l.a?er wit'iont fear of having their enjoyment dampened i>% the falling i dew. Such inducement* wilt, douhtleit*. cau??- i many of our readers to drop in and take a note < if ( nothing else,) and, moat likely, luauy of ihoae who go will goagain. i lti a>l<iit.i.?n te all this, he hat eneaged the Proa | peri brothers and their aaao> ate* to diacouise their i choicest piecca of music fever? Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy 10-1 m WASHINGTON CITY OARDKN. KRN8T LOEFFLKR. Proprietor. iVetP lor* armiM, b( tic ten lfl a* 4 2d sl>. In call mi* the attention of the pa blie ton y grounds 1 state that every arrangement u\- A . . A he?n made to mage thia "Retreat" more TrtJ^ T attractive every flaw. Monday a the bar-l^Sl dena are open to the public tree of charge?a ouiic it riven hv a select band. Thosedesiring to enjoy the aaiice and waits w i I hnd the saloon la oomplete order to render plf**u<e to all. Or oth*r da*a the proprietor will cheerfully gf?nt th? uae of th? (round* for ?chool or other Pic Nic Parttea without oliarge. For tlie arnusemeut of children he has introduced n numt>?r of t ttle fames, never before tn this oit?. and ateo at the tain* time to amuse the "oldfJks." N. B.?Attached i? my Bottling hstaHishm-nt, and lamihes aan he supplied witn any quar ti j at their resiaonoe, of tuat hea^iifal drink. LAG K R BKKR. upon short notice. i? 15 3m tZREKX SPRING PAVILION. Amr tk' Old fro* Foundry am.d only k*lf m mile by land from Ik* OmnUtui tn Uutrtttoirn.. The ladies and gentlemen of Wasiui gtou and Georgetown *re respertfu ? informal A . .A that this beautiful p.aoe. on the Foundry f Branch, is now handsome j fitted up for^JSLX the reception of Pio Nic Parties and other Maitwra. There are numerous spring* "f the pure>t water and a constant shade throughout the day. Tnere u a large sa'<>cn tor dancing, with dreading room attached, aad ahady walks and aeata throughout uie irouiHi*. _ , _ Schools,Societies, Clch* and ?ocial_Parties can obtain tsus delightful pla^se lor Pic Nios without ctiaree for the *rounds rr pavilion by giving tn<propnetor three da} s notice. Me*ls are served at *11 hours, and Refreshment* furnished st cit? prices Ol!i;**r8 wii. attend at ail limes for the pres-rva tson of rood order, a-d no pains wi.l be spared to j Rive satisfiaotion to all visitors. joskph khrj4anntroit, je f3 eotf Proprietor. Msalt water hatiii:?u. ARSHaLL'S FAVfUoN. (Moore*! Landing i will be open for the rec-pticn of viai A . ? A lor* on the 13th of June. This <ie:uhtlu resort for those seeking health and pl^as juBl lire, is unexoelled by any place of th* kind on the Potomac river it is si'uated ah ut ? .e hundred mi es from Washington lnucediate'y on the Potomsc. and in full view of he ('h?**.p?*ke Hw ( and famous for fine Oyster*, Soft 'irab B.ieep) e&d. and t'ther Fish, and easily aocf ."? b.e') the su-nn , mats pin?ic between Washington, Balti*" re an Norf-ik. TU# undersigned .as ma e addi 1 >ua i*> "rovemer/r m *s Bat House* and roa'y tther improvements to ; ie o?Hnf ft ard enjoyrrrrt ..f h iu^als. The I'atlua* cannot be surpassed. Sf>n lid * pgllnc and ? entt of Fi tunc and Sai inc Boat* free oi obaree He t?a* iiarivi no viUnir ?*?>?. ! Colij o" Baud or in avinc in lus s{'>ck . if oii> :ie Win^s. Liquors,S. gars Ac..and for ill-* wlm wish to avoid extreme fashion ami tn s?ek a retired plan* where ther can make themsH\e? a? home, there it not a more peasant (iaoe iu the I'wt?d State*. The proprietor ple^ic-s hnrikelf t-a; notliinc shall be leH undone on his part t > rend ' tnom so. Terras lor board: $1.50 p-r day, f >r iess J than a week: for a longer time. $i.2S per <*ay; <11 per month. Persons wishing to addrenn the pro prietor wiil direot to Leoii*rdtown, r<t. Alar?'? oconty, Md. II je8-2wi R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. i PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. office of c0**ls?i0se*0f prbltc bni.di5gs,( Jn!y?, i<Wn j Sealed PaoposaLs will be re-eived at ta.sofkc ue to 12 o'clock, m.. on th? ot n <i?? ..f * next, for '"adine. Curiiing. and l.aj ing the Hriok and Hag Footway*, and Paving the Gutter*, etc . on the r.orth ?ide of B atreetfouth, between 7th and 14th streets weit. Trie liurwione to be of th* nest qua'itr granite, dre*ted 6 inohe* thick on to?, and fi inches deep ob front, and 3 inohe? deep on the haok edge, and no pieoe .??? thaa 5 fe?t long 16 mehea deep, and to He ( /omted and well fitted aad set io a bed of ooarsa i travel, and wfll rammed. i The Brtok to be of the beet aaaiu hard red , paving brick, to bo laid en * bed of sharp river i and (4) inches deepon a bed of fi-.egrave! free t from elajr or loam three (J) inches de?j. with two oours?s on edc* next to tho curb and oae course , on edge on the inner line. \ No extra measurement for hriok on edge. Tae Stone paving to be of common oohtna atonea not exceeding four inohei in diameter, exoept the tnnai on tka nntaida ) >* ?fc4^- '?1 * ?. ?HW "uvoiuv line VI mr |IH9T| wn'cn ( muat be six mohea tn diameter. iaid on* b*d of | ooarae aand and clean travel, fre* from o.?> o: loam at lra?t 9 inotiea deep, mm) to h* tvioe rat tried, th<? aecond time after beiac well vet; and oovered fin# clean gravel or ooarae aaud. THe ceatreof the cutter to he laid with fivaeoareaa J of hard red paving brioka on edge. The Flagging to be ofth^ be?t Quality N?w York North river flagging, in pieeoe or not leaa than foir ! (4) (eet long by eighteen mohea Wld?s. and not ieea than four (4)inciira thick, to be laid ota bed of frnec'ean rra<*H 6 in'hee deep, free from day or 1 loam, and well jointed. All Uraduig uot exce-diog one foot to be rated aa trimming, and the anflua earth to be removed 1 by tae ooatraotor to taak plareaa aaay be deeig aaOed by aaperiatendent. The work to be dope in the beat and moat work 1 man'ite manner and tothe eatlafaotioa of the Con- . mi aioner of Pob ic Building a, and r nder theauper- < inteodejoe ol auon peraon aa he may apaoint, and to be oompleted on or before the fir?t of Novambar 1 next,and warranted to stud twelve (12) moniha after anmpletfon. AU riyur* that nay be repaired within the time for which the work ia warranted to atand to be fons at the exoenae of the ootitnt?*r>? For tnadue p?rfor*MMi?? of the work. a{r?*ably to oontract, bond and atoauty anil ba required. Bidders will state eepara*ely the rate at whioh the* wi t exeeut* the curbing, paving and fleeing, including n aterja a, and mark their propoaaTa aa . follow*: "Propoaala for Grading, Ac. B atraat 1 aouth " jno. b. blake, jy 3 -dt9th A?g Cowwiieamacr. |\J ATIONATi I SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, i Gins 9tiiit, JBtltrttn Brtdti and Water streets. Oeorftlovn, D. C. A large stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Caatile ami Fancy ROAM, Alao, TALLOW and GRKASE for Looomotivea, St^amhoata, and a!l kinds of , machinery, always oa hand, . 1 and for aale at pnoaa to auit the trade C. b. JEWELL, Proprietor. ly 10 aotf celling opp ! belling off R J DC i r bibchvc Wj> aommenoci to dw wliia^f/oy^rf 'rtoek ^^R?*G AND S0T???KR DREPf* GOODS, Blast Lv? Pluwli. and Mart mm. ta fact a? ?-anc? Urraa at crratij r?dae*d Prm, raaar at lfaath?o ooM of importation ta ordar U> radaoeour UrpAaat s&3Q?$tj33$i?^; J. W COLIjKV k CO. ? < * ) *KJTU?i., abova Pa. av. Jif APLE 9UGAK. W MAPI.B .*UGAR. A vry dim let of MAPLE btWAJl. ).? re WKU n~! I ... J GTif? i Km#4BUECBE^U THE WEEKLY^ STAR Tfcit ?io?U?U Ktauiy M4 > ?? J??r?*l- <*?t*inn.? ? of ut?m>i?i raft/ling tUM Mil b* fount IB M Otbftf?U ? Saturday norning. T um-r?ti, u mmt a Jive o pifta - b *? Tet. ro,-ir? . * w? Tw?u, ou^toa IS m H? rtiSacnhtnt in olaha m??d ftmoic ?eijfthnr? WiWKXit t.i? inler veuu->u ol ft n fti? ftteul. fta will ?rro*irni jn r?r ooot. of TV W. 5??t will It eonum* AiiWmM N?w?" tnftt ku mftde r?< Crmiai Sim tuotlM <> inroutnuai tie}. ITT"?in?le ooaiea i in wr*pp?'i oan be pro?*ra4 at thacounter. fmin-<ha?<? The laaaa of p*r?r. Pnt*-THRKK CKNT* IZT" P>?tmaata:i who aot aa icoM wiAJ ba lo??4 r ctimmwioB ofS>aaata. FOR SALE AND RENT. ywfcWMAi?r n EXCHANGK FO* (Mr*oVfcl>CITV PKOrKHTV.-Tm nb?crik*r la ent*^iK??Af ni? in atx.iij to givetnat Mraoul Ufnum m Iih Kk-ia wh an it require*. offer* it. tojotlMr with hia atock or fcna Hro,.< Mare* Colta <7<-*r?, H<>*?. crowing roM, iMtylMMMiu, k e. aow the prr?ia^?, either for aaie ..r excnance Jor imgrxrod i it) property. The Farm contain oh hand ed and ?.*?> six acre*, u located in Montiomiwi Covitr, Mar j and. tliataiu tan nu.ea torn ^Vaaiinatoe. on um? BrtM-kvil^ I u*' (nke. 'ka beat r ?d Leading ?? ofWaafciagtoa. It iad*?m?d mnaMan^ to aater nts a minuta .leeenaru.a of tba Kan? aa it la ara unad no one w< u a parci?aae win , at t.rai tia.u?| WMhiDft"" Cltf. W. II WklM Mltornf the Mr. k??vi tfca Kara wail mk> win aooord M, Uiar?tiaa aoaliormnt it l-j ?ot 'D^uir^. j?? ??i< L'URRKMI-A thr<*e-aU>r> HKICK HUlSK. on fi between 4th an.: 4th. Alw.ttvuMortr HKICK COI TAu K. wit* ?ar>1a?. caraar [ rrnnriMf kvetua ami north ' itiMt. MrroumH t)? a UUit o<?M'ia pA>U.> . aud wou.u fea a -?e?i ra lr?"Mirtn fhr ft 4a rrmaa. Inqiura of f. 1)1 R<* K. 4 40 1?h at. /VICNTK V RKSlDKNCKtOK J*At>..-Threa v aud a haifa^raa of Luad aitaamd at Barley'* X ruada at the lotaraaction of the aad L.eaat>ar? tarvpifcaa, aix milea from Wubmtut tad ifroia aiexaariria. Tha wyri>w?aliooaaiat of a fcoaaa. oootamin* It rooma, bars, apra iiouaa. ihada, to. The yard la vatl haded V1U. tr*aa aad haain it aa ? loailant wail of watar. Far farth-r pa-t^cu.%r> af ptiuo the aramiaaa U? VS Ni |?A Vji K, (Uto JNO.pOWLlNtf. I.a..or A. G. Marahaii'a anottoa rnoma. Waah.aiu n, U C. The atxira de?oribe<l p;operty will ba aoM torn for eaaa. <t t-?i4a* L^l'K SALK?A a mail hAKM ofSP aeraa. aitaated At fi* I tff.a I^A1! K?vin? ei wa lag-honse. com- b^; .f; sar f*v?* Md watered : within lour m:M of Waahinctoa ; P fcorea mcnitivatiou. "rn i r r r i r M a in iwt Tnri) land. Itii^Uiitr raNirtl f m a country m< denoe, betnf perfectly h?*!thT and moat romantically situated , neetlent fcahmt and fcuntinc. In^nira of Mr. MAhRlOTT, bride* kM**r, Chain H'.ait, Little KiUu ti*i Awtf hVlR RENT?Tb? three atonr (brown fVort) HOUSE, No. Sfi7 \?w York awm. hot we# r ' Otb and UUi ?tr?Mt?. north containing tifWr, rtwiiB). This bog?f u cvnveufnt to the Patent Office, Trra?ury ?to.: i* lighted bj gai. and m *varjr wav unitahe for a boarding houae. R?nt moderate. Afpltncjldour.or to A O. FOWLER. seoond tto-T north wine ot Patent 0??e. it 14-tf f|*OK RKNT-Tw bur FRAME HOl>h known a? 'French Kmi' Houw,'* Pitoatec on M at. north, l*?twe?ai W? and btb atr<>?ta. No. ISA, one of the mo*t desirable prirate re idenoe* tn Washington. Tbia b< uae la surrounded by frmt tree# and xrxat uutnbersof currant haahea of va rioUK kiii'fs. and fine sliftde tree*, a ith 16JW feet <>( % onnd. wafl<Hl in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth *t. tx?twe?-n D and K. iy VftT ?*OR RENT-Three BRICK Hoi >KS-omchi r T?cllt!i street. !H?Mn C and D : one on tho corner c.f Twelfth and H at?. ; and nw on H, he IwcfB 12th end 19th eta. Inquire of JAMF.S W BARKER,on H etraet. Imvmo Utii and 12th, No. 4 a*. mo 3ft-tf FOR RENT?That new and well arranged throe tor* BRICK HOt t*E. No. ?**,on G atraot, tjetwen l*?th and??h ate., Firtrt Ward, lately ooeupied by Mr. IJodikoo, Ruuiaa Legation. Pomm*ion given immediately. Iuquire of Mr. SOl'THEi a. PAR K KR. neit door eaet. ma 16 eott tjH>R RKNT?A small 8TORE, ooroor of tth at. and Penn. avenue, ander U>o Clarendon H.te. suitable for a l-arlier'i saloon or oicv store. Por information inawire at the Hotel. mar y |^OR RENT?Tho FIRST FLOOR of the boiUt r ing luuj.ediato.y opposite the west winxof u.? City Ha'?r?>eentiy oooup.ed by Chaa. t*. Wa acr. as au jBSee. Alao the front room in the seoond story and the third floor of the aame boiidin* For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. I Loulaiana avenue. ia U t< SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CON6RKM. 5 Two sp.enditi suites oTROOMS. elegacLy farr.i hmA vu ^ r^r tAfi Hurinf ihn Miainr rtf - cr??ft, in the most desirable locality in this city, bein* within on? or two kutn of Brown and NaUona. Hotels. Those in parsait of sach Roogis Will >ln well to make ?ariy application at No, JTI Sth street. 1-eiweec D street and Pa. ST. de k-ti CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strut, Bitteeem 9th and 10<A $tr?*ts. We have just tmshed a number of first oms C4RRIAGK8, such as Lurit fi?v. jrms. W* "n*. Park Ph'ttomf. Famtly Cmr YjggSg: rim*> >, mat RsriHi. which ws will soil at W t v?f smalt profit. He?r<c prvt a :n'<Uanio* in different brsnohss f the DuuntS-, w<* f.(iIter ourselves that ws too* J,e etjirs qua i'y of work that will rive satis faction, combining ii^htnacs, oomfort and dnrabtlt ry. Repairing ^ri'tnpt'y and earefu'tT attended to the shortest , tic" at d mini retainable etiftriM. WALTER, K AR MANN A BOP>. Cnachmakers, sucoeaau:s to Win. T. Hook. ap 27 <lly Tt ?'A K R I AttKB. 81 Sabeonber Unsi made ad di Boas to kJ Eaotory, waking it now one of the large* :n the District, where cus facilities f' nanutaotunni CA K R1AG F It i,16ht*S*S WAfrONSoTAll kit. !* oaonot be turpaaeed. aad ' om hi* long experience m tfce baaineaa, it ttvpm 10 rive genera! satiMao i.ion. All kinds of Carriaces a^4 Lukl WKMi kept M RKPAIRSnealy dene,and a-ierdersprem* 'T atten-, */. .o SeecBd-feaad Carriages taken <r exshaare ler wr XL A n DB K W j JoVok 4M-H Km TRUNKS^BOOTS AND SHOES. JJOOT8 AND TO SUIT THfc We are now mar.olaciurine all kinds of BOOTS knd J*HOE8, ud constant!* receiria* icpp'T of eastern md? work of erer* rIH ieru>tioe, made rxpresely to order, ai<<3 wi f ! se aoid at a muoh owet price than tiaa t**o* pOk ,f>.-re eaarged in this oitj tot Bach inferior ktbtldi t'ersons in nnt of Boots and Shoos of eastern or :ity made work, will alwa*s6nd a food aaaortatal in store and at the lowest prices. 6iwisim GRIFFIN * BRO, 314 Fen rnyivama srecse. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ij 4M Tth 8nnr. Owfotxti Odd Filiates' HaU, Waiktmgtm, D. C. Travelers will study their interests tn imsiiain a r, * Kt * * A ?f A ?/> t.*>J e . &. my I R u > (vr?, ?&uub? cc , tn-iore par ?r? snaring ele< were A* I uee none bat th^HJrVj* twet material the market alforda and the beet workmeo. I can confident]? r?cn?nBOad ; work to t>e ?Bperior m Strmrik and l>*rm+Uu* to Trunks tu*t are n*da ui otiie* ciUM and mou. we. I keep conitulij on hand, make to orde* ion one week'a notice) ererj d?-fcr?tjer. of 801 S LFATHER. IKOff PKAMB TKE.VCHPRmbM >nd WOOD BOX TRCKKS; ASHLAXD mrnd ?tk*r TALiefa: THAVgLJim BAGS, HAR Sj?Sv SADDLES; WHIPS, _ Trance, ?o., K > paired > J CoverM, u a verkmanlike manner. at ehort notice Trunka delivered m any part of tee oity,<&eori* town, or Alexandria. .fi^VsSk&iSiIT* r""LT delVl* JAMB8 R. TOP RAJ*. * ' WOOD AND OOAL. W??\nd I COAL . Delivers) to all parte of the city, at tee tow a* possibl* ratee. T J. A W M. 6ALT. O?o* SpS Po. ? ., httVMB lltk and Uth^ete^ HK 80B9CKIBFH ha VINO ON BV10 an uWDiin it- <?4 of KTJEL, is prepared to Mil MB rerj ktwinrefor auk, ?? >>^a*ai?giffek WGA8 PIXTVKII. Rim in itoi*. en<- w* 4au raowTiM. VII r!\TChKSMm>t?*r M*? pSkMUd I%MM md Finish, eeperior is trl* to anything heretofore iu Uue market. We inriUeiU*?m sener*. It to oolFonn eunrni" our stock of Gm end Wafer Ptaturee, fee???* <;<??? <Vrrt that we ho re the beat te *et"d?tertk le Waehiectoe \ "r > n tim elm in Tim irtnrtto toi eei ?ji w. !* promptly atvwW *o, " MYERS 4 M06BAN.

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