Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. "W'ASUINUTON CITY: II'MnAY Aiftit 7, 1*60 ( Ikr Utraiat Krm Thf rMMMfiMp?J>b?K.? i biographical (ketch of <??*. iwied by the National Democratle Kttrutive Committee, and occupying over four columns la that paper The wmf paper deacants at length upon " The Nationality, friertdship.for the Smith, and purity of the BU< k Republican party " Tho lnttHi^tnrrr diortiM** " the merit* of wba^ the Southern Democracy call ' the leading iaut rf the present Presidential canvas#,'" that is, the ?* Minuiiii aiavery PT We have rfrftrfd from Fr*n?*k Taylor (who has the number in<t back number* for wile) part 16 of Chamber*'* Encyclopedia, a dictionary cf universal knowledge for the people. 127* The Portsmouth Transcript declare* that ' unless the Portsmouth authorities purpose engaging In the grazing business, \hey should employ a squad of reapers to cut down tfe? grass la the streets at once.11 That would only bis going into the hay business. Il/" The threatened suit again* the Great Eastern by James Elaathan Smith, of Greenport, New York, ha* been Instituted. It is for the use of an invention, said to be of great value, by which paddiewheels and propeller* are used In comblaaUoih, by which both velocity and steadl new irr nttatmd. It mppeori that tbe Great Raster* Um l?*st tbe immunity mu*] in regard to foreign vessels by engaging In coasting voyage*. The ciaiiu la laid at one hundred thousand dolara. X7*"On Sunday week, three or four servanta belonging to Col. John Tayloe, of Chattertoa, King George county, Vs., whilst playing in a skiff were drifted from the shore, and carried by the -wind nearly scrota tbe river to the Maryland side. Their penImm condition was seen by young Mr Tayloe, (*on of Col. John Tayloe) who jumped into a scow, and with the aid of a aervant man, rowed to the iklfT, and succeeded in aaving the negroes. When tbey were reached, the skill' was In a sinking condition. Ptr??iali Letters from Old Point Comfort ?? ! " ? hcaltb of Seeantirv Floyd a* much improved since hi* sojourn Mthe Hygeia. Secretary Thompson Mrtll return hf WednrSday. Mr. Faulkner, the American Minister, and family, have removed their residence for a abort time from Paris to Versailles His affability of manner and business-like habits are subjects of universal commendation. Tbe Coloeid Staticia*.?'Quantico," the Washington correspondent of the Alexandria Sentinel says "The insult to Mr. Dallas by Lord Brougham at tbe Statistical Congress, by calling his attention to the fact that Dr Delalney, a respectable colored gentleman was in tbe room.' is explained by Lord Brougham as having been mentioned as a statistical fart' This fellow. Delai nev. was one of tbe negro scoundrels who was present and an active participator in the proceeding* of tbe convention, held at Chatham, Canada Weat. as can be seen by reference to the journal of the proceedings of the convention, pages!.', 46. and 4? of tbe Sen*tj? HI--?.' 1 ?" ? ? .... |^a v t vii j in?r?n^ation report. He called tbe convention to order, nominated the officers. Ac. Realf. in bit teatl mouy (page W) say*: 'Tbe whole tenor of Ur Detainer * speeches was to convey the Idea to John Brown that he might rely upon all the colored people in Canada to assist him.' " Negro Mit*ti!?r; Dispkbskd?On Sunday l?st. (says the Rockville Sentinel,) there was an immense concMme of negroes, numbering some twelve or fi(Wn'-Sharp-st.'' meeting bouse, near ?awdy Stprinjj, in this county, professedly for reli^tous worship. They gathered there froHi every jMftk?n of this county, from Howard county, and from fialtiinore city and the District of Columbia Meeting of this kind were, at one time, quite frequent in this county, and were not then regarded with much disfavor; but the corrupting infiuencesof abolitionists and negro stealers have been su dangerous to the slave interest of our couuty. that negio meetings, for any purpose, are exceedingly distasteful, and, indeed, are disapproved of by almost everybody. Accordingly, urhi u it ur-<c t??/>*?*** ? ??? " .. __ ~v >? i/r^tny nnenns veirsol thi* town, and Hi|tKii>? of llerry's district, that this nifyt:n_' wai t>eintj held. thev with common- j dible promptness mimmoflfd a posse and made their appearance upon the ground, and with but lITUe difficulty dispersed the greater part of those asfdtbi'vi. Some were slow to leave: and one. arinrd with a revolver, and a littl* drunk, showed BebUbut wns overpowered and committed to our jaH !n the afternoon. cxcitirxk.ft at Lattoisvillb ?The Rock ille Sentiuel *ays: ' On Wednesday last, almost the entire population of tbe county around l?aytonsville m?-t there, at an earlv hour, to adopt measures to rid therommonity of Appleby, whom they had given notice to leave the county by that ?v." ? --? ? 1 , ... uau ? > iu ui?rt*Knraro twir uotlce Appleby wn armed for self-defense, but so humrroai and determined were thoae who had ordered him to leave, that he beraine alarmed, and attempted to escape unnoticed front his house: but he wan pursued, overtaken, and. when tied, escortrd beyond the limits of Montgomery, and told if he w.ia ever caught again In the county, a e/ere punishment would be dealt him A man named Llnthicum, who has been for aome time suspected of giving * aidand comfort' to Learaon, Af'pleby A Co., was heard to utter aome threatening language against a gentleman prominent in the rerroval of Appleby, win also notified to leave tbe cenrdy within two weeks, lie has promised to do so Other persjns suspected of being sympathisers with this lawless and corrupt band, are being tloaely watched, and uiav have to follow their brethren In p?im? J *? * ' - ... wm vcjvu? mc cuuanes 01 Montgomery county V Fh.libc8T*??so Fnojac*.?General Bicklev's famous pfix-lumation to the Knights of the Gold^a Circle, warning ttiem to repair to the Texas ei?r*Ripm<Mit by the loth of !*< }>Umber, it thoroughly ibown up by the Galveston Civilian It ays that the Amerieanizatlou of Mexico Is doubtleM a very >jood object, hut tbe Knights, will ftud two atuu.i>il?itf-bl? ks in the way. The tint is tt>at September is "about as good a time for pestilence ?s for war on the Max!" an and Texas frontiei:" and if these are not too much for their ardor they will And that fiimine will prove an unronquerable e?e*nv. T tte Civilian says the war baa aWut swept the stock of beev<a from the valley of the K o (iniwie. and thedrouth and othercausea have prevented the production cf?raiu Gen. Sickley'* *v?-rtr?eirt that the people of Texas ar? enthu?i;'.*ti? ally in fivor ot bis project, and had ?ubs. it?i< d the aum of fHNMiOO in its *1d r>?no-? be trcmitirated brwh. for therivitiau Mya that Ibf people of Texaa manifest no tntr-reat in thla movement. and have, not the ability if they had the dt? .sice to fredtbe adventures who may enter upon 11. Al"w<!v p.'rtie? claiming to enva^wl In th* movement have been arretted forappropriattn^ the property of other* to aupply their own necsaftiea. while the prwpect li aUll wone for thoae who may come. JP~ A conference of Mormoai was held in Ix>adon on S^oDdsy.'the *22d of Jitlv Sveerbea were imd? by several tldt ra, Including Elder l.andna, who I'aUd I hat active efforta were atiout to be mAttn sptend the doctrine oftbe aainta. Bilgbaui Youug wsa electa! president, repealer. ai.d a?-*r ? f ?he cbureh throughout the world Other "dtyrtmlw of UKBWrfc w?e alq| elected. IP* if what Mr. Solomon Pangborn, of Rmlr?g A. I. A - *- *- * * * , i? true, ne may rl^titly claim to Tx> the uldeft man In the United States Bessy* that h?- wu born Intercity (rf.Ww York, amnail town of five or 4* hundred houses, in 1725. He to con* quently 134 rears old. UT A trU^raphle despatch from Bertin, dated J at) J4tb, snv? -Her Roval Highness the Prtnreas Fft dt-rU k Avillism ha* just been saMy delivered of a dingf-trr. . tier Royal Highness and royal :ntknt are b< fh dtiUm Weti." LTA H Vrtiaa newspaper uy( tbat while w >at OImm, imm Neaagk. th?re vr.n a fuiicral. and. tLe'-BenHa B?f' ?rd?fM ?<? rr Brop .of liquor in tbe village to tb* erowd who h'^eii tbciaaecal. \rr During tbe six month* ending with June th... ii>^w jii t^e Wkineba island 185 ship* loaded with gwHan* Mr Clay, the United 3Ul*i " ' " ' i to Pwro, recently paid i Ttolt to the e islands. If r The An?usta Democrat learns from a prl* va 'etWr th*t a gt-aUeiaitA living near Madison Hp-lnts. <>a.. 'cat 15 aUvas from sua stroke a few ?? ._r7 ?nr rngogea li auctitsg m~/k,u**ci vfcvlriiu^i baa given at St. Lonls a cJkim cln^n wont < ut on the river is a tuh - inrtmbtNTMr*. A great crowd witnessed . 4 \T i ? , , tpr Brevet \Ujot M?rtoa Fatrchild. at the /f Slew \<*k v<'tun??^r?. ?h* arrved with inurh UH M?4i?B W*r. died in New York on . <#?*( . T ' jffsHSS'S"' lol <0-T*#rrew Orleans Camter sajrs that Hon ca,,d, % WASHINGTON HWI AND AOHIP. ? Sirtchrs or Pvmmee Travel. [E4>t<rtial Corrmpondtnrt tf Th* Star J [So 9 ] July 31, U?<V)?p. <o o!? throi'gh Oh ??-Appao*rm*?? ahd TraVCRSI!*)) the \Ve*T?B!? Ruiivi- Kiai hincj Trip on Laii Krie to Buffalo. At 6 p m we pass Winchester^ village oa th? outskirts of tbe Pennsylvania Quaker settlement, though from thence through the line of this railroad to Lima, we continue among Pennsylvania settlements. The people here show that they sprang from a good farming stock In tbeir neatly cultivated and ao fruitful fields, and tbe finish of I their barn*, as well as the style and character of their stock, and especially their horses; evidently more carefully bred than any 1 have seen since Invlag Jefferson county, Va. At Alliance the train stopped to t?a the passengers. There are hilf a dozen taveras or railroad meal bouses within a stone's throw of the depot platform. Each one bad its gong-beater duly at Its door as the brakes were put down, and such a concert as they gave us for three minutes b*at an old-fash, loned New Orleans "charivari"' concert?of tin horns, cow bells, dilapidated tin ware, Ac.. Ac. How the people of the vicinage can stand the noise of their rivalry three times daily throughout tae year. Is past rae to divine. Th?y print the price of their meals in huge letters for the eyes of railroad passengers, from tweaty-flve cents nj. So far. ( am not in lnvf> with Ohin /?AnVino ! population having failed to take time to study the art of preparing coffee and tea well, or indeed of cooking anything well but the interminable Yankee pie. Welt of Lima, 30 miles out from th? Ohio river, we enter Portage county, one of the counties of tine Western Reserve, settled* almost entirely from Connecticut Where this railroad strike* It, tbe county is evidently of more recent settlement, as though the emigration had pressed southward to this point. Their farm buildings are fair, but generally eramped, and tbeir farms are for the most part devoted to dairying; cropping with cereals, which requires for tu ecu in ltthe persistent labor of other races, not being usually agreeable to the New Knglander Their forte is dickering and contriving; and * ??* * ? ii n u?a ?v? mjiuit application or me men folks of the farm so close as to prevent the New Knglanders and their descendants here from pursuing other and more congenial callinus in connection with the management of their farms Tbe 1 ndirations that the settlement* of this particular region are of recent origin continue up to the point to which we have now pr<>gres*?d. That la, certainly to within .ii miles of Cleveland They consist of the multitude of stuin|? In the fields on all sides. Their homed stock here seem to he highly improved for the purpose* of the diiry, rather than for the production of fat cattle, as nearer the Ohio river; while their houses are counterparts of the humbler class of farm houses one sees in New England. Judging from the stacks of hay, 1 Imagine this season's yield of grass here has not been a satisfactory one. I'nder. draining is much required in this portion of Summit county. Ohio, ii tbe condition of their low grounds bordering tbe railroad is a fair sample of what is necessary elsewhere throughout it. With the thrift that characterizes the population in all things else, proverbially, I wonder that they have not bethought them of the profit to result to their particular svmtem of ? dairy farming?from underdraining, utterly unknown here as far a# I can perceive. As the road near* Cleveland, Tillage* within sight become more frequent?all built much after the .New tlugland fashion, though more scattering, as though the builder* realized that they bad more spa<-r at command than in their own further cast land. Few industrial (manufacturing) establishments are to be seen from the car windows anywhere through the "Western reserve" of Ohio traversed by this railroad; all its village* )>eing apparently devoted to the trading and absolutely neceanry mechanical purposes of a purely agricultural people. We did not reach Clevelaud until after dark. So 1 had no opportunity whatever to note any particular* of inttreat concerning it. for 1 transferred mvself at once to a Lake Krie boat?tue j City <>f Buttdlo ?ready to shove oil on the arrival . . ?v ? uvuuic ucu*cr, uneu up no iir as loping af ofiiinod.itiotis are conccrm d much after the fashion of North River steamer*?night L>iaU?though lesa ornamented. That was well enough; insomuch as it left more (of her construclion) money to be expended on making her a very staonrh sea boat. Wtdnttday Morning.?That ibe Is a very fine sea steamer was amply proved last night, for the wind blew cats and dogs," the ladies "retched/* the gentlemen rolled, and both growled whenever they could find liuie between uioans to complain after tbat fasbion of the state of the weather. I have often been at sea, and never knew a much worse, <>r rather heavier, sea on the Atlantic than was upon Lake Erie last night. The steamer did > tp tally under It, being well managed and well nuea ior tar trade. I am equally pleased with her as with the Cleveland, i'itUburg and Wheeling Railroad, that brought us to her dock; the best constructed, smoothest, and )x*t managed Western S?tate road 1 ever traveled upon. They generally contrive to get brusque people for agents and servants upon western railroads; men who know nothing whatever beyond the details of their actual duties, and who are not sufficiently well bred to comprehend the philosophy of taking pains to give civil answers to inquiring strangers anxious to obtain comprehensible Information concerning routes, the time of starting of connecting trains. Ac., Ac. We are now iDDrmt hlnv Rn*il? ? a - ? j r- ?* "T? "? ?'* ?v at O f*. Ill . Ill Wednesday, August 1st, having courted ail night within a few mi lea of tb? American shore, which, since dayPght, has shown higher bluffs geuerally than I had expected to find bordering Lake Erie. 1 took this steamer to avoid a night's delay at Cleveiaud, being anxious to get back home to business aa soon aa possible I regret It exceedingly, as we bare a fair prospect of getting in to Bmfilo so much behind time aa to lose the train to Niagara, with which a connection was guaranteed, and thua to be compelled to remain there half a day at least I have had quite enough of steaming npon Lake Erie?quite enouirh Witt out being actually tea-tick, my ttrst night on tbis l.ake was about a* uncomfortable aa I ever po?s?dr and I never traveled a route upon which there were more smooth-tongued excuses for extracting money from the traveler in addition to the Ure* nominally regularly charged, making the coat of the trip by boat between Cleveland and Budalo considerably more than by railroad, although nominally a fraction leas. Let othera learn wit doru by my experience. W. D. W u. Motbmbmts or Tboops m N*w Mexico.? Special order*, No. 79, iaaued from the headquarters of the department of New Mexlee, dated Santa Fe. July 8, I860, direct: 1 The following disposition of tronna uHii x. w _ - f? made immediately on the arrival of th?* fifth and seventh regiments of Infantry In Ihls department, vt x * i Six companies of the fifth infantry, under cointnand of th? senior officer of that regiment, present with it, will proceed to take poet at Bear Spring, and to commence operation* at once for tbe < o'i*trnrtion of Fort Fauntleroy, and for the abandonment of Fort Defiance 3 Three com panic* of the fifth Infantry, under the senior officer In command of that regiment, P'eaent wilh It. will proceed t? Fort Bliss, Text*, and constitute tb? garrlaon of that post 4 On* company of the fifth infantry will pn>1 <*ed to Fort Stanton and there. 1 5 Six companht of the seventh Infantry, under 1 command of the senior officer of that regiment, 1 present with it, will proceed to Fort Craig and there await further ordera, relative to the establishment of the new post near the H Mm?? of ? i Arizona " 0 Pour companies of the aeventh infantry, under command of the senior oftrei of that regiHrrnt, [>f1 lenl with it, and inU-mtrd for tlie * arrlauti of tkr pott to be established near Um "fiita Copper Aline*," will procerd to Fort Fillmore ma take poet there until further order*. , 7. Tba four companies of the third Infantry at Fort Delaace will tahe up their llae of march fur Trj i? u soon as possible aftrr tbe arrival of tbe u?ti-p >nry K*r-;*?n which will be detached from Fort Faun'lerov, for the protection and removal of the property bow at Fort Defiance ft i'tuiwfv u I," eighth infantry, will Immediately on the arrival at Fort Hliseof the eoiapatill i of the flftb infantry, designated for iU garrison, proceed to t-ke poet at new Fi*t Buchanan.> 9 Tbe medical ?Ulcers who have accompanied the troop* from Ulab will be assigned to station* toy tbe medical director of the dMWtaaeat. In the menu time thev wlU continue with tbeir retaecUrrrolumna 'VheyVUl report by letter to tW I * headquarters as aoon aa possible after eaterig tbe I department. I I# The commanding officers of the flfll and I seventh regiments of intintrv will designs? the I companies of their respective regiments. vbich I we to constitute tbe garrlaons herein lndic*^. j ? j Tmi paisidkmt to Visit thi Gbbat Rapt- 1 mov TaruMT.-The President of the (Jtitad | states, haviag accepted the invitation to rM the a Great Eastern at Aaiiapoli*, will leave this city on Thursday morning next, in the 7 40 trata fe* that city, accompanied, perhaps, by tboaa' meffi bers of the Cabinet at present In tbe city. wittooii' or two other of the higher officials. The Gorerr ment dispatch steamer between this city ad Norfolk will be in readiness at Annapolis to covey the President and his suite to the steamer. ? ? Tri Chibiqui Exr*DiTiojf ?The different a. report Immediately at Norfolk for duty. ThHJ. S. steamer Brooklyn ia at Hampton Roads to onvey tbe expedition to Chlrlqul. We aregla?to notice that our townaman. Thomas Jekyll, C.i , goes out as a first assistant under Lieutenant Jaies StClalr Morton. Tbe Brooklyn will sail fpm Norfolk on Saturday, tbe lith instant, Removal op thi Attokitxt Ommi's Orrica ?The Attorney General's Departments been removed from the building corner ?f 7lfteenth and F streets to several capacious audelegantly fitted ud aMrtments on the second ?m ?f ? t I " "" the Treasury extension. The building fornrrly occupied by the Attorney General will be Md by the Aqueduct Company. ? ' Army Int?lug**ck?At the'Instance tfthe Secretary of War au Inspection of the dep* of the West will be made by Mnj Irvin McDovell. assistant adjutant general,assisted by Capt D R Jones, assistant adjutant general. The latterwill report to th? former for special instructions. In consequent* of the reduction of farce at Camp Floyd the separate ordnance depot it that place will be broken np. J cm! of Utah Appoint*!).?Henry R Crosbey, Lsq , has been appointed Judge fori'tab, vtre Hnrden, declined Appointment o* a Postmastm.?The President has appointed John Ryan postmaster at Salem, Mass , vice Jo*. 9. Perkins, removed The Wbathe* ?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer I tan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the S'mlttaonlan Instltntlon. The time of obserretlon Is about 7 o'clock Aconsr 7, 1090. New York. N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, warm. Baltimore. Md overcast, warm Washington. D. C clear, wtpd S Richmond, Va warm,?lc. Petersburg, Va dear, 80?. Norfolk, Va clear, wind N Wilmington, N.C cloudy, warm. Columbia, S. C .....clear, warm Charleston^ S. C clegp, \ wind SB Augusta, Ga clr^iwarm. Savannah, Ga clew; $6', wind E Macon. Ga cle*r, warm. Columbus, Ga ctear, warm Montgomery, Ala clear, warm Mobile, Ala clear, warm, M New Orleans, La clear, warmjfS5. V BON THB WEST. Frederick, Md cloudy, hot. Hagerstown, Md cloudy, hot. Cumberland, Md clear, hot. Grafton, Va clear, hot. Wheeling, Va .foggy, warm. Parkersburg, Va very hot. Cincinnati, O very hot. Barometer at the ?mlthsontan at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) at noon. 'iO.iOS Thermometer at 7 a. m., 78"; at noon, 96J. Maximum during'24 hours ending 9 a m. to day, 83": minimum 7.T. fVy-SKVKNTH WARD -Th?r?ciilar monthly IL3 meeting f??r August, of the Youn* Men'* Democrat 10 (lubofthe Seventh Ward will take place ?t Inland Hall. THIS EVENING, at 7>i o'clock. By order of the It* 1'REtMDENT. O.-O. F.?A Special Meeting of the labra >L_3 ry Association will be held at the Library Room. (Odd Fellows* Hall. 7th street.) on l'UES DAY EVENING,7th instant.atH o'clock The Managers. and all Committee * connected wi ll the Excursion, which is to take place on Wednesday, Hth nut., are requested to t* present. By order. au 6 2t rf^=?KKVKN TH WAR 1>.?The (WwbMi Ward I _5 t'mon Club and other friend* of Bell and Everett, will a??ernt>le at Island Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, at 7 o'clock, for Hie purpose ofattending the ratification ine??tin* at th? | ' 11 I H*JI IIM " * * m* / ? *?? MM J wi UVI I M 0*0I> T^"5p?P!C NIC.?The friend* of the Orphan are 'Jof ino?t reiipectfuiljr informed that arrangement* have been made to give a Pic-Nie for the bonefit of ?*t \ incent'a Female Orphan Anylum at Arlington Hpnng* on MONDAY, Augu?t ath. Particnlar? in future ad verti*einent. an ?-3t GRAND MASS >1KKTING and TORCHES LIGHT PROCKSSION, Hy th* friends of BELL AND KVKRKTT, On WhDNKfibAV EVENING,8th inst. There will be a grand Torchlight ProoeMion and Maax Meeting of the Constitutional Union Party on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the Mb inatant. The meeting will he held in front of the t'it> llall. where atandu for tb<-ofioer* awl ?peakere win D*?r?cna,ina will neaddrosvd t>y thr lollowin* eminent gentlemen : H U13hard I. of Maryland; lion. J. Morrison Harris, of Marjland: George A IVarre, Ksq^. of Maryland; Robert K. Hcott, K?a.. of Virginia; J. M Kilgour, Koq., of Maryland ; Joseph il. Bradley, Kiq.. ol this ciy. ard other* who have kindly corner tat) to beipre-ent and make addressee. The following Order of Proce**ion will be observed by the various Ward Cluba and other* disposed to unite with us in the celebration : The Tnird and Fourth Ward Delegations will meet at the Northern Liberties' Market House. The Soeond Ward Delegation will meet at the corner of New York avenue and Fourteenth at Tto Delegations from the First Ward. Georgetown, and the notch boring counties will meet at the Union ling i tie H?u-e. The Firli anil Hxth Ward Delegation* will meet at the corner of 4th atreet oast and V?. avenue. The Keventh Ward Delegation will nieetat th? Wharf, for the purpone of receiving the Alexandria Delegation and esoorting them into the line. The Third and Fourth Ward Delegation* will move frem their plane of rendezvous along New York avenoe to Fourteenth street, where they will hn ininA/l >> ? th? \AfmmA -? ? ? * " ?- v- wiiu ?? " vi 1'cicitn.iUH, aim 1 y~ nether proceed to the Union Knrine House to join the delegations rendeiviused there, when they will ill mar* in* body to the comer of Fourteenth street and Penn. avenue. The Seventh Warl Delegation, with the Alexandrian*. wi I march to the Inland Hall and join the Fifth and Sixth \V?rd Delegations, anil then in a hod* move to the corner of Penn. avenue ami Foivt'wriih street, whence the whole hodv of the prr>ee? won will move along Penu. avenue and Four anda iialf street to to the Oit* Hall. W. B. W'EBH, Chief Marshal. Aids. H. E. Dou*l??, J. B. Robe v. J no Alexander. Dr. G. M. D >r*, H. I.yles, T. E. Lloyd. E. C Kekloff. ma 4 * IV^OOD Nowutho time to get winter fuel at ? reduo-'d prices. We have a larre ?t?rk . Mn ?f WOOD and COAL at very low AND prices, for oa*h. C_. WARDKR A STEWART. OAL. Office?Corner H and 12th ?>t?., ! Ml Ti?gw* Yard?12th at. and Canal NOTCCF. OF RKMOVAf.. DI.KR AHROTHKR Would reapect/ully in i?nni inmr irufBU* una cnimunTi IMI tjiey liavt this day removed from No 43A Seventh street to No. 51*3 Loumisnaavenne,( Market Space) between iUh and 9th streets, wh?re ther coistantly ke*pon hand a full supply of EMHROIt)KRlKS,LA<>>, MILLINERY SOODB, NATIONS, HdsiERY, ZKPHYH WORSTED and a general a?*ortm?' t of TOILET ARTICLES and PERFUMERY, which we will ?ell 4t the vm low??t prices posilble. ALDER ft HkOTHEK. au7 3t* 93 Market Space. MADAMK BOIVIN'S FEMALE ALTERAItP TIVH PILl-S, far the exclusive use of f-male* labounr under an* of the following complaints: Obstructions,Suppressions.Gr?en Sioknes* Headache, Pain in the Side, Pa'pit^tion, Loathing of Food, Disturbad Sleep and al. luteruptions anJir regularities of the Menstrual Periods N. B ?Tbese Pills should never he taken by females during pregnaucy, as th?? are sure to cause iruscarriaKe. Prepare! for Madame Bomn at I* Rue Vane at ar<i, at Pari*, I* ranoa. For sale at IT9 oath B street, opposite Smithsonian, the okly agent in Washing Urn. au T-Jt* I J* OR SALE.?The light draught fast sailing \ ACHT POINTER will be sold olirap on immediate application The above Hoat is an feet long, Iz foet beam, with ? hn eabin^^^ nn III iWOBMH WMBl.OCI up ior a Pleaaure N<at, but von id make au mar krt boat Inqi i o of H O hOuD, H3S Pa aveuue. au 6 U ^UP PRIOR WHITE AND RED ASH EGG COAl? ?Nov on the voyaie and daily rxprottxl toar iv*?, ?chooneri Cha? Moore and J?p. Tien, vith 1R5ton* Hroad Mountain WHtTh ASlI EGO CO A l,,aa<f 17 ton? H ED ASH EGlICOAL. I'ern?ni do-irou* of proem in* their supply f<? the win t?ir will fay* mouojr by l?-a-in< their urcfor? so that Pour and a-half street and CunaJ, _aut-4X tint.) ve?t side. H W. HAMILTON. J PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, N?. *S2 Tt? Htiut. ntmr Odd PtUww* Hall. *?v # .. ,. ml tf PUTTY IS POW.V. Lh>r'hA1.E?-A MORSE and CARRIAGE In F ?mr* at EAULE'S I.nerj Stable, H r\ strut, )?>twMu ilst and 2m iU. 1-T^ Jy 31 lw? _ . /Cy\ ? GEORGETOWN. ferropwUaacs *f Tk* Sur 6iomitowr. August 7. 18*1 The arrangement* made by tb? Baltimore and )bt* Rai trend ("MMftay U> eoatde th?- cittsens of eqiuetawn and Washington to visit the tirent Kaatefn arc most unsatisfactory, and * know of maay wboaooner tbon submit to what tfcey coi 1 dm an imposition on the people of the Dfairtet, hate determined to remain at bame and forego the pleasure they tad anticipated by a trip to see thta great modern wonder We have aeldom beard ao much dissatisfaction expressed in relation to any matter, and it ia a great woi der that the Star, usually so ready to defend the rights of Anr hvn 4*1 tiM hae Ka*.h cilanl K^lti mnrMlll Ci n go by railroad 40 miles, or bv *t-amer 13 miles, attbey choose, while we, only about th- tune distance off by railroad, muat perforce ?o to Baltimore. wherewe are kindly allowed the optloa of walking a mile to the steamboat or taking a carriage, we mar prefer, with the probability of having on the retrfj to ?top In Baltimore afl night or arrive home at a most unseasonable hoar. If round trip ticket* by railroad direct to tbe ateamer had been Issued, we believe one-third of our Iopulation would have gone?as it to, but lew have gone or are going. The explanation made by the correspondent of a Baltimore mori jog paper, that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tfts nothing to do with tbe branch to Annapolis, is no expUuM^on at all, unless the question is itisfactcrily answered, why round trip tickets bv milrrad . in Ixtimnwl to citizens of Baltimore. and xot to tbe people of the District"! We were In Montgomery county, a few mile* beyond RockvUle, on Sunday, and notictd that t^e growing corn begin* to be affected by tbe drought There was a tine shower on Saturday eveniag ia that section however, which did a great deal of good We saw soma growing tobacco which looked a* fine as say In the fields of southern Virginia. The schooner B M Foxe. heavily loaded with eoel, while on her war np tbe river yesterday, came Into collision wfth the draw st the Long Bridge, and was so aeriously damaged that she sunk a short distance this Side of the bridge She w?* run as far out of tbe channel as possible, and from her appearance at low tide in the evening we judge she may be raised without loss of vessel or cargo. The old frame house on Bridge street la which Squire Reaver formerly bad his office, haa been demoi'sbed. and Mr. Simpson, who baa leaaed for five year* the lot on which It stood, intends, we learn, to build a handsome store thereo* Immediately Mr Mclntyre, contractor for construction of Cabin John bridge, and Mr. Carman, one of the contractors for stone work on Rock Creek b'idge, are both is town, making arrangements for an early resumption of work on their respective con| tracts. Our worthy friena and townsman. Mr Henrv Burrows. baa applied for a patent for a portable ' wire fence, with a fair prospect of mrrtn on the score of utility and economy it is deatinrd, we think, to supercede all others Pnat hole* are dispensed with, and the putting np of e?< h panel draws the wtr< s of the preceding one ptit up as taut ss fiddle strings Tbe poet* may be made of wood or iron at a cost of three cents each, and the wire will not cost one cent per foot Tbe only additional coat Is a top rnd bottom rail of wood. The inventor has already had a liberal oiler for tbe right in Virginia. The ple-nic of Logan tribe I. O. R M ., at Analostan yesterday, was a decided success, pecuniarily and otherwise A K'eat number were Drea ent throughout tbe day. and when wc left tfcem. ntabout 9 o'clock, thev were In tb? full tide of enjoyment, and tbe floor was thronged with dancer* to tlu- muaic of the Holy Hill Band By advertisement it will be seen that tbe Bell and Kv?rett mm in our city will attend tbe rati* flcatlon meeting in Washington to-morrow evening, marching in procession thereto, accompanied by a full baud of inuaic. There will h? a meeting this evening, at Art I'nion Hsll. to perfec t tbe organization of an asaociation. Ac In our letter of Saturday for "receiving and shipping" coal, you printed "screening and shipping " FOR TUB GREAT EASTERN. t_ _ r ii s f o n * TO A N Ml POL IS, TO SEE THE GREAT EASTERN. The Committee l>ee leave to inform their frien<is that, for Um EXCURSION TO _ ir?? - ANNA POMS, they have at a. great p expense engased the larte, *wilt, splendid steamer BALT1MORK, which will positively leave her w arf, foot of?ith street, on W KitNRSDAY AFTLKN?)ON,aH o'cl.wk, arriving at the (tKF.AT F.ASTERN by 7 o'clock the n-xt morninz; leaving the steamer at 1 p. in., and arriving at <>n Frldav by davlight. They also he* to state that they knrt had ?* in (Tri'tr wtlh H. .1 l?rr??t, Kr<c., Mrenl of th? Kr*at KkKtern, wt>r? has authorised them to aastire aub?-ril>ers that 'he Baltimore ran lay along aid* of the ir rat Faster n for hve toan The boa' will st->p coing and returning at Alexandria, Moore or Marshal Is Landing, and Point Lookout l'a--?a<p and nfaU .$5, Ticket* can be obtained from the Committee. Win. H Ward, P H.King, ft V. Noyt*( Saniu 1 T. Drmy, John B.Turton, F.J. McHenrjr, Dr. Force. John F. Bridget, Phaa. Cunningham, Win, M. FUn, Andrew Joyce, Dr. J. R. Mjyor, VVm. Lord. John F. Ellia. K. II. I.askev. yir. Kni well, O#ori?town. ohn W. Thompson, Navy Yard, aufi-dtd Dr. J. Wn, Bowline, Alexandria 'pHfcToRKAT EASTERN. ANNAPOLIS AND ELK RIDGE RAILROAD. RRDVCRD FARE. The following ra'e* have been established on this route, I being 23 mile* nearer , than any other Tor citizen* "ljMt. Washington and of its vicinity to 1 visit the (treat Ship,) to continue during the visit oftho ship to the Annapolis Road*. Round (rip t ck- ts goud for the day. From the Junction to Annapolis *?> cent* " ['atuxent to do 55 cent* ' Pbelpsto do do cer t* " Tappiiijton's to do 45 cents " (trnenhiil* to do 40 cents " Miller* to do 35 cent* " Water Station to do au cents " 4Vott'? to do St cents *' Crownsvlll* to do 2'cent* " Eglehart's to do 25eent? " Best's (tale to dn 15 cuts ' Wtlch'sto do 1J cent* By order: THOS. UaITHER. Secretary. $teaml?oats will ply between Annapolis and the Great Eastern every hour. Fare 25 cents. _?u 6-dtlOth pALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. HUWUIUQRKat EASTERN.^?^**^?* For the accommodation of the Citiznna of Washington ami vicit ity desiring to inapeoi the Mammoth at-amchip. the following arrangements hare been mad*: Trains will leave \\ a*lnngtnn Station on AlONB1AY, TUESDAY. WKDNE8DAY, THL'KSAY, and FRIDAY, 6th. 7th. 8th 9th, and lnth inntaut, at 6 2". 7.It', and 1140 a in , ounieeiin.. at Baltuuoie with the Mipen->r iieamrri of the Bay Line f >r Ihe great Ship. The ?>tea?iiers will leave the Norfolk Company's Wharf, Baltimore.at8?e a m., and Bowl) '* Wharf at in a in. and 2 p. ia., allowing ample timet walk fr^ni 0?<ndeu Station after tiii- arrival of the train*. The steamer# will run t the ship or l>aek in iv?? than two hour*. Returning Meaioera will leave tiie ahia at about aoou, and 2 and 6 p m.. and trains leave HaHinaore at 115 4.20, and 8 o p. m., and reaching Waahiugton (last train ) hv In p. m. Ttuketa <uly \t trmi Washington, including the round trip hy railroad, a vieit to Baltimore, the j>n.? .->*r.?ni?r* u> aim ir in m* Ureai Eastern, ud a rulf%.tini?rion on buaid the came. Pa#eiigtrs liivv* eiioioe of tiatnsgoiag and re tin nine. Ti -k?ts good fur *aiu? ilay ao4 also the following morning - W P/BIhTH, if Ma?te# of Traasp*r.ation. ! .. T. II. PARSONS, Agi.nt au 4 it l~ ' WANTS. ??????????? f*7ANTED-A WET NURSE to go a ghortdis " tanc* m the countv. Apply at 20# Pa. ** , 0TP<>sit0 Wiliardr' an 7 St* Wmm A\TKl>-A sprightly young OIRL from L2 to M yrareof ace. to do light errands and aa?ut at housework. To one that ita.a pleasant mid Bnanent home will he given Apply at 4?7 hth street, near the arenne, ap stairs. it* WANTEU-Bl ? lady, an experienced HtiTZ ** UKKIJ M HSK, t<? take charge i>f an infant and make herselfa neialij useful. Ha eartioUar objection to a wfcte person who is a Frotaai&ut. For further particular* address Box 1 at the Star . OflUe. an W^m ANT KJ>--TVee gaod J0t7K>Tl<TW ?*N PLASTERERS, on Eleventh ?t^ between O and P?t*. Goort vafe* g i van to Uiem that wfli suit. Cash every SKtorday tught. au *-* _ J. W. REED. \1/ANTKD.-A WET HUME wanrad imm*. D- ^M0V Lv,v" WBHANTKl>-\ CARPENTER, competent to thrfinishior work of a house to the handsomest style To such* on? good wages will b? given, oonstant employment, ana the caeheriry r&turdar evening, or oflener if wanted ; at tbe corner <sf loth and O eta. A single maa preferred. mitt' l VL/ANTED?A SALEti LADY. Nona bat th* S?"h? j?'U ?*-: hifttmlfef. not brine & o^oomaMidfttioii from h?r iMt p l?u?. Ln|aire at feokiactoa, two mite* north of thf Cm WANTBO?By a rteady ami indo?trion? man. a SITUATION aa oollec'or. B??t pff^ora AMUSEMENTS. SELECT AMu!$MAVsTKRfois*ENT. CoMHcncme at 4 o'clock r m Mn>" POWF.IS A CO. ht| |??r? to inform i h??irfrien<fa Md the puhli? that on FRI DAS and SATl'R DAY KVKKINU!*, Aufnat Kthtflft and ilth. Mr. C. 6. Bun, lender to Thiorton'?*^ exhibition. and Mr. j &. #rnill. Piam?t. will attend th?" ftSor* IxlMx! *r>d perform anlnctiona of t)>? mo?tf?pni%- Op'mbc nod Clnaaie Mumo.on which oMnon ainrse atteatenoe n requeat'd. AdmitaioH frtc. an ( M ITTiOIT FORQKT.^H At Odd fkllows- haixtuesda y evksish. 7.?Benefit of thn Umn, i J?8*ND*ii?'i Poatiirely Lm' Nichtln nubmt'on of THIODO>l*? Ml'SKL'M OP ARTS! on * Rich owsmon IL^"*0 of the moat coatly and Beautiful Piea^nt*. valued at 99#. will he ?ir?a to the audience? -at nj the lnrma< nod inoat ooatly fv r given in nuiiiifion. pnnmii-i m >?w Gold WitohM,T*oSlilv?r Watohaa. Magnificent ^ tSllrer-platefl TN in pi***?, ail mt ?if ; l<ea.itiful Diamond Ring. anp?rb Silrer pla'e 1 To# Service. in * fiMM. ail on* gift; sp4aarii<1 Cain to and Kaainelo,] Broochea and Kardropa, Gold ,ock<*tf. Pin*. Ring*. Ac. Orchaatar?VioliB.C. G Bt?K Piano, Prof. PraiLL Tiofcet* of admi-sion, 01 tni occasion, to al aarta of the hail 30 ota.; for sale at II. Semkan'a, SSO Pa. ar.. bet. ?th and loth eta .where the araafnUma; h*if*ii. Tick eta ma* also ha had at the hall from 9 a in. to 6 p.m.. and on the evening of the performance. Poor* open at 7S; commenoe at an 6 EXCURSIONS, F1C NICS, Ac. A N^l" NC KMEN tT1 HE MONTGOMERY Gl ARD Hare the plea-are of announcing to their man* friends aod the paolie leneral-^^^sfctA? li tl?at the> will *ne a GRAND^?1^^* PIC NIC at Arlington . n wiDNWOAY, the 15th Particulars in a future ariearttaement, au6 _____ WM. LAMiRAW. It Lieat. THK NAVY YARD BAPTIST SABBATH KHoOi. vill (tvtan ElCt't8IO.N to Fort Washington ami White Home, on WEDNESDAY August 8th The ateamer Pmttix will leavathe wha'f. foot of Sixth street, at 7 o'clock and the Navy \ ard wharf at H o'clock a. m., aod at 2 'clock p m. >1 usic in attendance. Refreahmenta at cit* pricea. G arts' tick eta BO cor.U; ladie* 2S cents; children H? oei.fts By order of the _au6 2t* COMMITTEK. ^ GRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL MARtlfALI** PAVILION. AGRAN D TOURNAMENT and BALL will take ?la' ? at M\R?H?U.'S PAVIhION ,? n TUKSDA V, the !4tb inst. Rider* from Washington. G*or?e-^^**^^^* t?>wn. an?l Alcxand i* ?ie ino>t respectfully solicited to rid*. Tiiev wi!| he furni?b?d with costume, hoard and h?r?e feed *>n the above day for twel?? d<>'ar*?#U\> VVilhsn'sCdthntnt Bras* Bund h?> I>wd ensa*ed lor the (Xit-Asion. The public are invited to attend. Th*nte?<n?r Haltimokk will l??av? Wa?hinst->n on M"ikUi . the iwh, at l'? o'clock a. m and land at the I'Hrilionat So'clock p. m Returi iuc will laar# th^ Pawion on Ww'B'mia* m" nine at I o'clock and a rive<n '.\ s^huijtnn at 7n'rlook am., thus aflo ding a good orportiinitv to those wuhfng to avail themselves?f >a!t Wiu i Bathing, Fishing. Crabbi nr. At to* umWcirnad h?a spared no ?xfmu to make tInk Tournament ?urpa*? anything of t/>? kind liiat hsi been rivoii in the State of Maryland. and nothing thalT l?e left urdone on his part to render copif t an<? plfahu "??to all that mar give him a nail, au 6 Iw* R J. M ARSIIAI.L. Pioprietor. jjklightful pic-mc mf.ridiYn hill. The Pie Ntc ? f the t?T. ALOYHll'.-* W'NDAV SCHOOL vill take placo a* Me idian Hill ??n TIIK8DAY. August 7tii Kveijrtlilng will I"done to make the arraucetneutr per a feet an<* se ure to all a da*'s enjor- 2?!&~jc^!jE2 mem. A fine pa ill on has lately an eraoted. making :m? the p>a?aa est place of resort in the viri-'i > of the ? ilyWithers' Bra** and String Band hai been angAicod for the occasion, R nfre*hm*?nt* at cit* piie*?. I'i k'U 2S c?ut?; children in cent*. t Mnnibu*** -will un f;nm the corner of P^nntrl vuil arehM and ?*e\-<?ntti ?tre?t l>v way of Northern Libert*** Ma ket and K "tieet Far# ten volt each way. j? ?-M\VFS.\lAT* liRAND EXC U R 8 I O N ANALOSTAN ISLAND. Ov thf orc,i*ton of the InangNratton and Opening of th* ODD FELLOWS' LIBRARY, I O. O. F.. D. C. WEDNESDAY, Acat ?t S. 1*60. The '"omniitte# of Ar a:nem?nt? cordially inrif their brother* < f the Order, a??1 the _|l _ citizen* ?>f \VaHlun?ton an?l town generally. t.? participate with* "^^ ** th?ni oa thU int#r*a inf necanioB. No pa<n? will he rpared to make this Excuraion agrrefchle and entertain g. A pproprtate adtfreeeea wii. be deiiv er?il. and t<ie ainu?eiu?nt? of the da* and ni(ht will be varied and pi- a^iiig A fine hand will be ib at ton.lnm-#; and the cofnpan* will he entertained with iiiiinerom *obic?, Ac., b* a corps of aoooiopli?h<"d vocalists A a it i lntenil^i t/? mtlra r?? ? -r - --- ?.??v tj*r, cjAruimvu ?n the season,the Ifcdy friends of the Association ae especially invited to be pre*ent. A oommodiou* and aafe at- amtoat. with DBiMtous le?-er craft, will p'> re*u:arly every ten ruin ntes, from Ha. in. u t ; 12 o clock at nijht, between the Island *n<l the wharf foot of High ?t., Georget"wn, and Morgan h Rhinehart'a wharf, WashincU.u. No charge for crossing or reoroaaing the rive'. Arranrements will be ma:e to hare thaomnibn*"* run ironi Georgetown to Washington antil m d oii: lit. Tickets ON E DOLLAR . admitting a gentleman and ladies: to be had from Taylor 4 Mtnry, Hlanrhard k Mnhun. Wm. F. Bayly, and from the V n i 11111 I'nmmilfAiM KM--#*- % r _ " ~ vi>u ?no i i"ui .nnuHOi . 1 P. ?. STIART, R FIN LEY Ht NT. | J NO. II. BARTLKTT. >u 2.4.7 _ Commits of*. piC NIC AT COLUMBIA 9PRINO~ Th? Sa!>l>ath School ofGorvuoh Chaael will five a P I C-N I C at COLl'MBlA^^frn*,^^ SPRING, WEDNESDAY. Manic ha* (>een engaged for the occasion, and the committee pledge them**! ve* to vmkf it a scene of rare pleasure and enjoyment to all who ma? favor th>>m with their preeenc*. Whalejr'a line of stages wil' leave the corner of Mar) land aveno* and Sev enth street at 8 9> a m and 3J0 p.m. Ticket* for jr^ntlem^n 2??e?i t?; for ladies iff cents; children not connected with the school 7 cents au 4 r.NPARALLELED ATTRACTION7 GKAN: PRIZE PIC NIC' At ANALOSTAN INLAND. On MONDAY. A??ca* 13. Om* II.~J?J n * ? ..m i mwi jfwrir j <> IT r Anionic which a lioLD and Watch LteniMitc a<>d Munc during the <1 ?t JjS will afford erjoyment t-> all. UMjf JH1 K*p '?'? 8 ??? and String Band en UMHk>ac?d fur th? occasion. ick< ts?30 Cent* for Gentlemen, W5 Cents ibr I.adies; Children admi ted free. Tn ksh for *sl<j at C. H. Aml*'?on'i and Iaoimond'a. 7th ?treet: Dr. **ehwart*e'? Drug Store, l'a. and at the M of High ?t. wharf. Georgetown, ?>ti the daj or the Pic Nic. rr?-No charge made for conveyance acroat to the >?land fmm t><* wharrtu IHT Kor Liat of Gtfta tee ?inaH programme*. &u 3-Tt <?KAND ANNI AL kKCl ItHON .M - - ST. TITER'S sf"\r>AY SCHOOL, (i iriioL Hill.) To Gl.YMONV PAf^U'tJf i OH WEDNESDAY. AC.cit ?, 1*60. , . Tk? (t^ftiMr Mocsr V kikoi. having beenen*ac?1 for Ut*oooa?ion. will leave h?r wharf, foot ef^ixth ?tr?e t. at 75% Navy Yard at * o'clock a. m. In afternoon will leav* Kixth ?treet at 1H an<i N?vt Yard at2o'clock. Returning will leave Gl>nt?at at 5 and 10 o'clock p m. Dinner aari Supper will be furnished by the proWrMiOtW. A ?n*? Bra?? tnd Strm? - v-?- ? Omnibuaae* will h? la nwluNti at tb* oornar of S*v*nth ?tre?t ami Pfct.a. ?mue, and th? Northern Ubfrtji Mar k?i looobwj nwM|<n loud l th*> J*it TiekoU 5n cents: chi ldren ts Mat*. i'mnmtttet *f t i ?Miim nti Jww.b FlttftwH. Joseph H FUithail. itonuis i.'aUuhu, paaaia .Hfr'r . Nichola* I'tuuea, Richard F. Doimii, John B MmiII. John Gtllani. fiiuEpa. Mitotic I.1' Stmntl 6. W Whullif, 'V&ZSSZb* ^SJSSm* Ksaur tou will bf postponed mitii farther notioe au 4 31* LOST~AND FOUND. KEYB LOST?A bunch of fiva trunk and drawer KEYS. <M? a atMi rln* tu lo* in the itrwt lMt Sunday, if the finder will iaare than at the oftm* of the Evening Star he will raeatva on* dot's lar reward. aw 7-lj* $3 KSiS^raarrxssv^aag; I ' and the oth r of a lichtor colored b uck an?T white. With Ion* eare. The alwve e*m will be paid to ai.i , Mrao* who will bring thaw to Um toner of North . Capitol and U attaeta, or leave information where I "*T *r>- * *-** ft EL REWARD ?S'rajed or ?toen froui tha sabecil^er on the 2d in*., a mail brnlit^v iTOAY MARE; star in fb-eheart; long tail The ab.'ve reward will We *1 vcn for l??r re r** i turntaUlX'B?R,oaC?traat, batwaan UK and ?? PERSONAL. fiivr A lumps 8M.B8gZff F?r Olk+r Attrtimn SaX**, .<?# JtfM p+Hf \f ARJ'HAL'? 8ALKr-l* Tint* ?f* writ of i l l*n nelM, t'om tlH> Clerk's o?o# <*f U* OirNN C'??H of tk? PiMrift ?f On aw ma for ^ th* oountj of Washington, *n<1 t?> o?# directed, I W>II Mfn* to BtthMe m?i*. fc>r o*?r?t'><- Martet Roii?,6Mrf*tovn,D. C,m PRIDaV,Mm? !* ? day of A<n??tiKit .fwmcucini at Wo'o.oefc a. the follovtag aat\ thWt- a. to Tit: on* 9orr?l MulttndowDnr. .Mar* Mala, aeiseo ?r<f i?Tiad m rh? iMiui and ckatuii >( Rioktrd K. J*rkiu>n and will fceaoHto *at.?ft )adiei*J? No. to October term IMP. ia la wot W Jobs Moor* f ' ki.^k.11 ? I HTi %j ? p. rm ? VI SALK.-la virtao ?>f * writ of " Cs-i fac.aa th# Clwt * ' r- of tha Cireait ro?rt ?f rha Dutnct of Co'amhi* f?r lfc? CMItf Ot M'uAlftM to MlltMl. I lU U. puM>c aa.e. for euk. in f.oat of tfco 2?*rt H' <t> O' of BXt-1 (W|ntT A| t?' K ON HDAY, tha ?h da; of Am at ini.ll*. at It e'elw* ?. Al d%rf*? r f M, cHuia ata ot in ud *o Lot N.. C .* *aaar? Itrs. in the Cit? of Waakinfton. D.C , to* U>*r v>U tn t* # lmprovem#- f i !?**?? *-h| f*vi9d M^on p*OB ??t( of JpIib F Dt*r,iwl ilb# aoid to j?*w iwiiMl No. ?. t? (t?r ??( imp. i* f?ror of Mwitnt M Dyer. 'gAjHh V S. Martha for tbe District of Co otj,a _aa \ff .\RSHAl/??ALK.-Itrirt?? ottvnta offtn 1*1 fkeia* ia??od from the c.arfc a>o of tfca Cir i?sit Court of tli? lliatimt i?f f Vi> a*a*iSt& fnr ik? oo?aiy of WMkin^U>K. u<ito me diroetod. J wiIT expo** to m e, for o?*h. tr front of the co?rt ho?M door of aaid ooaoty. on M(lN|)AV. the at* d-.y of Aitut n?it,li*<,?t Ito'wook m ,?*l4efoo<i Mit'a right.ui.and inloroet in ?bd to La?t No. IS inSw No. 731. i? tii* oity r.f \VMhingu>(. 1). C., together with ?" mi uuroar thelmrr?raMlll the property of Ckaa. H Vm I'M ten aj.o will too sold to aauuV J? dMi*l? Not. 7* ?"d ?9, to Oetobor terai 10. it Ihror of John w.ThoHiMim and Z. I> QHwtaa ifis-du O. a> Mawfcal tor IT^THK ABO /R PVLK IS ffWPOI?F.P ntll WKI?N K-P i\ . the 9t?> IMC. M* hoar "mV** W.SELOBN.D.r MtrthA THIS AFTERNOON & TO MORROW ^ B? J. C. Moul IKK A CO.. AnboMii. nKRKMPTORV Mi** OF KOU* iA?T? AT Thb Cokmik or F ttsr ?Tnn ?ai tj? Boktm H bTEKKT ?Ob 1'1'KsDAV AFTilOON. AactatTUi. MCo>loek. on the fiwuw, tr? ahal Mil I*** No. t?.CI, a.?da,ii Mo <T7, frcut. I.f . A h iit leet on Fir* atriM vmt. at th? o<>rn*r of aorui H ?t. rnnctn* b*ek ) * twi Lot improved by two Ten*: Om third (?ih;tk* reaidM id < and 12 nsoatha, with inltrMt, aaoared t>* a dead of troat on th? premise* m u t mm a a a_ tn ja j. v. wr^i'iar a tu.. aiou H? I . C NtGI'IIK A CO. AluttuMlil PKKKMPT?>m l?ALK. OF MU.UNRRY AND f*T*AW lioor*. KMMOinKBia*. T* M m!?o?. I.*r* PKEri*r*v, K*>. t Gonr*,4r On *ATI'ltf>AY MOKMN6. Autni ?th.oo?r M ? o'clock. and oontia?in? frnai to dtf untn t)i? wt.oU i? ii*poaed of, we (Ml amii. kt tli?*h>r* of R. C- Ki^., No r>J? f?nn. *vfno?, be?wa*r> *Hh and ??th ?tre?*?, a urge vari t>ly of c<m?4m in hia !in>, enaiptMiat< 'ra^e an<l !*?lk BoniteU <>f new afcapea, Ti imirifxl and untnmiwd Straw B< HaU add Fau, Cotorwi Mau and Straw Ko?i?**a. Colored, Biark and Wlut* Jookef HaU. CAmhrtc and f*wm? I'.dt.i'n? ai.d iBMrting*, {?< do Ban'* and Mtrip*. Do d*> ?'(ilian a?d Heu.i i.fautV Bodi?* Gtmaa, Cards. Hraid*. >lat*d Ribkaa*. (lausaaud Si k, f*ilk Button*, Plain Drop Tu m'. r'riasM. Real vat"?cia. Knrhkh Thread, Cotton, Iwp^r lal Valencia Hrk. Bload aud e*aiy other va riH) ol L*c*a, Boo* hkirU. F-enoh Artifcoa! Flow?f?. Lftim' an<1 <i?atlenmi'i Pi k mmI SintlM U? br?l 1m. **? k?. Spool CoUon?, Hkir Pin* i>f *11 kind*. Ilfad Dr?a?*f Huf.Tnoth ?ni* Nail Imhti. C?wb?, (V? O* P?rl*fii ??? . Card lawk Gj<i %nd 8.1 v?r Tlnmt " Turk t omb# LitNtt'c, Harnaou'a and JiiIm Bult'i h?l Ea. tract*. Frm h at '1 fifrmac < n??r,M, Hair oil, p<?mad?. to . Ao. Ail ?f wnioh will h* ro d without r*ar??. T?rm?: f?' and und?>r. raah: n?w tKat ium a ?r*<iit <.f fi and d???. for apprr<v*d rudoti ' not** l?*arin(c i?'er*?t Mil J C Mrfil IRE ft c*t . Aaeta. ^ FUTZTRE DAYS Br BARNARD A BtTKKY Adotioiimra 0*0rgfotpu, D. C. HOUSEHOLD and kitchen FL-RNI tcbk. AT Au-Tin* -Wt wi" i?l on THUR?* DaV n*xt ??tti mat* mmuVjO'Ii, r wi., atth* re*i<1?*no? of tbe M - a Con . i ia . ? !?d at , onpo iw wa , of (A* H' Id * B cw \,z MHiouci Pideb-arJ, Mah >*anj Tab'aa, Chaira, varpfn, P*'.r>r, <* room. ? C<*.k Hmrdi, Fir?t rate Featter J*?d? M l :??4s. Writ.tit [in. r b?>? ihNU.HurntudT 'i ' ?*!? , K?crtw Kbivm, he.. Klt"h*r L't?n? l?. Tf riiiM oaafe. __ *n? BAEVAlDfc Bt'CKKN . Aac%. BOARDING. BOARD ? Prr?oiiid"?irou? of n| BUARP in n priv?l? hftnM. will an w*tl t>y oaUiut ?t Nr. 44ft I i>trr*t. t*tw?SD 9th Md 10th. M 7-31 F0R~SALK AND RENT. [For other For S+U and Htm drirtxsamuntt, '?>" W ] f\Rl''i ?*TORK H'R vA!.? n\ Miilim AT I iw t'rmi, For particular* ?ddr?M DRUtiGIPT. Dr.. A >!?- - >? BOOKS AM) STATION KB V -t(>CK A M? hi'nre? for aiti* idl' SUire for ront. Appl? M N?.??8 S?vent at. fcu 7 ? IpOR RBMT?A HCll'SE o? hifrrDtti, b?tr?*ri O Mil P st-e?ls.c<.rit%tainc 6 rooms aewl* fin he !. Rent w? r >~r annim App'? '? C F t R tOHARDSON. Center and Northern Lih^r* Market*. For rent for a term of years - * DAIRY F->RM of#0a< re?. with a n?-w Mow coit?i(.in< rchmu>; 2 ><ari e lasce enough U> reoai ve 2>>U>nr ofhar.anl stalla sufficient for 44 oowi ar.i 2 horse*. There is attached t?> the t*rca st-ho.M1 power steam nt?;ln> in oomplete order. m?t mil!. * porn shelter cuttmc ?nvchi???> ail la o 4er,ate*<u tubes of siifltctent si z - to at- ar th? f od (or & ocwr; tue hay c n bee it for less tan half it oo-t b? a hart'i inaehiae; the cram -an be f round for lees fan 9 nts a kuahei, ami U?e <tair* is en men -cvjiiainted with th?* Iiu?i>,f-m oan cnrd hrrain cut th- h?T steam the food, and ae|I u?* mi k ol & or ?n o?>w* Th house ai><t l*ra? a ?< ?!# t1? ?nj?plisd witii pare apnnf win a wrter ! am. Theto isa Iar?e cilern whi >ii i?Im tiir water tr"m tHc ruo h; the stipplv ?f water u a'modant for the dt n pur-)Hi-e? | hi* i%k) is vt'liii I1, mit??ftnni Wniards Hotel. and ? aiade l?f?? r?Ur? to Vte owners for the !at i ?ears tltaa aa? otter dairy ie th? District. but in '0'^e;juer.ce of ill liealtk the premise* will b?* rented (n'?t?mi ef rears and the ncine a.d fixture Md at iur p ices toacood da.riuau For fu r liter i* format ion adcraaethroudi t>? Pu?i Otc? C WA1,BRIDGE. an 7 lw PUR RKNT?The lar*e STORK ROOM an I r aKI.l.AR on the oomer of I and Seventh >U , Narr Yard. This 'ooin is suitable f"' any taetaes*. Can lie rente<t with or without tne dwetkac. Poeaesi-ionjivm 1st of September. Am1| to JOS. ? EPETT1. 4** j I rt. east. aa ?-3W L"(|R SALE-A LADY'S RIDING PONY la r offerer! for sale np-.n very i?w u itrnsra pno*' <<1 liW ntTIU Ifll lh6 tad hanac n? further M fr?r 11. Kpfir *1^^ ^ J W. Pl'MTHKLV'5 BttblM, km M NaUona. Hotel. Jr*Mtw For rknt-a .ar? *mu? brick holpk. contain uif U rvoma anfl puMca, with itfcMc an?1 curnac* ii'-ii* : a!*<> a y !r? i>r watar ta t??* yard: on Kleraath at., naar I. at. For terras ianir* of UEORbfc T.UNOLEY.oa LM.,Mar r. laanth at. . >-U I? OR RKNT-A Ivh i i n . i i r HkICK DWtLUNG HOISK, ait?M at at No. KWonth at a abort dittanoa jraai Ka avanw. Room* tarr*; aouao arraarari antii ta* o4aa?*RfMMMi MMfcaaUr a?<l gamai ?Icuae io littt raar. E?i4 ?<id#ra??Uiai ?<i i"?i* Apply to J A? C ifcQUIRE tCO. aal-ao>f I^OR RENT-A thwaa-atora BRICK DWfcl. -J r MNIi Hnl iiE .1B-.TJ. -* ..Vvn iwiwwn 1 Jin ?nc l j: i< It?, No 404. Arrets 1 KIRK WOOD. 474 Uth ?rM( /y u if CH>|1 BENT.-A new ia4 kudMM FRAME r HOlSt will he for r?ni ia a few dijii It ia beautifully situated on Tii.treuth aireet. betw?wi. Georgia aver tie and K at.. Nary Yard ; has a large tardaa lot attacked, a penip<rf f-md water a?ar. and oomam* 4 rooms, kitchei. aad w? adahed. W i II bafrented low. with or without tija iOt, to a ?<**! Bit. For sale cheap, a foo,C?*ronc WORK * IRE: works wrji in *fiTtin*e Inquire al T. I/ARK. Nary \ a* ; or of JOUN PAT< H. Hst . between 4th ssd 51 h jy >* pORjy^T?Tww aii ^aj^lllfci aaakrryfcock C*OR RKKT-Two be?atiM ??w **AC X BttiB8S??lg SATURDAY. Awmt ?. M*. 0OMTMO ffVMWBO M OlDINAMJO. CAPITAL PtIII IIMJM iTiiosi /jf all tm rmrtmm. rLrTfa'il> VgJNBfc> twMtf?i *?? -* oZToic^RSSIiSoKa *

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