Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1860 Page 3
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LOT A I, NEWS. ir7"Tho?uh Tub t*t*? Is printed en the fastest to tifMii press In w smith of Baltimore, Its edition ia so large u to require It to be pat to preos at an enrly hour, Advertisements, therefore, should be eat in before 1*2 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the ne*t day. yoTrrt rr> W asbisotowia**.-?Thone of ?tit fellow clUr.ena leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should benr In mind that we do not mall Tai Stab except after payment In advance at the rato of coats per month. ?* City Cocrtu, August 8?Board of AlA'rmen. The board met at the usual hour, Ptrtldent Dove m tue ub?lr. A communication wn rvrelved from tbe Mayor transmitting the repoM of the Water Registrar for tbe of July; inferred. Also, tbe WsUr Purveyor 's report for the month of July; referred. Als?>, one enclosing the reply of the Water Purveyor te the resolution of the Board of A ldermen In relation to the water main on 1 street, between U?\*nth and Fifteenth streets; referred. UTiTIOJt*. Of John M. Flynn, for remission of a line; of >1 J. B-. rton and others, for grading and graveling of A street Mr. Price pn*entea a copv of a letter from Capt M. C Meigs to I.teat Col. R E. D?R wy, Commander of the Corps of U. 8 Kn?: a w t--J v * ** I 5.mj w ngin uau wrn reierrea a letter ltom C l.owry, ?.ddrv?vl Vo the War Department, rhnrjjinjj Captain Meigs with having acted improperly la obtaining a patent for a certain four way atop-cork Of L. L Brunette, of the county, asking perniiolon to erect a hay scale;?all of which were duly referred. / COWM1TTKK KKPOmTS. Su>>stitiite tot the bill of the lower board pro/ widtuK enclosing Judiciary Square; passed. r.ill to re pa', r the bridge arroai Rock Creek and K street north; paaaed. Bill to open two new alley* in square5l3; paaaed Bill to provide a Al more eff.v mat drainage for square 877: paaaed BtU of thf? lower board to take up and relay a gutter ia the Fourth Ward, passed Bill to trim and gravel a portion of Ninth atreet we?; passed Bill wan iae uuru?umip n 1IU DlTf IDC lOOtway on tl.e north fronts of squares 341 and 399; passed Bill to grade and gravel Third street east. from C street north to Massachusetts avenue; pe*v-d Bill of tbe lower hoard to trim and (travel B street north, from Third street west to Tiber Creek, and to erert a bridge for foot passengers across satd creek; passid Bill of the lower board to trim and travel L street north, from Fourth to Fifth street vvsl, piss>-d Bill to repair a portion of the paved carriageway in S>*venth street west; passed Bill to take up and relay a part of tbe gutter in Fifth street west; passed Bill to repair a defect in the sewer in reservation 10; passed Bill authorizing the Mayor to purchase 10.UU) feet of 6 inch water pipe; passed. Bill of tbe lower board providing for the payment of special police detailed for duty at tbe late election by the Mayor; passed Bill to provide for the cleaning of streets, alleys, etc , and for tbe removal of garbage; passed Bill to cause a stench trap to be placed at the opening of <he VWff In V.leventh rtrn l ? < ! -?J - ? ? ?. ? v??. >?v ? " vvii v auu II north; passed Mr Magruder, from the committee to whom was referral the Mayor's nomination* for Ward Apothecaries, reported the same hack recommending their continuation; confirm)d Also rrj-orW-d the Mayors ons for the members of the Board of Health, without recommendation. On motion , the nominations were all confirmed, sjve that of James E Dnnawin.of the !*econd W?rd. whese nomination was rejected by ayes 3; noes 11. Bill for the relief of Daniel Dnnavan; passed Bill of the lower board, authorizing the Trustees of the Public Schools to establish ten additional public schools; passed. Kill to pay for the erection of election carriers, passed Joint resolution, h remonstrating against the raising of the tolls on ? oal upon th?>Chesapeake and Ohio canal; passed. Bill to relay a cutter on the south front of square No pasted. Bill to revive an act to take up and relay a gutter In the Second Ward; passed Bill authorizing the Mayor to anticipate the Tf venilf of the CorDuration tn rvH??i lh? Vii.'l * of the Alexandria and \Y ashington Railroad Comf?anv; referred to ttnance committer. The board then met in joint session f.?r the purpose of eWtini* an aavaaor fo' the Fifth Ward, to supply the vacancy created by the ineligibility uf t.eofge F Barrett. Mr. Powell < President of the Board of Common Council) in the chair. Mr. Metde nominated Geo F Barrett.who waa t i?-o ted The joint session then adjourned; and the Board of Aid. rmen, on reassembling, transacted the following businessRill to open a ditch in an alley in the Seventh Ward; passed Joint resolution of the lower board, Authoriiing the Mayor to endow* the new guard-house aim pipe-yard with a suitable brick wall, referred k> drainage committee. Bill authorizing the use of a shed on Seventh st wrst, od the wharf; referred to wharvea committee. Adjourned. Common Council.?The board met at the uaual hour, the president In the chair A communication waa received from the Mayor. tran?rmtting report of the apotberariea of the ae^eral wards for the quarter ending June 3<ith. 1*^0; also, report of the Water Registrar for the month of July; aiao, report of the Water Purveyor from May 4tn to Augu*t 4th, leOO; all of wuich ware appropriately referred. PBTITIOXa. Petition of anndry citiiena against the opening of an alley In square 513; petition of John Ott, asking to be refunded certain taxes paid in 1858; (Wttl.oi m-t PKr??lvB V uurtnn * ? pv?ravn v? VM??>I .S- 4?t,w?wii aim U?ur | , asSMI^ 1UI a footway along the east front of square USi ; petition of Joseph Davidson and others, asking for the paving of an alley in square 904; all of which were appropriately referred XMBIR IWOI.1 121. Thomas P. Morgan, Esq , recently elected from the First Ward, in the place of Mr. Robert Earle, jr., whose seat whs declared vacant because of inequality, appeared, and being found duly ^aahtUd. was sworn and took his seat. KKPOBTS or COMMITT1ES?BILLS PASSED Bill to pay for the erection of barricades in the ^ various wards at the late June election; passed. Bill for the grading and graveling of ?, street oiiiu, ironi 31XU to t.ieveiua street nit, passed Bill for constructing a branch sewer and drop at the southwest corner of Ninth street west and I 1 street north ; pasaed. Bill for taking up and resetting the curbstone on the north front of square Ml on the south side of H street north, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets west; passed. Bill for grading L street south, from New Jersey avenue to Four-and-a-balf street west ; puna. Bill for the construction of a sewer alone C street nTtb, b?b?e"n Four-and-a-half and Sixth strec's west; ps?ed Bill authorizing the curbstone to be set. arid footway paved on the south fronts of squares and s44 ; passed Bill for the relief of A Fletcher in the fourth ward , passed. Bill authorizing the laying of a waterraain on the south side of Mawhuaetta avenue, frotn Eleventh street wrv* ?v * rum ailU llOng BSia I ^QIQ street to New York avenue; passed Bill autbcrmng tbe laying of a water main along D street north from First to second street west, and al?ri? t-irsl street west to C street rvortu; passed Bill Rutborizing the laying of a waWrmain along C street norUi from Second to Third street west ; p.tased. Bill authorizing the laying of a watermain along Eighteenth street, from H to I street north; passed BUI for the relief of William R. W mmb; pissed UlSCHttOID raox fukthke c03sidbbati0m. Petition of Mrs Aana Englebrlght. asking to be refunded a certain amount of unexpired license; petition of Rieb'd Adams, asking certain amount of unexpired license to bo refunded. COSTS* rso BLBCTiON CASSMr Chapin. from elections committee, presented a report in tbe case of Mr Thomas McGratb, con testing the right of Mr J. VV Robin (on to hold his seat as a in em bp r from the Sixth Ward, declaring Mr. Robiaaon to be so entitled. The re.. port vru adopted BtnOLCTIuS O* P?OT*ST. Mr. Morgan otterrd a resolution. to the effect that, whereas It to understood that at the next I meeting of the board of director* of the Chesapr-ke and Ohio Canal Company, to be held on the 13th innten t, an effort will be made to Increase the toils, fur the purpose, If possible, to divert (he trade from the Diatrlct to the city of Baltimore; aad VileTlftg auch Increase would be highly disadvantageous to the bsat Interests of the Caoal Company and the Diatrlct: Therefore, K'*olr*t, That the Mayor and President of each board be, and they are hereby, authorized and empowered to meet the said board at their next meeting, and remonstrate, in tbe name of this Corporation, against the said Increase of tolls Adopted. p BESOLUTIONS. Mr. Mewd from the committee on police, reported the following resolution aa lubstltute for the one of a similar chancier passed by the Board of A ldermen: KtioictM, That the Mayor be author!ted to enclose the pipe yard ?nd new central guard-fcouae with a su: ubls brick wall, and that the turn of be apprupi ia ted out of the water iuud for this following: Retolrtd, That 11,000. or so much thereof m inay be iwciiirT, be and the same is herrhy apprapriitrd out of the general fund to m; ruve the Northern market, to carry water Into Mid market, aad for other purposes; pained. A Wo, the following: Hfnlttd, That Lucien ft. i'agn be allowed to continue the nse nf a frame building built by himself, on the wharf near the aouthrrn terminal of Seventh street west, any law to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided, the authority in rearrved ?o the Mayer to empower Its removal Wbetievee the jmhltc interest tnav be rrqnlnd fl Without action on th? above resolution, the l Mtrd took a receaa for the bur t>o*? Of meeting the ? ?SSJS?5? ^ wSff. *"d M CiiniSAt. Cottt.?John tttonae. of Georgetown. charged with relisting uOWr Donaldson In lb*- discharge of his duty, was yesterday tried and convicted, and sentenced to four montlis' Imprisonment in the connty jail, and a line of SI. I-rank i*teers. Robert strong, and Alexand-r Dubant w?re placed on trial for having cheated, at the gaming house of Steers, by falae cards and other fraudulent devices, during aeverai games of cards, Mr. David C. Wallis. of Tennessee, of a draft for 1.000. The principal witness waa not to be found, though great efforts were made by the prosecution to procure his attendance. John Campbell, the first witness examined for the prosecution, testified that Robert Strong, one of the defendants was noteng&ged in the games whereby Walli* lost hi* SI ,000; ao a nolle prosequi was entered In his case, and Strong put upon the stand as a witness; but the evidence elicited from him did not tend at all to implicate steers and Dubant. Two oth?r wlbiMm J idki K. Dunawin and a barkeeper named Davis; but tbe evidence given foiled to substantiate the charge*, and tbe jury returned a verdict of not guilty 7V-rfajf?Before proceeding to business tbe 0istrict Attorney called the attention of tbe court to the publication, in ail evening paper of yesterday, of what purported to be the substance of remarks lllide by Mr. I, A ttafgle, lately convicted in thla c >urt, just previous to having been aentencedjby his honor. Holding the high respect which be did for his honor, the speaker thought proper to State in the first place, that no such speech as tbe one published waa ever made in this court; that tbe publication in nuestlon contained passages nsver mad* use of by tbat man In thfs court} while it left out other passages which were used ; that the publication waft grossly false, as representing the remarks used by Mr Bargie in bis speech, ana was the production of the most impudent J tl' Hi. * ? ? * - uiruum . ky uuu regura u> wnat iraj saia oy Mr. Bargie in his ipwi'ti which wai directed toward* himself, he treated it with the moat passionless contempt; but It was due to the Court to tate that had Margie attempted to use the intuiting language which is represented to have been made use of bv him here, the speaker would hare Immediately interposed to stop It. The speaker stated tnat he baa understood that no regular reporter of the paper which had Issued this publication was present when this speech was made, but that at the request of Bargie, or of parties interested in his case, a reporter had been sent to the cell in which be is confined and obtained it from his dictation. Judge Crawford stated that he had heard of the publication, bnt had not read It. The paper which bad made it he did not read, as it iredlll>lltlv. thf?ncfh nifdUliniMs ^ J , ^ ~ MUVM ui lium UIUCI causci, misrepresented the actions of this court. As to the speech Itself, be cared no more for it than he did for the whistling of the wind. NoteThe reporter of the Star deems it proper, In view of the above, to state that be was not in the eonrt when Mr. Bargle executed the rhetorical A* urish in question, which was published In the Star of yesterday, nor was any reporter of the Star present. After the court adjourned on that day, he accidentally met a juror who had satin the case, who informed him that Mr. Bargie bad electrified the court and the lawyers with a torrent of eloquence, and requested us to obtain a copy, if possible, for publication This juror a'ao informed our reporter that be thought if the jury could have heard this speech before they retired in the case, Bargie would not have been cooviciea a great many persons who bad heard the speech, or bad beard of It, requested us to publish it. Thinking there must be something in it, we re<]nested a friend, not a reporter for the Star, to obtain it for us This gentleman informed 11s that he had already been to the jail and obtained it from Bargie, and offered to furnish it. We accordingly published It, believing it to be the genuine speech, or as near it as U would be possible to come, under the circumstances. This is the whole of It. As to the Court, it is due to Judge Crawford, and to our reporter also, to say here, that he Is not conscious of ever having misrepresented the actiou of tbc Court?certuliily not wilfully, and be bellevs not carelessly. If there Is a gentleman connected with the Criminal Court for whom our reporter entertains a more profound respect than for its excellent and high-toned District Attorney, it is bis honor Judge Crawford. The court tken took up the case of the United Statcsagt William H. Marquise, for keeping a gambling bouse, which, according to the law of Conurese. is considered of the same nature as that of obtaining money under false pretenses. The case was pending when our report closed. Thk Tournamkit at Aklimotox Ykstkrdat. As anticipated, there was an immense gathering at Arlington yesterday, on the occasion of tbe tournament given by the President's Mounted liuard. Dancing commenced at an early hour, and was continued until 4 o'clock, when tbe great contest for the prizes came off Previous to Its commencement, however, the Hou 1 I Stevens. of Oregon, delivered a very neat address, after which tue rules of the ring were read by Maj. Emery The judges appointed were John Juhuson. Col. Emery, and Johii VVhitheld. Tbe riding was quite spirlWd, and continued somttime Mr. haskey was declared to be tbe best rider, and accordingly ulaced tbe wired scepter upon tbe fair brow of Miss Virginia Hodges, as Queen: Mr Teel rrnwnMl th? Hrtt n.?M ' * and Mr Wm Geary the second. Prior to the coronet being received by the Queen, a few appropriate remarks were made by Mr. Seitz. 1 tie dancing was kept up until a late hour. Lovk Feasts.?Two of these social meeting!, peculiar to the Methodlit denomination of Christians, have taken place recently In our city?one on Sunday afternoon at the Kast Washington Mission, Methodist Protestant, Rev W. T Dumm, pastor; the other last night, at the Ninth street Station of the same church, Rev. P. L. Wilson, pastor. The object of those meetings appears to be a frequent reunion of the members of the churches, tending to encourage and strengthen each other "as iron sharpeneth iron." The members at these meetings sing and pray and exhort each other to patience and diligence. The occasions were made peculiarly Interesting, even to non-professors, by the zeal of those who were the speakers. Several aged men and women related tneir experience In the Christian life, some of them having been in the service as much as half a r.enturv Th* Popular Pkizk Exhibitions at Odd Fellows' Hall, it will be seen by advertisenimt in another column, close up this evening with a grand exhibition for the benetltof Mr. Sanderson, the enterprising and accomplished lessee Ou this occasion, besides the beautiful and classical exhibition which the eye never tires of looking at, and the exhilarating music of Messrs. Bird and Scheel, which the ear never grows weary of hearing, tifty beautiful and costly gifts, valued at C3U), will be distributed by lot among the audience. Of course, those who have received so much pleasure and so much jewelry at the hands of Mr Sanderson, will see that he gets a bumper to-night, on the occasion of his benefit, and positively the last night of Thiodon's Museum or Art in this city. Tkx Lioht IKFA5TRY.?This fine corps bad a meeting last night at their armory and. we learn that in view of the malicious reports in circulation, tending to their injury and the Injury of otbers of our citizens, they have decided to make known all the facts connected with the visit of tbe Zouaves'' to this city; their reception and entertainment, and the arrangement for the gratification oI the citizens; and let the public see who are to blame for the disappointment which the citizens suffered. The statement will be made without respect to persons Tub Exccbsion of the Odd Fellows to Analostan Island, to-morrow, for the benefit of their library, is expected to bea grand affair, and will of course be generally participated in by our citizens The committee of arraj)gemeuts,we understand have spared no pains to make it tk* excursion of thv season; and those composing the committee are just the men to accomplish what they undertake. For particulars of the excursion, see advertisement in unttthw rnlnmn Fatal Railroad Accidimt.?Aa the train on tbe Orange and Alexandria railroad, upward bound, waa approaching Mitchell'* Station, on Sunday night, It ran over a negro man lying lengthwiae on the rail, it ia supposed in a Mate of intoxication. The accident waa not noticed until the train reached the next station, when fragmenta of clothing were found upon tbe cowcatcher. The down train, however, found picked up the body, which waa cut in twain from head to foot alexandrians coxing to tbi BkLL and Evibett Ratiucatios Meetino To-morrow Nioht ?Tbe Gazette say? "We understand that tbe steamer Tbomaa Collyer haa been chartrel bv tbe Union Club of thla city to convey them to \&aahington on Wednesday night next, to attend the grand ratifcalion meeting of tbe Unloa party of that city. It ia expected tnat a large number will go up on ber " Thb Bible in the Public School*?Mr Editor : Will you pleeae inform your reader* by what constitutional principle of American justice and liberality the Bible la made a text-book in our public scnoola, to the virtual exclusion ot the children of a large proportion of our citisena who do uot believe in the lnternretatlon at ttu> mmmI volume ex caiktdra.' ' Catholicus. Ds*i?*?d ? Yea'erday, Wm. Babblngton ?pprtml before Justice l>onn to mwrr to a charge of nmult and battery on Michael IJulnlan with an ax It wti a deferred cass. having Men [? ?tponed a week ago Mr Norrls appeared for the proaecufloD ana Bradley. Jr., for the defente After a hearing of the evidence the caae was dlsmlaa^d. It appearing that the prosecutor was the assaulting party by his own statement. A lU-Ki musical entertainment, It will be Sndn by an advertisement elsewhere, is to be given at Auslsstao laland on Friday and Satorday evening* next, commencing at four o'clock. The character and qualltcatfoM ef the parties engaged In this aflklr insure a rich musical treat to those who may have the good fortune to participate UM. r - v s'i t g J., ??a Thi ALBXAifOmiA covxrr cov*t?Organization of tk' Court?Diteknrgr of the Cnptnm and Pilot of tk* tt'nmtr St. Nttknlat. fr ?The (1? zetteof this morning nv>: "The county Court of this county organized yesterday morning In accordance with the Drovlilona of the Me Justice Dixon called the court to ord'r, and npon calling the roll the following justices were found to be present:?First district?J A. English, W. A. Harper, ai-d C I.Neale ; second district?W. N. Brown, E Burt-bell and Thomita Smith : third district?R Brockett. Pa ml Beach, *. G. Vlolett, and T. Dixon; fourth district?\V. H Fowle. J as W Nails, E E Witnirr, and W. B. Price ; fifth district?J - W . tumimrs and Jno. R Johnson. The court at once, proceeded to Its first legitimate business?the selection of a presiding Justice. Justice Beach nominated Wm. H. Fowle, Justice Brockett nominated Turner Dixon. The justices then proceeded 14 Tlra voce, and In open court," to the election of a presiding justice With the following rwuilt : For \V H. Fowle?Justices English, Vlolett, Be*rb, Harper. Nails, Wltiner, Price, Neale, Smith, Bur hell, Summer*, and Brown?18 For Turner Dixon?Justices Brockett, Johnson, and Fowle?3 Not voting?Justice Dixon. Mr Fowle took the chair, and briefly returned thanks to the Court. The Court having been organized, Justices English, Smith, Brockett, Nails and Summers were appointed a committee to classify the justices for service at the various terms. As the Court was about proceeding to civil business, the presiding Justice observed that It would be just as well for the new Court to begin right. He therefore gave notice that the Court would hear no remarks from an attornev, unless he was standing within the bar, at the plaice prescribed by tht Fules of the Court. The committee on classification reported the following; which was adopted: Clatsijieation of tk* Justicts of tkt Alexandria County Court?January?NT. H. Fowle, P.J; Turner Dixon, J W. Summers, Ed. Bureheil, James A. English. February?W. H Fowle. P. J.: H. S Wonder. Tlios B. Dawson, E. F. Witmer, Samuel Beach. March-W. H . Fowle, P J; W.N Brown, Robert G.Violet, J R. Johnson. C L Neale. April?W H. Fowle, P J ; E. F Wltmer, R. Bro< kett, J.W. Nails, Thomas Smith. May?W. H Fowle, P J.: R. Brockett, E. Burchell,W. B Price. John W. Summers. June?W H Fowle, P J ; C. P Shaw, J. W. Nails, $ Beach, W. A Harper. July?W. H. Fowle, P.J ; Jaa A. English, R. Vlolett, R. Brockett, J. J. Wheat August?W. H Fowle, P. J.: Thomas Smith, Turner Dixon, W. B. Price, \V. N. Brown. September?W. H. Fowle, P J.; C. L. Neale, J. R. Johnson, W. A. Harper, E. Burchell. October?W H Fowle, P. J ; W B Price, C. P. Shaw, T. B Dawson, Samuel Beach. November?W H Fowle, P J ; C L. Neale, J. A. English, H. S Wonder, J J. Wheat. Decern her? W H Fowl- P J I W V?ll. W.N. Brown, R G Vlolett, Thomas Smith. The court then proceeded to the election of a keeper of the court house, resulting in the election of H L. Monroe. The general court was then dismissed, and the August Justlces took their seats as follows:?W in. H. Fowie, P J., and Justices Trice, Smith, Brown, and Neale. After civil business of no Interest, the court, sitting as an examining court, then proceeded to examine the case of Captain Samuel Ijuyand James Burroughs, charged with causing the death r\f T 3mi>e II /Si 4 ???* Ktr < ! ? ??..!! ? ? * W. ???<.* am ?yii*c, vy mc JIC^Iij;riU 1110110^1116111 of the iteamer St Nicholas, In the waters of the Potomac river. The Commonwealth's Attorney appeared for the State G W. Brent, Esq , represented the accused parties. Capt.W ilkinson, S H Pevaughn and B. Wheat were sworn for tLe prosecution, and testified, the two former ns at the coroner's Inquest published several days since, and the latter that Samuel Guy was captain and James Burroughs pilot of the steamer St Nicholas Messrs P. A. Tucker, M. Wallingforth, R. Israel, M. Finnell and L. French were examined, who testified that as soon as U was discovered upon the steamer St Nicholas that the small boat was likely to be run over, every possible effort was made to prevent accident; the steamer's whistle was blown, and the course of the boat changed, the gong struck and the engine stopped. The steamer, however, nmtmnrri t? m?i?? ward, under the impetus she had received, and so struck and swamped the boat, by which Olive wag drowned. On pawing, the captain ordered the boats to be lowered, but the crowcfon board was so great as to render the task difficult. Hefore It was etiVcted. several boats froin Alexandria had reached the spot; so the steamer continued on ber way. The Court having considered the subject dischargee! the parties John A Keys, a countv constable, elected in May last, having failed to qualify as prescribed by law, the Court ordered that an election be held at the usual voting place of the first district upon the 10th of August, for a constable of that district, under the commissioners authorized to hold the ?1 *1 ? _ M I 4 cir> lion in may David Manlev. charged with an assault with Intent to kill F Tatterson on the 5th of July last, was placed at the bar The Court discharged him froin the felony, but held him to answer at the October term for a misdemeanor. The Clerk of the Court was instructed to give public notice?by advertisement In the papers of the city for thirty days?that publication would be tnade of the list of delinquents for taxes und levies The Court appointed W. B Price, R. Brockett and Thomas Smith a committee on public property.. It was ordered that the school kept In the R?nbouse on the corner of the Court Oreen be re IIIUVOU. And after the transaction of some civil busln?-M of no interest, the Court adjourned until court in course. A Rcmor Afloat? I tin rumored about tbat the Ja|>aiie?e contribution has been distributed to lbcity police, and also tbat the quota to each man was considerably decreased by a required contribution to aid In relieving a certain association fruin/lebt Incurred by the late mayoralty election It was a nice game to play If Dame Rumor speaks the truth, and the details must have been rather aggravating to the men who were to be the recipients of thlsgift It is said to have been represented to the police that by the engineering of their superiors a division of the Japaneiw present had been made for 160 men for this city, when there are only 10U in the service; that consequently they were better <?1T in the dividend than they would have been if their superiors had not engineered the matter for them, and that, having received this large sum, they could well afford to contribute $3 eacn to the object before mentioned. A list. It is said, was made out. and each was required to sign it. acknowledging the contribii- | Uon This will of course appear to be a volunurv contribution on the paper, but the rumor gives It a vary involuntary appearance. Will not some | of the parties interested in the matter give ua more light on the subject ? Th* G*s?t Eaktkbm txccasiom?One of the most pleasant and really enjoyable excursions on record is presented in tbe one now nearly perfected by tbe rommittee in charge for Annapolis per the j magnificent and swift steamer Baltimore to visit ! the great steamship about which so many columns have been written and so many steel and wood ' cuts engraved during the p.<st five years. The fume of tbe Great Kastern has traveled Into evnry 1IInH #vn Ta/1 ?1aKa "nil L --1 ? ? ?? v? ?HV v< "V , Mitt* OT>OBCIICU| fSpeciallv on this aide of the Atlantic, the most wide-spread curiosity on the party of the people. The last and the best chance is offered In the advertisement to which we refer. * Make a note" of the fact. Thk St Joskph'r Mali Obpham Astium, which will be an edifice of magnitude, uliity j and beauty, which Is to occupy one of the sites near the church of Bt. Aloysius. will be com menced at an early day, and will be ornamental to that section of our city. To this benevolent lastitution several valuable bequests have been made t within a short period. Police Mattxbs?Btfort Justic? Clark. ?Sarah ' (ireyson, accused of profanity, was fined S'<? 4<i. Ann Brower, charged with using blasphemous i language; fined S2.?0. Amelia Simmons, swear- I ing; fined *4.06 James Butler, for using profane language; fined S3-16. Win. 8 Simpson, J charged with nar boring a dangerous dog; fined 1 58, on confession of judgment. Elected and Installed ?The following gentlemen were last night installed as officers of George Washington Tent, I. O . of R , to serve for i the ensuing quarter :?Jas. A. Cooper, 8h.; Wm ! H. C. Breggeman, F. C. R.j Jos. Hough, C. R.; 8. C. Mills, D R ; C. W Mitchell, R 8 : G. F. Kidwell, F. 8 ; John MilU.T ; J H Smith, L ; j J. H. Mills, 1. O ; Samuel Tucker, O. G. A ric-Ric for the benefit of 8t. yinctnt's Female ; Orphan Asylum is to be given at Arlington Spring | on aionaay, August ?nn. mis is tbe plc-nlc for | those who wish to combine utility witn pleasure. Keep a look out for tbe particular* In a future advertisement. Aekivkd at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteen and-a-half street,) schooner Cfaas. Moore, lugersoll, from Philadelphia, with lt$ tons of c?il for

Messrs. Sheriff 4 Dawson. Also, schooner Cornelia Noyes, from the s*me port, with 116 tons of coal for Mr. James Fraser. Extcksivk Psvpabations are belne made for the Bell and Everett mass meeting in front of tbe City HaU, to-morrow night, audit will no doubt be?an interesting affair. A tournament and ball is announced to Uk? place at Marshall's Pavilion, 8t Mary's county, Md., on Tueaday.tbe 14th Inst For particulars see advertisement In another colugui.. . mi i t Livt Covet.?At a session of the court held yesterday, George VV Ri*gs, Esq., wm elected president, in place of Lewis Carbery, deceased ^ A^Obaio Picnic COOKS off to-morrow at the ^ 0 I Mo?tt??ombkt Oovntv AaRirvi.TOEiL SocitTT i The Eifcntirf ConnMlce of tb? Moot*;oiitt-r County Agricultural Siwtrtr |Hibll<h In tb< week'* "?iiiUnrl" the Ll?t of PrrchM. to b awarded at their 14th Annual Fair, to be held o the I3ifa ind (Ub o(Septciul>fr n?it. Tbefrlfud of the Society will be pleasrd to see the Increase* value of the Dremiums to be given th^s rear, as 1 shows ita rffosperlty and success. and we ar f:reatly graflflea to witness the xesl manifested b he Comta1tt*e of Arrangement* In thus earl heparin* for the approaching elhlbition At thi last meeting of the Society. It vai determined t build upon the Fair Gronods a large and com mod!ou* house, for the exhibition of article* o domestic manufacture, embroidery, and rteedi work, the product of the dairy, fruits, vegetables Ac .Mid already a large and effective force i busily efcgaftd in IU contraction. The dimen aions cf Uie building are to be thirty feet b' eventy, of two stories, with large window*, anr buiit in the moat substantial manner. This wil be a Yerv rreit Imorovement ?n?l ulH irmth to the efficiency of the Society?affording ampl< room for the exhibition and preservation of ar tide* which require much time for examination and need to be taken care of after the examinatioi by the several committees. We are quite sur< the ladles who have, on former occasions, favored the Society with evidences of their handiwork will rejoice to know that every article upon ex hlbftlon. this year, will be carefully preserved and returned to its owner, and perhaps, with a premium?moat assuredly, if none superior is ex niblted in competition. The above, from the Roekville (Montgomery county) Sentinel, will explain to all the citixeni of the District and surrounding country engaged in the production of American fabrics, that there is now being made ample provision for the propet difj'lay and wc?r*ry of any specimens of tbeli handicraft they are disposed to exhibit, not only to a very large class of visiters, but to all the consumers of that rich agricultural region who daily visit our market. For any information in regard to the above exVIKUU. _ J i -- - - uiui>iuu. naaress w . v. uonic, Kockvllle, Md Aug 6,1830. P. Chksateakk axx> Ohio Caxal.?The following communication, njra the Intelligencer, has been handed to ns. written by a gentleman ol Cumberland to his friend in this city, both tielng personally well known to us. The Informatiou seems to oe of great Importance to all parties concerned, directly or indirectly, in this threat work, more especially to those parties who advanced in good faith millions for Ita completion: CCHBXKLAND, Md., July 30, Ifflo. Dtar Sir: We have to-day issued a call for a convention of all persons interested in the present condition and future prospects of the canal, to meet here on the loth of August. The notice is short, but it was necessary to anticipate the meeting of the Canal Board at Berkeley Springs on tbe13th, and of the state's agents on the 15th. Now, this call is signed by the muat respectable men of the county, and will be found in the J Intelligencer, Richmond Enquirer, and in papers i of the Maryland counties interested in the canal. It would have been signed by the whole county, h.'*d there been time to circulate It and had it open necessary. Yon know that we are again threatened with an increase of tolls, (no doubt at the instance <>1 the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company;) and, even if they are not increased, the impending threat is just as ruinous, for no new contract* will be made, nor a boat built, nor a horse bought during this feeling of Insecurity. Now, you are interested in this state of things. Your Mayors of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, or some representative of their interests, ought to be here, as also Mr. Tucker. of Richmond, and also some one to represent the Government interest. S ir yourself about this thing, for it is the death throe of vast capital and many interests. consiaskes per Steamer Monticello kkom New Vom. August 6?Alexander A Cook, G K. Adams, C. fi. Anderson, Busey A Barnard, A. Buchly, Hlaachard A Mohuu, \V. H. Belks. Baron Gerolt, W. O Berry, R. 8 T. Cissell. VV T. Collins, S. M. Clark, C. Coliiteau, Campbell 4 Son, C. \V. Cunningham. C. L. Coltmau.J. O'Dohohue, \V. T. Dove, l)orsty A Wood, i> English A Son, O. Emmerson, W H Kdes, W. H. Franklin, C. J . Fissell. R H Graham. Z. 1). Gilman, J. Gibson, F. Gurecke, \V. H. G"dy, Gotliclf A Bchren, A. W . Gadder A Co , Hyde A Davidson, F. Harper, B. Jost Jackson, Bro A Co., R M. Johnson A Co., H. ! . Johns, H Kybaw swith, Lewis A Co , E. M Eiuthicum. Henry, Chapman, J B. Moore, C Miirz. II / McLaughlin. Myers A McGhan, W.G Metierott. W. H. & O. H Morrison, New Dome of Capitol, J. W. Nairn, W. Orme, G. A T. Parker A Co., 1'bilp A Solomon, Parker A Spaulding, J C. Kiwi, Maj G D. Ramsay, C. Stribling, Smitbsouian Institution, Sibley At Guy, J. L. Savage. B Seegel. L H A G. C. Schneider, P. J. Steer. J W. Soulheron, J. Schieflev. Captain W T Smith, Suioot A Burroughs. Selma Seibert. i. A. Thompson. Thomas A Bro , Tenney & Co., Thompson A Hanuan. W. S. Thouijwoo, J \tf. TiioBi(?on A Co., Taylor A Maury, t-ranrk Taylor, Varolii A Pinch, Washington Arsenal, G M Wight, L;. K. White A Co . R S. Williamson, J. Warren Webb, W. P. Webb, A. K. Woods Patstngrrx:?T. S. Sherman and lady, B. P Stii*rm*u. Miss Kate M McParlin. W. C. Greenlee f. Miss L C Dawes, W. M Duncanson, L?r Manning and ladv. H S Pulnun inn " ? r, j j ? , ? MV. iUBOVII, Francis Mason. Ml* A Newman, Miss Margaret Newman, I'eter Kemper and lady. W F. Underbill. Mr. Evelietb, Kben Evelieth, Mr. Kcheds, N. H 8. Taylor. G. A Adams. A G. Herkaoth. E. Smith, John Smith, Capt. Bay man, and S. V Roberts. Anothkr Outiaoiokthk Mall ?Mr. Editor: Last night, as a gentleman was passing quietly and peacefully along Seventh street, (Island.) be was assailed by an armed band of de*f>eradot-a and ruiftans, ten to fifteen In number, who, without auy provocation whatever, knocked bun down and l>eat biui most unmercifully, notwithstanding his loud criea of murder Is it not strange. Mr. Editor, that wb41e Congress is to tenacious and strict about the right* of our Government when dealing with otber powers, it has never troubled lUelf about the govermueut of tbe Federal Metropolis? Here In this very city, the central attraction of the Union, American citizens line prounemi uue on nriD) are used and beaten as If there win no government, nc law to protect orderly and quiet citiiens in their juat rights Are there no police stationed ou that part of the Island ' If so, where were they last night ?? answer, corner Four-and-a-half street and Maryland avenue, one of them asleep on a cellar door, the other guarding hia sleeping companion an Eye Wiikkss. Washington, August 6th. I Ckntek Market?The market niwnwl thi. morning with a large supply The range ol vegetable stands wire especially attractive. the snpply consisting of the choice productions of our suburban farms and gardens, as well as the selections from more distant localities The attendance was numerous, and apparently the business of the day was up to the average. The hay market was occupied by wagons and carts, laden with article* usually found in that locality, aid there also seemed to be an increasing demand. The Potomac Lioht Infantst.?Maj Davis has just received a lot of very handsome French fatigue caps at his store, which have attracted much attention, and are greatly admired They were ordered for the Potomac Light Infcntry. of flsikraAtnurn an A urill rnsWo ? *?-* ? ? ucvigv?v?"M -?? " *" Vjujw: a icainrc in their fatigue dress The cap is very light, and . conalata of a black body with light blue band and top. Cxktb&L Guaxdhocsx Cask ?Mandy Hopklm, col , was taken in for safe keeping. Thu morning her master paid the line ana costs? $2 15?and she was released to him. Six ADVRXTiaxMKRT in another column of a fine fast sailing yacht for sale, about which information can be obtained at H. O Hood's jewelry store. Thi Navt-Yabd Baptist Sabbath School announce an excursion to Fort Washington and the White House Pavilion to-morrow, (Wednesday ) See advertisement. Tub Montgomery Guard announce a grand plf-nlc at Arlington Springs on Wednesday, the IStb Instant Keep a lookout for particulars In a future advertisement. Don't Forget the picnic of tiorsuch Chapel Sabbath School, tomorrow, at Columbia Springs For particulars see advertisement. Bear r* mind the prize picnic to come off at Analostan Island, on Monday next. See advertisement In 4nother column. Bi*a in Mihd the grand excursion of St Peter's Sunday School to Ulymont, to-morrow. For particulars set: advertisement. . _Wista**s Balsam or Wild Chekrt?The Editor of the International Journal says:?'"Oi ail 11? specifics offered for the curs of L.ung Complaint*. we hav<i the greatest faith in WLuar'i Bai sa>n of Wild Cktrry. Fr^-S from those n\rcotio i?sreoients which eutor so largely luto the oompoai tionofaons oihwr patent matures it acta ?nk. oi\t lnjurj^o the Nervous Hystein We speak of" tku valuab.e inadi in* tiom pa. son 1 kaoal tip of lUetieuts. Soaraeij two y ars liavo *.ap>ed ?uioe a member of oar family wu raised from the very brink of the grave through its aae;aat in several subsequent oases where it has been administered in our houitehoid. it has never onoe tailed ?f the daatred effect. V\'e cheerfully recomtneml it toour friends in th* British Provinces and among the re/rt of mank nd, as a certain remedy for Incipient Disoaaei e( the Lungs." None genuine uuloas sigced L Butts on the wrajp-r. Prepared by 8. W. Fowl* * Co., Baatos, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman, 8. C. Ford, Jr. it. B. Waita, sT&tott, John Sohwarse, Nairn 4. Palmar, Wash ia?toiii and by dealers everywhere. aa TJv,r , Mnn'i Mnienovi VaawiK Dantom, the oldest aad beat raiaedv known for extarmmatdetj In^eata... Hik IPhtsiuah- ?r* u? *p?*aV a ??rH n Vrataeof wt a* are culwl pat it me<liot?i?"?." |i?B it i? an article in lh?? a?il?'of m?li a! etHi**, . that a pti) rtrwn who -A'lCtiorm 'b# u?t> ? < ranii cannWf N*eon?i(f?rM * mmw of the N*nAha1 a? aocia'inn. Hut rt??*r* arw ^sorption* t?> the uv>-t I* *trinc*at rule*. an<( :nany of the iliar piM of Kx-ii a la pin* have ?<ttiallj <*>ir prl ?!, by theforca t "I fa.-ti, ti> raeotnm&M Dr. J. tloi?teUer'? M<>mrli ^ Bit Urn tor tiu>?e<J wmoh areouij prevalent iIikiok the u?im?r awl fail Tim> have aieert.aiinM ' ? ** u?are (kre no r*u>*lie? in th? pUarmacopia c*n compare with thia wonderful ron.pvuu<! r lor tne derangement of the ajstem. Thousand* of o laui lea residing a'ont the low eroundi i>f th?* wen i. t#rn an., aoutliern river*, are n?w conmioid t*?ai f ""J have found a medici'te peculiar.* a-'ap'-il r> e l/',r *?l"?eiita, while in other portion* of th? ool.iitOur ine t ho ttummer mo.itha t ^.. .Umi n J for ti ? Article if <'?ually 'Arse. Sold by druggist ami doaiere generally ev?'ywnerc, ,\u 7-eoSi jf l.ToV* MtSNITlC 1 Exterminates Bed Hn*s. Roaches. Ticks, Ants, 1 Garden Inaecta. Ac. , It tontain* no Poison LtoV? M oirrtf Pif.L* Are Certain DoiUk to KaU and Mica. Suid everywhere. ap 9 3m ' n HOMEOPATHIC RKMEDICS I AH of Dr. Humphrey* A Co.'s ofeoiSe Homeopathic Remedies put up express,? for family . use, in boxes, at 2S and S* w>nts each. Also, , in oas***. containing vial", from $4 to each, with hook of full direction. For aale f?y 1 Z. D. Oilman, ISO Fa. avenue wholesale a-< t rotiil UKIII. IV ? P. 1J ?* > -?" *? - - - ^ w.,. r*. II J HUT v<l r BVriTl, also by F. B. Wiuter. north corner of K street fcrut Vermont avenue. A *u. Fond'* Ertrmtt tf l^itr/k , Hiztl, for internal *nd external intian.inatiouh >f au kinds. Sold as kliort. in* 3 ly Hollo way's Pills. Pi Atiiuri.-A Mh! leu turp ession oftheevacuations frequently ends in collapse. The action of Holloway ' medicines are basel on a more rational principle; by combining with the depraved huoiom they iieutralu- and expel them thn>ugh the natur-| al channel*. They purify the fluid*, cleans* the bowels, invigorate the stomach, aod b? regulating the various functions restore the body to its nor mal state of health. Sold by all Druggists, at 25c., 62c., and 91 per box. au S 1 w Baxbt's Txicophbxocs is the beat and cheapest article for Dressing, Reaut tifying. Cleansing, Carling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. LadjM, try it. Sold by all Drug gists and Perfumers mar 12*m Max. wikslow, an exparienoed nirse and lemal* physician, has a Syrmr frr ChtUm Ttttk* ms?, which greatly facilitates the prooees of teething uj buiveiling ioa cum*, reanotnc an intlnnmatJun? will alia* all pun. and m *?r? to rNint* the bowel*. Depend upon it, mother*. it wtll give reet to yourselvac, and reitef and hefetb to roar infant*. Perfectly aaia in all oaaea. dee advertisement id another ooiamn. oo 11-1? l*V'?01?Tr th* ktitih -Two third* of our diseate* prooead from drmnceiatnt* of the stomach and the nerves. A want >1 \ iri>r in the diceaiiv* organ* caiiee* an iminenw amount of diacomlort. tK>tti in body mkI mind OM prtpi'i; i on and en* only, reaches the cau.*e anil the eoo*eqii ?*!!< <? . ,.( thi* diaeomfort. To *ive strenatii to the weakened stomach. to calm the agitated nerves and lo re*to--e that regularity of action in all the organ* wlurh constitute perfect h"*.th and tend to sOrnre a long and pa<nle** life, there in no medicine new helore the world whioli will oompare with St*mnrk It would b* *n insult totl?e r*-?<i**i ' to mpposo that be has pot heard of their amazing ni(!W"rt in Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, ijencml l>ebility. and all tne disorder* to which the stomach, the liver, the how?la and the ncrvou* system are subject. So marvelous l* the effect ?( tin* if at restorative that physician* of eminence do nor lie* iuiu- m aim uii'tr nwii>,i m viinrnwit lo lite Mau> monialH of I)-rsons who h?v? litfn ro?>ru??l from nfkrm an.I daorer hi tli?? R'tters. when the remedies i>f the di?i>*!isary had ait t>een tried without avail Sold hy all druggists everywhere. jy 31 e*?St PuiniKK.?Peraons dMirtng Pennies wtllaiwars find thiwi for aiflkiini* at the RU' llflw MARRIED. On Thursday, A must id, by Krv Win. Ikivards, GKORGK ! . ROI'X, K*q..of F?rna'id ua. I"! u, lo M. I.IZ7IK, daughter or Judsou Mitchell, l.-i.. (ieorgetown, D. C. * in v n In this c t\, at 3'- p. m., MondtT, the .Wk inntv t. SOIMIIK \\ HN'NKV. Ian.i>t>-r <l i ?I at- Kenlwn M. Wliitupy, K*q., ?int wile of Dr. H. N. Wadswo-th, a^<vl 3.% >oars. Funoral v! 1 tak<* piUo"1 on WoJn??n<1%? *(lcrnO"ii it r> o'clock, from the rcmdwop of li??r hu*l>ai?d. \ n. t' trwt Fiiends and acqiuuuta:.c * ar<- p*r ticula;!v invited to attend. I ? pa;l?*d tin* 111 on >at irda) a'tor noon, t he ith of August, at his lath?r*a remdeno'. a:*- ;i < il illn?*-? of aliout UKNJAMIN I s. DOWNS, Hon of Mr. J"!m and Mrs. Ann [h)?ni, ajixl 23 ?pari?, II moMtht^aiidit (lavs Coulil tin undivided attention <?| kind *i1? r~ a-i?t tliv wcrpinc t?nr? of broken h?'aite?l parents ait prevail^, Hrnjarnin won .1 not havsdted. In la-t, we !? Iiove he m not dead. but li vea a r??det?iiio4 spirit in Heaven. "A liitht is from oar household gone, A voic" we lovetl is Ktilled, A p ii<:e i* vacant in our iimUt Which never < an he fillle<l: A kindred heart thai t:irubln*d but !?U?. With tendern- ? > and ove. Ha* tm?heil it? pa.nful throbbing* here. To dwell in b i?t> above. Yen, to the r otn-" where nnsvls are We trnat It is m?u! iiw ii<?4. Ard vet we bend above Ins grave. With tear*, ani eall him dea I, We call hi-u dead. But o' , we know Mo dwelin wbeie living crater* How." It* GEORGETOWN APVERT'MTS tor other (i forget oien *rlr?rti**m4nts if fir it pnf* AND KVERKTT RAl.J.Y IN I 5 GEORGK.TOWN.-There will be a eia?l rally of the friends of Bftt.L At Ev***tt, in f <>at of theTown House, on WEDMKSOAY KviW I 1 >t. at 7 o'clock, for the purpose o! art ' in* the Ma?s Meetinc iu front ol'the City H.H, Washing on. A full hand of .Mubic wi1! be mat tendance. "Oome om^-com* all Roll on the Hall." Ht order of tho H^ll and Kverett Association of Gcorcetown. JAMES A. MAG RUDER, Pre*. an 6 St W.ll. tknney. Seo'y. fW O H U M 11 U U ! We will commence on Monday i??\\t. J??1t 9't|i. to oJosp ont our entire stock of slTMM KK i)R F.SfS 1 GOODS, Ac., fcc., at Prir?eCost for Cash - no ni .fu will baaaked. Sl'lLMAN A HITNT, jjr 27-eo2w 9*" Bridge strwt Those persons who have iilood red.>111.1. B.\G? in their po*s? s?ion tielongiiu to us will pleoac return them to Columbia M ilis. Wdw street, ueoreetown. au4-3t "BoVi:K. THOMAS A DIHK.I'. IN WARM WEATHKR PR K PA RE FOR COLD' We ar* now receiving. and willheduruc the of A neuKt. luiiK of (.'OA I., uf al. bizm, winch we will nell cheap if ord ered prior 10 Ik| September. Call earlv aud leave jour orders at 1 our Offices, if tou wish lo ?>a\e mone? CM VERSA BON, 1 No. 41 Water *tr?et. Georgetown. J. W. P. MYER* * VO., if 27-2W Oftoe eor. G and 2id ht?., Washing n. Having determinkp ro chaigeiiy buxine?s, I'll ciwiinr e? from this date U?**U for aaah 1117 entire stock of DRY and K'ANCY (JOOD*. Having purchased o the most favor* hi* terms, and t>ein? desirous of oloamg . ut as early as possible, all who may be in want of bargains will do veil to give me a call. W. R. HURDLE. jy24 lm Corner of High and Gay sts. All kinds of GAME Bought at the Richest Prices, At KLOTZ'H RESTAURANT, an 4-eolm* Ninth st., tie?. f'a.av ao<l D st. GEURGE R St.OAT A co.'s SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. First premium awarded at 19 (ml if 20 State and County Fain. The ehMMit ami hsit H*win* tfuliiaaa ? vented are universally admitted U> be those masafacfured by George B Sloat t Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic ami Shuttle Machines $50 to ffio. Fancv Elliptic, Wa.uut or Mahogany Cased. $63 and 865. Toilet Cased, Walnut or Mahofany, 075an4 985. These Machines are of superior workmaaslup and wore elaborate finiib and J3 per oent. cheaper than ant other Sewing Machine ma' ufaotured in the L'nitod Mate*. Call and see litem at M AXNVKLL'S Fancj_More, 34** Pa. avenoe. jy 25-eo6t J THOM AS MAX WELL. Agent. 07Q HEMNSVLVAMA AVENUE. Between I O 11th and 12th ?tr?et*.?Fifty copies of Cluskev's Political Text Rook or Encyclopedia, received tus day by express, and Tor sale u B?N. F. F RENCH-S, au 4 6t flnt.) 2Tft Penn. avenue. T^HOMP!*ON?8 CELEBRATED MEDICINES, LIFE PRe.SERVER, and CORDIAL. . For sale, wholesale aa>i retail, by S. C. FORD, Jr., jy 25 1 a Ch?n*iar ASBIMflTHN " " Ave*** and Tenth Strtet. Jrc. MoGUIRE, PimMmU 8. P. HANSON. SwcrXAfT. ? 7-?>tr WOOD! WOOD-!! WOOD!!! STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD,H the iovw UMlbl* jrio*. T. J. ft W. M. GALT. 'i?'J l*?. av? Mveen 1Kb aiod Willi., Wllltf n?rtA ?d UNGINEEE';* OFFICE. Ed . Autx*5PEiA, Jun?-*, 18$n. MAM a mm A a D n >11 ?>?? THB LATEST NEW* |_ TELGQKAl'llIG. Oar l?a? Later fr?a Futhf* Po;it. Aog ".?The Montreal and Liverpool R M teai.i*' ip Canadian, from Liverpool on th? wa toil h'd at ?Jn<^n?u?wn o? tb? 5fTth. and paued here eorlr tbt* morn Ink, droppine a brief new* iiinmarr tor tbe Am<* ud Pr***. Inrludlut: l,lwpw>l date* of tbe *7tb by telegraph to It was rtp ii ted I bat a roev*n1l.*i would be hr Id bv tb- ttreat Power*, rrlative to tbetr jolat later \ -trion in the recrnl outrage* on th? Chriattaao in Nik, and that the preliminaries wert*lvu?d 5a Pari* on the Mh TheGoolirx4 Cup waa woo by Sweataaure Starke was fourta In tbe rmrr COHMUd U. TV Llwrpw) Broker*' Circular report* nliof cotton for ttu week at ifc.OOl) bale* riming dull at a decline on all qualltle*. but reaching ^d tn tome caaea. principally on middling and lower qualities, other quail tie* cloard very irregular Flour ruled Irm W beat bad advanced laid 01 tbe week, and cloaed buoyant Cora tad a downward tendency, b it prices were not quota blv lower. Provision* ruled dull. Arrival of tbe Poay Eipf*. St Joseph. Au* t. ?Tbe Poay i iprea* froai California baa arrived Ten deaiaeratlc new* paper* aave de< lared for DouglM ai d an for Hrtikiar <ie Tb? leader* of tbe party dect.a*Uk;iitr ?;de* A flrr iu tbe grata ttei<la of San Mateo bad Wrnt awav !) * ui?l? -?' 1 -r * ?1 everything In lli way. The ship Onward from Jtpu bad arrleed there wm deprt?I'd Tbe suipii>raii> of silver from tbe Waahoe tnlaes averaged * hundred ton* per m?nth New silver mines bad Keen dtarovered a T . Lare cosaty, apecUneua aaaaviag as bi^h aa > .' ?n per Inn A Ppaatah brig (ruin Awoy for tbe Cbla< hi lalands. w.tb CHMiea abcLored > l?ra.kesi*av oo the vUd. and u?:n^ to s.<sf>i<~wMM aiovenietits a cutler wa* dispak oed to arrest aa a aiaver ud f< r not enter.u*; at (be t'uaieni Mouse The Mlstsirl Elert <>a I Locrs, Aug 6. late p tn ?Tbe returns as fir na have beer received Indicate tbe election of 1 John H. Phelps (Oongias democrat) to Cong'esa from tbe sUth district, and Jobs W. Retd (deni1 oerat) from tbe fifth district. Hancock Jackson (the Breckinridge candidate far rii)*#>rnAr\ haIIWI * ???? ?,l *? * sn?n j * W B ? t I T WTWFH IS ^ "1^ I H I f counties board from Tbe union ticket it abaad in Washing*** ronnty. and Claiborne Jsrkaon (th?? Ifc>u?l > gubernatorial candidate) leads the vote In Benton coatity I Krnto?ky KIkIim. Ci<n*<i *ti. A?c fi ? The State election in K- nt?'-ky csnie oil to-day. So far. but f?-w returns nave lotue to tia>id . The only olcrr voted for wh Clerk of the Court of Appwli. Tbe candidate* were I<eslle C<m>ui?>s vlnion),C McClsrty 1 Krerkiurid^e detu ), K. K. Hotline and Brrnt Hopkins (lud.) | Night?Tbe returns from Kentwkv Indtrat* I bat (?en l,e?lir Coombs lias tieen el?< ted Clerk of the Court of Apfw-ats. by a lar^c majority | Fram Mfiict. Niw Orle*>?, Au^tict 6.?Arrived. rbuMrr | Potomac, froin Vera Crui !*hc hriu^a d>?pab L?a I f >r Waaliiu^UHi. The <1 y wu healthy Tb? j ?*pan ah frigtU- l**i??l II bad arrived at VeraCtui I ?o coinnmiiT ate with tli? SpaitUI. MtuUUr M r.unoti waa at;of. The L'iwral? were < Mantritiiiy ILetr forct* to . tuifc the Capitol Th?I.ilxrrata uad a-i/ed th? l.i?b?p <>f tiuadalnjiri- Ui rtlnt ttM- riclunic < ( 1 ragua The Miitahni (tarty wee tUrt-dU-iuuy to atla k Vera Cf Ul. Marm at S|tria|flrld, 111. Chicago. Any 4 ?A heavy rain atorm, a< con.pamrd by t?-rrltt?- thnnder and llghtuinr, paa? d v^r Mpriiii:Seid, III . laat nleht. romnlrU-Iv de iftolUlii'i); U <rarr1aj?e manufactory and dratroyiiijr a l*rre aumbrr of c*rrb?if?>? t.oaa ?tim at ftl.'MH) A nnolxvof iinflnfibrd bnlldi?(? In tariom parti of tbe? ity wrrrron^dmbiv dauia-.'fd It wai lirposslbte, howrtft to pM?1n any estimate of lb? amount of damage. Thrff were no person* lnjur?<d Tbe I*. S Aftrtioniral EiprdltlaB Kimkt, Nora Scotia. August 6?'ftie I ulted States c<?st surve) kUailKt HI Ob, wliicli weiit to Cape CbudUritfb. Labrador, with a acientiflc corua to otot-rvr the solar eciifoe of tUe liUi Jul), arrived here on Friday Afer ret r,?lu^ a aupp y of coal site silled tor New Vnrk It launder* stood tuat ttje corps met with ^reat succeaa la tin ir o,*r<tioL? the wtuMtrr usvlu# been very f voraUIc. The Philadelphia and Baltimore Ceatral Hailroad. PfiiLAMtLrFtA. A ok ust A ?A mcrtli; of tbe stockholders of trie fh Ind* ipbia aad Kaltiiasrr Oen'jvl Railroad was bold at Avondale Saturday A resolution was adopted authorizing a laaae of ?m iwu ? iiu.u ?wrrny nays 10 tar rbliaifipDll Wiiiiiinfi'ou .-iimI Baltimore Railroad C?nif?riv, utiltat sub* ripiiou is ra a-d to carry on tber*ad under the present direction. A W fitfr Urfanltrr. CISCI!*!**TI, August 4?Charles McDougal. of the flrni of Weft A M> Douga 1 rote mission nu-tI r hanU of this city. disappeared last night. acconi1 parked hv th?- book k-*[*-r It Is stated that they took 935 <*? belonging to the firm. The boas? um txt-fi doing an e*Un*ive business, and had a larpe Jioutheru and Western patronage OMtaary Lon?rn.L*, Abj. 5?W. B Clifton, of the firm of Juurt. Hewitt A Co., of Livi-rpool, died nere yesterdav. leaving tnan?mitr*d all hie slaves, f ur hack loads of srLon attended Um fua? rai t>day us chief mouruerf There have been several cases of sun-stroke to day. Exearaiaa to the Great Cttlrra Baltimokk. Auvuit 6 ?A laree umbrr of mC lraioiiin to view th? Great Kiatrrn w-wt down t<i Auiiapolta t>-dav. l?i? ?mlv aho?it i.tRJO went < ? board. The day wm intf-niwly toot The l*rrMdent mid memltrra of the cabinet are ?-xpcited to viait tiie ship on Wednesday or 1 Lurad-y. Krappraroncf < ?d w la f arreat r> *w ion, ? IDI* ,\cw T?K Hmid | announce* that K<l?rtn Korrrst. the artor. will re[ appear on the s'-s^e at Ni??lo in September. and auoseq neatly la ritlladeiplia, Baltimore and other cities.' Kew York Baak ttateaeat. Niw Yoke, Auk. The weekly atatemant of the city tiaaka afii>v?e a decrease of 0971,UUU in apecie, 437 WW la depoaiu; and an in< rc.iae of a>l,0.4.ij00 in loam una ?416 in cir ulaUoa Kail read Arcideat. Bohtoh, Auj{Utt6?At Canton, yesterday, tbe attain boat nprem trulu iroin New \ orh. raa over \Vm Wiimi, of Stoughtoo. kihia^ him alm<?t Mnttjr. Fiir at ( ayiYilu, > ciatat. ?>cth RoT4.L?TOX, Vt., Aug t-NfWbank factory and a bote two atom, d weilinj-bouar and bridge acrom White river, were burat at Gaysril e thia morning. Low ?100.IKK) Fatal Acrid rat Bo*toh, Autf 8?A Mr Hiiaaer. of Baltimore. on hi* way to Portland with hia familv, vu run over and killed by the can at Exeter. New Ramp fthire, on Silurdav MtTtaraU mt Gea. Walker. New OiLmRa. Aug 6 ?Gea. Walker*! expe.litiAii tn ViMraviift Iflit th# Iilftni c? fnttinMl An tbe shr.h Jul v. it conatated of iv* Mali wi and about 90t> men. >l?rdfr 1b BMI*? Rostob. Aug 5?William Howard roaldinv in N fit- air e-, wa arretted jreatardajr far (ttilag b a b> b atit? and klcklag.. Krward t>fler*4. Ps'LAPKLraiA. Au* 9 ? District Attorney M-tnu aflra a reward of ftSOU for tbc captuia at J. Uuohaaaa Oruaa, tbe e*c%*d N?w You, Aug. ? ?fiour la baoyast Dtate *V'5a5.?0; Ohio ?5 30a3 45, Kouthora Mats *5 Wheal has advanced lc ; Southern red Sl-SUa t.?3 Cora la atoad : mixed ttkal3c. Pork ia fir u I..ird :* steady. Whiaky la 4*11 at *0\c ^????? 464 ?KVENXH 8TRKKT. AT THE OW* HAND. Th? aahaoMttor, Kratafuiior th?- html aatroaaro atWIWW* OrtTO'lWl to tam. baa piMfiir* to IMMM to hia t .rm. RTS puatomaraandthe public gene a. < tkit|*P ai?l c?uipleu> u?"rtm?iit or fine 0 ROCK HIE*. TK.V?, Llqi OR9 and CIGAR* M? anlifitn a ?a I fNaki all in vaut of toadan hia line. intnuJia* to apavo ao effort? to mv? eatuo set lW|tir F eah BUTTER awl E?GS eeaetaatly oa kaad j/j?-en?w WM. H BRER ETON.