Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1860 Page 1
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f 0 V2i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 8. 1860. N?. 2.331. - I ? THE EVENING STAR I i? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /Pennsylvania avenue and llfA St., BY W. D. WAVXIfH. t'&pera aerved in p?ok%r?a by o?rri?i ?t |4 I year, or 37 oroti per month. To null aaheeribera tae prioe la $;15> adi-OMce, $2 for aix month*; 91 for three months; and for leu than three montha at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Single oopiea, o.isciaTiin wrappera. two ciHTa. TO- A DriiTinnnTi ahoo!d be aent to the office before 12 o'o ook m ; otner viae they nay not appear until tie next day. The Agrlcaltaral Meeting at Alexandria Friday .Mght The citiien? meeting on Friday night, sayi the Oaietta, for the purpose of adopting measures for furthering the objects of the Potomae. V.M.. V_ M iVUUlUUI BIIU V C?I ?DJ /l^I IVUIIUI ! UUUIOIJ} DJ a subscription on the part of the city to the Society, to enable it to hold a fair the coining fall, *u not as numerously attended as was expected, though towards the close the nnaiber present had very perceptibly increased. At 8} o'clock, Isaac Kell called to the chair W. 11. Fowl*, and, on motion of the same gentleman, Edgar Snowden, jr., wm appointed aecretary. Mr. Fowle, on taking the chair, stated the object for which the meeting had been called, bJ MII^I ..D W W V.1..J * > > - II WWIVU ??|f ft . iiviauvi) v?i /IIUCI lil&I IO, who explained in a clear and forcible speech the great benefits that most accrue to Alexandria from the holding of a fair sach as was t proposed bj th? Agricultural Society. It would attract to the city, be thought, not less than 19 MO persons, and unless the farmers of Virginia had learned very recently the art of ?tri?t economy, which he did not think they had. from 875 000 to SI00.0041 would K? iiwnt here by the visiters. All classes would feel the benefit?the merchant, the mechanic, artisan, laborer; and all would realize the good effects produced by congregating here annually such a crowd as would attend the fair. Another great object attained would be the introduction to our merchants of an entirely new class of customers?persons now brought within the reach of Alexandria inflnence by the opening of her railroads, and who once brought here and permitted to see our city, become ac quainted with our people, and examine our superior oommeroial advantages,would make this their market, as it naturally was, and thus make Alexandria, instead of what it is now, on* of the most flourishing cities in the country. The speaker cited Richmond, Lynchburg. Wheeling, Petersburg, and other places that had subscribed liberally for the purpose of getting up and holding similar fairs, to show the great advantages to be derived. Lynchburg, he said, wm by her liberal policy already going ahead rapidly, and unleaa the Deoole of Alexandria awake to their true interest*, and hold out inducements to attract the people from that section of country just opened to us, bj our railroads, we would rapidly fall behindhand. and our business men of Lynchburg worn out with the active duties of that place, would seek relaxation from business in the quiet town of Alexandria. He said that those u. i ??i ?i iL. i ? _ ciNcs mat unit uuoiou w Buuwjrioe inrge 9U1113 for the purpose of inducing the State Society to hold it* annual Fairs in their midst, did not make these offers or subscribe these amounts for the honor, but for the sake of profit, and he believed that the Corporation would make good thing of it by taking the control of the ? rounds, and fitting them up, so as to draw ither the crowd. Hither the Northern man would come to sell?for he well knows that Virginians would buy anything, from a -'fast trotter" to a he goat, or from a steam engine to a tooth-pick?and hither the Southerner would come to buy The location of Alexandria as a place for holding an Agricultural Fair could ?ot be excelled?easy of access, a larger and more varied collection of animals, machinery. Ac., would be brought here than could be tound at any other fair. There was not, the speaker continued, sufficient attractions held out to the country people?thcv wished to go where a crowd was assembled, mud once get them in the way of going to any particular point, and there was no danger that there would be a falling off The speaker concluded by hoping that Alexandria either in her corporate capacity, or by a liberal sub eription on the part of her citizens individually, would come to the assistance of the Society. and enable them to hare an exhibition this fall. The chairman next oilled upon John A. Washington, the president of the Agricultural Society, who rose and made a strong appeal in behalf of the Society. He considered it all important that the Society should bold a Fair thu fall. The city must set the example by a subscription before we could expect anything from the country or other plaees. lie gave a ery interacting account of a visit to the Agricultural Fair at St. Louis, and of the immense advantage that city derived from the Fair. While he did not desire to create the impression that a Fair here would attract anytning like the number of people that were annually gathered together at St. Louis, yet in proportion to the sise of the two places and oiher things considered, we would derive, in propor uon, kb equal advantage, ue tnougnt t&at ' 15,006 was a low estimate for the number that would attend, and >11 eould see at a glance the great benefit that would accrue to the lity. He was more deeply interested in Alexandria than in any city in the country. Here was his market. What he bought, he bought herer what he sold was sold here. lie had always liked it, and iU people, and he was now advocating its cause. It would, he thought, be a great blunder if the people did not seize this advantage to render profitable and give permanence to all the works of improvement in which we have ao deep an interest; and if this opportunity was all- wed to slip, the delay would be deeply regretted when our citisens saw other Elaees reaping the harvest which we had sown, [e hoped that some plan would at once be de TiHi iur securing subscription on tne part of the city to the Society, so as to enable them to go oa with the work, and open the fair this fall. The following resolution* were then offered by K F. Witmer. Reaolv*d 1 bet in the opinion of this meeting the City Council of Alexandria would conauU the intereeu of tbia community by advancing the bonds of the Corporation to the extent of $10,000. to the Potomac, Piedmont and Valley Agricultural Sooiety, payable at such time a* may be deemed expedient; aaid Society agreeing to pay annually the intereet thereon, and a suSoient sum in addition to retire the bonds at their matarity. liautvfd That a committee be appointed to obtain from our citisens the sums necessary to pay the interest and create the sicking fund lor the parpoees designated above. The Chairman explained the object of the reeolatiens It had been considered the best plan by which a subscription on the part of the city could be effected; and while it would *n. able the Society to proeeeuto the work, tM tax on the people would be comparative!y light? only the interest on about $1,200?the oompany paying the intereaton the bond* of the Corporation. and retiriag them down when they fall doe He forcibly argued the propriety of a subscription on the part of the eity. C K Stuart seconded the resolutions in a telling speech, interspersed with many huoaocous remarks. He said Uhat the people of the tower country were looking forward to the Agricultural Fair with intereet. Be tkniwht that (!it? C/miwII ?1 *v ' B ? ??J ?vt. vvmu 3Ul?cnUO $10, AO to this object with m much propriety u they made subscriptions to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal?the bottom of which he Mid ?u coatiaually failing oat He tboaght that we could not all lire by coal?we could not all become coal-hearers, and we must look to otber sources besides the canal for trade and prosperity. We must extend oar trade and bold out inducement* for couatry people to come among iu. Country people like amue^ meats?much of the river trade had been lost to Alexandria became everything wss ao flat. The merchants did not exhibit that spirit of liberdinr that they should He oame prepared to rote f>t a resolution authorising tbe City Couaeil to make the subeeriptioa of flO.OOK, and his constituents in tbe Third Ward, sometime* callad ' Limerick,'' ail went for the sub nrlnri/ia ..J - 1 -f >L. r> : * ?? ? | m? m auj avawvi vi iuc vuuucn iruiu that ward who votad againit the aubscriptioii could not be re-elected. B H Berry fnm?t?d tone alteration; ia the phraaeolagj eTtba raaolutioM, which behiS8^l."?3S!r&? end rMoIaUon, appoialad the following oomI ???????? r - - 9 mittee, one from each ward :?E. F. Witmer, T. A. Brewis, T. S. Jamiesnn, mod George P. Wise. The meeting then adjourned. Maxims far Married Wemea. The unmarried woman, says an exchange, who can read this without indignation, ought to be married : Let evorj wife be persuaded that there are two ways of governing a family. The first is by the eiDrewion of that will which belongs to force; tbe second to the power of mildness, to which every strength will yield. One is the power of the husband: a wife should never employ any other arms than those of gentleness. When a woman accustoms herself to say * I will," she deserves to lo?e her empire. Avoid contradicting your husband. When we smell a rose it ia to imbue the sweeta of odor; we look for everything amiable in woman. Whoever is often contradicted feels insensibly an aversion for the person who contradicts, which gains strength by time, and whatever be her good qualities, is not easily destroyed. Occupy yourself only with household affairs. wait till vonr huahanri rronfitlnn to von tho*A nf higher importance, and do not read lectures to him. Let your preaching be a good example, and practice virtue yourself to make him love it. Command his attention by being always kind to him ; never exact anything, and you will attain much; appear always flattered by the little he does for you, which will excite him to do more. All men are vain ; never wound his vanity, not even in the most trifling instances. A wife may have more sense than her husband, but she should never seem to know it. When a man gives wrong counsel, never feel that he has done so, but lead him by degrees to what is rational, with mildness and gentleness ; when he is convinced, leave him to the merit of having found out what is just and reasonable When a husband is out of temper, behave obligingly to him ; if he is abusive, never retort, and never prevail over him to bumble him. Choose well your frienc^, have but few. and be careful of following their advice in all matters. Cherish neatness without luxury, and pleasure without excess ; dress with taste, particularly with modesty: vary in the fashion of your dress, especially as regards colors. It gives a change to the idea*, and recalls pleasing recollections. Such things may appear trifling, but they have more importance than is imagined. Never be curious to pry into tout husband's concerns, but obtain his confidence. Always preserve economy, avoid being out of temper, and be careful never to scold; by this means he will find his house pleasanter than any other Seem always to obtain information from him. especially before company, though you may pass yourself for a simpleton. Xflvar forir?t that l wifn him *11 h?r imnnrl. auce to that of her husband. Leave him entirely master of his own actions, to go or come whenever he thinks fit. A wife ought to make her company amiable to her husband, that ho will not be able to exist without it. then he will not seek fur pleasure abroad, if she does not partake of it with him. Increase or Tolls oj? th* Chesapeake Ohio Canal.?The Cumberland Civilian says: " ( pon the most reliable authority, we announce that the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is now in a good navigable condition it* entire length, that there is a large force engaged upon Dam No. 4, and that the gap on the \ irginia side will be entirely closed up in eight or ten days, and the dam finished at the time contracted. The new Board of Directors took possession of the canal cn the first of May, shortly thereafter the Board of Public Works suggested to them the propriety of raising the tolls which the canal directors promptly refused to do. The Board of Directors are to meet again on the 13th of August, at Berkeley Springs. On the 15th of August the Board of Public Works are to meet at the same place. We have understood that the Board of Public Works have determined that the tolls shall be raised, and rumor has it that four members of said board have signed a written agreement to insist upon tnu policy ana it toe directors shall refuse, to tarn them oat and to appoint others in their place. It is also stated that the said Board of Public Works have, in a written communication, informed the Directors of the Canul, that they will take the responsibility as the guardians of the interest of the State, and that the tolls must be raised at their next meeting. The object of their raising the toll is to turn the ooal trade to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. We learn that a paper is going the rounds receiving the signatures of leading oitiiens, making a oall for a public meeting to be held in this city on the 10th of August, for th? purpose of taking into consideration mea BUiDO Ml U1QTCUI OU 1UVI vftflw U1 kUIJS U J K Ui IUC canal. This call has our hearty concurrence, and wt> hope the meeting will be an imposing one, and will adopt such measures as will tend to impress the Canal Directors and the Board of Publio Works with the fatal and ruinous effect that will follow such an ill-advised policy as that of the raising of toll on the canal. Alexandria, Loidoik and Hampshire Railroad.?The Clarke (Va.) Journal says:? We came down yesterday on the Loudoun and Hampshire?or rather the "Alexandria, Clarke and Hampshire" road?and are gratified to be able to report very favorably of ita operations and prospects. There was quite a busy air along the whole line, at the Leesburg, and each of the other stations, and considerable number of passengers. The road already, without handling any orops, either spring or fall, is not only paying expenses, but alao the interest of the Clarke county bonds, which amounts to seven thousand a year. The toad is admirably built, plain but enduring and smooth. The station nouses and kuildinira r?n rail j od it are better than those of any other road in the State. All of oar bonds hare been used as money or else hypothecated and drawing interest. The road will certainly be completed to a point two miles further than Clarke's Gap this fall, shortening the distance by stage some six miles. The ballasting is still going on, and is within a few miles of completion to Leesburg, beyond which some sixty bands are engaged grading the remaining six miles. Four of these six miles (to Clarke's Qap) it is known are done, all to the tracklaying. The road is out of debt and in better oredit than any road in the State. Its Anancial president seems to work things as it were by magic. We have reason to be proud of the improvement. They say Loudoun is more anxious than ever for its further prosecution and final completion. The Simple Secaet.?Twenty clerks inastore. Twenty bands tn a printing office. Twenty young men ia a village. All want to get along in tbe world anfl all expect to do ao. One of toe clerks will rlae to be a partner and make a fortune. One of tbe compositors will own a newspaper and becoikte an influential and prosperous citizen One of the the apprentices will come to be a master builder. One of tbe villagers will get a handsome farm and llva like a patriarch. But which iadasttned to be tbe lucky Individual? Lucky? There i? no luck about it Tbe thing is almoct as certain as the Rule of Three Tbe young fellow who wlU distance bis competitors Is he wbo masters Us braineas. who pteaervea bis integrity, who Urea clearly and purely, who never geta in debt. who gains friend* by deserving them, and put* bis money In a savins bank. There ere some w*ya to fwtese that look shorter then this eld dusty highway. Bat the steucb mes of the roaimanlty, the me* whe achieve something really worth' having, good fortuoe, seed name, and a serene old age, all go this road. Crit is said that the reclamations this seaahn for ioasea on cottoa against Southern dealers will amount to MMjM.Am). The Charleetoa News thinks cotton speculators will continue to take the chance of losing Ian dollars la the hope of uakMff Ir~r Adeiina Patti is to give a concert al the Ocean House, Newport, on the 14th Inst. J A urns, winslow, N Experien ed Nurse and Female Phyalolaa, preaenta to the attention of mothera. tier SOOTHING SYRUP, Far ihildrea Teethia*, Wblab fiitil; faoivtttwa (b? praeaaa ?f tatthinf, by a?fi*a laf lb* cam*, r*d?eir( all inlamaatiee?trill allay ALL rtin aua apaaroadi* icum,u4 ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dipaod ip*c> it, natbtra, It will fin raat ta yaaraalvM, u< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa have pat ?p and tald thi* artlela for ??tr l?o pui,iiid CAP SAT, IK C0?riDi*01 AKDTll'TNaf it, *btl ll?T? D(**r bata tkli i? u; ?f auy othii Madieint ? MRS MA? IT FAILID,!* A I I K 8 I I II*- ???.? tTAIICl t? rr?CT a CCH, WIBILUW'I fill, limaly aitd. MtTirdid v* knaw tnOTlMfi u Imudm mt dtaaauafaeuan by any _ * Ml* vba aaad it. On tha cantrory, all ara IYRUP, dalifhiad wilb ita oraaATiont, and *.p**? la tanaa ( hifhaal commandntian ' ifc ima-i<al afaeu and madical ?nww w in ? *- wna i w Ull II*U W," | tAirui yoara' aaptnatiea, and PLIDtil our potation por thi riitfitmut or what *i nidi diCLARE. In almaat trtry mttanet wh?r? mi infant it lafuItif from pain and tihawatton, raiiaf wilt bt found li Utoi r twtrtty minatta aftar tha tyrap i> ftiinintattrtd. Thit ?*laabla prtparaunn it tha praacriptian af ana af tha ail IIPIMIRCID And ieiLPCL nceibi in Nn En(tad. tad bat baan aaad with netir-rAILina iCCClll is THOUSANDS Of CASES. It aat a?ly raliataa tha child fram pain, bat Inaifarataa tha ttanacb and baarala, corrtctt acidity, and ftrat tant and totrj? ta tha wbala tyatam. It will i.lmatt inataotly raluva Gmirma in tbk Bowili and Wins Colic, and aTircoma canTalaiana, which, if iM trtadily ramadiad and in dtatb. Wa 1 ????c?hti it tha Hit ARDIUIIIT RIM- FOR ?|)T in tbt world la all cant of OT(- CHILDREN ?Tim and DIAR R us a in chil- teething pren, wbathar it ariaat from taathinf ? 1 Ar from an? ?tb?r caata. Wa woalri I* to a?ary mothar who bat t child taffarinf from any of tht fortfainr com plain la ? DO NOT LIT TOUR PREJUDICE*, NOR THE PREJUDICE! OP OTHER!, aland bttwttn yoar taltring child and tht aaiiaf that will b? SURE?yaa, ABSOLUTELY ll'KE-to follow tht att of tb tdicint, if tirrtly uatd. Pall dirtctior.i ?r ciing will a aamp&ny aach bottia. Nona cannna anltat tha fac-timila CORTll k PERKINS, Ntw York* it on tha aataida wrappa Ec.d by Draifiaia throaf boat tha world. Principal OflSct. No. II Ctdar Etraat, N. T. Pnea anl? 18 Canu par Battia. aa Il-dkwlT GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS A RARE CHANCE 19 NOW OFFERED TO any nun wh'i may be desirous of entering in a profitable busin? **. at one of the best stands in Georeetown. I rff?r my entire stoolf of DRY 600DS ou reasonable terms, in order to make a chance in my business. \V. R HURDLE. jy 24 1m Corner of Hnh and Gay s?g. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N Anil after July .Id. th?> steamer L. J. Brenxle, Captain W. H. Ritter. will _/l _ leave Georgetown EVERY Tl'KS DAY, THI RSl> A Y, and SATI R DAY, at 7 o'clock a m..and return every alternate day,at6 o'clock a >n. On Vie Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 213m tv|? jui n r.^r-l v f?L?, IOU BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) l?n do. HERRING aid ALEWIVE9, 25 do. REFINED SUGARS, Whhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.< Bayfield) WHITE FI*H, 25 boxes prime Eastern CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 Georgetown, P. C. AGENCY FOR FA IK BANK'S SCALES IN t\ GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have bsen appointed Agents for the sale of the above oHebrateid and wen known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu 1 supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. ?IAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part the District or adjoining counties. All Scales are warranted durable, acourate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je8-2m Undue street 2 uoors west of Hirh. nRtMiRi.i. nvrrrr j rv ^ No. 1SJS iridgt ft., (riornfMm, Has oomUnt r on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Near sighted, Periseojyc, Col ^ ? *-? ored, and al. other 8PECTA<TLK!*, ot^lr^ tne best qua.ity. in gold, stiver, steel, an<! Germar. liver frames. N. B. Old F-ames Repaired and new i asses set in them to order. do 19-1 j JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDKRTAKF.R, Cor. Brvine and Je.frrson (i'oritto>en. Having given mi persona! attention to thia biauoh of my business, 1 am prepared to ? attend to ait calls wnn promptness Person* from a distance oa^ be supp.wxl at a '?* minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CuFFlNS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the dead from the old to tne new burial grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap lO-flm Mass by, oollins t co.'s Philadelphia draught ale.?We are constantly reoeiviog freah cuppliee of the above delightful b?vStff, and invite an poraona who want a pure unulteratod Aie. to rive it a trial. ARNY Jt SHINN, Arenta, f* 9 4T Green at.. Georretown. proposals for paving. Orrics of CoMMisaio^bkor Public BvildinoM Auguat 3, Ihco ( Skalbt) Proposals wi!l be rec?ivfd at thia office up t? 12 o'clock, in..on the 13thday of August next, for Grading. Curbing, and laying the Brick pave mei.t, and Paving the Guttera, 4c.. on the south aide of Missouri avenue, between Third and Sixth itrMftl VMt. AnnnMtMi An * * by a Flag Footway. The Curbatone to be of the beat auaiitv of N ew York North river atone, in piroea of not lean than four (4) feet long, sixteen (16) inches deep, and tour and a half(4H) inches thick, and to be jointed and well fitted, and aet in a bed of ooarae gravel and well rammed. The Briok to beof the best quality hard red Pav ing Brick to be laid on a bed of sharp river bai d four (4) lnohtadeep on a bed office gravel free from clay or loam three (3)inch?s deep, wi'h t*o courses on edge next to the euro and oce course on edge on the inner line. Noex'ia measurement f tr Briok on eige. The Mone Paving to be of oomnion oo^b'e stones not exceeding f ur ineh*a in diameter, except th* atone on the outside line ofthe gutter, which must be aix inches in diameter, laid on a bed ofoar^e and and clean gravel, free from olay or I am, at letst !> irchea deer, and to be twioe ramm d. the seoon<1 tim- after being we 1 wet. and covered with fi e clear* giavei or o< arse sand. Theoentreof the gutter to be laid with five courses oi hard red paving briek on edge. The Flagging to be of the bestquality New York North river Flagging, in pieaes of not ,1-m than four (4) feet long by eighteen inches wide, and not less than four (4) lichee thick, to be Mi' on a bed of fine o!ean g'avel 6 inches deep, free from clay or loam, and well jointed. All grading not exoeeding one foot to b? rsted as tnmming, and the aurp ua earth to be removed br the contractor to auoh piace aa may be detigoaud by eupe'i tendent The work to be done in the beat a?d moat * ork manlike mtnner and t<> the ?atiafaetion ol th? C< m miaaioner of Publio BuiMiu??. and under the *u perintendenoe of auch peraon a* he may appoint, and to be oompleted on or bef?r? the & at ??f N?> ember next, and warranted to aland twelve (IS) months after completion. All repaira that may be required within the time for whioh the woik ia warranted to ataud to be done at the expanse of the oou'raot >r. For the due performance of the work, agreeably to theoontraot, bond andaeourity will be required. Bidders wnl atate anparately the rate at wh en they will exeonte the Curbing, Paving, ai.d Flag giak. including matenala, and mark their propoeaia i aa followa: "Proposaia for Grading Ac , M ia?ou i aveaue." JNO. B. BLaKK, au4dtlSaug Cnmmiaai?ner. |"VFF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS, ? W^hiwoto:*. July 18, I860. uvula 10 uir&N, That,agree ably to the provision# of the oidinanoe <>f tne Corporation approved May 12 1W0. the undersigned is unw prepared, "whenever reaulred in writinf, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and aaoertain the aoouraoy of registration of any (as meter in use in tins city." Every meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will he set in its plaoe. If proved to be aoourate in i'i measurement of gas, it wilt be sealed accordingly, and acarn put in posfiioa for use. Olfioe No 310 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel lows' BaJM Open from 8 a. m , to 5 d. m. CHAKLKS W. CUNNINGHAM, jy U-tf inapaotor and Saalar of tJna M*?tfra. [VIEW SILK MANTLES i^l AND HOOPED SKIRTS. We hare r??c?iT?id by expreea aauppW of rioh lain H.I.K MANTLES and REAL TRENCH LACE MAN TLBS *nd POINTS. Aieo 10 doaen of the fall stria or WOVEN SKIRTS of eapenor quality. Ladiee in want of any of the above good* at rery lav pricea will please kit* us an early oall. jTy> r TAYLOR fc HUTCHlS't^. 275 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PftHNA. ArKXVI, Between loth and 11th ttxeeta. je 19 BA^TIMORB BUTTER HOUSE. I Daily reoeivinj freeh and?w??t,in Go?h?n j?okJy M 09 Exchange Plaao. Baltimore. 496 7th street,^ tWMB O MM H Itfftl, Hit S1(1?. I WUb AUDOLPH BUCRJLY. EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 4T?l 9KVKMTH *T Opposite tht (rtmtral Post Ofct, W**ki*gt?m City. Armonan 8y?tem of Penmanahip, Bnockeeping, Meroautne Form* and Calculation*. Buaineaa C?rreapordenoe, Bklla of Exchante, Current Billa, Ctwinigaiun 9*1ea, Grau mar and Arithmetio. ETA Preparatory Claaa for Boja. Ladiea will b? inatruoted in fine penman R Ma* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terma appW at the Room*. ma H-sm WM . W YOl'NB A CO. T'HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. ? N?W AltiKSIKlXT. Ths well-known and popular Seminary, whioh o 80 successful und<)r the entire care of Mrt. Z* Rehards for more than ten rear*, will be opened first Monday in September n<**t, und?r the unite! supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z- RCH A H OS, in the well arranged and delightfuilyiooated Union Aoaderay Building. For rartio ulitrn wee circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23 tf <\f MRS. McCOR i!ICR'S SCHOOL. '"IRS. McCORMICE desires to inform k?; rrien aand the pvblio generally that rhe will renn>? the dities of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The ?ourse of stndy pursued vill oomprise all ths branch* requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to her day scholars, the is desirous of reoemng into her family a few pupiis as boarders aired from 10 to 14 years, who will be nnder her immediate careand oversight. H?r arrangements for the aooommodation and dne :>are of pupils have been oonsider&liy increasrd and otherwise improved. Those in Washington aesiring particular information with referenoe tc her school may apply to W. D. Wallach, Editor o the Star. Fcr terms and farther partieolars apply at het reauenoe?No. 3ft Cameron street, Alexandria, Va. ?trtf CLOTHING. &c. KI.LINGT) FF AT COST! In erder to decr?>a?e my B'ook I have det-rmin'-d to close out the balance of mv SUMMER C L< >TH IXG at coat All in want of Summer Clothing are respectfully invited to oal! at Xo. 4H0 Seventh st., opposite Post Office, and see the great redn tion in HnrrniiAr r!nthin<r >? 1'J ?? UNITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, U Washington. July 17, I860. PaorosALs will be received at this OCo* uisti' noon of i'uesday, the21st of Auciut n-'xt.for Furnishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two rooms over the oouaecting corridors of the Capitol Extension The proposal s i^ust state the price for each ceil ing oompletf, in nlaoe, painted with three good coits of white lean in oil. AH of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every description, including the fastenings of the ceilings to the walls and to the roof frames, must b? included in the price hid. The proposals must be endorsed, "Proposals lor iron tJeiiings." and mu*t b? aooompanied by a guarantee. signed bj one or more responsible per Buns, addressed to the undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, I in the presenoe or suoa persons ai may choose U> attend. The drawings of the cei'inga ?an been asen at thia Offioe. W. B. FRANK LIN, Captain Topographical K ngmeere. In oharge ol Capitol Extension. Each proposal should be accompanied by the following guarantee: Form of Quarantfe. The undersigned, A B and CD, of . in the State of .and in the State of .hereby guaranty that in case the foregoing bid of for iron ceiling*, a* above described, be accepted, he or thev will, within ten days after the receipt of the contract at the place natned execute the oontract for the cei ings, witli good and sufficient securities; and, in case tha said shall fai! to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make g'od the difference between the offer of the said and that whioh ma? be accepted. Date ,1860. dig natures of guarantors, A B. C D. Witness, E F. I hereby certify that theaboye named are known to me as abie to make good their guarantee. Signature. G H. To be signed by the United Stat?? district JiH ge. United States district attorney, collector, or mine person* known to the War Department. jy 18 dtd I^RKASURY DEPARTMENT. August lit, i860. Proposals will be received at the Treasury Departim-ut unt: th? 15th inst , for supplying, for the use of the Department. 15ft c^rds of Oak and 10? cords of Hickory Wood?all of the best quality, to he delivered at the Treasury Building, corded and measured n the yard by a sworn measurer n' the expense of the ooutraotor; and of l'ltons of Turn bertand Coal?75 ten* of whit* and i5t?ns of r?d ash Anthracite Coal, all of the best quality, to be de livered ai the building. '1 neCan.borland ( oal to t>e al luir.p?hai.d pickoo. '1 he white ash t > b* sma 1 f.irnaoe or large egg slse; the red ash to be small egg sue, and to be weighed by a sworn weigher. an l-efdt!5th WHEELER A WM.?ON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rimovid to No. 346 Pa. Av., k*ar Tth St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of \\ heeler <k Wilson's unequalled Fa cily Sewing IS.achines, which for the last eight years have most triumplia ltly maintained their nuperiority, a* a family institution, over ail competitors for popular favor, the Agent has taken one of tiie fine new stores lately erected on Pa avenue, near 7th st. where a beaiit ful assortment of all'the various styles may at all times l>e seen. There were 21,916 of these Sewing Machines sold in the year 1851). Ladies are invited to call and see them, together with certificate* from m?n? of beat citizens of Wa*hn.gU?n and Georgetown, in relati n to their well known ami thoroughly tested superiority If air ladies cannot call, let them send for a circular by a 1 means It is high tune every lam h in the land was supp ted with one of these h<*a 11ii and life savin* instruments. Pull instructions. both printed and verba!, given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. p. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. avenue, jy 11-lm _ Between 6th and 7'h sta. (^eorger~!M7OAT4 CO1? I SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. First premium awarded ?t 19 out of 20 State and County Fairs. The cheapest and beat Sewing Machines ever invented arc universally admitted to be those manufactured by G?orge B Sloat *. Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic and Shuttle Machines $50 to $60. Fancy Elliptic. Walnut or Mahogany Cased, f<\) ai d $65. Toilet Cased, Walnut or Mahogany, 975 and f85. These Machines are of superior workmanship and more eialiorate finish and J3 per oe"t. oheaper than any other Sewing Machine ma ufactun-d in the United Matee. Call and aee <hem at MAXWELLS Fane* *tore, Si* Pa. avenue. jy 25-eo6t J THOMAS MA X WELL, Agent. 4 ^ seventhstreet! 4 f at the old stand. The auhscr iber, grateful for the liberal patronage a heretofore extended to him, has th?gggS*M pleasure to announce to his formerfnTB cus'omeraand the publio generally th?tl * he has again opened store at his old stand, corner or Seventh and F streets, with a full sou complete assortment oi fine GROCERIES. TEAS, LIQUORS and CIGARS He solicit* a ca I from all in want of good* in hit line, intending to ipare no efforts to give entire satisfaction. Piesh BUTTER and ESGS constantly on hand daily. Jy ?-ec2w WM. H. BRERETQN. Rmt EMOVAL. MoKENNEY ft. LANSDALE, INSURANCE ft REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Wa*ktngton Building*, tamer and lth it., are prepared to Take Risks on LIVES. BUILDINGS, MERCHANDISE, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ftc._, at fair rates, in sound companies. We name in part: J he Park. N. Y., cash capital and surplus .$2&5,0M) The Merchants, Ct, do. do 2S<>.O<0 The Phenix,Ct., do. do?... 583?? The {Northern Assurance, London 2.194.W0 Room No. t. jy itl-eo6t BOWETMMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALE8 These Soaies are ode red to the subtle aa the moat simsle. durable. and reliable im. First olass premiums have been avarde/t>. fin by the UutioC Stales Ftirud Virginia Ag-icaitural Sooiety; Virginia (Hate Agnsultural Fur; Frankim Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York state Fair; Vermont State Fair. ko., fto. Is every oase where exhibited they nave reoeived first olass premiums ' For saiatii Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's GhiRed Iron Safes. I ?<? 1?-It K' C. PATTISON. A rent. DURK OLD RVK WHISKY.-On band severa i, brand* of Pare Old Rye Whi<kr, Copper Distilled, made by the most reuab e distillers m Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure, SSkllKJr4 baeoo YOIJNO * KEPitART, A cents, ap W-ly 8*9 Pa ?v- hetw.ath %JwT IIUW aU. -?? ?i mi own mu?. uw n? win fen m mw m &nj o' U* Wii&w W?m ara mM for, and at tbe "fi * tUMJV w*rrlkat IWHWIf to b? Und&rd *e*as Jya W. e. METZEROTT. # SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE The fa*onU raeort for WHITE SULPHUR ??? w&JWM. SPRINGS, Uoanltin Air. IiiVifora_ __ tioj Bath*. Larce and CUMBERLAND CO, Wtll-VMtilaM ftflomi. Pennsylvania. Good Society acd a (rood . | Table. Accoxxob&tioni 101 For particulars wnd 300. I f?I Circuiaf. TERMS LOW. IN k VI38CHER. J* 7 IQw Carlisle Swrmtt, Pa. CAPE ISLAND, NEW JER*EY.?Vimtor*to Cap? Ma* will find food aceornrmxia A . . a tiou? at WHITE HALL. Terms only 9oW]7*L per week, including the ride to the In-aoh iJjBl in the morning. Dr. 8. S. .WaRC> . )y 21-iw* Proprietor. PARD.-A? an i a J n cement for familiet to sojourn Ks at the " H YGElA"du rinc the nivjPth? A - . A of August and September, the Propi-ie-YcaA tora have reduced the prioeof Board to per da, aud w^kjrom Auu.1 Ut. C o KlSlFl Proprietor*. nu o^v.v..i. .m*?l o? i ? \/m i t'iy, juit mm. jt ?i-im WCHMIDT'S SUMMER GARDEN.-??n Sixth O atreet, between t' and Ix>uisiana av .A . ? A may he found at all tunes one of the most popular, genial, urbane. and intelligentJMmIU Restaurant Keepers, who hacks up his reputation with L.AGEK B KR from the City or Bkothbely Love, Philadelphia; with BK AN DIES f om the choicest vineyards of Franc*; with WINKS unexcelled on tlie" hills of the Rhme; and with an article of WHISKY which snacks strongly of the true flavor of the Monongakela and Bourbon Paia'ahle a< either of these ma* he individually, he has sought to make t tie in still more so h* the erection thi rear grounds of his favorite establishment of a spaciou? Ari>or, where his guests by da* may enjoy the cool hreexe anil be free from .-ols too ard?nt rays; and, at "the witching hour of night," quaff his ice-coot Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened by the falling d?w. Such inducements will, douf>tle*a. cause many of our readers to drop in and take a note < if nothing else.) and. most likely, many of those who go will goagain. In addition te all this, he has eneaged the Pros perl brothera and their associates to discourse their choicest pieces of tnusio Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy 10-lni WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFhER. Proprietor. New York avenue, b*:trem Iri <tmd id str. I n calling the attertioo o^arfliih in to n>y grouoda I would state that every ha> A . . X i?e?u n.ade t<> make thii " m'tri-at" u??rf Yr-TSl T attractive every day. Mm,days the f ( deu* are open U> the public liee of ctiarc*?-a oouo 11 given by a nelecti>aiid. Th'>aedoiming W* enjoy the danoe and wn'ts i I find the aaloon in complete order to render pieaume to ail. Of oth? r day* thr proprietor will cheerfully grant th? use ?f the (round* for ichooi or other Pic Mio Pa tie* with out charge. Kor the amuaement of children he ha* introduced a number of little games, never t?>fure seen in this ottT, and calculated at the same time to atnuae the "old folk*." N. B.?Attached i* my Eatabliahm nt, and lamihea can be supplied with any quantity at their reaiaenoe. of tbai hea.Uiful drink, LAGf R BEER, upon short notice. je 15 Sin A NALOSTAN RETREAT, ON A nalostan Island, Opposite Gtorgeloten and Waskintlun The subscriber* having ieaaed for a term of years this beautiful and romantio apot, opened A . .A it for the accommodation of the rublic oiiffnV the 31st day of May, 1880. For beauty of lil/M I scenery, deluhtfui aroirenades. fislnnr, a r . in. n leg l ? superior is uuturpMMil in I lie Union. The H<>nse is larjeand comniodioas, having b*en entirely renovated It hat a large Dauci.g rainon attached to the houas, bea des Diuing an 4 Dressing Rooma for both ia-lie* and gentlemen In addition splendid Arbors detached fr?>m the huild nra. Parties, Families aad Individual* will find it a moatdeairable p ace to paaa the aultry dara of sum mer, an ever j attention will l*s guarantied by the proprietors. The strioteat police arrangements wi'f be enforced, and poi ti al diacnssioua will be prohibited The Larder will be found to ooatain all the dc ioacieg of the season at all timea. The "ar w ill be furuiah*-d with the choioest Liquors and A ines and the fm?at Segara. 8.>cietie?, Sunday Schools. Cluba and Military Companies will find this tiie moat deaiiabie rt-s rt near the metropolis for spending a p oaaant and or deny day. Uj^ Children unaocompar.ied by their parents or guardians, will h? exclodea from the irounda. Gunning aa4 dogs prohibited. iH7" Boats will leave tae toot of High stre?t, Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o cock a. m. ti 112 p. m , daily. Pe-snna preferring a pleasant wi lt can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We solicit the public to judge for themseivwa, a:.d fe?l assured of giving satisfaction. ie 9 eotf JACOB W. POWKR* A CO. M9ALT WATKR BATHinO. ARSHALL'S PAVILION. <Moore'? Landing) wi I be open for the reo*ption of viai A . . A tors on the 1Mb of June. This deligh'faf resort for tliose seeking health and pleas ^CjKLL ure, is unexoelled by any plaoe of the kind on thPotomao river It is situated afe' at one handr?d miles from Washington immediately on the PototnMs, and in full new of ?he Ch-^sap^ake Bat, and famous for fine Oysters, Soft Crabs. Sheephead, and other Fish, and easily accessible !>* the steam boats plying between Washington, Hal tin re an ' Norfolk. The undersigned has m?ue additional improvements m Ms Bath Houses and man* other improvements to the oomf >rt and erio?m?nt nf >. gu?sts. The Bathinc oannot be surpassed. Sp en<1 id Angling fcrd p entv of Fishing and Sat ing Boat* fre>? or charge. He has spared no expens* in pro viding a good Cotillon Band or in laying in bis stuck of oboioe \Vm?s, Liquors.Socars, tr.,&n<1 for ih ?> who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired p'aos where they can rnake themseive* a> home, there is not a more pleasant p'aoe in the United States. The proprietor pieces hims-if fa nothing shall bo left undone on bis part t> rend"' them so. Terms (or board: #1 Jo p?r day, for iees than a week; for a longer time, 91-25 per <ay; #3f> per month. Persons wishing to address the pro prietor will direct to Leonardtowc, St. Mtrj't oounty, Md. je8-2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Orric* o? Cowxissioick* or Public- BriLi>(*os,t Ju.y 3D. >K6? < Ssalkd Proposals will be received at this of face up to 12 o'oiock, m , on the 9th day of Auccst next, for trading. Curbing, and laying the Briek anu Flag Footways, and Pavinc tbe Gutters, etc , -.A* O t- ? ? "i?. iic7 i??'i i u muc ui o ?n oofc fu?lo| ipclwt'fd 7ld &u(1 lVn streets west. The Ourbstoue to bo of th? beet quail? rranite, dre*?ed 6 ineies thick on tor, and 6 inches dees on front, and 3 inches deep on the baok edge, and do piece le>? than 5 foei long lfi laches de*p. and to be jointed and well fitted and set in a ?td of coarse gravel,and well rammed. The Brick to he of the bsst qoalitv hard rod pavisg be laid en abed of (harp river sand four(?)inohead?epon a bed of fi".s gravsl free (rum ciay or loam three (3) 'aches de?p. with two courses on sdre nex' to ths ourb and ons oourse on edge on the inner I ins. No extra measurement for brick on adgs. Tne Stone paving to be of oommoa oobbie stones m>t exo?edirg fonr inches in diameter, exoept ths * vu liiv vninira alii VI HIE |U>?T, Vm?D mut be six inchea in diameter. laid on a bid of 0"*r?e lAncl and cir&o gravel, fro*, from clay or loam at lea?t S inabee deep. and to b* twie* ra-rtned, the aecond time after being well wet; and oovered w th fine clean gravel or ooaree aand. The centre of the rotter tn he laid with five oouraet of hard rod paving brick* on edge. The Flagrmg to beofthe beat quality New York North river flagging, ia pieoaa of not )? < than fowr (4) feet iong by eighteen inohea vide, ar.d not low han four (4> meUea thick, to be laid on a bed of fine o'ean *ra-el 6 inohea deep, free from clay or ioam.anfl well jointed. Ail Grading not ezua-ding one foot to be rated aa trimming, and the aureaa earth to be removed by the contractor to auoh pi* eaa may bedeaig u?"-u i?y fiimouuTBi The work to b? dor* in the heat and mmt work man ilk* manner and to the aatitfactinn of the Commissioner of Pnb ie Kui'dinra.atjd rn?ler thesaper mtendeuoe ofaueh person aa he may appoint, and to be oorapl*ted on or before the fimt of November next, and warranted to stand twelve <IS I months after o >tnpletion. . . . All repairs that may be reqnir?*d within the Ume for whirhthe work is warranted to stand to be done at the es pmi of the e^ntractor Fur the due performance of the work, af rw??hly to oootraot, bond and a^onritT will be r<-quitd. RirM.ra will .IM< Ik. - tfu-? will ?INIM the onrbin*. panag tod iacricc, iDclndinic rriu?ri?'?, and mark their iriiwili mm foUo..: -P.o^l. f?, Jy 3t-dt9th Aag CoBiwimwiw. CELLING OFF! BELLING OFF! ? GASAT BARGAINS IN OR Y GOODS. Black Laca 8h%vU, and Mar tillaa, is fwt a-'f ^ "u; irt?uj rucuwi mwi' K ltaa tun ooat of importation ia ofdar to rateaa our L?<-(C Stock. ma In Stora a fti!l Maortaaat of fir?t cl&f a PtaM* Dotn^atic Ooodt. tor ??n*r*I la uily purpuaet.ail at the 1 jvast Market P- itea. J. W. COLT,EY 4 CO. ' M 1 tl 0 f t?. ?? ' ?? "wtw vft H"vTr.? ol?'sTothuSfMrT? ? ili kb ^rrh ft freth i?f p ? of mt Umimom. It MOOR E H Wm? Kwl Or*, ?%,? C^Fr??h Blue I^olr and O^r'Twd #r u www Also, impror*d Frnit ftad V<g?uMr Ja<?. ? SJw THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia AZMiiMt Fsai'r Md N#*i Jwrnl ?? j t*?nine ? ?r*?t?r v%r\*ty of Ittli wtiu imdic* ! Uui can be foaad u ut otkar?>> r*kl>*M om Saturday moraing. Tiiii-OU*. teMniUi, M aitw. Single copy, pm una. #1 SS Five oo(in ,,.... * ? Tea oopiea Twenty aoptaa U ? By a?fcacnbtii( in alafca raiand uw*i itiikbori witkoat the intervention o| % ira moI.m will p-roeived m per oent. of rk? Wmkl? Stmr will ha NNd. It lavariaMv ooatainn Mt? ' w a*hiagt<<a News" that bM m*df TV fr?u? Su*r oirea.aM o ranerally Uiro?|hoit the aoautry. E Single oopiea ( m wrapper* i oar be prnowrod planter, in<m <1 lately %A??r the taeae of paper. Pneo?1 HRtt CKNT8 VTT Poatmaatara who aot a* aganta will ha lowed a oomm'?ni?ti off eeeta. fc\ - FOR SALE AND RENT. __ EH*gt RKNT?Tba UrM slsry (bran fro-t? ' HOI"!*k. No. S67 New York imwoii li*h and 11th streets. north side. eo-it aim as fifteen rooiuj. Thi? bouse is convenient l?> the Patent Office, Tre??urjr, etc ; is lishted by fm. siiJ in every wa? auitab e for a board int house. Beat Mo 'orate. Apply next door, or to A Q. FOWLER. e?-eond flu r north wins ot Patent Oftoe. fy 14-tf |^U?R K KX P?The tin- FR AMK HOISK knowu r as' Freaeh hvaar' House," ?ttoat?d on M st. north between 9th and i aa street.. No. 4*?, one of the mort desirable f ivste rssidrnme is Washington. This h use in surrounded by fruit trees and creet numbers of currant bushes of rarious kinds, and fine thade trees, with lb,our feet of ( onnd, wall"d in Apply to J. C. COOK F.ichth st. tx-twe-a I) and E. J y \f tjf TOR RK\"T?Three IIRICK HOT9E9?oaeoa r TweJitn street. Itetween C aad D; one ou th* corner of Twelfth and H sts. ; and one on H. betWK-n ijth and 1*h sts. Inquire of JAMkA W BARKKR.oo H street, between llthaad lSUi. No. ?*-T ma tt-lf C*UR R&NT-That new aad wel. arraaced three r ?to * T>RTriCTf(>r5F.. No. IM.oiTG street, between l**h and jntii sts., Firet Warn, latelv oocupied by Mr. Ilodi-oo, Russian Lerttion. Poee^esion?ir??n immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOl'TH L' V 42 1 > A U IT L' D _s ~ is ? u i c. n n n r, n nr? i uwt nmm\. m? iv-vuu FOR KKNT-A imt!< t?TOKK,oornerof *th sod Pnn.iroDiK, under the Clareudoi. Hnt*l suitable for a l*rher's saloon or o.jar store Fn information inssir* atth* Hot*l mar >. FMOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of Um baildiDC itnmed iat*'y ostiniu the rat wine of the City Hai.,reooatly occupy fey Com. 8. Wallaoh u ar. offio*. Also tii* front room ia th* sooond tor j and th* third floor of th* mm* tuiidin*. For term* apply to RICHARD WALXACH.No. Louisiana av*au*. M It UKNATORt*. MLMBKKH OF CONGRItlStt.? 0 Two splendid suites of ROOMS, eie*antly fur ushod, will t>? rented darinc th* session of Coscress, in th* most desiratw* looa ity in this sity. rieinj within one or two squares or Brown's and National Hot*)*. Thr>?? pursuit of seoh Rooirs wuiuu WWII w fmny ?pp,iaa;i> r. ?i no. J ( v ?th atreet. kMvMi; D street aud Pa. a>. da t-tl CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CA R RI AG K FACTOR Y. D StrKl, B'ttrrm 9th *nd lot* Street*. IV e have ju?? finiahed a nam her of tnt aiaea CARRlAGFS, neb as Lttki Avii.jmb. Watont, Park Fkeattmt. Fanitl* Cm* YjSzXpz rtmttf, ami Butei?, which we will aeii at M *-1 a ver< amati profit. Beinc meebamoa in different branches of the buainea*. we Hatter naraelrea that we fraoW the at'lea an<l qaan'j of work that will (i ve satis faction, combining liihtness, comfort and dnrabi.i ty. Repairing prompt'? an<1 carefully attended to the ahorteat o< Uoe and nioet reaaonat>ie cnarjrea. WALTFR, KARMANN 4 BOfV Coach makera, auooeaaora to \V m T. Hook. ajST^dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaeribar bavici mad* addiflons U hi (actor?, irakini it aow oaa of tbe ariMt/^ama. IB the District, where hia (ac i.tia* ( 1 manutaotnnnxCAK H .M> E Jt LIGHT*-^^^? WAGONS of all kinds cannot be ?u passed, aad from his lone arpariaoea in tha baainaaa, ha hayaa In ?im rar\*rm. a*.tiafk^t 1 or. /llkinda ofCarnacea'aid Ll|kl Wacom kept mm aa&d. A'Xr E P AI K.8 naaH j doaa, u4 mil ordora prampt *essi?i <**~gtoiL%-rmifrm 4 W H **r<w .f 1Mb ui K (t*. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND S^OWg TO ?LJT THK Weare now man a fact urine all knda of BOOTS and HHOKt*, and oo:atanliy rwrinni -PP? ?l Mtt*m mad* work o' every d? WI aoriptio", made expreaa'y to ordr. an<1 willW ] b? aoid at a muok tower pnoatMui haa b??n" heretofore charted in this city for inuofa inferior article*. Persona is want of Honta and Sboea of niUri nr 01 ty made work, will a. way a find a food ftaaortaont in atoreaud at the loweet prioea Aire ua a oall. SRITFIN ft KRO., tyt-r 314 Pennsylvania avepae. UUUIHbKN TRI aK * NUFACTORV, * 499 Ttb gittiT. Orrofiti Odd Filiates' HmJ.1, Wmktmrton, D. C. Travoiors wili antheir mtereeta t>> txuuaii my TRUNKS, VALiCK^ Jtc . before pur Mm ohaaiug eiaewere A? I eae dom bat th HnVl beat materia: the market afford ud the b?at voiknen. I ou confidently reoommend my work to be auperior in Strmtik and Dmmbiltty te Trunka that are made is other oitiea and eo.d her*. I keep ennatantty on hand, and make U> order ion one veek'a notioei every deaenatten ef SOLE LEATHER, lhON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WuOD BOX TRONES; AS HI AND e*d otMr VAMICES; THAVELljiG BAGS; HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, te., fte. Tmnkt, fto? Repaired and Covered, ia a vorkmanlike manner, at abort notice Trunk* delivered in any part of Ike oity, George town, or Alexandria. sifcRVisi&iliar* familv de!5-1v JAMF.g ?. TOPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parta of the oitj, at the lowaet poaaible rates. T J * W. M. GALT, Office Pa. ar., brtwaan 11th and tfth ?ta . ii? 17 tf north ?ia*. THIIl 8LBSCR1BKR HAVING ON HAND an axtanaiv* ?t<?ok of FUEL, ia pripwri to a#1' \t a v*r? Njw 61 u ro f?r ouh. WOOD ?awad and Split any aiie. Call and m? for joaraetf. E. W. BATES, Wood and Coal malar, nail 8. E.ooroar of Foartaectfa and C ata. N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, 8*rt. I2t*-?A. Tha UNITED PJATHS AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold it? Eighth Annual A*ricultu ral and I duairia KxhtUtion on tha jirounda li hardily providod t>> the citisaa* of Cincinnati. which a'f to I* fitt?M up in tha baat nt*'*. Thara will ha Halls and Tent* for tha diaalav of IMpI.E PKOUL K. rKIMTS. FLOWER!*. and !SA TIVE W 1 N Kjii with Stalls arwt Pens for HORSES. CATTLE,, SHEEP, and SWINE; and an unequal ed Track,on* mile m lenrth a?d lortj feet in width, for the exhibition of Horses. The Premium* offered-in ea*h,?*<?ld. silver. and bronse medals.?diplomat and certificates, amount The Exhibition will remain osen from Wednes day, the 12th. to Th? ?<l*< . the ?*ii. ot ??*ftem!>*r, thus giving time to examine and test the in pie meats and machinery. Por p rem mm lists or information applT at the Offioe of the Society, No SM Pa arena*. <np 10"?-teWAf.'iv'^iSPir jy a> tf Sec'* P. K. Aswulterai Ewnetr. FNAMELLKD Hi SLATE MANTELS, Direct from ikt ttamn/atxwrer*. Theee are most beaauAil styles of Mantel*, so amejled in imitatioc of such rare marbles a* tit* ? 7 , OMPUMt IIV, ?uu I'HW m y c-irui biiu . ? BW imitation* are to perfect M t? cl:a. tiift Ute ^ioanat erntmy. ! n elacane* m tinn* the> >taud unnra!i?4 udtr? m< kichlr polished that U?j r?teiii their b?aut> ?nd rmkMH longer taaa the oommoo marble*. whtlethe* are sold much rheasar The? aave b*m need in this eountrj for the 1 art tea. and in hurope for mora than feft) y?ar<,aod bar* Kivaa eul!r? satmlacti on. P ea*e call and examine at W. H HARROVKRV Stove and rn Store. ?ppo Patriotic Bank. IV X 2v & dOAra AArtk nl I 01 iaia ua WGAS FIXTURES. E flare ib atnre, KU(i axe <1*4 ? rxeeirmt, l? A v F1XTUR K*of??tir?iy Naw Pattern? awl Pretfaa a id Fimah. auperinr in atjur to fwjUnnt feerwtr.tor* offtrea in tnia market. W? inritr citiaei.a fenfra It to aall mm examiae wir atoek of G?i mm Water F txftirea, feeling Co nti If at tM wa bave tfee InM aeleot?1 atoek in Waahinctoa. ill Work id tfceahore Tiae latraatM to our oar a will be fromftij ?tl?ri?d *o. "YE" * ??&?. v RmrroN ir? l\fAPL* BVQAA. A wry ate* lot of MAPLE 8L0AK. jn( r? *77* t g w * wrwnw kll ]\j W MUBt'i nMf*v?d ??-wook.y. Mid for If u W fr~ 01 V. KLU

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