Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1860 Page 2
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THK EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: WEr?ir<i>.\Y Aapit h, Spirit ( ?h* n?r>li| Pr*M. The CcmMitu.-nm that Mr. Breckinridge w??n 'eiranHpntlonlat In Kentucky," and state# In con?rin?tion of auch denial, that in 1849 he - . * A*- - - - - ? nave beeu easily walked. They and the oranlbua people ct course have an understanding about the division of that inevitable quarter thus extracted from every traveler who goes over the route for the first time?no inconsiderable item to such speculators, when it is remembered that each trip they thus transport for the 100 yards perhaps an average of 2U> passengers Taking the train of the t'entral Railroad?the greatest such enterprise In the I'nlted StaWs ex ? ept the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad?we were at once carried out of the limits of the built up city of Buflalo, having that laying immediately to the south of us for prrhapn a mile and a half anil the Iske mid river bordering the rail track cn the north. H lflilo, fmm the windows, wears tb? asp*. t of as <';Mtant!ally built a city < f H 10.000 inhabitants, alive with an industrious, intelligent, and enterprising people, bent on get ting rich bv commerce and manufactures, all the usual cow otr.Hants of which, and of abundant capital to prosecute them, and to live well at the nme time, being visible on all hands Already Buffalo, thus seen, shows few traces of the fact that iU UfitUrth la n# 44 " . v ? *m >v ?'? jc?inuay, as I ( WCTC. ID tbl? particular it differs widely from the appearance of the towns of Ohio through which 1 journeyed yesterday, wherein tbe buildings generally seemed knocked up only for teuifo.-ary occupancy. W e were spirited away from Buffilo's nuburls at tbe rate*of forty miles per hour, over a level plain cat up witb fence-. Into little patches or farms, cultivated with great thrift, reaching Tcnawanda, the first considerable town or village, in twelve miles. The contra>t between the manner In which it and the villages of Northern Ohio are built up it very great indeed, and strikes the observ?r most agreeably. At Tonnwanda we crossed the Erie canal, covered with boats and saw-logs that had come down the iakes to be sawed, probably st that point; the canal's expansive basins there being full of them. From Buffalo the route to Niagara Falls lays, as far as I have yet traversed it, upon the bank cf Niagara river, with Grand Island in full view, but presenting uo features worth noting here *V~ * * 41 * ' * inuvu vi iur IM-iUlI J 111)111 till ?lei V DOrdfriDg tbS railroad track on the south Is cultivated with a degree of neatiiess unknown In our section of the Union, except Immediately adjoining our large cities, while not a little of it is "In the stump," or in the original tinpber; the latter, J take it. be. lng almost entirely undralned patches of swamp, arable land being too valuable hereabout to b* held uncultivated in these times. The crops on tlic ground are remarkably line, the wheat especially. much of which, by-the-by. is not yet ready for the reaper, by perhaps a week, though our wheat harvest in Virginia and Maryland was entirely over quite a month ago. Their oats, on the cthe; haud seem half to have been cut; reversing the order of things with us. On reaching Niagara Falls I found at the InternaUoua its usual summer crowd, numbering six or eight hnidred of pleasure seekers, embracing a large portinj of l*outberi!ers of wealth and fushlon. The einpressario. Mr. Coleman, also of the Eutaw House. Kaltimore, has greatly extended the > spacity of the establishment since iast sea son. aid completed the embellishment of the ground* then tn progress My stay there wa? necessarily short; only long enough to afford m? an opportunity to run over the usudl haunt* (f the sight-set lug world congregating here at this time of the year, and more especially to-day. when the 'n^vitahie Blondin again walked bis rope suspend* d over the Niagara river, a short disunc- above the Susjiension Bridge, as when 1 was here la*t summer. At ltast ten thousand gaping persons in all must have attended to wit. niH hi* performance from the surrounding district* of New York and Canada, besides thousands who are noar sojourning at the many hotels here on both sides ?f the river. At the International the guest*, most of them, ate diuner like mad, fa> hasten down to the bridge to catch a glimpse of the wonder of the hour. As I hr.d often seen Blondin upon the tight rope when a member of the Ravel troupe, probably in the identical pink tighta and rusted spangles in wbleh he exhibited his agility this afternoon, I preferred leisurely discussing mine boat Coleman's dinner, to m.k ng one of the humbugging Frenchman's follower*, the dinrxr aforesaid being one of the most rt c)trek4 feeds 1 ever sat down to. As, last summer, on ? ? -* J , ?VM|, | UIKVUrKU the Star't readers ad mauttum, 1 fear, concerning Niagara Kalla, its curiosity shof?, quart*r breed Canada Indian female traders, l**iuentd so as to attract the attention of green young 'uns of the other sex with change laying around loose in their pockets, especially; lis Stis|>eii?ti>n B idge. persevering bat i nosualiy well-behaved harkroen; iU spruce, but essentially self-important coppor-colored hotel waiters; and the universal habit of nearly all incident to tha locstlly 011 both side* of the water, of managing to a 1 quarter out of every stranger from a distance coming here, without absolutely asking for it?I shall refrain from treating more at leugth of Niagara Kalis in this letter. Late this afternoon, I again took a train upon the Central Railroad, this time for Rochester At the Bridge stopping-place there came aboard at lesat five hundred Blondia sight-seers of both sexes, Indigenous to the region round about, wide awake and full cf uproarious fun, all of them. To get them aboard and comfortably seated caused a delay of near ifteen minutes, so great was the crowd in the huge depot of the Company awaltlag, also, the departure of succeeding trains In oth?r dtr??M/Hi. ? ?' *- 4 __ n voae vi |WCIH picking, oo being made known, swayed the throng to and fro a* an overcrowded audlcnce la a theatre will be agitated by a cry of ftrThe new comers is oar train being settled, we aet off again?speeding at the rat* of full forty ml lea per h-ur, ovt-r the moat artistically cnUt-' rated plains lu tkIs country. It really does my heart good to see the agriculture of this particular section o4 New York once a year; for 1 honor those beyond expression who esccl lu tbe practice of the noblest science at which man labors; agrlcuhtrrt In tbeM tines being <ta orach a ?<i?ace, regateted by known raise, almost, as IIT ao,? ?r ??.- ? - ?* ? ? r* uj wLicti on? (trot a livelihood. Hera tbe farm* are very immll?from | dozen to a hundred and Ifty acre* at ir.oa*?from evejy on# of wfetel ill tbat Ipge-. I.0U7, experlMer, vul n?t devoted UWr can eitr?ct /of was * uae, la *?tf,u-ied. W.D. w?a. c ' ? / - ? ' " ? , S.* DM lo 'rt iitt ?< w } . UiJd A wu a lanuiuiw ior ine le^'sivure of Kentucky on i ticket opptsrd to the emancipationist partr. and actually ?oUd >eiln?t his uncle, the Re*. R. J. Breckinridge, who v?iir emancipationist. Tbe IntiiligtiusT publishes and comments faforablr rpon the late letter of Mr. Bell, in which he declines to be catechized in reference to his political sentiments, but refers to his past record Sot all desirable information on the subject. WASHINGTON NEWS AND flOMIP, j ffKITCHES OF 9CVMKK T*AVBL? [ Editorial Corrtspondenct of The Star.] [No. 10.] August 1, I860. arktvimft at BrrrALO?Thk Appeaeaxcb of thi Harbor, Citt, 4c?Ths Trip to tub Falls?Its Ciowd?Blosdiji?Off Aoaiji. i dp bf-proacn to Kunato, on Lake Erie, is very .fine, (bowing off the harbor and its appurtenances of steamers, profilers, brigantines, schooner*, j and canal boits?tbe latter innumerable?to line advantage. A dozen sailing craft were b?ing moved about it by tugs as we entered its moles and breakwaters; while twice as many were in sight on the Lake, under sail. Altogether, the scene presented reminded me not a little of tbe port of a thrifty Atlantic coast city, far mrre than any other lak? harbor I have yet seen On landing at the steamer's dock we were at once transfern d 1n omnibuses over to the depot of the Central Railroad?an Imposition on the part of the managers of the boat, as tbe distante traveled was bardly more than a hundred yards, and could Natal li*Tit,us*!?c* ?Tblrd A?t?tant Engineer P. \ R^arich baa been ordered from Penaacola to Key Weat, for dnty on board the United !*t*tea Heamer Water Witch. Lieutenant D B. Harmony hat been deta^bed from the receiving ahip at New York >nd ordered to take pa?age in tbe ?uaquehanna for duty on board the Iroquola !n tbe Mediterranean efc - A 1 _ r*v--l^ It? Jk\ -a t - iiiniswain v>uai ir? 11 uoauna uu otfn ordrrrd to the navy-yard ' Philadelphia, in place of Boat wain George Smith, detached and placed on furlough. thk peeft!de*t amd his costemplated visit to thi Great F,a*tkr*.?Hia Excellency, Gov. Hick?. of Maryland, will receive the President of the United State* and hiaaulte.on board theGre.-t Eastern, when they reach that vraael, to-morrow. A? we stated veaterday, the diatlngulahed party l?ave* this city in the 7 40 train, a m , to-morrow, for Annapolia, from whence they will be conveyed in the revenue cutter to the great ateamahlp. It ia thought the Preaident may remain over Thuraday night at Annapolia. A Peoposed Usios of the Bell a*u Douglas Ticeet.?It ia aald that Mr. Conrad, Secretary of War under Mr Fillmore's administration, who ia now here, is preparing for publication a letter urging the formation of a joint Bell and Douglas ticket, as of Unionists for the sake of the Union, and proposing that the successful electors under such arrangement choose between theae presidential candidates according to their relatlre strength. | Examination or Candidate* ro* Admission j at Wkst Point.?A board of medical officers, consisting of Surgeon General Thomas l.awson. Surgeon C A Flnley, Surgeon Charles McDougnll.and Assistant Surgeon J. F. Hammond, will assemble at West Point on the 2Sth inst , or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the examination of such candidates for adiniasion into the .Military Academy as may report f?r that purpose. ? Somkthino Novel.?We were to-day shown, at me Agricultural Division of the United States Patent Office, a very Urge piece of sponge, of superior quality, attached in a very peculiar manner to a shell-fish of the oyster species It was found on the coast of !?yria by the Re*. Jas F Barclay, 11 iiaionary at that point, and forwarded by him to the office where it is now on exhibition. Cocrt Martial of at Army Officer ?A general court martial has been directed to meet at Fort Dallas. Oregon, on the 1.5th of September next, for tlie trial of Capt Thomas Jordan, of the (Quartermaster's Department, and such other pris oners *s may be brought before it. First Lieutenant C. McKeenen has been appointed Judge Advocate. ??? + ? Mork Arm* to this Posit Extreis ?Official d spatehes from Utah state, in addition to the one hundred revolver* heretofore supplied, sixty rifles, together with tbe necessary ammunition, have been furnished by the proper military officer at Camp Floyd to tha pony express riders for defense against the Indians. V Delivering Newspaper* to Clcbs.?It has been decided by the department here, that deputy postmasters are not required to .distribute newspapers, sent to one address, among members of a club from a furnished list of mames, units* a quarter's posing* is pairt in aiiranct. Death ok as Indian Agist.?Intelligence has been received at the Indian Bureau of the death of sub-agent H. S Ford, of the Mendocino reservation, by the accidental discharge of his own pistol. Indian Sitekihtendknt or Utah.?The recently appointed superintendent of Indian Affairs for Utah, Judge Smith, has been directed to pro. ceed forthwith to bis post. Japanese dates to the 2f>th of June give accounts of a lucrative trade with the British and French forces in China, in horses for the invading armies. As many as 4.M50 had already been shipped, and the Japanese were also sending n*. e? tive Hour at S'2 50 per picul. and potatoes at a half cent, per lb. The trade io tea was also active, and the population of Kanagawa bad trebled within the last year in consequence of ihe growing trade with other nations fTT* One of the coroners of New York city reports the death of an Irishman, at the Beilevue Hospital, from an overdue of chloroform taken preparatory to a surgical operation. Another death from the explosion of a can of burning fluid is recorded. i*o severe was the burn that the poor woman died in six hours after the Injury Yet even this, perhaps the thousandth warning, will not sutllce. Women and children are nightly exposed to the same peril. ? - [^"They have another barrel mystery in Chicago. A woman named Anna Katrina Rasck was on Tuesday found at the bottom rf an old well, head downwards in a barrel, and with cord drawn tight enough about her neck to canst: death. Her husband was arrested on suspicion U37"The child of Mr Klce, of Baltimore, the possession of which was contested by the father and mother, and rfwtilid l? ! >? ? ... %uv ??f Ul Ul VUt former, was at>du< ted from a private school at Xabant, on Saturday, by three men disguised, who menaced tbe master with clubs Ujr" Among other incidents of tiic reception <f the Prince of Walesat St. John was tbe ptrade of about 2,WH) schoolchildren, dressed uniformly, who sang the British national anthetn and strewed flowers In his path. HIT" We have received from Messrs. Taylor 4 Maury, (who have the number for sale.) the West minster Review for July. f]"7~The republicans of Fayette county, Ohio, renominated Tom Corwin for Congress by acclamation at their county convention. i?^The Chirles on Courier reports the citv ... J w entirely free from fever, "malicious rej>orU" to the contrary notwithstanding |i3~Mr. Seward's speaking tour in the North, went la announced to commencc in Michigan 8 ptember first ftnmi. Hon T C Theake. of Ohio; and Randall Hunt and lady, of l-a , are at Browns'. "'M'iorChaic, I! !* A , and ftmily; T M. Mata. of N V ; and l.ouia Janin, are at the National. Among the passengers in the steamer Aram at New York is tbr lion l,?*wJs Cass. ir , Minis ter to Rome, and several distinguished foreigners -Lola Mouter has recovered sutli'iently from her severe attack of parai>sis to be rt-movrd U> Astoria, where skit- it staying with Mrs BnchMian, wif' of the celebrated florist She Is as ret scarcely able to lift her hand, and there is little or no hope of her ultimate recovery. Drt TVmes in Kansas ?A Kansas correspondent of the Nsw York Tribune says; "-Hear inc t-ll tiod's troth. As I write in my house the wind flaps over me; the sun bents it so that the wind almost burns me; my wife is now roasting ewgs on the ston? steps in front of my house; lh?* stove ajid tin b->iler are too hot to bear my hands on them, standing la the house where the son cannot tonch them; ther are hot by the wind b owim; on them through the open door. Why, every flap of the wind is like the heat of tire from a burning building 1 have just shut the door to ka?n th? Knt uriiid ffnm KIawU.* a? ? *u_ * 1 V< f ?- ?? wn IIIC, ?U vast 1 can write. To ur that It has not rained for twelve month* would not be telling the truth; but to mv that not more than four or Ave inches of rain had fallen in tint time would be nearly or quite true. Now, for God's sake, witatarc the people to do? We can't ?tay bere wilbout food for ourselves or cattlc " _____ CovaTaariiT Gold ?The New York Bank* ' and tue 5*bt*eaaury office in that city warn tt:? public a<.-aiu*l the ingenious and very dangerous counterfeit often dollar gold pieces wUicb are clrculaWd ext-nsi vely, andaliiioM defy detection, except by an expert The genuine coin la opened, full one half the gold taken out, and them tilled In with phtina or tome other equally heavy tubstauce, and then < loaed up; the coin IJaelf. to all appearance*, remaining nr aametu all re|>octs, even to the epecllc weight, t*pecimeiia of ibti apurtoua coui art ablbtlxd wbt.h wnu'd aoem to defy the d? trc.tlon ?iy ordinary iktll, or e-?en the ci<*r?t obaervation and handling. *nd yel U.e amount of j ure gold ltfiln a ten dollar piece is <iceljr tq? 1 fe V4.SU (CTThe New York correspondent of the Phil adnpbla Prras wyi that among the recent graduates noa* Wet- Float waa a son of Commodore Vanderblt. and that t bo father proiuiaed th* youth %t?4) tk4i U be would bring bimaelf auion^ the flrat nvf, or 950,UtM if he completed the course at all. The aon was not the winner of the former prize, but received a check for the Utter. KH ?*! I i ' ' ?????I I I ? Ob Ik* wi*|. [CeTTesponflenct of Tk? S<?r.] Tbkntos Falm, N. Y , AuguBt 3, Wat Dnvv-ji East?Cod Fishiwo A?tn Tnuc FJ*HIHO?Ax AL FR**CO CHOWOI*-Tub PI i?o Statb Lw>n?o l>?ThiOea^ID TBITHI RoiD?ClTf n> ??n?!" ??? At.- ? ? ' ? . v. . VM vwnv iBUBl amd llzl taeethe Bi> kf1t or sra Alt?Tm Correct Thins at Cafe Mat-Rocuwat. L. I.?Up the Hudson?"A Crying Ncisancb' ?Don't Travel with a Calliope o*. Stoi at Albary?"Colonel Willet" o? whatu Fame ? Dear Star : I wrote you last from the lumbering region of central Pennsylvania From there I took a wide jump to the very headquarters oi board-and-sbingl?-dnm, where yon can me the biggest logs and the fastest saws yon ever saw saw?to the State of Maine, the Dirig? pine-tree State, a State famous, you know, for mealy potatoes, compact granite, pretty girls and floe young men; moreover, like New Hampshire, a gooc State to emigrate from. Here I enjoyed mvsell amazingly with near and dear friends, and took occasion at the same time to renew an old acquaintance with sundry cod-flshing grounds, and inland trout brooks as well. Dear reader, did you ever eat cod fresh fronr the water, caught and cooked by your own hands No,?then beg, borrow or steal the money to tak* you to the coast of Maine?to Portland, Bungernuck. Yarmouth or Harpswell,charter a schooner wnu a shipper woo understands the Ashing ground*; put out for the "Ureen Islandi,'1 or thereabout, stopping at "Little Whale-bcat Island" to dig clams for bait; throw out yovr ioug lines and haul in hand over hand cod, hacdock, etc., till your arms fairly ache with the :traln Then tnake for some convenient islet of tht three hundred and sixty-five (one for each day n the year) which gem Casco Bay, start a blaziig fire on the rocks with drift wood from the beaci,and concoct the savoury chowder *ecundtn trietn with its due proportion (in layers) of the Urm white meat of the freshly caught cod, the pork, the biscuit, etc , etc. Then eat with the suice of healthy hunger, and admit that you lave experienced a new sensation. Then come* the zest cf building the bush camp and spreading the couch of boughs of the fraerant Mr. unnn whtr-h w ?-?- 1 ?I lay a bufl'alo robe and blanket, and you lave a resting place tit lor a king. Then up In the Homing to enjoy the beauties of a marine sinris.?, which would immortalize any of our artlsti who could fasten its glowing tint* upon canvass Messrs Stanley, Beaton. Lanman, C ranch.'f?/., just trv it, ?nd you will thank me for the hint The bold rock-bound coast of Maine has already furnished some delightful subjects for American artists, but they have mainly confined themselves to the vii inity of Mt Desert l^et them tike a peep amongst th? wonderfully picturesque idands of Casco Bay, and at the vigorous coasi adjacent For the trout you can go to the lakes, or better yet, to the upper tributaries to Bandy river; and here under the shadow of Mount Blue you can catch and eat the delicious salmon trout to your heart's content This district is reached by rail to Farmington. and thence by stage to the beautiful village of Phillips, nestled amongst the mountains. From this point you are within convenient reach of the lakes, and of stately Mount Katahrtin - "S 5.400 feet above the sea. Tourists are already beginning to seek hereabouts scenes less hackneyed than the usual resorts, and the prospect Is that the flood of fashionable travel will soon set full/ in this direction, a consummation not devoutly to be desired, as the people are almost invariably vitiated where such channels of fashionable travel are opened up. As yet, the Maine folks are tolerably unsophisticated in the business of fleecing travelers six weeks of the year and loafing the otlier forty-six. Maine is quietly moving forward in the march of improvement, and the construction of the Grand Trunk railroad lias given a great spur to business in this State. This ro&d is making strenuous exertions to divert a portion of the we?t*m rjm in.r ? trade through Its channels, and is measurably successful, judging by the barrels, tier upon tier, stacked in the warehouses at Portland of flour and mess beef bearing the Chicago and St. Louis mark Portland plumes itself upon its harbor, which is claimed to be the best on the Atlantic coast, and upon Its shade trees, having some3s,(JiH? of the* t? a population of perhaps 33,OUO. Rising boldly from the water, aud embosomed in foliage, Portland presents an exceedingly attractive appearance to the eye of the visitor. Hut donning seven league boots, I must make another stride, lauding at Capk Mat. Poor Pillicoddy has put it upon record that there isjpothing so sad as a jolly Jack tar wheu he does'ut happen to be jolly; he might have added, except a gay watering place, when it doesn't happen to be gay. Cape May's saucy rival, Atlantic City, has "hlsted her higher than a kite," although lacking the fine surf and other natural advantages of the Cape. But Atlantic v/ivy c?ii rra nea in uvo or tfaree hours by railroad fro'ii Philadelphia, while it li a tedious day's j;?iirncy to Cape island It can't be denied though that the assemblage is vastly more select at the Cape, and that the rag-tag-and-bobtail go to Atlautic City, Long Branch, and Roekaway. ' Mose" and 44Lisc" can s!1 p down to Atlantic City on a cheap holiday trip and back the same night "Mok" In a pair of blue overalls (and nothing else) and "Lize" In a rag of delaine that has outlived its usefulness, are en rostvmr for the beach, and splash about with the best of them. B^t this style of thing would not do at all at Cape Island, you know. Here we do the thing gent?eily. We dress three or four times per diem We go in the surf at il o'clock a in. We go In correct costume?bloomers of gay colors and genteel cut, and when we have a solicitude to preserve our complexions, we wear gloves and m sks of^oil-sllk. Wc never bathe alter 1 p m The surf after that hour is sacred to the Biddies, and to go in then would stamp us as one of them. We lounge upon the hotel piazzas after dinner, i r J A- *1 i * A - ? * - - - uriwr u> iup unci 10 usn, or to Liiainond beach to bunt Cape May brilliants, or to the steamboat landing to see the arrivals by tbe afternoon boat, or to Cold Spring for pond lilies and drinkab'e water. At sunset we have a carnival promenade or drive upon the long beach, and then go to the bop. if it be a bop nlgbt, or to tbe prayer meeting, if it be prayer-ineetlug night. Ou rainy days we read novels, write letters, flirt on the piazzas cheapen the wares of the peripatetic trinket venders, practice Indian archery (14 shots for 1J^| cents) roll lignum vifce at Barret's ten-pin alley, and kill tune tbe best way we can. The average attendance at the Cape this season has been about a thousand persons. One of the largest hotels on the Island, tbe United States, h?-s not been opened tbis season, or rather was open but a single day Tbe Cape folks, however, are consoling themselves with the belief?how well grounded I know not?that another year is to see railroad care running from Philadelphia to their own doors, when tbev count upon tbis locali'f resuming its old position as the leading watering place of tbe coast. Iu a late trip to Long Island 1 visited another watering place of departed glory?the once-fasbionable Rockaway? which is now about on a par with Couey Island as a bathing place. The surf bathing has been nearly ruined here by the forma tlon of a sai.d bar. t'r th* Hudson. on luonaay last i waa one of the3,000 who wei.t down New York harbor on the Hendrik Hudson, to ate the Great Eastern go to tea, and on Wednesday started up river iu this direction. Here let roe give the Star's readers two btta of advice No 1. Don't travel on a steamer cursed with a Calliope ?the newly-invented steam organ of that name. The Armenia la a fast boat, and can beat the Daniel Drew, I have no doubt, but it has a Calliope, an Instrument of shrill note*, pipes terribly out of tune, and an Incapacity to achieve anything beyond the Old Dan Tocker range Such an Instrument, shrieking its shrill, fslse notes up and down the Hudson every day, must be an InsnBerable nuisance, and is enoogh to spoil the ear of a whale community. No. a. Don't eat or lodge In Albany. You'll be gougtd if you stop five minutes in the place. As to sleep| lng in* city that has mile-long railroad tralua thundering in and out every ftour-of the night, It ia a matter of impossibility. Oh, Jerusalem! i Jerusalem' thon that klllestthe prophets: Oh, | Albany I Albany'. thou that killest sleep and malI tiplUst the proflts, with what alacrity did I shake # thy dust rtrai mr feet. after ^bedding the di-gt from my pockets for thjr villainous, tough beefsteak and muddy coffee, at starvation price*' Tie fact is. the Albanians never expert to pet but one grip npon the ronconrae of through passengers, and fleece them aTordingljr. i Uavr not a word to say about the Hudson. It Vt a lv.J 'fw ? ? unvvtrii wc?" i??tu iu uravu. i ncit- wrrr ju?i ?mic hundred and thirteen gutde>book maps fluttering from the bands of passt-ngefl on the way up, and there was the usual stretching of necks U> see the famous points; a main object of Interest being to ratcb a glimpse of the homes of notable pen-andink men?the Washington Heights, residence of James Gordon Bennett of the Herald; ''Mr Sparrowgraas" Corr.en's place at Yoiikrrs; 9unnvside, of Washington Irving memory ; Knickerbocker Clark's cottage; Geerge P. Morris" " I'ndereliff." and N. P. Willis' " Idlewild." One sentimenlsllooking chap g&zed long and earnestly at the last, as if to fix the home of the poet in bis memory, and then remarked : " ?o that's Colonel Willet's j house. I've heern tell of him." C. S. N. It wns reported that th? great Powers signed a convention relative to intervention in the affairs of Syria, at Paris, on J uly 2*5 The Goodwood Cup was won by Sweetnuce Starke was fourth in the race. The Atlantic Telegraph Company report that the ettorts to restore the cable have failed It invariably broke at short distances, the outside covering of iron wire being eaten away, though the gutta perch* and upper wire was as good as ever. The Prince Regent of Prussia arrived at Topliti on the '25th. Letters from Parts say that l^ord Palmerston's speech created a great sensation. Some writers s*y that serious alarm was felt as to the maintenance of peace between France and England The correspondent of the London Herald states that all the French naval otti?ers on furlough were ordered to rel>ort without <leLav Th*t t! m naval reserve wu t ailed out, and that the French fleet in the Mediterranean would be raised to twenty vessels The preparation* for the Syrian expedition were progrr-ssing actively. It will consist of 25,000 men. beside artillery and cavalry There is nothing new from Sicily. It ia stated that the Pope ha* refused to adopt any of the massures recommended by the French ambassador, and has declared that if these changes are forced upon hint he will abandon his State* Hear* were entertained that Uaribaldl would suddenly Und on Papal territory Two Sardinian war vessels had gone to Syria. It was reported that the Viceroy of F.gvpt bad placed hi* troops at the disposal of the Sultan to punish the ])nis> 8 Great excitement existed in Russia against the Turks on account of the massacres. The Farts Constitutionnel says the expedition of France to Syria will, a* a matter of necessity, b* carried out, but the part of France will be that of occupation ratner tuan intervention. It is reported that the Forte has given acceptance to the terms of the Syrian Convention Order* have been transmitted to Toulon to embark the expedition at once. According to the T tinea's corr??*pondent, It is ouriiiiA'-d that Garibaldi ha* landta on tbe main land, and no one would tie surprised to learn that he has reached Naplm without striking a blow, and that even royalists have fraWrnl/.ed with his volunteers In the House of Commons on the'25th. In reference to Sicilian iiff^irt, Lord John Russell said j that the Neapolitan government Lad requ?-st?-d the mtdiatiou of Grefet Uritain for the purpose of ?toppinsj Garibaldi, oil the condition tuat if Gariltaldi refused tht- pro}H/S?d truce, the forc?*s of F.'igland aud France should lie used to compel him To that proposition government, he said, declined to acceae Seventeen horses ran for the Goodwood stakes Wallace was tlrst and Satellite second A German paper reports that the old F.mperor of China is either dead or d) lug If this rumor shall be confirmed, the Allies will possibly receive propositions for peace from Pekln The Czar of Russia has by imperial ukase, placed forelau merchants 011 the aam? fnutinir with natives. lC7~The Journal of Commerce, in reference to the l*te tiloodv scenes In J^yria. esks '-what is ti> done with Turkey?" Tue brutes, like so manv tigers, having got a taste of blood, are resolved to extirpate the Marontine, Greek, and all other Christians. not only in Mount Lebanon. but in the adjacent plian country The Journal brings to mind an important incident in the history cf our country. It says: "When Mr. Webster wa Secretary of the i^tate he directed the American Consul at Keirut or Aleppo (we fori;et which) to go to Damascus and remonstrate, in the name of the President of the rutted states and of this entire nation, with the Pasha of that city, and conjure him to put an end to the slaughter of the Soor Jews that wis going on in that city; and be id Nor were his efforts in vain. There is not a Jew in all Damascus that does not remember that act of Interference with deepest gratitude. And yet there were in those days 110 such tender ties as exist now to bind in special and touching m inner American heart* to the destinies of Damascus. TiikGrkat Ka?tkrs awd tiik Norfolk Tradk. A c tiieii of Norfolk, Virginia, write* from New York as follows: 1 have just had another interviutlf tulth tVlto /I i ? ? * * n n ?* ikM ?uc UI IUC UIT4V Cni, OIIH I thev tuy if we will guaraute*: forty to fifty thour? ; S id Inles of cotton, they will make two ' trips to .Norfolk from Liverpool, commencing sometime in October; freight on cotton %2,yo per bale, the Mine as from New York to Liverpool If we cannot gtt cotton, tobacco will anwrr. I am in h'?p'? we will be able to secure the amount of cotton or tol^co. If we cannot get a tjuaraii'ee for two trips, we certainly can for one trip. JET" What a glorious world this would be. if all its ( habitants could s^y with Shakespeare's Sheph-rd: '-Sir, i am a true laborer, I earn that I wear: ow.? no man hate; envy uu man's happmes*; ^laa of other men's good; content with my firm." lT/~There i* a lawyer so excessively honest that be puis all his flower-pots out over ulgbt, so determined is be that everything sbai 1 have its dew. |YW?BKLL AM) EVERETT MASS MEET I L R 1 \G.?Tlie several Ward i>ei<-gatio s are r quested to meet carl> at their refpt-'tiv* pl?c> s ofutcinli aise; nothing hut au early ?tai t will en%hio us to reach the speaker*' t t.d w cool s ason. It W B. WBhB, Mi" hal. Ylr**KVKN ' H WARD.?Tt>? Seventh Ward l_5 Union Club at.'d othor f riend* of Bell and Everett, will avsemtile at Island Htllon WEDNKSL) \ Y EVKMNG next.?? 7o'clock, for the rurp 'SM ofatten 1in<* the ratification meeting at the City Ha 1. By order. au 6 St POB VllILA UELPHIV 1 HP. STEALER 0. C. ALftKH. CAPTAIN FE TON, is no? ready for frei-rht, lor ho alx>ve port, to sail on F RI^ DAY MOKMNG.I" o'clock. Ap piy to HYDE 4 DAVllteOM, Georgetown. D. C. au H_2t T NOTICE. O TRAVELLERS FOR OLD POINT, N RFOLK, AND LANDING* ^fT""' w ON THE POIOMAC RIVER. The Steamer BALTIMORE hav-"" inc detained one da> thm w?wk, trill leave on friday Mom nino, at 10 o'clock, inetead of Tliursda*. for the above place*. ?iE?? E M.\TTIN<iL\ , General Ticket Act. PJ?. B. Co. (Con.) au ft-2t 'j>0 CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. OFP1C* OF THK W*?H!*8TO!l AQurarcT.t A*MH*?TOW, AUgUSt 7. 1890. t Srai.fd p?oro**i* will received at this office until 12 o'clock m., August 21st, 1880. for suppljing tli** following rnaterialt: 150 to ns.D-inch Fipfls, 12 feet long, Bell & Spiggot, Washington Aqueduct pattern. SfftoSSftjn men Pi pee, 12 feet long. Ball k. Spiggot, Washington Aqueduct pattern 4 an i oh Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pafern. 1 12 inch Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Wa-hin*?on Aqueduct pattern. , ... , . 2 6 inch Flange Pipe*. 9 feet long,(drilled) Wuhin*ton Auu?*(uct pattern. 14 inoh Flan*" Pipe, 9 (oet long, (drilled) Waah ington Aqueduct pattern. Also, a rev upecial patterns, ucn aa Branch**, nnndr,&c. For further particulars, examination of ilravinta. An *nrl* at tl,i? . Fhe whole <>f t'h (Trailing n will be required to b? delivered by the Ut October next. H. VV. RENHAM, Captain of Engineers, m S-tf Clnpf Eng'r \\ ashington Aquedaat JWOT1CE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC FJNEY POINT* POINT RLOOK-OUT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. The commodious and swift steamer BALTIMORE, having been thoroughly overhauled and lefitted with boilers and machinery, Ac , will p aced on tae above route MONDAY,the 9th of July, and continue daring the bathing season, making semi we?41f tries, leaving Washington MONDAYS* and THURSDAYS at lo o'okxsk a m. Re turmtig jrii tear* Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS at3o'o'ookp m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fars<? MarburyV...- #).?< Pope's Creek. #2no Saudy Point.. 1.5 Blackistone's 3 00 Quantioo.15 Bluff Point xtm Liverpool Point> Marshall's Pavilion 1M Boyd's Heie........ 3 00 Pmey Point S.00 Malthia? Point.... *.? Point Look oat... LOO To old Point and Norfo'k $5, including maais. I Round trip tickets to Norfolk and Old Point food | for the season, #* Children under tan ??sn. tmi erranUJialirare. Freeooiored pereoae |i. Freight* usual ratee ?i.d muBt be prepaid. Th# ?u*a?ner Ba.uinore being the faeteet boat <m the Potomao, will oonrey pMsengete to Point Look oat in hoc re. making lae trip w?? taie beautiful river ... , . , For tiokete andTu rtlier inf.jrnaUon MP'T 9* '"ffi^Caachea will oajfit inf |M#I? U?#ity for ,ua > i HiJofiW """ - ' * AMUSEMENTS. MAN A LOST AM i?*i.Avn " l'8ICAL KNTERTAINMENT. * COMKTIJI6 AT 4 OVXOC* P. M I Me?tr?. POWERS A CO. h?t !n\-? to mf.Tm <i lh*?r f tend* and the ruhiic that ??n K KIP AY Mb it and PATl'RUAY KTlNINtr!'. Auc.t l"'h*?ji rf, and llth. Mr. C G. Bird, t?ad<v to 1 tl exhibition.and Mr. J K.Stmeli.. Piani?t, will at- a tead the ah Island and perform .ejection* of the ri rnoai i'p-r?u<* ana i itinr .m utis,on wni<-n *. ooo??ion a large attendance larequeatd. Admn?- T * ion free. lu -? rr- r>on t F"rgkt _rn r F? EREfe CONCERTS! ^RNST LOKFFLKR, ,\ir Vark nr-mut, In- *" f* <* 1*1 nn4 2H *tracts, would rMMolfuHf atate to the ruhlio that A Clt.VliK I' ofAflR r, SELECT MlfalC will r>eciven*verv MDN lF u DAY um) thl KSHaV EVENINGS dariu tb? mmob, at hia Pavilion. commencing at 3 o'oiook c and ending at in p. m. Previoaa to the Concert. ttie Xaloon la open to thoae deal ring to while awav a few hoara in th? maiy daaee. ICR w t'R E A M. WATER ICRS, and erery deac-iption V of CONFECTIONERY awaya ready at oity L pri?. * Partlea deamnr the Gardens for Pio Nio par u p ata. are requeaied to give a day or two noUoa. je 18 3m " ?? (i EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, 4c. |^OR THE GOOD OF THR CITIZENS! * GRAND DAY AND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC or th ? ? Perseverance Fire CompRny, Ho. 5, D To be g iven at ARLINGTON SPRING. Ok TUESDAY', At owaT 14>h. 1S?0. The proctitis to b? drv<u?4 (MMrifi tkt ripttri tf lit ~ Enrtne Houst. Profeaaor Schroeder'a Rraaa and St ing Band haa I been engaged for the occasion. ' C<mrrv*ncer.?Oiambeaea will leave1 the Northern Liltertiea' Market at ri a. in. and 1J? p. m.,a'd continue to rna from the o corner of Pa avenue and Seventh etreet ererr hour. W TIh? ?teamer G?o. W. Ri?g? will Ware Fourteenth h utreot bridge evert hour The ?tfam?r Fltiko Clocd will leave the Aqueduct every hour aJ*o. Cnnrmittt* ar irrMtrwi'ii'l. VV W. Qmnt. A OlMptw. X Wm. II. Fa rar, J. R Read, au 8 6t Jno. H Thomson. I 'P ANNOUNCEMENT. I HE MONTGOMERY GUARD llavethe plea'tfe of annonncinc to their Jf* >. 1 man* fiiend* and t*?e pu'Tic centra'i I* I hat thay will give a ORANI)"*'*^?* tl PIC NIC at Arlington . n Wl-.DXKPDAY, the II 15'h Particu'ars in a future advertisement, au 6 WM. LAN'GR iN. lit bi??t- B /^K AN I) MOONLIGHT EXCURSION t ' rn thk g BENEFIT OF FAMILIES. The steamer T l??v? Rohrer* Wharf. t, Navy Yard, at 7^o'c! k <>n THl'rsDAY KVEM ?G. Aucut' mS, pnictwl down the rivr t tu taMe di taiio.? to erable rer t<> retun at *>asorable iiour. ^ An excellent ttrmg land of mmic will be in at tl Tu-k?-l? o* 1? 25 rent*: to tie had at the atore of tl Mr Adam Ga "illJr . and at th -l oatoo the eve nine of the excursion. miui* f A (TkTn D TUIR \AMi;vFflN U BALL n Marshall's pavilion. V AGRANDTOl RNAMENTand FALL * ill take L pla.e at ?AKH) LI.'I* PAVIL J^ l(IVn Tl' K9DA ^ , the 14th mat. ?** (, Rideri f-o?n At>hi .gton. town, and AN'xaud :a ?re ?ih? t renpoctfiillT solicited to ml". T'ie? wi'l be fur hi bod with contain*, lioanl and horse f?< 1 on th abov^ day for twelve do ant i 9 li. i * Wi liers'j tVlnhrat -4 R a?* Rand ha* (??? n er - t ?aoil lor the u?i??iou Tim public aemxited to ? att *nd. ? I'll- ?f*anior H*r.ri*o?E will l^avo XV a hmgton on Monday. tli?* at 1') o'clock ?. m and land at J the Pavilion at 5 o'clock p. in R?*tur ii'f *i,i Imv? d thf Ptn ioion W?di-Vk)i mo nine at 1 o'clock * and a rive .n Washington at 7 o'clock a m.,thua J; atfo ding a good opportunity to tho?e wi?hirg to (avail th*m*?*TveB of >a!t Wat<t Oatriu^, Fiahing, tl Crafhing. Ac T^* iind 'rugned has apared no expense to make <? this Tournament ?itrpas? ant thing of the kind tUat ? ha< iMvn given in the State of .\larj land, and nothinr i-hal! he !-l\ lindane on hi? part to render com- J fo-t ant pleasure <o all that ma* give him a call, au6 1 w' R J. MARSHALL. Proprietor. ITXPARALLKLED ATTR ACTION! a J GUAM' PRIZE PIC NIC' At ANALOSTAN I-LAND. Or MONDAY, Aretur 13. 1??<50. Owe Hundred Pierrmof Jewelry Oivea Away! Among which a urn.n and ^ilvik Watch. a|)an<'iii( ai'd Mu?ic du-in? the day )Gt*' "J will afford enjoyment t? all. IIW I K'p fV* B a-- en-' tic Harden [iMiM ca.:?v1 for thI i< k t. -.,!> Cent* f<>.- itentlernen, 92 Ce.-.ts for I Ladies; Children admt t?*d free. 1 Ti'-kfts for ol.-> *t C. H. \nd?-?on*? and H m 'tid *, 7 ii street: l?r. ?-enwa-txe'? Drug Store, > Pa. aw: avt at the f.>ot of Hish ?t. wharf. George- a town, i>? tin- d*j of tin* Pic Nic. ? irTNo charge made for conveyance across to ? the Island fro t'e wharves a |[^Kor List of Gifts see small programme*. _ au 3-7t | wantst s T WANTKU?At the rail road depot Restaurant, a A GOOD COOK. A person o! steady habits C will r ceive yood wage*. au 8 3t* L \\j A N TKD-A \VKT M RSK to go a short dia- fl ' ta-ice in tli? county. Apply at 209 Pa av , opposite Wizards.' >-i 7 5t* B IVANTED-Bt a ivi?. sh fn?rn.???i '""i * OR K l) .\ I RSI", to take el arge of an infant i, ard mak<> her?e|fe nerally naeful. No particular f objection to a wh if p?r..oii who i* a I'roiee.ant. \ For furtli r particular" aUdreea lio* 1 at the >ar _ Oflicf. au7 3t* ? U'ANTKD-A CARPENTER. competent to fj th? finishing ?ork of a house n the hand- ' romeat ntyle To atieh % one Rood vt;e? will ha T Ktven. constant eixplojment. and the'ca?h every , raturda* evpiimt. or ofteti'-r if wanted ; at the cor- I ner of Intl. and O ats. A atugle man p ? ferred. an 2 fit* 1 VI7ANTKD?A !*ALM LADV. None but Ui? " 7* beat need appl?. 8. HELLER. jy SI No. 34 Market **pace, bet 7th and 8th wta. WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform thed?t??a oof chambermaid. No one n?ed apply who can- n not l>nni a recommendation from ner la?t p ace, it Inuui.'t at Eckingtoc, two aula, north of the Cap * itol. j* 17 > " \\ U' ANTED?By a at?adv ai.<t indnatrioua man. a Q SITl *Tli>\ > ~.1I?' . Bvfi? w v*/jicv'im . nrBi *?I rWHHU g m*nd*ttons given. Address M. C., Star Office. i> m-tf b WT ANTKD?To have everybody know that the* ' " oan purchase their Summer Clothing at eo?? at 11 N'u. 4b0 Mveuth it, opposite Pu?t Ofto?. jy lit-m j. LOST AND FOUND. ~ I C* 1 ft RE\VAR0.-9l>tTHl or *tol"n f'om the i V i" subscriber on the 2d mat , a smell c\ bru SORREL M A.R R; ctripo in foiti- 1X9 h ad; luht mane and tail. The above re I ward will he given for hrr retar>: to L. I.l'BF.R, on C str-et, b*tw<nMi t3>? and Uth sts. au 8 4f LOST?On W-dn-sdar morntn*. tth instant. two I NKWF IN I.A PlPS.ta do?A ) 1 mi 1 a alut) three mo ths o <1; the* ar-^?2 both bl?ck with white marks A liberal * J reward w 11 be paid for rheir delivery at N?. 31 * Louisiana are ue, between 31 and 4S streets. or at P Mr. WaTEkss n?* k-?? J ? w. , v?< wxr u ??(i anu flit* Ml ft-3t? JAMES B _LEACH._ J' LOST?On the afternoon of tha fch.a STONE > CAMEO EAKRING; a head i;t id Uorox S of pnarl*. \ very liberal reward will be paid if left n at tfcia ctfice. ao? 21* t KEYS LOST?A hunch of fi\-e trunk and d awor f KEY?*, on a steel nn< van lout in the wtnet 1 laat Sutidav, U the finder will leave th?m at the t office of the Eveuing Star he will receive onr bol- d lar^rewaH. au 7-2t* > AO REWARD.-Straaad away from tha*ub*ori- t ^ 5 l?ar on the 27th of July, two SOVVS w heavy with young. One or thwtn blscknkJ^ f and brown lilt*; lame in the left fore leg iUhB 5 and the tHh> r of a lighter colored b aok a <1 white, , with lone ear*. The above am will be paid to an* _ Sao* who will fcrinf them to the corner of Norta i pito! and O streets, or leave information where | y are. aa % ** ^ ' C PERSONAL. |\I OTIC E.?This ib to inform the pnbl:e ?ba? I 1 will not par a not* for twenty-fere i ?' , *1 given br m* to James W. Shiles, dated Auei.?? 4th. , payable in 31 days ANDREW Ml'TH. au?lP ji CARD?Two note* drawn br B. A P ather, \ parable to my order, for on? hundred dollar? ' eaeh. in nice and eigbteea month* after date, with int<r?il. rtnu?<l 18th Jul*. 1*60. Isving baen unlaw- . fully obiai ed f oin me. the public are eaut oned | n"t to trade for said note* as they are my property, and obtained from me withont consideration mr WILLIAM ROBINS. J "E>DlTOR STAR:-In yoor po ie? reports of Sat- i ?i urday, the 4th mst. you published a 1 'tier f otn Eliza me. threatening m?. pr> ndad I went to the room ofa Mr, H. From the letter eal ' the repo t, my friends are mad- to baMevetha' I ??? " acquainted with the Mr. H. referred to, an l t iat 1 " took oot the warrant for fear of the ootisequ -nres. I I hereby inform the pnblio that I am unaeqoainted I with thefintlerve?i referred to, run* hannc nsit d h his rnoia; tbereloie 1 ooold pot baen a?ra*d of aay ( consequences arising therefrom. . It* VIRGINIAMA LORD. n PAST. PRESENT. AND FUTURE EVENTS, \ wiR be satisfcctanlr explained, by a lair, at ! I her residence No. 337 C st between 1 at and tad I I its.. Island. Consultation fee as cants, an C 7t* ! BOAKDING. 2 nOARD-PTMMdwruuiofohU^MBOAKD D tat private house, will do well tj calli n<u No. 1* All 1 Kkwtiltth. *? T-? *] I .Mai till mt m .?? ? ????C >?. - rj AUCTION 8ALKS. ? J. MMil'IIK a??? - >KUBMPTO?n ?ALK""O^"*IT.|JN y Rv ? Iltl !*T?AW Ooor>?, KvBROtr>KBl*A. Ta :imi. 1.4cm 'wn m m, fauci ? ??. ar,- , >r <ATt Ml'K\|Vr. .' U(|f? 4U,? MNDA'M M to'cloak. kn4 g.M.iiM1 ' c frofn <1A? to ?* ?ntit lh* wbo?? i? diAf n{, ?r? ?! at 14 attrf of * r j*t^ * ?, f, No jw p?i.t. ver?p, <*th Aid I i h rt. wu, a ar?? ?*r? tf of t od? in hia ilo?. r<?rj> i, rt rap* and S. t lionoetA of new aSa^a. 'rimmed aad uilrm.n c fU?w ft Kau and f au. oiorM Hairawd Hmt?ft?. oloml, BiACt Awl >MiUJw?i| H*U. airfcric and ?*iii K4tit.f?ard lB*tU?i?, I lo 4" Kau"A aai<H*rtpa I to ?to r.?i?ar?a*.?i f^tA.'i H"di^A IIITM, Cofdl Braid*. KlIAftA, r'lit'd K hiwri*, Gtus* acd Si.k, !*ilk Ratluna, Piaia Dior I a? * Priaf *a. . _ _ [i*l \ V-ooia F.r?:i?k Thread, nf?ial \'%.? fri.k. Hiood ai.<! ?twj otk?f va ri?t? of l^e-i, loop Mii't*. f ^n-1) Ar'iknaF F "?*"*, *di?' And OMtiemoa'i fnk aod buikaa l ? brwiM. lair P DAofa k nd ?. M-?ii :>! ?? ?, lai-, I .-th au-' Na i Kuihti. i'o-?!.a, >pp a <? a p. tt?ni' " <"ard ( aft, m?i?1 and fltlm Th'ia?> < . rnot l ?aU. ,nkii.'?. MarnAou'i and Ju.m Ha > ' b*rt I s tTACU. 'ffnc? A'.d G?w?nar Co ocnea, IA if Oil, Tornado to.l". II of wricta will b? *o d wi'h .ut rMArvA. ?rm?: |V aid u. dx. ra?h: ?r?r thAl um rwdit <?f ? ?i<t f>* n|?f *4 ?Mnr?H ot??. wsriaiL in ?r*?t in I d J. C. Mi'UI'IRK A CO . A?eU. FUTURE DAYS. Br BARNARD A BtCKKV. Aurtiawn m. D. C. JOI ?KHOI l? AMI Kli>?FN H HM 1 TCII, ATAC n m ?W?wi - O T?m-> \Y ufXt I 'll '.??? o't ! *, r r>' *? t r ? ??i.l??io? of th? lit* Mn Co r. i u . ' , ? ll < > n a! of Lfc?|r.OId * fl -et?. \ IX I mnn?; pwwwnii i ao.aa, tnun, 'a'lor. dmmi ronii. Coot k Irat rat* F?atiiar B?d? ul ? ? Vntini I>M< 1 .tlifl l hnu Bur?*?w4T' ' t?,a??. K?n<H*r Rr.i ra?. to.. [itoheo l'trn? U. 1>rma cuk. aa ? BARNAH D k HVCIKV. AnoU If A R"H A l.'S WALK.- In v rtaa of a w it v' 6wrl facia*, in?ed f ..n ? . r k '?? ?< tic Cirouit Co?rt of th? l?ietrirt of Co ii?Ma for kf ooantj of WwhmiWu, and to m? diroetad, I I'll "*P? ?* to aubiMj **.*. |6r oa?h, at Um NtrtM loaac. (iwir|?iiwn, P. C . on FRIDAY. Uh> J7U a? of A?fa*t ir.?* .o ?tim hi ing a' lOn'o ock a. m.. Iw following ? oda and etiatt* to wit. "i* or orrei Mule and one D>..i Mara Muia, a*ii*d aid ?Tied upon *? th hk>* aad chattel of R i chard I d will haaold to aatiafr jadiciaJt No n October tcrin I MO, u tavor of John Moor*. w. ?kldkn. aa 7 <tt? t'.S. ManKa' LIAKSUAL'!* J? A L. K. -In virtue o| a writ r,f "I /a^iaa leaned fiom 'ha Clcr? iOIm of lie Circuit Court r.f tha Diatrict of C. iiitiNa for laCocaty ol Waatuntt-m. %?d to ma diraetod. I 'i I to puhio *aJ*. for nui la froat of tfca 'ourt H ii? (1. ?'of ni-i fi-u' tt -?n M'EUNK) > A Y. th* ?Mh da* of Ancut r?*t. iw*. kt It o'nl?ak i. All rtafj, dv I'* e'aim ?wl itt t I < and to Lot Mi> (. in -?4U*rc KM. I* tbaCitrof V?*hiDftun, D. C , together vtbali and sing u tor if> iirprii?e.Tf t? ' f#"!'. I'litd aud Iwiod upon a the prop?ttj of J oka F. D?*r, and ?i I be told to iii-*ieia>i? No. (K. to Ost.'hw Cm inn, ta trur ofM?'i?ret M Dyif, wife HT C. 0. Ntrtkt! for tb? Diatrict of Columbia. ? 7-If If ARHHA l.*0 9AI.F. - In virtn# . (t writ* <>' t?' ' 1 facial i ? ?.! from the Cork's offcoeof tho Cir ait (JoHrt of the I>itlriol of CoiimUft. for tke I'unty of Wa?hin?tor, and to me directed. I w. l to ??l>lie %)?, for o*ah. in front of tbo coart hum iuur of Ntid eo?ntf. on MONDAY, the Mil &? of Anf u?t n-*t, IB6u, at It o'oiook m , all defaaint'? ruht.titl?',?ilai?. and internet it ar.d to Lot No. S in !*auare No. T3t, in tbe eity of \Yarhin(too. 1>. tocethrr vitk ajl an<1 nibcuiar the improvement* hereon, aetzed and lenrd apon ? tke property of Iha? H Van PaUri^and will be sold to aatjefv Jmlo.a'a Mm w a?d 79, to Ootohor t?>rm Ik?. ib tkwm , I L, VAT Tw * n * " *umu n. a mutmmmum mam z>. u UMRM W 8KLPEM. y 13-dta U. S. Marahai for Dtetrict of Columbia. IITTHE ABOVE BALE IS POSTPONED nUl WEDNESDAY, Um ?th iut.. Ma* hoar od pace. m m t W.SELDEN. U.*. Marahal. FOR SALE AND RENT. for 41JW 5?i? < ?<* Kur" <?? p?r? ] jtrmshed room* with or with 01 r hoard.?Pwm?? do-inn; F?miM Loon won d do we!! V ca.. at M. HAW,?KL io. 339 F at., between ?KI? am! Oth ?ta , he haa ?vera v*r? handaomeit fii'-nn.hed.ooiivenierfaa<< ret] vf-nti ALfHi room*, which lit- will n>nt with or M'foout N>ard,on r*>a ma. He oa ?i?o erommo'lnt*' a lew table board era. m > 3t* 70R REVT.-A new STORE M< CELLAR for rentat th L-'.rn-r ot I'.-iimh v?[ I* %nd New l*:up?hire ?v?ni",ui riiw 'int -U r[>'i?it* rc-I into f th<* CircM i Waamnttoo'a >IUH I Beautiful ta-wJ for apothecary, reatanrart, or grooor; ?U>re ,.,w. rui ?nr V jri II* pia?J??l"TN t ?\ per l**1 1a?t. I?entth? as. ' . 1?. f? aiwl 12 J1 on JOSF.PH > FEiRSkHK. t??r(r!??ii. >. C. U l it LIR!>. BATK^. dM rinc to r?twrri to lM?r NllTff *1 mf. vuhM to transfer ner w?i. ?iUI>iiMir1 toardiuf H 'U*e, ooct*iainc 28 room, tad town lodaunr at the present imp upward* of 4* bear* r?, i' to the habda ot auM p?ms anahiiif to to >U> to* buaiLeaa, oa U?? awl rr aaunat le w?a ' la i oua?. long Mil' *f knovL to tba oil i >ta of ITaahiacton. la p!?a?ai. j ai'uate^at IM t 'u'h aato irn*' of.Nioth ?t. and fa. avenue, in tb? i<iat tkrivmc pa't of tfc*eit?,a'd ia C'areniatu la hu-eh"? echoola. Ul- palilio i>ai di?f ?.&?. For irther partiea'ara fleaae call and inquire at No. il Ca. a??int' an a tf ft BF.AITIKi i FARM FOR ? A 1. F <>R FX \ CIIAM.I FOR IM-HOVI I) |'R. PI RTN offer for aala my h arm. a miiea Inm Ueorgatavn mile from T< i.a ?to? o I'o t flit**, <?< arniaU*' il* f om liwirf>'n?n 1 "I c<i ?. - **? uhe?. ?ta ? of rultn-Uion u a market carden kim; ten aorta of tnuhor ami wood lu< Tfce weiliug it large ?'td oouvfm. nl. wiUi large dr? rllar; I arm new stable with loft full o( ha>; large aw ham fnl! of clover ard timothy hai: another irge barn lu.i of tin* a grain in 'he ?traw i rjm, rlieat auri oat.- > A Rood stone baeemeut uixkt the arn foroowa; knew *ti>ne spring bouse with spring it; atone milk boiiaeadjoimn* with watertroughs; i nacr and stock* hi?u?e. Tli* fruit la o( the l?at r&fWl variety. Pea hes, P-ars. Apple*. Piuan*. [uinee?,tiag'?". C.>*r ie aad <? ape? Ai^.St ??err;, Cur ?rt. Faspi?errr an<I Asparagus beds, 'he (arm la wHi known, kiav n* keiwaiH b? n> He lutnor a'lii iin i |.<r me a?t v." ??*ra. it la a eautiful place, huh and nealth*. Sueti a paving \ m ia eeMoin offered f<?r sale; li >nr parai* *ed la >* rea.?'n lor witiling t?> pan with it "1 lUe afreet Call at my a ami \o. 3si?i Center Market a Seventh street, next to i>. Neumyer's stand. a eote left at the < ar or addressed to nw 1 T" a 5 toa Post < iflie*, will be at'en 1-d h?. ?4i 8 SAMl'KI, ?HOK?I<kkj. r|OOKS AND STATION KRY STOCK AND l> l ix'urea f<>t ?* r and store for rent. AppW at >o. 3<*? S-venth aL mm 7 at* l?t)R BI NT FOR A TKRM OF YF.ARS.-A r DilRY h ARM ofMaciea. with a new lane a* oitaniinr 8 room*; 2 liar; large enough to reowve i tons of h?T. ?n I atalla auir^iewf ? - - ^ < >? wl horae*. There ia attached to the tan a at-horee war ?teajn en ow ia -o-nplnu- orrier. a cn?t mill, om ahelier outtini m%cH|fH> a. ia o drr.itMm iili^a of aufieieiit atz to at a-n tt>? f od for 9Raow?; be hay e ilieeil lor man h?lf < oo?t b? a aixl machine; the gram ran l?e ground (or leaa t -an nta a Uiah->1. an1 the dair* (a ao ar auie I thi> 3 a?n equai nted with the bu?ir?a? can gnid "he rata, eat the ha*, eteam thefood.and aaHtn* mi k i ?or M <ynw* Th- houae a?H I Ami a ? rx?i a aupplied with pare apnn{ water t? a water n awi ''here ia a larse ai tarn whicti take* the water from he rw a; the anpnlt .if water ia *hondant for the air* purpc ea 1 hia <m rjr 4a withia IH mttoafronr Vi!lard> Hotel, and l<a? made larger retaraa to he owner* for the la 4 2 year a than anj other dairy a th? Diatriet. hut in romaqneeea ot ill health the remtee* will he rented for a term of year* aad th* nilue and fixture* wd al fair p maa leacewl E'KS'hfgfr-ttg MtKIBBR1^TlW1 nna etvT. -rt- ? " P rpi I VM ..\TT yp ?J uKf KOOM ted r CKliU*?o tb+ corner of I and ***r*nth rt> . L . CyTTAflp h(H BP.. ountaitiinc rMmt ? : * li ir*???d attaeM UinW fultin ion: a >?rc*?t*-t>.? mi me t?d . ( mmt? Tbo wil. b? told upon verj kmouUi tar km or * 1??n,?tPo??o??)on [irm oo'tfc* F?'LIT7,A *>??>* BRICK HOUPE. *1 ~<?rrii*?lMM: alao^T"pumV oVvTt?r m*Se f?ft * iiW CK>* REWT-AttiMHwi BRICK 0WSL I* UNO HOl'?E.m fl it bt*<M IfthM l?k ujff. ???. Ag,u, r nnwi>QD <?y f re,? -Ki mMUfall? ?itii*t?rf <mi Thi<-tr?nth *tr*?t. twtveea )*orsi*?v*i>M aud K ?U. %m*r_Y?*i} l?? ? fcrden let atUelie*, ? ? *?<** Wi nd oon'^iB* 4 roomc, kitchaii and w.<od*hM. W i 1 rfUxTlow. vftk or vilboat ? lot, t? ? *<>od DMt. For al? rhmmf. i |wd.*rw^ WORK US ?t .hHrwWm 4th Mi Sth. Jy W noK IKNT-Tw ??afort?Nt tknMtf iTkritk r HOVres.Mreow^kite^weeek.eitiiewi 2**k Ali?y i^GKo" r^JloUKL^, ?i t'R Wc*C.KHbrtaj. |yg w* w??. TMMiL '

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