Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ^ lJ~/~ Though Tb* St** It printed on the A??twt ram prra? In u?e $r"^h nf Baltimore, tt^ditlon U an large as to require it to bf put to prX? at an early hour; Advert sementa, therefore, abould be tp* in bef >ri? \ > o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until the neit day. Nptti to washiaetoitiasa.?Thoae of our fellow-citizen* U? lino fnr ?Vi? umt*'!"" ' and flfwhfw should bear In mind that we do not mail Thr Star except after payment in advance at the rate of 37 cent* per month. Notick.?District of Columbia Advertisement* to be inserted in the Baltixokk Scs are received a*, and forwarded from The Star Otttee. McClkli afp'? H*k II:vk ?The little bee hive of wbi I. v?e write is presided over by our friend McCleliand, and is situattd at the corner of Tenth street and tbe city canal. Previous to its purchase bv Mr McClelland it bad been at one tline a {{as liiaivifactorv. then a livery stable; once or twice a carpenter sh?p; once a depository for barrels of 1 m-. once a feed store, and for a long time it had t?rn nothing at all but a rntnous pile of bricka with disrupted door* and dismantled windows, It* Interior sacred to damp rottenness and a prey to tbe wharf rats; Its exterior tbe victim of general decay I.ess than one year ago this damp, rotten, r 1 nous pile was purchased by McClelland from tbe gas company, and with the enterprise of an enterprising ana Industrious artizan, he at once act himself to the task of making aometbing of It. For a considerable time after the purchase laborer* were engaged in razemg the old crumbling walls, picking from among the rubbish that portion of tbe materials which might be of use to the new proprietor and taking care of them, while all that was unworthy of economical regard was removed out of the way. and of this latter there was much, hut finally the place was cleared away. "I ben the ground was measured, and found to contain aoiue 10,file square feet. Chooaing an una fronting Louisiana avenue and Tenth street, ai>d embracing about 6,000 feet of the Whole plat, Mr McClelland laid it off into a conveniently nrmntv?>rl nla?? tr*? " '"*n mnA K.??. '- * 4 - j ..... . ... ..v? uuu uinw ii/uiiurry ana machine shop The plat thus laid off is Irregular oblong. liaving a depth of 61 feet at its eastern line, mid of thirty odd feet at its western line, and fs rthout 120 fret long I'pon this site men set to work to erect new tbiek strong walls of brick and mortar. some _> feet high, with a thick division wall, thus dividing the whole Into two compartments. The eastern portion of the structure was then ? diverted into a foundery irregular In shape, bnt containing as much superficial space as would be fffind in a room fifty feet square. This portion of the building is covered by a truss suspension roof, which obviales th#> nn-Maiiv tmm ?*?-' r ? ' j ?vi vviuiii iia, and leaves the rcom entirely free from obstruction; and here in one corner the proprietor has f l up a cupola for melting iron ore, which melts at one heat four torn, and 1* so constructed with one of the celebrated patent AIden 36-inch . owers. as to economiie greatly the consumption of fuel. This cupola Mr. McClelland tuink* , lite large enough to supply his ordinary wants in tfce way of melted iron, as it is capable of -u-??a ? *?1 " * ** cuar^ru wuouai lUBing H *kDfltX." H<*T6 ? me of Mr McClellaiid's "busy bee#" may be st-t-n at ail working hours moulding and t asting water pipe*, four-wav stop-cocks, and ail aorta of caatinj/s for our new \Vater works; iron columns, machine gearing. beautiful smooth quoins for tbe new Trent of the E street Baptist Church; flaakt for the Statu? of Freedom, or for Mr Clark Mills, which ! about the same thing, and every ?pe< ies ?>f work required and expected of any Iron founder. l?ofi> your printing prt-M. your planing ?iii!1, your st?am engine, your shafting, or any ?>tb?r piece of machinery about your printing ?flW carpenter shop, steamboat, or mill get out ?-f repair, break, wear out, or otherwise require the attendance of the machinist, you goto McClelland, and he takes tbe broken, injured, or worn out article to his Bee Hive, and makes a model I ke it, which is placed in a mould into which bis assistants pour tbe melted iron, and presently be returns you a new and complete affair in its \ place Just oitside of the foundery to the rear of the main building you may *ee McClelland's forging nu^, a Uitr. ' uuTrniMii iwmi lllieU WllU IOTgeS, where stalwart turn are beating the red iron into shape; where a continual spray of melted dross is failing like a shower of molten lire all arouud them, and the perpetual din of the sledges upon the merry-?ounding anvils, warns the visiter that no drones are there. At the side of the forging room there 1? a watf-r-tank whi'-h holds hogsbrads of water, and is a desidtratrm indispensable to an iron founder}* Krterlnjj the main building again by a different door, on the other side of the division wall, the wkirl of shafting over head, and the fizzing, (craping, grinding, "rating all about, reminds us that we are in the fLi.shing-rooui or machine-shop. Here we find a room W> feet long and avenging 4?? feet wide, where we discover fine tumu.. I lathes, two drill presses. one planing machine, and one bolt cotter, and more '-busy bees" pre?;diiig over them, like so many gods of industry. Lvery species of shape to which iron and brass can be fashi< ucd is here spread out upon the machines. undergoing the finishing process, and handsomely indeed is the finishing done, to the credit and honor of the master mechanics and journeymen mechanics of the city of Washington belt spoken Mr. McClelland is here prepared to turn an Iron column no less than 26 feet long, and to turn it In a workmanlike manner, too. Stowed away In one corner of this room we discover the prettiest little specimen of mechanism we have ever seen, in shape of a 12-horse power en?ii?e, which drives the machinery of the whole establishment. This engine occupies very little i?ace. is kept rubbed up to an almost painfullyshining polish by its ei.gineer, who evidently retard* it in the light of a mechanical pet; and there Ft sits, working away so noiselessly, that but for the motion cf the balance-wheel and eccentric crank one would be likely to pas* it without discovery. Mr. McClelland asks us to place our hand on the bed plate of this wonderful little machine. Do you feel theslightest jar?"MVS l* * AO," we reply. "not the slightest; one intght write like copper plate with his band rest. * lug on It." That la so," aaya he. with a triumphant smile; "that engine waa made In Philadelphia. and runs in thia way tbe year round, ao perfectly is every part of it constructrd; and it rtbaclutrly makes less noise and jar when In motion than tbe engine in tbe Mint there, which ia rona.dertd tbe most perfect piece of machinery of the engine species in the country." We enjoy with McClelland his feeling of pride in contemplating thia busiest of all tbe -busy bees'' in hia tsUbhsbnaent. Close to tbe division wall a stair, way leads to another room overhead, just the aize of the finishing room, which ia the pattern room. Here we And lathes for turning wood, circular uwa, moulding aawa, work bunches, tools, and .mother collection of -'busy bees" engaged In mskine models for the moul<ter? The same exeellentcare, the same n'cetv regarding the construction of the models, Is executed by M r McClelland, *s with ev?ry department of the establishment H :s practical eyn scan ear h piec e at wood or brass, each joint, each edge, each mirinte detail of the work, while hi* assistants conscious lu (be excellence of their work, look on, with an expression of face which seems to tell the Ros." " vou may look,and yon may look again, but you'll Mud tb:?t piece of work doue to your liking, else where's tLt use of making it at all " The " Bos" tak?? anotner look and then nods his heaa approvingly, while the " busy i>ee" resumes his work with an air of triumph. Thus we have < ompleU-d ttw circuit of the " hive," and have found in the heart of Washington an establishment capable of pt-rforraingaay kind of work connected with the foundry businesf. the result of the private enterprise of one of oor excellent mechanics We t^ink we know of one or two more stm ii tr rnummacoB in una cuv. which we Intend to i.?o* up at convenience With Mich advanta.'ra>ta our nidat, why do ?or peopje go to other cities. aa tb?y oaaetinea do, whea they desire < aatingaor ma< biaerv ' Wo hare enlerprstng me< aanu > at hoaie Let Uiein tkea be encouraged Statistic* or mottilitt in Alcxiidria Cocstt.?The Gazette saysThe annual statement of tbe number and caoat* at deaths In this county during the year 1859, submitted to the last term of the county court, Hi ikes the following exhibit It is interesting as abowing the unhealthy periods of the year and prevailing diseases of the < ounty. The 'whole number of deatba reported -* > ' ? - ^ to iw<c uwuina uuriog me yew la 150. For "28 of tfcrw deaths no canae is assigned One hundred and nine died froai natural causes and thirteen from violence or accident. The specific causes of death were m follows: ' Natural Cnunen?Cooaumptlen, 31; old aire, m euarlat fever, 7, teething,bullous fever. #; )*rwrteomp4a1u?, 5; whooping cough. 5; convui oilS. 4; cboiern morbus. 3, pneumonia. 3; dysent. rv\ 3: child birth, 9; mama apeta.3, croup, *2; cholera inlaatuna,a, paralysis,?, dropsy, J, worms. 1, tumor, 1; %ppople*y, 1; heart disease, bursting of blood vessel, I?total, 109. Accidental Causee?frowned, 5; burned, 3; murdered. 4; poisoued, 1; killed on railroad, 1; overlaid. 1?total, 13. ' It will be tfcus seen that about thirty per cent at the deaths from natural raoaes have been by consumption the great stourge of thla section of the country. Tbedeattis daring the several months of the year were aa follows : January, lis; February, #; March, 8; April, 5; "lfay, 15; June. 13; July, 15; August, IS; 8epUui r?r, n. October, 7; >o*emfcer. ?; Decern!**. 19. " It will thus be aeeii that Lwieraher a?d January !b midwinter, and August In njl-'aunnurr, prove equally frUl, whilst April appear* to ahow Ute least mo tality " * <? ? , Bus la m;<D the excursion at the Odd Fellow* &i A niioaua t*iaad this aftaraoon for the Urmrfll - of their library. \\> undr stand that th?j? art hjvinc a K'aad i.iue cvt-r there Just step caret aad see Utr yourselves' The best of the fun Will be is the cool of the arealng. bu *OTlc*s of political meeting* this evenl ag I JMwM all awB fl^H . pi j Hkadquaitib* Battalio* > wa?h1x?tos l!if*!?t*t j A CaKD.?The undersigned committee hare been direcUd to lay before the public ? ?tat-ment In connection with the Tiait of the Light Guard (Zouavea) of Chicago, aa many falae and contemptible fabrication hare gone forth. Injurious to the Zouavea, and partlcnlarly the good name of thla battalion and ita individual memben To our frlenda such a atatement ia unneoeaaary, but to a disappointed public It ia eminently due. The battalion had not in th*> first templated receiving and entertaining the visiting corps, understanding and believing that a company of this city had taken that matter exclusively In their hands This was gratifying to ourselves, as we were only anxious that If the Zounrts should visit Washington, they would receive at the hands of our citizens, through their military, a cordial and hearty welcome, and they would be the recipients of inany hospitalities to be remembered as among the pleasant incidents of their extended tour We were lubsequently informed that the report, that they would be received by the company noticed had no foundation, but had been extensively circulated without authorization. Upon this we immediately proceeded with the preliminaries of the reception and entertainment?selecting a committee on sub scriptipn to waiton our friends and citizens. and ordering H company to prepare tor the tlrst day's reception and A for escort duty on the second UOI Lpcn tie arrival of the Zouaves in Baltimore, the Major, (Quartermaster, and Capt. Dubant visited tbat city; had an interview with their commander. Col. Ellsworth, and extended an invitation. which was first declined, but subsequently accepted; Col K. Informing the committee that they had overstayed their time ten days, and were anxious to get home; but If by coming to Washington and in one day see Mount Vernon and viait the President, they would come, and he requested that the battalion would make all necessary arrangements. The committee returned to \\ ashlngton, and the orders for A and B companies countermanded, and the following programme was then adopted, to be observed strictly so as to r-aine no disappointment, viz: Companies A and B to parade for reception and es< ort?meat the Zouaves at the depot at 6 a m , march to Brown's Hotel?breakfast, then immediately proceed to the boat c? route for Mount Vernon. Return to the hotel again?'dine l>etween 1 and 2 p. m ; then proceed to the President's, and return i to the City Hall, and between 3 and 4 p m. the | Zouaves were to "drill." After this to escort them to the depot The City Hall was considered the most suitable filace for drill purposes, having ample space, and ts porticoes and steps of the building affording r?.^ucui ncc'jimuouaiions to witness the drill. Particular arrangements were made that these elevations should be reserved for the ladies, and everything was done to prevent any discomfort or disappointment, as it was our wish, particularly, that ail should witness the peculiar, fascinating, and unexcelled drill of the Zouaves Most unfortunately these arrangements were changed without our knowledge, causing mortification to onr guests and sincere regret to ourselves Unfortunately ourcitv.Tn cases like these, suffers through the loratlon of the Government here, by which there are parties hanging about, stubbing and tlnnt;ling at the skirts of the official*, who, unknown and unsuspected by honorable men, Cro< ecd to accomplish certain aims of th?tr own y which the rights of others are utterly disregarded, and these ojftrials subject to gross Imposition Our programme was invaded by such a party, who, by falsification, led others to believe that this change of programme was our own affair. I hi* rhan<T<* wfi ...6v ?v uiuuc awair ui umy the night preceding the arrival of the Zouaves I r sidtnt Buchanan detected the conflict of the two programmes on that morning, and dispatched a messenger to 11s with a view of harmonizing the two, so that no one should be incommoded by it It was then too late to adjust, and hence arose tbe unsatisfactory proceedings tbat marked the dav, whic h were mortifying to ourselves and a disappointment to those in whose behalf we extended the inriiahon, an t who assisted us willingly, and who we. were inclusively, wi might tay anxious, to gratify?our eit * ns. In conclusion, we would remark that nothing blamable can be attached to the President, as his individual action did not produce the unsatisfactory results; nor to the Zouaves, as they accomplished all that men could under the force cf circumstances The thanks of the battalion are tendered in connection with this reception to Marshal Selden and Commissioner Blake for courteous conduct and assistance, and to Marshall Brown for his exertions in making his part of the entertainment one of commendatory remark and acknowledgment by our members. To our friends for their ? . j i* i_ ? >? - - ??i. n is may appreciate by the battalion, and to tkrm our thank* ar' tendered two-fold. Committee?James V Davis, Edward Towers. P. M Dubnnt, L. D. Williams. nr* * r ? ins .?! do 3 light fcXCCRSIOS to holland Pol XT ?The excursion of the Kast Washington Mission, which came off last Friday evening, was one of the pleasant tri pa of the s-ason Starting at half past six o'clock, p. m , the company pr> reeded on th-;r voyage. The hours were passed by the young and light-hearted In harmless sports; and the more thoughtful in pleasant conversation arid the observance of the scenery along the Potomac. Instrumental music, and the performances of a popular glee club. ?4so added to the pleasure oftb<- company It is due also to Page, of S-venth street, to say, that his arrangement of the confectionary department was not least in importance, and he obtiiued for himself the praise of the fair ones aboard The company returned to the city at a seasonable hour, delighted with the trip. Socthkbsirs Goiso Nortii ?There appears to be a perfect rush of southern families to the North thasenaon Theaprinna and bathing piacea at the .North will l>e especially patronized by them Hundreda have already passed through this city, and hundreds are following. Yesterday there were sixty-three arrivals at the .National from the South?n?o*t of them from Tenneaa-e and Mississippi, though other States w?re represented on the register. A very large number of gentlemen remained in the city until the evening train for Baltimore, wbon- object wai to have a view of the Great Eaatern, before they took their departure for their summer resorts. Thi Tourhamkxt at Arlisotox os Monday?Correction, Ac ?At tbe grand tournament of trie President's Mounted Guard at Arlington on Monday last there were three maids of honor crowned instead of two, as stated yesterday?Miss Martha l'eck, daughter of Capt. Peck, of the Guards, first maid, crowned by William S. rr 1 - if II- 1 A *r_ * - - - * i cri, i?i in unrrifi .-*ayior, 01 w aldington, frond maid, crowned by Mr. H. W . Martin, (Instead of William Gearv, a? stated yesterday;) and Miss Anderson, of Washington, third maid, crowned by Mr. Wm Geary. Mr Kimtor : 1 see by the papersthat one of our distinguished judicial officers does not read the 5?Ur--probably the only mail in the District who could say as much. Would it not be wrll for one who has so much to do with the misfortunes and miseries of the peopl-here, daily peruse the mlrror which m faithfullv r?nrtram ? ? ??- w f ? ?uvn u\/iiuitiuii . Would he not be better qualified for thedisrharge of bia official duties? Can any man, judge or jurvinaii, keep fully po?t?d In the wauta of the community in which he lives without reading 44 the people's penny paper?" Blackstokk. Accident to a Little Girl?A Wnrning to Little Cktldrtn ? YeaU-rday evening, a little girl named Mary McNulty, wnile playing upon the lirge water malna In K atreet, between Ninth and Tenth atreeta, fell off, atriking her arm. which was broken She was taken care of by thoae who wltueaaed the clrcuinatance, and conveyed to tbe bouse of her father, Patrick McNulty, corner of L atreet and New Jersey avenue, and a physician sent for, who attended to the wound Her parents are said to be In very destitute circumstances. Ai? l uromruNAT*.?A German woman named Anna Piliinge waa arrested yesterday at the City Hail, perfectly insane, and carrying In her arms a line-looking child In s perfectly nude condition She was taken before Juslice Donn.who furnished a coat ss a temporary cover for the child, and sent them to the Asylum until arrangements can be made for her admission to the Insane Hospital. CJuAMTito, the Washington correspondent of the Alexandria Sentinel, is disposed to "run on" the Bell and Kverett folks here He says: "There is said to be a stampede among the Know Nothings in this city, most of the party joining the republican club. They think there Is more show frt ts??m f *u-- O??* '* '* - ? vvvo wiw UIIH.UW UMU1 OCU." HOW IS in It, gents? , Csstbal Gcari) hocik Casks ? Dan'l Dugan, drunk and disorderly, wu arrested in the afternoon by Officer Rom; fined 9*2 94. The drunk continued, and be wu again arretted upon a similar charge last night; fined 93 15. Charles and John Murphy were arretted for being drunk and disorderly, and breaking the doora of a colored WDinsn't bouse; tent to tbe firm for 90 days. Fovmd is the Potomac ?The workmen engaged in dredging tbe channel of the Potomac river found tbe other day aeven Iron buckets, which had been uaed In cleaning the channel twenty rear* previona Tbe iron waa not Injured, and each bucket weighed about 40 pounds. CtimiiaL Count ?'To-day, the Court having met. the caae of the United Stitesajrt. Wm H VI , M .. ? ? ?t.? J a a*- - - - ? * - iunuiiiac, i.iuik? wnu Kiuog up ana keeping gambling tables, was continued Mr Bradley, en., argued the cnae to the jury for the defense, and waa addressing them when our report cloned. A Gnsno Moonlight F'xccbsiok for the benefit of families, la advertlaed In another column. This is a new and rertalnly a Terr good Idea for t'amllJei who wish to recreate In ttiia way. AaaivKD at Carter's wharf (foot of Thirteenand-a-lialf street) schooner Method, Philip, from Philadelphia, with Kj6 tons of coat lbr Mr. Jntnes I rascr r"^rv __ ? *- >{ Thskb hckdbsd round trlotieketewern raster. . Editok Sta* : I have been requested by some ladle* to ask. through the column* of your valu*f>le paper. If there is a Corporation law prohibiting the collection of young men (who* language denotes that tbey arr not of the most refined class of our citizens) at the street corners, at night, and obstructing the public pasrwoys. An evening or two since, in accompanying son&e ladies home? our route requiring us to cross Pa avenue on Twentieth st , at the intersection of I?wten we arrived at that point we found the foot-bridge entirely occupied by this cla? of persons.who msde not the least effort to allow us to pass, forcing us vo *eep me street 10 regain Uie pavement me ladies informed me that on many occasions, in the sime vicinity, they were compelled to go out of their regular way to avoid this same crowd, who regularly congregated at some one of those corner*. I have myself, upon many occasion*, seen gatherings of young men, latest night, in this same location, as well ?s others, which must be very unpleasant to persons who reside in the neighborhood, ss It certainly is to pedestrians. The object of this communication is to ask of the Mayor or Chief of Police to enforce the law, if there is one upon the subject; if not, that the Councils pass one that will prove effretnal In the city or Baltimore there is a law upon the subject, which is strictly enforced, snd which has nearly rid the city of the annoyance The offenders, when arrested, are searched, to ascertain If they have concealed weap<MM about their persons, so that the punishment win be commensurate to the offence In Baltimore they are arrested and convtciea as vagrants; ine penalty, imprisonment In the work houae, confinement In jail, or fine, as tbe caae demands, Sojournm. Washington, Aug. 6, 1960. Thk Smithsonian Musecm.?The work of adding to the already extensive and interesting museum of the Smithsonian Institution is con' stantly in progress No time is lo?t by the indefatigable scientific corps of the Institution, under the direction of the able secretary, Prof. Henry, and assistant secretary, i'rof. Baird, and now and then the result is seen by the public in the presentation for their Inspection of something novel and interesting In th? museum hall. The latest Eoito* 9tae ; 1 have teen, read and beard so much of Blondin. the great rope-walker, that I have been prepared for almost any announcement of extraordinary feats to be performed by him; but I hare heard of an achievement which It is aid he intends to accomplish this month at Niagara which somewhat shakes my credulity, and that is that he will walk acro?s the river back| wards and tnkt the rope up after him Do you think he will be able to accomplish this? Truly yours, N.M.A. We advise the perpetrator of the above to be very careful bow lie conducts himself, else some diy he will take a rope dawn after him, or be very suddenly taken up by one. Ocr Citizkss were thrown into a great state addition has just been made In the opening of the aouth gallery of the ?ast wing, where is to be sfeeil the extensive collection of skulls and skeletons^ lass: tied and arranged by I'rof. 8. F. Baird There is quite a variety of skulls and skeletons, and the work of fitting them for exhibition must have been very tedious, and testifies to the patience as well as the skill of the party employed. This collection will probably oe most attractive to persons engaged in the study of the particular branches or natural history to which the specimens belong. The north gallery of this win? will be opened in about a week, and there wi 1 be seen the collection of minerals, the classification of which was begun bv Dr. Newberry and continued by Dr. Meeks. The collection as at present exhibited may be considered as but the beginning of the work An immense number of specimens remain to be added to them Time, of course, and the co-operation of the Government are required to make tnls museum what It is designed to be. A ?mion Charge.?Last night, Chat Fried 1 rich wu arrest*d and retained on a suspicion if the larceny of eight head of cattle from M' Berry, of Maryland. It appeared that the overseer looking for the lost cattle found at the slaughter house of Mr W. Linkinstwo of the cattle Mr Linkins informed him that he purchased eight head from Friedrich for ?160, six had been slain, and these were two of the lot This morning the rase was taken up for a hearing, and Friedrich produced the receiptor W. \V M. Chrismond. to whom he gave f !'il) for the cattle. Mr Chrismond was arrested, and admitted the sale to Friedrich, and sa d he bought them at night from some men, he thought they wtre colored, and gave ?110 for them His statement was corroborated by the testimony of his son Mr Carrington argued that there was no pro?f of larreny on the part of Chrismond. Friedrich being already released Mr L'ttermehle is arguing the case for the prosecution as we go to press. The easy is before Justice Donn. in cuiwniem nni long since dv the arrival of the Japanese and also of the Chicago Zouaves Now that thev have left the city and all the sensation has died out, one of the only persons in town who | is creating a furore is Mr Flnlev, corner of F and Seventh streets, opposite Post Office, who has just received something entirely new in the way of tine cut chewing toiiarcofrom Michigan, and nl?o j other choice brands of tobacco and clears.i 2t* A NkwScholarship for th* Public Schools. Dr (iunton has generously proffered a scholarship In the Columbian College to any \outh In tbe | public schools who mav be selected as most de- ! serving on th?* grounds of good character and superior proficiency Five boys from each district are to b? selected. Accidkst to the Canal?It Is reported that a culvert on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal has been washed awav near Harper's Ferry, which will delay navigation for a few days. For a full proorammk of the grand inns* in? p'inir atwl ? * a*-? " 11 ? ? uibM-iigut piuvrwiiMi ?'i iur 1>CIL and Kverett folks, to-night, tee advertisement in j another column. Bkar is Minn the grand moonlight excursion to-morrow evening, for the benefit of families. , See advertisement. Thi Drs. Brother*' sueoem in curing dii^aso* j oontiniiH? lo a*u>m?h all. The facility with which 1 ho raise* the prostrate 'rarne, invigorate* it with n-w hfe,Mi(f charms it with b'iglit hope, i< the mvflArv it n/1 ^mirafinn ^ 1 . ~ v?. j mm fvuMiiinkit' * vi mi rum, run iiiOb-iuu ! of ?*xaiuination, hin ?1e?p insight into (lis ase. hn i p ofound Kii iwle'leo of the mattria metJica, a o ; all proverbial. Where others practice at hap ,?? | an! and in the dark, he serins to tread in the I light of certainty, and, as a consequence, eon- i ?u?r*<liseai>o All should consult h.m who si?h | c?ra speedy our'' and thorough advioe,espeo ally tho?e who have eithor consumption or scrofula, in . both which the Doctor has had the most remarkable and gratifying success. Otfice 17y south P ?t., opposite Snuihoiuati. It* , Wistar's Balsam or Wild Cherry?The Editor of the International Journal tajs:?"Of all t tie specifics offered for the cure of Lung Complaint*, we have the k r atext lailh in Wi*lar'* Bal sam af Wild Cherry. Fr e from those narcot-.c ingredients which enter so largely into the coinpoai tionofsome otiior patent medicines, it acts with- ; out injury to the Nervous System We speak of this variable m?li. ine from pe-ton-1 knowledge i I its effects. Scarcely two y ars have elapsed sine* ' a member of our family was raised from the very ; brink of the grave through its use; and in qeveral subsequent cases where it has been administered 1 in our household, it has never once failed of the desired effect. We cheerfully recommend it to our | friends in the British Provinces and among the : rent of mank nd, at a certain remedy for Incipient Diseases of the Lunss " None geiimue unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapp'r. , Prepared by 8. W. Fowle A. Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman. P. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn & Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. au 7 lw,r Physician* are generally loth to speak a word in praise of what are called "patent medicines." Indeed, it is an article in the code of medical ethics, that a physician who sanctions the use of reinrdies cannot be oonsidered a member of the National Association. But there are exoeptions to the most stringent rules, and many of the disoiplM of Esoulapjus have actually been compel.ed. bv the force oi lacts, to reoommend Dr. J. Hostetter'a stomach Bitter* for those disease* which are only prevalent j during the suinmer and fall They have ascertained that there are no remedies in the pharmacopia whiohcan oompare with this wonderful compound lor the derangement of the system. Thousand* of ( lam les residing along the low grounds of the western and southern rivers, are now convinced that they have found a medicine peculiarly adapted for . their ailments, while in other portions nl the ooun* try, during the summer months, the demsnd for the article is equally large. Kid by druggist and dealers generally every, re. an 7-eoSi Lyon's Magnetic Insect Powder Exterminate* Bed Bugs, Roaches, Tioks, Ants, Garden IniMli hn It contains noPoxson Lion's Maombtic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9-Sra .. . Homkocathic Rxxkdixs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Homeopathic Remedies put dp expressly for family use, in boxes, at 26 and fin cents eaah. Also, in oases, containing 20 rials, from #4 to #< each, with book or foil directions For sale By Z. D. Gilman, 350 Pa., avenue, wholesale and retail agent; w. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street: si ho by F. B. Winter, north oorner oi K street an 4 Vermont avenue. Also, Pond'* R?tract of Witth Hizel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9 ly

Hollowat's Pills. DiA?mhaea.?A sudden supp eesion ofthe evacuations frequently ends in ooilapse. The aoti> n of , Hollo way's medicines are baae<i on a more iational 1 principle; by oombininf with the depraved homors shey neutralist* and ejpal them through thenatur- , si channels. They purify the fluids, cleanse the bowels, invigorate the stomach.and b? regulating the various functions restore the body to its nor mal state of health. Sold by all Druccists. at Xe to., ?ad pr b>i. . ?u31w ' i 0 I Mnn'i Mik?ccloc? Vii*ii Dsstboyu, the oldest and he*t r*m?d> known fo' exterminat, jnc R*U and Mie?, Cockroach**, Bncs. Anti, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain \\ ornu and Garden [yuk. |L/~ Principal Depot. 61 a Broadway, N. V. I Sold hj all Druggists everywhere. nia I* 3m 1 |J?v borate th? systk* ?Two thirds of onr di watos proceed from dTaiuemeu's of the stomach and the nerve*. A want of vigor in the digtire orrtm causes an immense amount of discomfort, both in body and mind (M* prfp<ira:ton and on' ??i?. reaches the cause and the consequences of this discomfort. To five strentth to the weakened : (toniaoh. to i aim the agitatod nerves and to re?foro | that recularitv of action in alt the orcans which constitute perfect health and tend to secure a Ion* and pa nlesa life, thero is no medicine now before i t h A *nr!H istWimK ??ll onmnara i - - ? ? n Uivu will WTir|/ai V W I'll X iv'H'l" Stwitk Bittm. It would b?> an insult to the reader to suppose that he has not heard of their amazing snccess in Dyst>ep?i?, I.iver Complaint, lienoral Debility, and all tne disorders to whi"h the stoniach, the liver, the bowel* and the nervous system are subject, i*o marvelous is the effect o(this cr^at restorative that physicians of eminence do not hesitateto affix their names as witnesses to the testimonials of persons who have been rescued from suffering an<i danger by the Bitters, when the remedies of the dispensary had all been tried without avail. Sold by all druggists everywhere. jy 31 eo3t Barry's TauopHB*otrs is the beat and cheapest article for Dredging, Beautifying, Cleansing. Cnrling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drug fists and Perfumers mv 1! 6m P*wm*s.?Persons desiring Pennies will always fir><1 them for synhsnr* at the St*r Odlns nntnlsr. FOR THE GREAT EASTERN7. J EXCURSION j to ANMAPOLI8, TO SEE Tiff ODPAT f ICTP11 it IUCI unbii i The Committee beg leave to inform their friends that, for the EXCU RSION TO -ir""" fe. ANNAPOLIS, they have at a groat expense engagedthe large. swift. an.!** splendid steamer HAl.TIMOH K, whi<*h will positively leave her w.iarf, foot of6th street, on V\ EDNKSDAY AFTERNOON,at4 o'clock, arriving at the GR EAT EASTERN by 7 o'clock the n?xt morning; leaving the steamer at 1 p. ni., aud arriving at home on Friday by davlight. They also beg to state that they Knre. hn<! a% i? fsrrirw? with fl. J. Jarrett, Esq., a?ent of the Great Eastern, who han authorized them to assure subscriber* that the Haiti more can lay along side of the Great Eastern for five hours The boat will stoo going and returning at Alexandria, Moore or JMarshalls Landiug, and I'oint Lookout Passage and meals $5. Tickets can !?e obtained from the Committee. Win. H Ward. V U K.n? 8 V. Notp?, Samu IT. brury, John B.Turton, P. J. McHenry. Dr. Fore*. John F. Bridget, Ohas. Cunningham, \Vm. M. Fllis, Andrew Joyce, Dr. J. R. Major, \Vm. Lord, John F. Ellis. R. H. La?key. Or. Kidwell, Georgetown. John VV. Thomps- n. Navy Yard, au 6-dtd Dr. J. Wm. Bowling, Alexandra 'piTk GREAT EASTERN. ANNAPOLIS AND KJLK RIDGE RAILROAD. REDUCED FARE. The following ra'es have t>een established on this route, (being 25 miles nearer ksp TTii?nyjri than any other for citizens of Washington andofits vicinity to IC; vi*it the Gr?>ar s?hip.) to continue duung the visit of the ship to th" An apolis Roads. Round trip t ck- ts good for the day. From the Junction to Annapolis &> cents Patuxent to do 55 cents Phelps to do 5f?cett? Tappingtoirs to do 45 cents '* Greenhills to do 4" cents Millers to do .iSceuU Water Station to do 3d cents fiott's to do 3D cents Crownsvllle to do 2' cents r.giennrt's to do 25 cents " Bent's Oftte to do 15 cents " Wclch'sto do 12 cent* By order: THOS. GaITHER, Secretary. Steamboat* will plr between Annapolis and the Great Eastern every hour. Fare 25 cent#, au 6 dtlOth I^ALTI.MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. STKAMSIHr ~ ^*S?*?toGRKAT EASTER For the accommodation of the Citizena of Washington and vioirity desiring to inspect the Mammoth steamship, the following arrangements have been made: * Train* will leave Washington Station on MONDAY. Tl.'KSDAV, WEDNESDAY. TRURSDAY, and FRIDAY, 6th. 7th, 8th 9th. and loth mutant, at 6 3>, 7.40, and 1140 a. m , connecting at Baltimore with the ?tip?ri-ir steamers of the Hay l.ineforthe preat Ship. The stearrers will leave the Norfolk Companj'?x Wharf. Baltimore, ar 8 40 a in., and Buwij's Wharf at lo a m. and 2 p in., allowing ample timet > walk frjiii C&indon Station after the arrival ofthe trains. The steamers will run to the shin or hack in !<** th?n i>.>?.. Returning f>tenmer* will leave the *hip at almut noon. and i and > p in . and t'niin leave Kaltimnie at3l5 4.2n, and H.'ft p.m., ami reaching Washington (ia?t train ) by |o p. in. Tickets <nlv .$2 .Si from Washing'on, including the round trip l>jr railroad, a visit to Btlttmorc, the Has -tearners toftud fr in th?<iriat Kastorn, and a full admission on l?oard the name. Pa?aenger* hava choice of trains goin; and re tnrnine. Tickets good for fame day andaUatho following morning W. P. S*MjTH, Master of Tranapjr a"ion. T. H. PARSONS, Agent an 4 5t W/OOD | Now nthe time to get winter fuel at reduced prices. We have a iarpe stock of WOOD and COAL at very low AND price*, for oa?h. WARDER \ STEWART, ("" OAL. Office?Corner H and 12th sts., j an 7-2y* Yard?12th ?t. and Canal. A NOTICE OF REMOVAL. 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DOMINGO COFFEE. 38 half cheat* GK KEN and BLACK TEAS. 5 boxea ADAMANTINE CA'<DLE?. an do PRIME CHEESE, ? do STARCH. Nov landing from atmunor Monticello ?nd packet acho ner Mott Bodelt, and for a*l* I w hy au s itoo Samuel bacon *_co._ nphe undersigned begs. leave to JL inform hia tiieca aafl the auhlio noer-A ail* that he haa removed 10 No. X10 F troet.AM. between loth and lltb. He baa always <>& Ml haga BASKETS of all sixes madp to order, ?T? and (II one* repaired. Also, particular eare taken of a 1 kiod* and aix a of CH AiR C ANlMi t> anariiLD U.L.. ? r a?v/i^vn mM?l? IIALTI&IORK LIFE INSURANCE CU.-ii EJ COXPORATKD liicjo.?Joun 1. DOKALDSOH, Pt?# ; M. CMULTKH, 8?HJ'T. __ ; T(u? oomtany IN8URK8 LIVES art BUYS astl ti RArtf*> ANNl'l TIES, fro. 0?Tonptiw> pampjii?U m?r t*> obtained ittnc CumfMj'i Ajonoj for U:e Diitnot of Com utm o?of Oj L?1II Jonnaon A Co., Bankers, 10M street !twssac^ ?. AJ,fcK8^V.'S& t *- . . 4 1 4 GEORGETOWN. CmrtffmUmet / Tkt Stmt. Giouitovh, Augvat 8,1HM At a mffting of tbe Gwgrtown Bell and K?erctt association last evening. tbe attendance wu at lar*;e as at the | receding meeting The President (Mr Macruder) ititrd that the first bust new in order would be a report from tbe committee of n nrtoi nt? .1 11 (K? ua? < n? t<\ m?? ?r r"' hi'twi?fc;. w ?* rangetuents for attending the man meeting in Washington. Mr Tennev. chairman, made a report from the co'timittee, stating that Witters' full brass bond bad been en paced, that transparent im were twlng prepared, that Mr I-arman would attach two lame bell* and some smaller ones to a hoee carriage to go in the rear of the proeesslou , that the old whig banner of 1S40. and a national flag, would l? carried, and tbat the omnlbtiasr* would rnn up to twelve o'clock at night for the accommodation ? f those remaining in Washington until a latr bonr No action bring necessary on this report. i(w president stated the next buainrt* !n order to be a report from the committee of three appointed to draft a constitution. Mr Bremm^r, from the committee, presented a written constitution. The tirst article, designating the association rs the Georgetosru Bell at d Everett Association, and the aecond. declaring as the political principles of the association the plat form of the Constitutional Union party, namely? I the Constitution of the country, the Union of ihe 9fc*.t?*, and the enforcement of the law*, were ado(Atd unanimously. Mr Magruder thought it best to stop there; the two articles adopted were constitution enough aiid platform enough. The next article was read, declaring any member of the democratic party not competent to be a member of this association Mr Magruder thought the article was superfluous; no man could 6e a member of both at the same time. Mr. Brcmmer charaeterixed the democratic party as a disunion party. Mr King thought the article entirely out of place, and useless On the question of the adoption of the article it was voted down without a dissentient voice. For the next article Mr. Bremntrr off- r< <1 a substitute. declaring attachment to the com try, its constitution and law*. Ac . which was tinani uiously adopted, nuking the third The next article, pledging members not to support democrats for offi. e unless recognized <it a meeting of this association, w?i read Mr T.nn.u 1,1 * ? ? . > Viiuvj **vuiu ?uw* IW 1%. 1 RTV wf rr some pond democrats who were I'liion mm, t ji'iiijb they were few and far between Mr King thought the article rather toobtndir;' ?too much like m>>dern democracy- He hoped th association would have nothing to do with lo al politics This organization w.ts for nationa a:id not municipal nfiiirs, and the proposed ar ticlc would do more harm than good. Mr Magrud^r spoke with great eloqimte* sn.l at considerable length against the adoption of ti c ar icle Mr. Tenney replied, defending it in an able manner, but thought if it int? rf-.-red with the bar mony of the meeting, it bad better be left out The objectionable article was withdrawn The nejit three articles ;n relation to otti-er* of the association, applications for membership and change* of the constitution. w?re ?e*erali\ adopted Mr King thought it would be well to have a financial article Mr Tenney said it bad been thought of. but mi^bt come in as a by-law. I Tbe president read the constitution as adopted, and a lsrge majority of those present came forward and signed wmie this **'ag being done. Mr Tenney rofce and Mid that, soine members o. ?ue i> ui< cral c assoc iation Lad made objection* to bit remark* at tbe last meeting He wished now tw state that tbe Democratic party Lad applied in writing for tbe u-e of tbe Council Chamber He. bimself. bad applied to tbe President of tbe Board of Common [ Coun< 11 for permission to bold a Bell and Everett meeting In the Chamber, and Mr Pickrell, tbe President, had agreed to give the use of the room fur that purpose. One other remark of his w;s a Ejected to; namely, that the Democratic association was too poor to pay for a room He had the evidence out of their own months Members of the association had told him tuat thev could not raise money enough, but they finally did, and gave the room up, and applied for tbe use of the Council Chamber. He would give tbe names of those members who told him so. if it became necessary. He then read the news froin Missouri and Kentucky, and three cheers were given for General Leslie Coombs The president stated that be would like them to meet in front of the Town Hall punctually at seven o'clock, tomorrow evening, so as to join the First Ward Association of Washington In due H i -? After fomf remarks from Mr. Tennev. the association adjourned, w ith the understanding that the next meeting be held on Thursday we-k In reference to the remarks msde bv Mr I'enney I at the meeting on Thursday ni* ht last, the President of the Democratic Association desires nie to state that, so far from the association being dissolved, it was never In so flourishing s condition as at present, or better prepared for active service: that they have no| yet j*ed the Com ctl Chain b r Mud ^as of the town, nor are likely so to do; and ih it the association does not owe a dollar to any one. The Potomac Light Infantry were di tiling last ni^ht. and as usual attracted much attention as they marched through our street". We yesterday examined one of the neat and ?<m-zo?-lo< king fatigue caps ord.-red by the corps, and think its I adoption is an evidence of gooa taste on the part of the members. There seems to be a partial revival of trade here, and our wharves now generally present *i> animated appearance. There is usually a email fleet taking in coal at Ray's dock, aud at ev^r* hour in the day the tug lx>at? may be seen with one, two, or three out ward-bound schooners o tow, ail heavily laden with bl.ick diamonds l>ood wheat may be quoted at $1 4<t per bushel GEORGETOWN APVERTMTS for other Georgetown advertisements see first page v*?HKIJ, AND EVERETT RALLY IN H ? r.BORGKTOWN.?There will foea^'and rally ofthe frirnU* of Uki.i. * Kveiett. in froit of tho Town Houm, on WEDNESDAY EVEN I next, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of attend me the .M&nn M?etin* in front of tur City lla'l, Washineiou. A full l>ami of Mimic will be in attendance. 'Tome on-?come all Roll on ibe Hail." Hi' nrHnr of t Ko Uoll " L* *??.??* * ^ m.m j vi xvi wi 17> ii mm I J V* I *". < 'UI1 * >1 Georcfltowa. JAMKS A. MA<>RUDKR, Pre*. Ml 6 at W.H. THNNKV.yerr'y. \iAYOK'S OFFICE, i ' I (itoiiiiiTowx, DC., July 18. lit A Ail peraoiie whe are annojod l?) nuiuuv tndaiicer tli* bulth of the town are requeitldd to report the tame, in writing, to tlitsoffie". jyll-v4v HKNRV Al)l)lsi>, Mayor. IN WARM WEATHKR PRKPARK FOR COLD' We are now receiving, atul will bedur tig the mo>.th of A ticuat. I,(in louaof COAL, of all ai***, which we will sell ch -ap if ord ered prior to 1st September. Call carlv and lt-?ve yoar orders at our Oificea, if you wish to save money. C. MVKRS & PON, No. 4 1 Water street. Georgetown. J. W P. MYKRS * CO., jy 27-2w Office gor. G and ?!d ?U., N\ ashini'u. MINI BTUBf. SEl LlSd OFrj SELLING 0|f.f? Ti rs *M1 * xv ? A<i -?.?.. I I our Com? 1 w? -Vt^ co.upeli?l U? 1 'K.ttfor . gr\T cat j the Prem..e? '? ? wllJIANIgl NT^ I r?r " > "*" IU> X??u luv 'II Vl I v ruiu* U* 1*1* I BHU r Aill/ I GOODS. Havinic paroh*?ed o the moat favor %hi* term*, fcnu hem* tleeiroua of name oat aa early m r>iuil>l?, all wKo may he id want of bargains will do well to sire me a oall. W. R. HURDLE. jy 24 lrn Corner of Hick and Gay ata. TKOVAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana r?ottfwy, oouduoted by the Spai.isli bovrrnmetit. ni.-im the * a per vision of the Captain General of Cab*, Will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, Acomt 25 1M0. SORTED NVMERO 41 OKD1XARIO. CAPITAL PRlZfc IVO.OOO. 1 prise of?_..#irc>,00i> SO prix*E 1 do 5n,oon ff? do M I do sy*o 159 do ?? ?ne 1 do an.?io appro*. ?? ?*? 1 do 1<?,0W IN ALL PR TZ ES. Whole Tiokota, fUO-Halves, flO?Quarters, |l. Pri<M cashed at sight at per cenL discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will ha forwarded as soon u the result bMomai koown. teAl. o*.r. for ? ^g. Wgygj -an ? tr Pirn of CttT Po?t. Charlaaton. S. Q. TUOMPSON'8 u&Ktf??Jtfg?"EmcmK8and CORDIAL. For &!<% vholoaale ud retail by 8. C. FORD, Jn Jj S5-12t CKamut WO O D! WOOD!! _ ur a a n im STOVE m4 KINDLING WOOD, at Um love* T .J. * W M. OALT, Engineee'9 office. ?x t ... " ?"* *?' * -1 r udmiT | 1 HE LATKKl TELEGRAPHIC. Tta? Hrrrhlarl4|fai4 La>r Jlf? Vtrk Dra erst r ?UU < MTfitiM SvBicr*!. NY. A 'i|ru?t 7 ?The B ecklnndp* and Um Itrnorrttic t*U?# ConTriUoo, m?i?bled at Corinthian Hall, at bpm tr> d?v About three hundred persona were prraent Hon John A Ort-eur who w-ta received with loud appiaoor. appeared on the platform. accompanied bv Hon \iU<i(t ia^chell and Hon Gideon J Tuekw.aoA c 'linl the convention to order Mr Green greeted the Convention aa tb? representative of tbe true friend* of Hrerktarid|;e and Litie One Convention had been called bv bun elf. aa cbalrm n of tbe Central i 'om ml tier, aud the other by tbe Hon Augustus S. fa< 11 Mf (i tt.fii rtKHii M !?1L r fmrr\ U? fating Ulf circumstances uitdrr wbtrh b?- (9r.|tellj hid called tbr Convention for t<?-dav. and adding, That .-?* the UrDinrrvr ?f the Stale tb* saute objects?to perfect tbt or|(i*;utiot of tU party, and give a nioct effectual support to tue principlrtof the candidates of the national democracy. I have recommended. in accordance with vour (Greene's) views, that the delegate to assemble ei Syracuse, nnder tbeir respective calls, meet in one Convention, snd to req ?est that \ou tak? tue I'fluii'narv stepa for the orgsnliallon of !be same. ;.t.d I t. ve tii* fullest coafldctx tbat tUe deliber. t s of the Convention ? ; II r? s t t ispt >'i?!y to the uatloua! democrats party and the coontr . " M r Grc-ne, under this arrangem?*?t. called o? the Convention to nominate te'n|v>rsrv ?tl '-rs Ro)>ert bualop. of Niagara, was made temporarv 4 hairnian anH laktM i.? * j ... ??? ? ? ' II^ < itJf trmi I t'mtlks tor tL.e t.o?.or He trusted t^.* dei: tn rati t * would l>? harm on o;is, and tie m;nwh4 by t . s; ltwht h Lad l?d tb*-m to th'? puint The catting of tbe roll was commenced W'hr? t ..e Fourth Anvmblr District of Albany com ty ? ? called. Patrick lirtitun cotiV^trd Mr W?d-U's scat Mr Cimrianr said be Lad roretved a UlrfN* f .i'ii Sir WVudrli, iUHa^ tliit lit ?o?4 br Iwffi to-dajr. JVir Grittan-1 am the regular delegate, and I dont a Hl.-it k K? pnlii.cao i k- W fiidfll will hav-cheek to . on e here andcontast rujr se?l [Cheers ] Sv?*< r??, Aii? S ?Tbe Convention has nominated Jaior* T Brady as candidate for (inieiiw. The Priirf'i Pr?jrri?. FRVi>KBirKTox.Au;iMt6.?The Prince of Wales and null*- ;ittriidr?l Divlue rrvicr in tbrC?thf4nl of ttt:? l?i\vn ynbrday morning. Hi* royal high inw wm Jri'id in j>l?n clotb?* There *.? a great crush for seats, and the rdilf wm completely filled The uftiil service of tb?Cburcb of Knv land was ->ertori!ietl. varied with mi authr ui from ib? 1's.iln.s, "tii-d our hope and ?tr??^tfc." Mr llavter of KutUin. ptnved tbeor^au, and the Lord Mistiop nf N.w liriinswtrk preached The tell wm taken from the f<mrte? nth chapter of Panl'S Kpi?tl<- to the Komans- vrrae twelve ' So\ our of us in .?t kiv? ai> mc<: tint of i.lit hf-lf to God I lie preacher, m the rounr of bis ermou, lucid* i t illy al ud-d to toe attachment of the people lotto- rhroneand Constitution of Grent Britain, and be dilated upon the equal responsibility to (>i?d of (>rince ai.d Dea&aut To-day the legislature and Co po'stitus will iirn-iit addresses Tlir Prince wlli hold a le** a id ?-t? Dels the inauguration of tb? new park k> <?p-n it formally. In the evening, be will attend a oall in the Parliament buildiMg . I b?- stall >n at which the Prince of Walea left the cars for tbe steamer is to be called Rothaav, afu*r one of his Koyal Highness' Scottish titl?? i b?- wbsif at wkirb b?- landed !n Kn-dericktoMi is to be called Prince of Wales' Wharf fclidiSii. Sr. I^>dis. Aug t ?Four rrtclm-lito bear from ?ave B?rrett (d?* hum-rat) 1UU majority two years a^o. As far *s heard front Barrett's majorliv for Congr** for tbe remainder of the term is atwut i* rk> - * ? w.*..i .i - TM a UT, ire-Jii I WUUIIU1, lOOUgn blB PlWlIOn iaconccd^d lilalr ? (republican) majority ?vrr Hvrett for Uir nrit CongrrM .* about l.wii Orr (Union) for Governor hat a majority of 2.?W0 li? this district The legialativc ticket la in doubt, though tt favora th- republic una wLo have elected a majority of county officer*. Prli? ftigkt ia BatUa llarkar. Bostox, Aug oat 7 ?Jack Turner and Andrew Gideon were before the pnlicecourt thia morning, and commuted for trial at a bibber court, In default of bail la 9-1 OOti each They were arrested yesterday sa princtpila in a priie' H*bt on one of ibe laiands in tbe harbor, and bad indulged i'? rlfbty-t?? rounda when the police arrived and arreted thein. Both were nearly bliud. Joli't , V . I?l. knlJ.. _.- J - * - ?4vi . *??m o.?u ?ur?im miu uri i in *1 ?00 for trial Kica tic.liu at llrtrtil. Detroit, Aus; 0?a iar^e p; rty cfeicuralonisu frotu Kentucky. Mi?s*?ippi. A lab ma. Louisiana. and Texas arrived but* tiila afternoon en route for Niagara I a.Is.and are *?? enierWned this even'n^ at a graad l?all at the R <*?ell Hons* . Atnonjr the uumt*r are n.a'jreir.i e it Southern gentlemen The New Orlran* jire* is largely ret??**er.ted They leave tomorrow by a special traia. Mysteriou* Marker at L.eag ttraach. Puii.-vIjkj.phia. Aug. 7.?A mysterious murder took place at Loit^ Branch last nubt Cries of inurdvr were heard and two pisU 1 shots. This morning a boat was found on the oea< h. smeared with blood, but no'clue h?s been discovered of tKo >n nrH ?' MI\. Ill u * VH. VI VI UK fibUUI I'mdlil Marcrr is l>na rhinio. Phiiadelhhia. Aair 7 ?A dispatch from LttU? Valley, York cou ity, ?>t i that jmun W !mi l?? n arr>'i?l?i at Yo"k*bire far th-- murder of tit* wife. He My* hi* father and mother aaaia'ed Uliu t commit the crime, the father strangling her. The utfdir haft canted much ex. iteu.ent Arkamu Eloctioa. Fort ^xuh. att.. Tbla prerlnr* j{i v? s J oh ii ton (Democrat) for Governor, ler majM<tf Mitchell (Opi?>att;on) for i'on#re?a M. J h ison ia probably le.ted Governor by lu.iMJ tn*j?rlty. Arrival of th Meam*hip Kangaroo. New \okk, Aujf ft?Tb? Kangaroo wa? algn:L-*d tliia iiMirtiiiu;. Mie left l?1verp??ol on thM -am- day as tlie Canadiau, wuw acti'i Ui bciu published. kfutarky felrctin l.ouiPViLLc. August 7 ?1'Ue iu*jf>rtty of Gen. OmmuIm in the Stale is estimated at from live to t:a tuousand. Weather Krftrl Circinjiati. August 7 ?The th> rmnmHer yvs t May rmuNl (rum l?? to lu-.' dear?^*. Tbft* wne 13 CJ?.*tor |in stroke, 3 of which prurrd fatal tf*ltiB*r? i?ark*u. Balt kok*, Aug ?Flour cloavd Crm; Boward Urivt, Ohio du>i City Mill* >-' W ??'ii ia active; r?d Sia&i; white 3mi>. Corn U active; >eil? w73, whltr(HK3' t'r?visinu*cl?*> >1 stead \, uihh |M>rk * IS* 7A. l-ird closed qui<*t at 13 ^ . Whisky closed firm, City and Ohio 'ilc. flew t?rk Market*. M*w Vokk Aug ? ?Flour i? firm. S*UU- |i.j8 OUoSi M?i f ? ' thwn nn< Uuced W bmt i? firm; f*<Mittieru r?-<l #1 25-^I..J2, whHi ! 4". Corn ta qiirt: mlnnl Ui|^?(i3c Pork la b?*v . I.< d is iieavy at li^al-J^c, WbUky u *xady at 81c. FiuaactalNew Vokk. Aug S -Storta are st fciy; ChlJ rat;o anil Km ! IhhiiU llUnoi* Cmirni b?r< -> 8ijj; Michigan 8o.itheru 4V, N? w York Cwitr. I 87; Hudson R R R Sb. ?e? THE BEST." THOMSON'S CELEBRATED 8 X IETS. NOVELTIES FOK Al'Tl'M5I. !?? The Eigcalr Parte G*r* ? ( tttatUa. ? l*atk?riQatn. ? r.lrr. ** Ftriiiu Trtla. * Z rpMfr. RewodolM from tk? " n dMijnt. v m. ufkctutfd solely by aa from Tkowoa'i Pu*nl Impr -rod Corrvfftted Springs hmi luatebl* mvmi ?" *? * ?> with ovhm and t'fcde mvk, the Crown. For M* *? jwbwf. Tk* Bett U Um Ckoym. W. B. A C. H. THOMSON * CO., t)l Bioiinr&itNiw You. I aAVE K VJ I? V . . , t_, "NmUIT. . a???,. fcjSrf-w^.eiar niM^a i-mii na?^RjJIl