Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1860 Page 1
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9 0 % _ i p , (gtrmiiifl Star. I Vgfe. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 9. I860 N?. 2.832. T" mmmmm???? THE EVENING STAR ! rUbLlSllED EVERY AFTERNOON, I (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corn - of Pe?nstflvania avenue and lltA ft., IT W. 11- w iii.irn burn that place on the oth, the same day as the fire at Dallas and Denton, bat while in town t'?r the purpose, a box of matched accidentally got on fire in the store of Angelman A Garrison, and the alarm so frightened the negro that he fled from the town. Afterward, a- he was about to carry out his instructions, a rt?gro, who had come fifteen miles for the purpose ia the night, informed him that the plot had been discovered in Dallas, and they were hanging all the ncgrots, and warned bim to drop the matter This saved Waxahachie. [From the Galvt-ston News. July :i6 ] We learn from a gentleman, a resident of Ellis county, who left Waxahachie on Monday fast, and arrived this morning, some further details of the results of the discovery of the diabolical abolition plot, which was to sweep over northern Texas with the incendiary.t >rrb and murderer's weapon. In Dallas and Ellis counties, committees, composed of the coolest, steadiest and most respectable citiiens, were appointed, and were Papers sirred in paoka??a by oarriers it |U year, or St oents per month. To mail aubaortbers the prioe ia |S5) a year, t* ademnce; 92 for aix month*; #1 for three months; and for less than three months at the rata of 12 oenta a weak. 9inj! oopiea, o!?tc?5t; in w re r per a, two cists. lL/~ Advritdikmsxtr ahoald be sent to the offioe l>elor? 13 o'olook m ; other wiae they may not appear until the next day. The A bell lien Plat ia Texas?Farther Par ticalara. [From the Houston (Texas; Telegraph. July 29 1 Frr?m Dallas we learn that one or two white men hare been hang From Waxshachie we haTa seen a letter written by a merchant to his corresDondent in this citj, which gives some of the details of a conspiracy there to iL. ? 1 J J a 4L ~ a _ ujurucr iuo pvopio xin<i awintj iqo iowu, in a mtnner similar to that of Dallas. The plot ?rw to have been carried oat last Sunday. It was discovered, however, and two white men, wh->se names are not given, were hung on Saturday last, the 21 st inst. Some twenty odd negroes were to be hung next week. Mr. Cruder, who is just down from the upper country, confirms the accounts we have received from I>r. Pryor. lie states that in Dallas they have eight or ten negroes, who appeared to be ringleaders, in confinement. They will probably be hung la Waxahachie the discovery wa.<< made through the voluntary confession of negro woman belonging to Mr Marchbank* Throughout the whole region, embracing Dallas. Earns, Tarrant, and Dentoa counties, the testimony of the negroes haa been the same. They have all agreed in saying that they were to burn the houses and murder the women on the first Monday in August. They were then to attack the people at the polls, aided by the reinforcement of the expected abolition band, ar.d having got possession of arms, previsions, etc , fi^ht their way to Mexico. At n axahachie, as appeared by the confession of the negroes, h negro was detailed to 11king mwna 10 miuij mmsen 01 tut tutborship, resolved to inflict summary punishment While pacing along the street yesterday afternoon, in a buggy, he discovered the supposed author of the letters in a store, and alighting (from his wagon, he walked iu and oommenoed aa attack by firing at him with a revolver The individual attacked attempted to escape, and succeeded in so far avoiding his assailant m to dodge all but one shot, which took effect ia the shoulder, inflicting a severe but not a dangerous wound. The interference of other pnrues present put an end to the affair for the time being. ? Much excitement existed throughout the city, all the parties to the scandal being among the m'<st prominent and well-known citixens For reatons which will suggest themselves, we ^ forbear giving names, whicn may, perhaps, be made public through an investigation Tkmpfratthe or Water at a Depth op 2 Febt?The Columbus (<>.) Journal say-: ft ' We are indebted to the kindnessof Professor Wormly for the following information in regard t" the temperature of the Artesian well in this city. A. Walferdin's registering th?r. mometer. contained in a glass tube filled with water, and this tube enclosed in an iron one nearly filled with water, and closed perfectly T 'ight, *** sunk in the well, a few days since, to a depth of 2,475 feet, at which place it remained for twenty-fire hours It was then lowered to the bottom of the well, a depth of 2j75 feet, and there remained for forty minutes. Upon the withdrawal of the thermometer it was found to hare registered 88 deg Fahrenheit, which may be assumed to be the temperature at tha bottom of the well In Paris at a depth of ninety feet, a thermometer haa continued without variation it a temperature of j.'l deg Fahrenheit for nearly two centuries The Artesian well at Louisville. Ky , at a depth of 2.0*ri feat, showed a temperature f -2j Fahrenheit, being an increase of 1 dag. f >r every sixty-seven feet. From the above r-ports it would appear that the temperature h?-l >w Columbus did not increase as rapidly a? >n most other places where observations have been made I Oi.b M?im ?A laaa of tennible women, who refiM-to accept* b 'iibatid nutilthey find aome oil' ibev i?n love and e?U*-nv? which, t( coune, m they rmrelf do i gx. " i' L I*' 1 i Exciting Arrwn at Uamiltu*, Ohio.? Shooting of a Citizen by a Prominent lsiicye. ? The Cincinnati Gazette of August 4. *ay? , We learn by pa^engers on the train over the Cincinnati. Hamilton and Dayton Road Ia*t evening, that an exciting shooting affair took place in the city of Hamilton yesterday afternoon. The history of it, with the preceding circumstance, are about as follows : A minister over one of the religions congregations of ?ne ciry received several anonymous ?ommu'iications through the postoffice. in which the aufh?r professed a de.-ire to join his church, but did not wi<h to become associated with such persons as certain ladies of his congregation These letter.-* were finally shown to the husband of one of the ladies, a prominent merchant, who thought he recoguiaed the handwriting of another citizen, and subsequently charged him with being the author of the slanderous communication, and a rencounter followed This-occurred several days ago The IC finally camo to the knowledge of one of the most prominent lawyers of Hamilton. that the -aun anonymous calumniator had attacked his wife in the same contemptible way. and 4 a_t_; a- *- * ? * * principally of mature age and those allowed by their owners a good deal of liberty. The young one? were not allowed to participate in the plot; and many were not trusted with the secret at all Tbeir idea wag to bum all the stores where arms and ammunition were kept; ?.nd on lint ? f h a It f Y\ (if A ncriiftt wh^n tha were away from their farms and houses?the negroes were to ride, seize on all the arms, and headed by their white leaden, to attack the houses here and there, murder defenseless women, burn and destroy, and, finally, it is presumed, march off in a body toward Kansas Waxahachie was to hare been set fire to on the 6th?the same day Dallas and so many other places were fired; but an accidental fire in the town, that day, aroused the citizens.and the negro appointed to the deed became alarmed. and left, lie was to hare returned and repeated the attempt last Sunday, bad not the plot be?n discovered. A letter from Austin states that sereral attempts at incendiarism hare recently been made in that city. and that, in consequence, there is great excitement, and the citizens are patrolling erery night. at work all last week investigating tbe whole affair No one but those immediately interested knows who compose the committees, nor whera or when they meet, or wbat they are doing. The chief object is to ascertain what whites are at the bottom of the plot. No one else interferes in the investigation. r _ mi a* *. i i in tins, me county couri nas organized pa I trolson an extensive and well managed system The negroes' confessions?made apart and at great distance*?concur in the leadiDg points ; and all aver white men originated the plot ana directed their movements. They promised the negroes their liberty and their master's goods, etc., and to lead them to Kansas; the negroes were told also that the next President would be a Northern man, who would free them all. The ne?r<>es concerned in Ellis countv were ftrfiaing Effect* of Slckarii. Many of oar greatest geniuses have been person* of some remarkable physical weakness at some period of theirlives Kirke White always was. Coleridge was nearly all his life. Walter Scott wa.< a cripple, and both he and Lord Byron bad one. if indeed the latter had not two", club feet. Robert Hall was a martyr to a series of complicated disorders through life?a diseased spine?making him suffer the Agonies of a thousand deaths. It would seem, then, th-it suffering gives a peculiar soDsitivenesi to the whole nervous system, or is in some way connected with it, and that it is in this acute and sensitive state of mind that all the highest works and efforts of genius are produced In private life, as in public, the same is observable Who cannot call to mind some member of a family always ailing, always sick, and yet the most exemplary and influential member of the family oircle? In the roughest families in the backwoods such a child will grow up with tastes so pure and simple, habita so neat and so refined, and affections so elevated, ae to give all the highest results of a most finished education without going through any of the fashionable forms of city instruction She may be the weakest of (ho whole, and yet her wor<ls of love and gentleness light up the^ whole family circle, and rule and regulate and refine the whole. Or in the hnmbler walks of city life one such weak and sickly child will contrive to establish habits of neatness and cleanliness and refinement in an attic or a cottage, such as are ofton vainly sought in palaces and splendor. If she dies, her memory is fragrant. the whole family circle, perhaps the neighborhood, are really elevated by the memory of the plans and habits she first established, and of the atmosphere she breathed. But if she recover, then she carries up into life and vigor the neatness, order and quiet elevation first conceived through the refining processes of sufforing and of sorrow Our bear writers, our most ingenious inventors. our most acute metaphysicians, clearest thinkers and ablest discoverers, can generally trace some sharpening of the intellect and refining of the nervous system to a sickness or enfeeblement at some period or other of life. And thus it is that the sickness which weakens and wearies for the time, and incapacitates for exertion afterward, capacitates for a tenfold and higher excellence and usefulness So long as the depressing eflects of sickness lasted, it was wasting and hindering, but these soon pass away and leave a permanent elevation and improvement on every side. Nearly all sorrow has in it the same tendenr.V Whilft it l?<ti it flonraatna J . ? -- ? ? V?VJ/1 vowwo My vavraa ? crushes hope, and destroys energy, but it renders the seusitiveness mure acute, the sympathies more genial, and the whole character less selfi'h and more considerate. It is said that in nature, but for the occasional seasons of drought the best lands would soon degenerate, but these seasons cause the lands t) suck up froui the currents beneath, with the moisture, also those mineral manures that restore and fertilize the soil above. It is thus with sickness and with sorrow, once surmounted, tbey fertilite the character and develop from the deep fountains of the human heart a joy and fruitfalness not otherwise attainable. Even error, though while it lasts, sickening, deadly,and destructive to the individual.when seen to be erroneous, and forsaken and rejected, produces a moral sensitiveness against error moat beneficial to anniatv Th? ? ? ? *-j *MV i vuv mvu from tyranny begets the highest, purest and best defended and defined form* of liberty, and from the depths of sin and degradation the returning prodigal rises to a higher place in oar esteem, than the elder brother who never transgressed the commandment, and the recovered sheep gives more joy than the ninety and nine that went not estray Thus it ha? been that the greatest event in history ha* been the advent of iiim who came to seek and to save that which was lost.?thil. Ledsrer. O " Ixkleoajcics or Speech.?The following hints from the i\l ere ere burg Review, in an article on Extempore Preaching, are worth attending to :?Urent care must be taken to acquire a habit of asing good language. The UiBn who goes slip-shod six days in the week, will not walk with ease and grace on the seventh in new shoes If the language of every day life is not well chosen and correct, it will be in vain to attempt to speak well in the pulpit, or even to write well in the study. This will partly explain why solecisms, vulgar phrases, and idioms, common-places and caut expressions. abouuU in tne public efforts of some men. The habitual use of good lanlsiiHffA in ordinRrv snatw*K nranuroB fur Wo noa : j ?w <M v> ?|'VWH J-? W?/M? VU ?V? >ID UOW, readily and almost without effort, on occasions of more importance. What conduce* greatly to form thw faculty, is the frequenting good uipany?tbat U, as Mr. Hautain observes,the jociety most distinguished fur elegance of language and fine manners. There one learns to speak with correctness and grace, almost without stody, by the mere force of habi*. But as the young preacher, for various reasons, may not always be able to do this, he can in a great degree supply the place of it by cultivating the society of the masters of his language in books This company is always accessible, and always voM/ltr /> urvAalr' OA n >a to ???-? ? ? | t vxvi j iv rpvna, or/ IUV10 IO UU OAOU9C 1UI UC* gleet in this particular. The perusal of the beit authors serves directly to supply the speaker with a copious fund of words, apt and elegant, aud. moreover, indirectly, by the elevation of the thoughts, the march of the sentences, and the majestic flow of the ideas, furnishes an fJflirtuM, or divine glow, which prepares the orator for his intellectual labor, no matter how foreign may be the subject read from that about to be handled by the speaker ?n addition to this, we would reoommend storing the memory with the rhtf* d'auvrt of the best writers, the poets especially, to be recited mentally or aloud, daring the daily walk or ride, by which one beoomee habituated to the niceties of the language, and, as it were, mnlr ai thflm Kit nwn- nor miu* ara f/\i*a aK. serve that no practice will more rapidly cultivate the tastes and refine the whole man." School Hocks akd Exercise ? Mr. Edwin Ch&dwick, who was appointed by the English Government to inquire into the excessive labor of young persona in cotton factories, has gone further, and the results he obtained led him to propose measures, which were in part executed, ror redncing the working time of children under 13 years of age to six hours a day, and for insuring their attendance at school the residue of the time?say three hours. The children under this provision are called "half timers;" and it turns out, according to Mr. Chadwick's i investigations, that in well-eonduoted schools their attainments are quite equal to those of the "full timers," who attend school six hours daily; while in aptitude tor the application of their knowledge they are said to be superior. As they rain in bodily condition by the reduction of physical labor, so they do in mental condition by the reduction of tne time devoted t > mental labor. The remedies recommended by this gentleman are the reduction of the ordinary school hours by one-half, and the devotion of them either to manual labor or gymnasties. lL/~ A Virginia Census taker writes: "I have | eiied i,WU to S.50U gates, let down 1,500 to 1,800 pairs of bars, and any number of fences; have got otl aud on my horse from 50 to HO times a day, done any amount of talking in tbe way of eiplanation. made couatleM calculations, 4c., Ac Tbns far I have not had an unpleasant word with a human belug, but my patients and temper have been severely tried " 1?7" A Philadelphia correspondent aaya: "The visit of the Ch-cago Zouaves, and the exhibition of their proficiency in the regular manual, a* well a In their own peculiar drill, hat arouaed the spirit of the military of our city Already ate} * are being taken to form a company, to be compna-d of young men. willing to carry out th? rulea and regulatlona aa adopud by our vUitoia.' [[y Home Tooke being asked by George the Third wether he played at cards, replied".No, vour Majesty; the fact ia, 1 cannot tell a King f om a kMT*." ' T Anns, win slow, X Ez?erten ed Norte and Female Phyalctan, preaenta to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teetbiag, Wklafc (Tiitl; Uot.i|KM> tha pr?in af ttttiitof, fcr a?fiaa tng iha ran*, tuacii all intamiaaiiaii?vill allay ALL rail* ana apuarnadia aeiian.aad ia SURE TO REGULATE THE JBOWELS. Dapaod apan It, aaUara, It will fi?a raat la jaaraalvaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa k?i pat apaadaaldtkia*rtielafor**artan ya&ra.aod ?. a r. >ti, in mn'iuiiiiiudtjiuthh ii,?ui < hi'i niTir baan abla t? ??7 ?f *07 OTH 1ft Madieiaa? !?!? >1KS ha? it failid, in A IIDtLI IS- ?TAI*C1 TO *THCT a cm, WINSLWW'l whao tin*!; laad. Navardid va knew ao loataoca *f d-aaatiafaetion by any mii who aaad it. On tha eet.tmrj, all an SYRJi', dalifhtad with lu oriRiTio^j, and ?p?n? in lafina ' hifhaat commmdiutntf I* m> icaj an?c? and madieal Tiriaaa. Wa apank in .hi# m*ut? " what w? do enow," aftar tan yaara' aipananct, AND ri.lDSI OCI ??PUTATION FOR THE FUiriLllIST Of WHAT W Hill D CLARft. In almNt a?arf inatanaa wkcra tha infant la aafarln( from pajti and aitiauucm. ralial a ill ba foand in Iftaaa r twanfy minaiaa aftar tha ajrtp la it.miniatarad. Thta ??!a?bla prtparaiioo la tha praacriptian af an# af tb* meat IP?mlI?rtD and *??LFr L Nl'Rttl In Naw Enr. laad, indbia batn attd with IDCCBll fa THOUSANDS Ob CASES. It aw aoly rtlimi tba child from pain, bat Invtfarataa Hit iterate!) and botill, corrtctt acidity, and girn twit and tnt rgj ta tht wboit tyt'ira. It will Jmott inataotly raltiM Gripins in the Bowxls and Wind Colic, and oTtrcomt eonTalaiant, which, if iat irttdiJ* rtmtdiid ?Dd id dtatb. Wi ?? -tlit'a ft tht HIT 4nd strut rbm- FOR vt iii tht world in all cattt af nvs- CHILDREN ?t?rt ?nd dur > 31 I It chil- XEETHINO ?* ?, whtthar it trittt from taaihm* * or from an* otbar eamt. Wt wdoIH u; to a?try methar who hut a child tuf farirf from any of !ht fnragainf complaint*?DO not lit Toi a rnuuoicii, nor thi prcjudics* or othrri, ttand batwtan year lufltrmg child and tht raliaf that will ba UK ?J**, ABSOLUTELY Sl'KB? ta follow tht Bat of th madicina, if tirralj dh<I. Fall dirtctior.a er atmj will a eamjaii* taeh botna Nona fannir.a anltaa tht fac-aimilt OHlfrii * PKR.KINB.Ntw York, la an (ha aataida wrappt Icid by Drargitta throofhoattha warld. Principal Offica. No. 13 Cadar Strut, N. T. Prlct anlr *5 Canta rar Batn*. a? II-d*wir GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE 19 NOW OFFERED TO any one who may be desirous of entering in a profitable busin'ss, at one of^ the beet stands in Georgetown. 1 offer my entire stock of DRY GOODS on rruonah'e terms, in order to make a chance in my business. W. R HURDLE, jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gay sti. OFOR HARPER'S FERRYT" N And after July 3d, P?', the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain \V. 11. Kitt?r, will _.|l" ^ leave Georgetown EVERY Tl'ES ? DAY. THURSDAY,and SATI.,H-""f?'"** DAY, at 7 o'clock a m., and return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a m. On tfce Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherd stown. je 21 3m 1 CA JUST RECEIVED, LOU BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) 1W? do. HERRING a-d AI.EWIVES. 25 do. REFINED SUGARS, 10 hhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.< Hay field) WHITE FI-1J, 25 Itoxes pi uae Eastern CHEESE. For sale low ky JOHN J. BOGUE, je8 Georgetown, D. C, AGENCY FOR FAIR BANK S SCALES IN GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have b<?en appointed Agents for the ?a'e of the aliove oelfhrated and wen known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A full supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rare*. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjoining counties. Ail Scales are warrauted durable, acourate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD, n?.l... ?t* * ? ? - t/cwci n I I niuiiuiiuru 1 uipiPiiieniS. je8 2m Bridge street 2 doors west of H ich. CRANDhLL. OPTICIAN, No. lii* Kridlt* St., Gtortetmn, Has constantly on hand a large assortment ol French Near sighted, Poriscopio, <';"i r"t orod, and al. other SPKCTAffLES, of*fc?#~ the 1-est qua.ity. in col.1. silver, steei.and German S'lyer frames. N. fi. Old F'ames Repaired and new t asses set in them to order. no It-ly |OS. F. KIRCH, UKDKRTAKER, ?? Cor, Brvlte and .T'fifrron its., fleortetown. Having *i ven in* personal attention to this branch of in? tiusincs*, 1 atn prepared to/?? _ attend to all ca<ls with promptness Persons from a distance can lie snppiled at a '?* minutes' notice, as I have a large assortment of CoFFl NS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d> ad from the old to tiie new bunal grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap l0-6m MA!*t*EY, COLLINS Sc. CO.'S PhTLaDEL^ PHI A DRAUGHT A LE.-We are oonetantlj reoeiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who vnnt a pure unjuinlt<irA.tArl Alu. tn viva if * ^ial AkNY'"&,SHINN, AcentB, f* ?T Rrwn at.. Georgetown. pROPOSAL8 FOR PAVING. Orrici or Commissioner of Public BriLDi*os,i August 3, 1H60 ( Sealer Proposals will be received at this ? ffioe up to 12 o'olock. m.,ou the 13th da; of A ugu*? n?xt, for Grading, Curbing, and laying the Brick pavement, and Paving the Gutters, Ao., on the south aide of Miaaouri avenue, between Third and Bixih streets west, conneoted on Four-and-a half atreet by a Flag Footway. The Curbstone to be of the beat ana'itvofNew York North river atone, in pucos of not less than four (4) feet long, sixteen(16) inches deep, and f?ur and a ha:f<4>6) inches thick, and to be jo nted and well fitted, and set in a tied of coarse gravel and weli rnmmed. The Briok to beof (he beat Quality hard red Pav ing Brick to be laid on a bed of sharp river sard foun4>uioheade?p on a bed offioegravel free from olay or loam three (S)i?oh?sdeep, with two oourae* on edge next to the euro arid ote oourae on edge on he inner line No extra measurement for Brick on ctge. The Stone Paving to be of oon.mon oohbie atones not exceeding four inch.'s in diameter, except the atone on the outside line ofthe gutter, whioh must be six inches In diarnet*r, laid on a bed of ooarae sand and ol?an travel, free from o!ay or 1 >am, at l?a?t9 inches deep, and to be twioe ram in vl . the second tims after being we I wet. and eo?ered with fi e clean gravel or ccarse sand. The oentrn of the u m# *? !-?<* 1? iii < at C * 1 * * ^uviroi h? i/o i"?iu w iin u vd uuunoi 01 n&m rea pnvin* briek on edge. The Fiagginc to be of the best quaiity New York North river Fiareiiig. in pieoeaofnot l??a than four (4) feet Ion* by eighteen inohea wide, and not lees than four (?) menea thiofc, to be lai < on a bed offineolean giavel 6 u.ohes deep, tree from day or loam, and well jointed. All grading not exceeding one foot to be rsted aa trimming, and the Burp ua earth to be removed by the oontraotor to auoh ptaoe aa ir.ay be detigu&ted by >upe'ictendent. The work to be done in the beat and moat work manlice minner and to the ?atiafaction of the Com miHSioner of Publio Buildinta. and under the ?u perintendenoe of auoh peraon a? he may appoint, and to be oompleted on or before the fi ?t of No vember next, and warranted to aland twelve (12) montha after completion. All repaira that may be required within the time for which the woik ia warranted to atand to be done at the axpanoe of the oon'raotir. For the due performance of the work, agreeably to theoontraot, bond andaeounty will be required. Biddera wiil etate aeparat?ly the rate at whioh they will execute the Cuibing, Pa vine, ai.d Fi? giag, including materiala, and mark their propofvs a? follow*: "Propoaala for Grading, tea , Mi??ou i avenue." JNO. B. BLAKK, au 4 dt!3 mr ? . ^ v v/iu iii^rnFiK'i T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottwj, oondaotea by the Sp?niah Government, un^*i the nperviaion of the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, August 25 1M0. SORTEO NUMBRO 641 0RD1NARI0. CAPITAL PRIZE 4100,<100. 1 ?rl*e of---^..#100,000 SOprixeaof. fl.trf* I do fiO,oon 60 do I do 30,000 158 do ?K. 1 do 20,000 30 approx. I do 10,000 IN ALL -J9S PRIZES. Whole Tiofcata, #iiO? Halvea, 910?Charters, f ft. Prif?? oaahed at aight at5 jer oent. discount. **in* vu on bvivcui uauii utKoa at par. A drawing will Iks forwarded aa aoon u the reaull becomes known. All ordera for aohemea or tiokets to be addreeaed to PON RODRIGUEZ, an 6-tr Care of Crtr Poet. Charleaton. b. 0. For Superior Soda Water, With Delieioue Fecit and Crium Svacps, Go to GRAY'S. Northnaet oor. Maaaachuaetta av. and Fourth at. 1? ? aw *?UGAR. COFFEE, TEA. Ac. O IS hl>da PORTO RICO SUGAR, 15 do CUBA SUGAR, 50 bid a. REFINED SUGARS, JO >>a*a JAVA COFFEE, 51 do MARACAIBO COFFEE, & do KlO COFFKE. ate -1? DT rvrvatiamn I l#plp^EA8N?.l^^?sW3Wfr1'"krt *??u3n6w^ SAMUEL BACON A CO. ? EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, no. 476 skvkstii it.. (Jwretitttke Gtnrral Post Ojflet, Washington City. Arraorian ?y?Mm of Penmanship, BnoKkeeping, Mercantile Forms and Calculations. Business Correspondence. Kills of Exohanie, Current Hills, Comroission Sa es, Gran inar and Arithmetic. UV A Propsratory Class for Boys. IIJ* Ladies will he instructed in fine penmanship. Room? open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms applT at the Rooms. ! ma*-a:n WM. W. YOUNG A CO. The union female academy. N?w Arkanskmx.vt. This well-known and popular Seminary, whioh has been so successful under the entire care of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten Tears, will be opened on the first Mondav in September n?xt. und^r the united *>ipervi*ion and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arranied and delightfully located Union Academy Builclinc. For particulars.see cironiar* at all the Hookstores. m?u3-tf MMRS. MoCOR : ICR'S SCHOOL. HS. McCORMICK desires to inform ha: mesa a ana the pu hlio g enerai' y that r he will rasumc the duties of her Sohoo! on the lat Monday in September next. The course of study pursued will comprise all th? branches requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to her day scholars she is desirous of

receiving into her family a few pupi!s as boarders aged from 10 to 14 years, who will be under her immediate care and oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodabon and due oars of pupils hare been oonsiderally increased '.r.d otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with refercnoe ic her school may apply to W. D. WaHaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner particulars apply at hai residence?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va w fy-tf CLOTHING, &c. JELLING OFF AT COST ! In order to deor^a'emy s ock I have det'rm'Ti'vl to close out the halanoe of mv SUMM KR C I.OT IIING *t c?>et. All la want of Summer Clothin* are respectfully invited to call at No. 4fiO Seventh st., opposite Post Office, and soe the great redu tion in Summer Clothing. jy 12-lin I'NITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, V/1 Washisgto^. July 17, 1;*>0. Proposals will be received at this Offio* urttil noon oriue*day,the2lst of August next, for Furnishing end Putting ap the Iron Ceilings of two rotms over the aounooting oorridora of the Capitol Extension The proposals Trngt state the priee for each wiling oomplete, in plaoe, painted with three good coats of white lean in oil. A i of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every description, inoiuJ'ng the fastenings of the ceilings to the walls and to the roof fiame*, must t>e included in th9 price bid. The proposals must be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceilings," and must l>e aocompained by a guarantee, signed b* one or more responsible per sons, sddr?*8sed to the undersigned. The? will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the presence of suon persons as may choose to at'end. The drawings of the oeilings can been ??en at this Olfioe. W. U. FRANKLIN, n- T* > iopoerspmcai ? ncmeera, la charge of Capitol Extension. Kach proposal should bo aooompaaied by the following guarantee: Form of (iuaraHtf*. The undersigned, \ B and C L),of , in the State of , and in the Stat* i f , hereby gua f?oty thai in case tt.? fore*oing bid of for iron <?iilr*?. as above desorlhed, be accepted, lie or they will, wi'.hin teu days ?ft^r the receipt <>f Mie contract at thep aoe name<t exeoatetheoor.trvst for tha net ings, with good and sufficient securities; and, in case tht. said shall fail to enter mUi contract as aforesaid, wn guaranty to make g. od the ditT-renoe between the offer of ttie said and that which mw be accepted. Date-1?, 1860. Signatures oT guarantors, A R. C D. Witness, E F. 1 hereby certify that the aboye named are known to tne as abto to make good their guarantee. Signature. 1} H. To be "Igr.ed by the l!nited States district jnd ge, I'nited States district attorney, oollectnr, or some persons known to th? War D"partinent. jy in dtd WiJEELER k WIESOVS 5*EWING .MACHINE AGENCY. Rkmovid to No. 346 I'a. Av . t**ab Ttti Sr Knconraged by the substantial and rapidly inoreasinK popularity of Whoeler A Wilson'" ur>e( Hewing .Vacluues, which for tne iast eight T?ars have mo*? triumpm :tlj maintained their superiority. a? a family institution, nvor all competitors for popular favor, the Agent ha* taken one of the fine new store* lately erected on l'a avenue. near 7th at . There a beautiful assortment of all the various styles may at ail times be seen. Thero were 21,3^* of these S <win< Nlaotiines sold in the year 185f*. I,adies are invited to call and see them, together with certificates from many of the best Oitisens of Washington and Georgetown, in relati n to their well k:.own and thoroughly tented superiority if aav ladies cannot call, let them send lor a circular b? all nutans. It is hi?fc?im??v? > famlv in the land was supp ied with one of the*? health and life saving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verl>a!. given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 316 Pa. avnue, jy 11-lm _ Between 6th and 7th ?U. N NOTICE. EW FAMILY GROCERY STORE, Pennsylvania A v.. Southeast Corner of TtniK street, Washington, D. C. The undersigned announces to his friends t^at he has opened ti e fine ?t<>rn formerly occupied l>? H. II. Voss, E?j., and that h? has reoaivtxi a laige assortment of SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every artiole in the Grooery line, to which he particularly invites the attention of resident families. He f-el* assured that hi* arrangements for a consent suppl* of FRESH GROCERIES* will enable him to supply the demands ot those who may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In hi? purchase* the subscriber has direoted special attention to the selection of Tea*, Coffees and Sugars, Which, with all ether article* in hi* line, will be disposed of ou the mo?r reasonable terms, FOR CASH. jy 2?-*o2w P. McDEVlTT. IVATIONAL 11 SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, GRKBN STRKKT, Between Brt4ige and Water Hretts, Qeorgetom, D. C. A large stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS, Also, TALLOW and GREASE for Looornotives, Steamboats, anil a.l kinds of machinery, always on hand, and for sale at prioes to suit the trade n R itm t i i? lylQ eotf " SELLING OFF! CELLING OFF! URBAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOOD?. VV? ootnmenoe to day selling off our ?ntir* stock of SPRING AND SUMMER L?RE;S GO(H 8. Blaok Laos Shawls, and Mantilla*, in fact a f Kanoy Dress at sr^atly reduood Pnoea, many at )? as than ooat of impwrt&tion in order to reduoe our i.a'ie Stock. also In S*tore a full aaaoituieat of firat nlasa Ptarte Pom-?tic Goods, for renerai iainily purp>s?s,aH at the lovoat Market Pnoea. J. W COLLEY & CO. au4 6t ith at., above Pa. av. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Wabhi^otos, July 18,1800. NOTICE IS HEREBY G I? E iV, Th*t,a*.ee ably to the provisiona of the oidinance f tne Corporati >n approved May >2 ISW the undersigned ia now prepared, "wh^r-erer required in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of bf'.y rents, to i ?peot. examin , teat, prove, and aaoertain the aoonracy of registration ofiany gaa m-terin iiiw in tnia oity." Every meter, if found incorrect, will be oondenin?<l, And another a*? I ma\ tnd wr-.mrlt . A mm ?ri.? k* tint's p.mV" If p7ov?*i to meaiiurrmont of ga?, it wilt be??a.ed ao?ording.j, and i:vn put mposi iob f*>r use. Offioe N? 510 SuTca h ?tre?>t,(n??r Odd Fel low*' Hall ) ??pon from 8 ?. m . t*> 5P-M. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, it 18 tf lnng?ot^r and Sealer "f' *? J\jEW SILK MAN^fjoopbp SK!RTS. jp tXk Kfi & SSI pfPH w'? La'-E M AN TLKf* "n'l Pi,l^TS Ai?M0 doxeu ?fth? Ml.tTl?of WOVKN HKIKT8-f??? ?' > quality. Ladies in w*at of any of the above V>?da at very lav pnoes will ?>ea?? five n? *n e*r'y cail. jy3f? T?YM?R ? HI T? HIS ? . 275' *LfcEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTEKBRS, Pxtrxk. Avtsn, Between loth and 11th atreeta. je 19 SUMMER RESORTS. ( AKLULK Thw favorite report for VT1I1TK HLPMIR ^ ft PR i %at r.??. CUMBER LAND CO. wjill.^en^'a^ST^ Ptmn .'yi rama. (J< 1 9ooi?tTtB4 a Oood TabU. Accommodation* ?oh For particular! tend 300 for Circular. OWEN*. CI EN DEN TERMS LOW. IN k V1S*CHER, je 7 1'iw Omrltsli Smtn. P?. C" APR ISLAND, N K \V JF.RSKY? 1 Cape May will find tood accoinraoda- A . ? A tiuiu at WHITE HALL. Terms onl> per week, including tne ride to the tvearh in the morning. Dr. S. S. MARC t . j> 27 2w* I* oprietor. C^ARD.?A* an inducement for fami leetoaojou n J at the "H YUElA''during the m nth* A .. A or August and Sep'ember, the P'oprie-?7Sy t'?r* have reduced the price of Board to 92A&SLL per day and 412 50 per week, from August 1st. JOSEPH fKO*R. I ProlirlrfnrC O WILL.ARD, \ 1 Old Point, July 26th. jy Tl lm Schmidt s summer warden.-* * sixth street, between C and Louisiana nr.. A ?. ? A may he found at all times one of the mostVcnf popular, genial, urliane. and intelligentUjKA K'.'staurant Keopers.who backs up his reputation with LAGER B rKR from the City <?r BrothibTV I k v * Uu i ^ * , a ,v? ? m% * i?n rv ^ U1 I ?""* 1 run I the choicest vineyard* of Franco; with WINKS uni-xe*ll?d on tho Kill* of the Rhine; a d with a-i article of WHISKY whuh in iwki strong y of the true flavor of the Alonongakeia aud Bonrboa I'a'atable a? "ithor of thmw irav t*? individually, he ha* sought to make them still more so hr the erection th rear grounds of hia lavonte establishment of a ttpaciou* Arlx?r, where hia gucata by day mat enioT the cool breeae and b* free from fol'* too nrdttiit rata; and. at "the witching hour ol night," quaff h>s ic?-c<K>l Lager without fo*r of havinr their eniorment da"ip?ned hv the lalline dow. ??i!oh inducement* will, doubtless. cause many of our readera to drop in ar. 1 tik* a note if nothing e'se.iand. most likely, many of tiios* who go will goagam. in addition t" ailthi*. he ha* engaged the Pros peri brothers ami taoir associate* t<> discourse their choio?-st piece* of inusio livery WcdnMdM and Saturday evening. " jy 1<> lm W ASHING TON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. AVtc York at'MM, betirten 1 it und id its. In calling the attention oftlw pnblieto r^y grounds 1 would slate tnat every arrangement ha> A .. a A he?n made to mace this 'Retreat" ^ore^T*^ f attractive o\ ery da?. Woudays th? <?*' - f s dens %*e opan t?? thr public tree of cnarge?*tuu* rt given b? asaieotbimd. Th.??odesiring to erj >j tt.f danee and waltg ?i ! find the salron in complete order to render p!?a*u'? to alt. O-. oth?r davs the proprietor will cbeertvllj giant th* n*? of th? grounds for school or other Pio Nie Pa'tie* without charge. Kor the amusement orohndren he has iLtroduoed a number of litMe carnc*. never before weet m thi* oitv, and calculated at the same time to amuse the "old folks.'' N. B.?Attached is my Bottling Establishm nt, and families can fee supplied with any quantity at tb?'ir'emaeuoe. of that nta.ihfui drmk. LA<t?-R BF.KR, upon snart notice. J? IS 3m \1 SALT WATER BATH1KG. 1"1aR!*HALL'S PAVILION. i.Muort'i Laud ing> will be open for the reo- ption of vim A . . A torm on the ljth of J me. This delightful W V repo't far those seeking hfa'th aiid p:ea,? Ll??n^ I ura. is unexcelled by ar.y plaoe of the kir-d on the Potomac river It is situated ah ut <ne hundred from Washington immed.atc:y ou 'i.e I'c'omiic and in iul vhw "f 'he I h'xap/tUo H-.r. and lamou* f<>r fin- Oyst<* rs, S>flCrabs, klieepliead. a ;d < t!iJr Fmh. ra.-i y accessible l>. the steam Ujats plying bet ween Wasluneton. Baltim -re ?i/i Norfolk. Th? npderairn?d iaa niae adi'.: : \ lmprovemer.U :n i is Bath House- a<i<! many < ther improvement* to the cmf >rt a d eijoTment . f hs 5u-?t?. The Bathing cannot be mi. panned. paid Ai>c>inic and P ent* uf Fishin* ai?) Sai ius Boars fr?w cf charge. Ms his no pspons> i pr?> vidmg a Kood Cotillon Ban<t or in 1a*i-ip it. hm atuck of chou-.o \V inea, Liquors,? A. v/ifft .. W) * I who trial) to avoid er.r-eme fruition and to a-?ek a retired i ?od *li?r? the? can inake th?ni? at home, tr.nre is not a m<>r? p.eaaaut p ao * in th" United ^tatsa. The pr^pri^tor p'.?vtR>fa hiinaelf nothin* bha'I He left tindore nn hie part t> r"n.1--r tnem ao. Terns lor board; $l -50 p-r <iav, f.?- ' a than a week; fir a loat?r time, $l.JS p?r ray; (t* per :nnnth. Poraona triaiiinc t.? ad?ir? a* the rr" prietor wiil direct to Leoi ardtown, &t oounty, Md. jeS-Sm R. J. MA RSHAI.f,, Proprietor. r?RUPOi?ALi< FOR PAVINfJ. r Office or CojtMiwBiosKK of Public Bcildi?cjs,1 jo'fss. :w8 \ 9kalkp Proposal# will be re~eivjd at tiusof hce up to 12 o'ciock, id , on the 9th day of Aupct next, for Grading, Carom*, and l.ayin* the Knck an: i- iag Footwaj s, ar-d Pa.ini the <?utt-r?, etc., on the i orth M? of U street south, b6tw<eii 7th and 14th street* west. The Curbstone to be of th* best quaity granite, dre^ed 6 iao. e? thick on top, and ? inches deep or front, and S inches deep on th* back edge, and nr. piece le*s than 5 feet long 16 inches deep, and to be jointed aiid well fitted acd set in a id of coarsc gravel, and well rammed. The Brick to be of the best quality hard r?d paving brick, to be laid en abed of sharp river sand four <41 inches d?epon a bed of (ice <rav?: free from olay or loam three (3) >n?hee <Je*p. witu two oou'ses ou edce next to the curb and on# course on edce on the inner line. >o extra mt>asurenieut for brick on ed*?. Tr.e 8U>ue pa viae to be of common oobbie stones rot exoeedinr four inches in "' lametsr. exc:pt the stone? on the ontaide line of the gnt:er, wh'ch must be six incites in diameter, laid ?n a b d of coarse saud and ckan grave*, fre* from c!a> or loam at l?a?t 9 inches deep, and to b? twice r? f m?4, the second time after ben.g well wet; and covered w th fine clean gravel or coarse sand. The centre of the (Otter f? t>e aid with five oonrses of hard red paving hrioks on edge. The Flat*ins to be ofthc hc?t K'??? v?-t North riv.-M fligrinc, iu pipc*a of not leas than four (4) feet long by fightten inches wi^e, ?nd not less than four (4)inoh.*f thick, to be laid uaa bed of fin?c'ea:i g ra~el 6 inches deep, freo from o lay or loam, and welljointsd. All tiraduig itot txte'ding one (not to lie rated is trimming, and the su^alus earth to be removed by tie contractor to such p!a e aa may be deaignated by ei>psri?tendeut The work to be dore in the beet a?d most work man1 ike manner and tofh? satisfaction oft he Com irl ei 'G?r of Pub ie Umldinga, and ?.n4er thesupcr inteudeaoe otsuoh person as he may appoint, and to be completed on or before the first of Nove nhar next,and warranted to stand twelve (12) months after ooirpletioc. All th%t may b? required within the time f-r whtoh the work ta warranted to atand to be fit th<* nflra? nf -? For the dux perfo'Tnance of the work, afre'abljr to oontraot, bond and s?cuniT will be r*<)utr?d. Bidders will ittie separa'ely the rate at which ther wi'l exeout* the ourbing, paving and flarrin*, including rrntTia's, and mark their propo?a? a? follow.": "Proposals for tirarfing, Ac , B street south " J NO. B. BLAKE, jjr.S'-dKHh Aug Comnnswoner. ~ EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CISCINNA TI. OHIO, Stpt.Utk-2WA. The lTNITED STATES AORICULTI RAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annua. Atrieultu rM an<l Industrial Exhibition on the grounds litierall* provided b* the citnins of Cinciiv ati, which are to be fitted up m the l>e?t st*t?. There will be Halls arid Tents for the display of IV1M.EMENTS, MACHLVhRV.TortlA DOMESTIC MANUFACTURE. FARM AND UARDFN PRODU' K, FRl'ITS, FLOWERS. a?id >A TIVE WINKS: with Stall* And P.i?i for HORSES. <*ATTf.K. SHF.EP. and SWINE: and an un?quai **i Track , one miie in length a id forty f *et |n 'Width, for the exhibition of Horse* The Premium* offered?in cub,-foM, llvr. aivi hrouze uuidais,?difioinaa ami ce.-tificatea, amount to #20,000. The Exhibition will r -msin open Irom Wedneaday,the 12tr?, to Tburwiay.the 2i*h, 01 Kept*ml>tr, thus giving tune to examine aud te?t the irnp'e ments and machinery. For premium hits or information apply at the Offioe of the Society, No 35t> Pa. avenue, (up taira;)or to the ?ul>acriber,at Cincinnati, Ohio. BhN.PARLEY POORK, )y 24 ti !**< '> 1". S. Agricultural PNA.MELLKD Fj slate mantels, Dtrtct frvm the Mann/tuturtrt. Theee are most beautiful stylea of Mantela, *v amell-d in imitation of such rare marMea aa the Spanish, Eerpian, Si* nna, Verde Antique, Porphyry, B-ooatflle. and other* equally o-lelirated. Tfie imitntioRh are so perfect as to challenge the e!f??e*t Kcrutiny. In elerance of Snie-th?y stand nnm a I>x1 and are eo highi j polished that they retain liicir t eauty and freshness longer than the common marbles, whjletheT are sold mueh ehemper They have I e?n used in thia country tor the ia<<t ten. and in hurope for more tha> fifty years, and have eiven i euiire satisfaction. P ?a?e call and "xamine at W? H HARROVEKS. Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Hank, jy 26 2w 5 doors ?:orth of l<ODi?inna avegwe. 486 PAPERHANGINGS. *O. 4s(l Fine, Medium, an J Low priced TAPER HANGINGS. WINDOW SHADKS. FIR fro rd PRINTS, PICTURE Cj-RD and _TA?#FLS, | ?te., a: r?xluc<Hi pric?K. Remnants of l(?? -prioe,l Papers >\ lndow Sba<t"?. at f?atlv re-ltieM prie*? Oritur* fl?r Paperharr it* atnl Window ?ha.1?? ex??uMti with akiil and di-^au-h u. eiiv or oountry. Please give me a call. Don't forest the number. * J MARKRITKft, No. 4H6 Seventh ?t ? doora above Jy 21 eo?t^ Odd F-lio.?' Hal], NbW reoeived aod for warded by mail free of po?t*.r?> im JOMWF. IbLl . THE WEEKLY STAR Tim rietiltat n*UT ud Nw ?*? Menu % rr*ftU>r v?n?ty of iDterMti?f UiM <MU1 b*fn??4m an; oUMr-it p?bil?k?d tm Saturd** Murain?. Tr**??Oi<*. wit ?! >/?. (a itfi'tar*. Pint!# er>p?. p?r ^cnara > ? ht? . fi? ,,.. I 7>n oof ifi _ ? Twe&t) o*pk??_ WW B? *?t??cnbin? in olab* raiaad a moot aMghhora VI til out th? mtorvMii"! of a na ttMl.M will b? prro*lv?d * ?*r ??aL of T\t Wmklt 8fr will h* ntw). It lanritb:? contain* th# * Mt?liii|Vni N?v?" th%t baa mad* Tk* Stmt otr?.?f o genera.iy throacbont Ut* oonntry. |rr,8in? # oop.M (11 wrapper* ou be p'ocar?d at tr? oountrr.Jmir diat?li agar tk* imm of pap-r. rnev-inHbKtnnTB ITT PlMtDMIttri Tbo Ut U IffHtl Will b? lowed aoommietion of jn oente. FOE SALE AND RENT. |.""H H K \T?A lhr?>* rtory HR1CK H"IAK. I on H ?tr?et, between 4tii and Mh. Aleo.atwo tory HKICK COTTaOK, w>th ffd??,oorni>f of Tenners** avenue ami north F alr*ot. eurro?nd*d by a la>-fe ^omri'T pa?ture, and wouM l>e a d^irai.,? location fbr a dairyman. Inquire of C Bl R K, 446 It'll it. jy C^Ol'NTK v KK?l|>KNCKKORSAl>--Thrr? J and a half a th ol L%?.d situated at Bai v?jr'? X r ads at the int?r?^tu?n of the Co ink an and l.< eshurg turnpike*, aix milea fr- rn Waehiaftoa and S from A - xandria. The improvements ouoaiat of a tiou?e. c>>n taini; ( 16 room*. tern. oorn boaae. ie?l?, Ao. The yard] we\ ai.aded wijfc tr*e> and h ? 11 vw?i ?tw. Kar furtfa r partiou'ara apply o<i the frwiiwi to WMPiV.NK. or to JXO. JK)WLIN6. ki|.,or A. V. M?rik?l''i tection room. Wuktcftoi, It C. Th* above described property wili be ao.d low for ottl. i'T .< UNw* L'OK I*ALK?A iim.. FARM ofVmerm, situate* I at the l.ittle Fait*, having a oomfortkhSedwei iiDC-honae. onri kou*. table*. to; wail fenced and watered ; within lour in wee of WaekiMtoa , 14 Cree in cultivation, the b*1*noe in handsome wood ad. It ip peou.iar.y deeirableae a ?on n try re# dense. Uiu( perfeeUy beaJtfcy and ir-oet rom^ntioki ly situated , eiCMfut l? mag and haotinc. In*air* of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper. Cfta;n f< .<:?e, l.ittle EV'n lnT'twwtf BARKER, on H ?tr?et. n 11th and 12th, No. 4?. _ maift-tf |?OR RENT?That new and wel; arrang?si three r story BRICK HOUSE. N'o. l?M,oii O itrwt, Wwen 1*Hh andSWh Firrt Ward, latel? ooeupi?*t bv Mr, B<n1im?>, Ku??ian l.e^ation. . ion riven iniinedialeiv. Inquire oi Mr. JH?l:THE Y S*. PA RK ER. next door eaat. ma ll-?otl F|U>R R ENT-A ama.i t?TOKE,?orn#r of Jth ami Penn avenue, under the Clarendon HoM suitable for a barber's ealoon or eixar etore. Fo information inquire at the llotol. mar ?_ FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the buiUl tug immediate.* opposite the west win* of the City Hat., recently oorupied by Chaa. S. Wallaoh L, OR RK\ I ?A lar*e double HRIl'K HOIT9K. I containing II tuomi aud paj>?a je. vith ?ta*>i? and c*rri?<i? nouae; alto a putiip<>( water in tt?? yard: on K seventh ?t., near |, at. For tarma munire of <?KOR<iE T. LANOLEY. on L a-., neat f our. teonth at. j) W tl l/UR RENT?A tlw-iiorj BRICK UWKI, " IJNG Hol'SE, on H at. M?f*n 12th and 13?h U.. No 404. Apply to J. KIRK\V(X)D. 4?A litlt a^rrct. jf ll tf f^OR RF.XT?The three atory (brown front) HOl'J*E, No. S6T .New York a,*nue. lietwen 10th and 11th atresia. north aale, con'aminc fifteen roonm Thia houae ia convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury. etc ; ia lie h ted by *a*. and in arery way nuitab e lor a boarding Iiouw. Kent moleraie. Apply next door, or to A O FOWLER, aeeond 8o.?r north wine of Patent Office. jy W tf LfOK R EN T?The fine FR AMEH(>ISkTi.?wn P a? *"Fr? nch Evana' Houae .* aitnated on M at. north, between 9th and l'<ta atresia. No. one of the moat deanable private reaidenoea in Waahinrton. Tiiia h u*e i* aurrounded by frn?t tree* and creat numbera of currant Uuahea of va rioua kinda, and fine thade tree*, with 16/mo feet of t onnd. walietl in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth i\ i i' - - ' Pi. liriworn 1/ ?riu Ta? J y u u |T"OR RFNT?Three BRICK HOl'SF.S-oiw o? 1 Twelfth utrwt, bi tireen C ?n<l I*. one on th? corner of Twelfth and II it*.; and one on H, between |2th and 13th cT*. Inatiire of JAM KJ* W aa an omce. Also the front room m uiiMoni! tor j aua the third flour of the same tauidinc. For terms apply to R1CEARD WALLACHTNo. I Louisiana avenne, ja 13 U SENATOR?. MFWBKR9 OF CON6RBBB.n Two spendid suite? of ROOMS, e e*actiy fortueheu, wui t'? rented during the season of Cobi'mi, in the moat deairable locality in tlui atty. tiwtjR within ow or two n??rf?of Browj'i and National Hotel*. Those in pur?ait of suoh Kooma will do we!i to make e&r.j app ioation at No. 379 *th street. l>etween 1) street and Pa. av. da ?-tf """CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WlHUiNflTUN CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' ? U btrtft, Htl?r??N tfJ* a?d 1UI* SITt4l>. We hare juat finished a number <>( 6r?t e,?M carriages, such as lm*< \ Ifuwf, Park Pkeattmr. f'amuw Cif-HyW, rutret, n*-i Bugrtrs, wluon we will sei; at ' M-* a ver? tmal: profit. Bern* practical mechanics la different branches of the businps*. we flatter ourselves that we know tKe BtTle* and qua !?y of work that will tire satis fvction, combining lightness, ooafort and durabni tr. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice a .J most r<*snnabi? o> arras. walteC karmann. k BOPP. Coachmakers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. _?p JTnlly ? l1 CARR! AttEB. n u mm? a I l a : a_ ai jl na enMon-w c?ni| r ?co kqicomw bj f??tory, m&lnnf it now one of the tn the District, where hie feci in*? Hn manr.ractnnruiCAKRlAGK A WAU()N8W H (U.ii cannot bo urpMMd,tn4 from Ms '.or.j experience m til* btiipett, he copM to I've genera' satisfaction, A I klnda of Carnacoe aatf Lifkt Wares* fco' Mai. RF.PAlRSD*at'7?*D*.aB4all order* jr??H ? tttonded to. 8?c#nd-ha?4 Oarria*i>? ta^en ;n or* han*? lor BTV ?* *. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 II tt +?r-ar mf Wlk ftwl K atB. TRU~yls7HOOTS AND SHOES. |*OOT8 AND 8HOK9 TO SUIT THK i ft rm% % m r>a *-? i inr.o. We are now manof*fltailE* ail kind* cf BOOTS Md SHOK8, and oorstantlv reoeinnc ? jm, ? auppljr ot witwa n.a<S? ? >?rk of ever* d<* 1 ecnptio-. maie exposaly to order, ar.d *illf B| be sold at a munh owerprioethan hu boen* heretofore ou&i(ed in lu.e city lor muoh irrarior VtolN. Persons in wart of Roots and Shoe* of eastern or city trade work, wilf aiwa?? fiud a g'xxl aaaor*w?a id atorr and at the lowest prions Give ue a call. GRU-FtM * MHO., ap*-r 314 Pennailrauia aveLU*. CMVL H I'N Dili ID TRAVhLINtt TRt'NKN ' arrirM th ? da/, nuvasfng all qnah avrn Ueg an<t sizes of !*n)e (.easier, Dross and f'aokmc Trunks. 0?r traLk^1**-1 smj?t room sxnimu i'. ?iii? bmr me i rnuwi va-u if of trftveirn^ re* uiaiu-e ai moderate unoei. U) ba ? >und this tide of New York. Also, Cphct p una of I. A DIES' HAT HOXE?, VAL1CES, CAKPKT BAG*4, SATCHELS, to. ID-Old Tmnki r'pnr?d or taken in exchange for coir ocm. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., T/ uli sa e? Room. mar Sl-tf 339 Pa. arena*. SOUTHERN TRi'NK MANUFACTORY, 499 TtB ST**?T, Orrotut Odd VtUtnt^ Hall, Watktntim. D, C. Traveien will ctudj than uitereaU t>> rxamicir. IDT TRUNKS. VALICES Ae , before par Bute ohann* At I u?? none bat thrMlffl beet material tne market afford* and emptor^?*?4,1 the t>?et wwrkmeii. I cm. confidently rmximmdd mf work to be la SiriigtA ai.d I'wabtiut to Trnuka that are made .u utter ciiim ?"d aoid here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and ni&ke to order ton one week's notioe) every d-eoriptieti of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FKKNCH DRESS rnmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd etkar VAL1CKS; TriA VMLINfr BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLESi WHIPS, 44"c. Trunk*. .Jtc . Repaired sjrd Covered, left workmanlike manper, at short notice Trunk* delivered is any part of the eity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Alm-Arat for How'i oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINE*. de 15-lv JAMES S. TOPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND q Delivered to ail parts S the ally, mil toe lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Oftee 499 Pa. av? between 11th and 12th stt, . ILlI north l<fe. T-?HE SUBSCRIBER RAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of FUKL, is pi fa i si. to se'tta verT K>w fees re fnr oash. WOOD Saved and Split any nice. Call and see lor yowMlt wJi ma li S. R. oorner of Fourteenth and C sla. W? ? s r i a ru ki.b. F Bst* in tor*. und ?r?? rtai y rrMinu. OAS FIXTCRBS of entirely New P*rt?rr? kiu? ?>?*i*n? and Piniah. Mpcrior is aty!* to ?aythnt? Intninlbr* offered in In> rorkit. Wa invitr cititena rnfi? U to oall and aiaiuioa our stock of Gu ar.J w?ur Fixtures, failing confident that we Urr the boat *p!?V3trd atock in W*?hin*t?n All Work in th* ator* Tia* intnjatiM t" ou* ??r? viil bo promptly attM^-d *n. . _ MYERS A MoGHAN ? K l?M> ftrM. r BO*rn\ irv I r*T W""** 9*r ofc.-on~? *.041 ft flu M?rj H Ruki, N?? J?r?H. <r* W a . H ?, FvhImu Unwind Tut am .(? HOHTO.n Fit i.. j w;Lnt.Ri?N, if *-<kat 0^l?* (v?' r It* H ? n<l F ft*. A- _____ ? XX ALB AND XXX ALB" The parmtmdbo?twlir>im<>m? A!? id iki*?itt tw? ot.t*ii?ed u tkm W A?Ma SiTON Bit KW Y ? V Thi? Al? M Mfcd* 'rom ti.ii ki?? ma-t r 1 fill! to civ* enfsro m " C COLINEAU,Pfw?n?t? uMM. A?-|j w?A'l ??