Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1860 Page 3
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4C I.OCAI, NEWS. \^~TTb?m*h T*x ?T*m 1* printed on the fwWt \ slMin pW In o* Kxtth of Baltimore, I to edition la bo larse u to reonlre It tnh. ?,? t? ? ? ?? appropriate dealers Among those most worthy of note were the following : "Certain Democratic State# are very uncertain." <?n the reverse, " One thing la certain, BreckinI ridge cannot be elected " "The old men's arithmetic is 'two-thirds of 3W it 1(? "? " Th? I'nlou must be preserved On the re. verse. "The bell (a figure of a l>ell) that tolls the death kne 1 of disunion ." " ,\l*y Ihe ton" tie of him that talks disunion clinu to his mouth." * Don't meddle In family quarrels." 4 In I'nlon there is strength " ^ our yellow kivers " (Representation of official envelope colored yellow ) " Breckinridge wouldn't have any yellow 'kivers ?*? " The North and the South." (Two hands firmly (lisped ) '* I he Constitution and the Laws ' (A large eagle with a bell suspended from its mouth.) The I'nion; nothing but treason can dissolve It " s.lence is dreadful," bell In the position of being rung " follows merit where-Kver-et goes." " Remember Mount Vernon."' early honr; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not snpear until the next day. Notice to WAiiiMTomins.?Those of onr ff-iiow-cltiscns leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear In mind that we do not mall The Stab except after payment In advance at the rate of 37% cents per month. Notice ?District of Colombia Advertisements to be : rserted in the Baltimoez Sr* are received at and forwarded from The Stae Office. Thf G**sd Bull axd Evkkktt Di.xoxstxariom 1,a?t kv*minfi ?Notwithstanding the unprnpitious state of the weather, there was, aa a it. 11 pa ted. an immense gathering In front of the <*lty Hall last evening, on the occasion of the Hell and Everett ratification meeting at that place The various Bell and Kverett associations of this ritv. including several from the neighboring cit'.rs of Alexandria and Georgetown, met at the ?orn*rof Pennsylvania svenne and Fourteenth street, about - ^ o'clock, from whence thev procrrd?rd in tor< U light procession up Pennsylvania avenue to Four-9)d-a-half street, and thence to tb*city Hail, accompanied bv three or four excellent bands of music, which discoursed stirring and patriotic airs a* they moved along. Numerous transparencies were oorne In the line, bearing - i ennessee maroie " Maseachuse U granite." North. Sfuuth. East and West, we go for all." " W e Intend to keep out of all family quarrels ." " Kentucky for Coomb? " "True for Bell1' ' Our country, distinct as the billows, one as the sea." 4 Ja< k. the giant killer " Repressutation of a * .North Carolina true for Bell and Everett." Protect American Industry." (.Mau at the sledge hammer ) 41 Bell and Everett; no mistaking them." " Let the bell (figure) ring " ' Virgiuia for the Union." hv? rett v lves us the Tomb of Washington " A vote Tor Breckinridge > a vote lor Lincol* " " Tbe Union the engine of strength " " ] have and sb&il always do my duty to my country "?Bell Kenturky will cleave to the Const:totlon " " The patriots of '76; we feel their spirit and will perpetuate their work " We love our country and revere its free institutions " '* Our Bell (figure) is of the true metal " 14 We want au incorruptible record " " We want no President stump speakers " ^ " Tbe dignity of the office must be preserved." ? ?' The cheering tones of the Union bell Will all tone* of disunion quickly quell." 44 Equality of the States." t 44 The South i? wheeling into line " 44 Mount Vernon speaks for Everett." 41 Our platform is our country ." 44 The Constitution, the laws.and Washington's Farewell Address ' 44 Tbe ladies are all unionists '' In addition to this ordinary display, there wax a rather novel and striking feature In the procession. which afton'.shed and amused all who were w itnesses of it This was the Incessant ringing and r nwl'na of h?lli nt all ~? ' t ? .U?JT?, and *.zes, which caused such a inedley of sound as to almost deafen those who cbanced to be very near Ttiese bells consisted of huge tire alaru. bells, placed on four-wheeled carriages gaily adorned, church bells, breakfast bells, d'.nner bells, supper bells, auctioneer's bell*, door bells, hotel belts, l'ttle bells, middle>sized bells, big bells, cow bells, ox bells, panorama bells, theater bell* steamboat bells, twelve o'clock bells, sixoolock belli, rise-early bells. 3wIm bell ringers bel s. lesbchild bells. and sweet-toned, animated belies which, however, were not in the procession and jingled only occasionally, and tben aa In a merry laugh, at the mingled uproar created by the other bells The number of torches In the nrnreuinn very Urge and brilliantly illuminated tbe line of march. In this way the long and iambeat procession moved along amid tbe continued cheering of tbe crowds which completely blockaded either of the avenue, and the waving of bandkerchiefs by the ladies On arriving at tbe City Hall they found an immense gstberiug already assembled It Is Hated by soms of our oldest citizens, wbow.'nessed the spectacle last evening, that it was decidedly one of the largest and most.enthas.antic a flairs of the kind they had ever beheld In Washington. In tbe square, between tbe two wings, a substint. il sta^e hsd been erected, gsily decorated with flags, banners, Ac , above all of whlcb, was s, rtad d strip of white canvass bearing the inscription : Tbe Union, tbe Constitution, and the euforcemeat < f the law* " The st\ge was brilliantly I illuminated with gas. issuing from jets affixed to a pipe, wbich was arranged in a semi-circular Ianape tne entire length of tbe stage. A gl*?e globe mt%* pUtedarouiideachof theae thirty lights, upon which vru insTi^d in Hinted character* the names of the varione Mate*. Tbe arrival of tbe nroceaaion waa hailed with tbree hearty cheers, which made the welken ring for squares around. At abont nine o'clock the meeting wji called t > order by Benjamin Ogie Taylor, Eaq , President of tbe Bell and Everett Clcb. and to doing t'.u Mr. Tavloe expressed the gratification he felt at greeting v> large an aMeiiiblage on so mteresti ng iin oc( ,i*ion, to ratify the nomination of two eltiiens and patriots every way worthy of tbe high plarta witb which their names are connected He wonld call upon one, tbe friend and intimate J ? Sk? _ /?? -1 ?a *** - " * hi .Mr my.iiiu wnowai wim mm during bis laat iliness. to preside over the meeting; be referred to Philip K., Ksq Mr Kendall, i?i acknowledging tbi? honor, s,jok?* a few minutes, sketching, \?ith brevity but gr?at acceptance, tie political circumstances of the p*st ten years and the present tiiue In it he referred to the disruption of the Missouri com promise bv the Democracy, snd the dissension and turmotl which bad ensued, juft as predicted by Mr Bell, Mr Everett, and other distinguished statesmen He also referred to tbe devotion of Mr Clay to tbe procurement of tbe compromise of 1850, and bis dying bo^es that this compromise would pat an ruu w ?uc uauKCia w uitu una proCfUCa tfUl tbese bop?o kid dkd frustrated, and all ths troubles Mr CUr sought to render again impossible, had. through Democratic perverseness, corne round once more Mr Fendall alluded to the Republican party as sectional, to the Democratic Crtv an iwurablv disrupted, and claimed for Mr II that, as, like Tbemislocles, he was the second < bote* of all other parties, this was a guarantee of his fitness for the first choice. The meeting was organized by the election of Philip R Kendall. H*q , President, and tb? fol4 lowing gentlemen as Vice Presidents:?Hon \Vm 8 Hodge, Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, Esq , Michael Nourse, Esq., James \V Barker, Esq , John E Kennedy, Esq , Robert D. Patterson, Jacob Oidem. Ksq , Richard 8 Coxe, Esq , John IP Ingle, Esq .John Purdy, Esq , Robert Clarke, Esq., Dr Cnas W Davis, John H. Sea?aat-s, Esq , David Hepburn, Esq. I. mm Mwrtlviaa?rw A A m . . w mrm */. n. u W w ) OOUI U^L Owens, Kaq , A B Walter, Enq , Joeepb H Hrmdirr. Kaq , Arnmon Baldwin haq , Benjamin Y. Smith. Kaq , Peter M Pearson, Eaq. KsaoLCTiosa. Preliminary to the further proceedings, aad a* 4f the baaia of action of tbe meeting, Jobn 8. Gallaber Eaq , of Virginia, presented and rend the following reaolutiooa, which were unanimously (* ^Tbecitiieoaef the United States here assembled, mp*eased the sentiments of devoteon to the Amerlran I nlon by which the Patber of hta .Country waa animated throughout his eventful and useful Hfc^heeefry adep?hia werdaln all IX j rirnrmu icivwty wnu wujlh wnt uttered, namely?" That our Union and brotherly affection may be perpetual; ibat our free Const! tutlon may be sacredly maintained; and that Its administration la every department may be stamped wltb wisdom and virtue " XoWr^, That In the nomination of auch eminent statesmen and patriots as John Bell ud Edward Kvrrett. and in Uielr election to the blgb offices for which they are supported, the Lslnuloving mm of every portion of the country ban a guarantee that ever* constitutional obioAtloq will be faithfully fnlfliled and every lateral of this great country promoted KnoJvtU. That it is the first and dearest object of thr Constitutional In ion Pa.ty to put down useless and irritating controversies on sectional qnt stlons. believing that, with the affairs of the government under the control of the wlas statesmen selected as our standard bearers, we shall have tucb a aerlf* of meaaum at will promote the good, the harmony, and the union of the whole country. RtsolrtA, That In view of the actional character of two of the partlea which now aerk the control of public afffclra, we aball uae every f ?lr and honorable argument and effort to prevent the aucceaa of either: and that \rh?n n mmr th? tim? when we would consent to a dissolution of the Union. we would answer In the words of the Illustrious Clay, ' ntvtr. sitir. *tr*rthat we would entertain the idea of dissolution only long enough to denounce It. and to express our execration of the men and the means by whom and by which It la proposed to consummate ao wicked ah object Ketolved, That our platform is the one suggested bv the Sage of Ashland in 1850, when, with prophetic vision he foreshadowed the present state of things, and that, in antagonism to the disunion spirit, a nrw party should be formed with the platform of "The Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcement of tbe Laws ." Ktsaitfd, That in the hands of eminent statesmen such aa we propose to elect to tbe Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, our platform Is not liable to a doubtful or double conitrurtlon: thai it momn in Ha <lnnti. t?Kat It mnci in the North, and therefore need* no myatlcal arrangement of word* to adapt it to different latitudea. Rnolvtd, That It ia the alncere conviction of tbe Constitutional Union party of the National Metropo la that nothing la wanting to redeem the country from mal-adinlnlatration, and from the perila which now threaten ita repoae, but a firm reliance on tbe atrengtb of our poaitiona, and a determination to exert all tbe energlea with which tbe God of onr father* haa endowed ua; and that, armed with the weapons of truth and animated with tbe confidence which paaaing event* inspire, we pledge ourselves to remit no honorable effort*, between thia time and tbe firat W edneaday in November next, in behalf of our cause and our country. Tbe following resolutiona were then offered by Mr. Carrlngton. and adopted unanimously: R'tolv.d. That thi* meeting would foil In the ? ? - rrsprri aur me mfm'fy or a great and good man If it omitted to express Ita heartfelt sorrow at the demise of the eminent bead of American journaliiro. the late J<*eph Uales; bat whilst they are X rati tied to find that the time honored National Intelligencer, under the direction of his venerable and respected associate, who for nearly half a century shared with him the labors and the honors | of the leadership of one of the great parties of the nation, is doing good service in the cause which we have so much at heart. Kesoltt4, That thus encouraged, we feel that our cause is the cause of tbe country; and that, j come weal or woe. we shall tread the path of duty with cheerful hearts, and unfaltering trust that this great country will ever remain united, happy and free. 1 he meeting was then ably addressed by Kobt K. Scott, Ksq.. of Va ; Hon J. Morrison Harris, of Md ; Richard I. Bowie, of Md ; B L. Hodge. Esq.. an elector in Louisiana; the Hon Alex R Hoteier, chairman of the National Executive CommitVe, and Joseph H. Bradley, Esq , of this city Thtse speeches were sll able and eloquent; abounding with sentimentsof loyalty to the I nion. and death to disunion Wr*r?- ntr? that ? - ? ? w -*?? J ??? v? pare pr? vents us from giving even a synopsis of ttiem to-dav. Daring the address of Mr. Scott the delegation from Alexandria appeared in sight, with Stephen Shinn, , of that city, at their head So large was this delegation, and so numeroun were the transparencies >>elouging to it, that it took about a quarter of an hour to inarch them In to their places at the meeting. Three cheers were given t<> the gallant Alexandrians for their imposing demonstration Among their transparencies were the following mottoes : First Ward Union Club, Alexandria?' Squatter Sovereignty can t ring in." " The Union forever." " Kverett gives us the Tomb of Washington " Second Ward?44 Democracy Is Dls-Union " An eagle with the motto, "United we siatid, divldt-d we fall " "The Constitution, the Union, and the I*aws " "No North, no South, no East, no West " "A vote for Breckinridge Is a vote for Lincoln " First Wsrd?Bell surmounted by an eagle "The Great Union Bell." 44 Virginia for the Union." " Our Platform is our Country." 44 Mount Vernon speaks for Lverett " ' Tunnel Town O) K?Let the (tlgure of a bell) ring."' ?' Bell and Kverett All right. Go ahead " "Justice to the South?Tne I'nion and the Constitution forever." ' The Patriot* of '76?We feel their spirit and will perpetuate their work." Third Ward Union Club?"The Union of Patriot* for the sake of the Union." 'Satan was the ttrst Speeder." Th* Latk Metro* ?Mr Franck Taylor, of this oity, under date of Julv 33d.n)i: " Siy daughters were at " Point Lookout," In the Jaws of the Potomac, on Friday night, and taw tbe meteor, with many other persons They left at midnight, reaching home next morning, aud they both insisted that the meteor " progressed" by a series of jerks, and that all those down there saw it to be so It was not a mere quivering that they saw, but the lrregu ar.ty of the motion was a regular Irregularity, to be described perhaps asa succession of slow l>ounds, or perhaps what might lie better described as a progress by pulsation. Tbe distance between the luminous point wbich preredfd and the luminous point whirh followed tbe llrst one, they both agree, was more tbsn one moon s breadth,but less tbst two mson's breadth, and tbe meteor did not reach tbe eastern horizon at all, they say, but simply dted out in the sky after it baa reached some considerable distance ...? ? c?a? vi liunu.' The Hon J. C. 0. Kennedy, superintendent of the Census Bureau, writing July 25, s*ys: '! havej ist returned from Northwestern Pennsylvania The meteor was sern over Meadville, Prnn , (:<C miles south of Krie, Penn.) and Its course was eist, about fifteen degrees north My half-brother, Kev J. V Reynolds, I). D , gave me a particular ar count of Its appearance A sister ana nephew also saw It To them it appeared to travel tery slowly, owing. I presume, to its great distance It was long within the range of vis.on. Crcblty to a Win ?Yesterday evening, Officer Gill arrested Henry Buete for cruelly beating his wife, and carried him before Justice Cooper, of the seventh Ward. Her appearance alone was sufficient to excite the anger of men of flue fe? lings wiio were prrsent at the time Her face and neck were bruised and battered, and her right eye was completely closed, and the fiesh black and swollen. Her pain* were so severe that he fainted In the magistrate's office before the case waa concluded These farts, and her statement of her difficulties, and the rscollectlon of the case before Justice Donn a few months since growing out of the arrest of the female who Mrs. Buete blames as the cause of her distress, aggravated the excited men, who would if they dared willingly have disposed of the case according to their views of justice, without regard to the lex Knpta Justice Cooper hiimeif, no doubt, felt so inclined, but his duty compelled him to a strict observance of the law. lie required Buete to give bail for court, and there were persons who irrre r-aity to offer themselves as his security; but the Justice regarded the esse as one that requires the b^st security, siid rejecting every offer that exhibited the least doubt, he committed Buete to Jail. The Abkapolis roiti to thb Great Easts** ?As there seems to be considerable Inquiry as to the cost of getting to tht lirsat Eastern and i back by the Annapolis route, we insert the following statement which has been furnished us, for the benefit of our readers: Fare to Annapolis, and return 92 00 From Annapolis to Gt. Eastern, and return.... 75 Total to Great Eastern and back <2 75 Fare to Baltimore and Great Eastern, and return .....18 50 Fare to Aanspolis Junction, and return....SI 10 From Junction to Annapolis, and return.... 00 From Anuapoll??oUt Eastern, and return.. 75 Total to Great Eastern and back fet 45 Th'ae prlcea Include the fare on the big ship? the Great Eastern. The Cattle Ca?i ?The case of W. W .M. Cbrtmiond, mentioned in the star yesterday aa In progress before Justice Donu when the paper went to press, was concluded soon after. Jurtke Donu reviewed the evidence, and decided that tb? proof of the larceny in Maryland was Insufficient to justify a commitment upon that charge, but would justify the sending of the prisoner to court upon the outer charge, receiving the stolen property with > guilty knowledge of the larceny. He tnerefore dismissed the larceny case, and required Chrismond to give bail in SSOU to appear at court to answer to the last charge. A commitment was made out and given to olScer Yeatman, who bad charse of the case, and who generously allowed the prisoner opportunity to get the security, go ng with him from place to place until he obtained it. Ovt or Tin Citt ?A very large number of the cltizeni of Washington are now away. Home are off for long visits to distant localities, rusticating la the mountains or feasting upon the "dellcacirs of the aaason" upon the seaboard. Others are only gone for a day or two to gratify curiosity by a view of the "mammoth steamer" and a short ride through Maryland. Every other inquiry as to the whereabouts of Individuals Is answered, " Gone out of town." UoMT KtlRAtT th f> mAAnlloKl a WW mmt JL ? ? _ . _ Mwnsip^H* t *v> UlSIVll ?VWI| tue ri?w to-uight, lor Uie accommodation of fam? IkiM A uovel feature of the entertainment will L,. suakspeerean reading* by Mr. Amm LtUle, during U?c interval Id the dancing For i?rticu tari of the ?xc union aee advertisement. 1 ? Abbivbd at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteoraud a-half street,) schooner Delaware Farmer, BrUzs, from Ba 111 mom, with 83,000 feet of lumber lor Samuel Nor meat. ^ >? ' I BvKOLAtT ? 3fr Editor: On tb# nlebt of th# 3d Instant, some person or persons feloniously effected an entrance into the store of James [ McDonald, corner of Tenth and L. through tbe ?i * wnyt uy iiunn" <t pornun oi \ur w imiuw j shutter. and carried off a portion of bis readv- j made boot* and thorn, to the amount of about S50, a* near a* can be ascertained During: the night. Mr McDonald, hearing a noise, opened the window and looked out. seeing a number of boys congregated on the corner, which they are in the habit of doing until a tat* hour of the night, wbichcauses conaiderableannoyance to the neighbora of that locality. Had it not been for this circumstance, it la very probable be would have detected the burglars, ana thereby have prevented his propertv from being carried off. It is necessary to call the attention of the police to this quarter, to strive, If possible, to prevent yonng men and boys from meeting and discussing politlra and liatnrr I mis a n H .1 Isonati n rr ?n(tK?t? w*iu^ wxaavwv ?im r|'i*uv which they are frequently ia the habit of doing, and give peaceable citizens a chance to protect their lives and property. It has not been the first time thst the attention of the police has been called to this quarter to abate this nuisance, but no heed or attention from the proper quarter has been paid to the matter. Hoping that in future the police will spend a little or their time In this locality, which can be as easily done ns in and about the Northern Liberty uxarket house, and disperse all such congregations, snd thereby afford a protection and prevent the knucksfrom carrying off our hard but honest earnings, 1 remain. A Party Irtkrbstbd. M* Editok: An absence from Washington for a month or two having precluded me from enjoying my evening's solace, the Star. I immediately on inv return gave strict injunctions to my faithful "iambs" to report to all inquiring friends that 1 was engaged, so that I might make up for lost lime bv a rurpfn 1 and d*?licrhtfnl n#fiml nf lta back nmnhfri. This I founS quite instructive and refreshing from the judicious selections of the passing topics of the day, and the pungent raciness imparted to them by the telling and seer like remarks of its editor. Amongst the really new movements In the right direction, I noticed one to the effect of establishing a school at the Soldiers' Home So Interested did I feel, that I determined to visit the lotale In question, which 1 did yesterday. On making inquiry, 1 found that the movement is regarded with much anxiety and Interest?that the energetic and faithful pastor of the Kock creek Church, is busily "pulsing'' the friends of the movement, and that the offlcers-in-chief of the Institution are readv to do the utmost of their means in securing the desired object. The provision of a homestead for the teacher would, 1 think, go far to get a good teacher, and keep him God speed the good cause. Oxk Interested. Soldiers' Home, Aug. 8, I860. ? J?-.-n ?? J ? urvi^iumi, arrested some months since and placed under security on a charge of pilfering money from letters In the Georgetown post olflce, the Grand Jury found no bill, as stated la our Georgetown letter several days since. BntrKissisnK Mketixoix Alfxaxdria ?The Breckinridge Democrats, says the Onzette. assembled at Sarepta Hall Inst night In considerable numbers Hugh Latham was called to the chair and J. M.Stevens and L K Green ippointed secretaries. After much discussion, a resolution was adopted authorizing the chairman to appoint V7 delegates to represent Alexandria in the Charlottesville Convention?the chair being authorized to name the delegates at his leisure. On motion, a committee of 25 was appointed to draft a constitution for the permanent organization of the Democracy of Alexandria, and a further committee consisting of J. T. Johnson, G. D Wise. W. H Smith, D R Blacklock and James Roach, to procure a suitable meeting place for the Democra I w# " _____ I Mr. Editor: In tbe name of suffering humanI Itr, while Hiusqultoes draw blood by night. and I Sol pours down unrelenting heat bv day. appeal for us to the fathers of the city to have something done with that irnn pump on Twelfth street w?st, | between C and D north. One should be blessed with nerves of Iron to stand It it is enough to run a saw-mill mad I'd rather listen to popularsquatter sovereignty preaching for a century; nay irrepressible, Interminable, nigger-speaking till a crop of wool should grow on my head, than have to bear annoyance from that pump much longer. All day, nearly all night, It's going. May the fathers of the city have mercy on us If no one else of the neighborhood, for the lady at least that baa Pcmppits. Center MA?kir.--The Market place presented quite a cheerful app-arance this morning The early hours were pleasant, particularly the sales hours, for then tbe cool breeze circulated In the gangways, and the market was tolerably comfortable. and housekeepers taking advantai/* nf ! this favorable circumstance, engaged actively in making purchases, in order to get away before the inidaay, when the li' at would become oppreeslve. Before noon the gangways were deserted, and dealer* packed up to leave The supply waa ample and of excellent quality,and prices were generally moderate. The dealers would do well If thev would prevent boys and others from throwing melon rinds In the gangways in front of their stands The safe'y of their customers should be looked to by them, and a little such attention would made them many friends. A Good Place for somi or our ome-hor?r Politicians to Kmigrati to ?Who will go ?? The Alexandria Gazette of this morning has the following : " An Offict Going n Btgging ?The county portion of Alexandria seems unfortunate in the election of constables In May, Richard Williams waa chosen, but h? declined to serve, and another election was held in July, when Geo. Veitch was chosen. Veitch has neglected to qualify, and will, it Is said, decline the office, and so render another election neceaaary." Oca Citizens were thrown into a great state oi excitement not long since by the arrival of H e ! Japanese and alio of the Chicago Zouaves Now that tbev have left the city and all the sensation has died out, one of tbe only persona in town who is creating a furore Is Mr Finiey. corner of F and Seventh streets, opposite Post Office, who ha* just received something entirely new in the way of flue cut chewing tobacco from Michigan, and nlso other choice brands of tobacco and cigars. 'it* The Gra5d Pxizt 1'ic-Nic to come off at Ana? . ?- _? i ?? * - - * * I ioavan mana, on Aionany nexi, M wblcU uDft | hundred piece* of jewelry are to be distributed among tlcxet-holders, must be one of tke picnic* 1 of the aeaaon that we read about. The idea of j striking a lead of ready made jewelry so near tbe city and at so nice a rUce as Analosun liland is ' certainly not hard to entertain. For particulars | of the plc-nic see advertisement. Th? Citt Councils or Albxasdkia werecailed together yesterday afternoon, to take into consid- 1 eration the proposed action of the Board of Public Works of the State of Maryland, in determining to force upon the director* of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, an increase in the rates of toll, I on canal navigation No quorum was present in J either Board, and tbe Council! adjourned over until to-day. Cbntbal Guabdhovsb Casks.?Tbe following ; cases were disposed of by Justice Donn: Edward Smith, vagrant; committed to tbe workhouse. Dan Dugan, John Dugan, and Susan Dugan,were arrested for being drunk and tgbting; tbey were each required to pay a fine and costs of ill 15, j and a commitment to the workhouse made out, to take effect in case of failure to pay. ptolii matka doom ?a nutnoer or prayer books stolen from 8t. Mathews Church, hare been recovered, snd are now at the office of Justice Haxen, opposite Willards' Hotel, to be iden- j tifled. The person charged with the 1 uceny has been taken, and ts awaiting a hearing la the county Jail. It is a novelty In thieving about these parts. Call on Rosihtbal, No. 16 Market Spec, and examine bis excellent assortment of bo?ta ana shoes for ladles, gents, boys, misses, and children, Ooa't fall to take a look at his celebrated ahgator hoes. Tw* temporary damag? to toe Chenpeake aad Ohio Qanal has been repaired, and navigation i ww resumed this morning. j What the Momsifio Pater* sat about the Bell and Kveeett Meeting la?t right ?The Intelligencer says: ' The meeting keld In Washington last night by the friends ?f Hell and Everett surpassed the expectations of all. alike In the numbers and In the enthusiasm of the animated multitude gathered, under the most inspiring auaplces. In tribute to the cause represented by these distinguished names It was evident that nothing but a deep popular sentiment could have produced such a formidable demonstration, which gave good token of the lively interest cherished by the people of Washington and the surrounding country, In common with their fellow citizens throughout the land. In the success of the movement inaugurated by the Constitutional Union fiarty Eloquent and effective speeches were deiverert " A r The Constitution local say* : " A meeting of the friends of Hell and Kverett took place last night in front of the City Hall Different ward delegations paraded the streets with torch-lights and the ringing of bells, which many mistook for a fire-alarm The attendance was not large, nor were the speeches very interesting " Criminal Cocft ?In this court, yesterday, the case of Wm M. Marqnlte, indicted on two counts ? first, for keeping a faro-bank, and, second, for keeping a gaming-table?was continued, and at length concluded, the jury bringing in a verdict of guilty on the first count and n?t guilty on the second Mr. Bradley, as counsel for Marqul e, entered a motion for arrest of judgment In the case lying against John Schaffer for keeping a faro-bank, Mr. Bradley moved to quash the indictment: but the court overruled the motion, when Mr. Bradley moved to take the question In error to the circuit court. The conrt adjourned over to Friday (to-morrow) morning at the usual hour. Very little remains to be done at thia term of the court. In th*? mv nf vnnn? a/ # _ H0lL0WiT*? PlttJ. Prrmrrmmt of Ik' Stomnrk ami Bnr*h.?A* the ttnmach by th? acency of the gastric juice* asmmilate* <11re?ted food into element*!-* Wood, we cannot l>e too oftreful of ?re??rvin? it in a healtny and ri <>ron? oondition. Holioway Pill* are powerf lly " 'rreotire and deterrent. theT atrencthen the fti*-*tire orran*. and by their ru-atiTA properties clean v and purity the inflated f od in it? pro?*ea? of . ooavervioa to b ood. In aJl diwdets of the bowel * Mcera.theirsana'ive qualities *re unequal ted. 5ol I by ail |) rug guts at 23o..62o . and ft per box. auS Iw Wmta?'(i Balsam or Wild Chk**t ? The Krlitor ol the International Journal *ays:?'"Of all t e specifics offered for the cur* of Long C? inp'ainm. we have the gr? ate*t faith in Wiwnr's fiii ttm nf Wtl4 Cktrry. Fl"e from those narcotic ingredient* which enter so largely into the coirip?>>i tion of some other patent mcdici>.es. it aoU without minrr to th?> N^rrooi. SiiUm We apeak of thi* valuable mediune from persons! knowledge of its effects. Scarcely two j ars hare eiapved since a member of our family was raised from the vor* brink of the grave through its use; and in several subsequent caoes where it has been administered in our household, it baa never once failed of the desired effect. We cheerfully reeommend it to o?r friends in the British Provinoes aod among the rest of mank nd, as a certain remedy for Incipient Diseases of the Lungs." None gsnuine unless sigred I. Butts on the wrapp-r. Pr*n&r<u4 K. o u- r?_u L r>? r??-?? ..J ?? - ? r? "H u; s*. ?? . ? ww 10 ? v>",, iiccwii) ???i'i rui sale by Z. D. Giiman, ?. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Wait*. G. Stott, John f*chwarie, Nairn A Palmer. W'??h ington; and by dealers everywhere. au7-1 w,r Physician* are generally loth to apeak a word in praise of wha? are called patent medicines." Indeed, it is an article in the code of medical ethics, that a physician who sanctions the use ?>f remedies cannot be considered a member of the National Aasocia'ion. Hut there are exoeptiona to the most stringent rules, and many of the di?o plea of Escula^ma have actually been compel ed, by the force ui i?cti, to reoommend l)r. J. HostetWs Momach Bitters for those diseases which are oiiIt prevalent iiurine the summer and fall They have ascertained that there are no remedies in the Phartnacopia which can compare with this wonderful compound for the derangement of the system. Thousands of f mi les residing along the low grounds r>fth<* western and southern rivers.are now convinced thst tiey have found a medicine peculiarly adapted for their ailments, while in other portions of the country. during the summer months, the demand for the article is eauallv iarge. Sold by druggist and dealer* generally every, where. au T-et 3: Lton's Masmbtic ]<ihkt PowDtl Exterminates Bed Rugs, Roaches. Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It contmins no Ptiton^'s Magxkttc Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3m Homeopathic Rrmxpiks All of Dr. Humphrey* 4t Co.'* specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and SO cent* each. Also, in cases, containing 20 vials, from 84 to Mi each, with hook of full directions. For sale ny Z. D. Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale an-l retail agent: \v. A Fitxzerald, 353 north F street: also by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street an?i Vermont avenue. Also. Pon4'< F.rtrnct nf Witrk Hnz*l, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 3 ly Holloway's Pili.s. Pi ah r ho? a-?A sudden supp ession of the evacuations frequently ends in collapse. The acti n of Hollnwa? 's medicines are l*u>' I on a more rational frinciple; by combining with the depiaved humors hey n?utralu- and expel them through the natural channel*. They purify the fluid#, cleans" the bowels, invigorate the stomach. and bv regulating the various functions restore the boov to it< nor mal i>tate of health. Sold by all Drueguts at 2V;., 62c., and 91 per box. au 3 Iw Mxs. WinsLow, an experienced nurseard female h TRiniAn. IiAn %. **Kintk imw VII* w i? fw T utf, which greatly facilitate* the prooesaof Ux-ining by softening the gunta, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ib sure to recuiate the boweia. Depend upon it, mother*. it will give reel to yourselves, and relief and health to your infant*. Perfectly safe mall cases. See advertisement id another aolomr. <?c1I-1t Mrtkr's Miraculous Vrrmik Dkstroykr, the oldest ami best remedy known for exterminating Rata and Mice, Cockroaches Bugs, Anta, Musqmtoes, Fleas, Motha.Gtain-Worms au<l (jar den Injects. 117" Principal Depot, 614 Broadway, N. Y. gold by ail Druggiata everywhere. ma 18-3m (itv.ooKAT* tbi stst**.?Two thirds of our diseases proceed from derangements of the atomach and the nerves. A want of vigor in the digestive organs causes an immense amount of discomfort, both in body end mind One preparation anri on' only, reaches the cause and the consequences of this discomfort. To give strength to the weakened stomach, to ralm the agitated nerves and to restore that regularity of action in all the organs winch constitute perfact health and tend to aeon re a long and painless life, there ia no medicine now before the world which wiil compare with Honteittr's titomark Bitter*. It would bean inault to the reader to suppose that he has not heard of their amazing success in Dyspepsia, l.iver Complaint, General Debility, and all tfie disorders to winch the stomach, the liver, the !>owels and the nervous system are subject. So marvelous la the effect of this gr> at restorative that physicians of eminence do not hesitate to affix their names a* witnesses to the testimonials of peraona who have been reacued from suffering and danger by the ilittera, when the remedies of the dispensary had all been tried without avail. Sold by all druggists everywhere. jy 31 eo3t Barky's Tricophkrous is the beat and cheapest artioiefor Dressing, Beaa myinK, i:iean?inif, t:urlinr> Preserving find Restoring the Hal.. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drug fists and Perfumer* inar 12 fm P*i*!tiKS.?Persona deeirint Pecmea willaiwaya find them for *xnhanre at the Star Offne Annnter MARRIED At St Patrick's Church, by tne Rev. Father Walt?r,H \V. TAYLOR, to Mifta QUINTIN RICKTER. both of this city. ( Halt. Sun copy.) * At the residence of the bride's fa'her.on the 21 inst , br the R?v. l)r. \V. H. Edwards. .Mr. (iKO. M. ROCX. ? f Fernandina, East Florida, to Mis* MARGARET E. MITCH*1 LL,daughter of Jud on Mitchell, E*q.,ol ijeorretown, D. C. DIED, This morning. AUA CAKUI.IIVK !\OURSE,in her 17th year The friend* of the family are invited to attend her funeral from the house of her father, Mr. John K. Nours-\ No 291 Eighth street, ai5 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. " WANTS. WANTED?A rood journeyman BAKER. Ap _j>ly at I1AVF.NNKR!*- 317 C it.oet, It WANTED?A good home for a very capable ii'a! hy COLORED BOV, IS years old. to B^rve until ho is thirty-five Strictly limited to tl.e District of Columbia Apply at tins office, au 9-3t* WANTEI>? At th? rail road depot Restaurant A GOOD COOK. A person of stead * habits will receive good wagea. au 8 St* u| a:i i r.u? a v? E> i .> l n>f. to go a *110 tdis* t tance in the county. Apply at *200 Pa ?v , oppotite Willanls.' a i 7 ot* WANTED?By a lady, an experienced COLORED NURSE, to take charge of an infant and make herself K^nerally useful. No particular objection to a white person who is a Protectant. For further particulars address Box 1 at the star Office. an 7 3t? vv A\TK D?- A SALES LA D V. N one but the | ?? Desi need apply. S. HKI.I.KK, jy 31 No. 34 Market Space, bet Itli ati.1 8th sta. WANTED?A WOMAN, to p?r(orm theduties of chambermaid. No one n?edapply who cannot brin* a recommendation from ner last place. Inquire at Eckingtou, two milea north of the Ci p itol. jy 17 WANTED? Dy a steady and industrioun man, a SITUATION an collector. Bt*at of reoom m*ndationa given. Addreaa M. C., Star Office. Jy i?-?f WANTKD?To have everybody know that they can purchase their Summer Clothinga!coat at No. 460 Seventh at., oppomte Poat Office, jy lJ-'m I\JOTICE TO JVOFFOl.K AND POTOMAC X ? IHAVKLIiKB! PINF.Y POINT' POINT LOOK-OUT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. The oommodious anl swift itf?m?r BALT1MOKE, having been thoroughly u "" ^ overhauled and lefitted with n?* boilers and machinery, Ao , will p aoed on the above rtuie MONDAY,the 9tn of July, and oontinue during the bathing season, n:aku>l semi weekly trips, leaving Washington MONDAY&and THURSDAYS at 10 o'olook a m. Re turning will lrtvi> Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS at S o'clock p m., making all the rivor landing! going and returning. Fart to MarbufVn...? Pope's Credit. ?2f*? handy Point 1.5" Blackiatone'e 2 on Quantioo is Bluff P? hit ? 2/*> Liverpool Point.... 16 Marshall Pavilion Hole 2 no Piney Point s *? Aiatthia* Point. *.?j Point Look-oat *.00 To Old Point and Norfolk #6, ino tiding mea'a. Round trip ticketa to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the season. ?8 Children nnder ten >ears, and *rTants,halffa'*. Freeoolored persona 04 Preighta at n*ual rates and must be piepald. The steamer Baltimore being the fastest boat on Che Potomac, will oonvey paaaengeia to Point Look out m houra, making the trip down thia beautiful rirer h* dariight For tioketa and further ?f>FM ? ? > to Capt. C H \"8.E M'lTC HE L L.~ of it' the Coif pany'a office, corner Penn avenue an I Sixth atra?*t, under the National Hot'l ICT" Coach pa will o&ll at any p aoo in the oily for pMcenfcra and b&gtac*. GEO. E. MATTINGLY. General Ticket Agent an *-3t Potomac HMmbott Cobm?T> V*TOOD Nov te the tune to ?et winter fuel at ?* reduced price*. We have a large atock of WOOD aad COAL at n-rj low AND prioee, for oa?h. WV ARDER * STEWART, COAL. Oftoe?Corner H and 12th ?t?., _ an 7-*w* Yard?13th at. and CaoaL SUPERIOR WHITE AND RED ASH EGG CT COAL ?Now on the voyage and daily exp'otrd toar ire, aohoone'i Cha? Mown antl J as Tiee, with 188 ton* Broad Mountain WHITE ASH EGG COAUaadll toua KED ASH EGGCOaL. Per. aona deairoua of procui ins tneir au^piy fo the winter will aave money !>y l--a in* their ordera ?o that their coal can be delivered from th* v??ael?. SHERIFF A DAWSON. Pout and- half atreet and CanaJ, aa Mt (Int.) veat aide, GEORGETOWN. ? C*ry*rmU4B*4 / Th* M?r G*o*?*towk, August 9, lmn The prorr?n'on of the Bell and Kvrrett partv from onr city lut rvfoing wm quite large and impoatng, considering the unfavorable appearance i?f tbe wrstbrr Tbev asa*tnt>led in froat of tbe Town Hall, and l>efore leaving, a larger crowd *ai gathered on Bridge street tban we remeno urr 10 nave fen on ttiat tboronjffcf?r^ for totw time All shades of politics were represented on tbe side walk, and a noticeable feature of the display was tbe ?<>od feeling which prevailed ? members of tbe a:ff-rei.t partieseicbangini: jokes at each others' eipens*. and democrats and I nlon men being on almost fraternal terms The baud played "Rally whigs,'' and other familiar campaign tunes. w;hile the arrangements for marching were being made, which tended t.? increase tbe tl rong The procession started about > ^ o'clock, preceded by Withers' full band The stars and stripes were borne In froot, then came a transparency wilh the Inscriptions '"The I'nlon and Constitution party of Georgetown" ard " Tha value of tbe I'nlon cannot be calculated.'' then the old whig banner of tbe campaign of lotO; followed by several transparencies, on which we noticed the following mottoes ?*The certain democratic states are very uncertain.'' 4*One thing is certain, John C. Breckinridge cannot be elected " "The Old Gentleman's party, inaugurated March 4th, "The \ ounjj Gentlemen's Arithmetic?two-thirds of fctt Is lu5." 4 ?Xh# | Afls* ratHsu* r\f tkv C*l?? ? ? ? v?> vi ?u*. -* r iit wiiii*rn\. handsomely de< oret?*d. and carrying a number of bells, brought up tbe rear It wu surmounted by a transparency, on one aide of which was " The Georgetown Bell an?W\ verett Aasor'.atlon," on tbe other "For President. John Bell For Vice President, F.dward Everett *' A great many went out in omulbusses. and considerable enthusiasm was manifested. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS ? Am Okdinanck. amendatory of an ordinance en<ni -j . . ? - * - - ? uura --An tiraiuance in relation lo Dogs,'' approved June 45, KW B? *t ordaintd by Ik* Board of Aldfrm*n nnd Board of Common Cotinril of th' Corporation of G tor get otrii, Tbat it (ball be ihe duty of the Clerk of tbe Corporation to provide suitable brats checks on which shall be stamped tbe No* 1,(, 1, ke , and upward*, one of which aaid check* shall be furnished to each and every person applying f, r and obtaining a dog license; and It sbalt be tie duty of the owner of the dog to place, or cause to be placed, and kept around the neck of each and every such animal a collar, to which must be attached tbe aforesaid stamped check, (with tbe number of the license thereon.) tinder a penalty of not less than two nor more than ten dollar*; and if any person shall put. or cause to be put a collar, with the check and iiumber thereon, around the neck of anv animal of the dog kind, owned or possessed by any person or persons residing In Georgetown, without having obtained a license for keeping such an animal, he. she, or they sh*tl forfeit ana pay the sum of not less than live nor more than ten dollar* Sec. !. And bt it ordntn'd. Thst it shall be the duty of the Captain of Police to obtain from the t'lerk a number of the ifnnulil rh#?rlt? /?? ? ? " ?1 ? ?'* " % hi* receipt th.T' f >r.) and with them be (ball visit, or rauae to In- visited by bis subordtuate i dicers, each and every bouse and premises wkUiin tbe limits of the tuwii, during the month of October in each and every year; and if tbe said officer o officers shall Hod therein, or thereupon, anv animal o the d?g kir.d. for which the license* and check lias not been obtained as heretofore provided, it shall be lawful, aud it is hereby made the duty of the officer or officers, to obtain from the owner or posae?aor of the dot; the amount of tbe license, together with an additional amount of twentylive cents for each and every animal for wbiob be may furnish a license and check; which last amount shall be retained by tbe officer for his services in collec ting the tax. and he shall pay over to the Clerk tbe amount received for tbe license in each and every case, and give blm for record, a description of tbe an:mal li. ens?d But should tbe owner or possessor of the animal so * js *- * - " * luuna reiuae vo pay tne license, or SQould no oaf claim ownership of the same, it shsll be the duty of the officer or officers, immediately to kill and dispose of the aniinal, in the manner and tinder a similar penalty, as is provided for by Section 3d of this ordinance. Sec. 3 And be 11 orda\**d, That if anv antmsl of the dog kind, owned in the town, or without any known owner, shsll be found going at large within the town, contrary to the provisions of thts ordinance, (or the ordinance to which this Is amendatory.) it shall b?* the duty of the police officers to kill and bury, or remove, or ciue to be removed, said animal beyond the limits of the town, under a penalty of two dollars In each and every case for falling so to do; one-half of said line to go to the informer, the other half to the Corporation, and said tine or lines shall be deducted from the pay of the officer Sec. I And b< It ordnmrd. Tint tf ?iivmrn?rn, pon**ftor of a fierce or dangerous dog permit the nme to go at large In this town to the danger or annoyance of the Inhabitant! thereof, be shall forfeit and pay the suui of five dollar*; and should the animal bite or injure any person cr person*, the owner sball forfeit and pay a fine of one dollar, and the .Mayor sball thereupon Immediately order the dog to be killed and burled, or removed as heretofore provided Sec 5 And be it ordatmtd. That each and everv expense chargeable to tbls Corporation bv virtue of this ordinance, shall be paid by the Clerk out of the amount received for dog licence* or fines, and each and everv tine which mav be enforced by the provisions of this ordinance. shall be recovered as ttdcs usually arc recovered. Sec. 6. And b* tl ordained. That the Mayor be. and be ts hereby repi<?sted to cause one hundred copiis of this ordinance, (and surb portions of the Ordinance to which this U amendatory, as he may deem expedient,) to be Printed in hand-bill form and posted throughout the town. Sec. 7. And he it erdatnfi. That any portion of tha Ordinance to which this is amendatory, inconsistent wltb this be, and the same Is hereby repealed. [Approved Aug 1. I ?<K? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Georgetottn advertisementi ?e?^iril pagt IN WAK.M WEATHKR 1 1'Kr.PARK FOR COLD' We lire now receivtiiK. ami will lie diirinr tli?? month of A ufiist. I .(Ml on? of COA I., of all sio*. which we will sell alteap if ord erod prior *o 1st September. Cail eari* and leave > our ord<^ it our Offices, if you wisn to save more* C. MYKRS A FON. No. 41 Water street, Georgetown. J. W p. MYhR<* ? co.. jy 27-2w Office cor. G and 22d sts., NVashiug'n. ru o humbug! We will commence on Monda? next. Jul* 3tth, to Ho?<? oot our enti re stock ol SU Vt M KK 1)R I >S GOOUS, Ac., A<-.,al Priii" Cost lor i'&iih- no in jre wi.lUa.-ked. SsPlLAlA.N A HUNT, jy 27-eo2w ft" bridge <tr?*<-t Having dktermimldtochangk mn business, I'll co.TimjPoe from thin date to "II for cash noy entire stock of DRY and KANCY GOOD*. Having purchased o the most favor* til# terms, and being desirous ? f e osirg oat as esrlr m tonsttilf. All who may be in want of bargains will do well to give me a o?ll W. R. Hl'RDLF, jy 21 lm Corner of High and Ga? eta \f AOAME BOIVIN'S FKMALK AI.TF.RA1*1 TlVE PUil 8, f<?rthe exeluure useof f inalfa laboitng under any of the followin< comflamt*: Obstructions.Suppressions,!^ ?en Sickness. Headache. I'ain in th* Side, Palpitation, Loathing of Food, i)istiirl?*a Sleep ami af, interuptioiik anil ir regularities of the Menstrual Periods. N. B.?These Pills should never be taken by females during pregnancy, a> they are sure to cause miscarriage. Prepared for Madame Hnivin at l?? K?e Vaugarard. at Pan?, France. Formal" at 179 oath B street, opposite Smithsonian, the o >ly agent in Washington. an 7 31* P NOTICE. KRSONS Deolininc kousekeepinf or having a surplus of bous?h<tid f8?:U oad find ready sate by oaTinr at my Furnishing Store, 4 si" 7th street, be tween G and 11 streets, oast side. a?2-Jm WUTXH.RH BUCHLY. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!?! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the loves possible pnoe. T. J. A W. M. GALT, 8Sii Pa. av., between Uth and 12th ?ts., ma 17-tf worth mil ENGINEER'S OFFICE. Alexandria. June X, 1R8?, MANASSAS GAP RAll KuAD SIX Hl'NDKEU MEN WANTED on the line ? r Ihta * t. II. ' i*? 1 vmu ii"?i .?u. jiftcmaim 10 Wii^^g 91 a day; b< *rd $ in par month. For infor nation,&a.,inquire of \VM. 8. FEWELL.CoinP&nj ' Office, Alexandria. fJS dtJfan.istwAac*istvSep. HW. HAMILTON, PAINTER, ad DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 5?3 Ttu S^tkkkt. near Odd Pillow*' Ha.L au 2 tf PUTTY~1S DOWN. I^OR MALE ?A LADY'S RIDING PONY is offer**! for mm b^ob rerj I-?w term*, gy in ooncequenee of her having left the city.T^iJS* and harinc no further uie for it. AtpIt ?i v J. w. PUMPHREY^ ?t?b)es, re* of National Hotel. jy ? 97 ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between 'O 11th aa<t 12th street* ? Fifty copie* <?f Ciuikt;'i Pobtiotl Text Rook or k'uoyclo^oilit, received tins day by express, and for sale ?i B?N. F t BENCH 9. aw 4-6t lat.> *7* Penn. aven?. A NOTICE OF REMOVAL. _ /IDLER i BROTH K.K Would reepactfullT inrorni their fueiidi Mid customers that they have thieday ramoved rrom Mo 430 Seventh street to \A. 9Q I Alllsians Anna f If artrAt r? rtm \ ! !? . . I II THE LATESTNBWH TELEGRAPH HT. \?rk BrrrlilarMi* fttal* Aug. P -TU Breckinridge *t?t# Convention reaterday, boaiImMI ticket of Presidential electors and appointed a romnrtten on resolutions. which subsequently reported a long *eriea The resolutions fttrm the position of tbe old line democracy, recognising iB al. the opposition to that party (inclodug ant! I^ron.ptontwn) tbe simple qorsMon wbetber Ihe Union aba)I be pre s-rved for white men. or destroyed on arconxt of negro*?. Tbev <ppos? tbe position of both Lincola and DmkIis on territorial Question*. Indorse tbe platform of tbe Maryland Institute Convention; 1 ndorae tbe administration of President Murbanan. and ratify the nominations of Breckinridge and Lane, regarding them aa tbe only regular dsaao cratlc candidate* The Oth charge* tbe New York delegation with causing, by their action at Baltimore. tbe present disruption of tbe democratic pnrtr The Ttb cLar&cteriim tbe nomination of Douglas and Johnson aa irregular, and not binding on democrat* The Mb urge* tne concentration of tbe ??U of all the democ rats of the *tate mi tbe Breckln> ridge ticket, believing that tbe vote of this State will decide tbe election Tbev predion* sock hfl 1 ?'f OH th? ba*ii ""4 Part? - Stat** wtU ko for tbe Mid l:ck? t Tbe convention also adopted resolution em powering the J*tate < ommHtee ts bold t eonference with tLe other coaveotloai which met her* on the 13th Another Arrival fraa Karepe. Halifax. augnat?The steamer Kuropa from Liv?p k>1 on Saturday. the i>lh ult , hu arrived The itrimef I'mn arrived out 0? tbr #>! . The Syrian question wai un< hanged. Co. firen' were held in Parte reJntlbe to inter r n ioi. and It was ?xp cted that a convention would aoon be I'g'ird It was supposed that the Sultan would decline tb-' inimritloa. It w t* asserted that the Neapolitans at 11 held I m m.A *.?? *? * " ....?iu iu<a????i i "aiui ww A r^pon taut Ibtt be vi a? wounded ll Meiaite. wbere bis losses were beary. The latrnt advert from Rome Mat' that aed tloua bill had been |>oated there, announcing an approaching rtToloUon CoimiriiL Liver rooi , Jnlv 2f ? Cottor . -Snlrs lr-4if ti.UiU baltt inr)iidin;.1iwV n*l*s to tpecuktora and e*p 'iters, tb ma-ketclos n^ dull. Br'-atiotiifta? Toe market rlosr-d trm VV ImI baa an advaiw ing tendency; pr.ces laid higher Corn clust-d with a de. lining u ndent prices 3d lower Provisions?The market cWvd dull Beef hmvf and all Qualities cli^btty declined* Pork dull, hut sbariy. Karon quiet. Lard rloaed (MIOVIUI Produce ? Rice is dull and quotations barely ni4 utai ned Rosin dull and ail qbttliuaa (lightly declined Spirits Turpentine dull Hi rrt Marke t ?Cot to-i c:i?ed I franc lower 9 -les of thf w?k S 300 bales r? ock -.>42,000 bale* Lomltm M<mrf Markrr?Huli'on In tbe Hank of Kniiland ban decreased Consols closed at KijtatOjf Vermont Deaw ratlr Mote ( entton. WiiTi Kivkk Jpkctios. Vt, Auk 7 ?Tbe Breckinridge section of tbe Vermont democracy b?-Jd a !?t)ik Conveut:on lore to-day Mr Decker, of Bradford, wus chosen President The follow trig ticket r.f State officers nominated .?For U?vernnr?Robert Harney, of Barnet; for Lieutenant Governor?G<l? * H?rrlu?rton. of Grand late, for Mate Treasurer? ShiiiucI ^ ells, of Montpalier; for electors at large?Henry R Campbell, of Burlington. and LpUraim Chamberlain, of St Johnsb rv Isiac H VVrlglitand l)t Lorlng, of dasm husvtts. wt re tmoti^ the speaker* Reaol-itJons Indorsing Buchanan's administration and tt.e nominations of Breckinridge and Lane w-re adopud. Tbe convention via* quite large and enthusiastic. The Missoari Elect on St. Locis, Aug. 7 ?Mr. Orr tbe L ai on candidate for Governor, has a majority of 2 OUU in th!s district. The vote on toe Legislative ticket Is still In doubt, but tbe returns favor tbe republicans Tbe republicans have elc ted a majority of tbe county officers. Tbe vole for Congreasmen from this district, part of It official and one precinct yet to hear from, is a* follows : Short Term -Barrett. 1-2.54*5, Blair, I4,4S6. Bar. rfiii majority n>9. which will be increased by the one precinct to 2U0. Long Term?Blair, 13.3?1?a gain on 1858 of 47V; Barrett. 9.tKl6-a gain otrer |SiS of ISM; Todd 4 W-a lota since 1*5$ of 1,275. The Great Katlera. Halt)moss August ?There was a great roth of ntiUira to d?y u> ape the Great (eastern At ue time the vcaael waa thronged in every part, a> d great confusion occurred tor wantof the proper regulations on l>oard On the approren of a learner the people who were anilous to get ofl rushed by hundreds dowu the single place of exit. Tue lidl<+ scrt-an.ed and many fainted. but no on? waa hurt To-morrow tbe Prestd-nt and a portion of his <'ibin?t will sit tbe vessel and a greater crowd thin ever is expected. Maine Hell and Kverett klats CsaTtatlsa. Portland, Aui; 7?I be Bell and KvrrettSuts Convention met in this city this afternoon Hon Pblneas Barnes, of Portland, president. Tbe convention was called simply as a mass meeting, therefore no regularly appointed delegates were present; but the mf*4in^ was attended by a fair representation from various portions of the 9ute Hon Pblueas Barnes was unanimously nominated for Governor, aud a committee of seven appointed /a i' rt?*i i ?? ? 1 -* ? *? " * * * v nvnuinnr rin n?m at ?1 rrp^n DfffWT^T A Bell ?nd Kver?tt rat fl. auon awrtin| followed In the evening. IuuiU?i of DeatltM Saratoga, N Y , Aug. 7.?T. e Drail Convention ataouibled bftf to day, and organised by the election of Dt M Buckingham, of Philadelphia, aa Pr?-aident ; II A. Rodrlifuea of Charleston, as Vice President. B W. Franklin, of New York, aa recording secretary. and J. tir ?.* ? ? - - v? eiBMiT. hi ?o?on. m corresponding secretary. At the afternoon session several interesting essay* were rmd The convention will be In seasion three or four days. 1 kr Krw Mrilrta Mall Im>efe*dencs. Mo , Aug 6 ?The New Mexloan mail, with dau* to July S3, arrived to day No Indians were seen on the route Lieut Kayurd. who was wounded on the Plains by an arrow shot In Lis cheek, came on as a passenger Ttie Mexican* and Indians are at war, and from present appearances the Mexicans have the best of it. Judire Bslrd Laa iMivnM) Ik* ?dli-? ?f *?? ?? General for the Trr lU>ry Sfw Jerifj Rrpablirta ktal* ( rrntiti Tttmros. N. J., August 7.?Tbe Republican State Convention neeis to oaorrow to nominate an electoral ti< ket. A number of delegate bare already arrived I*arge delegations of W tde Awakes a-eexpe< ted Messrs Hurliagastr-,* itnanu. Jud^a Kelly and others, are advertised to address the Convention. A large meeting was held la fror.r of the Olden Farmbouae to bear the address of Judge Ke'ly, of Philadelphia Politics la bMriia Millikgivillk. August 6?The State Dew* craiic (lire* ktmid^e and I.aue) CMvntwn'M rinblcd here )?su>rd?jr. It wu l?f|r end bar mom us gathering. feMtor Toombs made a powful speech Sccrt-tary Cobb ?m not present Tba following electors (or tbe State at lsrg* *k? choten, Char Us J McDonald, and Henry R Jackson Shark of aa kartkqoake la kratackr Hknpk&sos, KyAugust A acv-re shock of an earib quake was experience here at V Jo tbte moriilxv '-suaing much coustertlon for eight or ten i? oods. grit 7 ? A si'^ht shock of sn eartiiu'Mke was lelt hers at mac o'aiosk ttfca morning. A Krw Y?r?fr Mioi bjr a < krrsksr Iadlaa. Foar Smith, Ark., Aug ? ?A man namsd Solomon K. Netlls. employed ta tbe oflre of the Urrrliitd Compaay. aad foratarly (Ms I'tloa. \ Y vni aiiot laat Diktat by a Cherokee Indian I'he wound U neceaaariljr mortal. The affilr grrw out of a disturbance Th? L?b( Braack tra|*<T> Philadelphia, Augnat 8 ?II ia rumored tUxt the victim of the Long Branch tragedy waa a wealthy Southern planter, and that tha 11 rd?w wu a negro waiter, who dewntt klnadf ioaaited by remarka of tb? former. Ur?w*U| ol a i?Ufi tl *IImU( City Atlantic oitt, au^uct n ?Tboraaa j?#Rra?u Bidittt, of North Carolina, wm 4n<rnM ?rtat 1st tMtliins to-day t>rry effuri wu madt to iwn?ciUte tbe unfortuoatr man. North Carat I at Klocttoa R 4LH6H, Aag. S ?Tbr den or racy bav* earrird tbe Plata K 1H elected Oownw toy a Mjurttf of over T,000 The 1 <ag lalatara larjaly democratic^ Niw You, Aig .t ?Fiout ? toaary MaietftJO a?6 4U. trtiK. ?6 4uaM U, i*oottorfa ? I MM M WhHl H ItHvy; (toolkm rrf |l JMi Jl Cora > wrm; ?< w -rev Park M nU, mm IB 45*19 \t% . l*r* la bcavf. Wkfcky tie. rtBMStelJ N*w Y?i. Aar ? ? 8*ork? mrt> ?rtlr? ul h'?b<* Col ?rt> >uO Sock l?Un.? ffl\, llllMt* V* 'r?l ?b?re.M )f; d? U?d?t5, J|lafcl??a * 4VM; hrw V. rk Vwuml 86, Hedeee B. E. B.

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