Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. WILT THOU LOVC HER STILL Wi t thou love tier still, when the tunny curls Thai OT?r tier hosom So*. Are i?oed with the ?ilr?rT threads of age, AM bar Mops fai. M-t end low i Wilt tnau love her ?till when the summer smile On her lip* no longer lire* ? Through good and ill I will lore her still. Thon wiit love her still! then oar darling child 1m inarri?<fM til t ! A?' WA 01 ca """" *?* "" F. . Wilt thou love her stall. when h?r changeful eyes H?r? frown dn? with eorrow'n tain ? When the hoaom that heat* axaintt tmue own Throb* ?|ow with t?e weight o pain? When her ?iive-y iaugh rings out no more. And viini M hor youthful ch&nna I wtU lov? her utili With njht rood will. Th^u wilt love h?r etui? then oar darling take Unt;> thy ?belt*nog arms. Rem9BBhf>r mo irief hfti she ever known. Her s*>iri; i* fitfct %n 1 f ^ ; None other with laithl ?? steps has paased )t? it n'rraoet ihld*-! but thee; W il' t.iou love her when the joy* of youth, \Vitii h?r l?lu?bing bloom depart? i Through good and ill I will lovo her ati 1. Tb??'i !ov- her ?ti!l -then our loved one take I To i!>? joy 01 my noois neart. Remember. for th-^e she smiling lcavea The f. ietwis of her earl* day". No longer t? mwt th?i. appoving looks. Or thair fond, urt'igned prais?; Forgive her than, if her tovs fall fait. Anil promise to love her well. Through good or ill I'll love her still Thou wilt lova h?r still?then our darling take In the of ihy heart to dwell. *Vh<*ri her father is dea<>and the emerald sod l.ies g'-ecn on h^*r mother's brt a't, When her brother's voice is no longer heard. Anil h?r's hu?hed rest; O, lovo her .hen. for to thee ?he looks? iter s ar on life's troubled sea; \V ith the marriage vow on her youthful lips. Then wo five our child to thee. Method or Boriso aatksi.v< Wills ?The greatest bore of any artesian well in the world is said to be that iust completed in Birmingham. fcngland. The diameter fixed was the unprecedented one of twenty-six inches, and was a-comiilished by new and improved machinery. The mauhioe thus employed is desri Kn.l r. f a ?<** * I. ...... I ** 1 VI a wvi wuoi?viu^ VI ? I UIJ uc?? j uar Ul c#5l iron, armed at its lower end with a number of cutting ebuels, and suspended bj a ropo, which was in connection wi h * stoaui engine ?t the mouth of the well. As it is wrought up and down by the engine, the tension of the ropa gives a ciroular movement to the bar of iron "nffioient to vary the position of the chisels at en^h stroke of the instrument. The apparalu?#of *ume well-borers has around the chisels a cylin irisal chamber, which, by means of single valves, receives and retains the abradod portions of the rock. This chamber, whioh should not hold many pints, had. of course, to be raised to the surface at short intervals for the purpoao of being emptied of the debris, thus involving much loss of time. But,' by means of the improved machine, this operation is performed in a very different way. A cylinder is employed, eight or nine inches in , diameter, having a piston fitted to it so as to 1 fona a pump, with one valve at the piston and another at the bottom of the cylinder. When the pump sinks to the bottom of the well, the piston, by its own gravity, sinks also to the Dottom, and suddenly reversing the engine J j : * - " - ii.i unwiog up me ruciter, nut only is the crashed debris drawn up, but aim pieca of rock, six or eight inches in diameter. 1? this meana. six or seven tuns of matter are ujawn np per hour [T^On Sunday. July 29th, in Yorkshire. Cat tar* jgus Co , the wifenf James Wheat was found dead H^r hnsl>and waa declared guilty of murder by the Coroner'# Jury. Wednesday he was conveyed t > jail la Ellicotteville, and .Monday he dscl^ied to the neighbors who visited h!m the fart that his fath-r and mother assisted blm. the father strangling the victim with a hankerrhief The deeeavd was tmcrmte. Great excitement prevail* ?7* When a man who has paid a bill is asked to arink, :s it designed to show tbat the creditor's Uini has been liquidated 'CJ~ Prentice thinks the ladiea treat their waists . UCjM, .? aunu. a .ti>rgau, M A B&oh %' d > M and fam, J K Evan*and 1;, >!,u8CD* y*r', DrT Nab?, J Block, La: P smith atd fain, M M ?:ampl>eli, Tex; Mia* Valentine, A Ferii.aon an4 !y. Mi*> Koontz, A J Brown. Miu: W B Hall, Ala; J U Owia t&d ly.Tenn; J S Hub aM a d If, DC: vN a k<?ecn, Md; N B War man, J \V Wvyiuaa, Va. mkKV\<>OD HOUSE.?L Lyne. Va; Va; W D Wiitiit a ad fam. La; K W Beonetr, Mm?; J Vv Wh U-fvcd ly, USA; G A1 zander. Ky; F Koll, I'S A; T L?wi*. C Sai.Ueoa, W paJcejr, A Guun&n, Va; J M Kilcoor T \Vh??t. E MantOD, M>1: H K< ck r aid lr. I1-; J F MoKinn*y, T*nn; K 1 Bond, Dr H ^nniai^r*. .Md; J Riaehirt, La; H S Brown ai.d y, V<-; 0 a Millar, Pa. < tfejL n a tea mbe*r sa iling da yb From tbb Uhitbd States. For. Dnys C* Bo?Vmq Liverpool *u|. i f.iiooia New York Havre Aug. 11 C >V4?.. n;ton,New Vork .Liverpool.. ..An*. II A*'* - New York...Liverpool?Aug. 15 ^.New VorK. Hamburg ...Aug. 5 fir.*! Kji'na .few York Ifal>f x.&cAu*. ">? V.iaew Albert. . N-w York Oalway Aug. le Kimaru'i New York .Liverpool Aug 18 t-a<o New York ..Havre Auf.lS .art pa .New Vork ..Liverpool... Aue. 'J3 Ailrulia M??? v--1- * , . ? iui> ..nam ?AU( P."*ia New York. Liverpool... Aug. S) FBOM ECROPB A: iai?e Amth'pton N?wYork.. .Ju'y3 r- ,nl'iir*h Liverpool.. ..New \ork..A?i* t |Vr*iA _^..LiveijKX?l New York..Aug. 7 The Havana maji Mater* leave Now Vo'k oq tiw 2-1, !iti?, !7th. aod JTir; of eauh month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. ^ be California rnai ptr*n>?Tn leave New York on t Wh and Vlii of ea*k montb. MeDONNELLTJ CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MoDON'TELL'* CATAWBA SINGER WINE! MeDON NELl.'S CATAWBA Q1NOKR WINE! Tku lUixctout Summer Bivtrat*, Tun H^lfkA.1 and Tout Prt penal Mm Of wlua* are utw well known and Unireraally Admitted Throughout the Union. la N"w For Sale in Waahing ton ?* Jid. \V. L)evu>, 8?h and Bat*. v J. V Coburn, !3-h and H ata. Jh. fc. O'Brien,9th and I aU. W in. A. Brown. 13th and P ate. \V. ?. Junea, Mae*aaheeetta av. and 3d at. Peter Monagr.en. New Jereey av. and 0 at. T. Cotar, Pa. nr. and 20th at J?" Blrgk, 11th at. P M Ortne, Pa. avenne. I'.. K. VV hit* A Co., Pa. arenue, "?r.rj C. Purdf, Pa. avenue. I>. Hajree, tin ami H ata. <??! W. Orma, Georcetown, P. 0. H. L Offatt, Georgetown, D. C. J U*. MoDONN R'L, jj * eoI?> O^^Aient, Bait. more. HO. HDVi haa now on hand a Terr larra at.?k Of lie ataadard HlLVKIl WaIk, Ml < f hi - own make, that he will eetl aa low %a any of trie NuftWn Warea are eold for. and at Uia n?n>- tiro?iriII warrant everything to he atandard ,.v r\ ja 0 IN PfcA'CH OF GUITABS, Jl Vio ire. F'i?U*. Aeoordeoea, P atinaa, ha'ioi, T ?u bo iti'-a, liraae Ijetramenta and Htrirga < f the ft tt aulihr milt ?? * _ .... ? iMtfuamm i UjM??m> $totf of w K.ETZBHOTT. I n fuigir tractions?to be reduced to the lowest tm. C^An old bachelor aayt that during leap year th- :ade? jump at every offer of marrU^e? ueuce <fe* term ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTEL.-C H Carter, Md; B <i K. F. I.eep, Va; B F Hvaft. <?; W H Htowu, V a: J M Operand son, A a; J li Mewart, t>C, J M Ut.l, \ t, A S u<?ane, NV;C 1, ?ian<lar<i. A a. B 0&amt>?ra. Fa; K M Hamilton, NY; G K' J. Pa.C Hardinj. L Uarcum, d Suuor, J Hidra.. R F. Watkins, of Va, T W Bowline, Md. a G Haiter and lady, Fa: M'??; \ II ("ark. Lo nlon; T A Altrahall, Mo; J M Walton, 111; V\ T llr>>*iidu?a?, La, C S Bradley. RI; 8H Smyth. >ld: C W J on 3a. Fia; A J Powell aod la on y. La; '1Ryan ai.u /ia-mly, ?C; Mi>t Bran, do; O Hor/.ll ?id famny, Va: Mi?? W ait, do, 0 a Rutherford, do; K M By us, t-C. J S*mith Va; W Goodrich. Ga; W j viti'vuva, u<>; a nurnion and lady, Min tlivrri ao?. M;sa Barriaon. A Harrison, #?t NY; fi J Biowntu*. V?; H Kishtw and lady, ark: J Shop Mra, ti A K >i Mitohell, of Va; U K? r. w ana lady, la; D > ba row do, fc. Aoiawortb, Md; Miu i. li Kdwurda, La, J Par, Va; J Hall, A ftc.-.Tt. do;S M Murphy O;A Arovnel:, NY: *u ? Hnwman,dj;C bowman acd lady, do; J K Hogg, do. BROWNS' HOTEL.-1 B Kdwardr.Ala; B 0 Heuanao. Va; J BriMMiu*. '? A **a"k and daughter, b^;J Borvey, Va; J Kdward an<1 fain. NO; F*tstp'r.tti. M Harwarii. la; it MoMi. *? and ly. Al -; \Y luapmao, R ? a.dwaji.Ga; J H*nderaor, T? x; br baj !< ' and ion, H W Har>lin<, Va; H Whitnf.vl. > Y; L Uolauay anil iy, J Kiojd. J A Cobb. J AnOeraon, Mtaa Marthal', va; w Bwe? ?od ly. K s Hovirt. Tciim; J biMtge.ala; J K Voh< la, !* T l>t?hMl,0 Juu??, K K iMa.val, Paj O K??uay, C A Fioyd, R 3 Wiley, P Burkhurai, Va; K leroui'. I >1 to r ? M/ -J ? J * " MISCELLANEOUS. (j F F I C 1 A l. ELECTRIC TELE6RAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC 8TATE8. Trbauvbt Dbrabthbst, Jily to, ison. PBOPn?ALfi will b? received at this Department ran 11 1 I Ka K ?f flaalMII * ? ? ? ? ? * * ? uiw ?-umi ? */ V. vrwr??-.,.w UOAV, |)U I BUdllk w tne following sot of Congress: An Act to facilitate communication bftween the At tulio and Pmi&o Statas by electric wiecraph. Jte ti maet'd fcj tke Sennit and Hou** of Rfprofentativtt of the United State* of Amtrica in Contr w a.<*?ynbled, That the :*eoretary of the Trea?u y, under the direction of the President of the United J*tate?, i* hereby Authorised and direoted t-i advertise lor sealed propotaU. to b? reoeivrd for 60 days afW the paatace ot this act, (and the fulfilment of which sha.l te <uar?nUed by responsible parties, as in the ca?eoft>id? for mail oou tracts,) for the sse by t h < Uovernmeit of a lice or lines of msgnetiote^egriiph, to be constructed irithis two ye*r? from the thirty first day of Jaly,e<ght en hundred and sixty, from som<? point or p >iuts I An ?Wa l._~ a*-4 r %r : I v.M two won i>uo vi wiu ouibv iiii'BUuri oj ?ny route or roatea wbion the Mia o<ntraotor? may select, icooneoting at such point or pou.t? by telegraph with tneoitieaof Washington, N*w Orleans, New York, Charleston, Philadelphia. Boston, and other tfitie* in the Atlamio. Southern, and We?t-rn !?ta*e*.) to the city of f*an Franoiaeo, in the State ol California, for a period of ten year*, and hail award the oontraot to the loweat reaponsibie bidder or biddera, provided auoh proffer aoea not require a larger am-unt per year from the United *tatea than rortT thousand dollara, and permiaaion a hereby (ranted to the said parties to whom said oontraot may be awardei. or a majoritr of them, aud their aaaigna, to uae until the end of the a aid Wm, such ur.oooupied puMo .anda of the United Staio* as may be neoeeaary for the rigut of way and for the purpoae of estabhahing rations for repaira along said line, cot exceeding at any station one quarter aeotion of iand,auoh stations not to exoeed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole diatanoe, ualera raid la?di ahall be required by the government of the United Sta'ea for rail road or other purpoaea, and provided th tuo right to pre any ot aaid ianda und *r the lawa of the Unitel StAtea shall inure to and oompany, their ! *c?u?R} v* fcu mij wor prrwn ui por .n* whitsoever: Provided, That no suoi oon tract shall be n vie u'-til the tad line shall b* in ajtual operation and pavmenta thereunder shall oeasa whenever the oont-artors Tail to oomplf with tne contract; that the Gov eminent thai I. at all time* t>* en lit (Hi t<? priority in the use of the line or lines, and shall have the privilege, when author ?ed by .aw, f oonn^cting taid by telegraph with any military poatsofth* Uni ed Stater, and to use the name for tiover. in-nt purposes: And prorrd?d also. That said line or lines, except ?nc i as mav be eonttrncted by the Government to connect s^id line or lines with the military posts of tiie United States, shall be open to the u?e of all oiti a ns of the United States miring the term tfsaid oont act, on p*ym nt of the regular charges for 'mnsmiesion of dispatohes: And rrovtdM. nho, That suca oharges shall not exceed threw dollars (or a sing.e dispatch ot ten words, with the usuai proportionate deduotions upon dMoa'shes ol g eatsr length, provided that no hing herein c nta.i.ed shall ooi fer upon the said parties auv exclusive right to ooLstruot a telegraph to the Pa^i fu.orde ar the Government of I h? United States uom grantinr. from time to tune, similar fran chises and privileges to other pames s'ec. I. And be it further enacted, That the said contractors, or their assign >, sha 1 have the right to oonstrnct and mamta> n, through any of the Ter rito.ies ofthe l'mied r>tales, a branoh line, to as to c niieot their >aid line or ltr? s with Oregon; and that they shall have the pai rightof way far ?aid line or liues, under, or over, any licapproP iat?d public lar.ds aud waters in the said Territories by auy route or routes wluoh the ?aid con trAAtilTR mav a??bnt With tmn x, ? ,t _ ? , v. ? ' ??w a > VW UBO UUI llij} llir <aid term of suoh land*, as may ha neoo*-ar? for the purpose ?f establianing stations for repairs along said line or lines, not exceeding. at any station. one quarter section of land, sucn atancnR not U> exceed oue lu fi(t?eu mi'es on an average of the whole distance; but should any of said quarter notions be deemed essential by the Government or any oompany acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the *aid onr.tractor* shall relinquish the occtipanry of so much as may be n?oe?*ary for the railroad, leceiviug an equal amount of land for like jae in its stea.>. dec S And be it furtntr enarttd. That if, in any year during tne oontiunanoe of tne said contract, the business done f.>r the Government as herein before mentioned by suoh oontt actors, or their assigns, shall, at the ordinary rati ol charges or private nies?aics, exceed the pnoe contracted to be paid as afoiesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, np.>n said accounts being duly authenti eated, oerrfj the amount of suoh ex ess to Ct n tr-ws: Provi'i'd, Thattheuseof the line be given at any time, f. ee of cost, to tne Coaet Purvey, the Xmitiisor.iau institution, and the National Ob'er vatory, for soientiho purposes: And provided fun thtr, 1 hat meesai es received from any imtividual, company, or corporation, or from ant telegraph lines oonnectinz with (his line at either of its termini, shall be impartial y transmitted in the order of their reception, exceptma that the despatches of the Government sha.l have priority: Ami rro vitUd furtner, That congress snaii at any time havo the right to alter or amend ttua act. Approved June 16, 18>>n. The k west ofTer for the use of such telegraphfor the pablio service, will be aooepted, provided tie terms ar>d conditions exp'eased in the aot shall M fully set forth and atipulatei in the proposals, wtuon must be accompanied by a guarantee, in conformity with the /7th aection of the act of July /, 183n, in regard to mail servioe, to the efTect that the lin* or li' es shall be oompieted within the time r. ?w..v?i?7 Kuaimnur BlJftil W!?n enter into obligation to th? United Stat** for the perlormanoe of the sarvioe for the Government, unie.- said act. at the rate* offered in the proposals, ^uoli guarantee may t>e in the following firm: ' I'ne undersigned residing at , in the Mate of , undertake and promise that if theSecrefarv of the Trt-asury shall accept the vithin pro Kaait, under the act of J une 16, I860. the line or les of magaetio telegraph ?haii be oompl^ted ar.d put into operation on or befoiethe tirae*tat)d tu the act, and that we will then execute with the parties signing the within proposals an obliga tioo to thal'nited States, in doe form, as anro nea for the perlormanoe of the service, a'-corduig to the terms and oonditiona Oon tamed in auch proposals." Daed at . Tha above guarantee muat be accompanied with thr certificate of a United States di triot at?orn?, j or diatnot judge, s'ating that h'< is acquainted with eaon of the person* signing the marantao, and kuowfc them to bo inen of tuiboieut property to make good taeabove guarantee. The propo*a;s and sua ant e mnst he sealed up and directed to '*the S?cr*t&-y of the Treasury. Washington, I? C aud endowed "Pioposals for poctfio'I e'egranh.'* HOWKIX OOHK, jy U 2awtd.W&S. Secretary of 'he Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR SEALING WAX, Post Office Depaktmk.nt, July 34,16?o. Skalkd proposals wili l>e received at this l>epartment until UieSd day > f September next, at 12 o'crkJ" , noon, for furnishing "esliug Wax, for tl e use of the Post OfTioes in the United States, from the date that the oontraot therefr ?hall be executed to the 31st day of D*>cen.l)er. IBM. Tm Wn tr> i>? delivered, free of * xpecse. at th* b.a:k agencies of the Pout ('tfn? Department, at Waslnngt >n, D. U., N?w Y??rk oity and Uminnmti.Ohio. The eatiinifd quantity of Wax required at each agency yearly la speiibe ! b?io?, % District >o. 1.? Wath'n^ton, P. C. l5ft pound* ol Scarl't baling W ax, ol good qna'.it*, for ordinary u?e. DiiTSlCT iNo 2.?At AVu- York rity. ?n pouuui of fkarlet Sealing Wax, Mine a* for district No. 1 District No 3.? At Cincinnati, Ohio. pouinit of Kearlet Skiing Wax, aau.e as for distriotNo 1. Th*e>ntract will beawardad to the low?staari be t bidder, th^ best bid to be d<-W?nited aft' r a careful 'iaminati >n for the purpose of aiocrtiitimg wmoh bid wi 1, in its practical results, ba most advantageous to tbe Department. It the Districts should be reronstrnoted, or Incr -as'd in number, th" Scaling Wax anal: be delivered at such piase or places a> tbe Pottm^ter Gereral shall detign&te, at pro rata prions Samples o( the Pealing Wax r<*?uir*dto b<? furntshe'f can be setn at. or procurrd from, either ot the above named agf-nne*. Kach bidder must furtiah, with his prop ->aals, ev id??:ce of his abj'ity to o<'tnply with liis bid. Two sufficient leouruios will bo required to a eontraot. Kai urea to furnith tlie Heating v\axcontraoteti/or promptly, or furnishing an article inferior to t' at < > ut act.*! for, will b- o n- iderrd ?uit:cieat cause for the forfeiture of tbe contract. Bids not made in accor<lanoe with th ?e proposals will cot 'onsidered Proposals must be n arked, on the outside of the envelope, '"Proposals lor S^a'ing Was," and tiia l?tter oonta cing tliem addrossed to thaF>r*t Assistant Postmaster tie oral, W aahincton, D. C. j H?>Llr, jp 26-1aw4w,Th Postmaster Gwi'ral. RhotTckT KGL'LAR STEAM PACKF.T L1NF. BETWF.fcN HALTiMORK AND W A8ll 1 NGTO N.-Le?ve Coni-A'^W^ meroe at wha*f, Baltimore, as foi-**3~e*a? ows: | The St Niciiol s every WEDNESDAY,at 6 p. m. Columbia, everv SATi: h t? * v ? ? - ? Hi ley'* Wharf, at til a foot'of llVh street Wft?lun*t< o, as follow*: Coltmbia. every WEDNESDAY MOLNING, at 8. St. NiriioLn*, every SATURDAY, at6a. m. tor freight, 4.0^, apply to THrtS. W. RILEY, Acant, Riley'a W i.arf, at the foot of mar 1?-TAT6m 11th at-. Washington C'EORGE W 8LOAT A CD 'S I ULTERIOR SEWING MACHINES. First prttnium atcaritd at 19 amt of >0 Statt and County Fairs. The cheapest And best Sowing Machines ever invented are universally admitted to he those man afacfurcd l>y G orge B Sloat ? Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic arid Shuttle .Machines $50 to 960. Fanes Eilipuo, Walnut or Manogany Caned. #63 and |&5. Toilet Cased, Wainutor Mahogany, ?75 and $85. These Machines are of superior workmanship and more Hal>?rate fini*h and J1 per ce--t. cheaper than an> oth> r 3<;wu<j .Machine ma ufacturM in the United >tates. Call and see ihein at MAXWELL S Fancy "tore. Pa. avenue. jy 25e?6*. J THOMAS MAX WELL, Agent A COB REED, Munrirmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, So7THKA?T COINU SSCOND AND 8rftUCB St#., PHILADELPHIA. *TI.ITARV CI.OTH8 FOR S\LE. ta??m A VhUOW PINK LLMUKH. AM* DMonptiooa of th? above Lumber, foi gffiBMSKnM fu nhked fwei from the miUmtd miit* by . , JOT 4 M ETC ALP, TtSraitb'. Wharf _ 4* * im WBW Pr*ft at.. Rtlflmom, Mi BALTIMORE ** . BUTTER HOl*?E. Uati> r?o?tvin( freeh &nd iw*t, in Goshen ptok*" o"'0 "gtfSg&tf S9*8t. U * M Exohftn<* Ftaee, BaJtiraore, TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. N??, , CAPON 8P?!NOS. BW and improved route* via the Mimnh Gap Rui Koftd a ad the 8traa- CT* bare and <'apon Tarnpike, tfglilR only U mile* of'taxing ? v? a oomfortabte ana safe road. L?eava Alevandn* in rbe urante and Alexandria Tram at 7.14 a. m., take the Ma.aaaaa oar* at the janotion, arrive at Cavon by & o'clook p. m h are from Alexandria to Capon....... - f 5.M From Waahington to Capon ? 5 no For informa'ion enquire at the Rail Road Office oorner of Six to at. and Pa. av.,'n Washington. and at the Tioket Offioe on Union at. Alexandria. V*. jy 12 dtgHhAu* " ' " >ALTIMOKE AND OHIO RAM.ROAD. l> IVASHISGTOX BRANCH. Guanas or Hock*. ON AND APTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 186", train* will run aa follows: Leave Waahington At 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Warning ton at 3 .2u and 5 JO p. in. On Sunday at 3 21) p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 4* a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4jn p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passeugera for the Ka?t will take trains at 8J0 and 7.4ii a. in aud 3 20 p m. For the West at 7 4" a. m and SJO p. m. For Annapolis at7.40 a m and 320 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Saturday evening the 3^0 p. m. train go?? to Philadelphia only. if ?3-?i T H. PARSONS. Aront. NEW ORLEANS IDT TBHB11 DAT0 WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Smmmmsm n ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East lennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Ra 1, th?noe by First oiass Packots to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AMI MOBILE ROUTE: MouUomery hy Rail.thenoe to Mi>bU3 Dy First class Packets. MoSila to New Orleans by Lake steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays INCLPDM, LraTp Washington at 6 a. m and Op in The Steamer GEORGK PAGE lfave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6M a. m. and PX p m. and ooanecty at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Traius for the Son?h?rei?t. OHioe? Pennsf Ivama avenue, oorner of ?ixth et. BAUOA6K CH&CKRD TBROC6H TO RIW PRLRAIM Lvnohburic ?...? ?7 50 Memnhis _ ?S1 nn Bristol.15Or Atlanta ? V< ?n Knoxvtiie ifltt' Macon .28 nn Chattanooga 24no Columbus SI sn Da ton.... . 24 CO Montgomery JH no Huntsville .27 <? ) v;a Memphis.?2 ,v> Grand J unction..?.?> Of) N.O.> m(i. Juno. .42 V\ Nashville ..25 6C| S via Mobil*.. .45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY HY RAIL aad is ?00 MILES SHORTEK, and ?4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other J ine?the Ljnchbnrg Extension being now oorapieted, as also the Mississippi Centra', making it th? QUICKEST AM) MOST PLEASANT ROUTE tYjR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First o^ass Sleeping Cars! {To New Orleans. .75* Honrs. Memphis, . 64 do. Monomer? 63 do. Na?bviiie^__ . ?.46 do. lETThe U.S. MAIL~awl ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the Povth Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Peons; ivania avenue. to the followint Dolnts: Lynchburg, Briftoi, K&oxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntaville. Grand J u notion, Maoon, Nashvilie, Dal ton, Colninbus, Moutgoinery, Mobile, Memphis, and Nt(W ORLEANS. !p? THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fTyOmmbuaee and Baggage Wagona leave the oflioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket A i*nt, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and P?. * . I^HE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will reemne her tripe on TUESDAY, 21at of * February, I960. Will leave WASH .r 1 NO TON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at 6 o'eiook a. in.,and A I.KX ANDHIA at half-pants o'oloek, for Ct'RRIOMAN aid the ictormailiatn Landmen. On her return trip*, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN rvery WEDNESDAY and 5 o'eiook a. m. LUCIA N S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't, Alexandria. fe20 PFDR NEW YORK. A3SAGK, INCLUDING MEALS ARO STATEROOM. #T.*0. The New York and Virrinia Serew Steamship C'jmiany'e new and elegant ateanialup MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smith,^BHe will leave the Ccirpar.y'a Depot. wee tern Wharrce, atH'o'elooka. ro. every WEDNESDAY, and tii? Com?auy'a Depot, at A.^xaodria, at 3 o o'ook p. m. "asnc in*. Panaengera from Washington arid Georgetown oantake the ooachea connecting witu Alexandria tearntw>&ta or railroad, whioli ioave tba corner of Ttbatieetand Pa. a venae hourly, or they oan leav* on the atocmer from the Wcetera Wha.-vea at ii t'clook a. w. State rfH-in* oai; be engaged on application U Meaara. Morgan A Rhinebart, Weatern Whaxrca Preight win to received up to the boaia of depar lire. ([/ Isnnrauae will be effected on all gooda by thlahne at the oCoc of the Company at K per oast prgmiaanu rue accommodations for passengers t*y ttue 11m are lu overy respect first o am, and every effort wii be made to render this oommumeation with Neil York mi tcrfirab'.^ and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLS k CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. U.CROMWELL k, COselly # WmIit.eomcrA'bsiiT.New Yorl. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. K. LOQMIS Has closed hu office for the ion won, au<l will be a!???nt, as u?ital, during the sum >ner mouths ; will resume practice about the 1st of Oot .ber. of whioh furtuer notice wiil be given, jy 10-tf DUENT1XTR Y. R. HILLS, after a practice' test of two year*, feels tnat he oar. irith oonfidonon reoom-^gMBr raend iho Cbeoplastlc JV?.oo?k for inierUnr'yfPwi arttfioiai teeth ft ha* the advantages o! strength, beauty, cleanliness, an1 cheapness. Fai npj jr sets inserted for ?3A Partial in proportion. (J(floe 806 Pa. avenue. m? I R F? FIR E. 1 P O TO M AC W AT E R. I am stil! enga?ed in the PLU Vt BING and GAS FITTING BUSINESS at my old stand in Philharmonic Ha'l. The advantage or having a plentiful supply of water was readily observed at the fire o1 yesterday. an I aiu well rati'fi'd I shouid have b?<?n named out but lor tit* bountiful supply upor m> pr#?mn>e? and th?t of my neighbors Ail orders for the introduction of Water and Gas will be prompt> attended to. Term* as reasona hie as any plumber in the oity. Jy n C SNYDER WNEW GOO 18. E Hay just received a'argestook of Bleached and Hrowu L> ?TToN8 of the best mak^s. SHEKTINGS, TABLE I.INKN9, NAPKINS, TOWELING a. IRISH LINENS, 2 O-io rare r.V^vNg. from 8 oents to KK; HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAUNTLKTT*. WHITE, RED, BLUE and ?REY FLANNKLsId va-iety. We have a few rioh ORGANDY RORES on h-nd which we have marked less than o ft. jy 30 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON.

FH R A N C 1 8 HARPER, HAVING OflXED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Corner of jYlW Yo*k ar>nu? nnd Tenth strut. Respectfully solicit* the patronage of tkoaewho mat He in want of an; artiole in the above line. His endeavors shall be to p>eas?laiul by a strict attention to the hopes to merit a share of their patronage. His took oonsists or every article usually to be found in a firat-eiaaa Family Orooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf NH n WILT.I AM BRADLEY BEGS TO I>. inform the public ami his friends that he ha* on hand a large stook of Marble Mar.tels.guite a new style. Also Monument ll^ad Atones, Table Tops. Ao., which he has to di*pixe of at prices to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plombers' work promptly attended to. in*22-3meo Pa. av., bet. 18th and 19th sts. OSTKTTER'S STOM AC IHBITTERS, M rs Window's Soothing Sir ip, Li^md Ren net, t*paidinp's Glue, Mustang t inimeot.^V A* re's Medicines, Hoack's fanao a, Ao , wuh a fresh supply of pure Mediomes. at MOORE'S Weal End Dm* Store. 113 Pa avenue, south side ICJ^Fresh Bloe Lick and Con*r??? w-?? -- i above Aliu, improved Fruit and~Vefetab!e?are. if ?rw Magnolia hams: MAGNOLIA PAMSI! We hare iu?t rwiiM another *upvly of our MAGNOLIA HAM8, whioh have rjveu ,,ich *ataf action for aeveral year? paat We tu&rantee eveijr one to bo of the heat qua itv; KING * B RCHELL, ij 2B Corner fifteenth at. and Vermont av. HRKK BEAUTIFUL UPRIGHT OR COTTaGE I'lANOS for rent hj tho woek or month. JOHN F. ELI 18. P*. venue, bet. 9th and loth ata Chiekerfng h Pi*ro? at aM miwi \i y Maple 8ugar. . MAP lb -ijoar. a very moo lot of MAPLE sugar, juat ro ?ei ved. _ _ jy? K1N? * BURCHELL. 0 MEDICINES. ^KR WHAT AYKR*9 8AR8APARILLA ? T>OF.8 fOR DERANGEMEXT OF THE LITER. 8TOTT'e ClOHIRS, i Ta]!a?kca Co., Ala , Au? ?. '? < Dr. J.C. Aurr.Lotttil, Sir ; J take iht pen to U*ll you ?Mt yoar hAR8APARI'-LA ard CATHARTIC HILLS hare done for me. 1 had been ifllmW with Liver Complaint for aix jear?, dunnt which 1 waa never well, and muohol the timn very aiok. Mr Liver vm aore to th" tnaoh, and. th < doctors said, tai oonfeated. 1 auff?rf*l iiuiii rcTcio v"?MTCIirRB ?r.a H[? rn(P? *iWrB?tPl7, Mi "kin was eltmntj and ur.h^a thy : hit ?!<? and kin often jailow. (>ocas?ooally I had a roraaious appetite, but generally none at all A dreadfui aen afion of oppression on my stomach, with lancaor andSftloomy sensation of sickness ail ?w, kept >ne in ancumh. Vou oan"ot know how ir.t-eh I suffered from an mdetoritabie leeling of distress The long continuance of this condition, with- ut relief, hail worn me ont so tha* 1 never expeoted to bs wiwj but reading, tn the Chriatian Advocate. of jomr Faraaparilla, | commenced taking it, with oooaaional amall Ooaoe of yoar PiJii, to re*?late the bowel* aa you direot. From the ferat. it had more -d- ct upon ror uiaorder than 1 auppoaed anrUinj a >uiu have. 1 r^fUnMl nv runidlt anH n<<? ti/W tdeveu weeks, entoy u |t?Hl h?alth And .length ?* Any other nwi Mat tt? "Diipemer ol Ail good" (hover blessings on yon JOHS W.Stott. PrepAred by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, Mass. j y 13-eolm u. o. n. d? t. . HU1HVEWEL.I/8 UNIVERSAL COUGH KEXEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Norvous Complaint*, From NearAlgiA through All cAse* wlw? Opivm war evsr used to that of D^arium frwnens, aim Um ooinmo* chief CAuae of IMseAse . LOSS OF SLEEP. l be roiu Anodyne, though oontaininjr not a particle of Opium, produces a!! the requirements of, and (>? nst>d in all cat** wherever Opium viu sod without pro uoiiiR anything b?t Cures, and leaving the parent in a perfectly natural a to. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freod fr<nt all the common obunstion of ''cugh Rem dies, which produce nausua or prostration,) may be oonstdered the oommon enemy to,vl Throat and Lung Comp'aints. and used with perfect impunity Asking all to court from proprietor* or frivnds the most severe investigation ofboth R* medi?s, and reading of our pvuphlet* to be found with al! dealers, and more particularly to purchase onl* of thoso who o\n be depended upon, we wait in oonftdenoe thfl decisions of Patients asd Physicians. "Prioes within reach of a 1" gknkraj. agents. J. W. Hcn.nkvvell &. Co., 7 and ? Commercial Wharf. Bqaton, Gbo. Htnnbwell, 113 Water st-New York, Under the special sup*rvision of JOHN L. HI NNEWELL. Chemist and Pharmaceutist. Boston, Mats , whose signature covers the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whoia address all eommunioations. Moid hr all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the Druggiats in Washington and Georgetown. mar Jfl-wo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVE!..and DROPSICAL SWRLLINGS. This Medicine increases the power of Dites'.ion, and exnit?s me abm)K lihiNTS into healthy ac Hon,by which the WATERY OR CALCEROUB depositions, aod all UNNATURAi ENLARGE MF.NTS are reduoed, as well a* PAIN and IN FLaMMATION. a^dws good for MKy, WOMEN. OK CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For netfM Arising from Excesses. Habita of Dissipation, Early Tndisoretion or Abuse, Attended wt<4 tkt following Symptcmr Indisposition to Exertion, l^oas of Power, l.rss <>f Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disiw#e, Wakefulness, Dimnoss of Vision. Pair, in the Baok, Universal I.axsituaeof tho Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body, Dryness of the Bkin, Eruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, it allowed to eo on. which thii medioin* invariably roinove, soon W!nw? IMPOTENCY. FATVITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, In Osk of Which thk Patixjit mat Externa. Who oar say that tbey are not frreuently followed by tbos*"DIREFUL lMSEASKS" insanity AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of tne oanse of their offering. BUTNONM WILL CONFESS. THE RLCORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mclancholv Utatks by Consumption. Bear \yjp'? witne?a n> the truth'of the assertion. TI1E CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medicine to strengthen And Invigorate the "yatom, Wktck Hklmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU imvariabifde**. a tiki, will convince the most skeptical. FEJLM.ES-FEMALES-FEMAT.ES. old or YOryt*. SiyoLF, married, on CO STEM PL A TIJfG MARRIAGE. IN MANY Af-FECTIONS fKCUIJAR TO FEMALES, the extract Burhu ia nn>-qui#led by ai y other reined; , u in Chi >roais or Retention Irregularity, Pamfulnnss. or Suppression ofCua t?mf.r) Evacuations, Uloerated or fciirhou* atate of the Utems, Lencorrhoea or Whites, Sterillity, and for a 1 eonip'vn:* ineide"* to the a x whether arimnc from lu-isoretlon, Habits of Dissipation, or in tne DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SSK SYMPTOM* ABOVK. NO F WI1F,Y SHOULD ?h WITHOUT IT TaJu no mor* E tftaw. Mercury, or uM-pUasant Mtdiemifor wnr ">."i*r and Da*t*rvu? lH**aui. IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT UuCHU cr*Ks SECRET DISEASES In all their Staco?. At little expense; Litt!o or no chance In Diet; No inconvenience; And no Erpoiur* It rausea n frequent desire an* gives strength to ? ? j-- . - wxu??V| ?utnouj ROiu'mnn 1/nBwaCllOni, Preventingand curinx Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying J'wu am! InflammatioE, so frequent in tne oimi of a.aoaus- anJ expelling ail to**onous Distant. and worn <rui Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVR BERN TBI VICTIM* or QUACKS, and who hav paid ktrtvyftes to ha cured in * abort time, have found they were deoeived. and that the ' POISON" liaa. by the use of"pownrrL ajt*I!"?K!?ts," treen dried up in the system, to break out in an aggravated form, and FEKHArS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?e HjEi-MBOLD's Kjtkact Bcceufor a. affec tions and disease* of the IJRINAR Y ORGANS. Whether existing in MAI K OR FEMALE. From whatever caa-e on*ina'i:* and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of these or?an? fouire th? ai I ot a Diurtti HKLMBOLP'S EXTKACT BliCHl IS THE (jRBAT DIURETIC. And is certain to have the d'sired effect in ail Diseases FOR WHICH IT IS RF.COMMf-NDER. EvuUnst of tk* mm! rtiiablt and f ipontiuir charter will acoonipaitv the ni?<1icines CERTIFICATES OF CURF.S. From 9 to 2" y?ar?' itandtnt. With Names mows TO wiM OkiiiL' a vt rv n * * rvinih/r ail u r/lluk. Trie# 91 00 per bottir, sr ill for li.Ofl. Delivered to any Address. securely packed fri observation. Describe Symptom* is all Co*Mr?nc*Tioi?w. l'ar?t Onaranierd! Advice Gratia AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared belore me, an Aldernan theoity of Phi arielphia.K T H*LJ<?oLD.who being duly sworn, doth say. his preparations no tain no narootie. no m^rourv. or oOier iuuirioos ariis?, but ar? purely v?i;<<a}>le. H. T. HKI..M BOLD. b?orn and subscribed before iw, this ad day of November. 1#54 WM P. HJBBERD A-dtrmam. Ninth street, abova Race, Phi! a. Address letters for information in ooufid*noe to H T HELM BOLD, Chemist, Depot. 104 South Tenth st, bet. Chesnat. Phna. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ANf) UNPRINOlPLEl) DEALERS, Who endeavor to dispose * or imi own" and "otbek" aeticlm os tbi reputation attained fielmbold's Genuine Preparations, KxfFaet Buoha. " Sarsaparilla, 44 44 Improved Rose Wash. Sold by 8. B. Waiti, *'iS 8eventh street, and S. C Fonn.Ja, oornei Venn, arena* aiid Eleventh street, __ A VD ALL DRUGGISTS FTERYWHERS, Af*K FOR HfcLMBOLD':*. TAEENOOTHEk. Cat out the advertisement and send tor It AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ?|4 eolr 279 " 206 Pa. A ve., FOREIGN FRUITS. Pa. An., hMjwwr~~ Beg* leare to call t^e attention of fcu fneod* and the joiiiic renerally to nia New Store, under Wul*rd ? Hate), jnrt opened, ui o^naexion with lie old establishment, where he wi.l be happy to reoeireany order* for speriorCottfMttou of hiaowi importation. Also, all order* for Dinner*, happen, Ba .i,ud Private Partiee, which will be eenred a* In hi* miniitable atsle, with the eame promptness and di??tab wh?en h*? ha# we < DUPOiTS gunpowder, For *ale at manufacturer* once*, by JOHN J. BOGUR, GioierrowK, D. C., Salt Agency fm the Dittrut of DiiawMfc tint. Orderaeaa alao be left at ther>ffioe of Adams' K*?r*#? CoitiMi". VV*?hin?tnn. D. C f"S-1 awl 4"^ HICK * RIN'j * ao-N.V WomiJ) IE \y nowned PiANOS, oulj for sale by aufie^nber, at whn?e extxisirr ware-oomsHMVI f uu win una mtkhI l?rr" * ?*.mnr>r?o-??? ^? * ng 9r+ry vwietj, pno# <4 Piatt for *) ipon ?aa* termi or disooaot tor oui. Pitww >l?o &> ?? ^..1. ^ ^^W?"raS^. piANO?-GKKAT *ARGAIN9-Om RimI krantx Piano, in tait ordar, for J7>? On" six octave UMil PiMiiHf #*>. A lat Ron ^ MI8CBLLANBCHX8. OISPATCM! \ ^ S??e thr Pieces! A* I ?rill kA.?r*n. *rtn n wll rtf?J?tW fnmtlur, it la r?r; dMir?bl? to ktv* iom?Mi| ud convenient ?? for repamm Fanutara, Toy?, i Crockery. *o. SPALDIJG'S PHKPAHEO OLVI meets all such fm?rrpnciM. fend bo hoseekoH ou afford to he withoat it. It ie aiwavs ready and ay i to the suekicc point. There is no longer a inn i eitj for limping oha'ra.spiintc ea mnra, lw*<. ?u doiia. aod brltou oradies. It is <?st the araete for e^ne. shell. and otker ornamental work, so popular antii ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation is used oold, b#ii>( oheir.ioally held in eolation. and mmnIv aU 93 a! liable a anil ties of the beet caM net makere' flee. It may be used in the pia?e of ordinary maatlaca, being vaatij more adhesive. " USEFUL IX ETSRY HOUSE." P'-tct. 25 oents N. B.?A Brush aooompaniee each bottle Wk?UimU Dtrot, No. 4? Cedar street, Now York. ddrwa HENRY cTsPALDINO * CO.. > Box .No. 3,600. Now York. Pat ay for Dealers in Cum contusing Poar, hirnt.and Twelve Dosen?a SeoutifW! Lithograpfc o Show Cord ?rc.>mj?enymf etch package. A jingle bottie of SPALD1WS PRE PAIiED OLVE will save too (imea ita ooet an itua <Iy to every household. VU1 Sold by aM promitent Stationers, Dm*fists. Il&rd ware and Pnrnitare Dealers, Grocers. ana i l-anoy Stores. i Country merchants shoald make a note of SPALDWQ'S PREPARED QL VE, wkea making uf their hst. It wi'l *tan<1 any olimate. f? ln-ly i 7 A.? u My ii I I fc? ' <&OfjA V- 'Wjr/*' ** * (?*? ?M>* ?? ll >( f |V(t< ril'n If'Ike Jfi?MI?i> I,)/? Jj 97 00 ? , J**'/"** ?y,ir*TfJ hr X *' M T ;??SS^ j n i ffn a*pr%d ?j? orttma a r?*? i)M<V r L p Irian '4r? 4?? ?l? I'mliry ?"*??*??.. dV . (>l>i?Ml* tk* ltnM'? mt'v. I| i?rfky ~\t4V -fjk . 'uwni'trfd Ay tk? iirat /'Wi*-**** <?Xy 'l*! ' L 0< ><l^u* JUwmJ A, ^ i' X &g f RolMS -tor. ^ Z y^S?}) 7 \* ?%*&' ,r/ "* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S AROMAnCfAUEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y T-ly BARBOUR 4. BEMMK8. A [REEMAH ? Sn| We offer for the fcbory itMQ%ra bi*nd ol fine Copper DieU'.lori M*lt?o Rje W r*l? lied h*.! f-h*rr?T? A a it ia "? tion.and bight; improved bv rc?. we oonfrleutly ' recommend itaa the FtraaaT ai*d beet Whisky tkat oan poaaibly t>e amiled. We also offer oar OLD ?AMIL Y RYE W HIS KB Y, and other branda. from the Largeet atook of Flm W iuskiee i a the U wted &?tea FREEMAN A SIMPSON. Phoenix Diatillery, on toe Schoy.aill riv?r, Phi,* Ofioee?94 Wail atreet. New York 5 and 109 South Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar 29-1 j f IGHTNINGT~ iL LIGHTNING H LIGHTNING 13 In Tik* o? Piacz. Punu roa Was! F. LaBARRE. So+tkwtst tomtr ?f \(*k end Cm., JiHVrUTUVU 0* PLAT'NA-TiPPED LIGHTNING ROD?, : ReapeotTaily announoea to tn? paSio of VVaehlajt ton and nointty that ue i? prepar'-J to exeeut* a.! . ordera for urcotin* l.ightmug Conductor* oa the I moat approved scientific principle*. contracted of the very bett of materia'*. on very moderate term a. 1 AH Platira tipp-'i P?>inta whionare mat: u beta r*<! br me will be atamp*! with ny name. Weather Vaoea of any daaifa made to order. jy t-tw PARAPFINE OIL. THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWX! Wa rm n<>w raw ai ?n n a ParaA ma A ki I At ?* # W ?. W ?V ? . WV? - 'i? w ?M?'?V VII Ul I W% 1IVHI tfc*works in western Virginia. The au&lity of it l* a*o?llent, pmdnoinr a atSj, ! brii iant ud hoanUfa light. and nor* p<<aaant to T'h?s*OilTs"f^e? from?du;ter>t'.oc,and wn maoh [ more eoonomioal than in&ny of tne Coal Oiia need at this tiipo. trr It la in no way exploaiya. We k*r* aiao a *upp ? of the most approved I aty'ea of Lamps, Ac., f"r burning this Oil. KING * Ml K v HELL, grata for ita aaia for the Dtalriot of C<>lainl?ta. Corner l-i/teentli at ud Vermnt.t a*. Great Kanawha Coal and Oi! Company mall HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These frca.ea are "farad to Ue sublie aa the moat simple, durable, and r* aWe aoaleeerer sat im aaa. First premiums hare been awa'fl*J:r.e^ Kw ?k? it.s*^ r.. 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Art tpiiul; est*J ftn4 fat: *ifr ruiH?l *> > ui? ? U* t r ?r"-?? id 4?k<litti*C, Vfc* &? * !? ( !' ? -? btAr Immadttlti? rihl>il All uap?dii(i?n? t* M?rr;r f?. f' rtui ? Mteta' niiimt A?f?r>?. Lm ?f Pi*er**u?* Fa?nr, lr?it???'<ty Trtrnblii.f >nd W ?!? ; Ci^mu* ?' tfl Ui< ?p???dil? cgni. knu< >uut vj*t ornifn m Tl K MANY THOUSANDS - Ar?d itUn >M?tttwr Hi IWHiniHii ? >?. ??d th? 1BIWIHI i-iy?r?'ii **'f A* -p?r?r?n? ( kj Ot JWitMi., ?p IM r?p?rt?r? W lb* p?ffn aod auf ?kH unm, mt ?i?il h??? ifiit and iftia bafer# iM iiKll( ? Mti kit iu?)iii| ? ? ftnOcM" *f ( iincMitil nmoii MUl*, M * iilMiai (? .uui w ih? dart |ti ?k i? K. J. BOVK.K 1> ?D> IMPERIAL WIAE BITTBJiS. j Ar? now being u?~d from Ma<r;e to the Gr?Al H*:? IaUi Ani tae ?niw?; rn?lirt of all who u*f ti fin ?nk#r u i w n? % bfvtrmt' ia that they are unso'p?e<i in the worUi l?r. L>?*1a need them t>u *o**Af fully in kiiffMtiW for T> ye%r? before w? purchased of hiir. th^e?ne ? itht to iii*>. uf*rxn<* And preeerit them (or e*l? bo the publie Forth* 3 ou-e of IiiOifient C?>umiroptior. Itid>(eati>>u. " r^M*. N'trrou iiim ??. 1 ema.e Com plaint*. and all oa??? reaumnc at"d<o, tb-j %r? <*> youd douht a moat uiMiiiulc rm* ?dy. A Aide from their prnp*rtie<i they ?re * pure. wh"!e Aome and delightful B?rera?e, frodueinc al the pteaeant exhiier?tirc effectA M Brand* or Wine without ttvir injuri<>u? -eeglta. #t ail frienda < f hnmacity and aii a ivocatea of tempr more aA*i?t ua in autiAtituinc thare ale V. ftthir Hi tun* for the mtutrml poiionj aid m/t&termtml Ltfwri with which the rx^mtry i* fi>od<-c:. and tnerefty ef fee^ aid in ten eh at L?i?e?.ae and DnisktaMA trom the land. _ CfiAlLKS WIDOIFIK; p * CO.. Proprietors, 7? Wi! ia>n etree*. New Yoik. J.pCHWARZE Atent. W achir (tei., D. C to: dr?*ifa. u4 4Miricu>i kim ?>u> tanaall* i??f W a kiu*i ? 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For Disease# i f the kianeya. B utar u d Urmar? OriaDi. ai-d erpeca.'.? for Fen?al? Obet. uoUT' . never nil u> cure, nuii are warrwitoi to five aal>? *IY; RLE* WIDD1FIELDA en.. Proprietor*, 19 Wiiiiam et., New York. J HCHWARZK, i?T l>j A?ect. WMMtftoB.P.U. Highly important to all; MRS. cors ihdiarr vegetable uEcocrion. It U well known tiiat iu the Sprmt people are more apt to onntrnct d:.r? than at anv other period; ard it ie eene!1* wel!-k?nwn mat the wa? to ward of liseaae u tr keep the blood pare, for "til the ill* Uiat fle*h le heir to," ariee Iron iwpunH of the b'.coii, tbe nia:n sprint of onr eai?t?-r.c< u, therefore, inu.ri.- it toai tuat retem honld be thorowj' t c nr.J pnrified. nno thu cai> be don* lethe moet flec'aai wa* aeint MRS M. OOA'S IX MAN ThUErAtLE DE Op<^TION, tho beet rt ?r?oy <Ji?"or?re<i fixthe o?r? UI u.roxx Ui o?iu. ^ry?l>. *-V .*>or?>Hiie. H lifini* t)sm, Kfrruii Dtliuili. F?v?riof differed kinds, Drspep'T. L.i**er Coep.&inl, M.d ail other disaas<? ansfnc from impnnty of the blond. It ban eteet*d the most rema'kaMe cure*, a* car. be shown by aamerous eerufcc* tes from persons of the hif kert respectability, aa<2 is reoomineeded by all wUo h^ve used it as tee most mvaihable remedial a?eot HtTH Is sold br all the Druggists of Baltimore. axjioat the r?siJ?i?ce of t r- >v - . MRH M. COI, 4 1 i" Bast Ba n more street, between K/ien street ami Centrai avene*. None g?nn:ne aeless her name is blow* os the bottle ana her sea! on the oork. R^Prioe f 1 per boitie, sta bottles for $S. Wkol***U AR. S T. CiassL. Drmuiet, Gsortetovs, U. O., W ho.^sale Agent Tor the Di? trict, and wu! enpp; the trade at ruj pnoee. mar Tl tr T.ini,.? .?. ..." TRIEWMIP., 1. ?, ft 3, fredriU (>* KcytU Lt::?r* Punt ef Emtimmd. Me isswrsrf 6* tkr Siml* ?f tin EtpU it Fh+r-* v dt Prit. mud iA* I wren*/ CaiUt* of Medium*. No. 1 :s In valuable for eifcanstion, Hperiuetjt rtand all physical disfclwliuee. No. 9 epmpieUly eraJ oatos all traoes of tkoee disease# that have beer, kitherto treated kv the eons and perruoions use of o* pari a aod cetebs. No. 3 has entirely ?;;rj.anted the injennes see of meirury. thereby icserin; Ui toe saflerer spe~l. relief, dispersing all t.apuntiee, aad rooting oat the msss Pa K^Noe. iiu.1; ."t,are prepared it the form ul a losecg?, devoid of taste and smell, aod oac be os'riod in the waistcoat pocket. Hotd ip t'n eases, end divided into separate d<<ees jks admuue tared hj Vfcp'M, Ia iemajwl. lions, Fioord. ft*. ' 1 V^?r "*?r lor W ? tiio* Mt?t #3 street. N?t^ or*. li*>Tr?4t%te!7 f>n r?r?f*iBc a re mittan?*, Dr. Borrow will f, rv%*4 U? Trn*Mm' eggta?anS!B?/;g A WM. T. DOVE *00. nib now prmt?' Ui ?gtr-cnt? u; or4?r? ?Hth W P?LI'M* b "ifgAM riTTlN? frr Store on *h a few doort oorU ?rf P?. SlimE^^ | MBW STYLMOF RIO* iKWKLf V HOOD bu j*?t opeoMi a l*rc? at-xik. wlnoh Im will "fw *t rwry low rat-* M5"rf?r<LA?*# thatar* wirt???? to ?arry fx?kto* 1** m f rwwto. wtU ? vail t. ?aii a?.J mam,i?* ?.<? ?ok?( llH Pa.aTWM" _ > ? wromiff TO aoB???w*t. B *. A TOO LUTK LT* aMJ P^r?KCTl A ? s ST'tR 7 AST,. ajgc Kri5.nffi?5? iTTUr^^r^:,-, Kiwi mn hiwoomi lianNj abort. V\> wmiK ttM, i? i^nt ?l ?tr?n*U Ml* of _. tfKYOND ALJ. COMPAt !?H>N. "JilWiiVT.,. 'ird"u' ""** A 1.A Ifik IIKIITMI'MT <W a. A " c: i" r * PlA b?? J??t b*?g r?o?iff(lH u*M!,NrM ?/ Pa. ?v. m d Kl?*#!, h eLfTim fw W.W. MKTr.KItOTT .. - it* -6 .