Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1860 Page 2
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the evening star. [ V WASHINGTON OITT: #*!#! . * Aagw?t 10, 1*40, fI~T That valuable and popular family journal, the Wbsklt Sta*, full aa unal of Metropolitan new* and goaaip. and choice literary reading, ia | now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In 1ta entertaining contents are the following article*: Gems ef Poetry; Tke Elopement ?a very interesting story; Woman's A'ttd of Love?a poem by X. P. Willis; Again i* Syria, A True NobUmnn ? n potm; Dr Livingstone's Explorations; City of Damascus?its grtat antiqwty?the lute nassacrt of Christians there, 1Vkaaretk* Druses; The 11eo Sexes: I Didn't knose ichat i: fteant? a gem of poetry; A Home in the C-.lestial Empire?house of * Chinese g. n tie man: Otean Telegraph Cable; Military Emulation: The Fashions; First Babies; Description of a Panama Beauty; Bloody Affray t? Missouri, An In;unout Fertilizer; Etiquette and the Prince of Wales; A Douglas Profession Precipitated into the River; The American Scientific Association; The Maryland Oyster Question; Filibustering Project; Excitement at Laytonsville; A Haughty Horse; Negro MeetJing Dispersed; A Fruit Stealer Shot; Operations of the Patent Office; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Court*; Vindication Speech of L. A Bargie in the Criminal Court, as dictated by himself after sentence; The Grand Bell and Everett Demonstration on Wednesday night. The ChicagoZouares in 1 Washington?their ruil to the President's?their drill there?the address of the President and the reply of Cmpt Ellsteorth; McClelland's Bee Hire; The Smithsonian Museum; The Late Meteor; Skttehes of Summer Travel?six very interesting letters from the Editor nore> on a northern tour; Tt - *r_* _ n?---J - - - - ? ^ . ? i r\c run vj mz rrr.'iinii to mr irreai x&fS5rtnt? our rtpotorinl correspondence; Our Portsmouth and Point Lookout Correspondence, &c ; Department Sews; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, fc., jr.; Late Ketcs, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; ^ Interesting Personal Items; And great variety if choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. Th!? is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cento per copy, or SI .25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ( the >l?rnlng Press. inn oMjririmoM descants at length upon " Protection to Slave Property In tbe Territories " The Inflhg'.nctr publishes and commends to papular attention tbe "Address of tbe National Executive Committee of the Constitutional I'nlon party to tbe people of tbe United States." ff7- In New York, on Tuesday, George Law Bad Gustavus A Conover got an injunction from Judge Betts, restraining the United States from levying upon tbeir property to satisfy tbe #?,">.000 {sureties wblcb tbey entered into for Isaac V. Fowler. One of oar compositors who returned from a visit to the Great Eastern, yesterday, says that be h.vs seen right smart people together before, In New York and other large cities, but that he never saw a ercied until he saw it on the Great Kastern and thereabouts. He does not think much of the English ctficers of the big ship, however. H7"H will be remembered that during the recent European trip of Champion Heenan, a certain damsel, calling herself Ada Isaacs Menken IFcenan, created great enthus asin among the frequenters of the Bowery. New York, claiming to be the lawful and wedded wife of the champion aforesaid John disclaims all knowledge of the woman and utterly repudiates ber, while she avows fcer determination of bringing "the Boy'' to ms proper bearings, and right soon. Heenan ia at Newport, and the lady is at present In New York cJty. r?ri?aal. Mayor Mayo. of Richmond, Virginia, Is Mrloasly ind'spoeed. Anna Cora Mowstt Ritchie is writing a new story for the Ledger, after the completion of which she is going to Europe. At the recent commencement of Williams College, the degree of LL ?> was conferral on Gov Banks, and that of A M on Senator W iison. Hon. John 15 Floyd. Secretary of War. returned to the city yesterday. (Thursday.) after an absence of two weeks at Old Point, very much [Improved tn health. n *i ?* m ? ? - um iiudi w?> uncu *-.? recenwy oy J uage Davis, for non-attendance as juryman The Gov. ernor bad the good sense to pay the line, and will doubtless do better the next time. General ShMds, we w? by our Texas excbanges. haa arrived at El Paso on his rout* from San Antonio to California, His health ) Improving. Mrs Jane G. Swishelm, the well-known woman'a-rl|(bta advocate, lately met her husband at Pittsburg. Pa., where she was delivering a lec ture descriptive of the hardships she experienced wutle ber marriage relations with him continued As the lecture was spicy, it of course attracted large audiences, thus assisting Mrs. S. to ar<-r>mSllsh a very laudable object? tbe payment of ber ebts She now writes to the Pittsburg Chronicle that she will prob-ibly not deliver lecture again, as she and Mr. Swisbelm thought of making '-ait arrangement " " Hoxicipk sear U vlt moik ? A Mam Kills kin Wi/? m a Fit of Jealoury ?Tbe American of the Snh Instant says: Yesterday af ernoon, about one o'clock, wbile policeman Clinton was passing alsng Franklin street, near Para, he was accosted by a ni%n named l.eot.ird W Grey, who told bint tt?t be b?d killed his wife, and wished to urresder himself to an < Ulcer of tbe law. At flrst Ciintca, wh'jbad some alight knowledge of Grey, supposed lie was jokiug, but Grey assured him A# Lhff f*rt and ,r,?- ? ??.v.wv. ?wj??**j? m uc parties tbea proceeded to the Western District, where t ajit ftttiVMS Informed of what had occurred Capt P directed them to proceed to the Marshal ol Ponce, which was done, the Marshal at the time being ija company with the Board of Police Uoiumis?u>aers Grey tben made a statement to the follow lag For some time past he had been living at Richmond, and on Mondat morning determined to come en to Baltimore, which he did, reaching here on that niebt He ttea beard that his wile, with whom be nad been Itvtag at Brooklyn, across the Spring Gardens 'had ?n? e h!s absence returned to this city, and was sustaining very intimate relatione with a man named Mcllvalne, a member of the Tiger club. This Incensed him and be determined to seek her. He succeeded in finding the house where she had bean, and learned further that she had determined to remove to this city, hut U&d gone back to Brooklyn for ihc uumw rJ-4~-^v? ? - He rej*!r?d to that place a* speedily as possible, ud ua going x> ikeWise found tbe door securely barred Oltaii ng a heavy piece of timber, be soon a?ec?eded In Waking open the door, and toe first ffersyu be saw was jtf'llvafne/vrho, only partial!r dressed, qnicklv left the place His wile aiao appeased la aer flight clotbes. aud riisbed (swum l>c?y. * Lieu if. riaiU k?* two ?ev?re biuws wtTfi a piece of traDll'.ng upon thr bead, which felled tier 10 tie {round lie did not intend kill in? >'? l?"t W41 su much excited that Uestruck her with si! bis might Grey further stated tb?t his wife ditd at an early hoar y%?wday afternoon, and be would 4a*4 i|lvtu hiiuseif up sooner but for tfcat fart ilea dec. he drwlrrd to ii ake atrsnteroeut* U t Uer b<trfatl. Tha Marabal then directed the officer o Uie Orey In cusiod) and couvey him U> Ai>aapui.? f'.r the purpose of being lodged in jail until tee case could be officially Investigated dv the authorities of Anne Arundel count)- At the same time the ctt< er received a letter from the Beard of Co?*m iss loners, sdrlrrawd to James Kevel. K*q . the District Attorney informing him of the case and the action which they deemed u proper ta take Tbe officer, with <>rey iq cms , ixtm* *ut nnuo^WlH yeau-raay aneruoon in tbe I regular tf?tn tcr A n^'io ,,.?u acrvaat of John B Paekett, I K?i . of JrtfniuD cuunty, Va , on Friday Bight last, atvn?pt?d burglariously to enter tb? oairy *1 lUmuel V\ riybt. K*q . itear Cbar Ura town a/id waa 4tsr??> red in the aci bv .Mr 8aiau?! Wrigbt, Jr., wbo fired u(mju btm, killing blia lafUAtly. A ' jury ot iuqiHfltwaa U-ld oa Saturday iuornlug. vrbri tb! tmcu rltclM proved tbat the negro riM to bt* death by a pUtoi abot, Irc4 *y?an>'l t* Wright bar tbat h a InUiitUn waa not to kUl. JP^Tb* bfock vf aiivei-ort) to b? preaeuted by Aria?"aUj tU- IVaafelutae Monuoirut waa m'u Tucadav r?. .11 *17 "? - **- - _ *? 0 ? IpHBpj WASHINGTON KIWI AND 0OM1P. Runs or tii Editor?In answer to the numerous kind inquiries, when tbe Editor will be bark, we hare the pleasure of staling that he has Intimated to us thst ke may be expected cb the six o'clock train this evening. . f**?TCHRS or SUMMRB TRAVEL. [Editorial Correspondence of 1\* Star ] [No. 12.J August 2. I860 r Thi Cras* or Frir Nrgroum Hkrr?Cubax Visitors? Arriviko at Saratoga?lis GrasTs, Shadr. Music, Water*. kc. Last year I wrote and published elaborately of this western section of New York as seen from the Central Railroad cars' windows, so the Star't readers know It as I know It, and I shsil therefore not tax their time to read another detailed usnpuon oiii. sumce it to my tbat no other s? c tlon of the non-slaveholding States embrace! In combination so many fine illuitrations of the agricmtural, manufacturing, and mrcbanical progress of our country. Thrift and consequent prosperity rule the hour here, and with the help of the unjust practice of the Government of the Cnited States In taxing ail others for the benefit of northern manufacturers, these people are fast becoming rich In the aggregate. Nor shall I essay another detailed description of the Talley of the Mohawk, through which 1 have been coursing for half an hour at a rate of soeed that would aatnniah thnt? in management of railroada in our section of country. Aa kissing goes by favor in the legislation of all the non-alaveholdlng States in these times, any set of spectators with money for the purpoae of bribery in band, can get a charter for a railroad between any two northern points The consequence is, competing line* make necessary the speed with which this remarkably fine, comfortable, and well-managed railroad Is run, In order to defy the competition of roads leaa able to bear the additional expense of making aucb time. On the train with me are a party of twenty-two Cubans, bound for Sh?ron Snrini/n- ?h? v>t , | * ? lariously happy company along. Their merry laughter ha* been ringing in my ears for bouri; until, though tbey convene in Spanish at a rate fairly rivaling the train's traveling speed, so that I ran not comprehend a word they alter, I have fairly caught the infection, and re-echo their | merry cachinations now and then, In spite of a disposition to preserve a proper degree of decorum. Nearly all of them, ccpeeially the juniors of the party, speak English as well as though to the manor born; an ludtcation to me of the Increasing identification of Cuba with the United States. All of them, of all agea, are fine looking people?remarkably so; even the old ladies, who from that quarter of the world, however goodlooking they may have been when under forty, after arriving at that age, usually carry wrinkUs or fat enough for a dozen North American family dowagers. One of them?of the other sex?recounted to me a history of the jollification this morning of the negroea of Niagara Fall* and Canada bordering tbe Palls, over the anniversary of the abolishment of African slavery in the British dominions; all negrodom there having apparently gone n ad for the nonce The cannons were made to roar, bands played, and drums beat for them, and eich Buck and Phillis mounted a tri-colored ro ette, of course it amuiet m? to bear Canadians and sensible Americans near the lines discourse of?describe? the curse of free negroism as inflicted upon tbem- i selves, which of all moral and social curses Is about tbe most unbearable. It is rare, indeed, to find a wbite abolitionist belonging about Niagara or the portion of Canada resorted to by the runaways from our South, except, it may be, a paid agent of non-siaveholding State fanaticism or political demaeoeism. \Ve rear Led !*<. henet tody at sunset. and there finding that if remaining until this morning 1 could not get to Saratoga until 9 a m . 1 concluded, aa I bad but the day to spend there, to I proceed on by the next passing train; tobyilp m I wai duly landed at Union Hall As I wended my way on foot down from the depot? for, aft r sitting cramped up in a car for eleven hours, the opportunity to walk three hundred yards was a boon indeed to me?I found the hotel porticoes and the spacious clm-canopied avenues sparkling with fashionable people, dancing music resounding on all sidt-s, and the retail stores and billiard and bowling suloona blazing with gat light* The little village of Ave thousand souls, now containing double that number, however, seemed as usual o" nights during ita season, illuminated from end to end 1 regretted the fact last night, for the effect of the pale full moon shooting its rays of soft light throil ah th? rr?n?tantlu iKIfMnn " ? J -n? ? J Vtvuu* c?ci a II u anon, upon the picturesque forms and costume* of the lady visitors flitting or gliding about in all directions under the avenues of trees, would have been far more agreeable to all here with artistic eyes Saratoga is the only watering-place in the country where the great mass of the male visitors are also be seen at uight around tbe public walks and lounging points. At all others, the cardr.wiiis, bililard-room, bar-room, &.c., seem then to have greater attractions for them. Here a man mast be without aoul, Indeed, not to Had all tbe enjoyment which a mind not utterly destroyed by dissipation can crave, In sueh clrcumstauce* and amid such aasociations as surround him out Ide of temptation!?hiding-places ? that exist here, everywhere else on this continent wLere fashionable and wealthy people of leisure thui congregate. At Union Hall I found at least a thousand guests, though except in the ball-room, where the nightly hop was In progress, the house seemed as quiet as a well ordered country hotel Somehow or other one Is never disturbed at Saratoga with the noises and bustle which distinguish other American watering places The influence of its shide, its cleanliness, and its spacious, highly ornamented grounds, doubtless operate greatly to produce this so desirable result of no confusion; and all seem at once to come naturally under tbat Influence. Young men who frolic tliewhere, do not dream of frolicing here; and even the children romp at Saratoga, unbidden, with less noise than elsewhere. Nor do tbey ever seem to have confusion among the servants here. 1 And but a single Waahlngtonian at Saratoga, that i can hear of. as strange as it may seem Nor rr ine vuitors irom the South generally as numerous as heretofore, though the aggregate number is larger than ever before. The decrease of the number of Southern families la the result of the growing Southern disinclination of the South towards the North. It can arise from uethlug else In the world; for Saratoga is the most delightful spot on the continent at this season of the year, and up to this time Southern families bringing their own servants here have been entirely free, if I am not mistaken, from abolition interference or molestation; the villagers knowing too well on which side their brend Is buttered, to permit fanaticism to toss it down, buttered side to the ground. a * ? ?? ? it ii now iu a m or August 3d | am writing on a portico of Union Hall, the tail elms of lu moat magnificent hotel lawn In this country shading me delightfully, and perhaps flftv oth?-r gueau, who are either sitting within eight, or leisurely lounging through Its mazy walks, In which a dellciously cool breeze blows upon all. At sunrise this morning, the visitors at the vll. lage began to stroll down to Congress Spring, and by 7 a m. there was a throng of five hundred coustantly surrounding It or sauntering through its so captivating park. I found four dipping-men engaged there, who for hours after hour* plunged their racks with three tumblers on each into the spring well, perhaps thirty timet per miauto, for the accommodation of all comers and drinkers?the band of one of the hotels discoursed plnaoaut music the while, each leading houae sending Its band by turns to play there from 6 until 8 s. n. The ladiee dreaa very simply for this morning walk and hard-drinking tour, those going earliest shading their beads only with tomethiag of tbe fashion of a scarf W D. W n. Th* Ru.hobkc Rnsi??ATU>N or Siciitaii Cass.?In regard to theeurrent rumor of the Hon. I*ewla Caen having resigned his position as Secretary of State, on account of sickness, we have to slate that no ogctal intelligence to this effect has as yet bee* receive* by the President, or at the r> j? ' . Indian Affairs?Commissioner Greenwood la to le*ve tb'.a city for Brest's Fort, on the Arkansas river, where tbe Arapabot and Cheyenne lndlana are to meet him fn council, with a view to a negotiation of a stipulation for tbe adoption by thorn of a mod* of life conformable to the wiae policy of the Interior Department, looking to tbeiretvtli. cation. For this object Congress appropriated thirty.!ve thousand dollars at tbe last session, to be expended for presents, traimportation. Ac. f-OKIIGX COMMERCE WITH THE I'll I61T PJ3* Islands.?Official intelligence has been communicated to tbe State Department that the only porta to foreign commerce in the Pbllllplne Island* are those of Manilla, Sual, Halls, and Zamboanga. and that no foreign flag will be allowed to carry on a direct trade with Jalo or the ports adjacent tbereto. Removal and Appointment or a Niw You Marshal.?James B Howe, Esq , ha* been appointed MariLal for tbe western district of New York, vice Jewfctt, removed. Th* Wiathu -The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to tbe Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is bout 7 o'clock. Acofst 10. I860. XT XT V. tr -? -?. "*?-w t ur*. m . I. .cipar. warm Philadelphia. Pa clear, hot. Baltimore. Md clear. warm. Richmond, Va clear. W. Petersburg, Va. cloudy. *1?. Norfolk, Va calm, bot, 85". Raleigh, N. C '.clear. 79 . Wilmington. N . C cloudy, warm. Charleston, ?. C clear. Augusta. Ga. cloudy. 9avannan, Ga clear, warm. Macon, Ga. clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, warm. Mobile, Ala clear, warm. ritox THK WI8T. Frederick, Md clear, hot Hagerstown, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling. Va *Wi Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant Pittsburg, Pa.... clear, warm. Oakland clear, 68-1. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperiture,) *29,855; at noon, 29.9*24 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 79?; at noon. 9(F. Maximum during'24 hours ending V a. m. to *ay, 94'; minimum 7*2J. Hon. James L. Orr. of South Carolina, late Speaker of the House of Representatives, has written a letter in which he predicts the election of Mr Lincoln as President of the United States He, therefore, thinks that the ^outhern States should begin to take action accordingly, unless they mean to submit. South Carolina, he says, cannot withdraw alone from the Confederacy, hut take with her at least Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, as possessing sea coast where the rivers of the other Southern States find their outlet. They should thus act jointly, he holds, in demanding terms from the remaining States Another negro man Killed ?On Monday night last, a valuable negro man, belonging to Mr. Nalle, was run over and killed by the train on the Orange A Alexandria Railroad, while the train ?a near Culpeper Court House. He is supposed to have been drunk, aud asleep on the track. ||H' CO.MV AND SEE Ol*K CELKHB *TED LLS NAVY FI.ANNE1. COATS at *4 sn at a i lft-2w S.UITH'S. N?. 460 Seventh street fy 3?NOTICE.-The owners of the yachts of Lk_5 Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, who wish to participat < in the race to com-" off at such a time as they may designate, are respectfully requested to meet at the Commercial House, corner of Seventh street and La. aveiuie, MONDAY, 13th inst., at 8 o clock p. m. aa 10-3t* EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS^ &c7 M IMC NIC NOTICE^ EM BERS "K COLUMBIA LODGE. No. 10, I O. O. F . and of the order (fen-* aliv. are notified that the AN NCA l.4idfc4jfcTlf^5? PIC-NIC will take place on M<>N- Wiry*y* lltV ihaKlkin.t .tPAl I'UDI. .... ... ? . . ...v >v>? (NO* f nv v>X 'lit i?l 01 n r* I f> 1 \ 1 r . Fred. Pronperi'a unri va led baud of mimic ha* lieen en^ancit. Hid every arrangement made to render the da*. a* intended, o*t of rtal enjiymint. OmnihtMe* will leave the corner of Ma*?achua-)tt? avenue anil Seventh ?tre?t at 8,9 and 10 a. m., and 2 3 a (I 4 p m.. passing through S verth *t-e^t and Maryland avenue, and also from the hail at 8 o'clock to convey the widows and children to tha Sp/ine. Ticket* Fiftv Cents admitting a gentleman and ladies?to he obtained from th?? Committee. an 10-2t THE COMMITTKK. THE FLETCHER CHAPEL SUNDAY SCHOOL will have a i I NIC at Uladen?i>urg. \V EDNES ijid^3Sr55^ DA Y. A iimist 15 h. j They have cha tered car* which will leave the depot at 7'j a m. Persons should be there at 7. R?<fr>*sfimenti furnished at moderate pries a> d ever* effort made to render the occasion delightful. Round trip tickets only 25 cents; children 15 oenta. au lu T^ENTH ANNUAL PIC NIC EXCURSION" OP Till Montgomery Guards, To b? given at ARI INGToN SPRING. On WEDNESDAY, August 15ih. On this occasion the Committee of Arrangement* pledge themselves to do all in their power 10 maKo thu one of the a.-reeable 1'ie-Nic* of the neanon Thej confidently look for liters] patrorage frorr their friend* am! the public, a* the proceeds are to be used 111 asuixting the coinpanv in nett ug their new equipment*, *pecunen? of which will be on the f round. Gentleman dr strong of joining the coinpanv will than have an opportunity of iuapectiiiK tho new uniform Krputa'a fine bram and string astial, will be in a'tendano" . Oumit.uuM- * i ! run fro?n Seventh street every hour during the dav. Steamer G \V. Riggs will leave'h?? Fourteenth Ktr*rt bridge every hour. AI>o i-t'amer Flying Cloud will leave the Aqueduct, Georgetown, every hour. TicketH fifty cento; admiting a gentleman and ladies. /I * - - * < ommmee on part of tht Military. Major Bacon, Capt. t*charfl>r, L'avis, " Bail>acu, " Tait, " Dub&nt, Capt. Perk. " Tnwri, '* HolJinggwurth, " Stephens. 44 King. Committee on part of the Company. Lieu*. l.angran, Sergeant O'Leary. Serjeant v array, Private Minnetrn, " O'Donnelt, " Rrsu. au HV4t pOR THE GOOD OF THE CITIZENS! GRAND DAY AND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC jnt tu* rerseverance .rire Company, So. 5, To begiven at ARLINGTON SPRING. Ox TUESDAY, Av*v?t 14th, l?6rt. The proceed* to be devote-i towards the fftiirs of the Entmt House. Professor Scliroeder's Brass and St in* Band has been enraged for the occasion. m la Convtymres.?OinnibuHen will Ifavi'^njjtarf the Northern Liberties' Market at a. m. and 1)4 p. m.,ard continue to run from the corii'r of Pa avenue and Seventh street evert hour. The steamer Gio. W. Riqg* will Irave fourteenth street bridge every hour The st> amer Flyisq Clow will leave the Aqueduct every hour ai?o. Crrnmittee of Arranftmtntt. W. W. Grant, A.. Glasgow, Wm. H. Farrar, J. R. ReeJ, au 8 fit Jno. H. Thompson. UNPARALLELED ATTRACTION'' UKAS'1 PRIZE PIC NIC! At ANAI.OST4N INLAND, ^ On MONDAY. August.13. 1*60. One Hundred Piecri off Jewelly Give* Away. Among which a Gold and Silvie Watch. mX Pancing ai.d Mu*io during the day Wj OT will atT>>ra erjojment t*> all. k.<b& #1* tap tft'o Brasa and String Band enblM gaseii fur th? oocasion. I ick*ts?50 Cents for Gentlemen, '25 Cents fur La<ties; Children admi't^d free. Tickets for sale at C. H. Ande'son's and Laminond'a, 7th street; Dr. ^chwartie's Drue Store, Ha. av.; and at the f??ot of High ?t. wharf, Georgeto?n, on the day of the Pic Nie. Boats will st irt for the Island at 9 o'clock a. m. il. r .>'? cnarge male lor convr>anoo across to the Inland frot? the vrharves For List of Gifts see small programme. an 3-7t F"oR~-*ALE crfEAP.?A 1 urge BAY HORSE", nuitafole for flimij/, or Ptiysician?a gv l?1y o*n drive him. For particulars call at PUMPHREY'S STABLE, C street.**^ neir 4S ?t It* A DRUG STORE FOR SALE ?Situated in a pie asant part of the oitr and doing a bur l?usi- I n?M, satisfactory reasons for eeUinr. Terms very <*as>. f't particular* address "A. B." throflfch the Font oflir. au-10 3t* QO C|1 WILL BUY a Fins DRAB BEAVER orcaMimtr* Dress Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. ave.. au M> loi near 4% street. A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A SMALL. CAPl I'AL.- I he subeoriber intends to change his hustneea, therefore will offer the balance orhii STOCK and FIXTURES of a small grocery store, on Seventh street, at private said. For pa ticulars inquire at 417 Seventh street, between G and it an lo-3?^ PHA TENT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JARS?the b>-st and cheapest article in u*e? oe.1I and s^e. Also a ?upply of Cexe's numi-ii * uocatue; brown a (jinge,; together with afreah lot of Metlioinee, A o. Jus: receiv&i at MuUKK'S West K*d l>rug Store, au 10-2w 11 ? l?a. ave. 500 BBA5bf:iM_iLV 1A boxes prune EASTERN CHKESE, *? " pkarl starch, IPjtmo the. Brown and Yellow SOAP, For a*ie by J. R. BARR 4 CO., au 10 3t* 490 Ninth atreet 9 0 VUlt of the Prfitdrat to the Great Fait>ri> Thk Rkceptio* at Axsapolis?ConriTAwri to thk Great kasttait?9cksrs ?*d IsetD?!?\8 ojt Board?Toasts, SrKECMBS, Ac. Corretpon lencf of Tk? Star. * ; Ox Board Grbat Eastbks. ) 2% o'clock p m ?Aug ?. 184S# J The train bearing the Pros Id sot and hta suite arrived at tbr Annapel'.s junction about balf-p*?t 9 o'clock a m to-day, when there waa a alight delay on aerount of havtng to change aeeta from the Baltimore to the Annapolia train. Among thoae accompanying the Preaidenfa party, whom I inadvertently omitted to mention ic my flrat letter, were Mr. Treacott, Aaaiatant and Acting {Secretary of State; Col. Taylor, Aaaiatant Com ffilaury General; Parflftaater General Leonard, of the Army; Benj Ogle Tayloe, Eaq., and lady, (who, though a political opponent of Mr Bncbanan, being pr<sidentof the Bell and Everett Aasociation iu your city, la nevertheleaa a warm peraonal friend of hia;) .Mr* Secretary Cobb, and Col. Emory, of the cavalry. All being comfortably aeated In the Annapolia train, which conmated of twenty-two cara. we moved off about qnaner *o ten?the President and hi* party occupying the last car Annapolis was reached about noon, immediately ou arriving at the depot, the President was waited upon in the cars by Lieut. Wood, and one or two other officers of the \mval Academy, and, after the usual salutation, invited, together with Miss I.ane and Secretaries Toucey and Treacott, to take a seat in a carriage which had been provided for him. and proceed to the residence of Capt. George 8. Blake, the esteemed snd efficient superintendent of the institution The President expressed his thanks to the officers

for their kindness, but said that he would prefer walking to the Academy, aa the distance was not great. It being Insisted upon, however, that he should ride, he consented on condition that tbe three eldest ladles In tbe party should have tbe privilege of accompanying him. Thisannouncement caused considerable merriment, inasmuch aa tbe ladies all shrank back, and seemed loth to accept of the kind invitation. Finally, however, a party was made up, and the Presfdeut drove sluwly ctl. the others of the party following on foot On rpurhi ncr fhp rA ?'-- '* v,j - ? ? uattviiai aaiuWC VI ?i gnat wu fired from tbe revenue-cutter Allen, Capt. Stolid*, which at tbe utne time ran up the President's llag (consisting of a piece of blue bunting, with the same number of cars as are ob tbe American ensign). The superior oti.d of the establishment also welcomed tins distinguished party with the President's March, rendered in ail admirable manner. Tbe company was met in tbe yard by Supt Blake, and escorted by him, after all bad been introduced, to his residence, where they were re ceived in a hospitable manner by tbe worthylady of tbe Superintendent, and most agreeably entertained for upwards of three-quarters of an hour. While here tbe party availed themselves of tbe excellent opportunity afi'orded of beholding, for tbe first time, from tbe eastern portico of tbe bulldiug, tbe Great Kastern, as she lay on tbe broad bosoai of tbe Cnesapeake, at a distance of five miles. From this poiut it had the appearance of a large Island, tbe uiasts and boilers appearing like so many leallt*s trees After this brief but pleasant relaxation, tbe President, in company with Superintendent blake and one or two other of the Naval otlicers, proceedrd to tbe little propeller Anacostia. uuder tbe command of Lieut T. Scott Killehrnurn* \i- h i*- h i -? ? " uo i? i II? gi lut wharf at the foot of the Academy ground* As soon us the President and his parly had embirked on this small but exceedin/ly comfortable vessel, he wa* again saluted with 21 guns t> om the revenue culler lying a short distance off. The Anacostia steamed down the Severn towards the mammoth steamsuip, the view of the Chesapeake, whose waters were exceedingly calm and beautiful, and the rich scenery ou all sides, affording the greatest delight to the party Ou approaching the Great Kastern the officers of that vessel as a token of recognition caused the American colors to be run up at the malnnt?st, and a salute of the number of guns usual ou such occasions to be Bred The Anocostia, after steaming twice slowly around her, approicbed the gangway, wuen she Wis made fast. Caj t. J Vine Hail, Won. Capt. Carnegan, H. N., Mr Gooch, and others of the Board of Uiret tors of the Company, then appeared, and were formally introduced to each of the party, when they were ? ? tuese gallant "and gentlemanly officer* Ui the upper deck, where tUey were welcomed by three enthusiastic cheers from the ltrge crowd on board, (numbering not l? s* thau eitfhi thousand person*.) which caused a reverberation of souud upon the bosom of tti>- noble Chesapeake iucu a* we think in all probability has never be?-n expe ieri< ed before. The pirty was tnen conducted to every poitlon of tue Immense ?ti'p, and :s full and satisfactory explanation cf evcrytaiug ^iveu a* the limited Dine odinttU-u A iter a very thorough examination of the vessel, the party wa* invited to partake of a sumptuous repast provided by the officers of the vessel i may as well state here for fear of forgetting it, that, on account of unavoidable circumstances. Hi* Kxzellenoy Gov Hicks, who was expected to be present on the vessel and receive the President, was compelled to leave in the early train of this morning for the West, a* much to Lis own regret a* to others Toast to thi F*s?idsnt ' The party having amply discuss* d the many good thlims so handnoni^lu nr?n>?~j " a ? -j f v*'"** vu ivf kiinii? Capt Carnegau rose and mid: Ladies and Gentlemen: on occasions like tbe preseut, when a Sovereign or a President honors Lis subjects with his presence, etiquette forbids, and custom sane ions tbe omission of, any remarks preliminary to the toast Honoring, therefore, the President of tbe United Slates as we should a Sovereign, without further preface or comment I invite ion to drink the health of the President of tbe United Mates All at the table rose almost simultaneously, and did as requested. Toa.T TO ({UKE3 VlCTOMA.. The President then rose and said: Lxdies and Gentlemen: It affords me great pleasure to otter to this company a toast which I know will be received with enthusiasm. Tbe toast is: To the illustrious sovereign and most excellent lsdy. Queen Victoria This was drunk with enthus.asm Dr. Blake, Commissioner of Public Buildings, proposed as a sentiment?" t'he health of the officers of the Great Eastern." OaPT Hall's Rk?poh$k Capt Hall, in response, rose and said Mr. President, and l?d es and gentipnien :? I am very much obliged to yon indeed for your kindness in honoring us with this visit, and accepting of the humble attentions of tbe officers and crew of tbe Great Eastern. As one of the officers whom you have just seen proper to toast, 1 feel it Incumbent upon me to sav a word or two In reply. It would be In very bad t*st? for me to detain you in this close atmosphere by the deli verv of a speech, therefore 1 will only say, in bebalf of tbe officers, that in this our first visit to this greatand noole country, we have experienced so much kindness from the American people that we shall certainly leave tbe coutitry with a great deal of regret, and shall bear with us tbe kindest ... *** nuicrita r or myseir. I feel I that my nautical career would have been very incomplete bad it not embraced a visit to America; [applause] and 1 sincerely trust that this may not be my last visit. THK PIRSIDKHT'S RBSFo5?H The President rising and addressing the officers, said: Uentlemen: I cannot permit the remarks just made by your senior officer to pass without a word of reply. 1 feel very much indebted to the officers of the Great Kastern for the kindness and attention they have shown to my party and to I khnnM Jl "* . "-Acrt-ailMfiy II ID IB was the last visit that Capt Hail was to make to the United States. I trust that the intercourse so auspiciously commenced may be continued: and thiit it may be a source of profit, as it would be a wry great convenience to both countries If the Great Kistern should become a regular and p> j manent lnter-coutinenUl packet Hut I know per{ fectly well that according to the American rale, which a lady stated to tne to-day, the qaeatton will bv ' will she pay'" 1 trust that she will pay, and that she willopen au intorcourM between the two countries which will be mutually advanto'eous (Applause) This Interesting ceremony over, the party repaired to the upper deck, and are now scattered ov?r the boat interesting themselves In Various ways. As a steamer Is about ltavlag for Washingloa your correspondent must clow this latter, and 1 take this onnnrtnnltir -J1 " 1 * * ?- ??--y iWinniaiu| it uy a UICQQ on board. J. O. C. Naval Acadbmy, August ??5 o'clock. The steamer Anacostia with tbe rtesidenfs party, accompanied by Capt Hall, left the Great Kastern about half-past three o'clock. Before leaving, however, Captain Hall took occasion to present M in Lane, the President's neice, with a large and beautlfhl pearl shell, elegantly arranged in a glass case, on which was a most perfect representation of the Great Eastern, with the names of tbe projectors, architect, builders, officers, Ac. When at a short Ai* President was again saluted with twenty-oue ?hbi, which was returned by the Anacostia li ouble quick time, clearly manifesting the Superior skill at the Americans On approaching Annapolis he wm alto minted bv the revenue cutter Allen, which was returned by the Anacostia. The part*, en landing, proreeded to the res'deace of Cspt Blake, where a handsome collation was spread before them, which was partaken of with considerable relish. The company are now bp Joy lag themselves 1* different ways?some on the grass plata, listening to tbs music of the band pe forming there; others assembled In small parties about the gronndsnad house, engaged la lively end Interesting conversation The President, at the present writing, Uon the pattern portico, coarrrsing with Capt. H?U, Supt. Blah?. ?nd other* H? eipreaae* him elf M hig%lr plwsM with hi* trip; and th?*, we may add. i* the aaireraal sentiment of all. 6j<*Vlock.?Tb? President and hi* psrtv b*re r?> Ik* l.nnl na. Ik.l. ___ It ULI.. ?? v? *0?il WBf IV ? OTHITI|(ton, ttcnmpuM by Supti Blake and one or two other officer* J O C r~^ Rayaid 7ay irfiri to hare shtkea off his old Mid festleas longinf for travel, and ts enterUibIbk bta friends at his native town. In Cheater fiovtitv. PenaaylvaaJ*. He U juet completing a stately country teat, on the grounds adjoining ns birth-place In laving the corner ?tone laat Pall, be depoalted In the bnt a ropy of his work. Views Afoot," on tbe fir leaf or which he wrote: 'This la the fealfoundation stone of ttala edifice " He Is more jrst. generous and truthful, than moat of tbe politicians of the pr^eeat day are Uae-half of these latter, when lirjr hoi Id a bomr or ffeta fat office, or obtain power or position, should take the newspaper which save them teaae.diattorttoa, and fortune, place It In gilt frame, put It la the nnoat conspicuous plaoe where It com id he sera, and writ* under it, " This is the source from whence I derive (under Providence) all that I poaaess upon earth '' Railroad Companies should ' go and do llkewlae.'" LOST AND~FOUND. LO^T?On Wot'nes 'at.MH ?n?? tw-'oaatfc ami lO.h stre ts, a PO??T MOXNAlE,d- iU i n of pearl, with steel chain,i coa alnin* a small sum of nion ?jr in *o'd and silver. I he finder will lie suitably rewan!?*i by leaving it at No. .ti t?l ?S \ --!? ?? LOST?On th? *th mat . at 'he Ti>?'r.i?i it ? ihe Pr*aideut a Mounted Guard, a Jadtea g Id mou-aing BK KAST PIN, perfe.-ll* rout d. ?et wiLu small s.-ta and glaaa centre. The finder will reeei?e thethanka oftli* itihwrilur liy leaving t at the Stir Offic e, a* I have heard it ??< picked up by an unknown prraon to me. JOS. PECK. au iQ-3f fC RE WAR D?L?at oa Wedae day uight be>* tween 1.'a d 1 o'clock, somewhere between m. F. Banter's restaurant. C *t near the Ba k of Wft<hi?gton.and hit residence,on D st near hatwepii M.h an.) tKh ata.. Capito Hill, <>n > iar<e aig?1 GOLD LINKED FOB CHAIN. Thp Inder w H cooler a favor bj leaving tSe ram# at the above reetamant. ar.d reeei*.' th- i!m?- r war.l aa io-St F RvNKH.R K1LLV. DOGS LOST.?Stra?ed fom SI Indiana *r*.. ( Biagdens row.i on ?h? moraine of^__ \ the 7th in?t. two NEW "IJoFT PUPS, male and female, a out /onr * montliK old. A liberal reward will be paid on bring "tng tliem to the atwv* achlreas a* 9 tt' ?1(| Rl-WARD-St-ayed or a?oleti f om the T lo subscriber on the il mat, a mall ?\ brig t S<?HH tl, Al AR K; stripe iu fore- juji h'-al; light niane and taiL The alx>\-e re- rv* '1 ward will he given for her return to L. Ll'BER on C atrn*t, l?et ween 13S and I4tk sta. au 4t* m / \CT n_ * * * i > - ? ur ?? >n n "in1-'!!! iw" In* . Bin m*tant. ' w-i 1 i NKWF' l NiH.A ? D I'l |>> a .10* ?* s and a Kliitt f'-ree ?>w ths ?d;thev a U)tn lii ? k with te mark* A i reward w i t>e rani for Uick delivery at No. SI Louisiana a\ ?*- ue, iwtw-en J; and 4 t cri fin. or at M r. W ATKH^'S, D ?st , betw?* i) nth and 7th. au 8-3t* JAM K8 B LEACH. FOlTSALK AND RKNfr~ [ tor other 14>'or Sat* and Kmi" ndrtrttttm'.mll, '?>'' fft 1 1/OR HKV T-Tnat antifnl fOTTAQF. RK*r IDKNCE oi Twelfth *t-e?>t. lietwp -n <J a d H . (eait side > containing 7 or 8 room*, with water and ua*.formerly occuried by H H Voaa.Kaq. In point of location and convenience this lioaite is unsurr,...j>,l I- . .r t> ?r Difl" ? * r??i>vu. luifuiir ui IV ?? O.l 1 r. c-. wuou una coa. | dealer, corner of C and Fourteenth *t*. au 9 tf F Yr\ISHKI> ROOM * WITH <>R WITH OI'T BOARDPersons de-irinr Furnished Room* would do well t.i call at M. BAWbKL'S. No. 33M F Ft., ween 9th and Gth sis . be ha? sev?'ra very bandnoinely furnished,conveniet tand we'l v?-nti ated room*, which he will rent with or witfoont board, on rea orattle t? m?. He ca -? also accommodate a lew table boarder*. au 8 at* OR RKNT-A new STORF. and CF.LT.AR for rent at the corner of |Vnn?jU*a ia and New Hampshire avenue, unrnertiat-ly opposite wept gal* of the Circle i Wiahincton's statue ) Beautiful ta-i! for apothecary, restau-ant or grocer* s'ore The r?-n'iow. For s*ie 300 yellow #ii?e JOISTS at SI per le-t Length* 20. 1a, 16. 14 ami 12 feat. C U ou JOsEPH N. FEARSON. G? rzetown. D. C. au 8 St \1 K e. BATES, de? ring to return to bar native ' I h me, wt?he? to tran?fei her well established Boarding House, e*?r.t*ming 83 rooms, and acsomniodatmg at tne present ime upwards of *o hoarders, into the nanus o: soma person wishing to go into the husii.ess, on the most r'asinat le Wms. T' is Hou?e. l"ng and we I known to the eitiznts of Washington, is pleatan ly situated at the south ! mi . 1 vi.noui ?->u r?. avenue, in tne m > : thrivinc pa-t of th? oit?. and ia convenient to chu'eh ?oh k>!?. th* p?filie hBiU'nce. fcc. For further particular* pleaae can and inquire nt No. 31m Pt. avenue. au 8-tf A mm BEAUTIFUL FARM FOR ^Al.KOR EX CHAN (it FOR IMPROVED PRoPKRTV. I L tfnr t<-r *aie iui Farm. 3 miles from Georgetown. J mile from Tc;.* ?town P<'?t Office, (30 minute*' rid I "in ii?or<i"?wi t <>| about &'ac ?*. 49 in the i.i<he?. i-la e of cultivation as a market carden farm: t?n acr-a ol timber and wood land Tre dwelling ia larje and conv -liient. with larce dry cellar; laree new atable with loft full of ha?; tart* new ttarn flill of clover and timothy hay; another iaric? l-atii full of thu y ar gram in the i>traw i rye, whea* and oat*.) A jrood atone ( aaem'-nt under t1 e ham for ?owe: a new atone aprinc hou?e with apring i i it. ctone milk hou*ead)iiun* with water troii(b?; ca ria*e ami mnnke houae. The frait ia of the be^t fraft-d variety, Pea.hea, P^ara, Apple*, Flmna, (-1 ain<-o?,Oa?*i', Cherrie and Grape* Al?n,St ?* t?erry, Curtant, Raapberry and Aeparati.* liedThe farm ia well known, hav u< uwm d by iuy late father and ni>?e!t for th" !a?t 40 yeara. It ia a r eautiful place, hieh and healthy. Such a pa; in* farm ia aeMom offered for aale; It ins paralMed ia my rca? n for WHiiin* to part with it I lie perfect Call at my stand No. 320 Center Ma-fcet. n> a Seventh afreet, nex* to I,. Neumyer'a ktand, or a note left at the - ar < >ffic or addr^aaed to nie at T*> ah town Post < ifiise, will be attended to. an8-Jt* _ SAMUEL SHOEMAKER. B^HOOKS AND STATIONERY STOCK AND I Kliturei for >ai? uu< hl?m '>? * ?1?* ? *v? < V?v. ncr'l No. 3?^ Seventh it. au 7 3t* FhToR SALK OR RE.NT-A p eaaantly situated I COTTAGE ? OL'SK, containing 9 rowuia. Ther? i* a square of grouud attacneti un?W cult: vation : a !ar?e stable on one nd fthe>.qnare. Tti? p aee will be sold upon verv r?a?onaMe te ma. <>r rented to a prompt tenant.. poaaeasion given o- the l?t of Aucu-t For particulars inquire of BARBO lTKk SE.MMES. Grocer*. jy *7-co6t KN>R R KNT?The la-ge STORK ROOM and " CELLAtt on tue corner of 1 and r-ev^ntli *ts , Nav* Yard. Tina-oorma suitable for any business. Can be rented with or without tne dwei'.mc |'o?ises-ion (jivn 1st of ^ptember. Apply t" JOS. *KPKT < 1, l*'l I ?t.e?s>. m>2?RENT.-A new a-id hand?oui? FRAME HOI'SK wiil 1?? for r?nt in a few \%y?. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street. Iietw^a Georgia acw tie and Kst.. Navy Yard: has a large ca ilea lot attached, a puu.p of g od wa er r. ar. and con a: n? 4 rooms. kitr-h?i. and w od-hed. Wii] he reeled low, with <>r without the lot, to a t- nant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works wel-in au! thing Inquire of T. v.. CI.ARK, Navy \ard;or of JOHN PATCH, 61S H at . between 4th and 5th jy 16 F^HOR RENT?Two comfortable three atrry b lck HOUSES, aix rooms and kitchen each situated on Eleventh at., between B and C. Rent $l2&>p<-r mouth Apply to GEO. F. nUGUELY, a'. F. S. Myera' Oflice, Euhth at. jy >1 ' T* r>nn n - * ~ ri;i\ i\r* : ? i? i wo t'M'jtifai new BKICK HOI'S S,ou Eigh'h ?t A?t w??t, between M and N street* n"'th, wast aide. App'.y to MARY C HAISLIP.No. J*1 Ninth ?tr**t wfit.or Dr KEASBEY, No. 334 Fa. avenue, betweeu 9th and 10th atreeU. jy 12 5w* DONT FORGET. HOSE that are troubled with Dyaentery or any Diaeaa* ofttte Bowele, will find relief by item* Dr. J. SIMMS A SONS1 CHOLERA *VRLP, m it icenerall- cure* ail such diaetae* without fail. It ia perfectly free from opium, and au?wer? for the aced a? well a< the infkat. Pur s?le bv i"H as urnr* o. -? , _ > V ? ?a ?. ?*C, V, ft Georgetown; aud COOK A CO.. Alexandria. au ?-'w* ^ GRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL MAR?HALLAS PAVILION. AGR AND TOURNAMENT and BALL will lake plaje at MAR*H'LA/S PAVIL- ION,' n TUESDAY, the 14th met. Rider* pom Vva?hiafton, town, and Alexandria are mo t re?p*ctful y eotteited to ntlf. They will be furnished wttn oouume. board and horse feed on the above day for twelve do''am (912.) \Vrher?'? Celebrated B<?m Rand haa been enKajted^for the oeoaeioa. The pabiie are inrtted to The steamer R?t n*n?? ?" L?*? on MorxUy, the iSh, irtToVell^kV*!. a?d ; and at the Pavilion at* o'clock f. m Returning wtii i?*v? the Pavilion on Wedureday murnio# u 1 o crock in i a riv? in Washington at 7 o'clock a m., thas atfo'dinf a coed ccnitaaiU to thoM viihi^i to avau themselves of Salt Water Bat*lag, Flaluni. Crabbing. Ac. The utufftraicned ha* spared no expeasa to make this Toarnamer.t surpass an?thiar of tlM kind that ha* beaa *ivea in the State of Maryland, a*d no thing shall be left undone on his part to reader comt"0m^"'jpjm|j|yimiciiq* cordlai,. . For sale, wholesale aaJ retail by 8. C. FORD, Jr., Jy?-m Ck?it For rale-a lady's ridino pojty u afcrerf fef sale epoe vary i jw terms, /jk assSfljSSimS ?T *23 rW! PCMrHREY-fTtftabto., r??Vof Nmiom. Hotel. jy? ?w HO. HOOft hM now on &u4 ? t*tt ivc* I -Moek ol ftM itMM WLVK* WAli a> v? mw tim? yill wnnuit Yorrthiut to h? MIw. ?* ?*?. won* * ?_ W GOD COAL Mcur ?*c?mvvvf7?; ?**, Cotmnrti* at ? ('rmti p. m .VI?nrl. KOWfR* ft CO. h*c )* * to lafornt w&teKmmsgsim mj u?n, v. pisif, r ?irr | niranm w ^? exhibition,*ad Ml.4 fr-Hcav: u finm* wi! ?t lend lhe ?f?OT* Inland and perform a.e.tKtn* o(th* mo?t popula* oh**1* *"* cluwi mhik.m vkirk hwum > i?t|? tiMilim i? mmtW. A4m> uut tc?. ftu ? ?t trr PQ?*T fpknr-r^m EFIEK CONfEtTP! ***T LOpFKI Kt. ft*r Tmr* rrr+m Isl mm4 td **rn*t. w?m* r>f o^ftlly DAY u4 7"1RSDAV KVRWINO* d.nB? tke mm. m Iim l*an .? n. coMiineocni at 3 tVloak ud endim M 1" p. m previoa* to tit* C?mm, Ut? Aa*oo* u of*u to Ukm dMirmi to vfcuf ivkj > f?? k??r? i* tk? imit du?*. ICR QIEm WAT**'K ICEB.wd erery daaariBtiaa at CONFKCTION KE V away* raadr at mtr pfiaaa. Parvw daairinc the Garde** Tor Pia N?? par? ?ti. ?rf re*a**t#d to ci*e ad?r m l*o d?(im ? It Sm _ AUCTION BALB8. By J. C. Me(il IKh * CU? twtNMn. TRrSTKK'* J?ftl.R OP VMA ABI.K TROPun?<iCiriT?i. Uili.-()u * N IDA V Afr TKRMMIN, A?iii>I Dxk, at C n'oiuek. on th? h* nr+we of < f lm?t. <tetH fc*rfrahw ZM. IW, ?"<f 4a T r**v>rd."4 Mioat lh' !% <) reoord* of WMkMirtoti comiiIv. I !,?.. Um ?*uirn tofl/vi miii'i t-vI rvmitacii, in mnib r?! HTfn h??rfr??<1 ?n<> tw?nt? -mn?. fruiting t<r-nt* **>r*n fr*< ?n Kmi Pir?tiiidl Huond rtrfrtu ?Ml riiaiv l*?M ii?hw?.jl l?*t 'bros iuokM. witn tk? rwjronm?r.U thinon. A11 oo?T?*Mion?? ?t th# *>?toftk* purctaaar Term* On* hi f ?*? > 'xt.ft-a# .? f ?? months, vi li loUrM', areurad t>y tilNd o' t*u* oi the iroH It JOHN FKFFVBW. Tnwew. )J li ?oA<ta J C Mrlil 1 K ( k ? ?nr', H? J. C. Mrt^'IRK * C<> . AMtlNOI Pkhkmrnm-s *alk or milu?kiv < tit 9mw tinoot. Ebii?iniiu. TillMIRU4. Lhcm* I'tui Mil), ? tV T I'li'l*. c.?Oil !?AT1'k DAY MokMNG, a u? u?< Uk.e.ia MVofk "? ?.ir'i??iM from ?ey u? ?? anil thf whoim km '. ? I Mil. Ml lli? store of K C M? ' f r* . No .119 Fml Iv-eime, be<w*?r. 91** in4 1 t ?trrMa, I lirgi tvi-ty ?f in his ii?*. nnmftmirfiml Hi r Bmm-U ' 'f? >!?pM, rri>nir>?U uul'd strit tiuiuMta. HlUiari F it*. Co!'*** Hl'riid Stnw Rorir-ta. Colored* B.i- k intf M hiu Jwkri Hiti, vmhh ana pwm M(inr> MMI Inftlf. i?o do Ban a an<1 "trpa. Do d? Co lat? a-d S*te.'rifanta'Bodiee GinN, CaHi Bratdr. Kri!?*?e. Mibd |it>IM. G?u*? and Stifc, filk Batloaa, Plain I>ro? Tm e , t rn>c?**" ? V? Ton. F.nrhak Tnr<-ad, C kr''i<l V *. ei pi* fci k. B'end a?;d * ' \-a net* of L?c?*. Hckjp >kuta. K Ntk ArtiScAl Klowerf. Lfcdi"*' snd Gtr.t nn?r'? ^ k an.) Gil. nam r>n broila*. >*? >' M k?. S*?> I.a't-'T, liurP iii'>(t kind*. H -ad Oraaa#*. Hair. T' oth ?ii Nail Brorhaa, ?'??? f>?. llMiatii aea P t-m '>?!* t'e-ii <a?ee. G<?d and Stiver Thimti e> l uck ?'?? <'*. Lut'ii."'. ana Ju,?? Ut'j f'i t?e?t k-? traota. Kr'BOta ?i d Gorman Co ngr e*. Hair <Ml. Hon,??i- Ae.Ac. All of vt.ioh Vi'l be od wi'hout Termr: ??' ami under. oaah i'Wr that mm a credit of in and * dava. for appro%?i *r<4?re?4 notea heartOf in ereet an 1 d J C McGl'IRF A CO . Aaeta. FUTURE DATS " Br A. GKKfcV Auctioneer. F!?XTF,N?Vh BAI.K OF Hoi >KHoLD A "ID a Kit? hk* Fchitcii-(to MON'l*AY, 'h" 13th m?t . I aha i eel! ai 1fl o'e o?k a. m . at the ree?d> rice ' f a ?ei t emao dec Inina n.-eerkeepi ng. N o. 4 On L> at.. between Oth ai?i 7tii ata . a <?'( and ex^el ent aaaortinen' of M ah ?rai }, U'a rit.a d o?h?r Ferr.itu'e. a ir . ( ? nic n .* :.?-arlj i.ew. ?n .Mahogany and Waioat Botaa. Caator Arm kad R > t H( Cha ra. wiui ar.a n a nut and cth r Hu reiiii | Mahogany Marble-top Octr*. * fa, aad ?i4* Table#, < Mahogar, Extern;, a, Dining, C*rd, Br?akfa?t. and . ther Table*. Mahorai ? Secretary and Baokcur, Writing Oak. ai d W hat rot, P an?. fort?, B<w kca?e?,'Wardrohea.and HatTrw. Gi t frame ViTr ? and . ther Looking G J?-nn\ Fre' r> . a'.<5 t BnU'm.t. C li ?>!? .> . M >nr. an<1 *u-fi V\ are. Ivory rta' i::tan<! ..ther Ki.:im and F . F n Feather HMr na r.1 <>;i. n, an >r uok Ml' tr?n?t. Window Carta: na and ttimlr. mMM h* ti Beddifcg. Tnpe?ti?, Hra??e!?, S*a , ard . ttfr <*a> pet*. Ha .Ml i . r ? 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W )??|(DEN, aa 7-dta U.S. Marahei. \I*R!,HAL'? ^ALK.-ir ?'rt?? ii a wri? of *1 fie-i fac.aa leauetif-va the Cier* a (Mill of the i ircrnti o . t l i;,e D?i".ct Co aml.a for the County ol Waahinrtoi., a i Ui me di^ec'ei'.. I wi1! expo?e sf> puh'ic ?ale for aaafc. in f oat of the Court H Bie a o-< < i-.m ooc t? ?B DAY, the ?1 h da\ of Augat re*?.18fci, at tSo'eioek All - - - ? .?__ J._ , V E ? Z ' * 'i- c ?"T1 a no iDt?r??t Ik p !;' in tbeCu<r.?f \\ *?hinnon. I>. C , together w th Ail and uicuiar tli > lmproverne t" m|xm1 liid i?*vi<*<4 uMn r.wif.V:7ujff& Nr. W to OcU?^r Wm W,u (?Tor of M Djw, rihrf J D Corn, . Mwihkl for tb? Distriot ot^jom'ljiiL ? -uie M4R*HAI.'88ALE.?Invirtaa> ISwnta #:jtn faciat mird fr oiTt th* Ciork'i oft or of '* Clf nut r,o?rt of ?h? UisUMt of Goumbia. fof cnutj of Wartiiiiitor, M l to m* rtir?ctod. I vi'l > ea? >?* to public salr, lor WM>h. in front of iha court hou?? door of *aid o nnty.on MOM DAY. th? Ml 4%? of An?o?t n?it, 1?'. at |9o'?iookm .all drfaot* \nt'? rif kt.ii*l"?.c' .m kndiDtm?lir?iilU)L"l Nc. 15, in t*?oara "St. in the CI** of WVinoi'of ,lt. C.f tosfthrr with a" au ei. U?? loiprnvmaonU I th?r??on, and l*n>d upon a? pr^frtT of Cku. H Van Patton and art 11 U* toM tm >*tiafv imdicia t Not 7? i u 79, U> October torr? 1UB. ic tevor oi John W.Tho?p?<>n aT>d 2. I* G? r^an W 8Fu'^KN j? U-4U U.S. Mar*ha. I* Distrust ofColartM IITTHR AWO/F BALK 18 POSTPONED ntn WEDNESDAY, tba 9th lut.. hoar aid plao?. aa_7 W.IELMa, U-1 MwM CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. OVtKB or th* W * - n i xgto5 Ayc*?r?-T,f Wi??'K.TOII Aocust 7. IV. \ !*?ai KU p?opo5 41 ft wi! '.* r?c< i v od *i tluaotfi^o until 12 o'clock m? August 21 ?t, IMt), for ?uppl)iat the following ISDto n&SMnoh Pip?V B?u * Rftfcnx. MI ??... lot, \V? hmfUw A^v^wi pUtom 4 * i ch Flame* Pipea, 11 f<?* !* *, ?ir?Und' Vulilift'X Aqueduct pat arn. ..... 3 12 mch FIan*e Ptp??. 12 fc?t long, (drvlM) Wa hmc'nn Aqu?*iuct p?ttor?. I 2 6 men Flane* Pip??.#faat Waafciacton A<|u>^luot MUtrn. ..... 1 4 inch Flam* ?f**t lon?,<4riU?4) Waal ington Aqueduct pattern. _ A loo. a la* special pattern* aaeti aa Bmeekae B?nri?.*e. For futtiMr particular*, anaintboc of drawinga, * c . aps1? ?t th?? ffioa. Tha whole of tha ra?tin*? will b? required to ba dalivwred hy tha lat Oetobw next. H. W. BF.NHAM, Captain of Eaamnnm. ... * a/1 ' * * ynin r.nfr \% int.i mton IVTOTICF..?Th? road rao*ntl) opened through I th* Kwt Squ&r* of the Capitol g round* is not i? ita pr???nt ronrt'tiwi * highway. hat *?? Mwp.f ikUm?4 for the convenience <4 ?r*Uii| *t?M to the potUooo* *ud affording 114r?*? to f?fio?ik> in* hutiitMi ia th* NiiMinkO ?t?liiit. to iny' it. The ??e of tho rood o? a nmrnnn highway would Ml?fer<' ?r> pweli with the pro* m- of Ik* work ?ii. WJ ihetrlof.) it oMMtt t( f e?it he mad* ? thoroughfare b? oinnihut wf otk? vehicle* A* eo*?n a?th? wort h*? iMitr -uTOeie t rWOfNM to MjnitW it. the ruwt will tic put in p-oper ra vetting ooiitmnn nd isnwi open i_- Mb Ikll 1 ? MOnUBMtMMT OfPHltUc Kl > dlw ^ UALTIMORK LIKE I.NSl KA>CK CO.?I* " 0 jo?n?utiiIBI.-Tom i. Dobli wm, rr^.: &..v7TV n 1 1 H ifgrti j4oVt.i) 1U NoTTt MJLIljlKT L9?LJ^^TW ?&? I Washington )FIBK> INWRANOC D ILAfWO*. ?^-t/#^C,EK P<>03&5S2 dri^?, ?.., ...rr