Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1860 Page 1
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m \ ' 'Ml .r i w |51 "Y ,#*-s f ' ' | tllMMb ?f?* ??> r^tor(h>' * (^1)tiling tar. v?t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. AUGUST 11. 1860. N?. 2.334 a ?Mi?I ? THE EVENING 8TAR * PUBLISHED EVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and lltA St., i H. D. WALLACH. Paper* aerved in ^Mkapi by oarrtera at <4 ft year, or SI oenta par month. To mail anbaoribera tne prioa is f KM a year, in mdvanet; $i for six month*; fl for thro* month*; and for lean than three inontns at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Sinf !e copies, olicorr; m wrappera, two cents. ADvi*T!se*iNTs ihoald be tent to the ofloa before li o'clock m . otherwise they may not appear uutil the next day. THE WIFE TAHER Mra. Morton was a widow?a young. pretty, rich widow?when Dr. Charles titrahau made ber acquaintance. She was a poor but very handsome woman when Squire Morton married her. and at his death, two year* after, ahe being the sole heir, put on her widow'a weed? and pocketed her deceased husband's gold at the same time. Madame Rum^r said that poor old Morton I never enjoyed a .single hour after he married her : but how sbould Madame Rumor know ? Of one thing, howerer, I can give my readers reliable information. Mra. Morton had not been a widow twelve months ere she received with seeming pleasure very decidad attentions iroin vr. oiranan. Do you inquire who Dr. Strahan wag ' Well, be studied medicine, and bad the title of M D. conferred upon him, whioh he took great plea*are in attaching to the end of hia name with a grand flourish. Bat it is averted that he nevar had a half dozen patienta in as many years. He was a young man of prepossessing appearance. a ready talker apon any subject, and was (in fact first rate company, lie played the flute and sang?waa a good dancer, and an excellent partner at whist; besides, he had some literary reputation. He wrote poetry and two oolumn sketches for the Weekly Lereler, and last, though by no means least, he dressed in good taste aovl in the bight of fashion. How ne did it no one knew, but then it was no one s kwilM. But I must b? allowed to contradict one rumor which gained considerable prevalency, to the effect that he supported himself by his literary labors; an ordinary newspaper scribbler could hardly afford ^trahan's wardrobe. Oid Squire Morton had been dead but little over a year, when Dr. Strahan, despite all that gosaipers could say, married the widow and her fortune. The fact was, he wanted a risk wife. As to her, she was anxious to leave he weeds and go into society again; and she Could devise no readier way to accomplish theae purposes than by marrying. When any one ipoke to the doctor of her being a shrew. v. i 1 i a! i 1 i i ur iuficij remsritcu mm ne snouu tase great pleasure in taming * shrew. For three months they lived happily together for it was in the bight of the season, and between Cape May, Newport. Saratoga and the White Mountain-, they were alone with each other scarce three hoars oat of the twenty-four; consequently it was impossible for them to disagree But the season was soon over and they returned to their quiet home?the place of all others to study a wife or husband; for there is no unnatural excitement, no fashionable Mrs. A. to nutdress, no profligate Mr. B. to eutdo in (eqaandering money; no one to see. to please, bat the "Other half " After a season of long-continued gayety there necessarily follows one of extreme dull' new; and when one is dull one is easily displeased. Now Mr. and Mrs. Strahan were both of them remarkable dull, and as a matter of course both preferred being pleased to attempting to please; and of course both were greatly displeased It was their third day at home, upon which their first quarrel commenced. How it beiran neither could clearly tell. It is only known that fctrahan expressed a desire to dine upon roast beef, upon which Mrs. S. sail that she abominated beef, and stated her preference to be roast turkey and oyster sauce; Strahan considered turkey a.* child's food?ho d have beef or nothing; she'd have tnrkey. And thus commenced the war of Strahans One ordered the butcher not to have fowl; the other gave strict instructions not to have beef brought into the house; between them they were both likely to starve if they remained at home; so the doctor went to the village tavern and dined on beef, while Mrs. 6. visited some of her friends and partook of turkey. After dinner Dr. S gave a wine supper in the room which he designated by the name of "study," a sort of variety store, in which he kept his library, writing desk and spittoon liere. also, were two glass cases, one of which contained a giant's skeleton, hung on wires; in the other was an Egyptian mummy. The walls were hung with curiosities of all descrip u jus, among mem cane irom a tree which grew orer Washington's grave, a ?nuff-h?x trout wood of the Charter Oak, a chip from the United States frigate Constitution; mineral*, ahells and fossils of all kinds, specimen ears of corn, enormous sized fruit and vegetables, cases of dried insects and jars of pickled reptiles. Stuffed birds were perched about the apartment, and voluptuous French lithographs aud portraits of distinguished personages were ^ hang promiscuously on the walls; a long read\ ing table, arm-chairs, a prescription case, a mmimoth bell-metal pestle and mortar, completed the furniture of the - study.'' During the same evening, Mr. S had a whist party in the parlor. M ine held her votaries in bondage longer than cards, and Mrs S. had dismissed her party and retired hours before her liege lord came to his chamber; and when he did come, he found the door locked, himself without and his wife within In vain he called to her, she could not and would not hear; and he was compelled to find a bed elsewhere, which he did. * S - - L! 1 * ?> uuucriug i? uiiii.ten, " i u tame Her yet." And he laid all night forming a plan to bring her to submission. In the morning he asked her to walk into his study; and there, seated in an arm-ehair, they renewed their fierce worded quarrel?during which Mrs. S. called her husband a hearties*, brainless fellow, who married her for money. To which the doctor replied by railing her a low. vulgar woman, who was ->nly glad to marry a professional gentleman and author to enable her to enter better society. After which she toyed with her fan, and finally pulled the bell-cord, and ordered the servant who answered it to bring her carriage to the door. " Where are you going!" demanded the doctor " To ride." replied the amiable Mrs. 6. " I will g<) wiih you, please " 41 But I do not please " ' Then I choose to go." ' Very well, then, you will go alone; for you cannot go with me." 4. V ...... ? ? -? x i/u t anuui gu uuicu i go wiin you. ? We will see "Well, we will see,*1 and the gentleman L walked out of the room. looked the door, put * the kej into his pocket, and left the house. Mrs. 3. did not sit down and burst into a flood of tears, but wailed patiently for the servant to return whom she had ??nt for the carriage When he arrived, she told him, through the keyhole, to return the hor*es to tbe stable, and place a ladder up against the study window The ladder was placed according to directions, and a turkey, with oysters and paatry. was brought up to ber. The ladder was then removed, and ererTthin* nr?n?r?H f.>- ?>>? ~ ?r O ? f?* ?vi *UW IB" appearance of ber husband i About the middle of the afternoon, the docw tor returned home, stepped softly through the hall toward the study door, and peeped through the keyhole. expecting to seek a striking picture of humility and contrition. Judge of his surprise, then, when he saw Mrs S sitting before hU long reading-table, on her right hi* bell-metal mortar, in which was fire, and a grate over it, on which she was roasting his mammoth specimens of apples, ?*weet potatoes, and her turkey. Next her stood hi.s water-bath, in which she was cooking oysters, and she occasionally stirred them with his silver spatula, on the table stood one of the bottles of wine which had been left from a previous night's rerelrv. which tn* iui> want , of a champagne opener, had deprived of its neck with a wedgewood pestle. and using a fwur-ounce graduate for a wine-glass, she bad eat up ohampagne baskets for tirewoo-1 with an Indian tomahawk On the left hand stood the doctor's writing desk, which she bad broke a ; , open and Mattered on the desk were tender m, iires of his earlier flames, manuscript pages of tales and sketches, unpublished odes, poems, and unpaid tailors' bills, all in a huge pile, * while the ladj sat reading, first a sweet loveletter, then an ode on Napoleon, and so on, throwing them, page after page, into the fire. Thus, the husband s brainwork and wooden curiosities were made to cook her dinner. The doctor looked silently on as long as he could; then taking the key from his pocket, he unlocked the door, and?it was bolted upon the iufide " Mrs. S.'' he shouted. "Well, sir!" " Onen the door" " I'm busy now, and can't be disturbed !" " Open the door, or I'll burst it in." " Do as you please, sir, but your mummy and riant skeleton are placed against the door, so be careful and not break them. The doctor was foiled For a few moments he stood and thought what course it was best to mirsue Hui1(1ad1v rmoil?alin? th* 1 ?aa hel)Mt*ne<] down stairs and through the hall, oat door*, leaving the door unlocked and the key in it. His foots'.eos had scarce died upon the stairway, before hia wife had removed both cases from the door, drawn the bolt and stood in the entry. It was but the work of a moment to throw the remaining letters, poems and manuscripts in the fire, remove the wine and eatables, look the door upon the outside and place the key in her pocket. Meanwhile the doctor was raising the ladder to the window, and by the time he had placed it and ascended half its length, his wife and a favorite man servant were watching him from a lower window The doctor pushed up the window and jumped in: the servant jumped out of the lower window and nnllf-rl down in* larfHur Tn ?n instant Strahsn saw that his bird bad flown, and he rushed back to the window just as the ladder reached the ground. " Put that ladder back here again," roared the doctor from the upper window. "Let it stay where it is," cried the wife from the lower window. " Put it up here instantly, or I'll discharge you," bellowed the upper window. Let it alone, and I'll double your wages," chimed in the lower window " Do a* I tell you, blockhead," yelled the doctor, with rage. "Come in the house, John," said Mrs. S.. very coolly. A ml Jitkn vonf i nt/\ tKo K<mua WVMU T. vu* * u v>/ IUV UVUOli) ion V IUK IUC medical gentleman heaping curses upon every body, including his wife and servant John. All night long the doctor was kept a prisoner. Just before she retired his wife put her lips to the keyhele and whispered : What success in taming a shrew, doctor?" The next morning sho came to the door and called? " Doctor !*' 44 Madamo," replied the gentleman. " Should j.ju like some breakfast ?" ' I'm not particular." 44 There is cold turkey left if you would like it." The doctor deigned no reply, and the lady again left him alone. !>uring the afternoon (he again tapped at his door, and called? 44 Doctor!'5 41 Well, my dear," very humbly. 44 Would you like some dinner !" 441 should." 44 Will cold turkey do for you?" 44 Anything, my dear." 44 If I will let you out will you promise never to lock me up again ?" 44 I will." 44 And never object to my eating turkey again?" 44 Never." 41 And attempt to tame a shrew again ?" "Never" " Then?you?may?coine?out." And the lady unlocked and threw open the door. To this day Dr. 8. has not attempted to dictate to his wife in what she shall eat, or when she sball ride, and has never been heard to a _ ?* ooasi again 01 "laming a stirew." The Four <*e?rgea. The last Cornhill Magazine has the first of Thackeray's excellent lectures on " The Four Georges of England." The following extract therefrom relates to the life and times of George I: Delightful as London city was, King George I liked to be out of it an much as ever he could; and when there passed all of his time with his Germans It was with them as with Ulucher, I one hundred years afterwards, when the bold old reiter looked down from St. Paul's and sighed out. "Was for Plunder?" The German women plundered; the German socretagies plundered; the German cooks and intendants plundered; even Mustaphaand Mahomet, the German negroes, had a share of the booty Take what yon can get. wad the old monarch's maxim. He was not a lofty monarch, certainly; he was not a patron of the fine arts; but he was not a hypocrite, he was not revengeful, he was not extravagant. Though a despot in Hanover, he was a moderate ruler in England. His aim was to leave it to itself as much as possible, and to live oat of it as much as he could. His heart was in Hanover. When taken ill on his last journey, as he was passing through Holland, he thrust his livid head out of tne coach window, and gasped out, "Osnaburg. Osnaburg!" He was more than fifty years of age when he came amongst us; we took him because we wanted him, because he served our turn; we laughed at his uncouth German way, and sneered at him. He took our loyalty for what it was worth; laid hands on what money he could; kept us assuredly from Popery and wooden ahoes. I, for one, would have been on his side in those days. Cynical and selfish as he was, he was better than a king out of St. Uermains. with the French king s orders in his pocket, and a swarm of Jesuits in his train. The Fates are supposed to interest thornselves about royal personages; and so this one had omens and prophecies specially rejrardimr him. lie was said to be much disturbed at a Erophecy that he should die very soon after is wife, and sure enough pallid death, having seized upon the luckless princess in her castle of Ahlden. presently pounced upon H M King George I in his traveling chariot, on the Hanover road. What postilion can outride that pale horseman! It is said, George promised one of his left-handed widows to come to her after death if leave were granted to him to revisit the glimpses of the moon; and soon after his demise, a great raven actually flying or hooping in at the Duohess of Kerdar s window At i wicKennam sue cnose to imagine the king's spirit inhabited these plumes and took special care of her sable visitor. Affecting metempsychosis?funereal royal bird ! How pathetic is the idea of the Duohess weening over it! When this chaste addition to our English aristocracy died, all her jewels, her plate, her plunder, weut over to her relations in Hanover. I wonder whether her heirs took the bird, and whether it is still flapping its wings over Herrenhausen ? The days are over in England of that strange religion of king-worship, when priests flattered princes in the Temple of God; when servility was held to be ennobling duty; when beauty and youth tried eagerly for royal favor; and woman's shame was held to be no dishonor. Mended morals and mended manners in courts and people, are among the priceless consequences of the freedom which George I came to reseuo and secure He kept his compact with his English subjects; and, if he escaped n< more than other men and monarcbs from the vices of his age, at least we may thank him for preserving and transmitting the liberties of ours. la our free air, royal and bumble homes have alike been purified; and truth, the birthright of high and low among us. which quite fearlessly judges our greatest personages ci??i onlv >iut>k nf tK?m >/, ? ?i- -t ' -| ?vn tu wuiuo ui rOTprui and regard There are itaim in the portrait of the first George, and trait* in it which none of us need admire; but among the nobler feat^ area art juiuce, oourage, moderation?aad these we may recognise ere we tarn the picture to the wall. The Proper Manser for Womem to Dress.?"All The Year Round" has the fol lowing :?"As you look from your windows in Paris, observe the first fiftr women who naM! fort} have noaes depressed in the middle, a mall quantity of dark hair, and a swarthy complexion, but, then, what a toilet! Not only suitable for the seaaon. but the age and complexion of the wearer. How neat the feet and hands ! How well the clothes are put on, and, more than all, how well they suit each other! Before English women oan dress perJectly. they must have the taste of the French, especially in color. One reason why we see colors ill-arranged in England is. that the different articles are purchased each for its own imagined virtues, and without any thought of what ia to be worn with it. Wumen, while hopping, buy what pleases the eye on the o >unter,forgetting what they have got at home. Th.t narao^il ia ?ill 1-Jll l - A U?>* ID pIQUJf l/UI 111 Will Kill) uy 118 | color, one dress in the buyer's wardrobe, and be unsuitable for the others. To be magnifi cently dressed costs money: but, to be dres.??d with taste, knowledge and refinement. Ne*er buy ?tj article unless it is suitable to your ige, habits, style, and to the rest of your wardrtbe. i v.ii.: * * iiuiumg is more Yuigar man to wear costly dresses with a common delaine, or cheap lices with expensive brocades. What colors, we i may be asked, go best together?* Green with ? violet; cold with dark crimson or lilac; pile blue with scarlet; pink with black or while; and gray with scarlet or pink. A cold cobr I generally reauirei a warm tint to give life to it. Gray ana pale blue, for instance, do nit combine well, both being cold colors. White and black are safe wear, bat the latter is nrt favorable to dark complexions. Pink is, for some skins, the most becoming; not, however, if there is mi^ch color in the cheeks and lips, and if there be even a suspicion of red in either hair or complexion. Peach color is, perhaps, one of the most elegant colors worn. Maize is very becoming. pHrticularly to persons with dark hair and eyes. Gut whatever the eolOH J or materials of the entire drew, the details are I all in all; the luce round the bosom* and sleeves, ; the flowers?in fact, all that furnishes the dress. The ornaments in the head must harmonize with the dress. If trimmed with black lace, some of the same should be worn in the head, aud the flowors that are worn in the head should docorate the dress. AMttS. WiMLUW, X ExperSen *<i Narm and Femaie Physician preaecta to the attention of mother*, her S00TU1NG SVR UP, Far Children Teething, Wktak (rtti j fieiiit'Ma tsa pracaaa af taaibiof, k? aaf;aa log tha ( ma, raa?cuf ?!i iiilimnitUM-wUl allay ALL rail* and apaamadie aei-ari,and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapa"J apou it, maibara, it will fi?a raai ta yaaraaivaa, io? RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ha*a pat up and o;u ibia aruela for a?ar tan yaara, and caw a at, in coi*riD?wi? and T?r th of it, what wa bira nafir baao abia I* -aay af as; OTHII Madicioa? wivbr MKS j has it rAi L?D, i!? a iijisli ?i?tinnii """ TO ,r" FICT A CO I, VT115LUVT 9 w(,an timaif aaad Narardid wa know KOOTi &b loatk,'c* <J"' aatiafaetiM by an; ana wha oaad it. Oa> tha contrary,allara SVR J P, dalirhtad with ita ortRATlom, and L?Jartii in tarnna el bi(haat cmnn-ac Jinoo *f lka to > ical atfacta and raadieai firun n apaal in .ma mv.'ar " what W t DO IKUV," aftartao yaara' aipariaoca, a"?d flidoi oi'i r irt'Ti* tio* fob th HLriLMt.1t of what wt h br i dbclm1. In tinMi *r?tf inttinci whin tna infant la tulif ln( from pain and aiha??tiun, rilial will ba found In Ifiaaa r '.wnty minstaa sftar tha ?yrup it ai.miniat?r?d. Thia aaluabla preparation ta ina priKnptan ?f an* af tba iMat lirniiiiciD ind siarOL nvmn in Na* E'.aand, tod baa baan atari with !* bt br-ka I ivccbai in THOUSANDS Oh CASKS. It n?l amy raltaaai tha ?hild ram pain, but loTif?ratia tba lamach ind b*wtla, eorrteta acidr.jr, ai.d fiaat t*ua aod carf j ta th? wbait tjatem. It will ?lm#at initially raliava SKirixa in thk Bowels and Wihd Colic, aodaTtreama e*???laiant, which, if lat trtadHj rarradiad ?nf1 in daatk w ? ? audiubbitbbm- fur t in lha wu*ld 10 all cam af dti- I'MILUKKM ?T?T?id rut* RM<X4 Id CMiL- TKETHIN6. nn,,> whiibir u inn fc?m linking ' from ar.? oihar cans* W voalflMy la a?ary m<uhir no haa a child aaf finny from any of lha fnrifatn; camplauil* ?(>u hot L*1 r?ui riuvoicn, iioh thi rnijcdk?? or otkbb*. aland baiwaait your lafariaf child and tha naif that will ba fCDI-jaa, tllOLl'tilt ?r? l-il foil"-# 111 Baa of lb isidicioi, if tirrilf and. Koll dirietior a ir uung will a a?n,P*u? aaeh boun Nnni ranBica anliaa thi facairoili CURTli k i'JCKKINS.Niw York, la <mi lha taiaidi wrappi Bc.d by Drarriata ihroarhnai ifci world. Principal OSci. No. II Cidar flirait, It. T. Prici en I 25 Caaati par Battia. M 11-dkwlT GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ARARK CHANCE IS NOW OFFhRKUTO any one who may be deiiroua of entering in a profitable bumo'at. at one of the t>?ht standi in G?orcetovn. I off<r iny entire itock of DRY f.ixilw,., ? i? - ? ' " ? - vu i '?o' 'tiui/i v v?' i iw, hi "iu j v*? lliaic tb cshan*e in my bumnos*. \V.R MUROLK. jy 24 1 m Corner of High Gay ?tg. OFOR HARI'KK'S FKKKV. N And after July 3(1, IH80, the steamer I.. J. BrenRle, Captain \V. H Rittrr, will ii ? i _ leave G?orift<.wn KVF.RV TUKS Til T IM r DAY. THURSDAY, and SATl K DAY*, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a m. On tUe Saturday trip from Gcorcetown the l?oat will run through to Shepherdstown. je21 3in I JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBI.9 WHISKY, <a?orted.> 180 do. HERRINGa d ALEWIVE3, id do. NKFINED 8I7GARS, to l>h<N. PORTO RICO SI"*; ARS, 6 bbls.t Bayfield) WHITE Fi ll, 25 boxes prune EasternCHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. AGENCY FOR FA I R BANK'S SCALES IN A. GEORGETOWN The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the sal* of the above celebrated and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest 'ares. HAY and COAL 90A LES erected in any part of the District or adj uniug counties. All Scales are warranted durable, acoorate, and to give satisfaction BU9EY * BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements. jesym nrta?e street > floors wntoi Huh CRANDKLL, OPTICIAN, No. 1U9 bruit* St., Ufnutvwn, Hu oonstantlr on hand & large assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periseopic. f^n! - f, a t ored, and a), other SPECTAnLhS, oi**_ the beat qna.ity. in gold. silver, ateel.and German liver frame*. N. B. Old F'ainea Repaired and new g asses aet in thw to order. no l?-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brxdnt and Jeftnon ttt , Qtorgtlovm. Having given my personal attention to this tnanoh of my business, 1 am prepared to .? _ attend to all calls with promptness Persons from a distance oaa be supplied at a 'ew minutes' notice, as I have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. a - >. * aikivuim nitniiMuu J??iu w wiir rciHUV(|| Oi IQP d?ad from the old to the new burial grounda. Hearer* and H->ra??? for hire. ap i0-6m MAS8EY.COLLIN8 & CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are conatautly receiving frMh auppiiea of the above delightful beverage, and invite ail person* who went a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. AKNY * SHINN, AgenU, f* ST Br?*n at.. Kwrtotnwo. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing ot the Royal Havana Lottery, oouduoted by the Spauiah Government, under the auperviaion of the Captain General of Cab*, will take plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. AcocaT 26, I860. SOKTBO NUIHSKO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 prise of ?100,000 60 pnzea ot fl.noc 1 do ?,000 so do 500 I do ? 30,000 US do 400 1 do 80,000 30 appro x. tJOO t J. 1A AAA * | UV ? H>,WJ I IN ALL tftsS PRIZES. Whole Tiobets, ?40? Halves, (10?Quarters, ?i. Prizes oashed at sight at 5 Mr cent, discount. Bill* on al! solvent Hank* taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded aa soon as the result become* known. All orders for schemes or tiokets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, su 6 tr Care of Cft? Post. Charleston. K C. For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious Fruit ani> Cream Strops, Go to GRAY'S, Northftaat oor. Maaaachuaetta av. and Fourth at. Jy34 tw NhW MUSI". received wmi-VKkij, and tor warded by mail fr?? of poatacn. Jj 11 JOHN F. LLL1 EDUCATIONAL. CO M M ElR CIAL COLLEGE, No. 4T? Sbvbnth st., Qrpontetk* Omtal Post O+ct, W*tktngtom City Armorian ?y*tsm of Penmanship. Bootkeepinc, .Vleroaiitiie Forms acd Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohame, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Grau.mar ana Arithmetic, ILT A Preparatory Class for Boys. IL/ Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. For termi apply at the Rooms. ma?4-8.n WM. W YOUNG A CO. the union femai.e academy. n t kiwaiumiiusi. i ni? well known Ami popular Seminary, which 1/ di Ln 80 uocegirul under the entire care of Mn. Ktchardi (or more than ten rrar?. will be opened on tfcefir?t Monday in September next. under the 'in dT WJ7.lHJon 'Mtruction of Mr. and Mrs. RICH ARDS, la the well arranged and dehjchtiuIit k>oaUtd Union r?i ya tic l^ar?.p>*? -i.^uiar* at all the Bookitonn. mn23 tf !W?' MRS. McCOlI .ICE'S SCHOOL. I"R8. MrCORMICK decirea to inform hsi tTionaa ana trie pubiio general'* that rhe will reeuma tns duties of ber School on th? 1st Monday in September next. Theoourseof study pursued will oomprieealltha branohes requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to ber day soholars. she is desirous of

receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from 10 to 14 j ears, who will be under ber immediate oareand oversight. Ber arrangements for the accommodation and due oare of pupils have been oonsiderally increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington aesiring particular information with ref#renoe to her sohool may apply to W. D. Wailaoh, Editor o the Star. For tflrmi a.nri further m? ? reiidenoe?No. St Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. Hf-tf CLOTHING, &c." WELLING OFF E* AT POST ! In order to decr?a?enif s ook I have detTmin'yJ to close out the Nilance of mv SUM M ER CLOTH ING at est All in want of Suinm*- Cl>thine ure respectful^ invited to call at No. 4?0 Seventh st., opposite Pout < >t!ice, and see the great redu tion in Summer Clothing jjr >2-1 in ITN1TED STATES CAPI POL EXTENSION, / VVisHi\orn*. Jnlw 11 lflfin Proposals will be reodive-t at this Olfic ut?j noon of rue?Har, the 21st of A at list next, for Furnishing and Putting up the Iron Ceiling* of two rooms over the connecting oorrirtori of the Capitol Extension The proposal* n ust state the price for each oeil in* ooniplete, in place, painted with three good coats of white leai in oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every description, including the fastenings of the ceilings to the walls and to the roof fiames, must be included in the price bid. Tho proposals most be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceilings." acd muet be accompanied by a guarantee, signed Ij one or more responsible per sons, addressed to tlie undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the presenoe of suon persons as may choose to attend The drawings of the oeilings can been seen at this Office. W. B. FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical H ngineers. In oharge ol Capitol Extension. Kaoh proposal should be aooompanied by the following guarantee: Form of Guar ant >t. The undersigned, K B and CD, of , in the State of .arid in tne State of , hereby guaranty that in case the foregoing bid of lor iron ceilings, an above described. be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt of thecnritraotat the piace named execute the contract for the ceilings, with good and sufficient secur.ties; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make g?-od the difference between the offer of the said and that which ma* be accepted. Date , l?6". Signatures of guarastora, A B. C D. Witness. E F. T I 1? _ . r .t_. . a Ht-icuj ucmiy mill iri9 annyfl nuniPfl ?? lire known to me as able to make good their guarantee. Signature. G H. To be signed by the United States distriot ju-1 ge. United States distriot attorney, oollector, or some person" known to the War Department. jy 18 dtd W HEELER ft WII,?ONS SEWING MACHINK AGENCY, Removed to No. 34?> Pa. Av., mai 7th St. Encouraged by the substantia! and rapidly increasing popularity of Wheeler 4 Wilson's unequalled Family S?win< .Vaehmeg. which for the last ?ight ji?ar* have inont triuinpba .tly mauitainnd their superiority, as a family institution, over all oomp-titor* for popular favor, the Agert has tak- n one of the fine new (tore* lately erected on Pa avenue. ni-ar 7th st. wh?re a beaut ful assortment of all the various sti les n ay at all times t>e seen. There were 21.306 of these S?*wuu Machines sold in thn rear ISM. I.adies are invited to call and see them, together with certificates from many of th<' best Citizei.s of Waahif rtim and UnnrMtnwn m relation to thoir well known and thoroughly t??to<l superiority If any la<h?? cannot oall. let them send for a circular by a'l mwans It is hi(ntun?ev?r) fam Iv in the land was supp io*i with one of these lieaitfi and lifo saving instruments. Full instructions, l?olh printed and verl>al, given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STKK K . Agent, No 340 Pa. av?*nue, jy 11-lm Between 6th and 7th sts. PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. UrriCK OF COMMISSIOMKOF PCBL1C BCILMSGS,/ August 3, i860. S Scaled Pbotosai.s wi'l he received at this office up t" 12 o'olock, in ,on the 13th day of A ugu?t n-it. for Grading, Curbing, ai d lajuig thp Brick pave merit, and Paving the Gutters, Ac., on the sooth side of Missouri avenue, between Third and Sixth streets west, councoted on Four-and a half street by a Flag Footway. Th? PurhatiinA tn h a ka?? ** **?! ?* ? ? m. mv v/ui hi ww */i fciiv irCDi U U(k 11T III J^CW York North river stone, in pieces or not less than four (4) feet long, sixteen (16) inoh"s deep, and four and a half(4K> inches th ck. and to be jonted arid well fitted, and set in a Leu of coarse gravei and well rammed. 1'ho Briok to be of the best quality hard red I'av ins Brick to be laid on a bed of sharp river sard four(4)mohesdeep on a bed of fiuegravel free from olay or !'>am three<S)iBch?sde*p, wi'h two o<>urses on edge next to the ourb au4 ol? course on edge on 'he inner line Noex'ra measurement far Briok on elge The stone Having to be of oommon oo?*b!? stones not exceeding f<ur inches in diameter, rxoept the stone on the outiide une ofthe gutter, which mutt be six inches in diameter, laid on a bed of coarse sand and o:ean travel, free from ola> or I -a n, at l??a?t 9 inches dee&, and to be twice rammed, the s*oond time after being we.I wet. a?d covered with fr e clean gravel or o< arse sand. The oentro o| the ?*A. I., k. I..rl _ C .. t k . 1 mulw uv ?nu wnit u?o oourwfl 01 nsru rea p&vin* brink on edge. 1 he F aegins to b? of the beat quality New York Morth river Fi&ccilk. in pieoes of not l?ii> than four ( ) feet long njr eighteen inche* wide, and not le?a than four (4) fchea thiok, to be lai? on a bed of fine olean gravel 6 inches deep, tree from clay or loam, and well jointed. All grading not exoeeding one foot to be rated as trimming, and the aurp ua earth to be removed b? the oootraotor to auoh piaoe aa may ba desigoatcd by supe li.tendent. The work to be done in the beat a?<d moat workmanlike manner and to trie ratiafaetion of the C ni miaaioner of Publio Huildin:a. and under the ?u perintendenoe of anoh person as he may appoint, and to be oompleted on or before the first ?>f {November next, and warranted to aland twelved!) months after aompletion. All repaua that may be required within the time for which the wo.-k la warranted to stand to be done at the expanse of the oon raetor. For the due performance of the work, agr*e?h!v to the contract, bond and security will be r^airea. Bidders wi.l state sei>arat ly the rate at wn.oh they wili?xeoute the Curbing, Having, ant F*aggi g, including material*, and mark their pmporfiU a* follow*: "Propoaan for t?r? dmr. 4 o , M is?ou i avenue" JNO. H. BLaKK, au4dt!Saue Ooininie?ioi?*r. NOTICE. EW FAMILY GROCERY STORE, PENNSYLVANIA Av., Southeast t'orntr of Tenth strut, Washington, D. C. The undersigned respectfully announces to his friends that he has open**! the fine store formerly occupied by U. H. V?>ss, K?u., and that ho has received a large assoitment of SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every article in the Grocery line, to which he particularly invite* the atteutiou of resident families He faala assured that hi* arrangement* for a constant supplv of FR esh GR<?cF,RIKS will enable him to sunplv the demuid* ot those who may favor him with their patronage. In hi* purohase* the antweriber ha< directed apodal attentioa to the ee.ection of Teai, Coffees and Sugars, Which, with all wther article* iu hia line, will b< tliapoaUl of ou the most reasonable term*, for cash. Jy a*- o8w P. McDEVlTT. New bilk mantiks and hooped skirts. We have rroeived by tap'*** a supply of rioj plain ??I.K MANTLES and REAL FRENCH i.a-'e Man 'LESan-l Pt-INTS Als? 10 dczei of the fillst'loif WOVEN SKiKTS of auperio quality. Indira in want of any of the above goodi at very lew pnoos wili r|oase giveus an ear'y call J) ? * HUTCuiSiM, SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE Th* UvonU r??ort for WHI TIC IILPIIIR W^y:"Vurl IPRI.IGl, X?BBtMa Air. Invicora ! CUMBERLAND CO , \V?U Ptnmy. rtmi Qnod Ui 6?m TaM?. Accomkosatic** ro* For partioulara Mod 300 for Circular. OWtN.-. fil.KNPKN. i TERMS LOW. IN t VI^HEH, Ja 7 l"w Carhtlt S?n?t', r?. CAPK ISLAND, NKW JERWKY.-Viaitorato Cape Mat will ind good accominoda A . . a tionsat WHITE IiALL. Terms only per week, including the ride to the beach 1 in the morning. Dr. 8. 8. M ARC ? , I jy 27 2W P oprietor. pARD.-A? ?ti inducement for faituilea to sojourn ^ at the "II YGElA"dur,n* the m ?nth? A . ? A of Aprust and !Vpteml?er, the Proane- fcm W t'?ra have raJaaari th?* prioeof Board to ftl ^jHLI per day al. |U jo nc week, from Augu?tWt^^^ josFpn *v.o\n. (VrOBTUtnr, ,c c WILLARD. Old Point. July asth. If 8-la SCHMIDTS 8UMMER GA RDEN.?< 'n Mxth w? street, between C and Ix>ui.?iai<a av . A ?? A may b* found at all times one of the most wcsA W K?pnl%r. g?-lal, urtane. and intelligent^y^JX estaurant Keepersuwho tacks up hia reputation wiui i/admi r.k irum me uity of Biothii lt I.oti, Philadelphia ; with HKANDIES I om tho choicest nnxia ili of France; with WINKS unexcelled on the hi.Is of the Rliis^: A 'd with ai. article ol \V HISK Y which scracks ?trong t of the true flavor of th? Monongahela and Bourbon Pa a'ahle a* rithorof th?ae mar be individual t. he has sought to make them still more ao ht the erection the rear ground* of hia favorite establishment of a spaciou' Arfcor, where his guests by <la> may enjoy the oool hr*?z? ani be fr?e from r-ol's too ardent ray*; and. at "tho witching hour of night," quaff his ice-cool I>ager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened h\ the falling dew. Such inducements will, doubtless. ctn?" many of our readers to drop in and t'k? a note <if nothing else.? and, most likely, many of those who go will goacain. In addition te all thia, he has engaged the Pros peri brothers and their associates to discourse th<-ir choicest pieces of mnsio Every WtdlMdaj and Saturday evening. jy Ht-lin WASH IMiTO^ CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFKI.KR. Proprietor. At w York avnue, hrtwren 1 it and 2d *tt. 1 n n* l'inr mti . - * ?>.<* ???Kl??? .? * * - * *- ?^ u nu? vuv rakht utru ?? f u in i? u? ii y |iuui'us I would state tint every arrangement ha A . . A r??n ma<i? t? mak?'llii> '-Retreat" n,or?Y|v?ky attractive every dar. Moi da>s ?h<- 1 1 dens *re open t?> the pultlio ire* of charge? k dulc n given b? a select band. Thosedesuirig to ei joy the d&no^ aod w*!ti *i I find the sa!< on in complete order to render pleasure to all< U<' other days the proprietor will cheerfully cant th>* use of the (rounds lor school or other Pio Nic Pa. Hot without charge. K'or the amusement of children he has introduced a number of little games, never before seen iti this oity, and oaiou.ated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bottl<ng Establishm nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their resiaenoe. of that hra.Lhfui drink, LA<i> R BEER, upon short notioe. je IS 3m Muwjm SALT WATER BATHING. ARSHALL'9 PAVILION. (Moore'B Land mg I wi I be open for the reception of via- A . . A tors on the I Mil of Juue. This delightful W-nY resort for those seeking health and p.ean ure, is unexoeiled by any plaoe of the kind on the Potomac river It is situated ab ut on* hundred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomso, and in full view of ?he Ch*sap?ake Bay. and famous for fine Oysters, SoftCrabs. riieephead, and other Fish. and ea?ily accessible b the steam boats plying between Washington, Balti"vre and Norfolk. The updersigned i>aa maoe additiona: improvements in pis Bath Houses aud man? other improvements to the ooml >rt and enjoyment of hi* 5u?sts. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. >p eniil Angling arid d enty of Fishing and Sai'mg Boats free of charge. He ha* spared no expense ir pro vitiing a Rood Cotillon Ham) or in laying in his stock of choice Wines, Liquors,!*^* ars, die..and for th'?swho wmh to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired p aoe where they oan make thomsHve* at home, there is not a more pleasant p'aoe in the I'niU-d States. The prop'ietor pledges himself t*a? nothing sha'l be left andone on his part t> rend-r them so. Terms tor hoard: 01 .AO p?r day, f>>r .?ss than a week; for a longer time. |1JS per .(ay; per month. Persons wishing to address the i>ro orifttftr Wl i HlTAAt tn I ^AiiarHfnwr, Vf - - - ' - oounty, Md. j??-2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. N EIGHTH A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At ClffCiyNATI, OHIO, Sept. Utk-V>tk. Tli* UNITED STATES AORICL'LTl RAL SOCIETY will hold it? Euhth Annual AcricuJtti ra! and |rdu?tria Exhihttton on the jtround* literally irOviJcd llV the nf I'llinini Ml ?h.?K are to I* bttrxt up in the lient *t?,e. Triere will be lial!? and Tent* for the displa* of IVPI.E MKNTS. M At'HlNKR Y. TOOLS, IK)MKr*TIC MAM KACTI RKS, FARM AND OAKUKN PRODUCE, FRIIT?*, Fi/IWERS. n<1 NA riVE WIN KS: with Stall* ard I'"* for HORSES. CATTL*, SHEEP. and SWINE: and an unequal ed Track,on? mile iu length a d fort* f*et in width, for the exhibition of Hornr* The Premium* offered?in ca*h.????ld. ?ilv.-r. and bronze medal*,?diplomat aud ceitifieale*, amount to 20,000. The Exhibition will remain open trom Wedne* da*, the 12th. to Thuriulajr, the i*h, ol Spp'eml??r. that givtap time U> exaiitiue and teet the i.npl* m- nta and machinery. For pretnrjin !i?U or information apply at the Office of the Society, No 3i?? Pa. av<'nii", (up taira ;) or to the Kul>ncriher, at Cincinnati, < thio. KKN PKRI.KY POdRR, jt 24 tf Sec'? I". S. Aericultural S?>. i?*tr. ENAMKLILKD SLATE MANTELS, Dirtctfrom tkr Mmujanurrrs. Those are most h??ntiiiii styles of Mantels, enam?ll<-d in imitation ol such tare mail>les as the Spanish. Ee\p'lan.Hl .nna.Verde Anti<|n?-. Porphy rjr, B (icatclle, anil others fqnall* cHi^brnt^i, ri(? imitation* are ??> p?rfert an to challenge the e!<??e?t . ... I .. ?Ia.. . ft ? - 1 4 viuwiii}. in rjr.a; ccM iiini in?y nana nnnva IPO and a'* to highly polish*! that* they retain their t>eaut? and freshness longer than the common marbin*. wlul"th?* are sold much chttaper. Tbey have be n used in this country tor the la?t ten. ami in hurope for more than nft> years. and have given eul'.re satisfaction. P ea>e rail and examine at W. H HARROVKR'?, Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank, jy 2b iw 5 door* north of I .<>uim?hs avenue. Ol MFFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS, Washi*gto*. July IS, 186". NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agree ably to the provision* of the oidinanoe of tfee C-?rporati d approval M>2 lift', the undersigned is n<>? prepared.'*wh*r.ever required ir. writing, and on pre pa? inent of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspect, exatnin-. test, prove, and ascertain the accuraoy <>l registration orany gas meter in use in tins city." a. /"I* : t - -i *? - nvnry innii.iiiiiiiw incorrect. will Moondnnaxl, and another, WMod and marked aa iru*. will t?e et in its p!aoe. If proved to be accurate in i?s measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and atain put in poai'ioa for uw>. Offioe No 510 Seventh street, (near Odd Fal low*' tal> > *>pen from 8 a. m . to ft a m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf lnapector and Sealer of t>M Meters. 464 SEVENTH 8TRKI. I AT THE 0?7D STAND. The auhacriber, grateful for th?* liberal patronage a heretofore extended to him, has the^fHH pleasure to announce to hia former|7TS cuatoinera and the public generally th?i he hirs again opere I store at hia old stand. eorn??r of Seventh and F streets, with a full and complete asm tmerit of fine GROCERIES. TEA?, Elqi ORSand CIGARS He BolicitN a ca 1 from all in want of goods in his line, intending to spare no efforts to give actus satisfaction. Kiesh BUTTER and ESGS constantly on hand daily. jy A en2w WM. H. BRERETON. T'KtAsl'RY DEPARTMENT. 1 August 1st, i?60. PdaC/ii * t a ? !) Ka ratal rrmA at ?Ka T r as m ? rw YYa trtmanl until tfc* 15th init 'J'.'Ij*fVS I useof Jh*1^rV\,?^Ki_?ll of the *.e?t quality, to CiV'iLS?'{LTtmiwt Bui.din*, oorded w?d be <1?Hjr?r,d ?* *h* rrdrtT?"worn mewurer ??the m*Mur*i in the y , J)r. ftnd Ofuoton? of r?m ^Sksmaia tessaSrtfs'is furnace or large etc ?i?e; the red M-n be am*., egg aiae, and to be weighed by a sworn weigher au l?-?dtl5th SI BELLING OFF ! SELLING OFF ! ORE AT BAKU A IX & iN UK Y GOODS. \V? oommence to da* el'inc of '?ur fnhro etoek . 'WPKING AND SL'M 4KK UKK-S* GO?n S, Blaok Laoe Shawls, and Mai.Uliae, ta fv t * I Fane? L>r*u at * 'ratIt reduced Priori, many at , ](>ii tiiA.ii noit of imB .rttiian IB Lt rmiaiM ??? I L*rga Stuck. <M?*o In Store a ftalt a??ortm??t of Sr?t elaaa >-tal? IHun sUo (iotxl*. for .e??r*l Jamil; "ll'-,'*""""*5Pw"oLLEV * CO. an 4 6t V3 TU it., above Pa a v. ! ?>KKSON? IN~PF.A?CH OF Ol'ITAHS. i r Vioiina. Fiutea, Aooord**i??, ^ ia <? , Tamborinea, Blmi Instruments and Stri t? f'w I first qua ltr. will fend an immense a??nt tr? ' t . the Musio Store of ??? JfW W. 0. JBETZfcJUjTr. THE WEEKLY STAR; Hum ? frottw variety *f > '* ??i? imdiac ?aa W fnn4 la aa? attor ? am Tnn?Out, tmrmrimilv, *m adrmmr*. fincia ?tfr, fm umum ' * K'?? T . - - * T oopi?o l? Twwtj eopiaa. li ? b? atfvetlbtbf Id el aba raiaod Im>i| aoichhnra Vitfcoat tl*? ict?'T*ntj?r of a r>%. mmi.w ?M b?> ^*reMr?4 #< pm ml of Tk? Wmkl* S*ar wtl, bo aavad. It lavanablv ooutaica tha W a* hint ton Nawe" that tea miaie Tk? Wr^m%ma Aar atraaiato ao inarklly throat boat t*e ouaalry. lI7"&in?iaoo?iaaiia wmf^ora) oaa ba prooara* at tfco oart?,Hg|,<i|WIX.ltey ** * w ? rrtM-iubktKnn) .1 ICT Fomtmmmtmn wU Mt mm mtmmtm will to ?'??) ft snfflmiMioa of ?' ?*gU. FOR SALE AND RENT~ I^OR RENT-A Iff *ocbl? PRICK HOr?F., ft eoriUumnc II ruonu and with DM otrriut bona*; alao a >umr of wmtvr to the yar?t: on KWenth H.. n?ar L K For ttrmi inane* of UKoRot T. LAXULEY.m L eu. poacFo?r? U*Dlk ?t. J J, u u L^OR RKNT-A ttrat-Mon KR1CK 1>VN KL r 1,1 S<> Hoi SK. OB H at Mr?n 19th knit l.V h at*., Ho 404 Apply to J. 1IRK WOOl),4T* ~Mk ireot J^W-4/_ L^'R RKXT-Tfc? Uf* dory (brov* froi;t> " HOl>C, No. 167 Nov York tvrtar, bety K<th an.; 11th atre?-ta. north aide, poniaininc ilwn r<?onaa. Tlx* Ikwm ii ?oir?MMt to Ui? Pttom Ofloo, Tra*aurt. etc.; taiifhtod Uj ?ae.and h. erery ? at auitab e lor a boardin* hot)*# Rent <tio1ot'?. Apply next door, or to A R. KOWLKR, Mowl Bo -r north wine of Fateot Oftoo. jjl4-tf LfOR RFN J-Tbr fine FRAME BOI SE known r a> "French h'.vni' Hotiec." uliMMo* M oi. n?r?h, brttrM ?th and l?*r atrerta. No. AtlO, one of tfce nv>?t dMiiaUe p'iva.U re?idenoea In Washington Thu h-uae >a anrroandod by fruit tree? and crent nunitiora of nor rant boahea of rarioua kinds. and fine hotie trees. with 16,nw> feet of K ounil. wail?<1 in Apply u> J. C. COOK Fightk at. between I) and F. jj 11 U L'OR RF.N'T-Three BRICK HOIJSKW a? m r Twelfth atre^t. between C and D; ono on the corner <-f Twelfth and II ata. . and one on H, t>e twv*n 12tfi and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMF.S W II atroet. between Uth mod IJth No. 4JTV ma# tf ri( tU L\T li.o* - ? ^ ?? r*'? ???? ? ? I ' ? ?* w nuu W VI 4 ! IM1KVU ill r VO tor? BRICK HOUSE. No. l?M,onli .treet, )<?th and 2*Hh at*., Firet Ward. ,atfl? occupied f>> Mr. U<>diKCo, Kuuim lunation. Po?? ?. *ion jivhij immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOl'THE Y S. PARKER. n?xi door ea?t. ma lS-?ati Fj^OR RENT-A mal! STORE- e?m>er of ftli and Pmii. ?vcr:Hf, ind*( the Cltrtudna Hotel suitable for a l*rD?r?p nvoon or cijar store Fo information itauire at the Hotel. not' tr> L^OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR ofthe baiMI inc immediately opposite the west win* of the City H* .recently occupied by Cnaa. S. Wailaoh aa an office. A so the front room id the aeoocd tory and the third floor of the Mine baildinx. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACHTtI# % Louisiana avenue. JtU tt EN.'TORS, MEMBERS OF CON6REM.Two r^eodid suite* of ROOMS. eie*ai.Uy fuiuiahed, will he rented daring the session of Coa . L J - L.1- 1 i .ft- i. ?W.. _. ft _ crrn, iu uiu irnwi uminit.e too*.117 iu uii? wiy. wan within one or two uttrMofBroFii'i tod Nation*' Hotel a. Th'>ae in pnrantt of ??oh Rooms wil! do well to make ear ? app loatioc at No. >T? ?th street. h?tVM?) I) street and Pa. a v. d* HI CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTOR D Strtit, bet mtx Vtk *md 1014 We have just fiuiahed a number of brat c.aas carriages, auoh aa Lk*i -, ilflti'i IVatims, Park Pii'atons. Famt\ Car ? ftatet, and Burttrs, whioh we will ? i.auML" ? * a rer? umail profit. Beirjr practical irwhm oi in different b rase tin* of the bncinea*. we hatter ouraei vm that we knoW the stj lee and ^ua.1'1 of work that will five aatia fantiOL, combining lightneaa, ooinfort and darabili ty. Repairing promptly an-l oareful > attended to the ahorteet n< tine and m??t reaemable charge#. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP. Coaehinakera, auooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ay fT-dly __ _ _ _ TX CARRIAGES. HE Babaenbor having trade additto? to HI taotory, making it now one of the .arge? in the Diatnot, where hie facilities for M^CHK; n&jiniaotnrinxCARRlA6E A LI6HT*=^= WAtONs of all kind* cannot be aarpaaeed. and from hia long expernnoe in the btai^eea. he hopes o give genera! satisfaction. All kinds of Carriagee and Light W acom kept ea and. a:. RtrAIRffneat-r<;eae,<ler? piempt .j alter, .cd to, 9eo?nd uu Carnage* taken t ekchange for arw aea. ANDREW j. JoYCB, TRUNKS, BOOTS AXP SHOES. Boots and shoks to suit thk time8. W<* are now manufactnrinc all kind* of BOOTS Mid SHO KK. and rmr ntAnf; * rAnwi vim - * - - r-cpp ? ot eaatt-rn mart* work of ev??rv criptio", mKtf expre??iy to order, and viiTI) t>e ao.d at a raooii iow?*r yrioe that ha? ba-n heretofore charged in this oity for raaeh luenor article*. Pei torn in want of Kooti and Stioee of ?aeu?m or oity made work, will aiwM? find a |ood aaeortmea in store and at the lowest price* ?3ive a call. oRI*FlN * BKO., apS-r 314 Peinsy: va:ia avMu". I/IVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TBUNKS r arrived tm? da?, eml-raoim a.. <uali iwynt Uee and pi*?? of Pole Leather, Ladle*'JM*^ Drr** and Packing Trunk*. Oar trunk^"'" ?al?? room *xhilit? at tl?i* time the gr?at??t variety >f traveling requisites at moderate ppoee. to tie Ivund tt:? ude of New Vork. AI eo, every deecrif tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CAB PET BAG-. SATCHELS, ka. lE^O'id Trunk* repaired or taken in exchange for new onea. WALL. STEPHENS A CO, Trunk Ma.ea Room, mar M-tf Sii Pa avenue. ^'JUTHERN TR I'NK M *NL'FACTORY, O 49? Tth Sikbbt, Orpcitti Odd Fellows' H*11, Wo kmttom. D. C. Travelers will study their interests r>> e:amin:n my TRUNKS, VAl.ICL?* to , l*fore pur hi n cha/lnc tlifwere A? I u?? none t>at theHdrMR tiest material the market affords and dnploi 1111 lh? beat workmen. I can confidently ree?>t> mend my work to be superior in Strmtik arid Dwmbiiuy to Trunk* that are made in other cities ai.J sold here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week'* notice) ever; description of SOLE LEATHER, IKON FR AME FH ENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND mmd <w4?t VALICES: TKAVELINd HAGS, HAh NESS. SADDLES. WHIPS, dr.. #e. Trunks. Ao., R'-paarec and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice Trunkk i1a.iv?rtu< in an* na rt a f f ha ? i * m ?? / r-1 witj | vwi (rtown, or Alexandria. .fwtsVsicH^Er'' fim,ly da lftl* JAMES B. TOPHAM. wood ajTd coal! Wood AND c?al Delivered to all parts of tha oit? .a* the lowest oaaible rates. T J. A W. M. SALT. Oflice 2*2 Pa. av., lietween 11th and 12tti eta . nui 17 tf no'th aide. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an eitaoure atoelc of FUEL, la preparec to M:l at a verr low figure for oaah. WOOD Sawed and Split asp aiw. Call and aae for yoaraolf. __ ft. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Daaier, ma 1ft fl VP Anrnar < if E-* > rt ? P ^ m w\A /"* ftv w? ? wvi uvi VI * vmiiwukii Mm v wil? NKW The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will 1?h Alexandria and Waahinrtou for New ffjj York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at ?<? o'oook p. rn.. aad New York for Waah^^^^^^ inrton ever* Satarday, at3 o'clock p. m. flmnttn out join the ekip at Ainuxlrui itw? time r>efora the hoar of the iKiiHr'i depariare. N. B.- In the event of the steainera .oalu.itT t* eroee th^ >?r in oonae^ aenoe of low waU?r. at. goooe wiU be f r im^tiy lightered to and from the ataamer by the anderaif n?xi. For freight or ruinkHaRT, jm> ? Ttr lV?t/?rr Whtr-?j>. PATER HANGINGS. A*. Fine, V?<1irn?, and l/iwyrwert PAPF.RHANW INGS. WINDOW MiAlJi-H. FIRF.B< > > K I> PRINTS. PICTl'RE *^'RI? Mil TASSF-LS. ?i rruu;iw piui'i. nriiiiwnii 01 ; w pricM Papers and Window Shal-'?. at g ?atly r?Hiuc'<l Rric?* Ordore for Piperhancni: and Window hiwl?? *xwutMl with K111 and dcpat-h, 10 eitr or country. Please cire me a o*U. iKHi't form th? number. _ J M ARK KlTt-.R. No. 4St SctmIIi at . I door* at*, ve jy ?1 cot* Odd Fillmi' Hal.. WO A 8 FIXTU R KB. FRav* ta ptor*, and are dn y rwinii, 9At FIX TUKKSol?utir?lj Mrw Patter ,, aud D? ? km and Pioiw. superior in style to an* thins kor?i??or? tforad la this market. We invite ptUaens ??sue a. It to oail and examine our stock of Gas anfl W?ter Futures, feelmj r<>nft<l?nt that we h?v? tke 'oat aole;ted a took in Waahinctna. All WapW in tWa T??a . * ? ? ? ? ? will Im promptly attendm! to, . ? MVER6 A MoGflAN mar Mi _ < i ?U?l Ju*?T i?*. w?V -f" . 8 uft 11M . Mary K. sosfo^r ICIC. I., rMIDOI.F.TnN, )Ttf-toSt o*io? coru?r Ifth ?nd F ?U. m m am a |4k-^SSsSmsa