Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS IJ^-Thb 9tai publish** the Lists of LHtm rrmain\njf In the Washington Clt* n*r? under the provisions of the law directing them to be printed in the newspaper having the largest ? imitation within the delivery of the office Its total dally circulation is more than double that of any <*her Daily printed In the District of Columbia IHT* Though Tin ?ta* is printed on the fastest steam presa in use south of Baltimore. Its edition i? so large as to require it to be pnt to press at an ?Mrly hour; Advert.nernents. therefore, should be *?nt In before 1*2 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the ne*t day. Notice to Washi^stosla**?Those of our fellow-cltiiens leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear In mind that we do not mail Thk Star except after payment in advance at the rate of 37^ cents per month. Notice?Dist'ict of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted the Balti*o*e Srs are received at and forwar<jed from Thi Star Office. ^*'\ai*al Court ?Yest?rd?y wai the last day v' ' j* June term of the Criminal Court. John Burgess was tried for assault and battery on Daniel \Vbelan, and acauitted Hnrvey Turner, convicted teveral wjcki ago of Seating a one-hundred-dollar note from a man named Crozier. a resident of the State of New York, was placed at the bar and sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment in the penitentiary, to take ITert on the Mr?t Monday ?ft?-r the rising of the next term of the Circuit Court, the counsel for the prisoner having filed exceptions to several rulings of Judge Crawford during the progress of his trial. Before receiving sentence, the prisoner, by permission, addressed the Court as follows : " May it please yonr bonor. I wish to say a few plain words to the court before sentence is pronounced ulhmi me I am an uneducated man, and what I Lave to say must be said simply Wben I was brought into this Conrt. on the charge of having robbed a man. I came unprepared with witnesses, weak in health, broken down. 1 am sorry to sav. by intemperance, and ninost entirel v unconscious of o.e terrible ihmii - tlon In which I was placed I'nder the circutn tances. I was Incapable of pointing out to my counsel any line of defence. I cannot, therefore, tolame the jury for their verdict. They were obliged to find roe guilty on the evidence when 1 (had no defence to ffftr; but facts have come to light since, and my counsel are provided with nbanisat affidavits to prove my innocence. They think, and I think, that if the statements of those affidavits could b.tve been presented to the jury in the form of evidence, there would have been no doubt whatever of an acquittal 1 submit to your honor that It is but just to you and to me that I should have a new trial, for 1 am innocent of th'irhar^e. It would be hard to make any acquaintance of mine believe that Harry Turner is a tniff .My means have always been at the disposal of charity; my heart, hand, and pocket Lave always beeu at the call of sottWing i and. although not a religious man in profession, I have tried always to obey that beat command of in V ( ?ik/i anH nf fi?nf i' a?U? ? j ,?.,? ? i Tt'i> mi-u? u?-? u'ih? umrrs as yc would that others should do unto you.' 1 have *.nned against invwlf more than against others, and it is btcause 1 am innocent that 1 have t-ength to bear up under this difficulty I am past the prime of life; I haven wife and children. They are not disgraced, because their husband and father has t>een convicted innocently No matter what th? Immediate* result of this matter may be. I trust in tiod that it will have the effect of making ine in the future a wiser and kw-tter man I thank your honor for having indulged me thus far " William H Marquise, convicted of keeping a f?ro bank was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary, the sentence to take effect a? iu the cate of Turner The petit jurors were then discharged linaily. and the court adjourned to the 4 next court in course. PoLir* MaTTBKS?B'fort Justin Thotnptim ? A few days ago a white woman, who gave her name as KUzabeth Patterson, was brought before Justice Thomjison by officer King. She was in a ?<- ? ?? *? - ..c-c.t?. ? vuuiiiwii vi uiui\.' uuu!i. ana wbi Iotintf wUtbcitrpH, uear St Patrick's Church The magistrate ttiied her #-t and cuiti, for non-payment of wbi<h tbe degraded offender wi? committed for t'i days to tbe workhou*" Henry Burke and \V. H Kohton, free negroes, a rested bjr ctMrer King. and charged with tllsordrrly conduct and profanity in the public streeti. WMr racb fined #v2 and rests. Robert ,\n bcl*. charged with an assault and lottery on Kiizab-tb t'rut-r .Nichols was arrested I-vctfiT King,and held to l>a!l by the examining iiiatiismtr for bli ap(*sranc? at the Uwrmtn-r term of the Criminal Court. Tbe accused was xlso fined for using profane language. which was beard in the public streets Timothy Hresneban. charged with erecting a hog-pen in Temperance alley, within 75 f?-?t of an inbab'ted dwelling. and not removing tbe nuisance when notitied in writing by officer King, w .s bned *.i and costs. Four other persons were warranted for the same offense, but the charge w.ts withdrawn on proof before the justice that the nuisance was abated Several w.-rrants have l>een lately served by < ihct-r Kust. at the instance of the market master, against persons charged with occupying stands in the Centre market without paving rent These cases are now und?*r consideration Yesterday complaint was made before Justice Thompson that a de:-.d cow was lying in Kaptist aliey. and the justice was requested to send a police officer to procure its removal. Officer Ross went this morning into Baptist alley, and found that the owner of thecow. who sa.d tie had killed the animal, had cut It up and s- Hed It down for family use Cisjti Maiiet ?This morning, the market offered an ample supply of the choicest provisions produced by the sumvinding country, with quite a large exhibition of selections from the nortnern and southern mark' is. The attendance of dealers "V was numerous, and the gangways indicated an unusual demand The tales of the day, however, d.d not exceed the average, though during the uiorning the dealer* were actively engaged The Srices were about as follows eef. fresh, V lb t>a, lit Egg pi ants, each . lirflO Sa!t do flSlo.olra, pk (U Pork lO^li Tomatoes, pk ... 25 Mutton l?*a Green Corn,doz.. 12 Lamb, qr Cymllns. doz .... 12 Veal 1"? Cucumbers, doz.. t!i Sauaage,V Oa .. ^lii Damsons.qt 10^12 I.?rd 14 Plums. qt 25 Be*-f ton^u^... V)(S75 Peacb?-?, pk ... Jlfll 50 Kiion bams.... lla Ittj Apples. )>k 12a37 fvd?s ~ 14 Pears, pk .* 5?a75 Shoulders ll?i.l2>j Kbubarb, bunch. 5 a2 Jowla -^tu Roll butter...... 25,ja37 Dried beef 15 j Phil 's print.... :|7 Chickens. V pr. 62Cheese 14<?!7 Irish potatoes pk 25a 37 j Eggs. V do*.... 14 Sweet potatot-s.. ?i2a 75 Celery, bunch... 4,a5 Corn, ear. V hbl Sia Onions ?I7 Com, shrlled .. WijDU,C?bb*geTh?d. 21a^ Means. V Oush.. 51.75 H?-ets. bunch 3 Rvr Vbmb,? 50 a <15; Carrots *2 Oats *>ai4."> Kock, bunch.... *2'? M?al Perch, do 25 Snorts 20 i.arge Kock 5l>gf 1 Shipstulfs 25g40 Salt water Taylors " 23 Hutter bean*, qt. 10 Watermelons.e&ch!2?<i37 Duck*, t* pr "?u,g75 Canteloupes, each 2^ib Sihll Chk? ?This warm weather seem* to hive stirred up all the tielligerent and profane qualities of the hard ones on the suburbs of the city, and the phenomenon seems to be approaching an epidemic character In the city proper Yesterday afternoon a gentleman was " insulted" near thet^ap'tol by a party, for whom he obtained warrants, but they have not yet been arretted He sa>s the insult was very unbecoming in a gentleman, and he bore tlie evidence of the fact in a circle around his right eye A party got into a light .n Swainpoodle. and exercised themselves very actively for a while for the amusement of r spectators and their own satisfaction A gentleman complained this morning that hi* wife aud children were lnftiilted on the street by a person, whose name he gave to the magistrate to make out a warrant Mr R Magee w:u arrested on the <?th of a .Mr Harris, who tvstitied that he was afraid of t IMI( kiasMiktttl lniurv Ma^w vat security lo all these rases warrants have been i?iied, a ad ttmxe not tried will probably come off t Ml a y Thi Dbbdgisg of the Virginia channel of the Potomac rlv?-r. I?etween the Bridge and % Analoatan Island, has been tlulsh-tf. The length t of tli<- area dredged la between 1.401) and 1.5W) varda. the breadth WU yard*, and the depth varying from four to all feet Nine hundred yard* In length have t>een deeiwned lift feet, and the reminder four feet. The whole amount of mud L.od sand excavated haa been T5.0UJ cubic yards I giving the channel at the shallowest point fourteen feet at low water Nothing Is now wanting to tender the channel both easy and safe throughout but a proper system of buoying. We learn that two u?w buoys will U- furnished by the lighthouse Hoard, which will put navigation in a better couditlon than before. Ihough even then the prov.sion for foggy or thick weather will not be ?s perfrct is could be desired There is. bowever, no dispos.t on to complEiu of what has 1'eeu vouchsafed, but the contrary. The Aibxamdeia Cmkuk and the CiiisartAii akdOh!? l i ul ?The City Councils of Alexandria aaaeutlneU 1 Lursday morning, pur to ad. >urnni?-ut, aud took iuto consideration tue aubjeri of tb* proposed increase ??f tol-a upofi lt?- C? -Mp??ake and Ohio Canal Reaolu. tloM Jr. i ifiiiy tint U.r amtiiitrtiU of tW City Co< aril, advert* i?> tt?r i>ro|>o*rd ii>? r?-a?r. wrt ad. an?i M <?/ . 1. B Taylor *nd W *J t tLf !>iru v ? t Bjtii *.id Cumberland. **?i endeavor to pre veal the increase Th* Fcgi?;*? Slavs Cask?Yesterday after-1 noon, Allen Mann, the fugitive slave-wbo was taken w'.tb Epnraini Halleek. white, now In jail awaiting a bearing before Justice Donn, was brought out to he formally Identified by bis master, Josoph A Sprulll, of Tyrrell county, N. C. air Miller appeared as counsel for Halleck. and Mr Sprulll wsi assisted by Col. Wheeler, of this city Mr Sprulll, beinjj duly sworn, tes* fled that he was part owner of a negro man named Alien, who was shown to him thia morning in jail He belong to the firm of Spruill 4 Morse, of which firm 1 am a partner 1 have not seen ; him for a long time until to-day. He ran away, j or waa stolen from me; I don't know who carried J him away I live in Kastern Carolina The cast- j ern part of the State is viaited by v?>ssels from the North, trading up the Roanoke, it ii frequently a matter of common report that negroes are stolen away in those vessels I have traded in the lumber business with New York, Baltimore, and other places North The man Halleck was pointed out to ine in jail, but I was excited and dian't get a good look at him I could not swear that I have seen him in North Carolina. Have never had Allen in my actual manual possession We consider, in our State, as soon as we pay for a negro. and have a bill of Bale, he is In our possession, as far at ownership is concerned. To Mr Miller, who asked if Allen wis in his possession before be ran away ?If what I have said Is what von mean, he was in my possession Mr Miller?Did he run away before or after the bill of sale was signed' Mr SfprulU.?When i l>ought him, he w;is hired to another man for that year, but I hired him for the balance of the year: really he was not under mv immediate control justice Donn ?He was not in your manual {Kis*?ssion Mr Spruill ? Yes, the money was paid and the bill of sale s^/ned before 1 got manual possession; I,of course, considered hin. in my possession. To Mr Miller?I think he was gone away over two years At this stage of the case the fugitive was brought in by Officer Kimball, and Deputy Marshal Phillips asked hilli-nointino tn \l r S i.Iin i-n.. w r ^ w ? ?>*/ J * *? ? II*' ? tilts gentleman?" Allen (cheerfully smiling )? Oh, yes. sir Justice l)onn ?is he your master? Allen (Instantly )?Yes, sir Justice Donn ?Do you want to go bark with him' Allen.?Yes.sir, 1 want tojjn hack Mr Spruill exhibited some feeling as he remarked, es. 1 know he does " The Justice then took Mr. iSpruill's receipt for the man, and he was delivered to his master and started yesterday for his old home It was suggested to Mr. Spruill that Allen would brinu nfteen hundred dollars easily Mr S replied that two thousand cash would not vet him. and that when he ijot him home he should not be upfora ded for his former conduct The case of Hallerk was set for Thursday next, when the witn? sses for the defense are expected to be in Washington Th?? questions seetn to be ?Has he comi! tted an nil?? If so, is it against the law of .>onn Carolina or the District of Columbia* Gentlemen from North Carolina say that no imprisonment for such an offense there. The penalties are hanging, branding, whipping and the stix ks, according to the nature of the oftense A Jcjt Tribute?The following resolutions, adopted at the Bell and Everett meeting in this city on Wednesday la*t. having been erroneously printed in our issue of Thursday, are uow given in their correct form: Edward C Carriugton, Esq , read the following resolutions which be said he was sure would meet a response from the heart of every man present. They were also unanimously adopted : Resolved. That this meeting would fail In the rr*i>ect due to the memory of a great and good man. if it omitted to express its heart felt sorrow at the demise of the eminent head of American journalism, the late Joseph Gales But, whilst they lament the loss of the Nestor of the 1'resn, they are gratified to Mud that the time-honored Xattonal Intdhgtiu-rr, under the auspicies of hi* k.i ?a j - ' jirr auu lapecwu a?aoc;aie, wiio, r^r nearly half a century. shared with htm tbe labors and the honor* of tbe leadership of one of the yrrat parties of tbe nation, is doin^ good service in the cause we have so much at heart, urging, with Its characteristic candor and its invincible logic, arguments and facts suited to tbe dignity and importance of the subjects discussed fi'solced, That, thus eucouraged. we fe?-l that our cause is tbe cause of the country; and that, come weal or wo, we shall tread the path of duty with cheerful hearts, and with an unfaltering trust that this great nation will ever remain united, happy, and free. A Strasgbr m thr Potomac.?This morning, .Mr James Yanskiver exhibited a strange fish at his stand In tbe tish market, which attracted much attention from visitors Old fishermen, nome of theiri havlnf been encra???d tti.?. i.n.i ??* " "iiHss as long as forty years, say they know nothing I of that fish, never having a?*en one liefnre The aquatic stranger la about twelve lncbes long, and aoaleleas, having a skin similar to the shark Tlie under jaw protrudes considerably beyond th? upper The head is long, and tiat upon the top. the surface of whi<h is corrugated, reaem- I l?lliig the inner surface of a shoe maker * pincers. The 1?-h1v i* slim for Its length Th>* w?u la entirely black, with tli* exception of the Itark tin and tall, which arc edged with white Mr Vanskiver pr?-sent*-d th?* tlsh to the Smithaonian Insti iiiuun. msiory or iu < apture It was taken by the fishermen n?tr Blarkistone'a Island, and was found attached to the body of a laiye skate Mr Vanskiver was informed at the institution that the captive is an m ean fist-, and tubsi?ts by attaching itself to the under jaw of the whale; that as the whale feeds the wasie particles l?ecome the food of this parasite There is another specimen in the Museum about eighteen inches long, which formerly belonged to the collection of Jno. Varden. Ksq. How this strange ttih got into the Potomac is a query for the curious. Abhksted ?C. C. Newman has been arrested In Baltimore by ojfi -er Keese, charged with stealing money and jewelry from Mrs Heimerdigger, Lewis Kurtz, and Mary Koch. There are three rases rekting against him He was takr-n Itefore Justice Donn, who committed him for a further hearing This case was alluded to in the Star a few days ago The accused was a boarder in the house of Mrs Heimerdigger. Officer K?*?st: found upon .Newman a large quantity of burglar's implements The p*isoncr was put in the station-house in Baltimore without searching, and it is said he threw the jewelry into the deep sink of the station-house, and it was not recovered Mr K<^?e also inspects that further development* relative to the former history of bts prisoner will be made A.hiciltcral Fai* at Rockville ?The extensive and beautiful grove belonging to the Montgomery Comity Agricultural Society is undergoing* thorough cleaning up. and being otherwi?e vastly improved, preparatory to the holding of the annual fair there the 13th and 14th proximo. Instead of having as heretofore uncomfortable tents wherein to exhibit the articles of liner texture, an elegant and commodious frame building is being erected for the purpose These grounds are couvenieutly situated on the Washington turnpike road just as it enters Rockvllle From tne fiit-rest which s?ems to l>e taken in this fair by all the residents of the county, and many elsewhere, we predict one of the largest and most sucreiwful exhibitions of the kind ever held in the county. DELEGATBtrBOM ALEX * S I)Rt A TO CHARLOTTESVILLE ?The chairman of the Breckinridge dein ocratic meeting, held in Alexandria on Wednesday nigbt last baa, in accordance with the r?solutl ?:i of that iMrtiDK, appointed the following <leleuat?s to the Charlottesville Convention: First District?(j II Smoot. 11 K. Bradabaw, J. T Johnston, C. F. Suttle, and John W Hurke !*econd District?A J Humphreys. G D. Wise, K M Smith, and H H Berry. Third District? J.ia II Keid, Col C. E Stewart. W H Smith, J L Pascoe, Turner Dixon, James Sangster. Dr. C. W Chancellor, E Hartley, and S F Blacklock Fourth District?D K Black lock. James Fosi?tt. J. F Dyer, and J. H. Brent Fifth Dtstrict?Jamra Roach. ar J R Johnston, S Lafayette Somers. and Major Jas R Smoot Attimpt at brkglakt ?Between three and four o'clock this morning Mr John Meager, corner of Tenth at. and New York av . was awakened by the smashing of glass in the part of the bouse occupied as a fancy store. Going down, he found bia window abutter had been forced from the bolt the glass broken, and the aaah hoiated half way and a stick put under It. It was evident that an attempt bad been made upon bis premises by burglars, and be tried to trace them, but failed I pon further examination be dis-ovrred that tbey hid also attempted to enter oy the back door, but failed This is one of several recent attempts .. tt. uiaur- iij ludb Ticiiiuv Fir .iiragcr IB now pri?pared to receive such visiters, If they wish a late e u trance to bit premises AtcinB!ir to am Albxandbmi Visitis* thk Great Kaktkrm ? V\ Ui 1st Mr H. Cook of Alexandria wu on a viait to the steamer Great Haste rn on Wednesday last, be met with a aevere accident In reaching the steamboat alongside, he stepped upon the wheel houae, which being slippery, bit feet slipped froui under him, precipitating biai some distance, and Injuring him. not, howevt-r. dangerously He 1s now able to attend to business culimbii I.tcbem ?Atthe last regular meeting of the Columbia Lyceum of Washington city, held August 7, the following gentlemen were eir? ted oilii'ers for the ensuing term: Win W Beuactt, prt-sideut, K T Dodson, vie* president; vv in M l)unran?on, recording secretary; Francis K l.arklu, treanurer; P Kdwiu Brown, assistant secretary, C. P Harmon, sergeant at-arms: Mr Crutsfleld and Mr Beniiett, ed tors Thi A>si al Pu-Nir of Columbia Lodge. No. 10. I O O P., cninea off at Columbia Springs on Monday next The Order generally are invited l<> attend, and a grand time,-as usual at the Odd l-'ellow*' pic-nice, is anticipated For particulars see advertisement In another column S?a in advertising depaitmeut what Dr Hlake bas to sny about tbe road receuli j opened through the tsst square of tbe Capitol grounds Ck.iTaAi.OtAaDMofi?aCASK? - FnntliHfowu, driiuk and disorderly, ined?U 15 Ttrese Uulgon, drunk; sent to tbe workhouse for ?) days. ? - f The Duthjot ? T.duor Srsr Mv first communication was not intend'd to stir up o thoroughly all the contemptible spirit of wblca four scribbling friend who signs himself -One of j Them" aeems poaaeaaed. I shall only say in rrfer! enc? to my former communication that It was j prompted by nofeelingof mal ceor inimirability | to any military organization of men in this city; i but the simple statement of a fact which could ' reflect no discredit upon tbem, and at the same : time pay a well deserved compliment to a new company which ia well deserving the highest encomium* which have ever been so lavlsbingly bestowed upon It by a community who know better how to estimate a military success than your very mercurial "One of Them" is capable. I cannot agree with him, however, that the position which he must have held at Vera Cruz entitles him to descant upon military affairs, good, bad or Indifferent, and would suggest that had be as much good sense and good breeding as assurance and effrontery, he would not attempt a parallel between us in our capacities while traversing the burning sands of a hostile country, especially as the one drew rations for man, servant and horse, and the other evidently drew wages as a wagoner Enough of '-One of Them," who evidently never approached to the outskirts of good society, even except perhaps while paying three dollars per day for a horse on which to display the fine uniform of the horse-marine of the city, yclept the "President's Mounted Guard,'' which perhaps he has tx>en enabled to do through uv luviati *c uicuiuui \ji miAilifc; uai*. liijuuri in palatable doses, at a levy a glass ! As for " Another Military Man/' I should blush to have anything to do with htm, as he can de- j cend so low as to draw invidious comparisons of the Army of our noble country with that of another, to the prejudice of our own. which has won the proudest laurels ever wreathed round the altar of a nation's glory. Can a man who can write be so ignorant of the achievements of our brilliant Army, and the history of those wars which his liberties cost, as to stigmatize our Army or our Njvv as wanting in efficiency, promptness, and even of having attained to that ' supremacy" which he fain would deprive them ? His ignorance must be his apology for intruding bis bad epistolary and bad manners upon the public. I would state for his satisfaction. however, that 1 : am not connected with the military of the District, i | and furthermore, that if the soldiers of this city desire a champion of the quill to resurrect them from the death-like lethargy Into which thev have fallen, they mutt call upon aome other candidate, as ' Another Military Man" surely lacks the elements requisite to anccess Ibid " MilitaryMan" the aecond, and " One of Them" forever adieu, and promise the public that as I can s|>end my time to better advantage than driveling with tbow two characters. I will not not obtrude nivself upon tbetn again. A Military Man. Washington, Aug. 6 The Biblk is thk Public Schools ? Mr Editor: I have been looking ever since Tuesaay of the present week for some person to answer the question of "Catholicua." regarding the Bible in tne public schools H'lt having looked in va<n, perhaps you will permit me to speak a word to him through the colctnns of your pnj>er. as I could not think of be< oming an Instructor of the Intelligent conimunitv who rear! star Leave, with me, kind ?ir. in imagination, this city of pleasures; roll hack tbe wheel# of time, movA onward in thought, to tbe time and place when ' A band of exiles moored their bark On the wild New England shore. What sought they thus afar ?" "They sought a faith's pure shrine " ''Ay ! call it holy ground, The place where first they trod They left unstained what there they found, Freedom to worship God " Kvery American citiien lovn republicanism Tbe Protestant Church Is a republican church, not only In the government of its own church, but showi a spirit of brotherly love, bv permitting any other people to worship accoraing to their own customs, without molestation Prates ants have n?-ver cart'.ed the Uospt-1 by thf sword, or sought to gain temporal power that they might suppress others The constitutional principle of American justice and liberality, by which the Bible is made a text book in th?- public schools, is the voice of the Deooie. which #>v??r Wn death to tyrants. ' B B. Friday, Aug 10. 1-00 iCOMMCN'.CATKD. rom mv slumbers a few day* ago. at 5 o'clock, by the Dell of St. Patrick's Church, I obeyed Its call, and for the tirst time for nearly twenty years hastened to the spot where in the days of innocent childhood I was instructed in my religious duties I seated myself In the pew of an old and intimate friend, and after whispering a prayer to Heaven, 1 looked around me on tlie vast crowd which tilled that venerable temple of religion M v eyes fell upon but few. very few, I ever before beheld There stood the same old pulpit, the same aitar, the same | paintings, the same statuary, the same narrow aisl>>> the same pews; nothing seemed to have changed but the pastor and th? congregation. Though sainted Father Matthews, who for more than half a century was pastor and father, and his associates in the pastorship, as well as the Youngs, the, the (Irents. the Hobans. the Clarks, the J'weeneys, were awakened in my memory, I could but say in my heart? IVparted ones, though strangers All vour places and occupy your seats, there is one on earth this day who thought of you. and on bis knees before the altar of the living one, made you the subject gf a petition to hia God. N. KditoR Star : Can vou Inform your numerous readers whose duty it is to keep the streets and pavements In order? The former Is in shocking condition from the great quantity of stones, from the size of boulders to a suitable size for paving. One would think a smart man with horse and cart could make good wages tn these dull time* by gathering up the latter and selling them to the pavers With regard to the pavements, 1 have seldom seen thein worse than they now are It would be Idle to specify what particular portion of the city most ne< ds repairs One would think that the proper authorities would, ns the cost of repairing them does not come out of the Corj?oratlon colters, give the necessary orders to have ttiem repaired at once Do. pray, call the attention of ttie Mayor to this state of streets and pavements,and oblige 1'kopkkty-holdkr. Grack Church in Alexandria.?The Gazette says: --The rector having returned to the city, this church will be opened oy hlun for Divine service at 11 o'clock in the morning, and at a o'clock in th? evening, on to-morrow (Sunday). It is expected that in the course of six or eight weeks, the congregation of this church will take possession of the upper portion of the buildini', it now being In process of completion, by Mr. \V m. j H. McKnl^ht. the contractor. We are informed the consecration of this church will be performed by Bishop Johns, on the first Sunday in October." j Melancholy.?On Tuesday last, an infant of Mr Kellafoil, who resides at the ISavy-Vard. was i lying asleep in a cradle, over which was a n.osqii 1 to net canopy, lis little brother, a child of ttree or four vears of age. accidentally set Are to I the net. and before it was discovered the infant , was so badlv burned that its life isd?snatred of notwithstanding skillful physicians wrrc toon in ' attendance. The infant is about six months ?ld. The (irkat Feature of the day, here, on Monday next, semis to be the grand prize picnic, to irnne ott at Analostan Island. It is certainly a very attractive afftir, and will no doubt be greatly enjoyed by those who participate in it: especially by the hundred fortunate ticket-holders whose destiny is to draw a valuable present each For particulars see advertisement in another column. The select musical kstrrtaismbnt at Analostan Island, yesterday afternoon, is said to have been a great success The dancing was k'-pt up tilla late hour, and was participated in by many of our ilrst citizens The entertainment will be re pea ted thi? evening, commencing at tlx o'clock, instead of four, aa yesterday. B*ar in mind the tenth annual plc-nlc excursion of the Montgomery Guards, on Wednesday next, at Arlington Springs For full particulars, see advertisement In another column. Arrived at Carter's Wharf ^foot of Thirteenthand-a-half street) Schooner Mary Tlce, Tlce. from Philadelphia, with 175 tons of coal for Meurs Sheriff and Dawson i Musical Resioxatio*.?Mrs Cecilia Young, of this city, for the past year leader of S*t Aloysius Church Choir, has tendered her resignation, and is no longer connected with that choir. Thb Pkt:t Jurors of the late term of the Criminal Court and the officers thereto attached were handsomely entertained yesterday afternoon at the grand jury room, by the District Attorney Statistical ?Of the one hundred and sixtythree births, which occurred in Alexandria county during the year 1850. one hundred and fortynve were whites and eighteen negraes In sex. I fiuhtv.Av^ tvor* mulwii a n/4 auuontii ,? V. I - J "v .vu?j-vij^uvit 1UA1CI Central Guardhouse Casks ? R. Daniel,! drunk and diaord??rly; flue and costs;#:} 15 Biddy Carrol, do ; workhouse 60 days E. Smith, vagI rant, do. IK) days. A Y acet Rack, It will be aeen by an advertMement in another column, la ou the tapla. An invitation la extended to yachttnen to participate. Tub Plbtchib Chapel Scmday School propose giving * plc-nic at UUdenaburg on Wednesday next. See advertisement. Contractors for water pipes will find an ad i vertlsement in their line In another column The T*avkl on the Orange and Alexandria Haltroad ia now very great, and la Increasing Mitii'I Mhaccxous Verxih DasTRorva tha oldest and bast rained) known for ext-ruunat iuk K?ts and Mioo, Cockroaches, Baits Ants M "ni(uit?-ea, FJsas, Moths,Utain Worm, and Garden insects. iFH t'1"?.'*?1 6la Broadway, N. V. i, skid t>7 Druf (ista everywhere, ma 18-3m ? TNK WCEKLY STAR. [If That valuable and popular family journal,

the Wiiut Star, Pill ? usual of Metropolitan new* and goaalp, and choire literary reading, la ntiw on our count?r ready for delivery to the public Kmbraced in Its entertaining contentaare the following; articles: utm.' %rj j weiry, i ? very ?mrr?*iin? story; Woman t AW of Lor<?a poem by j .V J? Ifittii,' Affairs ? Sym?; J Trtu SoMtman?a potm; Dr. Livingstone'* Explorations; City of Damascus?its great antiquity?the late massaere of Christians there; Who are the Druses; The two Sexes: J Didn't know what it Meant?a gem of poetry; A Homt in the Celestial Empire?house of a Chi nest g'ntltman; Ocean Tel'grapk Cable; Military Emulation, Tk< Fiishions; First Babies. Description of a Panama Beauty; Bloody Affray in Missouri; An Injurious Fertilizer; Etiquette and the Prinee of Wales; A Douglas Procession Precipitated into the Hirer; The American Sci'ntific Association; The Maryland Oyster (Question; Filibustering Project, Excit'ment at Laytonsrille; A Naughty Horse; Negro Meeting Dispersed; A Fruit Stealer Shot; Operations of tk' Patent Office: Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Vindication speech of L. A Bat git in the Criminal Court, as dictated bll kimtr.lf nftrr The Grand Bell and Everett Demonstration on Wednesday night; The Chicago Zouares in Washington?tkttr visit to the President's?their drill there?the address of the Pnsident and the reply of Capt Ellsworth; MeClelland's Bee Hive; The Smithsonian Museum; The Late Meteor; Sketches of Summer Travel?sir very interesting letters from the Editor noie on a northern tour; The Visit of the President to the Great Eastern? our rtpjtortal correspondence; Our Portsmouth ami Point Lookout Correspondence, (fr ; Department News; Editorials; News jnd Gossip; Loral Intelligence, fc., ft.; Late News, foreign and domestic, by mail and I telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; A nd a great variety of choice literary articles, both T'toft and poetry, too numerous to mention , This is ju?t the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three rents per copy, or SI 'A3 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Holloway's Fills. Dtrangetn'Ht of tkt Stomaek an i Roir<ls.? A* the stomach by the agency of the ga>trio juice? assinu late* digested food into elementary lilood, we ca'inot b? too careful of preserving it in a healthy and vigorous condition. Holloway's PiUa are power fully norrective and detergent, the\ strengthen the digeotive organs, and l>y their cuative properties cleanse and purify the ingented f od in it> process of conversion to ti o'od. In ail disorder* of the (towels ai d viscera, tneir sanative qualities ore unequalled. Sold hy all Druggists at 25c.. 62o., and .$1 per Ik?x. au 9 lw Wistar's Bai.sam of Wild Chkrry? The F.ditorofthe International Journal say*:?"Ofall t e specifics offered for the^cure of_l..ung C^rn p.auus, wr rmv?* uie kr< aiPBi taiin in wi uar s an mm nf Wild Cherry. Fre from those narcotic ingredients which enter so largely into the coaipo?i tion of some otha patent mcdioiiie*. it acts without injury to the Nervous E'ystein. We speak of tins valuable inedi; ino from personal knowledge of it* effects. Scarcely two yars have elap-ed since a member of our family was raised froin the v?'j brink ofthe grave through its u*e:and in several subsequent cases where it has been administered in our household, it has never one# failed of the deal red effect. We cheerfully recommend it to our friendt in the British Provinces and among the re<t of mark nd, an a certain remedy for Incipient Diseases ofthe Lungs." None genuine unless signed i. Bctts on the wrapp-r. Prepared by f*. VV. Fowle ti Co.. Boston, and for sale ti> Z. D. Oilman, 5*. C. Foril, jr., B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn tc Palmer, Wash ington; ami by dealers everywhere. au7-lw,r Physician" are generally loth to speak a word in prais* of wha' are called "patent ro?;dicin?-s." Indeed. it is an article iti the code of medn-al ethics, that a phy*ician who sanctions 'he use <1 reinnlies oa::not ?>e considered a ineml>er of the National Associa'io^. Hut there are exceptions to the most stringent rules, and many of the disc pies of Bae?Upius have actually l>e*>n cornp< l e.l, hy the force id'tacts, to recommend Dr. J. Iloitettrr's i-tomach Hitters for those diseases winch are only prevalent during the summer and fall They have ascertained tnat there are no remedies in the pl'arinacopia winch can compare with this wonderful compound lor the derangement of the system. Thousands of fam les residing along the low grounds of the w-s tern and southern rivers, are now convinced that tiiev have found a medicine peculiarly adapted for their aiiment*. while iti other pofln>n* of the country. during the summer mouths, the demand fur the article i? equally large. Soid l?y druggist and de&lera generally every where. au 7-ecSt Homeopathic KuMiniu All of Dr. Humphreys Ac. 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See advertisement ie I another oolnmo. oo 11-ly I _ I,ton'* Maosktic lN?ErT Powdkr I Exterminates Bed Bius, Roaches, Tick*, Ant?, Garden Insects, Ac. It contain.< no Poison I.tow's M.voxktic Fill* Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3m Barry's Tricopiiiirocs ii the heat and cheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drug Cists and Perfumers mar 12-6m Pbnnim.?Persons desiring Pennies willa'ways Snrt the>n for "ichatire at the St* - OHlce nnnrto' DIED, On Saturday. the 11th in?ta>it, a?S o'clock a.m., Mrs KLLENOR M. MELVIX. wife of Josiah Melvin. J h? funeral will take place to-morrow (Sunday) 4 o c ork, from the Methodist Church South (N.Y. Herald o py.i On the 11th instant, MARliAR FT C . youngest daughter of V R. and Julia A. JacVnon. a^ed 2 yea s, 1 month and 18 days The f tend are >esp>'ctfully invited to the funeral to morrow Sundav I at 3 'clock. from the residence of the parents, M st., b -tween Bt;i aud 7th. On the 10th instant, MARGIti GATES. infant daughter of ^e wis T. and Alice C Wilbourne, a*ed 10 mon'ha. Th? friends of the family are re spectfully invi'ed to attend her funeral this <S?turda> ? <-veiiin(r, at 5 o'clock, froin the residence of her p\r?M>ts on Kieven h ?troet between I and K sts , Navy Ya-d * On the 11th iastait, JANK FRANCES, only da nh'er of Cornelius J. and Madalene Desmond. Herfu eral w II tak? place on lo-ino'r"W. (Sun da> .) a' 3 o'clock. F. lends and acquaintances are invited to attend. *_ At Mount Holl^y Spring*, near Carlisle, Pa . at half pant 11 o'clock p. in., on the 9th ins'.,SIDNEY TA \ UORSKKRRETT.a,;ed three months and 1 days, son of Josrpn 5>. Skerrett, Lieut U. S. Navy. A DRUG STORK FOR 9ALE ?Situated in a pleasant part ol the city and doing a fair bu*iJ ness, satisfactory reasons for selling. Term* very ai>, paiticular* address "A. B." through the i Post Offif. au-10-St* | Q.) ^11 WILL BUY a Kixt DRAB BEAVER or L'assimere Dress Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. ave.. au 10 lin near 4S street. * RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A /a SMALL CAPI i'AL.?I'he subscriber intends to mange his business, therefore will crier the bal1 auco of his STOCK and FIXTURES of a small ! grocery store, on Seventh street, at private sale, j For particulars inquire at 447 Seventh street, between U and H au 10-3t* P A T E N T FRUIT AND VEGETABLE j ak!*-riie hest and eheap?st article in una? ' call *n<t see. Also a ?u?ply of Coxe's Gelatin'*; Burnett's Cocaine; Brown Gingei; together with it fresh lot of Medicines, *c. Just received at MuORE'S West Kud Drug Store, an 10-2w 11 ? 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HOOD t>a* now on band a re ry iarre at'tok of fi'.e utandard SILVER WARE, ail of hu owu make, that be will sell aa low a? any of (He N orthern V? area are aold for, and at tM eame time will warrant ererytbing to be alandard ulwr. 336 Pa. itmHi je S THE LATEST NEWS TELEOR A P H I C. THREE DAYS LATER FROM El ROPE Arrival ( th? Adriatic. New Yore. Aug. 11 ?The iteamib p Adriatic, from I?i fftpwil on the 3l?t, arrived here to-day. The European intelligence It highly interesting All the English wnr steamer* arid d(Kkwdi are being made readr forthe next emergency. Turkey ba* accepted proposal* for the interven- I tion of the I'ar'.* Convcution A military convention La* been signed between Garibaldi and the Neapolitan rommaodi-r in Sicily, Gen. Clary, by which the Neapolitan* are in k M>n nilMfik'An r\f ?K-=. Cm"* * * ? wvu v? m?t iui mm wi i ' iJW', AKOM, and Meaalna, on the Island of 9ldlf, bat the Straits of Messina are to be free for all v.s?, I? CoxHKmciAL Liverpool Cotton Mn*krt Tlte market of Tuesday closed dull. sales of two day* rejchtng only 16.0IIU bales The MaacLrater-trade report was considered unfavorable, but the low prices of goods and yarns bad rather increased the demand Breadstuff's ?The flour market was quiet and prlcea wereeasier, but not quotably lower \\ heat steady Corn dull; mixed 3ua3?s3d Provisions ?Berf b?*avy. and quotations barely maintains) I'nfk /lull H-??? ? . ?_ ? ?.. . wwu \juici ai %jwrtih> General Produce ? Coffee dull Rice steady. Rosin steady at 4s2d Turpentine dull and unchanged Consols 93Snfl3 S [SBCOXD DlfPATCH } The Bavaria and Etna t-ave arrived out. The French proposal for Intervention tn Svrla. subject to the acquiescence of tbe P"rte. was accepted by the other powers, but the Turkish AmItassador claimtd essential inodih ations Rutaia autnorized Lord John Russell to sign for her, and the modifications were adopted. The Adriatic brings -*?? passengers. including Lady Franklin and neice She left Southampton on the evening of the 1st. inet. A convention has been agreed to by Garibsldi and Gen Clarv It also says that the citadel of >1e**!na will not fire on the town, and that liaribaldi's colors will take equal rank with the Neapolitan flag .Naples was tranquil, bat agitation prevailed in the province*. It was rumored that the royal troop* were about to evacuate the citadel of Messina. were suspended Napoleon's letter to the French embassador at uwiiwu, iiami lue ?'oin <>I JUIV. flat Oeen published. He says: "9!nn th? petcf of Vlllifnict I have had but one thought. one object?to inaugurate a new era of peace, and to live on the t?est U-rms with itiy neighbors. and especially with Kngland I had renounced Savoy and .Nice Its extraordinary additions to Piedmont alone cai;s*d me to resume the des:re to see reunited to France provinces essentially French But It will be objected, *you wish fur peace, and you increase immoderately the military force* of France ' 1 deny the far t In evvry sense Mv ariny and fleet have In them nothing of a threatening character. My steam navy is even far from being equal to our requirements, and tt.e number of steamers does not nearly equal that of sailing shijs thought necessary in the time of l.ouis Philippe "I have 4U0,fftw inen under arms; hut deduct from this amount 60,000 in Algeria. A (KM at Rome, M.UUU In China. -JO.OHOGens d Armes. the sick and the new conscripts. ar.d you will tiud that mv r?liiments are of a smaller efl'ective strength than during the preceding reign. The only sdd.tinn to the army list has been by the creation of the Imperial Guard Moreover, while wishing for peace, I desire also to organize the forces of the csuntry on the best possible footln<; for if foreigners have only seen the bright of the last war. 1, close at hand, have witnessed the deff-a s. and wish to remedy them Having said tui.s much.I have,si nee the Convention of Villa Franco, I neither done nor even thought any thing which 1 could alarm anv one " Fifteen Neapolitan steamers are reported to have left Naples for SicilyFrance has assented to the Neapolitan proposil tint tbe French and Knglisb tleeis shall < ru * t ff Calabria and Naples, to prevent tbe landing of tlie Guribalnians To this Lord John K>i*?eU declined to accede, because England to maintain tbe principle of non-intervention Tbe Pope bat decided to not quit Rome England. Austria, and Prussia are ready to send troops to Syria A mutual understanding has taken place between Austria and Prussia, from tbe Toplitz meeting, on tbe most important questions of Kuropean j'Oiicy. TIIE LATEST. (.{Cxexstowx. Aug. I ?Cotton quiet; estimated sales of Wednesday. ?.00ii bales Tbe market closed generally unchanged rimanM <*? u iO-i x A inert!nj? between Napoleon and Eraamaoel, it is probable will take place this month S-une HunijarUn soldiers at Mantua ar?- sv.d to Lave Urea into a corps of Chasseurs noted for tbeir loyalty to the l'.;nperor A sergeant wji killed. :md some Hungarian olB era afterwards deserted Pro(reM of the Prince. St Jhhk, N . H . August 9?The Prince left per train to Kothaay station, and thence embarked on steamer Forest'Queen for Frederictou amid the booming of cannon, ringing of bells, and tbe enthusiastic cheer? of tbe people. On arriving at Fredericton he was received with similar demonstrations, and escorted by tbe civil authorities and others to the government house. Attended services at tLe cathedral on Sunday, which was densely crowded On Monday he held a levee at the government house. which was largely attended An address by ttie mayor and corporation * as appropriately responded to by the Prince. I:, the evening the Prince opened the ball, and remained till nearly three o'clock, dancing seve rai times After live p m the Prince embarked for Windtor. in tbe steamer :?tyx amidst Immense cheering, firing of cannon, &c PicToc. N S? , Aug. 6.?The Prince landed at ilau*?(>ort at 7 o'clock this mottling; arrived at Windsor at -. left at W, arrived at Turoat 11.30, left at IM and arrived at Picton at 5 Si P .M . wb?*re he received and auswered an addrt-as. and embarked immediately on board the Hero for Cbarlottetown, P K. 1 . where he expert* to arrive at noon to morrow He was received along tbe route moat enthusiastically, and. while passing through Picton, cheered' moat vociferously In the evening there was an exhibition of lireworks, bonfires, and illuminations The .Missouri Elect on St Loci*. Aug 9 ?Returns from six additional counties snow that .Mr. Orr. tbe Union can ditate for Governor, has gaiued 1.4*10 on the mainri fi^a hi v?i> v! d - la thirteen counties the majority for Jackscn (regular dem ) is inert as-*d b\ } 4UU over the riiaj'?riti"s of Stewart (dem ) in tei'v There is some doubt of his elet lion The Leulslature is democratic ~t Louis congressional district elects Blair for full term, by a plurality vote, and BarreU for snort term Noell, Phelps, Clark. He d and Norton, all Douglas democrats. and Rollins, opposition, are elected to Congress Murder at Red Lion, > J Bcrlixgtoh, N J . Aug 9?Geo Aiken was shot and inalantly killed at Ked Lion, near V ncenlo*n, Burlington county. N J . yesterda\ by Jonn H Conover It is alleged thatA:keu had ravished Couover's wife, and wa forbid to route to the bouse. Couover in tbe mean time got out a warrant, and put it in the hand* of a constable. Aiken bt-ard of It, and threatened to kill him If the warrant was not withdrawn He went to < ootcti uouie yeateraay. when be wu aLiot In the neck, nnd lriiUntiy Killed Ccuover pave liluiirlf up, mid waa placed id jail last evening at .Mount Holly. KtmlHtUai. GuMixiuw!!, O , Auk 9?The Republican* of the third district to-aav noiiiinatea Sauiue. Craighead, of Daytoo. for Congrpas, by acclaata tion. Barnksvili.b. O , Aug 9 ?The Democrats of the seventh diitrict to-dav notulnaUd J K. Morris for Congress, by acclamation f 41i' a An ar q ??? ? ? 1 * - * ^ . u6 w ?u v? I/me ??a? nuauiiatfu fur delegate to Congress to day by the Republicans of Plattsmoutb, Nebraska. Obis Politic*?The Zouaves. Cincinnati, Aug 10.?The Republican Con1 vention met yesterday, and nouilnatrd a ful county ticket Jud^e Oliver M Spencer was nominated fur Congress from the tlrst district, and lion John A Gurley from tb?* second district The Cbictgo Zouaves drilled last night in Pike's Opera House. They leave to-day for St Louis. Arrested on * lharge of Knbr/ilrnest, Toronto, C. W , Aug. 9 ? Montague, the Cincinnati euiOezrler's case. Is postponed till to-morrow, to allow time for the arrival of witnesses from Cincinnati It is thought the charge of fortferv can be sustained against him, in which case C _ .-.J 1 1 V J - 1 * ?? 1 **- ? ? * ? ; * - ur win tw u? nvrrcu mi t n ; v^Q ?iaWi ai.lLOftin. otherwise lie will be discharged Libel tail Hi>.ifTow\, Aui; 10?In the libel suit of Hon. Henry \V llotl'>na.i agt * Norrla. editor* of tbe Citi/en newspaper at Frederick, a verdict vtai rendered this morning for the plaintiff for five hundred dollar* damages The c oats nnd expenses of this suit, which are very heavy, fall on the defendants. Front Mexiee. siw Oblxan*, Aug. ?.?The schooner Star has arrived wltb Vera Crut dates to tike vtfth ult Mr Shipley, Flag Officer's Secretary. Is pssasnger, witb despatches for the Nary and Sate De( a'tmenU M .ranaon was at Lagos, unable to es Drtr?Uti ( Btcmaier. Halifax, Aug. 10.?TLe Canada, bound for Liverpool, got aground in oar harbor going out t last night, and will not go to aea before to-night. - 4^ >.<U Ci* u? 4^ Arkanaa* LImiIm. K.?t Sana. Ark , A >t * ? r*U>r ibe I*4* p? nH^?t andidau- for Uorernor ) 390 ibrtd ta ? ronatv Carrvl ?*aat? (ini John on 1?> in? ..r ?v In Maditon R^W? m?toritv t? 'jwt Keiloraud J?hn*on are both friend* wf Bwkiiri4i;r Hratarky klfrlMl ?.w? * wnnu w ??1\ ]*ni niw f^cetved from 63 counties. mnat;r coojplee which how a majority for Gen L CMnb*. tbe I'nion candidate for Clerk of tbr Court of Appeal*. amounting to 2v!.l?u Rratral ml lr?* N?cr???. LormviLLB Aug 9?Thf Common Comih-JI of New Albany. Indiana. h? made an appropriation I for tie removal of all tbe frer aryrMi la town | from the S*tate Fire at V* tlrieana Nik- Obi kam>. Aug 9 ?Tbe plan mill aa?u fa. tor v. and aev?ral building* adj -'nl^K on Gravier street. were burned to-day I Ml #6?i.0tM ; 1 Inaor^l C I "" " i?vuiru ri.),WV Al?tti4rli 1?rk?U Al*xawt?*!4. Aua It?Flour -Family .V* f 7 (Hi; fltn S5 7Sa? 45; oipw-r #5 ISaS 37. W boat ?white. iif-w, f.?tr tov <>o<l f 1 .'fcufl 43; r*4|l 21a fl 31 Corn?whit* v?llow TUiTJo, mtird R ve ?<?7c Oata :i.'>*4??c Cora Meal 75a>lc p^r buabrl. !W<1?-Ttmottv fi iO?W S*?; Clover IS T5a?fi, Flaiated *1 30al 4fi Prov.alorta?Kutter. roll. : Bacon ltl|alSr ; Pork (Ta? 5*' ; Lard I3at4r Whisky tf4a?/? Haiti taara Markru. H?lt:mokb. Aug It ? flour clo?>-4 qilft. Obi* ?.S Wtml c na?d quirt but rrd ft ?tal 33. white *1 3SaI .V> Com < iu?4 t'm.* yllow TttaTl'; white Kn^jr Provmtnna rli?r4 tesdy; nieaa pork 75 W'biakv cloaed roner UfcUliUb'l'UW i\. - CtrttirMiMM ' r?l Sl?? 6iouito*r. Aujutl 11, imp The propoa^d action of tbe romir'taloner* at public work* of the !*t*te of Marvlai d In trying to coerce the hoard of dir* tori of tbrChi?i|e?k* ana iuii<> canal into ralalng the rat# of toll on tint work eicltea th* indignation of <>uj c>tlr? na, u such a s" p will be a itioiii clin k to our prosperity. and Inflirt Irreparable Injur? upon our commercial Interests. A meeting of our ? Ity Councils w?a railed tn reference to the matter on Thursday even'njj laat, hut for want of a quorum nothing was done A comtn'aslon to attend the meeting at Berkelv ia proposed, and Kecorder Caperton, of the Board of A!d~rm*n, Ksau Ptckrell, Ijq president of the Boa d of Common Council, and Ja> A Ma^'oder. Kaq , e* canal director, are spoken of in that connect on We hope a peed v and < Sclent action may be Hkca by t e District <itiea aa It la a matter In which we are all vitally Interested Mr Henry (iroii. a worthvclt'ien. well known aa lighter of the Government lamp* here, died verv suddenly 011 Tliuradav morning laat from beart disease The excitement consequent on a v sit to the Great K astern the day *>efore wu tfce doubt, aa be waa til on h a return Lome late at nigbt. and grew rapidly woras until death released him from fc.s :8'-rln|{? Kmpty boat* htfr p iwrd up the canal >1 nrr tbe repair of the brrik near Harper'a I'errv, and the loaded coal boats detained at that point are expected to arrive here on or befure Monday New wheat it coining ill lowly, and food white readily brings (1 40 per bushel Some rather Infer or ha* been avid for SI US We hav? heard of n? uln of red * bout 5>?l .?eef cattle were off red at I>rover'? Rest vest?-rda\ , of which 4<?? or upward* were sold to ui^tors snd butcher* at prii ea ranging from 75 to 93 T7 per 11*1 H>a gram 5*i?me of them were driven on to Baltimore Rev Mr Tyng will preach In the market hoi:ae to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock Ad vert'acmenta left at 114 Bridge street or at the dm; store of our accommodating young friend Dr Barnard, will be promptly attended to (; K< )RGET< >WN ADVEET'MTS For other Georgetown eWrertifementI ??? hert p agi i copartnership notice. AI,E\ANDKH e. B Al.l..<?r'?er, btvini #sociat <1 with him Wil uni S. Matthew* the hual ne?s will lie c n-luct'-'i urnW the name au<1 ?t?ienf BtCALL & M ? TT ll * W? at the <m1 established -ta::d of Ji-hn M Belt. eorne- of Congress and Bridge streets, OwiriMm, 1?. C. July 21. 1WV __ ag|l? in ?arm weather i i'rkpare for colt* We are now receiving. and will Itedur nc the mo* th of August. !,< * 'on n of COAl?. of all wlil'-.h will s?-ll c.i- ap if ord ered prior to 1st September. Call ea y anil .-ave your orders at oar Offices, if you wi?h to ?are mo'.e* C. M V t.KS * MN, No. 41 Water street. G> orcet^wn. J. \V P. MYKR" ?" ? 0~ jy 21-2m Office cor. G and ZLtl at*., Waatunc'n. \l Avon's orncE, i'I I'lFiitGiTiivr^. D. C.. Jnlj It IMn. Ail perrons w ? ?re hihhh?*.1 l.y iniikftiiCt--tw hlch endanger th~ health of the town are requeat<-d to report the fame, iu wi itin?. to thin office. j* 1R-w4w HK.NK Y A DDI SO N. M at or. JV O II V M BUG! We will commence on Mondav next. Jul* J"th, to pins'* o .t our entire itnd of si" m m kr drkss GOOIrt*. * c.. Ac., at Co?t for Cash noigoti will hea.-ked. SPILMAN a hint. j? J7-eoiw O* Bridge ?l'?>t. Having dktkkminkdtochangk nv . hu?ii,o?a. 1*11 oomine^oe fro.n t , a date to aell for caaii ray entire atock of DRY and FANCY GOOD*. Havirc puroiiae1*! o the moat favora bi* terma. and heme dear oua f o oainr out aa early aa po*?it<le, all who may he in wast of bargaiua wii. do weii to five me a. 01 W R. HI'RDLE. jy 24 l?n Comw of Hirh an1 <ia? ?ta. ?i?y I BKNSt I.VAMA AVF.N I F. B-tOTM i O 11th and 12th struct* ?Flflf copies of Clunker's Political Test Rook or Kncyciopcdift, received this ua> by eipreno. and for na!e at B?.\. F t REXCH-9. au 4 fit Int.' iiT** Pwn. tvwut. (V'ATIUNAL 1> SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gmtx Stiiit, Settree* Brvi*i amd W+ter itrmtt. Ge?r/t>i om?. D. C. A large stock of CANDLES. Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS. Also, TAI.LOW a-..: GREASE for Locomotives, M-am'-oats, aad a., kind* of machinery. a < w a y 011 nana, aad for ?a> at price* to ?mt th? trad* C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. ir 10 *??tf 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON. PLASTERERS. Pi***. Avisci, Between lf>th and ll?h utreeU. je IB P NOTICE. FRSONS D*c1iriiic fcouaekeepinf or having a aurplua of nou?*tn?ld effects oan find rnadr aaie bp oailiii* at ray Kern letting !*tore, tth rtroet, batwwn G and H ttreata, mde a? 8-Srn RITTWUPH HITCH LV. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING the lowee possible prioe. T. J. A W. M. GALT, t'?. ?V., MltMD ilUl mti ?u . ma H-?f north aid ENGINEER'S OFFICE, Li Auxaxdha, June V, IHO. MANANAS GAP KAILROAD S!X HUNDRED MEN WANTKDob tha Iim of thia r?a<d from Ml. Jaokaon to Hamaonbarf. \Vag*a *1 a day; b ard fin per rooclh. Fur information, Ao.. inquire of \V M. S. FEWELL, Coapant'i (ijfioe, Alexandria. je28 dtJ??'.l*twAu*AlatwSep. HW. HAMILTON, . PAINTER. and DEALER IN PAINT*, No. X 7th Sthekt. *??r Odd fltlwn' Hmll. au 2-tf PI TTyTs DOWN. UfOOD Now ia the tuna to ret winter fuel at reduced price* We have a larre aloe* of WOOD and COAL at very low AND prioea, for ca ll ? . j WARDER * STEWART, r'OAL. | Ofto??(,'ornei H and l*tn eta., _ 'au 7-2w' S'ard?I2ta at and Canal. Sli'h.KlUK WHITE A>V KKU A^H EGG COAIj ? Now on th? <1a4,> r'ct*d oar ivf, aclitxiaca Ch4< Mo.-r? m<1 Jm Tio*. with 1X5 ton* K'ntd Mountain .VHITK ASH EGG COM.,aa<117 to..? k ED ASH KGG COAL. r*rkodi dioiroiii wfproen mil tf??ir tuppit fo tit# w nt??r will >tr( nittncv li? l?-a ia< then o iters so that th?*u coal c*? Oe ?l fom th? SHERIFF * DAWSON, Four and a-half street and Caw!, auMt (Int.) w??t <! . Wood ag?l5* coal officii. a** PA. At., B^TW^ UTB an UTI 8T*., Mill an 1 W iiarf foot of A, ma 17 tf R*l?? V'"(i? TV ? itmoiil. SEVENTH STREET. 4 ^ A M?ortra?*utu/C <LD PAPfcRb, wilA * <?f mndium m<! low _?ncM GO1 I "* I- IRiBOARM. PRINTS Pl? Tl RK*. CuPD JJ? f?SF.L8. * c ramnaut* of to* frMM PAhAftriimw ?Unik { WINDuw 3H A |r*?ll> r?<0?c*0 pnoM. Ordara IgfJ L?.r, .CApKRHANOiNGS M5 WINDOW 8HADM atiafAetnru) execatad with akill And ?i?f?teh in city or country. Pimmiit* in* a sail, """""fop. au ? <*? 'N? *M 8*T*^o<l,dV?iioV?^iiI. ? ??? '