Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. " SENSIBLE WUHE9. j I'd kind o' like to b?ve % cot, "ixe?l on noraf sunny *lf>pr? or ?p^t. Fivo u>rM more or lens. With in^pte*. cedars. cherry tr??^?. Ami ?opiar? whit?nin< m the breejc. TwomJ suit m* taste. I guea*. To hava the porch wita vines o'erhung, ? With h?!l-" of pendent woodbine swung. In evory b??ll a b*e. And round mr !attic?- window spread A e.oriip of rose!!, whit* and red. To wise" mine and me. 1 kind o" think I should d >stre To .?ear around th-? lawns a choir O' wood birds singing sweet; iLnd in a dell I'd have a brook. Where I could *it r?*ad my book. Sim should b < mr retreat, F%I fr'cn the rity's crowds and n 'ise; There would 1 rear the girt* and boys. (I have s< n?e two or thre*.) And if kind Heaven should bless my store With five or six or seven more. How happy I should be. ? ? - Fbviri is LocDtiti Coustt. V* ?The ? Loud.m Mirrcrsays ? I'ne vic inity of Leesbur* : was visited on Saturday last with a storm of wind and rain, the like of which la not within the recollection of our "oldest inhabitants " Tbe lightning fl<sued. the thunder roiled, and the water fell In torrents-flooding streets, filling cellars, and reudering streams impassable. Fcuoes were proatrated. trees, uprooted, and corn fields. In some instances, utterly ruined Messrs lienry Pa under*. Robt. Harper, PeUr Myers, and R Bentiy, jr , suff-fred mu .h In the way of loss of corn and hay crop. Wm. Ball had the porch blown from his residence,?Reed Poulton lost two cows, killed t>y lightning?and William Wright, near Waterford, had his stark yard, with the exception of one sta' k, consumed by the same element His loss of wheat is estimated at from fire to si* hundred bushels Five hogs, belonging to Geo I) Mnlth. near Waterford, whirh had taken shelter under a tree during the storm, were killed by lightning A tree in a thunder storm Is poor protection for a man or beast During the continuance of the storm we never witnessed a more deluging fill of water.and what is little singnl r. w? hear that six or ?*;ght miles south of town and from that on toward M iddieburg. there 1 was scarcely rain enough to ii?y the dust. ?????????? i Lev docs afirictjltckal Fair ?Tbe Loudoun Agrii Fntr will take place this year on the Hh, 6lh, and 7th days of September next, in Leesburg, and will doubtlf?s t>e one of th?* finest and most attractive exhibitions ewer held by the society. Occurring just before the fall seeding, and during the time of threshing wheat, a tine opportunity will ba afforded our merchants to exhibit and sell fertilizers, agricultural implements. Ac . and to form the acquaintance of the citizens of Londonu and neighboring counties, with whom they will now l>e brought into contact by the opening of th? Alexandtia, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad Already the benefits of this ro d are being felt, and it behooves our merchants to use ev?rv exertion and afford everv facility to eoar<# this rich and valuable trade ? Alt* Gnttitr |t Fisbtow* Br?t?Tfce famous suburb. Fishtown. ts again tbe mart of a brisk trad*?:tot this time In fish, but In watermelons Quite a numest HuaUh *tm a 1W1 ?- nru\n .-v, V upvil ?UT7 *" unit, UUIIU^ business hour*, and the boat loads which arrive from various po.nt* on the river, no sooner ?et to the wharf than thev are bought and unloaded in ' double quirk time" During the continuance of the season?soma four or five weeks?FisLfrjwn Will u look up "?Al'snndrm frat'tte. [i^A Southern Planters' Convention will be he.d ai Uoily Springs, Mississippi, on the 15th of October next This meeting is e*r!usively dissor.riiv >d with politics, having for its object the Improvement of she condition and the iodepen j.. . i -?a.- -???? > ?-* u?uv? iuc Jiuiiirr iipuil prOOUCiiO.18 1 D?* great Interests ofairri< ulture and mechanic* will r*cet va the undi vidtd attention of the delegates ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTKL.-P A ?ray?. Md; R R 0rt bm, Va; i. Ant; J Stuart G M Popc*. Cal; H F Juhnion, Jfd; Rev E H?>*dan, Va; (j P *. no; L>r mil's, J ?j a brovke and d?<; !?r B"n<'r.ra?t <? H HoiutirM', A Markhail >1 A"oh*r. A Sm th. of Va;l*rT .Mitohfli. Kjr,J M H rt Va: tl A Bowman, O, A J Boirinn and 1&i >i s>, 1 \V ^fu<h. .Mit; K K Abed,do; \V Pasn?, i- Krauoes. W L> j*cott, P <' Wither, of Va; J H ?a ?, Va; ? Williams, la; W It Howard, Md; J M'-AfM, Mki;J M fajLe, ilo; J L Mellraino, l>n; G Ui*n??p. Ot; r h B.ojtu, Pa: T Mack N V; R I. Pa. i A Youuz. N ; H LehofT. do: Lit J VVudo Vi, h \\'u ?!, Kjr; W Parss, Ala; J Craw frt.,4 IT ? . A IJ - _.u- 1 ?- x _3 n ? - * , nn ' " J ^ r-Jtii., ^ ; ,>iri f Ali!. mih P*u , SO. * Mftu.iej, n\ ; j i *; a v* Br?vn. Jo; j S ?'&<". "*Ii?? page. 1 ? Kn>. of T'lin; K Fi? d. * ? FikUI, J Aernich, of Mtwjb \Yatlcinsand .ady, Md: Ml* K Watkina, do; Mra Oii^r.? Oiver. A Oliver and lady.olLa; Mim J Judnaoo. Kj; * C W~1M tenn; I. J Cumir.ins, O; N Va; W Newt?n,d<>; J 1 Mclivain, do; J H Woo: ford. do. UKOWNS' HOTKL.-H Clae'ttand dan R Ciagett. MJ; J H Fowl* B Ta* or, C Heu e ?/> , V*; A Commack, I .a, J A NC; J ^ampbell, Tlx; J H Wetnerspoon, J %% jler. Mis* W oil rapoon. %lra J Wyiiu. B Walia. H M fum, W Ni.on at,d !y. / Brown, Ala; C 1. Buck a d lam, H Buck. La; J Fi'summon, O; H Lee, Pa; K Bs'cSi-id?r. Va; Mri tarMngton, ind; Mrs Kwing. NIim Ewiag. J K Mears, Mo; J Pendleton, Va; 0 R oh, Tenn; \Iisa Hushes, Miss Gr?entrond \V it Okc*', J L Wagoner, Ky. M Ben?on,<); W Pa'O't, J D Parott, Va; < K"?ier, Mo; J Melvin. C Meivin Pa, K f rectis. Va; J Bak?r, Sid; Pr P Holman and !y. Miss r* King, A ia; >1 Frevon. Md; Cr C Kris, Lt; K lAb?. C?;F Klbry, O; K Wist, W Alex\i.dsr, Va; A Wiley, T?x; C Griffin, NY; J Inbold'n, Va; W Kyanana fam.SC;H MoGile ar-d faui.Mus; \V Cutningham and Iy, Va; J Buck, Miss. K1KKWOODHOLSK.-J R Mast-rs, J GrinDS, Va; J F McK ar.?t, Teon; W Cabbage, Pa; 8 C Ctaldrass, Tex; H \\ rtcott. W ?i>u, M's A t-o?t, NV; G Roebuck, hns; Capt Csrniean. M K Tailor, RNGl-: W O Hwifl, Mas*; Ur Tucker, S?J; C H Lyne, Va; W Ta aok, Kng; Hon W 1. t?t'Ie?, H^n l. Lyon, Ga; K K-y. W Filler. Tex; A Rail, H Pullivau. Va; \V H Stobridga, Mc. \jy,nA.n 3TZ.AML.liS1 SAILING DAYS From tbi United Statbs. St?amtT*. Leave. For. Day*. Asia ?New York.-.Liverpool Aug. 15 ?%xonia... New York...Hamburg .. Ai'f. 15 Grw. ha?'ern_ New York ..H*l>f ?x, 4c Au*. 16 Prinoe Albert. . N'-w York liaiway Aug. IB Kangaroo.. New York ..Liverpool Aug 18 Ar&g?..New York...Havre ...?.Aug.l8 Fvropa New York Liverpool.. Aug. 22 Adriano New York Havre .Aug 25 Persia..?. ..New York ..Liverpool....Aug. '? From Ecbcpb Al i&Mi Pouth'ptpn N-w V. rk . ..Iuy5 Li ?...?k. . -?i ... .ui*wr|?<>oi... .^ew York.. Aug f*eraia...~_ Liverpool New York . Aa<. 7 The H*'ana mw! ?P?mer? leave Now York on tii*- id. !2th, !7th, and 27th of eaoh month, and Charleston ??u tho 4th ar.d 19th. Ti,? leave New York ou tK? grit an<1 Ji-th of e?wv month DBQPOSALS FOR REPAIRING THF. 18 I TOM KOlSfc Af BALTIMORE, MD. TlE??riY I W a?h jshton. Ju;y 13,1W.( Fm?ro?Ai? trill be ft-o^ived at this Departinect un'.itr-ftfteen'-a J*y of September, A. D. :?> , at jj r.'ciook, noon, for the repair* of the Cuatoin )iou?e a.<tnor x-d to t?e r^ja ri . at Ha tim-ie Mary and, according U, the p an* and a??o>fioa11(11. prrpvred at tbia L?f"p\ t.Tlr i.t. BidJ?'? will be ie*aired I? reoeive t?.e o.d cant iron work di-p n??i wi'h l.i part pa,ni <nt of th* work, at the rat# of one dollar per hundred poui d-, ai d will t-# required to furnish al tne atrrt\ and p*rform ail |ii? neoe*?ary labor to oo i plHa Uie repair* aocordiu< to the p an* fiirr i?h d. N :netT p*r cent, of tne amount <^f work done and materia!* delivered aooornimc U> ootitract price (nail amount to be aaoert&mr-d iuthe manner pre a I pi Hw ^ 1 * * i , uj an ? uviihlBUli 1*1? ^stiniat** of M j a ?nt of <h? Department appointed for tliat pur j> ? > wi I b? pai<l moiitnlt, #s the work projt'esfes.. and ten p?r o*nt. retained until the completion <>i t.i i oxuCrvt and aoo?p?nn^? ?f the work j t ??*nt a or?#*id, and to be U>ri ;t?*l in tiie t?? t ol - tu fi. of 0',ntrant. nornfio ( : u ? % <1 \ i! \*ia?a wi:] h? real* on the li'.h ?( Au^mt. when , t:i j ?an l>? h*d no app icatton t > the liepartm ut. I'ae pr?.po?a mo?t t>? ?ent to *h i? D p*rtfn*r.t. 1 ?d<l-e??e<J o the r^ecretarj of the Tf*?un ard p ai ? "ivI" Prnvntallfor repaxrtnt lh' Bill* mo't Cc'i* kcmf*-' ?.i/t ?>" -- ? * _ , ?... ?prn*u &( (Hlf ' o (V4> b oi u.* day umiixI tor i>'o mm the , Mine. HOV* ELL CoBH, jy 7 ftwiw Secretary uf the rr?**Mjrjr. ' MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA O I NO BR WINE! MoDONNELL'S ' CATAWBA WINGER WINK! j MeDONNKLL'8 CATAWBA WINGER WINE! TkM iMitrttmt Summer ???ra?, ' The HtalUiful n<l ' Tonio Prt penalties n t'f whioh are now w?ll known and t lair?r?*l y Admitted \ Throughout the Union. la Nov For Half) in \\'Mhiu?U>n by Jot VT. Pavia, g*h and F at?. J, V. Cobnrn. IS ? ami H ata. f.. E. O'Brien ?Hk ?' -* 1 _ " ?MM1 A DU. Wrn. A. Brown, 15th atrl Y ate. W. i*. Joiim, M*???^hniiMU?T. and 3d at. P?t?r Monachal:, New Jaraaj av. and o at. T. Cocaa, P*. *v. and i>th at. ? J a*. Bli*h. 11th at. K. M Orm?, Pa. a vena a. \ K. F. W h te A Co., ?*a. avenaa. Heory C. Pardy, Pa * B. Hayaa, 4th an I H ata. i I, aorga VV. Or ma. Georgetown, f>. C. I H. L. Uffutt, Gaor?ak>wa, D. C. Jas. MoDOSSKLL, * 17 i *>im Qi*r*i A*tut, "''tiarr MISCELLANEOUS. J F F 1 O I A L . iLECTRIC TELE0RAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. TlEA?r*T D?*ART*E!fT. Jaly 10, 1H80. I Propo?*l? will be received at this Department inti! the tenth day of September next, pursaant to he following aot of Concress s Act to facilitate communication between the At antic and Hacifio *tate? by electrio telegraph. B? ??tnacitd by tk* Senati and How of R?bt?rntatires of tK* C'nittd Statu of Arntrica in Conr jf ajsembltd, That the ^eoretary of the Treaa i y, under the direction of the Presilent of the Jnit?d states, it hereby authorised and direoted o advertise for sealed proposals, to be reoeired i?rh0.ia?a afW the pataace of thia aot, (and the ulfilmeut of which atiall le caarantied by reaponiblf parties, aa in the c&aeofbids for mail con rao's,) for the use by th* Government of a line or lues of magnetic teegraph, to be constructed withn two yearsfrom the tfert) first day of Juiy, eighen hundred and sixtr, from som? point or puiuts in (Ka wsat lina nf tKa Citato of \T ima/\n?i ! * ? ? ? oute or rout** whioh the said ot ntractor* may leleot, (oonneoting At auoh Poiutor pouts by tele:raph with the cities of Washington, N w Orleans. >?w York, Charleston, Philadelphia. Boston, and >ther cities in the Attamio. Southern, and W#ii-rn States ) to the city of San Francisco, in the ttate ut California, for a period of ten years, and ihall award the oontract to the lowest responsible >idder or bidders, provided suoh proffer does not vquire a larger amuunt per jear from the United siat.>s than fort* thousand dollars, and permission s hereby granted to the said parties to whom said lontraet may be awardej, or a inajoritr of them, and their ass ens. to use until the end of the said ith, such unoooupied pubic lands of the U ait d states as may be neoessary for the ngnt of way and for the purpose of establishing >tation? for epairs along saiJ line,rot exceeding Many station >ne quarter section of land.suon stations no; to xceed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole distance, unless >aid land' shall be required L?y the Government of the United Stares for rail oad or other purposes, and provided th\t no right to pre einpt any ol said lands und->r the laws of the Unitel States shall inure to said oompay, their agents or -rvai.ts, or to any other pewon or per ? .n* whatsoever: Provided, That no such oon tract khail be n<a !e ui.til the taid line shall b? in fccMia operation and parmenU thereunder shall rease whenever the oontrantors fail to oompl r ? jth I le contract; that the Go ver nnient shall. at ail times bo entitled to priori:y in the use of tne line or lines, hnd shall have the privilege, when author ???l by taw, f taid bv telmraan with any military post* of the Uniiad Statdf, and (o use the name for CJover m-'nt purposes: And prort Jtii also, Tt^at *&id une or lines, except >>uou a* rna> (? oon-tracted by the Government to oonnect did iiuc %ji nit: a wiui mo Hun iiry pusil oi 1!10 United States, shall be open to 'he use of all citi z >na of the United State* ('tiring the t?rra of a*'. t o*nt ast, on paym-nt of the regular charts for t.aiismission of dispatctisa: And prnvultiL also. That anon onargea shall tot exceed tlire? do.iais for a aing.e dispatch o! ten word*, with tne u uv proportionate deduction* upon di?pa;ehes of s ett*r icrxth, provided that no'hin* iier-*in cnla ;ied Bhalioorfer upon the said parties kut exclusive right to nocatruot a tel?graph to the Pa -1 So, or de ar the Government of the Unitfd St?ie? trom (ranting, from time to time similar fran cbiae* and privilege* to other partiea. ??ea. 2. And be it furtkrv entered, That the aaid oottractors. or th^ir .\ . aha I ha?-e the ri^ht to oonstru^t ani mamta r, through any of the Ter rito. leu ofthe United Statof, a branoli line, *o as to c nn>*ct th?tr said line or lin??* witn Oregon; and that tney anaii have the perli:an>-nt right of ?ay fjr eai'i line or line*. under, or over, any ufiapprop'lst*-?! public land* and vatera m tn? aaid Territoriea by any route or routes whioli the said oon tractor* n:aj ael-ot with the ire? use during the svu tirm "I sucn lands, a* iraj bo neces>ar t for the purpose of establishing stations for repair* along said line or lines, not exceeding) at any station. oae q oarer eeotion of land, sucn sta'ions not to exceed one in fifteen mi es on au average of the whole dutar.oe; hot should any of aaul quarter sections be deemed eeaential by the Government or any company acting under it* authority, for rarroad purp<>?ea. the ?a;d contractor* fcha.l relinquish the occupant y ol no much aa may be necessary for the railroad, receiving an equai amount of and for like u*-" in it* stea< . See 3 And be it furtner enacted. That if, in any during ti e contmuanoe of the said oontrac', the business done for the Government an hereinbefire mentioned by such contactor*, or their ad&iKns, **iaii. at the ordinary rat< of charge* or f riva'e in^s%tea. ogeeed the prioe contracted to e paid a? aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upoi: caid accounts being duly autheui ar-d, rertily the amount of suMi ejrc??tn , re??: Provided, That tho cue of the line be givrn <?t any time, fre.? of 'jo>t, to tne t'oast Survey, the tniit'inor tan Insti'ution, and tho National Ob*er vatory, foe scientific purp ?????: And provided fur th-r. 1 hat rne'^a, t-s receive*! from anv individual, company, or oorpo-atton, or froni a.iy t'?;e*rapn lines oof.nwtiue with 'his line at either of 'a irrmini, shail b<> m.partia' j transmitted in tli* orier oi tiieir reoeptiou. exo-*ptin< that the despatches of th*> Government shall liave priority: And prond-d furtk'T. That Congress shall at any time have the luht to alter or amend tuia aoL Approved Jane lt>, 1(W>. The lowest offer for the use of such telegraph. for tne ptib 10 service, will be MMlM, t^e terms and conditions exp ess.-d in the act shall t>e fully set forth an ! stipulated in the proposals, which must be accompanied by a guarantee, in oonb'rmity with the27th aection of the act of July i. 1S3K, in rerard to mail service, to the < tTeot that the lin^ or n..e? snail (<*> nompieted within the time prescribed, and that the guarantor stia.l then enter into obligation to the l! i,it?d States for the Dertormauoe of the service for the tru?ernmen', under said act. a! the rates offered in the proposal*. >uch guarantee may l>e in tho following form: i ns unuersignea resiaing at , in the JMate of , undertake and promise that if th<? Secretary of the Treasury slia; aace|;t th? w ttnn pro pot>a'Et under the act of June 18, 1360, the line or ineiiMf magaetiu telegraph ?hail he completed and pat into operation on or befo.othe time rtat'd in the act. and tl:at wf> wili then execute with the parties visaing the withia proposals an oh'.ira tion to the United Stat--*. in due form, as suro ties for the performance of the service, a'cordinr to the terms and ovuilitiona contained in such propi >*ais." Dated at . The ahove guarantee must be accompanied with the certificate ?,fa United States di triot attorn*, or district judge. s'a'inj that he is acquainted with each of the persons signing the cuarantee, and kLows them to be men ol sufficient property to make go d toe above guarantee. The prop i'? s and giia:iv:t -? most he sea'ed up ani directed *o "tiie Hecrwtay of the Treasury. Washington, D C and endorsed "Proposals for Pacific Telegraph." HoWKI,L (m)BH, jy 11 2awtd.\VAS Secretary of the Treasury pRUPOHALS FOR SEALING WAX. Post Oifici Dki*artmest, July 24, IRAq. pkai.zd proposals will he received at this Department unti. ine 3d day < f September next, at 12 o'cioc*. no.hi, for furnishing dealing Wax, for ti.e use of the Post Offices in tne Umt-d Mtates, from the date that the contrac thcref r ?i al! bo ex?out''d to the 31st day of December. ISM. The Wax to li > delivered, fr?e of expense, at the bank agencies of the Post Office Department, at Waehintt.n I). O >i?w Yo'k oity and Cm<-iiinati, Ohio. The es!iiri%i? d Huantity of Wax repaired at eaah age aoj year > is specified below. Distkict No. l.? Wa*kiaj:im, I). C. Iso pounds <>1 Scarlet Scaling \v ax, ol good ^tia!ity, for ordiRVT us*. I>istbict No 2.?At A'?ir York city. Soi pouruis of Star, et Sea, in* Wax, >&ine as for district No. 1 District No 3.-^1 Ctnrtnnaii, Okie. 4m pouutia of Seariet Scaling i\ax, same as for district No l. Tn-o-vntract will be awarded to t*>e lowest and be t bidder, t.lo tc?st hid to Le determiced aft- r a carefu' *sainination for trie purpuse of a*oert\imng wnioh bid vi 1. in its prao'icai roau.ts. be most aUrai.'agtiC'US to the Department. It the Districts should be reoonstrrscted, or Inor<>A?-d in number, the Sealing Wax snail be de iv*:ed at such p a ? or places as the Postma ter Ge;.sral sha'1 df Mgi.a'o. at pro rata prices Samples of the sealing Wax required to be furmshea can be seen at. ?>r procnr- d from, either of the above i aried agencies. Kach t iddor nun furr.ish. with his proposals, ev idei G0 of hlK fthillt* to A, **??!? %?.*K K.J _ ____ -j W IU|w it I Ilia t'lU, Tw'i aufPrient aeoantiea will be required to % jontract. Kanur** ?o furnish the*?almg Waxeon:r?ot?u for promptly, or furuiahing an artlole iufe rior t~> t at d for, will b? o >n*idered auffijient oaua* for the forfeiture of the oontraot. Hi'li i.< t made in acnordanoe with th~se propoaa ? will not be 'ouaidered Propnaals must be u arked. on the nnUHe of the >rvelop?, "Propo?ala lor Sealing W*x." and the tter oonta'oing them addregaed to theFirtt AamUnt PostmAiter General, Waahington, D. C. J. H-'?LT, jy 26 law^w.Th Poatmaater G*if ra!. P? NOTICE' LKGULAR 8TEAM PACKET LINK BEW i: N B ALT MO KK A N D -IT""' fe. IVASH1NGTO N.-Leave neroa at. wha f, Baltimore, aa fol ' nia Tbe St Nichol a every W EDNESDAY, at 6 p. n. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Geavn Kiley'a Wharf, at the foot of Uth atreet tVat hington, aa Pillowa: Colombia,every WEDNESDAY M'>RNIN6, kt 6. Sr Vcuona,every 3 AT L' RDA V,at6a. to. For freight, *0., app.y to TifOA. W. RILEY, Agent, Riley' Wharf, at the root of mar IB TAT"m llth at. Waalungton f 'EORGE B SLOAT k CCkf I* SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. Kirjf ptnmffi aipirded at 19 out Slat* and I'cunrid r?if i The oheapent and l<e*t S?winr M vhinen ever meuted are umvci sai!) a. I mitten to !>e ttn-xe nanuacfur?*d by G>orie 11 Sloat x Co. Philadelphia. Kltiptic and Shuttle Machines ?5" to $60 Fanov Eltip ic, Walnut or Mauojanjr Cased, 863 n d $*?>. Toilet Ca?ed, Walnut or Mahogany. ?75 and $85. Tii?i?e Machines are wf mperior workmanship ind iii'>r?* elaborate fini'h and d3 per ce t. cheaper '.Mi km rilti"' S.-wi" \1.-u -? r ..... ?_- n ^ .'invuiuo in? uiivniurNj 111 n I'nitwl Hate*. Call nn<t ire ihern nt MAXIVKI.I, S Fat o* "tfirK. V-"" |?r. ?v?"uo, jv J THOMAS MAXWELL, Afer.t. IACOB REED. 9 M*!?s?ACTau*E or MILITARY CLOT IllPie, 8o'-TH?At> r CoENsa Sitond and Ppruc* Bn., vuu a nei dufj MA JLA A A MII. ITA R V CLOTHS FOR HALF, la ?-Bni a ykll.ow pink ltmbkh. lIlLL Deeoripti-wa of the &N've l.umNer, f>>i ?ui ili' < Darvi-aoa. lobrMinjt^UUARK, HEWN riMkf r. i:f.aVs. joihV Vlanic, widf iOARD?,*ii<i FLOORING (dreaaedor andreaaed) taieish**) <*>r<y>t from the eouthern rmita bj JOY A METCALF, 70 Sinitb'a Wharf 4#* Int wn?r Pruttlt.. Kkitimnr*. Md K\lt imorb" BUTTFR HOUKE. l>*lly r'otivinc frc?h ?ikI a W"M, in <>oah?n packAlao, Ohio liutt-r, at I0S> an>t 'i>l, oe> is ELLICOTT A HE WES. J J * 99 JkA?itAU(? flKM. 3bituaorc. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Ncapox springs E\V and improved route via the Manassas Gap R Ml Road and the Straa- rj- _ _ burg and Capon Turnpike. IW only 1* fni!etofita?init..ver*?-^IL-UB ? a comfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the urance and Alexandria Train at 7.16 a. in., take the Ma:.ass\s oar at the junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. in. Fare from Alexandria to Capon .?5.00 From Washington to Capon son For information enquire at the Rail Road Office oomer ofSixth st. and Pa. av.,'n Washington, *nd at the Tioket Office on Union st, Alexandria, Va. jt H-dt2nthAag BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CuANexor Hocks. ON AND AFTER VVKDNhJJDAY, June 13th, 1860, tram* will rnn an follows: Leavd Washington at 6 2t? and 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 5JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Ualumore at 3.16 and 4Ju p. m. i ?n Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the Ka*t will take trains at 6.2P and 7.4" a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7 4" a. ra. and SJO p. in. For A nnapolis at 7.40 a m and 3.2" p. m. For Norfoik at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3^0 p. m. train goes to Philade'phia ouij. ir ltd T H. PA RSON8, Agent. NEW ORLEANS I INT TjEXnBE DAYS WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, fi'in Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHDTROUTE: Mampiua br Ra<l,thenoe bv First claaa Packeta to New Orfeaua. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery bj Rail, thenoe to Mobil* by Firatclaa* Paoketa. Mobile to New yrleana by Lake Hteamera TWO DAILY TRAINS?Hukdatb IncLuriwi, Leave Waahitiffton atfi * m anHfin m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE le*ve? her wharf foot of Seventh street at HM a. m. and PJ* p m. and oonneots at A exmdria wstn the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sor.thwent. Office? PennsTlvaiua avenue, ooraer of Sixth at. BAGSAGK CBHCKSB THP.orOH TO NEW ORLIAHR LynobNurg ? g7,*> Memphis TO Bristol. Atlanta 26 no KnoxviUa Macon 28 no Chattanooga. 24 '> <' 31 50 Da'ton... 34 Montgomery ...... SJ <!0 Huntsville _ .27 00 > via Memphis.42 50 Grand Junction?-30 <> N.O.> via<?. Juno 42 V> Nashville, . 26 601 \ via Mobile.. 45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY UY RAIL J _ nnu in ?00 MILES SHORTEH, and '24 HOURS* LESS IN TIME than an? other I ib??the Lynchburg Extension being now ooir.pleti?d, a-> a>?-> the Muaittippi Centra!, makini it the QUICKEST AND MOST PL HAS A ST ROUTE FOIl SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! it la provided with Firat c.&sa Sieep nc Car*! ( To N?w Orleans. 7!i H>>nra. T,i,i> ) M?mphi* ? 54 do. I'"E 1 Montfitinert .. A3 do. V Naabville .40 do. liyTne U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS am taken over tins New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth *tr?ot and Pennsyivaiiia avenue, to tl:? following points: Lyuonluir*. Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattauo<,/v Huntnvi!le. Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Dalton, Co iiinhus, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and Nkw ORLEANS. C7- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fT^Oinniboses and Damage Wafoni loavethe office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, TioketAient, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. ?v. i . THK STKAMKR JAS. GlIY Will renm? ner 1 trips on TUESDAY, 21st of Jl*" >. February. iJ.0n. Will l??ave \VASH INOTON ev?ry TUESDAY an-1* 6*^** FRIDAY, at 6 oclook a. ni., and ALEXANDRIA at iiaif-past6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the in term*'into l,an<lincs. On her re?.u-n trips, she will ioav* CUR R IO.Vl AN ?T?ry WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY,at 5 o'clock a. in. I.UC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. felO PFOR NEW YORK. AS8A6E, INHLUDINtt MliALS i.10 STATEROOM. #7.40. The New York arid Virginia Screw Steamship Comsanr's new and eiegaut cteamship f g-fMOCNT VERNON.Capt.T O.Smith,<fc032> will leave the Company's Depot, Wes"^^^^ tern Wharves, at ll'a'olook a. m every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same day. Passengers from Washington and Georgetown cantaxe the ooaches conneoone with Alexandria sreamboats or railroad, whioh lnave the oorner of Tth street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leave on the steamer from the Western Wharvoe at I) 'oUxik a. di. State roome can be engaged on app.ioation ti Messrs. Morgan St Rhinehf.rt, Western WLartoe Freight will be received up to the hour* of depar tare. Icuranoe will be effected on all goods bj thislice at the ofloe of the Company at X per oent p rem mm. The accomiBodat.or.1 for p&?aen(era by this l:o? are in every respect first o ass, and every effort wil be male to render this communication with New York aii agreeable and heal thiol one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A n.l > ivarta A w. w?l ?*twwMi) moAsui'iiiik. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., eJ-ly *? We?t. et.,ooriier Aibany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOQM1S IImoIoiH forth* con on.iinj will b? ab??nt, %a u?uhl. durtn< the turn mer months ; will p?sum?? priwti??e ah >at the 1st of i ict-ner, oi winaii lurtnor notice will be liven. JlM D DENTISTRY. R. RILLS, after a Draotica! test of two years, fools tnat he can with confidence recoiri j mend the Cbeop&stio Prooess for insertiiiij?MHiai artificial teeth It has the advances orVjCCtS7 treuith, beauty, oleaaliuess.aEd cheapness. Fui upper sots tasorted for #i*. Parti&l m proportion. Oflo? 306 Pa. avenue. ? 7 I? I R E, F I R K. POTOMAC WATER. I am s'lll enja'ed in the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BU*iNE?Sat my oid stand in Philharmonio Hill. The advantage of having a plentiful turpi* of water vu readily observed at the fireo* yesterday, an I am well fati'fi-d I should have been burned out but lor tne bountiful supply upor my preou"e*> and th" t of my neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water and Gas will be prompt'? attended to. Terms as reasona b e as any plumber in thu city. Jy 3 C. SNVOER WNEW GOO I 8. F Hav ja?t r< o?ived a'arje stook of Bleached and Brown COTTONS tf the t>est makes M o, SHEKTING9, TAHI.E LINENS. NAPKINS, I'OW FUNGS. IRISH LINFNS, 2f?>o itr.i I.AANS, from 8 eents to )I.Hi . HOSIERY, GLOVES. GM.'NTLKTTS, WHITE. RED, fit IF and GREV FLAN NFL* In va-ietv. We have a few rich ORGaVDY ROBES on h nd which we have marked lens than ? st. jyfrt TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. r' it A M i; I ? H A K F K R, j H<yr?fo opfsbd * FAMILY GROCERY AND FF.ED STORE, t'orntr nf ,\>tc it'-nut an J Tmth tlritl. Respectfully solicits the patronage of thosewho mar t*? in want of any article in the aiiove line, hit* athali t?: to p rase, and by a strict attention to the wants of the public, ha hopes to merit a 'tare of then patronage. His tock couMstsof every article usually to be found iu a first-cias* Faintly Grocery and Feed Store. ma 17 tf V |> WILLIAM URAULEY BK<JS TO i>. nil ir111 th?- puli to and .* friends that he has on hand a !ar*e stock of Marble Mantels, quite a now itu". A:?o M":i inent !! ad Stone*. TaMe Tops, A ., which he has to ili ^pose of at pric'-s to suit the tiring. Also, B:o>? n Storic co .stantlv kept on hand. I' niubers' work pnnnptU attended to. ina a Sinoo Pa. av? bet. 18th and 19th sts. HOSTKTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. Mra \Vu,?low'a Soothing S.r .p. i.iquid Ron ^ net, ^paldmg'a U ue, Minting i in.ment.BV A? rfl'a Me<iiolr,e*, H'uck'i fauio ft, Ao , mm a fraali aupply of pure Medioine*. at MOORE'S Weal End Drug Store, 113 Ta avenue, nouth aide try Froth Blue Lio? and Cong>*aa Water aa at>o v Alio, improved Fruit and Vegetable Ja:a. )? a *w MAWNuLlA HAMS! MAGNOLIA ?AMS!! We have iu?t wired another rupply of our M VtiNDMA HAMS, which have ??*en ?uoh *atafactton for aereral rears prat We guarantee every one to be of the naat ?ua itv; KING A B' RCHKLL, jy 2B Corner fifteenth at. and Vermont av. j qiHKKK BEArTIFUL UPRIGHT OR COT- I I ' ? . /> r? ? ? ? ? ar / *?-? *' * ? mur. rianua ior r"Bi nj lh? ? <>* or month. JOHN F Kl.l IS. Pa. twh?1 bet. 9th aid l(ith PhiolK'rir.g A **on?' Pia' n? at a:l pnnen }t 38 jyj^E SUM*. ,m| A v*rj nlo? lot of MAPLE 8Ll?AR, ju?t re Mived. 17 * KIM9 * SU&CB?LU 4 MEDICINES. WEE WHAT AVER'# 9ARSAPARILLA *3 DOE? FOR DEHANGEMEyT OF THE LITER. Stott'h Ciomis#. ( Talla<i/<* Co., A t, Au? 9. '?.( Dr. J C. Aytr, LovtiL Mass.?Sir : 1 Utk<? mj pen to tenjou what your >AKJiAVAHIi LA ar.d CATH * RTIC l'ILL? fcave done for me. I had been afflicted with Liver Complaint for cix tears, during which I waa never well, and much of the time very aiok. My Liver waa aoreto th?> touch, and, th* doctors said, waa oongeated. 1 auff?rec from severe coativenesa acd <iiarrha*.a alternately. Mjak in waa dummy and unh*a thy : ni? eyea and I akin often yeilow. Occasionally I had a voraomua appetite, hut generally none at. all A dreadful aen aation of oppression on my stomach, with iancuor and a gloomy sensation of sickness all ove*-. kept me in ancuish. You can ot know how mreh I suf- ' fered from an indeaoriltaUe feeing of distress Tr>e long oontinuano* of this condition, without relief, ha>t worn nie out ao that ( never expected to he tietter; but readiug, in the Christian Advocate, of your ^a-sapanila, 1 oommenoed taking it, with oc- i oasionai small doa?a of your Pills, to regulate the bowola as you direct. had more effect upon my diaorder than 1 supposed ant thing oould have, l regained mj health rapidlr, a 1 now. , after eleven weeka, entoy aa jt??d health anfi atrength as any other man May tha "Dlapenaer of ail good" ahower blesainga oa you Johti W. Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, M%?a. jj 13 eolm u. c. n. cto t. a. . HrillVEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOLiU A.IM03DYNH, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all oases where Opium *m ever used to that of li-Mirium rrenaocs, and the oornmon ohief oacse of Oistase LO?8 OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a par tide of Opium, produces all the requirements of, and may l>? nsed in all canes wherever Opium was used without pro1uoirg anything hut Cure*, and leaving the patient in a perfect y natural s ate. The 1'niversal though Rfniody, (freed from alt the oommon oliieotion of ' oujh Rem. dies, which produce nausea or prostration, > may be considered the oommon enemy to a.l Throat and Lung Comp aints, and used with perfect impunity Asking all to court fr> m proprietors or friends the most severe investigation of tx>th Rem*di"s,and reading of our pimphiets to he found with all dealers. ana m >ra partr u * ny to purchase oil? of those who oan t>e depended upon, in oocfijenoe tl e decisions of Patients and Physicians. "P'loes within reach of a 1'' 81.18RAL AGISTS, J. W. Hcxmwku a Co., 7 and ? Commercial W harf. Boston, U?o. HrssiWKLL, 145 Water st., New York, I # w . I C I /* fJ I If f'41 i '-m?r !.n* nu|) i viviul i? n viiNKWEMj,Chemist ar.d Phnmn?eutii?t, Boston, Mass., wHom signature O'-vers the eo ksofthe genuine oniT< and U> whom address all oommunioati.-wis. { old I** all respeo'-ahle d??a>rs everywhere, and ail the DtuggiaU in Washington ar.d Georgetown. mar i-fl oo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU. j A Positive and Sp??oifie Rem<?d? For Diseases of th? BLADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and DROP8ICA L SWELLINGS. This Medjoina increases the power of Dinestion, andexcit<s the ABM)R BKNTS into heamy ac which the WATERY OR CALCEROl 8 depositions, and al L'NNATl RAi ENLARGE MhlNTS reduced, a? we. as PAIN and IXFLAM VIATION. good for MBiV, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT RITCHtf, For We^ltQNoN Arising; from Kxc??*ei, Habit* of Dissipation, Larly TihIi sorption or AI'um, Attf.ndtd with ikt faltnvnn* Symptom* :? Indisposition to Kxertioo, ix?s of Power, Lose of Memory, DiiBoulty of Breath in*, Weak Nerves, Trembllnc, Horror of Disease, . Wakefulness, i)imn?se of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Museu ar S*stem, Hot Hamis, Fiushin* of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Krustions on the Faoe. PA 1.1.11) OOUNTKNANCK. These ms. If a'"wed to (to oc. whioh this medium" lavariaW* removes, soon frwlows IMPOTErfCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In Osk or Which the mat Kipjrk Who oari say that thej *re not fr^uently foliowed by thos 'D1RKFUL D1SKASKS" -INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of ttie cause of their suffering, BUT yoyE WILL CO.y FESS. THE RKCOKDSOF THK INSANRASVLlMS And tkt M'lnneHoly ittalhs i'j Conrumptton H<??r wit> to the tnrth of th?* amrrtion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Rmres the ?iJ of aiediame U> etranethen And Inviromto thn UTilfim. Wkick Helm bold* s EXTR A(fT BUCHU tnrariabl-, i( A TRIAL WILL COSVrtCE THE MOST SKEPTICAL. F KM AI E8?FEMALES?FFMAI-K8. OLD OR YOU NO, SINGLE. Mi KHI El), OH CO STEMPLATISU M ARKI AH E. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Rurhu it uncquiClod by any other remedy, a* in Chlorosis or Retention Irregularity, I'ainfulcesB, or Suppression of Cut torri&ry Evacuations, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the Uterus, Leuoorrhaea or Whites, Steri lity, and for a I comp.auiis incident to the a x whether arisioc trow Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the r? err r VP r\u r*wm a *'/ * n /> n r r r** i/ivcxti it x> t/ii i nAitw? t/r IRE SYMPTOMS ABOVR. NO FAMILY 8HOUt,D 8K WITHOUT IT Talc no mort Balsam. Mercury, or unpleasant ' Mfdir ?' for tmp'Visant and Ita-rerous htftam. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CU*B" SECRET DI3EASE8 In *11 thefr 8ta*e?. At little expente, Little or no chance In Diet; No inoonvemenoe; And no Krposurt. [t "asiaeii a frequent den re ant rives strength to j Urinate, Uieroi.y Removing obstructions. Preventing and curiug Strictures <if the Urethra. I Allaying Pain and lnflMnn,aU<?n, ?> fr?^uent in tfle can of d!s?a*a* ard expelling all foxtonou* IHstatnl. anrt \ctrr7i out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS wuo havx brkn the victim* of qcack*. and wljo hav paid ktovyfta to he carw iu aahort 1 tim*. have found they wore deoeived. and that the j ' POISON" has, by the UBe of'ruwKwn astri!??knth," been dried up in the aystem, to break out in an aitravated form. and PERHAPS AhTRK MAKRIAOS. Tse Hfi.mbold's Kituct BccHufor v affaotlf?UB And dl?e(W^/ of t0? I'RINARY ORGAN#. Whether exi?Mn* id MAl K OR FEMALE. From whatever caure oriiiiiaiin* and no matter of HOW long standing ?f these out u? r'euirethejaM ota Ihurtit HKLMB' LfVS EXTRACT BCCHl 13 THE >)R F. \T DlI K KTIC. A nd i? pertain to have the d effV;] ' KOK WHICH IT IK R KPIIMM ! N I! 1?n Er\<imr* of tkt most rt'iibU and responsible tKarter will aortomp*' * th? CfciRTlKlCA I KK i>P CVREtt. trom 8 to voat? iiiniut, With Nimss knows to fcCrKhiwK AND FAMF. Price SI 00 per bottle, or Hi for S? 00 Delivered to ar.j Addr??#?, necorely p&oked fro observation. _ DKHCB13R S*TMfTf?M? IW A0J. OMMTITir AT10N*Care* Guaranteed! Advice Gratia.! . AFFIDAVIT. Per?onallv appears before me. an Alderman theoity of P"hi adelphia.H.T Hklmbold,wjioMinx duly nworn, doth t?ay, his preparaiona eo tain no narnotio, no m^roury, or o;her injurious r.ruca, hut art- purely vegetable. H. T. HELMJJOLD. S?orn and subscribed before roe, this Sd day of November. 1864 WM F. HIBKFRD, Aidtrman. Ninth street, above Raoe, Phila. Address letters for information in oon?denoe to H T HE1.MUOLD. Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth it. t>et Qheseut. Phila, Hk WARE OF COUNTER F&its ANI? UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endnavor to dispose of THBiB own" and "othil" akt1clm oh tbi kkpl'tatiow attains!) | Helmbold's Genuine Preparation*, " " Extract Buohn, , * " ' SarsaparMla. " " Improved Ruse Wash. Sold by S. B. Waitz, 3'28 Seventh street, and 8. C F..hi. Ju , ooruer Finn, avenue aoid Eleventh street. A Hp ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HtLVIBOLD*!*. TAKI: NO OTHER. Cut out the auvertitemer.t and send tor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ap ? eolv 07q t. potentini, on*? 6 / J 1MPOHTH or mtXJx} PA. A VS., FOREIGN FRUITS, PA. AVL, k.iOtntktt*. CONFECTIONS. WilimrrtUttL PATES, PRESERVES, CONDIMENTS, Ao., Beg* leave to call tneattention of bia friend* and the wubiio genera: y to hie New Store, under Wlliard * Hotej, ji:cr opened, in oonnexion with hie old eatab'ianment, where be wi.l be happy to receive any ordera for auperiorConfeotiona of nieown importation. Alao, all order* for Dinner*, Sapper a, Ba la, and Private Parties, wt.ioh will be aerved up in hia in lmitable at?le, with the aame promptneea and die *atnh whseh be ha* hitherto *hown. nts a DUPOVrs gunpowder, For sale at inanulaoturera prion*, by JOHN J. BOGUE, fiioxorow*. D. C? Sol* Artmry for ike IHilrici of Columbia. A large aupplv, embraotnc every variety, alwaya on hand. ?;id delivered free to all part a of the Diat int. Order* can alao be left at theofiioeof Adams' l''ipr?s Compani . W**hiret^n f> C f?Vlaw1? Z^IUIPU L U IMtl m. Kimtt U'/.U 1 rv u ?j ? i?^ <?, rMii^ un ui/ A Ci* vv nownerl PIANOS, only for sale by ?iil>a-ril>er, at wh^ae extenaive wareroomdHpHH ) a wil1 find alwajna larfe at >ck,?mbrac"* f io( every variety, atyle,prise of Piauafor aaleupon eaa? terma or diacount for caah. Pianoa alao from , otiier cood luakera. i'l&noa for hire. JOHN P. El.LIS, Piano and Music Dealer, 306 Pa a* , between 9tii and 10th ata. Mcaio aent by mail free of poat. Muaioal instrument* repair.*!. jjlrt ( PIANOS.-GRKAT BARGAINS ?One Rosenkrantz Piano, in boat order. Tor $71 line aix ootavo tiael? 1'ia.uo f. r a i i very good Prince Melodeon for #3B. Fw 'I' 1' I T ~ ~rssr "WMKiS&bvr MISCELLANEOUS. j .>* J? scohomt: V \ f <? dispatch: ^ y \^/%TSaff thf fiecei! ?oet4**(? ???? 4irr** CM m ??..' r?n^?<?rf famiii?.', it is rery deatrabi* tu hav? ioim ?h??| md o<>DTru!?nt way for repairing Furoitvre. Toy*, Crockery, to. APALDIttfTS PK t PAR KD GLI B meei* a., toeh *in<?r^?n<Nes. and do bncsebold ou *,T'>r,| to b? without * It ia a ?t\i ready at d up to the atiokmg point. There ia no .oo(?r a nec?? itr for limpir? ohairs.ap intered renwii. head.Ma dolls, arid broken cart e?. It ia ia*t the article for oone, shell, and oth?r ornamenta. work, ao p-' with ladies of retirement an*! ta?te. Thi? jL.4mini.SlM nrontrU . a < aa?rl ?< d. t-eirs chemically held in eolation, and possessing ai> the valuable qualities of the t>*at cabinet makers' int. It may be used in the place of ordinary mucuaf e, being vast,? more adhesive. " USEFUL iy EVERY HOUSE." Put*. 25 cents N. B.?A Brash aooompamea each bottl* WkoIwU Vtwot, No. 4J? Cedar itrMl, New York. AddreM HENRY (^SPALDING ft CO.. Bo* No. 3.600, New York. Put up for Peaier* in Caeet containing Foar, F.ijcht.and Twelve l><??en?a bmnt;M Lithojrapfc c Show Card acoompaDTtnc ea?h par kw. rr^? A ejn*le bottle of *PALD1NWS PRE PTKED (tLVE will i*v* ten time* ita ooat an oealTy to every ltou??hold.-/"Tl Sold by all prominent ^tationer^, Drutt'.?t?. Hardware and Furniture Deaiers, Grooeri, and Fancy Store*. Country merchant* ?noo!d make a note of SPAL Diyo-S PREPARED HLCK. when makict up their list. It wi'l ftaiK* a t ohniat* fe le-ly mmwm * A lT ^ I Vv ^*f4 ^ Aj?A* ii r?m'M.'?r ?zr %- M *C 0 ^1 ! Jp' '****/ ((A# ?~f'iWf *% Jr f\ Ibc4*' it* Jfi^piUaJ/wn mj ^ ? {1 0 ,1 *>'*?/??' rf *>?, /-wm-W ?f J| y ^} / / y fw## Wy Imi f? 4r?. V, i 2S2*? ?AW?rs?^??TJ : 1 ~J fP \Jynrpmd J?? mf a n,*. . ,% \9t%*V, tJ Vmliri fak..*-' Mi? ? ?*W * '*? JhtrJ* rmJ*. /? ?-?,'" j y h- tkr fr* /%v?- .dM t?\ P |V_' ^ P! <JT lt< f?t n?i| Jt t'm>) ?; , f ?fj I > 'A S ole Proprietor.' '. f5 C^a^gg^li S A* ^ I / . ;) / \/<r * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S AROMATIC VALLEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, SOLE. PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. tOR SALE iy WASHI\OTOy BY w 7 IT BARBOUR 4t 8KMMES. flEMAN o; S1PS0|| J aMACKOLIfilMACHOliAi \\VHLSK E VaLwiUSKE V We offer for rale the above standard brand of fine Cooper Disti.ied Ma t?i Rje Whisky, in (>ar rels ana haJf-barreis. As it is ?>r our ovn dull,,a tion. and highly improved by a**. w# coi,<W?ity recommend it a* the rviur and t>eet Whisky mat can possibly ! e distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY A YE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stook of Fine Whiskies in the United States PHV'kMtM * SIMWriV Phrenix Dittiliery, on the Seuuy.kil! rtv?r, Phila OUIom-96 Wail street, New York .and 109 Hojth Front street, Philadelphia. mar ?* lr | iohtmng: li LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! 1* Tim or Pxacx, Pketakk fox Wax! F. La BARB E. SoutkwtH eorntr gf Iff* and C Hi., Mamcxactcbsk or PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS. Respcatfuiy announces te tn*~ puMio of Washington and rioinity that he it prepared to execute all orders for ereetict Lightning Conductors on the most approved scientific pr-ur-ip ?-?, obstructed of the very best of materia . on very moderate terms. All P xtirn nop d Point* which are manufactured b* me w i t>e stamps *.t;i bi y amt. Weatlier Y.Mies of any deeixn made to order. jy 9 lw PARAPPINE OIL, THk. CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS' We a'e now ret eifinji I'a affinc Oil direct from the works in west- rn vir^ir ia The q ua it* of it ?s<wilent, producing a steady, brtl iant and > eautifu u*i.t, ana more p'.ca>ant to th? eves than ca* a?ht. This Oil is fre* fromadu'ter&tlon.aad ver? much more economical than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. }Tr It U in no way explosive. Wh kMD h.ra ft. iiidd'i nf fK? mnat ftnnMv^l atjrlea of ?aro p?, i e. 1 ,^jj'^5^j'?; Agents for it* aa!? for tne District of Colamti'a. Corner fifteenth it. ana Verinoat a*. 6r*at Kantiwha Coal aid Oil Company mall H|UWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Tneaa&oalea are offered to the aabhe aa the moat atrupla,durable, and reliable aoa!?a**ar ?ot ib nae. Puatolaaa premiums haveb?en awardM tk?a ttha l oitnl States Fairand Virginia A?< leultoral t^lAfv ' V 1 r # 1 n I ft AtftU A r-an'tura DWiw Pranlrl.a Institute Fair, P?nn?? vama. New York fctateFair; Vnrmont Statr Fur. Ac., Ac. In erwj eaee where exhibited ther oare reoeivad fret olaaa prvnunmj For m e at AA Looiaiaoa arena*, Depot ot Bilwr'a drifted Iron Safe*. dclS-lr K* C PATTISON. Acect. PURfc OLD RYU WHISKY.-On Land aevera brand* ?f Pure Old Rye Wlit?Irr, Copper Dn tilled, ina-<* bj th? moat rHiab ? diatilers in P?n vlvania. Maryland and Vircinia. warranted pare. Aleo, Imported Krandiea, Horn****, <Hard. I)upuy * Co., Julea Rnbtna, Ac Alao, Peaoh ai.d Apple Brandy, pure Hol'aud Win, old Jamaica ami St. Croix Hum, and Wine? of ever* variety.*li ol standard brand* A ehoioe lot of Cicara and Tobacoo. Y?>l"Y?i ft KKPfURT, Arent#, ap 14-lT Ha a?.. hMw e*h and loth i.?. i. uxa. ?. i. mott. r. i. avrsT. I AM.AI.MOrV * AUTRY. lj attorlfbts-at-law Holli Sriiiw, Mim., Will praotiee in the Hixh Court of hrrora and Appeal* at Jaokaon, the Federal Court at Pontotoc, the Court* of the Seventh J udicia. D.itnot of Mlacppi.aud w.< attend to the Colleatioa of Ciauaa |trairh??Mlw NArlh MimiiiihI w ii-tf a On* fct i5 aenU per id onto On" at Mi do. do PIANO Oneat ft 1 ?}o. >w?t I1M do. FOR OneaifS <)? On* at $2 50 do. RENT. A cd up to $7 ft #8 do. JOHN F. ItLI.IR. ly P?. ? ., botw?an *th ud Oth (ta. WASHINGTON 8KWIN6 KOOMK. W4 9U if., two doori If*ik ?/ Pa. 4?*. Now i? th? tuna to gat 8PR1N6 tnd SUMMER sifZSjtivi? s*"A?At*w"-b" "w w'tf a. n ?ot? 19 ftOO GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AMD l?,UUU CRAB APPI.t CI1>K*.-W? lunU th* Mention of tb* to our i*rt? *nd ?* a? ,ect-<1 stock of ChflmpMu* *u t 0 *b Apr t j<i*r, whion we *u4rar,t?> t4> t* pur* >mo*, ? ;<1 wi. > toid <>a rAM<>oable tenu? la order to mftk? iomi for our apriia atook. give ui * Jj1 thpl||0l to B Moi IT 8(NB MM 8(iHtn*VBi 1 MEDICINES. |? ivn, u baltimori % loci houmtau > Nil DUt?r?d '?? ?Ufl ( 4TIMI. SfMflf ??k4 ? E/CImi Ktmfdf M i4? world, FOR ALL M8KASK8 OF IMrBUDENCB. L*r >0 FALSE DBLICACY rhEVEAT. APPLY 19MEI) ATELY. j cnvr r i n j VTJ fi nu vn runul V*"jv norn'offM TO TWO iAYS ' titkrm ( it* Ittl. Iir?n?? Altiwi tf ika liotft u< ir??.?i.;?r* tti?cb>if>i Otki l(< N*r*M?r CM. 1>T?. ?p??. L !?r b>> *| nU < ? MM* W I4iw, r dm VM' * < Dwirm ( li(iit .? ?l th? !! ?. TSt?k ?i? M>r<. A*f it* liwd > !*> T ml'l< r*w- -?r? r.#ir g fr?c ?c "?r? ml vxit-itm Dtuihi u< Dwrtcnx pnci cm *kiu nt do Hi rriif ntip*M.? li d TUINl. Mtl bpac Itri H'.kM Itl vietHM af h Wn fit*, IW. ar?i.ifa. u4 raw* h??n ?biu ?..? ? I,? ta an (uur <7 |t?* if>oaa?n<U af Vmi ( Km af :? imi. ?*it?4 tk t - ?au feniivai n> 10 act, ?* a (b< a*r?rv>?? nir>utt4 iMUriu(liiiti? a it* itt :??fc ar* af < m vak*4 la iaaur lb* li? rg ?r?, bir aaU wiit fcli aaaft 4aaa*. UUUAtB MtltlE PUI 'H at H aaiij Ma'^nuaf .uia| Mar ? ij laitiaf ^traim w?tla??? arfaiii* <?ki hf, www -V -n??. wr^xi M? I pitcat hiPiMlf d*r th? ' Dr J. ? ? r*iifi if Ctiilti m hi* h*n?f ? f*oii*fn?* ?? ? ? p*<i kt* * phy?i?tw. urricE He f i en 'iii it iiTtrir left fraud aid* (*?n( fro Bclilmvri MN ' * tM it) cirnir rti! mi u iMci uaiu< ttakn Ml ? pa-Id aad Mclai* im*| p* iuRnaroa, itl Itft Cfliifi (fMrfttM, kMtM. |?4|>II ln? ara af thi imi ainica. I in Ifca Inm] u^iki(ni[ii pt:;?l?hni Ufa u fcaai ifltimMt* of Lm?m, P?rta, P).li?-Ul??M* Ul ...? ?i,l?tif d Mint ?f fha maai :*> ? tf-ai ?ara k?*??; m*uy iraatlad wrh ni (in( Mi in* ?nd > Win Uittf , |ra..( ir*??i vm m tmw i m iiiioaa M?n i?. b-?Vf? i b!tlhn j. t ?uh 4lN?finM?l?fnui>4, **r? Mnl thiIIiii ? Ttll r*RTI< I UAH N?K r. T*?-( Man ?>') vt>? u.??r?<l ?*?rnwlm ?? a lirUi: ibtik f*d in (> ? ?#* ? ha?u !*? (titty fr?fr < ?.(> > . tr tl ?cM Mi* (|?CH < Mck U? Mfkl.V ' IIU CbwlMlMF, W<lfM ? ? V ( rJtn Btirrlaf* UlifiWlt'l, 1*4 ul ke T, I'.'aid ?p| ? mr'n'mt r ftmi ?r? w>u>* ?f : i'4 a mtlnxhti} iIkuii^mM kf I" ? NhU ?( ? ! k *? I 1M l"l a?4 li-nt*. K-?i? in t' Hi i4. D'C ?m ?f * g ?t, L?m cf V > f??ir, P? f t'j? ?r ti I Kiari,I>n|'ir<; Nir?*lirMMIf.IH -*t<?9r ii ; ef t> ? l>if ^(rciiMii. ? >r*. IHkilMf, ayiribtcn* nf i"oi . ' M> NTAI.LV -T U-r'u afftrUM it? a i?ia u< mi?k u k? Ira jdaf L"?a n? V?? Caifuaat >f ida>a. Dariaaaika af Spra. k.?,i rwW^lnp, A araiot.affcana *. B?.f l?a raai Lata af uliiada. Tiniidj r at. ara w i ar .aa him pr* daca J itKVon nmiiTt i? i?<|i *ui la ika aaaaa af ikair d?'.w.n.(( baa.ik, laa.t.g ikair ifac. kakair.r.j Itl.falt.llMVrMi d a IT, a laiad.T.r lu p>tl iti ? ?. tM(' <* aarr jnar.a af t?*anfi? DISEASE* Of !MPKDPk.!?< K W bar, lha o. aft. :?d nd ir pradaat af jnaaaara *a ka haa ir<Mbad tba aaa la af :na pan,fa: dtaaaaa < taa o/taa <w?| par > that an ill ' af aaama ar ?ra> d af 6iara*aff datara km frwr api iau f to tk< aa mh?. tran ata'u ar a> l raai actaMiuy . fin afotia ta'rianl tin. Ha fr'la lata Ika kli.ria o( tfnnra&i and daaij r, f f>ra amla-a ? >?. InttfaMl af ckrir.f. C'-fcHta I a at -ra aa a aa't taap kin u->#n,f raoiiifc afar mamli.oraa ,' > I ta U<a awa a> fa a taa ka aa Uir?J, icl in him with r? oail ii#i i* *14 ?r bit Iimj di?-|>|>v.. 'm? . * I ? in# kH ' . >1 d?> 1 y yewew, *eccery. Useier tl c?u?ut<i'iM?l tnjp-Mw ?l ihU In . Ac H MM < ? ''fct 1:11 4??tfc f?l?? Mn*J it h>i dra?-tfv <jt? i?f ' 7 mi.1i' | bin. i* ih?i C?c*??r?d r?m< r? fiom ?hu*? 1>?M u?iro'*i*r r?.an,t Da JOIIMMIIftKMfcDt f i?K "?*..*WIC W UUUi and ixruT?M':f. By Ifeu f Tf t And IXAMtM r?n.?ly ?i?k <? * R1 AT* ?| f ?r#,1 abif'm *:f?i ra?.?r?!i TlJi " ik? ?m n?rt,>?? tn? dilM.iuMi *M Iti Ml *11 U'l wi' (disMtf r?.???d All iruf* ie Virri^f* Phy?i?? m Hiiu Diuitll' luwi 1 Lm of PrxiKU'i f'cvir M?r>?aa lrrit??tiif Trr bln.| nd Kail i?t> tUiHUM (IUl *<11 Iml kiid iftn iilj cartd KNi' >UKmu)T.irTirrttM Tit MANV TMOtS/.NtH trid (tin in* hum * tAi* tm iaat T*?re, a.ud Hi* % .* ! imftnui ?"rf u. ipiriwii ky Dr Mum, viutaid ?y tt>? lt|?rin ( tM pijm and mac* *tb?r ptnmi.i, iicucm m vt)*ch h??? pporad i(i?u4 ?|iir tM labile, ? tdii hu g * * f?nu*n?r ? ch?rA<t?f ?b>! kimmI fetiiir, M f?"? ;? v? 1A? ni?d lull * I VR. J. JBOVFK U IMPERIAL W1>E FITTERS Are now boinc u?*<l from Maine to the <?re*t t Lake, ar.l the uu:ve-?v ?-emict of al.. who us* t'em either ? a mr-ltcin* or ? a lerian iittat 1 th?y M? uneu'paeed in Uie w '13 |?r. llode ?iee<1 tkM su oeeefaur in hie praetio* for*s j i-efore m w* pur?ht?o(l <>f him the ?? e i icht t?< mantfa lu-e and present there for sale to the pi:r?:ic Porch* oo-e of Inoipient ConeimiUon. Induction, Dj pepeia. Pi!?*, Nfrrdiii IV.sea,es. F?*ina e Com plaint*. and a: oa*es rec taring a tome, th?y are t>e Joi.ti doubt a most inva liable re?radj. Ande from their medicinal prop??rti??s tliey are a para, wlwl* seine and tfe ightfiM Bev?rage. prndue:ng a W e pleasant rxkiwaUix i*fwti ??f H-a:?i> or *N i?? withowt their injurton* I et a.l fnei.<u of buma'i fvati - ai aivi.oat't of t"iuperanre a?>.?t u* in sut>*i.tuinc '.ha** va!uar>le VtgetaH* H for the mtmrrml pottimf and a Ltnwt with w tiioh the e *i:it'? ii> flooded, and theref.j ?< feo'ua.K aid in ban sliini LM?<-*se and*a from the iand. CHARLF* WIDD1FIKLD A CO.. Proprietory 7*? \Vi ia;n street. New York. J. SCHWARZt. Aieut, WaAiiuctoB, l>. C. OR. J BOVKK r>Of>??' IMPERIAL GIN FITTERS. For Diseases if the Kidney s. H Urinar* Organs, and e?pecia. !y for Fem?.? Oiietruoltf)t . never fat. to care. and are warranted to give eaLs lacuon. CHaRI,F? WIDD1FIELD ft CO.. Proprietora, 7"? Wi!i.air. ft.. N"w York. J WHWAHZK, je 7 ly j A rent Waeiiaci??ii. I). C. H16ULY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MRS. cors f V n r j A ?r r . rr " * n t ? . - r ^ i i' u i ji iv w r.'w a i Jioi-n i/r.ivijio*. It u wei! known that in the fpnn peop e ara more apt to oontraet disease than at ant .?th?r erind; and it is "?u* y vf l-knovn ttat th? war to ward off d i?Mi- .? U- keep the bltod pare, tot **11 the tilt li at (leak is beir to." anee from impart tyofthe b'.ot'J. the main spring of.-ar eaii'eooe. It is, theretoimportaut to alt that the system shond he thoroughly cieaniw<i aid parified, at 1 this oar. t*dcne in the m<"t effectual vat bt i?im mhs m. cars i>nias t/uetablf. dp* beet remedy discovered fur the e?re of dii??a?e? of Skm- Krysijje a*. Nsrnfma. R neomiv tuni. Nervous Debility . Fevets of different ktu?'i. Dy*j>ep?y, L?i?er Coir.p aint, and a*1 othor dieeaee* arising from impurity of the l?tood. 11 has effecfd the most remarkable cure*, an oac he ilu/Vi. by numerous certificates from persons of the hifhest respectability, and is recommended by a!l wlu> have uatd it as the n.oat iuva.uabie remelia; a*e-t aftb? Ha* _ _ * Kltti eo d by ail fee Drarciata of Baltimore, the residence of U?" trofrWDr. M KS> M? COX* 1ft!1 Eaat Bft ti rnorf atreet. between K>ien atreet and Cvabtl tr?n*. None i"notoe nn'eea Tim name ia blown on the bottle md bet sea unlheoork. |[7* Prloe fl per bo?t)e. six for fS. Wioltml* An-nI. R. 8 T CiaatL. Prncctat, 6eorjeU>wn, D. C., h> eaa> A<ect for tiie Lhe tnct. au4 w.ll auppj tiie trvle at n.j pnoea. ni*r JF7 tr TRieiCniK, 1, 9, u s, fr0i*rW fcfc neve*' L''t**r Fattni q< ?.?*?. *?4. o?4 Krurid ?r ?%< iWi ef im C(m a? f *a?pi?o? 4a fa'tj. a?i ?4i jwwmJ Celi*44 nr httd*r%*4. MOM. No. 1 .a lnva uaSe for exbaimUoi), Bpermator rbo*a. and a.. r; ?*.c* a.aabJlilioe. No. 2 oonjp'et-.".* era<i catea a:, traooa of tkoee dueaaea that have* beer. hitherto tr?at?.l b* tW? baa onna&cd p?;rt.oK>as r?e of ooporia ai.-i onbeba. No. 3 Uai entirety iii>L.astix1 the nuuriona c?? pi mercury. tiere-y :i*anfirj to the aufferer ap**<Jy relief. (fsperaitK ail .mpuritiea. and rt> >t>nt oittho euom of^'eeae* TH!KpKMAR.\i?, I.Sand *.aie prepared Intbo form of a toaotifP, devoid of taate and ?rr?e?,, and oar be carried in the waietooat pocket. t*oid if. t r oaaea, and divided into aeparat* doaee.a* v. torod bv Va.peau, Lalieniand. Foul. Kioord. Ao. Price tj each, or four oaaea for $3 which aarea ml apd in oaae?, whereby there ta a ? in i u? of Aft. To be hacl. who eealeano retai ,of T)r. HA M ROW, 1?4 H eecher atreol. t<i?r doori be.ow Mc?><d|V treet. New York. Immediately op reooiviu* a re i.ikMuw. */i. uain-w will I??rw-rii 1(jV 1 !* # fTMtf tu &bt Mrl of th? wor.d, tAorrv v picked, ind ic Boonrdtnt to the in?truotn>L.? of the vutrt. RoW alao t>? B. CALVERT MXKU, Jr.. \ mmttlnctop. D. C. C' *WiNOLIN? UlACKf, ~~ AC JH>N'--i^ufcokr . tie n. C?r<*.*. a. Bu*Lu, Hue pica r. icrtrunienta or MU then all, and, if d:apoa*d to pr?bt b* my tperlMw, WTlto for ju ?r i vtte < * 11 q n :?r ?t _ SPERMATORRliiKA ;-lTH CIRK. TTllB imnit Mie.oa<?l, ao< ?.r p?rfoel ?X)t 1 da&ca. yoar mend. a former aufla-ar, mera.y aapa' ortUnf Box 176, Cltat'aatown. V m la K fwkwi. ? r -L I'-. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Mow prmr*; U exeout# an; ordara anti Wflioh tlier ma? be favored it the PLLMBLNG. GAt? OR STEAM FITTING luMNKH. Iff Store on 9th atraat. a (f* doora north of Pv aveaue. wharf inaj ba found a ooiu? et? vn.rbii'r t of CH ^DELlkRSaou other GAS. #1tA? a..<! WATKR FIXTURES. ?ajFly 1\IEWSTYLESOF RICH JKWKi.RY-H <* i a MO??u Jimi ju?t opeitad a lata- at >oa. wUich a ba Will offrr at vary iow rat?a Tharefnra tlioa* W that are to carry home mfhinf in hia Una aa praaaota, will do wall to oali a no e* amine hia a took at S*a Pa. tvanga >a B IMPORTANT T?? H<1 -KKKKCKRI. E. R. DLRREEA COT 6 ><aranU?ad not only absolutely and PERFECTLY Pl'RK, bat croaad from fVaah Spio?#a, aelaeted and cleaned bf ia aif^ul; (<h tk* "" raiarenoa w? wtj wy ?" y id unjoit, (Used witi. pap*r. to prevent lujuri t?T keeping. Mid M < {] wAieht, while lb? ?,diMn * round Hp wi *r<> almost invariably abort. W? warram them. in point of atrebftfc ml rietu.??M of flavor. BF.YOND AIX CttMPAftlPON. ' Ma ?in*le tria wtll abundantly prove. Manufectnrevl o?Jy by _ E.t, tagy.sfc.. A L" Pi AN'*? hMjaat b*ei r?ceir?^l k! the oi^krJfct ourner of P*. ?. ?j Ktawi/fc ?t.fTT* ?1 r _LV? yv.? mktzkkott

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