Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1860 Page 1
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? _ _ VSk. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. AUGUST 13. 1860. N*. 2.835. THE EV ENING STAR in k rf'Rf l?l/cn pi/no*' i o>iii?b nr/1/1 > _ ji v vxi<kjji u i/ ci f on i /l r i zi/v> (WlfBAYI KXCKPTKD.) AT THK STAR BIILDISO*. i i'ticr of Penurglvania avtaue and 11/A i(., IT W. D. WALLACH. I i nAra . _ k> p*?o mm ? Ai a "r"1 ? ru i a pnn & our lj voi ?v i w f? b !?r, or 37 oent* p?r moot!). To mart aabmnbera the price is $X?> a year, 1* advamct; 92 for aix month*; .91 for thrr? montha; and for less than three months at the rat? of 12 cent* a ??k. 81mie oopiea, 011 cijct; in wrappers, two cxxts. CT7" Advirtiskuxnt* should be sent to thfl office bet-re 12 o'c.ock m ; otherwise they ma; not appear uatii tie next day. The Prince of Wales Among the Ladies The New York Herald discourses in the following irreverent fashion about the " coming l'rince, in regard to whom all the feminine hearts of Fifth Avenue Snobdom are in so terrible a flatter: It se??ins that the Prince of Wales is a ladies' man. aod has produced a sensation among the Mir at r?? jobn* by bis winning attentions no less than by his " particularly brilliant hazel eyes " He is quite a beau, and "a very graceful aad accomplished dancer,*' as he proved by the way he whirled the ladies through the maz<M of poetry in motion ' He set them ngLt when they went wrong, nnd every now *n I ti en he called out the different figures of the dance ills dancing was " repeatedly rh?<?rp i Anil l>v?rv tima h? ilannaii Kfl fAnir o different partner? half a dozen in all. iiow they have been captivated by so sweet a prince. a.< he condescendingly corrected ^ their blunders " Probably the ladies of NewV foundland do not know much about mich mat ter*. and t ;> in Cai.ada lire but little in advance of them but when the Prince comes here he will find the ladies posted up?fully Acquainted with all the new figures and the m>-#t intricate stepi They hav-j perfectly nt their t-?es' ends the latent pat from Paris, and perhaps may he able oven to teach his Koyal H '.fKnui- .i.mat hi n? ho ?I. lr ?AW W r? uuav'%uixfc liv Ml ?Vi? ?!'??. n HW rw . ?I V advise the ladies, therefore, to be prepared, armed at nil points, that they may show the Prinze of Wale* that thej can dance better than tho damsels of tho liritish Provinces Let them also be ready to be taken captive by tLe b lyi.-h" charm of nineteen years The Prince is aim out as young a? Don Juan, who in his travels made ?ueh oaroc among hearts; he like that hero, t<><>. in being hand' >me. ( lender, but well knit," and in having received a finished .religious education, under , I Uil.i.V n r .1 <usiut'iis iiuinr muuij , t>i me > ?pitie.<e hn bsssy, upon whom the women of Washington made such a rush, was, afrer all. n<?t a tp il prince, >al he cannot compare for ? in >ment in g'?od looks and accomplishments with the son of the British yueen Who can say that the young scion of royalty may not be smitten "by some one of our American beauties. and marry her, too, as Maria Theresa married the youth she fixed her eye upon, in epite of every remonstrance, and as Queen Victoria married the man of her choice. English princes generally have had their marriage centric - a; ; le f ?r them by their uiikisteis wi'.hout being consulted >?n the subject These marriages are generally contrived to secure strong national alliances. But the Emperor Louis Napoleon took the hand of a woman with no royal blood in her vein*, and Prince Jerome 1> inanarte wedded Miss Patterson, an Ameri ^1 I.J.. _ i .1 ... V- - ? von ?<mj j j au<i uicic vau UV UU gW)U reaWD why the Princo of Wales should not follow | the>e example* His alliance with an AtneriL can lady w.uld greatly strengthen th* entente ^ tordiait betweeu the United States and Eugland, and would be the most judicious and sensible thing he could do for his country If it were nothing else, he would thus prove that he had a mind and a will of his own Lit every lady, therefore, put on her most bewitch. ng -mile Tocateh a prince is no common achievement. A I tioicf Bit ! Imperial Scandal [Frem the Purls correapondent of tb<-N ^ H?*rald] A good de*l of Imperial scandal is just now on tae tapis. It is said that the Emperor made it a point that he should be present at the opening of his ancle Jerome's papers, and that Prince Napoleon's reply wn< that they aad alleauy been removed tor sate custody to Knglaoc. It is boldly averted that among them ars letters from Louis, ex-King of Holland. i?olemn!y ??*?rting that the marriage of Horten?e and himself was never con:<ummated. and that consequently every child of hers was illegitimate Say. more, that he was from the first conversant with the intrigue that had aubKHte 1 between Napolejn the I and his wife. a i.l that is fur l.oiiia Viniiliwir >1 r -V " ? ? much the wn of tne Dutoti Admiral as Count M 01 ney was that of Count Flahant If all this be true, it is impossible that Prince Napoleon I;. ?J think U> hold these letters m term en over the head of the Emperor; not that I should think the man who with hid own right arm and his own strong head has risen to bis present loft/ hight. would bate one jjtof hi* pretension# from any bugbear of this kind * 3<me queer things happen in all families vol when they are so well regulated as George tae Third's. There was?in tact I believe be is s?i. living?a man called by his intimates Tommy Gartli It was whispered that he was a son of one of George the Third's daughters ... by Gen Garth One day, however, the Gen * eral believed himself to be in extremis, and calling to his bedside hie son. be desired him. afvr his death, to inspect a certain cabinet, of wtuch he gave him the key, as in it he would find a packet of letters of great importance to him Tfte General trot well, but Tommv cu ri"--itj w?n so excited that ho managed to get hold of the papers, notwithstanding They were in the haudwriting of (ieorge III. thanking Gen. Garth for saving the honor of his 1 y. an i uf the Duke of York, the Prince of Wait-- the Duke of Cumberland, and the Prince-< S.phia, respecting his bir:b The Duke of York a letter to the Prince of Wales was to say?in very familiar language?that Sophy ww with child by Ernest, and that there was the devil to pay. and there were letters from Princeo- .- j hia and the Duke of Cumberland, ( Ernest, i admitting the gentle impeachment warth, w.'j was troubled with little delicacy, took post Mad hastened to Frcgmore where the Prince.-- S>| iiia was, telling the lajy iu waiting that he wanted to see his mother." Of c .ur-o ne Jti.; dviiiad this filial request But the toll vin^ day S:r Ilsrbert Taylor paid him a visit, and having heard his statement, and. in fact. ?een the documeuts. demanded the price of them Ten thousand a year and a j/tvi * ?> " wai' i opj j i OIU1 IJ OU A U ? Y ';r two alter, and offered ?5.000 a year and a place about the Court. All thing* were ready for signatures when, at the eleventh hour, it wi< discovered that liarth had had an attested copy of he documents taken, which, of course, e.i'irely neutralixed the value of the originals The negotiation, therefore, fell to the ground But Tummy Garth to thi- d*y is supported, I am t nd. by the Court He is always in prison; but when things come to the worst, and he is faW .at t take the benefit < f tho insolvent act. an angel comes to him unawares, pays his liabilities, and avoids all exposure - rne year* ago he ran away with the beautiful wife of Sir Jac^b Astley aud daughter >1 Sir Heriry L?a-hwo<>d She forsook a handsome husband and ?40.000 a year, to ahara oenurv and imprisonment With little 1'at tiarth She died about a y?t?r after, having borne him a daughter How thk Eve is Sw?pr am? Washed ?For u? to be able to 8?e obj-ois clearly and di?_a tinetly, it ia nece?sary that the eye should be k jpt moist and cleau. For tbia purpose, it ia faruiffhed with a little glanl, from which flows a watery flood?tear# ?which ia spread over the eye by the lid. and ia afterward* swept off by it" and runs through a hole in the bone to the inter tiurface of the nose, where the warm air. passing over it while breaming, evaporate* it. It ia remarkable that no such gland can be found in the eyes of fish, as the element in whteh they live answer* the same purpose. If the eye bad not been furnished with a liijnid to wash it, and a lid to sweep it off things would appear as they do when we look through a dusty glass. Along the edges of the eye iid there are a grea: number of little tubes or glands, from which flow ar. oily substance which spreads orer the surface of the skin, and thus prevents the edges from becoming sore or t irritated, and it also helps to keep the tears within the fid There are also six little mr.selea attached b> t the eye which euable us to move it in every direction; and when we consider the different metiens they are capable of giving to the eve, we aannot but admire the goodnees of Him that formed them, and thus saved us the trouble of turning our head3 eTerj time wo wish to view an or>ject Although the eyes of some animals are incapable of motion, as the fly, the beetle, and several other insect*, yet the Creator has shown his wisdom and goodness in furnishing their eyes with little globes, and by placing their eyes in front of their bea Is so that these little insects can see almost nil Mrminil thpm wifhmif turnimv tKoir hanrla .... ?"'"b ?uv,? "V,,UO A gentleman who has examined the eyes of a fly says that the two eyes of a common one are composed of eight thousand little globes, through every one of which it is capable of forming an object Having prepared the eye of a fly for the purpose, and placed it before a microscope, and then looking through both in the manner of the telescope at a steeple which AAA P .1*1 ? ? A J? ? ? - ? v*.* wi icoi Hign una uv leei distant, ana ne say8 he could plainly see through every little hemisphere the whole steeple inverted or turnea upside down. A French Woman on America. [From a Work by Madame Foriitenoy, " American Homes "] " The life of a New York business man is cither that of a brute or a mercenary.' His f ? -1 _l_ -l l * i?<-c uicaii lasvea, rescmoies h zero ; ms eyos looks ' figure.* and calculation'?his person smells of dollars.' American cookery has neither smell nor taste. Th? food of the country is so much boiled huy, straw and bran, without even a pinch of salt to season it Americans know no soup but oyster stews; they eat with knives ; break eggs in a tumbler, esteem ham above trufliced partridge#, and whiikey above Bordeaux wine; they never eat supper, and can make no pastry but apple Cie. Americans have no opinions; they only ave noeds. They live without moral guidance. recognizing no i-ilitical eomnas* hn? their own appetites. American actor? swallow h>ilf their words, and no foreigner can tell what they do with the other hulf. " When there is any music to be heard, be sure the Americans will shine by their absence Americans have a great tante to confectionery, but they exercise no judgment in gratifying it. Hugeness seems to be a 'juality most esteemed in candy, for sticks are to be had as big as horse-whips. If it were not for the French confectioners and pastry cooks, Americans would not be, to this day. beyond I i_ n ? -- 1 nppie pie. vi American girls, generally, she says that they laugh continually, not they are naturally expinsive and gay, but that they consider if a symbol ot ploasure exacted by considerations of propriety and pleasure She often sought in the I nited States an amiable and young physiognomy, but she never saw even one An American ball is hit off thus ' The Indies young and pretty, dressed exceedingly low in the neck, were whirled about by sombre Yankees, dressed in funeral lib. uun,.,.Lt. TI uiuvy a, uno iiiaiujuuA B page 1 Qt1^? glTIS. under their frank manner*, their ingenious f rwardnev. conceal a profound dissimulation and remarkable egotism. Out of three thousand. there is hardly one capable of lovo.' The family relation is not known in America Fireside lutiinacies, household ties, are singularly neglected. A boy of fourteen, a clerk, often pays bis parents for his board if he continues to live at home; if he does not, he occasionally asks after his father in the terms, ' llow's the old man in another place, the authoress quotes Talleyrand > epigram with approbation American woiiifn <lo not have children? they have y ung Upon the subject of marriage, che makes a young lady -peitk thus Lovo is ridiculous in America. A man, in our ev?s, represents a | certain amount of money?that i* to sav of comfort and luxury. We do not marry men, we marry fortunes Your wit, Mr. Jullien, y<>ur intelligence, your amiable manners, your faoe will never obtain you an heiress in America We never ask of a marrying man any <>;her question than this . How mu^h in be worth 1 A husband is not a lover?he is only a man that pays our bills, keeps our house, ?nd showers upon us wealth, and the luxuries that wealth procure In return we are cold and positive, we give no occasion for jealously, f >r all our youth, health, and fire wore dissipated in tlirting; w? live until we are married, and at the altar our life ends.' " Thus far I have been repeating small slanders, but I recommend the following paragraph to all whom it may concern : ' Miss Caldwell wii nineteen years of age, celebrated for her luxurious prodigality, intelligent and handsome 8he was handsome as American girls are handsome; posseting a regular form, splendid hair, determined and rather forward bearing, an inviting eye, white and red skin, fine mouth and teeth?in short, she possessed all the charms whieh make the New York ladies exceedingly pretty, from fif teen to twenty-five years of ago. After this period, while a French woman's beauty is dei velopiDg and ripening, the American woman becomes insupportably plain The causes are the excessive use of hot biscuit and badly baked cake, and the abuses of balls, dancing late hours, and the usual dissipations of a city life, at an unduly early age No complexion, no health, no teeth, can resist so horrible an ordeal " Men and YYoinrn. BT A TOUNG WIFE. A woman is naturally gratified when a man singlec her out and addresses his conversation to ber She takes pains to appear to the best advantage, bat without any thought of wilfully misleading. ilow ditterent is it with men! At least i? is thus that women in general think of men. Toe _i i ? ? ini*iv una mcui 19 uenn^raieiy put on and worn as a mask. and woe betide a silly girl who is too weak or too unsuspicious not to appear displeased with the well turned compliments and flattering attentions so lavishly bestowed upon her by her partner at tho ball. If a girl has brothers she sees a little behind the scenes, and is saved much mortification and disappointment fthe discovers hew little men mean by attentions they so freuuontly bestow upon the last new face which take* their fancy Men are singularly wanting in good feeling upon this subject; they pay a girl marked at^rtlinn ^ MMu* KO? ? ? ? ? 1 * * wmwcvuj u>?vivi uoi iu cvcrjr waj, 1111(1 IQ6D? perhaps, wnen warned by some judicious friend that they are going u?o far, ' can hardly believe the girl could be so foolish as to fancy that anything was meant." The fault which strikes women most forcibly in men is set fishnets. They expect too much in every way. and become impatient if their comforts and peculiaiities are interfered with, if the men of the present day were lees selfi-ih and self-indulgent, and more willing to be conttned and happy upon moderate moans, there would be fewer cauies of complaiut against young women undertaking situations as governesses when they are wholly unfit for so responsible an office. I feel the deepest interest in the present movamvnt for the improvement of the female sex ; but I could not resist the temptation of lifting up my voice in testimony against some of the every-day faulta of men, to wnich I think many of the follies and weaknesses of women are mainly to be attributed Mr. Thackeray is the only writer of the present day who touches, with any severity, upon the faults of his own sex. He has shown us the style of women that he thinks men most admire in "Amelia," and Mrs Pendennis " Certainly my own experience agrees with this opiuion, and until men are sufficiently improved to be able to appreoiate the higher qualities in women, *nd to eboose their wives among women who possess cash qualities, I do not expect that the present desirable movements will make much progress The improvements of both sexes must Be simultaneous A 1 gentleman's" horror is still "blue stocking. ' which unpleasing epithet is invariably be stowed upon all women who have read much, and who ire able to think and act fur themselves. IfT* A number of casualties are reported as the conscience* of lightning In Boston, on Wednesday < AnRS. W1NSLOW, N Eiferien ed Nur?* ?cd Female Phyilclac, presents to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, For Children Teething, Wkltk fTdll; hel.itcMt tha praeata af taaihiof, St *?ftaa Inf lb? fan a, r?3?ci:f alt inlamisauan ? will allaf ill> pa I ft ind apaamadie ??wan.acd 1* SURE TO RhUULATE THE BOWELS. Oapand a pan it, mathara, it will f i?a raat ;a ;iihiIiii, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W h*?a pat ap uid aald ihia articla for a?ar tan yaira, and can >*t, 11* con r id sines and tbcth of it, vbat ar* ha?a nt*?r bttn aklt to. tn? ?f ?n? ntm* Madicina ? !? ?v IR MKS Nil it ri'lLID,IH a tins LB ?taitcs to srrtcr a CUSS, WIIHUW'J whan tiraaly aaad. Na?ardid wa kr.ow KOOTiJHVG * " inMAnea of diaaatiafaetion by any on* who uaad it. Ob tba contrary. aH ara SYR J I*, dalifhtad with IU oriRiTioKi, in tarwia of hifhaat commendation of i? m ical aSacta and medical rirtaee. Wa epeak in .hit miua " what wi no know," ftartan yeare' experience, a*d h.idci on mri'Titiol* for THE mriLMSST of w hit WK HIM d iCLAMS. In almaet e?ery inaunta whoro the infant ta offering from pain and ethaaetion, relief will bo fognd In fftaaa or twetvy afiar the ayrnp 1a autninietered Thie ?*laable preparation la tna praacription of art of the nan StrtRlSftcSD and ??|LFUL ni'Rsi" in Naw Borland, aodbaa baan aaad with ^I'lP cmnii K'cclli "a THOUSANDS Ot> CASES. It aat an y relie?ee tha child fram pain, bat ioTiyaratoe tka etomach aod bowali, correcte acidity, and fieea tone and energy ta tha wboli aretem. It will . I meat inatantly ralara Geipi^g ik tbi Bowkls and Wind Colic, aod overcome con?aletene, which, if iot epeedtlT remedied end la daath. Wi' ? 1 baiere it tha SSiT AWD icssst R im- FOK | VY In the WORLD 11 III cull 01 U?1- I tl11,Unr.l rn>i ml DiiR rmoc* ii* chil- TKKTHIKH nmw, whaihar it ariaaa from ta*tlnnff 1 * from an* olb*r cauaa W ?cnil it to a**ry moth*r w"io haa child ?sf' rir,f from any of th? for*f*ii<; tomplainb* ?DO HOT LIT TOUR PR IJl'DICBl, HOB THI miJI DI I! OF OTHII), land baiwaan ronr auffarmir child an J th* naiiaf that will ba *URE?TM, AISOLT'TBLT to follirw th* Baa of th mtdicin*. if tirrfly ihJ Poll diractim er nainjf will a company a>eh botria N^na raniMna anlaaa tha fac simile COkTiS * PERKINS, Naw v ork, ia on lha oktaid* wrappa oid by Oracfriata ihroarhoBt th* world Principal Olfi '.*. No, 13 Cadar Strait, N. T. Prie* on I ? 25 C*nt* rar Botti*. *t 11-dAvlT 5EC) RGETOWN AD V ERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE IS NO W OFFER EI> TO any one who may he de?iroua of entering: 111 a profitable busioma, At one of the best arand* in Georcftown. I offer my entire atock of l)RY GOODS on reasonable term*, in order to make a change in my busiuess. W. R HURDLE, jy 24 lm Corner of High aud Gay ats. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And afW July 3d. !> ?>, the xt- atner I,. J. Brenzle, Captain W. II Kitt?r. will il 1 ^ leave Georretown EVERY TUES t* , i t ^ DAY. THURSDAY, and SATVR ******* DAS', at 7 o'clock a in., and roturn every alternate day . at 6 o'clock a m. On t.e Saturday trip frmn Georgetown the t>oftt will run through to Shepherd atown. je 21 3m . 1 rrn JUST RECEIVED, ! >'? BBI.S WHISKY. (a?*ort??d,' 180 do. HERRING a d AI.EWIVES, 2.5 <lo. HEFINED SI iiARS. Mhhds. FOR TO RICO SUGARS, O I Mil*. I !!!?} 11 ''III I >? II | I r. | l II , 2a tKix>-s puiutt KutarnCHkHSK. For sale low by JOHN J. BOOLK, je8 Georgetown, D. C. V0KNCT FOB FAIRBAMK*H ILES IN OKOROETOWN The undersigned have l>*en appointed a genu for th* fa.J of the aliove eel^hrat^d t:i?l w? i kuuwL PLATFORM will COI'NTKR SOALK*. A ;.i Hiippir constant. jr on hand Htul for n.e at lowest rates. HaV and OOAI. SilALKSereotfrl in any p&rt of the 01stnot or n>tj <tnmg counties. All Scai?K are wa-rante<I Juraiii", accurate, and to give satisfaction HUSKY ft BARNARD. Dea'ers In Agricultural implement*. JbR 2iti Bridge street 2 doora went of Hifh. PKANDHLiL, OPTICIAN, 1 , *7_ V .ku r_ ! . - .4 * V AWU. I * ' .'trtuil .If,, UCffT|[riOVIV, Has i)or??a:it> uu 'land a iarg? aaaortireut oS French .War aiffite't. Perrsronie. Col ored.andai other KPRCTA' LI\fl. <ii *jf~ -ws^ tf ? best ^uJklty. in r.iJ. ji. ver. atael.and German silver frame*. N. I*. <>d F'aaiM Repaired and new : jvssea net in them to order. to 19-Vr J~OS. F. BIRCH, VXDEKTAKF.R, Cor. m l Jef'tsttn (irortuvwn. Havint riven mr personalattention In this branch <;f mj hunineB", 1 am prepared to. ? _ ? Vtefin to ail ca * With pr.'mptn?Hii %-^-?^rx. pr?r*on? from a<1iatat>?s can r>e sup piled at a Vw minute*' noti ?. a? I have & large assortment of O" ?KFI NS a. war* <?n hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d< ad from the old to trie new buna ground*. Hoarse* and Horses for lure. ap 10-fim \IASSEY, COLLINS ft CO.'S PHILADEL . * 1 PHI A DR AUtiHT ALE.-\V e are constantly reoeivirg fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage. and invite ail perse, s who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agent*, f* 4 7 Gf?PTi St.. fiflorrAtAvn. -p PROCLAMATION! I. O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, OKOR6ETOWN, &o. Whereat, At the present immn of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ac., Ac.. prevail to iin ala'Hung ex tent: And ickeTtas, It must be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE o every family to Kiiuw t A K F. >1 EDY at once Safe. Am"/v. and EMrartnus. DK. MONTARDE, of Pakih, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as th* ino?t CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to s^tiafy THE PUBLIC that no imposition m intended in the saie of this (jreat Mt-dioine. THE MONEY Wll.l. HE REFUNDED in all rises when the medioine tails to give entire satisfaction. Ask, then at ant Drug Store for DR MONTARDF'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take as directed, *:<d if :iot j?r>rlr?otly satisfied* Return to our A*etit, L>. B. CI.ARK, ESQ , Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Price?25 and 30 Cents per Bottle. For ?aie at all Drug Store* every where. JAS. MoDONNELL, General A * ft, t, jy 11-eolm Baltimore. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Cnba, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, August 26. 1m0. SORTEO NUMERO 641 ORD1NARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE $100,000. I prise of?50 prises oL I do SO,OQO 60 do 500 1 do 3ry*?> 158 do 1 do ao.ouo ai appro*. ?,auo 1 do 10, ooo jy ALL ass PRIZES. Whole Tiokets. ?UO? Halves, 910?Quarters, (ft. Prizes oashed at sight at 5 per Aer.t. disoouut. Bills on all solvent Hanks taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded as eoon as the result becomes known. All orders for schemes or tiokets to be addressed to DON R DR16UEZ, au f tr Oare of Ctty Post, Char!*?t?n. S. C. N NOTICE. EW FAMILY GROCERY STORE. Pknjutlvania Av., Southern! Corner of Ttnth it rut y Washington, D. C. Th? undersigned respectfully annotinoo* ti hi* friends that he has opened the fine ?t>>r? formerly oooupied by H. H. V"ss. E<^., and that he i.aa re solved a large assortment <>f SUPERIOR e>na^an w^Awmmm w ?^' > r nbou s.tiiui unut Together with every article in the Grocery line, to which he particularly invites thr attention of resident families. He f els assured that his arrangement fur aoonnUnt suppl* of FRESH GROCERIES will ei.a tile him to supply the demsnd* o| those wiio may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In his purchases the subscriber has directed spa oial attention to the seiection of Teas, Coff ees and Sahara, Which, with all nther articles in his line, wi.l be diapusod of on the inost reasonable terms, k for Cash. jy 84 -ggw P. McDKVI fT. NEW reoeived semi-week, j, and for warded by mail free of postage Jy 11 JOHN F. ELI.I . EDUCATIONAL. Ccommercial college, ^ No. 47? Skvk??th ?t.. Oppotitttkt Otn'rul Pott Office, WmtMnrton City. Arm-man Systsm of Penmanship, Bi*o?keep!, Mpfo?r.tii? Formi anil Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Kxohan^e, Current Bills, Commission Pales, tirau.mar and Arithmetic. LLy^A Preparatory Class for Boys. \y_f L^adies will tie instructed tn fine penmanship. Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms app'v at the Rooms. . f> ?? SS *? * ? nn -j>ti v-v n. v? >m nn ft i;u. I^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. N?w Arram>emk>t. This well k nown and popular !*?Mninary, which has been so auooes*ful under the entire . areof M'? Z. Richarda 1<t more tnan ten will be upei.-nl on the first Monday in September n**xt, und?r the united mi per vision and instruction of Mr. and Mri, Z. RICH AF.DS, in the well arranged and delightfully l>catea Union Academy Building. Tor rartioula''*. ?r? circular* at all the Bookstore*. tria23- tf \1 MRS. McCMR . ICR'S SCHOOL ifl R8. McCORMICK desire* to inform tie friends and the public generally tnat *he will resumf the duMei of her Sobool on tha 1st Monday m September next. Tne course of etody pursued will comprieeall th? branches requisite to a thorough Eni tah educa tion. Ill addition to her day nohoiars ahn la d??;roas of receiving into her family a few dudi's a? hoarder* aged from 10 to M jears, who will be under her immediate care and oversight. Her arrancrmenU for the aooomm'-'latlou and due cire of pupils have been consider*. j increased \nd otherwise improved. Those m Washington aeeinnj p^ticulaj- information with reference tc her sohooi may apply to W. P Wallach, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner partioalars apply at het

rMide oe? No. 3ft Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. r-tf CLOTHING, kc. SKI.LING OFF a T rncT ? n vv/o . In order to decrease my n ock I have determined tu i-iiise oat the balance of tin S('MM KM CI.I>TIIIN<? ?t cost All in want of Suinmar CI'thing are respectful v invited to call at No. 460 Seventh st . opposite Post (>rfioe, and nee the great redu tn>n in Summer Clothing j y 12 I in I TN1TE0 STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, WaSHISGTOH. J IliT 17, IH0O. Proposal* will l>e reo-ived a? t. is Omo- u'#r noon of I'uesday .the21st of Augunt next,for Furnishing and Putting up the Iron Ceiling* of two momi over the connecting corridor* of the Capitol Extension The proposals wust state the prtoe for each oei! ing oomptete, in p!ho?. painted with three good coals of white in oil. Ail of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every description, including the listenings of the ceilings to the walls *mI to the roof f aines. must be included in the price bid. Tee piopn?als must be endorsed, "Proposals f.?r Iron ''.-rings." and must be accompanuM by a guaiautee. Rigned bf one or more responsible per sons, ?<i?iressed to the undersigned. TilM Wll i !?* finflnAfl H-f I ftr'irt mantl ?.<vr4 in the preaeuoe of auou peraona as may ohoose to at'end. The <1rfiwu.?rs ofthe oei)injr* can been ! ?? at this Otfiee. W. ?., (Captain Topographical K ngineers, in charge of Capitol l.xtencon. Each proposal should be accompanied by the following guarantee: Form of Gvrfanite. The underatgned. A B and C I>. of .in the State of , ai.d in the S'ate of . hereby gun-anty that in oai>e the foregoing hid of for iroii ceiling*, at above dencrlbei, l>* accepted, he or they will, within ten day* after the receipt of theoont'aot at thep aoe i.amed execute the contract for the cei nigtt, with good ami Kufli :;en' serur.ti.-a: and, in psv< th? said ?ha.l fail ?o en*er int. contract an ^f.if?said, we guarant*to innlcdg'od il.o k.? - ??*.-_ - * ^ ~ ? mv miii iciivc I'ciwrru lit? ??XI? r t'l HiO . U anfl that which ma* be accepted. Date , lrttjn. Sig naturea of guarantora, A B. C 1>. W itness, K F. I hereby certify that the ahoye named are Known to me as able to make good their guarantee. S<ltn?tare. ?} H. To be signed by the Un'tiwl States district jud ge, I nited States distriot attorney, collector, or some persons known to tne War Department. jy 13 dtd \V I1F.KL1.R A WI ICON'S MIWlMi A1A>> CHINK AGfc.NCY, Rrxovxd to No. 346 I'a. Av., near 7th St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly mcreasing popularity nf Wheeler A Wilson's u equalled 1'a-i ilv Sewing Yachines, which for the last eight years have most triumpiia'tly maintained their Hiiperiority. as a family institution, oyer all competitors for popular favor, the Agent ha" taken one of the fine new stores lateh erect>*d on I'a avenue. near 7th st where a beaut fui assortment of ail the various st> !es mav at all times t.e s?en. Triere wire 21,3*5 of th?se Sowing Maohines sold in th* year lB5f?. Ladies are invited to oall and s^o them, together with certificates from many of th< l'??t Citiz-Mis of Washii jton arid Georgetown, in relati> n to th*ir well known and thoroughly tcstod superiority If a-iv ladies cannot call, lot thorn send for a circular hy a l (titans It is high tune cv?ry fain l? i . the land was mipp led with on? of these health And life saving irst uinents. Full instruoHon*, both printed and verbal, given froe of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, \o 34b I'a. av?nue. j> ll-!m Between 6th and 7'h sU. PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Offick of Com mission e&C'F Public Brammi,! August 3, lB6t'. S Pkalf.d Proposals will he rec?r. t-d a< this < ffioe up t>> 12 o'olot k, in., on the 13th day of a ugu?' n?xt for Giading. Curbing. and laying the B'lck pav* m?i t, and Paving the Gutters, A o , on the ?outh -.,U ^ I ? >- TL.-J l? -l I muo ui IHIBBI'UII r% vnuuo, in>" W',rII IllTU II TiU PMXlfl streets we?t, connected on Four-aod-a half street by a F'ag Footwa*. Ttie Curbstone to bo of the best araiitr of Now York North river Mono. iu piree* of not Ie6* than f??ur 14) feet I'm;, sixteen i 161 mob?* aril four and a iaif<4K> inoh?? thick, and to be j<> nt?d a'.d wrl fitted, and set iu a bed of coarse travel an! well rammed. I he Kriok to be of the best quality ha d rod Par ine Brick to be laid on ? m f sharp river sai d four i 4 i inoh's detip on a bed of fiL,e g- avel free from olat or I'>am 'hree (3) inoh"?doep, wi?h t*ounu:?t>t on edge next to the euro and oi.e c >urse on oiigs ou 'he inner line Voex'rt measurement for Briek on e Ire The Mono Caving to be of ood mon oo'>bie stores sot exceeding f ur inch sin diainetor, * xo?pt th* tone on the outside line of the tutte , which mui-t be six ir.cnea in diameter, laid on a b?d ofc >arse sand and clean travel, froe /Von c'ay or I a n, at I *a-t 9 ii cnes deer, and to be twine ra?nm-*'l. the second time after being weil wet. a d co.ered with fi e ulean travel o- o<ar?? ?ai;?i, Theoentrrol the *utt?r to be laid with fi o oourses of hard red paving briek on ed*e. The F.a*gint to he of the best quality New York North river Flatting, in pieces <>f not 1-ss than four (4; feet long by eighteen inohe* wide, and not less than four(4) pcties thick, t" he lai on a bed of fine clean travel ii inohes deep, free from clay or loa>n, and well jointed. All g'a-iing hot exceeding one foot to be rated at trimming, and the sarp us earili to be removed b? the contractor to such piace as inay bs drug i.ati d by aupe i teudent. The work to be done in the best a?d mott work mac! ike in Miner and to trie atisfaction of the C>>m missioner of Pubi c Biiiu m.s. and under the m perintend<-nce of such person at he may appoint, and to b? conmleted oe or before the st ,,l v.. I v?mbcr ext. and warranted to sland twelve(12> months after completion. All repairs tti&t may be required within the time f?r wbir?h the work ie wa'ianted to stand to t?e done a* the expen?o of the oon rtctir. Forth* due performance of the work. agreeably t theoontract, bond and security will be r-quired. Bidders wi.I state seia-atrly the rate at wh'ch the* will execute the Curbing, Paving, ai.d F ?g tri 5, intruding materials, and mark their p-"porali asfjllowt: ''Proponais for Grading, Ac , M:s*ou 1 JNO. II. BLiAKF, ?u 4 dtH tut C-<WTiii??i<'!i'?r. 4(54 ~ SF.VF.NTjTsTUMKT. ? AT THE OI.D STAND. Th? gubfcciber, grateful for the liberal patronage ? .'/"i heretolurw extended to hiin, has TW^pleaniire to announce to his f?rnv?rn?r? r;^?cu.'<'oinerBand the public gene-ally th\tl^J? he h*> again store at his old stand, ^Ass,W?orn>,r of Seventh and F streets. with a full and complete as*'>rtnient of fine nROOKRlK*. TEAS, LKJUORS and CIGARS tie solicits a r-a I from all in wa-it of goods hi his line, li t ndiiig to tj'H e no efforts to give entire ?atlafacrion. F e<u UL'f'TKK and E tGS constantly on hand daily. jy as eo2w WM. H. BRER ETON. !\1KW \ O R K AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LtHF. The MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandra %nd Washington for New York Ev FRY W FUNKS DAY. at 1*fr77? o'clock p. m.. and New Yerk for Waalt-^^ ^^" ington ever* Saturday, at3 o'olook p. m. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before tiie hoor of the steamer'e JepartnM. N. B.?In the event, of the etearoere inability to oroas the a?r in oonse? uence of low water, all goodt will b? promptly lightered to and from tfte st?*meT *ry the ui:Cersirned. For freijht or ??8*&ge \ff\i to MORGAN ft RH1NKHART, n' !S-S,MftTtT VV#?Mri\ VChlrvpe For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious Fruit amd Crkam Syivm, li <? tn CRAY'S, Northern*' oor. M&tsaohusetU &v. and Fourth st. I jyMiw I SUMMER RESORTS. C AKLI*LK Tt?e favorite resort for WlllTf *l"l PHI H thoee who appreciate n Oranl Sxsene *. Purs ^PKIXtiS, Mur.tftr Air. iDVigora. tiiic Haiti", Urn and CUM BfcR t.AN H CO. VV-til Vent, ate^ Rooins, F*nn >yh-tinia. ;0<>od Society and a (iood lame. Acr?Mxo?ATioNt ruu For particaiara a?nd 300 for CrcijlM, "*UWkNr*. OI.ENDKNTEHMS LOW. I.N A VISSCHER, Je 7 low Carlxtl* Swrmut, Pa. C^AI'K ISLAND, NKW J KRSKV.?V tutor* lo J Cap? Ma* will fin>l food accomm'xla A . . A tiom a: W'HlTK HALL. Tcnwonly $ ty ' per week, including tne ndf1<> the t.?*a<-n A?1jSiLL in the morning. I?r. S. MaRC> . jv 27 2w* I* oyri*ter. rA R I).?Ai an inducement for farm!)** t" ojoum at the " H V'? Kl A"?Jur n? tne m nth? A - . a of Auguat and Sep'emtier, the I'n>pri? VcXf t >r? have reducil tno pnu<> of Hoar! 'o f per da\ anit 12 ir Df neck. fro-t: An. c?c :W!L?m?L>; f Old Point, July 2Gth. jj 27-In fiCRM DT9 S MM! R > . ROF.N -< n h < ^ ?tre?t, l??lw?<?ii ?' anil |yO?l.M*n% >r..A . . ^ mat fx* fuuuil it s.i timno one of th?* nio*t VcaB# pop;i.r, 111, urlan?. and u it*lllgei K->tau'%i.t Kt?ep?T?. who I* i(a up ilia rcputatiou with l.AUKK It - kk from ti?* Cut or Broth lily Love, Philadelphia; with bhanu1i-s f mn the ehoie*-nt vineyard* of Franc? ; with \\ I \ K8 <tf> t ho kiilu of ? - 1 ? *- ? ~. .... ?tiu uiiia ui ?u J i\ . i II?* ?? U W t V II A article of WHISKS which an ack* ulronf 'y of th<true flavor of the MononrahHa and H>m't>on I'a a'atd? as -Ithor of the?c may t* individually, he *ia? (ought to make still more ?o hi the erection th r?*ar ground* of tiii favorite establish ment of a spanou Arbor, where hi* (tu"?'* t>y day ma? ?-ii|oy th" cool Iwet-ie and be free from o!?< too ardent rays; and. at "the wttehin* hour of night," quaff hm loe-eool Imager ? ;thont tear of Laving their enjoyment dampened bj the tailing d>>w. Such inducem-nt* will, doubtleen. rau?* many of our reader* to drop in and tik* a note > if noun!H 1 an.l, most , many ol t!io??? wliii go will goagain. In addition t* all thm. he ha? eneared ti e Pro* peri lirntlierti an<l tneir associates to di*i-?nir?<> their choicest pieces of music E??ry \Ved::efda? an 1 Saturilar vvemnit. j* l?i-lm Washing roN CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFi.ER. Proprietor. JV?w York arenut, bitir'rn 1 ?J -in i 2/t sts. In^aiins the attention ol tne pulilicto p y grounds I wouid state that ev?ry arrangon-ut na A . . a nia<le to m??? thu *'Ketr<\ " n attractive overy <1a?. Moidays t!ie ?>ar ' ' ' dt?n? are opan t?? the paMio Iree of ofcint ?mmm i. g i von b? a s*le<?t l< Those d??iiii(t?MrJ*f tw darceand *?ti *i ! find the Mlooi la et mp'ete order t<> render picam ?- to ail. t? olh-r day# th* proprietor Vlil tlieeifu..j (rant tfl" UM it tha grounds (or cohooi or otber Pic Nio IV tias without charge. For the amusement o'ohi'dren he ha? intro<?u?r<d a num'>fr ol ut'.^ *aniri>, never Mf.tre aee:, u Una c t*. and uh!cu ated at the rtir time tu iiduh the "oidfoikt." i\H.?Attached i? my Hntthng Kitabliihiq nt, and lamiti;?? can *uppli?<<i ?rith any quantity at tueir '<??ia?noo.* of hea.thfui driUK. UA(t! K BKKR. upon ?h'?r* tntift* <* n 3m \N A LOs* TA.N RKTRKAT, <?M AN*tOaT*!? 1*1 A*D, Opposite Uforiftcrrn and H' a> king ton Th" aulmonberii havir.* .>*a?ad for a eriri of ye*r? tvn beautiful arid run antic ip 't.ojv n I . , 1 it fur tii<" accommodation ot tnepuiOiu " TfT^T the 11 ?t day of May. 11*6?. For f.f&uty >c*iiery, rfeUghtfui promenades. fiohine. Ao . 11 fe! ' ?\V 1 %l an Mriof ? ?'?' ? ' - ? * L - - . . . o.'i'wi"! mbhviin is uiisui iu lur Union. 1'lie Houifl is !arj*and commodious. bavin* V??f>n entirely renovated If has a la-ce Dauoii.c mi^kid Mtsoli?-d t<> the huuft*, be? d^M Piuiug tn'l [}-eni; ig Rooms for both a<ne? and gentlemen In a-1diti >t. spl?' iJid A't-ors Uetac ed from the Uoi Jine*. i'artisn, Familien and Ind vidua a ? .il find it a most uenrable r ac? to pss* the *u.trj da>? of ?oin m?r, aa ??verjr attention wiI M ?uar?:,ti.d t>y t'ie pr< prietoro. Tlio tt'ictent police *rran*enie>.t>wiM h? enforced, &ud politi al discusaioi.k will be prohibited T?. i ? _.ii r. j ? - - - w uaiu^i will liv IUIIUH Ul CUIllAin ft. 1 106 110 1 caei*i ol thn at all tiiri<?a. Tni 'Jar "ill he fu'i:ish?<l with ttie choicest Liquori and ^ in?? ai.d the finest !*e?ara. S 'Cieti?\?, SunriaT Schooli. Ciul>? m.d >li t\r% Cororaniei wi ' find thi? the moat de?i?al' e r-'? rt near tt.? fur (pending % p oanant and <t derlyda?. I'hi'drer unaoeompari* 1 ! > th??ir p*-enta or guardians, will pxciudej trom th? grounla. Gunning and dog* prohibited. Ho*ta wi:; leave the loot of High street. Georgetown. %rvl G ?t'eet, Washington, hourly, from 8 o 0.02k a. in. ti 1 12 p. 111 , rial y. I'eraons ptef?rrinc a p eaiant wa k can reach th? Island via th? Aqueduct. WesoUoit tlie rul>lio t<> judge for theinte!ve?. and le^i anurea ol givinc satisia-t"^ |o>9 eotf JAOOB W. POWER * A CO. M EIGHTH 1> A T I O N A L EXHIBITION. A' C1XCI.\NATI. OHIO, S'?r. I2tk-&:k. Tt>?? FNITKD STATES AOBICFLTI RAI S<K"IET\ will hold itn Eighth A nvV Atr tj ra: and I dustria Exhibition on the (rounds lit?'r n..v provi.ii?d Iiv the i:it;xen? "f Ciiicim ati. ? iii.-h are t" be fitted up in tne best *!t e. Tunc * 1 Hallo and Tent* for the dmp *? of I*'Pl.K MEM'S, M\< Hl\KRY T< >Ol>. DOM .> 1 !? MAM I A' Tl RF>. FARM AND I.ARDEN PRODL'? K. PR I ITS, FLOWERS, a d *N A I 1VE \V I N KS; wit I ^ts .1 aad I' * HORSES. CATTI>, SHEEP, and SWINE. and an unequal <d T^ack,one mile in ler^fi a-'d lurtf feet in sud h. for the exhibition ol The Premium* offered?m ca?h.?gold. siiv*r. and brooae medals,?diplomas and ce:t:h ates, am nt to $20,000. Tne Exhibition will r^niar; r>p?n l">m We !n*? day,the 12th. to Thursday, the 1: . ol Sep*em'>*r. thus giving tune to examine and teat fie imp e uii'nts and machinery. For premi >m li.-t? or information apply at the Office of Society, No 3->?> Pa. a.-uue. ,ip stairs :) or to tx.e subscriber, a' C noineat .. Ohio. BEN PER I.EV POORE, jy ?'4 tf Sec'? I'. S Atrtcultnra Societv Enamelled SLATE MANTELS, n...*> ...... >i. u 1 Jiw'ft inr tm?nr(K(IITrT3. The*e are moat beaut.lul stv es of M?n'e:?, en?in--i 1 -d in mutation of ctich taie n'arhiea At the Spanish, K*%p iaii. Si .nna, Verde Antique. Porphy ry, B ocatelle, and others mui.1t celebrated. The inut-tiona ftre ?u perf-ct aa to challenge the c!o???t scrutiny. In elecanceof f. 1 :s t';e? ?tai,d unrna 'led and are an highly poli?h?d that they retain their t auty and fret-hue** ."niter than tne common nai hie*. whil?the? arnsold much cneaper. They have t>* i used in this country tor the i t ten. and in h'lrope tor more than fifty year*, and have given e..i;re iati?faction. P < a- e call and examine at \?r I-* II ?*?*"?? **? n - ? . it n .11\ ni m r n Stoveand Tin Store, oppo. Fatr.otio Hank, jy 88 2w 5 door* north of I .?<iiM?na tvrau?. Omffice of INSPECTOR and sealer of oas meters. waihiioth*. jo!t 18. i860. SOTICE IS HEREBY GI*KN. ThU.Mr** M'.y to the provision* of the mi ill nanoe < f the CorP'l-Ati n Approved May <2 19ft1. th?> undersuned it now prepared, "whenever r^auired ir. writing, and on pre pa? inent of the fee of tfty cents. to i- kpeet. nainin, test, prove, and anoertain the accuracy of registration of any gas m?ter in u*? in oity." Every ranter, iffouud incorrect, will lie ootid em aed, and another, sealed and marked as trM. will ha set in i?? p ?c?. If proved to he accurate in i s measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and a<ain put in posiios fur use. Office No 510 Seveni h street, (near Odd Fellow*' rail ? ?>pen frotn 8 *. m . toil m. CHARlKS W. CUNNINGHAM, jv 18 tf Inspector and Healer of t>as Meters. 1 TREASURY-DKPARTMENT, Auf Uft 1st. 1880. Proposals will be reo?iv*d at the Treasury Department until th? 15th inst, for supslvinit. for the uaeof the Departm-ct. 15fl onr.'s of Oak and luo o-irds of Hickory Wood?all of the htil quality, to ha deliver d at th? Treasury Huiding corded and measured in the yatd Li a sworn measurer a* the exprnse <>f the ountractiir: aud of IM> ton4 of <*um l>?r'an<! Coa.?7.S t- n> of white and J51 >< s of red ash Anthracite Coal, all of the best quaiit*, to he de liveri?d a( the building. The Can-iberand t ua. to be . I k. k^,< TU _ .-u v? imiu|i nauu piua vxa. a w imw ncii b / "** Firm J fjrn>?o?? or lanje egr ?i?e; the red K-h to U# amaU ? ?? ris ?, and to be weighed by a (Worn weignor au l-?*dti5tb _ Selling off ! selling off! OR SAT BAROAIKS IN UKY GOODS. We oantiueno" to day ee! inc <?f our entire stock n*8PKlNG AND SUM-KR DRE-SGOOPS. Ulaok I.ace ShswH, nnd MantiHaa. in fa<t a I Fano* lireia at ir**tiy redue?*l Prices, niany at Is* thin coat of importation in order to reduoe our l.a'fe St>>ok. Uto. In Store a full aaeo<tm?iit of fir?t ?laaa fUi-le Domestic Go<>da. for teneral I at y purj jaee. all at the lowest Market Pioea. J. W COLLEY 4 CO. au 4 6t ?43 ?lk at., above Pa. v. New silk mantles and hooped skirts. We have r?oe?ved by txpreaa aeapf.iv of rich plain *?i K MANTLKS ud RhAL VKKNOH LAOE MAN rLF.S-n-1 P? INT* Ale 10 u. xw of the ft'l at*le of WOVRN HKHTS of ?ao?. to quality. Ladtee in want ..(an* of th* ati<i- * <<*"da a- T*r? lew pno*? will e'?a-* gir? ua an *** j ca!.. IT*? TAYLOR * HI I HI* < PF.R*ON>* 1N~RF.AR<!H OF GUITARS, Violina, Flutee. Aaoordcoua, F utiuaa, ba Tamborio^a, Bra*a Iuktruroonta and Stricft f tie fiiat qua ity.wtil find an tatnonee aaaortiu^r t ,t the Mafic Store of jj 7d W. G. MBTZKROTT. THE WEEKLY STAR j Thi* Family tu<1 New* w* ! r ft cn?t*r *?rtf4y of UlfrNtiiw j than cat l? fvuixl it My Utei ?1? ?u(> i?lioO -n S*ltru?? nxTDiucTlUII?r?<*. M m.-1' amrt. Sio?l* copy, p?r #' S** ^ tr* e- yic? ..., **" T?*n oopi<?? . - * < ' Twenty o?>fiM 1* W Ht ptfS?rrilnn? IB oleha raiaaa among n*nkbi?ri without Ifi? iBW"v?n:i ti n % n %. <u?at. a* I! be Jr> o?ut. of 7>? W,?iriy prat wi!' ?< tared. It invar *ii ? cor. tan. ?i.? * ?\ a?M??t?T .Ncw?" th*t h*? mad* Tk- him Stmt oirou.eto eo throat (n ut th? conotry. CTflnl# eopiM (in wmpp?-? nan b# |?r? ar?i at tr>a e?ia> t?r. tifim dtatc ? %f:>*r the itaue <?f paper. Price?THRKIC CfCNTS |?7" P litman'ri who act aa agei:U will le? d * rr>Tin)'?- i?>n o' 2' cetjU , M, ,M,?,|, | ???| ! ??| Ml || _ FOR SALE AND RENT. l^OR RENT-A t!?rce ?tory BRICK IT<"U +*'. I on H ?tr*et, !i?t?H>n 4th and Mh Al*?>. a tw< tor* ilKli'K ?<> I TA<?K. with garden, ocraer of oim?.M?kr*iiii<i ind north F rtr-?t, lurimiKkJ ! ? a lar?<? co<nin->r pa?tur*. and would !< % d^aira :] ..K iiii.'i. fn' InauireofC BliluK. ??6 1J h ?t. ]J I* 'fc' * (^oi \t* ? kemdkntT:mTk*al? -It) y and a ..a ' ft rfi ol I.Mirt at Hipm \ r'ai* at tfco r.'<r?*. tun of u>? t".? u . an i.eent urf turrpit**, a.x r?u># (r.m \\ ftahtn*W>n and 5 f om A t?. Th? nn( rovrmotita ownaiat of a on tain 1* tarn onrn In u?< . k o. Th*>?'ii ii *?l! ?r vnh tr^? tin) h%n 1 ' it an *?? l?. t wall of wntw. For furtii r p* ttc?i:*ri? app ? on th? Bretiila-a IdVVM fAV>P, or to J NO. IM?WLI\(J. I ? .if A ? . S* 0K.U Mnrfhi *? auction roo. *. Waarn?wn,'? C Tb* atKiT* if?crilw<J p<op?rtv v II h* aoid ovfi rttih. iw S ? <?' Ptl>MKAKM <-fyitrw.nt??l?< r at thK i.itt.o * a. Harm* aeomlortati * ' wail u:i ho?>6, oorn b'miw. tatv?a. ??; w*ll i?tttwd and wttemi; within lour miiM i f \% a^hmrton , is a?r?>a ic caiti ration, tii* ha auo* hi haudaon.r wood and. It la p^u tar!? d??irahle aa a oauntr* C* 4mm. haim mrfmtl I m< t t ?lil moat -i.tnm r(ii>? j aitnated **c> t ut fiahic.* aud Inquire 'f Mr MaRRICTT. lirMtf *?<pi?r. i >? t> , , (jltfl# 7 >?!< 4, OK KKN ? A ?'?? doufcio BRICK H<M *K, ocifteiiung II rowni* a .1 f*with -ta and oarnru? hvuM; ;-< a c f ?ater in ti.a yar 1: on KlorMlth ?t.. ii??ar I. ?t. For term* mtuir* of liKORiiK 'i .LANULIiV.ut Li'mUM o-r t?x?rith ?t. J\ * tl L OR K I M - V thrM-ator* I Rl ' K U VN t !. UNG IIO('!*K.un H ?t (>et ?-<? ijt'ar'jj.i ?U., No 404 App.T to J. KIKK'.VOOL 47? Uth t net ij it tf L'l'R RK\T-Th<i tnr?* totf ibrovi fro O i Hot >K.N?.>(i7 N?w Vorl. ?* *? . Iw'wiwn f*h And 11th ?- <??. nor'h *ide. ron'tinnu Mteen ri?om? Tin* Uoune i? convrn <Mit t?> th* Patont Ol he*, Tr^x-ur*. etc : it luhted hT *a?. arid in ever* *ai Huitai' > for a toardinc Pent mo eta'*. \pj>U m-it door, <>' to A ?? FOMr'LKK. ' tiJ K<> r north wintol Patent Office. jy 14 tl L'OK KKN -Tt?? fino F*\MK H?U ?*h ki,..?M * a?"Kr?-ncli K-ai?' ?itua: 4 on M at. north, t?*twe?ii *tli ?n^ l^th ptri*t?. So. 3'JO, mw of th? mo't d'Kirable pr?vat? r??i<lf?ci>? in U a.antncton Tl u n u?e i? mrroumled l<? fmit treea a d great nun.S??? ?>f currant tiu- of \-a rtons kind*, and nne liade tr*?-?, w itn In** "f c it _ 1 vk ! A r ^ .1 J I * i " t Ii l W I t ' -t. n L?aii<l E? j) 12 tl LMtK RKNT-Thre* KKICK HOl?F.g won Twelfth ?tr?et.C m4 D,on? on tho orner <*f Twelfth and H *?. ; Mil on- on H. w ti l^th and 13U. Ms. Ii.qui.-r> of jAMf'B W It \ R K I- K , ??n tl il'Wt, |p?twi?fii 11th utl 12th, No. tl*. _ im an tl L.^<>K It KNT? Ti'/U new ai.<l we,, arrant throe r hUvt ftK ICK HOt'SE. No. 'on <? l??t? m I'll'i ?'th 1'iret \\ ant, lavelr ocot< px*' i Mr, ftuMii'i L< . atiott. P<>?? ?ion j(iv>*n immediately ln^iwro of Mr. S< M'TO E\ S. I'AKRKK next doo: east. n.a lbootf FH1K R ENT-A ?ina ! STORE. o..n er f 6tk and Pent. *v?nuf, ardor the Clarendon Hote, miitab.* for a l*rt>er'? ?a:uwn or Oitar atore Po information inquire at the Mote', ina^ 9> rHK RENT-Tke FIRST FLOOR of tiia bm.d1 iiic ir.uettiatei j oppor.ita the weat wincof U<a City Hrrt^itly <;<vupi*d by Chaa. S. \ra'.ia?l? \s an office Also '.ne front room id the aocoiid ?tory aid li.e third floor of the i>a'iia NliU in*. Fo.[ - v ; ' 1! L" I! Alt If -4 Luuiaiac*aveuue. ja 13 rf Sh NAT'"PS. MI'VHKKS OF CON8RK!"Tw > sp.eDtnd suit* * of RO< >MS. le?antly f?r.shed, w r?-ut?NJ durii.j trie pmi. sufCni i; t.' e i. ft &' .? * .t? if: thl? 1'. ' -t f> c With i r. ui'?or ifu nu*rM of Browi 'i a:.d I'hos" in purpj;t of ?uoh Ro"n.? - i d .w to makf ?* ' ap? cati^r. at No. 379 *th st'??<?t r?'w??n n?'.i?ftaud Ca. ar. deSti CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAKRIAGE FACTORY. '? D Street, Btnc-i-n btk and l?i? Strrttn. \V? have juat fimahed a nura;y of ft'Bt l^RRlAGh;4. auch at Lttkt Fanr^ , Wan m, Pt'le Phfatw. Car ??/f Puttirt, vhioh Wf will eel. a: w~ - W i 4 ver null Beir.c praot eai in<?ehaniee in different brauehee f the t>uain<-aa, me flatter our*e!v?a that we know the atTiea *tiJ quality of Work tliat ?l 1 five aat ? r L . _ i'L. r j ^ L. . . iv uuu, couiuiumg :i[n;ur?. i?'iaiuritaQ uuni'i.i tj. Repairing promptly and careful ly attended to tb? ahorteaf n- tie* aril moat rf*?i n?tii? o'tanr?#. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coaehmakers, aucoeaaora to Wm. T. Book, ap ?7-4ly r CARRIAGES. HE Sobaonber cavinc rr vie additional factory.n.akmj it bow ona of tt^e ia the District, wt.ere nia faci itira foraSDVR -nanniaoturinc CA R RI AGE A LlfiBTJ^=^* WAGONS of a.i k:nd? cannot ta aurpaaaed a:.< from hi* lone experience ib the t aa.neaa, ha .opaa to (! ? e*nerai saoafaotion, A.' kindaof Carnaeea an< Light Wat?u kept** ?ar<1. AH R K P AIR8 Mtr UM.u4k. r<?n f tneu-iftc to. Oarnat?? Ukfc m e*?han*e lor urw ?o??. andrkw jTIaVCB, 4 1? H Mrwar ?* Utk ??2 k It! TRUNKSTBOOTS AXDSHOES. Hoots and shoes to suit the times. We*r# now nmnnfacru inc all kirda of boots and SHOES, and ooiftant t reoamnc a?^> aupp ? ot ea?t*rn maa* work of every de 10*, mad* expres* y to order, and willvKj be Hold at (i much nw?rfncetli*n hu lx*n* herenifure charged in thia city for maoh inferior articles. Herons in want of Koota and Shoe# of eastern or oil* made work, will alwavn find a food aseor'nier. in Btnreaud at the lowest prices Give u? a oaii. GRI^FJN k BRO? aptr SI4 Pennsylvania avenue. tjMVK Hl'NDRED TKAVfcLLN? TEHXKW urnvftd tf.i* ria.v. A.iit* noii*. a uua flWb ti?B ana ?.z?*s of S*ele Leather, Ladie ^fcrVjP Drese and Packing Trunk*. Our trurl^****" *ai?? room exlnlut* at tl,i? time the (inU'itwiMr of tr?v?uri{ requisites at moderate pri> M. to hi found this side of New Vork Also. >-?*? dfac-?tton ?? I.ADIK8' HAT BOXES, VALICES. CAEFKT BAGS SATCHELS, to. H7"01d Trunks repaired or taiteu Is ex chain* for Q0V OHM. WALL, BTF.PHF.N* * CO.. Trunk Bale* Room, mar 31-tf XM Pa. arwu. tJOL'THKKN TRUNK M A NUFACTOIV. o 499 tth St&sbt, Orpoutt Odd V*llv*r$' Hall, Wa.?*M?#ro*. D. C. Traveiera wtl! atndy their mtareata f>? eianiimr m? TRI'VK? VA^Ch.^Ao.lwfM ? pui mqq^| ohaslng et*? were A* 1 ua* uoiie )>gt ti. Bt|W be?t mate;.*1 tii? market affords tin Minpto ^a**J the t>~?' workmen, i can coriftdrnt..} raaur roeod my work to b? superior in Sirrut'k aod Lh> mbiiutio Trunks that are made in other cities and ao.d here. 1 keep constant t on hand, ui1 maket< order < on one week's notioe' every ?Worii>tieri of SOI E LEATHER. IhON FRAME Fl'ES'H DBS IS and W(,op BOX TRCSKfi, ASHLAND tn oth*r V ALICES : TV AV ELI SC. BAGS; HAh NESS; SADDLES. WHIPS, #< * '. Trunk#, &o.. Repaired aiid Covered, in a wr>rk manlike manner, at ahort nofioe Trunk* delivered in any part of toe oity, 6?cri* town, or Alexandria. Alao?Acect for How?*a oeiabratad FAMILY SF.WI.NG MACHINES. da li li JAMES B. TOPEAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part? <M ti.* oit>, at t ?e low**t poatlMf rttN. T J. * W. M. OALT. Office 2*2 Pa. ? ., between 11th and lJti *t*. ?> 17 tf POr<h Side THE Sl'BSCRIBFR^HAVING ON HAND &n ?tfniiTi> stock of H 'EI., la prepared to ae'l at a verr low Scare for oaah. WOOD *awed and Pp'.it a.:.y ais*. Call aa?l aae for yonra*t? B- W. BATK$. Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS 8. K. eorner of Fourteenth and C eta, YV 0A8 FIXTURES. " F. Have in store, and are dai.y reoeirin*. OAS F1 XTUli KSotentirely New Pattern* ant) 0>-?.<iia an<1 Finiah. ?upenor in ?t?le to (Uiythinc heretofore offered in thia tnarket. W* inciteeitia'-na f?n*ra. Iv U oail anti examine our atock of Gaa and Water Fixture*, feeliok oor.fidrn? that we have the best iele.i.-o atock in WaahincU>a. All Work in the at<ove line intmated to oar ear* WiU Ka arnnnf * .... r. r.., MYERS * MoOHAN. mar S-tf ?T? U rtrw^t JBOSTO*' ICF.. U^T fm sch ob?i R.6ilfcllu. Mkrr H Btnki. N*wJwmi. aw< (i 'V.fl tt, F^u uen Hundr??l T# in? :n Bo^ioN IPK. J MlDOI.E r?>N. lv T wwjltMwl F ?t? AL El XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! Tb? yuract wJ :m>ai vb'lMom* A<* in Ui.t cili . t<> I*-" W SWASHING It N UKkV\ KM V Thu V#n??<l*roii na i ir l o*. j & i? (i ' V'i v? 'i.tir' ? > i *iar t ( -n a- ? C CO'.lNKAl'.Prof ?t e. ? (* Br?T?rt.??n)?r K ?.ndfnt> ??.