Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. _ WASHINGTON CTTY: MONDAY Ai(?M 13, I960 Spirit ?f th? Naming Prm. Tb* Constitution Arrant* upon the effect of quatter soverHgntv and republicanism upon S*ontbern rijfht?; and. in another article, upon republican corruption, as 111 lift rated by New York legislation The Intrlfrx'nrrr allude* to what It calls the disloyalty by statute" of Massachusetts. In keeping on ber statute-book an act In opposition to the ^ujiltive-slare liw ,N?w Mvsir ?" I*et tho?< who will, repine at late." ballad by Charles D'Atnar; and '-The I nloii,'' bv F. i>e H JiarUr, hare just been received from neighbor Metzerott. They are pretty 07" It ! ?a!d th*t an Invitation will be extended by the President to the Prince of Wales, when toe rea :hrs Washington. to vialt Fortress Monroe. It being the largest military work In the I nlted 9Utw. 07""The newt from Syria Indicate* there will be an end to the horrible massacres which have heretofore ahocked all Christendom. The citadel ?:cupied by the Al^erinea under Abd-el-Kader it ? ,?/ * tl II 1 1_ I , _ u? irin^r iur ?URT iUOU33Iia tflr.lUaill U7" It is s?id that the New Yorkers are making arrangement* to give the Prince of Walesabecom. Ing recepMon. For goodness gncious'sake. gentlemen. trv to arrange matters so as not to disgrare tbe whole country by an after squabble about ex" penaes. kc., &s you have done In the Japanese caw. E7~ The New York Councilmen were silent at their last meeting on the Japanese appropriation, and the inference is that they are waiting for the excitement on the subject to die out; but the newspapers give them notice that they shall have no peace until tbe items of the extravagant bills are presented and understood After the lnjunct.oa applied for by Mr. Chatfield must be disposed of. and the graud jury must be quietsd. 177" The immense demand In England for American !*ewing Machines is exciting wonders It is f-'..ix?nt'-d ttiat not less than 20.000 American machines will be sold In Great Britain the comlug One American fat tory turns out every wvek nearly 1 .two machines An English paper L~i kj doubt that American manufacturer* will be prep-trod t -supply -Juo.uWi sewing machines during the year 1S61. \~~r~ Fully live thousand people gathered upon the 4)auk* of the river at Ciuciun.iti, on Friday, 1o witness the frat of Dan Rice's elepuant. Lalla Rookh, swimming from the Keutucky to the Ohio shore On the first attempt, several sk 6.4 ladened with people accompanied the elephant, but when a hundred feet from the shore, Miss Lalla ev r.i ed an ugly disposition, and chased them ail out of the water C7" \V::,*iu ex-:*her:tl' of Appomuttox county. Va , was shot at one evening la*t week, while promenading in the yard immediately front i f htsdweuing Four shots took effect on h:i Derson?three on hi? f?r? n> temple, and the oilier .u his side H'.i wound* under the preaent circumstances, are said to be of a ser.i us c aara ?er The (hooting, it if said. wa? the work of an ;isa\ss:n, who fled as aoon s the jfua was discharged North Cajul.s \ Llbct.os ?In -t counties . f tS.:s State. <jov Ellis beata Mr I'ool 5 I'.i votes. In tie tan.e count.ea two years ago. Lis majority w * -a for I .. s. i -" 4 T:.e rt main n. 1011..I.M fcavt >1: M Rae-i u..: or:t\ . .Mr 1\ . . ? w .. probiblv be larger The opposition hav* gained one u.ember of the Stat - Sec:ite, and fifteen members cf the Ccramoas. If r.o other changes oocar, tb* democratic majority in ihe Serat*' wiu be 12 Mislead of 14. and in the Couijiiods 29 instead of 44 C7-A card has been ss ied by fourteen p: ,miIrwent us.:ie.-s men in New York city, inviting ail | ertons - who feel interested in behalf of the V.i* of tho'iuuita of Christians iu r:a wi:i havr been made wretched wanderer*. shelterless aud ready to peri?b with famine, by a rocst rutb!rs? and fanatical war. to meet at tbe American Trac1 Society House, to-day. at 3 o'clock p m , U> dev se measures for having tbe subject of seeding ??'; . # ?- .m- __ - ..n iu ii-rse poor people brought, as toon as possible. bt-fore (he churches in an elective ana responsible manner. " |T7* Mr ", tt is said, lias unhorsed Mr WiL.aroson, vtco Las been contesting hit s?at In Congress He has proved that at tue time he ran for Congress :n New York cltv, he was a resident, tax-payer, and voter in New Jersey Another a< -O'lnt says that Sickles has made the following proposition to Mr Williamson:?* 1 propose ths* if I beat Mr Williamson for the nut term, he shall abandon his contest rgainst my election for tue present term, snd If he beat me in the neit race thit 1 shall resign my scat ^ f~ Tbe Boston Book trade sales are closed Result. satlsfa tory to tne se.lers At a ievee of the trade at the house of Mr Leonard, the auctioneer, an object of interest was exhibited in the sLape t f tLe cr.g nal manuscript of KufosChoatr ? fiino. s oration on Lianiel Webster. It 1* a n,o-t ex'raord'narv document Beiides being the greatest production of Mr. Choate. it Is in achi* rograf ay which is as unreadable as Choctaw ir Chinese l he trade, who are accounted " soon on h rd stlilnr rnnl<i ?? ?".(7UCI a word. CJm Amongst the paaaeu^ers who arrWrd at .New York 011 Saturday morning from England w?? i.adv Franklin. accompanied by her niece. M'.ss Cracrofl She is to remain in New York ttwo or three weeks, as the g 'est of Mr Henry Grinnell, through whose libe. *lity the Grinnell Arctic eiped tioo was fitted o t, and whose sou Mr. C Grinnell, accompanied Mrs Franklin on ber voyage to this country She proposes to in.tke a tour of Canada. probably in time to wltD'tt tfce reception <>f the Prince of Wales, and will then travel through the Northern States, and vry likely extend her jouruey to California *?:.e iles;res to avoid public attention as much a t I oss.b.e. So we learn from the New York papers ~ " mm mm i MTHUVHCI FOB THK HWW ? By tfce latest arrival from the " Court of Fashion," Far.s, the Lad:es receive the Mtisf.n tory inteligta that Hoop Skirt* not only remain In vogue, but several new and beautiful st y 1< t have recently bren lutroduerd to the 6<an mcnJe From the many novel description* of Skirts that have ju*t appeared in Paris, Vessrs W . 8 AC H Thoi tvn A. Co. of New York, have re-modeled sever 1 of the meat elegant and rtck'tcst designs. wLich tL?y have already placed In the market for Awdiik the most remarkable skirts of this firm's mai- ufa< tnre. we notice the "Eugtnie Paris Gore,'' the ' Constitution," the ' Southern Huecn," the Fairy," the ' Parisian Train," a-id the " Zf. \ hvr " which the ladies through! the entire country will not fail to appreciate, as In their construction'.be manufacturers have studied to )roiure, and have succeeded, skirts with combined lightness. durability, and elegance. The Messrs i Thomson, we understand, have recently patented tbs wedjje slide.'* used by tbem ex- lust vel v, snd which materially add to the exceller.c- of the r hk'rts, making teem, indeed, superior to thote < f j _i* - " a.i outer manufacturer*. Tbe trial already givrn to their "corrugated apringa," at ihown In tbe r daily uae In tktta for monthi paat, baa conclusively proved tbelr superiority over all aprln^a heretofore Introduced. IBi.aib Elkctei> fob Both Taajgs ? Tbe Mia our' Democrat (republican) of tbe 9ib aa>a: ? tt ? *?re premature, it appeara. In conceding tbe rl rti?.n of B-rreit for tbe *bort term. By ?ft lal c- uut ttiere are over two hundred republics i;< krt? which were polled for 4 F Blair for Congress ' wttich be Ln Lot received credit fi.r a< far. cud wLicti ylvr bliu a majority ovet Bar. ..M 419%.. ? * * ? ___ \rr C*njrr?muisb Si. klea Laving the a?lertlou ot one candidate fi-r \V*al Point and one for the .Naval Scbod. % ** uttire tbat lie would wit-. I t; e (mm bov* In Hie New York Free Atadnuy v bo itt uld b?ar of the jalui In an nam!nation I rforr a committer The bkt wu bad on Situr- . and Garret H Lydecker and CLarl. a F iv htiltx were (elected Tbey will be appointed accordingly WASHINGTON NEWS AND HOIMP. Siiti rii or 9CXMIR Ti*vii. [Editorial CoTTtiyrmdmr /" Tkt Star ] [No. 14 ] Auguat 4, 1900. Orr ro* Albany??ktt!>? oct m? Bostos? The ti*wof Aliaht. asd thi Htdsow Below it? rss'ssii.i.kam cocsty, n y.?Pittsfikld?A RoroH a*d Mkagkb Cocstbt?Arproachijio 9pkikgfi1ld. a? time presses me, 1 came over to Albany last evening, from Saratoga, reaching that city at 9 p m after a ride p?r rail across a region of country described at length in the course of my similar tour of the last season. The truth Is, i am no watering place man. not being able to allow myself more than twenty-four hours at any one of thein i left that city (Albany) at 9 a m to-dav in the midst of what appeared to be a settled bard and cold rsin. the first that had fallen, on my route, since my departure from Washington. Taking the western (Albany and Worcester) railroad. 1 am now rushing on towards Boston. The view of Albany from the cars of this road for some two or three miles out from Its depot, on the east bank oi iar nuasou, is tbe finest 1 ever managed to catch. though 1 had been there a dozen times In the last dozen years 'Hie city lies stretched out like a map before the observer?1 ke a ground projection, as map makers express it?with its almost every house, and more especially its every conspicuous building, in full view We have a tine view down the river, also, of its waters, dott* d over with steamers and sailing vewels, and cf the ornamentally cultivated west bank for tome miles below the city. Immediately adjoining the railway, at least for a few miles from the river, the country is uninviting, and has hardly yet been brought thoroughly into cultivation Soon, however. intervals between the road's " cuts" afford me opportunities to catrh sights exhibiting the agriculture of Rennsellear county, N Y , In very favorable aspects The rain of iast night and this morning has had a charming effect upon the face of the country; deepening the tint of everything green upon it, and brightening that of the yellow1 hues of all grain fields, cut and uncut The ? ?u-?i- - kic ore tTiurnujr generally larger man along the line of the Mew York Central railroad I come to thi* conclusion not so much from the size of the tields as from the size and style of the farm buildings, all which indicate the possession of more means by the owners of the soil here, than those of the Mohawk valley and western New York along the line of tLe State's gre*t railroad and canal. The same neatness and care which distinguishes .New York agriculture west of the Hudson In visible here, though the farms be ng larger. their yield is not. apparently, so great acre for acre. The country is rolling, reminding me in the swelling of its constantly changing gentle and unequal bills, much, indeed, of the configuration of the Piedmont region of Virginia; though i miss that itection's more interesting backgrou: d of tiie picture as seen from the windows of the Orange and Alexandria railroad?the towering Blue RWlge, layiug from twelve to twenty miles to the north and west The further I progress east, the more am I charmed with the count) y travfripd bv thia ? _ } .. .? iwitaviiu M. UC ^ I dr C and variety of its bill and dale scenery are far more interesting than any west of it in the State of .New Vork 1 have ever seen ; and a* seen from the car wlnduws. one fiuds many more stream* winding about in all direction*, and bordered each with dark green foliage, a* well a* small mill ponds innumerable; sometimes three or four of the latier within the eyes scope at the same moment. Our first stopping place was at Chatham, 23 miles east of Albany, a beautiful village, looking almost new as It were. 1 have a great antipathy to a paint and putty made town Vet such an one is far preferable to the style of the towns along the railroads In the western reserve of Ohio, where one sees dilapidation not attempted to be concealed even by those ch?ap muni of hiding decay and dirt Chatham, though built of wood, is however well built, and better preserved than almost any other wooden village I know of We areoit again, rushing east, through a country that continues to exhibit features almost identical with those of the territory bordering this railroad west of Chatham : though as we near ttie Massarhusetts State line (where we have just arrived ) the hills become higher, though not uncuU tivable to their summits, most of them, and the it i -? vm.cys uwcuuie uee[>er. oi course Two mile* west of the State line we traver?e the ouly tunnel upon this road, a short one, cut through very bird rock Immediately on the line (State) a cute Yankee tai built a hotel (by the railroad side); to that while he sleeps and eata bit guest* in Mn?sachusetts. he liquors them in New York, where he can snap his 11 rig era at the law compelling him to dos? his customer* witu Mr Hen-fever Hurnham's well-watered stitt "on the sly," If s?i:lng them liquor at all. Gradually tae country seems to be becoming, a* we pro' eed east. mor>- ro^ky upon ita surface, though leuso really in its own character; the rocks seem strewn al>out upon its sirface b<-i ng drift boulders , while r" k ci ts have disappeared from the rail road. The celebrated Shsker village lieajuftt now in sight on the north, with nothing whatever to distinguish t. in it* v a;hie appurtenance*. from .New Knglnnd agricultural villages generally The rail ro^d in Its vicinity lu-n in tbe v sliey of a stream on the soutu that draii.s the terr tory between two ranges of high hill?? : ? valley of unequal elevation.and therefore agreeably picturesque. in the centre of which stands the considerable ti'wc of l'ittaHcld. Massachusetts, at whlch we are about to stop, as the engine's hoarse throat has jjst screamed the i.suai warning of brsk's down '' A a mm h nf IKp ?aum. - * *'? - ? ? . ?uv. ii on 10 or f ii truuj iiif" car window a* up again p; ogress east, exhibits It j :*? a rural one wtll shaded with widt-spreiding trees over hauging tiie cottage-built white hoi.sts of which It is for the moat part compos d , though manufactories of woolen ar.d cotton goods rear their nianv-stor'.ed head* here and there on the banka of the Houaatonir, on which Plttaflrld lands. A graceful little mountain, situated three or four miles south of the town, makes a capital background for the picture Further east the location of the railroad appears to cling to the south ed^e of the valley, showing it to toe passengers for ita whole breadth of two or three miles, d tted over with farm huilrftnu* ?. u- ? J _ ??<V(*>MVU utiua, auu tbe ? altering village of Utl'.on. Hinsdale, a manufacturing village, it toon p?s?<d, when the railroad running nearer to the branch of the Housatonic, along which it is buitt, the country becomes more rocky and precipitous, and consequently less generally cultivated; scrub timber taking the place generally of the beautiful cultivated fields delighting my e)es two hours ago Manufacturing villages are upon tbe banks of the stream which we are crossing aud recrvssing, at times thrice in the space of a mile Tbe country here is verv broken, tbe valley in which we travel being now but a deep gorge between two bigh rocky bills, almoat entirely covertd with timber; though wherever a dealing would pay, it has been cleared aud is cultivated. As we spproach Springfield from Chester factories. a point 27 miles west of that city or town, Ik. - " " ... .j " a uiu?. ana commendable j rffart* are made to raise potatoes, grass, Indian | corn, and oats from tta miserably poor soil; but j evidently without avail. But for its factories j strewed plentifully along tU* valley of the \V?'. ; held river?that being the stream's name--won id afford but a very meagre support for a very sparse population, rather than for the multitude who now find bread from its waters, turned to so good account In manufacturing a multitude of uottona and staple goods Kre reaching Weatfield (nine miles from Springfield) the acenery improves. The valley widens out aud becomes of a betler quality agriculturally; while it continues to have petite mountains for back ground*, north and south, and the river, wbich the railroad oroases ever and anon, haa swollen into s considerable one. W. D. W h. - Improper Us* or Czxscs Riturhs.?'The papers of a Western city having published some t details of a personal nature, obtained from the I Cenaua returns. the Superintendent of the Census a j; - a ? " ? ' * " ?- - - i u.i? uuc< iru iur i 'nar?i?ai or iu* (llttriit to link*' explanation of tb? manner whereby thia lafurni.tttoB waa obtained for publication Much a iiw of tt* returns it ?tri< tly interdicted, and a j>ro|?er observance uf the regulation* of the Department with r?*pe. t to any u*e of record* prr onal In character. In which ao many per?oni are :nterwt?d peremptorily enjoined Akmt I*t?ll!(?snck?Capt JobnC M Ferran. aaaUUnt quartermaster 1*. 5. Army, baa ?>e?n aaalgned to duty at Fort Cnlon, New Mexico. J V Mrlutoah. Medi- al Department 1". ^ manjr, u?? u'to asBignrQ u? amy ?> r on vra g Capt Frederick Steele. *Jti Infantry- at preaent on duty at Jefferson Barracks, haa b*rn directed to proceed forthwith to join hia company at Fcrt Kearney. Awitwi or thk Mexican ? Senor Mate, the Mexican Miniater to thia (internment, haa l??ft tbia city, and will aail to-day for Mexico, to arrange aorne buaine** affair* He will prob. blv return again in a few week* The Legation will remain in charge of Senor Roinuro, the Secretary Senor DegolUdo, who haa been at'arhed to the Legation for aonietime aa Secretary, ia alao about leaving for home A* Indian Mission'The Hon. Mr. Greenwood. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, accorupanied by C. H Rbett and Macon Thompson, Ksq., son of the Hon. Jacob Thompson. Secretary of the Interior, will leave this city on Wednesday next for Pike's Peak to settle some existing difficulties with the Indians. Marixis for the Susquehanna.?Captain Simms left the Marine Barracks, in this city, on Saturday, with a detachment of fifty marines for the steamer Susquehanna. The officers of the vessel have l><;en ordered to report cn the 15th. Position of Commandant at Wkst Point. Capt Samuel Jones, of the 1st Artillery, is much spoken of her* in connection with the appointment shortly to be made to fill the vacancy iu the position of Commandant at West Point. ? Removal and Anointment of a Tennessee Marshal ?John I. Green hna heen innni*t?l Marshal of the Western District of Tmnisw, nee Hampden McClanaban, removed Thi Wiatiiei -The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Acgcst 13 18?0 New York. N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, I'a raining, K?. Washington. D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va cloudy. 7fi\ Petersburg, Va cloudy, 5*P. Norfolk. Va raining. 76'. wind S* Raleigh, N. C cloudy, <1 Wilmington, N .C cloudy, warm Columbia, 8. C cloudy, warm. Charleston, C cloudy. 81 , wind 8W Augusta, Ga clear, HtP. Savannah, Ga clear. *tl?, winds Mnron. Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga raining Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7am, (corrected for temperature,) *29 761; at noon.'29 736. Thermometer at 7 a ro . 75 ^?; at noon. 6M.ixlmum during'24 hours ending 9 a n . to day, Si'; minimum 64?. Pintnal Rev. C. Parish and lady, of Miss , are at the National. Ex-Mayor Gerard Stith and family, of New Orleans, La . are at Brown's % Gov. IIIcks. of Md . started on a tour west, rn Thursday, for the benefit of his health Hon Amos Kendall, of this city, is at the Astor House. New York, and l)r Magruder and William Stickney and wife are at the Everett House His Excellency Lord Lyons, with his private secrttary, Frederick Ware. l?ft the Brevoort House on Saturday for Saratoga Srr' net. en route for Quebec to meet the Prince of Wales. The Memphis announce the death of Mrs Augusta Walker, consort of J Knox Walker, Esq . former private Secretary of President Polk The charms of person and manners, and goodn?s* of heart, won for this excellent lady the warm esteem of a large clr le of friends n Washington, by all of whom her early death will be sincerely mourned. Acciiiknt to a Clkkuyman.?Rev Wm. G. Eagle *ton. ? f ttie Baltimore Conference, while I returning from a hush meet'ng on Siturdav last. ne;-.r the Shan nond.ile Morings. JeffVrson county. Va . was thrown from his horse by the animal taking fright, and tiad his *rm brok-u above Hie elbow rhe Virvinia P"-? ? m?' - ..n - ? . , v. I ,von oa y ? u*~ jr il'l' I T f U a severe one, and will disable hlin for aouie tune AM) SEE OI K CKI.KBRATKD J W NAVY FI.ANNKI. C(lA'l>?t >4 VI at ai; 1^-Vw SMITH'?*. \o. 460 Seventh street "V 3""~ NOTICE.?The owner* of the yacht* of I < Washington, Georgetown and A exandr a, wno wnti to participate in the race to eoine <>fl at mich a time a* they may desig'ia*e, are r? *pectlu ly re^uestou to meet at tu?* Commercial House. c>>' ner of Seventh street ami La. avnue, .MONDAY. 13th inst.. at a o'clock p. in. au 10-Jt* |,VVl.l. 8TYI.E XECK TIES FOR GAROTK I an I Byron Collar*, just received and for sale at our uiunl low price* id)AH WALKER A CO , au l$-3t 3fis l'enn avenue. DR SCHKNCK rtiri GREAT LVHO DOCTOR. Will make another v.sit to Washington on WhDXEsDAY, the I5t:i n *t By inquiring at the Drug stoie of s B. WAITE. co ner ol 7 h tm! Louisiana ave . tliefy will he directed where 111* rooms are t'er*ous laboring under a Cough or i?n aie id the Lungs, or ui vei, will do w.'ll to ca.. on tlie Doctor, as lie has proved hiinseii to l>e u.e on.y person to cure cn.jump'iun alter it l* fir ml* svniixi. H give* advice free of char<e, but c' Argus tareo do! kix lor n thorough examination w ith ni* re?piroin-'fr an iS-2t I," PROPOSALS I OR M A T K RI \ FOR THK. APPROACHES wK THk "Ill'TH WIMiOF i HUTREASl KV EXTENSION. Trkakiky DKI'artmknt. ( Bureau of Cuml.uouon, AuKUKt in, 1E?50.\ Pgopo?*L? will oe rc?"ived at this D-pa':in-n? until Vice* m., on the 1st Cay of September, loti", (or tne d??! i very of the follow int artio e?. viz : Prepared ston-a l'>r He gian pavfm-fi* suffi lent to lay d >wn ftjOO superfic a> f e: ?>| pavmeut, ?*? 'lu^al fin t of curb stones for Md.?v* kg. Ac . in 1 g'hnotles lhan *eve <:) 'et ani 9 inche* thick o? i/incn? n'ep; tne top t<i<e hni?<merrd *'r>?tght and irue (t inches returned (Jovrn 3 in' h on one i'iIp. & lochia on ttie other, avid nave then * ads fri ?er.? vint^d A n 6 quarter circle corner piece* ina*irgie fi* eo of a radius of 2 feet outmdr,and of th? same hiokneei> v..d depth, and tame returns <t"wn the ti;le? as th? stia:*>>t oner: and also another qua W ciio> in piec > of not ina than 6 le*t in lei |'h?o( * raiiinv ?? * *1 ? .(M? v>i m ic?7- u'liBfif, <m me Mi'ii0 aepm ino return down th>i aides as ?bov?\ and 6 inches thick on top. 133 piccM ?"f blue North River Flagging 4 feel by 6 fret S inohes 1 n pi?oe? of b ue North Kiver Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 3 inches 42 pieo?? of b ue Ni rth River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 55 piece* of blue Norlh River Flagging 4 feet by 3 loet 5 inches an I lees Bidder* n URt state the p ioes for roach flap, of amootn flaic, or dreissrd flag, of each oi the above oxen of the best qua.ity, p?r supe fioia! fo t. Whatever kind is ??,coiid must he prepare! in a perfect y proper manner to be laid down. A 1 the artu'es t > be delivered ' the Treasury Kxt?n> ion, whe othey will be us?*d as >nay be directed b* the proper authority. Tne piopora'c must be sent under cover to t^e Secretary oi the Trea-ury, endorsed " Pmrafl' f^r M 'tmal for the Tr?i'?rji S/tmiiss," and wllbe |en*d at 1 o c.ock p. m , oi tne as< nay - a d i< r re living the ?a>i e, in tne presence of the bidders, if any choose to attand. 9. M. OI.ARK, Actink I n<meer in charge au 13 2awtSept 1 _ Trtasur? Departs ei:t npHE JAPANESE HAT, OPRRA HAT, 1 Flora Driving Hat, and all kinds of Hats at No. 4?v vt-nUi "tr^et an II 2* JUST RECKiVED A LARGK I.OT OF PALL *t ie SIUR I Cl)LlMKS.SnCK!*aii(i a I kinds of OKN TS- FlRNlSHINli GOO i S and CI.? ITH 1 >i' at SMITH'S, No. 4tit) Seventh street, oppo site Post Office. au ll-iw U, IL 1.1 AM li ENTWI9LE. " APOTHECARY, i t'oTwrlvwitU J. L Kidwtil, E'h , of <Jto grt ics.l . Respectfu 1? inform. -? - vo.ADlU U| yAi Washington that tie hat t-k?n thrfwf \T Xl)ru( -tatidat th* corner of 12th street \W ( ilQitnd l'a, live., where he will he found ?S at all hour*, an t will keep & fresh and w*ll select *1 at ck of DRUGS. FANCY ARTICLES. &n<i all goods usually found in a wrll furnished Drug St >r?* lie promising those who may favor hi in with their patronage hia undivided attention to their want* \ H Kxclusivs personal attention given to the comp.iun 1111 k of Physicians' k'resc tptiuna at all l.oura, day or night au ll-2w* \7ILLAGK GKKKN SF.MIN ARY IH LOCAled in a lx?viti u! and healthful vil'age 12 miles altove Wilmington, Del., ami ne?r the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended by the Philadelphia Annual Conle-ence of the Methodi't Fpisaopal Church. Th* course of study is extensive and thorough?in the Mathematical, Classical and Kngli<<h Depa. tinent*. Student* a'e prepared for business or colle re. In the pr- paratory course for college special leferen^e is made to Dickinson college. Th > institution is provided with a lar*e philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Nauir- 1 al Science. A library of three ?iuudred volumes is accessible to pupill The fifth year will <* .nmeno* MONDAY, September 3d. 1MB 1. 11.11 i,~. 1- ? : ? ? sc., nil srsuiou OI 14 week*, 9 -ii. Great attention is pa c' to the nio'al dep?rtn<ent of tu'teuu. *lonth ? report? ?ent to j>*rent?. For oncuiars or iaforn.ation ad<lre#? the Principal, R?-v J. HKRVKY BARTON. A. M, Viil^e Gre-<n Seminary, Delaware countj. Fa. v Levi Sc?tt, 1) 1) Bishop <.f M. K. C . Wilmington, Del ; Mr. T. A. l.utz, Washington, 1). C ; Mr. O. W. Ang-sll, do.; Meurs. Dick'on tc, King,Georgetown. au U tSep5 # Tidt.Wntrr r.nT?ti? -? p-i-? I ? k? _ i The Uyilfr Mouopsly Ac. [Reported for the Star ] Pursuant to notice, tbe CoarntiM of tidewi>r rountlft on the Potomac, met at Point Lookout on Friday, the lOtb of August, at l o'clock, p. m , and on motion of Col JaineaT Blacklsion. organised bv appointing Col. Samuel H B'-rrv, of Prince George'?, President, and Joseph Forrest of St Mary'*. Secretarv The object of the meeting being briefly Mated bv the President, after s ^me remark* on the part of Geo Thorns*. Col J T Blsckiston, K L. Spalding. Col Berrv. and other*. 011 motion of George Thomas, Esq , a committee of live was appointed by the Chair to take Into consideration and rejtort some definite plan for the action of the Convention. j TheCon*ention then, on motion of H G ?.K?y, adjourned until o'clock, p fit , in order to give time to the committee to report At 4^ o'clock p m., the Ccnvcntton re assembled The committee, through their chairman, Geo Thomas ?sq , made the following report Whereas. a Convention of the tide-water counties has been called to meet here tc-dav. and wherej.s no delegates are present to represent any of said counties except St .Mart's and Prince George's, and whereas, we feel quite equal to the iirotection of the rights which appertain to our immediate localities, and can safely pledge our own mmrditte constituencies to that end: there fore be it Rtitfrni, That we the people of St Mary's and Pri nr#? # ? ???? ??? ' v?v- ? ? ! . vx.w.^v wuiitic*. ut> urrruy iituiuai'v | pledge ourselves. the one to the other. that ?> will anv attempt to r?ppr>pr!ate exc i iSi ve'. > the lands covered by tide-water by asv party o* parties, whether s-ich att- mpt spring from Initiative fraud or selfish speculations, and that we will use all neccssarv means to d?f-at the acronplishment of such purposes, -peaceably if we mav, forcibly if we mus1 " But since we are willing to attribute the liek of attendance on the j part of the d<-lepates appointed from other counties to peculiar circumstances, temporary in their nature; therefore. E' it fvrth'r resolvtd. That a committee of live I from St Mary's and live from Prince George's be appointed. whose duty it shall be to oniimunlc?te with person* of the several tide-water counties. and who. In conjunction with said persons, shal be empowered to f all meetings In said counties to appoint delegates to a Convention to be held In Baltimore at such time as may by them be deemed 111 and appropriate, to take this matter into further consideration This report, on motion of Col Black!ston, was unanimously adopted On motion of Geo Thomas. F.sq , the corresponding committee was increased to six, and to include the President of the Convention in the nomber The following gentlemen were appointed as the committee ?For St Mary's county?Geo Thomas. Beale K?ibird. Col Jas T Blackiston, Jo. Forrpit. P I1 Smith <'a! r . . . . ?. v>vi ii'uu x i/rii i For Prince George's?Col Samuel H Berry. Col. Geo Forbes, Col Jolin D Bowline, Col. John H. Warring. Gen. Thos F. Bowie. Richard VV ooten After a few remarks from Col. Blackiston, the convention, on motion of Col. K. J. Plowden, adj. unied itM die \ Corrffponrimc of The Stir. PoiMT I.OOKOUT, August 11. The Great F.astern passed this point to day at 10 a ir . on her way to New YorK There was a laree number of pawners on board, and she was going attberateof 15 miles an hour. The schooner yacht General Lane, from Georgetown, with a party of twenty on board, bound on a fishing excursion to the Capes. stopped at our wharf on the 9:h; all well and in good spir ts The cottage owners her* to the numl>er of eighty mot yesterdiyand determined on a nurtil>er of improvements for next seaso i; among the rent, on building a wharf on the Cb?s>peake for the ac( oinmodatimi ?>f the Norfolk steamers. Among the purchaser .>f cottages to-day wm our Washington irier.a. I nomas Herrv. Kw . be has one of the most beautiful sites on the Point \V. \V . D Editor Star : It !s a singular fact that four of the candidate* for I'res'.dent and Vice I'res'.dent are at present members of the I' 8 Senate (Breckinridge. D?ugles. Lane, and ilairlin four (Bell. Houston. Johnson, and Everett are ei-oiembera, and the gentleman originally nominated with Douclu (Htipatrick) ts a Senator I neoln. the republican candidate. 1* an ex mrmlKr of tl?e House, and barely missed being elected Senator Verily the Senate is f ist becoming a nursery, from which is to be selected the rulers of the country. r. Suva ? Tin* *,.*? w ~ . - ? ? '"l - ^' . .. .-* I 1 t'lfn 1 CI'UILSIJ I lit? LlfVflinft He-aid says that it in untrue that Boors li&d, sill -e Lis arrest for counterfeiting. reconfe?sed the m irder of Colvin, and that a rmu bad been made to represent Colvln It adds:?"This morning we visited Jesse Boorn in the county jail He positively den ed th- statement in a city pa[er that he Lad conf*s?ed to l>epi:ty Marsha. Hai kett Lis connec tion with tLe murder of Colvin, and bad told Ha- k-tt that the m m who rime from .New Jersey was a bogus Colvin. selected for tt<ls purpose on account of personal resemHance to the murdered man. His story to u* wis rambling and incoherent, which might be accounted for by L s aire and ('allied slate, bat he strenuously denied t iat Colvin was murdered, and in the main coutlrms the story narrated above." Evkkt Mas Hi* Ows Fikr Exgixk ?Tte Boston Herald s'ivs: At the meeting of the Mavor and Aldermen of Cambridge, on Wednesday | evrning, an order was reported fiom tLeCoinn.itt >e on Fire Department in fivorof purchasing lit*) portable Ore engines at an expanse of $1.200 Ttie obj-ct is to do awav the running of all the engines to a small fire; and if the order is pasvd, these engines will he distribu'e-1 bv the pulic?* l.i dliferent sections of the city It is to b?- tri d as an eiperiinent. the patentee agree!njj to take them bad iftne city it not satistied with them at the end of the year VtBGIJilA MkTHODIRTS AM) THK BALTIMORE CosriRi.ici.?The ottt'-ial board of the M K Church. So ith. at the Fredericksburg, Va , station. met on the 5th Inst , and passed resolutions cordially appruvinit of the actlcn of the membeis of the M K Church, Baltimore Conference, 11 t iat station, in reference to the legislation on the ? i? ject of slavery by the late General Conference, and ?-xt nd niz to them the rii?lit haul of r?it?? ship a? unto brethren in tLe bond* of rommoit MtUibdiim. \?jT If there it a heaven on eartti, it is on a soft couch bv \our tlresiie, with your wife on one aide and a anil l!ng baby on the other; a clear cona^iencf, and a doi?*n clears ?Frrhnng' If a man upon bia couch, with hi* wife on one ?id-ami abibyontue otber. parses his time in *r?i?>k 1144 cigars, be mav perhaj:* fancy himself in a heaven on eartb " but we don't think the wife and baby would he likely to mcul^e in any such delicious fancy?Lovt>rille Journal. [?7*'"Where are you goln^:?" said a young gentleman to an elderly one in a white cravat whom he overtook fe%r miles fr?m Little Rock ' ! am KOinir to heaven, mv ton; I have been on the way therefor eighteen yfars '' "Well, good bve old fellow, if you have been travelling toward heaven eighteen years and get no nearer to it than Arkansas. I'll take another route." JU* Df- F- Newbury Clark, on Saturday last, extracted a tootb from Robinson 4 Co s rel-*brateii performing lion, at Buckbannon, Va Tne operation was witnessed bv some thirty or forty persons, and proved highly satisfactory to bis lion highness as well as the spectators Doctor C hits the tooth preserved, which is quite a lion in itself, from the fact that it t*-s rssisted in masticating three hundred thousand pounds of beef' ?D~ The AUiTUfct Court for I.midnnn enni-.? on Monday next. Allot tbe Justice* elect are summoned to the first day of Court, for the pursue of electing a Presiding Justice, and of classifying themselves for the performance of their antics in Court. This being a petit and grand jury court it will be in sesaion four or five days. (?7- Judge Hassaureck, of Cincinnati, addressed an audience of several hundred Germans iu their own language on the 2d ust , at Freeport, 111. C7"A company has been organized at Richmond, Va, to construct a street passenger railway. %! ) ^11 WILL BUY a Fi*k DRAB BEAVER tjjmt'jyr or cmsimere Dies* Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Car Store, Pa. aye.. I au iv iiu near 43* street. | A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A SM Al.i. CAlM i Ah.? ? he fuhscriher intends to chang'* hit business, therefore wiil ofler the t*lanceof hia STOCK and FIXTURES of a small grocery store, on Sevanth Ktrnet, at private sale. For particulars inquire at 4 A? Seventh street, between (j and H Ml l(?-3t* PA T K N T FR V IT AND V EG ETA B l.E JARS?the b*?st and cheapest article in uw? call an<1 see. Also a nippiy of Coxe'a Gelatine; Burnett's Cocaine; Brown sGinjer; together with a fresh lot of Medicines, Ac. J ust received at MOORE'S West Kbti Drue !*toro. ai. to 2w 11 < Pa. ave. ^JOTICE.?The ro%d recently opened throu<h IN -he hait Squ*-e ofthe Capitol grounds is not in it* p.-**ent conditiou a !iighwa>. but wai simply Internet for the c?>>iV-*iii<'nce of erecting stepa to the porticoes ai.d attending ingress to persons naving nufiners 10 th- building o wishig to inspect 11 TKa u?-* - f ?I- ? -J ? - ? *ji i.;;T3 a* a common highway would interfere very much with th* pro* rem of th? work going on. an* ?h*rr fore it cannot at p ''sent l>? made a thoroughfare by omnibus ana other vehicles A? ?<-on a? t!m work ha* made sufficient troffrnw 'o a<imit of it, the road will be put in p* oper ravelling condition and thrown open for public use. J.NO. B BLAKE. ) ommiseioner of Public Buildings and Ground*, au 9 dlw All kinds of GAMK Bought at the Highest Pn?i, At KLOT'/'rt RESTAURANT, au 4-eolnt* N nth at., t?t. Fa. fcv and D at. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS. Ac. \l pic nic pwrri 'N ko UlKMBER?"FCOLl M HI A LOIMJE.No. 1? 1 O. O. F.. (and of the order gen? a! XTEV*. -? b.iare notifie.1 t^at tbeu AN M M PIC-NIC ha? b?en Po? poned. (irj^ c>n?*quer.reo! th* w*t wather unti MONDAY, t. f m?U,?t COI.l'MBI > N'KIMi. Fred. Pr??peri'a gnnn led l?and ofn.usie liu been nfftced. and ererj ir'?n|*Mnt made to render the intend<?d, o?? t\f ???/ tmjovnrnt. Latham'* Coaobe< will leave the corre- r( >1a? tachuiett* av and Seventh ?t at 1.9 and 10 a and) 9 and 4 p m., pa??inc t^rouih S-rMtli and Varyiaml avtnM;a id a!?o from tf-? ha., a* o'clock to ?onvfy the widow* and children to t;e J*p inc. Ticite'? Kiftj CetiU: admitting a c'nt''roan ""d ladie??to f>e obtained from the ? omm ttee. au ,5 M ViS THK COMMITTEE uu: FOR FORT WASHINGTON. The Choir ofS?venth ?tre*t Pre?byterian Church, wt School, w ! five an F.X'TK ?*IO\ t the Fort .-u FRIDAY. An W IT \ ocai ad instrumental muric. The steamer PffNU h?? f>een er?ae d ??d will leave the fo >? of Suth ktreet at 8'-, o'clock touching at Alcx^nJna. retur?iac earfj i ithecv n n*. Tifket? f.?r gentierren 50c?nt?; l??'i"?T*and children I5cent<, to be had at Wro. Ba!l?ntjne'?. *?*t ??n"i j. V. I>avi?'?. I'v ikvcnu*. and O. Bo#wel! ?, D. I). Davidnon"*. or nt the t?o*t ?u 13-4t fPHF. FLETCHER CHAPEL ?l> DAY I SCHOOL 'ill have a I'lC NIC at Hla Jrnthuric, WEDNES DA Y. Muti?t'5 h. BW *t fw The* haveoba tered car* wI r*h will !*a\e th* depot at 7'> a in. Person* ultould be the-e at 7 R?fre?hinent? furiii?t>?d at moderate p;. ?? aid every effort ii a le to render tt,e ocoaoion <te!ithtf> Ri'iind trip tickets only ZJ cent*; children 15 oenU. U 10 fKNTH ANNUAL PIC NIC EXCURSION 1 or thi Montgomery Guards, To b?fives at ARLINGTON SPRING. On WEDNESDAY, August 15U?. On this occa* *?n the Cocimiitt** of Arranf emtntt ?! - J- - ^ivumv wii ui? S, in incir m power to tiink? thm nn? of tt\e lur-ecaMe Pie N'ich i'f t^ie ne*M>n The* eoiibil-nth i?>ok for lil-rm ftoir t h< r fri?-i,.1? *n ' the pn? ' **t'i?? piwc^'i '?? to he u*e?l .a amist * t'i? rornpa' * ir *??tt i.g ti ?ir new eauip-nont'. sprcuneii* of ?Inch ? l t l*? on the uronn'l. t'- lie n di tiroim of jcinitic the cor p* HT Wli! :. * e VI opp >rtUI.'t > of icupeot.nj til* new uniform K?puta'? fine l>ra?? and strinc hand,** u?ual, will be n ?ttend?i nor Omnr u?f> ? run fr "n J??vent ~ _ *t-?e? hour durp s the Sirv: r <? VV. R c*? w, leave ?t:'' I'o i t 'e- t *t-- et ' iditeevery nour. A *< iii'Hroer Fltinr C "iid will >av? the Aque-iurt. Georgetown. ever* hour. Ticket* tilt) cent*; *>tmitinc I (fiiOniu an<1 lad ,68. Cemtnitlte w? r&'t ?f th' Wt'i'???. M#ior Hn-o-n, Cart. Pavjs, Baito-ii. T*i?. I?n a>t. Op*. Peck " Ti w rd. " 1?M|lii)s?worth. " f^ph'iis Kii'it. Co-nnt't ?? e? ra?" *f y. I.i^a*. I ancmn. 0';. - ui ?*. I'nv&te V inn toil. O'Dounell. " R?i?n. au 1'?-4t P<>R TilK GOOO Ol rH'- CITIZENS' <?RANb DAN AND MOONLIGHT PIC NIC or >h? Perseverance Fire Company, No. 5, Tobeeivenat ARLINGTON SPR'NO. Or Tl KSDO . At CM 14m.1*?0. Tk r T*+ r%r - *<4 - f - *<< - * ? * - 1- ? '* " * . r v ? f - n?T't?'C iff TtfllTf CJ **( Eitmt Hin't. Prof ?siir Schro?v^r*f K;a??. and ft inf Hand hu be n fi>r thf orcan-'n. w ? (' n -!) ? <-,<.?tlit : k *i ' / the N<> t I l.'lvrt.;"?' M A k t tt a. m. a 4 l'-r 0 rontinu* to run fi ??m th* corn?r <>f l'!? t. ? i-i n I eoth utrret ?*very hour. Th? <i<.? . W. R ?o? wi!| it av h'i<urtr*nth treet |ir;'U? ever* li >ur The ?t amar flyii? CluCIi w.ii i>?ve tu*? Aqundnct ?v#fj h<>ui of Arrant'm'ni x. W. W. (ir*nt, A (ilMfuT, Wnt. II. Ka'rur. J. R. R??d, an H t?*. J no. H Thoinptun. A M USh M hN i>. 4 'RAM) V WO on \ND MASQl'KR Ul AUK BALL. AT THE HY'iElA HOTEL, OLD POIXT. FIRST OF THE tEASON. T.ic l'o( :<? > ? : ' H>; 'a r??pootfu,.> an nounce t>mt tliry a.e making arrangement* -j* fur a JH GKASD HAL MASQUE, /M to coin* off on HflA \VK!)\?>I?A V FVFMNG th- ijl. Ir -1. Ever* ar i\.i..e;n<?r.t f >r tu? attention a-,d ic^oinm?Miari<?n of wi h? m%de. I i -k"ti SI 5> p" M'. Kf !rn Ma's^a 1 of Ra'timora, will h# ttif'r-'on tit !4 li if.-?a>.T ? th a fui a" r.t of ha- d?om- embracing all ih? uiff?r*nt va rut> of costumes. FLOOR COMMITTKK. A M Jonei. Hampton. Kra'ik |.e?, Julian Wn ting, John F. S**ar jlr.J J Sinipkir.i, Norfo.k. Wm M'Clean. D. Robert <( 11, Jr.t l ifut. F Murphy, U. 8 N. Captain Vo<d??. F. S. A. Dunn, I.i ut. Ajr*?. Lieut. Oimrchill, " A. H. Kv?n?, Washington. HONOR *RV MANAGERS. Hon. Jotin B. Flo>d. Washington. H< n Jacob Tho-npaon, H n. A. Dii'lle* Mar.n. ** H?n. Jceph t^rar. Old Point, bi Pre>idrnt Tyl??r. Co.on?-l Dnnick. I". S A . Col. De R.-*??*, " Mtior A * Major Will;Am*, " C?pt. D*er, Dr. Cuj>r, >1. >. Falls. Baltimr r , W. D. Harr. y. J. M. T)?on, John Jot"*. "* Win. T. Walfr*. " Co!. J !. Carnngt >a. Pe>r?=^ir?, J. A Join |in. Ur T* lalerro. Glouc??t*r, Char! ? K Mallory. Hampton. H. O. \Vkiiliii?, B?k?r l'. Lee. J Mir e B. Hope, '* Samuel Chi*m?n. Jem"" Jone?. R ?.<1 Bo >k*r. " A. C, \ewtor, Norfol , Job. Waller#, W. E Foster, Win. Lamb. Lr. R V o#?, A A C * *. I" R<>bi t Br i u?, Wi ainburg. A R u*h "??i Col I'rovest, WaMi.og:on._ H FRKKroHfKRTS: I l^u vcnc I uLirnt ?? ** -* * I ?-? i i,wr.r r i^r.n, new nn* armwe, #ff.rrtn lit ind if jtretts, Wouul ree?ectfa;l> l5l? titat* t-> thf publio 'fiat A COVVRT o'4/Bl SEL.ECT MlHie will iitrn ?>ver? MON DAY uid rHURSDAY FVKMNGS dur o^the ?"*'n! lit his t'Aviiion, e<ic?er.eicc at 3 o'oioek And ending *t to p. in Previous to 'he Concert, tne Si *?oa is open to tli >re deetrtng to wM ??< a frw hour* in the inai? dano*. ICE CRK AM WAT?R ICE?, and every description of CONFECTIONERY ^riji read? At eity pncee. Parlie* deainng the GAr?!e?-? V?r Pie Nio par p ?. are requested to ji?e a daj oi two not ee. i>B I LOST AND FOUND. FOUN'D?On theHth of Auc??t,? BAY HORSE. with njht hind foot white. Th? owner r\ oivn h*v? nm hi p vini propert* ?rd ra? 1 ,T* I inti-harff. h* rai unc ?tSlr. WASHING I T? ?N IK VaLL !*.o.-. Uth ?t, mkr tft |V??j Yard Bn.U?. ? ^ IK AY t!L? OR > 1)1.E On ih<- eih n.-t*i t. ^ fi\>ni the pasture of Mr T. .Hi!*' CV _ iiiTni ur oiifi ft nruni hAl M RJ'f. 1 v <*r? o d ; ftUuit 15 hftnd* hijh; lont Uil, bu? In ml foot whit* and foretop cut nil *n<i now growiu out. \V? will |iv? k liMnl rtnr? if leit &' our atfttiles, on C *treot. t>- w m ?S *?<' ?*h. ?u 13 3 fr LEMMING St FOV. STRAYED OR STOLEN -OnSun.lii, A??o?t the 5th, two red and white ?pott*?l BIFFilX) COWS: one oj them hm iKiT piece t'>r>i from her right <?r, and th? "thrrCd^ ft pi*ce from fter left A lihfrsl r?wftti willbe paid for their return to C A?'KMAN.\n. S9* !and av? , between l?t an.1 tA iti.,wMl.arto ir. BLADES, n*ftr the Rockrilie Church. C<in REWARD ? Was ?tolen from the iub?"i?5 II" l<r ? t<*w we^k* ft^ '. ft DuuUe Ca?e n.ii t 'ii, ? c.i\ \ I'L'H, \\ :n. K?'bin?'i.. ranker. Liverpool, No. 6VX3, with ' E !*uili fliS van's Watch v written on the inaide ufthe ca*e. anJ a crack in th- Cry?t*i. rhe ahove r?ward wiii be paid for it* deliver* at the :?tar Office. ?u H 3t* E. J sn.l.lVAN VVcHKl??o-k. Va LIOST?On Wedne?da? ,8tt? in?t., l*t ? wn 4>* and 10th tre-U. a I'OtiT MON N Al E. (in itauoa of pearl, with irteel chain.) oon almnc a email iuh of inon>*) in #o'd and silver. The find*' will be njitably rewarded by leaving it at No. . <S t-eet auioat* C RK W ARD.-l. "?t on Wndntidt; n.ght.b*V'' twiwn L2 a .d 1 o'clock, wim*whire between \Vm. F. Renter'* reataurant. C ?t- near the Bar k of WaahinKton.and m> remdence, on D ?t near between 5th and 6th ?t*.. Capitol Mil, one large r.ted GOLD LINKED FOB CHAIN. The finder will oonfer a favor l>j leaving the earne at the a xiv* rentail rant, and receive the above reward i au lo-St FRaNK M. RLILLY. T' I DONT FORGET. unor ????-Li-j ??L - - i ? uvor, i:m umuwu ?nn vrMnierj or (ny Pi**-*** of th? Bowels, will find reli?f by nunc Dr. J. 81MMS fc t*ON?i CHOLERA MYEl'P. u it general!- cure* *.1 such disease* wit: out nil. I: is perfectly free from opium, and * swers lor the ftged a< well as the i ifant For sile hjr t'HAS HroTT. Pa. ave; CISflEU Georgetown; aad COOK Ji CO.. Alnswlria. au ?- w I inf.'rrn ma I ie:-ilt ft:. 1 & ***? 0^ ?!J? ti ?t t.e ),\* rp?i.i'-^i 'N'^1* V";V. V * ! ktwfii I''I,. ?I.?1 nth. He hft k?ft > '? !.?.. 1 HASH IT- > ( ft. Ml-o 9;Pra&. AUCTION 8AI.KS. B? i.C. MaSCIRF k C<A ftH'twn f 2*OCKRIE!* AN*> HOUJ?KH<"?LD FIBNI rn at A r i t -?? -?)r I H KhPAYMORN INO, Aii|tw?t 16th r >mi i?rcir,| at l?? o'oioca. ? ha at at the M*.-?. mrf ie?i<Jr in? ?>f Th^maa p?r?- co'n?r o: t \*t Cain.' ani si ?tr?#u Car:to' Hi.I, a. his t .a* <>i <trn??rirs and H h1 d ^ C na ii<*. pa t rr w? *'< WMt? **< Mo mwi, rt'aen anfl B.ack Tom. ?; ?oap. C?ad m. Pepper, *f Broom Bucket*. an<H War* Crocker*. jiaaiwa-*. ke, I m mediate it aft-r th? i-a of 'iroeer *a we ?i I Mil the H utet o! li>?- d?. con* atmc Hair ci.lh Par C vra, Cwie ?eat Krc p'.o' Chair*. l.<'U'?e. M ?rli e t. p > in>' Si.Ja Tat .e?, . | a- ,?r I *"?M. Chan t ? an ! MitC T'*? HeJ?t?a?) . VI- r? ?? ?. P i'??. BUr?*?. W%? a % d * -H <? I t w?t h rn-. - p* , * l?, >?. i '* Chi; .li MI,!!' < k > A are, K i'ehfc . t*e >?. A Thrill fg m u . i -.fotrnki ' * that tun a it . ?'?;i i ? .1 .?'!. ? o - aviaia^'oM.'y tdorii'vl r.ot . r- a i ' r- ? au 3dU J C. M l.l iRK* CO.AMtl. FVTURK DA i f H? 4. C. Virt.l I h ?- A OU . Aucti?ue*r( PKRl MPi'itK^ -Al.V OF Mil I.^KRV AM> ^tkam- <ti?>r?. K*tmnii!> . Tim *!1"< l.ti ) I KM M(BT, t?o 4< ??r *ATI K1UY SiUKMNi. Auiurt 4tu, nier.c at *"> ? ? ? ' in' ( r< t da; : ilat bMi t:.?* ?liu i* > <} (,* ?ha ae . a' III-?t?re <.f k ? M." e * I ?! , N.. .H9 Pern. ?vf!:uf, tw*w<*er> "nrj ar t I ?i a >rt? vari t? of ( <k3? in hta Hi*, r .! |rrlilt|Cr*prad> v I: t? w ?M.p- ?. Trinitr*] a.J ui! m ?w H ' Ha'? aiwt F ?tt. C*> *:-%w ? ? ! to Colored, U % ? f :* J ? ? Kata. a.. - I . ,it.o. At do Ban*'? ar*< D? d<> C?i **? tu4 !*oU,ii f?rt?' Giit>h, Cc r>f? H'i >. ' ' f* R Glut* and 9?ik, !*ilk But ."in. F kn AJrop iai . Krio?*a. Roa V*>i:oiii. I'n? ?h Trir ai, r ? n, Iwtprn*. V*.r.rm > *. H % . * : h? a nrtj ?f Lo?*?. Hn?f Sti<t> F<*r,eli ArtiS a K i'?w, ? L*di??' and <t?nt^ihkh'i *i'k and hi i'iaia In brdla*. i*?win* !*i ko fp . t n'l ? Hair P;n? >f a k ' <1 * I) >Hair, I i tii at/'1 \au H > > m,?' "ii?. ? in I'mltin ra''l('?oo?, d?: " v?r r .. !!.!> . I ?. '*? < Lat'iu'*, Harriaoo'a ac<l Jn.aa Hau.r'i Ka traMa. French ai.d Cormar <'. r>cn?a, | Hair Oi.. Pomade A . Ao. A), oi wnteh viU l#?od without r?Mrr? T*rm?: and undf, c%?h; o??f that turn a credit >>f ?> *- : ? >U?? f r arpr cn(?i ' mi i d j y nr.i irk ? ro ?r?f Hj J C. Mo<il IKK * CO . AucUi'ue^rn HOt SKHOI.II Kill lit \ FI UNIT* Hf at Tdios -"n A KUMR8DAV MORNIN ? r It. A ... - b' I ti .--. ni II 1 '>cl w-*'i . M tit- re. nfr.i <*nnndf r ci' r ''U-rk '('f r, ?' N . T 1 ' tli ' * *"*-n H \c1 < ?tro?-i l?and.a : la H"omd. <1 t (fc .? * -tin !>*.' Mahof&m Hair rfo'h t * 1>? Ki>ck. i.Ctnt f ai R?o^p* Chii'i Do C*n'r* ai d Hid* I at>>?, \V t atrot. Q\ ,? f ? M s r r.. r. \\ *? ,.?t? u<i- T i mi *?? A ' l * e >? 1 , ' t? rr*i>< h ar d Cuit??e RWmmik. ??tLer ? Mf an<1 S*r uck Mftttrraaea, ar. Kite;. r. i *> *?, C .:*.?? KM. i '^cilTJ I'll 2 c . <?? C k .Jt w acd K t tien K^u.? :m. to I'eri.i .S-v 1 ' ea-[i. .'V?r t at nam a o cii * 1 f3' ?r"i ft" '*?? 1 r r< te? f er d. '"ir.r.v : *t .ui . I ( M-MHK k CO , A?t A Rr-H A l.'i* bAl.t.?In virtue of ft writ O* I tieri helM. i???ed f*i>m the O erfc . <ftee ef the Circuit C'>n,t of tn? Dutrict of C. for th'-oonnty . V\ s t' at - rt^d I w ?if -r ' . p, .' .-ah. ?* tie \1ftf? HotH', UAcrtei -vr. U. I ' r- I"R 1 I' A \ . t*n !7t?i CAt ; f AiilU'ti ' .oommen^ini ?t lOn'c uok k. II., th? fo: owing k ?1* and ciiatt* a. to w.l, vit o?? Sorre. Y u and ( tie D" Vare M u e. ?*i??d ar.d levied i p i * < a:.d . r atte.t <( Riott?r? I Jaok?<>n kid *l!i d U>?at.?f? juJ olala No.94. toOet' ber t?rui u. f?v,< < ' J i. r M> x>'? W Mf.LDKN. | ? 7 -dt? f. >. Va'?naJ. ! <? * U U A I -J * ' Mm.-nni, ? "ALT -1 r. virtu* of ft writ of h?'l f?o<m iMued from ?he Cl?r? OflM of the Circeit Court of the District of tVi c mbift for th?Coonty ol WtL?uuicton, w.<l tniB?dir?et?J.I * i 1 expo??? ti puhuo ?t ?. for om?h. in f?ont of tr?? Tourt H 'uv? d* or of rtid oon'ti on WKO^iKS I)AV. the 2S:h <l*v of Aurut next, l?*i. at U o'olfjok in. A :0f-r.dftt>t'? r'c . t'.tie. r *im and intereet in And to Lot No 6. in ?-M uare lu'_3 in tbeCitr of VVaatunc'oD, D. C , together ?tu. Mdncjj ?r tne lmproveir e- t? ?n*re"ti aeised ud t'rud up< r. ??. tt>e prr p '-tT of J hr I" D?e', %r d w , , be ?.>!d to i.i mc \ ? Si m ? Oct- * r t?rm 1WIP, .a favor of Mtrfa ret M D>er wileofj i> C"r*e. \V ?iKLDFN 1.8. Maraha. for the District ??f Co.imbia. au T-dta \J ALl ABLE FARM F?.K *ALt, -Tf agbI ciNsri wiil ? ffer lor ?a e. on the aremiaee. OB THl'RrtDa V. the Mh ot Aur uat. l*8n. that Tract of c* -<i a? known by tn>* i*mf of "Pit. > aw** Foraet." f" y uwi.rt iy the .ate Dr J ward KT?nt?id,uid reoent ? by the '.ate Matnaa Kverihed. It wii'aiM 611 acre*, m.-re or leaa. and f r priKlucliver eea i? to an* anda in that lerti re*!or. It iea on the Piaoatawav Br%'i?sn, and la well wooled arid watered, ha-.'* an atunCanoe 11 oe m^aHow aul. It ad.'otoa the amia f Meaara. H H, , S!Jn: t am H w,! lord. Th -maa . ftoKicaoB at,d W m. H.Gu?r.c fofThoa > l Thi? iand la oapatve of producing in *r?at abac [ canoe tol<acoo. corn. wn?*? and a. the oruaa aaua y J (ri'VD ia Prince (teorge'a cunt*. and offer* a r?-? ospo'tni.itr to U.oae who w.all to invaat .n K Estate The buiidinc* are ordinary. :>ut the an r. dance oi [ fine bunding tim r?er. o vy hvf a mi.e from a ?oo 1 taw and ?ri?t nr.i !, re dera ?omparatirely c ~ap It it II n i>? from the Alexandria Ferry and 12 mi ?a from Waa it acton. I The terma <>f t>a.e will he Mierm.1 p#i<1 iri cms nt the i!*t of e, the rmiiif mil | %ni S ?e*r?, id mu% Hilt* mer tf. to be cured r>y the Mind* of the pure ?wr or jureh%?er?. Willi pror?d eecu it T. ' %'l * ir ??r?- I ' ? * ?^nt of th* vh > pureha** money and irt^?t % rood arx! uffieient deed of the ?ro??rtf *1.1 M |ir?a. ^ * CH*R'.K8 E. EVERSFIELD ? , -Matthew eTduvaV" .jy * ^nr B#rj H. Kverififid. \|ARSHAI *8 SALE - I r virtue . t 2 writ? often facia* itiurd from the Clerk'i -?ifioeoftfce Cir- I oait ?'??rt of the District of Columbia, for the county of V\ uh.i *ton. aad to me directed. I wi.l <*Xjo?e to poMic ?? , for ca?h. in front of the court hou?edeor nf?a:<J coonty. on MONDAY, the Ml day of A at u?t n?* t, 1 w? , e.t i J o'clock m , all defend wit rKtit.UTi?.cia n and intercut it audtv Lot No. is In Hit > r? V aoO . ? _ / ??? > .. . ,, ... ^ M, U1P o 'f oi ? MOlDfOB. H. O.|toc?th?r with a %n" ?, .f n Ar the im('o??w?nU , thereon, <w?1 tavi'4 ap-<n ft* the proMrtf of OKm. H Van Ptttin %iid w .<+ ?<i d to J?tlici* Not 7fc ?' <! 73, to Oct. I*' term H5P. ic n?M ot John W.Thoir.B?on ai;J Z. P Gi nil w 8KL0EN. jy 15-<5t? I'. 9. Mtraht for Diatriot of Coiunbift. rr7*THK AIMWF 8ALF 18 POHTfONLD until WEDNESDAY, th* 2>th mat. Mine hoar I aid p ao9. M i W.SELPEX.r.*. Mtr'toi. r^rvr* . * - ? ?? - ? - ? ? ruK >Al,t AM) KENT. [ Fc oikn "?? S?4 <i?4 K'?i timmiwwM, Tat* ] FOR RKNT.-A tw *tor* BRICK DWRLL |\<? *;n *<Pn'fat ?m1 atti~. w??t utrect.V I3:? n "t: <! rr.e P*t*n? Offic* Kc 1 n^?i tloor ?ou b. >r at No *<I3^6ik rtrwt. *<i ij^w* I hM OK RENT?That *>*?;.tifu COTTAGE Rh> IDENCK on Tvf.lth utrwt. hrtr??i G id H. <rt>t tidfcon komiTor ? room*, with waVw ud .(?rm?rlt oerariM t>! H H V oe?. K?*. Ir point of location anil convei ier?ce 'hi* Itoeee uuwr ftuttl. Inquire of R \V BATKS. ?ood ?od mI dMi*r, ?nr??r of C Md Fourt??nU iU. Mt tf MR*. BATE!*, dentine to r?t?m to her n?ur| h ' >?. tii tran?fei bar wall ettab.iahad I BoA^vliuf H??if. oont* mot ;& rooms, aad soarai 1 motiatm* at th * prevent im irn .li of V boa-d | ers.intoth? hands o: 'tnr w shine to to I I into ti>e busi fM, on tti? iro?t T i* ftoase ion* % wo known to the c I i<m of Wuliintbu.. .? p.-a?ai. ,y oi'uatec at the couth woii f "tnf ?t. *'>d K?. tranii*, its the 1 m >at thrtnn< pa t if !h * M k i? eocmim to J cftu ch ?oh ?. ta? pa: ic oui aiucs. A?. For I further partiou i(i inur e?il ted at No. i 313 Pa. ar?i u?. au t-tf j BH)| SALE OR RF.NT-A ??atlf situatad J i COTTAitK ? el >1 -ontainiric rnoiaa. ^ Th?re i? a square of ground attached under cult: ^-a tion; a la>ceat?t> o on one ? ad f the *4 uare Tba p ace wui be sod upon ver; reaaonab.e term*, or rented to a prompt tenant. Fommiipk tiven on the l?t of Aufii*t For particulars nqutre of BAR BOt R 4 BEMMKt* Grecta. jy >7 ?o? 1 I^OR RKNT-A HOOK on F. erenth. brt*?? O an<1 P it-ffU.O":.!* nun room* newi* fcr- k lahed. Kent fl?0 per annum Appl* t?C. F FR1CH AR DSON . Bacon Dealer,Center Bud Nortk ern Liberty Market*. auT WW F'OR RENT-The arte STORK ROOM CELLAR on the corner of i aed t?erei?th , ? | Saw Yard. Thi? room is suitable for any busiBee*. | Can be rented with or without the dwe.Iia* rOB aeinoni ?iven l?t of Septwnbw. Apply to JOS. w F.l'K.TJ I, 4?? I ?. eoet. * w . I T'OE Rr.M \ new and kaadjome FR A ME j r HOOK will be for rent in a " be^UiuUt mituattrf^Tfc?rte^^ ?treet between j Gnariia ave:.ue and Krt.1 > ard : B ca*rien lot attached, a pmnip of |.-od water and conain* 4 'oomi, kit*hei. and w< odthed. W ill t* rented low, with or without tire lot. to a jf"od tfii&nt Fnr k&!?> r>h?&n A rtwvl .rmn. U'Alr k.' HOR8E: works wel, iii mthm* lu?uira of T. K. CLARK. Navy \ *rd ; o< of JOHN PATCH, ?t? H ?t . 4th MKl Mb jf U LH)R BENT?Two beautiful c?w BRICK I I HOrShP.on Eighth at <?t wMt. ktvin M and N ?tr?rti no'tti w??t hid*. Aboit to MAR V K Iti H Vk!* "ilg* k N 'nttl tr!*t 1>T. KF.iSBh^ , No. I3H P* i'.-?nut, b*tw*?u ?u and 1mb kmm m . J J '??wIJAL.TIMOKK LIPK IHMIUIICI CO.-l> "asaxr ???"-<". r~. **" "tv* ' IIPIPESp^^ |

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