Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. r " ten _ ti! * St a* * prlrttrd on tbr fantot _ pt?T'.m pr?*M in iiw firth of Baltimore, lt? edition J ) m l*fge a? to NfriM it t<? hr pat to pre?* at an Mrlv hour. Advert omenta therefore, ?honld be *it '.n before 12 o'clock m . otherwise they may not appear until the next day >OTiti to 'Tboae of our fel -*-< leav ng for the watering places * d eiiewhere ahould l>ear In mind that we do not mai Thf Star except ,if:er payment In advance a*, the rate of T,% cents per month. Notice ? District of Columbia Advertisement* to he Inserted n the I!*i.t:*ors Scn are received *t and forwarded from Thk Stak Otlire. ft-R?( .ioc> ?Yesterday, notwithstanding to irnny of our citixens are absent from tbe citv, and tbe number of stranger* in Washington it much less ttan at otter season* of tbe year, tbe congregations at tbe various churches were very isr^e in ti.e forenoon. In th?- afternoon and at night the clouds wore a threatening appearance, and deterred niauy from attending the services. Fimmlry Ckap'l ?At II a m the congregation ?p. auuir^'? in it. nuwara> irom *tiaildpw, IV4 tl:?" Therefore 1* vr also ready; for in such mi bour as ye tbtnk not, tbe Son of Man cometb lie remarked that the word re-idv" bas a signification and importance which every one at all experienced In tbe affairs of life can easily api w late Tbe traveler, as be proceeds with Lurried step to take tbe ears for some distant I " r, t irK.,? ?? J" -* *'? f - >?.?.*? ioi^vi ?nf?X C ?'l T t IIK Ttiuy <11 iur moment. The merchant feelt the importance of i being ready continually; fur .ipon thii depends tin nirrrH In bus'.neaa The soldier feels the Importance of Wing prompt at bts post, when upon bis promptitude depends the freedom or bondage of his country The text had a solemn meaning when uttered by Christ to his disci plea. In the prophecy which precedes the text, a catastrophe which has never bad a parallel is depicted; the Jewi were to be destroyed, and in order that his diacipies might escape he pointed out to them . the phenomena In due time the fall of Jerusalem k fulfilled the prophecy, and has from that time Blood, and will forever stand, as a witness to tte world of what must be the fate of all nations that obey not God The decisions of the Inst iuds* | ment will be determined by the character of our prrsent live# The* considerations bring us to a question, the prop?r answer of which covers thf whole matter, viz What is it to be ready to die* i a' i-"ciiuj; 11. - i^umiDD rem? ugni inav Dt* thrown upon it by toe answer to another whirh lies behind it, viz: What is it to die? In it merely ceasing to lie ? onlv a stopping of the 1 (e b'.ood whl<-h now coursts through my veins* will my only resurrection be that gr?ss which prows upon my grave. or the roses that bloom there* If this be so, in what rcopectis man better than the other animals which are under his control ' If this Ik? death, then disturb not my little fle? tine jf,> in tl?ts lif* by ? hisperinjj the mournful sound. Hut. granting that aeath is something n.or- than this, that after death th? spirit leaves the tenement of clay and wings its way into another world, then the question arises what relation does the state after death bear to the present I ' Dr K here proceeded to show that there will be a great difference between the state of a good man's soui after death and th it of one who his ditd in his sins, and remarked that the denial of a truth so plainly taught is open inlldelity; for the whole system of Christianity is built upon this truth. Death is one of the great epochs In man s existence, and it is not the end of tiis existence. Immortality is our destiny. This brings i s to the answer < f our nrincinal mixtion vi? W bat is it to he ready to ilie' if character makes ? d, fference i n our future state of existence, then it !s the character wuich Christ has required of lis and provided for us, which is to constitute our preparation for death We need not tell you * hat constitutes a Christian character; read the Bible, and there lefirn from God himself. St. Mtttk'w's Churrk.? High mass at eleven | o'clock by Rev Mr McNally. Mozart's Mass. No I. was idmirably well sun^ by th? cliolr. \ In White preached /rt>a? the Epistle of the day. ^ b d spoke in t?* ins of hi^h pn se of the doings of ygt I bs Catholl Friends > ? etv :id of St ^ V - t d- P:i : "f the Sister- of Charity who Lad forever withdrawn from tl.? world and society. and devoted their energies. th-ir tal-nts. and their li vrt to the srrrke of Uod in do;nt; acl?> of rharity, bv protecting and teachiut; the orphans and tb* poor I'r White aanoiiK^d to Liicodjjre>;ation that he had established a school, under the direi tlon of the sister*, at the corner of Kl^hteenth ?treet and .New York Avenue, and an infant anvlutn. where the youngest children would be re? eived muter the rareof the i:ood sisters who V? u j f I!?i(iri;ir:rw,< is aim lUeir c.?l:ttOrt> a'nl the I..tier In-s'itntioii uo .Id be opened neat wt-k.and invited all to contribute to Us s'lpjort This institution will be located on the cori r <if Ttilrtern-sMl j-iialf and K street M-rkcJi.ot Pro!- *Iimhi (hur-k, .\imtk st ?Tte service* were conducted bv the pastor. Rev P L. Wilson. wlio pr?- hed iii the mi ruing from First John. 3. 10 In this the < lildreu of God are manifest, and the children of *.tedevll; whosoever Id iv 111 not ri&:hteo.i?n*ss ;s not of ?ii>d. neither he lovfth not !i:s brother At m^ht from Romans. *>. Ki Tic that spared not his own ?*<>n. but ^ave L:m up for us all, bow sh;ill ^.e not with tdni also fret ly give us all things >/ K Cktiti n Sov:k?in tLe morning. In the : ?sence of lt;?hop Karly. who was ex[w-cted to ? "ndnct the ier*:> es of the d v Kcv Jos A Pro-tor, pastor, preached an able discourse from Dan.el. 3 lti, IT. 1- In the afternoon, the funeral rusrqu^ra 01 i:if iaic ?ir? i.inior Alelvln were performed in an apj roprl .t* manner, with a sr-rnion bv the pastor 1 he j astor preached at night from Psalms, 51 9, 10. "f P (kurrk. YityVir</?Kev \V T Durrm, Ihc putor. preached In the morning from Galtat an*. 5.1?'-Stand fast. therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free " At night, frou. K jiuesiativ I 3 ? be 'he God and I'-.ther of our I.ord Jem* Christ. wtio has blessed u* witli al st .ritual bie**ings In heavenly place* In Chr st." i . ?r "i A u . -Serves by Kev \Y 1J Kdwards. 1) 1) , of Foundry Ch-'ipel. whopreached frr'n the text of 1st Timothy. 1.15?"It is a faithful J1, saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ c ?iue :nto the world to save sinners, of whom I mi cL:ef "* After the srni.on. the committee of the Young Men's Christian As>"cut;oiid;?tribut?-d religious papers, as usual, to all in the house. T* *" . _ ? /' ' 1 n % ? s?n i . , r, ' tf i '4'ij"w- ?i\cv i^ir .nc^a'iify, pasior. preached in tbe morning from Matthew. 7 1? "Judy* not. that \e be not judged " At night, front Proverb*. 27 I?'-For thou knowest not \* tat day may brink' forth.*' Tb* sermons were fore hie rrartlral, and entertruninz Tbe di?< o i'?e? of thi? minUter must be beard to be appreciated >r fa*.' J LutK'rnn Ckurrk.?The Rev Mr. B tier preacbed in the morning from tbe words contained in the i'tHb verse of tte 1 itt chapter of Matthew?- Learn of me ' The rite of conflrmatton waa conferred after the serir.on. and tbe sacra, ment of the Lord's Supper administered. At night, the text wa? frooi Acta, CO 3U St Al?9*iv ? He* Katber Wi^gett. late of Hoston. Mau , assistant pastor, oth> iated in p^ace of Katber D L>n--h. wbo has t>~eii transferred to the Sixteenth street Church, .New York. I <.<<? '?V? i ''???6jrf'ria* Chi" n?Kev Mr ' vans prea? bed :ji tar morning lrom the text of 1st Timothy, 1 11, 12; and at night from Ephe,!ans. 6 18 T mo do .i s Mcsicn or Art.?This novel and really-artistic exhibition.which naa been ainusiug on pW-asure-^oers during several weeks past, has, we understand, gone to Lancaster. Fa . wbere it will be opened on the 'Jotb Inst. In leaving, it baa taken alon^ with It a set of gentleuirn (tbe proprietors and managers; who nave, during their tav in \Vaahinvt?>n won tk? mImiti ?nif hip of many. They are ?ot only flue artists, but | .ally are exceileut men. and deserve success I where.ef they may go, and we wish them much aucceaa in Lancaster, ? eisewhere The i.ancas teriana will flnd In Brof Bird, the musical artist of the company, a superb violinist, a gentleman > f Intelligence, a man of refinement, and a genial t companion Qcitb ax Improvement ?Workmen are em ployed In making gutters around the principal wa:ks and drives of the Smithsonian Grounda. and paving them with brick It 1* certainly ouite an Improvement, the advantage of which will t?e tested Oy the laborers In their future operations. It is also said that Iron settees axe to be placed In the grounds for the comfort of visitors This would be an addition for which thcae who love to pass an afternoon a?av from the heat and dust of the city will be grateful. accidental ukowhisig ?a man named Hour' tian, employed in building the bridge across * the river, a abort distance above Lynchburg. for the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, w;is drowned on Friday afternoon Together with several others, be was crossing the river In a boat, when be accidentally fell lnt<> the itmn, and drowned immediately. He l-a*M a young wife, to whom he has been married only a few montbs L)i* appoi st < k.nt ?Y?s*erday U waa expected that the Right Htv L?r Karly. Biahop of the Method ?t Kpiacopal Church J*< u'b, would pr?ach in the church on Eighth street Quite a lar^e congregation assembied. but unfortunately the Biahop did not arrive His appointment was acceptably flhed. however, by the p<tstor, Rev. Mr Proctor Pic-itic Pompohkd - The pic nic of tb? members of Cuiunilna i.odge. I (> 'I F , has been postponed. ti< consequence u( the inclemei.t weather of to-day, until Monday next, na will lie seen by jdv*rti seateat In nnothtr column The Pomlatio* ,,r Ai.kxa*d*ia, as near. i can be computed from the census, now aliuca. completed, is <ibo?.t 11,UU) I he population of the Ctmnij, apart irviii iue cny, is about 1,309. I -m FrtTHm Hfari5o asr> Com*itms*t. ? l.aat Saturday afternoon C. C. Newman, the nan arretted in Baltimore for the robbery of Mra Helme digger > boarding-house on Seventh street, was brought to this city for trial by offl -er Kerse, nun w7i? laien oeiore jumi; e Uonn Tor a hearing The evidence corroborate* the statement publish'd in the Star at the time in every particular Mr> Mary Hfim'titiggf.sworn.?Testified that she knewtha prisoner, be board'-d two weeks at her house, and when he left it w.ts unexpectedly. She lost t\*entvto twentv-s I dollifi In ur>M fnnr gold rings, three breast-pins, one pair ear-rings, Kold lor k?t. and red beads He left in the ;tfternnon of the day. Mary Kock, sworn.?Was stopping with Mrs Heimerdlgger at the time of tb's robbery. !*he missed one gold hx-ket from ber trunk in the lame room with Mrs H ' property I.tiris Kurtz. sworn ?Boarded at Mrs Heimerdiggr-r's Missed from his room one galvanized watch, gold key. and black ribbon, two gold ri ngt, one gold locket and gold chain, one pocket book, a line knife inlaid with pearl and stiver, one sh .rt. three collars, a pair of cloth pnnU. a silk cravat Have recovered the shirt, two collars, pants, and cravat Charles Kimball testified that the prisoner admitted to hiiu that be threw the iewelrv Into the sink in the Baltimore station-house, when be was taken there Ojfirer K'tSf testified that he admitted that he thrtw the watch and part of the jewelry in the ink. and );>vea part of the Jewelry to another person. Justice Dunn fully committed him for court Newman is a German, apparently fifty vears of age, or a little over, snd is a locksmith by profession In bis possession Keese found a sett of skeleton keys, picks, and other burglarious implements, numbering thirty-live pieces Officer Keese thinks Newman answers the description of a man who is charged with a murder in the Western Suites Newman says he has worked In Dayton, Chicago. Miiwaukie, Lafayette. Wellsviile. and on the Illinois Central Raiiroad. under Mr Hess, "head boss " Has also worked at the I" 9. Hotel. Atlantic City, NaUy A Brown, proprietors His tools would seem to Indicate either an expert burglar or an itinerant locksmith, well provided with implements Fkmale Physicians toe Washington ?From a private letter received from a gentleman in .. vi?ji ^ oujb iuc 1 uiK >v nw-cure Journal, we make the following extract, cominendlnt; to female medical practitioner* the suggestion it < ontains : " It has often surprised me that thi? city, containing a |>opulation of over 60,000 inhabitants, should not Lave ont female physician ! The number of married women and young girl# who are at this verv moment suffering with but one of the many frightful complaints known to the sex, is alarming .Married and single women should have it in their power to s??ek relief from tm*. who. knoiring their ftthngs and habit*, because they too are women, could prescribe for them as no man can Our female* could go to them for sympathy and aid as they would go to a mother I have known death to result from disease, or, I should ?ay, from modesty, because they could not consult a medical man. "If two or more doctresse* would make their home h?*re, they could make fortunes I repeat, make fortune* Let it be known throughout the land that the capital of the nation is without a female doctor Let two or three come, #o that they may be able to consult together In female case*, and also to be independent of th* physicians here, should they oppose them. Washington, Georgetown, a:.d the country around, would be the field of practice Come*, then, f say, make yourselves a n tme. and relieve us from the most degraded of all usage*, medical practice of men among female*. W. H. D."' m RKTlNr, or tub I'nard OF TrCSTF.KS OF thk Ptblic Schools.?The regular weekly meeting of the Boa'd of Trustees of Public School* was held on Friday afternoon at the usual hour A communication vaa received from L>r Samson, President of Columbian College, tendering a scholarship, through Dr Gunton. to that pupil of tbe public schools wnoin the Board should decide to be most deserving of It Tbe Mayor was present, and submitted a few remark* relative to tbe otwervatlons made by him of tbe system pursued In regard to the public. schools In the city of Boston, wbere he had recently been on a brief visit From what he witnessed whilst there, he thought It would be greatly beneficial to this city if a high school could !* established here on a plan similar to thnt pursued there. He therefore suggested that the Board tak?* toe ??l>ject into consideration, and see f the establishment of such an institution were practicable Tue Hoard, acting on the suggestion of the Maynr, appointed Mf??rs M H Miller, Dr Ironsides. liid Dr Miller, a committee to examine into the subject The policy and propriety of engaging Prof 81 n ru?rmanwiit A- " ? ? f.v . x>tvu? i<io?iuum'i ui music in llif public x boo is. at an annual salary of ?.jou, w?s alk iiMrd; when It was decided to lay the s ibje< t befoie tbr Common Council*, for their opinion in regard to It. Thk Washington A(<ckwcit ?Work on tbe various branches of this great national undertaking Is resuming with such expedition as circumstance* and tbe supply of hands will admit of. At the Cabinjohti bridge art sans and laborers have been busy for some time, and of Rot k Creek bridge, connecting Washington and Georgetown. thp sim? 1'? ?''! T* ?-- 41? ? 11 . if 'int lur pi pe lines [ ?>rc to Iks commenced in two places, v.z: just tli's side the distributing reservoir and at a |>otnt within the city Itself The largest sized pif-es will l<e now nutdown In line.arid we understand tli?* whole rf that d*-s< r:ption of work will he ti.iistied before the heavy frosts of the coming winter Though th?* water atthe receiving reservoir on Powder mi 11 branch is now low. and. owing to the drought, decreasing every day, it i* not doubted tt^t In a reasonably short time the supply of water there w!ll begin to increase, and that enough will l>e furnished during the coming winter and spring for all the wan's of the two cities of Washington and Georgetown. The grand supplv from the ?ireat Falls of ti e 1'otom. c cannot be enjoyed till some time in the course of neit year. Ckntrai. Gcakkhocsk Casks?Sunday?Pat Bream.drunk and disorderly, dismissed Bridget i,rr. Milium., 10 nomas -?uiii van . (trunk and disorderly, flue and costs. 92 13 Tlios Burke S'id W Hr:ri:. storming a bouse and resisting the o:!.' ers. h?-id t? bail fori hearing Klizabeth Jones ,colored), drunk and disorderly; do * .' 15 Catharine Campbell (colored), do do . ft 13 Jcsejih ParrisL; rioting at a tire; do ?G 15 William Howard (colored) and Henrietta Howard, drunk and disorderly, do 15 each Jain"*Sum mers. (( i lored) lighting; do $M> 15 yion lay ?Alfr?d Herbert (colored) disorderly; fined *2 15 John Hecket (colored), do ; workbouse CM) day* Heiter Cusbiii <n, drunk and duorderly; fined S'J 15. George Hawkins (colored, *lin? from tJ-t?< - --*? * - - m ?j? .(WM uuikiiuurc , jaii itr toart Fkke Negro Taxes is Alkxa.idbia ?Tbe Gaz*tte say*: Some time since the City Council, to enforce the payment of taxes by the free negroes of thu city, ordered tbat any free ne^ro failing to p\y hl? or ber Corporation taxes, or levies, for an v?year, or years, and not having visible prtp eriy out of which th?-y can )?e made by distret*, shall, by order of the Mayor, be hired out by the Collector of the Corporation, of tbe district 111 which su<-h free negro may reside, for such a time i .is will sum e. at not ltst than ten cents a day, to raise the said taxes and levies. Accordingly, on Thursday last the collector of taxes advertised certain delinquent free negroes to be hired out to the highest bidder on tbe Htb of August The tesult has been a "settling up," in many cases, and it is believed that when the day arrives there will be none to hire. Th? assfal pic-sic of the Perseverance Firs t ympany at Arlington Springs, to-morrow, bids rair to L>t-, like all former entertainment* of that gallant company, a splendid atfair. The proceed* are to be devoted toward* the repair of their engine home. and consequently for the good of the citizen* at large. Of conrae their Loata of friend*, individually and a* a company, will turn rtnf /? rti/icO tn c/iv? - v ?. " >u^ui a uuin^irr r or p**rticulars of the plc-nlc. tee advertisement In another column. The Removal of the old. sheds and shops immediately south of the New Treasury extension, although an old unsightly fence remains, is a posit! ve relief to the eye, ana famishes some ldfra of the beauty of the plan intended for that portion of the public grouuds The southern portico of the Treasury is one of the most striking srt hitertural features in Washington, and never falls to arrest the notice and draw forth the admiration of trangers. A huun Trip ijiaxticipatio.i ?The lsdits of the Methodist Protestant Church are preparing for spending a day merrily at Laurel Grove, Ma. It U intended to make it a novelty among the pleasure trips of the churches, and ft is expected that the ronurei/atioris nf Haltimnr# tK# mA joining circuit*, as well at those of Georgetown nd Alexandria, will be largely represented on the ocrnslon For all particulars of the excursiou, keep a lookout for the advertisement The ciituriakf. and Ohio Gakal, after another imabup i?y tbe bursting of a culvert above SUepberdstown, it again in navigable order, if low water on one or two levels do?s not Interfere. A fleet of c^al boati inay beexpetUd down to tide water about to-mo-row ( Tuesday.; The tolls at Georgetown for July were *18 *275 to which add >b mt one-fourth for other tolls, and a total rf rt-sulU Kditob Star : Can you tell me why the city authority hav?- so lonj; allowed th? mortar, drbrls. An- . to nl>striict the crossing on Seventh ?tre?-l, betw?*en the Avenue and 1) street * Ttala ubstr<i< tlou ;s a ??wuct, not only to the storekeepers in th?* vicinity, but to every t?*a oil THI FBOPLI A Gbamd Tocbnambbt asd Ball comtiutTUiinorrow at MarahalPa Pavilion, 8t Mary's county, Maryland For p?irticuUr? tee ad*rrtnement. ^crn/i* Music a*d Amcskmext* ? Mr Ed itor On the question of Sunday music and Sunday amusements. which is now being with much interest in this latitude, the following remarks of a New York psper are of excellolit li)naa ? it/i Ko?vi hit w "aim mniiiiK . * * * < Could some of onr pimis p?ople, who are opposed to any one enjoyinir themselves on Sunday?the only day n?.nr have? *-.? the hundred* and thousands of b* ppy and cheerful face* that are to be s en on a pb-annt Sunday In the vi - r.lty of New York, tt.ey must either at once change their idea*, or have their heart* composed cf stone. In many it is ignorance that is at the bottom of it, and they will only listen to such words as rowdy, drunken.Sabbath-breaking and the like; but let them heave their finely cushioned pews, and go out among the people, and *ee what they are. peaceable, temperate.welldressed. and an honor to any larye community, and their objection must give way and their eyes be onen to the threat truth * * the strictest Puritan might. on looking at such a panorama, smooth tbe wrinkles of! his face and confess that, after all, there might be loniething In the philosophy which Inculcates happiness as the great object of life " ? ' One fact deserves specially to lie noted and commended to the attention of our so-called reformers; and that is. that with such a perfect freedom from police restraint as prevails in the suburbs oo Sundays, there Is rarely an Infraction of the peace, or a violation of good order, t<? be complained of People learn to be polite to one another in these metropolitan commingling*; and In this way we regard them as really conducive to morality. " When the Krle and the Long Island and tbe Hudson River railroads recognise tbe profit and propriety of Inaugurating Sunday excursion trains, as the Harlem and tte Staten Island roat!s have done, and open up n-w routes for Sabbath trips, the good results of ercouraging sucL a taste will be sti 1 more app? r?n.. In the meantime let our toillnii artisans make the must of their present fa cilitles. and laugh at the grimaces of the SabbathariansGkrmaxiccb. Thk ovkiwhiksd -Mr E'htor The Star baa alwaj shown itself devoted to the Interests of the citizens of Washington, without regard to polltir?, religion, or business, and always the tlrst to urge forward any Improvement In the city and Its people For this reason I take occasion to rail the attention of that journal, and of Its multitudinous readers, to a grievance under which one class of our people have been chating for the Lord knows how many years I refer to our druggists, pharmaceutists, apothecaries, or by whatever name they are properly known These gentlemen are the exception to the general rule of "rest for man and beast.'' on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath Confined during the entire week with a most oppressive and enervating closeness, and roua* d from their brief slumbers at all hours of the night, they have the peculiar felicity of enjoying the three elements of ph\sical injury and weakness most certain in producing their gradually ruinons effects - eonstiint con finer/lent in one flare, u'?n? (i/ un't me n<j*rnrr o/ T^jrr^ntng; j sfeey. Upon them comts no day of repose, relax- | a'i.jn. or refreshment. as to the employes of every other profession and busine?s; and it is to direct the attention of these ill-starred victims to the necessity. or at least the propriety, of instituting s >me arrangement nmcn; the various druggists of this city for the purpose of allowing themselves and their employees some repose on the day devoted by most persons to religious exercises, and by all to rest In tfce city of Philadelphia such an arrangement has been effected, and is now in operation There are various plans by which such a result inav be accomnlished without \nmnv*. nience to the community or injury 'o the business of our druggists. Will the gentlemen in that business have the kindness to let their sentiments on the question be understood ? Sufferer To be Cos-tinted ?Stevens'. No. Pennsylvania avenue. large sale of embroideries, laces, ribbon, bonnets, and fancy articlf-s. will be continued for this week The most desirable goods still remain to be sold Every provision is made for the comfort and convenience of purchasers Ladles do not neglect it. A Word to the I.adie*.?In recommending to you to use Hostetie ' c U-hrated Stomach Hitters it is liiit to statH that a* a utimalant ?> th? ays tem, in imparting strength a .i<1 vigor during eertam periodical stacst) which are ofHtmes attended with inncii pain and trouble, we know of no p eparation more highly adapted to all afflictions o? sequent upon th s can*e, and for a mother nursmz a t al>-' the Hitters cannot be dispensed with, especially wh?ro MntMr1!sssnskntBt isinidcflilts ??> ?h d? mantfs of the child; consequently h?r strength must jrioni,an? nere it is where a noo<| tonic, such as H stetter's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart t mporary strength and vigor to the whole system Lvlies should by all means try this remedy, and ii lors so dois(.tik joar yhTMiM vho, if ks u acquainted with the virtues of the Bitters, will recommend th< ir use in all cases. Hold liy druggists and dealers generally everywhere. au l3-e<>3t Holloway** Pti.i.b. Drrantemmt of the Stonatk nn-t Roirfl*.?As the stomach l>y the agency ol tiie gastric juices assimi lates digested food into elementary blood, we cannot be too careful ol preserving it in a healthy and vigorous condition. Holiowav's I'ul* are powerfully corrective and detergent, they strengthen the digestive organs, and by their cirativ" properties i-leanse and purify tlie ingested f ?d in its proeess of conversion to b ood. In all disorders of tlie bowel* an.I viscera, their s*na'i vequalities are unequalled. Hold by all Druggists at 2'tc., fi^c., and .'jrl per box. au 1 w Wistar's Balaam oj Wild Chirit - The Kditor ol the Ii ternational Journal >ays:?"Ofall t e specifics offered for the cure of l.ung Ci mplaint-., we have the gr* litest iaith in Wistar's Hal itin of Willi Chtrry. Fr e from those narcotic ingredients which enter so largely into the composi tionofsome otn*' patent medicines, it acts without injury to the Nervous H\stem. We speak of this valuable inedlune from personal knowledge of its effects. Scarcely two y ars have e.ap-e.l since I a rueiiibnr of mir fnmilv ir*a ?i.a ..... . . ........j iai<>vu i i "iii ?jb?~ ? o; j brink ofthe grave tl rough its use;anl in several subsequent casJs where it has been administered in our bouMboM, it has never once failed of the (leaned effect. We cheerfully recommend it to our friends in the British Provinces and among the rest of mank nd, as a certain remedy for Incipient Diseases ol the Lun;a." None genuine* tigced I. [Ji'T.f on the wrapp- r. Prepared by f*. W. Fowle 3c Co., Boston, and for sale ! > /.i). Giiuian, h. c. Ford, jr.,*. B. Wmte, G. Stott, John Soh warze, Nairn A. Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers every where. au 7 Iw,r physician - are generally loth to speak a word in praif'ot what are called "pat nt medicines." Indeed, it is an article in the code of medical ethics, that a phjsician who sanctions Hie useol renodie< caenot r>e considerei % meinlx-r ol the National Association. Hut there are exceptions to the most stringent ruies. and many of the disc pies of F.seulajiius have actually l>e?n compet ed, by the force of facts, to recommend Dr. J. Hostetter's ftoiunch Hitters for thoae diastases which are only prevalent during the summer and fall They have ascertained that there are no remedies in tiie pharmacopta winch can compare witii this wunderiul compound for the derangement of the system. Thousands of (am les residing along the low grounds ol the wes tern and southern rivers, are now convinced that they have found a medicine pecii!iarl> adapted for their ailments, while in other portions of the coun i * r .. <<,>* >? tu<, .... *l - j 1 * u;< ununi me nmuan moiling, wie ueuiaiHl Kir Hit: m tide ih euually large. Sold by uruggi?t and dealer* generally everywhere, au 7-e?.3i Homkopathic KeVKDIK" All of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'b wpecihc Homeopathic Kome<li<*.i put up expp HBly lor family uso, in boxes, at 25 and V> cent* each. Also in ease*, containing at vial*, from $4 to .fs each, with book of fall dirwtMM For sale f?y Z. D. Oilman, J.IO }'a. avenue, wliolesale and retail a^en'; \N . A Fitzgerald, 3.Vt north F wtreet; also by F. It. Winter, corner of tla.scachuttetts ave nue and Mxth street. Al*??, Poml's Exit net of Witch H*zcl, for internal and external inflammation* of all kinds. Sold a? aliove. ma9 ly Mbr. Wikslow, an experienced nuraeandlemale physician, has a Sootninn Syrup for Chtlden Tretkihk, which greatly facilitate* tlie process of teething uj Buiiciiiiug mr mm a, reuucing an mnammation? will allay ail pain, and is sore to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mother*, it will give rest to yourselves, anil relief and hea t!i to your infants. Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement in another ooInmn. oo illy Lton's Magnetic ixskft Puwdxr Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It contains no Potion Ltos'* Magjiktic Pill* Are Certain Death to Kats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9-Sni Bakrt's Tricophirovh is the best and cheapest article for Dressing, Bean tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drue gnu ana rerlumers mar 12 6m" Mktkr's Miraculous Vkr*in Drstrotkr, the oldest and beat remedy known tor ?*xt>rininoting Rat* and Mich. Cockroaches, Hues, Ants, Muaqtutoea, Flnsas, Motha.Grain-W orms and Gar den Insects. ffc^Principal Depot, 613 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Pbnniu,?Persons dMiring Pennies will ai ways find tbem for eichance at the Ht*r < tffin* m?ni?r MARRIED On the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Finkel, Miss SARAH Kl.IZAHK.fH H KSS Mr vn tv TINE HE8S, all of this eity. * DIKD, On the 12th inst , MARION A WARD, aged 17 yrars. Hi* fune-al will take p'ace on Tuesday, the 14t , at 10 o'clock, from his father'* residence,on Twelfth t.eet, Island, between B and C. * I n the 5th mat., at the residence of his uncle Mr. J. R Davis, (Jueen Ann, F'lnce George'* county. Ma., M . ivAML'EL T. DAVIS, for m*n\ tetri & well known clerk in the dry goods house of Metirs. Terry & Brother. He enjoypd to an unusual denize the co fidence and respect of his employers and asFociateii. and by his many n.'hle qualified had endeared tohim a large circle of irie- di a> d arousint Knees This sudden announcement of his >arjy demise cannot fail to strike with gloom the many friends who, from an int?rrourse of years have learned to appreciate hissterling qua ities, an * who m.w deplore, with heartfelt regret, the Ioxi> of one so esteemed from their midst.

ADRLti STORK FOR SALE?Situated in a pleasant part of the city and doing a fair business, satisfactory reasons for selling. Terms very jaay, fur particulars address "A. B." through the Post Offie. an-10-x* 0 ft GEORGETOWN. CwTiifMUnwi ?f Tk4 Si? 6ioKtiTnwR. August 13, l-*n. We have to record till another act of Incend ?rism Yesterday luorr.iirg. about 2 o'clock. Are was discovered In a fraire stable near Mount Zion i hurch. In the nr?rth#s*t?rn section of our ritv Tbe tlremen were promptly on the ground; hut their effort* vcere unavailing. Mid the building w ? entirely consumed, with its ontent*. Including one carriage horse Tbe whole was th* property of Mri Whitehall, ami ther" wai an insurance. we bear, of on the building Cons dcrable erciteinent and Indignation cjlsts umong our cltzens in relation to an alleged ciae of cruelty It appears that a music teacher, formerly of Washington, but now living on Higbst , Is clnrged by his neighbors with confining a small boy (he ?ays an Illegitimate child) during bis absence, and with leaving It very inadequate sustenance at such times The case will probably undergo legti Investigation It will be lPi>n 1st? tKsi <iar^? Irs ttnA*>.a? /t/\lnsnn that Mr A. K Brail has associated with him tn business Mr \\ s Matthews, Km of our esteenv d frllow ''itiim, H-urv C. Matthew*, We c jrdially recommend the new linn to public favor. G E() R (J KT() W NAD V E R TM TS Fur otktt (J tor i, to in* advertisements see first rage HP FOR BOSTON. 1 HK Sotioor.ei BEN. FRANKLIN tiMUT r*d I fiorn the altove Port, and will be discharging t?i morrow rnornir.*. For freight applr to HARTLEY t BROTHER, auli^3t and 101 Water st . Georgetown | QQ FISH! FISH !! I');' RBI.S No l. |.at.-a?k?r HF.RRINO. 1K> Banels No I. Kastern HLKKING, Bonton ln pootion, do. Kxt-a >o. I. Cut HKRRING. 5<> do. Half M>ls. Superior Hoe H KRRING, 1*J bbls. New- Meremichi ALKWIVfcS. 1011 do. New SI JOHNS, L>o. All of which have junt arrived from BmIm, arid for sale in lota to suit purchaser*, and or pleasing terms. HAKTLKY ft BROTHI'.K. au IS-lw 99 and 1"1 \Vater st., tieor*e>own. | AuxOMi E. Bkall.) [Wk.8 M atihkw-. fX! VOTICE 1>K\V GROCERY tSTAHLISHMENT, Corner Bruitc; <i Mil Contress Sts , (icor*?toien. To the Citizen# of thi Disthict a*? Vicisitt The ?nder?ienp| would resppctfu It an^onn^e that havinc taken the ol?l established stat.d of John M. Kelt. Ksq . th-?r intend to keep alw???onhand a largo and very ?" ?loot a*f?oitinent of tine fir>t-cla-i? FA.Ull.V GROCKRIKS of all kind*, and heeoy rospe, tfillr solicit <-&lls from all who niay desire to he snppli?f with prime articles in their line, and at moderate prices. au 13-eoJw BEALL k MATTHEWS. A COPAH TNERSHIP NOTICE /\l,EXANDER E. UtvAM... Grocer. having associated with him William S. Matth?ws th?* business Will In" conducted under the na.treftnrl tiilo nf BkaLI. A Matth*w?, at the old established stand 1 of J< hn M Beit. corner of Congress and Bridge ! fjoor^oto?n, L). C. July 21. I860. _ au l^St (|^> BRIDGE STREET. SELLIXG VFP~^~~SFLLIXG OFF" l.arre stock of DRV GOODS. I .ACE MANTLF.S, SHAWLS, Ac , Ac., to be cosed out, as we intend making an alteration in our store. Come soon for iMirgams. as w* will he compelled to vacate the premises in a few dav*. SPILMAN A HUNT, jy*7-eo2w ft* Bridge street. \1 ATOR S OFFICE. .'I tilOUITOWI, D. C., I J I A li on? whe are annoyed by nil t-anre-ku iiirli en?laii<er tb? health of the town are requested to report the same, in writing, to this office. j> 1R-w4w HKNKY ADDISON, Mavor. HAVING DKTER.MINKD TO CHANfiK MV 1 huiinn*8, I'll c ir.moroe from th 6 datt> t.i ** . for cash my *nttre atook of DKY and KA.NCY GOOD*. Having piirchaaed < the moat favorable t?rms. ar.d t"3ins deairous < f o'oaiiir out a* ?i?rly as posaiblf, a . who may be id waijt of baigaina will do we ! to MVS me a call. W. R. HURDLE, jy 24 1 in Corner of Huh and Gay ets. I WANTS. %M7ANTKb-A S1TI ATH)\ as Nurse. Cham tmriiinii or Seamstress, 1>t a respectable u I man. Addrcm * Seamstress.'' Star Ofliow. It* \\VET N l.'KSK?\Va;i*e t tiw>lirtely. Enquiro of L?r. J. O. KI1.K\ , No 4.?.'l <4th .tre?;t. _ an 13 at*_ A \ I'K!>? A SITl ATH?\ ? Nnnw or Ct am" . i i:.:ti I. t.> a re?pectal>le VflMW, in Mty or c>untr>. Address " Nurte." Star i iftiot". It" VL' ANTE1>?A GIRL to ml II * k *? u.-l understand plain Cooking, and Washing and Iruuing. 4"?l .Ma^?a husettj. aw, he:w?'?? | 4th ana 3th *tt m |j .'t* Dry goods salesman wanted?ac ({uaiiitpil with the city tratio, none other * need appu. Permanent situation, and Liberal p*y. ! I'P H R \ i, umirutD - -~r~ _ ? IIun> ?u ij at rANTK. it i. m i' I \ r n r ? ?? is not all dociipi it, lit writtn k or drawing, i for model4. A'lilreti* Po^t Office Washington Cit*. stating where .111 iiiUttMW can !>? had. wiIJ gn-o i-atisfaetion. Term# very moderate, au 11 2?* I QAWYKR WANTRDl?A |noi iiamt vbt nn (irrj-tnixln iig Bra-k-'t* aii'l >eroli work by Maclnner*, can Iimi a Slil'ArM'M !>) appoint; ?<> Uvl 1 > W I v 1,11*. I'll L-- I - >. <?/ '? . i um/ 1 11 ii ix r*, i -1 nnn I) MtrL-?-t>, Washington M II 3k U7ANTKD-A SITUATION u H I-ami. Iiy a innii who ha- athorouzh p a -ti. al knowledge ofVarining and <ja dcninjc in all th?ir , various branches. The most un?xc?ttmiialiie reier, ?ncrH as regards character. q< allocation, Ac, given. Adlress*'A B. C' through the Georgetown (nil e. an 11 II* WANTKD-A SALKS LADY. None hut th* I ?? best need applv. !*. HKLLKK, ! jv 3) NO. 31 Market ?pare. bet 71 h Mid 8th sts. ! II'ANTKI) A WOMAN, lop*lf*lutlwdltlH '? of chambormaid. ,N*> "ne iii-ed hpply who cannot tiring a recommendation from lier last p ace. I Inquire at Kckington, two mile* north of the Cap it<.|. jy 17 ' AN'I'KU? By a stcail> and induitrious man, a ' * SITUATION a- collector. Best ??f tecum iii"ii<win<i:i8 ^iv u. AU.irona M . C\, !*tar Othce. jy 12-tf UrANTKD?To have everybody know that the* can porchaae their Summer Clothing at co>t at No. 4 UO seventh *t.. oppoxtie I'ost t 'flioe. jy 12-: m PERSONAL. 4 T A MRKTIN'fJ OF TIIK WASHINGTON * Hutc irri'Association held at ther ravins,the f >IIi>vi .ic resolution w s unariimouNh adopted: Rrsnlvtd, That our most r incere thanks iadu?t<~> ! Mr.R.l>d4rwrkii kiadMHMd traaaUM us 1 caterer of out pic-moon Tuesday, the 7th, a* hi? | delightful resort. the WaanmKton City <ia den?. a 11 recommend iiim to the public as a gentleman of the purest kind. B? order of " J J K KEPKH Committee.?Geo. Rrichrhaupt Win Hitlarjr. JOHN" BKrKKRS.MITH.Sec. Washington, August 11th, 18W). It* \l"?i DA m k Tki.IX, rnfiTCXE TFJ.LF. R, 1? 1 froui I'aii*. informs her former friend*, a>id the public generally, that nho liaa removed to 46| Tenth ?>tr<-et, ween E and F, wh?re she will be happv to see ail who will i&vor hor with a call, a. 1s-3w* I ATTENTION!!! I K K I'Fl S I'OK f EH . Invsntok, will rail at the orhnft of C. M. Y?ii?* i'J i? ? ? . ......, .11 I. WVUVII BWirfl, lit" Will hear Horiiethine to hi* o.itvanta<e. An* information j concerning h m is reaunated. If not living, his adji!iniRtrat >r, or any of hit lieirs. will answer. | au 11-1 w* C. M VIJLKK. Attorney at 1 aw. Pait, prksent. and futubb events, will be satikfactoulf exp amet, liy a lad v. at ; her residence No 337 C st , between 1st and 2nd it*., liltnd. Conmil'ation fee 25 cents, au 6 7t* \|Al?AMK MOR RICK, The Oeeat A?te<?u?| if I GIST AND iioCTRKSS, just from FurnpThis I highly r ft- ft and intelligent laujr can be oonau!t*d on the Paat, Present and Future Erenta. Call at No. '205 Twenty-second street, between H ar.d 1, Washington. 44 GET THE HEST." I THOMSON'S^CELEBRATED C V T "D T O u u. X It 1 O . NOVELTIES FOR Al'Tl'MN, 1*60. The Eugenie Paris Corf. ' Constitution " Southern Qntfi. ? Fairy. " Parisian Train. ? l.rf hyr. Kenodellec] from th? latest Parisian designs Manufactured so.elj by us from Thomson's Patent Improved Corrugated Springs and Inimitable VVtdce Slide Every Skirt sfampid with our name and trade mark, the Crown. For sa e ev?rrwh?r'. The Best i? the Cheapest. W S. & c. H. THOMSON * CO . CH> Broadway, New York. au 6 MAThtUt Sep&lawlm cnn BB!,S. FAMILY EXTRA AND SL'PLR OUU FLOUR. 15 boxaa crime EASTERN CHEESE, 2i) " PEARL STARCH, 10,000 Iba. itrown and Yellow SOAP. 12 blila SICKLING VINEGAR, 4 ratkn 9U6AR CURED HAMS. For Hal* by J. R. BARR t CO., au 10 #* 4 9b Ninth atrwrt HO. HOOD L"W oq ha lid a vert iarte atook of fii? 8ta.nd*rd SILVER WARE, ail of hia own make, thai be will sell aa low aa any of tbe Northern A area are aold for, and at the l&fflfl Li HI A Vlll warrant a?a?*?Km? ^ - J liver. 338 Pa. avenue. je 22 J ' irfUU A fr/ R THE LATEST NEWS T E I, E a R A P H IO _ Arridrat on tU> llay ?A * n W a?d all H??4( Stipp*?rr, to b* l.??t [Special dispatch to the Washington Htor ] Alexandria. Auk 13?The cr?,w-pri>i*)l?r James Jerome. Capt~ Jerome, of the PbtM^pbh and Washingt n line, arrived h*re tb:t. momlr^ at 6 o'clock. havin* lost her mast bv coming tn rollialon with a schooner at the month rf the Sissafrss river. on Snndnv morni^tg. at i o'clock C?pt. Jerome stat?-s that at the ttm?- the accident occurred it was quite dark, and he con Id discover r>o person on the schooner. which aunk ?tirn>?t immediately upon being atruck I>ire?-tlv after the collision the Jerome wn put ihnt. bnt no tract* of the scboouer could be foui d The damage to the James Jerome la considerable, and will probably delay her arrival at Georgetown A few articles of freight were dema/ed. and t>art of the wheel-bouse carried away by the falling uiast. mr> a ?-i ? - i nr rrinff 01 h air* CHarlottktows. August lt??The Prince r>f Walt* landed at 2 o'clock oti Thursday from tl??? Hero The Admlra!'* sh;i? Nile and the Ariadne. llMnrk. Valorous, :uid FIjrtag Fish acconij' int?-d him. as also the French 'Commodore'# shii> Pom<?ne. The day was stormy and viet There wis a multitude of visitors from abroad The steamer A rabiai. brought six hundred persons from CJuebec, and the Westmoreland four hundr?l r <m Brunrtek Some of tue ei<iir*ioni*U had to camp out. The preparation* for the Prince * reception were Kood The Prince,who wore a colonel * uniform, landed under eitfht rayal *alute* from the and battery, incliid n>: a French tlilp tie received on ncen'* wharf by the officer* of tte Government. members of tlie public bodie?. member* of th? < Wjjv and bar, and depulatiou* of prominMit citizen# He wa* conveyed in the Governor'*c trriaye and a < o'nixtnied hyaproce* -x -? - ? - - - - "" mil aiong id?* lurfU. wDIiD wi-rf Kurd hy tlf oluntfrr*' battalion,and numerous ta??ef'ilarcb?-a werr erected The balconlea of the hutiae* w-re fllUd with ladlea and children A number ?>f the latter s ing the national anthem A guard of bMor of regular troopa accompanied the Prince from Halifax The l'rlnce rod? out in plain clt tin* this afternoon In the rain Governor Mulurate and other celebritiea are here. The reception .? considered a complete aucceM How They < arry on the I nmpaigii in Penr jrlTiinia. McCoxxBLLSBCftii, I'a., August llth. IN*" ? The drmflrrarv I.?IH u ' - * _ ? j ? v uirT-?iup( ia?i nijjht. at which th?re wm a regular sklrmud lwtween the Do'iglaa tnd Breckinridge | *-t;e?. and much bltW-r feehng was evinced The meeting broke up in a row. During the absence of Mr Sanmm editor of the Democrat a'. Cr^wcn, th?* Br?-i k'Bridu* party entered his office, irut:lited the form, ran uj? tiABreckinridge flap, and isned an ed.tion of the paper under that binner The atfur cr<-a??-d yreM e*ctteaient A personal rencontre took place after the meet. < between Mr ^anaom editor if the Democrat and G A Smith, a Breckinridge man and an attorney Sansom ^ave Smith the lie. when the latter collared him T li ? (nnlh.x. > - - Buffalo, August 10 ?The Southern excurs <?ii party arrived, according to previous announcement. at ten o'clock. The depot was tbrong-*d with people, assembled to witness the reception The Mayor welcomed the visitors in a t>r!ef speech. Judge Clayton, of Mississippi. responded on the pnrt of his Southern fretids at considerable length, in which, faficr returning thanks for the courtesy extended to them, he reviewed tbe relative position of tbe two ae< tions of the country toward each other, their mutual dependence, and expressed the hope that brotherly feelings sbould at all times characterize their intercourse At ? ^ o'clock the greater portion of tLe company ? :i? barked on tLe Western Metropolis for Cleveland, whence they will proceed to Chicago by railroad, and then home. Arrival of the North Star. Niw Yoik. August 12 ?The steamer North Star, from Asiiiuwall on the 4th. has arrived The DiNh >tat**s vessels Sabine. Falmouth and Release were thtre. 'l'he l,aui aster and St. Mary's were at Panama 1 u? North Star brought no trails Gen Harney conies p.isseiijj**r by the North Star The *i)e.-le bv this arrival an.minis to about <*ki. consigned as follows :?Duncan, >her man \ L'o . ? ?>! Welto,^o A Co . SI3o OCU; American Kxitan^r Bank^Sl'T;**), William Hoge, *5H,?4i; J Fatrii k. McCabill & Co.. *5t>,000; K Kelly, *12,000. \'*iv V..L ? Sixo Sing, N. V., Aug. 11 ?Hon. <i?y!ord B Hubbeii and Jamei Will ,hhki:i were chosen delegates to the State Convention by tbe republican* of the third assembly district of Wealthester comity to-day Resolution* approving of tbe course of the Hon <i B Hubbell in the la*? Legislature, and Indorsing tbe administration of tiovernor Morgan, were (>afvd unanimously I, N. V? Aug 11 ?S Arthur 6llh?rtWM to-day choaeri delegate to the Douglfta Democratic State Convention He wa? in?tr icted to oppose any fusion From i euver City. ?T Mo . Aug. 11 ?TLe overland ntall bring* Denver C.ty ?dvice? of August Itti TLe trial of Wood. f< r attempting to Mil. the editor of the Kooky Mountain Newt, Ltd been cloned The jury *tood one for eleveu agai-ut acquittal The ' jie was IIm-ii referred to the |*-ople. who voted to (end \\ out of I'enver comparatively few citizens were present VVood had left the pla e The result was altogether uiieij-e ted to the community, and rauied treat indignation The mining new* is unitnpi rt,;nt Affray at < letelend Clkvei.a.mi. Aug. lu ? I.ast ni^bt. about 10 o'clock, two nejjroes enterrd th~ saloon of \Vm. IMckersgUl, on Seneca street, ai.d becoming troublesome. i'ukersgill *ttrmpt> .1 u> eject tbem. w Ijf-n one of the negroes drew & lar^e knife and made several lunges. which took effect on William Salmon, a white man. who was just then passing o>it of :he door Salmon ran a little way out. and fell dead The negroes tied, but were subsequently arrested. The C iniiiinuti Embezzlement < a?e. Toaomo, C. W., Aug. 10 ?In the Cincinnati embezzlement case, to day. upon the arrival of witnesses from i'lnciniiati and New York, the magistrate decided that the case did not ? ohmb under the Ashbiirton Kxtraditiou Treaty, and discharged Montague The monev (amounting to wa? delivered to theCint inaati detective. Allrgrit Dishonest < lrrk Chicago, August 10?John A Bowman alia* John Anderson, was examined to-day before Coninii?i>ioner Hoynr.on a charge of purloin ng .etters from the post office,where he was formerly a clerk, but left about the 15th of July He gave bail for his appearance at a tinal hearing-next Monday. Bathers Drowned. New Y?>uk, August li ? Dr. Hummer, of Jersey City, and John Whittaker. of Treotou, were drowned whilst bathing at Long Branch yesterday. Two young men named Gardner and Height, were also drowned at the Highlands to day whilst hathl r>? ? 1> Hell and txrrtt Mrfiinj Frederick, Md., aug ii ?A large Bell and Everett ratitt'/ation meeting wai held fcere to-day at Court House Square Speeches were made by J. Dixon Roman. Alexander Cooper, and E H Webster. The latter spoke for an hour and a half with great ability to an immense crowd The Great Eastern Baltimore. Aug II?The Great Fistern sal.ed at an early bour this morning for New York. SLe did not "et all ber coal on board. New Vork, Auk. 1- ?The Great Eastern has arrived here from Annapolis Movements tf Steamers. Halifax, Aug 13?The stamship Damascus, I from Liverpool, has arrived, but ber dales bave I been antici}>ated | Tbe Canada bas been got and sails for ! Liverpool to-nlgbt. Her injuries are slight. fire at New Orleans. New Orleans, Aug. 10 ?A row of buildings on Koyal street, extending from Custom-house st to Kienvllle st., occupied as furniture, liquor a: d piano stores.were burned last night. Loas small, and mostly inamed. Brig Zone Aabore. Bostox, Aug II ?Tbe brig Zone, from Cuba, bound here, went ashore last nl^bt In the fog, on Bain-island ledge, and billed. She had a car"o of 1,400 b nes of sugar for Montreal, and t*J hhas molasses on New \ ork account. Kentucky Election. LorisviLLK, Aug. 11 ?Sixty of tbe 1<H counties in this State gives General Combs (Union) 4b "(<<?; McClartv (B-eckiurldgej Boiling (Indef eadeut) b,57si. Ohio Congressional Nominations /ankfv.lle. O , Aug. 11.?The republicans ?f the sixteenth district nominated William B Cut* Swr for Congress Htltiatr* n?rk*u iltLvmum Auk 13 ?Flour I at dcclio?*d lie, doting active; Howard ?t ?6 50 Whfat cloa d active om firm; r.d SI 20al 33; white *1 3ial 65. Corn closed active; vellow T?teT5c; white feigns*Provision* clo*-d ?< tl v?- and lta Arm; bacon tidrt W V ; iueM pork 91V 75} rianp ill 50 Wfcljay t* ! fta ?./! 41 mmtm t* \? yo i j * ! ' 1 u . ;*} A,ff{ St. i ' ' FlMWlal. Nmw Volt, A'lJ. I-J?ii L?v, r<>n#'<1?-r My deHl?M Cmrw?aU F-fk lUmntI KJ||; C?rr.twr,*?<i t ?] f i 17 % . Vt!l C? ntnl aMr?<? N<i?. do bvntiaiC^. Mi'lit an S<- tItari 47 ^. St-w Yt<rk Central % 4" ^ , Hu<Uou K K K 5 . V? Mi. -1 k rpn < i > \ rt \ v PII'K*. OFHtlorTBI \V*?H >r.Trt1 A(jrr w 4?? ^cto*. A ii* no' 7. !* " Sealed riorttti ? Wili t< r?o * .si tt :liii('lfec? until lio', .-k : . v u i?i jm. ;.n? >ic th?* foil"wine n a*"* a * l.V to 175 *?-inch Hip' *. B<*;! ft Sfl(ff. U*?' r iX *i An i " t , if. 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STOVE and KINDLING WOOD *11 r possible prioe. T. J. * W M. 4? ALT. *" 2 Pa. ftv.. litu *i. ill, ?U., mil IT 'f nnr? > .1 E>NUlNfcKR> OKI-U K. S Auitxnu. Jl*1* H. W. MANASSAS <i U' K All Ki'AD SIX HUMtRKU M1.> WANT! I? on the ine of feu road fr>m Mt. Jvkmn l<> M%rria?nh?rf. W>i? .?? ?I a da*; h ftril )i< prrii i>r>tn K<?r mtor mati-tn. Ac..inqtii'*of WM. S. FKWELL.Conpan*'* Office, A -xanOria. ieiftdtji2i> itw A in % HW. HAMILTON. PAINThR. and DKALKR IN I'AINTS. No. .'f -2 7th >tb ?t. ntar (HI !' H+IL an 2 tf PI'TTV IS DOWN. U/OODI N->w inh? tunetofftvialM foel M * ' re 1: oI price*. We 'itvf * .arte Stock I ?^ W-. ?X* ? ? - m - " <u ? * anj ai *er* low AND Pliew.furrt-li v\ AKDKR A STKW ART. ("^OAI,. (Iftufi?C?rn?r H w>d j an 1-2% ' ^ aril ? i-Ttti ?t mi-1 >'<i ai SUPERIOR WHITE AM? fcKl> A9H UH> 19 COAL ?Now n v it* i 4 I I ??-* r . >cmhii-< r! ?< M" <+ a?.tl .la^ Tic. wii|i IUt<>iih Bh>i4 Mountain WHITI. \>ll KIN COAL itA'1 17< ton* K H> A*H I>t <um desirou* ??( proaiii iiik t?i?r *upp * fo the w> n ter will -av? m<u < > l>> '-a tuc t) Mr i?nt?r? ?<> t) ?t their c?iai c?n i* <le!' v from th? \ SltF.RIt-'K A HAWS??\. i n I' AnH.S-tealf mwxA _au t?-4t tlnt.t wn mdr. YV O ALTS' Hood a \ i> coal OPFICK, 'J+ti Pa. Av., Km w i'.th am. 13th st?., North Hide. Md! *ll l Wii?rf foot of S^v-eiit^antti ft., m* n tf ll?lnv X''? l'"(?rtmML THOMPSON'S ~ 1 C F. LKBR ATF.D MF.PlClNtS, 1.IPK PKf.SLRVfcR. unI CORDIAL, For nil*, wl.o>sale aul retail !it 8. C. FOR l?. Jr.. jv aS-12t <"h?rniat I HAVE RV.MOVKD I?? No. Ifi MARKKT Sp* - . Ptt). avscue. t>*t*r>eii ?th an a|fa !??tl UlrtVlB. w Pre 1 Wl<l f I \DDT ? \ t?jg 1 on nil wUo * >11 favor iif w?tii * i?J * tlif K at. ; - % H - ' r Lvl !? ?', Oci.ts\b. ) ',%! iKtu' < " ? h; tlrer'n wm. \a -'_??'tr I HQ-il- NTHM.. I." 'K kAI.K A I.AI>Y> KIDINU P<?NV it I oti ' '! I 'i *a up"ti very I ? t. ... f~v in ?*?! vj'qufi ' *' n' iti. n t . jt? , JLaZSt B'ld flirt ?r !?# for ,t. Arp ? * ^r * J \V. PLMPHKUV'S !"! !<.<??, rr:\ of National HaM. jjr J6 eo2w fiJir.AR rnFPKK. T^? A r* IS kkdi I'OK f<t feico > A K IS do CI HA w< liAK. j.i Mil*. H -I ?J AK>, S? iA<K JAVA COFFEE. do M\KA< AIBO COFFEE, '?> do Kin col l HE. ?> do >1. COI KI'E, btif clifitt liK KK\ ?n.> Itl.A' K TEA*. 5 AI?AMANTINK < AM?Li:?. /it d.. PRIME CIIKtSK. Sft do STARCH. Now lati'luu* f-oiii trainer Mont -Hloaad packet ?cho 'n?*r Mott Ilnll!, a?<l for >-h!" I w ' * a it :t * <> > \H M. I< K> ?>\ A CO WASHINGTON ? (FIRE* INSURANCE COM PAN V. A' 'nm and Tfnth Street. J.7T MpGI IRE, President. O. P HANSON. v^"'vt. ma 1 tr |i*OR SAIJ1.?Tk( liieht 4iwukt la?t afcil.ii \ AC mT P< >1 Vl> II ? i I* ?o, t rn?ai' on imimxMat*' application Ttifa ovf Itoai^^^^ u in l??n*th; * a? ht ?d up lor a but would mak>-an <*x< ? lent market l>oat. Inaui'e I of H O HOOI). <3- Pa avu f. an ft if PROPOSAL!* Km KKPAIKINO r?E -ISI TOM HOI SKA i tlAU'UMOKK, Md. Trka?ckv PirttrMiMT. ( wamiingtoji. juiy is, mm rnnpn?*T.? w be r?c-i?eil at thia l>?*partHH'ot until the fifteenth da> of September. A. D.. IWi , at lio'ctock. noon, or ihe lepMm i f tn?? CuctoinHoii?<i autbo.-ix <1 to t>p r-pai' ' at Ha touore. Mar) and. tcirdint to tue p a-? arid ?peoifiia no ,i> pr?"p*red at ?hi? li-par'nier t. Hiiii't- ? will be required to rooet ve ti:e ? >1 c&frt iron work di?p R8 d with in ;art pttra-nt of ih? work, at the rate < f do. a: pI n .dred poi;?nd wil ? ? r quired t<> fur i- i al the i *t?rt% an> perform ail tn- nvewwri at i to con p ete tfierepairkaccorditn. to the p a .? In' ish d. N*net? p'ra-nt, of tne amount of work done and mater a!s d'itv. r?d a< <' rtliof to c: tract puo* (i <t ai on ,,f -.i -4 ns r t,a . n t lie ia>.iter p e crthod hj tii Oont act, 'ij tlie t inat- of a.i a;?"nt of'he (department appointed for tba' pur p ?g<>? wi i be paid month'.*. r? Mi- work proj:re?)?e?, aad ten pt-r cent, rftaii.ed <>itil the completion of tlie contract and aoc p ause of the worn hy the ac^at a'ore.-aid, and t?> be |orf? .t"l i timevw.t o< nan iu!fil*>ent ??f eogtraet. ?<??t.tfioatio?? a d tiravuu* will be iea<? on tnelVii < i Auiu<t. when tti*r can be had on applica'm.. to the Department. The propota ? murt be r-ei,t to th ? D- partm?i:t, .jj - j*. . .t- - ? - ? .uu. - ... icr , T t!,<* I * I 3 Mdamd " Pr /<* ' '? ' more ru'iom *.>?>'." &uJ wi 1 t?o < at c.ii? (l ? net of the t at day niuwd lor recemm th^ nrnt. HOWELI. COBH. jy H 8?tr?Ur; of the rrwunrt. pll.dTS' NoTlt'K.- To all Cupta'ti* ??4 iiVMnol V ImmiwI to tin- Ut - ,<-t of Columbia. bo'ice i- to'rehr given. tuai^rE? Pilot* I* at a.I inirt at >? * Gmrft'i lilud. at th? menthol >t. Mtrf'i riv?, ami n-ar Pioay l*< int. anil that it h mil n C"?*ar? ro takf Virginia l*ii??tn (rom th?? r l?>at?.wh' B the wwl ii Imuml to Geoffftovior U'a kiaftwei'f. a* Maryland Pilot* can In* loand ofat l?a?t ???ial skill ami reliability. au H-eolfr"* a T -t 'nii ?a * \ A A I . 11 SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS*, Grbkk t>rniT, Bttwrm Iirutft and H'atn ftrmts, G> *r?'(o?PN, D. C. A lar*? ?'<>ok of CANDLES. Brown. Family, Castil* aud Kaucy W'APM, TALLOW md' G EE ASK for I^obomuti ve?, SI"*tnSwaU, an-1 a!i kind* of inaclimery. !* ) UU IUM1U, and Km a* o at pneea to auit t!i? tnule C. B. JEWKl.I , ProprietiM. iy 10 ?otf 486 SEVKNT?_8T*KET. 4S(a b-autifal aanur^jn nt? I U 'I.D PAPKR>, w ith a varied stock of im -'ium Mil lo? KIK KB<?' K l?S, PRI\ I> PI' T KKS CORl> and r?*inu:tiiU ol low f iced I'A PKRrv with a Itandaoin* atuelc of \Y|\0?\V !*HAL>F>.at prrai.v rf>d.n-?><i pri<??. < > der? left for PAPF.R'.t*NG N(i!* and W IN'DO W HHAUt."* kattsriotonlj ? * ? ut?nl with ?kill a<d di?patc!i in city oroouuti j. Pl<a*?(i?e iii-aoaJl. Don't forget the numlf r. J NO. M ARKRITF.R. No 4t?6 Seventh ?t.. * doore alto^e anfieofit* (><kl P-liowa'Hall. Pi B 10 fALK,-By v (Cue of an order of t>>? ( film' Court of Prinze tie 'rye'a o >ui ty, the auhro' ihere. a-administrator* f Matthia* hvarafield, ate of aid oouu y dao#n#e l wtl. .at pa* li - Mr. at the late i eeidence of the A*cean*4. in riaoaiawaT<ii*t'iet.oii'rHUKt<l)^ t. Uui Au(m?', 1 :uii. if fair, if not. the rest air i1?? ti. .r?a- - ?? 1 > WWM > ? ' I th* pertocat Eatate of mid J ci-mk;, con-iaiug of? A i timlxt of va.ual>> Nejriti, of both nin, li r?e? ani Cattle. Crop* o| W boat and Oat? id ahoot in tt>? f ld( Crop of Corn and a ?n?a.l crop ul Ti>h**s o now growing <>K-Carta, and <>th?r Famine UlMMl t, Hhaaehold and Kitebrn Fan.Hu Ac ,4o. T?i o? ? ?>* Ti?? propert* win Ik- old ft* a?o*p'ed draft* on kaitimor*. at lour B->ntt.a. n.t? ?M fco.iec ? Sa.e to coram*! - at?? o'ocwk a m H*nUh? K. M? Va|. _ CHsRI.mii -Vri?>F|v", o 11 Ti-\%wu Adn'rtof Mn; h a* Kv SK^H,vAfvAVFTTt',N>r' iy? * Will roimn^, of o ? M \ ii 4 \ v ?r t*rober 10th. at the new lutu-ata k ' T./l C?ol,oe Te. r*oe. *,V Iiu ^Ircui*r? *l IH'ok.iU>tm teMWoSw (C<>u.* Int. I iTc LOOMtr*. .J...