Newspaper of Evening Star, August 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 14, 1860 Page 2
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m THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY A?{iit 14, 1*?0. Spirit ml the ntrulDi Prfti. The Constitutnm drnws a comparison between the pol,tical records of M^-ssrs D u^'ias, Clay and Webster. on the Territorial question, to show that the first do?-s not occupy thesime position thereon that tbe two letter did in the Compromise timet of 1650, as claim*d by Mr. Douglas in a recent speoch at Spriantteld. Mass The same paper publishes and ccnr.mends to TW^nal^r att?nl .iii thu furUl.t arw^A. Vi rtf ?*t>na Nif M r -v.M-. v,.. . ?UV V* Bright in the Indiana Democratic Sttte Convention . The Inttlligmctr con< ludes 1 tielaborate review of the political topics of the day. f~ It Is currently reported that Mr. Yancey will toon go NortL to vindicate himself before the people from charges of disunion. Xiw Mrs.c ?We have received from Metserott, the ' .\Iar_he Celebre du Tannhauser'' of Wagner s, arranged bv Fradei for the piano forte; an arrangement designed to Uke well amongst ?ood perfoni *'r? on that instrument. C7~ The Atlantic telegraph Is abandoned. The late attempt to raise the cable met with a tional failuf, and it will not be raised. Hehrings J*tralU,now be^ia to be talked of an tbe next route for attempted intercontinental telegraphic communication. In New Vork, on Sunday, a young man twenty years of age, namrd Patnell Calaban. while disputing with some comrades about courage, snatched up a table knife and stabbed hlmseif several tin?-s in tbe stomach, to show that he was not a coward He was under tbe influence of liquor at the time He will probably die of the Injuries 1X7* We have received from Shillington (who has the book for sate) "A Political Trxt-Bnok for I8fl0," comprising a brief view of Presidential nominations and elections. Including all the national platforms ever yet adopted, and containing a great amount of statistical Information Indispensable to the politician. The bock Is nil hi 1 aKvil Kir avru>(iAn..?<l I >. v.<?u< u *.*j uuov iru' "'? puuiicai iiauitlclans. Messrs HoraceGreelv and John F. Clevtland, New York. H7" In regard to the Japanese swindle in New York. It is now thought that unless a bill of * items"' Is given for the bill of flOS,!**), tbe whole s abject will be turned over to the consideration of the Grand Jury, with a view to tbe formal indictment of the parties implicated for an attempt to defraud the city. These proceedings will be independent of the Cbatileld injunction to retrain the Comptroller and the Mayor Jr>>a paying tbe bill. \^y Lady Franklin appears to have been a considerable traveler, having visited some of the inost Interesting portion* of the Old World i*he accompanied her husband (Sir John Franklin) to America, on tbe occasion of his overland exfiedition from Hudson's Bay. Her present visit to tbe I mtrd States it is said, Is taken principally to gratify ber desire to see Mr Henry Grlnnell, and to express la person her gratitude for tbe deep Interest and sympathy be manifested in her behalf. 1?7~ In tbe short time which has elapsed since tbe opening of tbe ports of Japan, its commercial ?ities have receivtd a sudden impulse of prosperity. At Yckuma a rural hamlet has expanded into a populous town, with new public tdiflces and spaciou* wart-Lous* s < f tbe foreign merchant?. The products of tbe Japanese soil and of Japanese Industry are e? ported in large quantities, and tbe .onsequence Is already that the prieea of the ne? of life have advanced In so great a de,>M. 1- 1 - ua iv WI aaiuu BtTlUliB COIIipiainU .Nohib CitoUXi Klectios ?We learn from the Kaleigh Register of Saturday that at that t me the return* cf the late State elect'.ou were sti 1 incomplete. From nine counties the returns had not then been received. Excluding th?*?e, the whole vole polled in the Governor's election it 1U3,?2?, by far the largest vote ever polled In the State. Gov. Kills beats Mr. l'ool about 5.5^0 Mr. Pool gains on the Bragg and Gilmer vote up wards of 7.0UU, and on the Kll'.a and M Kae vote about ll.UOU In the Legislature, the I'nion party has made a clear gain of sixteen members? flftei n in the Ho ise and one in the Senate. UIT" Details of the Mexican news, air -ad y no tji ed in a brief disi>atch from New Orleans, have reached us Advices are from the city of Mexico to the 17th and Vera Crux to the 21st ult. Atta'.rs at the capita are reported In a more disrrgauiz- d condition, if pcsstble, than ever The lu.ctivity of Miramon?who was reported b* at I>agos. u'hirli ?' _*_? -- ~ ? ? u; ~ Mil II w ?; ^IVIII^ great dissatisfaction to bis party, and a move ment for bit final overthrow was considered highly probable Senor Pa.;heco, tbe Spanist Minister, was reported to be at the Lead of the agitation against Miramon. and several persons were already spok-n of as ltkelv to succeed him Another report was to the effect that the foreign representatives were about to inaugurate a movement to make Miramon Emperor. Meantlm- tl e Liberals were rapidly approaching the capital on e*ery side, and only needed some man cf de-:id'd military genius to leid them, to enable them to ac^nJre and hold entire possession of the country. Tub Psbsossl Appkabajkb of tub Pmscg ior Walks ?The tiostou Traveler says " There Is a unanimity of opinion expressed ?>y the writers who have described tbe personal appearance of this young gentleman which must have struck tLf most < &ual reader. The reporters of the Associated Prt-ss, In the account of the Prince's ;eception at St John's Newfoundland, speak* of his handsome countenance, and mild and gentlemanly bearing, and sa>s he is slender Inform, having an intelligent fare, large handsome eyes, small mobth. Roman nose, retreating chin, aud complexion rawer dark '' The New York Heralds reporter at Halifax say*, at hia reception there -The Prince's appearance is very prepoas-ss n? bia face la small but well firmed, and bit eyes. wbicb bave a merry twinkle, are lar^e and hazel-colored ; that ms complexion la equal u> tbatof a peacb. and that be looks v?-r> healtuy " Tbe Boston Post's reporter at Halifax aava: " His appearance was tbe subject of universal praiae. ar.d handsome In feature, graceful in form, modeat la bearing, pleasant In expression, and singularly unpresuming in conduct, were popular er?in ta every where " Of tbe manner in which he haa taken captive the bearta of tbe f. i? aex who | have witnessed bia movements In the ball room | we have spoken more than once The burden of mo?t of the addreases of tbe Prince presented tbua far on bia tour la expressed in tbe title of Mr. Ordway's popular song? - Let me kiss him for bia mother.1' Combc?tioji.?A singular case occurred \ts!es?lay afternoon. between two and tbree clock, which ^oes far to demonstrate an Intensity of aolar beat unknown In tbia latitude, The wooden atepa of a building at tbe corner of B itb ar.d Race atreeta, exposed to tbe direct rays cf tbe sun. were observrd to be hot during tte entire day. At half-past two o'clock smoke l>-_an to r se from tbe steps, and in a few momenta tbey blazed up, to tbe astonishment of tbe denizens of tbe uouae Tbe steps were of fat pine, and as no ?tber solution of the ttrigin of the Ore is given, tbe cause must be that It was a case nnl?? ? t> .*tion It may be remembered that Ignition of ltialr tiC* eir>o*eid to tbe suit's ray* have been a?ti^i.rd as tbe ran* of one or two contta^ratti i recently occurring in this city?Pktl> . I*nuirt*t Aug t?A. Tbe late eclipse having Iwru nearly total at Alg.ers. cauaed ifreat terror among the native* On the top of their terrace* tbey made a no!*e with pestle* and mortar*, or lighted In tbeir room* the small wax candles of which tbey purchase a supply at the time cf tbe ffte of the Mouh-ud (birthday of Mobauioned ) Tbey ca.led t<> mind with alarm tbat, according to tradition. Aigter* ) to be one day destroyed under similar circuinstance* by tbe se* r.Slng to tbe bight of S<idi Ben Nour, which crown* one of tbe summits of tbe Bouzsrea, and tbat future navigator*.when viiling past will point und*r their vessels and exclaim. There stood A gi'r* onm-titid Bittkss -W? have frequent cc i iiou* tc speak of tb<* remarkable medicine, because we nave full faltb in it? excellence, and know of many instances where It baa perfjrm< d almost miraculous cures It 1* principally designed a* an antidote for inspepala, Indigestion, and numerous disorders of tbe stomach It wts discovered snd perfected by a regular phyairian, after years of research and practical ?xper ence in medicine It is entirely unlike sll other *pe< la<~* witb which we are acquainted, and extracts tbe dlse?*e by Its very roots, leaving no vestige behind Hold bJ sll respectable druggists Fu tbe I'sited Smm^Flag of Our Cm tan WASHINCITO* NEWS AND MOSSIP. [Editorial Corrttfimiitnrf of Tkf Sfur.J [No. 15 ] Augutt 4. 1>?60. W f*tfield? Mor ST HoL-i ***?>*P?tTt<5 field? Faimisgbh-The Cottage Rkmdeves or Boito!iia!ii?The View or B.>?to>'s Sen moc*D'5gs riox the B*n Bit?Off roi !m ahant. We are now at Weitfleld, a large and thriving rlllagr The railroad runs upon it* north boundary By a law of toe Mate, where railroad* eroai earh other the train* of both on approaching the crossing must come to .1 dead bait So our engine i? now taking breath immediately in front of the creasing of the New Haven and Northampton Railroad, rta Westfleld From Westfleld east, the valley of thi? river btmmrt a ?paciou? and beautiful one, exceedingly fertile (by manuring) and well cultivated and improved Ita farm* are said to fell for near S'-HK) per acre, though on questioning my informant I am satisfied that ita average yield of cereals, the grisiies and tobacco, all of which are cultivated successfully there, do not piy better tban such crop* raised upon well tilled Maryland and Virginia farms, worth from $10 to S.M) per acre. Ere entering Springfield Mount llolyoke. far famed In the self-beputting annals of Massachusetts, rears its bead far above those of its fallows in the distance?say ten miles ctf?and is pointed out to travelers ju?t as we cross the Connet tlcut. a* the curiosity of the vicinage On crossing the river, we at orce enter Springfield, which fairly disputes with New Haven the sobriqvtt of the 'City of Kims''?a beautiful rural city truly, grace fill yet piquant in its every attribute as teen anywhere from the windows of car* on this road. To us of the South It is best known of all New Kng land towns as he headquarters at this season of the year of the lions of Yankee transcendental literature; a tribe who eternally Imitate the habit of the frog in inflating himself with pride to ridiculous Importance, (according to the fable handed down from Jisop's time ) Half a dozen railroads converge in the Springfield depot, a spacious and ad mi rnbly constructed one. where In, though thronged from morn till Right, and then from night until m-jrn again with passengers arriving and departing by the multitude of trains stopping here on all the live or six heavily traveled railroads, accidents hav>; never yet occurred that I have ever heard of We are again off for Boston, after a delay of twenty minutes to dine Mount Holyoke loo^s b it a little to the north and wtit of us. and as It 'amis go much higher than any other point of this territory, can probably be seen from all locat.ous for twenty or thirty nil lea o round We now course through a Light)- ulti vated agricultural country, the soil of wbich is naturally very poor evidently, tho>igh what we at the !*outh regard as enormous expenditure for manuring?say *5<i per acre on corn?enable* th*in not only to g^ hark that money, but & fair interest besides, upon iheir lands A well-informed and intelligent gentlemen at my ?de tells me of their almost fib. ul<)us expeudiUires, and that thev are made to pay by the particular application of the grains, Ac , tLiey forced from mother earth's here reluctant bosom. Corn grown here sells as roasting ears, as far as such a sale for them can be obtained. If allowed to harden, the grain Is fed to forced young ducks, chickens, and gerie, sold in earlv spring In the markets of .New York. Bolton, Albany, and the hundred other cities and considerable towns within twenty-four hours by rail This is "triu k-farinlng" with a vengeance. If paying here, h^w inurh more would It pay if followed after the same fast.Ion In our latitude, with our much greater advantages of soil, climate.\c Ten miles or so east of Springfield we again get into a comparatively rough country, with Lills covered with scrub timber, and Melds dotted w th boulder rocks, and we are perpetually crossing and reerostiiig an inconsiderable stream, up which we are wending our way. Villages ?re multiplying, rai h succeeding one showing, in th* manner in which it is built, that we moineiitar ly go nearer and nearer to New Kugland's emporium, which she so fondly calls tue modern Athens After passing Krook field, miles west of Worcester, we enter a beautif .1 country, a?for this region?wide and hii'hlv-rnl t vitfd Hnnm.wiUt dark swlft-couralng streams in all d.rcctioiis. and hill-bound edyen as far off ax tlif eye can penetrate the distant view. Kre reaching Worceater Junction, where four railroads come together or bran< h out. (one going to Nashua, N. H . another to Norwich, Ct., and still another to Providence. K I .) we were detained some ir, inutes, to enable paMcngers to arranjje themaelvea in the different trains Tbe last ten inilea ere reaching it was through a desolate couutrv- overg'ow n w itb brush and scrub, though on reaching It we auddeuly came directly ufon a beautiful. h!glily < ultivated and densely-populated country, admirably built up With the Worcester Catluiic College (a bran' h of Georgetown College) and the Worcester Medical College (and female Institute combined) forming the two most conspicuous pictures of the scene, the view of Worceater and its surrounding! as we enter it from the wi st ii a str! k i ng ly - plc?*z lit one. indeed. The extensive machine shoj>s, depot sheds. turnout*. Ac , of the various crossing railroads here, form tbe object of perhaps greatest interest to tr.e traveling stranger. At Springfleid and Worcester one ran obtain an idea of the locomotini; babit of New Kngland generally, every man. woman ar d child here seeming to journey by rail ten tiin-s aa much annually as the j>eople at large do in our own section. Our stay in Worcester was not more than Ave nflnut-s; wben we were off" ajain for Boston, 10 miles east, traversing a beautiful manufacturing and agrtrul;ural region, every mile of which lsf in liar to in*, 1 isomuch a* when a boy I was enK i.'t-d In the construction of this railroad As 1 p s*ed through its villages and along Its streams and ponds to day, reminiscences of long forgott n associations in them, came thick and fast to mind ? f? i- a ?? r mm r rnmingDam ? miles out from Worcester? down to Boston, the route of tbis ros-d is well-nigh a continued w?ll-built village, so densely is It set-'led and built up; in many instance with highly ornamental improvements, not a few of which are residences of persons engagtd daily in business |n Boston From Albany all the way east to Boston, tbis railroad provr#to be a very Mne, weli-prov ded and wellconducted one, affording tbe traveler far more than tbe usual share of comfort falling to the lot of those journeying by rail The view from the top of the State House in Boston is said to be the finest, of the country surrounding the city. Vet I will venture to "pit" against it the view of much of the same country from tbe cars of the western (Worcester) train for a mile t>eR>ri? entering the clt/. Th?- region thin ircn has been built up amazingly since. wl<rn my oo*e Anger*' end* and toe* didn't inind a nip now and tben from Jack Frost, when standing for day*, week*, and months in the winter upon the Ice covering of that *aine 4- bick bay," superintending the work of the original construction of that am*' railroad | I hurried across Boston, to take, at the end of l.oug W Larf. the last boat of the day for Nabant, to avoid what I apprehend to be the dullest thing [ cjuceivab e to one *o active as myself?a Sunday In modern Athens?which, though proverbially the city of "notion*," ei>t~rtairis but one notion on that day of the Week ?the notion that all must viiir long fa'-es upon it Tome an utter abomlna| tion, for I constitutionally abhor dullness W D. W h | Disposal or the i.*ins Allotted mi thb ! New Yoke Indian*?The selection* and aliotnw lit* of land for the New York Indian*, in con- | forinity with the provisions of the treaty with i ..U l-Jl-? ? Miu I Iiuisu* uir i.uu January. i1**", having j been approve by the Secretary of the Interior, the remaii:<l-r of the tract heretofore reserved for thee Indiana tn Kansas have b<*eii turned over | to the General (.and Office for dlapoaal as other puMIc lmds and, under instructions from that office, *re liable to disposal aa othsr unentered lands. hftolNEKIM PtOMOTIti AID AFPOiHTin !*ef j ond Aaa L A Williama promoted lo a tlrat aaa.atant, ai.d Third Assistant B C Hampton to a a -cord naaiat int. J 1. Vauclidn, Joaepb Trilley and Benjamin Herring, warranted aa third assistants to 1111 vacancies i ,V, rt*.- . ffii'ilCMliC dliU ICIAI1, ft) S. C. FORD, Jr., Phai maceutist, an 14 iw corner aix.1 Pa av ? JUST KECF.IVED. au.l fur ?al- SIR JA* CLARK* FEMALE PKKIODICAL PILES. Al?o, REYNOLD'S SPKC FIC for Oout or Rh umattiiii, bj S. C. FORD, Jr.. l'lia t4iae*- utir>t. mi 14 2w __ corner llth ?t unit Pa ave. HOOP SKIRTS. HOOP SKIRTS. Jn?t received tin* morning, a large assortment direct from t!in manufacturer*, oi the l?<*t makes, i in I.aliof. Mi***?*, and Children*, all at reduced pricen J. W.POIjLKV ? CO.. au U 6t 5-i3 7th ?t. ahovf Pa ave. SIJALVERT FORD. Jr., A POTH t-C At\\ AND DRV(Hi 1ST, Pun. Annua, Coai?t? or Elevs.-*th St., Dealer in PL'RE DRl ???, CHEMICALS, STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, including tht and >no*t arpr vtti FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATION'S; ?uo, VH >irE AkrlCt.KV FX)H THK TOILET, eii.biacui* ever> variet* I RNOH. EViLiSH AND AMI- RK AN PER Fl?I' tiV, SOAPS, r It I S. E*, Ac. T ie proprietor'* personal attention give at ?U h ir? to the compounding of Pliy?iciawr Prescription*. au 14 12t Rhjht or Way ?or a Wistkk* Railioat.? Judge Arny. of Kinui, has filed In the Geiie'Sj Land Office the necMmry paper* to obtain tbe right of way for the coi.atructlon of a railroad through JSouthern Kansas. to connect with tbe Galvriton nilroad in Teias The CommlaaioMf of the General Land Office has. In conformity with the laws cf Congress granted the necettary instruction to the land officers having control of tbe idiids through which this road will j aas, to reaerre tbe r ^ht of way and lands for d-p<>ta and water stations Mr Amy left th< city yesterday for Kansas. and. with a corps of engineers will kt once proceed to make a survey through Kanws and the Osa^e and Cherokee Indian country, with a view to the permanent location of the road through this Indian territory. Isdia* Intklligknck from New Msuro-J L Collins, Superintendent of Indian Art.iirs. Sinta Fe, New Mexico, in a recent letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. states that the troops that were ordered from Utah to that department are now arriving daily. Referring to the condition of the Indians there, he says that constint forays are being made by these savages upon the settlements, especially on the west side of the Rio Grande A number of rcbl?eries have also taken place on that side of the river. Two companies of Mexicans, who lately made a ram. pugi! n^fliim tueiu, uiuiueu crrsi iom One party of SJ men was attacked by a lar^e body of Indians. when 30 of the .Mexican party were killed and 12 or lj wounded. Thk Par agca y Commksioji.?The commission upon claim* of American citizens upon Paraguay, for alleged lnjurlei to their bualnets by the wioorful act of the Government of ibat country, report that tn the case presented, that of the Rhode Island Manufacturing Company, so en led there U no good ground for the claim for damage*. S?>me *100.ton waa the amount of alleged dam- j age* by the acta of Lopez. THAXSTKR of THK As r icu ltur A L DSi'ARImsnr?The clerka, \c , engaged In the Unite! States Agricultural Bureau bare changed their quarters from the room at the southern termincs of the main f?asaage way tn the second story cf the east wing of the Patent Office building, to two capacious apartments in the basement story ?/ ?u ?: u1 iuc mllic willg. Is ocr Local Department will be found aj communication from tte gallant captain of a | ga lint corps, about our military correspond- | ence. Appoi.nt.mkst.? Kdwin (Jaines has been *p pointed Postmaster at Hristoe's Station, on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, vice John R. Kinoheloe. ? Naval Ordkr ?Passed Assistant Surgeon .las Suddard. has been ordered to the Naval Asylum at Philadelphia. Tim Wiathkr.?The following report of the wathrr for the morning 1* made from the Arner Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation it about 7 o'clock AUGCST 14. 18(50 New York. N. Y rainy Philadelphia. I*a raimnp. Washington, D. C cloudy P?-ter?hurK, Va rainy. Norfolk, va raining, wind K Raleigh, N C raining. 67?. Wilmington, N C cloudy wet. Charleston, J*. C raining, 7 4", wind XF A'iguita. Ga cloudy, cool Savannan, Ga cloudy, TO", wind \ \V Macon. (Ja stormy, cool Columbus. Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery. Ala e'oudy, cool. FROM THE WKfT. Frederick. Md cloudy, wind STV Cumberland. Md overcast cool Grafton, Va clear,cool. Wheeling, Va clear, cool. Parkeraburg, X'a clear, cool. Cincinnati, O clear, coot. Pittsburg. Pa cloudy, ."it0. Ottawa, 111 cloudy, 6j?, wind K Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corre> t?-d for temperature,) at noon, Thermometer at 7 a m . ti'2 , at noon, 07' Maximum during "<J4 bonra ending a m. to day, 83)4?; minimum 60^* Anion 111 01 rain since Saturday, measured at t-.e Sin tbaouian Institution, two lucbcs .ii)d elgbtern-hundredths Five Hcsukkii i<iu Sxty-fivk Star* i* 0*k .Night ?The New Hnven I'alla d'.uiu of Friday contains tbe following communication:?Observations made here last nigbt show that tb< annual meteoric display of August has not failed this v<ir Hi-twi-cn id p. m (!?ih) and 3 a. in (10th) live hundred and s'xty-tive shooting Urt wert urn by a corps of obefrvera stat'oi.ed on the top of a high building in the cltt Most of the meteors moved In paths which, if tra< ed back, would inU-rs? t in the constellation 1'erseus Many of them were more brilliant than stars of the ilrst magnitude, abd left sparkling tftlns. Aft?r II o'dock tbe light of the moon interfered with tbe ottservations, and doubtlesa rendered in visible many or the smaller meteor* The Aurora Horealli w*t vtsiole during the night, and occasionally presented groups of bright streamers nome of theni reaching to an altitude of fully forty degrees Viciilamck CoM>j'TTEK rkprjl?en ?A difficulty occurred at S'.arke, Kla , on the Florida Kailroad. on tbe*.?>th ult , wblr.h resulted In the death of one person, and the dangerous wounding of two or tbree others Dr. Ilollin^swortb. a citizen ?>f Siarke, taving ex preyed his disapprobation of the conduct of certain person*. calling tbemseivs ' Regulators," was attacked while in his own dwelling, by a party of them Lr Hollln^swortb. afsistej by his little son. a bov only thirieen years of age, repelled his assailant?, k: 1 i?d their leader, a man by tbe name of Dow ling, and severely, if not mortally wounded sever ?l others A number of shuts were lired on both sides. ______ MEETING IS RESPECTFULLY Klv S que teil at the <'onnc I Chamh-r, in the City Hall, on THI'KSDW KVtNING 4 o'clock, of tho?e citizen* who are fa,-oraM? to the er> ct on of a Monument to the m reoryofth? late JO>EPH UAI.KS. The ohj?ct ?f tm> me-i ing is t > inriato measures 'or t'-e purpose ofcarryI k out a suggestion which has met wth the appn val of the entire community. au 14 3t_ rf^comk and see oik celkbr ated JJ* navy flannel coats at ao at ail if-iw smith's, No.46ft seventh utrwt NOTICE.?Th? owners of the yacht* "f > Washington, Georgetown an t Alexandria, wl.o wish to parttcipat in the race to come otfat such a time as they mar designa e, are respectfully retjiiesteo to meet at th< Commercial House,corner ofseventh street and La. avenue, MONDAY, 13th inst., at M o'clock p. m. au lo-3t* q.eorgetown college, d c. Studies will he resumed at this Institution on the fir*t Monday of September. an M-eo3w JOHN EAHL\ , S. J., Ftwidwl. MOURNING GOODSL?Wa (An "Ur -i.tire Stoi-k of MOURNING GOODS, in thin and thick fabrics, all at greatly reduced prices, to reduce stock. J. W. COi.LEY 4 CO , au 14 6 it'i'.i 7th Kt. ali >ve |'a ave. F resh blue lick, Bedford, c<?nuHKSS, ana other itllNLRAL WATERS. I con>ta:.t.y ou hand, l>y s. c ford, Jr.. Druggist ai.d Chemist, _aul4-2w _ corner llth at. and Pa. a>e. I^OR walf.-A BAY PONY, an excellent . sal tlf horse, ami also works well in fry h^nvss, also a si-t of harness nearly new, a d a econd hand op huggy. App \ at the^^^J. Drugstore uud r the ClAieudon Hotel, corner of titli and l enn.ave. 14 1 w* TTAKR NOTICE. II O M ?' S O N S CELEBRATED MEDI j Cl.NLS, LIFE PRESERVKR, and CORDIAL ,r..r ,|U ->,..1? -I- - ? Th? Rucif tl ftyrlaa Wimn aid f hildrea by tnxlish The following letter from Capt Parnt?r, of tke English Navy, describes tomr few of the horrible scenes he baa recently witnessed In !*vrla, and ; give* an accoaot of the rtacueof -,000 women and children Vy Ktigl'ah men-of-war W ith referenre to the [Vir-el-Karoar. the Druses BomnMcrd on vvedaesdar. th* 1Mb limtoat, to erW tbr town in large armed band*, and began I pillaging the ahopa and warehouses at 4 In the nfterooon; the troopa joined tneUruxaiu plnn during Durtni; the nijjht the Dram of the Hauran and the Metualia entered the city from ditWei.t directions Karly on Thursday morning the town was ?ft on tire in several flat rs. and a mas aarr?? of e*eery male inhabitant, from the helpless old man to the infant at tb* breast, comri>rii< *-d. and the women who did rot fly were violated T hot? atrorif !ua ? ? 4?* - ?? vuntinuru wnuuui iiiirriiUBiiUii until Friday. At - p m on Thursday. Li* Btcfllency Khoor- I ?beed t'atba, Governor Iteneriil of 5vr".a. arrived. 1 but taking no D?(ir.f of the horror* committed by the troops <>r Dri:?e*. p s?ed on to a itat^n cail-d liaheen. which overlooked the town He th^n ,M\led an ordrr to ?t*y the *laugbter. \? . h w ? d'.*regard?*d by both the troop* and the I)ru*e?; 1.5'"1 male* it'* mated, are ,<iw l\in;. nt> ired amid the ru ns of IV.r-el K iimr aiid the women and cbild-?n who fled from the v ene f tauuh'-er. 1 wa? informed bv Mr C?nsul-Qeiicral Moore, were ni;ik intheir e* ape to the *ea* <le, rerr the Da moor river, hunted down like wild l?e*?ia I imtantly <l:*pat hed t'apt Lambert, of the tiannet. who wit about to proceed to Athena, and j de*i red him to aU nmlize to the M hawk tLtn on j b-r way from >idon with the fu ;itlm from the massicreg at H iabei va, to ?sa;?t her with t .f l oaU in embarking ttie refugee* I enclose you the report? of Commander LttnIn-rtand Actintf-Conaul \Ve?t and in d- in;; ?o I beg lesive to inform you that the service w t* pn-r- j formed under d tfl^uitv. and reflet-ted treat ciedtton all concerned . and it will he gratlfv i g to you to know that, with the meant that you ba e placed at my d;*f>o?al we hare ?aved from the ... ......... . II.UI uv I I <>|>V* VI UltitlUU J Upwaiu of 'J *2110 Christian women and children In tbe tint trip the (iannet brought up arven hundred. tL r Mohawk four hundred and I the *ecoiid trip the Mohswk brought up ail bun- j dred and twenty-four, and tbe third trip upward* of tlv? bundre-d. in every *tage of ml*erv Tbe most severely wounded 1 received on board cf tbe Kxmotith. and their wound* were dressed by the surgeon of tbla ahip, tue remainder were landed Hfid sent to tbe French hospital The whole* of ttiose wounded were shot or sabred flying from

the town after their husbands and male children had been slaughtered I received every assistance from tbe boats of tbe French, Russian, and Turkish ships lying here, 1 in landing tbe*e poor rre.ature-* . and tbe French Commode e dippatched to tue northward a vessel i i order to rrsc-je aay others tbat may have rr inained, but I have ev?ry reason to believe that tue fugitives from / ible, Ha*b>* va. and L)e;r-rlKainir have been taken oil from our vessel* The conduit of (tainaii Bey really ap^iear* lu thi* age witb 'Ut a ptralle He tirst of all in- | duced the Christian* to surrender their arms: be then crowded tbe poor cre-nture* in the courts of the Serai, and for eljbt days kept tbeiu wtih barely sufli ient find to keep lif?* together; and then, when unable to resist fiom pbysii al debility, be o[>ened the gate* and allowed the Druses to rush in and mas*acre them to the number of Silt. inrn. women and <ht'.dreii The |pw tha' escajied owed tb??!r preservation to crawling under the bodies ??f the dead and ** apiug under tli*- rover of darkneM On hearing of ttiis butchery, and believing it possible that many of the won en and ch idren woii.d es< ape to th> sea coast of I'vre .ind r'idon I immediately dispatched thf Mohawk, on the ilst. to those places, with orders to communicate w;tu the Vire Consul, and brin^ off ?i?y i-f the fugitives It was on the return of the Mohawk | from tbes* places with 5tH> that she assisted in embarking the women in Delr-el Kamar on toird the Gaunet. Visit or thk Pkixck or to Bosto* The Boston Transcript of the lllh last., says lt,at Mayor Lincoln ana Alderman An or, arrived tome from their visit to Canada on Krd y *ft< rnoon They were received in th?- Providers i!h the utmost cordiality by tt?? muuicipal authorities of the d tferent cities, and were gratiti?*d by the evid*n -e? of tfood feelina which exhibited them 8-iVfs wBTrver they Kirrled In an luterview with the Mayor, the Prince expressed much pleasure at ILis nviution to visit i.'i?* city of K?>?ton, on account of ttie many interesting associations < omitted with ii? nan e. and also bl< d?s;re to visit the ' University city,1' ss h' styled Cambr d^e, for similar reasons His Kovol Highness has already acfpbd Invltitions to vi?'t the Piesldentof ibr I'nitfd Sltiri at the na'ional capit-ti. the cities ot Nc* York and boston, and will doubtless also b-received 1 i a be< iiiiiii:^ manner by Several utLtr of our important and populous c|ri-s TLe d? tails of the movem< nu of the Prii ce In I the United States are to he aoou rrranged bftwifil Lord Lyons and the respective oili ial authority*, when due nrinouni ernen's of the same will t>e publicly made. While in the I uite.l States the Prince will take the title of Lord Renfrew It is expected that his visit tu Koston w 11 occur in the latter part of September or early in October, and we are sure he will receive a welcome from our city that wi 11 be gratifying to him pe-S'>nally, a id be appreciated by hit Government as an earn?si of the friendly sentiments entertained by the ! metropolis of New England toward the mother country The Prince returns home during the month of October. Thk Kkpcblicsss at Spbisgi'ikld. Ill?The Hutlalo Commercial Advertiser, speaking of tbe iiuineiise gathering at the home of Lincoln on Tbursiay last, says that the pro esslon occupicd three hours in passing Mr Lincoln's house, la a continual stream, and was over ten miles long. Mr Lincoln sto??d on his porch while this army was passing, and received the uninterrupted and vociferous r beert of the multitude It Is asserted that teventy-flve thousand |>erson* were In Spring!} - rt during th?- day. fiveIboutaud of whom were l'\\ ;de-Awak?a" n uniform. TiLlfittriiiNO s Fitxri ?There it a pr<tpecttbat the dutiet on telegraphic mesaagt-t in France will noon be reducea Tbe meature would meet with general approbation, as tbe present tariff it very bljfh "i be \a bole number of d.spate net gent in France doet not rx' eed at prea-nt Uv. kmudreti thousand a vekr. at an average < oat of *f <ic The number is very mall, when compared with that of letters sent by post, which it two hundred and fifty inilliont. Thk tirkat Cathrdrai. at New Vh?? ?Archbishop Hughes has ordered th<? tutpention of work upon the new Cathnll.- cntbedrai at New York The wall* of the building are now tome ten or eleven feet on an average, over the surface, a id give an earnest of what tbe structure will be when finished, but there is aitck a lack of funds for proceeding with the work.thaMbe Archbishop will not allow it to go on, for f^sr the workmen will be defrauded of the fml?? r.t ? _ _ _ ?. - ? ~ u?'iiroi lauur Ancifit Roman Ma!h*sc*ii't?. ?In the Imperial Library at Vienna, are pres r?*d several beautiful Roman manuscripts of the highest antiquity. Among the number is a calendar, which 1* decorated with allegorical Ugures of the months; and the 4 l)i?ocrid?*s,'* a work of gr?at Interest In the history of painting, inasmuch as th* text speaks of drying oil. and the illustrations exhibit au artist at work with palette and easel. and slab for grinding his pigments?differing little from those now 1 n use. Pamenskr Railway Statistics ?There are now in actual running order in Philadelphia, 19 Passenger Railway Companies, with 395 cars, 2 Til horses and MU3 men employed. Tbere are ! >?? 17-40 mil' sof single track Hut one company has, thus far. a night line in ofwration; but as this one h*? proved successful, others are considering the propriety of following the example The average pay of conductors is #!? per week, and drivers ?7 5ii per week. Cost cf the Gkkat F.astemx ?The original cost ol llie lireat Kaitrm was ;*4 50U.WAI Mie stands charged to the prrsent nwnersil SV.150.UtU Of Oils amount $5<in.0uo la prefer'ed stock. The h<>ldTs of this stock will doubtWaa soon own the ship, and they ar?* likely to find her an elephant which they cannot manage, and which will be to thein only a great bill of (?*U? h^ALL STYLE NKCK TIES FOR GAROTB and Byron Collars, just received and for bale at our t'.KUal low prices. MIAII WALKER k. CO , au lS-3t :< >;* Pemi. avenue. Dr. hchenck. T HA UK EAT LUNO DOCTOR. Will make another vimt to Waahington on WfcDNESUAVjth# 1Mb inat. By inquiring at the Druic store of S B. WAITE. corner of Tih and Louisiana ave , they will he directed where his rooms are Felons laboring under a Cough or Disease of the Lungs, or Liver, will do well to call on the Doctor, as he has proved lumself to he the oul) person to cure consumption after it is firmly seated. H* given a. I vice free of charge, hut charge* three dol'ars for a thorough examination with hi* resptrometer _ au 13-2t_ rfMIE JAPANESE HAT. OPERA HAT, 1 Flora Driving Hat, and all kints of Hats at No. |bO Seventh street BU II-4W FEMALE ACADKMY. i ^trkrt, hkt wsin 18th a5d 19th. ELLEN E. JANNEY. Pbiwcifal. The Aix'h Annual Pension will c('mm?no? on the fi'?t MONDAY in ffp fmtwf. au 11 law3w* \| ETHOPOLITA.N COLLKGtATE 1N8TI ITI TI'TE FOK YOL'NO L4D1E9, 464 k 9r., bitwxin 6m akd 7th 8t?. Tli? fourth annual tension <>f tho Institute will commence oo the hrst MONDAY in !*?*pt?mib r. Application nhould t>? nnuio arly, a? Ue mint iter of pupil* i? liiiiiuwl. For particular* saeei'culani or apply to the principal, Mr. and Mra. T. H. HAVEN-NER, at the luititute. au 9-e<itf T II III lM)UM FlOHT? 7V'? Hwnri'ti Dfl nwnrr* nmd PoUwtttvmu * K*ll*d?EztU*mr+t Aitmt Ik' From:irr Stttl'mmtThe Topeks (Kansas Kivofd Auput (, hii We learn from Mr. Davidson. of Ind tnoLs. that a painful rumor was bronrht to that place on Saturday last, by a returned Pike's Peaker. of a aevere Indian Htffct, awn e three weeks since, on the Solomon shout 1U> miles shore Fort Riley, in which shout Pottowattomies sud Delaware* were killed The informant savs be rnsod directly through the tc-ne of the flight, the dead were nil acalped and tupped the other party to hare been Cheyenne* Arrapftbot*. Ac . who were known to hsv* teen in that vicinity at that time The murdered I nd 1 <n? are suppca*-d to lie s party of some :k*t or tis> Pottowattoime*. half breeds, and Delawares. that went from this vicinity a short ttme previous to the rumored battle, for the purpoae uf hunting buffalo i ne n^iii TH-jw>-en tbe Cbevenn<? and I'tvimi ws- wrnf? ?i hv a roii(<lr of pioneer*. who wer* at the ti-n?> bunting but!-Jo. and w*s described by ttarm <u Iwiiii: * (nrfu! rrnr The roonhaUnU numbered coiiie thousands. w rl* all inounUd. and k-pt constantly circling, lvldown In tbrirvdd.t-a. and firing over tbeir horses net ki ai they approached the enemy The 11* bt lasted two hour*, quite a number were killed?their Informant* did not know how ninny?and at the end <>f that time the Pawnee* broke and run with the Cheyenne* after them In addition to the above in formation. Mr !> vid*on inform* us tbat ?rreat eiritement prevail* throughout the frontier *-tUetrenU on account <>f Indian depredation*, that manv wbltrs had been killed, alio, that he met ruany families on tbeir way t?> the larger settlement*. carrying with them tbeir entire household j;ood?, having abandoned th?ir hoinii, their crops and evervthing they Could not earrv away Compsintr* were being made up at Minhatt**, Junction Cltv 4<! . for tMir*u1ii|( and chastising tnese wild Indian*, wbo iavc never l*fore pressed the settlements so close Thr Nicaragua ExrKOlTlOK ? trni Ftrt Humriml Afc* ojt Yuratan ?The New Or leans Picayune of t!ie Tth lo?t nn The Mexican s?hcon'r Brilllante, Captain Ksptnola. arrved at tli's port lesterdav from Steal, with advirra from Merlda. the capital of Yucatan, to the V*tL ult. Tli? bfwi is of the moat Important < bara?~u r General William Walker, of wbnae departure front the island of R uatan on the ^I?t of June we have before bad accounts, arrived off the VuaUn coast, on the way to Nicaragua. on the 2 at ult He had with him Ave v wis and Ave hundred men. all well eqtiip|>ed full of spirits. and amply supplied with arma. ainir.unltlon and provis ons From which lt:and the five vessels made tbeir rend? ivous. the ?i vat' w, a moat prosperous one, ai<d the whole fleet pas*-d down the roast in splendid style The expedition tirst rame to anchor at the island of Oiuniel. on the f?ast of Yucatan, wti?-re it remain* d, cominuuir iting with tae main land and completing tlie preparations for the rxpelliion. till the vtjth ?iIt l? tb> n set mil) for NIc iragua direct, where it is b lieved l'?ng ere this t have eff.-cted a landing- W bite off thecnast of Yucatan the t iiu-ditu n receiveil larffe retnforremen ft men, and wan ampiv supplied with provisions Front Yu?*at<n there is no news of i.u|ortan>e. The p? nui?ttla was for the m?m?nt in tlie enjoyment nf coiupara'ivr ji?-n? e, hut tb"- fon merclal classy were still tuff-ring fr<>in tiie effects of the lonj; and dis-s'rons war i f rac?s Tne STEAME* ? IT? i* I'.hihim with a \\ halk?On lint Monday f<>rrnonn. as the M John iientiT Kirtern City was on hM p.-isaa^?- from this city to Portland. she ran upon a woale. knocking off her f>?ref?-c-t. and cauaing a alight leak At that time the ve**?| waa about ten mil-* N \ K of Thatcher's I* and. and waa goifiK at her hum! speed A school of Ave whale* were in aigtit. playing at?oMt. when suddenly one of them ro*e jii?t forward of the Hows. and waa struck on lh* i d'. aboiittMo thtrda of the way back from the brad, causing <1 >>te a ahork to the v'wl The win e dove Instantly and not being seen a^-ain. waa supposed to be killed It waa a lar*e whale, j'td^ed by those who aaw it to be seventy live fe^t long A few minute* after another whale w ? k en romin toward* the ahtp at great ?eee<l. and It wa* ?xpect?d that the creature would aita< k ttie steamer but at two length* distance it suddenly "dove" and disappeared.?Botioh Traveler. JV!*T R KCK: Vlll? A I.ARliK I.OTOF FAI.I. ?t i<> SiJIH I Cdl.l. * K-v St?CKSanfl * ? kinds of GE\TVFT RXISHI Mi GOOi Sand CLuTH i m? ai ai i i n ?*. >o. 46? Seventh street, oppo-1 Ht* Puit OB?i?. au ll-?w vv ILLIA.M H. fcNTWISI.K. *? APOTHECARY, I htrmerlv jctth J. /, Kiivll, Ey .-f de?-t" l( -p*cUu I> lulu ins tr *? cilixetit> <>{ r ? -? ' ' M9 if i v . . .a F d I's ?v?., where he w.ll t?e fonrwl ?K al a.i . an 1 will kfff ? I'rcih *ni1 *?i| 8?l> ct"'t if rV of DR 1'fjS, FANCY A RTICLKS. Mad hi. c-o-!? iml % Immm iii a w?-l. furnished Dm* St ?re lie promising th"t>e who inly faror hi it i witii th >u patrona<e Ins uidtvi-Jed attention to tiiau wants N B Kxcluaive pe-*onal attention riven to the ;ompoundinr "f Ptiyticiaus' Presc, iption* at all I.ours. <1a? or nuut ? ll-ty* \r ill auk urkkn seminary is i,?'Ca te.1 11 a l>e?uti ul and r ealthful vil'afe I? atx/V.? Wilmington. DH.,an<! near the Pin.velpfii*. arid Ha:tiuiore Railroad. Kecomineiuied h? the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Metnodist h pis?op?l i 'hurci. The course of -tud) is ext^noire and thorough?in the Mathematics , Cla?e:cal ami Knrli>h L'epa'-tni-nts. Student* are pr*par?d for business or colleje. Iii.the pr? pallor* course for co.leje special reference is ma<1e to Dickinson College. Tii- institution <s provide*! with a large philosophic*. apparatus to il list rate the st.jdy of N a'u'at Science. A library of three hundred volumes is accessible to piipkia The fifth ?car will commence MONDAY, Sep teml>er 9><. I8K lioa-dinK,Tuition. A c.. for session of 14 weeks. 9 Grent atteution i? paid to the moral deportment of students. Month * reports ?ent to parents. K?t circular* or inforn ation eddress tne Principal, Kn- J. HKRVKY BARTON. a. M. Village <ire-:i Seminar*. Del? * are count. < . Ph. H' t'*".'?lit* I.eviSc tt. 11 1> Hiahon of \t. ! * ?; . w ilmiuct n.l)fl;Mr F. A l.uli Wa-Huifton 1). C : Sir. O. VV Ai:pe|l, do.; Motift Dick on A King, Ueorn? town. au 11 t^*-f S Si') cili WILL HI"y a Fiji* PRAB BLAVER 'J ? , -Ml or t an.-imere Ur^ii Hat At LANE'S Fashionable Hat aud Cap !<tnre. Fa. ave.. an Iv ltn near 4S street. |> \ riNT FKl IT AND VEGETABLE .1 \RS--the tw?t aul cheapest article in u?e? call ai i f.~<v Ai*o a -uppU of Cuie'i n?"; Burnett's Cocaine; Broirn finite . together with a fre?li lot of Medicine*, *o. Jimt received at MuOKK'8 West I'.uil Dm? Store. an I" 2w 1 I < Fa. ave. >'?? TICK.-Tlie road ri?ofntl? opntd throvih I I 11 | . >><(!,? r? o l t: >?? apitoi k ?u 11 '1 b * i in it* prevent ni ,dit:oa a highwa*. t>ul vis* intended for the iMfMNM uf ?r*rtii|[ ten* to tiie porticoes a:id atloidnx irigren? to p?r?OM nlvtriK iMiMiiesH in tii? building o wishn.* to inspect i'.. The u?e of the road a? a <?onmon highway would interfere very much with the progress of the woik going I therefore it cannot at p e??-nt be made a thoroughfare lijr omnibu* and other vehicle* A- nin as the work ha? made nuff.ciei.t i procresn to a<lmi t of it. the road will lie pu? in proper ] lUI.UIllV!! t'ld l!"iWli OpfM) 1'iT pu!l.'" use. J NO. B BLAKK. ommii?M>aer of Publie liui.dinfk and Grounds. an 0 >11 w PON'r FORiiKT. I HOSE th*t are trout. 1<-?I with Dysentery or any Dieea*'* of th" Bn??l?, wi'l find 'Hcffcj nmn< D'. J. SIMMS A SO\S CHOLERA ^VRI p M i'. c?-ii<?rii -lire* all ucti diaeaee* wit lout fai It i? perfectly free f 'in opiuin.and ai.fwerf :?>r ti.e a??*<l a? * ?> i a> the infant. For ??! by CHAS STOTT, Pa are; CISSEL. Georgetown;and COOK fc CO., Alexandria, an 5-iw^ HW. HAMILTON, PAINTER. and DEALER IN PAINTS. No. A*'l 7'-m St*E*t. n?ar Odd PtHall. an 2-tf PUTTV~ia DOWN. \l/rOOD Now i?the time to trt winter fuel at ?? reduoad price*. We have a larpe Bt>?ck of WOOD and COAL at very low AND prioee, for ca?h. V% ARDER A STEWART. (^OAL. Office?Corner H and Uth ?t?., J au 7-2w* Yard?12th ?t and Canal. \%i (* ALTS' tT O O D AND COAL OFFICE, SISU Pa. Av., Betw. 11th and 1*th 9r?., North side. Mill &n?l Wharf foot of S?v?nte*oth it., ma 17 *t Ho ow W"?r P'partmer t. 1/OK SA!.K.-The liKht draught K*t aaUm T YACHT POlNTKR ?il! t* ?ol.l cheap on iiiiiueiliate application Tlit- aJiov* is S> feet long. 12 f*t t?eain. with a hn?^^^* 2 l^ft in .etiKth; wai ht ed up lor a pi?*?ure boat, l'iit would make an exo*'lent market noau Inauir* of H O HO(ID. avenue. au 6 tf SUGAR,COFFEE, TEA, Ac. IS hhda PORTO RICO Bl'ti AR. IS do CI'HA SlUAH. 50 MM*. REFINED SUGARS, sfl t*?* Java coffee, St do M \R ACAI BO COFFEE, 25 do KlO COFFfcE. 25 do ST. DOMINGO COFFEE, ?> half cheat* GREEN aid BLACK TEAS, 5 U>*e? ADAMANTINE CA>DLES. 20 do PRIME CHEESE, art do xTARCH. Now landing from ateamer Monticello and packet achooner Mott B?d?ll, and for ml* |..w bjr au S 6tao SA.MI KL BACON k CO. washington V? (FIRE) INSURANCE v_ . _ COMPANY. Avtnut and Trntk Strut. ? ? Vf?G I' LR K, PmldMl O. D. HANSON. SMr?Un. i*tV*>tr Baltimore lifetn?ur"anck ca-m coirotattc ir?< ? Johm I. Hitrtir? rr**w M. t'OCLTBI, 9*C J. l&ISKgtHF* mn ItaMnfb* mi b? ettftinad *t U.? Comp&iir ? A|one * tor U* IhaUkct of Cotmabia. ofcpe. of L?wu Johiuon A Co,, Hulm. lot* ttnH "ittsscw. d. i AUCTION SALKvS. b'l' Ti 'H h n AI* Bt J. McUl IB ? A CO. |'?|OCHIK!? .V N 0 Hd! ?KHU.D FIRM t I t , [HI M11KN ING. Aucut' 'til IT)I: ?ir ,? t *' >i% I at tfi* *** ? at r<"^nip? ?f t n?? o<?T.-' of h \'t t ?p Cap 1 Hi , ? kllitn?t i tir> r?t ;t? ?>.4 M bo d ff-c'a. w# nam*. .t f*'t ? r ? * ?1 VVhtU * . ra Mo G-wn and H ack !> *.(" ff??. S..?p Can?i.??, Uri't'im. Buok't*. *o<i ?*??laf W ar??. C" ckm-y. ?. 4e. 1mmf>liat??i? afw th? ?al* >f Gr.*> - w? wt'! H i th? H G-h d?, eoB'UUoc ??f Hair el??th ParnT Cl>a<r?, >%? . *! K- : ;! Ci *.r?, I.. UI.** >la*h> U p i>rt?r?? *i <1 !*ld? Tat-:**. B'ain li K?rl?ir l'?rr?t, Cun l tiii.l 'UirCiif', K Pii ow?, l.iMn. WM I i I'm ' **im > h m'>??. Pun. ? and <* -okin* Chin , t.r:?rkef? Wsr*. fel'efiv K?oi;i> tr*. An. T Tin : 13 an! l?4*t,|nHk; ??% ? ttiftt ?*! a crr"it <?f ?i*t? * d ninftj < *)*, ior Mtiataolorl.T tdorsM] notr*. twarint tu 5 <): J C. MoGT iRK * CO LAMU. Kf J. C. M*il lKfc * CO . A t Ml<r< PKKfcMPTO* V CALK OF MIL.L 49iD Sritw <.?>.?:>? EMBfoiftnia*. TBIM hmo*. Lack* ?'k*k *Km, <> \ Oo?>i*.Ar.? On j*aTI K I) A Y NOKMNG. A ui mt ?li aofii Hi*roib* at !)c'? <H<k. ?^i| on'ltiBint front .ia? l?? ?1*? unii tli<> i? -li?p ?<1 < f, wr ?l?ai' mm, ai th# ?tor? of K (' . a, F*^ . N<> Sit Pw?. and 1 th ?tre?U, arg* van Hf of | hn in*. fimpritibC ? Crap* ?'nl Si * Houu?ta .if n*w ?h*p?a, TriTn?r?d and uiitr.nunc !*traw Hata a??d F at*. Color*! H?ir u<( Htrnw Kouri?ta. Cak"?i. IliMl and Whi*.? Jockey Hat*. Q^Bfcric acd !*wi?? Fdcinca and ln?*rtJO(a, IPu do Han"a an<1 <tr pa D-> d<> ('Alltri toil ftn(i' Bodi*i Cm.. u.. . . I v? ? ii" r?| * "i ?! 1 I* " r i"! ' r Ul' 1 * * G*ut*an<1 fciik, Sllfc Button*, P.ain Drop I a? Kri((M. R 1*1 Va?i'o,*. K.nj nh Thr?-*d, Cotton, |o>l>erial Vll?n?itHik. Hlond a<.d ??rj i4k?f <* ri*t? of l^fi, Hoop Mnt?, Krenoh Art fi<-ia' V'nmw, _ . La<li*?' oii.t C?nt:?mn'< Silk and b>?iUi? ?'tt> bralla*, ft?win* !Mik*. { 'wl f'otton", H\ir Pmi <>f a. i kind*. H'?a<1 Dr?*?*?, Hair, r-'oth an" N'ai! Bri*bM, r?mk. Op*r'? u a *?a. I'ortHKi A.M. Card ("MM, Go'd and Silver Thimh'e*. Tack Com'*, Labia'*, Harriaoti'a anc Ju.e* Hau.*'* haat K* tr??t?. Frrneh ai.d Gorman C? ?<ar.o*. Hair <Ml. Pomad* Ac . Ac. A!' of wmeh wi'l tv *o d without raaarra Tormi: #V and uud*-. c*ah; o*?r that nnt credit of ft' and <* cay*, for approved MMtnt?d notaa. S^ar.oc mt*w. *u 1 d J C MnGI'IW F. A CO . * ?8!?. B? J C MoGlIRK A CO., Anetionawa. H()l8KHOI.l)?M K ITCH KM Fl RNIT' RK l at cctio* -U? WFU.MF.8DAY MD?1IN6 n?zt, Auiuil 1Mb. <,omm*ncinK at JO o'el<"*A, w ?h* 1! * 1. at the reant?t>?* of a r*nti*mar. < olioi"C >ioB?^k-?epii??,at No A.16 Thirtaifntaatraat. k?B and C ?tr*?t. I?and. a.I hi* Houaehold h ff?ct?. eontutinc in fart ofMahogant Hair doth Pa lor Suit*. Do Murker, Can* *?* M option Cbair?. D?> CrVr* at.d l'*h m, \V iiatnol. Gilt f'ain" Mirror, Wath(t<i4, Toilet Sat*. Parlor aiid Cha-nfat a>p U. Fran< haid Cottu* *, Feather B?*d*. ?'air and r*huc* Mattre?aea, limine an 1 Kitch-n I at ^*. Com*. <? Ma. and t'rwk'rj War#, Citlm, J Coal 2 h*nl*r KtovM. C -kin* St vc and K t hen Keauiaitea. Ac T?"iii?: $ J* ? <* uad?'. ca?li OW that aum a c edit of ? and ?> da**. for uote>t aatiafacn>rilr ?d dnnrd. waring mtotut au U_dta J.C McQIHEA CO^Auot. MARSHAL'S !?ALK.-Ib virti* of a writ of fieri facia*. it*ii??i from the C.erk'a the Circuit Co?"t oftm* Dutriot of Columbia, for the of a?niB(iton, and to me c>rooted, I will ?xp?e to potie *a.a. for oaab.atthe Market Hoiic, (iaornetown. I). C , on PR (DAY, the 11th d*? of Aarukt ,o< inm?ncirig at 10o'ei<>ek a. m., the folio win* xooda and ehatt* , to wit, vis oae Sorrel Mo la and one Dun Mare Mua. aid levied upon % me inmi and cha't<? <>f Richard P. Jackson. at d will hea >!d t > atiaf> ju fic.a a MsX. to October term W'. in favor of J?>tm Mow*. W SKLDEV an 7-dta U.S. Mara ha:. \| a KSH AL'S SALE.?Ui virtue of a writ of "I ??". faciaa iaaue<i from the CersaOffoe of the Circuit Court < f ha Diatriet of C? an ia for Hh* County of Wastiiejton, and to me directed. I will expo** to puh in ea e. for naah. in front of the Court H"u?e d*-orof ?*id oon't? on WKONBS n? ? - - J- * - i/a , vur ? aa? m audi next.iase, at u o'oloak rn. a i ef i,d\nt'? t. title, emir. m<! t'?'W in %r,<i t> Lot No ?. u> ?<?uare l'6S, in the Clt? of \Y?ahini(ton, I'-C , togetner wthall and atugu a' the impr<>veme> t? 'n?'e..n, aeiaed and .?viM upuii the p-iip'it' of John F D?w, and will b*w>ld U> a'irft ju-iioia ? V" " t<> October term I*1, ta favor of Margaret M Df*r. wife >f J 0. Coria W.PELDEN. U. 8. .Marsha. for the Detriot of Co.urabia. an T-dU \f ARSHaL?J*ALE lovirtu* .?w-iUofl?n .* I fac.a* i?. u??ii fron. the Clerfc i olfioe of to* Cir euit Court of 'lie l>.?triet of Co.utntia. for th? axatj ofWaihiDttor, a ad to ne d.rected. I ?ip ? *> to public l\ (, or caah. in front of the court houae door of "Hid cr.unty. on MONDAY, the ?th dii? of Aniuvt n*it,18??>,at ISo'elookm .all defendant'* r'*ut.tit:?-,c. vn and mtereatir and to |>?t No IS in INnara No. "Si. ir. the eity of Washington, D. C.,to*etJie- with a I ar.4 l ucu ar tae ;tripro?eroer.!? thereon, aeized and ;?vi?d upon a? the property of Cha? H Van Patten ar -1 wi ><e ?oid t aat.afy J a dicta ? .Nob 78 a- *- ort ,w,u vo! John W. Thompson aad Z. D Gi iran W SELl>EN. Jr 13?<Jt? 1.8 Marat a for Ditt-iot of Co unibta C7-THK ABO/R SALE If POSTPONED r.t: \N KDNESI)A\, the Jf?t- mat. tan> hour a 1 t aoe. aa t W.gELPEN. f. MarOta.. FOR SALK AND RENT." [For otkf 41Fc* S*U md Kent ' nirtrti<?tn?*i?, l?i fiftt pogt ] I/OR HA1.E OR RENT-A new FRAME HOI ?E, eoiita nine *'* room* and a mminn kiothen. on lnt'i ?t i,..i??.. k' ? < i - - "" ... Li rw. r.uauirc at So ut K itmL tu u-jt* ^TORl- Fl?H R? NT >.t k:- t:.* -i < f T* n vf . t ? i h ' :<-i, suit* . !".> *-* a*. K< li.'-. ;? ' ara ?-nq l ir? No. Pi. ?> ? .t . : .I't'i > i. >11 14 2w F^C >R ^AL.K. ? A fir-' p i'-nr tin! KRh K HOJ'HK.on itth *t . Land Mat*.. with. i i' }* % - an<l H An* n# ?a -itn * r? ? H -? ? . :> t Id on v?r? ?c co'inn ^ it; t *. ?-t: s,fx - *-.<* i?>' -ma i?r pr. r ertv I'irapr it#- <>.t , , , * mi-pa-* t* I n?| <: .? I (,Kd. T I.AN?j|.\ ?i, I ' > .? at an 14-tf p' FnR RFNT A tw. . '? BRK'K DW F.I.I I N<> with t*?<?m??iit an<1 attic. w?at ud?rol *th atreet. N * 43.'? ri rtii < ! ' Patent Ort n Fi. quire xt -i >or I:, or at N < J3te?> h t.-eet. an ll-a* L-(|R Rl \r r M a . ( < ' rTA< f H ? " r I DF.NCK " > Twc.ftf ?t < ?-1. f*t* <*?r i? %;.<1 H, i??'t MdciroB ?ir.,i.*7or > < ih- w m ??>r ??4 |M.I"r'n?r.i occ , ? H M \oa?.K?q I:, point <-f local.->0 *! '-IVH ??l < IIUUN i* LI.IH.r pa???*l I nq . R tV BAl ?>. ? ' ' d?4i?r, corner ol C ?r. Fourteen i ata. a j 9 tf Fj* O R REMT-A larc* ?hr*?-?tory and attie BRICK DWKI.I.IN't HOl>?- . ntuat-d at it N-i. j^k . a *tu>rt dirtaoo* 1m?>? |'a. IV?iiU? K > : .a* li.HiHe Hr!Sn(t?<1 ? h t i# m'-l'''!, c invii - r i * - - ' r : k at%?. * a-i?l ?*" ?*? rvii?# in tiio roav R?> t hi rat?? to ? |( >.i tana t. AppU to JaS ? .M'-iil'IRF. A CO. au 2~?*o'f MR:*. H ATKS. ilMMiag to r*Uri t? kw ? ?* h 'Hie. wuhM to transfer bar wal ??tat<. ahad Boarding Hi'UM, oi>nt?laii4 8 raomi, a?d aooia moot' dc at the p-?*?iit un? upw?-<1a <>f 4' -><iard ?ra irtri ?h* handt o! m? pe-aog wishing to go into tha I uaiti?M, on tk? moat rta?onahl# t?r?a. T a nouxe. .rug a id wa i known U> the S0I9U of Waahmgton. la p-arai ly ai'uaunial in* a< uth trert o>rnar ofNith *t and Pa. a??nua, it tha m at tun*in* pa-t of thaeit*. and ia ??> .i<> < iiurcti-a veil ii. a. the ! u.O irga. Ac. For further parU^uara p eaae oa' and ia?aira at N?. 31?< Pa avei.u* aat-tf LHlR R K VT-A HOl sE on K avanth. I O an< Pat eet?. oi. it* mug i iihhiu new,' 6ntabed. Rant * Mi# per Bimtun App ? 'oC F E. RiCH AR DS< >N . Hnoo-i l>',Ceiit?r and Nortkera Lilxrtjr Markata. auTaoSt FMIR R KVT-Th? largo STnRh ROOM an<1 I CELI.AK on the oorurr of I and Nvaatti at* , Xav* Yard. Tina toon. laam'aNie for*** ouat.iaaa. Can b? ra-itail with or without t^ia <!we. m ( inn jit? M of i*rpt*mbar. Appij^"' Jofe. KKI,KTll.44>il?t.M.t. Mj> ?W FOR RENT?A new and han<u<>m* FRAME HOlJliK will t>? for r*nt in * few dt)i. It ?a N>?utiJjlljf aituataO on Thi t*enlh ttrMt, b?t?Mi Ganrjia a.-ar ue am k ft.,Na\) Sard: t.aa a Largo rar<l?n lot attached. pa nip of | .otf watf>r r-ar, ai?<1 oonta n* ? room*, k itcuaa and w<>odaha<t. Will ba rautad .<>*, with or without ti* lot. to a ?f<?3 tenant. For aala <-h?*a>, a coud. strong WORK HORSE; work* well in anvil iuk Inauire of T. E. CLARK. Navy \ ard ; or of JOHN PATCH. 6lfr H it.. lictvNo 4th and Vh. J* " FOR R KNT -Two b?MbfWl new BRICK HOL'Hfctf. on KighJ) at *?t waat. *'w*'_ bad N atraata uorth. w?at aida. Appu to MABjT C AI81.1P. No. fcwi Ninth atrial waat or Dr. KKAXBKY. too. S3* K. avenae. batw?a?#rtM4 inth atraaia. |t U ftw* RATIONAI^Ap anJ) caNDLE WORK?*, Giiii 811nt? Brtie.m Bruit* oml Water it'fti. Qecrt'l twn. D. C. A larja itock of CANDLE8, Brow*,Family, Caatnaand Fancy SOAPS. Also, TALLOW and OtF.AHE for LowMMtirw. Bteunfeoau. aixl ail kirtaof mac ? nar jr, always ? kaad, and for aa!? at pnooa to auit U* trad* C. B. JEWELL. Pro^riator. iy 10 ootf h. snir* ate ail of liia otro Riakn. thai ha will Ml, aa tow aa aay of tt* Nortaoin Warataxa sold for.aad at Um SW^MEST"'?