Newspaper of Evening Star, August 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 14, 1860 Page 3
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0 LOC A I. NEWS!" l?7~Tbonj;h The Star la printed on the fastest 4 arteam presa tn uae south of Baltimore, lte edition 1* to large ns to require it to be put to press at an early hour; Advertisements, therefore, abould be ?"i)t In before 1'J o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until the next day. \oTirx to \Va*H!56To??ia???.?Those of onr fellow-citizens leaving for the watering places and elsewhere abould bear In mind that we do y>"t mall Thi Star except after payment In advance at tbe rate of 37cento per month. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted in the Baltimore Srsare received ?t and forwarded from Thk Star Otllce. ClTT CorWClL*. Ang 13?Hoard ->f Ahitrmrn? Tbe Board met at the usual Lour, Vice I'res'dent Moore In tte chair AromrrutV' itio*> wai received from the Mayor, notiiiDit'nv Cieo W Stewart a* a member of the Hoard of Health for the Second Ward, vice James K Uunawln, rejected Also, one from the Mayor announcing hishaving approved the following arts ?An act authorizing the curbstone* to l?e set and the footway paved on the south front* of squares numbered 'flWi and -<14; nit act authorizing the laving of a water main in Figbteenth street w<st. from II to 1 street north; an act authoring the laying of a water main in C p'reet north, from Second to Third streets west, an act autaorizing the laying of a water main along J) str-et north, from First to Second street west, and along First street west to E street north; an act for the relief of \V. P Webb Als?>. one from the Intendant of the Asvlum, transmitting his regular report; wbi< h was referred to the As/him committee COMMITTER RFPOHTS. Hill authorizing the Mayor to anticipate the revenue of the Corporation to redeem certain guaranteed bonds. (Washington and Alexandria,) r? with an nmendment; which was adoptV, and the ftitll ^ Bib to grade and gravel D street south. between New Jersey avenue and South Capitol street; passed. Bill to grade and gravel First street eait, between H and C *tr>-rts south; passed Bill to take up and elavthe gutter on the south front of square 101; pasted Bill of the lower board to trim and gravel N *tre^' nortt. from Fifth to Seventh street* west; passe >1. B II of the lower board to trim and gravel I street south, from Sixth to Kleventh streets east; passed. BUI to tr m and gravel I) street south, from Second to Seventh stree's east passed BUI of the lower board to trim and gravel I, street south, from Seventh to Ninth streets east; passed Bill of the l"wer board providing for taking up and relaying the gutters on the north side or' H street north, between Tenth and Thirteenth streets west; passed Bill for tae relief of J A May, passed. Bill for the relief jr>f Henry Holohan; passed Bill authorizing the use of a sned near Seventh street, on n river wharf, to L Page for certain purposes, passed Bill to place a new pump at the corner of I and Thirt?-entn streets, a: d to repair a gutter in the Second Ward, passed BUI to construct a ?ew?r along C street north. b?-*ween Four and-a-half and :?:xth streets west; parsed !oint resolution authorizing John E. Yauskins to complete a tUh-house; p iled Bill to indemnify tbf Mayor for expenses incurred In attending the Legislature of Maryland to ur^e the .uii s of the Corporation In connection with the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal; re-> furred to slnance committee. Resolution Inquiring into the expediency of p ircti*s:ni; the Tenth street Baptist Church for ti?e use of the public schools, passed B;il authorizing the City Collector to receive c?.rt:fl ?t?s of indebtedness in payment of taxes; referred to tiuance committee Resolution request,ng the improvements comtrttw to inquire as to the purchase of a proper 'f > te on which to erect a new Northern Market, pasted B li making an appropriation to Introduce water uto the Northern Market; referred to police com* mitt e Adjourned r?mmM Cnmicil ?The board mrt at ih* mml hour, the president In the chair A communication was re< eived from the Mayor, informing the board of having signed various *?!lis therein spe< iflfd. An oiif tr?",ng the report of the rity Purrpyor. in relat on to the laying of watermains on Twelfth street west and Pennsylvania avenue to K'.ghtL street north. Likewise, one transmitting a comnmnii ation from the Intendants of the Washington Orphan Asylum TKTIT105S RECEIVED ASP HEKERRfl. Petition of <} G. Coleman; petition of William F. Bann reference to a frame building, of William R. Rllev and others, requesting the dredging of the Washington < hannei in the Potomac river. BIBL* IXT?OI>rcEI>. Hill *'>tt:o*l-?i?ig the laying of * watermaln on ? street nortn. from Third to !*ixth street west, j ,'.iwd i;:ll to grade and gravel 1 street; referred. KHOLCTIOM. Mr. Kasby offered the following resolution; which wa.-> adopted : Krsott'4. That the committee on public schools be and they are hereby Instructed to inquire Into the justice and propriety of pavlw the Trustees of the Public Schools an annual continuation for their services Also, increasing the compensation now paid to the Treasurer, ami report by blil or otherwise Mr 'ilven i rtt-red the following; which was adopted. fir >n/v <!, That the committee on police be. and tbey are hereby, requested to ascertain and inform this board at their earliest convenience what alterat on or amendment is necessary under our present license lyibm in order to prevent the frequent Infraction of the law by parties, relative to the receiving of wood and coal as agents, brokers, and so on. as approved June 3. I -\>3, and. also, to ^ report the expediency of so amending; the said laws as to make their titles more specific In referent e to goods and merchandise so licensed, and to report by bill or otherwise. KirOBTS or COMMITTEES. H 11 supplementary to an act providing for the d&aeMment and valuation of alt property in the city of Washington, which may be held by the Inhabitant! thereof. paswd Bill to grade Secoitd st , between Va avenue and D street south; passed. llill authorizing the curbstone to be set and footway paved along the east front of square V51, passed Bnl to grade and pave the alley in square 9"4, passed 11: il to exteinl t&e culvert on Seventeenth street west, tiftwwn L and M sts nortb. to the building line on the 'ut side of said Seventeenth st , pitied Bill to pay for repairing the bridge on Connecticut avenue; pissed Bill to take up and relay the gutter on the north front of ?quare 254. phased B: 11 to lav a water main on I *t , from Kleventh to J .fteenth at wni, passed Bill for relief of Wallace T Denham, passed Bill for relief of J H Blake; parsed Petition of John Pfluger; discharged. Bill for relief of Wm A (iray; postponed Bill appropriating $40 to pay commissioners of election; paswsd BILL PA?SKU. Bill from the Board of Aldermen to defray certain expenses Incurred by the Corporation at the funeral of the late Joseph Ual?s. And the Board adjourned. The PoLICB AM) THS IlrCKSTEKS ? <.Juite a commotion was created amongst the huckster* in the Centre Market this morning by a descent of the police upon several of them without notice w t: warrauUcharving tfeem witbrunning market wa^ ms without a license. The *everal warrants (h'.s served were ruled for trial; but the hucksters claim that they have always paid for their wagon >ae in their regular huckster's license of #15. ai.U '.hat t lie C b.m no r'.gfet to make ! itm pay '>> for the pri v.iege of running buck ater a wagons They complain besides of not having been not.fled of this alleged violation of Uw before belu^ served with warrauts We are lnfo ined by a policeman who is posU-d In this regard that the law is express and positive, re quiring all dealers or hucksters using wagons in tnelr business to pay a license therefor, and that where it fc"S not burn enforced the policeman la , i fault Th * olh -T l ii fur rued u? tLal f.>r a nuiu 1 ttr ot years tbe wagons uvd iu the Adam. E*. (rfrt* Company i service w-re |?rrii.ltu<<l to run over the |??fnienU without paying any lkonse until accident brought ?li? f??t to L.? in>ttce. when the con pany was required to tike out license for every wagon used In tbe!r bui;nrw A P.-rCLAE W*tMIMTOIUXna t'?L LAILBK Wttu.1 Road Expedition ?A meuiuer ot ti * expedition writing, June id. from the Sierra vada Mounts na to a California pa; er on trie pro^ros* of the expedition, says : a,l ought to uv here that our etlli. lent and energetic Commissary. James A Snyder, was sent In :-.<ivan< e iu chir^e of the stock by our Superintendent He started In the nlgbt when the snow wu hard frozen. and it was thought he mi K*? )<i?e seme annuals in the dense wix>ds and tbick U Col lender the next day received a note fr<>ta iiliii stating ttit be bad f Mind an exc-U>*nt < amp. ami *ood gr <?? for the stock Jim is the (>~t of tti?exped on Hr b?? l*r? anovetluid r vr'.rt sluce I'-.'',!, tben a boy of *!Xteen He wa* te of the survivors of Captain Gunnison's unfortunate and ill fated party lie ta imi ti esteemed sod nked bv Col Lund^r. wbo enn?lo\e J him on the Wagon Ro id from the outset ' The Cm..* ?f ? veuti stieet Presbyterian t b jrt l ?lib the actMXil, propuie to give an ex jr?;on Fort Washington on Friday next Set' advertisement Me-asrs f'nstleman & Bro , ais-j, schooner Klizibeth & Ki anor, Lane, front the same port, with 35ti ton* of coal, for Me??rs. Chapin & Bro. Bc?i*im i.i Alexandria.?The Gazette says: " Kusinr-s* upon Change it now quite brink. aod the Increased arrivals of grain from the country give promise of a heavy trade. The railroad* are rtnging e*( ellent freight, and a v?ry large number of pas*?-iit?er? are pissing over the routes, whose terminus are In this city." A Shark is thi Potom ai ? Last week, a large mark was raptured in the Potomac river near ttie mouth of Ponick Creek The sba-k was caught first in the meshfs of a net by a ttsberman who wis <>at for sturgeon, and with much difficulty killed and brought to shore The Prize Pic sic which was to have taken place yesterday, at Analostun Island, whs postponed, on account of the rain, until Thursday nr*t, w^lsen, of court-, tLe oid tickets and checks Will be it ?0od its new The Arrival* ?Tt.e registers at the betel* Indicated but few urrivrt'.s in the city yesterduy rue reason is the failure of tbe northern trail,s to on nee't. or rather the train from New York Bk*r m Mmd the pic nic of the Kleti her Chapel Sund/iy School, to-morrow, at Bladinsbtirg See advertisement nunttF.Bt ?Aiiunriv uour mis morning ttie bouse of John Hackenvais, on Sixth, between M and N streets, was entered by burglars. who robbed Itof boots, shoes, clothing, segars, jewelry, Ar , to a considerable amount The entrance was atterrpUd first bv cutting tbe flats from the window blinds but eff ctrd by the burglars with a lorkpick made fur lb- ocntilon of a niece of stout Wire, which was left In tbe door lock Tbe rapture of tbose villains would be regarded is a valuable achievement. Cent** Market?Tbe heavy rain last night and this morning tended to diminish the attendance of dealer* and purchasers at the principal market The attendance, however, was larger than could reasonably be expected; the supply ample and excellent, the prices about as quoted In tbe Star of Saturday; and business fair considering tbe circumstances of weather, inud and water against It. Thk Accident in tki Chksapkake ? Captain Jerome, of the steamer James Jerome, which collided with a schooner in Chesa|>enke Bar, oq Sunday morning, received a despatch yesterday afternoon from tbe agent of the line in Philadelphia, stating that the schooner run over was a sunken schooner off Sassafras, and not a moving vessel, as was at first supposed Thk Tksth Arxual Pic-Nic Excursion of the Montgomery Guards comes off to morrow ^Wednesday) at Arlington Springs The past reputation of this gallant company in affairs of tiis kind ensure a very pleasant tline on this occa slon For particulars see advertisement in another j column. Arrived at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteen; ai d-?-half street.) schooner V\ est Wind, Burnett. I from Philadelphia, with tons of coal, for charged. It would be well for bu lders to makf theniselves acquainted with the language of the law; it will be found in toe pirnj>bl?-t last published by the Corporation Canal Wharfao*?Mr. Editor: Bytheactof Congress vesting in the Corporation of the city of Washington all the rights of the Washington Canal Company, and for other purposes " there is a provision veil worthy the attention of those who pay wharfage to the Corporation The concluding paragraph of section 7 is an follow* :? And such r.ght to collect tht said rat< s of toll and wharfage s iall rease whenever the sa:d canal shall be so out of repa r as to Impede the free and convenient use t .ereof by vssels or craft drawing fovr frrt water, s> long as the same shall so remain out of repair or obstructed " A Alexandria** at Obknet ?The first Tournament of the season came off at Orkney on Tuesday week The successful Kn:gbts were:? Jacob Roth, who crowned Miss 1'hillle Stover, (.{ueen; Kobert H Aylor. crowned Miss Spauldlng, of Alexandria, rlrst Maid of Honor; J H l.lonbtrger. crowned Miss K Miller, Second Maid. Col ,\ S Hare wis Marshal. ?i S I' Triplett. of Alexandria, addressed the Knights, aid Thomas L Yancey, Ksq , performed the coronation. D a a 1 ? ? ? ... \neir lorce small to draw it. they went upon the sidewalk, and were turned into the street bv the police, which was the reason why they took that apparatus back to the engine-Lous- without going to tlie fire Mr Kditor: Can any friend of the Mayor and Chief of Police inform the (>eople. who are heavily taxed Xo support a large police force, why tlie 17th sec tion of the act approved June:}. 1-5:} relative to geese. and the ISth section of the same act, relative to horses, are not enforced* A few weeks since, two little orphan boys were arrestee! by a police otlWr, taken oeforr a magistrate, and fined tor throwing stones at a tfo? k of g*-es?* 'n the str?et. Had the rtllcer enforced th?? l*w referred to above, the bo\s could not bav?> been hued for throwing steni i at the ge?-s?- The police are justly charged with causing one violation of the law by not enforcing the other. A Taxpayer Thk Rklatixg to Nrw Bcildisgs, Ac. Yesterday. Messrs S Deraughn, C. Lyons and Langley appeared before Justice Donn to answer to a charge of violating a city ordinance, bv placing bricks on the street immediately 11 front of the lots of other persons The warrant* were l^ued upon the complaint of a per-. >n not the owner of the lots Justice Donn reviewed th* llth section of the act. approved H.Vi. establishing a Hoard of Health, and decided that the lav*- does not apply In these cases, and th?- cas?s wete dls J ? >uv ?iwai*T . UIIU ?uc t a?r W ai UIB* missed upon payment of 5W cents coot* Bruce Dent and .Noah Jones were In the sime fix. and were similarly possessed; they were arrested by officer <iill Thomas Burk and William Bearne, who were under security for a bearing In a case of stoning a house and resisting officers, came up fi r trial, and were both held to bail for appearance at the Criminal Court. Firb ? l.ast muht. between 10 and 14 o'clock. Are was discovered In an unoccupied two-story frame bouse on Sixth street, near Island Hall, belonging to Mr Miller, confectioner It was soon consumed Houses upon each side, separated from it by alleys were slightly damaged The fire was evidently the work of an incendiary The night was rainy and the streets muddy, yet a part of the apparatus of the Franklin, Perseverance. Columbia and Metropolitan were on the 1 ground Members of the Perseverance complain ttiat when thetr most serviceable apparatus for that neighborhood had crossed Seventh street bridge, the carriage way being very muddy and been put into the care of those who have little or n > sympathy for ?n< h unfortunates, and only <ared for them because they were paid to do so. and the little one* were, In consequence, sidly netfUcted. This feature of the institution should alone be s itru ient recommendation for Its liberal endowment. Pours Casks?Rtftne Justice lionn.?Charles Werner was charged with the municipal law by selling liquor on Sunday; tine and costs f Jti 6*> Michael Kitz and YV m M? Klegut. hai kmen, had a disturbance at the stand, which they determined to settle, and proceeded to a wood yard near by for that purpose . officer* Helt snd Scarf were too soon fo- tu.'in and arrested Kitz as soon as he got his coat oil", and Mr McF.legnt left, but was afUrwnrd arrested; they were tned 90 each < MM' er Bietzel arrested John T Bradley and s* Skidmore for running a wagon without a license, they, being licensed hucksters, thought the wajgon used In their busitimis liifluded In the huckster's license Justice l>onn informed them otherwise, and they immedi.ltelv took Attfl IKm li^MM* mw^A IK* Jl A Hakiamt*g Pho?icptoe \Vor*t> rr -Ymterdsv. a man nn m>-<l Stearns w a* arretted for fa lie swearing ?nd taken before Justice Donn The pftVnse wsi charged to have brrn committed in rbarging Mr Samuel Strong wi?h the larceny of hi* paper* It appeared that Mr. Strong was prosediting a claim for him which required time to bring fo a final settlement, especially in the absence of the most necessary officials St'-arns charged Strong with steal in* the pap?-rsconnw ted with the claim . The case w?s heard before Justice Donn and dlsiiiimed Two dav?aft*r Stearns an?;n had a warrant issued.and Mr Strong again appeared, and the case was dismissed Mr Strong thought it time to check this business, which tie supposed was Intended onlv to harrass him, and had the warrant issued for false swearing. Ves*..1.. .. _ * a s a. i i-iu n, rttramv n ? ?rrrnm una irnra iiriorr Juili 'r Dona He there appealed to Mr Strong to let him go; plead bis aflli'-ted condition and bit large family; declared he Jiad no malice for Mr Strong In consideration of tb?-?e things, and hit promise to cease from annoying the plaintiff, and other legal reasons, the rase was dropped Stearns is a freble man, having been paralyzed; and from his conversation and conduct it was topposed that this course was not bis own. but suggested by others An Isfamts' Hoxpitai.?A hospital for the reception of infanta who may be too young to be tacen Into the orphan asyfums is about to be established in this city Its location will be at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Thirteenth st. It will be under the supervision of the Sisters of Mercy T,here will also be provision made at the same place for the reception and rare of indigent women who may come here strangers, ana are o it of employment, and in destitute circumstances Such an establishment as this lias long be?*n needed, and should receive the warm and literal support of the l?enevolent and kind-hearted. as another avenue for lending aid to those wi;o are needy. Manv come here from distant cities or from the hastern continent, whose feelings revolt, no matter bow indigent they may be in circumstan ?s. .?t making application to be sent to the asylum or workhouse, because they have no visible me.ins of support By means of this hospital, opportunity will be afforded to such to obtain respectable employment The orphan or foundling infants for whose reception the build| inj; is mainly intended, have heretofore freauentlv List of Cosmos*** [*r ?t*>amer Montf'-ello, from New York August 13th ?Alexander A Cook, J. W Angus. Chariot Allen, BoU-ler A Son, Samuel Bacon A Co , Barbour 4 Semmea. Brown ; A William*. W Ballantvne, J H Bradley. J P. i Bartho!?>w, R H C^olidjre, R Clrnertt, Clay's J Hotel, Cunningham A Bro .J E. Co*. H Clftcb. I Campbell & Son. 1) B Clarke, Onofkcrlf A Berford. W. T Dove, Dora?y A Wo>d. Widow I Durgen. P Dorset, C Dennam, D. English A Son, S A Edwards. C Kmnifrnn, C F. Fr-ncb. C. 9 Fowler. G D. Fowle, C J Fox C Finckman. F. Gereeke, VV Gerecke. G F Gullcb.M W Gait A Bro . Q D Oilman, E , S A Halfoaum, G R Hall, Samuel Hun, J W Hur> -rhlld. John Hart, Jackson. Brother A Co., B. Just, Dr Johnson. H Johnson. King A Burchell, J L Kidwell Krnest Lieffl-r. F. M Linthlrum. I F l.nmb, Douglas Moor. >1 oore A Cttsell, W O. Metzerott, McGregor A Co,W.F MarPfV,T. W Miller, J H McLaughlin, B J Nralt.J. W. Nairn. Parker A Spauldinjf. H C. Purdy, I'blip A Solomon, O S H Peck, G . A T Parker A Co .J C. Rives, J L Savage, C Stravling. J Srbuflig. Spelman A Hunt, Capt \V K Smith. H. H Stinuietz. L M Smith. W. H A J S Semui>-i. Strain.Rrother A Co., I S Senate, W. II Tennev. F Taylor, J \V. Thompson A Co, S, H Tvnjj. M n Talbot. H. Tanfleld. C S. Venable, C Woodward. J.C. A H. A. Willard, M M White Passenger List.?Augusta Wolf. W H Fowl?, P H Hooe. l)r Magrrder, V. P Morgan, James Muir. A llolin. P >V Orme, E S Ronilton and wife, George Hamilton. Miss M Hamilton, Mrs McGwin. H Fry, ladv and child. 1 Spencer and lady, 9 Weldon, H Weldon Thk Riblk in thf Public Schools, Ac ?Mr. Editor; W ithont desiring to Intrude upon the domain of your correspondent "Cathollcus." who Is 1 doubt not amply able to e*iw>s?- the ludicrous Ignoranreof "R b ."I take the liberty of asking the latter how long -'fr-edou to worship God" endured unstained "on the wild \ew Kngland shore'' after the landing of the"Pilgr;m Fathers''' Mrs Heman's ballad on that event is a very pretty song and chorus, as set to mmlc by ber sister. Mrs Rrown, but as to the farts involved, the less said the better for Puritan reputation So far from tl?e " Protestant church'' of R B whichever of the 3IH? or 4(Ki It may chance to be, beins; a "republican" church it dilf-rses?entially In this point, that republican Is an affirmative, while Protestant Is a negative term and these mines express the characteristic quality of the i.u.. ti.?. j : - ?i IUVuo IUU.I ursi As to "lb*- Hible," let "B K r ascertain, If he know* enough, first what it in; and secondly. how it is to be identified. before be ventures to niter tbe lists of controversy with those who enjoy 'he c?rtalrty of, instead of such a contemptible logical pos'tion at he represent* In your colnmns August II, 18G0. Piutopmii.os The District Military ?.1/r Editor Forthe fl'rt time I ask the privilege of noticing an article i i vonr paper of the llth inst., signed " A .Military Man," In which he has endeavored to cast a slur upon the " President's Mounted Guird '' In reply 1 would say that, not one man of the command I have lias l?een concerned directly or lndirec.'ly in the writing or fabrtca'lon of any of the articles recently appearing in your paper, relative to our city military, for the truth of this 1 am prepared to vouch. Th# re is hut one member of the corps that ever participated in the scenes of Mexico. \\ ith regard to the contemptible allusion of hiring a horse. Ac .for parade purpose*, by Belling bad liquor, it is fals*- in every particular, as to iht member of my company alluded to bv this military man. At least, 1 believe the member can peak for himself. I would say to ''military man,'' the volunteers desire no chMtnpii n to excite jealousies or envy ; and for the future I will thank htm to confine hims-lf to truthful assertions with regard to my corps. Joskth Peck. Central Gr*ri>-HorrsE Cases.?James Reed. Win. Butler, colored, fighting; tine aud cost*; S6.15. WUtah's Bm.s*moe Wild Chsrrv. The fo iowins; let'er from Rev. Hkm y Wood, of Concord, N H., Jvlitor ofthoC"n?re>;atiiinai Journal, speaks volume* in fivor o{ ll'i'iar j Bahnm:? CoXcoRlt, !M. H., March 2. Mimk?. Seth W. Fowi.r a Co. ? <ientlrm'n : Two yea,- ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my l.un<s confined rn? to iny bed for several weeKs, and when I recovered, 1 ? ?? so much oppressed bv difficulty tn breathing. that I was often o sleep or rest upon a l>-?d \ty nunt. The siitf-Tin* was extreme, and judging from t:>e ine(fi,-ac> of the remedies used, i supposed tlje d sea^e incurable, tleing persuaded to try ai?>ttleof K'umr'j K'lxnm of Wiiril'ktr'v without co fiilence in its crfv-aoy, I found tin difficulty alnn??t entir Jy r moved tiefore une liottie whs u.-ed nr. SfMMtht with hit foil -w sutie.ors induces ni-i to make mm puhlii statern snt, and recommend the article to other* similarly afflicted. With respec-t, yours truly Hsnrt Wooii. None genuine unless signed I. Hutt* on the wrapper. Prepared l>y H. \Y. powle \ Co., Hoston, and for <?le hv Z. D. Giin an, S. C. Ford, jr., >. H VV'aite, (J. Stott. John Schwarze. Nairn A Pa.mer,'.Vash togton; ami hy dealer* everywhere. ail U iw.r A Word to thk r-:. ?I n recommending to ?<>u to use Hostette *? c?-!?!>ratcd Stomach Mitt-rs it 1.1 hut just to state that a* a rtimulant to the h . s tein, in imparting strength and vigor d'iring < ertain periodical stages which are ofttimes attended with much pain and trouble, we know of no p eparatiou more highly adapted to ail afflictions co> sequent upon th s cause, a nt for a mother nursing a hahe the Hitters cannot tie dispensed with, especially wh?re the mother'* woni lahiiwf is iMdt^Mt* to the de mands ?l the chihl; consequently h'*r strength must yield, and h<*re it is where a good tonic, such as H'?stetter's Stomach Hitters, is needed to impait t-mpoiary strengtnand vigor to the whole system Ladies should l>y all m'ans try thia remedy, nnd l> fore so doing.ask vour phvsiciau w"'io, if he is acquainted with the virtues of the Hitters, will recommend th ir use in all asns. Sold hy druggifts and dealers generally every ?? iici r, &U lO t*"3l Holloway'* Pm.l*. Dtrani'ment of ihr Sin mack an I flsireh.?An the stomach l>y the niencs of the ga?tric juices aaatini Ifttfla illteitwl fiioa into elenfntary blood, we cHnnot he too careful of preserving it in a healthy and vKoroui condition. Holloway's l'ills are pow erfully corrective ar.d detergent, they strengthen the digest:ve organs, s%ml by their cu ative properties cleanse and purify the ingr*ted f ml in its pro* es~ of conversion to b ikiL In ail disorder* of the howel< a>'d viscera,their Hana'ivequalities ?re unequalled. Sold l>) all Hruggi st* at JSc , H2o., and .51 per box. an li lw Physician* are generally iotli to speak a word in prais* of wha' are call nil "pat nt medicines." Indeed. it is an article in the code of medical ethics, that a p(i)Meiaa who mfiHont 'he use ? I rem- die, caenot ne considered a nn-mkr of the National A*nocia ic. Hut there are exceptions to the rnost trmrent rules, and many of the disc pie* of K?culapius have actually been compel ed, liy the force ofTaotn, to recommend Dr. .1. Hosteller's MoniAch Hitters for UomdiMMst which are only fnnlnt during the summer aid fall They have ascertained that ihere arc no reinedieii in the oharmacopia which can compare with tin.* wonderful compound for the derangement of the system. Thousands of fain l?s* residing along the low grounds of the we* tern and southern river*, are now convinced that the* have fiiund a medicine o?cn ar.? a.)aiti-i) for their ailment*, wi.ile in other portions of the countrr. ?iiirius the summer moi.tlu, the demand for the article is equally urge. Sold by druggiK anil dealers generally everywhere. ati 7-et>Si Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'n specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, a'. 25 and ,V> cents each. Also in ca?en, contacting "? vials, from $4 to each, with book of full directions, For sale by /. I). Gilinan, 350 Pa. avenue, wlmleaale and retail went: VV. A. Fitzgerald. .1.53 north F street; also by r. H. Winter, corner of Massachusetts tve nue and Sixth street. Also, Pcnti's Estract of Wurk Hiztl, for internal and external inflammations of all kmda. Sold aa above. ma9 1y Mas. WiN8Low,an experiencednnraeandlemale physioian, has a Sw(Atnf Syrup/or CKxhin Trtth?n<, which greatly facilitates the prooess of teething by softening the gami, reducing all inflammationwill allay all paii, and la sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, niothera, it will give reat to youraelvea.and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly aafe in all oaaea. See advertiaement in another column. ocll-ly Lyon's Magnetic Iimect Powder Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects Ao. It contains no Poi* on Lyon's Maskktic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3m barxy's tricof hekocs ia the beat and cheapeat articls for Dressing, Mean tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preaerving and Rea to ring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug giata and Perfumer* mar 12 6m Metis's Miraculous Vihmin Destroyer, the oldest and bes*. remedy known tor exterminating Rata and Mice. Cockroaches. Bugs. Ants, Mosquitoes, Kleaa, .Moths,Grain-Worms and Gardeulii?ects. jO* Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by ail Druggists everywhere. ma 18 3ri PinifiBB,?Personsdesiring Pennies villa1 vara (ml lh?m ror *inhtnr? at th? Htir OJln? nmntiir. DIED, At the Union Hotel, Georgetown, D C.,on the morning of the 13th inst.. WILLIAM B WA L WORTH . a clerk in the General Land and nephew of Chancellor Walworth of New York, aged about 44 year*. Hi* friend* an? acquaintance* are requested to atte d his funeral on Tuesday afternoon,at 5 o'cl'k, from the Union Hotel On the 14th inst., ALICE CU8TfT8, daughter of Jams* T, and Eli:cabeth C. Nalley, in the Lfth year of her axe. The friend* and acquaintances are requested to attei.d her funeral to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from eo/ner of Seventh and L sts , > avy Yard. * jgg BEVliNfa STREET\ a beautiful assor mcnt of Gf,LI) PA PERS, * ith a varied stock of medium and low pric?t GM< !>-, FIREBOXKUS. PRINTS, PlCTi RES CORD and TAsSELS, Ac. remnant* of low pined PA PER."*, with a liandsome stock of \V|\l)nW SHADE"*, at great!* reduced prices. Orders )*!> lor PAPER HA NG'NGS and W 1 N DO W SHADES satisfactorily executed with skill ami dcpatoli in city or ooontry. Plca?c five in- a call. Don t forget the uumtar. J NO. MARKRITEK, No. 486 Seventh st., a doors atiove M au6-ao8t* Odd Fellows' Hajl. i ' ?'? *. r uil?j -povi'uu Oil Wb) mri.** WII ft I O.IIW I f

Washington. je 1? 3m* LOST AND FOUND. Found?on th*?thofaocuit,* bay horhe, ? itli ri)(ht hiti<i fooi whit**. The owner /A can have r,nn by p '>vinis propf-rt* &bd pay-*L??.~^ ing chargrn, by ruling at Mr. WASHING Ti>N Do VALLi S,oh 11th st , mi ?r th ( \av> Yarl Hri(U?*. a<i ';i 'tt STRAYED OK S.OLE^-On th* fith inst*. t, I'om the pasture of Mr. T. <\ Macruiler. rv ne*r the city, a bright HAY H<'RSK. *> J_ > old; about 15 hand* high; long tail;^^*-*on hind fiH>t whito ?nd fori tup cut off and now (jrowm out. We will *ive a liberal rew?M if <-.t a' our stables, oa C street, be w en 4)? and 6th. an 13 3 * FLEM.M1NG A FOV. STRAYED OR STOLEN -Or. Sunda), August tlii 5th. two red and white spo tBUFFaI.O COWS; one of them has pice* t-'m from her right ear, aid the other JmU a pi ce from her left A lioora rawa'd will be paid for their return to C. At*K.MAN, No. 39s .Ma ylani! ave , between 1st and 2d ?ts., wr*t, or to Mr. BLADEN, near the Rockville Cburch. au 11-it* v Ilk REWARD.? Wa? stolen ;'ioh? tue suhscn HJ ber a few weeks ago, a Double Case jfv Hunter SII.YER WaTCH, Win. RobiBnuv, r?J inakur. Liverpool, Nu.iiU.iS. with ' E >ulli OMR van's Watch " written on the int>ide ol the case, and a crack in tiie Crystal. The above reward will . be paid for ita deliver* at the tftar Office. I au 11-3t* E. J.SlTLLiVAV Wotxisiock, Va, PERSONAL. \1,?DAME KKI.IX FORTUNE TELLE K, i"l from Paria, inform her former friends a,id the public generally, that she ha* removed to 4HI Tenth street, between K and F. where *he will be happy to see ail who will favor her with a vail. &u 13 Sw* I ATTENTION!!! . IK Rl'FUS POK fER. lxvKNroR. Will call afthe j <>ific<5 of C. M. ^ nine, 474 Seventh street, he wiil j hoar aomsthing to hi* advantage. Any information ; cunre ning h in is r<-uu>-st?d. If not living, his administrator, or any of hi* heira, will anawer. will*' C.M VI'I.KK, A'torney at I aw. ft CA RE WARD.?R ana way from the aubatriber, living ne?r pper, JlM i'rince George's Countv, Md , on the 28th Qf July last, NEGRO MAN SAM. at?>u? <s; V\ y ar* old, about live tee'. 6 inches high; i ather ifn k color; and likalv looking, he was pur eha?d in Virginia. A YELLOW HOY HENRY, liel inging to Mr . Smoot of Gro'ietown, went off with hi in. The above r-5war ' wili l>e paid for SAM no matter where taken ifconfin-d hi jail, or brou&ht | me, JOHN. W. LLKROLUHS ! an 11 3taw2w PAST, PRESENT. AND KI TI KK EVENTS, will bo Rati?fa^torilv expiaired, by a l.vlv at her residence No 337 C at., between lat ami 2nd its.. Island. Consultation fee 25c?nta. au 6 7t* >1ADAXK MOR K ICE, Thx Gkkat AaTaoLoi'l gist and I>?'CTHES8, ju>tfrom Europe.?T?ia highly aifttl and lunllirent iady can be conaulted i tin the Past, Preset land Future Eventa. Call at M,, >]()] T...?. ?. .1.^1 K... ?II I I ?.?? . ? ?? I .*?* * ? ? ' I I / 1/ .1 V quainted with the city trade. wif otne- * need npp'v. Permanent initiation. and Literal pi). PERRY & UKOrilKK. aii 13 3: UANVVKR WANTED.?A goo I hand who in .|?r?trin.l^a?i..g lira k-'t* an 1 y-croll work l>y Machinery. c&n find a SlIl'AI'ION lij app>uu I I mined iat-:lv to RAI*I>WIN HKOTIIKKS, Nt ami Daireetn, Washington. au U St \\f ANT?-1>?A SITUATION u (h rm Farm, hv a man who lias a thorough p'art'ral knowledge of I'srnn ng and <>a di-ning in ail their . various branches. The most unexceptionable relerenca ai? r?'zar<1? c i*'a<-?j?r. q-a'itn-at'on. Ac , given. Ad!re??"A B. 0 *' throughth? Georgetown Post Office. an II 3t" iyA\'TKD-A WOMAN, to porlorm th>- duto-? <>f <'hainl>?rinaul. No oM?>rillfly who cannot I rinac a recommendation from li?*r la?t p a*-?. Inquire at Kckington, two mile* iiOrth of theCu> itof. j) 17 WANTEI>?Bt a atead\ and induatrious man, a SITUATION as cojleoior. B*at of recojn m?ndations given. AJdres* ,\I. C., Star Office. ii ?2 tf iiuim icu cans ire n ? I w no n a> nesire To Iw'supplied Willi prime articles :ri their lir.e and at moderate price*. an 13 e..2? BF.Al.l. A. MATTHKWS. HAVlNti DKTKBM1NKDTO CH \\iiK MV buswiepa. I'll ( mmw' oe from tlisa date to *" " | for nash in* entire stock of DK Y and FANCY ] GOODS. Maying purcnaaed o the ino?t fuoia: bla terinx. and ">eirig deairoua "f cloning out an nrly a* co?*ible. all who may t>e iu (rar.t o! Iiargf ins will do wcii to give me a call. \V. R. HUH DLE, iy 24 Im Corner of High and Ga? nt?. WANTS." XJkJ ANTKD? Tl N-PI.ATK \NO SHKKT. >? IK (> ? VVOKKKRs. at J OS. F. HODGSON'S. No. 403 7th st , lietween H and 1 ?tsv au U If \ \' .v N T I.! i - A <. I R f. to do general Housework. > ' nrist iiiidermand plain Cooking, and \Va?hI ing and Ironing. Apply lor two cava, at 4*?1 in h ! Kt - et. tt' \WKT N I KSK?Want? I frame tiatelj. Enquire of Dr. J. C. KILKV, No 453 I4tii itruct. au 13 2t* ? ANTKD?A GIR I. to do general iloua >work. ? uat understand plai'i looking, and Washing and Iroiling. 4*1 Ma.i?a huaettsave.. (H'twtti 4th an ! 5th ?t?. au '5-2t* I VU V ClllllK V I I A \ IV'iV I I'il 1. V' d<>. Half U'is. Superior Ho. HKKRING. 133 Mils. New Meremiehi ALEWIVES. 1<?> do. 'New St JOHNS, Do. A' 1 of which have just a-Tived from Boston, ! and for *\le in lot* to suit purchaser*. a*>d ?? ? pwasinet-nin. IIAKTl.KY ft BROTHER ail IV lw 09 and l"l \N ater s*., (jooriftown. A copartnership notice I.EXANDKR K. U kALL. Grocer. having a?? ?ciatcd with him William S. Matthews t'ie luisine?*w:ll l>e conducted nnderthe ? W*ty|o ol i Hkam, .V M*tih?ws, at the old established *tand I of John M Belt, corner of Congress and Bridge streets, Georgetown, D. C, July 21.186". au II 3t JV O II U M B U G ! We will commence on Monday next. July ?>th, to clos-< out our entire stock of Si \| M K K UK KfS (iOODS, ft c.. Ac., at Prirne t'o^t fir Cash - no m - e willhea*ked. Sl'II.MAN ft HI NT. j* i7-eo2w 0?* HrHre ??r-.?t. At.KX<NUKR E. IiKALt.,1 | W.M.S MtTTHIWr. v HOT ICE i>l.\V GROCERY fc.STABI.ISH>1ENT. I'ortirr B'idf. and Conrrexs Stf , I torztloirH. To THK C!TlZK?f? OF T1IK Dl?TRI(T*M) VlCIJUTY Tlie underaitned would re?p.M:tlui'> anronnce t'lat h*vm< taken the old established s and or John M. Kelt. I'.tq . th y intend to k^ep alwamon hand e iar<e and v?T* select assortment of tin-- lir>t-clash KAMII.N GROCERIES of all kinds, and !i?- <?!-y (J?0* H' NT-Tb DWKLL.ING and 8TO*I I No. 77 Bridge ?treet. The<lwe!liwg c nairs II 'oomi in excellent order. l>?Mdee oir>*?tF, w*t?r 0 oset, baMi room, nn .ke hctise. mi k houss with ! r . .i. ik WAt t, % d wootlfh-rt; with gi? tuitir-s onj t?, lH*lle an 1 **ater. l he windows' command e sirring view of th* nver an adiac-rt oount *. The atore is contritely fit with shaving. < out 't r?, ga? fi?tu> it, antt wft?r, with ?'tr French p a e riase wind<<?n> and doors, and tW" a *e uiy i.e ars The* wi ! be rented either together or sep ' rat , *nd to a goon %> d p?*rnia ent tenant at very 1 writes. Ms , for r r.t t?o 0 R IC ?TAlil.Kgt w.t carr a-:e Inust s attached, with1 ydrant in the y >d. Apply to Dr CR&GlNi li24 ItamlarUn street au 14 eitf nn FOR BOSTON. I UK BKN. FRANKMNUurrnoil f om tiie above Port, and will he discharging to morrow morning. For freight aprl? 'o HA? | l,V. Y A BROTH F.R . an 13-3*. and lOl Water ft . <Jeo-gt*t"wn. I >)(i ~ FISH ! FISH~ i'#;! BBI.S. No I.Labador IIFRRINO. . l'*> Barrels No 1 Eastern 11KR KING, Boston Inspection, VI rfr i K ttra Vi? 1 I'nt Hl-'RD 1 VP. GEORGETOWN. Cimi*w?WM / TX* Stmt Oborsktowm. August 14, I'-flO. fft-fltfd this mnrnlng, a friend at Capon, (one of our most estimable cttiz*n>,) the Mliiwing letter, which contain*. It will be seen. ?-ver*l Items of much inter* *t to your readers In trie District: "( Aros9ri!sai,9ind*y,A?K 12?10 p in. " Hon A J . O Binnon. Fourth Auditor I nitrd StoN rr-aanry, w?s ?trirken to-day with paralysis of the n?jht aids Prerismlr,hrwMtD the enj >ymeut of his uaual he2lth and spirits, and evrn ttr* morning. jn company with his estimable laity. aM?-n<i< d divine service in the cbaptl at this touie, immediately subsequent to which be was stricken down by the above mentioned terrible seiture. The most energetic means wrre at once adopted for his restoration, and though he hut lain speerhies* ?1 nee one o'cloc k, yet liis condi lion wiiDin the past Lour has tw-cn rtec'ilediv more favorable. \Ve hope and believe this will ! continue He is surrounded by friends. and evtrv comfort anil convenient-* required it at hi* dls1 1 } There are at th.s delightful pl*<*e tome '250 per' sons. and ;nn?>r gst them aoine of the most cultl vated and agreeable persons For instance:?Mr j W (i Ridgely and family, of Georgetown; Mr. ' and Mr? Led yard and Mrs Canilrld. (son-in-law and daughters of General Cass.)and Mrs Vlarkoe, of Washington; Mrs Fitzhuuh ; Hon Judge Parker (who tried John Brown) and familv. from Virginia; Col. Soddert and family; H<>n Mr j Wallace and fhmily. of Maryland; and Dr J M ; Snvder and family, of Georgetown. 44 Of this place I cannot say tio much. The scenery, atmosphere, bathes. &c .are unsun>ass< d, the company delightful, and the hotel and its proprietors all that any reasonable person could require " j i GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS | For otk'r (ieorgtiovn a/irtrttfumtntx .<? Jlrst pagt LMIR 5AI.F.-A WOODEN PL) Ml' ??it%JI?for r t *rl aboat 2? feet deep. It l? nearlv new. in . nerffct order, ar:d ls'of no fu'ther use to the owner f on Ibt introduction of hr<lr*nt water into Ins pr-emi en and therefor* will l>e to:>l|ar & great m?o r fica Call and see it at No. 7 7 Uri^fe street, ! Ge<>rrffi'wn au M-?otf EXCURSIONS. PIC NICS. kc. TKOR THK WIITK Hor*E. HK8TKAMKH I'llKMX Will th* feat o' Stx'li ?tre?-ton :*!'tNIM Y.the I9t i _JT?? k I i???t . % t o'rl ?-k n. i-n B' whari \*v? ^ ,H. at its m.. ( tlw U'BITK HOI'^K PAVII.ION. Rrturni ? V?re the W nit--House at 5K p. m. Mound trip .A C-?nt? ?" K A RVrtrF.R. Cm?? u fUiTMntU 1 XllL THI KIKAT, An?u?t nth. !//*** ?/ ??l tkt nrrt fmtr ifny tktrt^fttr. I T N PAR ALI.KI.KI> ATTR ICTKIN I * . UK A\l' FH.'lE fir > /( At ANAI.OSTAN Ul.?\n On MONDAY". \tuc?r IS, On* lUndrril I'lrirnol Jrurlr;l>itrn lwa|! Ami'nc VkM * ?ioi n and PilvM W \t< h. Wj^ l>*netriic ft nil Miimc <t -ins the ij*j 1W. jjj i i5j# K*[> ta'n II a<? and String Hand en 1 f.r t'i nortsioc. I ick'-t? SO Cen?? lor <?ent"emen (i Cent* '"or l.? lie?; Children himi'M free. Tirk*t* for ??! ? hi C. H M'd?*-*oa*? a- I I.a n in"nd i>. 7th street: |?r. >chw%'t?e'? I>mi* Sto'e. Pn. av.; and at the I .it < ( Hi..h?t * -ar t.Oejtfo to?n. on th>- da> ol the Pie N !' . H'?at? will stirt lor the Inland at 9oV!ock a. r l[ r\? charge made |or eonvr>anc?> vn>ti to the Inland fr?"n t e wharves \rr h'or List of Gift* aee una I programme* KM 14 ?t i prnzur grand pic nic FOR THF BKNEFIT OF THK ORPHANS or St. llncmt'* Frniale Orphan \?>lun , AT ARLINGTON SPRING. The I.adjr Mina<?rio( St. Yineer.t'a Fimil* Orphan A??lum are i'a'ified in heme t ?! e to announce that the Cit.ceno'JtajJr Annua! Pic Nic lor the ophite* n W > * 1 oliai (? of th? ^intern of Chantv of the ?'> <vn mtuxl ax*Iuin. will take p'ace at ? K I.INGTuN SPRING on MONDAY, Aueunt J?th. 18K'. Wither#'* C<" et?rate?l Hand ha? h*en enta?ed for the dancing naloon. and amp.e ref^nhn.entx will t?e tifpltfd und?T the direction of the l.arfy MaiiMfin. < unvrmnrrr to wie ^prin* Will tn? in ratlin ?? ev?.-? half hour f om the Capitol .ate, St-\ e, tn -t. an i I'a a<rmu?,tild*r*i? ten minutes tit (i'ors* ti'?rn. where a packet t?<>at ? 4 . at? hall-ht>url> for Arlington. The *enero?it* of the citicens of Waahin^*"" ?*? fipor^ totnlast yiar in contri<>nt nc to feed and C.oth" the irphat.s. wt.i> they ?liemsel ve? rnjOM a healthful A'it t 'a?ant reereatmn, render an* farther appeal to their tienevoiiMtoeon t'us?c< M.un superfluous. T;io e\eroi*??ii of t*>? da* will be r'pr<[? rj ilwi'n ? ? a>ld'-?H and mixihc b? th" ? rp v child en and ueti other innocent rxr>rci?es a-will give amuse ni-nt and p >a5tire to t?u"r a"d old. Tioket". Mo<ntaf<?r gentlemen; 2S cents for laci s in ?-nt-fo chi dr? n. Tli* l.ady Manager* hav* s?enr?d ?he aervic** ' f th * following grnllemem to act as imu^eri otrthr round du'ine the day : J tin C. llr?-nt, G <?*. Ki nis. Jno. D. Clarke. J.C.Ft'ipatrick.Wm. J Ko?t, Jas Farve*. '.S Jours. Ktlw. >irr?ni*, J <ha F. Tml#, W. 11. Ward, r?pt.(;?'Mkr>l, Tho? J. ! i?her. Fetor Gallant, Kirh.Clvke, H. H ???e?uey, John K. Kill*. F H l.a^k ?. < . Gai'i*', F. Mohun. II. Ri-hey, Thos. DulTy, Col Hickev. ! . <'alia'an. Ja?. LiReoU, II. \Tcl,amhlin. Ja?. Fulleton. \V. Harvey. A Jo?c?. H.J.V?|,?a(hlinrt|>'. P. H Kin*. Or J. Walsh, Wm. T Love, K. F.ichorn, John F. Kin*, R B Own?, A C Shaw I. O'Toole, \V W. Moore, Jas Kr>(li>i, 1' Tfaon, 1* S'.r*, Be nard Hay??. Thefo! owin* eei t rm*ti are a special li-uve committee from the Younr Catholic Friends' Srci**y f om Wa>htn*ton and G*orKet<>wn They will ! ? d??i na'ed bv ronettes on the loft !u? a?t : F. McNerhan*, l*hilli|> J M'Henry, * 1 hi*. I rl 1 1 ri n |><'T 1 c Dr. Kidwell, f?eorg? Ssv?c<'. I., \enniejrer, Kranci* Hat per, J .1. Jameii Ltrkef. R t Malionpj. P. J or Ion. an It M PUB Ft R r W I9HINGTON 't he Choir ofScrfnth ?>tre<d l're?| > terian Church, with 9ehnol, wii give ui RXC1 K ii ^ HON to the Fort ou l-'RIDAV A u ?ii-t Vocal a instrnmental mime. The h^iiiim I'hhnix has ei eas- d hM will Imv t'i?* fo > of Si xth street at a', o'clock. touching at Alexin h a rjtiir"ine early in the ev n n*. Tirltcm for *e?itleiien .V<v nt*; 'a-'i?* 2* and children 15 cent*; to b" ha I a' Wtn. It* l!ant> n?'? S?v nth ?'r?>i. J. Y I>avis'.?. I'a avenue, and O. Boewell>, I). D. Davidson's, or a* tit* '?>at au li-st IMTK I I,KTCHKR CHAI'KL :- I \ DAY " CIIOIII. wili > a'e a I'll' f?? \ I<' a1. I! a lent! iiTg, WKUN I' J* /UijrTgiS5" DAY. August 15 h. IS5* * *-* The* have d a tered car* wl ich will leav the dejmt at 7l, a m. Persons shoo id there at 7. Rcfr siimriits ftirni*h*ri al moderate price*. ai d every lT>rt made to render the occasion delightful. Round trip tick-ta only J5 cer.t*; children 15 I gents. EM M I'ENTII AN MA I- PIC-NIC EXCURSION or THE Montgomery Guards. 'fob* givei %t AR I.I N<?T??\|SPR I NO, On WEDNESDAY, August 15th. On this occasion the Committee of Arrangements pledge themwe ^->8 to do a., in their II k power to m*ke t lis one of the ag'eeaMe |?io \ ics of the *e-*-or > * faM Tney confidently look for liberal patrorage from their friend* am! the public, at ?he proceeds are to iij? ?< 1 hi ?sM?ting t to company m getting their new eqiupn.entv specimens of which mill lie on the ground. Gentlemen desirous ot j< mine the conipanv will thus have an opportunity of inspecting the new uniform Ksputa's fine brass and string hind, as usua!, will Ik> in attendance Omnibuses wi I run from Seventh street ever* hour during the day. Steatn r <? \V. Riggs wifl leave the Fourteei th str- et bridgeevery h??ur. Al>o MiMr Plying ?'loiid will leave the Aqueduct, Georgetown. every hour. Tickets hit) cents; admiting & gentlemau and ladies. Committrt on pnrt of th Military. Major Bae-rn, Capt. Schaeffer, " Davis, *' lialhacu, " Tait, " Dulant, Capt. Peck. " Ti'W>?, " (I'lllingBWO.'tli, * S ephens. " King, Committer on pirt of th* Corn piny. Lieu*.,*r?n. Soriteant O'l.eary, Sergeant Viirrav. Ornate \linu>ton. O'Dounell, R>an. an l^-4t |^<?R THE GOOD OF TIIK CITIZENS! RAN D I! AY \ M) MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC of th t Perseverance Fire Company, No. 5, TWHARLINGTON SI'R!\U. < ?n tl ksuay, a' rav?t 14th, ims, Tkt protr"i.i Id h' <i*rn:n tnienr.l* tkf fpoirs of Ike Entint Ho**'. Pr?f<??8<>r Srh'rwW* H-a?? an'1 St in* Rand has ! ?m|lill (bi t1.'- .. . :? mi ip? I ?'?y 'ttr,'< iniiilaiM'K will en the Northern Liberties' \lark>-tat t. in. ? ?l l'i p. in., H-<1 continue to run from the corner of Pa avrnnr ind Seventli otrwtccfr; hour. Tli? (teami^r lilii. \V. H !?<. ? will i>-ave F?>urtef>nth htreot hriitce everv hour The amer Fi.vimo Clocd will ieave the A<jue?luct every hour also. CotnmUtte of A^ranttft.tntr. \V. W. tira t, A. Glasgow. \Vm. II. Farrar, J7 R. Recti, au 1 tit # J no. H. Thompson. AMUSEMENTS II RK ! '>' 1*11 \i I * If U T*4 IjKNST LO'RFFLER," JvVt'r 'York ar,nut. hftirt'.n 1*1 and 2i tlretts. wou.d resper<tfull? lBf* stat? to th*> public that A CONCERT o'Affit tfKLEt "T M USi C will be ri vec ever* M"N DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dunng the season. at hm Pavilion, commending at 3 o'clook and ending at 19 p. in P'evious to the Concert, tne Saloon is open to those desiring to while awa* a few hours in the* dance. ICE CRfiWl. WATKR ICES.and every description of CONFECTIONERY a!way? ready at city pnoe?. t'arties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio parpost s. are requested to five a da* or two notioe. je in ftm rpo CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. OFFICIO* THE WA?hikgton AQCWWTC^./ W A * H 1 NGTOi, August 7. liMll. < Skai.bIi piiopiiiti ? will (>e received al this office until 12 o'clock ni.. August 21st, 1 WaO. lor suppljing t ie following ii ateria:* : laoii. 175 >>>-iiich Pipe*. 12 feet long. Hell A SpiKgot. Washington A<|tie?Siict pattern. a?x>to33i2ii inch Pip**'1.12 f?*ct long. Bell A Spiggo*. Wa hincton Aqueduol pattern. 4 .<< i ch Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) \Va*lungt >n Aqueduct pat em. 3 12 inch Flange Pipe-, 12 feet long, (drilled) tft/_ i-.- -.,-? 4 a ?? ^ Hint <mi [in irrn. 26 inch Fiance I'ip-s, 9 lt-et long,(drilled> Washington Aqueduct c*ttorn. 14 inch Flange Vipe, 9( t long,(drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern.'rtir *p?.-ia! patt-ms. such at Branch-**, H?ihU.Ac. For further partiea'ari, examination of drawing", A c , ap; ly at thu ?fti';e. The whole of the castings wi I be required to tie delivered by thu lot October next. H. W. BENHAM. Captain of Engineers, au8-tf Chief Eng'r Washington Aqueduet. 275 XL"len 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS Avnri. Between l"th and 11th streeta. Je 19 P, NOTICE. KRSONS Declining housteeping or having a surplus of household effects oaL find ready aaie by calling at iiit Furr.iahinc Store, 4it? Tth street, between G and H street*, east s'de k? J?1m BUQOLPH BUCHLY. a m r o o n i V V/ 1/ . Tf w o O D r! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD.atthe low?, possible price. T. J. A W. M. GALT, fa. tv? )mm wmo 11U and I2iu ?t*., w? 17-tf 4 north m,| P NOINKKUS OFFICE, Li ALBXA5UXIA, June 26,18611. MANASSAS GAF KAU.RUAD. 8i x hundred MEN WANTED on the line of tins rond from ML Jackson to Hamsocbnrg. Ws+ ?? fl a day; b arj Jkiw per month. For information, Io., id.aire of WM. 8. FEWELL.Com- I p % V- < it?Ti? J s fSKSia fv8?p. | THE LATEST NEW> TELKGKAPBII^O. Obituary rH'liDiLmTt. Au<; tl ?A n?M? ?oul ha* 4r pirtrd J i? H t\d>n. a niliro of Conn<rl .*ut. ai'<l brro Iw ni^ht ?f <~t? * mipt on For ifv?r 1 \can Mr Mnvd^n ?k on* of tbo principal ?|<orxtor? un tt?* \S unin^on nnd >'<?w (?r!cin* t^lf.npb 1 o , nW<| i^tl. nt of tfco A>? C ?t d at Mobil* i d for tbe iilt l?o y?ar? o^rapird tur nm> |N?itu>? at No* Ork-aii* vrhrrr by a el<* i|?i ration to kit 4ntt?a. ho br v??rr n 11 I'M*" ) l*K fll '<1 ?< * lIUYv to the I r *> <?f that ci'y l.srlr tlir pr?-?eiit artU'>n kit l.e.lth tw-im* m lti|w!rHl *> U? c hi* hi* |>liV?;? m to ?4\ it* m eis't to the nt\ of Kim. tn W'nipli?l|?, l.rnpe Hut tl.r rm vrt ?f *'"* coiituuiing d.? iar only r< ?' fd htm t r?-^ ii I't ? b?r? f n'ing in the aniik of a Jr\oU-t m f?- <1 ?ff? i cm r nlrr, bis *ptrlt t<K?k H't it f<* t j urrr mtlig Tkr I'rtarr ( Wrnlr# CmtLi'tTit >w*, I* I*. I . Aug 11 ? The Prince dan. ?-d at the bail last night until J o'clock Hi* rinlntki attain to day TU ?"b#U flt-et of r.i vra?> will j;o to t^nel** . but only the three imll. *t ? i; t.? Montreal. TtPrince will visit Heruirda after h? to Nf* Vo k MoKTB>4L, August 14 ?The I'r .nce vf Wala* trritfd itliMpr, >li.i t.inu. r< lw oar Qwhw, oi the K:v-r M Uwrntt. on "?i niiv, *< ?? be WW II rt bv the OiiTrraur < * n?fa and tui t* inadian lie nruc-aM uo ?-*rdou A.o i lion i dwtrd Hiiri. Nokki?T(i? >.(I'?.) Aug II.?The Hon Kdw 4 of Missouri, wu lirrf lut nifc. Lt on a U ng *illt to hu bfoHnT iii-ltW. ltd ?t li o < !> k n be wm wrfaadril by *u lin|trmnpli. ^slbsr' tig of ttir pn'plf A tori bllghl prorr?aif'<a. ntimtier my tundretis. vrm tben fi>rm?<i 'lb- profwdlnjl t ok ev. r\ l> xt v by impriir Judtt* Hi'ft r? k|H>udf<t In Ibe r beers wblch |r? he<t blm m a. powerful (?*< b?not king, brt sin-duct anal al?lr lie ipcki- in ItfMiiaf t i^h enlo^i ??f Ahretmi Lincoln a* a patriotic (titwnan md an Lonnl uian rtie enthusiasm uu unbouodt d Mr. krward is Kan^tr. M?. Baxgoi. A<i|; IV?(Jo* Srwanl.of Nf* V?k, arriv.d In ibis city ytttcrdar iiutuu/ toy lti? sU;i?ii?-r \\ rfaslrr, ai d was received on the wbarf t?v crowds of citiEcM Hr w..tted ou at lb* Bangor Hons* in tbe aferno ?a Of tbe \\ id? Awake* and an un"su tl rowd lie ?p< ke a few iiilmit'S. after wblcb Hon llannttal llamlin, H(Mi Jolin H Ihlr. Hon I Waahlimf. Jr . and '?ov .Morrill wite loudly called lor. and brWtly r^punded Mr Seward leHv?* fo* bis boii.e lo lUlirri'S fln;r,i.n In* II ? l?? " ' ? ? at -- * ' f m %'| 1 VI v??i?u and Beaton k'OKrk; Drinttrklir state * uinmt LuH'Tilli, A?t; II?The l^inocmtlc !?tilr C-XiVenUoii not to-day I) I' \\ b:te waa mad* iir*a tleu! K ^bty-K*r* countln arirr rr|MMird Ijy iw delfulilr*. Ariby liixon :nl Juitii C. ?nt?n a'Tc nominated ?lector* .it .ar^eand a full llniiglu ticket made cut Reaoluttona, repi.dia'l tig coalition mid reathriuin# tbrcin..onati plattorm were posaed amid laun-niK' applaoae The Kain M?rm Uehth tit l.i?h n ng Philadelphia. Aug 13 ?We liave had vlo ent sbowera ot rain alld-ti aiid our *tre*V are fl'M>drd Manx ellara have been overflowed. arveral culverts bive raved in fiom ttie unusual volume of water, and mu< b <>Uier lanvy is reported The torni was ccoutpa?i~d witti aome abaip light ninii Two Ooys wrre ?* <irk aud one <>f them fciiCi, Lat>-r F'tin tor?pe, Ac F*THfra Poikt, Ang 14? I be steamship An glo Saxon, from Liverpool on the 2d Ii at l> .t Virin^ins; telemaM rta Queenatovrn ou |tbe ;id, piM'tl bere tbl* tnoru:ug I h - Halifax Squadron piaa^d here last night to me :t the Prince of Walea at CJueher * wienie St Locis.Aw? 12?K <> A'knaon committed 'lie <le last ?*?f-!iinn at tit re?id?n<e corner of Ninth and i'itie ?tr?et? Theraiisrof tbe raati act Is mikiiovrn He waa at the tlDf of bis death a nimiber cf tbe firm of I) < I oiler & Co . of t'adinab. and supfiox <1 t>? t-n^i^?d iu a ptos(?-ruii? but)new The I /. vri. St Lot i?. \un i'.1 ?The /imhti were fti ort?<l t.? the pirnde ground ttis itfkriim hv the National Ov -rda. and itavr aa exhibition drill, to the iniinroie ^atitfialiM cf the lpcrM?lt, many of whom uert l^diea. Tbe /.auaxi leave for home to-morrow Meiican Affair* New ORtn*xa. Aug I." ? l.erdo Tejada writes tliat tbe Coi stit itioi. .1 liovrrawal baa certain intelligence that tbe>f*ui?h<?ov? r unent ti fitting out an exprd tion to j?ive n.?r support to Miraurnn'i tbird expedition acatnat V? ra Cruz. Departure ( the < hiri?|ai < mmissiaa Norfolk. Aug. 13?The steam sloop-of-war Itrooklvn (2- fins) dropped down to tie Roada on "aturdav. and ;se*|>e. ted to aa.l for CUlriqnt to-day Politics la besnia Millkduktillb, Aug 13?Tb? (Ml and Everett rotate Convention here to-day. wni large and harmonious. Hon Hen Hill and Judge Law wi're appointed elertora at larjre >1 i?k?ori Elertloa. Lona, Aujj IJ? fat-K? <-nn aav* Hender?>n, democrat, ia deftaM for Cw??r? la a^-MMid district by 2(<t As far aa h?-ar? from, Ja> kaou ieada Orr. for Governor. 6.J5W vatea. >e\\ v?rk liHiik > lutrmrnt. V 1 u- V ..?> A ...? I 1 'PL. ?!? ? ' ?. ' < ?* . /? 1C I.? ur *?rr? n ?' uicm of t Lt?- \rw Vork ;tv t>ank* show a re am* of ?2?>J 1**1 iti lot IK, ?.i62 (*m in aprete; &46.<MJii :u c.r? ulition, and ?'*> (* > in depoaita Large Rtkbfrr New Yoaa. Autj i.i ?The foru-r of the Greenwieti iUtct r?uv.tis'? Hank wm robbed to-day of S5 "tiO. Fire in >1?bile Moiu.1, Aug. 12.?A tire veaterday near tba d<*|>oi dctro\>d a nuuilier of buildings. I.oaa fTS ?M) to SHU,MM Baltiat*r< Market*. BaLTiHoaa. Aug 14 ? Flour ?lor d dull and heavy, without II * .ird at. and Ob ? *.' 5 W ( eat r'(* rt rteidv; r< d ?l 'Jul :U Corn c ?ed quiet and unchangt-d, yellow 7Ua73<~, luiiU T> , whiteMtaKfe. Pru*iu?ni cjo^-d a firmer, l>a> on *hou df-r? T^atOe; Ho. aide* 11 \ il'Jc : niest pork SM9 75; rump t :4 5<? VS b .aky c wd buoyant at *.!ia22J{c. !%ew V?rk Naw Vau, Aug. 14?Flour la heavy; Sow'hern $"> leaS'i ft' W br.ii ia b?aw; Svut'urru whit* SI .'ISntl Corn la dull, inifcrd 62*|a&Jc. Pork ia fl'in. Lard la beavy. Whiaky ia lower, at 21a 21 %e 1/ PR'H'OrtALJ* I OR MATI RIA. POK THE A 'TKCACHtS UK rilf "OITH W ISO til- lilt. IKUMRV EXTENSION. TmKAorBY L>Br*?TJiK>T. / B?r?u of CuUil. uctioB Auiutt If, IM0.{ Proposal* ?lil be ivml at II 11 1) pir m ut 12 'o oo? II)., on I lie lat ca> ot froateirbor, infill, for the delivery of tae following artic ?*. vu; Pri*f* r(l ft'in il r Ht (:?n pavorn-nt o? lent to lay d vu 6 560 a u per 6c a f?at <>t pav*met.l, $ > 'in<-? I? . t of curb ctou?-a for >n1r?t ka ?c . in l ? g li not ie? than wv* . (:) -et an 1 1 inohe* thu k ut < h.ofi f. lop (lice I k> mrnd fir* (tit and irut* ? lu.-bpa wide U- retainedi'ovtiSiat It on oii?iiif,iiu li.'k on tue uther, a-ol have then ib4i 'proper:> j n.t, u A ? f 4 nailer circle comer pi^ce* u. atug.e pi. c? of * rvtiim of 2 fer-t ouidr, a: U of th? Hin? thi:kn .- % <1 ueftb, ?i J raaie retuM.a down the > i lei- an th? n'rai<" t one*; and a *<. another qua te' ci-91' in r>w of cot i a than 5 l??t la lei g'h, of araiiiifcoi 2't-i o i?i > trie aa-ne depth and eiii n li.iwa tuv eijes as abor*. aud 6 lachea tuak no top. ii*5 pi"<"? f,< ?* North River Flagging 4 feel by * feet 5 inchea I'.ggieoe* of b ue *orth River Raffing ? feet by feet 3 inchea 43 piece* of O.ue North River F lagging 4 feat bp feet 66 pieoei> of b ue North River Fiagt ng 4 feet bp 9 left i mcti- a au i ie?a BidUera aetatate the p icea for roagh flat, of amootn flac. or dreaafd fag of each o; the above a tea ot the b'at quaiilv. per aupe fccia lout. Whatever kind la f? c?ud iiuat ba prepaiad in a perfect y proper manner to t*e iaid d"wn. A.i tha artio ea t j bt delivered at tbe T reaaury Kxt *n?ion. where they wir be uatd a* may be directed by tha proper authority. Th- p'opo-a'a iMirt He aent under cover to tta feoretarj of the Trea ury, endorae-1 Pr?pa;e{* f-v M'HtrtaI J?r llu TVcoary E rim .nan,'* and ba of an h1 at 1 a'olook p. m , ol tna aa> ua; r a .? d l?r r-? living the name, in the presence of the biddara. . i* - k ? * . . aa. J Q a . ?a . n a j U ?: y ou?MJ>r i ? rv n. i.i.ARIV, Aot n? ? atineer in charge au 13 2awt*ept 1 T?a?uM Depart ant. Ill LOTS' NOTICE.-To all Capiat Md owner?n( Veaaali, bouu<l to the District a -iv of Columbia. i.o'ice l* herebt <irrn. tha; X> Pilot* mat 1* lound at all tiiwt at m (*eorg? ? Ulautl. at tlie mouth of rt. Mftri'inm, aul near Pme? P int. and that it > n?.t n caaaary to take V irrmia Pilot# Jrmn the r i oaU, a ken the Vnaael ii IkiuikI to tkorcMuvn ur hingtoii city, ai Marjlan.l Pilota can he fotiiKi ofat l?a?l equai kill and reita>i*itt au H-eodtm* IHAVB l&MoVbii iu iw lb MARKET Space. Penn. aT?ui'.M?n?a lmaiw*il|] 9th atreeta. VMre I wi I w happy ?< *aulM on al vho Viil faror me with a oal *>uf ! fine ?tonk of BOO f> at.d t H ?Kf f?*T Mb