Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1860 Page 5
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0 t 4 # , . * ,**?. . # ?? ' * ~ (Ektiitig Star. Vei. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 15. 1860. N?. 2.337. THE EVENING STAR is FUB LIS HE D EVERY APTERNOON, < SIN DAY* EXCEPTED,) AT THB STAR BUILDINGS, Corner #/Penntylvania avenue and 11<A **., T W. D. WALLACH. r%peri Mnrod in p*ok&r*c by o*rrt#n kt |4 % TMU, or 97 Mat* pmr month. To rati I ibMribera the pnoe is 03-SJ ? jaw, tit adv?ut; $i for nz ra"cth?; 41 for three month*; *od for lew th&n three month* at thereto of 13o?nU ft VNk. Single o.-piM, om c?st; In wrappers, two ci.its. [ZT1 A rniTiuimi should be Mat to the oflloe H?lore 12 o'olook m ; otherwise (hey may notkipwr nnul the next day. OpfratUu ?f the Pateat Office. The following la a Hat of patenta tasued from the U. 9 Patent Ofllce for the week ending August ?, 1SH)?oach bearing that date: Walter Aiken, of Franklin, N. H ?For Improvement in knitting machlnea. I) D. Allen, of South Adams, Maaa ?For Improvement in tubea for spinning frames Samuel F. Allen, of Chicago, 111.?For Improved water boater for locomotive engines. Edward B?-hr, of New York,N.Y.?For improvement In carriage brakes. John M Brooke, of the United States Navy.? For improved deep-sea sounding metre. Charles H. Brown, of Fitchbargh, Mass?For Improved low-water alarm apparatus for a team boilers George Blanchard, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement In lampa John Blncher.of SVllllamavllle, N. Y.?For Improvement in water wheela. S. Bourne, jr , of New York, N. Y.?for Improvement In trunks . C. P. Buckingham, of Mount Vernon, Ohio.? For Improvement In governors for Mram engines. John M. Huell, of Zanesvllle, Ohio.?For Improved churn. n ! . i a n n t. ** _a *? * ? ? ** ? ? mcnara o oup-oeu. 01 Droonyn, . *.?r or improved window-shade fixture. Nelson Burr, of Batavla, III ?For Improvement in portable mills. David B Caldwell, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improvement in straw cutters George L Carver, of Brazil, South America ? For Improved marine propeller. Matthew Chapman, of Greenfield, Mass?For Improvement in bandies for cutlery. Amos Coat?-s. of Marlborough, Ohio.?For Improvement in chain pumps Jacob Coaver, of Chambersbarg, Pa.?For improvement in wiring blind rods. b. W Cottinghaia and John S. Menefee, of Texana, Texas ? For ant trap. Edward Daniels, of Northampton, Mass ?For case for indellible ink bottles. Job C D-tvls, of San Francisco, Cal.?For improvement in quartz mills. F. De Campolora, of Francs.?For Improvement in manufacture of paper pulp. _ Thomas B De Forest, of New York, N. Y.? For Improvement in lanterns. Cornelius Donovan, of East Ablngton, Mass.? For improvement In rotary engines. Charles Tennant Dunlop, of Glasgow, North Britain?For Improvement In manufacture of oxide of manganese. H C Emery, of Lincoln, Ohio.?For Improvement in rotarv engines James R Ender, of Trenton, La.?For improved fountain washstand. Orlando Foster, of Kenosha, Wis.?For Improved machine for upsetting tire, Ac. William Fuzzird. of Charlestown, Mass ?For improvement in machinery for forming hat bodies. Lewis P. Garner, of Ashland Borough, Pa ? For improved apparatus for separating slate from coal. Henry Garrett, of Richmond, Mo.?For Improved spike for nlnges. W H. Gwynne, or New York, N. Y ?For Improvement In apparatua for compressing gas. Stuart Gwynn, of New York, N. Y.?For Improved method of generating steam Wm. Haldrrman, of Freeport, 111?For improved device for bolting flour /UlffU U.ll mw*A vi nail Utiu Iiumuj iOCIIlCftj U1 ?T CT4 Wilmingtou. Conn ?For improvement la thread machines. Tho? Hall, of St. Loui?, Mo.?For feeding apparatus for prlutiug presses. A O Hamaker, or Peoria, 111.?For Improvement In gas burner*. D 8. HetTron, of Utlca, N. Y.?For improved refrigerator. A. Hill, of Dubuque, Iowa.?For Improvement la compositions for tanning. Carl Hlnrich*. of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement la obUiaing coloring matter from oak Dark. C B Hutch'nson, of Auburn, N. Y ? For improved mill for grinding grain and apples. Wm. Hyde, of Kaiery. O.?For improvement in bee hives. Ijewls 8. Ingrabam, of Grafton, O.?For Improved butter-worker. Antboni Iske, of Lancaster, Pa.?For Improved cupboard and sink. B. W. Jewett, of Gilford, N. H ?For Improvement in artificial lees. W. H. Kimball, of Augusts, Me.?For handcuff W F. Kubler, of New York, N. Y.?For shirt studs W'm S. Sawyer, of Gratiot, O.?For improvement in seeding machine. John Leigh, of Edgefield, 8. C.?For improved bedstead. B F Lemrnon, of New Albany, N. Y.?For improvement in condensers for steam enginrs N . C. Lewis, of Boston, Mass.?For improved machine for rolling blanks. Adolphus Lind, of San Francisco, Cal.?For improvement in water-wheels. H Lindenn&n, of New York, N. Y.?For pianoforte Isaac Lindsley, of Providence, R. I.?For improvement in making gold chain. J. H. Maydole, of Raton, N. Y.?For improvement in harvesting machines. Alex McbWoy and J. H Kimble, of Fox Lake, Wis.?For improvement in seeding machine* Ferdintnd Mevrose, of St. Louis, Mo?For improvement in machinery for moulding candles J. S. Middlebrooks, of Salem, Ga ?For improvement in cotton cultivators. a s?ni. m ir *_ at tf n s s o. 01 ,itw i or*, r*. 1 .?ror improved life-boat Kvariste Mire, of New Orleans. La ?For Improvement In mills for cutting and grinding the corn, cob and busk together Richard Montgomery, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in iron cars Hiram N^ab. of Mayivllie, Ky.?For improve* ment in water elevator* E W. Nichols, of Worcester, Mass.?For lm-? proved bolder poiiablng wheel Jos Olmstead and W. A. Walker, of Victoria, 111.?For improved machine for upsetting tire William H Payne, of Sheboygan, Wis.?For improved surveyor's measure. Ed Parker. Brnj Parker, and Thomas S Parker, of Schencctady, N- Y.?For Improved lubricator John Parsons, of Cleveland. O ?For Improvement in bottom plates for drain tiles. John 9 Peckbam and Merritt Peckharn, of I'tica, N. Y?For improvement in stoves. A W. Porter, of St Jobnsvllle, N Y ?For iiuprovemeot in machines for digging post holes Charles A. Priest, of Winslow, Me.?For lmrtrovnd ihof-ncv marhi n? G K Proctor, of Beverly, Mm?For combined cloek end burglar alarm. Daniel Read, of Hamilton, N. Y.?For Improved grinding mill. C. J Scboenemaan, of New York, N. Y.?For lnproTemfal la pianoforte keys. August Semmendlnger, of New York, N. Y.? For pboto/rapbic camera C Sewerkood, of Louisville, Ky?For Improvement in cuttiag boxes. George Sherman, of Memphis, Tens.?For metallic ailov for Journal bearing* and boxes. Lewie H Shewlar, of Crawfordsvllle, Ind.? For Improved car coupling. Norman II Slade and John N. Scran ton, ef Bennington. Vt ? For improvement In driving baada for i:lunioi frames Elizabeth M Smith, of Burlington, N. J ?Per Improvement in reaping and mowing machines Caspar V Statler, of W a tag a, IU?For Improved machine for upsetting tire. Jakob Ttuber, Frederick Frank, and Peter D. Toble, of UUca, N. Y?For Improvement In stoves Lorenzo P. Teed, of White Deer MlUs, Pa ? Fur Improved arrangement for disposing of the sparks from locomotive engines. Gabriel Ul'or, of Chapef Hill, N. C.?For machine for trimming books and papers. David P S. Wsys, of Baltimore, Md ? For improved lightning arrester for telegraphs Baxter D. Whitney, of Wlnchendea, Mass ? For Improved lathe. Jefca M Wood, of deneea, N. Y.?For willow jodq a ?> ygani, of nacaensaca. .> j.?t-or improvement In stopping and starling city railroad cart Walter Youmans. of Waterford, N. y,?For improvement la eat wheel* Charles K Alaop. of Middletown, Conn., as >igDor to Joaeph W. Alaop, of New York, N. Y. For Improvement la rammer for revolving fire arms. Charles Alexander, of Washington, D. C., assignor to himself and W.C. Cnoate, of aane l Uce ?For imprwed cork-drawer Levi W Buxton, of Nashua, N. H., assignor to himaelf and ft. 8 Cram, of same place?For l.iiproved bnd bottom. Thoa Brown, Jr., of Sooth Dsn vera. Mm , assignor to himaelf and Wm B Brown, at wmr place ?For Improvement in mac bines for cutting fine O F Burton, of New York, N V, assignor to himself and M H flovey, of aaiue place?For ^ hre escape Abraham Baker, of fthensndosh county, V? , t? "C'ttJ-- f < IsW' ' assignor to himself, G. A. Brown and John Pirky, of same place.?For Improved Instrument for paring horse's hoof. John M Cooper, of Chambersburg, and Wm. L. Haller. of Carlisle, Pa., aaalgnor to John M. Cooper, of Chambersburg, aforesaid.?For Improvement In sealinv fruit cans. Wm. Gluvas. of Sail Francisco, Cal , assignor to himself and Wm K. O'Neill, of same place.? For improved amalgamator. T. C. Hendry, of Convers, Go., assignor to himself. J Dilworth, 8. H Dean, T. J.'Hutson. fc. H. Patterson, and A. J Hendry, of same place.? For improvement in wheels for vehicles. Geo. F . Hebard, George J Hill and S D. Rockwell, of Buffalo. N Y.. assignors to Stanford Warren, Harroun and George F. Hill, of same place ? For printing press George Hancock, of Providence, R-1., asslgnoto himself and James M. Rutherford, of samr place ?For Improvement <n hose coupling. Michael Offley, of Baltimore, Md., assignor to himself and Wm. Colton, of same place.?For improved self-locking device for omnibus registers. John Palmer, of Fort Scott. Kiniu. maalvnnr t? himself and Jns P. Draper, of Chicago, IlT.?For improvement in the manufacture of vinegar. Harvey Rice, of Concord, N. H . assignor to Jamea H Denning and T. H. Jenkins, of New York. N Y.?For-improvement in journal boxes for railroad cars. John B Rowell, of Lynn, Mass., assignor to Jonathan Buffum. of sime place?For composition for covering black boards. Volney SUxkton, of Williamsburgh, O , assignor to himself and Mitchell & Rammelsberg. of Cincinnati. O.?For improved metallic chair bottom. Charles Wells and Henry Bsrth, sf Cincinnati, O , assignor to the Cincinnati Type Foundry, of same place ?For Improvement in printing presses. Reissue.?Henry Wight, of Cunbridge, Mass., assiguor to Wm McClallan, of same place.?For Improvement in wooden soled shoes. Designs.?Elemir J. Ney, of Lowell, Mass., assignor to the Lowell Manufacturing Company. For designs for carpet patterns. Henry G. Thompson, of New York, N. Y., assignor to the Hartford Carpet Company.?For designs for carpet patterns. Additional Improvement.?Michael L. Bander, of Cleveland, Ohio.?For improved churn. THE FRENCH EUPEKOR'S LETTER. "St. Cloud, July 25, 1860. " Mr Dear Pebsigkt : Affairs appear to me to be eo complicated?thanks to the mistrust excited everywhere since the war in Ita^y? that I write to you in the hope that a conversation, in perfect frankness, with Lord Palmerston, will remedy the existing evil. Lord Palmeraton knows me, and when I affirm a thing he will believe me. Well, you can tell him from me, in the most explicit manner, that since the peace of Villafranca I have had bat one thought, one object, to ioaugurate a new era of peace, and to live on the best terms with all my neighbors, and especially with England. I had renounoed Havoy and Nice; the extraordinary addition to Piedmont alone caused me to resume the desire to see reunited to France provinces essentially French. But it will be objected, ' You wish for peace, and you iccreue immoderately the military forces of France.' I deny the fact in every sense. My armr and mv fleet have in th?m nnthin. of a threatening character. My steam navy is even far from being adequate to oar requirements, and the number of steamers does cot nearly equal that of sailing ships deemed necessary in the time of King Louis Philippe. I have 400,000 men under arms; but deduct from this amount 60,000 in Algeria, C,000 at Home, 8.000 in China, 20,000 gendarmes; the sick and the new conscripts, you will see ? what is the truth?that my regiments are of smaller effective strength than during the preceding reign. The oniy addition to the army Hst has been made by the creation of the Imperial Guard. Moreover, while wishing for peace, I desire alto to organize the foroes of the country on the best possible footing, for if foreigners have only seen the bright side of the last war, I myself, close at hand, have witnessed the defects, and I wish to remedy them. Having said thus much, I have, since Villafranoa. neither done nor even thought anything which could alarm any one. When Lavalette started for Constantinople the instructions which I gave him were confined to this :?'Use every effort to maintain the status quo; the interest of France it that Turkey should live as long as possible.' "Now, then, occur the masaac;es in Syria, and it is asserted that I am very glad to find a new oooasion of making a little war, or playI ing a new part, lleally people give me credit for very little oommon sense, if I instantly proposed an ?xpedition it was because my feelings were those of the people which has put me at its head, and the intelligence from Syria transported me with indignation. My first thought, nevertheless, was to come to an understanding with England. What other interest than that of humanity could induce me to send troops into that country? Could it be that the possession of it would increase my strength7 Can I conceal from myself that Algeria, not withstanding its future advantages, is a source of weekness to France, which for thirty years has devoted to it the purest of it? blood and its gold? I said it in 1852 at Bordeaux, and my opinion is suit the same?I have great conguests to make, but only in France, ller interior organization, her moral development, the increase of her resources have still immense progress to make There a field exists vast enough for my ambition and sufficient to satisfy it. 14 It was diffioult for me to come to an understanding with England on the subject of Central Italy, because I was bound by the peace of Villafranca. As to Southern Italy, I am free from engagement*, and I ask no better than a oonoert with England on this point, as on others ; but in Heaven's name let the eminent men who are plaoed at the head of the English Government lay aside petty jealousies ana unjust mistrust*.. Let us understand one another in good faith, like honest men m we are, and not like thieves who desire to cheat each other. "To sum np, this is my innermost thought: I desire tha. Italy should obtain Deace. no matter how, jut without foreign intervention, and that my troops should he able to quit Roue without compromising the security of the Pope. I could very much wish not to be obligad to undertake us Syrian expedition, and, in nny ease, not to undertake it alone; first, because it will he a great expense ; and, seooudly, hecause I fear this intervention may involve the Eastern question; but, on the other hand, I do not see bow to resist public opinion in lay country, which will never understand that we eaa leave unpunished not only the massacre of Christians, but the burning of our Consulates, the insult to our flag, and the pillage of the monasteries which were under our protection. ' I have told you all, I think, without disguising or omitting anything. Make what use you may think advisable of my letter. " Believe in my sinoere friendship, "Napoleow." Movements op Paul Moepht?The New York correspondent of Saturday's Pbiladelpjia Press says: "I had a half-hour's chat last evening with Mr. Paul Morphy, and quite naturally alluded to the reports in circulation of bis proposed visit to and future residence In Psris. He assures ine that tber* never was tbe slightest foundation for tbe rumor, and that be bas st no time enter1.^ .W. . J 1 v i 1 milieu p-i iuiib iuuuxuw vi auctuuulllllK Oil re?ldence la the L'nttfd States. He proposes to spend several weeks at Saratoga, whither be goes on Saturday; th?;ace to Newport, where he will remain aome time longer; from Newport he will return to New York, and regulate his movements according to circumstances. It Is a little aln^ular that one so fond of cbess, and its greatest living master, us Mr Morphy is, shonld not have played more *.han a half dozen gaasee during the last year; yet such, he Informs me, is the fact. I asked him If lack of practice made any difference in his play* His reply waa, not la the least, and that he could probably play as strong a gaunt at that moment aa be ever played la his Tife. It may be seme satisfaction to chess-players to know that the statements I now make in reference to bu leaving the country are on his authority nnd requeet" ICTTbe I/ebanon Valley railroad, Pa , have introduced the oovdty of a restaurant car on tfcaUtoalaa. ? ! i J i A MRS. WINSLOW, N Kxperten ed Nar?e and Female Physiolan, present* to the attention of mothers, her SOUTHING SYRUF, Far t'hildrea Teethlag, Whlab ftaatly faci.itiMi tha pracaat af laathiaf, b? aaflaa i>( tha ram*, ridacitf all iotammaoan?will allay ALL fAIH ill p??m?die tiun.ut i* SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaad ipM it, naatbara, it vill girt raat ta yamraalvaa, ul RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa tea** pat ap and aald Utia anicla far a?ar tao yaara, tod Cai? (at, lit conriDiNci and TBOTH of it.abitaa bata aaaar bam abla ta aay af any OTHBB Madieioa? nifU MKft ha? it a (11* a lb l?- ma,....,.,. ita?ci to bfrtCT a CVll, WUfsLUW'S whin tiaaly Baad. Ha*ar did va knaw KfKIT* i JMNa an inaunca af rfteaauafaetiao by any ana wi?a aaad it. 0? tha eantrary.allara S YK Jf, dalirhtad with fit rUATlom, -'* f?r??? in tarma ?l bifhaat cararnandttiao af t* nn i< al afacta and madieal virtaaa. Wa apaak in ;hii mtttar what t1 do nov." aftartaa yaara' aapariaoca, alto plid0i ot7l liri'tatioh roi THI rULriLMKT op what fl Hill DB* clal b. In alroaat a?ary mattnea whara tha infant la afar* tag (ran paia aad aahaaatios, ralial will ba kind la Iftaaa ar twant j minataa aftar tha ay rap ta nctniniatarad. Tbia valaabla praparattan ta tha praacriptian af ana af <k? mi siriRiBWCBD and uiLruL rtuain in New Earlaad, udtan baan aaad with N ?t M-PAiLtna tUCCBtt la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Ml aaly rtlliTM tba eblld fr?m pain, bat Invifarataa Ml atanach and bawala, corracta acidity, and fi?aa taoa and mttgj w Iki ?b?li ajatarn. It will Umaat initaiily raliara 6?irme in thi Bowils and Wind Colic, aadavarconia canvalaiaoa, vlieb, If ist apaadUy rataadiad ad in daatb. War ?4iava ft tba BUT awd subbit him- for MiTintba would ta all eaaaa af dti- CHILDREN OTIirind dim A lit chil- teething miki wbaihar it ariaaa (ram taathiny 1 * from anr othar eaaaa. Wa would aay ta avary mothar vie baa a child aafftrtar from any of tba foragainr complaint* ? DO HOT LIT TOC? FBBJCDICB*, HO* THI PABJIDi^Ba OF OTHBR*, atand batvaan year aaVarmr child and tha ptliaf that arill ba OBB?yaa, AlfOLUTBLT iClB-ta follow tna aaa of th madteina, if tirraly aaad. Tall diraetior.a ar aaing will tampan* aaeh boitia. Nona ranama anlaaa tha fac-aimila CURTIS * PERKINS, Naw fork, la an iha aauida wrayya Soid by Dr?ffiin throughout tha warld. Principal Orffea, No. llCadar Btraat, It. T. Price aalvUCaata par Batua. aa U-dAwlr GEORGETOWN ADVER'FMTS A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFKR ED TO any one who mar be Hesirous of entering in a profitable bustnms. at one of the best stands in Georgetown. 1 ofl>r my entire (took of DRY GOODS on reasonable tor mi. in order to make a chance in my business. W. R HURDLE. jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gay sts. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, |^60, th* steamer L. J. Brenicle, Captain W. R. RitW, will _|1 ' ^ leave Georgetown EVERY TUES DAY. THURSDAY,and SATUR-^ **"* DAY. at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a m. On tie Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3m 1 CA JUST RECEIVED, l*>U BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) 180 do. HERRING and ALEW1VE8, 25 do. REFINED SI GARS, P> hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.(Bayfield) WHITE FI H, 25 boxes prime Eastern CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, _JI? 8 Oeorgetown. D. C. AGENCY FOR FAIR BANK'S SCALES IN ft. GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the sale of the above celebrated and wew known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fn '. supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. HAY and COAL SCALES ereotad in any part of the Diatriot or aajuintnc oonnties. All Soal?s are warranted durable, accnrate, and In ?io? aatmf?/??i..n '-""BU8EY ft BARNARD. Dealer* in Agricultural Implement*, JeHfrn Bridge street 2 doom west of Hifh. CRANDKLL. OPTICIAN, No. 138 Etui ft It., Vtorritown, Ha* oonstantlr on hand a largo assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted. Penaaopic. Colored, and al. other SPECTACLES, ofO^^O the best qua.it7, in cold, silver. steel, and Otrm?c ilver frame*. N. B. Old F'ame* Repaired and new K.8MM iM in 1IHIUI ? cmIm. MU Ir-t) J~OOTF. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brtdi? and Jeferson its., Geortttoion. Having given inr personal attention to this brauoh of my bu*ine*?, lam prepared to. attend to all oail* with promptness vMaBMMSr Person* from adi*tanoe can t?? *up-^ plied at a *ew mi nut**' notioe. aa 1 have a large assortment of C? iPPI NS ai way* on hand. Partiouiar attention paid to the removal of the d< ad from the old to the new burial grounds. M At raoii *?/4 UnraAa fnr K i ra IA Am |%/IASSEY,COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELLTI PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonatantly reoeiTiog fre?h auppiiea oftheabovedelithtful bfverice, and invite all persona who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to (ire it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Aftenta, fn JT flr*?n ?t.. fi?i)r|rtown, T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, &o. Wktrtu, At the preaett aeaaon of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, . __ DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY, *o.,Ao., to &n Itlnrmiri, ?xt?r,t: And ttkerects. It moit ha of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY At onoe Soft, Sptfdy, and Efiract<m?, DR. MONTARDE, or Pabis, offan hia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER at the mi?t CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to a*ti?fy THE PUBLIC that no imposition it intended in theaale of Uua Great Medioine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED t? all cases when the medioine fails to (ire entire satisfaction. Ask, then at any Drug Store for DR- MONTARDE'R MIRACULOUS PAIN KII.LER, take aa directed, and if not perieotly satisfied, Return to our Agent, _ D. B. CJ.ARK, ESQ., 7k oireai ina rennsyi^ania A*?na#, who will refaed your money. Prioe? 23 and 30 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drug Stores everywhere. JAB. MoDONNELL, General Afret, jy 11-eolm Baltimore. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ~ HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision qf the Captain General of Cuba, will taie plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Avowr 25. 1880. MORTEO NUMERO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 urine of _~tiM,000 60 prises of. 91,wo I do 60/XX) 60 do 606 1 do SO,000 1SB do 400 1 do 10,000 Kapprox. IJ00 1 do 10/100 IN ALL 888 PRIZES. Whole Tioheta, ?ilO? Halve*, f 10?Quarters, |i. Prise* oaahed at sight at * per oeut discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded as soon as the result beoomes known. - All orders for sohemes or tioheta to be addressed to DON RODR1SUEZ, ul tr Care of Cfty Poet. Charleeton. b.C. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERa! E. R. DURKEE * CO.*8 Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat (round from freah Spioes, eeleoted and eleaned by ue expreealy for the purpose without reference to ooat. They are beautifally packed ta tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, aad are fall weight, while the ordinary rroond Spioee are almoet invariably short. We warrant aa a single trial will abundantly prove. Manumotnred only by fel* lft NtVvorh. A- WM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoute any orders witk which they may be fevered in the PLUMBING, FITTING flT" Store ontth street, a few doors north of Pa. 1\IKW STYLES OP RICH JEWELRY -H.O? 11 BOODhaa just opened a large stock, which be will offer at very M?w rates Therefore those that are wishinc to o?rry.home anything is his line aa preeeaU. will do wall to eall aad examine t>ia took at 3M P*. avenue. jej* EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 4T* SSVIHTB ST OffHtli tkt OtturcU Po*t OJUt, Washington City. Armorian ?j"Ura of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Mercantile Forma ana Calculations, Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohante, Current Hills, Commission 8?:es, Gran mar and Arithmetic. IL^A Preparatory Class for Boys. Ipr Ladies will be instrnoted in fin* pec ma a ihTp. Room*open from9a. m. to 10 p.m. For terras applv at the Rooms. maa?-Sm WM. W YOUNG A CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. JL . Niw AaiANOIHKKT. Tnts well-known and popular Seminary, whioh has be en so auooesaful under the entire care of Mrs. z. Richards (or mors than ten rears, will be opened on the firat Monday in September n-xt. under the united anpervinion and instruction of Mr. and Mra. Z. RICH A RDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Aoademy Building. For partioalars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23tf (vi MRS McCOR . ICR'S SCHOOL. 1hr8, MoCORMICK deairaa to Inform k? frteada udthe publio generally that rhe will reraise the ditiea of her School on the let Monday in September next. The oourae of atady paraned will oompnae all the branohoa reqmaite to a thorough Eugfiah edaoaUon. In addition to her day eeholara. she ia deairona of reoeiving into her family a few pueila aa boardera aged from 10 to u yeara, who will m under her lmBMdi&to oare&nd overticht. Her arrangementa for the aooomaaodation and due care of pupila hare been oonaideralljr inere&aed and otherwiae improved. Thoae m Washington aeairing particular information with refarenoe te her aohool may apply to W. D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and fartner partioalara apply at her reudenoe?No. Sf Cameron atreet. Alexandria. Va, I CLOTHING, &c. WELLING OFF AT COST! i In order to deor?a<e my a ock I have determined to close out the halanoe of in* SUMMER CLOTH1NG at cat All in want of Summer Clothing are respectfully invited to oall at No. 4fi0 Seventh at , opposite Post Office. and aee the great reduction in Summer Clothing. jy 12-lm I TNiTEO STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, u Wa*hi!?8TO!? July 17. I860. . . . ?n ' "A 1 Bvrvo&L.B will ur iro:i?Di ftl vniP WIDO* 111^11 noon of Tuesday, the 21at of August n*xt, for Furniahing and Patting up th? Iron Oiling* of two rooms over the oonnecti Qg oorridora of the Capitol Extension The propoaala waat state the prioe for each oeiling complete, in place, painted with three good ooata of white lead ia oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of every deeonption, including the faatemnga ofthe ceiling a to the walla and to the roof frames, muat be included in the price bid. The proposals muat be endoraed. "I'ropoaala for Iron Ceilinga." and muat be aooompanied by a guarantee, aigued b* one or more reaponaible per aons, ?ddr*seed to tne undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the presence of auoft persons aa may choose to attend. The drawings of the oeilings can been seen at this Offioe. W. B. FRANK LI M, Captain Topographical t ngineera. In charge ol Capitol Extenaion. Each proposal should be aooompanied by the fallowing guarantee: Form of Guarantee. The undersigned, A B and CD, of , in the State of , and in the State of , hereby guaranty that in case the foregoing bid of for iron ceilings, aa above desorlbe-1, be aooepted, ho or they will, within ten daya after the reoeipt of t he oontract at the p<aoe i,am?a execute the contract for the oeilinga, with good and sufficient securities and, in case th* Mid shall fail to enter into oonmct a* aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the difference between the offer of the said and that whioh mar be aocepted. Date ,1860. Sit natures of guarantors, A B. C Da Witness E F. I hereby oertify that theaboye named are known to me as able to make good their guarantee. To be signed nytHWWtSo states aimrioi?- !^., I United States distriot attorney, oolleotor, or some persons known to the War Department. Jy 18 dtd W HEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rkmovid to No. 346 Pa. A v., <iui Ttb St. Encouraged by the sulmtantial and rapidly increasing popularity of Wheeler A Wilson's unequalled Family Sewing .Vachines, which for the last?*ight years have most triumphantly maintained their superiority, a* a family institution, over all oonip<'tilor? for popular favor, the Agent ha* taken one of the fine new store* lately erected on Fa avenue, near 7th st. where a beaut Till assortment of all the varioun stvie* may at all time* he seen. There were 21,3s of these Sowing Machines told in the year 18o?. Ladies are inviteii to call and tliem. together with certificates from many of the beat c;tixens of Washington and Georgetown. in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority If anv ladies oannot oall, 1-t them send for a oireular by all means It is high time every fam'hr in the land was supp led with one of these healtn and life saving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verbal, given free of charge at the hoine of tiie purohaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. av-*r.ue, jy ll-lm Between 6th and 7th sta. Proposals for repair ink the ^us JUM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, Ms. T*ea.ue7 Pkpaetmknt, i Washington. July 13,1MM Peoposa.Ls will be reoeived at this Department nntil the fifteenth day of September, A. D., 186 >, at 11 o'clock, noon, for the repairs of the Custom House authorized to be repaired at Raitimore, Mary and. aooording to the plans and specifications prepared at thin Department. Uidde's will be required to reoeive the old cast-iron work di-p>-nseo with in part p\tm ?ct of the work, at the rate of one dollar per haudred pound . ar.d will be required to furui*h al the n at en v and perform all the neoersary labor to oomplete the repairs aooord IDC to the p ana furnished. Ninety p?r o?nt, of the amount of work done and materials delivered according to oontraot prioe (aai<l amount to be aaoertatnea in the manner p<?sorih?d by th* contract, by the estimate or an a<ent of ihe Department appointed for that pur poee) vi!l be paid monthly, as the work profre*?es. and ten per cent, retained until the completion of the contract and aoo*ptanoe of th? work hy the Mtent arnre?aid, and to be forf? ited in the evert ol nan fulfilment of oontraot. Speoifioations and drawing* will be read* on thol5th of Aucurt, when th*y can be haul on apphoatiou to the Department. The proposa a mutt he sent to th s Dpirtraent. addressed 'o the Secretary of the T-eaaurr a- d plainly endorsed "Proposals for repairing Ik* Balti mors Cuftom kou?t, and will b? opened at one o o ock of the Uat day named lor reoemnf the aame. HOWELL COBB. Jy '7 2>wlw Secretary of the Treasary. No TICE OP r?1?- REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICB FROM HUDSON TO FALLS OF ?T CROIX. IN THE STATE OF W18CFN8IN. In aooordanoe with the pronaiona of the Mt ol CoDcrraa entitled "in ?'t authorising OMKM in the location of land oflSoea," approved Maroh 34, )W, it ia hereby declared and made kunwr. that the oflioe t"r the eaie of publio landa at Mcdb"!!, in ihe Slate of Wiaoonain.will be removed to Fall* or St Caotx, in laid Btat). at at early a period at practicable. Further notioe aa to the preoiae time of oloaing the offioe at Hudson, preparatory tn removal and ofita opening for buaineeaat FalWofST. Cao x, will be given by the Regi ter and Reoeiverfor the land district i i veu under my hand, at the City of Washington, this thirtieth day of June. A. D., 1460. By ordtr of the Preaident: JOB. 8.WII BO TV i Commiaaioner of the General Land Oftoe. I jy ?-law<w 464 SKVENTH STREET. 4()4 AT THE OLD STAND. Th? auhacr il*er, grateful for the liberal patronage a heretofore extended to him, haa the^gglto pleasure to announce to hia formerpZH cuaiomera and the pnblio gene ally thAt|?^P he haa again openei 'tore at hia old stand, ooraer of Seventh and F atreeta, with a full and complete aae<>rtment of fine GROCERIES. TEA*, LIQUORS and CIGARS He solicits a oa 1 from all in want of gooda in hia line, intending to spar* do efforts to give entire ?atlsfaction. Fieth BUTTKR tad E50S constant]* on hand daily. ]y? eogw WM. H. BEERKTON. IV tW YORK AND WASHINGTON Tto Uum^^NT^VBI^QN will Imv* o'elook p. ?., and Now York for initon every Saturday, at3 o'elook p. m. P&eaengera can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the honr of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability to orpfs the bar iu ooqseqneaoe of low water, all goods viil be promptly lightered to and froa the -? ?l? For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious Fbtii 4?b Cuti 8t?um, Go to OlAY'8, Northeaet oor. MimsbmHte ?v, and Fourth si. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE Tbetavorile reaort for WHIT. SCLMItm FRIStfft, | MmnlKi Air. InrtforaCUMBKRLAND CO . Vvil w'kidloom.j Pennsylraata. Good Society ud a Good . ' Table. Accommobatioxs fob For partioalars send 300 'or Circular. J OWKNtf. Ol-ENDENTER3IS LOW. IN A V1SSCHER, Is 7 low Carlisle S*rt*ts, Pa. CAPE ISLAND. NEW JERSEY.-Visitors to CaM Mar will find 100J K~comm?lt- A . A tiona at WHlTK HALL. Term* on I > fSYfsky per week, including the ride to the beach m the morning. l)r. 9. 8. M AKC > . jy 27-2w* P oprietor. PARD.-A? An inducement for families to sojourn v> at the "HYGEI A"durm< the m nth? I . . A of August and September, the Propria-WfSMB t<>rs have reduc*<l the pries of Hoard to per day and #12 50 per week, from August 1st. JOSEPH SKb SR. ( Pro.rl.^,.^ C C W1LLARD, < Proprietors. Old Point, July 26th. jy ?7 Ira UCHMIUT'S SUMMER O ARDEN.?< ' Sixth C? street, bft???en O and Louisiana av . A ? . A may be found at all tim*?a one of the most eipnlar. ge- lal, urban*, and intelligent tfJBx estauraut Keepers.who backs up his reputation with 1.AGER B> ER from the Citt of Ueothikit Lovb, Philadelphia; with HKAND1KS f om the choioest vineyards of Franoe; wiUi WINKS unexcelled on the hills of th? Rhin"; a d with an artiole of WHISK Y whioh sitacks strong'y of the < true flavor of the Monoogahela and Uourhon | Palatable as either of tneac ma? he .individually, he has sought to make tSem still more ao hy the erection th? rear grounds of hia favorite establishment of a spaciou* Arhor, where his gu*ata hy day may enioy the cool brefit* ani be free from Pol's too ardent rays; and. at "the witching hoar of night," quaff h>a ice-cool Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened hv the falling dew. Such inducements will. donhtlesa, caus" man; of our readers to drop in and t\ka a note <if nothing else. > and, most likely, many of thoae who to will coagain. In addition t? all thia, he has encaged the I*ror pen brothers and their associates to disoourse their choicest pieces of tnuaie Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy lO-lm WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFF1.KR. Proprietor. Pievb York arenut, b*twee? 1? *nd id its. Inoallinr the attention ofthe pabliotoray grourda I would state that every arrangement ha> i . . A r>e?n made to mate this "Retreat" iroreYCj^w attiaotive every r>ar. Mondays the bar- 1 ! 'IB 1 dens are op?n to the public Iree of charge?a ouuc rt H??n bf a sel?otband. Those denting to enjoy the dance And waits ?i I find the saloon in oompiete order to render p>a?ure to all. O oth*r days the proprietor wiil cheerfully g'ant th* o?e of the grounds tor aohool or other Pio Nio Pa. ties without charge. hor the amusement of children he has introdaoed a number of little games, never before seen in this oity, and calomated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bottling Establishment, and families can be supplied with an* quantity at their resiaenoe. of that healthful drink, LAGI-R BKKR, opt in short notioe. j? W St AHNALOSTAN RETRKAT, On Ahmmuh Island, Opto t it t Qeorgttown and Watktntf* The subscribers having leased for a ?erm of years this beautifui and romantio spot, opened A. . A it for tne aooommodation of the Dublio on theSlctday of May, 1*60. For beauty scenery, delightful promenades, fishing, & , resides i.s superior water, it is unsurpassed in the Union. rhe House is large and oomtiodious, having been entirely renovated It has a large Dancinc fsloou attached to the house, bes des Dining an-1 Dressing Rooms for both ladies ana gentlrm?n In addition splendid Arbors detac ed from the buildinrs. Parties, families and Indiridua's will find it a moir desi'abie p aoe to pass the sultry days of summer, as every attention will be guarantied by the proprietors. The stnotest polio* arrangements will be enforoed, and politi al discussions will be p-<. hibited The harder will be found to contain all the da'.loapv?? - ? ? ?. - ... i/v *?i?n fcnc viiuiwwi Liquor* and **inee and the fin?et Segara. Sooietiea, Sunday Schools. Club* and Military Companies will find this the an oat dealrabie resort near the metropolis for spending a p.easant and or deHydav. 117"Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded from the grounds. ftnnning and dogs prohibited ([7" Boats will leave the <oot of High street, Georgetown, and G afeet, Waahingtoa, hourly, from 8 o dock a. m. ti 112 p. m . daily. Persens preferring a pleasant walk oaa reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We solicit the publio to judge for themselves, and fe-l assured of giving aatiafaotiow. _ie 9_eotf JACOB W. POWER" * CO. N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. 12:A-?i4. The UNITED STATED AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Acricultu ral and I> duatria Exhibition on the rrounJ< lumr. ally prorHed by the citi*?n? of Cincinnati, which are to l>e fitted up in tne beet ntv'e. There will (>? Halls and Tent* for the discla* of implements, m achin eey, TOOLS, domestic Manufactures*, farm and garden PRODUCE. FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA TIVE WINES: with Stall* and P' ? for HORSES. CATTLV, SHEEP, and SWINE: and an unequal ed Track, one mile in length ana forty feet in wid'h. for tne exhibition of Horses The Premium* offered-in c*?h,?gold, silv?r, and bronze inedala,?difiowas and certificate*, amount to 40,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Werlne* day, the 12th, to Thursday, the 2ith, ol September, thus giving time to examine and te*t the imple menta and machinery. For prenii-jm li?t* or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 356 Pa. avenue, (up stair* ;>or to the subscriber,at Cincinnati, Ohio. BEN. PER LEV POORE, jy 24 tf Sec'y 1*. 8. Atrioultural Society. T^NAMELLED rA SLATE MANTELS, Direct /rem the Manufactures. These are most beautiful atylea of Mantels, enamelled in imitation of such rare marbles a* the Spanish, Egyp lan,Siinna.Verde Antiqu", Porphyry, B ocattlie, and others eaually oelebrated. The imitations are so perfect a* to challenge the o!o*e*t scrutiny. In elegance of finisn they *taud unnva l?d and are so highly polished that tney retain their l>eauty and freshness longer than the common marbles, while they are sold much cheaper. They have be n used in this country lor the last ten, and ia hurope for more than fifty year*, and have givea <a..?i *m. >aii<.n D ? ?.11 ?i ?? - * VBMIV ??M(WVUVU? M IWI BUU C7 A (ft [ 11111 ?7 ftk W. H HARROVER'S, Stove fcnd Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank. Jy it 2w 6 doors north of Louisiana ?v?nu?. OFFlCK OF INSPECTOR AND BEALEft OF GAS METERS, WuHIIGTdX. Jul* IS, 1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agreeably to ik? provisions of the oidiuanee of the C?rporati?n eeprovnd Mat *2 Wn.tlM undersigned if now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on pre pay men t of the fee of fifty eenta, to inspect, exam in , test, prove, and ascertain the acouracy of registration of any gaa meter in use in this city." Every meter, iffnnnd inoorreet, will beoonderaned, aod another, sealed and marfc'd as true, wui be set in l'a piaoe. If proved to be aooarate in i'a measurement of gaa, it will be sealed acoordmgly, and a*ain ant in aost ioa for aee. Office No A10 Seven'h street,(ne?r Odd Fellowa' Bali > >pen from I*. m . toil m. CHARl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 18 tf inspeotor and Sealer of tfaa Meter*. Treasury department. August 1st. I860. Pkofosals will be reoeiv?d at tbe Traaaary Depart men t until the 15th mat, for (applying, for the use of the Departm nt. ISO onrda of Oak ai d 108 c?rds of Hiekory Wood?all of the heat quality, to be deliver?d at tii* Treasarr Hundiag. oorded and measured || the yard by a aworn measurer *r the exarnseofthe e ntraetor; and afl.Mitons of C?m W ' ^ ? A eg ?V U. .-J A. ? ? * -* ft I?VI dUU VW IJ n U- VI WRII0MU Ul rx? BM Anthracite Coai, all of the heat *ua it*, to belelivered at the building. The Cumberland Coal to ba al lamp?band picked. The white aeh t-> be mail fiirnaoa or larce ?f( ?ii?; tae rad ash to ba anaall egg aiae, and to ba weighed by a sworn weigher. an 1-oodtlSth SELLING OFF ! SELLING OFF! VKKAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. We oommenoe to day earing off our entire (took of SPRING AND SUM *FR 1;RE*S GOOI>S. Black Lace Shawl*. and Martillaa, in fact a 1 Fanav Drees at creaky reduced Prioee, many at Itaa than ooat of lmpjrtatio* in ordar to radaoa oar l*arge Stock. a. Lao la Store a fall aaeo-tmeat of fret olaea Ptatle Dome?uc Goode. for renerel laraily parpoeea.all at the 1-tweet Market P'i.jae. J. W COLLEY * CO. aa 4 at a43 7th at., above Pa. av. NEW SIL* *ANANDSBOOPEP SKIRTS. Wa have re?w red by expr+9* a aapply of rick plain m.i.K MANTI.K8 and REAL FRENCH LAOE MAN TLESaad POINTS Ala\U dozea of the fall at*la of WOVE* HKI*Ts of aaperior quality. Ladiaa in want or any of th* aU?- e ? ?>de a< vary tew priaee wilt al?a*? give a* wy j call. jyan r Taylor * hut- hi* pERgO!*S~IN ""SEARCH OF GUITARS. A Vio'iue. Fiutee, Aeeordeona, F:atinae, Ualoe, Tamborinea, Braee InttraeienU and Sf-inge ?*f tae 1 urn w. a. HKTZBHOTT. THE WEEKLY STAB B?UrH> ortiif. r"**"" #1 MM? - . - | H Ttr qodi? |? T*Mt) (O^M. U S**d. It inT?mbl* oootain* th? *fr*hia?u>a ?*i" that hu MM< TV I??wi ftmr mo tratnl!; tiiroacboat u? Kuia IL7"oopiM (IE ?r?w? * pnwilt at t*? oount*r. i mm ?fUr UM mm?{ ytr*f' Prio??THEEB CKNT? k7* Poitmutn wbo mi m %fnti wtU b* lu?rd ? oommiii ivi u( 2" onti. FOB SALE AND RENT. |?OR BENT?A thr*? story BRICK HOl'SK. r on H fMt, Iwtv^r 4lti tod Mh Alio ttvu lory BMICK COTTAOK, viU ni^u. Mr*M of Tanna?aoe krtnut and north F ?lri*t, anrroundad hj a lar|? common poaturo, wd would ba a deairoble location lor a dairj man. laquira of C. BIROK, 4 4 < U h at. jy Ifr-foawi* COUNT* V KKSIDKNCK I-OK *A LK.-TI^? and a haf a raa of Uaad aitaatod at Bai ey5* X rood? at tba lateraootiua of tba Co aiat> aa aad L.eo*bort tarepikea. a,x milra from Waabm?toa and h from Alexandria. Tba irapmvenaeota ooaaiat ofaboaao. ooaUuaioi M rooaw. bar*. oora huuaa, aboda, A a. The ya-d la vail aaoded with trooa ai>d baa in it ?n exo?ilont wall of ?%Mr. For forth-r particular* aa fly o? the are nnaaa to W M PAVMR. or to JNO. DOWI.INU. Lm-. or A. ?. SlOR.a{ Maraba. 'a auction rvoma, Washington, I? C. Tho alww deaoribod property will bo Bold o* for aart it S-QQ4W L^OK !*ALK?A amaJl FARM ofy aoroa. attaolo* r at tha Little Faiia. barini o oooifortoNad wa41inc-boaaa, oorn boaaa. itabiea. *o ; wol. faaead and watered ; within foar miloa of Waabinctoa ; l> AATM in Haiti v&tuia tw > im Wo m w ?i mm I land. It la poo* i&rly deairabte aa a ooantry r??) dene*, bain* perfectly bea.tby aad am*roimtiotliy' attMA?d : exoeiieut ftaktag aad kanbnc. laqatra nf Mr. MaR K lOTT, hr.Cf# keeper. Caain H-iuia, F%lt? n<-7 tnwv hH?R RE.NT-A thraa atorj BRICK DWBL 1.1 NO IIOU9E, on H ?t. b?w??n l|th and l?h ats., No 404. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 47* l*h ? rort. jjy U-t/ PC?R RKNT-Tha three story (brown fr?"t) r HOUSE. No. 167 Naw York avanue. Maaaa l*h and 1 Ith streets. north iid?, containinc fiflMo room* This house it convenient to the Patent Of face, Tr?*?urt, etc.: is lighted by |b>. aad in every way suitab for a boarding bona*. Rent taolarata, Apply n>-xt door, or to A O. FOWLER. ?-oond tlo >r north wine ol Patent Office )y 14-tf tfOR RKN r-Th* 6ne FRAME HOUSE known r as*'Fr*-noh tvua' House." vituat^d oa M at. north, between SKh and l?tk streets. No. ADO, ona of the most desirable private rasideaoea la Washington This h use is surrounded by f'urt trees and acre*t numUra of our rant hushas of v? nous kinds, and fcua had* traaa, w ith 14/** faat of f ound, wall<*d in Apply to J. C. COOK Eijhtk at. b< twsrn 1) and E. Jjr 11 ti FOR RENT?Threa BRICK HOUSis-oaeoa Twelfth street, between C aad D; ona oa tka oornar of Twelfth aad H sts.; and ona an H, twe?n 12th and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMK9 W B ARKER.on U eUoet. tietweea 11th aad lJth No. 4*1 mad-tf FOR RENT-That aewaad wallarraaaod throe tory BRICK HOUSE. No. l*<.oaG atraat, between l*th and XKh ata., First Ward, latalj ooeopiod by Mr. Bodi-oo, Ruaaiaa Iteration. Poss asion civen imiii?HUat?ly Inquire of Mr. SOUTHK.V H. PANKPI MTlrimraut ??llW FOR R EXT-A amah STOR E, ooroer of 9th and Penn.avenae, t.tW the C.areador lit"** amiable for a barber's uoon or ot?ar atore ro information inaaire at the Hotel mm* M FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of Ik* haildiiif immediate j op poet te the *Hl wiu of Um City Hal., recently oocuf,*<i by Chaa S. wa.aoJ) aa an office. Aleo the front room in Um movm atory and the third floor of the aaaee ba.din*. For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. t avenne. Ja U If SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.? 0 Two aplendid am to* of ROOMS, atacaoUyfaraiahed, will be rented darinf the eeeeion of Cot Bwa, in tha moat deeirable locality in thia alty, of within on* or two a^aares ofB fwi'a aad National Hotels. Those in paraait of aaoh Rooarta will do well to make early application at No. ITl *th atreet. l<etween D atroet and Pa. av. de fr-tt CARRIAGE FACTORIES. 1R7ASHINOTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' It Strut, httmtn 9tk sad 10M Sir?it. We bav* just finished a number of firat oiaaa CARRIAGES, aech aa Litkt Wagons. Park Piesleu, Famtlt ^f fii952? rtand Bugrt?s, wtuoL we will eeli at * ' a ver smaii profit. K?t re p^votieal meohanioa in difereat braoehea of the Duaineea, we flatter ourselves that wa know the atylea and aaality of work that will aire aataf lotion eTnbiainr Uahtneea. oomfort and daraUii Repairing promptly aod oarefully attended to me enorieei n uoe?tia rami -er>.e cn?'f?!?. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP. One.chniakeri, aooeeeori to Wm. T. Book. JM 1T rCAR RIA9E3. HE Sabaoubar h&nix ?*&* additsoae to ai taotory, making it now one 01 the in the Dtetnct, where fc,? f.v itie? forU^C^nT nanutaotnnnyCARK1 AOEJt LI?HT*SJ?S WAGONS of kiudi oaqfnt be and trom hie lone expawLoe nue bannaaa, he kofd to ti^e general eat! (faction. Ail kind* of CArnAfM u4 Light Wagoaa keytN jSi'rkpaies naatly 4m+mU* win r ?H T attended to. ?e?end-hand Carrlagee taken i? ax?hacralnra*V m. ANTRKW J. JOYCfc, lu H ?> ?r f>? lft( tn< V r*a TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTB AND TO SUIT TBK We are now mar u/aotii ring all Irinda of BOOTS and SHOKM, and ooretanuV raoeinng a^fta upp i of eaeU-rn mad* work of ever* de-BH I eonptio', made expresely to orde', and wilir Wl be eold at a n,uoh lower anoe than hu heon" heretofore cluwied in flu* eity for maek inferior irtitlw. Persona in wut of Boot! and Shoee of ?i**m or oity made work, will elw?j? find a ?<? >d iirr'iMi in store and at the loweal prinea ?ire na a aall. KRI^FIM A HRO-i tft-r S14 Pmairlmla imM Five hundred traveling trunks arrival thia day. eaabraeja? ail fUH-Mn tiee and a ilea of t*ola Leather, LMiaa'HM Dreaa and Pack.nn T'unka. Onr trank^^^* sales room exhibita at thia bae tke iiaatoat variety of travail ? reaaiaiUe at moderate pnoea. to be found thia aide of New York. A.iao.eee dascnp boa of 1ADIES' HAT BOX Eft. VAUCBS. CARPET BAOS. BATCHELA, AO. CrOld Trunks repaired or taken lioafeaiit for D6V ODM. WALL, BTB^ENB A JO? ^r?-tf ll? Pa. araaaa. QOUTURN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 499 Tti Bmift Orrctit* Odd Ftilowt' Hull, Wmshmtfm, D. C. Travelers will stadi their interests o? ex amis in my TRUNKS, V ALICES Ac .before pvtfM ohanni eleewere A a I a a* none bat tli'BMI beat material tke market afforda and ?mplo?^**i the b*e* workmen, I aaa confident:? reoonnmead my work to be superior ir, Strmmfih and teraMm to Trauka that are mad* in other oitiea and aoid hare. I keep ooLitatuy on hand,anu make to order (on one week's potiee) every daecr.ptiee of SO. X LEATHER, IRON FRAME rKENCHDRFSS mmd WOOD BOX TRCNES; ASHLAND,md tkm T ALICES: TRAVELING BA&S, HARNESS, SADDLER; WHIPS, K. Truka, Ae.. Repaired and Covered, in a wvrk iTSi TSTot u. ?it,. rnm^ l-gfa;:.?' WOOD AND COAL. W ? ? * * " no o * L Delrrer?dU? all part* w Lha oitj, at lha Is wart 9mm T J. * W. M. ?ALT, Ofl?t 969 Pa. %*., b?twHi 11th aad 19th atenia 17-tf aorth aJa. WO A B FIXTURES. E law id atora, andara dat y rMMTjit, 9AM r: \rr*H ?gof W?w Pa*tam? ud Dwni aad Fiimh, aupcrior ta atria U>firt?n| bwOfcii offerad ia tVia markat. Wa lantaoiUsaaa mmI I* to oaU UMIM our *o?k or ou u<! wm<* Furtunw, fMliac mMni that w btko Em te'rvtnd itock in WMhittfton AM Wort in tho kbor*Fi?o wtraatod to Mr MM will bo trmnttr attend*) Hi ?,JT^ ?T*" * I BOSTON ICR. teagjHBg * ? * M

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