Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1860 Page 6
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I i ft 1 THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: WIDMr.SDAY A?(nt Id, 1MO Spirit ?f the n*rni>| Preii. The Comttitwtion critic'.art the late apeech of Venator Crittenden, at Loulaville, Ky. Tbe l*t?lligiHeer aaka, " What are we quarreling about*" and quotes from aouthern authority aa It baa already done from northern, to ahow that tbe alavery question la aettled. CT" The steamer North Star, from Aapinwall, bring* over one million of California gold. Gen. Barney, I'. S. A , la among the paaaengers N?w l) ... ... 11 D 1 - 11 I t ?K ?a<? i>i w*iv- VVIUpUStI* ?"? ??C piano forte by Miaone, and dedicated to Lady Bloomfleld?Marsh, publisher?haa juat been received from Metserott. C7? The Great K astern is anchored in the North river, off Hammond street. She will not return to the wharf, but runa a ateainer for the accommodation of paasengers. She aalla for Europe tomorrow , the 16th, and was to be closed to visitors to-day. TP- Two Syrian gentlemen ?e now in this country for the purpoee of obtaining contribution for the relief of the aufferers by the late disturbances in that country. They briny letters from JUnerlean mlaaiooarlea and eminent men in Beyroat urging their claims U7" In New York, the report of the City Inspector abows a large Increase in the table of mor. tality during the week ending the 11th Instant, n oe:ng ?61 157 more than during the previous "week. Of these there were 127 men, 95 women. 223 boy*, and 210 girls Death* from the brain and nerve*. 144; from lting*, throat, Ac.. 136; from stomach and other digev'.jveor^ana. 241; from uncertain and general fevers, 40; from the akin and ?ruptlon fevers, 50; and 29 from violent cause* The Richmond F.nqutrer announce* in it* number of yesterday that Mr. William F. Ritchie and Mr. Wm. W. Dunnavant have disposed of their interest in that journal, which will hereafter be conducted by Messrs. Nat. Tyler and O. Jennings Wise, as editors and proprietors, in conjunction with Mr. W. B. Allegre. This change Involves no variation in the political course of tbe I Enquirer, which will be steadily devoted to the cause of Breckinridge and Lane. Abbival or thb Powhatan.?Tbe U States team frigate Powhatan, Cspt. Geo. F. Pearson, arrived at Philadelphia yesterday afternoon, after 1 bmhIAAA# ??? - - -* . _ VI >?U jrcaia nou cigm raonioi in ice t Chinese and Japan seas The officers and crew | are ail well The Powhatan left Panama on the | 10th of May. and has been nearly three month* in I coming round Cape Horn. She atopped twelve 1 day* at Valparaiso to take In coal, and also a few v day* at St Catharine's. The voyage altogether baa been one of great variety and interest. It will I be remembered the Powhatan was the flag-ship of Com Tattnall, and brought the Japanese EmIfeaasy from Yeddo to Panama. T?i DmcciiCT or Gtoaoia.?The Breckinridge democrats of Georgia held their State Con. veatiou at Milledgeville on Wednesday last. W J. Vason, Esq , presided. Eighty-nine oountles, out of 133, were represented by delegates and leven by proxies, the whole number of delegate* present being two hundred and eighty. The proceedings seem to bave been harmonious. The whole action of tbe Georgia delegates at Baltimore was mttai n?1- tk? ?* ? v wvv<?i??ivu V? |S|ftU~ 1 r.iplrs of tbe Seceding Convention heartily apA proved; and tbe nominations of Breckinridge and Lane endorsed and ratified. Tbe following 1 gentlemen were chosen Presidential Elector* for 1 tbe State I Stats at Largs ?Hon Charles J. McDonald, of % Cobb; Hon H R . Jackson, of Chatham. ? For tA* Dutrictt.?1. Peter Cone, of Bulloch; 12. \V. M Slaughter, of Dougherty; 3 O. C tiibIson, of Spsulding; 4 Hugh Buchanan, of Cow?ta; 15 Lewis Tumlin, of Cass; 6 Hardy Strickland, lof Forsyth; 7 VV. F. Lofton, of Jasper; 8 VV. M. sMcIntosh, of Elbert. j Missoumi Elsctioh.?The returns Tor Governor Wrom seventy counties In Missouri foot up as fol> lows Cislbornt F.; *6,136, Hancock Jackson, 5,513, which Is not bis full vote, the returns from some of the countlrs itftng Incomplete. Mr. Orr was the union candidate; Mr. C. F it Jackaoi waa the regular nomine? of tbe demo1 rata, before tbe rapture of that party, and after* %ards, when he gave in his adhesion to Mr. | f ouglaa aa tbe candidate for tbe next Prealdency; JJLr. Hancock Jackal waa nominated agalnat biin ty tbe Breckinridge wing of tbe party. His p-esent majority over Mr. Orr la upwards of 8,000 votes, and will be largely Increased by tbe coucti ea yet to be heard from. Mr. Barrett baa been elected to tbe present Congress from tbe St. Louis district, snd tbe follow, lag named gentlemen, It is auppoaed, have been ?iect?d from tbe aeveral diatrfcts to tbe next Congrew: 1. Francis P. Blair, rep., vice Barrett, dem. S. J&a. 3. Rolllna, union, vice Anderaon, dem. 3. Jobn B Clark, dem , re-elected. 4. Elijah J. Norton, dem , vice J Craig, dem. 4 Uk. IV D.IJ J ?. ?>ui< . nciu, una., vice wocason, dem. #. John S Phelps, dem., re-elected. H. John W. Noell, dem , re-elected. Mrs Gen. Gaines is at the National Gen. Harney and Dr. Wood, U. S. A , are t Kirkwooda'. Senator Slidell la at the Sweet Spring*. Bear Greenbrier White Sulphpr, Va Naval IxTBLLiABSca.?Intelligence baa been received of the arrival of the steam sloop-of-war Narraganaett. Commander T. A. Hunt, at St Catharine's, brazil, on the 3d. and of her departure from that port for Valparaiso on the 15th Jane. Lieutenant James M Duncan arrived at New York on the 13tb mat , tn charge cf the prize brig W R.Kibby, of that port This brig.was captured by the steamer Crusader Lieut Commanding Mafflt, off Aogullla. on the Xtd of Jnly. her aiavee having been embarked in Spanish lighters ere the arrival of the Crusader from the eastward In overhauling the brig three African boys were found in the hold, supposed to have been overlooked bv the slavers In th? hmi? ?-.e ? < # ? ??-v vA uc11 ucpar- | tar*. Tk? steam frigate Lancaster, Capt. John Rudd commanding, bearing the flag of Flag Officer J B Monteooierv ,arrived at Panama, from tiuaymu, on tne 27th ult. Tbe Lancaster, during the cruise from which ahe baa just returned, touched in at ail tbe Central American and intermedijte Mexican porta Sbewaa twenty-two da>a at Guay* mas. and aeverai days at La Paz, Mazatlan and Acapulco. in going and returning At Guaymaa tLe inhabitants wereaomewbat alarmed least they woold be attacked by the Yazln Indiana In conarqueiice of UntUtr of feeling, Flag Officer Montgomery delayed tbe departure of tbe Lancaster from Guyaruaa beyond the ailetwd time. Every tiling wm qui'l when tbe Lancaater sailed. Tbe sloop-of-war Cyane left Msiatlau on the lttbof July for La Paz, with tbe governor of Lower California on board. Tbe sloop St Marys is still in port at Panama, k?t will (irobably be ordered soon to Realejo, Nicaragua Tbe Saranac, Capt Ritchie, entered Acapulco 1.1th Julr. and aalled tbe following day for San Fraaciaeo Tbe Levant, Commander W. E. Hunt, arrived at Honolulu 17, from Panama Tbe Preble, Commander Jenkins, now at Penaacoia. baa been ordered to proceed to the - ynrd at Boston. 9?wui**fc/ Jobs Join*, of the frigate Sabine, borne aq udron. baa returned to the In lied States, ba*i?K ern condemned by medical aurvey Geo W Ramny, scan ai of tbe Sabine, died at Aaplnwall. July 19; and Jobn Evans, seaman of tbe *t Marv*. died at Panama, August 3 OiTSK.itu MiTTKks. ?We bare frequent oc caslwns to inrik of tbs r? markable medicine, bt( use we have full faith In Its excellence, and know of manv init tiK ts where It baa performed aiiuost ailracuioiia cures. It is principally destined as >q sntldote for Dtspepsla, Indigestion, aid nuu.t rotis d ?>rd< rs of tbe stomach it was dt? n??f?-d si.d perfected by a regular physician, after v?sr? if r?srar< b and practical experience in flr?dH me It is cotirrty unlike all other apeeilcs with wbicb we are acquainted, and extracts the disease by Its very roots, Iravlng no rotlge b*?fcind. So'd by all t?ble druggists In tbe ITuited Stairs ?Fag ?/ Our ('mion MenvMBftT to ftonanr Pulton ? We learn that tbe et tisena of NOrleans bars deter mlned to honor the memory of Pulton by erecting a sluprndous nioiiumei.t. one hundred and flfty feet In D*ii(bt. sud ten feet in diameter, wltb stairway on tbe Inalde, at tbe intersection of Pulton and Caual ?tree?s, fat ing tbe cuatom-bouae, aud la tbe *reat thorcugLfare and heart of tbe vast com mere M emjciluiB, frmt'.ng tbe taiaslaslppt. tbe father of all si -wrs, which v. It. bean honorabletofce# and trllHHe from^thnowafrs of thnswarm> of trainboaU ' WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. ' Smiths* or Svmmeb Tbatbl. [Editorial Correspondent* of Tk* Star.] [No. 18 ] August 4, lWI). Steaxino Down Boston Habbob? Boston's Chabitable and Penal Institttions?Watebino Place Hotels, and Peitate Watebside Villas as seen fbox the Stbameb'b Deck?The Panobama?A Beautiful Sunset ?Nahant as it is?What has made it what it is as a suxxeb ResoBT?the boston lcExan?Agassi z and Pbkscott. I am now steaming down Boston harbor. How changed the island of East Boston In twenty-Are years slnte which time I bad not seen It. Then Its only Individual enterprise in successful prose cution wu a single mammoth sugar refinery, if I remember correctly. Its now successful dock* were then but projected and commenced, and a comparatively few indifferent boaaea were scattered over its waste. Now, from the water aide it appeara to be aa well built up aa the main citr itaelf; shipping crowding its docka and wharvesand Immense warebouaea and manufactorlea being In aight upon it, (the Island of Kaat Boston,) rising above aurroundlng buildings In all dlrectlona Soutb Boston, too, that forms the other flank of the entrance to the city's harbor waa them when compared with what it it la now, a very desert. At tbia time 1 And it a well-built, substantial city. At its extreme point (of land) stands the city's bouse of correction for vicious boys, a plain and modest collection of buildings. Further down the harbor we pass small islands dedicated by the city and State to penal and elemosynary purposes, all having upon them substantial and extensive buildings in admirable condition, and forcing upon the stranger who is accuuuiucu io a siaie oi wciciy like tbat in i&6 South, where there are few pauper* and fewer criminals, the Impression that with all their wealth and all their piety, Massachusetts and Boston must be cursed with ten time* their rightful share of crime, and twenty times their rightful share of suffering among the laboring classes from poverty. As I look back from about six miles down the harbor, with the sun just fairly down behind the hills, the sunset scene is charming indeed, tinging everything it touches with a golden illumination houses, ships, and even the undulations of the tops of the lower clouds on the shore, which look as though a row of brilliant lamps had been hung along upon all of them for a stretch of a mile. We are now so far down the harbor (having passed its staunch and costly fortifications, the Long Island Watering-place Hotel, Ac., Ac ,) as that the swell of the sea rocks the little steamer amazingly, though not unpleasantly to me. Lookin57 i mi ward th? hrrviH Atl*ntli? 1 under my eye*, while Its breezes rolling In upon me, inspirit me to write on, which, however, approaching darkness forbids. August 5.?Ere reaching Nahant (where I am now writing) last evening, the boat's windings in the shore-channel's Intricacies exhibited to those on board various very beautiful views of conspicuous objects surrounding and within Boston harbor, not otherwise to be seen to so much advantage : light-houses, ledge-beacons, light-boats, the State nautical-school buildings, half a dozen waterlug-place hotels, villages, and sumptuous water-side summering seats of Bostonians of wealth, besides Cape Cod and Cap^Ann ; the ocean being, from everywhere, in sight, the while On landing. 1 found the famous Nahant Hotel I closed ; the cost of keeping It open for the last two or three seasons not being paid by the patronage received It is deslimad to i D- ?wu?C hundred souls, and has a commanding position. But, alas for the vicissitudes of the tastes of the fashions of the times' Boston, though her wealthy men took Nahant particularly under their wing, has been unable to draw sufficient custom to keep such mn establishment open, even at this really flnest sea-side summer-sojourning point In the United States. It strikes me that the reason why, for the purpose designed, Nahant has proved a dead failure, is just because Boston's wealthy citizens rather than her working thousands undertook tbe job mentioned above, bxclusi vene*s evidently reigns here now. The peninsula Is studded with beautiful cottages surrounded by ?M prMsura^ (rraunHi MU?h ! r* kaht hw a family that seem to wrap themselves up In the ceremonious dignity of the Tycoon of Japan. Hence few except those whom tbey regard as equals in society find it agreeable to come here in summer ; and the magnificent hotel has consequently proved a dead loss to Its proprietors. I am at the unpretending village Inn, where I find every necessary comfort and very civil people. 80 I have been enjoying tbe quiet of thla day?Sunday?here, and the delicious cool breeze from the sea, after my own fashion. To me, the absence of pleasure-seeking thousands, adding almost nnexampled quiet to the soothing calmness of the beautiful water views from Nahant's rocks and beaches, is a luxury beyond expression with the pen. Turn whither I will, a new and charming view strikes the eye. The rocky islets nee.r the shore each look like an unconquerable natural fortress, their rugged proportions rising so suddenly and commandlngly from the water. The multitude of villages and outstretching ? m beaches laying scattered around landward, and the dark blue of the receding expanas of water, looking aeaward, keep me constantly with outstretched neck. Nature and art have both done more to make Nahant the most charming wattrside resting place on this continent at this season of the year, to the person really seeking rest, cool sea breezes and excellent sea bathing, than for any other such point. Cape May's surf Is not to be enjoyed here; but one finds here In Its stead, beaches equally as fine as those of Cape May, a multitude of views a thousand times surpassing Cape May's single view seaward, walk* and drives innumerable, unsurpassed anywhere, shrubbery and shade that will gladden the heart of any lover of those two so delightful luxuries to the fagged out city man of business; and s^a air that cannot fall to reinvlgorate his overtasked strength when quietly enjoyed. \Vith all these attractions, were Nahant really within the reach of the tnlllno thmiunili nf Rn>l?n lkl-L p, wxvu HWU lUt lUltft' ly-populated country surrounding It, iU fortunes u a lummer retort would doubtlcas have been different. But the wealth and Intense faahlon of the "modern Athens" have practically tabooed it to all save themselves. They cut a great dash, It la true, as they rode leisurely along its beaches on the r dally drives this?Sunday?afternoon, in their very heavy and dign.fled carriage*. But they fell moat woefully to pay. the people living here Interested in the busings of Nahsnt as a watering-place, who, while they would not like to If ae the ornamental effect of their magnificent cottages, doubtless heartily wlah every mother'a son and daughter of them to the , aa the destroyers of Nahant's prosperity. The finest Improvements upon the peninsula are those of Mr. Tudor, the Boston iceman, lie Is the originator of Boston's so profitable business of exporting Yankee Ice wherever Yankee ships can carry it to thirsty and overheated souls in other latitudes; by which he Is said to have amassed a large fortune. Tha fact that be Is a person of great enterprise and brains and exceed, lngly good taste, Is evinced In the style of his buildings and grounds?hia cottage of maatlve granite being the finest range of buildings for the Durpoee. probably. In the country: whll* ft* buildings are scarcely less substantial and orna. mental His ground*, too, surpaaa aim oat any other* In the country. Being entirely a self-made man, I question whether be belong* to Nabant', exclusive aet; and from tbe kind manner In wblch all thcae actually belonging here *peak of him, 1 fancy he doe* not. Ju*t now, Professor Aganiz, tbe naturalist savan, Is the lion of Nahant. He has a cottage here in connection with President Felton, of Harvard University. It would have afforded me great pleasure to have seen him, but no opportunity has occurred to-day, and I am compelled to be upon the wing again shortly after sunrise to-morrow; and thus must forego that gratification. Preacott, by-tbe-by, wrote most of his "Ferdinand and Isabella" in a cottage here, wblch la pointed out to rrnagers as having been his summer residence for years. W. D. W u. Finn* or* in Custom House Rkckipts ? The decrease la receipts from customs at New York, for tbe laat aeven month*, taken to comparison with the corresponding period of last | year, U?l,4n>UJU At Boston $311,000, Dbath or Mrs. Holt ?Last evening about 6 o'clock, the estimable lady of the Poatmaster General, who baa been for s long time in a precarious state of health, breathed her last, surrounded by a large circle of relatives and frlonds. Although this sad event was not altogether unlooked for, aa for aome time past she baa been observed to be rapidly declining, yet, so highly esteemed was she by all who knew her that It was with the profoundest regret the announeement of her decease was received. Many well recollect her as the sccomplished Miss Wickliffr, than whom there was none at tbst day possessing qualities which would be more likely to recommend them to the respect and admiration of all whom they might become acquainted than the deceased. On the morning of ye?eraay, in me pretence 01 uer venerame parents and other*, the Sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper wu administered by the Rev Dr Tustin, of tbe Presbyterian church, of which she wss an exemplary member. Deceased was about thirtyeight years of age. Her remains will be conveyed to her late home In Kentucky, in tbe 3'JO train this afternoon, where the funeral obsequies will be observed As a token of respect to tbe deceased, tbe General Tost Office Department was closed at an early hour this morning, and will so remain throughout the day. Departure or thi Commissioner or Indian Arrairs.?Hod. A. B. Greenwood, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, leaves tbe city this afternoon, in the 3 30 train, on an official visit to Pike's Peak. He contemplates being absent until sbout tbe latter part of October, snd will be accompanied in this tour by a party of ten or twelve persons, among whom are Mr. Rhett, Macon Thompson, and Ash White. This visit is with reference to the Indian troubles reported to be existing tbere. Tbe Commissioner expresses the utmost confidence in being able to entirely quell these little disturbance*; to restore peace and harmony among them, and securing respect and obedience to our Government and its laws From the success which has heretofore attended this abl? and efficient officcr.whenever be has visited turbulent tribes of Indians, we are led to believe that his expectations and hopes In this case will be fully realized. Chas. E. Mix. Esq., the courteous and worthy Chief Clerk of this Bureau,will discharge the duties of this position ad interim. Absxkck or the Commandant or thi Navy Yard ?Commodore Buchanan, the efficient and courteous commandant of the Washington Navy Yard, left the city yesterday afternoon on a brief visit to the Saratoga Springs. He will probably be absent not longer than two weeks. r? * _ ?? _ mroKT or aj isdias mght kkak r okt kiliy hot Ckidited ?The report published by us ye?terday of a terrible Indian light near Fort Riley, In which It la alleged about 300 Pottowattomles and Delawarea were killed, ia not credited at tL? Indian Bureau. Dkad ?A. J. O'Bannan, Fourth Auditor of the Treaiury, whom we have already mentioned as having been struck with paralysis at Capon Spring, died at that place yesterday. Afpointxbmt or Mail Aok.nt ?At St. Dennis, Relay House of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, Wm. L. Ritter Is appointed local mall agent, In place of Henry Carroll. Thb W*athi*.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith* sonlan Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock Acgcbt 15, 1800 New Yi?rk, N. Y clear, very cool. Philadelphia, Pa clear, very cool. Baltimore. Md clear, very cool. Washington, D. U clear, wind N Richmond, Va. clear, cool. Petersburg, Va. clear, 70?. Norfolk, Va cloudy, ?7?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 65?. Wilmington. N.C cloudy, cool. Columbia, S. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, 8. C c'oudy,70*, wind N Augusta. Ga clear, ccol Savannah, Ga cloudy, wind NE Macon. Ga. %....cloudy, cool. Columbus. Ga... clnndv Montgomery, Ala cloudy. vaoM TBI wxst. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant. Hum KAf>l*nr) Mil "' ? ? 1 vulli WVI tuiiu f iUUa Vicat , C'N'1 Grafton. Va clear,cool. Parkeraburg. Va clear, cool. Cincinnati, O clear, t ool. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 58?. Cleveland, O clear, wind SE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 30.133; at noon. 30,136 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 60'; at noon, 693. Maximum during 24 hours ending V a. in. to day, 73j<"; minimum 56*. CI7"On Wednesday last, in Cheitertovrn, as several workmen were engaged in putting up the brackets in the new court house, toe scaffolding on which they were standing gave wiy, and precipitated them to the ground,Injuring the foreman, Mr. Charles Askew, very severely, ne suffering a compound fracture of the leg below the knee Spaloimo'* Prktaked Glue?This article It the b-st preparation we have ever u?ed for the purpose of repairing splintered veneers. furniture, etc ., where glue if required, and is so chemically prepared as to be alwava ready for uae.? Calendar, Hartford, Aug 27, f859 JO* The Saturday Review apeaks of a story that the ladies of the congregation of a fashion able preacher in Loudon, are subscribing a fund | to procure him a divorce. ICTMr. W. J. Conner, a merchant from Madlso> , Ark , terminated his existence at tbe G<?yoso house, Memphis, Tuesday, by swallowing a quantity of morphine. Two tons of whortleberries were received in Chicago on Tuesday last from the western towns of Michigan. lC7"There were. It is stated, about 250 persons at Point Lookout on tbe Kith Instant. rr*=?A MEETING IS RESPECTFULLY RKIL3 que?t??<i at th? rounc 1 Chamber, in tlin City Hal),on THURSDAY EVENING next, at 40 ciock, oi mono citizens who are favorable to the erect'on of a Monument to th? memory of the late.lOSKPH GALE"*. The object of thi* m?etinc is t. initiate measures tor the purpose of carrying out a bUKfcestion which hab met with the approval of the entire oornmunity. au 14 3t |>y COME and SEE OUR CELEBRATED LL5 NAVY FLANN EI. COATS at 8*?5" at au lft-2w SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street Obay water. NE puncheon pure Inch flavored BAY RUM. Just received and for ?ale by au 15-eo?t MIDDl.ETON A BE ALL. Mrs. m. e kingsford's seminary, 411 ? St.. Wa#h'*?tow, u. C. The next session will commence October 1st, lnei. Terms, ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tl REV. C. P. RUSSELL, ASSISTED BY MRS. Russell. will reopen his school for }ounK ladies on the first MONDAY of September next,at No. 41 East Capitol street, Washington, d. C. au L5-Asr3w* The subscriber begs leave to inform Hs friends that he will open on the 2 st inst., a PROVISION STORE on 1 street, b-t ween 15th and IRth streets, where he will be pleased to wait on all who will favor him with a call, au 15^ W. L1NK1NS Lots of fianos for rent at low rates. Pianos f->r sale on the most^CSSH reasonable terms. Great iirminunn jwb* Piano* ; (tl?o, is GuiMrs, Violins, M?nnr, Aooordeona, to. , JOHN F. EMIS, au 15 sola at*nt for Chiokering a Sods' Pianos. MISS YOUNG'S SEMINARY, No. S46 Eighteenth, nxik I St. The duties of this schoo1 -grill be resumed on ^ ONI)A Y, September S I, Miss Y. will continue to receive a s-lect class of boys under 12 year* of a*e, in connection with a limited number of (iris, desiring a course of studj in the s.lid branches ol Engl sh. Instruction in the French laniu'se as usual, by a native French teacher. auli-iw* T important notice! o Persons who have small rooms or p*s?a?ea to iap?.r, we otter several thousand pieces f desir able Wall PAPER at cost Now r the timi to gpt y'-ur work done from 25 to ?? per cent, less than usual pneee. Call and s<*e fo- yourselves at rfank IN * roth ROCK'S Wall Papa and Shade Store. aa 15-4taw3w corn< t nilth and 1) si a AFFICE OF W^IIINGTOX AQUEDUCT, kj Washington, August 15.1mj P*oro?ALS will be received at this Ofi<>e until IS o'o.o;k m. on the JHh day of Auguat. '*P>. for ? enetreotin* th? unfinished portions of theooaduit of the Washington Aqu*dnot Th- work to be done oonspris** about 550 Cubm yards o Robbie Masonry, and 3 COO Cubic yirds of emhenKm?f>tAlso, f r th* completion of Tunnel No. i.. b?ing about 87 lia?al feet obtaining S*i Covie yards of rook excavation; ail to o*> oompleted and delivered up by the 1st day or November next Plans and specification may be seen at this offi Proposals will beaded and endorsed "Pioeoia'a fur Coudmt" or for Tao?ei" as the oase may be. # Ob the W1M. [Correspoadmct of The Star.] Niagaba Falls, N. Y., Aug. 6, ih50. Tbiktoji Falls?Bottlbd Emotio*?8tbaccsb -&iRi?n?ii Fall*?Sam Patch?Tme Pbice or Sublimity at Niaoaba?Wht Yobbo Lambs Likk Niacaba?A Cobtbbibbt AdvbbTIS1KO Mkdicm?Mb. FlBGBSO.f allow* bib abqbt pasbiokb to bibb. Dur Star: Coming up from Albany by the rich valley of the Mohawk, I stopped over at Utlca, to visit the Trenton Falla, fifteen miles from Utica, considered by lovers of the picturesque to preaent pointa of romantic lntereat aurpaaalng eny thing Niagara can Bbow. These falla are npon the West Canada creek, a branch of the Mohawk. There are here a series of cataract* and rapida extruding lomt two ml lea, and ao deeply sunk in a rockwalled cbaam, that the visitor In looking oyer the landscape in quest of the torrent be bears thundering in bis neighborhood, is completely at a loss where to locate It. I spent a memorable day here examining the wonders of these abysmal cataracts, and emerged at night, wet, muddy, tired, and hungry, but sufficiently Impressed by the wild loveliness of the scenery, to consider myself repaid for the time and toil. Trenton Falls deserves, what advertisers would call" a first rate notice," and 1 took some most enthusiastic notes, but really the weather is too hot to write them out, especially as I am just now busy with the Titantlc displays of Niagara. Next morning 1 came on through Onondaga eounty, noted for apples, salt, and Syracuse conventions. Stopped long enough at Syracuse to take s look at a few of ita 350 salt distilleries, and at its acres of evsporatlng vats with their sliding shed-roofs for rainy weather use. Then on to D l. 4 a I a A_ ? a A. iu ivocurncr, usiug iuc iweiuy-nve minum waning

time for a vialt to the Genneasee Falls to take note of the apot where 8am Patch made hi* last leap and demonstrated that some things ran not be done as well as others ! My cicerone said that Sam had a premonition of hia fate and drank freely of brandy to nerve hlmaelf for his task. As be sprang Into the air It was noticed that he failed to keep his feet well under him, and pitching forward he struck heavily upon his face and breast. The tradition goes that he jumped twice with Impunity over Niagara Falls, but the truth is, his leaf there (at Niagara) were made, not the 165 feet depth of the falls, but, from a platform railed a little more than half this height, below Goat Island. On to Lockport?Tekin? Suspension Bridge? Listened for roer of Niagara. Nary roar Man said wind was wrong way. Reached the Falls station at!) p. m. Wind wrong way yet. Nary roar. Walked to brink of American Fall; held cm to bushes and peeped over. Looked steep. Stepped back a feet or more, and held on tighter. Passed bridge to Goat Island , sentimental young ladles on benches waiting for moon to rlae to see lunar rainbows. To bed, and up in the morning in aaa In I# J - %%r .w a * iu^ui u in raiur?v IVCVUil Ui IUTCC Q&yi experiences at Niagara: have seen one hundred tbouund rainbows, more or leu ; have expe rfenced various emotion* of the sublime, whir h Lave cost me. as near as I can calculate. 30 cents an emotion, viz: Goat Island 23 cents, Maid of the Mist 75 cents, Cave of the Winds 91, Terrain*, tlon Rock ?1, Canada Ferry, sundry trips at 40 cents, do staircase Railway to American Falls at 10 cents, Suspension Bridge 25 cents, and so on; have walked up and down various stairways to the amount of 9,765 steps ; have encountered the autographs of Smith, Brown, Jones, and Robinson, ou everv rock, fence, railing, staircase, tree, or other material object within sight of the Falls; have been tantalized at every turning by the sight of lovely woman clinging to the manly arm, like ivy to the oak, kc., Lc ; and have come to the conclusion that if there is any article In which VI - t? A ? - - - - i> iajijara js ovrrnoriPa, Oft:at rainDows, it Is In "Indian Curiosity Emporiums." Niagara must be the l*ar?dise of courting couplet I suppose there is no place in the known world where it is so excusable and lmpeiativrly necessary that the female waist should be encircled by the male arm The fate of Miss Martha Rugg, "who lost her life (as the inscription says) by falling ov< r the precipice, 187 feet, while plucking a flower, Aug 24, 1&44," is a sufficient warning to damsels. Niagara seems to answer a good purpose, too, | iui tbimv wbu wtsk u th?ir wares or their griefs. Goat Island, in particular, is plas..UL. Jt-l-s ? * kicu w1111 uiaiu??restea recommendation* to travel or iiot to travel by tbia or that particular route, or to purchase or not to purchase at tbia or tbat repository of Indian warn. On Hunday (yesterday) morning, tbe attention of all passers across tbe little foot-bridge to Terrapin rock was fixed by tbe following unique poster, wbicb bad been patted ingeniously (for notoriety) upon tbe plank walk, wbere no eye could miss it: ' Jared II , who It bow supposed to bave bis residence in cr near Buffalo, in the Mate of New York, and wbo, In tbe month of f-eoruarv last, succeeded In seducing and carrying away my wife Catharine, taking witb them thrte of my children, leaving two behind, one was left in the street, exposed to the inclemency of tbe weather in a severe winter day, and besides carried away a great portion of tbe most valuable of my household furniture arid effects. I look legal proceed4 ?... i ? 41 J ? - i ui^i aEJiini iuchiu u , ana obtained judg| meut Titr SI.MX), and be wa* sa well convicted of a misdemeanor by a court of magistrates, but effected bla eacape and tied to Uuffiilo; tbe said B ia about 'A yeara of age, 5 feet 8 inches iu bi?bt. ratber thick set, a little bowed k .ee'd, fair complexion, whiskers under his chlu. a Roman note very long and brandy colored, bis teeth stand open in front, considerably decayed, his moutb | 1* continually open, and be may be eoaily identified by an enormous quid of tooarco in bis teetb, continually shewing D Fekqcsos " 1 supply tbe ditsbea, tbe exasperated Fergus*, n gave names in full. There is a large company at Niagara, and every train brings accessions Saratoga Springs, too, I bear, has an overflowing crowd,?Indeed the interior pleasure resorts Hem to be much more visited this year than the aea shore C. S N. TO FARMERS AND SPECULATORS, ONh AND ALL. I wi?h to give tou notice (hat i intend leaving this city abou'the middle of the nomine w?*k for my r?'idei.ce. having already spent here ?ome seven we: Its' more timo with you than I had intended or anticipated I could. I must hurry up inv cake* a"d bo off. as iny presenoe is very much needed in otter pa ta My principle 11 to help those that are willing to help themselves,at the sam> tun* keeping a blight watch over my own welfare. It muht l>e well for those that wisn to benefit themselves in this w>>rld and aleo h-lp their neighbors at the tame liino. to ca 1 and see my fenee, on the square oppoute the Avenue House, and partake of the tree of life while it is in reach and can be had. My bel 'ved (armors and thos* interested in farming I have very carefully examined your aituationa while 1 have been with y?n,aud a - 1 have alwnya be?n very mueh interested in the larmera' int?re?t, I do not feel as though 1 could wiah leaving ao many of you unconverted to my faith. But one conaolation 1 shall have left me when I leave you That ia that 1 have doue my duty. I have toiled and labored hard with you almost day and Light to oonvinoe you if poasibl*-, of the error of your way a; to enlighten and op<*n your eyea so that you might prosper thereby. I think, however, 1 have given you ample lima to discard an obsolete plan and adopt a far cheaper and much better on#. you must be up and doing while the day laats. My two Patents are so oomplcta As for a Portable Fence they can't be beat; Thia Portable Fenoe ia like you *.nd me Yon can move it to wherever yon wiah it to b?. My fn>>nda one and all, without referenoe to ereed. Remember my motto ia to "help those that nee 1," My benevolent hand I extend to all Who oome up like men and buy at first oall. tl.? ,;-u. - . nmm ?ro ?o cneap. no man will coinelain. Hut will purchase the rights if ha wishes Co nam; So oom" up to my mould while ray fur aos is hot, And cast iu your dollars and buy oa the spot. The time that you wa-te by talking and thinking, Wou d pay for two patents and save you from linking ; This Po table Fence you can move with treat ease. And hook it together wherover you please. Then go to *onr bed and re?t at your ease. And think of your fence and how ' ou are pisasul; Your reward is as su^e a* the h^ir on your head, And your neighbors and children will praise you when d??d. Remember my heaHquarter s at the Avenae House oorner Seventh st. and Pa. avenue, Washington, 1) C., H. J. King, proprietor,(A No. 1 landlord ) It* CHARLliS VAN DEMARK. MOURNING GOODS.?We offer our entire 1M Stork of MOURNING GOODS, in thin and thick fabrics, all at greatly reduced prices, to raduoe stock. J. W. COi.LEY A CO , au 14 6t 323 7th st ab^va Pa are. I7RESH BLUE LICK. BEDFORD, CON-I T URKSS, and other MINERAL WATERS, constantly oa hand, by *. C FORD, Jr.. Druggist and Chemiat, _ auli-Jw corner nth st. and Pa. ave. t^OR 9AI.F.-A BAN PONY, an eioe lent I I saddlu horao, and also work* wel' la ??v harness, also a set of harness nearly sew, jL^T* aid a -eoond hand op boggy. Apf J at ihe QrV Drugstore uud r the Claieudon Hotel, oorner of th aad Paan. ave. au U Iw* PALL STYLE NECK TIES FOR GAROTF. F and Byron Collars, just received and for ?alo at our usual low pnoes. , .. X\OAH WALKER * CO . M 13-tt 90S Penn. aranue. F?om Calitokxia ?San Francleco ndvlewto the 1st of Anyuitbivt been received at St Joeeph by the Pony Kxpreaa Sam Fbaxcisco, Aug. 1 ?The ateamer John L. Stevena Bailed tbla morning for Panama with *W paeeengere and 76.000 In treaeure, of which |7W.(K<I la for New York. Among her paatengera are Lieut Giilla and the Bishop of Victoria, frwn Hong Kong. The Democratic State Central Committee, aa appointed by the late Democratic State Convention, met at San Francisco on the 3nth and 3lat nit , and after a long dlacuaalon. In which It w?? endeavored to avoid a ap!lt In the party by holding but one SUte convention and nominating hut one electoral ticket, it waa found impracticable to act harmoniously. Finally, twenty-aix members of the committee declared for Breckinridge and Lane and ten for Douglaa. The former have called a State convention tnnomlaateaa electoral ticket on the llthof September, and the latter h jld their convention to nominate a Douglas electoral ticket on th#> 5th of th? un a nunOi Tk? Douglas men claim that tb Federal patronage and influence bas greatlr weakened tbelr strength In the committee. Each branch of tbe committee bait published an address to the democracy of tbe State. One claims that Douglas was regularly nominated and is entitled to the aupport of all the members of the party, while tbe other denies that either Breckinridge or Douglas were regularly nominated by tbe Baltimore Convention, and leaving it optional with the party which candidate they vote for. A Breckinridge and Lane ratification meeting was held in San Francisco on Saturday evening. It was called as a Democratic ratification meet ing, and the Douglaa men attended In auch numbers aa to be able to vote down all the ratifying resolutions It now alleged that tbe Douglas Democrats are taking courage throughout the State, and that they fesl confident of carrying the mass of the Democracy with them. The Breckinridge and Lane men, however, are preparing for great erroris. ana tneir complete and thorough organization and Federal backing up gl vet them great advantage* Charles Rucbl, editor of a German Democratic paper, baa been removed from a lucrative office In tbe San Franciaro Mint, on accojnt of advocating Douglas in bis journal. Of tbe sixteen of tbe State Senator* who bold over, and will vote for Mr Gwin's successor at tbe next meeting of tbe legislature, a'x are known to be Doughs men, and several oth-rs are non-committal A movement la on foot to call a Bell and Everett State Convention to nominate an tie tori 1 ticket. Gen. Sh'e'di arrived at San Franclaco tbls morning by tbe Overland Mall s'age, which left St. Louts on th?9tb of July. A company of UK) persons, having thirty-eight wagons and 5M? bead of sto'k. b^ve arrived at Carson Volley f om Salt L-k". Tuey are Mo * mon seceders and escaped with difficulty being pursued by a band of SalnU and threatened with v?ngeanc?* The Ocean Purl Is to sail today for Hong Konir, taking SInu ono in gold and silver, and t II .Out worth of flour, wheat and potatoes The ship Victoria La?cleared for Australia with some 16 (JUU bushels of wbeat. The Slave Tbade?A corre?r??ndent cf tbe Herald. from Key West, tbu? writes under date of jmy zmo: j'lrr* my laat It tter of -J6lh. we bare had no arrival# other than th?* United states stoarrer Wyandotte*, and the cram propeller salvor from New Yo'k Hy the Wyandotte I learn nothing new, othur than the Inert-; aed activity In thp (lave trad**, and the almost certain a*s 1 ranee Cifisuccess in lind ;ng A new name waa resorted toby one of these traders A? the Wvandotte was coining out of the harbor of St Jago. a vessel w?s observed endeavoring to enter, but on sight of the cnis<-r a< trd in such a manner M though he was alarmed at her presence. Pursuit was accordingly made, and. when some distance of!, another vessel, which bsd been seen in the distance, entered, and landed her slaves just below the city " Thb Last or Coloxel Caoas ?To-day Col. Cross will be s -ntenced A large crowd of people thronged the Quarter Setsions on Saturday, In expectation that sentence would then be nroriounce<1, but their curiosity wax not gratified I he disposal of the reward of fool) Is not public, but it Is understood that the bulk of It will go to the confederate of Col Cross who sold him into the bands of justice Col Cross'female companion is still in New York, to which place she went to raise money to secure the safe flight of the illustrious Colonel.?, h h m A t r%rnm A %j tw 11 All kinds of GAMB Bought at the Highest Pnoee, At klotz'* RESTAURANT, au 4-e^-lm* Ninth ?t.. Pa.a.- and L) ?t. JUST RRCEIVED. and for >ale SIR JA?. CLARKS' h KM ALL PERIODICAL PILLS. Al?o, REYNOLD'S fPEC F1C for Gout or Rheuraatiam, by S. c. FORD, Jr., Pbar inao?uli*t. an 14 3w corner '1th ?t. end Pa are. ?JOOP SKIRTS. MWOf SKIRTS. Ju*t received this morning, a large a?*ortrnant direct from the manufacturer*, of th?* t??it maker, in ljfliea, aul CtuMre<.?, ali at reduced priori J. W.t.'OLLKV * CO.. au 14 6t i'23 7th ?t. above Pa av. S CALVERT FOKD. Jr., APOTHhCAKY AXD DRUGGIST, Pknm. Avkmi, Coikii or Klivi.,iu St., D*\ler in Pl'RE DRIOS, CHEMICALS. and STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, incladinc tKe latest ami mott awrrnr-ed FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; AI>", CHOICE ARTICLES FOR THE TOILET, embracing every variot* FRUNCH. E\<JLiSII AND AMKR1CAN PER FUMEKY, SOAPS. HRl'SnES. The proprietor'* p*r?nnal attention rive at mil hours to the compounding o[ Physicians' Prescriptions. au 14 12t RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF FALL st le SHIR I'COLLARS. SOCK!*and a 1 kinds of GENTS' FURNISH I NO GOO L>S and C LOTH 1NG at SMITH'S. No. 400 Seventh street. opposite Post Office. au 11-Sw WILLIAM B. ENTW1SLE, APOTHECARY, (Formerly with J. L Kidtetll, E*q ,*f GetngrtnttnJ . Retipec'fu ly informs the citizen* of^^f I I I Washington tliat he ha* t'ken theC^V A 1 A Drue Stand at the corner of 12th street lM LjUCJand Pa. ave., where he will be found (Ji at all ho?rs, an<1 will keep a fresh and weil selected st ck of DRUGS. FANCY ARTICLES, and sll goods usually found in a well furnished Drug Store He proiuiMUC those who ml; favor him witfc th?ir patronage his undivided attention to their wants ? N B Exclusive personal attention given to the compounding of Physicians' Prescuption* si all hours, dar or n'ght au 11 tw* VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY IS LOCAied i? a lieauti ul and healthful village 12 miles ft.hnVA Wilmin^n- IVo* 4 * * **' ?mu no?r me rruiadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Reoommended by the Philadelphia Annual Confereuoe of the Methodirt Episcopal Church. Th? ootirse of ?tu jr u extensive and thorough? in the Mathematical, Clas cal arid English Depart m*-ots. Students are preparod for bnsmeesor oolle<e. In the pr* paiatorv course for oollege special reference in tnvla to Dickinson College. Th" institution is provided with a larre philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Natural Scienoe. A libra*j of thraa hundred volume# is accessible to pupils The fifth vear will commence MONDAY, September 3d. tW?. Boarding,Tuition, fte., for seesioa of 14 weeks, Itf. Great attention is paid to the meal department of student*. Monthly reports sent to parents. For circulars or information address the Principal, Rev J. fiERVF.Y BARTON, A. M , Village Green Seminary. Delaware countr. Pa. Kenrt*e**?Rvr Leri Sett. D D Bishop of M. E. C , Wilmington. Del ; Mr. P. A. Luts. Washington, D.C ; Mr. O. W. Angell. do.; Messrs Dick on ft. King .Georgetown. ' aulltSepS OO C<| WILL BUY a FINS DRAB BEAVER <2>?.?JU or Cass mere Drees Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa ave.. an 10 lm near 4>* street. ?>AT EN T PRUIT AND VEGETABLE JARS?the best and cheapest article ta use? oall and see. Also a *upply of Coxa's Gelatine; Burnett's Cooatne; Brown's Ginger; together with . i?. - - " .t4?u iv.?t " 0. jnu received at MuORE'S West Eud Drug Pu>r?, an 10-gw 11 T trt. lYJOTICK.-l he rood reoentiy opened through 1^ the but Square of the Capitol ground* is not in it* present condition a hU'h wat. but was aimply intended for the conv?ni?nee of erecting steps to the portiooes and aflu.fling ingreMto p*raons having tHieineaa to th? building o wishing to inspect it. The uaa of tb? road aa a ootnmon highway would a*?rl rere very muoh with the progress of iks I work goiug on,an! therefore it oannot at eennt be made a thoroughfare by omnibus and other vehicles As soon aa the work ha* made sufficient progress *o admit of it, the ro?d will be put in proper travelling ooudition aid thrown open for puklie uso. J NO. B BLAKK. t oirimiaaionar of Publio Bioidinga and Grounds. au 9 dlw Tdont foroet. HOSE that are troubled witk Dysentery or any Disease of toe Bowela, will fcnd relief by using Dr. J. SIMMS A SONS' CHOLERA SYRUP, aa |t general! cures all such diseaeei without tmI. It is perfectly free from opium, and anawara lor tk* aged a< well as the ieftuil. TForailaby CHA8 STOTT, Pa. ava; CISSEL. Georgetown; and COOK A CO., Alexandria. fsis. [JftMSsnuR for sal j, wholesale and retail, hy R. C. FORD, Jr., aa 14 2w oorner 11th at. aad Pa^avr. WOOD Now is Use time to get winter feel at " i raduoed price*. We have a large stock of WOOD and COAL at v*r? low AUCTION SALES. KT A. URKKN, 2RAMWOM" THREEPTO*Y r**Hr Hocm ?TBBBT.OK Tll? **L4WP. AT ACCTIOS ?1Oa Tl % V th* J ?t n>U? , I ?r?*. i II in frott of th? fmnri.tU * e <>?? p.m. P*rt of Lot N(i.1i?mhh No. *\wit*?h#tm ?,-< v?m?nt? whion *r# i? > fooH tl? t-"?ry frUM h?u*M. with b?"k l>a oontainir ( *1(111 or M? roomi rnok. w U Thu p'op?rtT t? h*no?om#<? ftitatt*d, fron?m? on 13H itrM v??t hrtwi " th H nnd C itr??U, bmt ta? Smiths man Gro?n<l?. Term*: On? fonrlh en?h. b*ian?* m *. If. 1ft. nr4 21 month*, far wot?? h in t-t?-*?t fr-?m ?Jn? of k?.M A d*od (I?m nnd n 4??d of tr?-t u km. Titl# '" o'lVd*6'"' A. GRFBN. ???rt By A. OR KEN. Ano'ion#**. fXCKLLKMT SALE of HOUSEHOLD AND fj Kittiiii Fpn tr?? ?* '" * "" TI?oav . the O'e cok a a .7 hull Mil at tli* residence ofa featle??*a deolinma koimwr?|. itrMt bMVMn ?U u4 l*k street* north. No. KB, aa exo*llefit aM >rtmer.t < t Fi nitur?, yis: On* Walnut Parlor Suite. t> Pmcb*. Mahogaav. Jlosevood Marble t^p Center TaM*?. Rosewood R<o?pMon Ch'i-sa-.d Vaaea. He?p!y Hoi:.?w and Wa lit What not, Manocant WarJrobee aid H*ditw<i< Mart>'a top Dressing and otaer Ho eau , Marlil* top and Mavgaaj \Va?h at ika, A Via* lot ofKniranng* of mini* torlt, Walnut Tablet and Oa?* ??at > haua, Gil'and other looking (ilasse*. K?atber Beds, Pillow* a^d B"Wtera, Blanket*. Comforts, Ijailts Sh'ets and Oaee?. Hair, Co'ton Top and Hutk Mattrassee, Cotiaga, Doable and Binge Brd?tsad* I ine t fe? t Kftteua on Table, (Walnut.) Three Ply. I rig ram and oth-T Ca^peta, Venetian Carp-t atid Stair f< 'la. OtI Cloth, Matt* and <*aa r ha??leliera, Knives, Ko ka. Tea and Table Spoons. One Complete Dinner Sett. Chi "a. Glasa and Crsokerj Ware. Parlor Kadiatoracd Air Tight Storea. On ft Mnriii'f Sfar (\tAktn ***?? A lir?e 1-t of Kitchen Reaeititea, mier ether I tioiea to<> nqmaroii to ?aam?r*te. Term*. All aamaofiod nnd-r |A, (ilk; at'f 3, a credit ot w and 9" data, for no tea aOail' lorny endoraed, bearing mtereat. II 15 d A. (iRKFN, A wet THIS AFTERNOON 4- TO MORROW Bv J. C. MoGIJIRK A CO., Aiotioawra fJROCKRIFS AND HOUPF.HOL.n PURNI "I rm at Arrriow ?On THl'KftDA V *liiKN I NG. Aucuat 16th. commenriaa lit HI o'clock, we ahall acll it tha Store and reatdenre of ffeomaa D?tw, oo-ner of feiet Cipitol an 1 3 J atre-t*. Capitol Hi , all hu ftock oi Grooeuec lad Hoeet ho d Kffecu. We Dime, in part ? Hr ?wn i?d White t<i)?i'?. Molinai, Geen and Hiiok Taia. Coffee. Soap, Cind lea, Pepper, Sj.ioea. Brooma. Bucket*, md Ceriar Wire, Crockery. 6!ui*i'r, kc. I ranted iitH ? after th? tile of Grocer tea we w4l\ acil the H -uaet ol I Gooda, oonaiatinc of? Haircloth Pirlor Chi?ra, C*na ke&t Kroption Ch*ira, Loange, Marble top < eutre and Bide Tiblea, Bruaaela Pirlor Oiraet, Ch(i?nb*r led MairCwy, Kcdhteid. K?da. M'Urecaea, PiUowr. Bareftx. W?a* a'i d<, a id toil t^et? h niter. rirl'*r, and Cooktn* Stove#, China. Gla?a. ant Grocketj Wire, Kitchen b eeui* t-a. Ac T-rm-: ft led an<ler,|cMh, over tint na a ere i' of aixtf and ninety data, tor aiUalaetortly endoraed notec. heart"' inWeat, in 3dta J C. MoGtJiRR * CO.Aaeta. By i. C. MoGl'lRE k. CO . AutioaMn PH EREMPTOkY HALF. OF MILLI* KIY and Straw Goah, EHaaotnaaiKa. Ta a mim.*. Ltru I'lirmiir. Pakct Goons. 4r > On SaTI'KD^Y MORNING, Antust ttk.oo*? mer-oinc at Jo'o\>ck. anJ ?onunuma from ur fc? t'aj unti' the whole is disponed of, we eha'l ee.l, at th? store of R C S?te e< ?, K?q , No 3X9 P*Dik. avenu", between tth ud l?*h streets, a arge *ari *ty of (nodi in hi* line, comprising? Crape and Silk Boaueta of new a be pee. Trimmed and unlnmmed Straw Bonneta, Hate mm* Fata, Col.ireo Hair and Straw Bonneta. Colored, Biark ana ** hit* Jookrt Hau, Caaobrio and Swiee Edging* and laaerUnfa, Uo do Ban"* and Stripa, Do do Collar* and Beta.Infenta' Bodie* Giitm, Cords. Bnuds. Fringee. r uted Ribbor.*, Gauge and Silk, Bill Buttons, plain Or op Tat i? Krio|N. Real Vai^noia. English Thread, Cotton, rperial Valencia Siik, Blond and erery other variety of L?o*a, Hoop Ski. ts, Frenoh Artifloial Flowers, Ladies' sad Gentlemen's Silk and Ginghan Um brallaa. S*win? Silk*. Spool Cotton', Hair Pin* of all kind v Head Dree see. Hair, T?K>th an<i Nail Brushes, Com be, Ope-a G a sea. Portemonaiaa. Card Caeea, Gold and Silver Thimble*. Tuck C<>aba. Lubio's, Harriaon'a and Juiea Haale'e heat P.a trusts. French ar.d German Co ofiiM, Hair Oil, Pomade Ac. Ac. -Ail of wmeh will be ?o d without nnrti. Term*: #? and under, cut; or?r that ? % credit of ?" and 40 days, for approved endorsed note* l^ in'erest ay 1 d J. C. McGUIRK k. CO . tlrt*. FUTURE DAYS Pi Mi. 10 SA LK.-Kj virtM ot m order mt Um Orphan*' Court of Prinee Gtnrie'i oub, tha ubfo'ibere, a* administrator* < f Matthias trersfield, ale of aid ooun y. oeceaaec. will Mil. at In the late reeidenoe of the deoeaeed in Piaoataway .nitriof n TH I RSD A V . l?th Aacast . I'M), if fair, if not. the rext air day thereafter, a tip fereoi a Kslaie of said deceased, constsunf A camber of ra'uable Nejroes, of both sexea. Horses an'i Cattle, Crops of Wheat and Oats in shook in the field. Crop of Corn and a smaii crop of Tohaoeo sow |MWiD( Ox-Carts, and other Fa'Ui'nx I'tenn s, Hhusehnid and Kitchen Farnitare, k e., fee. Terms o? sa'e : The aropertr will be sold for aoo*p?ed drafts Ob Baltimore, at foar months, later st ad tied Sa e to oommenoe at 10 o'clock a m. matthkw e. nrval'-j* F. KVKKHFIELD. jj 27-lawts Adm'rs of Mat h a? F.??'?field Valuable fa km fo* i*ALE-Th* **?cnbera will offer for ?a!e, on the p-emi***. oa THDRi*D?V,tlif 'I t of Aofuvt. Itw. that Tract of l.anrt, call *n a d known by the name of"Pi?o*t awnj Forest." formerly owned by tb? late Dr Edwin! Kvf>r?fi^ld,ftnd reoect t by the late Msthtas )- verrbeld. It ooo'aiM 618 aoies. more or i Ini, and for prvduoti vene?? i* e*u% to any lands in that lertii* recioe. It Iim on the I'noaUwaf Branch, and la well woo '*1 and watered, baring an a> lindane* f fine m?a 'o* >and. It adjoins the land* f Meaara Joseph B. Hill, t*tan ?<a*s Bfeadtord. Thomas . Robinson ai.d Win. H.Gaynn. (ofTho. ) Thi? land is capsb'e of producing m treat at>uL dano* to'-aooo, corn, wSeat and all ihecroa* aeva.iT frown in Prince (ieor*e'a c-nnii. and "far* a ra'? opportunity to tboee who with to inve*t In Real KlUU. Tb? buildtnra are ordinary, bat the ahendaaoe o| ftne biiidiuK timber, O'lly naif a aula fro* a poo i aaw and critt iui"., render* bai'dioc oomparaUr?ly o <>ap ft i* S n.ile* from the Aiaxanlria F*rry and 13 mi'*i from WashinctOE. The terma of aale will be liberal fSMttob* paid in caab on the day of sale, U>* reeidue la I. I and 9 yeaia. in equal instalments. to be tecartf br the i>onde of the purchaser or purchaser*, with a* proved security, be*-in? interact from day of aal*. On the pavment ot the wh la aarohaae aoafy and interest a fxtd and *nAotaat d**d of tbo property will be 11rea. _ _ _ CHAR K? K. EVEMF1ELO, Matthew e. divall. jy T> wt* For Bwi H. Erersteld. MI^B AR?HAL't* SALE.-Id Tirtue ofa ant of ^6eri facia*, i?a?ed from tba Clerk'e nine of me uiroMit Co?rt of lh? Diatriot of ColiaUk. for th? oomity of %Va?hinrtnn. and to m? d rented, I will ipo.o to puMio ?a.e. for oa*h,atihe Market Houi-. '??ori?o*i, D. C.oa PRIDAY.tae ntk d?T t?I Aa^itl icat, cmmfooi ng at ilo'oiocl a. m , the following goodaand c nutate. to vi(, *11 on" ftorrai Malen.bc ?mDii Mara Mala, eened and levied upon aa tbe cooda aad ohatteia of Riohard P. Jack eon. and will beaold to aatiefo jadieiala No. H. to October term 1??, m favor ofJohn Mu?r*. a- 7-dta I', ft. MARSHAL'S SALK.-ln virtne of a writ o( fte'i faciaa iaeu~<" from the Cler* a 0*o? of tha Circuit Court of the Diatriot of Co atabta for the C"unty ot WaxhmrtoD. and to me dtraatf J. I ill axp??? to pabiic aaJe. for aaah. la f>oat of the court Hnaaa 4< or o( aaid aoa?ty oa vV KONKt DAT. the ?.b day of Aacat aaxt. IMn, at 11 o'atoak m. All daf-iidant a right* title, e arn aad latoroat in aod to Lot No 6 tn *qaare lira in tha Ultj ?f Waahiaftoa, D.C , together wth all Mi mmmltir th? imaroTotoaeta hereon. aeiaed aod lertad apon aa tha jroeertT of J oka F. Dyer, aad wnl beaold to aatiWv la/ietaia No. 99. to Ociohor teraa IMP.ta favor or Margaret M Dy Marehai for tbe Diatriot of Colaabia. oait Ooart of tbe Diatriet of Co.umM*, for tfca ooanty of Waebinatoa. aad to a* direotod. I will expoee to pafclio aaJe, for oaah, ia front of (fee roa rt mi??nuor m aaia ooanty, oi MONDAY. U* Mk C.f tof*tb?r with til m* tintalar Ut?lipim?! * Sw??. jy U-4ta 0. 8. Mftnkti far DiaUiet c7 Co bit. t?4. "mt1*" w. BELLEN. U. f. MtwUl. HW. HAMILTON*, k ^ PAINTEE. DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 4SS Tt? Stiut, mm Odd AUmn' Jfaii. unf putty~i5 down. w ? ? ? AX$i ? ?41 M Pa- Atm B^tw. IItj ut l?r* In* Mill ud Whvf fcxHof * . w?rr>r w*r E*NGINEEft*C OPFICE, jg^gSfegSEfeE ,