Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1860 Page 7
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LOCAL NEWS. |?7* Though Thi 9?ae Is printed on the fastest team press In use south of Baltimore, Its edition Is so large as to require it to be pat to press at an early hoar; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent is before 1*2 o'clock m ; otherwise they may D?t appear until the next day. Notice to washi*gtoxta*s.?Those of our Tellow-cttlxens leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should beer in mind that we do not mall The Stah except after payment in advance at the rate of 37# cents per month. Notice.?Dist/ict of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted in the Baltivohe Sen are received at and forwarded from The Star Offloe. Thk Hcci?t*hs' Wwox Licishi?Yesterday seven licensed hucksters were taken before Justice Donn upon a charge of running wagons without license They were not prepared to enter upon a trial, and the case* were postponed till Tuesday next. As the case seems to be Important to this numerous claaa of our citizens, and others, non residents, engaged In this business, we make the following extract from the act of 1854, on the subject: Chap 13 of the law* of 51st council Is uAn act to license and regulate hucksters," in the following wcrds; '-That from and after the passage of this act. It shall not be lawful for any person or persona,whether resident or non resident, engaged In th? business of huckstering,or of trading, buying, selling, or dealing in poultry, eggs, butter, wild game, vegetables, fruits, and other market tuff*, family provisions, horse feed or corn meal, or of vending, or retailing any other such articles, except fresh flih, within the limits of this citv. unltassaid person or persons shall first obtain from the Mayor and Register a license therefor, for which license he, she, or they shall pay to this Corporation tbe sum of ?15, which sum shall be in addition to tbe cost, hire, or rent of toe stall or ?tand occupied, and of the license paid for the running of the wagon or other vehicle uaed in the business as aforesaid, and which license shall authorize the person or persons to whom it Is issued to use one wagon or other vehicle, and t? occupy one stall or stand in the Center market, and one stall or stand in one of the other markets of this city, not held on the same day as the Center market; the selection of the market to be made by the person or persons applying for, and clearly pecifled In the body of the license. For each and every additional wagon or other vehicle usee nr.d for each and every additional stall or stand occupied in either of the several markets of this city, a separate license shall be required. All licenses granted under this act shall expire on the 1st day of January of each year M The second section of this act repeals the tirst section of the old act of 1*^. For some time this act was construed to permit huckstets to use one wagon in their business without paying an additional tax. but that construction has been set aside, and hence the contest. The defendants argue that the horse and wagon used by them ought to be as free from tax as the tools In a mechanic's work shop, and ask wby the)* should be made to pay two or three times for the same property They regard the old construction as the Intention of the law-make s, who, taking the view that, as their horse and wagon were es?entiai 10 their business. for the privilege of which, they were licsnsed.tbese were included In it That, as tbe horae and wagon would be assessed in tbe peraonal property, it would be unfair to tax them a third time That, aa the horae and wagon were not engaged in the public carrying trade, they ought not to be taxed aa wagons that were And thev hold that the law providta for tbe licenaing of tbe "additional stand or stands'' and the 41 additional wa^on," clearly implies that the flrat were included in the license Polick Matties.?Btfort Justtc* Bamaclo ? Tom Welah, hackman. was brought up to anawer several grave charge* A member of Tom's family had aurpriaed hlin in company witb a colored girl at a certain houae, and desired him to come borne. Tom was on a apree and wouldn't; and tbe colored girl, whoae name la Sarah Davis, curaed profanely at the peraon who had come to fetch Tom away In the magistrate's offire, Tom interrupted the testimony by avering with a large aized oath that the witness waa ad?d liar, and when remonstrated with by the officer. Insinuated with many innre oaths that the police were a set of paupers and humbugs, and that our local magistracy, from the Mayor down, was a complete fizzle; that the entire local authorities, without exception, were a aet of contemptible bee ears. ana noi worth " shucks " When the magistrate Informed him that he was lined #10 and costs for profanity, Tom pitched Into that official with a tirade or profane abuse calculated to show that the magistrates were even more Infamous than the police, and was going on to nrove his assertions, when the Justice committed him to jail for contempt of court. Sarah Davis was fined *6 and costs for L?r portion of the affair. James, Thomas, William W., Ann, Elizabeth, John and Mary Cavanaugh, an entire family, were accused of being vagrants, and of indecent exposure of their persons The first three were caught and committed to the workhouse for GO days each; the others escaped. The following cases have been disposed of at this office during the present mouth : Virginia Malord. indecent language; ? I ?4. Johu Res*, profanity, two cases; flu 14. W'm. Gray, throwing stones; fv! '>1 Mary Ross, cursing and swearing; S4 M. Samuel Bell, Indecent ex[Mjsure; f5 1M Chas Fletcher, profanity; S3 W. Mary Jackson, disorderly conduct and Indecent language; $1 94. R B I.lojd, throwing offal In the street, two cases; f5 3G. David Dixon, disorderly; 14 24 Charles Brisco. do.: 13 21 Wm Jones, huckstering without license; 95 5W. Win. Boston, drank and disorderly; 94.15. Jas. Hays, do ; so 15 Pat Brien, do ; 91 94. John Howard, disorderly; 91 5e. Levi Loyan, disorderly and profane; $1 56. J. Buske, disorderly; 91 91. John Harrigan, do.; 93 M. Margaret Harridan, do.; 91 1*4 Peter Harridan, do.; 91 .W. Nancy Collins, disorderly and drunk; 9*2.1)4. Julia O'Connor, drunk; 9*-.' 91 Sarah Davis.disorderly; 95 14. Mary Ross, disorderly and obscene: S'-J 91. Peter Harrigan. indecent language; 91 M. W. J. H Brown, disorderly and profane; 91 58. J. A. Wentz, disorderly in the market; 9-3 94. Amanda Simms, disorderly; 9"- 94 Kdward Barrett, do.; 9* 91 Bridget Gowan. do , 91 91. T. B Barnard. do ; 91 M. John Clark, charged with stealing a stove from Rebecca Kdmons, dismissed Isaac Hall, charged with stealing a till drawer from Wm Schultz; sent to jail In default of security for court. Wm Shaw, sarre charge; Jail. James Shields, charged with stealing a coat; dismissed. Mary Martin, charged with stealiug sil pp innont from Amanita IV ! /*?* -J ? ? mm ww vtvw.<| ?C VCVUI ilj for court. ? From tbe above list, it will be Ken that the ott? cera of the second, fourth and siith districts have their hands full of Corporation and other business. M a Kditob : Please permit me to speak a word to tbe public In behalf of a large portion of roung ladies called seamstresses. We are sot bellevtrs In modern woman'a rights; but we do believe *4 'tis woman's right to counsel man In sorrow's trying hour," and say. "As ye love us. protect us." It may not be that with our plain dress snd artless ways we " tickle the fancy" of gentlemen, but we are sure that with their judgment they rtspect us. c*hall 1 detain you with reports of wrong? Shall 1 talk to you of midnight toil, for a mere pittance which, perhaps, is not half paid? It is not my object so much to dwell upon the evil, as to ask you to help us to find a remedy. If laws can be made to regulate the price of back hire, why cannot they be made to regulate the price of a week's labor? and then make it a Anaable offense for a person not to pay for labor In a reasonable time There are fashionable dress makers (we do not mean to say In Washington city, bnt la New York and New Orleans.) who fare sumptuoualy, ' dress to death." build big houses, and never pay one-half tbe girls who earn their money. I have known editors sometimes to have black lists, upon which they place the names of persona who did not " pay the printer " 1 wonder how some of the gay drrai makers would like that arrangement. Why cannot we have aome association similar to the Typographical Vkssorisll nn' A r? th?r? mil ?m Interest thmielCupoa tblnubjwt? "An ounce of prevention is old to be better than a pound of cure." And now my mind runs over the history of the Fit* Points Mission, in New York. How came those people so degraded' Answer : Want of employment, pay, and proper instruction The world sometimes goes mad over reformations: but prevention never comes within the angle of their viston. They give millions to reform, but uot one cent to establish a manufactory of Ine arts, which would give employment to so many people And, now 1 think of it, I would like to to be informed bow much money Is paid yearly by the United States to other countries, for fancy articles which ought to be and could be made at borne, by ladles who need the pay. If some outwould''Start It." A Hiamuriss. Cimu. Gcabd-Hocsb Casks ?John Marty was drunk and disorderly, and falling Into the hands of the guards, be was caged for the night. This morning, being required to pay the sum ef #3 15 the amount required la cases demanding the special attention that was g.' ven him?and not hatlag the re?dr at hand, he waa sect to the workhouse for 00 days. Fos BiorotD 9pb!hos ?U 8. Marshal Selden, accompanied by Ma son and daughter, left the city by the early train tbla morning for Bedford bprn^s Deputy Marshal (Jeorge W. Phillips acts as U. S. Marshal during the absence of Col. Selden _________ Tub Citizkxs'Gbaud Pic-kic for the benefit of the orphans of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, will take place at Arlington Springs on Monday next, the *Kh lost. For foil particular!, see advertisement In another column. ? i A ttnann Ball aud display of 11 reworks Is sun >um td to come off at Columbia Springs on Tuesday next. See advertisement la uotbar coluaui. Tut Biil* in th* PriLic Schools ? Mr, Editor: In the Star of this evening I see a further communication in regard to the use of th? Bible in the public schools, whim I beg leave to anawer, notwithstanding the uncomplimentary manner in which I am addressed. Had that communication been received on a warmer day. It would have been as valnsble as a whole load of Boston ice. I am asked, " How long freedom to worship God endured unstained on the wild New England shore*" Answer?Until the present day, (namely, August 14, 1*?0 ) And it will endure while the star-spangled banner waves on American soil. We will nave no crowned heads, and no higher potentates to kick o(T crowns. As for Puritan reputation. I most respectfully submit that subject to the public, believing that all unbiased people will agree with me, that truerhearted women, or better men, never lived Then the writer speculates upon the terms ' Republican1' and "Protestant." I take my Webster's Dictionary, which I believe to be admitted by all to be the standard dictionary of the English language; I find the words defined as follows: Protestantism, the reformed religion. Republican, pertaining to or consistent with a republic. KepuDitc. a Stat# governed by representative* elected by the citizens It waa in thla aenae I use the worjla If they have "ntgativ?" or affirmative meaning, where ia the authority to be found? Beware, sir, how you volunteer to "Pull the moat from your neighbor's eye, while the beam may be found in your own." I am invited, "First to tind out what the Bible is, if 1 know enough.*' Yes, sir, I can read English. The Bible, the book which containa the Sacred Scriptures, of which there are aeven different translations in English, l>e*idrs one that waa tranalated by one of the Popea. It would be a useless waste of time for every individual to translate the Bible for themselves We therefore ask which of those translations have been made with the moat care? History answers the one called King James's Bible. We therefore accept that as the most correct Agaiu, the Bible is the law of the Lord. " which la perfect." The Bible, in ita quintessence, is this: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy, heart, and thy neighbor aa thyself Upon this rests all the law and the prspheta." Secondly you ask, "How la It to be Identified ?" I answer, "If any man lack knowledge, let him ask of God. v*uu giveiu an mings liberally." Last of all | there coine* that pharisaical b<a?t of a "Certainty of faith.'1 You are of the "Seed of Abraham/' I suppose 1 should suppose you hare traveled far In divine life, by the display you make of "Christian graces." Methlnks I see tie look of contempt with which your lip Is curled as you think of thoae who do not believe as you do upon theology. I suppose your prayers sound romewhat like the old gentleman's we read of. namely: "Lord bless me and my wife, my sod John and his wife, us four and no more." B. B. Washington, August 14. Thb I'orvLATiox of Washington, ss near as as-ertaiued by the census now being taken, is as follows: First Ward?The number of free inhabitants is l 8,(197; slave*254) In 1SV) the free population of this ward was 5,291; the same number of slaves Fifth Wari? Free population this census, 6,5W0; i slaves, 132. In 1850 the number was 3,?30; slaves, 132. Sixth Ward?Free population, 5,841; slaves, 113. In 1?50 the free population was 3.552; slaves, 113 Seventh Wara?The population is over 10,000. In 1850 the free population was 4,731, and 251 slaves. In the year 1800 Washingtor city had 3.210 ln l-~ - ?? ?i" ) ucvi^civnu, ?,;wi Alexandria and county, 5.949 ihe year 18(0 witnessed an increase In Washington to 3.362; In 1807 to 5.652 In 1810 Washington had 8,21)6; Georgetown 4,018; Alexandria, with the county, !?,t>44 On the 31st of December, 1$M, there were In Washington, brick dwellings, 1,099; wooden do , 1,242; workshop* and stores, l;?; public and municipal buildings, 45. The Patist Fe*c* ?Vandemark'sfarm fence advertised In another column of to-day's Star is a very important improvement, and Involves, also, a considerable saving of money. Tb? editor of the Star has bad occasion to cause a mile of it to be put up, and now uses it for various purposes; and. also, is so Dleased with It as that be is having another mile or it built. He finds that any *arm hand can make SM) feet (running) of it a day, and that it takes but about ttfly feet board measure of inch plank to the panel or sixteen feet to make It; and. further, that two hands, with a pair of oxen, can place In position (set up) perhaps a mile of it a day. It cannot fail to last much longer than an ordinary post and board fence, as Its uprights are uot Inserted in the soil. ASkkiocm l?os* ? Saturday night, a gentleman residing in the Northern Liberties, went to market. having in his possession about S140; met ___x ? i - ? ? ? * * - ~ wiwj some uvetyirienaa ana took a drink or two, which rather Intoxicated hlin. He displayed hla cash to hla companion* at the drinking places freely. After ataylng hla time out, he atarted for home, and waa accompanied by two or three of hia cum pan ioua. After hla arrival, upon looking for hia caah, hediacovered that he waa minua all except about *5. Such Incidents ahould serve to urge every young gentleman, when be baa "a pocket full o rocka" and ineeta lively company,to obey the Scriptural injunction, "Watch and be aober." Hkld foe Covet.?Thia morning, Mr. J. D. Stewart appeared before Justice Donn to anawer to a charge of assault and battery upon Mr. C. 1). Blancbard. It appeara that the latter had written a not* to Mr. Stewart which be regarded aa highly ottenaive, and that wben they met the defeudant in the caae aaked an explanation, which waa refuaed, and this exiaperated Stewart, who atruck Mr. Blancbard. Mr Stewart did not den) th*? fact charged, but argued strongly in juatlttcatlon of hia conduct. The Juatlce remarked that hia duty was to bold Mr. Stewart to ball for court, which lie did in the sum of S3ui>. A Clam-base iif Coxtsmplatio*.?We understand that Mr. Weldon, the proprietor at Meridian Hill, Intends to give a regular down-east clambake at that popular place of resort, at an early day He has ordered the rlams from Kj<t< Harbor, ana the live Yankee who superintended the recent Douglas clam bake at the North, it Is said, has been engaged for this occasion. Keep a lookout for the advertisement. Rowdyism?Last night two young men went to the residence of John Rupp, on Capitol Hill, and rapped at his door. The window was opened for the purpose of seeing who was there, and what was wanted, when the party let loose a shower of stones, smashing the windows, but fortunately doing no considerable injury to the inmates. Mr. Rupp had warrants Issued for the parties, who, it is said, are known, and will be arrested. To-day is the Feast of the Assumption of the 1 Blessed Virgin Mary, and is duly observed in our Catholicand KpiK opal churches At St. Patrick's high mass was cele brated at lOJf o'clock by Rev. t-aiDer Hoyle, and tbe old choir sung, with great excellence, tbe third mw by Haydn, under the direction of the accomplished organist, Prof J. P. Caulfleld. Beeceinridge Flag Pols it Alexandria ? The Brec kinridge democrats of tbe Tbird Ward, Alexandria, are making preparations for tbe erection of s tall democratic flag staff in that section of tbe citv- The staff is to belt aloft the Amerlcan ensign and a pennant Inscribed with the names of Breckinridge and Lane. R aileoad Cass.?The Orange and Alexandria Rsilroad Company received yesterday from New Vork by tbe schooner Vanderwoort, two fine locomotives with tenders attached They were manufactured by the Rogers' Machine Company, at Patterson, N. J.,and are named "Charlottesville" and " Lynchburg " Commenced.?The expected improvement of Fourteenth street, from Pennsylvania avenue to F street, has been commenced under the supervision of the Commissioner of Improvements of the First and Second Wards. It is Doped and believed that the work will be speedily completed. The Fletche* Chapel Sunday School pla-nlc, wmcD wai 10 nave come off to-day at Bladensburg, it will be aeen by advertisement In another column, has been postponed until Friday next. Axothbb Election for the vacant constableahip in Alexandria countv la to take place tomorrow No candidate for the olllce haa yet come out. Silks is Deessbs and Robss?The ladles are raising quite au excitement at this time in consequence of the bargains Ferry A Brother are selling In silk dresses and robes. f Bbab m mind the prize pic-nlc at Analottan I la id to-morrow, (Thursday.) For particulars see advertisement in another column ConroBATiox Stock.?This morning J. C. McGuire A Co.,auctioneers, sold SI,000 Corporation six per cent, quarterly stock, at 101 Wistab's Balsam or Wild Cmkbky. The fo'iowing letter from Rev. Hkhky Wood, of Cocoord, N. II., Editor of the Congregational Journal, sptaks volume* in favor ol Wistar't Balsam:? Concobd, N. H., March X. Musks. Skth W. Fowls A Co.?Gtntumn: Two years ago, a sudden and tiolent attack upon my Lungs oonfineu me to mjr bed for several week I, a ad when 1 reoovered, 1 was so tnuoh oppressed by difficulty in breathing. that 1 was often anabie to sleep or rest upon a bed by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from tue inefficaoy of the remedies us'd, I supposed the disease incurable, rfeing persuaded to try a bottle of Wis tar't B>l$atn 4? Hrr-n without co fidoncj in its efficacy, i found the difficulty almost entirly r moved uefore or.e bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fell'-w sufferers induoes mo to make this puhlu statement, and recommend the article to others similarly alflieted. W ith respect, yours truly. Hmr Wood. None genuine unless signed 1. Buns on the *p'reparVd by 8. W. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for gje by Z. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford. jr. i. B. Waite, . stott, John Sohwarxe, Nairn A PWnser. Waah Uftoo; and by deftlwa trtrywhere, an U-lw,r [Foft tbk St aft. The Pet Brartfer. bt oki who ISS't. Oh were you e'er a boarder. With widow, wife, or maid, Who hadn't in her house a pet W hom ever* one obeyrd ? Or if they dian't?ought to, At least to thinks the p?-t. And growls, and fumes, and grumbles, When his wishes are uot met. Perhaps he's been a parson, Too lazy grown to preach, Or perhaps his congregation * May prefer him out of reach. Or vet some other calling, May once have been his own, But now his best endeavors Are for his hostess shown. He shares her arduous duties, He overlooks the young. To keep their habits regular, And check their dolag wrong. Though his efforts don't avail much With those he tries to guard; They will not heed hi* lectures, Nor his hints at all regard. Still he is not forgotten By her he serves so well, She thinks of all his services, Ana loua mi virtue* tells. The choicest morsels she selects, And sends them to his piste; While others, not so fortunate, Are left, their turns to wait Until the servants finish Their waiting on the pet. Oh is there, In this town, a house, Of tho?? with "rooms to let," Free from that plaguy nuisance, Free from a boarder pet? If there be such, oh' snow it me, And I'll straight for it head; And never, never, leave it Till I get marri ed. A Wowro thi Ladiks.?In recommending to on to use Hostette-'s celebrated Stomach Bittern it is but just to state that as a stimulant to the sys tem, in imparting strength an i vigor during certain periodical stages which are ofttimes attended with much pain and trouble, we know of no p.pparation more highly adapted to all atiiiotions consequent upon this cause, and for a mother nursing a bat>* the Hitters cannot be dispensed with, especially whore the mother's nourishment is inadequate to the de mands of the child; consequently her strength must yield, and here it is where a good tonic, such as Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, in needed to inipait temporary strength and vigor to thn whole system Ladies should by all means try this remedy, and before so doing.ask your physician who, if ho is acquainted with the virtues of the Bitters, will recommend th?ir use in all cases. Sold by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. au 13 eo3t Hollowat'i Pills. Derang'ment of tkt. Stomnth ami Bovh.?Ks the stomach by the agency of the gastric juices assinn islfta ?1 i ?^ ? i""" ui^voiivu iwu mi" ci?iiioavai j uiwuu, w p cannot be too careful of preserving it in a healthy and vigorous condition. Holloway s Pills are powerfully corrective and detergent, they strengthen the digestive organs, and by their curative properties cleanse and purify the ingested food in its process of conversion to h ood. In all disorders of the bowels and viscera, their sanative qualities are unequalled. Sold by all Druggists at 25c., 62o., and 81 per box. ail 9 lw Homeopathic RKMKDIIS All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly tbr family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also, in cases, containing 'JO vials, from 94 to Qs eaclK with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenae, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald, 343 north F street; also by F. II. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Ertrnct of WxttK Hnztl, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. mad ly Mas. W insLow, an experienced nurse and female physician, has a SvotAing Syrup/or Cm I den Tttik??*, whioh greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reduoing all inflammationwill allay all pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in all oases. Bee advertisement in another oolumn. oe 11-ly Ltos's Maomtic Issbct Powdx* Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. T t # e ss m ?s A D a ? a ? ww w jl v?? VI* Ltos's Maomktic Pills Are Certain Death to Rata and Mio*. Sold everywhere. ap9-3m Barry's Tricophirocs it the beat and oheapeat artiole for Dreaaing, Beautifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Re> a to ring the Hair. Ladiea, try it. Sold by all Drag gists and Perfumer* mar 12-6m Miter'* Miraculous Vrrmi.k Dutkotir, the oldest and bent rwmedy known for exterminating Rats and Mioe Cockroaches, Bugs, Ants, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worms and Gardcalnweti. fT^Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. YSold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Physiciam* are generally loth to speak a word in 5rai*e of what are called pat?nt medicines." is an \rticle in the code of medical ethics, that a physician who sanctions the use < t remedies cannot be c<>n?idere<t a member of the National AsHocia ioi. But there are exception* to the most stringent rules, and many of the disc pies of K*culapiux have actually l>een compelled, by the force offacts, to recommend Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Hitters lor those diseases which are only prevalent luring the tuinmnr and fall They have ascertained that there are no remedies in the Dharmacopia which can compare with this wonderful compound for the derangement of the system. Thou?anJs of fain lea residing along the low grounds ofthe western and southern rivers, are now oonvinced that they have fouud a medicine peculiarly adapted for their ailments, while in other portions of th? country, during the summer months, the demand for the article is euually large. Sold by druggist and dealers generally every, where. au 7-eoSt The j \panese hat, opera hat. Flora Driving Hat, and all kinds of Hatsnt \o. 4b0 Seventh street. au ll-2w S LAFAYETTE INSTITUTE. ESSION Will commence on Mi'NDAY, September 10th, at the new Institute Building, .<t>9 I street, adjoining Caroline Terrace, opposite Franklin Square. Circulars at bookstores. au 11 eo2w (C on.&lnt.) L C LOOM IS. Ii*OR SALE.?The light draught fast sailin YACHT POINTER will be sold cheap on immediate applicxtion Tho aliove Huat is 30 feet long, 12 feet beam, with a hne cal>in?*?? 12 feet in length; was tit.ed up for a pleasure l>oat. Kilt n* /t ?i 1.1 n.a La a n a ?r a 1 I n # mS plr at KAM ft I _ . . _ ?. hit wuuiu maac an cauc?jcuv nio>i act uuaw* l liij UIIO i of II O- HOOD, 3.18 Pa. avenue. an 6-tf HO. HOOD haa now on handa ery large atook of fine atandard SILVER WARE, ail of hia own make, that he will aell aa low aa any of the Northern Wares are ?old for, and at the aame time will warrant eTerything to be atandard liver. 33* Pa. avenne. ie 8 PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captama and owtiera of Vessels, Itounri to the Diatrict >~?v. of Columbia, notice ia hereby given, thatzfijfi* Pilot* may l?e found at all timea at St *** George'a Uland. at the mouth of St. Mary'a river, and near Piney Point, and thatit ia not necessary to take Virginia Pilots from their t oats, when the easel it bound to Georgetown or Wa hingtou city, as Maryland Pilots can be found of at leaat equal akill and reliability. au ll-eod2m* 275 ALfcEN 275 JACKSON, j PLASTERERS, Pkxna. Avi.fvi, Between loth and 11th atreeta. je 19 rpO CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. Orrici or thi Washington Aqckpuct,* Washington. Auguat 7, 1860. < Sbalhd proposals will l>e reoeived at thia office until 12 o'clock m., Auguat 21st. 1860. for buddU in* the following materials: ISO to 17530-inch Pipes, 12 feet long, Bell k. Spiggot, Washington Aqueduct pattern. 3S0 to 330 30 inch Pipes, 12 feet long. Bell Jt Spiggot, Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 30-iuch Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. 3 12-inch Flange Pipes. 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. . 2 6 inch Flange Pipes. 9 feet long,(dril.ed) WashFlange Pipe, 9 f?et long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. Also, a few special patterns, suoh as Branches, Bends, fcc. For further particulars, examination of drawings, Aco., apply at this <>(Bce. ' The whole of the castings will be required to b? delivered by the 1st Ootobernex t.R p N H A M Captain of Engineers, au 8-tf Chief Eng'r Washington Aqueduwt. D NOTICE, IERSON8 Deelininc housekeeping or baring surplus of household effects oan find ready sale by oailing at mj Furnishing btore, 499 7th street, between G and H streets, east side. MMw BUPOLPH BUCHLY. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! BTOVK and KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowm possible pnos. r rp f %. Uf ftfl n i I m M. tf* ? ?T lUi UALi 1 . Pk. it,, bttTMD nth and 11th ata., mtH-tf north aid smcp?oF?VoVafi,8SA.. ? bbl?.ClR%S?> 8 1 do sKdoSTi&Wcopfeb. ? caWIH."8an do starch. Now landing from tnaraer Montioelloand paoktt ?ctio n?r Motl Badell.and Tor ?*!< 1 w h\ an3iib AaMUEL bacotfa_co_ Hrie&nF' ? I ? WANTS. r|RY GOODS SALESMAN WANTEO-Aof quointed with the oitv trade, none other* need app'*- Permanent situation, and Liberal p%y. i PERRY k. BROTHER. aa 18 3t W ANTED?By a steady and industrions man, a " ^SITUATION aa e?'or. B?st of reoom m'ndations given. Address M. C., Star Oftee | iJ U-tf PERSONAL. ]V1*DAME FEMX, FORTUSE TELLER, >i m P*"*' informs her former friends, and the riiMic generally, that she has removed to 4R1 Tenth street, between E and F, where she will be happy to see all who will favor her with a sail. an 13-8w* IATTFXTION F Rl FUS POR f ER. Ijvkstoh, will call at the offioe of C. M. Yulee, 474 feventh street, he will hear something to his advantage. An* information concerning him is requested. If not living, his administrator, or any of his heirs, will answer. aa ll-lw? C.>\ YULEE. Attorney >t 1 aw. i*inu?itir, munni^r., ihi uiut asteolo1*1 GIST AMD I>KTTKEM, ju?t from EutOPt.?T*is highly rift?d and intelligent lady oam be oonsulted on the Past, Present and Future Events. (Jail at No. '20$ Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. je??3roLOST AND FOUND. FOUND -Near the City Hall, a small GOLD CHAIN, which theowiier can have by applying at No. A03 E st. north, between 2d and 3d sts.. and paying for this advertisement. it* C'OUND.?On St. Peter's Excursion, given to 1 Olymonton theS'h inst ,a8HA WL, which ?he owner ran have by describing, and paying for this advertisement. Apply to JONES It MlLLERt n^ar the corner of 13th St., and Pa. ave It* LOST?On Tuesday, August 7th, a BUNDLE of Evening Star News-papers, containing four copies of eaoh day for the month of June, 1858. The finder will reoeive a liberal reward by leturning them to this office. au 15 tf STRAYED OR STOLEN?A medium si?ed O COW, whit'* with reddish snots the Kides, oneea- notched and the other s'r; no horns Whoever will r turn herCssaa to "Kelorama." B' unitary st., near 2!st st., will ! ro :ei ve a reward of four dollars. au 15 3t* LOST.?From the Truck of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company, wialst proceeding toth'- fire on <he!sland,on thenightofthe 13th inst., an AXK The finderwill confer a favor and receive the thanks of the Company, by leaving it with the President. (JOHN T. CHANCEY.I lit., I?etween 4th and 6th ats., or any one of the members. It* #* RKWARD? Lost, a Black and Tan TEH * RIER SLUT; sh-* had on when she left a silver platd collar, with the in-cxkj^^T soription, "George Ruskell, No 91 Main *? street, Richmond, Va." Any one returning her will receive five dollars reward, and nonue*tion? aked. B. O. SHEKEL?., au 15 St* 336 D st. bet mil and lO_h FOUN D?On the8th of August, a BAY HORSE, with nghi hiud foot white. The (twn?r K\ An have him b* proving propert* and pay- TJL A in? charges, by calling at Mr. WASHING ' TON DlVALL S,ou 11th ?t , near th-JVavT Yard Bridge. an 13 'if tjTRAYEU OR STOLEN-On the 6th instant, C? from tho pasture of Mr. T. C. Magruder. gy near the city, a bright BAY H<?RSE. * j? y*ars old; about J5 hands high; iong tail one hind foot white and foretop out o(f and now growuw ont. We will give a liberal reward if lelt at our stables, on C streot. be'w en 4'2 and 6th. au 13 PLEMM1NG * FOY. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "For Sal* and Rent" advtrtittwuntt, t?firtt pagt.] F^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable terms, one of th* most desirable Bl'ILDING LOTS in the city, sit-iated on the north west corner of 6th st., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th st., between H and 1 lU. au 15-tf FOR SALE?A lot of LAND con'aiuing 5 acre*, in Prince George'slcoii' ty.adjoining the District line, 5 miles north of Washington city and 2 miles from the Soldiers' Home, in a healthy neighborhood, improved with a comfortabedwel'ing an I an orchard ot select fruit. Situation desirable as a building site, convenient to churches, schools, A c. Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on ths to the subscriber. au 15-eolm* Mrs. E. DAVIS. A SMALL FARM OF TWENTY-FIVE acres, more or less, for sale, lying on the Rock Creek Church Road .about miles from the \Va hlngton market. The improvements con* ist of a new frame dwelling house, barn.stabling.carriage hou - e, small granary and other out houses; 2 good pumps. There has Icon about $1,IU) worth of lime and manurA Out nn tha nlsna in I'O * -- ...... f-u> UH ? flaw u ?IIV iww J cm S. 1 II" premise* are weD enclosed with fencing, with about 2U0 panels of new fence. There are 16 acres in a high state ofoultiva'ion, with a fine gar Ion crop on it Persona wishing to purchas* and calling at the place will be shown over it. Terms made known when calling on the place, on the line l>etweou Prince Geuro'* onil \VK.?liington counties near the farm of Capt Sanders. EMANUEL LACEY. On Digga' road, about IS mile from ail 15 K" Soldiers' Home. Ij^OR HALE OR RENT-A new FRAME HOUSE, containing six rooms and a summer kiothen, on l*th st . between K and L sts. Enquire at No tfS'i K s're^t. au 14 St* k<TORK FOR RENT.?Situated on the South n itule of Pa ave., between 9th and loth, aiiitahio for any business. For further part culara enquire at No. 303 Pa. ave., between 9th and 10th a.a. au 14 2w JJ^OR SAL.E? A tine substantial BRICK HOU8K,on llth st., between Land Mats., with large f*t%t>le and Carriage House. Anyone wanting such a House will be sold on very ac comiiiodatinc terms, or exchange for smaller property F'or a private residonce none can surpat-y it* Inquire of uEO. T. LAN'GLY, en L st., near Mfh at. an 14-tf IPOR RENT.?A two atory BRICK DWELLING with basement and attic, west side <f 8th street. No 435 north of the Patent Office Enquire next door aouth, or at No. *J3S6'.h street. au 11-w* L OR RENT?That beautiful COTTAGE RES" IDEXCE on Twelfth street, between G and H, (east side) containing 7 or 8 rooms, with water and gas,formerly occupied by H. H Von, Esq. In point of location and convenience thi? house in unsurpassed. Inquire of R. \V BATES. wood end coal dealer, corner of C and Fourteenth sts. au 9 tf FOR SALE OR RENT?A pleasantly situated COTTAGE HOUSE, containing 9 rooms. There is a square of ground attached under cultivation ; a large stable on one end c.f tho square. The place will be sold upon very reasonable terms, or rented to a prompt tenant. Possession given on the 1st of August. For particular* inquire of BARBOUR 4 SEMMES, Grocers. jy i7-eo6t IVf RS. BATES, desiring to return to her native Ifl home, wishea to transfer her well established Boarding House, oontwiuing 22 rooms, and iowmmodating at the present 'line upwards of I boardera, into the hands ol some person wishing to go into the baaiaeM, on th* most rras naUe t*rms T*ns oouse, long and well known to the oitiuns i t Washington, is ploasan ly si'uated at the south westo'irner of Ninth *t. and Pa. avenue, in the most thriving p*'t of the eitv, and is convenient to church's roh'?ols. tha public buildings. A.c. For further particnlara please oall and inquire at No. 315 Pa. avetue. au 8-tf OR RENT-The large STORE ROOM and CELLAH on the corner of I and Seventh sts , Navv Yard. This room is suitable for any business. Cmi 1>e rented with or without the Hwellinr session liven 1st of September. Apply to JOS. R EI'ETTl, 4*3 I vv au 3 2w? FOR RENT,?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will he for rent in a few days. It is ticaiiti/nlly situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenuo and K St., Navy Yard ; lias a large garden lot attached, a panip of gnoa wat?r n ar, and oon?ains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a g?od tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE : works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CI.ARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 618 H st.. between 4th and Mh. jj 16 fj^OR RENT?Two beautiful new BRICK r HOL'ShS, on Eighth st ret west, between M and N streets no'th. west side. Apply to MARY C. HAI8LIP. No. 381 Ninth street west,or Dr. KEASBEY, No. 33'J Pa. avenue, between &th and 10th atroeU. j y 12 5w* QEORQETOWN ADVEBT'MTS For otkor G*org*toten advtrtistmtnts set fir it pag 1 AC REWARD.?Strayed from No. 99 First st., VpO tioorgetown. on Sundajr week, a r**d roan COW; very short and thick; supposed yuT to have calved; she has wide horn* and aj^k short tail; was last seon going in the d rectiou i f the ohain b idg?. The fender will obtain the above reward by leaving her at my residence. No. 99 First at., Georgetown. an 15-it* FOR BOSTON. HE Schooner BEN. FRANKLIN has arrived fiom the above Port, aod will be disciiarging tomorrow morning. For freight apply to HA*I LEY? BROTHER, au lS-3t 99 and 101 Watwr at . Georgetown. 1qq fish! fish!! JOtF BBLS. No I. Lab ador HERRING, 100 B&rrela No 1 Extern HERRING, Boston In P6CtlOQV 50 do. Extra No. 1. Cot HERRING, S> do. Half bbla. Superior Ko? HERRING, IS bbla. New Meremioiii ALE WIVES, 100 do. New St JOHNS. Do. All of which have juat arrived from Button, and for Mle in lot* to suit parchaaera, and on pleasing terms. HAKTuEY * BROTHER. au lS-lw 99 and 101 W ater at. Ueornetown. A COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE , ALEXANDER E. B c.ALL. Grocer, having aa ociatinl with him William S. Matthew* the buaineaa will be conducted under the name and style of Biali. k Matth .wa, at the old established rtaiid , of hn M Belt, oorner of Congress and Bridge streets, Georgetown, D, C. Jul, il, I860. ?U ? Having deter mi > ts.b to change my business, I'll eoauntnoa from thia date to aell for oash bit entire a toot of DRY aad KANCY GOODS. Having purotated o the moat worftbleutran. and i>?iaa dealio?a> f c oaiac oat aa early aa puikibin, all who way be in wast of bargains will m> well to give me a eall. ? J7 M In? Oorner of Hi*]) and (Par au. I EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kc. f OOk OUT FOR THE S4EN6ERBUND Li SOCIETY'S" EXCURSION U? -*??? w I he given at GLYM?'NT on tke ?Tth For partioalars future adrertisc-^^^^^^^* munt It* Of BAKERS AS^iCIAtIoN at LOEFLER'S City Gardens. ?n TUESDAY, *lst test. I heiv wilt ho served op at 6 "'clock a large loaf of bead of jno pound* weight. For particulars see future adv*rt moment. au 16 3f THE FLETCHER CHAPEL SUNDAY SCHOOL ?tll hare a I'lC NIC at Hladensburg.on FRIDAY^|i3REE August 17lh. 1 ney have cha*t*red cars which will leave the depot at 7H a. m. Persons should he there at 7. Refreshments furnished at moderate pnaes. and every effort made to render the occasion delightful. A full band is exported to be in attendance. Round trip tickets only 25 cents; children 16 oents. au 13 T MOONLIGHT EXCURSION HE Congregation of Grace Church < Island) sropo?e giving a MOONLIGHT EX- . CURSlON for the benefit of the,^^4^^^^K Ph.i r V. ? L.. ? L. v.- I wnuvvivu ? Ifc'l tno V IIUICII, FRIDAY, AuguitSl They have chartered the itNincr Ph*?tix, which will leave Eleventh atreat wharf at 5 o'clock p. re , precisely. Wither*'* Band ha* been encaged for tha occaai?n Refreshment* on the boat. Ticket* 51) cenia; children & centa. Commute* S. K. Murphy, O. Jaooha, S. P. Ta>lor, W. S. Y eat man. W. S Robert*, R. P. Barite, J.N. Gordon. C. H. Hancock, au 15-ao TFOR THE WHITE HOUSE. HE STEAMER PHEMX WilHeave the foot of Sixth *tr?eton SL'NDA Y.the 19th in*t., at S o'clock a. m. and fiohrer'*^^4^K^ wharf Navy Yard, at 8,la a m.. the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Returning leave the White Houte at 5S p. m. Round trip 25 oeota. *u U St E. A. RYTHER, Captaia POSTPONED UNTIL. THL'RSUAY, Aifiat 16th, If fmir. if *et tke next /atr d*i thereafter. TTNPARALLELED ATTRACTION" OKANO PRIZE PIC NIC' At ANALOSTAN INLAND. On MONDAY. Acursr 13, 1*60. One 11 and red Pieces of Jewelry Gives Away! Anions which a Gold and Silvsr Watch. Dancing and Mu?ic during the da; )fi(j jn will aflford enjoyment to ail. VTj Ksp ta> Brass and String Band en 7*2* (MB gaped f ir the occasion. ticket*? 50 Cent* for Gentlemen, 25 Cents for La-lies; Children admi'ted free. Tickets for *?le ?tO. H. Ande?-*on'? and I.amm-'nd>. 7th street; Dr. ^chwartie's Drug Store. Pa. a v.; andjtt the foot of High st. wharl, Georgetown. on the day of the Pic N ic. Boats will start for the Island at 9 o'clock a. m. IDT No charge male for conveyance across to the Inland fron the wharves rrr ""or List of Gifts see small programmes, an 14 2t ?MT1ZENS* GRAND PIC NIC FOR THE~BENEFIT oftmi or St. ?Incent'a Female Orphan Asylan, AT ARLINGTON SPRING. The Lady Managers of St. Vineent's Female Orphan Asylum are granted in kerns al> e to announce that tlie CitiZen?'4AgM|^H*p-Ajt Annual Pic-Nif tor the orpha> s in w..?. p.^ v. .11 ? io?oi ? \jt - ' u a' ii j *M hi- a >?? v ? III. ti (] as?luin. will take plat?at * R I' I.NGTON SPRING on MONDAY. August tf*h, 186'. Withers's Celebrated Hand ha* been engac'd for the (lancing saloon, ami ample refreshment* will he supplied under the direction of the Lady Managers. Coiive>anc?s to the Spring will be in readings* ever? half hourf om the Capitol gate. Seventh ?t and Ta avenue, and every ten minutes t<> George town, where a packet boat will l?-ave hall-hourly for Arlington. The generowity of the citizen* of Washington and Georgrtown last year in contributing to feed an<1 oiothe the orphans, while they themselves enjoyed a hr-althlul and pleat.ant recreation, render anr furthei appeal to their benevolence on tins occasion superfluous. The exercises of t*e day will be interspersed with an address and singing by the orptiai children and such other innocent exercises as will give amusement and pleasure to young and old. Ticket*. 50 cents for gentlemen; 25 cents for ladi ; 10 ' ents for children. The I.futy Managers hav? seen red the ?ervio?s of the following gentlemen to act as managers on the ground during the day : John C. Bi-**nt, G-eg. F>ms, Jno. D. Clarke, J. C. Fitzpatnck.Wni. J. Rose, Jas Harvev. ?\i< Jones, Kdw. Sitnms, John F. Co*)e, \V. H.Ward, Capt. G?>ddard, Tho? J.Fisher. reter iianant, Kieh. Clarke, H. B Swwmi, John F. Ellis, R. H. I<a?key, C. GauMer, F. Mohun, H. Richey, Thoa. Duffy, Col dicker. M.Callahan, Ju. Lincoln, H. McLaughlin, Jas. Fullertun, \V. Harvey. A Jojce, tvJ.Mal.aiighhnrapf. P. H King, Dr J.Walsh, Wm.T Dove, R. Eichorn, John F. King, R B. Owm, A C Shaw, L. O'Toole, W. W. Moore, Jas Kedirh, P Tyeon, P Shea. B? nard Harei. The Jon owing rent tmen are a special active committer from the Young Catholic Friends' SociMy from Washington and Georgetown. They will bi designated by rosettes on the left hr*a*t: F. MeNerhany, Phillip J. Mcdenry, John Stake, Hugh Don.'hoo, Dr. Kidwell, George Savage, I.. Neumeyer, Francis darper, J J. Kane. James Lackey, Rubeit .Vlahoney, P.Jordon. an 14-5t MP1C NIC POSTPONED. EMBERS OFCOLl'MBlA LODGE,No. 10 I. O. O. F.. I \I d of the order general Iv.lare notified that tlicir AN ^1' AI.4M(It&^( PIC-NIC has been Postponed, t inWffiy*y* consequence ?>f th"? wet weather.) until MU.N L)A^ . the a il, COLUMBIA SPRING. Fred. Prosperi's unrira led liand of music has been engagtxl. ana every arrangement made to render the da>. as intonded, 0*1 <\f rril enjoyment. Latham's Coache? will leave the corner of Massachusetts av. and Seventh st at 8,9 and 10 a. m ami 2. 3 and 4 p m., passing tt rough S-venth stie> t and Maryland avenue; and also from the hall at m o'clock to convey the widow* and children to the Spring. ricae'a Fifty Cents: admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be obtained from the Committee. au!3-M.W.&S THE COMMITTEE. JJO! FOR FORT WASHINGTON. The Choir of Seventh street Presbyterian Church, with School, will give sn EXCl'R- ?IT*"" k. SION to the Fort on "TIP" V 1 IV T Ml r gust 17Vocal and instrumental mu*ic. The ste\mer Puemx has been encased and will leave the foo* of Sixth street at 8^ o'clock, touching at Alexandria, returning early in the ev -n ng. Tickets for eentlerr en .V> e?ntv, I a<lie? 25 and children 15cent*; to be had at Win. Ballantyne's. Seventh street J. Y. Davis's, Pa. avenue, and O. Boeweil s, D. D. Davidson's, or at the boat, an 13-4t amusements! C'RAND BALL I AND DISPLAY OF F1REWORK9 COLtrMBIATSPRINGS. On TUESDAY. August 21a . The National Quadrille Association take great pleasure in informing their mam friends that % their second granii ASSEMBLY will SB take p!ac.< at COLUMBIA SPRINGS on/A TI'KSDaY EVENING. August 21st, onfli which occasion there will be a grand di*pla> of Fireworks. Atso, a select string band will be in a< tendance Ti kete. Fifty cents; admitting a gentleman a d ladies. _ ooftcnes will leave corner Pa. avenue an<1 Se*entl street at the foliowi * hou'i: 3,4.6, 7, and 9 o'olock. Return ng will leave the Springs at 9,10, 11. 2.1 and 2o clock. Good order may be relied on, aa special police will l>e in attendance. Prof. 1 ,oxz * niNg will act aa ballad master on this special occasion. By order of the au 16 eott COMMITTEE. ERRER CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, New York remma, Uticrtn 1?{ and 34 street*, would respectfully flb state to the publio that CONCERT oflflH ttKl.ECT MUSIC will be riven every MON IV DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, oommenoing at 3 o'olock and ending at l??p. m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to those deeinng to while away a few hoars in the masy dance. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES.and every description of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at city prist*. Parties desinnr the G&rdena for Pie Nie pur poaoa. are requested to gi*s aday or two notioe. je IS Sra SEVENTH STREET. Jgjg A beautiful askortmentofGOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and low priced GOoih, FIREBOaRDS. PRINTS, PIOTltlp. CORD and TAt<SEL8, *c remnants of low pricM PAPERS, with a handsome stock of WINDOW SHADE*, at greatly reduced pncea. Orders left for PAPER4aNGING8 and W in DO W SHADES satisfactorily executed with skill ?qd /li. rwa ??L .a ? ?. rv r A.vunlr? Pi*ft.aA I Iffl ma A. Ml 1 UI<J|>I?H>II in wi wanti j. * ???? w n MM, Do.', forget .b. .?-b.iha MiBKR|TEENo ,9e 8,"?u,gaa'te.yali, INat,ona&ap and candle works, Gum Stiiit, Bttwim Bruitt mmd 1WmUr struts, OMr?tMra, D. C, A lire atock~of CANDLES, Browi, Fiauly, Cutil* ud Finoy SOAPS. Alio, TALLOW lad GREASE _ for LoooaotiTM, StannboiU, lad ill kind* of ilwiyi od tmd, lad for die it pnoM to wit tko tndo C. B. J EWE 1.1.. Profriotor. iy 10-ootf w????raiw A^mmmUTmtk Strut COMPANF, - t> i."aM|funLE, pmiim. . p> liNfONt SttrMMi, Mi-Mr THE LATEST MEWS T E_L KOBAPHIO. OKIE DAT LATER FRO* ElftOPI. Arrival ( lk? Farala. Niw You, Au| 12 ?Tbe roval nail ataaiw hip Pi*? i. from Liverpool oa the 4th, arrival hftf last alght The rteamahlp Arabia arrived ant aa tb# M. Cotton?Tbe eaUmatad aalaa oa Satarday war* 10.000 balea. Including 4.000 for apermatlaa lad eiport The market claaad Irm at tba AagloS*axoa qu*tattona The weather bad baea na fa ratable far tba cropa. Floor waa quiet bat at*ady at raka. \V beat w as ateadv; red Ha lOdalla M ; wblia 12a ; IIi>? new Baltimore red 14a 3d Cara aeaa buoyant at the Anglo-Saxon'a advaaae; mtied and yellow 3Ua 6d a31a ; white 33a 6d ?34a Proviaiona ware dull Beef heavy aad quota tlona barely aaalatalaed. Pork quiet bat aUad y I.ard Arm but quiet, at Mi a83a Hacon alaady General Produce -Hugar quiet, but Irm Coflee quiet Rice steady Ratal aa alaady at 4a. Sd. a4a 3d Turpentine ataady ai 3ua >d aila n iiitt iv?y vn unucs wrn inn fiMnUIf urx- bsngrd. Hi Oal. ibtm bt4 UnteW It >1 31 d mount Bullion is the Bank bed decreased Xlii.uuo The Mm?t Msrket was eltgbtlr a*** etr ingest. wilt en Increased demand! louou Tbe protocol between tb? Wntri Pmn, ?wliii to md li.(Q) troops to 8vrle hW bM if nrd at Pirli Prince Is to send hslf the troops, ail of whom are to *Uy there six month* The Neapolitan farces are helpg directed tows rd? Calabria. Another protocol of tbe Parts Conference calls on tbe Porto to carry oat Its engagements respecting tbe Chrlwlans Tie J*frtna force is to be under tbe orders of a joint coaamlssioa of tba great Powers. Tbe Kngllsb Parliament has agreed to eoto X2.0MW.UWI for fortilratlons Preparations are msktng for n great partr eontost is Parliament on the paper duty resolutions There are rumors of an interview betwaaa Napoleon and the llueea of Bps la Tbe ParU bourse on the 3d closed firm, rsatos ?^f . 30c. The text of the convent.on between G*r1beldl and Gen Clare bus beea mibliah^d Tk? ation of Sicily by the Neapolitan* la stipulated It la, however, assorted that Garibaldi ta preparing to tr ana port hla troopa to tb? mala land Dates from Calcutta arc to June 18, aad Hone Kong to June 7 There waa a great panic A Sbangbae; the rebel* were approaching tbe city, and business bad bean suspended At Can tea, tbe tea market waa dull. THK LATEST Paris, Saturday ?Tbe Patrie sin that tba regiments for Svris left Chalons to-dar. Koor ateamera left Toulon yesterday to embark troops. Great agitation prtealls In Candia, Jeddab, and Arabia. NarLEs, Aug 3 ?The city is tranquil Romb. Julv 31 ?Thedlsturbanceat Arpino waa cauaed by the populace shouting for Garibaldi. Sen Lamorlrtere has aent troopa to Terraclao Teiblra with the ladiasa. IxDtrKsi'twi. Aug 13?Tbe Saata Fa mall aprtve<i ia e to-day. By It we bare information that tbe troopa at Hatches rancbe. under command of Lieut Frank, bad a skirmish with seveatv-lve t'aiuancbe Indians, who were on a steal, ng aapeditlon Two of the Indiana ?Ufe killed and several wounded Shortly after tbls a number of burses were driven off, and other depredations committed It was deemed prudeat. under tba circumstances, to send a r?lnf< rcement to Hatrbes ranrha an/1 ??? ~ 1 ? *? nuutuvi v>i6tt?wn:ul IV *vvn luvtru for The command of Major Ruf>is, on tbe Pecos. II la said. hat had a battle with the Cantanobea, but w.tb what mult t? not known Kvervthing indicate* a general Indian war The Indians are l>ecou>lni; ao bold now as to attack the trains Mr Harper had 113 head of cattle run off In daylight. and lt now left to make bis way 1b with two yoke of catt.e to the wagon Two soldiers were followed Into the camp on the Pawnee Fork a few days ago. The troops under Major Sedgwick are endeavoring to follow the Indlans, to the beat of their ability, but tbev are too wary for tt em Bent's Fort, at lsst dates, was threatened So great was the apprehensions of an attack, that tbe sixteen Indian prisoners recently sent there were released. Unless the mail parties are strengthened. It U feared they will not get safely through la future Frem Havana and Mexico. New Oilrabs, Aug. 13?The steamer Bienville. from Havana on the 8th Inst , baa arrived She reports baring experienced a terrific burrln* no All tha tln\t a r\A tsraa >? W v.. >wv wt*| H'iu WW VWiWpcucu W WJ W IW forty-elgbt hours The city of Havana waa healthy. Sugar waa buoyant at s jfcat-J^ reals The stock of sugar at Havana and Matanxaa was <90,9(10 boxes Mo Usees waa quiet The steamer Clyde had arrived at Havana from Vera Crui on the 2d Inst Miramon's army had been routed by the Liberals. wblle attempting to earape from Lagee At tbe lat?at accounts Mtramon waa at Leon Mrrounded by tbe Liberals Roblea had f.baadooed Jala pa Tbe principle towns In tbe Valley of Max loo had risen ana pronouncen for the Liberals The Spmlsh Minister threatened the bombardment of Vera Crux Discovery ef the Keaaatasef Soldiers of the War of 161)1 Tobosto, Ang. 13 ?Wblle workmen were making excavatiuna to-day near tbe old Fort tn thia puce, they discovered tbe r^malna of 13 bodies of Mritlsnand American aoldlers, who fell In tbe war of lb!8 Several buttons bayonets, and epaulette* were also found One button had tbe initials of the Pennsylvania Rangers ea It; another is marked ' U S and another **Mh " ? ' *"? i " * ?- - Diittiu u iruauirn A ifw AIQfriCiQ C61DI were also found. From the position of the bodies It is evident that the* were hotted la a trench near wh?*e tbey fell. General Pike and *? Americana, and a number of British wnre killed near thla spot in 1613, by tae explosion of a powder magazine Politics la Georgia Milledgbvillb. Aug 13 ?The Bell and Everett SUI* Convention which met here to-day wm laree and harmonious flon Ben Hill and Jodge Law were appointed electors at large Milledgbville, Aug. 14 ?The Douglas Convention mot, and appointed A. H Stephens and Augustus R. Wright electors for the State at larne A resolution waa adopted unaalmously Inviting Senator Douglas to visit Georgia. Mr. Seward la Vestea. Bootos, Aug 14 ?Senator Seward arrived from Portland about tan o'ctork last night, and waa met at the depot by a Urge crowd, who escorted him to the Revere House, where be w*e serenaded Brief Speeches followed, from Governor Banks, Senator Seward, Senator WiUon and Hon. A. II Rice. The reception was a very enthusiastic affhir. Drendfal aterai near Kew Orleans. New Ok leas*. August 13.?A violent storm In this vicinity on Ssturday ciused immense damMire tri nrnnertv At I'mrtonilliL th? Mrmtaui rf tbe Mexican liulf water rose over twelve fort, submerging the entire place, and carry! eg away every bouse with th* exception af on*. Between 36 a^ri 40 lives were lost, The Ctactanati linhruirnrat Caea. Tobokto, Aug 13.?C. H. M c Donga 1. one of the partlea connected with the CUciuoati eah>iziement, delivered himeelf up to the authorlt m on Saturday, but was diet barged on the nm? grounds that Montague wh McDouale claim* the *25.0110, and it la reported that he will bring a suit against the city kr It l&eatacky KlecUea Lort* ville, Aug 13 ?Ninety counties oat of one hoiidred and four In the State give Coombs 25,333 uwjority over McClarty. MaiUaaera Oarkcat UutiHoti, Aug 15 ?t-~iour c la aid quirt but steady; Howard at.. Ohio and City Mills art bold, at *5 50 Wheat cloa d quiet, rid #' 2>aSl 32; white SlrSSat 80. Corn closed Irm; while Pta83, yellow 72475c. Pr'VUloa c'oed firm, baooa sides lOalihc. Whisky closed ftrm at 2*attj{s. Raw Yark Harkata. New You Aug 15.?Hour has s<T?iisil to.; Mate 95 20; Ohio <5 40*5 50, Southern |i 4W K Wheat has advanced lie. Cara Is irm: mixed MX Pork is dull Lnrd is bssvy Whtaky Is dull ai 21c qkoroetown college. d. c. to.ti?a will be rmunnd m una lmtltidoi m tto firat >i ondjkj offtepfamtmr. .. &u u?.rfw john kaelv, ft. j.. piwiit l kmalk academy, * ELLirzvJvzFiSizz.* th? six'h annokl imhai will mkimimoa um fc mi monday i? ? u law? * fyteteopoutaf^ rolleglate i net i _foe yoxjwladikr, 4m b iimbrw* tntanihit i"ssuk! applioauoa should bo mm* arty, m um iuib?r of ^.upila ir limit d. for p?-tical?'-a mc itoalara i ravi ftkhuvku to ft*. ii majleet ffa? W&a&$??&?

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