Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1860 Page 3
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* - * , urn ??h - '. L_ I.OCAJj NEWS. 1^7" Though Tn* ?tjl* U printed on the faateat at?-ain j>r*w la uae with t( Baltimore, tu edition 1? to larg* ?to require It to be pot to preaa at an rsrly hour; Advrrtfit^.enti, therefore, aboold be a*nt in before 12 o'cloak m.; otberwlac they may not appear uatil Um next day. Notice to W**ai*etoiiiaks.?Thooe of ?or renew-rut ?en? I paring for the watering place* and elsewhere should bear In mind that we do not mall Tai St ah except after payment In adranee at the rate of 37 X cents per month. Notice ?District of Columbia Advertisements t*? be imertod in th? Bai.timob t 8cm are received ?t and forwarded from Tms !*r*a Ol&ce. A Ma?tk*P!Ici ?Any one desiring to behold the very beat specimen of al frttr* inlbis citv can do se at the new Presbyterian Church In Fourand-a-half street. This church has. during th* pant year, bwn partially rrtnodeled and rebuilt, u4 a considerable addition made to its length 'The front baa undergone a change of ?hlf*> by being extended forward to the building line, and built up in handaome pressed brtck, with tasteful red freestone projections, attd giving to the entire edifice an appearance of nt-wnefc, as well a* improving Its architectural features materially. The original aide walla alone were t*T\ undisturbed by tbe workmen In charge of the improvement. The audience room has a clear width of 57 feet and a depth of 100 feet, with an appropriately high pjtcb. and no obstruction to mar its proportions The windows are made of glass, designed expressly for the church bv the h^nnii. laciurer. anil stained a beautiful pal* claret color, giving tbe Interior a nmbfr hue, quite pleasant snd ?t<rffaWe to a congregation. But the main feature of lite room in the beautiful Grecian frearo finish of tbe walla and ceiling. This work was deigned and executed by Meaars Abutter A Micbaelaon, of tbla city, and aa a specimen of plain fresco, has not an equal in this city for harmony of coloring, beauty of design, perfection of perspective, and general neatness of eierutlon. *f he wall at the rear of tbe preacher's ilrsk especially, kaa been ao well bandied hy these excellent artists, that it la difficult Par the visiter to realise that the receaaea, rolnmns, capitols cornice bracketa, mouldings, Ac., are not real ones Tbe deception la the mmi n?f-i ??? ~~ _ ? - - ??-? kw vwnipirtr i lb at we bare ever tn-n, and It 1? well worth a visit there to behold the superb Imitation. The floor ia an Inclined plane from the gsllerr wall to within tome ten feet of the pulpit, and ia to be corned with a carpet resting Sl.tM). Thepewa are being made In Baltimore by Thomaa Sc. Sent* and when upholstered by Mr. George Wilnet. of this city. will cost some 918 each, TTie gas-tlttlng has been plved ander the charge of Mr. W. T Dove, than whom no roan la better qualified to execute work in bis line with taste and care. Tbe branch lights at the aides of tbe preacher's desk are said to be moat elegant in design and In strict conformity to the interior finish ortbe room The estimated coat of the whole Improvement is JTJU^OO. frxeral or Mks. Holt?It having become generally known that tbe remains of tlie lament* ed Mrs Holt would be conveyed by the 3 *> train to the homestead of tbe family at Bardstown. K?.. there wa? nnlt? ? !? ?- ?-11 * ' f ? ?oi^c ^aiurnng 01 relatives and friends at the rerdence of the bereaved hucband previous to the corpse being conveyed away, to pay their last nd tribute of respect to the departed. Among those present were the President of the United states, members of the Cabinet, and other distinguished gentlemen. The coffin which contained the remains was placed upon t hearse, and the following gentlemen w*re the pallbearers:?Hon Lewis Cass, Secretary of State; Hon. John B Floyd, Secretary of War; Hon Isaac Toucey, Secretary of the Navy; Hon Mr Thompson, Secretary of the Interior; A N Zev?-ley, St. John B L. Skinner, Thomas P. Trott, Ksqrs., (of the Post Office Department.) and Dr Broadhead A number of the clerks of the Post Office and Patent Office were also in attendance. The family consisted of the venerable and Hon. I c A WI^SAbL. ,1 T * ? v n ? imiiic, i-o?imasier (jeneral under the ?<i ministration of President Tyler, and lady; ex<i->v C. R. WirklitTe, of Louisiana; Hon. Senj*tor Yulee and ladj, and Hon. Judge Merrick and lady. The funeral proceeded slowly toward* the railroad station, reaching there a few mlnute? before three o'clock, when the corpse was deposited tn a special car and the family seated In one adjoining. The mourners were accompanied until the last moment by the President, members of the Cabinet, and others. Rkcsiow.?A pleasant party wa? that which mtfi last night at the bouse of Rev Father O'Toole, lute pastor of St. Patrick's Church in this city, the* occasion being to tender to their spiritual rather and attached rriend, who Is on a brief visit here from New York, by bis old choir, renewed assurances of their love end esteem. Kvery member of tbe old cbetr wm present, and the evening was passed in soris) Intercourse, enlivened by vocal music. Reminiscences of past social gatherings of a similar character at the old Parsonage attached to St Patrick's Church, when Father o'Toole was Jn charge of tfte Parish, were discussed, and served to give z?st to tbe ei\Joyment of tbe occasion. Before separating all united to swell the chorus of " Old Lang 9vne," which was sung with a heartiness that testified more than eonld otherwise be f-xprovsrd. the sincerity of tbe f iendshlp of all present for thsirold Pastor. Father O'Toole leaves r .. v ? v-?i. .- j * ?? .... i u>k ma wiu carry with blm the ps*urance that nether absence nor time can diminish the regard entertained for blm by hosts of fiend* here. KrHkai* Hai.leck?Detective offlcer A. R. Allow returned yesterday from his visit to North Carolina, where be went on business connected with the arrest of Kpbraiiu Halieck and the coli>re?t fugitive, Alien M um, the d?*taila of u-hti h we Lave already Klven to the public. The ofll'-er met with bis ImUj colored prisoner at Franklin, Va., and not knowing of bit release, instantly laid hold of bia, to make bim explain bow he came there tie Uughed all over bis face, as he turned and pointing to Mr. Ppruile, remarked, "Thar s my master. sir!" This introduction led to a conversation between Mr. Spruile and Officer Allen, aud It was understood that as soon as Mr. 8. ?ot borne he would have the necessary papers made out, and have a requisition from the Governor for Halleek sent to Officer Allen directly. Officer Allen says the people with whom he conversed in Norh Carolina are Tery anxious to see Halleek, believing him to be connected witb some of the trading vessels coming there from l1* North. am wu>iu ? i oe occurrence of several burglarious operations which indicate the hand* of inexperienced persons, leads soma of our ottlrers to believe that gangs of young burglars arc beginning to practice in this city Several have been committed withi n a few weeks, sod im loya lties, and by means that appear to poiut to the same parties Attempts of a bold description have also been made The preseur.e of suspicious characters tn Washington suggests to detectives that they are the professors, and these petty burglaries are bat the practice of the scholars, to pet#?? ? icvi wmwciTa tor more eiuuite operation*. Meeting or tbi Reptbljca-x Association ? The Krpu Wlrnn Association of this city holds it* rejjular weekly meeting this evening at their " W i^wim,'1 corner of! ndTana avenue and Second treet. when tber will be addreaaed by several distinguished gentlemen of that party. TWsr meeting* are generally of a most interesting and enthusiastic character Connected with the association is a "Gl?e Club," composed of some of the best musical talent in the city. , miiiit Thieves.?Now that the fruit aad melon *ea*oa Is at band, the number of nightly visitors to tho markets has Increased, and dealers begin to discover at times quite a diminution of their piles of produce, without anv corresponding increase of their pile* of cash. Tber have to be harp to prevent the running pilferers from operating upon them, bet tbeyoccaslonally lay hands upon tome of the tribe. Cistui Oman-noes* Cases ? Patrick Henry was arrested for steeling a watermelon in tbe market; the petty kftce** case was dismissed .and he was sent to tnewovkhoaoe as a vagrant. William Stewart and John Johnson, disorderly In the ?treet, ruled far farther hearing: Cornelius Sullivan lighting; dismissed Thomas Littleford* stealing four watermelons from i,ewi? Magruder: held to ball JOr coort Hcckstiio? Wmos Lininn.-Oie officer alone (J. F King, of the Third Ward,) has had ttiirtv-fo<;r warrants placed ta his hands on account of tbl* neglect of Individuals, or whatever It may be A aanJerKy of these bevo compiled wife ths law; bat Ute remainder have determined to test it by a Mai, which comes of on Tneadav iiriv, uriwc < fwcc uvua. ? W A?Hi!?Gtu* PaicaiCeaaBKT.?White wheat ?1 4(MSI 50, red *1*6*9130. Corn N)e. OaU StoVe. Rye d6a7Ue. Potatoes a*7Sc. Hay ?5a 75e. Straw tm'ic. Lambs ?8 30. Calves ?5a#7 Chickens, per d<>zea,W6oa#4 SO. Welsh's family Sour #9^0; inptrlM extra 97; superflne 9T> Hi flae ? *. < J - .' i ?| CosTmrt,?Ckarles Flaaegaa was farter day fined ?6, by Justice Clark, Jar refostag to appear ? a witness la a Corporation caw, after Mag duly mmmaasd if tke oAeer la tkecaac. Cojiucnai tri&Aaiaa idwrHmnat Sa ?aot;-? caiuma, invitln< proposal* far eonstraetf ag unin!?h'd portloacsf tke eondattef tke W asklog ton Aquaduct -r I ChuicJ JWS wStoS*.. 1 Set tdTcrtlMDUt' I Tii Picnic ?f tke Pl?lch?T Cbapel ! ^55SSRi5r?sw^ Ed-to? A? mi ?f ttaeeerrtipondI ewr* which b?w hem carrlM on for aom* time p??t | In rour paper. I am happy to ny that.with others. I am an nxlenrr of all (bat Military Man" bM written H i? first letter wai a response to a writ? t who signed himself 'One of Tbero," who evidently felt nettled at aoitie little attention or courtesy eztendnd to the young corps of Rifle*, who, by their uniform good behavior and apparent intention of keeping themselves aloof from and not to be identi tied with other companies of the town, have, a* the moat casual observer caa but notice, incurred the resentment and aversion of numbers of the members of other companies. '-Military Man" may well condeiita as unworthy of his notice, "Another Military Man," who estimates our Army at so low a standard as to conclude that "the I'nlted States Army does not possess such a remarkable military jmj When we compare them with the establishments of Kurope, and speak of well-trained and disciplined troops, and " that this deficiency is ? a/>par?M," Ac., Ac. How. Mr. Ivditor, 1 ask, can a man who bas a soul capable of loving his country and revering the memory of those noble sons of TO Who won fs ma wKma 1 ?? uv ?? ut< i>C pPU?I? LUIOlilt HQ1TUI are looked upoh aa worthy of the emulation even of tb<i>se whom thev vanquished, and who transmitted to their followers?who now adorn our Army and our Navy, and who would add lustre and honor to any nation undet the broad canopy of high heaven?unimpaired, those feelings of national prtdp and patriotism which swelled the notoms and characterized each act and deed of those sires whose memories shall survive even the lapse of time, and whose fires of patriotism shall burn without dimming, so long as America has a son to wctrh or an enemy to dread; and stilt say that we do not compare favorably, and more than favorably, with r.utope? When wss that bittle frt'sjhl, on land or on the sea. in which -niieiiciiM nmn aia noi iDow 10 the world tbetr ' suprtmnry W here or when, I ask "Military Man" the second, was that battle ever fought, In which our Army contended, where tbe numerical iperiority was not vastly against ns? Have not onr amiles ever been victorious, wbetbe' fighting on our own soil and beating back tbe Invading foe, defending our uational rights on " the broad bosom of tbe deep," or while curbing the bloodthirsty and revengeful disposition of the savages on our frontier, and res :ulng the border settlers fVom the tomahawk of the ruthless Indian, who would revel in blood, or in traversing the broad regions of hostile Mexicoand bearding her myriad armies in their strongholds and fort fled towns' However, we must conclude that "Another Military Man" has never read the history of tbe Revolution, the war of 'l;l, and the more recent additions to our "record in arm?," our war wilh Mexico, where a delude*! member of the House of Representatives hoped our men might "be greeted w'th bloody bands and hospitable graves:" or ne must be some poor sorr-headedT' John Bull," who ran never forget or forgive the "Yankee Rebels" for the terrific drubbing old Hingland ban twice received at their hands. "When ignorance 1? bliss, 'ti? folly to be wise;" so pardon -'Another Military Man," and allow him the full enjoyment of tnat "bliss" which is evidently so sweet to him' There was really no disparagement to yotir battalion intended, 1 judge. Mr ' Mem. Bat. W. L. l.'? in "Military Man's" coi^munications. You only construe it so, and "appropriate it all too soon,M as it would, as a matter of course, lead to lur conviction wiiQ tit?- public tint you and your men deserve a little "stirring up." There are, I wish to inform the member of the Light Infantry, a few gentlemen in that company whom I have the honor of knowing, and whom I respect, and who are respected by the community) but I Will also observe that some little Improvement in a soldierly point of view, If in no other, might poMibly be made. Now will the military men of the Light Infantry say nothing more about "Old W infield's heavy, sturdy, ana solid tactics, wtth the da*A (terrible '/a.<A it must be, judging from their usually prompt and spirited tasking) of Hardee,1' or will vou call out the Nationals to "mask your (li'tle) f>atterv," and by packing ofl' at a ' trot," "deploy as skirmishers, rally and form a line of thur own to support them,'' and glviug you afull vnl 1 #V of (Tf%r%A ?"* u? ? 1 j ? hanu uuc uiDvenicnii in ids pretence of all the Washingtonians who feel interested. drive you back to your armory to drill four men into a little better condition to appear n public ? Now I have seen tbe Rifles drill several time*, and, though comparatively young as a company, they have made great proficiency, and I hope ere long 1 may, after a visit to the Light infantry armory, say as much for them. Aug. 12, 1N>0. A Lover or thk Military. The Navy Yard commends Itself by new improvements at every visit. The new building* aid workshops erected and put Into active use during tbe last eighteen months have greatly bet i -rra me appearance or things. Of these we may mention tb?- forge shops ana the tasteful musterbouse as among the roost noticeable Greater neatness is observable than formerly; the areas and spaces are kept more cleanly, and free from lumber ; old and unsightly trees have been cut down, and there ts a freshness and spruceness that strikes ..v akiccauiji, tue principal jod now on bind in the machine and boiler shops seems to be the nia< hiuery for tbe fine new propeller Pensacola. which is oour at Norfolk undergoing tbe process of coppering ; when that is finished sbe will be brought up to the Washington navy yard to receive her boilers, which are nearly finished These boilers are worth a visit. They have a length I of seventeen feet, with a breadth and depth each of eleveu f-et, and are fastened and strengthened I wiin usual care Ue?!de? thete there are two connetting donkey boilert, alto excellently put to gather In the' catting shop they are preparing the model for catting the propeller of the Prowcola, which It to have a diameter of eighteen feet. One-third of the propeller will be caat at a time, and when all the partt are cast they will be bolted together. It will take more than a month to do mis. if" Pensacola will i>e brought up to take In ber boilers sometime tbe latter part of September.? lnttll' gcticer. Mistaking a Quartkr Kagi.i fok a Dime.? Lilt in?lit Mrs. Daiit took her little boy to a stand hi tbe Center Market to get ? bowi of cufl'ce. they coming to the market from a distance, and wanting their supper In paying for their meal she gave, as sue thought, two dimes, but afterward discovered that one was a 3v!.5<) piece. She went to the man, wh?we name was Keyser, and demanded the retnrn of the gold piece; but Keyser denied having received It. A warrant was issued by J ustlce Donn for 92.40, which was served and judgment rendered for the plaintiii. Keyaer was directed to pay forthwith, and started away ' to do so. Much mistakes are of common occurrence, and care should always be taken to keep gold and silver separata. The nickle cent, the live cent and ten cent pieces are easily mistaken at night for bright gold of corresponding size. Licmsis.?The police officers appear to be paying especial attention to the violators of thelicenre laws It Is certainly a duty which ought to be performs!, not by fits and starts, but regularly at all times; and not upon the followers of any particular business, but upon all who come under the provisions of the law. The violators of the law are not onlr those who deal in the markets, but there are numerous outsiders trafficking in the city without license, and are thus competing with our resident dealers, at an advantage of less expense Thfr activity of the officers upon this oc coniuii uu una uic rum 10 urge many to a speedy compliance with the law. In tbe Seventh Ward alone, aince laat Monday week, flfly-nine licenses have been taken out for wagons, carta, draya, Ac. If the aame activity were displayed la all respects, tbe laws would be enforced. \Vi take pleasure In calling the attention of the public to tbe advertisement of the Ripley Female Seminary, to be found In another column. This Institution is situated on Pennsylvania avenue, east of the Capitol, and ts nnder tbe able management of Prrtf II i??!? ? ??? ?* 1 -n ? - r ] ? ?? ouu accomplished lady, both of whom hive been engaged for yaara in the capacity of teaching, and lave the highest testimonials of socceaa Tn th? profeMion. ' Castas Maikit.?The market was well pro Tided this morning, and tbe attendance of dealera wu large The demand was aot very brisk, and theaales rather dull. The prices remain aboat ?s quoted in tbe Star last Saturday, with very slight changes Tbe bay marker was tolerably supplied, and the price* ranged from 85 to 90 cents per Mxi lbs The market regulations were strictly observed and good order was maintained. The Buns' Association intend clvlnv a pir-ntc at Loritart City Gardens, on TuetSiy next, t which, adwng other thlntra, will be served up leaf of>bread weighing mi 11m. tor particulars see future advertisement. ' > A Momcmint to thc lat* Joseph Gales ?A meeting la to be held In the Council Chamber, at the City Hall, thla evening, at 4 o'clock, to Initiate measure* for theeraetton of a monument to the memory of the late JoeepL Galea. h K i Mas. Nancy Colli**, of the Northern Liberties, requests us te Bay that she waa Hot flned, the other day, for being, drank ud disorderly? that ahe was only the praMaattag wttaeas la the case, *c. ^ ; i < . Absivkd a? Carter'a wharf (Foot of Thirteeuand a half itreet) aehooner Cornelia A. Crook, E Tern him. front Philadelphia, with 114 tana of coal for Mr 6. F Kidwell, and 135 tuna for Mr. X Mitchell. i Potuiatiok or Gsoaasrow n _Tbo oflclal consul of Georgetown ahowa the free Inhabitant! t ?number 8,153, and $77 alavea. In ie5<) thotown had 7 641 free Inhabitant* and 72S alavep. r.. Tub minnv nf nra/>? /l>t?<l\ propose to giro a mooaitfffctyxctmlofl on PHdayV the 3t*t in*., for tbo bmrttof tlwetaofr fie adverUiemeat la aaotbef column *4frt The S&KN?sa1M*? ftoaisTY propoat to jrlwan excursion totflyoMMt <aa Ike 37ttt ImI. Eafcb a look out for pwliaaiMB l? a future adverttaaerioat I I If Ibui m iusp o? prim pteato tfcl* wtmwnn, 1 a??ln>hiiu#i>4> ^ b w-h' ^ ? ' s; i fl0LL0*AY'? PtLLS. Dtrnm*' mmt q( tkt Stomach wu the stomach by thea*enc> oftheiMtrte jaloeaAsairn? late* digested food Into elementary MmA* veoMdoI be too carefui of ?rMervia< it in & lieiuUiy ami vicorotiB condition. Hollowa* * Pill* are power j fully corrective and il *t*?rrent, they trenttiien the ! digestive orjcani, and by their eu'atire properties clean** and purify the i?i*e?ted f od in it* pr*?' * ? of conversion to b ood. In all disorders of the bowel* andriRoera theircnK tvequalmes-re unequalled. Sold by all Drujcgiets st 25c..and $1 per l?>x. ii n l Homeopathic Kxmki>ies All of I>r. Humphrey# * Co.'s specific Bo- i menpathic Reinedie* put up exprewly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5" cents ea<ih. Also, in cAicr, containing to vials, from to -#s , each, with book of full directions. For ?*le by Z. D. Gilman, 330 Pa. avenne wholesale and r?taii agent: \V. A. Fitiireraid. 353 north F etreet; also by F. B. Winter, corner ??< Ma?*achusetts are nue and t*ixth?treet. Alio, Pond's Extract of WiuK Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of i ail kinds. Sttld la above. ma ^ ly Mm*. Wimow, an experienced nnreeand lemale kval nian hat * 1 k ? ?a m ?wr?? fnr Pi * 1*4 ?m Titafi. t**, whioh greatly facilitate* theprooea* of teething by softening the gum*, reduoing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and it *nre to regulate the bowel*. Depend upon it, mother*, it will jive rest to yonr*elvea, and relief and health to yonr infant*. Perfectly safe in all ea*ee. 8n advorti*em?nt in aaothar eolamn. ooll-lv Lyoh's Magnetic In*ect Power* Exterminate* Bed Bug*. Roaches, Tick*, Ant*, Garden Insects, Ac. It c?al*i*? no ??ti?* a ciSS'^tEB^'a Mice. SOld 8ver>where. ap9-Sm famtT'* T*icoi?ft**op? cheapest srtinle for Draining, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Re> tonng the Hair. Ladies, try it. Bold by all Drag gist* and Perfume-? mar 12-6m Meyee's Miraculous Vrrhin Destroyer, the oldest and best remedy known lor exterminating Rata and Mien. Cockroaches, Bur*, Ants, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worms and Garden Injects. ITT" Principal Depot, 618 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Drag*i*ta ov*ry where. ma 18-3m WISTAK'S FUl.KAM OF WlLD CHKRRY. The following letter from Rev. HiNkY Wood, of Concord, N. H., Kditor of the Congregational Journal, speaks volume* in favor ol Wntar's ConcoBD, N. H., Mardli Z. M*s**s. ?rrtt W. Fo\vl* h Co.?<i*Htl'mm : Ti*o freilrs ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my l>ed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I wan so much oppressed by difficulty in breathiug, that 1 was often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from tho ineffu-acy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded to try a oottle of Wistnr'x of Wild CKtrry without confidence in its efficacy, 1 found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one liottie was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces nie to make this public statement, *nd recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly. H*nky Wood. Nohe genuine unless signed 1. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle St Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarxe, Nairn k. Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. an 14-1 w^ Physicians are generally loth to speak a word in praiseol wha? are called "patent medicinet." Indeed, it is an article in the code of medical ethicit, that a physician who sanctions *he use ?f remedies cannot reconsidered a member of the National As* sooia ion. Hut there are exceptions to the most stringent rules, and many of the disomies of Esoulapius have actually been compelled, by the force offacta, to recommend Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Hitters for those diseases which are only prevalent during the summer and fall They have ascertained that there are no remedies in the pharmacopia whichc^n comparc with this wonderful compound (or the derangement of the system. Thousands of fun les residing aUmg the 1<iw grounds ofthe western and southern rivers, are now convinced that they have found a medicine peculiarly adapted for their ailm?nU, while in other portions of the country. during tho summer months, the demand for the article is ctiually large. Sold by druggist and dealer* generally everywhere. au 7-eo3c MARRIED At the Baptist Church Navy Yard, on Tuesday evening, the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Beiaon, THOMAS A CLEMENTS to S\RAH E. COOKSEY, all of thi? city. DIED, AtS p. m., 14, at Conahahocken, Pennsylvania, at the country residence of Theodore Trrwndt. Esq., of acute hydrocphalous, MARY CHAPLAIN, i::fant child of Dr. fi. N. and Sophie Whitney Wadmrorth, aged 4 n onths and 22 days "Going home to mama, dear papa." * On the 12th <nst.,at Walnnt Hill. Howard county* Md.,atthe residence of his pa ents. of cholera infa torn, F.tii AN A I.LKN, youngest son of Ethan A.and Mary Virginia Edmoaaton, aged 17 months and 5 days. * Mrs. m. e kingspord*s skminary, 4lt K St.. W*fn moton. I). C. The next aetaton will commence October 1st. IWO. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au 16 tl THE SUB'CRIBKR BEGS LEAVE TO IN1 form his friends that he will open on the 2 *t inst..a PROVISION STORK on 1 street, between I.Vh and l*tri streets, wherf he will t>e pleasod to wait on all who will favor lum with a call. an 15 7t* W. L1NKINS ; Lots op fianos for rent at low rates. Pianos f >r sale on the mostecg^e r?asonahle terma. Great tar rains in Piaoos; al?o, is Guitars, Violins, Me-'' lodeo:ia. Accordeona, An. JOHN F. El-US, aii 15 sole M?nt for Chickeriug A Sons' Pianos. MISS YOUNG'S SEMINARY, Nn. 346 Eightrknth, nod I St. The duties of tins hcIioo' will he resumed <>n MON PAY', September 31. .Miss V*. will continue to vcrive a select claws of boys under 12 >ear- of a<e. in connection with a limited number of girls, desifing a course of stud* in the* lid branches o| Engl xh instruction in the French lanpii'ge, as usual, by a native French teacher. an 15-1 w* IMPORTANT NOTICE. ~ a O Persons who have small rooms or passages to raper, we ofler several thousand pi-ces of <le?>ir aMe PAPER at cost Now i? th?* time to K' t ji>ur work done from 25 to 3d per cant, less than ll? lift 1 nrin.m. Ps.ll and mo'fnr vaii raatl va? at r frank"in fc it'ofhr'ock-s Wall Taper and Shade Store, an 15-4taw*2w corner Ninth and D sts. MOURNING GOODS.?We offer our entire Stock of MOURNING GOODS, in thin and thick fabrics, all at creativ reduced price*, to induce *t<?ck. J. W. CO!,I<KV i CO, _au 14-tt: .V23 7th st. al> >ve Pa ave. FRKSH BLUE LICK, BEDFORD. CON GRESS, and other MLNbRAL WATERS, constantly on hand, by 8. C. FORD, Jr., Druggist and Chemist, an 14-2w corner llth it. and Pa. ave. I^OR SALF.?A BAY PONY, an excellent 1 saddle home, and aliio works w<l/ in r\ harness, also a set of harness nearly a> d a second hand 'op tuiKgy. App j at ihe^S^ZX Drue Store und>rthe Clarendon Hotel, corner of 6th and I'enn.ave. au 14 Iw* riMJK JAPANESE HAT, OPERA HAT, 1 Flora DrivttlK Hat, and all kinds of Hats at No, 4b0 Seventh street. au ll-2w 1 1/iD a?l # TL, ...k* 4L? ?ill I rv/l% CA * II*7 11H II ?- Kicau^liv ll?Bt BH11 III YACHT POINTER will he gold cheap in immediate application The aliove Boat 11 3) feet long, 12 feet l?am, with a fine eabin^^* 12 feet in lenxth; was fitted up lor a Pleasure boat, but would make an excellent market boat. Inquire of H O HOOD. 33H Pa. avenue. au t-tf HO. HOOD ha* now on hand a rerr large atook of fine standard SILVER WARE, ail of hi* own make, that he will eell aa low a* any nf the Northsm VVuru&r* aold for. >.n<l ? ante time Will warrant sverythini to'ba standard ?ily?r. .ia? Fa. awim*. * 8f 275 A L kEN 275 < ? - JACKSON, FLASTERE&S, Pim. Avmoi, Between loth and Uth streats. jt 49 'jpo CONTE ACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. Orrici or the Washington aqcabrct.* Washington. August ?. i860. t Sxalkd piofosaxs will ba raoeivad at this omen until 12 o'clock m.t August 21st, I860, for suppl)MiK the^following materials: ia? to 175 30-inch Pipe*, 12 feet long, Bell k Spig! got, Washington Aqueduct pattern. .... 320 to 330 20 lach Pipe*. 12 feet long, Bell k Sptggot, Washington Aquetluot pattern. I 4 30-1'oh Flange Pipes. 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. .... 3 12 inch Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Wa? hi niton Aqueduct pattern. 26 inch Flange Pipes,0 feat long,(drilled) Waahington Aqueduct pattera. 14 inch Flange Pipe, 9 feet long,(drilled) Waih! ingto'n Aqueduot pattern. _ Ali?o, a rew.tpecial.patterns, such as Branches. tfcnna.ce. f or lurtner particular*, examination ' of drawing*, *o., apply at thia office. The whole of .the carting* will be required to be delivered by the UtOotober next. ' H. W. BENHAM, Captain of En?lceers, au 8-tf Chief Ent'r Waahiagton Aqueduct. PBRSONS De^luuuToua'keapinc or haviaf a auralua of hoaaeholdaffaat* oan find ready alt by dsttsISSHs^ a?3-*m RUDOLPH BUCBLY. \V ? ? D! WOOD!! STpVE ul KINDLING WOOD,? ? SwL oaaibie prioe. T. J. * W. M. OALT, 999 Pa. i|T.t h1 ? illh?d l*h aU.t m+IJttf . worth awl p R A NOII *mt. FAMILY D STORK, mmd Tmtk strut, B Ml ant fn Mr *r. i rlti th* patronage of thneewho mar fa in want or *my article in the atwreTine. Hia endeavor* a hail bate pMM, and by a atrkjt attention to the waataectiM piifio, ha heyaa to aaariti wahts. VVAVrED-Topiiref^ WORKING HORSE. Apply at J AS H. I'AI.UW fci-L, DMr the Circle, lit Wwl. ___ II* WANTKD? By ?steadr and imlustrion* man, a situation * collce'nr. iht of reoawi m *n<t?iioD* ziven. AtUiront M.O., J1 tar Office. b ?-tt PERSO^ALu THF. SIIBBCRIBER RKTl'RNS HIS heart felt thank* to h?< fTien<U an<1 nc uhlw* fitr their a??t*ta?<-e in *avi??< h>? propirtr from ite?tnwi|<>n lir fire on the nitbi ij MONDAY la-t K?peeiii|T (ratr'Aii to 'tiv t'oliimlta Fire l*o n|Miit,for their extraordinary lad succosnful e*erti"H8 to wave his pr.>pertj. A so to the Metropolian an<l Ladder Coinpanv, aud to the Police Officer*, and Anxiliary Gnard. who remained a* l-?i?u as their s<*rvM!** were needed, and carefully guarded the article* removed form the hou*ef(Oin injury. JOS. I). WARD, It* on 6th *t.. between 1) and K,7th Ward. Madame felix, fortune tbllkk, from Paris, tajbrms her former friends, end the pul>lio generally, that *he has removed to 481 Tenth street, between E ami F. where she will be happy to see all who Will favor her with a call. I attention!!! if rl fl's pgr fer . Invimor, will call *-t th? office of 0. M. ^ ill*?. 474 i?e\eiith street. he will hear something to his advantage. Any information concerning him it reou^sted. If no* firing. his adir.ini?tiRtr?r, oranv or hm heir*, will ?n?w?r. _au 11-)w* C. m Yl) LKB, Attorney mt I aw. ?OfWl RK^V aRD.?Rannwuj from the snhsc-iher, living near t'pper Marlboro, Prince George's Coont*. Mil . on the 2Rth fflf July last, negro MAN SAM. abo?t *8 jp y ara old, atxwt fcveleet 6 inches high; lather oark ootor; itnd likely looking, he wa? pur- ' 8ha?>d in Virginia. a YELLOW BOY IIENRY, belonging to Mr-. Sinoot ?XGeo"*Ptown, went off with him. The above r*waM will b*- paid for SAM no matter where taken ifconfin?J in jail, or brought home to mr. JOHN. \V. liURROUUHS. aul13taw2w \|ADAMK morr1ge, tmkgkiat Astkoloi"a out a?id Doctiih. iiisl frmn K*r?t-T?i? Iiifhly gifted and mteiliiaut latljr can be consulted on the Past. Present ana Future Events. Call at No. 903 Twenty-second street, between H ard I, Washington. LOST^AND FOUND. COST?On \Vednenda*. the J5th, at th" Prem ' dent's krounds, aa Etruscan <?(>!.I> BRACELET, marked "tiarafclia" December 25th, IH?>. Whoever *ill leave it at 4S3 G st. nortl , betwe?-n 17th an I l?th. will be amiably rowa det'. a a 16-tt* I OBT? On Tuesday, Auxust 7th. a BUNDLE of L* Evening Star News-paper*, containing four copies ofeach day for the month of June, 1858 The finder will reed ve a liberal reward by .eturning them to tins office. an 15 tf STRAYED OR STOLEN ?A medium siaed COW. whit-" vith reddish Knot* i n ~ the tides," one eH* nritchod and theothorVU^ mi-; no horns Whoever will r turn herfaJU to "Kalorarra." B undar* ?t., near 21st st.. will receive a reward of four dollars. au 15 3t* ?C REWARD-Lost, a Black and Tan TKR<3KIKK Slil'T; sh had on when she<?___^\ l' ft a silver p',?t d collar, with the seription. "Georre Ruskoll, No. fll .Main *tre?t. Richmond, v?." Any one re'urning her will receive five dollars reward, and noquestions aked. B. O. 8HEKKM., ail 15-3t* 3 Jfi D St. bet. 9th and 10 h FOR SALE AND BENT. li^OR SAI.E?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, P one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the oitv, sifiated on the north went oori er of 6th *i,aqd New York Avenue. Enquire ofJOH. K. HODGSON, Wove Manufactory, N'o. 4 OA 7th st., j between II and 1 >U. au 15-tf A SMALL FAR M OF TWENTY-FIVK aces, more nr l*s*, for ?ale Iting on the Hock <!reek Churok Road .about -IS mileif, om the Wt'b lnctoo market. The improvementsconstat of a new Iriimo dwelling house, harn.stablinK.carriaci- hou-e, ?nall tiAnarv ami oth?*rout hou?e?; i food pump-, here ha? t>'?n about jl.POn worth of lnnc and manure put on the place in the pa?t two ye*"-*. Tli? promises are well enclosed with fencing, with about panel* of new fence. There are ltt acres in a hier> -tate ofcultiva'ion, with a fine garden crop on it. Person* wishing to purohase and calling at the place will be nhowii ov*r it. Te'in* made knowu whjn calling on the tjlace, on the line between Princ Georna'a an<l Washington counties, near the farm of Capt Sander*. KMAM KI, LACEY, On Diggs' road, about 1!? tuile froin au 15 3t" Soldiers' Home. l/OR SAI.E OR RENT-A new KKAMK X HOUSK, containing six rooms and a summer kiothen,pn lfith *t , Itetween K and L sts. Enquire at no vail h itr^t, au 14 St* ^T(7rkYoR RKNT.?Situated on the Jfoutli n ?ide of I'a ave., between 9th and W?h, ayitaMe for anv hti*:n*a?. For further partciilar? enqniro al No. if).} Pa. av*., between 9th and 10th a. an 14 2w l^OR !*AL.E? A fins iwlistantial B R I t" K 1 HOUStK, on 11th ?t., between Land Mats., with largo ?t\t>le and Carnage Hou?e. Anyone ?a >rinc Hiinb a House will be told on very ac rotinno'int i nc terms, or exchange for smaller property For a private residence none can *urpa?? it* Inquire of (jEO. T. LAN'ULY, *n L t>t.. n. ar 14<h st _ au 14 If |j<iin K r > i'.?a itn Htory liKK'K IlWKI.Ii* I.N'i with l-asenient and attic, west side-frftb ?treet. No 435 north of the Patent Office Enquire nr*xt door ?<>u.h, or at No 3396'h street, an 11-w* POR R K X T?A lar?e three-?tor>-and-attic HRICK OWEl,LINO HOI SK, Situated at at No. 4**'? Eleventh at . a aliort distance from Pa. aveuue. Kooins iarge; house arranged with the modern conveniences; orick atab a and carr au>li'Mixe in the rear. Re..t moderate t?#a good teua tApply to j AS. C McGORK & CO. au 2-co!f L'OR R ENT?That beautiful COTTAGE R ES I DENt'K on Twol(tl? ati-oet, between G at.?l H. , (ea-t Ki lei con aininc T or 8 rooms, with water and ; fH", formerly occupied t>) H.H Voaa, E*q.. In point of location and convenience thia house ia unsurpassed. Inquire of R. \V BATKH, wood Miilcval dealer, corner of C and Fourteenth ats. au 9 tf IV1 RS. RATES, des rin< to return to her rative ' 1 h mo, wiahea ?o transfer her well established Boarding House, oontMning i2 roomi, and ujommodatinc tvt the present tine upwards ol 4-) l-oard?ti, into th? hands ot ?om? p* ion wishing to go into th? business, on th? ir.ost r'a? rat If Wins T is nouse. long and well known to the citi* Ta of Washington, is pleafan Ijr situated at the south WHle >rn*r of Ninth >t. ad Pa. avenue, in the moat thriving pa't of tho oitv, and is convenient to chnrch'a schools, th < puhlio bindings. Ac. For further particulars please call and inquire at No. 315 Pa. avtuo au 8-tf FjfORR KXT-Th? large STORK ROOM and CK1XAH on the corner of I and Seventh ?ts , Nkvv Yard. Thisroom isMiitahleforanv business. Can be rented with or without the dwelling. Possession siv.ui 1st of ?eptomber. Apply to JOS. MKPETll.4S2Ist.eaat. au 3 2w* FOR RF.NT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOI SK will be for rent in a few days. It la beautifully situated on Thirteenth street. between Georgia aveuiio and K ?t, Navy Yard : has a large tra-den lot attached, a pump of g .<kI waer n ar and oon'ain* 4 rooms, kitchen and w< od-'ied. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a c<*>d tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSK: works web in anything Inquire ol T. K. CI.ARK, Navy V.ard ;.or. of JOHN PATCH, bis H *t.. between 4th ami 5tU. jy 16 FOR RKNT?Two beautiful new BRICK HOL'S:-8. on Eighth st pet west, between M and N street* noUh .west aide. Apply to MARY C. HAISMP. N'o. 3SI Ninth street west, or Dr. KK \SBKY, No. 33d Pa. aveuue, between 9th and loth streets. jy l2-5w* GEORGETOWN ADYERTMTS rv^-b^i.l axd EVERFTT ASSOCIATION, |_U? GEORGE r OWN.?The tegular weekly m'etinK < f this Association will He he.d THIS I EVENING, at h o'clock at the Hail,south cast o >rner ol High and Gay streets Abie speakers from Wasliiugton are exp* t Uto lw? pr?He?t aixl I address the meeting., W II. TKNNE^. Sep. It 0 1AA REWARD w.ill|l>? paid by Mr?. White'i? IvM? hall, lor the acrnt and conviction el the incendiary or lacendiariea who set fire to the barn on her premisei,on bunaay inoraing last. jiu 16 St TFOR NEW YORK HE Packet schooner Arctic Captain Hicks, inn >w rra'y fur earn" f?r tiia above po?t, *,?>and will me t witn <liap toh. For fr<i*h At> apply to MoCOBB A l>ODGE. an 16 6t Water street. ? ? REWARD? Strayed from No. 99 hirst at., <?> # Georgetown. on Sunday week, a rrd ruan COW; very shortano thick; supposed nuf* to have calved; akn has arid* horn- an J nl^Jka ahoit tail; was taut seen going in the d rection of the chain b- i.U?. Tito Under will obtain the alove , reward by leaving her at my residence. No. 99 First t., Georgetown au 15-2t* IQQ FISH! FISH!! 1 ).' I?KI<?. No l.Lab ador HERRING, 100 Bar els S.O J. Eastern HERRING, Boston Insn do. Kxtri'RoT'Cut HERRING, so do. Half bbfir. Superior Ko? H ERRING, . 138 N?w M*reiiiiohi_AljEWIVES, |im no. l>?f N JCHWH, VO A'l of whiah have juct arrirrd from Bo?*on, a d f?r sile ia lot* to nuit purchaser*. and on DHahinc t<?rm?. HARTLEY * BROTHER, an IViw -.99 and 101 Water ?t.. Heorcetowa. HAVING DETtfRMlNKD TO CHANGE MY ba?ine?*, 1*H oummenoe from this date to 11 for c*?tv my entire a lock of DRY and K A N C Y GOOD*. Havln* purchased o tka moat ?a?orablatsrrai, andhaint desirous fo'oaioc out aa early aa aoaaible, all who tn*y ha in want of barjaiu* will do well togivamaaeall. _ W. R. HURDLE.4 1.M 1?i n ~r u;.v ..J n.. . ] #/ - w - *?<'! ?." f *?? III KM MU u ? T A RARE OKANOi. IS MOW OFFfcKKDto any one whe Mjr bto rfMiroaa of enteruit in a profitable bniiiH,at oa*?f ttitwt atftn4? in 8eoruptown. 1 odor my tmUr* ft took of DRY oodb ob rttionulf MWiU ord?c te Mki i On 7: BrMi*li,Capt?i# \\T if RitUrwiir rrtgf ^^.' a'gk.yb'^gaayiy'sg; G?orj|itowB tS? hM? W# m Umyk I GEORGETOWN. Cot re*pon<i*ntx of Til* Star. ?BOI*rT?Wlt. August 16. 1M. About four o'clock Uiu morning. Mr. H Crop- 1 \tv d;*ovrrrd smoke to be iwula^ through tim tmttrr* of one of Um front wiiiAow? of the coaf-ctionarj store on lind.-e street, occupied by Mr A tZI'. T" h? 1 ni? ! nf t ? nn?t narl ?.f ??? ?. ? - ?ut u^i k"? *' * *' V(fr aroused. ami the shutters being forced open from the tbe flame* buret /orlb and for a tloin It was thought tbat no eaertiona would avail . to save tbat and tbe adjoining profMrtr, but very fortunately tbe tUur > ?ere aubdt.ed without ext tiding any further Two hundred dollars trill l?riibah|y cover lUe loss It It not known bow tbe flr?- originated, amieii1 ribing It to accident and otbera to incetMilarisiu Judglnu frotn tbe < btrrrd apiwarance of tbe front part of the ahop. we tUiak It may have l>een imrnug slowly for a loug time before !t wjis di*ouver?d Hi m alarm 1* fi-it by our citizens la view of tbe acta of inceadiariam recently rnmilotted, and it la suggested tbat a reward of KtU be otl? r^o by tbe corporate authorities for tbe detection of tbe perpetrator*, ao aa to put an immediate atop to it. It will be seen bv the advertlaement below tbat Mra Whitehall offers a reward of ?H*> for tbe arrest and conviction of tbe inctudiary who fired her stable on Sunday morning last ?lnce tbe repair of the break near Harper's Ferry, the canal la in fine navigable order. Twenty live boats arrived yesterday, (np to * o'clock, p in ,) mostly load<-d with coal Many niore are exprrted in to-day, and the friends of the canal confidently hope navlgatloa will not be again interrupted during the remaining month* of tbe seaaon It will be ?ren by advertiaement In another column that the Bell and Kverrtt Association have a meeting thiaevening, at o'clock, and tbat able able speakers front Washington are esj>?cted to be praent A considerable quantity of new wheat la now bring brought to market here, and aril* readily at from SI 4(1 to f 1 45 for good white, and f 1 3o? SI 32 for red EXCURSIONS, F10 NIOS, Ac. First pic nic of tiik Washington RIFLES will take place at th- PARK. MONDA\ , August *7. For particular* ?ee futurea-*r?rtiaenient an ? a: O PIC-NIC . F B *KKRS' ASSOCIATION At UFFLKRS City <5*rdeua, on Tl'KSUA V, Slat im?t. 1 n< re will be served up at 6 o'clock a Urge loaf of bioad f 2H> poui;ds weight. For panuu ars ace futuie Aiviruseineni. au la-it* thk Fl.KTCHF.r chapkl sl'nuav j sciiooi, will have a i'lcNIC at Bl&denahurg,on FRIDA Y .jU?? .jJirJJWh; They have eha tered ear* which will leave th<^ depot at 7S * m. Persons ahonld be there at 7. Refreshments furnished at moderate pricea. and ever) i prfnrt niiiit) tn romiar tli? / tr>/?n ku>h Halivbt inl A full band is expected to foe in attendance. Round trip tickets onljr 23 cents; chiWren 15 oentr. _?n 15 Tfor the whitr Hor?K. HF.STKAMKR PHFAIX Will leave the foot of Sixth utrcAton SUNDAY, the 19th ilist., at 8 o'clock a. in and U wharf. .Navy V?rd, at 3}a a ni? th? WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Returning leave tbe White House at V* p. in. Kound trip 25 cent*. au 14 3t E. A. RVTHKR, Captain ??itizen8* grand pic nic for the~benefit OF THK ORPHANS or St. TlnctnO Female Orphan Aiylam, at arlington spring. The La>1* Managers of St. Vincent's Female Orphan A?>lnnt are gra ifie.1 in keinz jffyya^-z? alt am < \ flniKiiinia t k?t fha *?.- w f?'- HIV V I * ' II " Annual Pic Ni? lor tfte orfhut ir f??-ys^> * charge of th? Haters of Clarity of ?h<- at*>v* nttni -d asylum. willtake place at ? Kl.lNii'l'dN *?PR!Si? on MONDAY, August tfth, WitheiVs Celebrated Band lia< l>een engaged for the dancing saloon, and ample refresh me it*m ill t>e supplied under the direction of the Lady Managers. Conveyat c*s to the Spring will he in reartlb""* eve-* half hour f om the Capitol gate, Sev?. til it. an l Pa avenue, and eve-y ten nii"ut?s to George town, where a packet boat will have Lalihourly for Arlinstou. The geyerosit? of the citizen* of Wa*hin*?o?- ard Georgetown la?t year in contributing to feed and ciothe the orphans, while they themselves enjoywl a healthful and pleafant recreation, render an* further appeal to their l>Qiietolei.ceou thuoecaaioa superfluous. The exerciaea of the day will be interspersed vi'h an address and singing by the orphan children and Mich other innooent cxereises as will give amusenient and p'eacure to younc and old. Ttsfcots. ? cents for gectlemen; ?5centa for laii'a; 10 "cnt? for children. The l.ariy Manaecra hav? secured the aervioea of 41 r i I -_i1 *- - - - - - * kmiuwih| genupmrn iu acv m managers on in? kronii<! during the Ha* : John C. Br>-at. Gr?f. Krni?, Jno. p. Clarke, J.C.Fiixpatnck.Wm. J. Rom, Jaa Harv?> . i!, 8 Jon**, IaIw. Sunnn. J >h? F. W. H. Ward. Capt. Ooddard, Thv? J. Ki?her, Peter Hallant, Rioh.CUrke, H. B !">?*ea?y, John F. Kills, K H C. Gau'ier. F. Mohun. H Richey, Tho?. Duffy, Col Hicke*. l?. Callahan. Ja?. I.incoln, H. McLaughlin, J a* Fi'llerton, W. Harvey, A Jo*ce, Hj.MulAoiiiilinrap'. P. H" King. I?r J. Walsh, Win. T Dove, R. F.icborn, John F.King, R B. Owmk, A C Shaw. I.. O'Toole, W. W. Moore, J as Ki gli-h, 1" T' son, P Shea, Be nard Hayes. The following jrent cmen are a special arrive committer from the Voim* Catholic Friends' Society from Washington and Georgetowa. Thev will he de*ienat?1 t?y rosette* on the left hrea>t: F. MeNc'rhany, Plullip J McHenry, John Stake, Hush Donohoo, Dr. Kill well, George Savage, I,. Neiirnnver. Fram-i* H?rn?r. .1 J. Kane, Jam*** Lackey, Knheit .Vlahoaejr, I'.Jonlon. an 14 St pjU! FOR FORT WASHINGTON. 'I lie Choir of Seventh street Pre?byt?rian Church, with School, will (sive an KXCUR- w HON to the Fort ou FR 11JA V, Vocal J*instrumental mnsie. Th? nt??m?r PhkMx hxs b?en eneae.d and will leave th* fo-M of Sixth street at Hv? o'clock, touohin* at AiemnJria, returning early in the ev- n r.x. Ticket* for gentlenien SOc^nU; latiici 2% and children 15 cent*: to be had at Win. B&llantyne's. Seventh street, i. Y. Davis's, Pa. avenue, and O. BoaYell ?, D. D. Davidson's, or at the boat, au 19-lt AMUSEM KNTS. / * K A N D BALL. Vi AND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS COLUMBIA* SPRINGS. On TUESDAY. Ausu*t 2Ja*. The National Quadrille Association take (treat pleasure in informing their man friends thit trtnr second (iRANl* ASSEMBLY will jjB take plao? at COLUMBIA SPKI* GS on/IB TUESDAY EVENING, Au^uit 21st, onGfli whioh Oi-cMlon there wi!l hp a grauti display of h'iroworka Abo, a aelect string band will be in attendance Ti k-tF, Kifty cent*; admitting a gentleman a d ladit-a. Coaches will leave corner Pa avenue and SevBiit i ulrnct tt tlia fbl!nvi > lioii'M- I i ? 1 o'clock. Return nr will leave the Springs at 9,10, 11,' 2,1 and i o'clock. Good order may be relied on, aa Bpeoial police will ho in attendance. Prof Lonz? will act as ballad master on this special occasion. By order of tiie au 15 eodt COMMITTEE. FRER CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, New York avenue, **).>.< i < <ij .< ? ?? u -??11 - ? uue to the suhlio that A CONCERT ofiJH SELECT MUSIC will be c1 ven ever* MON Iff DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dnun?the 9Mun, at hit Pavilion, oommecoinc at 3 o'clock and eodtng at 10 p. m. Previous to the Concert, tne Saloon open to thoee desiring to whi!e away a few hours m the mamy dance. ICE CREAM WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prices. a r n:> *t: i fkiucb uwiuut wio u?iuo"b ivr rio mo pur* poses, are requested to five a day or two cotioe. je IS 3m 4(>4 8KVENTH_8TBIui? 4^ AT THE Ol.D STAND. The subscriber,grateftil for the liberal patronage heretofore extend**! to hun. has the^Ma pleasure to announce to feis formerHTH customers and the public generally lhstl?^P RHflBh? h? arain opened ?lore at hit o?l stand, at .WBorniT of Seventh and F streets, with a full an<l complete assortment of fine GROCKRIK8. TEAS, LIQUORS and CIGAR** He solioits aea 1 from all in want of go *ls in hia line, intending to spare so efforts to Rive entire sat isfeotioi) Fresh BUTTER and ESGS constantly on hand daily. _ . jy a ?o2w WM. H. BRRRKTOIT, For Superior ?o4a Water, With Dcliciouc . , . FSVIT ADD CSZAM 8T*cm, Go to n D l v>a A ?v. -f Northeast oor. MuachuutU sv. end FoarU it. _Jy* ?w . . 1? I E E, PUB. t ' TOTOMAC WATMM. I em still entered in the PLUMBING end GAS FITTING BUSINESSet mj >Mstead ta Ptalhermonio Hell. The eave<tfe?e of having e pireteiel supply of wetw ?*i reedily obeervrd et the fir* of 1 en ven*eti?if<d 1 should here here turned ost bet forth* bouttifo! supply npo r mj premises snd UMofm? neighbors All orders tot tfce latretf Mtion at Weter end See mWTBUnmA 1 if 9 C. SNYDER. rfUHTTa? l*> * ?????? THE LATEST NEWS Tf'LKtfBAPHIO. 1h? (N< V.? lUto UafwNM. Aiic IS A rneetdwsbl# iwwtwr of prfi urtvr] hrrr dwlig Um >i(M u4 Ikk acrning. Mark interest : mas treated this morning to learn what d apoaitios will be mtdf of Uif <-o?H? between Uir T4WUiiii v and Nsurt Ball lion* Thf ncilrarat iiaiau tbe contestant* tkl* morn'n^ w?? rfDfwrd but the ton* of tbe T*? pinny Hall drjfjptu bat ionf?bat m?4fralH Mtnw John Cochrane and Kly Smith a ad a few Tammany mm, bavf bc?a favorable te oacCiliatlon from tbe flrvt Much ei<Mie?nent waa caused tbla norntug b| an accident at tbe Globe Hotel At about to* o'clock a portion of tbe building, composing a apace of about thirty feet, la tbe rMr oart of tbe main paaiage of Ukr hotel. running afong 8*11 an treet, Mi with a loud craab carrying awajr M> much of that portion of the build lag to U_? ground Fortunately the Id mate* If the aereral n?oim bad left their apartments. and bo one wa? in jured A number of workmen were engaged In the atorea below, throwing two Into one, which occaaioned the accident !*oirie eighteen or twenty sleeping apartments in the hi?tel must ha*r twn escape of tbe .innate* It wonderful Tbi ararik men bad notice of tbe fail by tfce c rac king of tbe walls, and ttoey all es aped l.orrnto Burrow rs oocuptod one of the mil destroyed, and arriving rate laot night, bad not lo?|( left tbe a par taken t at tbe tine of tbe accident Tbe safety of nil other portion* of tbe hotel I* not In tbe slightest degree aff?c*ed bv the fell and tbe business of the hotel |s carried on Just tbe nine aa If tbe accident bad not occurred Ticket* were .aa;ied th'a morn lag to the dole gate# to tbe Cannatlan and to tbe reporters of tbe preM as usual Msbtikg or tub Cowtbwtio*. Before 1J o'clock Wtetmg Hall was well IM, and tbe Convention pr<j>nv<l a fine appearaaee, b< tb as to nlimbers and cbararter Both sf* of delegates froat New York ware pn ft Tbe galleries wert well filled but not crowded At tbe bour of hi o'clock fibt t agger. on tba part of tbe State^ Central CssialUw. called tbe wuTtnuo* u> oraer. an4 dooiinM Hon Deatel Pratt, of I )uoii(li|{t, for tnoportry cburuikn Carried am id loud tpplauoe Cornelius Armstrong, of Albur. and Hn. >a x I on Smith, of Putnam, condu< t?d the temporary to the platform Ob taking tbe cbair Jud^e i'ratt spoke as follows: (ientienvcu of the Convention: I feel draply sensible of the honor conferred oa me io being < all?d to preside during the prehnitaary deliberation* of the Convention, and for this manifestation of confidence, I return to my democratic associates sincere tbanks. " We are assembled as representatives of the regular democracy of the Mate of New York, (applause}. and as such representatives we have a very important duty to perform In this interesting crisis in the history of tbe country. - i ur,a\ an arc ^r?-jmr<d to rrflert ia their 4< lit>eratioii* una action, not the wiebe* ind ebullient* of mhu* partw* in Gf?r|ti and MiMiwlppi, not even tbewube* and aeuti inent* of Ute national Administration (ebeertj. but to reflert tbe wiikn and f-ntmieiiU of the democracy of the ft lata of Ntw York AiMkcr Arrival trmm La rape. St Juiii,Aog. 14 ?Tbe at< amer Parana, from tja way on the Ttb, arrived toere to dajr it wai reported that Uanbaldt'a force* bad 1 uided In < ftlabrla The report My* that 1.500 of Mi* voiunUer* bitd landed there, and that tiarlii. idi himself woi Id *<>oii advance on .Naples, whither it i* report# d be wa* summoned Advii e* from Turin *tale that five thousand ir.?*r? v 111 lit- f-r* Lad left for Si'- Jy, and tbat two Ne*|>olttan ret intent* bad mutinied, shouting " Vi va Uarabnldi." The British Ministry bad carried the paper duty rrs olutton through the House of Commone by thirtv-three majority . F.nglfsb funds continue depressed. Tbe Council onCommerce bad already held four sittings at F.r.s, devoted to au inq .lry Into the cott t ade M Kenler, tbe Ml uister of Commerce, presided and gTeat number* of Eagliita. French and Belgian manufacturers Were la attendaa e. Ik? Cklcag* Z*MTM Chicago. Aim. M.?i'ka Zouaves. wbo were announced to reach tbl* city tbi* evening, bar* not yet (teu o'clock) arrived Great pr?naralona have been made tor tbeir reception Ttee entire n l' liri' i;f th* rttlr (ko Tiirnut' inrl?ti?? W Ul? Awalm Douglas lavlnctbloB, and a larg# eonroum of < .tizeu*. are waiting it tbc depot to r? celvetlem Bon iresareb' I ?iw?al *r?ei corn r* and targe crowd* arc waltlag o? tbe pelnc< t?l ?tn*? u Utroitgb wblrb the procsasiaa Is Vo l?~ The Late Vteleat lum. New Ok lb a xb. Aug. 14 ?Tbe larg?at portion of tb' (ar th of Plaquemlne is submerged, mod t ie >ut! reti are nunifrom, many being 1? ft baaae1 Bi. Tb. bark Lizzie Boggs. from Bordeaux, arrived d -muted, and leaking badly Tbe a hooner Marjr, from New Orleana to Galveston, nas been found abandoned at Mobil? Tbe gal? was very severe Tbe lower part of tbe city waa overflowed, and aerlous losaes have barn sustained. The l>rtB|kt la kaatas lijuvriwoiTH. K T., Aug. 14?Tbe stale mvnt <>f the sufferliigsof tbe peop a of kaaasa. In xesterday'a Washington dispatch, is IMlcved to l>?* j.ff ?tl v eiagjjeraU-d Although tbe drought baa teen very s-vere In portions of tbe Territory, y*< it is b li^ved that all sections have f ilr pruaf*ctt for sufficient food for home consumption. SltrlM liirlli|?BCf. Norfolk, august 15 ?The schooner Areola, boi n I to New V urk. ta tibore ittr CUbc?Mim. Her ci k? > compoeed of grata li.nrioN Aut li?A large namh?r of \e s?ls are anchored in toe Kosda. which kin p it in in consequence of the atorm Keatncky CleciiaB. I-orinvili.E, A 11*: 14?\liety-aix counties In K? itucy iilve Coauibs <^.4.^1; McClarty, *.866, Boiling, lO.A-V; tinpkina, J60. Fourteen loeatws are y? t to be Learn from. Vessel Karat at Sea. Ne*v York. Aug 15 ?The bark ??leaner, fr*nt New Orletaa bound to Wan Bias, Meiir?. waa burnt at sea, July 4th. The crew had arrived at Rio Jameiro. Alexandria markets ALixt^Diu, Auir. 16?Floor?Family 96 50a f7 110; ? xtra 95 75j6 ?5; super 95 *5*5 fU \V be*t ?White, new. fa?r to vood. H 3?s9l 42; red VI tla SI 31 C'?rn?white 75 76<'.; vellow 7us73c; mi *? d TUaTilc. Rve ?6e6?c. Oata JHaSrte Cora Meal 75a?lc. per bitahol. Seeds?Timothy 92 5?e93 5(1; Clover 95 75a*>; Flaxseed ft 3Ual 45 Prov.sions?Butter, roll. 1*a*i0c : Bacon lljfalte.: Pork 7a? X> ; l^rd 13al4c Whisky 24a3ue. BiiTmoti, Aug. 16 ?Flamscloeedquiet; Howard st and Ohio #5 5o v\ u. %t c oa^O quiet; red fl 2ua9l 32; ?h>|l J0??1 00 Cor* cloned irm. v*iini> rito-v.* ns?n> ' active and buoyant; liar on sides lO^aliJfc. Wktaky cloaed Irmiti-.aa^c Ht? ftrk Maritu Nbw Yon, AnguM id - Tba filour market ta Smet. with an average business?State $2 JteS 40; bio *5 40a5 SO, Southern Si 50a3 ?6 Wkatt la drooping?nn salea of S^utheav repartod Corals t'eavy: mi*?*d 6&i63e. ProVtsioaa firm. Wklaky 1 matSlasil^c Nbw Yoke, august x ?Mock* ara stoadv: Chicago and Rock Island *3V; Cumberlaad Coal Co. 15^; Illinois Ontr. l shares , do. boad* 95,)*; .uicblfaa Sanlber* 4?j<; Nrw York Cartrai t*i\; Reading 4?V; Hudaoa R R. R. flSfc; Va ? s?U; ____ ARRIVALS AT THE BOTBL8. NATIONAL HOTEL B Youc aaj 1M? : W D S B Bo n t, L'.lJ MbsiZl mwmmh lU >. vL MyO*U?ri^ do.'jS H h.i to* M?| CA Bim. 4d; J Mara*. O; II Su'loa.

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