Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAI/NEW 8. IJ.7" Though Tie Sta.e Is printed on the Mnt rtnm r-r?? In Me south mf Baltlnote, Its edition <4 m> large u to require It to he put to ptw it an early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be ??nt In before 12 o'clock 1114 otbexwlae they may not appear until the next day. t? Wa**i^?to*iai??.?Tbone of our fetl?iw-clt1 zens leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should br&r In mind that we do not mail The Stum, except after payment la advance at the rate of 87 H cents pet Booth. None* ? Dtitrlct of Columbia Advertisements tr> be Inserted Id the Baltimoki Sou are received at and forwarded from Thx Stu Office. Taoposm Mosir***-^ to M* Galt* ?Hi ac roruancr v* i?b pvnuiDM notice. i large number I of citizens Mumbled Venterdayafteenoon III the Council chamber of the City Hall, for the purpose of taking Initiatory steps towards the erection of i soluble monnrnent to the late Gales. The meeting ?m railed to otd*t fey \Vm. T. Dove, Ksq t When on moMoi^ OWft R. C. Weightman WH called to the efcntr, and Chas ft. Jones, Esq , appointed Secretary. 1 be Chamtten having briefly stated the object of WW?*1tU{? On motion, a committee of seven was appointed by Ike Cbalr, cousinting of on* eiliken from eweh'waHl ?f the <*Hy. wbone doty It wan to prepare a ivpnrt ekprensive of the arose of the meetlog The committee consisted of the following jrcntlemen;?Wta. t?. Hodge, J. B. II. ?mttli, I'eter f ore?, Jobti Dowling, John II. Fitzpatrlck. Francis Mr Nethany, and John H Semniea. Ho v. ing retired and returned to the meeting, t?*> rhairMMNlt&e committee, Mr. Bails, reported quite ?? ?-? - T " .... u.wlaic 'luurrw, selling toria toe various anrt peculiar merit* of the deceaieil, a* also the Tain* <tble services he bad rendered the citr, all of which tended la no small degree to attach the Tltlzena of the Metropolis to him, aitd place them under great obligation*. Therefore, cherishing Uia roewmry of the deceased, a* they had an* ^ mired his talent* and virtue* while living, in the opinion of the committee it was bat proper and Jtikt tbat they, as citizens, should assemble and adopt mean* for the erection of a siiitabtr ttittnntuent. a* commemorative of hi* nitnif and incalculable service*. To the addresa wai appended the following resolution*: Rtsoirrt, That It i* proper that a marble monument. with snltxble inscription*, be erected in the cltv of Washington, commemorative of the iife and nwfctte services of the late Joseph Gales, a Tormer cnlef magistrate of this citv. and that the <-on trillions therefor shall be so regulated that all * iassca and conditions of people may have an op* porrunlty to evince tbeir rtsprct and gratitude. 'i'solvfii, That two cltlten* for each ward of the rity be designated by the chalnnan of this meeting to procure subscriptions for this ohi^t? ?n<t that tbe committers thus natned be requited TO report tbe reswlt of their labors with as little de$a? a* possible. *o that, wben a sufficient ame*iht ahafl have b?*n subscribed, a meeting Detailed to carry into efl .ct the object indicated Mr. Horatio N Ka?>iv thought It would be grat. ifying to the citifeena or Georgetown and Alenr* dria to unit* with tbe citizens of Washington in this testiwibnial of tfceir regard for Mr Galea, and slg?t?*?d an additional resolution, to as to Includ* ?b* citizens of those two cities. Mr. T C. Co noil y followed with the expression *>f similar views, wuen the committee accepted the suggestion, and tbe following resolution was add?-d. and unanimously adopted by the meeting: Kfsolved, That the citisens of Georgetown and Alexandria be requested to unite with the citizens of Washington in aid of the proposed otyect. It was then proprstd to carry into effectthe prop- j tuition In tbe report for tbe appointment of two ' citizens to receive contributions in each ward, and the following gentlemen were uuo'd for the pur* First Ward?Wm T. Dove, Thcs P. Morgan, i-econd Ward?John Savage, W'm. F. Bayly 1 bird Ward?H. Pi. Easby, Hudsou Taylor. Fourth Ward?H B. Sweeny, Win. B Webb. Fifth Ward?John C Fitzpatrlck, John Purdy. Sixth Ward?F. McXerhany, Robert Clarke. Seventh Ward?John H. Seromts. H. A. Clark. Mr Dove moved ?tat J 11. B. Smith, Esq , act ?s Treasurer to the Committee on Collections; vhtch waa unanimously carritd On tuition. the meeting granted power to the Committee on Collections to add to their numbers If the work should appear to require it. Power waa also given to the Chairman of the meeting (Gen WeTjthtman) to fill any vacancies In the committee and to call meeting*. On motion by Mr. Easby. the daily papers of the city and of Alexandria were requested to publish the above proceedings. The meeting then adjouraed. Room C. Wkishtmiii, Chairman Cms 8. Jo jibs. Secretary We are requested to invite a meeting of the gentlemen of the above committee at the Aldermen s Chamber on Monday evening next, st six o'clock. W ATimunv* ?It Is said that the watermelon trad? form*, during the late summer and early fait, an important branch of the internal trade of Baltimore. Tbere are now employed in the trade upwards cf one hundred small schooners, which average a trip a week. The vessels engagtd is bringing the ntelons from those place* at a greato d stance from the city are employed for about six weeka, aad it u estimated hy those who transport them that the weekly receipts a re about three hundred thousand watermelons and one hundred and seventy-live thousand cautaleup* At the beginning of the season the watermelons bring flftutn dollars per hundred, and the price gradually reduces until they will not sell for more than two d<>ll*r? per hundred, and averaging for the season s boat six dollars per hundred. Tift aggregate trade per week la, therefore, some eighteen thousand dollars. The rantaleups average about three dollars per hundred, aggregating tfve thonsind two hundred and flf'y dollars perwe-k. The trade of this citv in the tame fruits ii mu<*h larger and more profitable than is generally supposed. Six or eight cargoes of melons a day Is no extraordinary arrival, and thty are re dlly sold and go via railroad, wagon, and canal, to feast the palates of the upper country. The present season has been unfavorable to the production of melons !n consequence of the severe drought at the time of growing and ripening, and the result is that there are comparatively few of first quality brought to market The trade increases with each succeeding, year, as the fanners And the raising of melons the most profitable rrop; and. thougu the season is so short. It may yet become of still greater Importance than at present. Already it affords employment to abvNt one third of the oyster-vessels, which ar? debarred from that trade in the summer.?AUja*drim Gazettt. MaiketList?For the beneiitofaU concerned we give the market rates for the put week, it Is probable that the publication on the day preceding the most important sales day will te of greater advantage to both dealers and purchasers: Barf, fresh, V m W Kgg plants,eat h.. Za 10 Salt fit) Pork I"3ll Tomatoes, pk.... 15 Mutton lOrtfti 6recn('orn,doz.. 12 Lamb, qr....... l*\j|12 Cymllns, doz 12 Veal _ 8&15 Cucumbers, floz.. 12 Sausage. V lb... 12 Damsons,qt...... Kv* 1.' l*trd * II Kluou^ qt........ 23 H lotijpies... SDG675 Peaches, pk.... tlgl 54* Baron bam*.... lfglrt Applet,pk L?iz50 Sid?*..... 14 Pe*rs, pk Si\a75 Shonlder* ..'... 11 Rhubarb. bunch. ^?2 Jowla oglu Roll batter 25^7 Dried beef 15 Phil'a print .... 37 Chickens. ^P pr. 62?4I Cheeoe 14fcl7 Irish potatoes, pk 25 F>gs, V do*.... 14 J*wert potato** . 50 Celery, bunch..: 4d.? Corn, ear. IP M>1 44 ?5 Onions 37 Corn, shelled... *>?j90 Cabbage.Vhead. 2<jaw Bea.n. Vbosh.. fT.71 Beets, noneh 3 Rye, Y baah. ... SO?fl6 Carrots * Oats. :w>a'45 Roek, bnneh...'. 16 Meal "0&?u Perch, do 25 Phorts l^nre Roek ?igf1 ghipstiiffs 25 g,6*> Salt water Taylors f5 Butter boaan, qt. IK VHaknMloii?,?ehltk)7 Ducks. V p* **?75 Caaartoapes, aacb 2&IS - - . A Miscataiao Ur? I,tr2?a ?The following pistle, eaclsafi |s aa nnaddressed envelope, was picked up in the street tbe other day by a citizen and banded us for publication, wbicb we do r?r batnn ti lutrml ??i for tbo benefit of the part let ia mediately concerned and readers generally: Dear Ser, I take mr pea ia hand to drop you S few Una* to let you know ho we I am this will )Kve me wflle a ad hope il will nude you the same It bw bin so lou< sluae J srrn you It ippnks an age bat the lor* abs^aee caul not change ?y love for you and Fhoue Utat ca<it never change. f ?r 1 love yea better than Wart can telle 1 love von as 1 love my Ufa I never wllle rea?t tilled be come yopr ?'lft rite to um- soone and lot me know > ?? *"?? >m uiHin Hun,' 1 want to here from von UW W J ?" ^ ----- . ao had 1 cajjI re*t night or day round It the r'iiu that baa do end, ?o la my love for you my friend In the middle of the cm there ahall urow a green rea if rw 1 prove false to the oue that love* me, I will rlaae hv aaiog I reman year true love tille death dead 1 do. , Saili Am<. 1tr> ton VrrtM Mailso?o ?By an advert la* tnrut in another ddlM?*,' H wit! he *een'&** * daily Iirfeof IMP%uieD cenrfcee It now ramiing between thl* city and Upper*Mvlboto. and that tbe f?re fee* IM redclear down to 50 cent*, end for etewr" dtetiw ? weord'ngly. Who will ? ' > .... i?I. ? i* Bin |>u i? mil . | ? ...... . .. I Paidon* Itvms ?W* U?irn that to* Arriuous floin mt tk* of ib?- ?porto. M*fcul*e and Turner, before the A Horary General, wftlj a lew to th?r f+tdom, have I?q? mrt wMU a prompt Icfliwl. ? - >, t. n d ? ?> ttl | Cosraact A \r&abko. ?ThejCon trfcct for uradipg ud fourteenth atreat, fra*j Peanfylrmaia *?eau? tePatrMt, ?ui**rd?4 W O W. Ealla. V6 T? Tatter* Of ll*sptrr.?At a meeting of the clerks attached to the %mr*su of the Fourth Auditor ??f the Treasury Department to rxprrm their feelings of aorrow and regret at the announcement of the sodden demtae of thr'f late chief, A. J O'Bannon, T Hunter, E?q., Wal Called to the chair, and the following preamble and resolutions were by L Cruger, Esq , and adopted : Whereas the saa Intelligence h*s reached us of the sudden and unexpected death of the chief officer of this bureau, A. J O'Bannon. Esq ? H*iolve4, That In this lamented dispensation of Providence we have been deprived no! only of an able and efficient pr*a!d1ng offlrer, bnt of a highly patterned and rrapected friend, whoa? great urbanity and klndneaa of deportment bad atrongly attacned to him every member of our bvitiu. K tflvftl. Tbatwe derpty tympathite wltb bit afflicted widow Id her diatreaaing and heartrending bereavement; and we can onjy commend her to the conaolationa of that Almighty Paraclete wfy> la the eternal and unfailing comforter of the afflicted, with the aaaurance that " eallh hath no aorrowa which Heftve* eahnbk cure." Rtsolvrd, That * committee be appointed by the chairman Of thla meeting to communicate to the Widnw the above proceeding*, and to have Ihea publlthed la tbeaeveral newapapera of the city. On motloa of Mr. Cruder, Major 6. M. Head and Major I. L Loving were appointed 1 committee to carry the above re*o*utlona Into effect. t. Hi .ntkr, Chairman. AaguM 18, JhSO. ?imori.a* Dkath of a Chu d?Yesterdsy evening a little Child, named Rltxa McLain, aged about 5 year* and 5 months, win picked np lnlhe street by a woman who discovered hef lying on her face on the pavement,riol*n!ly retching She was Immediately tafttn to the residence of her parents, who liVe in a small house in the rear of tl'ifr Green's row, where she shortly afterwards dii 1. Dr. McCoy was summoned, and on examination discovered what he regarded as symptoms of poison having been adminstered to the child, and reported the fact to Justice McKenna, who dispatched an officer to the Chief of Police with an account of tbe matter. The Chief being absent from home, the Mayor WW notiled, and sent for the Coroner. That o#.cet was also out of town, and the Mayor ordered Justice McKenna to act as Coroner in the case. The investigation is going on us o?r paper goes to press. From information >frhlfb our reDorter derive/! from th? ftmiln !> i? enabled to state that the little girl ate dinner with ber father yesterday, at 1 o'clock, and waa then well; ttiat she afterwards went out to play, and they did not aee her again till the waa brought b^me in a romatose condition, at 5 p in. Some llttl* girls about the houae wild that a girl a little Hrger 'ban Elita met her on the atreel and Induced h-r to awallow a quantity of whlaky from a bottle, and that shortly afterwards she was taken sick aa a?>ove atated. _ CoW DsaLisg Somrwkat DAifoMot's ?For many years there have been persons engaged in the businesa of buying and selling cows, and frequently rases have occurred of persona Innocently purchasing talfr-h cows which were afterward idrnti^ed as tbe property of their neighbors Latterly the increase of dairies in the vicinity of tbe city has caused a considerable increase in the numl>e'r of cow dealers.and tbe purchaaeraof cowa are more frequently imposed on by bogus dealers. Tbe last case of the kind la that of Mr John Wagner, who waa arrested y?*trrdsy by offleer Yearman, for having in bis possession a tine milch cow, which had been stolen from Mr M Caton. Mr. Wagner appealed before Justice Donn, who ordered the retnrn of the cow. The prosecutor had no idea of charging Mr. Wagner with stealing the animal, after learning his reputation and standing as cltiaen, and he was discharged, and Mr. Wagner was all tbe more concerned for the recovery of the money,and tbe arrest of the person irom woon oc Dongnt the cow. He fuyt he knows him, and was told by the magistrate'to ar? if it him at sight, which be determined to do. Purchasers of cows should be sure of the title of the dealer. Fo* Charity's Saxb.?It will be seen by reference to another column that the grand annual pic-nie, for the benefit of the Orphans of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum takes place on Monday next, at Arlington Spring Surely no object can have a greater claim upon the good office* of the benevolent everywhere than that set forth by the lady managers of this institution. The wants of the fatherless and friendless sbeuld And active sympathy and prompt relief at the hands of those who are leu unfortunate; and it is tnuch to be hoped that the little girls of St. Vincent's will need no champion to plead tbelr cause on Monday next, but that everybody will mik? it a point to visit Arlington on that day. Aside from the pleasure that the public will experience in theconsclousneiaof having contributed toward ?o deserving an object, they will find at Arlington pure freeh air, pleasant groves, an excellent band of music, (Withers'), a large and excellent dancing saloon, and abundance of facilities for passing the day pleasantly. To Kkbf thk Puci?Bt/me Jmstict F*rgu? to*?William Bailey waa brought before tut magistrate on a complaint, made by hla landlad , of aaaault and battery. William and bla wife have rooir.a at the house where lives the lady making the complaint, and It waa alleged that William and hla wife do not pull together at all. That they both get elevated and tight, dreadful Bghta together, in which William's wife generally gets the worat of It. That on yeaterday while William waa attempting to caatigate hla wife the landlady Interposed to prevent him from carrying out hla Inhuman purpose, when he committed the alleged aaaault and battery upon her. The mag? intrate held William to bail in *.)0>, to keep the peace for twelve month* towarda his landlady, and every body else, not excepting hla " tother'' half Bill* Appeovkd ?The Mayor has signified hia approval of the following billsAuthorlatng the laying of a water main along 1) street north, from First to Second streets west, and along First street west to E street north; authorIziug curbstone* to be set and footway paved on south fronts of squires tfio and 814; authorizing ?t 1...4 ?.. " -* " 1 vuc Miyiiig VI a nnvrr mam lu v lirfei IIOriQ, froin ivcond to Third streets west; fur draining alley In square 581;* authorizing curbstones to be s^t and footway paved on the north fronts of squares 3tl and 3C3, for the repair of bridge across Rock Creek and K street north; for the relief of W. P Webb Also, a joint resolution remonstrating agilnst the proposed increase of tolls on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. That Quaktek Kagl* ?Mr. Editor: Will you be kind enough to permit me to inquire upon what principle of law the derision was made in the rase of a party paying out a quarter eagle for a dime, as reported in your issue of today. It appears to me If this decision was made npon a sound principle of law and without regard to the position of the parties In the case. that all business transaction!, great or small, would be extrenuly uncertain, unless there were persons present to witness the entire transaction Tte decision strikes me as being Important, and therefore I make the inquiry. Fiat l.ux. | August 16,1H0O. Fi rth** Hkakihg.?Yesterday afternoon, two young men, John Johnson and Chnrles Stewart, appeared lx-fore Justice Donn to answer to a cnarge of assault and battery on nnother named I'kilUips. It turned out to he an affair growing out or a financial difficulty between the conn plainant and the mother of one of the defendants. After a |>atlent investigation, the Justice decided to bold each of the young men to bail for peace in the sum of $3iK). Smithsonian Collections ?We learn that the Smithsonian Institution Is receiving from R. K^nnicut, the talented and efficient collector for the Institution In the Red River (of the north) region, numerous specimens of the natural history of that country, These, of course, will remain untouched nntil the return of the collector, when tbejr will be opened They will make an i r> r ft/4 ft I in (a ? I mwimvu ?v ?u? Wtitvuv 11 VI IUC IBstitutlon Tbk W*?ki!I?ion announce their first ple-nlc, at the Park, on Monday, the i'tix instant. K**p a look-out (or particulars in a future advertisement. Flou*.-?Tbe proeers of onr city are selliriL' flour at the following rate*Family, per bbl . fSaflJ$0; extra roper, do., ?6 Sta#sty, roper' Cxstbal GiABD-HoiiK Caki*?John Kelly, disorderly; dJatuiaaed. Walter Clark aad Ana I i lad man, druuk and dirordtrly; workbouae ?0 d,y" A WoaOTO TBI 1*AD1E!>.?la recommendine |o juu to w?e Hoitetio.'a celebrated Stomach Hitieri it ia but jaat U> state that m a alimnlani to the *> a tem, in importing strength aad vinor duriuc certain periodical U^e* which ar? ultUnm attended with Iliucn pun aiiu iruuuio, wo mu< w ui au y c^?iauvu more highly adapted to all atHiotiona coaaequent upon th a e*a?, and for a mother nurainr ft I ah- tie Hitter* cannot N- th?p<?e?tf With, eapecially where the mother'* aooria&iiMlit I* lBftdequate to the de uiamla of the ehild; ?ohmumU)i her atren?Ut iniat yield, and her* it is where a food tonic, auch ft" Hoatetrer'a StoniaaU Hittera, u needed to impart t -mporary atrrngtH and vigor to th?> whole ay stein Lvuea ?honi<t by all /peana try thia remedy, aad b fore ao duHif-.aak your phvaician who, if he ia acquainted with the virtue- of the Bittara, wiij reeummend tftrir uae in all eaeea. } < Sold b* drucciaU and dealer* generally every where. . | M13 ?HI HuLLowAY't PILLS. Dtramfwumt tf tkt Stommtk mm* iwwb. 1A1 tfce itomteh bj theatfocj of the??strio juiceaaeiiim late. (iiKfatod food into eleinentarjf Wood, we <> ??aaijMt to<> careful of nreatfrvuiK it in * healthy Mid yffWtift* ooiHlitfoii} l|o!f?-??y>e Ptlla are powjrfully eorMBttWM^ terceat, they strengthen t|>? ! ? I hf their ea?ativ? profertfra clean*e and purif) the 1 seated fwna in its procea<nr convemoa to b ood. 1* aU di^deta of the bow?U and n <wgjhrirjaWDTP q Jiiffii* ?t? traequnlled. Sot.t bjr^ all ftruffirtU at 23e., Sfc , and f 1 per box. a? o, dresses !*ssWi ?r I myopathic Remedies put tip expr?ssl* lor family I use, in box?s, at 25 m-I 5n eeuts eaoh. Also, in cases. containing ? vial*. from $4 to < each, with hook of full directions. For **! by u. unman. '<?? i ?. av?nn?, wmoi?nu* mi i retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald, .14.1 nnrUi F street; alio by F. B. Winter, corner ui .\I?^acl u .nu ave I nue and Sixth street. Al?", Pond'a Krtrad of fVittk Hnztl.for internal ami external inflammation* of all kind#. Sold a? above. me9 fy Mm. WiffeLoit, in experience* mraeandlemal* physician, bU a ?ta??A?*e Syrwp fn* Ck"4'm T?"htnt, which it really facilitate* rhap'oeeeanftoethinc by softettib* the turns, reducing ail mtiMnstation - , will allay ail mio, and is sure to rat mate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will five rest to yourselves, and relief aud health to your infants, i'erfeotiy safe in all oaaec. See advertisement m another column. _ ?o I!-ly Ltor's MieittriC Inssct Powder Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, TioJis, Ants, Garden Insects, 4 c. It contains no Pox torn Lyon's M abwittc Pills Art Certain Death to Rat* and Alio?. Sold everywhere, ap9-8m Mrts*'s MimacvLovs Vnum Dkstroykr, the oldest and best remedy known for j>*t?rnun*tden InMcts. JO*Principal Depot, 619 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. na 18-5m Wistab's Balsam op Wild Chkrry. The following letter from Rev. Hknut Wood. of Concord, N. H? Editor ofthe Congregational Journal, speaks volumes in 5?vt>r ot rt'ufar-* Itn'fam;? .. _ Concord, N. H., March 2. Srtti W. Fowl* ft Co.?Gtntlrmm: Two years md, a sudden and violent attack upon i iny Lungs confined njf to my bed for several week*, i and when I recovered. I was so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I was often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed by night. The sutf-ring was extreme, and judging from the inefficftc) of the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Heinf persuaded to try a bottle of Wii(Car's Balsam Of Wild Cherry without confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces me to make this publio ntitem?nt, and recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly. Henry Wood. None genoine unless signed i. Butts on the Wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for sale by /. D. Giinian, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite, G.Stott, JohnSchwarze, Nairn ft Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. an 14 lw,r DIED, . On Wh inst ,M o'cldck a.m ; ADA SOPHIA :, the )ouflgest of Jainea and ?wnh Hill, a^ed | i years. 6 months ana 6 dats. Thefnna al will take plaoe to-morrow afteroor n at 3 o'clock. The f> lends and a^qnaiotanoes of the family are respectfully invited to attend . On the 16th inst., ELIZA A. MULLIGAN, id the 92d year of her a*e The acquaintance# ara requested to atterd her funeral to-day ?t 5 o'clock, corner of High and West street*, Georgetown * On the 16th inst.. CHARLES B. CORNWALL, in the 25th year of his age His fun?ral wil> take plae^ from hi* renid'nrw, corner of Eleventh and F streets, Island, on Saturday, the 18th, at 2 o'clock, when hia friends and acquaintances aru inri led to attend. * WANTS. WA^TE1>-A steady WOMAN, as Nurse nnd Chambermaid, to ro in 'he conntry about 3 miles. Apply at this office at half-pa* nine o'clock , Monday morning- au 17-2t* I U7 ANTE1>? By a steady and industrious man, a ** SITUATION as collector. Best of recom mendations given. Address M. C., Star Office. ir i?-tf PERSONAL. ' m r/\rr t n an __ _ ^uiii/b.-Aii persons are nereoy warnea ana 1/1 cautioned from tropassing id any manner* either by crossiiit or other wise, on the farm he. longinc to the heirs ofthe late John Baker. Thf I law will he rigidly enforced against all siinh. au 17 3t JANE BAKER. j JVHE s>11 BSC K 1 BE K RETURNS HIS i . heart felt thinks to his (riemls and ne ghborg j for their assi^'aice in saving his property from destruction by fire on the n>rht of MO\DAY la~t ! Especially is he grat?ful to the Columbia Fw? Company, for their extraordinary and successful exertions to save his property. A so to the Metro* polijan Hook ami Ladder Company, mid to th* ' Polioe Officers, and Auxiliary Guard, who re. mained as long as their services were needed, and carefully guarded the articles removed f >rm ih? hou-efioiii injury. JOS. D. WABD? li* ?*n 8th ?t., between D and E,?th Word. } i Madame fei.ix, fortune teller[ from Pars, informs her former friends, and the public generally, that she has removed to 4M Tenth street, between E and F, where she will b? happy to seeaJI who will favor her with a call. an 13 3w* I ATTENTION!?! F RlTFUS POR fER. Invisto*. will call at the office of C. M. Ynlee, 47* Seventh street, he will ' hear something to his advantage. Art information concerning h>m is requested. If not living, his adir.imst'ator, or any or his heirs, will answer. aull-lw* C. M YU1/KK. Attorney at I aw. Madame morkick, thk great astkologut 4SD Doctkkss, juitjrom Jiuropt.?'l'?ia highly gifW and intelligent lady can be consulted ou the fast. Present at>d Future Events. Call at No. 'i05 Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. Is i? 3m" LOST AND FOUND. REWARD.?The per?on who took my <fiJ it ?>\l Coat on the 9th innt., ami left another : it* place, will give me back iuv ni?morsidii:n b<> k and papers, he may have th? Ct at and reoeivthe above rewanl, aticl no questions a?k?d CHAH. G. BALL, _au 17 iit* B *t.. between 13 h aim *l * fl> | RKWARP.-Stiaved away on Snnday,the lan inst., a light BRINDLK CO \V. ^f i<g with largo horn*, a crop and a hide in tl>6 right ear. and a nwallow fork in the Mt.JKaJbw Ti.- ? I ? .L. _ I j L_ t t lie nuuor win rw ivo me ?wv? rnwuni ut ihhtiuk h<*r at Mri tft. John's, on 4th st. ea?t. I. twet-u | and K, Navjr_Y?rd. _ _ _ au 17-.t* . IOST?On Wednesday, tho 15'h, at the P.e-i dent'* Ktruscau (jOLl) HR.\?:lvl,KT, marked "Garafilia'' December 25th, 18*4. Whoever will leave it at '223 0 ft. north, Iwt we-n 17th and 18th. will l?o nuital>l> rewa de<*. >%u 16-3t* | OST?On Tuesday, Antnxt 7th. a HITNDLF". of I_i F.veuing Star News-paper*, containing four copies of each day for the month of J un?, 1868 The finder will recive a lil>eral rewaid bjr leturnmc them to this oflico._ au 15 tf STR*VEO OR 8TOLK4N-A medium ?iz*d C<>W, whit* with reddish (toot* "BgM| the nidea, one ca uotched and thn other all ; no horns Whoever will r turn h?ritJ* to "Kaloratna." R undar* St., near 2l*t ut.. will receive a reward of four tMlar*. au 15 3t* $ * RKWA&D?l/ost, a Blaok and Tan TKRJf_KIER tf 1XT: sh^ had on when she?afr. . J leu it auver piairu collar, wun 111" cription, "George Ruskell, No. 91 Ma|n street, Kichmond, Vs." Any one returning her will receive five dollars reward, and noqnestions Kk<-d. B. O. SHEKKLI.. , an 15-3t" 336 D at. bet. 9th and iO h { T IMPORTANT NOTICE. O Persons who have small rooms or passage* to taper, we offer thousand pieces of de*ir able WALL PAPER at cost Now i? the time to gpt jrour work done from 25 to 3ft par cent, less than usual prices. Call and see foryonrselves at FRANK" IN A ROTHROCK'S Wall Paper and Shade Store, au 15-4taw2w corner Ninth and 1) sis. TVfOURNINO GOODS.?W? offer our entiii ifl Stonk of MOURNING GOODS, in thin and thick fabrics, all at jrreatlr reduced prices, to reduce stock. J. W. COIjLBY ft CO , an 14-6t ?V33 7th st. at>"ve Pa ave. FRESH BLUE LICK. BEDFORD, C<?NURKSS, and other MINERAL WATERS, constantly on hand, by 8. C FORD, Jr.. Druggist and <'U<*mist. an 14-?w corner Hth at. and Pa. ave.. POR SALE.?A BAY PONY, an ?*ce lent r saddle horse, and also works wll in i harness, aleo a eat of harneea nearly new, and a reooad-hand 'op buxiDr. App > at ihe'W \ Drutt Store undrr the Clarendon Hotel, corner of 6th and Penn. ave. au 14 1** Ir*()R SAL.K.?The light draught faat aailin 1 YACHT POINTER will be sold oheap^ on immediate application The above Boat ia ? Teet loa?, 12 fi?et lieam, with % tine cabin U feet in length; was fitted up for a nle&aure boat, hut would make an excellent market boat. Inquire of H () HOOP. S3? Pa. avenue. au j-tf 0*rz allbn ci-r r ait/ * f* \ *9 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PXNNA. AVIHO*, Mvnd loth Mid lit* itmU. je 19 rpo COKTKACTORS FOE WATE^ PTI'i^ Ornei o? m Wa?hi*?ws Aqvvrvcr,( Washington, August 7, inn. ( Scaled proposal* will b? received at this office until 12 o'oiook uu August 2lst, 1M0, for sup pi) is* the following materials: 130 to 175 30-inch Pipes, 12 feet long, Bell k Spiggot, Washington Aquedact pattern. 320 to 330 20 inch Pipes, 12 feet long, Bell 4 Spiggot, Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 30-i-oti Flange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilM) Washington Aqueduct pat era. 3 12-inch Flange Pipes. 12 feet long, (drilled)

'nf4?ilnol?F?anfePi*?, feel long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. Alee, a Tew special, patterns, sooh ae Branches, Beads, Ao. For furtiter particaiars, examination of drawings, *e.. applj at thu < ffice. The whole of the eastings will be required to be dmirermt ?>r the 1st October next. H. W. BP.NHAM, Captain of Enrireers, an *-tf Chief Eng'r Washington Aqueduct. W' ~ O O D! ^ 4 WOO ?,!! > I "M.UNC wo85,,a ? tl I F / / ???? ? QBORCfeTOWN. Ctrrupandenct of The Star. Sftunown AvgtmH 17. There wj? a large and *nthns1a?tic meeting of the Bell and Everett A*?ocUtion Last evening, at tb?- h?ll un the corner of Cay and High streets. Tberix tn wait crowded to utmost capacity, Hid tbr majority of th< ?* present were forced to atana throughout the evening. Gi>od feeMng and hnnaony marked the prwrtd nga, however, Wl ioh were of a moat Interesting < Imrarter 1 he president called the meeting to order, and the proitedioga of the laat meeting were read bv I the secretary The president tbta introduced Mr ! Le*l BurdilfV. of New York, who delivered a chaste. polished, and patriotic address All present concurred in pronouncing it to be a classical and InUhed production, and aa the orator eloquently denounced sectionalism and advocMed ihe Constitution of tb?* country, the Union of the States, and the enforcement of the laws, he was frequently and warmly applauded. Our notes of this able and Interesting speech are very full, but f*e hive not time to give even a *v?of4ii of It th's morning. We shall try to do so at an osrlv dav, however. At the conclusion of his remarks, the President (Mr. Magrudw) arose snd snld he had to congratulate his auditors on the brightening prospects before tbem. He had Jnst returned from B*th.1? MOrifan rnnn(i- V? n t-?" .Kl?? vi. ? , ?? uwu *?? v uwiiiiuiru ? giniana from all part* of the State, and they assured him that tbe Old Dominion It safe for Bell and Everett, not by a plurality only, but by a large majority. The venerable John Pendleton? the staunch friend of Henry Clay?waa there, and while sitting on the piazza one evening was approached by a young gentleman from Arkansas? a lVinorrat?wtio remarked that the preservation and prosperity of the country up to thla time waa owing to the Democratic party, who had tared it from ruin. The dignified old gentleman arose, and pointing to a magnificent elm which stood not far from the house. aald: " Tbat tree waa planted by the band of General Washington, f< r inanr loni veara It haa withstood dangers of all kinds, ana nat grown and fiouriahed In spite of the storms whlcn have assailed It. Does it owe Its preservation to the Democratic party? Just as much as doe* our great and glorious country, which, planted by the hand of the same Washington, and nourished by the b'jodof our Revolutionary fathers, hrs grown ?o Its present splendid pro|*>rtlons " After briefly alluding to the late elertiona in Kentucky, North Carolina and Missouri, Mr. Magruder closed. Mr Tenney moved tbat a resolution of thafeks to Mr. Levi Bcardsley be adopted, for his eloquent and patriotic address; carried unanimously And there being no other business, the Association adjourned ua'.il 8 o'clock on Thursday evening next. | The propeller J as Jerome seems to have been followed by a dark fatality tnis trip. Her col! lision with a schooner in Chesapeake bar has been already noticed. She wsi tied" up at the wharf of Messrs Hyde and Davidaon yesterday. and Capt. Jeruine (who has his family on board) left for a sbort tiine on business During bit absence . (about noon) his wife missed one of their children. & beautiful and interesting little girl about I two years of ?ge. Search was made In every di! Ik.- 1 ! ?! L J * I icv*ivu ivi *uc time uur. ana urr uouv was IOIQU at lengtb in the bottom of the river, between tbe | propeller and tbe wharf. A jury of inquest was summoned, and returned a verdict of accidental drowning. The little girl was a general favorite with all in her weekly visits to our city; and her curly bead and laughing face will be long remembered by those who hive seen her tottering about the boat. The bereaved family has tbe s\ mpa by of our entire community In this heavy affliction. It n nnaiffl lk.l t J -11 I- ?. i - nmiawvm vw^my uviiais in Uchu ip missing from tbe store of Mr. Alxe, and it is not improbable that an incendiary got through the back window (which was open) ami, after robbing the drawer, set tiro to the store. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS TO LET?The larre jiad convenient storeroom under the new Masonic Hall in Geornet'iwn. Fu??estion will be given on the lftth of Octol#?r next. Also, the back room under the hail suitable for an of a law\er or physician Apply to M. AD 1?KR or >.r. JE.NK1N 1HOMAS, n?a lr opposite the Hall. au!7-to2w DEMRABLE PROPERTY FOR fALK IN GEOKuETO VVN.?1lievery desirable Building Lot on the Houth fide of First street, opposite Cox's Row and adjoining t >e residence of William Blenwter. ? sq.. 3>? feet front and MOfeetdeep. Also, part of Lot No. <:U. at the northeast corner of Fifth a>.d Frederick streets, fronting 75 f<*et on Fifth trect and al>ont I3ff-?t deep, anl psrt of Lot No. 2?J, on Sixth *?reet, feet front and IS) f?et de??p. Apply to M. ADLEK.Unorgetown. au 17-eo^w QlAlk REWARD wilSbc paid by Mr?. White1 \/? I hull, lor the arrest and conviction of the Incendiary or incetjdiariee who set fire to the barn oil her premises, on Sunday morning last. auJ6_3t TFDR NEW YORK HE Packet >okoon<*r Arctic Captain Hicks, ii n ?w realy for eargro f?r the ?Hnr? p?r%. >,,?> and wifl ntt<t with <ltar> tofc. For fr*nh'^ffr apply to MoCOBii ft DO DUE', an 16 6H Water street. 1QQ FISH! FISH!! I?5y BBLS. No I. Lab ador HERRING. WO liar-els No I. Eastern HERKING, Boston InRDeotioil. so do. Extra No. I. Cut HERRING, *) dp. Half hbla. Superior Rc-? HERRING, 13fl bbls. New MeremicM ALU WIVES, Km do. New St JOHNS. Do A'l of which have Just arrived from Boston, a <1 for sale in lots to tint pnrrha*er?. and on pleasing frms. HAWTf.EY A BROTHER, an 11-1 w 99 au<l KM \\ ater ?t.. ocuritetown. HAVING DETER MINED TO CHANGK MY buwiioea, I'll cowmei o# from this date to a* II j for raeti my entire stock or DRY pnd KaNCY GOOD^. Waving purchased o > tha mo*t favorably terms. a p. J Ming desiroaa of c'oskii uut as ?*i!y , as poMibl", all who may be m wart of larseina will do wtHI to give me a o*!l. W. R. HURDLE, ! IT 24 lm C!nrn??r of High and !,?' ?t? AR ARK CHANCE IS NOW OFFKRbDTO anyone who may be desirnni of entering in a profitab:?-bu*in??s, at one of the bout stuxU ia Gnorretown. I offer my entire ftook ol DRY MOODS ob reasonab'e terms. in order to make a chau*e in injr business. W. R HURDLE j jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gay at a. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N Andaltsr July 3d, 1*60, th *t ainer L. J. firrunic, Captain \V. H. hitter, will .il leave Georgetown EVERY TCES DAY, THURSDAY.and SATUK DAY. at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day,at6 o'clock a in. On tVo Satnrdar trip from Oeorgetown the l?>at will ruu through to Shop' herdstown. je21 3m "for sale and rknt. A RARE CHANCE 18 NOW OFFERED T<> any one desirous of entering in a profitable ba.?in"s*, ?' one of the best ?tan'U in \Va.-hir>ton Kntire slock of Orocorie* on reasonable t- rin*. The Store i* tor mile or rent. Apply to No 3.13 18th nt? oorner nf K at. It* FOR SAl.E?Very cheap, on reasonable terms, one ofthe most desirable BUILDING LOTiJ in the citv, sitnated on the nortn west of 6th MU.aod New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. H. HODGSON, Htova Manufactory, No. 4031ihet., between H and I ?t?. au 15-tf A SMALL PARM OF TWENTY-FIVE aeres, more ??r leaa, for ?ale. lyin* on the Hock ! <trcek Church Road,about4K mil** fiom the Wa h1'icton market. Tha improvement* cobm*! of a now frame dwelling hou*?. barn.Bt*lj!ing,carnate too n-e, small granary and othor out house*; 2 good pump;. There has been about $1.(00 worth ofiinte aud manure put i>n the pUoe in the past two years. The premises are well enclosed with fencing, with aU?ut 2Wi panels of new f<*ncH. There are 18 acres in a hi;h stateofaaltiva'ion, with a fine rard??ti crop oa it. Person* wutoing to purchase and oallia? at the place wil be shown over it. Terms made known wh-u calliiig on the place, on the line between i Prinoe George's and Washington counties, near the farm of Capt Sanders. EMANUEL LACEY, On Digga' road, about IK mile from au 15 St" Soldiers' Home. i 1/PR SALE?A lot of LAND containing 5aere? I in Pri. re George'rtcou t\ Adjoining theDuWiet line, & miles north of Washington city and 2 mile* from the Soldiers' Home, in a healthy neigh!??rh >od. improved with a cowlortabeawering an.I an orchard of select fruit. Situatina deeirabi* a* a building site, convenient to churches, ?olu*ii*. Ac. Teriaa liberal. For particulars inquire on ttoc f ren.isea to the subscriber, au-J5-e 'lm' Mra. K. DAVIS STORK FOR RENT.?Situated on the South side of Pa av.i;, between Mil and I0>h, auitaMe for any business. For further fait culars enquire at No. :tOrf Pa. ave., between 9th and 10th * s. I 14 fr* ' ' 1?OR SAUK?A tue aubstauttai BRICK HOUSE, on llth st., between I, and Mats., with large Stable and CarriaiQ Hnu<e. Anyone wanting sneh a House wiu be sold on very ac commodatiaf terms/ore* change for smaller property For a private residence none can hurras* it* Inquire of GEO. T. LANGL.Y, en L at., near 14th t. au 14-tf fi'OR KKNT.?A two Story BRICK UWEI.L1NG with bailment ami altte, west side t f 8th ' street, No 43ft north of tl?e Patent Office Enquire next door lou li, or at No.^3sfi h street, i au 11-w* FOR KENT?The targe STORE ROOM and CELLAR on the corner of land fceveuth ?U , Navj Yard. This foora issuable for ani business. Canta rented with or without the dwelling Foaaeasionriv** 1st of Bepttnlwr. Apply to" JOS. MEPETri,4??I?t.wJl. r aus-tw' beautifully situated on Thi' tcanth street, between Georgia arvtiue and K it, Navy Yard; has a large S&SJSESfc tSSSZfSUSS. VSi he rented low, wuhor wittw?l tha lot, U? a'good , *>!? #Tat., between 4th and Sth. Jy it and N street* ao'th, wteat s?d*. Apply tu\LvH\ ? "? B | THE LATEST NEWS m r n n ti k n (i i n i EiLu^itftArn iv. Tk* D*u|lii Rfv Yark State ( natUi Siitcrtt, Aug W ?The .Democratic Slate Convention met at 9 o'clock, but U)t Co?imitt?-es ct bring prepared to report, took a receaatill II. The committee ou an Klatonl ticket waa In see^oa till a lite hour last night Considerable d?-b??? took plare on the proposition made bv the Bell-Everett committee their demands being aomewkat in < ?< *ss of what the Democratic Committee considered an eqinl repreaentattoo. Th1? mornhtg negotiations were received wltb A better prospect of arriving at an amicable adjustment. and the Bell and Lvrrett Com'.uiUee expressed themselves satisfied with oue elector from N( h judicial district on the Douglas electoral ticket Some difficulty was alaoexperieacd ia ?'tltng the New York City representation, but eventually one .Vonrt Hall mau was agreed to 'vith the privilege of Moiart naming one rid line Whig ard one lammanyiie, ibus gtvujf ibent a role* In three out of tne six city Fleeter* Tbe convention reisiiembled at 11 o'clock Tbe commlttce on electoral ticket was still absent Loud calla were made for Lyman R ?mitb. Col. Harrlntften, Geo.Copwav.and other speakers M'Ktra Smith and Copw'ay m?dc brief addresses. the 1MW cltiinlne t!iat th< doctrirr i.f l>opii!ar sovereignty originated on tbl* rontinent with ti e six nations of I udian*, who, while one a* a nation, admitted tbe svr?d right of cach to regulate its domestic affairs Dr Bradford, of New York, wm also called ? it, and rrtpnadfd. expressing tbe gratitude f tbe natlonel democracy of the city of Mew York for tbe liberal treatment received at tbe hands of the convention, the eflcct of which would be *??i in the large majority which would b- rolled up by tbe united democrats of the city lie pledged Mozart Hall wholly for the ticket of the regular democracy, both State and national. J Dojrgett Hunt uext *ddr?ss-d the con vent ion. but thedrlegaU* were full of fun, and considerably interrupted bis sptech vt ith their joki Mr. Hunt declared, as hi* belief, that everv a * a. ? ... gooo democrat wouia unruri Lit tunner to (be breeze. A loud voice here proproaed three cheers for the brefze. which were gives with a hearty will Tlir Convention tLen fi-.ding thMthe< oatmUtee wu still absent, took a recess till 2 p. m. fye*ccsb, Aug. 16.?The Douglae committee on an electoral ticket are still at a lock with tLe Bell committee. The latter bow demand a greater re present* tics on the ticket than the former seamed inclined to concede. At present. Chancellor Walworth, and Mr. Red!' !>! are on the ticket as electors at lar^e Tb<* Bell com mi ttee desire to put Wastv.ngtna Hunt's name in the place of Mr KedlWld. and also demand fourteen of th* iState electors. There is no probability of an adjournment till late to-night. Later ?TbeUnion is complete on the elector. 1 ticket Tee following are the Beil and Everet' electors: VN m Kent, James Kidd. James M. Pol* ver, Lorenzo Burrows, Charles H Carroll. D. KSt. John. Henry II Ross, Miles H French, Jar. On P OvHpn anH Hnntiarrinit This ticket embrace* some of the l>r?t nam<-s of tue S*tite. Moa William Kent is tbe ton of tUr Chancellor Kent. Lorenzo Uurrows Is the latr ?t*te Comptroller, and served for two terms in Congress. M?*Mrs Cmrroll and Sf. John are both ex-member* of Congress. Jan Or Pewlfr Opim is our own fellow-cltiien. and an Old-Line W b 14: Mr Kidd. of Albany, Is of theaamearhool. t*??n e of these gentl??nfH supported Col Fremont In 1356. but are all now gc?d and trn? Bell and Everett Union mM. Latest Foreign N??i. St. Johs'*. Aug. 15 ?The EogUtb filet of tbe 7th intt., bv the Parana, contain the following additional news: Tbe Mark Lane Express cava the wewther of the past week, though below the usual temperature, with aomt' -fain. haa further Improved th?- condition of the cropa. and baa been more calculated to produce a good harvest than a hot a in m The London Timet'city article, dated Mondav evening, the 5th !n?t , savt: The Euglitb fund* continue to show depression on account of the unfavorable state of the weather, and th? ttate of the Parit B< urs* The com market was heavv at an occasional reduction of laa^t per quarter for wheat. About X4.UUU In bar gold was taken from the bank to-day for eiport Thetf sma'l w.thdrawalt are cbietiy for trantmitaion to Spain. A new five per cent Sardinian loan for aiz million! hat been formally announced for home subscription. The price Is expected to be eighty per cent The stock market to-day was dull and heavy, and tbe funds experienced a fresh decline of p*r cent. Tbe possibility of a drain of gold from tli? bank attracts discussion. The failure was announced Monday of E. M Abbott, of Bow Brewery, who was obliged to I sus[ end payment, with liabilities to the amount I of XlUDjUiu, which hla estate was not expected to pay in iuu. The bills of John Craft, provision merchant, and of I'hilpot Lant 4 JobnCratU jr ,of Knieck's Bridge, have been returned. Their liabilities are believed to be moderate. The sloop* of Osprey and Drnmmcnd have ar rived from China with l.()63,lUi pounds of tea The Queen was on her way to the Highlands of Scotland Quarrels have taken place between the officers of the Danish service and the citizens of Readsborg Virginia Politics Charlott'kvillk, Aug. IS ?The Breckinrid;:?> St-ite Convention met to day. and was attended by fully five hundred delegates, fruin ?lmo?t every county in the Mate U'w M Amt>l*-r was chosen permanent President Aiealbuslasttc spirit was manifested throughout the preliminary proceeding* Af?er much discussion, a committee wai appointed to c.?*rn??pond with the Ptaunfon Convention with a vi-M" of settling tbHr d flerences. The id**a advanced was that s refusal on the part of the latter would damage Donylas In Virginia. Stacntow, (Va .) Aug. 16 ?The Dni^lw Convention which met here to-day to nominate elector# waa largely attended bv delegate* from about eighty counti<s A committee on organization wm appointed, and the Convention then took a reteu till four o'clock this efternoou. Nothing transpired to indicate a fuson llenry L. Hopkins w?s chosen President A private dispatch from Staunton to night says that the Douglas Convention aele<:U-d a full ti< ket tbia after noou. Indiana Ualaa State Innatin lsi>uNAPOLia. August 15 ?The Constitution.Union State Conveution met to-day, and appointed tbe Hon. J E Blvtbe, of New Albauy, and the Hou \V. K Kdwards, of Terre Haute, Electors at l?arge, and a full delegation of District Electors Ex-Governor More Lead, of Kentucky, was introduced to the Convention, and uiade an hour and a half speech, which waa enthusiastically applauded. Resolutions endorsing the Baltimore platform and nominations, and opposing fusion or alliance with any other political organization, were unanimously adopted. Evassvillb, lnd , August L5.?One hundred guns were fired h-re to-day on the auuouiicunent rvf tKa fAtmaHnn r\t Itail ?l?il U" alu/.tMkl V? *MW 1VI WIBMl'U V* ?* 4JC11 UUU TU* kUI ?i ticket by the Constitutional Union Conveutlou at Indianapolis. Tlie enthusiasm U Intense. Deng las 1b PeaBsyl vaaia Hasbisbi bu, Aug. IS.?The Douglas State Executive Committee, appointed under a resolution passed by the mass meeting at Harrlsburg, met this afternoon at Buchlecs Hotel, with closed doors. Tbe committee embraces members from every district, sad there was a full attendance. Tbe session being stcrrt. tbe details of tbe proceedings have not been promulgated; but tt la known that tbe determination was unanimous to nominate a clear Douglas electoral ticket, the electors on the Knadtas tlrket wbo are pledged to vote for Douglas sad Johnson being retained, and tbe other districts to be fltled with Douglas men. Tbe committee will hold another meeting this evening. to complete their labors A mass meeting will also be held, which tt to be addressed by tbe Hon. Heary 8. Foote, of Mississippi. ___ __ The Zsaaves at Mease. Chicago, August IS ?A salute of ane haadred guns was 11 red at half-past tea last algbt, an tbe arrival of tbe train with the Zouaves They wen* met at the depot by Ueaeral Swift aad staff, and lur cuillt Ullliw J WI wc citi, uir pvuvc annn meat, Turner aocietlea, ire department, aitd ihr Widr Awake* with their torch**: a prnceaalofi wa? formed, and marched through (he principal streets to the wis wan, where they w*re welcomed in a brief bat eloquent speech by the Hon John Weotworth, Mayer. The Zooamthen man bed to the Brigga House, where aupjier had been prepared Speeches laudatory of the Zouaves were made by several gentlemen. The frtUvea were kept ap tin a late hoar. Several bnlldluga along the II n<* of march of the procw loa were brilliantly Illuminated. ??Arrival ?C Ut tallteato fe-xpreaa. St. Joiv?, Aug. 16 ? The Pony LipreM baa an lvea wud vwhwiii* utiim or um ? n?ng Kong dates la tte 1Mb of Jim ted rnehed San Francisco. Tbeerepnntjansof tbe tllies ted been delayed by ensaultii's to tfee transport*. OneF.ujjliih and one Freacb tea tnwMd ted br^o wrecked. On* French transport wan laid np for repairs, aad another ted naught ten and uffU sea Wed Tte Imperial troops invested Nankin, tbe headquarters of tbe rebels, sad exported ssos In reduce thsan tuaubaaisnisn, but tbe lintels assumed tte nflMty??nd ranted tte imperialists, and were benni*taf tte reaaatader at t tie fores Tte panic at Manrhal was on Intense ttet tbe people were relieved by tte KefU* and French ministersteMnaaneiitenn v. ' .?{ vAtt Tte nd*o?fr*B Oalifenda mm aelntewtind Senators U?M? ted ante*tea* ^ 1 A Fall Ttrtrt la ri?>ylfirt? RiiiiPirts, 1? ?Tbe DooirU# ?*ta?e Birr jtirr Onnuiiltw. tpMalad bj tbe rhtltan of Mm- Late SMrooiifiitoi, carl bw v*?tetdaf. Only <5 odiwr wrr* pcreent Or* Rminif tr\ waa in tbe chair, tad W H I>* "i niu i?. ana > Harper. oi a nnv. Kiraa srcretarl.s Tb? committee. after aoaie dell burn lion, adopted a aerteaaf rrBeludons, deaoaacln* tbe action of the ?'.*%* Fierutl*t CMMBHUr In r "nimeitdini; a fusion ef the Dwglnu1! Bi*olInridvie v,m?s *nd dncUnnv for ? stralgbt-owt Douglas ?-ir< lorai ticket Tbe coinBiittr* tkea pr.? '.-ded to form tbe?r electoral ticket Ki 'iovfnot Footo, cf Tenn.<a r addrawed Dooglas inttting b?tr 1m* night. Refer; ng to tbe propc*" d fut on cf tbe D< u*l/? and Br?ck1l Jid^e men IB Peansylaaaia, he rejoiced at tbe defeat cf that m broi< by the anion of tbe committer Later Pre* Neilc*. N?W OlLClll -tut 10?Tbe OowiMmt ate inner 'Pocabaatas. ftoa Vera Cm on tbe Mb, brings ! m porta at daapatcbea foe Masbmnto* Mtrillion waa r-treat lag, followed by tbe Liberals Tbe Mtraaian fmMMl refuaea to accede to tbe demands of tbe Spanish Mlatter, regard ing Spanish claims Tbe Aoanlah Cos?a>od<>re at Vera Cru* has damaadad tbe bark " Maria Conception," bat tbe Jnaretgaaarnsaaet refused. Falling af a Brtdf* at aarillr. Fa Daktille, Pa , A?g IS ?Tbe bridge at tkb place, over the eaaal (Ml tbta erealag, cmrrrteg with it a crowd of petple who had assembled to sntnesathe performance af a man aaaned Cart. <?a a wire stretched ecroa* tbe canal. A boat two hundred persons we*e an tbe brtdae when It M'. *e*Orml wereaererelr horl Yw?T rblkdrM ??' takrti out of the canal iIomM HMim. b?t **? aubacqueatlr reaaacltatod A child i* miaalag Fatal imalt by Bargtara Pn'i.ADVLPBiA, A o?. 1? ?Albert G Rtrraa*. the wat tman at tb? Glrard Rank. di-d tbla morning from the effect* of a blow received cm Saturday night laat, when he waa aaaaaltod by three laer. who aearched him, auppoatag. aa ta tVwht, to Aad the heya of th? bauk upaa hia Regatta ( the X?w V?rk Yacht Clab. Nkw Krnrflit, Am 6?The Regatta af the Near York Yacht Clab took place bere to-dajr There were twelve en trie* made The dlataac* ailed waa fart? mile* The <ewL* atarted at II 3tta. m , and returned about 5 3U p na. Tba champion prist waa waa by the aioop Julla. Utctt froaa Now Orleua. Nik OiLtun. Aug 1? ?The Bel) aod Everett m?ting hers laat night waa largo anAeatbuain^ic. a i-c ?? m - v> i uun^ , iiuhi r nnrOIK, bound to 5htp intend, was struck be s g*le. and is a total wreck 8even of 'be crew perl*bed Ifertk i mlln* fclectle* Wilki><it?'7c, N. C , Aug. 15 ?Full Hnnii of the recent election in tbi* }*tat? give Governor i: m-jorltv of 8.5-0 The nttclil report ni*r lightly vary the uvurea In lSjp Ellis n rWcUd uuvernor by I6.'2.iT majority D*i|iai narylial Uarratlaa. Baltimore, Aug 16 ?Tb? Douglas Sfc?te Convention met to-day in the Maryland I natltut- The attendance waa act large, but ???rv la the state wai reprea*oted. A full electoral ticket was appointed, and tbeConvention adjourned tuudu. Fir* laladiaaaMl i ItpnnroLU. August 16 ?The planing ill "t K*j?i;h>w. Bint A Co., was drstri y-d by ire list i.'ht l.oaa li *?ai to fl^Mi Int ired H.UOP Supposed to bare b?e* the work of aa iaceadian . Milt Varai Phif-apei rma. Aug Id?The \m (> range Mill*, near Hnatleton, Pa. were burnt tbta morn tag Loe* a.?' ?>"0. insured. Tbs flrr was Ik* work of an incendiary. MtreairaU ?f Mr. Daaglas. ke BAwnoa.Matne.Ang 15 -Mr Douglasarrived here t' -day,and bad a warm reception. He made a apecch Sallta| at the Great Easter* Nrw Volt. Aug i* ?Tbe steamer Great Eastern Bailed hence to-day for F.ejiand via Haiifaa New Y*rk Market*. Maw You. Anguat 17 ? K-?-?r rloaed bearv? State f6 I.'.ii 'Jt', Ohio to 46. Bouihera M Mm .sdt Wheat is heavy; Southern whit* SI M Corn i* lower, mixed 6lkad*c. Perk is Arm l^ard it heavy W hiakv ia dull at *1 ail c. Nkw Vori, August 17 ? Storks are ^ *vyl t;ni< ago ana kock in*n?i Illinois twii sti*ra? f-5; do. bonds US#; Michiraa Socttorn -6V. 4?^, HudMu R. R E. ft?; Va. ?' 91',, Mo A RR ll'ALS A T THE HOTBLS. ATlONAt. HOTEL ?i tfoott. Md; 8 A Cron wall. DC; n W.I i*ot, do; J S Ma-ill.Md; H Par **; K t*unMr, do; VV E Bogca. I!'; F M|rtine>?'. A la: A K?r?ti?tt, NV;C fi'OVi*, O; D > r*p?"r itn 1 i.vty, (is; J .Mo?? n, A CwWwnod at d fMuilj, leia?; K Friti,*C; L H 8J?<>c*. Tana. It Ko.-nero, Mex:G W Ki.o* Pa; J F Or*7 mm Ma: \li?? ? Oraj. do; NmEH llotubor, do; P H Pendleton aw? ?lauKl<t<-r, V?; Mm Graratr. C, J rtlford, tiC, J P Bu)oo. do; P t Duncta. J>C; J P Uaafgra, Mr* Dt'u^re. Mm M l*ei.egr?>, Miw K Mia* 8 Denete of l a; J A Dicki-a, Aia, A Pat ton, do; J MKontt a?"d l?dy. La; R H Ward and >v1%, Ga; Mn H'li.h. NV; \ J Jaokaor and lad'. Mia Jack??n, Miaa Caok, B G Nelaon. <>f Md, J R LKiwtll. Va;C M Harwell and iaJ?. Mr* Cfcarct . Mi^t.Ciurok.uiTtun; Mij B Ti'i&ferro. K?, F O Trea. well. MV; J H *>?Bon, NJ; W Lttt a, \fo; A t.akfsevaki. NV:KW Uim, La;5*Fraeob, VJd W r Sn-r,nan. La; J R Hogr BROWN'S HOTKL ?M C Jordan. USA; A 6 **tury. H . u<'iilo?ii*m A>a: O ?n>nwj?.l, ?. Dupao?*. T'-ar; S Tu after a>.d If, W Tue?a , K Ea-b*. mfl if J How* d ami 'j, Mim P'ttit, M Atkira and ly. Ark; <M?j X A i!*u J F Ka?*do?>, i Wooiin, J iiuni *nn f*rn S ? Kichar*4 and tf-Ga:? L'ra. Md W MMt, Ni;K bximr. Ky; T Tnwlww.d If. V?: T Hrfnj auu ij, J fcjke* and >v, Mm Prtf i, >HHvii?>)d ), Mm Ht'rn, Mm h-ford, Md; Mi?*0> Brook*. K F'M'rand ty, Mia* Frti'i. Nim I to vi i*. \Y M\rtin, R Chapman. H ftovkin a- d J la I'*-, Mm iJinr Mm ^ao^are. A Oinf. la: I Va:ilv?>it and ly. O; J Morra" and ly, t Mm*" N'eUon. Vit; A Johcuoii. Kan, J waTik, >i VT ? W l>av.?, J .imi ?, B y, R Jnhii'Hiit.d If, Tenn: W H nm^M and ty, M<?; A J* V\ rtrnort, \V P;?' Cortw-I i, t> M \r?h . OO; S D?no. M?M KIKKVNOIUJ T Gtew Md; 8 Jath *fl ftcn IMm?; K 1 mctnn, C '.wfJliiaoe. ,N k ; A la ?ri?pe?, F Ta<t?r, It; R sfrift, W Al, I! Horn*. H Hooper and i), K Bro*rn ?iw U. ??* n r,"?-, Ur C?<>ke !M V; D Dariafh, SM? J W Pairfa*, Va. WA>HIN?>TuN HOU9B-P E Broafcaa. MoS R J Bon u? tt, t?, Mi Mn Hta-k *ad afrta. NY. VILI.AOE OR KEN *FMINARY I* WWA W* t a iMuti ?. and hca.thful Til?a?e 12 mi*? above Wilniii.gtoD, l>ti . and near tk? I'hiladalpma ami Baltimore Railroad. Recommenced by tfc* J'hiU'i' lphi* Annual Conference of the Methodist Kpi?copal Chareh. Th? oourae of ?tuof u eatenti ve a:. ; ti.orouf h . i, the MathenMUaalTc&MMcal and Knitliab DlfMtiMBti. JHudente are prep* ^r<t for bnsineta or aolle/*. In the preparatory course for collcf# fecial refertMioe i? made to Diokmaon Collie The institution ie provided with a larre philosophic*: apparatus to ilinatraU tM riai* fNafc' ai aki' iice. A library of throe 'luodred volume* ia MONDAY. tember 3d. I8ft>. ... Boarding,Tuition, 4a., for aeeeioa of 14 weak*. 4ft. m ?a . ??..*!m^miA IA tka mnra ^AftArtmAIlt mimuwn p?.? *> ?? *> * >?> of atadnilt*. Mouthiv report" -out t?? MtD>nU. For circulars or tofnrmate*t. iuMrA?c uie R*t J. HURVt.Y hartu.V A. m.. v?ll??. Own . J>l?? ?re oouoti. Jj? ... K'-rtmc*t?nf T l/Wi l'?'1, D 1? Bi>lwpnfM.-E, C , Wi.'miftrt t |W; .M?- P. A I^tti WoaMnftoii, I). C; Mr. O. W. A.^ Mf.iri Dick on 4. Kmc, Georr'Howm M I) t.Vft '!> KOVAL 1AVA*A IA)TTKR\. 1 HK N?it Di*t -{ of th* \ot*I Htnn Lottery. co:<1o<rt?1 h? i'ao Sponttli ffmrwrnwMt, an4?r tko h^fniinD of tk? C*pf ! Mml of 0?t?, Will tue iltw1 *t H?< lui* oa SATURDAY. Anvrr X. tm SOHtEO KUWWEO Ml ORDrrtAMUO. CAPITAL PRIZE 1 fri|? of INMN rn pnf at 4UJ i S EE 25 s^EEjs i do i*jm IH ALL ?S0 maL Whole Tiofroto, ?? if. Pri*?? eukM M nfht M * for ooot 4mmwL Bii)ioniilMtfn(HHtahk?alpv. A dawiBi viU ho few ii<mhmlbw11 TMPORTAMT TO IOU8MBPIM ABSOLUTELY^iNDpSinScTLT FUKB, bitrromn4fraaftwkB?mn,Mtootaiiai t'~t ?' S^-STMUEBC ssr.itr: fc 11 of vmH* W%J i.Kli't t,vjtTy>ttW V*?f rui ttli kAU %-a I a?o?K l?n wmm Wn?d iKMrUM^ a*MT Por *7