Newspaper of Evening Star, August 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 18, 1860 Page 2
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??mmmmammmmmm??? TH E RVB.NIWC 8TAJL WASHINGTON OITT: ATTRDAY AM?< >*. 1W Spirit ( thr flirBl** Press. The Cotutitutie* treats up?a disunion, and sun. dry other political topics. The Inttlhftnetr dwrusses at length the late *' irrepressible-confllcl'" speceh of Senator Seward at Bostoa ? ????! ItJ~ havt rrthfd from Messrs. Taylor (. a . - - r - % %- _ ai . * > * k ..mb* ? ntburytwuo nave ioc dook lor aiie) UM "cam burgh Review" for July, containing a great variety of inlcrevting articles. II r We L ive receivtd from 9billingtoi> and from Mturi Taylor ? Maury (who have the numbed for aale) Harpefa Magazine for Septembtr, varied and int?re*ting aa usual. 1?7*H. Fryaiuger, aenior editor of the Lewiatoi (Pa ) True Democrat, baa withdrawn from that paper on account of the majority of the demor rata iu that taction requiring a Douglaa paper, and hta unwliltngneaa to aupport that gentleman. Hia partner, a younger brother, contlnuea the publication of the paper iu the support of Douglas and Johnaon. f < - I! /-u i' sua opon reliable authority that the papulation of St. Louie will be cut downbytke census below ttfl.OOU They hare been claiming a population of lcO,UOO to 190,UUO. The city Include* within its boundaries a vast area and sundry populous villages. We are also informed that Chicago will be taken down violently. C7"On the 10th insunta large and enthusiastic meeting of the cttliens of Alleghany comity was held in Cumb?rlai:d to express their sentiments In opposition tt> the proposed lncr-ase of tolls per ton upon ail coal tnmsj>ort? d by the Canal from thr coal region Resolutions to this effect werepasard and a great ileal of fee'.ing waa manifested. The Chaklottksvilb Coxtkiitiox.?A member of the National L>emocratic Executive Committee here, who haa juat returned from Charlottesville, writes to us as follows: " Hon. M. R. II. Garnett, Hon R. A. Pryor, and Mr. Goode. of Virginia, delivered enthusiastic speeches before a large mass mectilg of the frieiKis of Breckinridge and l.ane. on Thursday nU;ht last, at Charlottesville This Convention is one of the largest that has ever assembled in Virginia We there met a large number of highly able and influential Democrats of the Old Common wealth, who had been sent as delegates to the Convention, liov. Wise was prevcuted by sicknew from attend!ne When we left Charlottesville last night, at II o'clock, the body was still In session." ID" The Great K-isteru sailed frwin New York for Europe, via Halifax, on Thursday. Tbecrowd of visitors on the day before her sailing was large!*he took out one hundred and ten passengers? twenty five of whom go to Halifax only?but no r% x *? 1 uuiing idc oay iwo attachments, one against th? ship and one against Cox, the wellremenil>erid steward, were issued The one against t_ie ship was upon a claim for #:J70 for supplies, and the one against Cox was upon a claim for ?>t 71, also fur supplies She was bonded by her consignees to meet all judgments against her, and the sheriff adzed poor Cox's goods inpayment of hta Indebtedness. Captain Hall was owing to indisposition, unable to take command, and the duty devolved on first officer Machln. As the steamer moved otl'she was saluted by cannon, both lb New York and at Jersey City. The total camber of persons who visited her during her stay at New York was about 159.000. The visitor* at Annapolis numbered not far from 25,11)0. fi~7" One Father Kaldani, of New York, lately issued the following advertisement: "Any person subscribing one dollar for the relief of the sufl'erlng Christians in the Holy Hand will have three masses Mid for whatever Intention they may desire?such at for the souls of their parents, relative*. or for their own spiritual welfare. Or, If persons are too poor, they can get two of their neighbors to join with them, and make op the dollar, and each can have a mass said for their Intention. Cardssold by Father Kaldani." Thereupon Archbishop Hughes put forth a card which runs thus: llTh? undwiiiyn^ * ?* _ .. . _ ,t- - . T'i uiu reaa WltD Plneipressible regret tb? card which is herewith communicated. Ttie person called Kaldani is no doubt a regularly ordained priest, who came to this city, but without any official recommendation* wbicb the Arcbblabop could recognize. It Is not In the order of Christian or Episcopal charity to denounce a stranger in the circumstances in ' whicb this Kaldani has thought proper to place < himself. At the same time, justice to religion, < truth, charity, and fair dealing with mankind. j require that the Archbishop should signify to the whole people, Catholic and Protestant, that this man, in view of this disreputable card herewith published, should be stigmatized as an importer "f Joint, Archbishop of New York " ( A Usion Tickkt i> Nbw York.?The Douglas Stale Convention, after a ?>n<ion of two days, ' cloflrd its labors harmoniously in the aftern<Min of ( the Itith instant by nominating an electoral ticket satisfactory to the Bell and Everett General Com mittee in session at the same place. The Presidential Electors for (he State at large are Reuben 11 Walworth and Heuian J. RedlMd, and of the thirty-three district electors ten are old Jne Whigs of well-kuown character. The ticket was applauded vehemently when it was t?nA t? ?i> ? % VVI?veniion. and* was adopted unanimously. The Bell and Kverett conference committee were invited to take seats on the floor of tbe Convention. A aeries of resolutions were unanimously adopt. d. They derlare devotion to (Le I n ion of tbe State* S id the Federal Couati a ion, deprecate tbe organization of Mtioiial paititij declare the rqiulit; of the States^ declare alanine ihtervention bv Congress, approve tbe nomination of Douglas and Johnson; affirm tbatthe elation of Lincoln would 1 be disastrous to the peace arid integrity of the I nion, i?v te all conservative men to support the electoral ticket nominated by tbe Convention; and, for the purpose of this co operation, coi f r upon tbe state Committee power to All any vacan- ' ciea that may occur in tbe electoral tickct, and to i mewurea, if proper and n??orv ' ?? ? ?' ? J, ? ?? *?" ?"c < unitedexpression and effect to the national corner- , vat; ve sentiment of the State." Oxygenated Bitt??s.?We have frequent **c i casious to sp< ak of this remarkable medirlue, ue- 1 cauie we nave full faith In its excellence, and know of many instances where It has performed almost mlraculotia cure*. It is j>r!an pally destined a* an autidcte for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, 1 a.;d numerous disorders of the stomach. It was , discovered and pirfrcled by a regular physician, ( after year* of irwan ii and practical ?|?rirnrc In mtdlciue It i* entir ly unlike all oth? r speciflrs with which we are acquainted, and extract* the ' disease by its very roots, leaving n?> vestige be- t hind Sold by all respei table druggists in the United States.?Wn* ? _ ?J ?- ?? V r?? 1/n . From Mrxico.?A letter reretved here from Kl Faao, daUd July^J, aaya:?"Tbe rbnrrh pr.rty have taken poaaeaion of tbecapital of Chihu.thui, and the K?*ernor of the liberal jstrtr. witb <til bit cabinet, arrived here yeaterilay, where tie intend^, to make Lie laM stand. Ueu rerdero and man* of the wealthy citlzena of tbat S^UU an oinpuied btm, all running from the Oeutral of tb? thu-cfc party ? ry^-REV. DR. TUSTLN MAY BK EX IL9 pected to preach in the %V intern l'reahjteFian Church, lat Ward. TO MURKOW Mi RN llo clock. If (YB3* WASHINGTON LIGHT INFAN RV 1L5 The Battalion will meet on MONuAY EVENING,at o'clock. Important btmneaa require* a full attendance of all tne members. By order, _?4i _P- i-_ ENNIWS. ?eo. ry^-THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET1j ing of the Youn? M?n?? * m _ . vi? ,?iku a??uc1? ?Hun will be held at their r<>oma, opposite Hrow?? . Hotr !, MONDAY KVKNINO, AuKint 2Bth,at8 o'clock. A communication from J. Aucoatua 1 Jdlimum. ban., tailed Slates C?n?u at $yria,ia t relation to the maaaacre of the Christiana at I)a maacua, Ac., will be laid before the meeting. A * lull attendance of the ia r<*eueated. a SAMUEL MeBLWEB, Jr., . aw l?? Secretary I'fQ tew. 1 I> J Ci'MK AND SEE OUR CELEBRATED f IIS NAVY FLANNEL COATSatflMat ? au l?*-*w SMITH'S, No. 4<M> Seventh street. t WHITE BRANDY. Green Gin*er, pureCn?<-', t \i ecar,and cheap preeerrirg Suicar. Als?.t N?? F.our. JOS. W. DA VIS, n H* e rner >th and E ata. , M-Ail?.*!* B0'*'*'*1 FEMALE ALTER'- i; TI\ E Pll/l^N. tor the exclusive nst of fe t, n ?l'? laborm* under a<.y of the following co - w i>!ainta:?Oi >t u?ti< na, t*uppre?aion. Green ? Head Ache. pain in th? Sid?, Palpitatio , 1. athmf of F o?n1. Dutu bed SI w ?, ami all int. r * "r lrie*'>ia i t ofthe M.-astrual IVriixli- v % H-Th '*e?lll "I MM HMCBkm r.??TL ri.< thr, wotl j JT.;-"> ? .. >ii ciiitin.m. PrrMrdl lur u? Kt.* Va<itirmrj, at P?u? Piafi^t ""V'" "" <l rtfAfi.cr1- s?'^a..F.?{t,.'S 'I'M. J WASHINGTON NIWS AND GOSSIP. Skbtchi* or Summer Tbavbl. [Editorial Correspondent* of Tkt Star ] [No. 19.] Augutt 7, I860. The Cocikxtum or Bosto?? It* Charokb Appsasascs?Orr r*ost Bo?tos?The Cobs ?I i ua vr IBS V?i/ VUUVI1 ' Railboad? An Awful Nioht an Boak? of ax Otu-ciowsed Steams*. The habiliments, air, and 'muMn of all Bostonians of both sexes I saw this rooming at the Caatem Railroad Depot impressed me with the Cockneyism of the "Modern Athena'' not more Igually than aliuoct all elite of Boaton I have seen to-day. In 1335 It was an American city In Its attributes; as It Is not now. Always, perhaps, the beat built city on this continent?that is, its houses were generally more substantially built thau those of any other city of the United States? ow, they are so Incomparably more aubstantlal than the houses designed to answer the same purpose to be found elsewhere, where Americans dwell by thousands, as that the stranger, upon viewing them, If knowing how the) build In Europe, Is almoat cheated into the momentary belief that be Is on the other side of the Atlantic. The lack of width in most of th? street* of thp rltw J and tbe lack of matured plan In the original laying off of tbe streeta, too, both favor the momentary delusion; for one realizes Instantly th;?t, unlike almost ail other cities of our country, Boston's plan, after tbe fashion of that of nearly every ancient city in Europeisthereaultofthevaryingrlrcumstaiiccs of its history. Its habits and custom*, and its vehi* elesaud horses, as well as its people, all conspl re to give it its English air. No other class of iU denizens, by the bye, are more English in appearancc, if as much so, as its students and -'young men about town." Cockneyistn seems to pervade their every thought and motion. Generally tbey are the least manly specimens of humanity of their age I ever raw?diminutive, emaciated. half blind, and dapper. Thejrseem to h ive cultivated intellect, to the extent not only of sacrificing all their physique for it* rake, but intellect itself, in their chase after some Imaginative perfectiou of it, which has progressed from the sublimity of ideas based on old-fashioaed common sense, to the absurdity of Utopian and super-sublimated theories, running invariably Into the extravagance of traiiHcendentallsni. Or, in other words, Into tli?' s?ml-craziness of transcendentalism upon all tuibjf-cte except the eminently practical one of looking after number one, where the ' root of al[ evil"' is concerned. I have rarely known or heard of a New Kngiand philosopher of modern time* who, however crazy hia ultraisiu sgal n*t the prin. ci|<lea, views, or rights of others might be. where bis own pecuniary Interests are coucerued, Is not the moat rational man conceivable. For half an hour, a day or two since, 1 took occasion to note closely three Boston students as they sat near me , u|>on a steamer in the harbor, aud 1 enjoyed their cockney airs amazingly; being keenly alive to the marked difference between them and their fathers ouly twenty-flve years before. Apparently, Boston is more crowdcd than New X* 1_ 1 A * vii niiywuere uui 01 Broadway. there Laving been no room for the expansion of the limita of the city proper with that of its population and buslneM. Hence the fact that so lar^e a propor. (ion of those engaged in carrying on ita business reside in the numerous really beautiful village* urrounding it. Here and there one in these times sees a few old-fashioned New England people In the streets, such as crowded them in the days of myboyho?d. But they were few, very few in number, and really looked as essentially flih-outof-water, as I certainly felt when wandering among tbe massive buildings that have taken the places of their more unpretending predecessors in half a hundred of the streetsof Boston which were o ice almost as familiar to me as Washington's thoroughfares are now. P. M.?After gaping about Boston for some Hahpc tn-Hav mutina ?*! ? ? ? ?j, ---**? ^uiatmK upim mrir altered appearance and tbe elements In the character of the city's original people that have made It what It If, socially, Industrially, mentally, Ac., 1 am already o& again, for New York. Seated In the hind car of the train of the Old Colony Kailread. my ttrst destination is Fall River. We have rushed through the streets of South Boston and across what was once the huge marsh that lay between the island of South iiostou and tl.? main land ? Dorchester ? now hardly a marsh any longer, but a fairly-built-up suburban city. I And the region traversed by the Old Colony Railroad?main stem?Dorcbestcr, (Julncy, Hraintree. Canton, Randolph and other towns,vastly changed ilnce I last saw it. Much of the Immediate vicinity of the railroad's line is unimprovable, even by so denae, and, in mcb matter*, ao advan ed a population aa inhabit it; being iwamp to tb* north and rock ridge to the south. Nevertbeltsr where twenty aquare roda of soil could be reclaimed, ti e demand* of the teeming imputation hereabout for bread baa made it profitable to reclaim it at any cost. The *tyle of building and of cultivation aeema to me to have changed leu here than anywhere elae in Massachusetts 1 have vlaited upon tbia trip; the country continuing to hold much of it* appearance in old times, the only striking difference being in the extent of ground (ard more numerous buildings) now devoted to man's service. All the towns 1 name above have become manufacturing hives since 1 knew them, when, with Inconsiderable exceptions, tbe pursuit of tb? ir people w*s agriculture Of course, a strange and very mixed population now Inhabit them ; vastly more numerous than b fore Some of these towns live by working up iio.i, others l?v worklng up lrath?r, or copper, or cotton, or woo , or sand (into or wood Into a hundred useful articles. With the exception of their trade In tbe production of cotton goods, those Interested immediately In their prosperity are cl mornun 4 ? * " * _ ... ,u<.moku protection Mr all tbetr difl'm lit manufactures. Why it is tnore projier tbat ve of t be Sou lb should be comp?lUd by law to pay ihem bonuses from our pockets?bounties?on their labor, tb<iii tbat they should be compelled to i?y u> bounties from their pock< u on our libor, 1 shall never be able to comprehend I admire their industry and ingenuity vas'.ly, i>ut by no means feel it a moral duty to contribute from my own iiicsus to make uf> tbe shortis linings of tbe result* (pecuniary) of their several (and very varied) callings Th> y look upon tbeir right to 11 protection" at the excuse of us of the South, very much in the light iu which the rulers of Europe regard their alleged " rights ilvine," and bluster over thein quite ss earnestly. Kre ditrk we reached tbe steamer Empire State, 1 it Fall Kiver, wheu 1 knew it, hardly more than in inconsiderable tubing village, though now a unmifac taring city of fifteen thousand souls, itoailiig, burning, bellowing and buzzing In 1 U directions, and at a terrible rate. The bout, ' .bough a laige one fur almost auv other trade, Is ' i small one for tbe immense businesa of thia 1 line of travel between New York and Boatcn. Jrowdtd between decks and below with freight, j *bcn tbe alx hundred passengers traveling by I >ur train were pre* iplUted upon the hundred or 10 local travelers previously eiubarked upon her, be crowd was unbearable. Worst of all, the ' adlea' cabin teemed to have been taken poaaesiton of by a clain-baklng party of .uw York :olored women, who under the rule prevailing icre, (that kaowa no distinction on acconnt of j olor.) bad taken posserslon of all the moat agree* 1 ble berihs; compelling tbe wbltes coming by * be train nominally entitled to comfortable quar- t era In that cabin, to eontent themaelvea with J teaming beds, or beds on tbe floor, or to sit up * 11 night. There were four or five Southern f amlliea along, tbe lad lea of which preferred to t *sa tbe night without lying down, to remaining 1 n tbe ladies' cabin that night. However muck * bey may bave bran pleaaed with all the other rrangrmenta of tbe line, I take It for granted bat they will never again venture the expert p Dent of traveling upon It by night. The aupp. r * ccorded to ua waa capital, tbe beat I ever saw set t a a steamboat cabin; bat with that exception, in 1 tie whole course of my traveling, I never made a c lore uncomfortable night trip. Kvery state-room J fds dlspoard of before I reached tbe boat, so I " ras forced to venture tbe experiment ,.c ? * ? ~ j "K > tlrepbtlow There were it least two bun ? red narrow brrtU tbrrr, each ociupltd by a i aaaeiiger. The cabin waa wholly Willi*?t pre- c of proper ventilation. Al the moment I xicb'd my mattreaa I commenced to perspiie aa er before Sleep waa oat of the qneat oa. What between" the anores and the amtlla, the team of multiplied breeUu, tad (fee momentary w? natural growling of doxfcna of the paaaen- 1 gera u uncomfortable ai myself, I could atand my situation not ipMMfcttn a brief hour; wben, rushing upon |hsapper fore deck, I parsed tbe J time aatil daybreak, smoking a multitude of j egara, courting tbe very fresh aea breeze, a*d i anathematizing {between pcfls) tbe arrangnatata 11 of tbe New rare Boston line via Fall River. I 'or rendering tbe mM of their pamngeri ant ( deapetnlely uncomfortable. W.D.VV? CMABlottisvTUJI Coxvextios 1TLe B?a R. ' M. T. Iluntrr delivered last nlgbt before Mi audience numbering a thoutand highly intelligent ] persons in unariouesvuie, va , (where the Vir- < ginia Democratic State Convention la in seaaion,) | a apeech which la deatined to fall upon the enr of the country with powerful effect. His theme waa , the neceaalty of the union of the South In the < present contest for the preservation of the Union, which, he clearly demonstrated, can be preserved In no ather way thaa by the mainteiianca of the rlghta of the Soutu as guaranteed by the Conat'tution. He made It clear, Indeed, that at>f hesitancy on the part of the South to close her ranks In defenae of the candidate* and platforn of the portion of the original (Charleston) Convention that, representing all the real Democrat^ Statef f proposed to maintain thoae tights, wouldinvelvi. either the eventual deatructlon of thoae rights in the Union, or the eventual destruction ef the Uuioa itielf. . ? Thi Rcmokxd Dkcli.yation or Ms.. BasesixaiDes.?The following note coutlrms what we published yesterday on this subject: Nat. Dim. Es.Cont. Rooms, No 8* i W*City, D.C , Aug 17, lo6o j To Wm if firownr, Esq , ?4uot Constitution: My Dkak Sir : 1 have jnst received your uote of tills d.'itr The reuort uf Ibo with Intni ?/ Mr. Breckinridge is a pure invention, put in circulation for mischif-voua purpose*. Tbc cnrri-*pondencr of thla committee with Mr llr?cklnrldire <n?l kit* ffeiKh In Kentucky require *t my banda thla positive find author)tativ* denial. Truly years, Ismac t. Cuarman. - Kx^cution or McCaskill l'onTro.ikd ?Ferdinand McC'nskill, convicted of murder in tbe P'atrict Court for the aouthcrn district of Florida, and sentenced to be executed on the 17tb, (ycat-rday,) haa been reprieved by the President until the 12th day t>f October next, in order to ad'ord him an opportunity of U-ating the ri^ht of jurisdiction of tbe court over tbe place where the murder wai committed Salr or Iowa I'cblic Lard*.?A proclamation f< r tbe sale. In November next, of one and a quarter million acre*of public lands in th< northwest- I ern part of the State of Iowa hns l?een iwrnl by I tlva 1 ? I- '<- ~ '?* ? ?V < uv it a U*.w> ??!?*? t?IC >11 lilt" r ofl IWtlgG and Sioux city district, and embrace some of th* bent agricultural land* in the State, upon the headw.itcrs of the l)es Moines ;lver. ? Tkkasubt ukrartmkxt.?Treasury statement for the week by returns received 011 Monday, 13lh August r Receipt# 75 Drafts issued T15..0J f>:j Incr?*aee <VJT.I7I 1*2 Amount subject to draft ,0?KI 3?i Swamp ajii? OVKHFLoWKH I .a sos is missigsirrt.?The Commissioner of the Uei e al Office ba? transmitted to the Secretary of th* li terlor, for approval, a certified list (No. 7) of swamp and overflowed lands hi the Jackson distrlct, Miss., enuring to that State under the act of Congress approved Sept. 7, 1850. Naval Iktklligescb.?The United States steam aloop-of-war Richmond, now Ix ini; fit(< d out at Njrfolk, will probably be the dag-ship of tl e home squadron. ? Thi W*ath*r ?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer i lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith- 1 nnllo 1?1 ? -* -? " vu?> iiwuiuhuu. iuc uiiiv vi ooaervauon U about 7 o'clock. Atocst 18, I960. ] New York. N.Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, cool Washington, D. C clear, wind 8 Richmond, Va clear, 75*. i Peter?burg, V? clear, pleasant Norfolk, va clear, /0?. wind \T ' Raleigh, N C 69V Wilmington. N.C........ clear, warm. Columbia, B. C .....clear, warm. Charleston, 3. C 72 , wind NW , Augusta, 6a. clear, pleasant Savannah, Ga clear, 7#*. wind S* W a* *-? . Macon, it a clfar. j Columbua, G% clear, pleaaant. Montgomery. Ala clear, warm. Mobile, Ala. clear, ?)?. t FBOX TBI WIST. Frederick, Md clear, pleaaant. Hngeratown. Md clear, ple&saut. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. > Grafton, Va cloudy Wheeling, Va cloudy, wind SW Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, pW.sant. Cincinnati, O cloudy, cool. E Barometer at tb? Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 29,co*0; at noon, 29 tvjt2 Thermomefc-r at 7 a m., 69*; at noon, t Maximum during'.it hotua ending 9 a in. to- f day, 8*2"; minimum 6.3". t U ECF.IVKD AND FOR SALE, Ci MRS. W|\W,OWS SOOTnlNG SYR IP, 1 " For Children Teething " S. C. FORD, Jr , Driuei?t. ' an 1R 3t corner IttS at,And Pa.ave. L'rMAi.K COMPliAIMS.-Ul Mrmiihu- ^ r D'Hr Si' : i tli'iik it hiehljr important ti a p?iblic.?hoii d b*'pprmed offi* i tu nofyourt e t- J m?'tt ofiliseM- a. I ?ufT-"-r??1 for upward* of 2 >?- * I * with ma i; ol th > complaint* inou1t<nt to l<-oiH'?* b - I l i* *1 wa> * under thooareol a pti> ir an without a y . I rr a mio-H'l r-KHIBing 111' In-Hl t ll. t111 I OOIIllll?HH? ?l . [ u?iiiK jour medicines, wliioh have cuii'tl mo iu le^s ? f'an *ix weefca. Ynu areatlib rftf u?makeni? ?* ? L of thi* you think proper for the lipneht of theafflict- r eMart A Orlahiri, Gejrnetowu, August 8th, 1M0. If t New supplied in FIRST-CLASS STAPLE DRV GOODS. Ju?t op?ned supeiiorShirtinR Cottonsand Linens. i Sh-ftiiun. Table Diapers, Napki low. nn~?, j W hite and Culoied IHm lies, Table Cloth*, fine an I medium \Vh and Colored Flannels, Scotch and Russia Piap rs, Canton Flannel*. n? w stjle Moos sclinesauri fall style ('aluros. sh'<tinc Caiicoan<l Linen Shiit Hosoiiik; MOriozen Ladies' Linen ilandk^rchi^fs, price* from 76 <j?nt? lo J$? a ?ioirn; all _ very ch^ap; with n any othT ?oa?onahln *ooda 1 winch we are selling at tli? lowest market prices. I J. W OOLLEV A CO . au 18 2w 923 Seventh at . above pa. a-. ROPOSALS FOR IRON RAILING. ?-UP- f IMG, Ac . FOR ENCLOSING CIRULE. ? (linn i *? " ^ i?F I'UBLIC I'tJILDf !?G*. f j , Autuit 18, IHHH. \ ! | 8*u.*n Prop ?hal* w II I ? ee?i ?ed at this ofti 0 . up to li o'clock, m , #th instant, for the folio* .11* . ,, work fjr the improvement of the circle, at the in- j * ier?eotion of Pennsylvania and New Hampshire I f avenue*: ' " One thousaad teet, (l,o<*> feet ) more or lees, of Wrouxht-lron Hailing*, (posts fretapart,>with Ihree ?n gl- and nnn d'>ul>le Kate; the ?a'es aad post* tn be included in the prioe pir lineal f tot. One th a sand lineal feet.O.KW fcet.) moreor l?s?, i?f Circular Uiauite Coping 9 by 16inches, in piece* _ not 1?*? than sit 1 Ant long Also, us* thousand < meal leet, (1.000 feet) of Buck Foundation*. I foot I) tinahes by 8 f^e* deep, including exoavation and removal of earth. , v Plans for railing to be seen at thi* ffioe , '1 he bids for Railing, Coping and Foundation to *. tie separate, and narked "Proposal* for Raring *7 por the Circle." or Coping," or 4 Foundation." a* ;h* oase may be. JNO. B Bi AKti, ? an 18 dtatha* Commmioner. _ f" OY F<>K. THE J*I *K AND "'FF'-'RING. I LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED * APPLY THE REMEDY R * ND REJOICE iy HEALTH. Friend, do you suiT r? Are <011 ths victim ofa*y J >f those numerous ailment which arise irom im n iu ity of the blocd? Whatare * hey, do you a?*.' I lather a?k, what are. they no'.' 'ih* bl?uvJi?*k >u<ce ui life ana Health. and it n the irat ? eme t u if our being to reapond to ai? ohm vhiah ?ff o . '! M*t0n)(iu< th? pulM infali*1* &tt??U Th?ewr v. >r*vailing N?u-algi% theirntr ting Err* ie a*. the L, btl* Sorolu a theagoimin* atneamatieui, Nar- . 'Mi D-bili t, Dptpepaia, Liver Complaint with it? ? orpor and a- ioction, ana the nnmbetleea ilia that n I is heir to, derive their hideona origin frumtha IV ilood. Deal kinUtj then and get tip vita the blood. Ja? the vitalising reauioea of nature for ita aid. T( >ndautf*r oa to ootnmand to pour oonfidenoeana iae that traty valnable m^i?*rn??Bt known aa T] MRS M COX98 JL INDIA* VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thla a.mnat infallible apsoifco >opu ar aantifent haa epokea in d -aided, ,nd the evidiwoea of tbu great eAoaoy are aaa- ! ain*d by oonitant avowala of ?ur*ii?? * . mhiii from iu u>?ir* ?.frer ill other 1 M SrEs ?-^3fes 2xA5??i"t r f?^rbrJi'^^^jwu*ur<i'xuu 1 -. ttf,?ml b| th-5 Pro?r'?t'| ,r l)anie'ub.oWB on the 1 ft ud? r*p??in? rLrr.^.k I ?? r.f* and hot M?l ?o ?b" ooi r butt w for (5 1 iu urrp\v? ?? ?>/ b?t,1t' X CIS *fcL. Dr?g?i*. 1 ? WmoU a . Ah0]i,*iB M6tt for th* OU 1 th' ffirVetSTo ?' ?mT pr,a-' I !s ~ ff $ \ )iab?l!calOatrag* ta DfMwtre-Nir^tr ! GMrl. The people of MHfrrd. Del , and vicinity, are n a ?uie or great ej< itement in consequenceoT he perpetration of one of the moat belnouacrimes hat has ???r occurred in Delaware, the particllirs of which the tayrna Tinea gives aa folpws: Ok Sonday afternoon last. about 5% o'clock. an ntereatlnz young r1j|, nged about fourteen ymtt, laughter of, Mr Zac Griffith, on Nturnlng ftom I visit t? a MlKhboriqw h;r: at th??fcine aye, waa Wavlatd In crowing * Woods. l?er ponon violated, md after \rards ktUed and dmucrawthrougk the woods and an adjoining corn-Held, to a ditch, where, it is supposed, the fl?!nd Intended to bury b.r in the mud, which be would doubt lets have ione bad it not been that a man happened to be patting neir the place at the time to feed aome hogs, whom the rascal mw, and made a batty . ? J ..M.v. .Mtaun aw UllliUtlVtU. A UC UUU J n n? rnftn when found by the (ban above named Oa nxaminahan the sknll on the back part of her be^d had been crushed aa if by a brick or atone, and there wji a small rope around her neck, u*ed, doubtless, for the purpose of strangulation. A coroner'a inquest was held, the result of which baa not reached us, but which, no doubt, gathered all the facts that could be elicited. A negro man, about twenty-one years of age. belonging to D. Curry, E?q., of Mllford, haa been arrested ou suspicion of committing the deed, as he was tceu by Or. Mitchell (who was returning from a profraiimial visit to the residence of Alex. Johnson, JUq , ncstr whose house the outrage occurred) to enter the woods shortly before the jroung lady did. The unfortunate Individual, we learn, waa a very lovelv and Interesting young lady, and waa, at the time, or had shortly previonsty beea, a puptl at the seminary In Milford We leera that the people of the neighborhood are so incensed that they Intend to lynch the perpetrator

of the deed as toon as they obtain sufficient proof of his guilt. Latkb. ?Conftsticn of tke Cu'prit and Attempts to Lyntk Him ?On Tueaday afternoon John H Cannon, the mulatto boy accused of the murder of Miss Griffith, made a confession. There la among many, and iMrlicularly negroes, a belief that if a murderer places his binds upon the corpse of his victim blood will start forth. Some one casually imntioned to Cannon the progress of the Inquest that he would have to place his hand upon the corpie. TI4U, aa be was fully Imbued with the superstition, he rvfuaed to do. and linally Itegged the gentleman who had him in charge to |>revent them from making him go through with the ceremony, and he would tell all aliout it, as he said he "could never bear to have the blood flying over him " He then stated to the jury that he had seen the two girls p*sa along, and knew Miss Griffith wouiii nave to go back along the by-road, so lie went down among tli** bushes and pretended tot*! back berry tug. When (he girl came along he bad provided himself with a club about three feet long ami ait in< h thick. As *be passed him be slru> k her the hlow which made the cut u|>on Uie back of her brail, and resulted In her death. As she did not fall he caught her by the aitnand throat mid threw her down, and was attempting U. ravish her when he fouud she was (lead. He then became frightened at what be had doiie.and dragged Ik r to the diUh. tied the string round her neck, threw her In, and made oft' Cannon is a viciout-looking fellow, who has for some time past l?een living with Andrew l.ord, in the neigh?H?rho?>d, but he belong* to Daniel Curry, Ksq.,? f Mllford As soon as the business of the inquest was finifrtled. Mr Ilakpf nrpmrwl ?a t-?v- ?s-?? , , .v|"?vu w tuc |n iP7iirr W <ifor^? U>wu, but tbe f icl of his confession having become known, the people assembled were In no dis|>usitU>u to let bim go, and t>eg;iii prc|?arations fur lynching bim without ceremony, and the oltlcer wns compelled to nie stratagem to yet tbe fallow away. At St Johnstown a crowd of excited people were assembled, and another attempt was m^de to yet tbe prisoner out of tbe officer's Hands, hut by riiuuiuy his horse he succeeded iu gc'ting awav He nrrived in Georgetown about eijjht o'clock on Tuesday, and the boy was immediately lod^'-d in jail During tbenigbtseveralexcitable p-oj 1- about tbe town talked strongly of having nlin out and stringing bim tip. On Wednesday morning Sheriff Loatflud had Cannon taken to the garret of the jail and ironed frst to the tloor. where he now remains Thus ends the tirst chapter of what improbably tbe moat tfendish rmd rota-bloodniurder fVPf in I . -w. VV??M. ?*vu in i^iawoie Mr. GrirlKh i? a well knawa and r??spe<-.ted farmer, and hi* daugbter, who was about tifw^n year* of age, wa a beautiful and accomplished young lady Her murder, and the circumatancra attending it baa raited a itorm of Indignation against the perpetrator, and drawn to thr i.fflicU-d faintly the sympathy of the whole community. J I""*T R KCRIVED A LARGE I.OTOF FALL TIES, SHIRT COLLARS. SOCKS, and ail kinds of GKNTS' FURNISHING GO0118 and ULO THING at SMI I ll's, No. 4t>0 Seventh at., >ppo~ito Post Office. au ll-iiw f-t WFDItl.NG fABD DEPOT l-'O STANTLY Introduction n>*w and )>eauti/ui it) lea. DEM PSE Yk. OTOOLE, Wading Card ravers, ai 17 3t Pa. av , hat. 9th and loth ata. W PRESS HATS! E open this da? m veral ctwi of"(;entl"men's DRESS 1IA IS, ' lroiu "Beebe," New York STEVENS'S a?i 17 ec6t Sa!*?a Room, Brown's Hot"!. rHE " PRINCE OF WALES" and other new Fall Styles of Soft Hata, >fall color*, for Gents and Boia, reoeired to-day at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Furnishing S'or?. au 17-it (Stites.) P?. ?w di/ -+ . . ? ? . . xvm i/g ovi WESTERN ACADEMY. 11 B Exercise* of thin school. under the charge n Dr H. L Loom*; and the Primary Department md- r Mi-? Anxik E Puck, will he re?uin*d Sep^uil>er 3d. Circular* can be obtained at the bookitore* (Itit > an 17-eo2ni I r4n LEATHER, LEATHER. I .?" " SIDE* Of Sole l.eatn J t?? be sold from 14 ifnt* to 30 cents. Morocco Linin*. Calf !*ki". >!iainnsoinp, aliu* mild very cheap. We invite ail he tihocniakers to coine and buy. J. O. S11AFKR au 17 it* 9SS Pa av.t bet. 9th and 10th *ts._ P SCHOOL FURNITURE OR rale at a l>arirain, ringl* and doable De?ks. uffioieiit for twenty-four pupil*; an nxci-llent 31a' kboard, Ac. A'so, for rent, the *ehoolro"m rfient!y ooenpi?d by Mr*. Bardell, northeast corner ?t i and Est*. Inquire oa the premises of J HI.I US /IEJJT. auJ7 5t;_ SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES. Ml** Koojiks, a?Mktod by her si?t?r CircKLI a C. (ooiytt*. will resume h?r school MONDAY,Sepomher %t, at her reMd?nce 4.?0 I) street. Instrueions will l>e given in English, Frcnch and l>rawng. ?" I" NKW FALL STVl,I.S. IKS, .COLLARS, GLOVES,SUSPENDERS, to., reocivod to-da* at LANK'S. (T?ntlemens' Furniehtng Stor?. au 17 3t (States.) 4 24 Pa nv.. near ?t. aKCKIVKD AM) FOR SALKURoWVSESSENCEOF JAMAICA GIN | j pj^ LYON'S MAGNETIC POWDKR. w*l MOORE'S INDIAN ROOT S. C. FOR 0. Jr., DnifErut. au 16 lit corner Eleventh *tr??t and Pa. av. fkAILY LINK OF NEW FOI'R- HORSE IJ COACHES TO I'PPF.R MARLBORO , Carry'** the fj S. Mail. The uimIk mcii d are now ninB??g i'ailjr. <eio>|>t >uml iy,? Four ho ?e Coaches \?xween Washington and I'pper Marl ' a.a faillnwa . JCY X" ^ ? Leave ?he Steamboat Hotel, oorm r of Seventh t . et am) |'a at? o olook a.m. Rotuminc leave [pp r Marlbo-o ar. II o'clock a m.and arrive hi V aahiimton at SoYWk in time to connect with ? :t <Si p in. t ain for Baltimore. The C>oa?''hex art- n"w ami commodious, the tMD? r-t clan* id the hands of carnful and accominodatIK driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro. ? SO cents. To Old Fields .35 44 ToOeoterville .....38 " Freight and pack**"* in propo'tion. ati 15 tf OSBOWN k CO , Proprietor*. j L1 l?j YOUNfi'S J* KM I NARY, 'I No. S46 Kightkkith, !*** I St. ? The duties of this sohoo' will he resumed on 1 I ON DAY, September 31. Miss V. will continue . receive a select class of boys under 12 ye*r* of i tv. .vnmmiKin <rnn a limited number of jcirls. 1 iil'intf a course. ?>f Miud? in the lid branohen of nicl Kb. Instruction in the Frenoh language, as ?ual, hy a na'ive French teacher. au 15-iw* ^ U*T RKCKIVKD. and for sale SIR JA?. CLARKS' K KM ALE PERIODICAL PILLS. Iao, REYNOLD'S SPECIFIC for Gout or i heumatism, by , 8. C. FORD, Jr.,. t Pharmaceutist, in U tw corner 11th ?t. mnd Pa in, [MIE RITLEV FEMALE SEMINARY. n 1- BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, 1 Sirr?tidb*Tw>i' Urn sd9thSt? E??t, rill comment# it* n*>t essionon MONDAY,Sep. , uilier 10th Ail (twuinf further information wi I i furnished with aca'alorueiivin* fnll Dartim.i^r. on1 iin* upon or addressing the principal. in 16jh?3w_ O" E. RIPLEY f RS. M. E. KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, 1 4 14 E St.. Wa?hi:i?to5, D. C. t rh? next session will commence October 1st. 1WU C srin*. fco.. forwarded on application. an 15 tf t PROPOSALS FOR F RNISHING* WOOD b AND COAL,. Dbpaetmbxt or thk 'srntioR ( Au<u>t 16. 186<*. { ? 'kalid Proposals will h? r?o*i ved *t thi? D*-t d rtm*nt nnti* 13. toon, of Monday, the 27th Antt 1*W, for tarnishing. for the use of Depart- ti ?ot. dming the en?ninK Winter and Spring, one ndred aud fift* t<>ns <f th best white or itrejr h h and seventh-ftvet ins o battred aah aathraoite al for furnac> use, to be pee from impurities 1 d delivered at the oonvenienoe of the contractor 4 f.ire the 1st d*ir of Novemt>er next. n frOKlMla ?ll 1 "* Hri &?Br" ras8 s W ".A- * d t?entT corff bit MkeS' i -r^f.ClV f"",n lenitb.'to b? irnrnMird" . ? *?,? vh* ?uC>, t.m-. m u r sSSSSS ? KarBf?*t?^SSg'JCra o & it?BwiiSortoonT*,u#,,tt?u,e Mln3?w,,t * EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, He. 1 B^MKVtBftryf ?'h>TR AL I.ODGB. No 1 -yII IT * PIC NIC ?UT. jgMt IJJW AlA ?PRIN<JS,nnlk>NI>AY jSMK 2701 mrtant, lot Ow t*iBt of n'on an<K?nk*ii ahiMttof Mid ^ I imoMI r 1IIW v>enw fru It-f ^ COMM1TTF.P. XHE STFAF^Kg^WFQ^K'\V.'RIOT.* Will run cr?ry hdnr on MONDAY. An- JT*k cast SOth f o? P?tirteeatfc?tre?t. onfi^w? tCAnal., in taaaui^tffinn city, I Arlington Spring* Firitt ip at M a m.. last trip at 10 p. m Fare ]<?o?i.t"; ohiH'en ?a'f fh??. an l?-gt JAMES I. CATHCART. T notice. he FOURTH GRA?l> PIC-NIC OF the WASHINGTON B1 TCHlB5*n/UB No. OA 1, will take plane at th" PAR K, Seventh at.,^H ob TUESDAY, Augaat m. l?n. A?th'? B a*P ami Htrinc Hand ia enra* ed. MB Ticket* T**utr five Cent?: admitting t gentleman asd adtea. Bj order of Um . uT?s* CO^MITTKI.. Third annual excursion or tri Cast WathlBfUa Bap't SiBiajr ToGLYMONT PAVILION, Oa wednesday, ai Augart, 1?9?. The School having chartered the .trainer Tho*** CoLt.TXK.wi I jive an Exfuraion to th" almve nanieH p ure <<n r/rl Aarnst. aid t e committee pledge them*ehea"?"*^^"** that no effort will be spared lo iu?ke this t^uti to thnr former excuraions. The Hr*t will 1< are her wharf, fr ot ofSevontli at, (Inland! at ha f part 7 o'clock: Mar? Yard at B o c ?>ck; B.a*d?n'? wrvarf at half-past o'aloak, touiihinc at Alexandria eoir^g and returning w ithera'i Bra** Band ha* been engaged for the orcaaion. iteiresnmentt may be had at oily prices. Adult ticket*, 30 cents; children and servant.*, 15 cent*. Ciminitr**. Robert Clarke, J. H. B. Jenkins, Charles Alien, Hanuiel Lee, Geo. C. Walker. au 1? 3t ^jJRAND EXCURSION. The Methodist Protestant Chn-ch, Ninth street, will make an Kxcnrwinn to B a- ny -nanv <lerml?ur*.hy Baltimore and Ohio ASM Railroad, on WKDNKSDAY. Aecnst 22d. lMft. This Fxcurnon in intended to lie *orne?hinc extra. The Choir wi!l jirea Concert. free, on the gronnda, prepared Tor the ocean on. Refrt shnients can be I obtained on the (founds A dinner will Iw served in the *rove. Tickets, for adults. 50 cents: children. 2S nanti Tiok*t? lx? prucur*?l at the store of Keartedv k PiirIi. i* v?nth ?t . Ballaiitjn?'s between D and K ?t*.. at the office of Dr. l?. G Clayton. F at, below Hwenth; MoPIipmihi'ii dm* >tore. Navy Yard; Koswell'e ilrufc store, Island, and of the committee Tito train will biavn al 7.4') preci?< 1 jr. Come one?Coino all. an 17 4t* JM R*T PIC NIC OF TilK WASHINGTON i1 KIFLKS will take pla-eatthe P\RK MOND\^ . AHKii?t/7. For particular* see future advertisement^ an if 3t ' MIF. FLKTrilF.R CHAPKI. SUNDAY I S('IHK)!, -ill haven PIC- rTr^?1 NICa> Rta>|en?hnrK,oa PR I DA Y Amixtnh. Thev have chatered car* wlnoh trill leave the depot at 7'j a in. Persons should be there at 7. Refreshments fnrsKhnl at moderate price*. and ev?ry eflort made to render the occasion delightful. A full ha??l is expootnd to l>e in attendance. Round trip tickets only Z1 cents; children 15 cent*. ?' r?l FOR THK WHITF. IIOUPK. 1 HF.STKAMI'R PIIF.MX Will leave the foot of Sixth Ktr?eton SPN l)A Y.the 19th inst., at. fl o'cl ck a. in. and Kohrer'*^^^^ta|^? wharf May Yard. at x*? a in.. the WIIITF IIOFSF. PAVILION. Returning leave tlio XV hitc lloiiKe at 5't p. m. Round trip cent*. au 14 it E. A RYTHKR, Of'aiB MPIC MO POSTPONED. EM RER5* ?FCOI.I'M III \ M>1)GR,N?. 10 LOt O. P.. (\nd of the or.ler E?n?>al- >CT3D?^?-~v lr.>*? ?' notififtl that tlieir A N'N I- A l-4BHjap"^r5? PlC-NIC ha* Imrn Po?'pn??1, (inJSZJtt.jr "*t . con??*q ii?nc? of th?* wt weather.) until MONDAY, tho *>'h in*U,at CO|.l\MBI \ r*PKINO. Fred. PM??peri'minr trailed hand of music baa l?#en enRaged. and every arrangeim nt made to reader the dat, a* intended, o?? of r??/ emjvyrnent. Latham'* Coachei will l?ave the corner of Massachusetts av. and Seventh at. at 8,9 and 19 a. aland 2. 3 and 4 r. m., passing through 9* venth stre. t and Maryland avemie; and also from the hall at M o'clock to convey the widows and children to the Spring. Tickets Fifty Cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies?to he obtained from th? Committee. au 13 -M.W.&S THK COMMITTEE. ?MTIZENS' GRAND PIC-NIC FOR THE~BENEFIT or THI or St. Tlieeat'i Feaale Orphan ktjlmm, AT ARLINGTON SPRING. The 1 .ady Miunrri of J*t. Yinoent'* Female Orphan Anvluin are gra'iSed in boing &t>'? tn stmounce that the CiUEens'flMM(~*-?* -*5? Annual Pic Nie (or the orphan* in W m cnarge of the Miter* of Chantv of the atx>v? naimd a?viiiin, will take placeat ARLINGTON SPRING on MONDAY. August 3mh, 186>. Wither*'* Celebrated Banc ha? been enrageil for the daneing aaloon. and ample refrenhment* will be suppli?d und*>r the direction of the Lady Managers. Conveyance to the Spring will be in readme** evAfv half hour f om the Capitol gat*. Seventh *t. and Pa avenue, and ev*ry ten minute* to George- > town, where a packet boat will leave half-hourly for Arlington. The generoeity of the ritixen* of AVa*hin?ton and Georgi to?n laVt year in contrihnting to feed and c.othe the orphan*, while they themaelve* enjoyed , a healthful and ploa*ant recreation, render aay further appeal totneir benevoleooeon dim occasion AMTImu*. Th? exercises of the day will be interspersed with an a>ldre**anii hinting b> the orphan children and ftiieh other innocent px??rci?*? a* will give amuse- . m?nt and pleasure to young and old. Ticket*, ycnntsfor gcutleraon; 25cent* for la-Ira; 10 rent* for children. j The Lady Manager* have soured the e'vic** of th* following gentlemen to act as manager* on the ground during the day : John C. Il<-.nt, Greg. Kent*, J no. D. Clarke, J.C.Pitzpatrick.W'm. J. Ro*e, J a* Harvey. ?*. S Jone*. K'lw. Simm*. JnhnF. Corle, \V. H. Ward. Caet. GorkWH Tk?. 1 ??-'? l>eter Gallaut, Rich. Clarke, H. B Sw??ney, I John F. Elli?. R H l4ikoj, ?vUauiieL: F. Mohun. H. Bichey. Tho?. DnflV, Col Hick??y. ?.Callahan, Ja?. Lincoln, 1 11. Mclaughlin, Jas. F?ll?Mon. W. Harvey. A J'??c?, H.J.MwI.auihlinCap*. I*. 11 King, I |)r J. Walah, Wm T Itova, R. Fichorn, I John F. Kins. R B. Owen?, A C Shaw, I I.. O'Tonle, WW' M<N?r?, J a* Kncli?h, ? P T>w>n, P. Shea, Be nard Haye?. The fallowing r??i't ?m?n ?r<? a special a?-tiv<< o??m - i nutte- from the Young Catholic Krien<1?' So<-i*?y i I .mi \\ a?iniiRton ar?<1 t. M.rctown. They will be i de?i?:naUvl b> ro*cttM oa the left l?r**?t: F. Mc.Norhaiiy, Phillip J .McHenry, I John Stake, Hiuh Dom-hoo, Dr. Kulwell, George Savago. I 1.. Neun?e*?r_ ? - ?, v ? ?? ?:!(? um pcr, J J. Kane. Jame* l ackey. ^ KoIm I Mthoney, P. Jorrfo#. an 14 St ? ? I AMUSJfiMKNTiS. yyASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Leiaee and Manager S W. Olis*. i THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op-n for th? reciilar Kail ami Winter S-aaon on tne night of THUB*I/At . mivimiu lar. JOSr.PH JKKFERBON, * The Comwlun of Hie Are, will commence an engagement of Twe v* N iyht? on MONDAY*. N'oveml?er 5th, aod wi'l be I follow tl bythe mo?t , BR 1 I. . I * N T STARS It. the Theatrical Firma net t. irr Communicationa if a.ltlre?*e<l to S W. i Slin.i. "'Old Mower? Thoater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an 18-tf R A GRAND MILITARY AND FANCY COS Jj Tl MK BALL wi I lake ?!*? k? * IWU 1KR WHIT K 8 I' L P H*U R Jft \ *PR]\GJ?, on WfcDNl-HDAV. the 33d ? \M(URt A ufficient nurelier of n? f?? Mr* MM vlr< ady l'?en obtained to euaure it to be a very bill- ^ lant affair tj Ptasea and hack* connect with naoh train in W ?' enton and deliver paM< ngera at the t^prinf in IX itiura time. r auH-d ROBERT HUDGIN, Proprietor. J MARIBALDI FESTIVAL. The TURNER 80CIETI?-"8of \Va?hin*ton and If ^Georgetown, anointed by the Singing A*- Mb * ation* Mmenmerchor Samt rH>?iff JB*Lirdertafml, respectfully announce that *8?" key will giro a fiRAND FESTIVAL ^LroSSAfe Anguit SMh, U .m in* man. pkvwth [\>express thatr sympathy mmI procure pecuniary g< a d for the Siril.JAN PEOPLE, r iow true*linn for liberty end mdependenea inder heir gallaat and hemic leeder V GEyMRAL GARIBALDI. Addraoses will be delivered in the G^rman-Italias ,nd Kn(lM>h laagoagae: to oo.mner.oe at 3 Pelook, ? i) be followed by Patriotic Mu?icai Air* and ;horu???, executed by the United Sin*ia| Aaaocia- u ten, after which regular pie-aie amusements. \Ly Ksputa's Band, in thair new aniforme, will B e present ol The roeeetioa will learo the Tamer Hall, Mar he railroad depot, precisely at 1 oVIook p m. di ( irv>n k?1 ? u - win iruiB uie cpttoi m>1 Bavan'h I UNt ro the PMk ?t abort intervals dunag tha a* and evening at 10 crnU par paas>-n(er Ticket* can be had at tha principal hotels, raa- ^ burautsand nunc store*. 1 Admisnoa to tha groaada, Si oaata for gentlemen; ' idiea free. au 17 2t p VRKK CONCERTS! ^RNST LOEFFLKE, Wm Ymk mvmmi, kr^wnvJi r saaoa, at hia Pavilion, aoouaaootag at 3 o'clock ncl ending at t* p. m. Prsvioas to tha CoaearU ta Saloon la open to thoaa daairiag to while f H?X%Ans *** 1 TmiHW i . w*M J1, MJCT1UN iULn , Mi ? Ht A.OBBVH i ? rjoot) T%VO'|^??VVbZ^KI|KHJIM( AIT* V* two Lot* rmosrn^ on Maiha*? imri, Ki?T Ot T? C*rlTOL. At AOcTIOH ?Oo Wfp MV>DA> ,lA?3id MMMt.ItiaLi M11.U froal n< t||? prrn.ia*?. At O'oloot f Hi , Lou Nn. |?m4 l?, ihi Maryland ?"?w. At Um oormr oi *tk itrwt n**t. witk *b? ia?rovra?itBi %luofc w?t g**4 two ?f?ry KrtWi ??* ? mm. T*rm? : #r" nsalu t ho I?IMW IS lud II < <Kk?f fbr uwU* ict*rMt from day o( ta.a A ? ? 4 Ciron at 4 a ?Wd of trott Ulm Titi? in<*i??etnMo. ? It 4 A. ? KEW. Ay Br BARNARD k Ht'CKF.V. AidioiNri. r?ORNlCOPlA AT AfCTION.-lH 1/ THURSDAY AKTKRN4M?N M ipiMt,it Sfc o'e oek. in (rout of th# proau??f, w viU ?*il tW ?-W Md |Ulp<rt|, tH H utaatoa oo Um oornor of Maitot tym m2 uio Cam) Thi? Home i? mv aikI itytiMMW, e > ! ? tM room*. bar &fto4 jrori jLt* Mtok ( lldinc : th*to It a& ?so*1loal aod drj m'Ui. Thu houM* u ii I nurt r a cm loot po?ittoo. ? a TMJ ?"P> J?r r*aott, and M MV (MM food root to 4 (unetupl tfnut. rniiMjpforiM oppertaatty ( wmni|M4 hminfM leaattwp. or for an nvMtartat Term* : On? third cash; the r?sidae in ft. IB, a?4 l* month*, with intwMt. < ctiwl by a 4mt of t est on the property. Titte porta*. _?5J!L*_ iARNAKU * BI'CKRY. Aaott Br A. ORRhK. AMmttr. flANDFOMKTVt OSTOB Y FRAWF. HnrRR 11 asp Lot or mi lum> at ami. si ?Ob THLK^bA Y, the 331 i??t . I eha ! tell la fr<**?t ( the premiers, at? ^'eloefc p. m , wes* part of lot ft in aqaare No. 496, banns a froat of ? foot ui aesth li. Mvnii 4i. i?i 6th streets. mar inc wilka siAs alley to a * feet a.iey. 122 feet I laches, with tfca jmrrowiMiu, whieh are a good two-story baa* a of?. 4.0. The lot is handsomely imyrovs<i with tree*, shrobbery, Ac Terms s baa half eaafc; balaaaa la I, It tad IB asoetha, for Botes bearing interest. aal?-d A. GKEKN. Aeet. By A. (>REE!f, Aneuoneer. EXCELLENT SALE or HOUSEHOLD AND Kit< in* Frmmrrnm. at Arc*.or ?Ob TUESDAY, the M lsstaat.atl* o'eie-si a. *-, 1 hail sell at the reaidenoe of a rentieaMn dooiiBinjt honsstseping. on I. n^Mt (!?? imk atreeta north. No. S"2, M exoallent > irtmWol Famitar*, vix One Wainat Parlor fcajta, 6 Pne*. _ .. Mahogany. Rdwwmx) Mart>!e f>? paaftr TabHa, Roaawood Hwitiwi Chair* and Vaaoa, >ie*p:y Hollow Had Wat eat Wkat iot, Mahoranj Wardrobe* and Hedateada. Marhletny Dtmiidi and oth*r Bu eaur, MarMe topand Mah-cany Waehaioke, A Fine tot of Kncranaca of nrioia aorta, Walnat Tablos and Cane aeat Chair a. Gilt and other 1,-okin* Glaaeea, Feather Boda. Pillow* and BMatera. Blanket*. ComferU. (Julu, Umu aad Caaaa, Hair, Cotton Top and Huak MaUraeaea, Cottace. Doehle and 9inr>e Bedatoarfa. One t*n feet Extena on Table, ( Walnut,> Three Ply, Ing ainand ?>tn?r OaryHa, Venetian Carpet and Stair Roda, /\:i aa ? -? ?* 1 - x.K ^iqiii. Itiim. ana i.a* < n&odaiiere, Knivae. bo k?.T??a and TaMeHpoona, One C<>inalete Dinner Sett. Chi?a, (ifau and Oreckerr Ware, Parlor Radiator ard Air Tight Storae, One Morning Star Coakia* Stove, nearly bmt. A targe lot of Kitchen Rraaiailm, and ntaay other arttolee too umeroyi to ennmerai* Term* All ?a?nBofaod under 926, eaah. over RSS a credit of w? and *? data. for notee aatiafarf>rily endoreed, bearing intareat. aa 15 d A. (iRKKN. Aaot Kt A. (iRKKN, Auctioneer. 2 HANDSOME THRKK.STORY FRANK Hor?? OX ISSiTII 'TUII.OH THK I ktiKIi, AT Acctios ?Ob Tl r.?I)\V theiHat initant. 1 ahaU aoil in front of Ike p rem I are, at * o'clock a.m.. part of L<?t No.6. in a*aare No. jp. with the iaa proremcota which are two good three atvry frame hontea, with )>aok bnikting, containing eight or (aa room* each, with paa?a*e. Thia property la handtomeW situated. frontm* on 13* street *Nt. hMvM* south U aud C itrwU, near tne Smithsonian Grounds. Tww: One fourlh cash; balance inf. IS, 18, ai <* 24 months, for notes bearing interest fr?m day of ui? A deed given and t dead of tint taken. TiUa indisputable. an 15 d A. GREEN. Aact |\1AI18HAL*S SALE.?In urtoe of a writ of I?1 fie'i fsolas issued from the Clark's Oftoe of tha C ires it Cos rt of the District of Co'umbiafor the County ol Washington, anid to nae diruatad. I will expose to public sale,lor oub, in f'oatof toe Conrt House duorof said oounty on vVKnNMDA Y, the /nh da; of Anient next, liwn, at 11 o'clock m. All oeft<i dint's right, title, c aim and istalest in and to Lot Mo 6, in Square 1053, in the City of Waahmgton. D. C , together wth all and singular the improvements th?re?rt. seised and levied upon as the property of John F. D?er. and will be eoM to satisfy juniciais No. 99. to October term 1MB, la favor of Margaret M' ' ^/s^LDFW*. U. 8. Marshal for the District ol Co u a.bia. an 7-dta \f AR8HA1/8SALE.?1 virtueof X writs cf|en U1 facias is?ned from tha Clark's off.esof toeCir oait Court of tha District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to pubiieuaie, for eash, in front of toe court house door of said oounty, on MONDAY, toe ?to daj of Aufist next,lM>,at 13o'clockm .alldefend n ritnv,uiia,oi?.>iB and tattrwt in and to Lot No. IS, IE 8^UN No. 19, in th? oitj of Waakiat?ea. D. C., ton*U>?r with all an* Mirilir the itapro i wu thereon, aened and laned apoc a* the property of 8lia*. H Van Patter ,*nd will be aoli tr wktiafr Jmciala No*, it and it, to October ton* MSP, it la* or ol John W.Tkonpeon aad Z. D Giioaa. W. SE^DBN* Jy 15-du LT. R. Mara ha! tm Diatriet of Colaaabia. CTTBE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED onT* WEDNESDAY, th? ?th iasU, aame hoar and p iaoe. aaS W. BBLPEN. U. ? Marahal. WILLIAM B. ENTWISLF.. APOTHECABY, [ ForwirrlwwUk J. L. XtdwU, fHi *f Wear r?rotr* ' . Respectfully in forma the citiiena i ? Waahmrton that he Km taken thefl^p XI A Drui Ptand at the corner of l?n atreot 1M LJit LJ?'id Fa. ava., where he will be foand XB ^ ^atalt hoor*. and will ki?er a fr?wh and wall aelected at- ck of DRl'GS. FANCY ABT1CLES, and all cooda uauaiy found in a wall faraiabod Drug Store He promiaim thoae who may favor turn with their patrooaca hia undivided attention w vnoir whim. N. B Kielviin pcrioMl attention fimlotlw jompoundinj of PkyiioiMu' PrMcnylioai at aU Itours, day or nicht ?.u 11 Tw' VILLAGE GREEN SFM I \ AR Y IS LOCA red in a heauti u. and healtliful viilac# 12 miles kbove Wilmington, IH.. and ne^r the Philadelphia iml Baltimore Railroad. RmoimmwM h* the Philadelphia Annual CoufetMc* of the MetLodiat Epi*?op?l Church. The oouree of etiidjr i* axtenair* and thorough?ia Lhe Mathematical, ClaMioai a?>d English D*fart nents. student* are prepared ft ItMinessorooIlM*. In the preparatory marit for nolle*# special refersnoe if made to Dickinson Coll?f?. The institution i* provided with a larre philaK'fhioal apparatus to illustrate tae >lud; of NaterUBcieuoe. A lili'arjr of three hundred volume* is to pupil* The hfth vear will commence MONDAY. Sep Lemher 3d. IMM.. iv>araing,Tuiliun, *c., foe muioi of 14 wooks. wm> Great kttMttoa i? pail to to* moral <tofoitwt >f etudenU. Monthir r?^orU?Htto(u?iU. For ?ircular? ?v ?uf?r??iau?ii the Principal, her j hervky barton, a. m., vit(? ireen Seminar*. Delawarecount* Pa. RO?r*n"*?Rev Lmn D D. Bwhof of M. E. ? . Wilminrton. DH ; Mr. V. A. I.nta, Wa?hiu*t???. [>.C; Mr. O. W Angell, do.; Meoar* l>i*k-oa k. Cniet?>oora#to%ii. aalltSey> Nm eighth ational exhibition. At CINCINNATI. OHIO, S*r*. \Stk-Vkk. The I'NITK.n ?T 1TL'? .roi/'i.. IfW'l PTV JlirSLji*." I.'T J".,,,vy w? 1 * AU -,-lv .rJLw!" jyM '.f.B'liiU a.. ?u?l Acririiltn klly rovuitfd hy Uir citis?aa of Cincirnatt. hich kre to t? fitted up tb. iMt -t^ TW wVt IORSKS. CAff/.t''tlHKKr. M (yf'st. w5&^L?5T ifaniLi? rv-"? 980,###. Tk# Exhibition will r?a?ta omm Iron W?Im y, tha l?Ui U< Tint rwiaT^tCiTtC, Ui Seyteielwr, hin fivin* time to examine and t?et the imvte Mat* Mid machinery. ' ? For premiam liaU of informants apalv at Um f0 CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. Orrict of tu Waiiimtoi Atcinct.t Wi?iimtoii. AiinitT.MH. t (uu>rioNuuw)Ob? mwfri utluioiM nul 12 o'clock ro.. AufuetXUt, 1MB. for eo*pljiec ! folio wi rk RiiUiriili: 1? to It feet long, Bell 4 Bptfat. WukiHt?a Aqueduct | tttrrn. mu?m? leek P?pee, IS lert loa*. Bell * Sf??TS,nrvs^KS^a ?n?-> ^MhiBfton Aqueduct MUera. 9 It-tack Kltnre Pipe*. 18 feet loaf. <dnU*> vaikinctoe Aqueduct pettern. __ , J C inch Flange Pieee.? feet Ion*, (driiied) WeekTJfTnch Flen?r Pieefl feet loaf .(dnliei) Week XuS A.W^5TSn.n? ?.n ?nda. Ac. For further jarHoetef, eiMiMtm mi ?-tf Ckief Eei'r VnShiegfe A^itedeeC N?? > ao?K. c ? a u Ml Pa.. A*., Brrw. Urji u> m* (fin giH,* w~" l/UOD NoviaUt umuitrtvialtr (mi M Sr'WoklpMii Voal" ?wjy*t?m AND 'r1,,,^EtSjSk 4 STEWART. ' OAl.. Oiot- ori*rNuilUUiU, / m 7-tw* Yn^?lJtfc at and CmmJ Mi? In Mk - ?*