Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1860 Page 1
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?? # I ? AmmMBBBMBB , fSSSBSSSSSSB ,J| / */( - f ?.'C?4>0 if - t ^ 0 - ' i * f ifl' Htiiv - n . -* QUA fW f I filH Mi , V26. XVI. WASHINGTON. L). C., MONDAY. AUGUST 20, 1860. N?. 2.341. THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THl STA& BUILDINGS, Conner of P*rm*ylvmni*mv**u? and lltk St., ,T I W. D. WALLACH. wwl ii ptekKM br earrlwi ! ? * y%tx, or 0 oenU Mr month. To nhimihw* u? f rice ii ?3J0 a year, in Ut**ctv fi for aix 91 for three monthai fcnd for leee th*fl three *o?tha it themte ?f ltoeate a t?fk, Single eptee, 05ic?kt; it fri^wi. two cum. Airumixnn ikoiM teirattotht otto* before I* ' look m , otherwise they any notMpear m?ttl thft next d%y. KITTY CLYM. Clatter1 clatter, waat the old mill, ni^ht ad day, jet nofcodj tn the little cettage juut beyond teemed to be disturbed by it. The old house dug (ay ooiily on the doorstep, with one ye open, while on the window-sill pussy re? iw?d in comfort. The neat white curtains looped up so fancifully ; the pretty jemaminp* aaa roees climbing up by the porch, spoke of the Utta of its occupants. Just within the door, tn neat white oap. sits the good daae, at the present moment, with her brow cloaded. "Where e*n Kitty stay so?" exclaimed Dame Clyde, "here it's almost dinner, and so signs of her. Kitty' Kitty !" But no Kitty came. What kteps Miss Kitty ? Come with me, gentle reader, jast up the stream a little way. There. ?n a large rock, over mVUL * - - - i?? weeping wuiow bends, with rod and line in her hand, every now and then throwing her wealth r>f earls high in the air, sits I sweet Kitty Oirde. But why does she tarry? T? aha >L. ?.L In- -> ii. r? there W^iid? her ait* Harry Jones, one arm ar?ua<* her waist, the other playing with her ?artv Very pleasant is their talk, for Kitty's musical Ungh rjngs ont every moment. Never breaming of the time, never thinking of poor father's dinner, she sit* listening to her lover'* talk. But just now the sunbeams kiss Kitty's face, and remind her of the time and of her duties. (Jrtrtd (fracions !" she ?Ti<laim?i) atartlnar up suddenly, upsetting her basket and it* content*, "its noon! Oh! how mother will ecold. It s too had you kept me so long." 441 kept yon, Kitty?" asked Harry; "I rather think it is your fault." Well, my fault or yours, I'll jet a scolding, that's oertain and gathering upline, rod, and basket, sh? turned towards home. *'bu?p Kitty, you hare forgotten something!' Harrr cried. Kitty turned to see what she had left, when her lover caught her in his arms and gave her a hearty kiss. Shame'" said Kitty, Vyou dare not do that. And fttrrttn eha Noon in the cottage, and from the mill comes large, robmt man. with the ringing stop of oie of nature's nob'enen. With quick treed he toon reaches the cottage, and entering, looks curiously around. > 4 How now, wife; am I too fast to day 44 That wild Kitty has beon gone all the morning, and I don't know when she will come home That girl will surety come to no good nd. ?he ia ao wild." f?nliii<l th? mmil d?m? "Nay, wife, the Is young yet. Whoa she gets older she will he wiser. Jest then Misi Kitty is seen walking very demerely towards the house. 4* Where have you been, you wild, wild girl'" " To the brook, to catch trout, mothei." " And what kept you so long?" " Why, I sat thinking, and thinking " "Just think of home a little morn Miss You'll surely break your fathor's and mother's heart, if you keep on in this helter-skelter way." Kitty's eyes filled with tears. 44 I'm sure, mother, if I had thought " She could say no more, but weeping, the turned ?way. Come here, girl, and kiss your father." With a bound she flung her arms around her father's neck, and then her mother's. *' Now, Kitty, hurry and get dinner." Kitty needed no second bidding. The little _ _ ?J ie i? ??t_ TL _ * vavm numniw mm 11 uj uiaglO. lag 1U9C10US batter, the snow-white bread, the tempting preserve, soon invited the trio to dinner. The wmble blessing asked, thej enjoyed the meal in silence Kitty Clyde wm the belle of the village, the dream of the young men, the envy of the girls, people said?and we all know that people will talk?that Harry Jones was Kitty's bean, an insinuation which Kitty indignantly denied. Be matter* aa they were, the truth was Kitty vii ft little inclined to coquette. Free and open-hearted. of good disposition. pretty face and figure. Kitty liked to be admired. To be are, away down in her heart, something whispered?"you love Harry Jones," but then the could not be satisfied with on* ' string" to her 44 beau " bupper earn*, and Kitty was missing again In vain Dame Clyde called 41 Kitty, Kitty !" Where was Kitty now? Just in the same place where we found her this morning, this Knvara* alAna TKapa *ha ** ? HUlV| uv<?vv??| WIVUW AIBVIV OUV U?1 C ? 90 fixed vacantly on the witm, looking like a piotare. 4,I wonder who loves me best?" she murmered ' John is * fine fellow, bat he is too polite. Torn loves me, too. but then he's too poor Then there is Hairy Jones, who?" "Is here to answer for himself;" and that*) Am*rrrA/4 frnm A rtlnmn cJt t mad "For shaine, Harry Jones, to play the eavesdropper !" exclaimed Kitty. Never minding her words, he asked: "Shall I tail you, Kitty, who loves you best ?" Kitty was a little flurried at his sudden appearance. so she answered: "I don't know, and what'i more, I don't care" "Wall, I'll answer it anyhow." Kitty pnt both her hands np to her Mrs, saying. "I won't hear." ?? ITirtV " And H JkPrv'a miAA t/V\lr m. A aanac ??*?/ ) ? *J * "?vv vivvpoi tone, "I lore job. I hare watched you for a long time. I bar* ?een joa bestow miij bright smiles on othera, but now, Kitty, I ask them all for myself. Do yon lore me, Kitty?" " What BOBHaae is this ?" exclaimed Kitty, aiehly smiling. "Nonsense : No, it U not nonsense. Do you lore me, Kitty ?" 44 No!" The word waa harshly spoken, and Harry turned to hid* his emotion. * "Tbtn good-by, Kitty Clyd*. I never thought you a flirt till now?nevor !" Marry turned on his heel and guiekly walked way. For a moment Kitty sat irresolute,then, wtrntvl Kl th* cuminr darknMi aha h<al?n?il ho?ward. " Child, ehild." Mid her mother, "where kart you t>e?a ?" Kitty made no reply, bat seeking her own little chamber, she threw herself on the bed and wept. For almost an hoar she sobbed there, and then said, "he will come again tomorrow/' That night wild dreams flitted through Kitty Clyde's head She dreamed she was a bride, hnt there was no bridegroom. So overpowered ffu she by her emotions that she awoke, jast as .a a I _ a Ull inn came peeping m ids nine winaow. Kitty wu mora than usually brisk that mornin(. for aha longed for the tima to coma (or I bar to ma?t Harry again. Taking down her basket from iu parch, and her rod from behind ' the door. she wandered through the meadiw toward the rock There abo (at, waiting till noon, and Ilarry had not oome. "Well he'll be here at sunset," thought Vittv mm aha sauntered toward homa. Sunset brought do Harry, bat on the rusk Urttnou w bio Ik Kilty baa til} opened. It iu short and precise ' ' Kirrr?Yo? do aot-toTe me I jub going away to-morrow. Farewell' God blew you. "RMm*/", Uuibing beek a eob, ?be quickly folded the note aad pieced it in her bo#om It wu herd work to keep beek (he teen, bat pride oame to her aid What aila thee. Kitty?" aaked her mother; ' Mi ok, child ?" 'No. Metker." Just then Mr. Clyde entered. 44 Hare you heard the newt*" he axked of Kilty. " Newt, whet new*. father' ' " Whj, Harry Jobm is going tc whip?" ? He aaid no nore, but sprang forward to ealch the fainting foris ?/Kilty. 44 I* he gone, father, ia be goat?" eagerly asked Kilty " Not yet. he start* to-morrow." ' * ml an iiiini aha flew. ly. Kitty soon found pen, ink and paper, and wrote this note: " Harrt :?Meet me at the rock tt>-lhotW* at sunset. Folded and despatched, Kitty aoon went to rest. The next evening, arraying herself in a blue muslin, with quick steps she reached the rock. Soon aa she ttas, Harry was there before her. iShe sprang into his arms, and laying her head upon his manly bosom, wept. lhe moonlight discovered tb*m sitting to QWVHVI nuu vairviup^ YCrf OSrD83liy. ^ Dll they said I don't know, but this I do know, that Harry did not go to sea; and that Kitty Clyde changed her name to Kitty Jones. Ice Water* If the reader is down town or away from home on a hot day, ftnd feels as if it would be poneciij aeiioious to bave a glass of lemonade, soda water, or brand/ toddy, by all means let him resist the temptation until he gets home, and thea take a glass of cold water, a awalloW at a time, with a second or two interval betwetn each swallow. Several noteworthy re tilts will moat assuredly follow. After it is all over you will feel qnite as well from a drink of water ai if von h*rf J ? -~* J free swig of either of the other?. In ten minute* after you will feel a great deal better. You will not hare been poisoned bj the lead or copper which is most generally found in soda water. You will be richer b,v six cents, which will be the interest on a dollar for a whni? ?? ' ? ? ** J v"' Yoa will not have fallen down dead from the fttt'lden chills, which sometimes result from drinking soda, iced water, or toddy, in a hurry. No well man has any business to eat ices or to drink iced liquors in any shape or form, if he wants to preserve his teeth, protect the tone of his stomach, and guard agitlist suddoninflamm&tionS) and prolonged dyspepsia. It is enottgh to make one shudder to see a beautiful youh^ girl sipping scalding coffee or tea a* the beginning of a meal and then close it with a glass of ice water, for at thirty she must either be snaggled toothed or wear those of the dead or artificial. w* _ ? rresn spring or well water is abundantly oool for any drinking purposes whatever. In oities where water is artificially supplied, the oase is somewhat different; but even then there is no good excuse for drinking ice water, because eveu if the excuse wei? good in itself, the effects on the stomach and teeth are the fame. Make a bag of thick woolen, doubled, lined with muslin; fill it with ice; have in a pitchcr i ?- - nu men or two of water above the faucet, and let this bag of ice be suspended from the oover within two inches of the surface of the water The ice will melt slowly and keep the water delightfully cool, but not ice cold. A still better effect will b? produced if the pitcher is also well enveloped in woolen. Again, water almost as cool as it can be. unless it has ioe actually in it, may be had without any ice at all. bv enr-lnni - < -f-v? t ^ ? vivoou UIVUUCIy puruj filled with water, with several folds of cotton, linen or bagging, and so arranging it that these folds are kept wet all the time by water dripping froai another vessel, on the principle of evaporation.?Hall's Journal of Health. Moke or Bluhoia's Freaks.?On Thursday Blondin favored the populace at Niagara with muumer ot bis exhibitions. The Buffalo Advertiser describes the performance thus: ? ' After inspecting and taughtening some of the gays, Mr. Blondin, at five minutes past four, picked up hi* balance pole, stepped nimbly upon the rope, and started on his journey for the British province of Upper Canada. Proceeding toward the center of the cable, he seated himself verv ?-.i ** - . ?"J wwua|rawvVUUJ ?UVI VUUft a look at the scene around him; starting again, he proceeded toward the o'her shore, again stopped, lying at full length uoon the back for a moment, turned a back summersault, and, regaining his feet, walked rapidly to his landing place, baring been but five minutes on the trip. On his arrival be was greeted with a cordial shaking of hands and cheers, while the band struck up the 'Marseilles.' After an interval of about twenty minutes, he again made bis appearance on tb? rope, this time with a picture taking apparatus on his back. Advancinr ?nm? 9.iwi tmn ,u- -1-? ? ? -? WW a WW I1VIU VlIU CUUIO) HO stopped, lashed his balauce pole to the cable, unstrapped hi* load, adjusted it in front of hini and took a 'likeness' of the people and the shore?at least we suppose he did, for he said he wtw agoing to, and he squared himself, leveled his machine and took aim through it, as these artists generally do?two circumstances which would go to show that the *piotur was took.' Having evidently completed this to his satisfaction, he shouldered his mat'hinA nnUflK*d V??? -?1 4 > vi uto i/aiaiiCO U'JIC, auu WCOl ahead backward to the place whence he came Id a few miAutes the little man wu seen coming towards America attached to a heavy lumbering chair. When about a third of the way out, he placed the chair apon the rope and seated himself thereon, crossed his legs, and gaied around with apparent unconcern. He then adjusted two legs of the chair on the cable, aad again seated himself. Coming nearer to the American shore, he again stopped o i\A am ? ?)nar?k 4 ??- ? * ? * ? ?< ??? iuwu gui uu duu eiuuu in (he chair. Mr. Blondin reached the shore, apparently not muoh fatigued, the whole performance having ocoupied about one hoar. He was cordially received on his arrival, many of the spectators, ladies and gentlemen, pressing forward to shake hands with him. It waiannounced that his next exhibition would be on the 15th inst., when he would taktf his cooking stove with him, and cook his dinner on the way. Three Poets in a Puzzle.?I led the horae to the stable, when a fresh perplexity arose. I removed the harness without difficulty, bat, after many attempts, I could not remove the collar. In despair, I called for assistance, when aid soon drew near. Mr. Wordsworth brought his ingenuity into exercise, but, after several unsuccessful efforts,be relinquished the achievement as a thing altogether impracticable. Mr. Coleridge now tried his hand, but showed no more grooming skill than his predecessors; for, after twisting the poor horse's neck almost to j * ? ii>uguiaiiuu, uitt iua great uanger 01 ail 6JM, he gave up the useless task, pronouncing that the horse s head must here grown (gout or dropsy) since the colUr was put on. for he said ' it was a downright impossibility for such a huge us frontia to pass through so narrow a collar!" Just at thm moment a servant girl came near, and understanding the caase of ovr consternation, "La, master,n said she, "vou don't go about the work in the right way, Yon should do this," when, turning the collar com pletely upside down, she slipped ft off in a moinent to our greet humiliation and wonderment, tuh satisfied afresh that there were h?i*hli ??f knowledge in the world to which he had not ' jet attained.?Cottle'* Life of Coleruigr. How i>oeh Drow*i*o Cause It has been thought that the lungs of persons drowned become tiled with water instead of air, and that in this way life is extinguished. This view is not correct. Very little water is usually found in the air passages in such cases. The sphinctar muscle*, like fsithful guards stationed before th? nortlll of thnaa aannitiv* nr??n? n?. vent iu entrance. Dr J. H. 8. Bean, of the hospital ha ckarite, at Paris, Intel j read before tb? Aead*mi4 ties Sciences an interesting paper on this subjeet, in which, after detailing some conclusive experiments madeondogs, he infers that in animals that are drowned the very circumstance that the month aad nose are under wafer causes a spasm which shuts the respiratory organ*, and thus arrests breathing The small quantity of frothy water found in the air nt???tr#l Ka tava frr.m fka Am* ratnirn. tion only, bo second respiration being possible daring Liumemion, because of the spurn of the glottis. Death bj drowning, then, according t j Dr. Been, been a close resemblance to the uffoeation induced bj a tetanic contraction of the muscle* which preaide or ex and direct re fixation' i Ami. WINIMW, Si K*f?ii<n ed Nurse ud Female Phyaloluu fTSMnti to the attention of mothers. her SOOTHING SYRUP, F?r Ckil4r? T(*Uii|, Wkl?k ffrtatiy fad. nam th? pracaae ?f tatlbiuf, by n(Im tag th? nun, ri??ir( ali inlMmUM??UI tlltf ALL rAll? and (paam*di? II SURE TO REOVLATE THE BOWELS. D#p?nd pan it, rtotktri, Jt will ft** raat t? yaaraalTaa, u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOVR INFANTS Wa hifi pat ip u4 ?14 ihuitticlt Iwntrtin y?*n, aad CAR (AT, IN COnriOB^CI AND TROTH of H,vhfttTI hava MTir baan iU? I* toy / *ny OTHIft MtdidDi-RiTii MRS. ?A? IT rAiLBB.m A I It ? L IK- ?TA*CI TO IFriCT A CUII, WIN5LUW1 ?hn timely d Mtrtrdid va know am>a-? ? i ? ? ?? J aatiafaetian by any ?* on* vba aaad it. Oa tba eantrary.allafa SYRUP, dtliahtad with iU PtMATion*, a Ml I.j * ?V |B tarma ( biftiaat command itiao of I* m iral afaeu ?nd madieal Tlrtaaa Wa apatk IB ;bia matt* WHAT VC DO KNOW," ifltriti yaara' aapartanea, ?*D mnei nun mri'TiTl?(f HI TNI FULFILMENT OP WHAT Wl HIRI DBOLAK a. In ala?M a*ary inatanct vhara tat icfant n aafarta( traa fan a?4 ilUMdak, rthal will bi fcand iaifUn a* tviaij miuaoa aftar tha ay rap la acvntmacarad. Tbia valaabia praparaiino ia Uia praaenptian af aaa af Iba Mat BXPBRIBHcaD and (BILPGL RUktia in Na? Knrlaad. aadbaa baan aaad *nh aitaa.i.n ?" THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It aM aoly raltavaa tka child fram pain, bat lnrijar*t?? Ik* tanack and bawalt, earracta acidity, and (i?t? taoa and ta tba wbala lyttam. It will a. I moat iaataotly rtliaT* GKIPIKS IN TBS Bowm AMD WlND COLIC, aad aaarcama eao?Bl?i???, which, if jot ipaadiiy ramadiad aad in daatk. W ??? sAiara it tha HIT tndidiiit It km- FOR in tk* world la all caaat af Dti- CHILDREN i?TIiiTi?ii Dia RH<tt lit chil- TKKTHFKfl n?*?, vhathar it i ariaai fram taathmr 1 or from ?n? oihu etui*. W woclit %\j to tury moihtr'wno hai * cfiild ?Hffcriof from any of th* fortfloinp comfUnit" ?Do HOT LBT fOVA miJCDICBf, ItOR THI FRlirDICfl OF OTHKI iuu<1 baiwatn yoar tuffarinf child and th* rtlitf that will bi IURI?J**, AllOLUTBLY ?D*t?to follow tit* St* of lh midicina, if tin-alp and. Till dirtetior.a' ft uting will a compan y aach bom*. Nona rtnairt inlaaa tba fue-aioiil* CORTli ft PERKINS, N? w York, it on (ha maid* trtpfl So.d by Dnrgiiia ihroif boat lb* world. Principal Olfct. No. II C(4ar Slraat, N. T. Priei mIi tt Cnu ptr Bmui. n1I-M*I* "educational. SEMINARY FOR YOUN(i LADIES. ?? Miss Kciohzs, assisted bjr her aist?r. CrritLiA C. Koines. will resume her ?chool MONDAY,, at her resideno* 430Dstre?t. Instructions will be given in English, French and Drawing. ?u 17-St THE PRE8COTT HIGH SCHOOL, 370 Eighth St., Betwkkh K and L Pts. Studies will be resumed in thin in*ti'ution on MONDAY, September 3d. Ciron'arsat bookst-rer, an 16-tf A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. AtRS. M.E.KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, iff 414 E St.. Wub jcotos, D. C. The next semion will commence October Int. 1B80. Terras, Ao., forwarded on application. au 15 tf REV. CTP. RI'SSELLTASSISTED BY MRS. Russell, will reopen his school for jouiig ladiea _ _ a i jt t? ???? v '?? - ~ - ..'i.i- grai mn^uAY <>i septemf>?r next, at I\o. 41 F?'t Capitol street, Washington, D. C. _au J4-2a w 3 wj[ QEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. Studies will h? remmed at this Institution on the first Monday of September. an 14-eo3wr JOrtN EARLY, S. J., President. Female academy, I Strkt, Hrtwsm 18th and 19th. ellen e. Janney. taincipai.. Tl.* Ol.iL. A i o * ii" .-?ii'ii niiiiusi rewiinn will commence on the fi'st MONDAY in September. au 11 law3w* S LAFAYETTE INSTITUTE. ESSION Will commence on M< ?N (>A Y, September 10th, at th? n^w Institute HuiMing, itol 1 street. adjoininK Cnrolin- Terrnoe, oppoMte Franklin Square Circulars at hnokntorea. au 11 eo?w (Con A Int.) I,. C. LOOMIS. Metropolitan collegiate InstTtute FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bitwim Bra add7ih St?. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the hrst MONDAY in SVptemb-r. a - _ ? s: ? - * AjipiK-imon? srionid do nia'in any, as l ie uumi>pr of pupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H AVKn.tihR, at the Institute. an 9-eotf COMME R C I A L COLL EGE," No. 4TB Skvknth st., Oppotit* tk* Onural Post Ofct, Washington City. Armonan System of Penmanship, Booikeeping, Mercantile Forms ana Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohanie, Current Kills, Commission Sales, Gran mar and Arithmetic, IP" A Preparatory Class for Boje. UjT Ladies will be instruoted in fine penman hip. Room*op?nfrom9a.m. to 10 p.m. For tenna apply at the Rooms. ma '2* 1m WM. W VOUNft % to. The union female academy. Nrw Ahransrmknt. Thia well-known and popular Seminary, whioh baa tx?en ao auooea?ful under the entire care of Mra Z. Richards for more than ten vears, will b?? opened on the fimt Monday in Septamtar n?*xt. und?*r tlic united xnpervision and inHtruction of Mr. and Mra. RICH** RUN, in the well arranced and delicht fully located Union Acivlemy Building. For pariiouiars. *ee circular* at all the Bookatorea. mn?Jtf MMRS. McCOR wICR'S SCHOOL. RS. McCORMICK deairea to inform he Siemli and the jublio generally that rh? will reamac e dnUea of her School on the lat Monday in September next. The conrae of atndy pnrnoed will oomerieeall the braoohea reeuiaite to a thorough Engllah education. In addition to her daj aohoiara. ahe ia deeirona at receiving into her family a few eueila aa boardera aged from 10 to M yeara, who will ne ander her inniadiaf n Mra?.nH nw?paterK? Her arrangements for the accommodation and due o&re of papila hare b?en considerably moreaaed and otherwise improved. Those in Washington aesiring psrtioalar information with refsrenoe to her school may applT to W. D. WalLaoh, Editor o For terms and fartner partleilars apply at hoi ro?donoo?No. St Cameron atreet, Alexandria, Va. ivfr-tf OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Washington, Annual 15. I860 Pkopojals will be received at this until ?A _ -1 1? * - * * < v oiook m. on m? zrin nay 01 August, I8SI1, Tor i onstruoting th? unfinished portions of tke conduit of the Washington Aqueduot. Th? work to be done oompri??* about 55ft Cuhie yards of Rubble Masonry, and 3 000 Cubio yards of embank men t Also, f->r the completion of Tunnel No. 1., b*ing about 87 lineal fe?t. containing Cubio yards of rook excavation; ail to bo completed and delivered u* by the 1st day of November next Plans and speoifioationa may be seen at this office. Proposals will be sealed and endorsed " Propoaa's for Conduit" or for "Tunnel^' as the oase may be. H. W BK.-NUAM, ?;?pt. or t n*lnfl?m ?B l*-ao8t Chief Enginw W. Al SUGAR, COFFEE, TEA, Ac. ~ 18 hhda PORTO RICO SUGAR, 15 do CUBA SUGAR, 50 hbl.. REFINED SUGARS, 50 hag a JaVA COFFEE. ? do MARACAIBO COFFEE, 25 do HJP COFFRE, 25 do ST. DOMINGO COFFEE. ?> half cb?ata GREEN and BLAOK TEA9, 5 hoxea ADAMANTINE CA.nDLES, 20 do PRIME CHEESE, lift t\rk 1 RPI) Now landing from steamer Montie?l!o and packet schooner Molt Bedell, and for sale I w by an S ?t?o aAMUKL BACON ft CO. SEVENTH STRRET. 486 A beautiful assortment of GOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and loir priced GOOD**. KIRRBOARDS. PRINTS. PICTi RHB. CORD and TA88E1j?, ?o.. remnants of low priced PAPERS, with a handsome stock of WINDOW SHADES, at greatly reduced prioea. Orders left for PAPER HANGINGS ami WINDOW SHADES satisfactorily executed with skill ??d dispaten in oity or ooanlrv. Please cive me a call. Don't forget the number. INO. MARKU1TKK, No. 486 Seventh it., 8 doors st?ove au6-eott* Odd Fallow' Hall. PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captains and owners of Vessels^ bound to the District >xs. of Columbia, notioe is hereby given, th&t Ap Silote may be found at all times at St eorge's Island, at the mouth of St. Mary's river, and near Piney Point, and that it is not n~c?s?ary to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when the vessel is bound to Georgetown or Wa hington city. I as Maryland Pilots oaa be found of at least rqnai kill and reliability. an U-?od2iu* Baltimore butter house. Daily reoeiving fresh and sweet, in Goshen paekaca*. Also, Ohio Butter, at lftK and 12y, eerts m KLLICOTr * HKWK8, It* M h'.Tohance Plane. Baltimore. OB AY WATER. NE puncheon pure high flavored B AY RUM . J oat received and for sale hr au lVee6t M1DDLETON k BF.ALL HOOP SKIRTS. HOQP SKIRT8. Just received this morning, a large assortment direct from the manufacturers, of the l>**t malic*, ia Ladies, Misses, and Chi Wrens, all at teUuc'.a irioM. J. W7COLLKY t CO..J I uMN K (83 7th it. above Pal. av#. - ??????? FOB SALE AND REST.

OR RKNT-A thr??.Btory BRICK HOl'SK, 1 on H street, between 4th and 5th. Alito. a two t*ry bKICK COTTAOK, wilh jarden. corner of Tenneaaee avenue and north F utreet, ?urroundod by a larre common pasture, and would t>e a de?irab'eloe&tion fur a dairyman. Inquire of C. ttlRGK, 446 lg-h at. jy 19-en3m? ( TK Y KKSIDKNCK FOR HA I,K.?Thrre r??et J^aad aituatad at Bailey'* X *t the intersection of the Coiurab an and hSVt"9 ?* milea from Waahmitton *<1 ?Iran# Alexandria. The iraproTemeuU ouniut ?iii i*?' "ntainiof |( rooma, barn, corn house, sheds, fto. The yard is well shaded with troea and D*?in it an exoeiieat well of water. For further n^tn?f,vV?* Wft?? WJOA V N F. iA/ " lililU* F.M.? OJ A* W*_p A ^ Marshall's auction roomii Washing ton, D. C. The above 4esoribed sroperty will be sold .ow for casn jy 5-smw* [ (71 OR SALE?A small FARM of? Mr?e,?itu?to4 IT at the Little FfciU, hfcyini a oomfortable dwelling-botso, oorn-hoase, stables, &o ; well fenced and watered ; within fo?r miles of Washington ; 15 denee.liiiiig perfectly healthy and mmt romantically situated ^excellent fishing and hunting. Ineuira of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Fall* r1?7-2?wff FMIR RKNT?'The three *tory (brown front) HOUSE, No. 307 New York avenue, between 10th anrl llth streets, north side, containing fifteen rooms. This hoaie is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc ; is liyhte?1 by gM, and in every way sultan e lor a boarding house. Kfnt molerate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, ac-cond tiu'T north wtntot Patent Offioe. jy U-tf OR RENT?The fin^FR AME HOUSE known as 'French Evan*' Home," situated on M ?t north, betwwen 9th and li'th streets, No. .')U0, one of the most desirable private residenoet in Washington. This h' use is surrounded by fruit tree* ana great numbers of currant bushes of various kimis, and fine shade trees.with 16,noo feet of g ound, walled in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth st.. between D and E. jy 18 H IVOR RENT-Three BRlCK llOl SF.S-one on r Twelfth street, between C ami I); one on the corner of Twelfth and H sf?.; and one on II, b?twei-n 12th and 13th sts. Inuuire of JA.MF.S \V BARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 4'23. ma 30-tf FOR RENT?'That new and well arranged three story BRICK HOUSE. No. I'M, on G street, between 19th and 20th ?t?., First Ward, lately occupied bjr Mr, Bodisco, Russian Legation. Po*sk|. mod riven immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EV ft PARK KR. next door east. ma 16-eotl h-'UR Run r-TM riKPT rLUUK 01 tne nnualnr immediately opposite the w?it wing of the City Har, recently occupied by (7hu. 8. NTallftch as an otlc?. ?lao the front room in the eeooad tory and the third floor of the wut build in*. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 8 Louisiana ja IS tf_ SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGRE8S.Two splendid suites of ROOMS, elegantly- furnished, will bs rented daring the cession of Concress, in the most desirable locality in this oity, beinf within on# or two squares of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of such Rooms will do well to make early application at No. 37 S nth street, between O street and Pa. av. de fc-tI CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " ? D Street, Between 9tk and \Mk Streets. We have just fini?hod a nrnntwr of first olui CARRIAGES, suoh as l.ttkl Fnnry. Park Pkraton*. Family rar-VHtJJjgjK nates, and Bur ties, which we wiil sell at w ? BLi a ver? small profit. Betnc practical mechanics in different branches or the Dusinwis, we (tatter ourselves that we kim? the styles and quail'; of work that will cive satis faction, combining lightness, oomfort and durahiii ty, Resairir.g r'omptly and carefully attended to the shortest n- tice and most reasonable charcea, WALTER, KARMAN.N & BOPP, lo&otiiEUceri, ucceseora to Win. T. nook, ftp 27-dly T CARRIAGES._ HB Snbaoriber having made addition* to hi ta*tory, ra^mf it row one ?f ih? nth? I?istrict, whori his facilities f<>rdflKK Mbltuihlrln>f!ARIIIi>]K K I ICU'rK^K WAGONS of all kind a cannot he anrpaaaed, ui Sow hn lour exp?ri?noe tn the binntu, he hopes to tire tenenv! aaUafa^tion. All kinds of Carriage* and Light Wacom kept ei fcaad. All REPAIRS neatly dtDC.andallerdera prompt I 'secend hand OarrUcea taken in eaehaage for are nei. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 M-H ??mw ?f 14th an4 K ata T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. Whtrtas, At th? preaent hmob of the jetr CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPE-PSIK, DEBILITY, to., Ao.. prevail to an alarming extent: And icktrtas, It mtit be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know -?f A REMEDY at onoe Safe, Sptrdy, and EJLcaiioui, DR. MONTARDE, or Pa&ir, offeri his _ MiDtrtfi nra paiw bii i ld i'linnvuiivvv > ni * n t uuun m the m??t CURTAIN AND KFFECTUAL REMEDV FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to THE PUBLIC that no imposition u intended in the nal? of this Great M?dio:ne, THE MONEY.WILL KK REFUNDED in all casts when the medicine tuts to give entire ntirfa.ot.ion. Atk, then at anr Drug Store for uk ai"ni i ak uivs MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take m direoted, tad if not perfectly ulufiM, Return to our Agrat, D. B. ? LARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pennsylvania Artsie, who will refacd yonr money. Prioe?25 and 30 Cents per Bottle. For sal* at all Drag Stores everywhere. J AS. MCDONNELL, General Agent, jy 11-eotr Baltimore. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. HE Neat Drawing pf the Royal Havana Lot urj, ooMBstM vj we bmbimi wovernment, under the lafemaioB of the Captain General of C?b?, will t&ke place at Havana on SATURDAY, ArocsT 26, 1*0. SORTSO NUMBRO Ml ORDINARIO. CAPITAL. PRIZE IOO.OOO. 1 prlae of f 100.W0 H pnsee of ?1 .art I do ?,?)0 on do lot 1 do *Som m do ?ot 1 do njm SOapprox. I jot I do 10,008 IN ALL *89 FRIZES. Whole Ticket*. 940?Halve*, f 10?Quarter*, |i. Erise* oaahed at eight at S per oent discount. ^ HI* on all eolvent Bank* taken at par. ^ n UI?? *141 w 111 wv 1UI WMUN mm BIWU H OH rveui beoomM known. All ordara for aohemes or tiokota to b? addraMed to DON RODRIGUEZ, lull tr Q?r?nf City Po?t.Cfrartaatoii. t?.C. NATIONAL 11 SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gum Strict, Better en Bndft and IV*ter struts, Oeortttown, D. C. A larga stock of CANDLES, Brow, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS, A I ? Aiaui TAT.LOW and GREASE for Locomotive*. Steamboat*, and a.I kind*of machinery, always on hand, and for sale at price* to enit the trade C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. It l>eo<f IpOR SALE.?Th* light draught fast sailin . YACHT POl.NTKR will be sold c heap on immediate application Th? above Hniti^ is 30 feet loug, 13 f>>et '.team, with a lina cabin*^* 12feet in length; was fitad up lor a pleasure t.oat, out would make an e*oe!Jent market boat Intui e of H. O HOOD. >35 Pa arenne. an ?-lf 275 . A_Ljr** 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, P?xk. Avcrnc, Bntwnsu 1(>tk ud llth atrMt*. |? 19 MVGNOLIX SAMS! MAGNOLIA HAMS!! NV hive just r<M ivatl auotker rupply of oir M\GNOLlA HAMS, wluoh iutve fiveu taeh ??suction for aev?r*i years fvai. W fu&rant v*ry ou to b* ui Die hwt sua ilr; _ KING A BKRCHKLL, 11W GorMr ?t. and V?rim>at rt. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS iliiMsn E BEALL.] |WM.S. .\UTIHIWNtOTTCK K\V GROCERY KSTABLISHM KNT. r*nr??v v# f ? To THE ClTlZKXK or THE DlSTEICT AKD VirlSITT The undersigned would respectfully M"?Miaee that havtaken the old r?tal>ii*h?d n a:.d ol John >1. Belt, Esq , thi?y internl to k???p *l?ar? on han'l a Imrtf and very rrtcct Assortment of tni? fir*l cia?a FAMILY UROCERIESof ail kmda.and be'eby respe-tfulhr solicit calls frou ail who ma* desire to be unpplied with prim* article* in th?tr line, and at moderate prices. au 13-cozw BEAM, ft MATTHEW*. AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES EN A 6KORGRTOWN. The undersigned bar* been appointed Agenta for the ?a:? of the above oelebrated and we.i-known PLATFORM and COUNTER BCALE9. A fr.! anpply oonetantly on hand and for aale at loweet i ate*. HAY and COAl.WALES?r*et?<l in any part of the O:?triot or MfoilliDf Ail Soaloa are warranted durable, accurate, a ad to five satisfaction BUPFY * BARNARD, DeaWs in Agricultural Implements, jeHim Bridse street 2 doors west of Hifh. fRANDKLL, OPTICIAN, V/ No. 189 Sridit* if.. (itmrtiow.. Has constantly on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periacqaio. g? ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, oi^*the Dfvt ^oaitT. in gold. silvar. steei, and 6ermac N. ll. Old FramM Repaired and pew uisstn set in them to order. no l?-ly J OS. F, iilKCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brxdnr ami Jrferrcn ft*., Gtortitowa. Having given wj perianal attention to this branch of mi business, 1 ain prepared to -?a _ attend to all oal's with promptness bsfiMMB Per?on* from aditanoe can beaup plied at a 'ft nun?it*e' notice, e* 1 have a iarge uaor'nient of GoPKtNS aiwafa nr hand. Particular ?tfn?iun paid to tberenova) of the d< ad from the old to the new burial ground a. Hfars^r and Horn's for hire. up fCTk JUST RKCLIVKD, . lDU BBLS. WHISKY, (MnorteSl.l im do. IIKRRINtt a-.d AI.KWIVE9. 25 do. H KFINKD SI'GARS, mhhds. PORTO RICO SITGAlW, 6bbl?.(Ba?fiHd> WHITK Fl-H, 2a buZOH d? ime I-JuL?rn C H fSf. For Mile low Uy" "JOHN"j!*BOOI*K, je8 Uwreetiiwn, U. C. \1AHHKY, COLLINS ft. CO.'iTpHILADfcL1*1 PHI A DRAUGHT A LK.? W* ar? constantly receiving fre*-. supplies of the *1 ove de-ifLtfui beveraee, and inrite a!l persons wh.? want a pure ?n dalterMed Ale, to five it a trial. ARMY A SHINN, AcenU, Ikr IT ArMm M.. S?orfAtnwi. dentistry! D dental notice. R. LOO.Mtf* lias clvanl bis utiof for the smson, and will be absent. as usual, durinr the *0111 mer months ; will resume practice ?h?u't the 1st of Oot< tw?r, of which further notice will be given. iJ to-tf DU&NTI8TKY. R. HILLS, after a^racnoa! teat of two rear? feels that he can with oojfidenoa reooni-^^Mk mend the Cheopiaatie Prooea* {oribaertinaBflfil artificial teoth it ha* the ad vautajr?a *tren(th, t>*autv, eleanlineaa, and cneapn*aa. Pail upper iota inserted for ftSt. Partial in proportion, office SO# Ha. arenas. a* 7 | TRUXKsi BOOYSIlN D SHOES. I HAVE REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET fpncn. Ptim. avonue. betwn*n 8th and win ?tr<*rt?, wi;?re I will (Mhtp^r towvtlSl ou al! who will favor m* with a cal' witlif 1 a fin* nt.Ksk of ROOTS acd *H??Kf* for1 lfch. Ladi*a',Gnnta',Boya',Misses'and Chtldrer ?w?ar, an 2 ??tr J. ROSE.Ml HAL. Boots ani> shoe? to suit rut TIMES. W* ar? now Tnanafaoftirina all kinds of BOOT? and SHObM, ud ou->stantlv r?oeiviii( upp'y o( eastern ina<i? work <>f evei? onptio", mad* **pr??s?ly to order, and will J Hi sold at a nin?h li>w? pnoethan hai be?n" 1^^ heretofore charged in this city for ir.uoh ir.f*rioi articles. Persona in want of Boots and Shoes of eaatera oi .i?. ..J. U ?.11 - l f - J - - * * Ull? liifiur wui ft, ?l I HlWHyilHiUllII'H] IffOnnifB in atnreand at the lowest pric?a Give na a rail. GRIFFIN A. b RO.. apS-r 314 Fvcotilvftcit avenue, Five hundred travllinb trunks arrived this tlav, embracing aii <uah am ties aud 8ia"? of Sole Leather, Ladiet'SaTw Dreea and Packing Frank a. Our trank^?***" *ale? room exhibit* at this Utne tbecr*at*ftt variety of traveling recuisitei at moderate price#, to be locnd thu aide of New York. Aleo.everv deeoneUoa of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET b At*?*. SATCHELS, Ao. ID*Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for nov ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Saiea Room, arM-tf ??u Pa. a venae. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 Tth SttUT, (trposu* Odd f>Uo*?s' Halls Watktntttm. D. C. Tr*v?lff? will stud* th?ir niWretta li> eianunin my TRUNKS, VAL.ICfc.S Ac , before pur ehartnc elaewre Aa I un? none b?t 'VMM best material tin? market affords ai><! employ^*4"*" the tr"?' workmen, 1 oai> conlidentij recommend m> | work to Im? mperior in Strmgik and lhrraM*ny tc Trnuka that are made in other ottiea and aold here 1 keep conatautly on hand, and ruak* to order (oc one week'a notioe) eTerr deaoriotien of ML! ??'?, >'*l;;rift?*ho?'? M-'1"*"*1 FAMU- I -?wU&MACHINES., ^ wa ? top*1 A a? i*-*? - - -fITN1TED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, vJ "Washi.iotos. Jnly 17, l?n. Proposal* will be rMnvod at thu Oflio- uitfl' noon of I ueadaj, tne ilat of Angu?t next,for Fura ishing Mid Putting the Iron Oilinc* of tea room* nw the connecting corridors of tua Cap'to) Kxteoaion The proposals ?"Bit state the apoe for each oeil lot osmplete, tn elaoe. painted with three good coats of white lead in oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilmra, of every description, including the faster incs of the ceiling* to the walla and to the roof fiamea, muat be inoladeit in the price bid. The propoaala moat be endorsed, "Pro^oaals for Iron Ceilings." and maat be aooompanied by a guarantee, aignad bi one or more responsible per son*, sddressed to the underpinned. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, in the presence of auon peraona aa ma; ofeooae to attend. The drawlnga of the oeilinga ean been aeen at this Office. W.B. FRANKLI", Captain Topographical ngineera. In eharge of Capitol tixtenaion. Each proposal should be? aooompanied by tkt following guarantee: Form of The anderaignwi, A B ana C 1). of , in the Stats of . aod in the State of . nere by Rua-anty that in oaae the foregoing hid <if for iron ceilings, aa above deacribel, bo a^ceptac, he or they will, within ten day a after the receipt of theoont'Mtat they acenamedexeeutethaoontract Tor the oeilinca, with good aad au ffioian* manUM; aud.iucaae the aaid ahall fail to enter into oon'raotaa aforeaaid, we ruarfuity to make t-?d the tiilf-renoe between tha offer cf Lb* and that viuoh ina.? t>? aeocptwi. Uate , 1W, Signature* of luaractor*, A U. C O. Witnm.K F. I tw?by o?rtifr that the abore named ?re known to mm *We to make rood their marantee S4**nature G fl. To b? *igned b) the Un:t?J State* dutriot jn4 g?. united uislnet attorney, oofwctor, or torn* poraorii known to tae Wv i>ep*.rtat*&l. Jl IB did JMFOKTANT TO HOU?tKKEPtJUiB. R. PUBKRK^CO.^^^ Guaranteed not only A HSOI.IITKI.V AND PKIFECTl.V PUIIi. bat r round fro* freeh gpicea, aeleoMd and oleaneo bj as expre?sl} for the pureoee without rtftmo* to oo?t. They are beaotifnly paoked ia tinfoil, (luted witk ** *> to pravent lnjerj by keeping. mU are tall weicht, while the ordinan ?r >jiK? Spioei are aJmoet inrtvnabiy ehort We wa~rairt MMaaaJtoataiwd^al J*0**ft" WM GAS FIXTURES. K ff*r? it> ?tof?. and arc dai ? r?-e??Tini, 641 9ro??rSof ?alir*iy >N?w Pattariuaod ItowfM Kiumh, luporior in ?t?le to fnjthjm her?-t. ft.ra olforewt in thu tn?rk?t. We innU'citf**** f?neni Iv to call .iini nwnint oar rtock of (iaa and \V uter FuUurt*, fr-mii* ?j atMlebi ttatvt Uav* tfee beat elected atrwk in WMhinrtoa. All Work in tH*? atavw Tia? intrartfcl to aur <mr? ..u " " "Sftfts t?..? VJ.. mar S-tf IT Ali tra? I ^ ? 7^. I IfU JOH.N F. ti?L4 . I ? - THE WEEKLY STAR (MUX * imtir TKtfCr of titerwtoac i?<m t*M ou b* is ui oU?f-ii ua Harm; morning. 1 uu-Cui WI'WH?>, ** n. ?<??'* *orT. uiu. ?? ? r! orwii - - , , ... ? - m Rl ? ?!?< ? ?- ? nlj oopiM.. ?? 15 ? vftLit the & mn 'Zfwl. m w iJ am refiTM W> pm MM. Of Iht Stmt VIU b? ?* ?? U tba *' M ftakiQf t.^ New* that bu maia 7V Err*\*p Sit ?roi?tt o r?wr?,iy tktoiikoit tba ou?ntr j. lLT"?in*teoopiM < ia wrapper* > NtWironnd K7* Po?tlW%*?r? VhO Ml M MMH WU1 tM |.>wwd ?<vmmi?*ioa of ? e*au. SFMVFR RESORTS (ARLISLK Tl*h?wrt?r??wtf?t WHITK SILPHl'R 'rSUJT'XS mines, Mountain Air. lane*'* CVMHKRLANIt CO. ^itGbktilTirm,. F?m-ftlv+nt*. l^oo?l tkKMtty aud a (*o<jd . . . AcroHHoftATiom rot Pnr p*rtie?l?r? m4 so# o?W| TERMS LOW. IN 4 VIWClnC7 J* ? nrw Orlitl* rm. CAK1I.-A? ftn induc*m?otfor Ikmi.iMtoBo>o?ro at the "H YOKlA*'<luniu the m ?nth?M ^ A. of AtiRuat and Vptrmtm, th* Profri* WMf tort bare r?iiue<<d the prioeof Board to I?TI UB1 uiu f P<" lrw^jTmil M|UII III. C*C WILUA M; | Proprietor*. OH Point, JalyMth. Jy WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. .Vrv York irMW, k?M 1st mm*iU $tt. Id atllinc the attention oi IM pnblic t* w y crouud* Lwoald that wry vrui?a?tt m . . A ?n made to irate till* * It b?i' MMV attractive every <1?v. MoMltfi Ik* Vv iUu Jmi are open to the public Ira* of wwrt liven by a eel??tbaod. Thieedeemni to or joy tke dMWkBd ??lt* * 1 I M the adniM I ? <?*? order to reader pieaeB.e to *11. l?? other 4am uo proprietor will cheerfully (tAt tfee mo of tho croundn lor tohool or other Tie >ti? PkiUN wi?5out charge. For the airneement or ohildren be haa introdBood a number of little itiiiei, never before nw in title oitr, and owlociated at the name lime to ananne t*e "oid foikn.'' J*. B.?Attached in ny Bot'hnf Ketahlmha- Bt, *rH ftmtlmi r>a r Lo innalia.4 m wtm a! their re*H>?DM. of trial' baa.Infill YnaJ. LACft K BEK.R, u??>b nhort notioe. je 1* ?n> A N A LOB TAN RfcTRKAT. i* On Akuoitir liUIDt On>o!%tt Gfvrftfnr* **4 Wmtkmrtm The aubaenbera havir.g ieaaed for a *?na ?f TW? thia beaa'ifal and romantic >?ot. wnw I. ? A it for the acoi>mrnn<l*ti<>n of tbe aarflie w the Slat daj of May, 1M?. For tw-a<ity olU|HX ?oeuerj, delightful ?ro*Mn?dM, fiahing Ae.. be idea ua superior water, it ia rfMt 3 ia the Union. The douae ia larreand eoa^odiona, having t**n entirely renovated It haa a large Daaeing Moon attached to the hoaae. Sea dea Dialog and Draniac Koomi for l?'th Ift lee ana fertirmru In addition tplendid Arbor* detac ied f'om the fcoildinr*. Parties, Families and Individual* wii find it a n??t rieei -able p'aoe to paaa th? an'try day* of asm iner, a* ererp atteutiua will be guarantied by U? proprietor*. The ttriotAet polio* arnnfient* ?n < be enforced, and pohti al dieeaaaioM will be prohibited Tbe i^arder wilt be fo?nd to oontain all the de toaotee of the **aeon at all timea. The Par ill be formatted with the oho i Met Liquor a and ^ ism and to* tin* at Nvi. H 'ni^tjrn, 8ur<i?T ." ! . Cluha and Military ComisniM will ft ad this Um ntuat dM.rahi? rawrt dmi tmr metropolis for apending a r.wtot ud ot d^l* da*. fr^Chi'dron unaooomaanad by Umir parMtior guard i ana, wtli (? excluded from U( groaada. Onnbian and dug* prohibited. [LT Honta Will lmv( Ui? 'not of Rl|k itmt. O^oigrtown. and G af-Mt, Waahiugioa. boarty. from * o olo. k a. m. ti 1 12 p. m , daily. Peraor* p-efcrrinc a p'naaant walk oan r?aok tba la and via the Aqueduct. w eaoiouth* ?vniio to ioar*for thMnitim, ud fe*l n^pTirfvi of rmnr m*itrftctinn. i* JV!OH W. POWKR* * CO. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to *41 part* u> im wt>,>tUi? low?I pose title rate*. T J. A W. M. 0 ALT, Office 2S54 P*. av.. betWMn llUi and 1211) aU . ma 17 tf north ida. 1*HE Hi KSCRIHKR HAVINtt ON RAND tn nUiMin stock of k'liKL ii inni to se" at a ver* low tear* for ouh. WOOD and Split lay IIM. Call and ea* for y rmraelf. Wwxf%cd d Deafer. ma IS 8. K. corner of FoarteeaU aad C Ma. nation aeil it! ribition. At CINCINNATI. OHIO, St*. I2tk~?tk. Th? i'nttkd stated agricultural, SOCIETY will hold tU Kuhth Annual Atriouitu ral au<l l-dunina Exhibition on th* %round a liberally provided bj tiie citiseaa of Cincn uH . ti .4 are to he fitted -op in the beat etfle. There will be Halia and Tent* for the diaplay of impleMENTS, machinery.t^la wimestlc manufactures, farm and oarben nn /> >( * . a ? on ? r*o ^ ??? - -? * &'**??? JglJ ?2 crU*?. ?? bronze i.ww.-"*' VO ?40,000. \\-?(iw? thus Siv'im ?* m^ntH ami machinery. Fer pr?n?i?jru list* or information applr at the Otbee of the Society. No 3M Pa. avr-aue. (up tair* ;) or to the ?uhe?rih?r, at Cincinnati, Ohio. BEN. PkRLKV POORK, Jt 24 tf S?c't U. 8. A?riotilt?rai 8o?i?ly. OFFlCE OP INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF UAH METERS. Wamiww*, id? it, im. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That.acee ably to kiir prvviiioii* <?f im "i<lintn?? ??f tw Corporation appro*M May >3. M*n. the un<Ur?uned is now prepared,"wh?r?v?r required in writing, and on pre pa* men t of the fee of fifty ?ent?, to i"?pect. examin . teet, pro re, and ascertain the aecnraay of recistration of any ru meter in nee in tat* city ? j cm j iiiriri , ii iu?w i iiwi i ovk, win uvvunvawni, And uvUtr. wtl?d and mark *4 m tm?, Will b* et in id p If proved to b? kooanto in i<? iMMiir?nifnt <<fkm, it will b?M*!?d Meordinflv. and fcrftm put in r>?i<io? for mm. OfKee No. 310 8*v?d6i itrwt,(Mr Odd p?llow?' Hal. 1 ?2p*n from 8 *. m , to 5 ?. m. CHARTES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jt 1? tf IniHttnr and ttoai?r of Ni Mmmi. Notice of Ttn?'re4oval or the LAND OFFICE FRo* HU0HON TO FAL~1 OF?T CROIX. IN THE STATE OF W1B CFNSIN. in MoorcuM witB me pronaiona ci um mi ?i Oonjreea entitled "an ant ?otl?onnn* chu|H in th? location of land <>?a*a,n utroTivl March vl, UM. it it hereby deotarad aa<1 ma? known Uat MM < ftee to' the Mi* of public laada at H coaoa, la lb* State of Wlacoaaia, will be rem#H to F*xu or 9t Caoix, ib aaid Stat?, at ai ?arip ? period ma pr act Unlit. Farthar notioe aa to th? preeiae tima of atoainc the office at Raetoa, preparatory to MMoval and <>f iu opening for bnain?aa at Fall* offer. Caa x. will be given by the R<*i tar aad Raaclrar lor tka ana diatnot. $i ven uijder my h? nd, at the City of WaaklngUm. thia thirtieth day of Jane. A D , 1W. R* ApHtr t\f fh? PraaMant ' JOG. *. WI? ON, Cowiimmiomt of Um General Land Oftoe. jy ?-taw<w ENAMEL! >*0 PLATE MANTELS, Dtntt/rmm tkt Mmmm/metmwt. TkM* ?r? mmt bmwUlal atylM of MiaMl*, enamelled iu imitation ol tuck rare rarlilM uut Sp?ni?h. Etrp iau,StTnna.Verde Antiqee, rorehTr?, Brocatfllt. nM other* ^-quallr ?*lebr?t?*i. Tn* tmi tationi are perfect % to challenge the eto**?t mrrntinr. In of Lnn^ th#t tt&tKl unrlvft iKi and ?'e so highif poliatied that they retain their beauty and fr*?hi>M? l< ntc< than tha oommun marble*, while tliej areaold much cheaper. Thtf hava tw-a u??it in lata couutrj lor the laat ten. aad la hnrnpe for more than Ift? jraar*, and hare riren ciit?r>* natiRfaotion. P ea e oa a ! satnine at W. H HaRKIVKUM, Stove andT mi Store,ofpa. Patriotic Bank. jy X 2w > doora norlh of bonimatia am??. C?KU.t!NO OPP ! SF.LL1NCI OFF ' 0 hue at bargains IN DRY GOOD" "SSKTSOtSt Black Lao* fhavU, a*d Mautillaa, la fact a I Fancy L>re?a at rreatly redoed fneaa, man* at 1cm thai, ?oat of importatioa la order to redaaa oar 1 -a'gfc Btiwt. la Ptore a ftali aa*?itm??t of ir#t elara Fta?la nom??tia Good*, for taerral tarail; p?raoM?,alt at the lowaat Market JMoaa. J. 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