Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1860 Page 2
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w < THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TVISDAY Ai|Wt<l, 1M? Rftrlt *f tbo n*rn(i? Prfti. The Conxtttmtion argow at length In fkTor of the doctrine that Cenprwa tat powrr to protect property In the Territories The l?ttUigemter devotes a column or so to a review of the slavery question In Its relations to the earloa* political parties. C7"A boy named Henry Nolan recently died Je Brooklyn under singular clrenmstances. Three year* ago he worked In Thurabv'a ropewalk, when the boya there atruck for wage*. Nolan refused to join the atrtke, and kept at his work. By thla be incurred the eninitv of the other boya. and two of them meeting him alone one day, in ?im part of the factory, tied him hand and foot and bound htm to a port, with hia body in an inverted position. He remained thus for about two bourn, when be waa discovered and released. He was seriously ill at the time and never recovered. _n .. ? - consumption ana wnw anease 01 me oonfs ensued, and, after a lingering illness of three yean, lie died. 1X7" Three Congo negro boya, brought to New York city in the captured slaver Kibby, have been removed to the Eldridge street j%ll. They only escaped from being landed with the 419 other victims by secreting themselves beneath the forecastle floor. Here they lived for three days, on scraps of biscuit, and but for being accidentally discovered they must have perished, and tlfcy seemed to prefer such a death to falling Into the hands of the slavers. When discovered they v?ere much afraid, but by kind treatment gradually became assured of their safety and more bold. They are bright, intelligent children, the oldest of whom ia about ten years, and they exhibit great aptitude for repeating English Words and learning the lames of things. Each of them writes his name in letters somewhat similar to those of the Chinese. Thi Ja^asxsk Embassy?The Pbogke*s of tbi Niabiba.?The steam frigate Niagara, on her way to Japan with the Embassy from that country on board, reached the Cape Verde Inlands on the 17th of July, having made the distance ia seventeen days. The Japanese eipresaed themselves aa much pleased with their viiit to this country. They had caused to be removed from the cabin assigned to them almost every article of furniture which had been provided expressly for their uae, preferring to ait on the carpet in the Oriental atyle. They managed to wile away the time in eating, smoking, playing chess, etc Tommy, sends back the following letter to "a JU4J .it 1IICU? i" Yoa do not know how happv we were come to visit to united State* and exceedingly present time all over and so buitiful country everything Terry astonisbd as the rail road train the Capital, the Patent Offlcie?Smithonian mnsium which has great maney curisohity there?the Balooua?buitiful Steamboat?lire engine?fire work?tbe theatre?big ball?Dance?music?verry fine sordier prar.easion?march?Sprended uniform building and pretty ladys & & . I have cried when 1 left New York, at thoughts of leaving.Captain Porter .a Q 1 mm* A I * A *? * " ? ?w vjr uct anv4?uupuui ?jr. iucaeaaii i>lr. L?fuud aud Mr. Guido Metben and great maney other friend. I expect return back again to go to school at anaplish to <tndy English A Navigation, and then I can aee all my friend again [Here the letter is signed in Japanese ] Tatki*h Osejieho. Tommy. PtlNNIi Mr. Alfred Dickens, a brother of Charles n - ?-<l_ ai~i i" 1? ? ??' , ivvviiuj uiVu ai iUailLUCltrr, IjlJgianU. Gen Joseph Lane ia to attend the agricul tural fur at Kockville, Md., in September. He was ILent four year* ago. Judge Longstreet.of Miss , who, a* a member of Ike Statistical Congress, resented Lord Brougham's insult to Mr Dallas by leaving the Congress. 1* in town, staying with Secretary Thompson. The Grand Taornamrnt at Marshall'* Pavilion Corrtrpondinet of The Star Mai'Bill'i i aviuox, St Mary's Co , Md. Mr Editor: As we are commanded to "render unto Ca-sar the things that are Caesar's," 1 should feel m\self derelict in duty did I fall to expnss, through the columns of your widely circulated paper, some portion of th<? riiwtanr* i-in?r!pn, -h r during a two wffk'i visit to Marshall'* i'avilion. A b?antiful location, an attentive boat, and polite servants, all tend to render it pleasant and homelike, whilst invalids will find Its pure air and unexceptionable salt-water Itathlng a sovereign panacea. In addition to the usual attractions, the guests were, on the 17th, enliveued by an admirably arranged and well-conducted Tournament A beautiful day. the sweet tones of Withers' ever-popular band, the gaily decorated stands and arch, with the American fiag fluttering from every available point, the prancing steeds, the richly attired knight** the brlgbt-?yed maidens, and lastly, tbe '-darkies/' with their shining black skins and glittering white teeth, their faces beaming in the cuuberance of their delight, all con.btned to render it a scene long to be remembered. nr'? *-? * -- i ur u?-?-?^siui conwnanM ror the honors were J. C Askew, who, bearing off tbe ring oftener than bit rivals, wai awarded tue highest honor, and selected u ({ueen of ]<ov? and Beauty .Visa Delia Harris. Mr. Askew rode as the Knight oi tbe Broken Heart. Mr. ias Roche, as Ivauboe. elected as First Maid of Honor Miss Celeste Mn.itti. Dr Walton, as Knight of America, selected Mrs Margsret Ihrle aa Second Mr. Cbas Wise, as Knight of Patnxent,selected Miss Nellie Oreeuwell a* Third Maid of Honor; and i>r. Morgan, as the Discarded Knight, selected Mlsa l.lien Ford as Fourth. WL 1st the kulghts were tilting, a stranger knight rode IKto the lists aud ueonaad'-d tbe according to Listfight tbe urlvilege of breaking a lance for "ladve fair.'* It was granted by -.he iudges. and the- stranger entered as tbe Unknown Knight, he being closely masked Uia nixpk ?u supero une cannot imagine a finer sight than tbis graceful kmuht upon his noble Arab:aa horw?. I'pon tbe distribution of tb? honor*. tfce judges awarded to him a wreath, *ntch, if not to crstly as tbe others, possessed tbe nurit of being nature s own handiwork?a barrel boop, covered with cedar. Tbe knight raited bit mack aitd low and behold, a well-known and popular W2abmgtoni?B. Henry Otterbak. The tilting being over, tbe spectators scattered over tbe jjitunds to while away the time until the closing scene of tbe festival in the shape of a ball, wbichwas crowded with fair ladies and brave cavaliers, w hose happy faces give evidence of Si*. ^ ' ' * - ? ?i. |T<?uir t npia, wicim reilow, rioted in the r.nschief be was working, .tad. deiplte his blindness. cent bit shafts with an unerrlug aim at tooth bachelors aad widow* u Eyes looked loved to eve* that apake again, Ana alt went merry as a marriage bell " 1 understand that Mr. Marshall contemplates repeating the tournament about the 15th of Octooer. If at, may 1 be there to see. I eaanot lose without paying a deserved tribute to Ur. Walton, the gentlemanly assistant of Mr. Marshall?a polite, courteous gentleman, the prince of good fellows, and the me />/?.< ultra of costs. " Long may be wave " A.LEC* L. Taunie to tbs P?ikcb ? The Canadian mtrn KiTinii u.e rr.ace of vv*1?t ?oine ieeaon* In politic*, which prnbably may *~t him thinking seriously. if the purpoae of hi* visit la to are about catablithiag % vice-royalty. The Hamilton Times, speaking of hi* intended vUil to the United states, remark* "A valu?>le ltscon will the young Prince learn from obs'tvlng the prosperity of that people whom til* anceatir* drove to rebellloa. lie will see tow little a free >uu eiirrueiic people really dep*-iid upon princo*. iicw eaaily they can bf dlapenaed with, and hov* " wiae It is to diapeoae with tLeiu when tbey miautttbe prerojratiTea which are entruated to ihetnfor the people ? benefit " From the evident approval of the example referred to, it la evident t>.*t the writer could have ao loyal a;rupleaa|(aina4 ( tlowJny H if (he utne DacoMtty exlatcd. OiiMHiTiD Btrnas.?We have frequent oc < asivus to apeak of this remarkable med.cine, i>muk we Lava fait filth lo Its excellence, and kuo?* of many Instances where It bas performed aim oat miraculous cares. It is nrlncipally designed as an antidote for Dyspepfla, ludigealiou, and numerous disorders of the sUiutach It w?s d scovered sud perfected by a r eg alar physician, after years of research and practical experlenee in nudiciiie. It Is entirely unlike all other spwia<? vritt which we are acqnainted, and extracts Ui< d<v>u ?- ? ... .r. r rooit, ICaViDg DO VcaUtfa bind. Sold by all reap* table aruggiata in the lulled Si&iea ?Fiat; pf Our Lit ion. O" A ivtw K.ei*l baa marie ber appearance ia pHU,? tie paraoa of a youag Alaattan Jtw?aa. named A Ibertln<- Eaelin^er, *h* baa given perforanacaa lu tbe touae of Lamartia*, and in the literary and artlatic c Ire lea, wbera the moat aan p al iw eapeetatlooa Lave been ralaed by her ge. nlua, although ?be la ooiy about 13 yearaof ago. |f7*Not Ofleaoa paper* of Wednesday renurt additional Marine d I water* by tb* late atoriilla tte Gnlf of Mexico -The arJ?~*?? Hot. bk^M^from ,>iol?ll* for New Y^k,^ w*uT" H . WASHINGTON PfKWS AND OOSSIP. impoktast deci?ios affect!*? th* titl* to Piopkbtt hk*m Cijicissati, Ohio.?The Secre. wary pi ice interior nai rccm? j ???uc u^wwu upon a propoaitlon of the legal representative* of John C. Symmea (by their attorney, Henry 9. Coxe. Kaq ,) that they will pay into the Treaaorv of the United Statea, under the 3d Action of the art of CongreM of 3d of March, 1313, the aum*>f 15.360, with interest from the 30th of September, 1794, on receiving Irom the United State* a patent and poaseeaion of the tnwafklp of hutd mentioned in laid section of said act; and upon a modified proposition of the attorney for the parties, asking, on the payment of the money and interest, "to recti v? from the United States a full and perfect title to the township known as the college or reserved township within h!s vSymmes's) patent, and to have every power and aid which the tiov. eminent mav lawful!v exert to be nlarwi in th? quiet and peaceful po??esaion of the same." The decision la to the effect that no further usnrance of title to any lands lnclnded In the patent to Symmes can be made by the Department; tha* tl?e legal title to none of tbe landa included within the bound* of that patent now remains in the United States; and that, therefore, it would not be practicable to give any further assurance of title to parties who make the payment as proposed by the representatives of Symmes than such as would be afforded by a certificate that the money had l>een paid into tbe Treasury by them, uuder tbe proviso embraced in the 3d section of the act iwirt .>/t -./ik. I? \ 1 ui iuvu| auu ?ua? iiv ?iv? vi ?uc muu? niiuiai-cu within the original patent will thereafter be encumbered with a trust for the uae of schools in Ohio. By the patent to SjrnrniM of date 3oth of September, 17V4, the title to 311,692 acres of land was conveyed to him. with certain reservations and trusts Amonj; the latter was one that alx miles square it? the centre of aaid landa should be reserved for erecting an academy under the direction of the then Governor of the Territory northwest rf the Ohio, within live years from date of n .ian* TkU #--* ?-l-l a*-- a A ? i a ui* uh/? cApiams iuc irusi cncumurance for the use of schools mentioned iu last paragraph. The proposition of Symmes's representatives wm to obtain possession of the reserved six miles square, which, it seems, was never used for the purpose indicated in the patent. The land* are now very valuable, being situated near the city of Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio. Naval ? Advices from the Hartford, flag-ship of the East India squadron, state that she arrived at Shanghai from Hong Kong on the '25th of May. She fonnd the Saginaw in port, thirty-two dayj from the sandwich Island*, and in good order. Commander Derrlen had arrived out and taken command of the John Adams. Purser Speiden li.'d been condemned by medical survey, and sent to the United States. The Niagara with the Japanese on board, who were all well, touched at pnf* i* P?II<4a 1 at h a# Inln - 1 % ???W w *ouwv5 VM ?uv iw?u v* ?# uiy J iur tUOij Oil 11 would alio touch at Loando, thence to Mauritus or Java. Tat Paraguay Dscisiog.?The decision of the Paraguayan Commission being that the Company had no right of damage against the government of Paraguay, and that Paraguay was not responsible for damages, the company has filed with the Pres d?nt a protest, on the ground that the Commissioners exceed their jurisdiction in determin ?uv \^i4c?*ivu ui iiauniij j willl'U Bid DCPI1 SCI" tied by the convention between the two countries, and that the award it toerefore a nullity. Appointment ?John Friend was yesterday appointed pension agent In place of Mr. Hessenmu?ller, removed. The Wbathe*.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amar lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. ACUCST 21, 18<M. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy, wiud NK Baltimore. Md clear, warm. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind 8 Petersburg, Va... clear, warm Norfolk, Va clear. MP. wind s? Kaleigh, N. C overcast. 74*. Wilmington, N.C clear, hot. Columbia, ?. C clear, warm. Augurta. Ga. clear, warm. Havannab, Ga clear. Nl?, wind N Macon. Ga ....cloudy Coluraboa, Ga cloudy Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Mobile. Ala..... clear, pleaaant. New Orleans, La clear, MO6. FkOll TBI W1DT. Cleveland, O overcast, wind NE Pittsburg, Pa cloudy, 75} Elgin, 111 cloudy, calm, 64?. Barometer at th#? JimltKtAnUn ? t ?? ?- ?.... u i a. in 9 ^LUI* rected for temperature,) 30.UJ1; at noon, 3U 025. Thermometer at 7 a m~i'; at noon. >ft?. Maximum during 48 hours ending 9 a. m. today. 8?*; minimum Amount of rain this morning, measured at the Smithsonian Institution, thlrteen-hundredths of an incb. Yy?l. O. O. F .-GRAND KNCAMPMBNT ? H_3 An adjourned meeting of the R. W. Grand Encampment <>f th? District of Colombia will be held THIS (Tuesday r KVKNING, at 8 o'clock. Th* installation ofoffi<-.?ra will?take p'a?e andoth r business of importance will be transacted. By order I WM. COOPER, Q. ?cril?e. i|W COMB AND 8KB OUR CB1.FBR ATKD JJj -NAVY PLANNKI. COATS at &4J5A at au 10-fcw SMITH'S, Xo. 460 Se*ontfi atreet. . ~~ . ; . " ~ M SCHOOL FOE GIRLS. ISP MARY P. DI'NCaN Will, on the second MONDAY (the lotlu of September next, open a kjNxm for Rirla at No. 221 Indiana avenue, in whieh will l>e tau<iit French and the ordinary branch'a of a pood hngliah educatioa. an ii xi?3* FOR PHILApELPHIA.?Th? taamer C C. Alger, Captain Fenton, la? a*rived ai-d will rec-ive frricht Tor alioveporton i hursday. to ?ail Kriilaj 11 o ? lock. HYUB & DAVIDtON, au 2Jj3t Georgetown. JELLING OFF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST. STORE FOR RENTTVD FIXTURES FOR _saleT J. C. OlBSON, N*.5*0 Market SPACE' au ?!l eo2w Bftwttn tin and 9th Struts STRAW HATS. STRAW HATS' _ CLEARING OUT STOCIf OP STRAW HATS lu order to diepoM of my entire atock of Men's ami Bo*?'STRAW HATS great induce meal* will b?j offered until the clo*e of the nea on at _ LANE'S Faahtonakle Hat and i ap More, au!) Im F*. av., near Four and a-half ?t. WASHINGTON SKuKCT SCHOOL, .Ou?u or Tefith urn (i <*? i no ex?rci??? ol tliia will bt r*??m?t on ftlOKVA Y. fcyMrtKiX. F<>r t-rmii apply at my re^iJfnce on D atroet, new SKar (Circular* at baoiatorea. au2IJ?t _ SAMUEL KELLY. Principal. f^REEN GINGER AND PICKLING VINE\? GAR IA W-Ia ?nr? CID'"R VINEGAR, (warranted,) I bb . GREEN OlNGHR WHITE JAliAiCA tMNGER, Wl.ite awl Blmrk MC9TA RD SEED. TU HER IC, W HITK P EPPEK .aud all a*ce?*ar* mgralienta for pick]ea;> For by_ i "IbUA.M HKYAN, No. 44< oppoaite Center Market, taZI eoftt between 7th and 8th atreeta. HK K^PKCtAl. ATTENTION OF OUR NAVY YARD FR1KNLW AND CUSTOMKRrt ta called to our new CLOTHING hfTABUI HMMT, eorner of deveath and K atr*et?, Washing on Intending to make th a our p?rinau?m piece of hiiKiiiPHB, wi have lepleninhed our stock with a hue lot of new <?oods juat received, which now makea our ?t?ck altogether a complete on We huDC to r?n?i?? ?1 -1? - c -- ? ? < mnisi his b 01 pat ionage from the publin Fair dealing and low price* nan al? ay beon our motio aojfl St BAR fc BROTHER. TO THE PUBLIC. K Call the attention ol our f. lemii an<l the pub* lie KHiieralit t# the fact that we have < peued a first qoalitr CI.OIUlNU KSTABLIPHM .,NT <>., tse o.rner of Sercmh anil E streets, Was hint ton, ? uei? ? c bava on liaml a largo stock of the above uained good*, with an elegant assor meat of UK.N'O KL'KNISHJNG GOOD*- OurShirtsare indeed a sup'" or ki< d t? any heretofore so 10 in this .Ml- Ik. ' . li. "? r*,r ?'M? l,Ow Prices ?? ?0|.fc" .1v,b"?n our n'Ottotwe ho^toob ^ fVfcbao" p,ktr0niBe froBl *?? ' bar a brother. J. \T PAINTING. .1 .L*.! H?ving taken tho rooms r?c?ntl* occupiwl b? the \\ a*hm?ton Art AasooivLun two Uou< - wa-ioi Ui? auction *tore of J. Q. -? -t -i?i^uhvvi iui instruction* IA i DUAWING, LANDSCAPE AND POkrBAIT PAINTINO. S'uunariaa ami Boa din* Scho It acovinmodated with acparata clftea rootut, upon an early application, and may find it adraataKeoua u? have leaaona in tU M liranctiaa (ivau to thair Pupil#, wh?rr it Will n.>t rrupt tig* routine at aofiolastte lnatru<v BML Pupil* mc U> aatar will ptenoe aanW at m S? W&XiZSS: ,Ithknd ** if* MONDAY in wmmfton, Auf d?I. m* m 31t8*t f j- I * Oa the Wli|. Correspondence of The Star. Glis Hook, Whiti Mocntaisi, ) August 10, 1HJ$ I Canada W?#t?Hamilton and Tobosto?Ca.- I kiMah Cosfi'mks?Me. Gbadgeindos the St I.awrb5ce?SHOOT1KG the R apidd? MoSTBB* al?<1v ebbc? Th* Gband trijyt roatv? Tehhob Vebmovt and New Hampahibb t? thb wbitb lfOVKTAI5?. Dtar Star: Leaviag N lagara Fallifor the White Moentain* ria Montreal and Quebec, 1 teak the land route to Toronto, that I might have en op portuntty to see sometbiajr of Canada \Vnt, lid more particularly of Hamilton and Toronto Both of these cities are aet down Id the guide books and gaxeteers as active business places and rapidly Increasing In population and wealth Consequently I was surprised to fnd Hamilton a ruined eity, as It were with ev(>rv nf Knsl no?? r " ? - - ?? ? - j -? witvu v* uufi??V "w J v v?l jUCWTI J p-o?t rated tt ( estimated that not less than half tUe tenement* and stores in Hamilton are for rent at the present moment, and that not ltss than ten thousand persona have left the city for " the States" since December last. Probably the numbers have been over-estimated, but it la certain that the city is In a bad way at present. And yet it baa so remarkably a commanding position, at the head of the western extremity of Lake Ontario, ana wnn sucb superior railroad connections by the Grand Trunk road, Toronto and Montreal way, and the Great Western road, towards the States, that It was consideri-d five years ago to have the most brilliant prospects of any city in that part of tbe western country. This decay is attributed to various causes, but the one dwelt on mainly is the crushing taxation brought about by the mismanagement of the governing or Influential cbss. For instance, water works, by which the supply is brought from Lake Ontario, bare been constructed at such cost that the eity is at its wits' end to pay even the interest upon the money. What the city basdone, however, is done well. The buildings are so perior in mmenai ana thoroughness of eonstruetion to anything we can show In the States In the tame proportion, being mainly of stone, and put up as If for all time. The same may be said of Toronto and Montreal. Toronto I found laboring to some extent under the same badness depression. Many house* were up for rent, but there seemed to be some Improvements going on, especially along the wharves. At Toronto I took the lake steamer for Kingston, and found myseif among a swarm of the tourists who are just now availing themselves of the round trip ticket* Issued by the Grand Trunk road to visit Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec, Ac. Quite a sprinkling Of Canada folks were noticeable In the crowd indicated to some extent by acceut and peculiarities of costume The Canadian bucks are all wearing canvas (sailclotb) shoes for coolness, and these being of snowy whiteness, give an exceeding)' barefooted look to the wearers till one gets used to the kink They also patronize colored shirts with white collars, parti-colored hats, and other oddnesses of costume These, in conjunction with sundry Great-Hritalnous peculiarities ? leg-of-mutton ..Vi.l " wuioni, ruuay color, perKed-up notes, baggy trowsers, A:c , Ac., mark them qnlte distinctly from the somber-costumed Yankeedoodles on board. The Canadian girl* wear the turban hats, at worn by their cousina of Albion, and have a wrinkle of tbeir own for traveling purposes in the ahape of pea-jaekeU of the coarsest and heavUat materials possible. At Kingston we made the usual change of baat^ for the passage down the St Lawrence, the lake boats not being suitable for the river navigation. We entered amoncr the Thonmnit i*!?? <? the morning, and there was a general tumble-up and turn-out of the passenger* to see these worldrenowned wondrra of the upper St. Lawrence There was a lt-aden sky, however, with unfavorable lights, and the islands didn't show nr> w?n _ ? r *r I WdM almost tempted to sympathize with Mr. Oradgrlnd.who was on board, and who made the following observation : Gradgrind (to wife of bla boaom) ?" My dear, let's go to breakfast now, and be ready for tbw si iit-aeelng when we come to it." Wife ?' Why, dear, we are in the most inter eating part r> Gradgrind ?'-Arc we? (consulting his guidebook bnrriedly.) W hy, so we are " Even Mr. Gradgrind though waa forced to admit that tbere waa something in it as we com me need shootlntr the r;t ?.<!?: In iminn r. I J """ P> "V ** " "the Long Sault" more or 1cm of tbe ladWs felt, or imagined they felt, really sea-sick, from tbe toning of tbe boat In tbe boiling current. Tbe excitement culminated at Lacbine, when tbe canoe of the celebrated Indian pilot, Batiste, shot out from tbe shore and tbat worthy mounted tbe steamer's tide, and taking hia stand by the quartette of robust steersmen required at the wheel in these troublous waters, entered upon tbe serious business of taking tbe steamer down tbe dangerous channel to Montreal. But these and other matters of intermt on *n?* about tbe St. Lawrence, have been ao fully and graphically described bv the Kdltor of tbe Star, iu b!a letters of laat iiiaimer, that I iball venture to tourb upon them but lightly. Tbe Montnalers were busy with preparations for the reception of tbe Prince of Wales, triumphal arches (sham afl'atrs cf wood, covered with inuslln) were being erected at tbe corners of all tbe principal streets; an immense ball-room of our Fourth of MarchInauguration sort, had been improvised; the shabbv statue to N?1ann \*?? k?(? y . ?..?? wviu^ win uni up with fresh stucco and paint, and a general titrivatlon of the whole city waa going on. To all appearances the disposition to do hoaor to the Royal family waa universal. An explosion which took place bat a night or two ago at the meeting of the Montreal city councils, indicates, however, that this is only surfece smoothness. The row broke out in consequence of a proposition by some patriotic member to substitute the name of Victoria Square for that of Commit* sloners Square, and the. French Canadian opposing members are said to have expressed their ? ??w ? * -- -- auaui wnu ciuauiuionry violence ana Dad temper. Montreal presents a thriving, business aspect, although most of lis shipping; is now away, not yet returned from what Is called the flrst or spring voyage of the year. Quebec, which 1 reached by the 8L Lawrence, has mnch more shipping visible about its wharves, and the display of lumber la the acres of raftt moored along the banks Is a wonderful spectacle to the eye of the stranger, but oa landing the difference between the lire city of Montreal and the half alive city of Quebec Is at once manifest. i ue on tineas or ibe Grand Trunk road at Point Levi, opposite Quebec, gives an animated appearance to this locality, much more so than Is notie*{ able at any point of the city Itself. Tbe Grand Trunk seems to have done much to quicken industry and open up new markets and feeders both for Canada and Maine, but is financially In a bad t, way itself, having been, like the Hamilton water works, perhaps, of unnecessarily expensive con> atructlon and management. From Point Levi to Richmond, the jauction with the Montreal branch tbe road pnsses through a rathet uninviting fra> * of country.?cold. iton> % ????. 1 0 , -7 r ?-v] ?i?u iwwvcu, nfCr scathed trees, End tbe houses were slight wood?* shanties, evidently recent erections since tbe building of the rotd. We shot through miles of raspberries, the bushes being quite red vltb tbem, and at the stations numbers of little ?rt*ls. a "7' Frenchjr lu drew and dialect, came to the cu windows offering these berries In delicious freshnen for Mle. put up In unique little birch bark boxes. Tbey were so cheap too that It Was a merit to eat thein, and a great many quarts were disposed of by the passengers, who soon pceaeak^ an exceedingly comical appearaace, with lingers, # ?j *- * >uu ^irnicna ajra t nngntntry rrd Prom Richmond, on the way to the Vermont line, the country Improved In appeanu>c?, having wore of the fertile, smiling aspect of the St. Lawrence valley. i Many charming rivet* enliven the landscape on ! this road from thts point to the White Mountains. For miles we oourae alwig hy the beautiful St. Frauds, after leaving th? " , ? vB |'?vw?#?c^uc L<u-inQifr6) and In turn ooino upon the bead water* of the Connecticut, a dancing mountain stream; and alinoat in tbe same neighborhood fall upon tbe silvery thread that farther down swells to tbe boisterous Aodroacogglo The glitter*? parkUiig lakes, and the uprising of grand mountain r*ng<s, also gloo unceasing variety to tbe view as we daah along. W? arc taallyao kmntd la by sfcountatnf that IJJ3 .'i /iHlH 4 " rt ' ' ? uir rye is xepi in constant exerciee seeking a possible opening for our road, and It Is a matter of as constant surprise that a route could hare been found here presenting so few engineering difficulties. At Gorham. New Hampshire, we left the care and to*k stage tor tb feleft Howe at the foot of Mt, W.nUnpten. a romantic rldoof tight laflea.akirW lug the l'oabody river, and ?s< e?ding a grade of one tmndfai feet to the mile. TBi White Moun. talna are the fashion thia arato*. and thoo?rr? flowing gtaftkas and balcuoles gt the <>H?a House as we dro?e up iniffcated iVat th* prospect of ein gie oeara rooms ror new arrival* was a roriorn one, and, as the event proved, some forty of the party were glad to rough it on the parlor floor/. C.8. N. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND 11ROW N STONE WORKS. t 1 ho suSscriber beea lo&ve to inform tha oit x >ra of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that n? ha* ad d-d to hia long established bjsiuess tan auxiliary of ittam pnw?r for sawing and msi nfvc tannic Marble and Brown ?tor,o W ork in 'h?>i ?? rious branches, Marble Mantels, Table and Wa? I t*nd Tof, Tile, MonamenU, Tonib and He??i Ptones, Sia Window Linteis, Filis, Steps and Platform.*. Harias purchased a large stook oflt vlian Marble in block,from first hacds,at the lowest rates, he f*ela oonfideut or being able to furnish Marble Work as low aa it can be put .hssed in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Th.? trade supplied ?ith Italian Marble in blonk < r a'aba at the same

rate as tarnished in I* ew York, and on ae^ommodating terms. Also, on band, a large supply of Pumice Stone, Water of Ay. Hoco and Polishing Putty at New York prioea. Enoonr*ge the enter priae; it will be an acquisition to the oitr. Al.KX. RUTHERFORD Pionetr Steam Marble and Brown Si on* Works, Pa. av., cor. Thirt enth at., au 21 3m Washington, D._C. A RMY SUPPLIES. "* Office or Armt Clotmi.ts and Evcipaob,/ Philadelphia, August |7, ltteo. < S* Proposal* a'e invited, and will he re o i\red at thm office, until in o'clock a. in.. ofTha s day, the fourteenth da* of i*eptemher next. kvr furnishing by ontraot the following Army Supplies and Material*, deliverable at the United States Clothing and Equipage Depot, (Schuylkill Ars*na\> iu quantities a* required vi? a.nno ja-ds cloth, rtark b!u->. (indigo wool dyed) I f?. ti ?: i - a- -?* > ? IUI uapn IUUIIOI WiUO. W WOIJP aOOUl 14 ounce* par yard. <0,000 yd* kersey, dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled, b* inches wide, to weigh 28 ouncee per yard. 5,n0Oarmy bla k'ts, wool aray, (with the tetters 0.8 , in bKck,?inches :ong,in the o*ntre.) to be 7 feet icing. and 5 feet 6 inches wide, to weigh 5 pounds each. an.oon yards of flannel, d*rk b'ne (indigo wo j!djrfd) 54 inches wide, to weigh lu ounces per yard. ldO.'lQOfl VArda RlJinel. wKitl /ftnttnn m^nA waa! ? 51 mohes wide, to waitiitiS ouroet per tard 80.000 yards raiiton flannel, ?7 inches wide. U? weigh 7 ounces per yard. 10,0o yards cotton drilling. unbleached, S7 mohes wide, to w<Mch 6H ounce* per yard. 3">,oon yards cotton dulling, unbleached,an inches wide, to weigh flounces per yard. B<> i *) pairs half stoctings, gray, 3 sixes, properiy n?ade < f go< 4 fleeoe wool w>tn double and twisted yarn, to wt> b 3 pounus per dozen pairs. I5,ooo >ar<]? Rpsfia sheeting, 42 inches wide, best quality. 3,000 yards, brown liner, 38 inches wide, best quality. 10,000 yards cotton muslin, unbleached, 36 itches wide. 10,000 yards black si'ecia. best quality. 36 inches wide. 1 ?00 yards bnokram. best quality. 40 inches wide. 15,(W0 sh*ets waddmf, rotto*. . 9> WO yards taps, white \ and X inches wide^ Silk r <1, whit", yellow, *reen and b.ue, fi?r flags, per yard. Bilk twiet and sewing silk, beet puaiity par pound. _ . Linen thread, W. B- No.30a?0,per pound. D > do Mluf, No. 30 a 40. Uo^ Do do assorted oolors. No. 3>a40 perIfc. ;VX> doat<*n spools cotton. I 5?*i pieo*s webbinE, I and IK inch. 30,?i00 *ardi ootton duck, inohee wide, to w?i<h 15ounoe? perya'd. an.OW yard* cotton duok. 2PS inches wide, to weigh 10 ounces per }? d. sn.tHO jams ootton duok, 33 inches vide, to w<igh 10 ounces per yard. ISOoords ai d biasela, for trnmpetaand 1 up'ea, aascted colore. 1 ,nro yard* X inch silk 'no*, a?aorted c>lnrs. lO.'flO tarda X and IJ3 luohes worsted laie. do. 17,100 hat oorUs, wort ted, assorted oolori 3-1ft inch diameter, with a taieel at each em two inches lone. iy<? b!ack felt huts, t>?Bt quality, mad* of "cotch and Knflish oone; and Huuit Hare*. 17, "JOSlaok ostrich feaths s, 18 incurs long 17,Ai)<? brass taget. ?<iio brass crossed cai.non. 5,'on dw buglea. 3500 do do sabres ino do cast!es do knapsack trimming* rets. SO do and lerules for guidons, and oo'ora. ?>? gross biiokiea, iron roller, S' and ltf inoh b?*t qualit* V gross bnaklea for n?ok stocks. !??' pair* NCS brass scaler. 9? pur* Hergetnt's bra<a. and 25 pair bronzed aoaiea. c/>m pair corpora!'* anrt private*' braa?,and 15) pair bronzod ?,no i(r??fc? mat bjttons, beat quality, 2rS"fl gross ahirt do do 2/mn gross su?pender buttons, do 151 r.u wjth extra mouth pieoea. ISO trun.peu, do do 2>>n fifea, B and C. 30 arumt, complete, artillery. so do do infantry. HO) do headi, hatter. ?*) do anare. 2 ? do anarea, aeta. 2 0 d > atioka, pairs. UjO do cords, of Italian h?mp, 1 ,rf) iln Biin?a 300 tent roles- *?:i sou. am do servant*' do 2t?*Ki tent pin?, fio?p;tal, ?mall. 2,'Nin uo wall, iBrne. do notniuon Inn; u) tent buttons, t wo ni) i-mali. 2f, <?ti teut ulips, do do.. liMiK&rriso'i flif h.\luard?, of Italian hemp. lfifl rforuitiue do rf?> |,A 2,0.0 pound* cotton sewinc twin#. 6 aud 3 strand*. 1S,<)> it pouncs Manila t*nt cord, targe, medium and email, b??t quality. lV*1? tin eaute?n* witn cork stoppers, 3 pints, to w*,i*h ll>$ ounces 4'vi iron pots vi;b t ails. 3,(mil mo:** t?-ius, niieet iron. 2, <*? oainp kett ?-s, ?lo S him. In nests. 1 ?K*i pickaxes, 2 ?iz?(, tu Wf.gh6}-a ai.u 7 pound* 2 icw telling axes, oa^t st-el. b^st quality, 3 siesi. 1 o o piok axe handle', best quality. *3 IUMI I 1 -1- J o,'w K7uiuic uu ai> UO QO 2 <?*i camp hatchet do do do 21*0 eparies do do ?ti sioves for Pibley tent*. 410 chains for Siblay tci<U. B?ts. All the ab>?* e niPntiotifd article* must cor form in all r*srrcts to the a>?1 ttandarl patterns in this ofioe, wlit'e they can bo examin*d, and any additional information in regard to them will be famished. Sample patterns of the woolen aid cotton clothes will be sent by mail to bidders; it is detrabie that ths articles be oi domestic mauufsctare. The privilege is reserved by th United Mates of decrees ng thequanlitv on 3-fourtn on the aocrptanoe ol t >e proposi s. ana of inoreasini it fiom oae third to one-ha.f at any time prior to the com r'etion oi the oontraot, by giving tne contractor Kirtt H twsi nnti?a ? U - .(U?w v/i ohvii urvirru iaor'uv; &Q(1 of rejecting unr proposal wnich may be considered extravagant. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' place of bu?inee* must be speoifioally stated in the proposal, together with toe name*, add'etc, and responsibility of two persona proposed %h secaritiea, with the acknowledgments ot aaid pereooa that they will be an^h ?ec?iity or will be retponaible tnat good aeeurit/ be furnished in oase a con tract is oi tamed Bids from nunofaotnrere of. or regelar dealers 1 the articles, will be preferred, and contracts will be awarded to the lowest responuh'e b:dd-r. Who shall far ish the raamrad ?^?nrin?? fr.? ?!.? I p-rtbrir?- o?# th-reof "" D*Iiveri?e to > ymm?nc? within forty day? after the aecFDt&noe of th? prupona ?, and rne half of the quantity contract*d for u>uat he dHivred in equal monthly proportions witatn four month* from ??id ?Q?1 the reiiuunder within three month* thereafter m monlhljr or jrvater propor* af fr* contractor may nn<l ovorenient It la to aintinoM ? uni?rc?a/\/1 ?a. - - - - -- i , "* 'wirtwu bI Bv tcnviacLi *5* not transferable wit, out the concert of the yro??r authority, and tiiat auT sale. assignment, or transfer, without such content having he?a oh. tun- d. iexcept under a procest of law.) will be regarded as an at'trddpment of the contraot: and t'i? e?Mitra?tor and Ins securities trill he he ^ re. sponsible for all Jo*s or da uace to th? United Bta^ea which mar ari*e therefrom. I"aym*nt? will be made on each rt?liT?ry. Tea per pent, of the amount of caoh delivery will be icniin vain ?n? (TJIllTMt Knall M OOmtl'tMl, w"ich will beforfeited to the UmUd St*ie? inoase f deft lean >n on the part of th? contractor in lulfilling'iiUaot Forms of proposal! and guaranty will be furotailed upon appiicitirn at thia offiae. and uona be considered taat do act oonform thereto. fwpoaala will be endorsed?>'Proposal*fcir Fnr.V??, THOM AS*, Co'on?l, I ao 21 3tawt8M Aeat Q. M. rteul. U. 0. Amy. OHR. W J.CR *IGEN having purchasedthe Drug tttore, No. ST?, north??a?t corner of Sev * n t h an.4 ? * ' " ~ urnm vj lfT. J .1". i b 1 Mclntire, it now prepared t<? aooomnioiiate \ A the funif' ifttru' k or t he t*tore, and 'ho publie *en<> aiiy. with ovorytbirfg they may want^^ in his line of business. He k?eps conotejnfly oil hand a frO?h and pure assortment of DH L OS. C H K M10 A , amrM F.OI CI rchasod Trom some of the most reliable hou*?s ta UM U#U<M Siaten. There Wiil D". F'MNF.S. FANCY ARTIoLKk #*OAPjJ, ami PKRFUiHEuY St-iot personal attention liven to the compound ng Of fhysician's oemonprions at all hours. da? or niAt. ?nr.i.*i t??r...?? - Trpsltofti&ii?i ordered from the loanuteeiortr at Win?,ft pu<w article. for medicinal purpose* No No 3ro!"" V' btrMt wc^?u?d ? nr*;k. RhBRm5S',i ESSENCffo^iMAIC* 9IN _ *u corner Ki?v. Iitti^tri??| ?ndVi*?v. I i Fnn ..i ^9f lTRNtTUK E * i ii;d^?H ':P?-?!Utws --"ASECit WANTS. t*7ANTEf,-A WIDOW with a ?m*ll fenilflo '* Ukiohmeoi a anmnter ho*rdiii? ho < ?,'o caW noil DnMuavUie. Va., 2n itiiIm from Wublnito*. D. C. Th? ontairwi 8 roonn n?*wljr papanri, painted aad ianii*hod. It will be r?nt?d or !?t conditionally. ^ Mod hrinc an<t mono; ran be bjaajndiaat 1 Mart! *.?od inanatinc *'r~ unn. for |??/Ucu!at- apply at a two -tor* brick, curaar T? Hh aiido iitimu * w ' w ?n ngtM. 1>. C. Wi 21 3'" WANTKO?B^AK Dfort go tl?man and wil*. for an riK>nth?. f??r ^rich 445 p"r month will beadpl. viUi Ideality. *c., J. A. B. J09O*f ^ \JUANTKD-^tj_tounjc mm,twenty-<> y'?'i ?? oi k?. a fi riA riO!M u clerk iaa?tore, writes a fair m quick at fi?u'??. I]*-' of reference given. I'leftse lililren "E. \V. D. Citjr Post Office. au WANTKI>?Ten girl, for va imii SI IUATlONS?an alft<>, families re*mriuc i?rv?nt< Will find to their a>ivai>tai;a toapplr to the Ui ion 1ntelli?ence ami Houae Acene* office. No. 14 Louisiana ave., near City Hall, where orders will m*et with erfmipt attention on reaaoraMe term*. Two ?lave f>oy? for hire. I!. DUNCAN A CO . au 18 St* Proprietor*. %MJ ANTED? Bt a steady ?k! industrious man, a Wf SITUATION aa ouli*ofor. But of recea mendatiooa given. Address M. C.. Star OAn*. IT n-lf ~ personal; A CAUTION. l,LPe'?>ri*r? cautioned from h#rl?orirf my (latiihter M*na. who left my hou??* ?ud I hare r? on tr? K*>? - ? * * " ' - in puiie n^nieoi 1 iI Tnelaw will ho rifcitily enforced upon ant pcr-o Kuilty oftli? ofTenne a liberal r ward given u?n) one remrninr her to me at th? Navy Yard. *o 21 -2t* THOMAS UK ANSON. Madame fkux. fortune tsllek, from Paria. inform* h?r former friend*. and the public Kenerally, that *h? ha* r?mov?J to 4Ai Tenth atr?*t, between E and f. where *iie will be happy to *e? all who will favor her with a call. an 13 3w? Madame morrice, tm great an-rmol?ai*T atD Dotth*!"*, Jwfi/rom Ewropt.?T*l? highly lifted and intelligent lady o&n be ooneelted Sc mo rati, rrnsenc and Mil?re hruti, C* 1 at ro. 405 Twenty-??cond ?treet, between H and 1, Washington. i#tasm* "EXCURSIONS, PIC NIC8, ItcT Look out for tiik zouave club phi/.k pic-nic. At ARLINGTON SPRING. au20 TUESDAY, t*ept-ml>er 4th. IWO. Ti. o. o. f. HK MEMBER* OF ?;KHTRAI. LODGE. No. 1, will rive a ric NIC itCCw 1,1'Vi ftlA SPRINGS, on WON DO . 27th instant, lor ilie l>euefit of the"^f^0E3r widows and orphan children ?f t&id Lodge Tickets Fifty Cents. auJ8-Sr CO mm ITTEF,. Third annual excursion or TBI EaitWaihliftti Bap't Sunday ffhHlj ToGLYMONT pavilion. On WEDNESDAY, 31 Aujntt, 1MB. The School having ch? rtmed the teamer T womh Polly**, wi I sive a-j Rxi-gnioa to th- al>ove niniM p!a-eon22<1 Au?cua', a'><l committee pledge themselves^^**"^^^ that oo effort will be spared to make this equal to their former excur*ioi?*. The feoat will 1' ave ber wbarf. fr ot rfSrventh ?t (I?land) at ha f past 7 o'clock; Nary Yard at 8 o'c'ock; B.atden's wharf at half-past 8 o'oljck, toiinhiug at Alrxat rina coin* and returning WTither?'s Brass Band hai b?*en euf ai?d for the oc nation. Refre*hment; ina? !?? had at city pri<e?. Adolt tickets, 30 cents; children and servant*, 16 cents Ccrnmttff. Robert C!a-ke, J. H. B Jenkim, Charles Allen, Pimm"! Lee, Pro. C. Walker. ax 18 St QRAND EXCURSION. The M?*thodi?t T ?t<>staut Chu'ch, Ninth street, wil' make an Kxeiireion to B a neoMiurr .'>j If an more and Railroad, o'n WF.DNKSDAY. AnguM 2ad, l?n. This Kxcur*ion is intended to t>e tome'hing extra. The Choir wi I ei vo a Concert, free, on the ground*, prepared fur the wrt'wii Refrrahinent* ca.n he , obtained on the e ound* A dinner will be served in tbe grove Tickets, for adult . S? cent*; children. 25 cent* Tick"*'* ean be procured at the *tor? of Kennadt ' A Pugh.S >v?nth *t , Ha!laut*ne's l?ettr??" D and F. I *t*., at the office of Dr. P. G Clatton, F it , W ? Sni onti. J ? "* " - , i-??m > - . rvu hi?s pu/rf, ii?vy i lira ; Bo swell p riruB "tore, I (land. and ol the committee. The tiain will leave at 7.40 precisely. Come <?ne?Com* all. au 17 4t* 1 AMUSEMENTS. yy A8UINGTON TUKATER. ?Me lessee and Manager j* W. Glint. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op n for the regular Fall ami Winter H?a?on on the night of TH L'RSDAV. Novwbe. It c. JOSF.PH JKFFKRSON. Tho Comedian of the A*e. will commence an enHidn'ntof T?e vr Ni?ht* on MONDAY, Nnvemlxr 5th. and wi'l b? fu low d b>the moat n R I I.I. I ?NT STARS 11. the Theatrical Firma^e. t. ITT Comimmipjnon? it ?1dremed to S \V. Gt?*s. "Old tfowery Thtater," New York, will nioet with prompt attention. aa 18-tf j A GRAND military AND favcy cos TL'MK BA I.I. wi 1 take place at he g% FA^QjlgtL WHIT F. SULPHUR fli IM'KI.NUS, Oli WfcI)N>gDAY, the .3d Anjrnnt. A sufficient number of na'tie* haveUMR nlrt adv basu oltt&ineU to ensure it to l?e? very b.flliantalUir M*;es ?nd hack* oonneot with each train in ?*ronton and deliver paw* ngerw at the ?piin&* in I hour* Mrne. , au 17-d ROBERT HUDGiN, Proprietor. j FVRERCONCERTS! j i d vov r /"i i*r?r?* ?? *? " uniioi L<ur.r rL.r.n, w tctk tiffnut, bt- ( tie em 1st and Zi ureets, would re?p<?otf?ll? i iltta to the Dublio lb?t A OOJWbKT oftfH SELECT Sly SIC will t>e given ever* MON i DAY and THURSDAY PVENINGS during, the , season. at hia Pavilion. eommeneing at t o'clock and ending at to p. in. Previous to the Conoert, | ti.e Saloon is open to those desiring to while avav a f?- ? hours in the maxy dance. ICE ] CREAM- WATKR ICRS, and every description | of CONFECTIONERY always ready at etty prions. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nie parposrc. are requested to five a day or two notioe. ia id a JC io- *>?*? T OPENING. ! HE E STREET BOWING SALOON WILL i opm this M? day evening, Aututt i. ? , ath, l!Wn. For the aaaKon, having \Jrl"?| olo*e<l lor the pa t three months for \J tae purpose of refitting every thin* apportaining to the Saloon It having t>een entirely iicwij irrwcom. 'in? proprietor 1 will l>e pleased to have hi* friend* sod the public give him & call. J. T. MARR. *u*> I*' MAI?? MK BOIVIN'S FKMALK Al.T K RA T1VK PILLS', for the exoluaive use or fe male.- lal*irmg under an) of the foilowiug eo-nplaint?:?Ob?t Mictions, Suppression. tireon Sick nees Heart Ache. Pain iii the Side. Palpitation, Loathing of Food. Distu l>ed SI p. and alt inter ruptiouK or lrregula-i'ieeofthe Menstrua* Pnnuds i N. R ?The^e PilN should i.ever lie taken li* fiualoe during Pregnancy, ti ther wou'd t>e sure to cause i Miscarriage. Prepared lor Mai'.aine Han in.atia i Rue Parte, Frar.oe For *at? at I 79 u u - u ?i_, uppujuie BuiiiOkuaian, theonlj ?cent | in WathingtouT m 1?-3T ! SOOTHING SYRI P, I " For Children TeeUiin* " I 8. C. FORD, it . Druggist, jiu corner 11th ?t.,?ud P?. eve. 1 N"v'^WtWjW ' J u?t opened *ueeno*8hirtinf Cotto??e*d linen*. ShMtimi T* > !? !> hite and Colored Dottier, Table Cloth*. fine aid I medium Wh'tnand Colored Flannel*. Scotch and < Ursnia Diap*rs, Canton Klannet*. new style Mous selibos ami fall style Callous, Miirtin| Csliooaml 1 Linen Shirt Bosons; Wodozen ladies'Linen Hand- i kerchiefs, price* frotn 75 cer>ti io #2 a dozen; all i very cheap; with many other seeeonable g?ods whioh we are seeing at the lowest market prtoes. I I. W. COLLEY k ro, i an li 2w StiSSeventh st. al>ove Pa. ar i LLKIND8 OF " 1 GAMR Bought at the Highest Prices, At KLOTZ** RESTAURANT, au 4-eolai* Ninth st., bet. Pa.m? and D st. TH IMPORTANT NOTICE. ? O Persons who have small rooms or saniges < t?> taper, we offer several thousand pieces of dour * able WALL PAPEK at met Now i? the tine to get your work done froui 26 to SO per eent. lees than 1 WW p&p*r anil Shdri? Store, m l5-4Uw?w comrr Nntih *nd D ?U. j ?p 17-?ot B*l?? Room, BrowVt Hotel. oppowW PoitO*?. 4 *? W-9v u. Jr.. *" 14 ** cor?T 11th rV?^%a%iic5b?77,Vv JSl Ml BMINAKDI trctEVj O^.ri^vrm.' TJOMTIVK 8\LI? or V AM'A HI.P. AND ^SgSPEgWJMMW^ - ' , ? ai * cimi. ii front of til* irfRUMl, t??t n?v" ?< 4o?ir?Vo Lot, dVMkr John (' atn R?| . nd ?t* ?> ! on tne D"rth?'?l e arner of Pwiytct mm4 N<?> trorta. Goor?rt?w*. D. C-. ard fronttot Iftyf.>ur lest aoreor tow, oi th?f'rtn?" mort 1*4 ?in'?? iii<*ro o. I'M on tks i?U?r. Titlf in4i*put?blo. T1 WW oM?;ao4tm 4o i?ri of m? >n <'hi?? ?on?l lob* pu<t on tfco giooi'd. or th? arofony will tw immMliatov r^?? d Pomm ir>n r re* ipow ?iti ?a*t term*. M tx- BA KISAtU 4 BlCKkY. AooU Br A. ORKRN, A???tion*.r TH'?TEE'8ALKOPA PART or A TBAC-T I OF UANDo*ltorf"Potw'? Mil feat," aitaMai la th? ooaot* of VS a?hio?U?n. ?a tao fioof HrMot K<tad, and abotft Uireo ntiloa from the ?,t? of Waatiincton, hotncaaart of tko ?m?n. m U?? Piim^ Branch Trottinc Cmim.'' Bj TirtM oftwo deeriaof tri*t, on* bttriai <4*t?> ?Ksue, yt?.. ***' ? or akovt Uw t?h aa? of May, its*. ** a rmoordtd is Liber J. A. Mm 177, ISmw ?**. ? *.? ?l"o on* ol thf> !ano itoordi of ?><! nam*, Iwil! to ??ll at paMlr Met l on to Ik* klf l*#t brtd?r, on<> liiktemi -- - \m, it o'oluot p, m.. at th? Aact ?a loua ? f A-Oma, eof?r 7m tad i> ktr? u. *Vaakmcton. 1*1'',h*' p*rt of a tract of land oalMd 'fata.'. Mil H*at, Mtnate, Jyiraj. and Iwim ta the ?< !? of aahim ton. in Uh> Dtatrx-t <V Co'ualuk, aad o* the weit aid* of the P?w*y Hranch road, ooots<r><Kl wiMi.n ww in IOVIOK met-* ?(X| fensrMlf, V? wttr H*mnaii?K lor th? nm? tttrtnM. No ?, >iut?d la u* w**t idj ?f md (<<*4, f.?r tfe? ivUmM corner of* lot of aairi land ia*<1 off to IUj? (> ak man, ant ruining from rt>*no? north m*fy w aid half vmi fcfty MI aiMt (urty rr\mr Indrodthii^rrkn. with ^M>kina<. n?rU line. U> a .^o.?, ft* t: e ro-Uwfti oorqer ofSpMkaMn'a l?rf?r lot and the b*finainr of ht? inm"?r WH. then'ft runmnt north Uii t? *t>d ft lift1 f dec rem. mm twenlr eu*t ud k h\ir Kfttitea t* ? ?(** ift U? oiulii* \ti ft roftd tw?t? Ivfl**! vide, ad With the eftet lir# of iiim: or lot. where i? plftnted ft ?to?# Mo. 5j <hena? rai.ninc aoatt. ftiat* oneftn'l ft hft I decree*. e?#t fcfij dim po'eheeftM f ur ftad one hundredth ' *?-roh to ft ?t*k" in tv" went line of th? Pine* ft ra k r?>*d; thene* wti> w d Miliitof Mid Pioe* i.itnM e?>? i??Nnnftt Une to Um p *ee o4 tncmmair, oontauaiMc tea ee*>? Add thlrtf.llT ikrnlwft ** - - ? i?th#r witli tne ifn?ri'T??net)U tke?enr, wfcieh ooa <?tOf?lMW. *?) > . ?ix1 well-be I t !? iter? Frunt Dwelling Irniw, ataMing, ?beda a-d Mt hou?ra l>rm?o(?If: O** Third c*ah; tW# W*cce in * ?rd It month*, for which th perch* e illher*eened to (i*e hia not <a bearing lit*otfraai Uw day of <*i?. and eeeun d by a deed of tniat aioa tke pre-'-iei'B !*ho?1d |(i? fnrnfmeer fail tn comply with DM terma of e?l? within fer* data after fee liar of aatt. the Wnatee reeervea (he ncht U? reeo 1 rftid pr*f erty, at th*ri?k ud e -at or the dafan'tma poro*a eer, epon *itib? ftve d*y? prencea pah ic n* mo ""'"t"' ? w?p?p?r pnf>usc?o id th? oj'r of \\ Mhinct b. of tb? urn, ?U??. im ur*i ftftucli r* al?. Afl eonvr;a>io?? at th* tMt oftk* parotAi*r. R. H. LASKKV, Trut** an t -toAdt A GRi-.bN, a??C THIS AFTERNOON TO-MORROW Ry A.GRRF.N, Aoc*ir>n*?r. 2HANDt*OM? THREK PTORY FRANK BnrtK* an <3Stb ?raB?t.o? im at ArCTll)\ ?On T A 1 () V V tSa 9 mt in>l>n> I .L. [ i aell in trobt of tk? preniiaea. at % o e oca p.m.. part of Lot No.S in ?o*re (So. with the im proTMnrnta which are tw rw??<J th-ee eftry ftmc li'>H^ea, with haoa hoilutnK, containing eu At or Wo riwna eaob. w lb puw* Thia property n handaomr * ?itaated, frontinj oa 13* atreat vMt tu t??fn M<uth 0 and C atreeta sear Uie Smitha'iBtat G<??nda. Term* One fourth oaafc. balance in?. IS, It.and H mouths. for notes b *in? 1-te-eat frm*i dav nf aa.e A deed ?i?eu and s dead of trust t?kea. Title indiapaiahia, an 16 d A. OR KEN. A?et. Br l. C. MoGlIRE k ? O. A u Uoneera. Tmustek 8 of lot? k*kt of ' u* c*r tol sr*iitt?On tib&day af TfcRNO<i>, August 21st. %t?o'clock.*1 th? Abo ten Koomi of J.C Ov, by vtrt??*fn d^tfjirustfromTiw?*? A MitnlMir.dtitdMv 27th, <8*?, ?nd uu J rscotd'd in l.irt*r J. A. No. IT5. r?!lo? 469, e* , on* of th * itnd reoordi for \\ MhmKtnn ?o?n?T, 0.! -h*ll Bell, Lot* nun b*>1* 16. IT, is, and Imi^nrr No. Ili|. JJP,; P.** turd ctih; tb? rMidu* in 3, ud 6 vrontns, with irUr^it. iecur?d hv m. nftr... on the pr*ini*e?. All oonveyftnotnt *t th? eof t of tb* pi'phuw. H. EUMl'KD CLARK. Truta*. ir 17*31*ang2l iJC. MoGt'IR K 4 CO.. AnoU FUTURE DAYS Ht A. ttR&KN. Auouoi:**r. no?D TWO STORY FRAVK HOU8K mu VI TWO Lot* nuxniM OR Maiiumji XA.UT or TMI CAflloL, AT AUCTioH ?On \\ t D !S K!*l)A \ . the 2-4 libelant. I etiait in front of the premies*. at ? o'olocic p a> . l.ole No. Maud t?, I* e?uv?* outn of eqnare it Hmnf ?uf>di*i ion '>f said quart, TiiMwo Lvii front fnrtr feet on .-warrana atftiof. at the corner < fStli ?treat eaat. With 'he improy m?i U. wbwfc ar* * (tod two el?>rY Fr?rn? Hon** Ac. T?rm* : 43^ c.??h; the Wanoeia band 12 mnntha. for note* beartna nt?m from daj of e*le A da. d given t:dt decti of tract uk? Titt# ib<iiaru?aWe. an 17 d A. <i K KK.V A act. B) J O McGUIRK A CO Anotinaw. SNUG TWO-STOUT FRAMR HOUSE AND Lot on 6th ?tbk>t wmt, iktwui fi a?d II ?TE*KT* NORTH, AT ACCI OK? Oa TUTR&DIV ? r?"ii I.- ci - ? * arir.K.iuun, AU*. *31. a* 6 o'oo'ck, Ob ?' premie**. we at il II l,?t No. :4 in 8*?ar* 4K. fronting 25fe?tonStb atre?t vNt.liftvwu H an.l H iirMti north, run_inc b*ot U f atlot IS f**l *ilej, tot?th*r witht ? in pr-ov?*inrn.a, oon?iatin? of * twnory |-nn* P*f mi Houa*. oonteiiunc fomr rootr r. Tarma: One tbird o*?h; Uie rendu* id C nod 12 m<>ntvia, w:th interaat, a^cured t.j % c>?d of tru?i jii th - p-eroiaea M20<iu J C McQCI * F ft CO . A art Br BARNARD ft BUCK FY. Aaotiorwwa. Georgttmm, D. C Uun lULoriA M'?l fct. aT Al'CTIO.N ?On i IlL'RsrDA V AKT. RN.MiN Ji i?at* ^ o'c uok. in frvi.t of tbe prcmis**, we wi.l ?-ll that n w an 1 T*'n?h: - p<p?rt<r. ihe * >'o-mio"pia Hot*)," aituiUid on the corner of Markat epa?? and me Cut! Till* H?Mie i* tew And in pe teal outer, 3 >ntaina ten room*, bar fatted vort oop plrte. ? >o >acfc huitdirg; th*re is an e*e? I!wit And dr? ?e!lar. This houne U in a mod exollMit petition, i* a rery popular re?.>rt, and uso* unakar good real to I pucctuAl itnant. Thia aaie offer* an opportunity to secure a good >u-iDea? location, or f?< aa nvratm-nt Term* : One-third eaali; Ihe rraiJne in ?- ??- And m month", with intereet. *nd cured by ft de*a of Lrw>t on the property Title perfect ts 17 d HAKNAKU * BD' KEV, inuU. Br A. GRKEN. Auctioneer. HANDcOMK T K OSTORY FPAMK HOT5K axd Lot os th? 1?i.aki> at Arm * ?Ob Till K^llAY, the EM I net . I ih?<l *?h n frimt of Lbs pr?uu???, at fi o'clock p. m , wee? part of , MS in noire No- 496 Urui froi> uf ? f?M 01 mtk ii b "Ww?n 41* ?nd fth street*. r?n> tnc with ft siri* ftiley to a ? feet ft ley. in fee* 2 inohee witft the improvrmMiU, whioh ftre ft food tvo-etocj frMne huuae. to. '1 h? ot ia handsomely improved with tree*, shrubbery, to ferm* : Om half oMh; beeeee ia t, It ud It month*, for note* bearing iuU>rwt. an H d A ORKKtt. A setBr J. C. MoGl'IRK * CO.. AnUmn DEMIRABLK i>VV K1.1 1 N<. HOUSM ON NoaiH I. M1UT IITWin 14TM STtKKT wri i. a\t* Vermont Avimi, 'ut pax* ? On t-KIUW AFTfctfNOUN, Atiut SHU. at MX n'c <>ck. on the ft+m\ktm we shall ee!l part of ia>1 B, in utdiTiMM ?(Hnu? No.tK frootiac ft feet on north 1. ?t-e t between 14th street ariii eriueat srecne. rnoimi bark a b at US fret with a front of IS fret on Vermont together with the m froveaKDti, e>> iriitini of A three story bee* bai.o K?S$S$i!A5ii-E?9fcW lmck .... .mo ?u?ui m imi. ana ftajoioM oi fMb nd* by ft hft?<1?omr thrft? ?t?>ry bnok dMilui kouftft. Tkft W ofttioi" ii uMSfteptlonftM* for ft private rMi?l?rr% ?nd ?h?- f .frtf ??rj 4ft?irftbl? u ft nxidftnce for smftli fkwilf Trrnia : On*-tmrd aft?h: t rewdae i?4, It, Mid l? muaUu, with llMrrf, w??r?d ky t??? Ukirt "JAT^i F&ftTTtii* CO.A..U M&'telifSgfia: fftonifM 3 the CirntitCwirtef th? Divtriet ??f OnirabMlor HmOoibU oi Wftshiftrtoiv. %ad to m? di MMft.1 vill ftxpoaft to publu xftJa, fw afeak. ta f.unt.of ll?? Toart d<or??f nileo** ty ?? vVKfNES n?v u?n i> a?. /* ? ? ? ? ' 1 . ? _ ?J ?? nr?>, I" ? II ITMOI m. Ail a?rt,? net*. title, e an and latamst in and to Ud No 6. m M">?" Mi Ui? Cit? nf \V%ahiAKtoa, I). C , together w U aPand ?i?f?tar th? lmfroww t* i??i*ed ana 1-riod a??i? u tl?? property of i?4n F. iftr, m4 I I fcosaM to ***'*? i"r?oia!? Mo. *?, t# Oat* bar ??? I**, ia f*Tor of Ma:?aret M Djer, wii? J ILCinjJ, U. 8 Marohal for the Dwtnoi of t>> tiaibta. Ml-dll \f A R8H A l/B 8 A LE.-I eirtae *4* w ta af?*n Lfl Cfcauw taaae4 fro? th? Cterfa i*?nrf >heOirSypi3?i^a tf s%stin.'W )X?oae to pehtie mV, for oaah. >n front of vJh* mart tornioor rf<iM wut?.?n MONDAY, ik* aui la; of A u?a?t nr^l. I**", at K o^Mk m . ali *?*'H - ya gtiS'Sflg sttfarwaasfffc iwi5rt2Z?i2i25r. ;?~ 7&??STi%*z3B&M'' iJ l?-dU r. * Mtf.^n., n..(,i.i .77^.1^^. H7**ira ABO/R HALK W posrroncD ud lrnr AY' mh laMw mmm k9*r W. jgt.PE*. c. f. !?4r^(<J. ."locys^ I ??H?l nr - 'L' I// 1 nr A A M A A A . ?. ?- n I WUUU & IUAL, LI ME, I / SAMO. CEMENT, MAM. \ \ Flatter, ?md WUto 6a?H], f* / 54H M. E. Car. 1JU * C Sto.| JT ' tW hiiiu* Su?ih Nu. Av. . , (f WiSHUCKW. P. C# I