Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ID" Though Thi 9ta.k U printed m the futeat wxr+vn firm Uuk tooth if BnKimorr, tta edition to ao large aa to require it to be pat to preaa at an early hour; Ad*ert>?einenU, therefore, ahould be cat In befora 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next dav mm - ?~9 ' Noxics to Washimqtosuxii.?Thoae of our ffHow rUIk-b# leaving for the watering placet *nd rliewh^re should bear In mind that we do not ms!! Tn* 9ta* cicept after payment In adftt thft rat# of 2? 1/ n?r month. None*.? District of Columbia Advertisement* to b? Inserted in the Baltimore Sps are received at and forwarded from Tit* !<tab Ofiee TK*i Douat-** I.A?T EVEXIJCO ? SPKKCH or M* <*AU.A?MEII, A<?There wa? ^n?te a larfff and enthusiastic >/atberiiu{ at tbv hMdqnurtrnof My pplillrtl wlhwiitiof Doni;lM and Johnson In tbl? city l*st evening About* o'clock the raparioiM hall ?ccMpit-d bv this Ann tattoo la tbe Kimnieti Howae.onCstreet.betwewi Ko<ir-an<l-n-hnlf and Sixth streets, was literally packed Tbf mwtlnr waa called to order by tbe President, Jubn F. Funis. Ksq . when a rry Interesting ceremony took place. Thia waa the prramtatton of a larjre and handsome Americas Hap ? the Asaoeiatioii bv Mr. Thornley. on the part of tbe ladlea of the Fifth Ward. Thia appropriate and brcritlM gift wot teeelved on behalf of the Awociation by tbe president in a few well-cancrivrd and appropriate rrUiarks arjcscd or ma. iuluouki The lirwrrovd then repaired to the outside of 1be building, in front of which was stationed the Marine Band. ei*rut\nji various national afra The hand then struck up "Hail to the Chief,'' on the conclusion of which, the president of the meeting. M?. F.nnls. appeared oi? the balconvand Announced that Mr Francis Gallagher, of Baltimore, was present and had kindly consented to address (hem Three cheers were then plven for Mr (jallajihrr. when that gentleman came forward and, Hdk Introduced. ipok? u follow*: FeHow-cittxen?: I can awrnre too that I rattle lieie this evening moit reluctantly, as the gentle, men who visited me yesterday will certify that tbey found nae in a sick bed. and it was only at thalf .. ? !?-??-?? " ' ? * >viii iwiii'u UMI I roiwrniro K>COIDCi But m ben railed npon to ate aitch a canae? the cause of tb* Democracy of the t'nlon?I can oulv repeat. what waa < ?ld uv Claude Meliiotte la the' play, -'Place me where France moat needs a soldier, and 1 am thereto do battle for the cause.''YfiSuii what waa said by my friend who In- I troduced n>e. with refereace to my having served a lifetime in the service of the Democratic party, will be a UUinnr* that I ?m ?'?? no new doctri ne T he prl nc I pie* that I now bare the honor to advocate, I learned from the writings and teachings of Jefferson, Jackson, Polk, and. 1 may say. Mr. Buchanan himself, and i am not to be driven from the Democratic party at this time by the cry of some of our friends who threat^ en to read us from the party because we will not bsw the knee to a set of men who desire to act as aicutors Tor the people when th# people should be the arbiters of the politicians, and not the politicly us of the people. [AppUuse ] Thl? practice, my !ellow-cltizens. has been far to* prevalent in this Republic. We boast of being a Republic of freemen; we boast of framing the Institutiot s of our country by the voice of a majority of the neoDle; but it has been ton mneh the habit of the people to listen to the politicians of tbo land, when they should teach the politician! to listen to them. I trust that the day haa ?cne by when that state of affaire can any longer Pe tolerated in this roontry And now I will ?ay, in coming to that point, that that is the reason why from the start I advocated the position that Judge Douslcs has assumed ' i,n "?>' my that I would approve bts position, and all he did. and all he said npon tbe l.ecompton question. But I thought there ought to be toleration enough among democrats to tolerate a difference of opinion upon an unessential question; ("That's so," and applause^] especially in a man wno baa aone ?o much kervcefor the democratic pirtv. ['-That's honorable ''J W here is the man, North, 8oath, East, or West, tbat has labored longer and harder, and apent more time and money in the cause than the statesman of Illinois?no, not the statesman of Illinois, but the statesman of America [A round of three enthusiastic cheers was here given for Stephen A. uoogiaa j Why. hit friend* had the power in Cincinnati to defeat the nomination of Mr. Buchanan. Did they do it? No! The very moment be got the majority there. Judge DougUft telegraphed nis friends in theanirltnf of Tbonai H Benton, "Union and harmony; everything for the canae; nothing for men.'' and urgetl hie frlenda to go for Mr Buchanan; and they did to And not only did they advocate the election of Mr. Buchanan, in Illinoia, and carry the titate for him. but uard their Influence everywhere. and thus secured hit triumphant election. I "Good." and anolanae I Rn? 1 ?? g w ^ / V? w au?C cliff-red with him upon thi? miserable Lecompton (juestion. which he contended the people should nettle for themarlvea. tome of our frieuds have undertaken to ostraciae him. and read him out of the democratic party. Why, fellow citizens, the people of this country say no' It reminds me of n caac in English history, of a leader of one of the rebellions there?1 forget whether it was the Kentish rebellion or not?of a man by the name of TrrUwney, who was captured and condemned to tL>kl>vk rv,. 1->? * - .nw vawa uc nulling prtjpic and XDf IlidW'l rc*up?i,iin?t !t. The king wu determined to Lav? him executed in tbia manner. The announcement ef thi* determination canaed stirring sonus to be e<>uipo?ed and *an^>; and the enthusiasm of the people ri>se frvrrywhere to the highest degree In dd? of the most celebrated son^s the chorus rang? " And must Trelawney die' A?id shall Trelawnev die? Then twie* three thousand Cornish men Will know the reason why ." [Applause.] That aoajj was sunij from " Jchn O'oroat'i to land's tDd It was heard front every hamlet, in every workshop, in every coal mine in Lapland The King henrd it In the chase, and bi?h above the ttllvbo of the hunter and the yelping cries of the victims, he heard that song? 41 And must Tielawuev die ?" He beard It on 1*U way to the Parliament House that? ' The people would know the reason why." The result wa* Trelawney waa pardoned, and the King never did? " Give the reason why.'' [AppLiuse ] Now we wy in regard to Judge Douglas, ? Must fee politically die" because of this difference of opinion in regard to an immaterial issue? One million of voters of this Union demand '' the rea? son why " They will not be satisfied until they have tb? answer. [Applause ] B .t our Southern friends say, "He is not true to the South." Not true to the Sooth ' Why, who wdi mf man nrf pal lorward wlit-n ttie r*outh demanded tbe repeal of the Missouri Compromise* Not a man of their own. Had tbe North to do it? Yea A Northern man of ability wi a elected because of his ripptwd influence with Northern lMo(x r<u And tb? proper man was ?e eced for tbe proper cilice That repeal waa accomplished, and wbat was the riult! From whence cinie the denunciations of Judge Douglas then? Feans were tnng to him at the Sooth. He waa denounced everywhere at tbe North; burnt lu eft^y tbrougboat that section of country; and tbe fanaticisms of tbe pulpit threw the Bible ?iu?, icrgoi to praacn unrincraciiiM. ana prear,toed, "Crucify Douglas." [laughter and applause,] and the echoes came from the mountains and vatley*, and from the black Abolitionists who were stealing negroes, "Crucify Douglas;" and for what? For his advocacy of Southern rights. And this, fellow-citizeas. is the gratitude of oar Southern friends to Judge Douglas This Is the f ratttude that they extend to a man who has sacrificed his all for tbetn And It remains to be seen whether the true men of the South will, upon this occasion, allow their ureiud'oes to he over CMte, and cast their vote* ax*1 him. A Voice ?"Ix>ul??aaa won't." Why, my fellow cttlzena. II It well eaoagh for Mr. iMldell and Mr. Toombe and Mr. Benjamin, oa their pUutatlona. to denounce the abolition l?ta of tfca North; there la no one to reply to them than. There waa no one te take the stump to oppose their argumenta. Bat Judge Douglaa waa ib the midst or tbe enemy, with hla Aice to the fee, juhtl Pcr In ware a/ im7 v ?w J VI ?iir riiciuy imttc thrae southern men dare not go to defend their principle*, Judge Douglas wu defending Utcm. [--Tkat'i m," and applause 1 And now, fellow,-tttaena. the people of thla L nlon are determined that be ahal! not tall without making a manly defence I" Tbat'i ao," and applause] They are ftghung hi* battle aloae; they are ftghting the uui? of Mie Union: because it baa been declared m aa.. la ' uy lorar 01 iw mmufm men, ana especially dv Mf. Ytncey. "that If Lincoln be elected. Ibis L'aton must be diMolved." And they are contributing to that vrry result bjr running Breckinridge ticket* la tbe North, where they know he no Dot carry a at ogle State, in order to divide tbe democratic wvie. Mr Vinrvf 01 tliriii all la the moat consistent man In he took part In the convention that nominated Gen. Cut. and bolted from that Coq .tjUOu because hi* piatform wa? not accepted and the Cincinnati platform substantially adopted He was consistent. for he avowed bis purpwe. and determined to i-srry tfce states of the SomIL out of thol'moa but, Miow?citisen?, J think h# tan shot beyond the mark. Would to God ? - - ?*??? *- J? i ir i Ibil Andrew JKUOI were iiTiug W-WJ . ? were, the Yauceya of the South would very soon rrawlintbalr hoiea f'<*ngfater and applause J Aye, in Jarkaou'a time a greater man than Mr Vaacey undertook to preach aerewlon on tbe part - " ? ? l . ' ntrf of T^fUlO utl nilIB4 kllui iht ? uivii | vxa <hv b? ro ivorr by the Ktonal lb*- Union nut be prworrrd," and It waa pm^rvrd f Applatia**: ] H?* Lu follower* worthy of bla fame; 1 tr<i?i enough In tbla Union to mtc It fratn abolition.<1* North and the arotkiuniala of the South. Fallow clUzrna, I tind that my weakuesa alwott OTwwiii'i dm, and 1 ahali be ton.jwllrd to dkatat / from spooking, though thera ia uueh 1 ahould Jlks to say to you comowafetory mt Ike mrhcft and ability of that noble champion of the people's right* In the advocacy of wboaerauaa you have i?(ill*nUy?<iliiM lain ple??< to trf tc? w?e ubled here In such large numbers this evening. 1 regard it as an unmistakable evidence of vour determined xeal in the great eauae of theUuion and popular rlghta. [Applauael But. permit me to say a word or two more. In conclusion. What will be the result of this conrri. - in> i uc aooutionuu or republican* of the North are contending for Congrei>alonal intrrTUitioB : the extremists of the South, also, for C?eroH.onal intervention on the anbject of alavery In the Territories Doea not every man of common sense know that if that is made the Issue, the South must be beaten, and under tbe next censua beaten Immensely by the overwhelming power which the North ann the West will have in the Congress of tbe United States judge Douglas comes in, snd occupied compromise ground. Tuese men are fighting with uplifted swords. over tBe borty of the Union; Do'uglaa come# tn anil " Hand* off, gentlemen; lift up your sword*- stop tbia fighting over the body of the Union; l*t the people of the Territories settle that question for themselves; let Congrfaa have nothing to do with it " Why, what kind of protection Would Seward ?{Ive? What would t>e the effectof Intervention, aa administered by such a man aa Burllngaine? W hat kind of protection to alave property!n tbe Territories wonld these men give? Such protecilon a# vultures give to lamb', covering and devouring thein. Let u?, then, fellow-ritizens. an far n* In onr power lay, endeavor u> raiiy around the conservative men,"the 1'nlon, find gfve onr eftbrts and exertion*, from this day forth b*tll the day of election, for Judge Douglas and the Union. And may It live forever. The speaker retired amid great applause. The asa^inblage was addressed by one or two othera, when it quietly dispersed. Citt Councils, Auznsl '20.? Rotrd of The board met is usual, president Dove in the chair. COMMUNICATIONS. One from the Mayor announcing his having approved the following acta: An actautborl*in?the Hying of a watermaln In I street, north, from Kleventh to Fifteenth streets west. An act for taking up and relaying the gutter on the north front of Square No. &>1. An act to ufrade Second tree* west, between Virginia avenue and D Street south. An act to provide for the construction of a srwer along C street north, between Four and-ahalf and Plxfh streets vest. An act making an appropriation to pay for repairing the bridge on Conneftlewt avenue. Joint resolution author'ilng John K. Vausklver to complete a tishtaouse on \N ater street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets west An act making an appropriation to pay vermin expenses incurred by this corporation at thr funeral c?r?uiontes of the laie Joaeph tiales. Also,-?ne from the Commissioners of the Asylum, inviting the members of the Board of Aldtrmen and their secretary to visit the Asylum on next Thursday, '23d inst., at 4 o'clock p. ra. On motion, the Invitation waa accepted. TKT1TIOSS RKFEKKKI) Of Mary D Alexander, and of John F. Marr and others, for water mains; of Bishop Kendrick a nsi AthoM #" i ? A "* ,.uv<a, avi pci luixiiin to ciose an oia alley and open a new one; of cituens, for repair* in certain streets. BILLS BKP01TKT) A5D PAS**D Bill to ^rade and^r-ivcl First st ?ast between C au< 1) its north; to improve the condition of the gutter on tbe east side of First st. east, between B and C s's north; of the lower board, to construct a branch sewer and dron at th? r V?? ?*???! V* Ninth st weat and 1 at north, to connect with the main lewer on Ninth it; of the lower board, to pav James A Fletcher for work done In the Fourth Ward; of the lower board, to grade and gravel L street south, from New Jersey avenue to Four-and-a-half st. west; to set the curbstonasand pave the footway on the west fronts of squares 168 and 16!>; to improve the Northern market,with an amendment in form of a substitute) for the construction of a drop and sewer on the west side of Fourteenth st , between E st. and Pa s??nn? i" t*jeJ*econd Ward; making an appropriation to pay Wm. M. Kllis <Sc Bro. for 34-inch stop valve* furn:sb?*d to the Corporation; to lay a water main in Mass avenue, from hleventh to Tenth ata. west, and along Tenth at. w?t to New York avenue; to aet curbatone and pave footway on wrat front of square 7S3; to reimburse the Mayor for expenses nrkil- ??-- ?- " * * * - ? nana miciiuiii|{ iu ior increiuot tula Corporation before the Legislature of Maryland, during Its session of 1%80; nutooritlng the Tax Collector to receive certain certificates of indebtedness of the Corporation, In payment of taxes; to close private alleys iu a state of nuisance; authorising the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools to lease a building for public-school purposes; to lay a water main in Twefth st west, from C st. north to Pa. avenue; to lav a water main In f. ?t north, frotn Eleventh to Thirteenth street* weit; joint resolution of thia board, with a substitute by the lower ltoard. authorizing the Mayor to enclose the Central guard-houae ami Corporation waterpipe yard with a auitable brick wall, with the oinmittee'* recommendation to insiat upon the original bill. After dlacuaMon, the board Insisted on tke original bill?ayea 6. noea 4 The petition of Joaeph Lowry (reported back front drainage committee, who were discharged | iroin ii? mrmer consideration.) was referred to a select committee appointed by the Chair. Adjourned. Owiwii* Ccuncil?The )<oard met at the usual hour, the President In the cbalr. COM MUSIC ATIOHS. A communication from tbe Mayor was read stating that be had approved certain bills; also, one from the Commissioner of the Asyl-im inviting the t>oard to visit that institution on Thursday next; which was accepted. nil. LB. in:. For the relief of tbe Western Hote Company; for trimming aid graveling Thirteenth street from C to G strr?U, providing for a perfect regist.-yof voters; for trimming and graveling Eleventh utreet lroiu C to G street*; to grade L? street from Twenty fourth street to Pennsylvania avenue; to pay W L Ellis k Bro. a balance due them; making au appropriation for a paid lire department; authorizing the .Mayor to anticlfate tbe revenues of tbe Corporation to carry into effect tbe bill providing for the establishment of ten ad aiiiouai ptiDiif M'MtKiii?ell of which were appropriately referred. A resolution In reference to a removal of the W estern Market and a resolution of inquiry In reference to the rigbt to use a certain Improved patent foreway stop-cock and tire-plug were pissed Petitions of C. Alexander and others, W. Flood and Charl** Flnnegan were referred to committees An act providing that private alleys which are pronounced to Iw In a state of nuisance by the Commissioner of Health shall be closed until such nuisance be abated, was passed. ^ BILLS PA??HD v y?y ponce; auuiorinne tbe anticipation nf tbe corporation revenue to tiie amount of 912.' JO to redeem guarantied bond* of the Alexandria and Washington railroad; to take up and relay a gutter on L street north, between ?th and Otb atreeu west; for the improvement of B street; ?./ irjnn mr carriage way on /IE lirwi Wen, ITOtll Fwtnsylvnnla avenue to tbe < anal; for trimming and graveling L street north, between 4th and 5th street* west; for the construction of a siench-trai> on tbe north side of E street north, between >3tfi and Htb streets; for tbe relief of J. A. Fletcher, for tb? construction of a stench-trap on Eleventh street west, between G and H streets north, to trim and gravel 9tb street west, from G street north to New York avenue; for taking up and relaying a portion of a gutter on west side of 5th street west; for same purpose on south front of square 220; to pay VV. Babiugton for certain purpose*; authorizing the curbstone to be set and footway paved on west front of squares 106 and 169; for the repair of a sat wall on the Potomac, between 11th and 13# streets west; to lsy a water main on N street, from 11th to 14th streets west; for the purchase of 10,000 six-inch water pipes; an set making approGlations for certain purposes in connection with s distribution of Potomac water through the 1 t * s? *- -"*? * r - v?;i mmuiK a water main in mil lirerl, Trom Pennsylvania avenue to I street north; authorizing the pa bile school trustee* to lease for three jnti a building belonging to R H Gtllett for school purposes, and a bill appropriating SI,885 <J3 to meet deficiencies la appropriation for Washington Asylum The Board then adjourned. Aulihotom Pic-Nic roa the Ohpha** ?'The plc-nlc for the orphans of PI. Vincent's Asylum, of this city, cam*off yesterday at Arlington to the entire satisfaction of the friends of Ibis charitable and benevolent movement. At an early hour the grounds ware filled with groups of young and old?happy families and merry youngsters enjoy ' J * isig ?uc muui??c?wvcw tw icvicaiiuii una cuiiriiy bi if such a thing as dull care were unknown in tbe incident* of human life. Tbe orphan girls, under appointed conductor*, reached the grounds at 3 o clock, headed In procession by H . C. MeLaughlin and Wm. 1. Rote, Ksq , the orator* of tbe day. W ken they rraehad tbe aaloon, soul-moving adilrwi were delirettd by them gentlemen; after which, the dancing was reaomed Tbe entire affair, we are gratlilfd In mylng, was a J I__ 11 * - it ? couipiric ?4itun?. BUU wen lur me oeoeTolence of our citizens ia the holy cause of the orphan eb1 Id. Til* FtitDtftBOfto Robbkrt ?Yesterday afternoon Mr Friederburg returned to tbis city from Baltimore, with officer Keese, and immediately i i ii n rl ri t/i altla I ? n #>? tK.. p? wvcucu W VWWIII UVA.CWW jr papc' a IUI IUC purpose of bringing Strobel. who is in custody in Baltimore, to this city for trial. Upon a furtbtr examination of hl%lo?>?, he is satisfied that the aggregate Is near a thousand dollars, besides the arurita aioien iron majourneymen, uI ten, aoout VAXi, with ooBjpW-te new waiMrobe, jewelry, Ac , bu been found with Stroltel. He will be brought to ibia city for trial la tbe criminal court Tun Ca*?txa Rktubrk fcr tbe Seventh Ward Mrs now complete, ?how tbe papulation to be 'J$tJ. Pre* lnbabltanta 9,580, and463 alavea. In |n>(> tbe Ave warda now in gave 27,159 We hate f< r IWI from them 4t,(M, or a gain of li,94&. lau, vat rant; floe and coat, ?1 06. Tboa. Fiaber, Job*i^Mwm, Wub. Mont, John McLear^, ; i * ^ ? ! Mtstwiocs Death ? Yesterday afternoon, Justice Barnaclo mmmoDrd a Jury of Inquest for th? purpose of ascertaining the* cause of the audden death at Mrs Harrlgin, who lived t| Goat Alley, in the Northern Liberties The Iriah neighbors res'sted an Inquest, and some had to | ch" ejected from the honae It appeared that the dece*s?d waa well veaterday morning and ujton | her complaining, dine one gave her idmof oil, id loon after ahe waa dead A post mor'etn examination waa made, and the *trwnacta ?rw taken bv the phyaiciana present for the purpose of analyzing its contents, and the Jury adjourned till lhll mnminir Tbia morning the jury met. according to adjournment. 1 he following abstract of the testimony was kindly furnished by the acting coronet tiarnaclo: Dennis Collins, sworn.?Lives in the bouae where the deceased resided?np stairs Saw Mrs. Hsrrlgan in the morning. She seemed well. At 8 o'clcch 1 left for my work, and returned 25 minutes to 14 o'clock. She was then dead. Join Moloney, sworn ?Saw Mrs H. between 8 and 9 o'clock a m , and asked her wbat was the ; matter. Sbe said she bad taken a heavy dose of oil aud felt very Saw her again at the same time as Collins?dead. T% ? ?*_ ?? * ? * rurr namgan, (amau tmy. ion o[ drrmed.) worn?Went to market early In the morning. When he returned siw nothing out of the way. Arranged tbe marketing for hi* mother.and went away. His mother aald she was unwtll before be | left. When he returned, he found his mother dead. Nobody Waathen In the bouse. Mrs. Colli**, sworn.?Kesides up stairs in tbe house. Her husband bad left tbe bouse Mrs HarrUr&n told her she bad taken a heavy dose of oil. She heard a woman's footatep, and the worda in a low voice ''Give me a small bottle, and I will give you a drop that will ease you." I heard nothing more, and supposed she (Mrs H ) was asleep, until between 11 and 12 o'clock witness' husband said she was dead. Dr M V B Began, sworn?Saw Mrs. Harrlgan a few days ago. She was seemingly well Aftsr a post mortem examination, the contents of me Kwunarn were nnaiyiea ana tbere wsi aetecttd in them an ounce or an ounce and a half of corrosive sublimate The statement of Or. Bogan was corroborated by hi* brother, also a practising phynician, aud t*r? King and Mitchell,wbo performed the necessary surgical operations? post-mortem S A Leicis,clerk In Stone's drug store, sworn, testified to the purchase of a dote of oil by Mrs. Huvlaut A little daughter of Mrs. Harrigan, too young to be a witnesa. Mid ahe would tell tbe truth, and said she was singing "I have no father," (her father bad been dead about live weeks), early in the morning, and her mother told her to go to market with her little brother, and said "then tonight you can sing I have no mother." The jury returned a verdict?"That the said Jane Harrington came to ber death by poison administered by her own hand, or by the hand of some person or persona to the jury unknown ." Misting or th* Gal** Moncsmwr Committm ?A meeting of the committee appointed to obtain contributions to erects monument to the memory of the late Joseph Gales was held last night at the City Hall. On motion of Win T. Dove, esq., Hugh B. Sweeney,esq., was called to the chair, and John Savaee, esq . was reonested to act at secretary A committee waa appointed to prepare business; and H N Easby. esq . from the committee, reported verbally that it bad been determined to solicit from all toe turn of one dollar or less in aid of the object in view; and thia would be published by resolution to be hereafter prepared. Mr. Easby stated that other place* would, very probably, help to raise the nrcetmfy fund. He bad, he said, conversed with a gentleman from New Orleana (who la connected with the press there,) who made encouraging statementswith reference to the subject The chairman of the meeting suggested that editors throughout the country ought to be requested to call attention u> me ma?er. rne commutes, St wu understood, ! adopts the suggestion; and l>eforeadjourning tbe following plan of operations was reported and unanimously adopted: 1. That the subscription from each indlridual should be fixed at one dollar and under, In order to aiford to every citizen. ev<?n of the most United means, an opportunity of t?Rtifying bis veneration for the character of Mr. Gales, by contributing to the erection of a monument to his memory. '2 That subscription books shall be furnished to each member of the committee, In which to enrol tbe names of the contributors, with the following piciatr: 44 Subscriptions to a monument, to be erected In the city of Washington, to thg memory of Joseph Oales, late editor of the National Intelligencer?a man in whom was harmoniously blended all the noblest traits of human character?whose name ir suggestive of the sage and the patriot; the friend of the poor, the father of the fatherless, the selfsacrificing benefactor of the unfortunate and the distressed." 3. That editora throughout tbe I'nlted States, friendly to this public testimonial to tbe memory of the Nestor of Journalism?the Invincible but cver-courteous Galea?are invited to make collections In the manner indicated, and forward the proceeds to J H H . Smith. Ksq , of thla city, Treasurer of tb* Oales Monument Fund. Tbe meeting then adjourned, subject to tbe call of tbe Chairman. T?? V/>?? "T. ??*?---? ? ana i "t u Jfc > to IT 6 WCfC ]il VOTCU . \ t*Hterday afternoon, with a visit from, and an exhibition by, "The Young Zouaves," of this city, C ?pt E. H.Skirvlng, wno, in their parade through tue principal streets, halted In front of the Star oSce, and went through a great variety of evolnt ons and feats in Imitation of their Chicago namesakes. Among other things tbey marched, counter inarr bed, crossmsrcbed, marched "round snd round, 'shouldered armr, prere ited arms, reft d arms, grounded srms, laid down, rolled over, InaH pH rxnA 1 ** ...??v?. uivu *u u iccuufucni pinti huii? (all but loading and tiriny.) and handled llieuiaelvea and their wooden rifles In every conceivable maimer. to the infinite amusement of a lar^e crowd ot apectato-* who gathered art u id tnean. They were neatly uniformed In scarlet pant*, blue shirts, and skull caps, and made a very fine soldierly appearance. We understand that th? "Young Zouaves" and the ' Vojiii; Nat >11181 Klflts ' are to bee nsolid-ited into one com pany. under Capt Bkirving. and II inayb*exf e tied that the Metropolis will hereafter be und- r military rule.until the boysgettired of " ogtr.n." Parades ?Yesterday afternoon the Turners pa* raded, with their banners and Hags, to attend a festival north of the city .accompanied by Ksputa's brass band The procession was headed by a platoon of Yagers, armed and eauiDDed. under the command of Mr James Cerbarrit" The Metropolitan Hook and ladder Company paraded also, making their laat appearance until they are provided with an apparatus-house, according to law. They were out in full force, In their handsome equipments, and cirrled with them their handsome truck with all tbeir useful apparatus upon it. They were preceded by the Marine Bana, under Prof. Scala. Both these processions attracted much attention as they passed through the streets. Recovery or Stolkn Good# ?Last week the preliminary bearing of_ C C. Newman, charged wuu roumng me uoaraing douk or Mr*. Hp I merdigger, was published in tbe "Star." The readers will remember that Newman confessed throwing part of the jewelry Into the privy sink of tbe Baltimore station-house, when arrested and confined there Yesterday officer Keesc, who was tbe officer in the ease, being in Baltimore on bus. iness connected with another case, went to the station and succeeded In recovering the watch, chain, pocket book, locket, rings, and the knife mentioned In the evidence, thus confirming Newman's statement. Newman is in jail here awaiting a trial at court. Til Pio-hic at Columbia SDrlnv. veaterdav though not very largely attended, waa a m at pleasant one, all preaent appearing to enjoy themselves Immensely. The confectionery department, Id which the juvenile* seemed to take especial pleasure, was presided over by Mr Wright, and was all that conld be dealred In that line. On the whole, the nlc-nlc was a great sucoeas, long to he remembered by the happy participants. WisTAn'a Balsam or Wild Ciikxby. The fitlinwinr letter from Rat. hiukv wa..n nl Concord. N. H." Kd itor ofthe~C<^ rejationaT Jou r- \ nal, tpMiki volumes In favor ol ITjjWr'j B*ham>~ Ookco?i>, N. H., March *. | MisSBt. B*th W. Kowl* * Co.?(*tntinn,n : Two year* ago, a midden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my t>ed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so muoli oppressed by difficulty in hraathiug. that 1 *as often nmU-le to sleep or rest upon a bed night. Iris suffering waa extreme, and judging from tbe inefficacy of the remediee used. I supposed the disease incurable. Being perauadedto try a bottle or Wistar'* B >ham of Wtid Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, i found the diflksulty almost entirely removed be fore one little waa used up. Sympathy with my ' fellow sufferers induoea me to make ths public f statement, und recommend the article to other* . similarly afflicted. _ ?T With reapect, youratru y. Hknrt Wood. 1 None genuine unieea aigned 1. B?ns ou the wreooer. Prepared by 8. W. Fowl? k. Co., Boston, Mid for sale by Z. D. Oilman, tt. C. Kord, jr.,#. B. Wait*, O. Stott, John Scbwarse, Nairn ft Palmer, Wash

ington; and by dealers everywhere. ao U-lw.r . DIED, Ob Monday, the 39th inst., ANNA MKADKR, iBiani daughter of George W. and Anna Ooodall, 1 I **rhe fiends and acquaintances of the family are r??peetf?lly invited to attend the tune al. this (Tuesday)afternoon,at 4o'clock,from 390 Sixtl street, Uland. On the ?th inst , KATE S? oaly child of Wm. a maty jane noi.uj,nieu x ittonUu & <) Tn# friends oftbe faruiljr are reapaetfully invited to attend her funeral thist l'uesday ) afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from th? residence of her parents, on Thir? tret rast. i I *ofad" th? Wvejr, Wooming flower, Frail, emilini solace of an hoar : ?o ,?n our transient comfort* fly. And fleasur* only Woomstodio. ? rroasnsTat. .? * ??i 't?* j ? 1 I ? GEORGETOWN. i _ . 9?Correspondent* of Tit Star. SlOUtTOWR, August 31.19M0. We meattoaed mow days tine?, It will be renryrmbrred, thr case of rbtld Mid to he closely confined In a residence on Illuta street Tbe bouse \vm entered by Capt. Donaldson, Chief of Police, on Sunday night last, and the boy was released He was scantily clothed at the time -ashirt being hi* only garment?but Captain Doaildaon humanely purchased for him a pair of pantaloons nltd a straw bat. Attired In these, be appears to . be a bright intelligent bov, abort nine or ten : of age, and show! no signs of ill*Uoatment. 1 On tbe contrary, be ia plumper and more robust than the majority of children, with a clear ai.d rosy complexion. He ia verjrcommuaicatlve, and answers qneationa readily and aDtlv. hut st tim? I with considerable naivete. Failing to Unci lilm a : home elsewhere. the Chief of Police yesterday conveyed him to tbe poorhouse That luatltntion, I though very irood of ita kind, no doubt, is not the proper place for a child, as all will admit. I We have heard of several caata of attempted burglary in our city lately, and in conncction therewith of an instance of courage and presence of mind ou the part of a young ladv which ia woitayof being recorded. It iwai that a rea'drnce on Weat street was entered by an awkward a**?rrl ? ? a ?-?* " " uprnivr, who overmrnea some pir?? of furniture in the parlor. The vmng lady in question hearing the noise, and inspecting the cause, armed herself with a ijun, ana proceeded in quest of the depredator. He, heartng her approach, retreated tastily, and wu only saved by hurriedly closing the aoor iu his rear, until he gained the street, and was lost In darkness. An murr rri Qcnrf on tne same street was entered laat week, and one of the burglar* waa captured by Mr. Win. D Bell, but the prisoner u*d bin teeth to auch advantage on the band of his captor, that Mr B. waa obliged to re.lnqulah hie bold, and the scamp escaped. 1 n other citiea the nii(bt carts are not brought Itlto requisition uutil a late hour, when good citizens are asleep, or supposed to be. Here, on the contrary, they commence operations shortly after 10 o'clock, to the great annorance.of all familua who, in the warm summer nights,'sit up to enjoy the must pleasant hours of t> e twenty-four We hope the nuisance will be alwted. The Metropolitan Hook and ladder Company of your city, yesterday made their last appearance until further notice. They honored iiswlth m ulait ? ? ? - J ?I**- - ' * i?u, auu were rrcnvcu wnn a siiuw i rurn iuc bell of the Vigilant Fire Company. Considerable quantities of new wheat are coming in at present, and sell readily at SI 35aSI 40 for white, and Sl.25a$l 30 for red. Some choice samples of white bring 81 45. ^ a ^ ? Hollowat's Pills. l.irrr Complaint ?The inaid ou* and destructive efl'ect* of "blue pill ' on the ? st^m as a specific for tinsdisease are now entirely superseded by the uho of the mild, antiseptic and vegetable remedies. Tiify not only ?radicate all traces ofthis complaint, but give vitality t> the exhausted functions, vigor to trie impaired constitution, and energy to the emaciated invalid. For indigestion^hiliousneas. n-rfi Durn, ?c , mey ar? me only saiecure. sold l?y all Druggists, at 25c.,Cic.,anJ ?1 per box. au 17 Iw Homeopathic Rixkdiu All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'a specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and an cents each. Also, in cases, containing 20 vials, from 94 to #S each, with book of full directions. For sale By Z. 1). Gilinan. 350 Pa. avenue wholesale anl retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner <>( Massachusetts ave nlie andfiKth street. Also, Pond's Krtriut of Witch Hazel, ifor internal And external inflammations of All kinds. Sold a* above. mft 9-ly Ms*. WiMtoWi as experienced nnraeandlemale physician, has a Sooth in* Syrup for Child'* TtttKtng, which g reatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the game, reducing all inflammation? ill allay all pain, and ie sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mother*, it wul give re*t to yourselres. and relief and health to yonr uifanta. Perfectly aafe in all oaeee. See advertisement in another column. oo 11-ly Lion's Magnetic I*skct Powniw Exterminates Red Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garde 1 Insects, Ac. It contains no Poison Lyon's Maorktic Pills Am Pflrtain riatt-fh tn Data r*rl Miaa Sold everywhere. ftp 9 9m Marxa's Miraculous Vbkhin Dirtxoyii, the oldest and beet remedy known ior exterminating K?t? and Mioe, Cockroaches, Hugs, Ar.ts, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,GrAin-Worms and Uarden Injects. fp"Principal Depot, #12 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggist* everywhere. ma 18-3(]t fxmay's Tricophuocb cheapest article for Dreaiinf, Beautifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Re* tonng the Hair. Lariiea, try it. Sold by all Drug gists and Perfumers ar 12 6m GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Ar other GtorfUownadrtrtiitmtnts it* firtt fgt Ft)R RKNT?A convenient two-atory BHICK 1>WKI,I<1NI>, on First street, with Gas and Water. Also. a commodioni Dwelling and Store, on Budge street To suitable tenant" the rent will V? very moderate. Apply to SAM I KL M.KEN* NY. IS". Ht4 Dunharton st .Georgetown, autltf CANARY BIRDS. FINK Lot of Wo.** deluhtful songsters may novrlie pn clia?e<l in pairs, or the whofe lot?r>. very cUsap Nest Baskets and a few Ca<e8%g> r . _ ? i . " l. . ? \r . ? a ? *? ii ^4. * t WTT i'>i *mo. nfiiui\ Jti .>u 1*1 rjcan unci, IOU1? ? doors we?t of Christ Church, u 2l-? WILLIAM Q3BORN. JIT8T RKCRIVBD FROM THK INTERIOR of Penna?) rani* i? lew bntml* of PI RK RVF. WHISKY, distilled in the year* lfc? and ;i?n. Thott wishing t ? purchase an i.iia lullfmt- d article for medicinal purposes. Stc , *eUlom have such an opportunity offered to them. au y-tf BEAM, ft MATTIIKWS. I^OR HARPKR'S FKRRY.-CHANOE OF I if AYS ?OnamlaltT July,2,l?jU, the tte<tmer ANTKI.OI'K. Capt B. B.P 5HU J. \Vkll?. carry ii t the United Statf | _,|| i. l irt-u t* u/ikrn* t* II K?i i , will luavc VJ ?I ^CI WWII v ? CilV I IUU .1J/A 1 , WEDNK8DAY anl FRIDAY. tt7a. m.,?nd return ever* Tuoadav, Thursday and Saturday. N. II.?Kvery Wxirremlay the Antelope will run through to Mhepherristown. an 20-lm* T CLINTON ACADEMY. HE Next A> nual Session of th:s reh ol wit commence <in MON DAY. September 3 'i'he muIi>m.| has been removed to 161 went stre t, he:ween Gou*re*? and Huh. Circulars may lie ot><atii<>d after th<? ZM of August, a? the dru* s ore of Mr R. r?. i . i^ism, co nor 01 i unereH- ?n<i ijrineo ma. an 18 O'j lm GEO. ARNOLD. M. A. Principe 1 DESIRABLE PROPERTY- FOR SAKE IN OEOK'?ETO\VN ? I he very desirable Buildin* Lot on the sonth side of First street, <>pposite Cox's Row and adjoining tue residence of WIIIiam Skminer, t*.sq., 50 feet front and 110 feet deep. Also, part of Lot JMo. 212, at the northeast corner of Piftli and Frederick streets, fronting 75 feet on Fifth treat and aliout 1&> f-et deep. and pirt of Lot No. 223, on Sixth street, 2$*{ feet front and W? feet deep. Apply to M. ADLER, Georgetown. au 17-eo2w TO LET?The large a?d convenient store roc ra under th? new Masonic Hall in Georgetown Possession will be (riven on the 10th ofOctoher nex*. Al?i, the hMK room nntler the hail suitable lor an office of a lawyer or physician. Apply toM.AD LKR or *Vr. JKNKlX'l HO MAS, nearly opposite the Hall. an 17-fogw TFOR NEW YORK HE Packet sobooner Arctic Captain Hick*, in now realy for cargo for the above port, aiui will meet with dispatch. For freight^Qn* apply to McCOBB A liODGE, au 16 61* Water street. FOR J?aLE-A WOODtiN PUMP ?u Utlefor a well ab??t 20 feet deep. It is neatly new, la perfect order, and is of no further see to tbe owner 11,a intrfwiilAtinn nf ?*#? ?*?! "in i?'v "w*cnl ,nw ??? pr#mi ef, *n? therefor* will be ?oi<J it a great t?o nfict Oil) and ?eo it at No. 7? Bridge atreet, Uc^'i *1- au 14-eotf F~CVR H^NT^Th* DWELLING and STORK N?. 7 7 Bridge atreet. The dwelling ocntaina 11 rooiitn in exoeilfnt order. beaidea c'oa ti, water e oaet, bath room, amnka houae, milk hons? witb r.uom? wat-r, a.d wixwaliel; with gu fiitiret lOml-H, b*ll?*n4 wat-r. i he window* command c view* of the river an* adi*o?Dt country. Th? ?tore la completely fitted with ahelTinir. tour.t n. *a? fixture*, and water, with I arte French p ate c'at* window* and doora, and two l?rge dry oe iara They wi'l be rented either together or aep*i?tr, and to a goya %rd permanent tenant at very l w Mtea. Alar>t r?nt two BRICn HTAB^Ks^ w.ti o?rria<e houaea attached, with hydrant in the y?r<l. Apply to Dr CRAG1N, 1*24 Dumbarton street an H-eotf IZ ^ost and found. ~ Q ( RKWARD.?Strayed or ttnlen nn the 19th ft-k laMan , a la*ire GR AY HORSF; hob fry tail, and tn*t aore; about 12 yenra old Any oa? returning lutn to me will reoeive rhe*^** UtlU'Pl COD L'lTLf w. ?-? -i m i' tiii i^iina v x>. bu 21 2t* No. 2TS Seventh ?t. LOST?A KEY, of a Hftrrmic'a Patent Powler Proof Safj, No. 189*. whtih number waa upon the key; the key was made of copper. A s?ithm* reward will bo given if returned to the aub crtber, T. KL)\V. CI.ARlt, 1.umber Dealer, N?vj Yard. au an 3t" nul* a ~ ?i. . OTTmti 0 i ?vrn 1 ucwiht, Au^uai hji, ? Dunyun^i Ij Kveniuj Star Xew?-p?pers, containing foar copies of each day for the month of June, 1856 The find?r will reo-ivea liberal reward by letnrning tliem to tni? ofSoe. au 15 tr BOARDING. i AZSl NINTH STREET.-Person. reUrniw to * #0 the city from their lumimr r?eort? will tii'i vacant aoTerai desirable rooms, having la* convtrienoeg of ga?, water, and bathinc Clo at*, at 443 9th at., oiMtdoo aonth ofF; ?nitabla either for flamilien Or single gentleman. Table boarders aoeominodat d an moderate term*. au 18 ?* - ' gg; WOOD! WOOD!!- J 1 I . . _W O O EL!* SWYK a?d KINDLING WUUiJ,atthelo*r*i ; 2* -fl '. * >, ;. > I ?.>. ? | FOR SALE AND RENT. [ for rr<Wr " For Smn and Sum" id lil first fft ] OR RKNT-A on MUi bUmC w?.t b-tw?*n L ??d M orin, No. ."149, 8 room* a I in Rt>o<1 order, ani! a pomp nt tood w?tw in th? rear |'omuk>ii given on the .V[5?5l ?f?f "t-'o Appli op the premise*, or to JAMW corner of L and 19th atreeta. a? "~*t Fm OH R K NT?The very oaafortatde df'"*' ntJ* tituat - ! itireeniorjr and basement BKH K HOI SE.occopitMl at rreae?t I>t the undern*n*il. on the eo ner of !*"eur.?t *t we*t aul D at. norta. Al?o fc>c rent. t!i*t i?rett> COTTAGE on B atDO:th, I) tweer I?t aud ate. ea*t, Capitol Hill. R?>th tie bouta* are ii i -hed in the beat manner. Term* r<*auDAt>.?. lu<|i'ir? of the u!?oril>*r. JOHN T. KILI.MON. curler Second %t.<j X) tt. Pjfc RENT-A irnw FRAME H(?l SE roa taiciuK four ronmi. pa*****" &m1 c?il?r A good "n*nt iii&y apply to Mr I.EW the Glob* of 6'-e an ?>>t* FOK RK.NT.-Thrw thr?*> ?tnrT HKICK HOI'SES on the lilnr.d.two ? 7th tL E *nd F ?t"., with 7 riiomi in njcn,n?w bout**; in ct fi n I ah Ann An P t KaIiMmh C'W A?il lL -# with rooms- ?n<1 or* fram* hn?*e on M sr> I ami tr., i?-twwn 4^, and 6th ?t*.. I?lam!. with In rooms. Knq'jirf of H. S. J(?HN?(?N. No. 373 Pv ?t? , b'tweon 4l-and 6th st?., opponte National Hotel, an 18 eo2t^ fi^OR SAI.E?Very cheap,on r?a~>nal> term*, one of the iuo?t dArirftlHc BUI I-Dl Mi LOTS in the citT, ait'iatati on the north w??t corner oi 6th<i Sew York AveW". Enquire of JOS. K. HODGSON, Stove Manulactorj , No. 405 7th at., I>etween H and J ?t?. ?u IS-tf l?M>R RRNT?Two l*autiful new BRICK r HOUSES. on Eiclith *tr?et west, betwm M ami N aire*** noith. we?t aide. Apply to MARY (3 HA1SL1P. No.3*?l I* 11 it) i street west, or Or. KKASKV \? .13?1 P*. % vmmiM luttvaan Of W * ittth etreel*. ' jy U *7w* STORE FOR RKNT.-Situat*! on the ?iontv side of Prv ave botweon 9th and 10?h, suitable for tuiv businecs. hor further part'culara enquire at No. sOJJ l'a. avo., f>etwcen 9th and 10th !?. au 14 2w FOJt H.\L.K-* fin# mlxtanliKl BRICK ItV^SK, on llth et., between Land M it*., witti Itfcrtf J?tat>le and Carnage Houto. Anyone wantint each a H?sa? wilt b? ioM <>n v?ry ac comnKWio? wmi. ?r ??chanr? for smaller property Ftfr a private reetderuw none ran ttirpao* if Inqnirr>f BEO. T. IiAMOLV, en L st.. near lith t. aa 14-tf FOR SALE?A lot of LAN I) containing Sarree in Pri'ee tv AiiiaimtM tiiA Ihatrmf line. & unlet north of Washington rit? toil 2 mile* from the Soldier*' Horn*, to a iiraitiiv neighborhood, improved with a ooinfortali dwrltini unit fin orchard ot select fruit. Situation desirable as a building site, convenient to churches, schools. A c. Terns liberal. Kor particulars inquire on tiic premises to the subscriber. au IS-enlm* Mrs. K. DAVIS FipOR-RENT?The large STORE ROOM and I CELLAK on the corner of I and Seventh sts , Nav* Yard. This rooin is tuk'ahle for an* business. r?.? K? ? >* ? >? \>aii i?T7 enfccu wuii "i wiviH'ui tne uweiuil{. I'OSsession civen Ut of September. Apply to JOS. M EPET ri, 4*i I ?U *??t. an 3 2w* FOR RENT.?A new and hand*ome FRAMF HOITSE will be for rept in a few day*. It i* beautifully situated on Thvtfenth street, I>etween Geor*ia avenue and K *t., Navy Yard: ha* a large earden lot attached, a pump of gr>od water n-ar, and contain* 4 roonn, kitchen and woodshed. Will i?e rented low, with or without the lot, to a rood tenant. For sale cbeap, a t'?od, strong WORK HORSE: work* well in anrthinr Inquire o( T. E. CI.AjtK. Navy Vail; or of JOHN PATCH. 619 H xt.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 U/ _ GALTS' O O D AND COAL OFFICE 8S4 Pi. Av., Bktw. 11th ins 12th 9ti.i North Ride. Mill and Wharf lout of Seventeenth st., m* 17 tf R<-lny VV PopjrtmO't. WOOD Now it the time to yet winter fuel at reduced prices. We have (l larre stock of WOOD and COAL at very low AND prices, for ca?h. WARDER A STEWART, COAL. Office?Corner H and 12th sts., au 7-2w* Yard?12th ?t. and Canal. fiK? C|| WILL Bl'Y a Fiifi DRAB BEAVER orCassimere Dress Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. ave.. au 10 lm near 4,S street. YO CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. Orrici or tub Washington Aqueduct, < Washington. Auguat 7. IWi. < Skaled r*oposai? will he received ?tthisomce until 12 o'clock m.. Auguat 21st, 1860, for supplying the following materiaia: l.V> t<> l"5:*>-inch Pipe*, ISfeetlong, Bell A Spiggnt, Washington Aqueduet pattern. 3J0 to 39' 2" inch Pipes. 12 feet long. Bell A. Spiggot. Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 ??-i'ch Flange Pipea, 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pat'era. 3 12 inch Flange Pipe*, 12 feet lung, (drilled) W* hinirtnn Ann?Hnnt nattArn inch Flange Pipes, 9 feet long,(drilled> Washington Aqueduct pattern. 14 inch Flange ripe, 9 feet ion*.(drilled) Washington Aauednet pattern. A loo. a Few special patterns, snch as Branches, Bends. Ac. Fur further particulars, examination of drawings, A c , apply et this office. The whole of the eantini* will be required to be delivered by the 1st October nest. H. W. B F.N HAM. Captain of Engineers, au_8-tf Chief Eog'r Washington Asueduet. HW. HAMILTON, PAINTER. Mid DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 5**a 7th Street. near Odd Ftllotts* Hall. au 2 tf PUTTV IS DOWN. S CALVERT FORD, J?., A POTHHCAKY A KD DK UfHHST. Psnn. avk.mi, Corxir or Elkvsath St.. L)?*ler in PL'RE DRUGS, CHEMICALS, alt STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, including Ihf latest am<l tno*< apprmnd FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; U?ll, CHOICE ARTICLES FOR THE TOILET, embracing every variety FRENCH, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PER FUMERY, SOAP3, BRUSHES, Ac. The proprietor'* perineal attention given at all hours to the compounding of Physicians' Prescriptions. au M m PATENT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JARS?the l??*t and cheapest article in tt?ecall an<l aee. Alao a rnpplv of Coxe'a Gelatin* Burnett's Cocaine; Brown s Ginjcer; together wit! & fresh lot of Medicines, *c. Just received at MuORR'8 West Eud Drug Store, an lft gtr 11 * Pa. ave. Hp TAKE NOTICE. I HOMPSONS' CELEBRATED MEDICINES, LIFE PRESKRVKR,and CORDIAL, lor tale, wholesale and retail, hv S. C. FORD. Jr., Pharmaceutist, au 14 2m corner 11th at. and Pa ave, THE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO~INI r.trm lily F1 ^ f A d t kat Ko ?ar I 1 I < >nj>n on ft La 4 at 1^1 111 "IO II IBi.Ufl ni?? ll<- W III WW' II VII lliu ? B| inst., a PR0\rIS10N STORE on 1 *tr<*et, between 13 h and lfith Htreots, where he will J?e pleased to wait on all who will favor him witli a call. an l.S 7t* W. LIN KINS. "GET THE BEST. " TH0M50N"8~CELEBRATED SKIRTS. NOVELTIES FUR AUTUMN, 1**60. The fc'Kfrair Pari* Gere. " Ceaslitatlea. ?? Southera Qaeea. ? Fairy* *4 Paridaa Traia. ' Zephyr. Remodelled from the latest Parisian detufns. Manufactured solely by as from Thomson's Patent Improved Corrugated Springs and Inimitable Wedge Slide. Kvary Skirt stamped with our name and trade mark, the Crown. For sa'e everywhere. The Best ia the Chn*Ml. W. 8. * C. H. THOMSON * CO., *36 broadwat, nkw yoll. au 6 M&ThtUtge(>A.l?wlm Daily line of new" foi k h??rse COACHEt? TO FPPF.R MARLBORO', Carrying tkt U. S. Mail. The underM<n <1 *r?? now running DjviU, (except 8unrt*s,j| Four horge Cnacht** If tween*Wa?hinirton mxl Upper Marl a||Mlr)( ' f l>oro\ m follow*: w ? Leave the $teninb?at Hotel, comer of Seventh fltrPlrf find Pfk Ht7 n>Uw>V *. m KAhirnint S^?Sfesstf? "HamwrrHiV.!^ Wl |g|ILUAM BriST AeoTHECARY, \ .Kit KiiwtU, En . <>f ^ ' ttSxvn-? . ncapocuu.ii iiuuinii ui? oiuieai Ol^Jf Washington that he hu t?ken thefl^P XI A t)rug Mwidat llie corner ofiah etreet 1M l\wLA*ad Pm. ave., where he will be found J3ft ~ ? ?taU hour*, awl will keep fresh andweu MIntelst ck of DRL GS, FANCY ARTICLKK and all goods usually found in a well fnrntsned Drue Store He proinisint those who nia<r favor him with their patrons*e his aiidiridad attention te their wants N. B Rxeinaive peraonai attention given to the vss&ss&m*tm' " '"sr.yfct" VANDEMARK-S PtlRTABl.K. FERCE-A | one aan secure tWli taw r this realii cheas and ? THE LATEST NEW* TELE OK AFHIC. farther by ikf N?rtk Aavrtct Ins * toFU15T, AUJ? JW w? I UHIVIMW Ix>rd Radrl'.ffr would be *Bt to CoMtMtlQOptO to advlae wltb the Sultan Tbe lodlan budget waa to bo prewoted in Par* llawent oh the 13u>. and It waa reported thai a large loan will be Involved. Tbe Emperor Napoleon haaglvoa 30" 000franca to aid tbe Syriaii aufferera Tbe latent adrlcea from that quarter report qui etneaa at Damaacua, bat vurdera continued to bo *committed in tbe neighborhood. Thirty thonaard Cbrlatian w?mm bad been Bold for tba barenta at twentv five plaatrtra aacL' No further movement bad taken piaco either In Xaplea or Sicily. Garibaldi writea to tbe King of Sardinia that he eonaldrra It aaarred dutr to deliver Veneta. and that a navy aa powerful aa that of Naplea would enable uim to nucreed General Laiuorli iere bad aopprmard a demonstration ftTnrihl* to llarlli?l^l ?l ? * h * taken ttw leadtra priaonrca. l^ttrrs from Home aaarrt that bodj of 13 000 l*ie<tiii?iiirar had landrd in tt># Papal tor: I tor v at San ^topbaao UwxiMSMkiT, Ang J ?Adrlrfafrom Palermo of the *id :n?aut. report political troubtoa ( rwU numbmof p?raont bad bein fsrilibed with poasports to tear? Italy. Kavorahlr advlr-t* tiarr bfra rrc aired from tba North Atlantic Telegraph K*ped1tlon al Faro* ialanda (iarahaldt was atlU at Meaaina on tba ?tb IM , continuing bit preparations Appeals to the people to take up ana* against the Oovernmeut wrrr |>usted at Naples oa lb* 4Ui. Advice from Vicuna M)> that adlva Msottf'ons were proceeding between Austria and Room ri ^ard n^ the eventuailtjr of Garibaldi lavadlag i ir i <. budcjii rvii ? I lu i>ulv (K Mo4mi woml?rt. la that cast, t? ur.ttc bta troujia wilfc tUPkfal mrmy. . Still Later (rw Eirtpt Utunx, Auk ait?The itanar inktekM arrived wlili Liverpool ad view * tha Utk taatoal Four liudrti *. rest* bad br?a tnmdm at IMauaarua, and the lmnediaie trial and eaceottaa of tboae found guilty of participate Kg la Uf rroeait mMid' res bad t?*en place. J'tx city vm tranquil, and tbe Sultan a .?U??rlty wu returning. Garibaldi wji at Mrsaiua preparing for lua deacent on tbe luaiu land. Tbe Cunard acr?w ateaimblp 11m baa btra withdrawn until the bnay eaaon cMniaeuoca The Melita aaila for Halifax September let. la tbe House of Comatona, Sir C. Wood gave noti".e of a resolution author. x;ng tbe Secretory lot ludu to raise a loan of JLJ,UJU.UUP Xor Um arrvtc* of tbe Govern (newt i.<?rd Kitaarli explained tbe position of theqwwtion of makiug Spain owe of tbe great Powera H? Mid tLdt Sweden, and perhaps Portugal and Sardinia, ought al?> to b?* added, eonaidermg that a concert of tbe Powera bad materially tended to preaerve tbe (? ace of Europ*. Lw(* lUkkarr. Watrbtow*, N V.. Aug. IS.?L. 9. Ham tnond'a banking office at Cape Vincent wu enter ?-il ou Sunday morning by burglars, and tome S3.(MIO ia curreucjr, mostly In billsoa New York State bank*. Wbt stolen, together with aoou f-JU 000 la note* and arcuritie* Tbe burglar jr la KU}ifM*ed to bivr been committed by i?c inea who were seen about tbe viilaae at a lata hour on Saturday eveniny, and who ltfi on tbe morning boat for OgdeoaOurg or Montreal One of the men auepei ted wa? of medium atze, and bad a full red face and llgtit hair; the olber wm of a smaller ane. and bad dark bair and whtakcr*. A reward of f 5<(0 la ofltrd for tbe money The payment of the notaa. Ac , baa bean alopped The Ueeaaa Welcaaa. Boston, Aug 'Hi ?Tbe Hernan welcome, which took place on Saturday at >orth Lbelaea, was quite aucceaaful There were eight to tea thou amd people preeent Exhibitions In tbe --manly art" were given by McLtonald and Cualck, J one* and Pri< e, and laetly by Heenan and Ottlgnon. Gilmore * band furuiabed tbe muaic. Witn tbe I .1 W* a* _l. fc- ?-? A - - ? w r^?ivu ui ct irw ?ngui uguu uuniur vur mcloture, there *u no disturbance The town authorities did not Interfere. The !H*TtatkU ( Gca. Walker. New Oblbaks, 'ill.?The achuoner Ara| mlnta, froin Ruatan on the Wh. brings the cm* and pass'-agm of Walker's acbooner Cliftoa, recently aeiisd by the British at Balize. It appear* that Walker had landed and took Truullo. Honduraa. without Bring hut one |<ua. '* of Walker's men were wounded. Great excitement existed at Ruatan and Honduraa. in coaatquence of tbia bold and successful attempt. Later frta Ntrthtra M?ilca< Ni\r OBLSAia, Aug JU ?Tbe steamship Ana tin. from Brazos on tbe I7tb, baa arnred bere with f'J* ?tvKj in specif. The latest dates fr<>ni Br?wnavlUe report e*arytbiug quiet in tbat section. The revolution in Northern Mexico was progressing Gen. Zuhzita bud been k.iled, Avetnberro bad defeated Vidanni. Mr KreraiBridre ind llr I'midfarr. Lucibville, Auv l'J ?The Courier of thlacltv, mvi that Mr. Breckinridge kaa writtrn a letter to Mr 8tcvrn?. Chairrnau of the /National Urmocratic K**fcutl'-" ''-mniittee. at Waatj) u^ton. to contradict emphatically the ridiculous and ab Mird rumor tnat he think* of withdrawing or denirea to withdraw hi* uame as a candidate fer the Presidency. Attest pt to Auiiniaatr the M?r*r *(Cark*adale. Pen. Carboxdalk. Au<{. vu ?A daring but onaucr??aful Mltcmpt to a*aaa*inate Uon John A Poor, Mayor of Uie city, by shooting, wu made oo Saturday evening Four aluga passed through bla head [hat?] f"b? (nrpetrator of this outrage la not yet apprehended A Horrid Merdrr ti KkHhrli. Mut. 8t ckbbidob, Aug. *i0 1Trueman Davis killed bis wife, by beating out Lrr brains with a club aua ta<*\ on Friday night last He waa intoxicaM Tbe uiurdf-r was arrested, and Is lu Lenox )*ll Award ef m Osatnct. LocisriLLB, A g 20?Tbe Canal Commissi*! ers bave awarded tbe contract for U>e enlargement of tbe Louisville and Portlaad canal and tbe building of new locks, to Theodore B Barbon A Co .of New Vork. theirs being the lowest and l est of twenty -elx bids. ftaictde ef Postmaster. fk-.. a 1a n iviujkt.0* sum! i , nun 19 ?von ? v. ?r vw?raryf pw?* iiiuti at White Pigeon. who waa lately urwitd for robbing the mall and held In t^UdO hall, falling to Hod sureties for the amount, killed himself yesterday to titcape committal to prlsoa. Mtrrarsti al iesktir Itaaglu Nrwmi, Au^. 90 ?Senator Douglas will meet his friends in Norwich. Conn , os Tuesday '??!ne. and will arrive la New York on Wednesday morning. Mare la< ralisrtoa la IttM. Nbw Oblbabb, A ug. *A? ?Several buildings la Traria audCongress itrrrU Houston. Texas, were burnt on the |Hth I .ess fttt.OUU, wttk an lasu ranee of only f5,UU0. IVrlisatUa ef fcpeaker Praataftas. Naw Yoke, Aug ft ?Sprtkef Ponalarton declines a re-election to the nest Congress Bo will ser??* out his present lertn. Drau of Spaaish tsstsi* Cbaklxsto!!, Aoy. ao.?The Morrary of this morning announce* the death of Uarraasga. tb* Spanish conaul at this port. BslUaais Markota. HiLTiavii, Auk *21 - Floor Is doll sod prices drooping. Howard street and Ohio fki J(> wheat la steady and active: r?d #1 JOafl '2>-, wbtte 91 30 a*I 66. Corn la dull; vilow TWaTJc.: white *tts 7sc. Provisions are actlvc; large sal** of balk mot's at V^sll.^e.; ba<on V^sM W . Wklakf dull *t?*. New Yokk. Auguat Jl ? F our ta Arm sad ttacbanged WbMl la firm; red weatcca $1 Mai M wfeit* ?I .J5. Kratui-ky wiiite SI 45. Cora M aeMre aad unrhaiig?d Pork ta dull, mw anchanged; prtmr Wtdakv I* FinABciAl< Niw Vast, Aaguat '21 ?Stock! arr hettar, bat Mt acM? . Chicago and Bock 1?1ob483X, niloota Oolral abaraa j New York Can vol Mk; RridiogM^. ^yASHlNOTON 4. tJ. MMUULB, PTHMHL ?. D. HANSON. WwrHfT. mm 1-1* |>ALT1MOM.K UFfc ifcttUIIAIIOS OO.-lP p Minum ua -Jaaa L Hiwif ? , fwm. M. rorLrxa.ftM v. I i II11 A aaniBtitata aaA? k* 1 I7>OR kJkLR.?A BAV rONY, mm omm r Md4M kor?,mm4 * * work* w*i/ hi gy bftrnnM, aiao m art of btruM mmmety Mv.laTR o.wSSS'JSfiSf ^SJWiX^S^, tth MJTPmu. MMIV T t-l'l >*'-W * r? t