Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1860 Page 4
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THF. F.VKNING STAR. A Coi*tmt>R"?c* ? A tlneular coincidence in the novementa of two men-of-war. which took place rerenliy, dfwrrr* remark An t-.ngnan rrigate, praiaed by all loyal Britones for bavins captured a Yankee craft, ard a Yankee frigate, whose heroic defeat and aetaore of two British national ablpa fill an glorioua a page In our naval annala, both being. In maritime parlance. Invalids, have within a few wreka been equipped for a cruiae nd brut to wa lier Majrtty'i frigate Shannon, the captor of the Chevapvake, left Portsmouth. England, a few day* ago. to make her annual eruis*. and Constitution, '-Old Ironside*,commanded by Capt. Porter lit ISli, left Portsmouth, 1". S , for aeruise preparatory to taking her position at Knn'ipoits as s< hool-sbin Each wm about to be broken up years a<;o' ana each was saved by a song-writer. Messrs Holme* snd Tenoyson having poetically remonstrated with "the power* that nst destroying "these old monument* of naval heroism.'' Thk Jata.m'k Bill.?The New York Herald ?iy? tbat tb? itt-rns of the Japanett bill figure up HMrlf aa follow: Item?12.IM) suppers, at #3 936,000 Jtem?12,000 bottles of champagne, at ?2.j? 30.001) Item?Board of the Kmbaaay for 10 daya, Princes and all, f2.0U< per day 20,t?0 Item-Other expense*, cigars, 8lc 5,000 Leland s bill S91.Q00 Item?Hick hire, 5^000 Item?White hats and kid gloves, and other nic knacks 9,000 Total $105,000 Avkbica* Horses ro? thi httuH F.MrKROR. 1. ? ?-- ... - i >cui u lr^umn ua* lately visited Boston to approve the purchase, by a well-known horse dealer, of live tiperb Vermont horse? for the stable* of the French Emperor, who already possesses twentv-fonr specimens of the same breed. The new horses are fifteen bands high, having a fine action, and a speed not less than $rJ 50. Tbev are of the Emperors favorite color, a deep bay, as are nearly all the Emperor's stock of four hundred, ana their tails are of natural length, with one exception. The cost was between f2,900 ard 3.U0H a pair. These horses will be taken to Europe la one of the Vanderbtlt steamers. Tbk Niw Postaoi Stamp.?The ninety-cent postage stamp but just been Issued The renter of the stamp h?s a figure of Washington, taken from m portrait painted at the time of his resigning his command of the army. The color of the ground is blue. The denomination of the stamp* now in um consist of one, three, ten, twelve, twenty-fonr, thirtv ?mnctj tcnwi. i or posrage, ior idp inost part, paid on foreign letters not covered by th* a.?ove raUts, are liftmen, twenty-seven. and fifty four rents A combination of the stamps now furnished will answer this necessity. JET' Sonny, where is your father'" J" J -? - ' tun a urau, sir." 'Have you any mother!" 'Y?, 1 bad one, but ahe'a got married to Joe Dunklin, and doesn't be my mother any longer, 'cauae ahv'a got 'uougb to do to tend to 111* young 'una." ' Smart boy?here a a dime lor you." "Thank ye. air, thai'a the way 1 gita my ilvln." "How?" "Why, by telling varna to greeny' like you, at dime a pop." Lovi.?The flrat aymptoma of love In the wlaeet of the world * philosopher* were certainly very remarkable. "Leaning," aaya Socratus. "mv boulder, to her shoulder, and my bead to hers, aa we were reading together la a book. I felt It ia a tact, a tuddeti it'.iw la my aboulder, like the biting of a flea, which 1 still felt above five days after and continual Itching crept Into my heart " IT 7" The wealthy Marquiia de Aligre. who died some time ago, was so parsimonious that, seeing his servant one day with a smart-looking bat. he reprimanded him for his extravagance. "But it ia the old hat you gave me: I bad it ironed for a franc." "Ab,v said the marquis, "but I did not know it rould be restored Here is the franc vou paia?i win uke the hat," and he forthwith transferred the renovated braver to hi* own bead. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAl. HOTEL -W H&xton.? ;B Tyler, DO; VV Walker, SC; E A Ti?om\8, do; Hon A 0>??ru, NM: L. Jvcin, La , O Ha itm, Fa; A Giiliutre, do; K K Pul.en. O; P Andrew, do; J K Hogg, NV?\V H Tuwwi, do, Gen C Fow er, do; A FalOf. f* /> ? - ? ? iitkrV\V on v*1*' 9": V, MoDuma, N J; r B - ..2i R Youn*' L%; H c Onrger do; D K gllMHwl Midjady, ?o; Mim Blaok?>orn, do: Mist powmiu, d?; O Vftuta, NY: a (> \uli Vr u t ilsflu'h, \ ?; r n Bowm, F W Collins, tia: laf.r ai.inu^uJ1',' ,V*vP H Lnajnon an<i U?j, Ala J M Pu?h, Md; J B ^hariden. Pa; W ? Boi fl, SCl J H fl n " * . 111"?? V ! * rinnASn <4 .k _ _. J J W| m-M >* uwau t UV?. BROWN'S HOTKL-J Johan, ?.a: 0 Ro??tte. P Spenser, W t'erry and ly. Mr? J H rtufi. Ga; M L?rnUon. Jrd; G Hail, A Cha<rot. Mim Bu?h, Mo; J e-rt?r and !y, Mn M Jaekton, ICj; DrK . Maaon, Va: J Porotu.SC; Mr? A ThoinM, L?; R Winder. Ca'a M Harrunn. J H ack', NY , J Robinaon a?d ]y, Mis*: Mt?? Rot>inson and sitter, 6 W Bngham and ly. J ttrnliam, La; W Imn and If. Kt Dr I)uiron'. Kl; D< J Flnley and fam, Mim J M Boti, G Masby, J Hatnrtari, Mi??; Mr* Laruect. NY. KIMKWOOD HOUSE.?G B Brookmer, Me; L, Babnd/e.ti L Part by and fam, NV; W Cooper, v?- iv - * W| ?? 4 vuiyiC IUU, IJII OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fkox the Uhitbd States. Suamtrt. Lmm. For. Dam. Earcp?.._ New York...Liverpool....Aug. 23 Airiotio ....New York ...Havre -Au* 25 P "?ia ..New York...Liverpool..?Aui. 29 Hamraoai*.. ..?New York ..Hamburg S*st 1 a r&oia.?. bo?ton. Liverpool B?*pt. 5 Africa ...New York... Liverpool Sept 25 From Ecrgpr Nova SootiRR. ..Liverpool ...Queh?<j An*. 11 V*ndorbilt...^...Soutlrpton.. .New York ..auk. 15 A/rica ,.. _ Liverpool... .Now York... Aug. )8 Jura Liverpool New York...Aug.21 Fulton _ Sooth pton...New York...Aug 22 New York wouth'pton.. .New York... Aug. 22 North Briton... .Liverpool Quebeo....... A ug. 23 Cfu.a !a Liverpool Boston... ... Aug. 25 Bohemian.... ...Liverpool Portia ud Aug. 30 _The Havana mail steamer* leave New York nn t?? 2d. !Sh, mil, and 27th of eaoh month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mail ?t??>n^r? leave New York on 5th and 3uth of ma1 month. F PROPOSALS! OR MATERIA). FOR THE APPROACHES OP THK SOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TBXASIIY DEPARTMSM, I Bureau of Construction, August 10, I960 { P*oro??LB will be received at this Department until 12 o'sloct m.,oD the 1st day of Western'>ert IMP, for tn? d*ilvery of the foliowincartioies. viz : Prepared st?n s lor Be gian pavement cuffi lent to lar d >vn M"' superficial foot of pavement, tm lineal or curb stones for side?a:ks. Ac . in lecgtii n">t lea-than seven (7)faet, and 8 inches thick bv T7lnoh"? deep; t^e top edge hamm^reu st<-aig it and true 8inihes retarned do vu 3 inches on one side, 6 tn?h*e on the other, and have th< lr ends properly joiat^d A.a> 6 quarter circ a oorner pieoes in a smile 11 ma nf m j->r* r?*? - 1 iw?? uuvoiu", hqq ox in* isms tbioknees %ud depth, and tame return* down the aid** m the straight one*; and alsoanother quarter o? o> in pieo^e or not i< as than ft fe> t in teugjh, o< a ratlin* of 23 fast outside. of the aane depth aud ret ura down tha sides aa above, and 6 inches thiok on ton. 136 pieo?s rf Mae North River Flagging 4 feat by 6 feet ft inches 1)6 pieoea of b us North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet S ir.oh?s 42 piece* of b:ue North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet IS pieoea of b'oe North River Flagging 4 feet by S feet s inches an i less . *1" w,Ml ^ pnoM for roach d?r of ?i^no?4fh#0rhiL?""6d te*,or *ch ot lR* WhZt??L ,u>? ?o>?l fo t. r>/lif, u #1?ot?a nuit b? prepared in ? ibmim r.tSn?h to b^l*,d do?n. and to binto** tio^wita their ed*-? lomfd iau%r? 1T*r*d*? th^TreMqry Extcn - ?rw .?r, w ,11 do oaea m may be ill reeled b? the proper authority. Tne propn?ai? ngit *e tent under oover to the frxsrfiArj of the TreaMiry, endt>med " Pripofl*/or MUtrtai fvr tk* T'*+swrv EzUntien." aa<i will lie opened at 1 o'oiook p. m , of the a?<- day nawd for reaiving the lair?, in the pretence of the bidders, if any ohooee to attand. 8. M. CLARK, I Actingfcngineer in charge aa M SawtdeptJ Treaaury liepart.i ent. f |irnTH TTKR'S HTOMACH HlTTvm " Wiwlor> S-ri^Uqufd RVn vfre'i Vi in* 1 J-imment.f3r . rll u ''?IB^?' Bo"ek ? t^uw n, Ao , vrhH ?*?k apply or pare U?dioiu?a. at JlOORK'fli Wen find Drug Storf, rr~? ? , ?, 113 r? ftveaun, auuth atJ? ???7T ff??L ?!? . Coi?t??s? Waier as wvc n?iu, lUiprOTW rruit and Vegetable Jar*. it '? TW I AL K: XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! The parott and moat vholeaome Ale id Uui out is to br obtained at th? WASHINGTON BREWKKY. Tin* Ale la made from malt and hop* on.j and oanoot fail to five entire aatiafiaotioB to eoa aaiuera. C. COLINfclAL, Proprietor of the is 4 1? H"??rT. A"rn#r | ?nH fltb it*. 11 O. HOOD kaa wv op hand a ?ri l*r?? X6 to^ .dtaanda?d - - _ ! 2? ak,'a\S3 5SM5,"fc & " "'. 'TI ?i>no?>w rnirm v f^A r \ LJsi8 OF Rinia T If 11/ aji I M,? * <on bL>K 1 ?H. O* I i BODp kM ja?t Ofeiwl ? l*rc* ?l>o*. wtti?h h* w. ? /Lrat v?r7 ...w r*U? AjNMjRS* uuU?u> ?i?kMto<m>iw'lw?liN "? hl? in* m ?r<> * >(* ??'' do W#U u' "* ?*?nnne hi* |Mu at a i? > ? J^Aj'LESUUAM. (liPLK JUAt" ' a T-17 mtm ?oi of MAPLE SluAR. jast re I EIN9 * Bl'RCHELL. I MISCELLANEOUS. Q F F 1 C 1 A L. ELBCTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC 8TATE8. Tkiasurt Duurim, July 10, 186ft. P*opo?al? will be received at this Department until the tenth day of Heptember next, pursuant tn the following act of Congress: Mr??ant *o As Act to faoilitate communication between the At antic and Faoifio States by electric wletraph Be u mactml bi tk* Senate and Homtt of R,mr, rmtattves of tke Unittd States of Amrrtea > > KL *5asa.tf5ra r . ? p , . ? t/ -> IVVVITm f*?r<1a*s aftsr the passage of this aot,(and (he fulfilment of whioh shall le guarantied by responsible parties, as lk the case of bids (or mail con tracts,) for the use by the Wovernment of a line or lmee be constructed withiq two year* from the thirty-first day of Juiy.eight en hundred and sixty* from ?om? point or points on the west line of the ?tate of Missouri by any route or routes whioh the said o< ntraotors may select,(connecting at such point or points by telegraph With the Cities of W uhinitnn. N-w New Vork. Charleston, Philadelphia. bostr>n. aiiJ other oitiea in trie Atlantio. Southe'n. and Western States.) to tli* rity of i?an Franoisoo, in the State ol California, for a period of ten year*, and hall award the oontract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidden, provided suoh proffer doee not require a larcer amount per year from the United States thin fort* thousand dollars, and permission is hereby granted to the said parties to whom said oontract may be awardej, or a majoritr of th?m. and their assigns, to use until the end of the said term, suoh ucoocupied pubtio lands of the United nam an may oo nweiwrf lor thengnt ol way and for the purpose of establishing >tations lor repairs along wild line, cot exceeding at any station one quarter section of iand,suoh stations not to exoeed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole distance, ualets raid ia"di shall be required by the government of the United ?ta'es for rail road or other purposes, and. provided th t no right to pre ?mpt any oi said lands under the laws of the United State* shall inure to s*id company, their ngenta or servants, or to an? other person or per s >n? whatsoever: Provultd, That no suoh oon traot shall be made until the said line shall be in aotnal operation aod payments thereunder shall cease whenever the oont actors fail to oompl? with tie contract; that the G o vern ment h hal I, at a! 1 Vines be entitled to pnority in the use of the line or lines, and shall have the privilege, when authorized by law, of oouneoting paid hue or lines by telegraph with any military posts of thn Unired Stater, and to n?e the same for liovera ment purpoee*: And provided also. That said line or lines, except euon a* ma* t>e oonrtrnntml hv the llnrommuii m ?nnn??? bm<1 line or linea with the military posu of the United Statea. ahall be open to theuieof all oiti x^na of the United States during the term ofaaid o<*nt act, on pMm'Dt of the regular charges for iransniiaaion of dispatches: And provided, alio. That aaoh charges thai I not exceed three dollars for a sing. diapatoh often worda, with the usual proportionate deduationa upon dioaiehes of Sreatar length, provided that nothing her 'in oonuned shallcoafer upon the aaid parties anr pxnluaive right to construct a telegraph to the Ta-ji fio.orde ar the Government of the Unit?d States irom granting, from time to lime, similar fran uuiB9i ana privi eges to oiner parues :*eo. 2. And be it furtktr enactrd, That the said contractor*, or their assign*, shall have the right to oonstruot and maintain, through any of the Ter ntoriee of the United States, a branoh line, so as to o'nnect their ?aid line or lines with Oregon; and that tney shall have the permanent right of nay for said line or hues, under, or over, any unapprop iat'HJ publio lauds aud waters in the said Territories by any route or routes which the said oon factors mar seleot witn the lree use during the said term of suoh lands, as may be neces*arr for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said line or lines, not exceeding, at any station. one quarter section of land, suon stations not to exoeed one in fifteen mi!es on an average of the whole distanoe; but should any of said quarter sections be deemed essential hr th? (3nr?inm?rt or any company acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the said contractors shall relinquish the oooupancy ot so muoh as may be neoessary for the railroad, reoemng an equal amount of land for Ilk* use in its stea< . s>eo 3 And be it furtner tnacttd, That if, in any ear during tne oontinuance of tne said oontract, he business done for the Uovernment as hereintbefore men'ioned by suoh oontiaotors, or their ascites, at the ordinary rate of oharges 'or private messages, ezoeed the pnoe oontraoted to be paid as aforesaid, the Secretary ol the Treasury shall, upon said aooounts being duly aothenti oated, oert'fj the amount of suoh excess to Q. n Krone: Provided. That the use of the line be given at any time, free of cost, to the Coast Survey, the 'Xmithsooian Institution, and the National Ob*er vatory. lor scienimo purposes: Aid prottdtd fur* tkir. That mMUiN received from any indiv idual, company, or oorporat'on, or from any telegraph linen connecting with ihis line at either of Us termini, thai! be impartially transmitted in the order of their reception, excepting that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And provided further. That Congress shall at auy time have the right to alter or amend this aot. Approved J une 16,186t>. The lowest offer for the mammf it?h _ ? ?- *VIVBll?|-il' for the public aervioe, will be MWJtM, providtni t'ie terms and condition*exp-esssd in tho act ehall be fully i?t fortn and stipulated in the proposals, which must be accompanied br a guarantee, in conformity with the 27lh section of the act of Jnly t, 183>, m regard to mail eemoe, to the * fl^ct tnat the line or lines aball be nomp etod within the time prescribed, and that the guarantor shall then enter into obligation to the United Stat-s (or the oertorm^noe of the servioe for the Government, under said aot. at the ratea offered in the propoaala. f-uch gnarantee may oe in the following form: 41 rtili n nH*rai*r\mA ? i? *1? _ iBBiutiin at ^ in ins PtBWJ of , undertake and promise that if th?Secre tary of the Treasury shall aooept th* within pro poMlt, anderthe act of Jane 16, 18Hfl. the line or lines of ma^netis telejrapn ?ha!l be completed and put into operation on or before the time?tat'd in the act, and that we will then exeoute with the parties rucaing the within proposals an obligation to the United State*, in due form, as sure tieaioruie perjorinanoe of the eervioe, a^oordin* to the term* and ounditiona oontalned in enoh proposal r Dated at . The aboveguarantee rnuat be aooompanled with thr oertifioate ofa Lnited State* dutriot attorn?. or dietnot jud*e. a'alin< that he la acquainted with each of the peraona aignips the guarantee, and knows tn*m to h? men of suJfioient property to make go<>d toe above guarantee. ue p!"p'?pa h anu cus am e must be seated up I nil I directed to "the Secr?ta-y of the Trea*u?y, Washington. L) C and endorsed "Piopo?al? for H?ciBoT*>*r*ph." HOWKLL COBB, jj II 2a?hi.\N AS. 8#oretary of *he Treasury pROPOSAI.9 FOR SKALING WAX. Pout Ornci Prpabtmknt, July 24, I860. Skalkh raoposAL* will he received at thia l>epartmeut uuti;.ihe 31 day rf September neit. at i? i <;c?, noon. Tor f<imiehtn< n?ialir < Wax, for tbe use oT the I'uat Offices in the United Statea. from the date that the oantraoitherefor afcall be exeoated to the Slat day of Deoeinber, 1864. T:m Wai to !> delivered, fr?e of expense, at the blank agencies of the FnatUffn* Department, at Washington, D. C., New York city and Cincinnati, Ohio. The MtimaWd quantity of wax required at aaoh agenoy yearly la specified l??iow. Distbict No. 1.? Washington, D. C. IV pounds of Scarlet SeaJmg V* ax, oi good quality, for ordinary use. Distbtct No At iVeir York city. pouu? of skarlot Sealm* Wax, Mine as for district No. 1 Distsict N?. 3.? At Cmrmnati, Oki0. founui of Searlet Sealing Wax, same as for district No 1. Th^o-tntraot will beawarded to the lowest and b? t bidder, the heat bid to be determined after a caretui examination for the purpose of a*oortvn:nr whioh Did wi 1, in its praotioal results, be most advanfa> kpous to the Dapartment, It the Districts shoald be reeonstrr.oted, or increased in number, the rte*.lin? W?? ?-" *-'? ? .. ?? Biian U" uru?* or ml ?t Bueti piaoe or plaeoa as the Postmaster General ahali dentnate. at pro rata prioes Sample* ol the reams Wax required to be farnistie lcan be seen at. or procured from, either ol the above named acencies. Kaoh bidder mint famish, with hi* prop >?als, ev idei.oe of hit ability to comply with tin bid. Two sufficient securities will be required to a oontract. Panares to furnish the Healing Wax contracted for promptly, or famishing an article inferior to rontraoted for, will be c>n*idored aufio:ent eauee for the forfeiture of the oontraot. Hula ri"t made in aocordanoe with these proposals if nut i?*? * OUilUWHI Proposals must h* u arked, on the outside of the envelop?. " proposals lor Sealing W??," and the l-tter oontainin* them addressed to the Fir?t Ae istmt Pvitmut*r tie.eral, Washington, L>. C. J HO I <T jr ?-'?w4w,Th Postmaster General. PROPOSALS FOR REPAIRING TftE OUS TOM HOUSE At BALTIMORE, Md. 1 m ? 11USU1T I'lritTMIRT, I Waihinoton. Juiy is, 19e??.% PaoroiAL* will be received at this Department until toe fifteenth day of September, A. 0., IM-S at U o'clock, noon, for the repair* of the Ouatoin Hou?e autfioni'd to be repaired at Baltimore, Mary aud, aooordinc to the plane and specifioauoi.? prepared at thie Department. Bidder* will be repaired to reoeive the old oaat-iroa work di?p n?ed with in part payment of the work, at the rate of one dollar per hundred pound*, and will be r.?%jired to furnish al; tne ate rial ana perform all t ie neoef **r? l*h<>? "> " ... .v.^ rir uraisptinMOurdiuc to tha p ana furi.inh-'d. Ninety p'r cent. of tneamount of work done and material* U iivi?r?l according to oontraot prior (aai't anoint to beaaoertained in tha manner are cribnd by th? contract, by tha aatunate oT an a<ent of ha Department appointed fur that pur pL>ae) wi 1 be pan! the work pro*re?>-ea and ten per oaut. retained until the oomplation ol fh* (*nntf ' * * oi me work by thr agent a'orekaid, and to be lorfr ?t?d in the evect ol n?i lu filfont of contract. Specification# a<>u drivings wt'I he real* on the 15th of Au<u?t, whan tb*r can be had on application to the Department. rh? propoHa t mn?t he sent te ih a Department addressed 10 the Secretary of the T'eaaurr and plat lily endoraed "Proposal* Jar repairing tkt Bolti mart Cuuom Mouit, and will be cpen-d at one o o ock of t&e Wat day named tor reeiving the aame. HOWELI. COBB, IT 17 9?!w r.. ? | ?^? ___gyprewrT or tne IT6Mury. ' If ASJ\t.M09rI A*A*. MOT* * AUTK Y, Will rn. *b>! i)!f Sii ?P wnnl WIMIWH^ ' DUKK OLD R VK WHISKY .-On hand torora JT t>i*cd- of Par* Old fcy# Whl. ky, ComrlHi r;:ed. made by th? nmt r?li*biodmillor*iB Ponn jlT**ia, Maryland aud Vtr/inia, warranted par?. Alto, Import**! Hrftjxuoa, HopneMy, Cftard. Dupuy Co., Julog Robin*, co. Alao, Pr?aoh and Apple Brandy, pure Hollaod (jln, old Jamaica aud St. w14-17 W?K. IT. b?hr. 9u mm 10th >U? TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. | N CAPON SPRING!*. EW and improved route via the Manaswu Qap SLail Koad and the Strae- . org and Capon Turnpike.ttlf Mi only 18 mileeoOtaginn iitc"w 'wxSlgJI J a oomfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a m., take the Maoaaaaa o\n th? inMtmi, ? ? Capon hy 5 o'clock p. in. Fare from Alexandria to Capon -..?5.w From Washington to Capon _ 5 no For information enquire at the Rail Road Office oorner of ?ixth at. and Pa. av.,*n Washington, and at the Tioket OStoe on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy IS-dtanthAax ?? ' ?????^ Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Changk or Hour*. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, June 13th, lsen, trains wilj run aafollow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4" a. in. Leave Washington at SJo and 5JO p. ra. On Sunday at 3 to p. ra. Leave Baltimore at <.25 and 8 4" a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.16 and 4.20 p. m. <>n Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengnrg for the Ka<t wilt take train* at 6.20 and 7.4" a. m and 3 so p m. Fur the West at 7.4" a. m. and SJO p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a in. and 3-20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. ra. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. train goe? to Phitftilalnkia <?nl? * T H. PARSONS*, Agent. NEW ORLEANS I3XT THHHE DAYB WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. (HtsanaBHaBBi ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East lennesse? ai d Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nev) Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTST" ROUTE: Memphia by R&i, thence h? First oiaaa Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AN1> MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by First class Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sxjjcdats Ihclcdkd, Leave Washing tan at 6 a. m and 8 p. as. The Steamer GKORGK PAGE leave* her whart Toot of Seventh street at SJf a. m. and 61f p m. and oonnrot* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t. Office?Pennsylvania avenne, oorner of Sixth at. BAOOAOB CHBCKBD THROUGH TO >BW 0RLBAH8. Lynchbure. .$7 ** Memphis >31 on Bristol . I5<v> Atlanta.? ? 00 Knoxville SOo?? M&oon 28 00 Chattanooga...-....34 00 Columbus 31 SO Daitnn... _~.2*oo Montgomery 33 00 Huntaville ..27 00 1 viaMemphia.iS 50 Grand Junotion?.? 90 00 N.O.> vi?H. Juno. .42 so Naaimlle ..... 06 M)l S via Mobi.e...? On THIS ROUTE 19 E~NTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Mae?the l.ynnhbnrc Extension being now completed, aa alto the Misauaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firet olaaa Sleeping Can! !To New OTletna Tl Honrs. \f wmphia l MA dO< Montgomery ??....-....43 do. Niuihvillo 4 6 do. ti_/-:rn? U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the Sonth Western Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lynolihurg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junotion, Maotn, Nashville, Da! ton. Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. \p- THROUGH TIFKETS TO THE J A MO US V1KO INI A SPRINGS. rn^OmnibaiM and Baggage Wacom leave the offioe at 6 a m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Acent, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. *v. T'HE STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will reauine her 1 tripe on TUESDAY, Slat of February. 1W0. Will tqave WA8H INO'niN every TUESDAY on i ?* 4 - ? - ' ' ? - ? r niuA r , m# ooiook a. m..and A i.KX ANURIA at half-pait 6 o'clock, for CURJllOMAN and the inMraMilto UodinH. On her return tri??, she wlLlie?^?,?URRIO AN WEDNESbAV and 8ATURDA V . at 5 o'clock1 a. m. an*... 8; PAeK,.Proprietor, ma j ** u uvuoiif a| It AiOUOttrift* 10 xu f> FOR NEW YORK. I A89AGE. rNCLUDINe MEALS AMP STATEROOM. f7.?0. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamahlp Company'* new and elegant ateamatup MOCNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smith, will .eare the Coirpany'a Depot. tern Wharvea.atlt'o' every WEDNESDAY. and the Company'a Depot, at Alexandria, at 9 o'clock p. m. aarne day. Pui >DK0ri rfom WftihliurtAn kbH oantake the ooaohee oonijeotiiif with Alexandria U^RiJvoa.U or railroad, which lea*? ttie corner of 7th street and Pa. arena? hourly, or ttiej can leave on the steamer from the Western Whanres at 11 e o 1 oo k a? uie 8tate rooms ou be encased oa application te Mysrs.Mor?an * Rtunohart, Western Wharves ^Freifht will be received ay to the hoars of deyar # JET Inwranoe will by effected on all roods bi thisnneat the ottoe of the Coiumet at H ? r oect Th? aoooramodationa for ptnengeu by thia lin? are in erory rMiect firat-c u?, and eY?ry effort wil b? made to render thia oommunioation with Nn York an arreeable and healthful one. For freight or paaaage apply to FOWLB * CO., Azenu, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL ft CO., ael-ly 00 Weat at., oorner Albany, New York. R NOTICE EGULAR HTEAM PACKET LINE BETWEtfN BALT.MORK A M n ? WA8HINGTO N1.?tv>C,nmmerne st. wharf, Baltimore, as ovi: TheST Nicbol s ever* WEDNESDAY,at? p. m. Colombia, every SATURDAY,at6 p. m Leave H lley's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washington, as follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. St. Nicholas,every SATURDAY,at6a. m. For freight, a. o., apply to THOS. W. RILEY, Agent, . Riley's Wharf, at the root of inar l?-TAT8m Uth at. Wash in* ton NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINK. . . 1*ua o* m/?sfai>si * ? ?? " i I.". "J.VU r 1 VtKKON Will IWTI "inJim o'olock p. m., and New York for lirMh tniton every Saturday. ats o'oiook p. m. ?,*erf..c&? '?ln y*f "hip at Alexandria at an; time before the honr of the steamer's departure. Tu?{D event of the steamers inability to riff Kj^1* ooniie^uenoeof low water, all goods will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the undersigned. For freight or pasMce apply to mvnvAn ? KUINEHARIi e#-R.M*.Ttr Ww?t*rn Wh>nrw. Notice to Norfolk and potomac i TRAVELERS! PINEY POINT, POINT LOOK-OUT. OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. The oommodioua ani avift ?teamer BALTIMORE. bavins been thoroughly overhauled and lefitted with now boilers and maohinory, Jto . will bt o!ane<l ?n th? ahnM liovi>? " ? __ ?.. ivwk? mw 11 VA i, me sin oi 5ulj, n'.d cuntinue during the bathing eea?on,makn g ?emi weekly tripe. leaving W aehington MONDAYSand THL'RSDAYSat loo olooka in. Returning

will leave Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRI DAYS at3 o'o'.ook p m., making all the nv^r landing* going and returning. Fart to _ _ \Tartmrv'* ... ,#l.<iO|Pnpe'? Creek asg.ferr ? 52 - Liverpool Point... 1 5'| WarahaTt Pavilion 2.i? Boid'a Hoie 2(10 Pmey Point ..... J.W Matthiaa Point SJ?lP?'nt book-oat 2.00 To Old Point and NorlWlt S?. irjtading ?""*'? Round trip tioketa to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the irwop. #3 Children under ten *eara, ?n<J aervanta.hilfla'e. Preeoolored peraona 9* Freights at uaual raiea and mnst be prepaid. The ateam?-r Baltimore heit:g the faateat boat on the PfttoTrw *?! * ??? Wvu<vi paniCIlgP! CO rOinl Look r'Ut in R hour*, making the trip down thi? beautiful rirer by daylight. ^ , For tiokeU and further information apply on board to ('apt. CH AS. K. MITCHELL, or at the Com pauy'* oftoe, corner Penn. avenue anl Sixth ?tr?f t, under the National Hotel ll^f^iaohea will call at any p aoe in the oity for K. MATTINGLY. General Ticket Agent an 8-St Potomac Ht?amboat Company. i kin CiS HARPER, I t V OROcIiRY0A^f>D#KED STORE, | FAMILY GEOObK^Ai^ and k |rMl, I ma> b* m want ol ^ ud bj a strict alien- I ^ ^ to merit of thair natr011*** Hit look oon?iiUo7erery article uiukIIt to hj fcund in ? br*t oiaaa Family Grooorj ^d^F^d f'0T? OF FIANOS FOR RENT ATLOW Li ratM Piano* for *ale on the r<A?onabi? Uroi?. <* " ?? 1 pu.a? ? fodSTA; A<^rdeo?X" ?uJ5 ?o)e wot for CUoktruif* ?on?'PU^'o*. ' ??1 MEDICINES. LIEU 1*7 U A T A V* SA BO A DA DM A " ?? A i onncar AAIUUA ?5 do far or DERANGEMENT OF THE LJTER. 8TOTT'? CEOS91M. ( . t*Ji*d-*a Co., A.ft . Aui 9. '5M Dr. J C. Aytr. Lotcril, Jfajs.?sir : J lake my nir tn f AI) * nil wha r *^?p Wa ii?9A UADiI I A r\A r"w w now j wu i r-n n i ?u? CATHARTIC PILLS bar* done for ir>e. I hud been afflicted with Liver Complunt for nx jetra, donnc whiofc 1 wm never well.and maohof the time very aick. Mr l.ivrrwu aor* to lh? touoh. ana, m? aootors said. was c?nRestMi. i suierea from severe costivene*s and <!iarrh<pa alternately. Mr skin wm clammy and anhra'thv : mr eves and akin often yellow. Oocaaion&lly I bad a vcranioas appetite but generally none at alt A dread fa I sen sation ol oppression on ray stomach, with iancaor ana a gloomy sensation of sickness all ov?', kept ine in antuixh. Yon oan^ot know bow much I suf IapaH frnm ? n i nHaa/tr Ka K! a f-ualinv r\f Hiatraaa Tha long continuance of this oondition, with-ut refief, liiwt worn me out no ?ha? I never expected to be better ; but reading, in the Chrutian Advoeate. of your ?araapan i la. I oommenoed taking it, with ideational small (Jos**of your fills, to regulate lb* bowels a* you direot. bad more efleot upon my disorder than I supposed anything onuld have. 1 regained my health rapidly, and now. aikV! uicf nu WCCKB| OU'UJ |UVU ll'MH III BliU strength a* an? other man. Mar the "Dispenser of all good" shower blessings on you Jous W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell, Mans. jy lj-eolra XT m Oa Ha <?5 1* a .A a HrHEWELL'8 TTVTVTVCAt nnnflir upirrnr ?M*VM?WAiJ VVVVU IVJBAAi/Xf For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, K?./v? tk. if -.11 1? * "III M1IUUKII All LIMVB WUBrO UpiUlU was ever used to that of iVliriura Tremens, and the oommon chief cause of Disease I.OS8 OF BLEEP. The Toln Anodyne, thourh containing sot a partiole of Opium, produces all the requirements of, and may be used in ail oases wherever Opium was used without pruduoiug any thin* but Cures, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from all the oommon obiection of I'oueh Remrdies, which produce nausea or prostration,) may b? considered the oommon enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaints. and used with perfeot impunity Askuife all to oourt from proprietors or friends the mo*t evorc liiTneugmKiii oi uvm nrm?ii?i,iinu rename of oar hlet* to be found with all dealer*, and more partiouiarly to purchase onlr of who oan 1>? depended upon, we wait in ooofi> ? tha deoi.xionB of Patients and Phrsioiana. "Pnoes within reaoh of all. GENERAL AGENTS* J. W. Hbssewell a. Co., 7 and 0- Commercial Wharf. Boston, flvn. Hirw?FWIT T.- 1 4 5 Wflbir at . Vnrt l!nd?r the special supervision of j6li N L. Hl^NNEWELL, chemist and Phatmaoeutiat- Boston, Mass., whose signature covers the oo Its of the genuine only, ana to whom address all coramumoations. !<oid hv all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the Dragfiats in Washington and Georgetown. mar as-eo.r Helmbold'a Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY COXOF.NTR ATRTl" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, j A Positive and Specific Remedr For Diaeaaea of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, I GRAVEL.and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medioin? inoreaaea the Dover ofDiKeation, ! and exoitea the ABSOR BKNTfj into health? ao- 1 whioh the WATERY OR CALCEROUS , ^poaitiona.andal! UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, aa well aa PAIN and IN FLAVs^1SSrfiN^?,<?*,lD**'vKK$E*" Sts.?7( 1 !.*??&& to Exertion, J*r**ttunf, liOts of Memory? tut ?u *-* ? ^enrei, Trembling, Horror of Diaeaae, Wakefalnew, Dimnvas of Viiion, Pain in the Baok, UniveruU Laentude of the Mnaouiar System, Hot Hand;, Flaftinj of the Body. | Dryneaa of the Skin, Eruption* on the Faoe. ^ PALLID COUNTENANCE. j Thflae symptoms, if allowed to (to on, which thia 1 medioin* invariably removes, soon follow* IMPOTENCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, ImOskot Which thk Patient mat Expirk. Who oaoi sar that they are not frrquentlj followed by thos- "DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY' AND rONAIIMPTHlW Many are aware of the cause of their eufferin*. ? .PVTVONB WILL CONFESS. THE RECORD8 OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Deaths by Consumption Boar ampi* witnot 3 to the tri?th of the assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED . WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS | Req a tree the aid of medioineto etrenrtiien ? And Invigorate the Hyetom. WKvck Hklmbold g EXTRACT HUCHU u?t<artablvdor*. A. TRIAL WILL COSV#WC* THE MOST SKEPTICAL. FEMA I,ES?FEMALES?FFMAT-ES, OLD OR YOUNO. SINOLF, MARRIED, ON COHTEStPLATIHU MARKIAOE IN MANY AFFECTIONS fE''ULl AR TO FEMALES, the extract Buthu 1* unequalled by any other remedy, as in Chi ?rosis or Retention Irregularity, Pamfulness, or Suppression ol Cos j ternary Evacuations, Uloerated or Scirrhous state of th? Uterus, Leuoorrhce* or Whites, Slerillity, I and for ail complaints inoitlent to ths? * ?h?th?r &ri?iii( from Indiscretion, HabiU of Diuip&Uon. or in the _ DECLINE OR CHANGE OP LIFE. flRl STMPTOM* ABOVK. NO FAMILY 8HOUL?i> Bh WITHOUT IT Take no mort Balsam. Mercury, or unpleasant Mtdtcxne jor unp.vuant and Dinger om? Inseasti. IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BJCHU com SECRET DISEASE8 In all their SUute*. At little ex?en?e: Litua or AO ohanrein Diet; No mconv^ui^noe; And no Bzrosttre. Ur&nsei a fre?uent deaire am give* etrength to Urinate, thereof Removing Obstructions, Preventing ?od curing Strictures of the Urethra, Al.aying Pain and Inflammation, so fresuent in the ol&si of diseases and expelling alt foiionont Inteasfd, and ttorn out Mat tor. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS V/HO HAVE BEKN TH It virriMt < ? ..n.r-r. and who hav? paid Kwvyftet to be curt*) in a short time.hav* found th*y wore deceived. and that the POISON" has, bjr the use of'rnwiun a*TKinsraTs," been dried up in the system, to break oat in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uae Hslmbold's Ex tract BccHvfor a. affeotions and disease* of the URINARY' ORGANS. Whether existing in MAi.K OR FEM4LE. From whatever oau'e originating and no matter of " ?? - - ? - nun BIAI>Ul^Hi Diina*?i! ofth??eorran* r?*ouir?theaM o'? Dimrtti HELMB??LD'S EXTRACT BUOHU IS THE ?,REAT DIURETIC. Aoi ia oertam to have the <ie?irod effiot in all BttaunFOR WHICH IT 18 R KCOMMh NDED. Eriienrt of tlu matt rtiiablt and rtfpontiblt charter will aocompanv tlie mwlici'e* CERTIFICATE* ?'F CURES. From 8 to 5? vtart' ttandtnt. With Nambi iiwwjj to SCIENCE AND FAME. Friee II 00 per bottle, er ill tor IJ.09. Delivered to an; AddrnM, ??ourely packed fro . observation. DKSCBIBK SYMPTOM! IN ALL COMMDKIC ATIOW* Care* Oiaraatrfd ! Ad rice GratU AFFIDAVIT. aij i Pnfinniill**?M'?'l ..?"i??-* j -rr/71;^ c*u aiuoihi?d theoity ofPhi adelphia,H. T. bold, who being duly aworn, doth say. his preparation* oo.tain no narootio. no m*roury. or o*-ner injurious arncs, i but are psrely vgetaliie. H. T. HKLMBOLIT 1 Sworn And subscribed before me, this 83d day of November. 1854 WM. P. HIBHKRD, AltUrmmn. .. Ninth street, above Race, Phil a. Addresa letters for informutinn in AnnfiriAn** ?n Depot, 104 Soint.h Tenth^^St cftwDut^hlfa. Wk AkwAtokmKE^ w no endeavor to dupoae or thkik own" and ot?**" akticlm oh th* kbfctation atta1jixc Helinhold'a Genuine Pri'p&ration*, H " . " Sarta'psrilla, Improved Ron Wash. Sold by 8. B. Waits, 448 Seventh street, and 8. C. Fomn, Jr., oorner Fenn. avenue and Eleventh Alib ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMHOLD'S TAKE NO ?>TUER. Cut out the advertisement and eend tar it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION ANDEXP08URU _?M eolv 97 Q T. POTENTINI, one tt < 57 txfoiTH of ?UO fa.Avm., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa.Avr, k.ti>n>irnvppf'Tmvo w.n?- ? PATKsT PR E8EH VEi*'"r" * CONDIMENTTS, &e.r m Begs leave to oall tli? attention of hia friendn je? tiie pot''io generally to hi# New Store, nnder WillarcPe Hotel, juat opeued, in oonnexion with kit old eetabliftbment, where be wt.l be htm to reoeive an 7 order* for superior Confeotioiu of niiowi importation. ^l?o, all orders for Dinner*, Sappers, Ballf, and Private Parties, whioh will be served np ta hie inimitable stvle, with the laias promptaMi and dis atrh whien bo Haa hitherto innvn iw * Dmt U PORT'S GUNPOWDER, For eale at mannfaotarera pnoe?, bp JOHN J. BOSIIK, Gkoioktowh, D. C., Sole. Atnuw for lAx Diftriei of Columbia. A large supply, embracing every variety, always on hand, na delivered free tn all nf ?K? "> t mt. Orders can also be left at tha office of Adams' Ki?t? > Onmmm. WMhimtnB. D. C. f*? Ma*1t r* HICK * 'RING k 80N*' WORLD *Enowned PIANOS, only for sale by subs rilx>r, at whose extensive wareroom?|MBM ?? u will find alwaysa larreetoek,emhrao-wfTmT? ing every variety, style, priee of Piaca for sale upon easy terms or discount (or oa?h. Pianos also from other good makers. Pianos for hire. JOHN V. ELLIS, Piano and Most a Dealer, BAA W? - tnwntB r?p*ir?df ^ IT IB L _ I w _ jr. MISCELLANEOUS. 255 J. ooaoxr: mtPATrti! rZ.\ >C A _ ^ v xy* Sate 4he Pieces! i? meeidmt* w*U kamn. trim im xU-rtniliid fmrntUUs, it ia rery deairable to ba*e loan ohaa* ' and convenient way for repairing Fanutara, Toy#, Crookery, Jta. SPALDING'S PREPARED SLfl meet* all ?uch <*mer*?DOie?. and no hoaaatioM oan afford to b<- v:th<>ut it. It it alwaya ready and up to the (ticking point. There ia bo l<?(*r a n??N(it* for limping otaaira,splintered renaera, headleaa dolla, a-it broken orad'ea. It ia jnat the arCiole for ooue. eheil. and other ornant<*iitai work, ao pop a lair with ladiea of refinement and taata. This admirable preparation ia aaed oold. beinj oh*mioaJly he:d in aolotton. and poaaeaaini all Um alliable * oaiitiea of the b?at onhtnet makera' clae. It m*w fw> in altA* nf being'rutTy more adhesive. M USEFUL IX XTMRY HOV3M.Prict, J5 oente. N. B.?A Brush aooomptniaa each bottle "?"? ? jswr**, no, is ueaar nrwn, n(v I an. Addreaa HENRY cTsPALDING * coBox No. 3,690, N?tr York. Put op for Dealera in Ct?ei oooUlmni Fo?r, Kicht, and Twflve Doaen?a beautiful Lithograph <o 8how Card aeeompanyinc eaon p?W5ka?e. C7" A ?in?le bottle of SPALDlSU'S PK.BPAKKD ItLUE will nave ten timet lU ooat unuaily to every hon?hold?/"Tl Sold by all prominent Stationery Dratfiat*. Hardware and Fnrniture Dtaiort, drooera, tM Kane? Store*. Country rcernhanU ahoald make a note of SPAL DlffO'S PREPARED OLVE. whan makini ay their h?t. It wi" Rtand anT rlimate. ntaif ( J(^rAI|X) MATjcP\j m? l&g&wiNglK V t t Tin II Mn it ?* <?- J u' vi c vi ; rh4+J-~ r,& u??r#r ? '* V*Vtr?f tk4 JVoM^i?>,)/ ? u 5700 J CW?, Myr,r-ri^ k,X yC<c? a^"v">" ""t**"* * * ? d jjl Sis? mBSSKk #ff ' MJfmn drptnd MM ffrttm fm v 1* ?? lit VaUrt w*n*r?- ?< t. oS^T J<"' timid hit k? l*<t'* **>*. It t* *? .y . fjk Y crmmmJrJ t? fi? /> ( /Vvkm u?^> > ?' 1? p! ImT, <A? (W ?? ?o / Mrdie*n*l jfy W ???w if pg f . JS?5k?t 3 /* y Ldz_ & ',r* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mMhmey WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL.AU OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJ3ALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 ly BARBOUR A 8EMMES. rPKUAN A- MUDMUIP | (itLiiinn wj Oi:ill OU^ ^Tolu\^ojju\ % MACNOLI AIM AGNOLUw ^v 11) SKK^j^VHISKE^lj We offer for sale the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled -Malted Rye Whisky, m barrels ana haif barren. Aeitisoroar own distiila tion.and hiirhly improved bv ase, we oonfrdeutly recommend it aa the poacsT and beat Whisky that oan possibly be distilled. We also offer oar OLD FAMILY RYS WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN 4 SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the SohnyikiU river, Phiia. Offioee?96 Wall street. New York ; and 109 Sojth Front street, Philadelphia mar SB-ly r IGHTNIN6! Li LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING !S In Tiki or Pbacs, Piirni rot Wu! F. LaBAP.RE, Soutkwst tomir nf lflrk and C $tt., MANur*cTrmsK or PLATINA-TIPPKD LIGHTNING ROD9. Reep?olfu!ly uioounoea to lh? puMio of wtahlnc too &ud vicinity th&t he it prepared to execute ail orders for ercotmg Liithtcin< Ooaduotora on tne rnoit unproved ?o)*nt]fir principles, o?ti?trn<?t*d of the Tflrv l?at of on *nr* All Plahca tippd Point* which are manuiiaotared br will be a tamped with my name. \V. ?th#r Vanoa of any dMicn mad* to order. jy 9-lro PARAFFINE OIL. THE CHEAPEST UOHT KNOWN! Wea** now reoeivioa Parafin* Oil direct from the worka in weat-rn Virginia. The *ua'ity of it la excellent, prodooinca etearly, bnl iantand beaut) fu light, and mere pteaaant to ui- cim tw iipni. This Oil i? fr?" from adulteration,and rerj mach more economical than man; of the Coal Oik used at this time. IO- It i? IB no way explosive. Wekeea also a supply of the raoit approved styles of Lamps, &o.,pit burning this Oil, RUrcheLL, Agents for lU sale for the District of Colambia, Corner Hfloonth ?t. aad Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma II HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES XI These Scale* are offered to the public u the most *imp!e. durable, and reliable toale* erer ?it ia tee. Fimtola** premium* hare been awardedtkea b? the United State* Fair and Virginia AfieniUiraJ SooietN Virginia State Afriealtaral Fair. Fraaklia 1 mutate Fair, Petinar! vania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, Jto., Ac. In every oaee where exhibited they nave reoeired first olaea preouama For ea e at S? Louisiana avenge, Depot of Siller** Chilled Iron Safes. de 11-lr E* C. PATT1SON. Agent. WABfflNeTON 8EWIN0 KOOMI> fM MA ?iM Km win IrirU */ n, 1m. Novm tlw tin* to (?t ttPRIN? and tJUHMJCt BH1RT8 n*l??? to order. JPbg pared to make SHIRTS, DRAWER8, 4o., at Um W&EEimgvB Fire, pike. ~ POTOMAC WATER. I am atil! enrarad in th* PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BlT?INKS8 at mj oidrtaod n Pfcilby monio Hall. The advantage af having a tibial paly of water waa readily observed at the ftra of eetaraay.aa 1 am veil aXi'fcrd 1 alum id k?? be?n burned oat bat lor the bouatifa) aupply apor mj premme* and th?t of mj nHchbora All order* Tor the introduction of Water and Ou will be promptly attended to. Terms aa r?wou bie m any plumber in the city. jy 3 C.W>fPM A 82??"5!.u T.?'* PIANO One at fl do. "neatflSO do. FOR One at It 4m. One at At 90 do. R If FIT. jy21 Pa. between 9th and Kh ata 12,000 ASS the attention nf the p?bho to o?r lire a and wall m looted >took of CktiTiMMUd CraJ) AppJo Cider, whioti we guarantee to be eara iaioe, and will b* aoM on ra^aonabla term* in order to nafca rooc ??u s* - ^ Piy. w^wiw?p? IN R WiLLUM BHADLKV HK?3 TO Ji?Tml tu, 1>* "-ETS-j- WfTA1_ ?J.'"--* FOB ALL WfrKAHK* OP IMPRUDENCE LtT HO FALSE DEL. TV ACT FRETMWT. APPLY 1MHF.0 ATKLY A CURE WAE.RANrYb.Oti WO CHAM**, IN FROM OKIE TO TWO DAY* aT?ud<?r, ih?Im>rr OwckarfM. l?r?(lMr. S?mS DiMXf. ??inwi>, PrtJ?HT,U (Ni.Vn OaC W widttt, P*lptuu?? *??4nt,Tii?ftni, Diuw *1 ?**? m ??44w??. 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What are he?, do yo? wtf R?tner a?k, ? h?t a-e they to*I he blood la the aoaroe o( lite and hea'th and it the fer?t e mm*,, t of oar Ming to respond to aiy oaaa* w bir-fc ?ff e a th-???tei*i,a? the pu,?# it la fi^1* atteeta flwufT preTailin* Ni u a tia th? irritr tiag t ry | e a*, the ?ubd-JSorolu a ;hi? acoi.ittn* n ii?mn?tiaui, Nei?nii Debili y, Dy?prp?ia. Uvr ? owpl*iirt with it* torpor fcaci d->aciion and the rtmbrileai illatliat I ia heir t< . drrtv '' heir IkIwui ontin tr..m ih? blood. Deal kind ? then and cei t.? vita huiod L a* th* vitalizing r*a uioaa of n*tura lor its aid, %ud auff'r ua to c >inmenu t.? y< *r oonfc Jtno* aiui aae thai tin > va'uabla m*',i<?*'n?>nt haovc a* MKS M COX'S INDIA V TEOKTABLK DECCCTJOS. Witt f|?'d to ttai- a nnit mfa lib* *p?eifi<? popu ?r a?r tin rut h%? ?p"ken m (1 oid*d - la. ai..i Uf ttidtneea of> |rMt rloMi ar?? m tam d l>j e<?(Uiit amwa.* of akratm *f*eu and ta? taapp * '. rnu ti from ita uae ar? af'er a'l atb?r remedies and the heft m -dieal *k i hav* fai f?d L?t m c?r?.i*lu?!i?n th*t e*rtifeMkt*a cf enrni ?? not aontht fr<-m til? il!tt*fat? ai.<1 up fecial, but th?y ar* vnlnntoared f om th? in ?(re p.""tab rotiro^a an 1 jn?tif? tl>? feiRhaat Ufma in vhicii it i< pjaaitl* to o->in>n?ii<) ao valuah* a ap cifis to p?b io appmv&l. W> may add alao that in* pr"p*'i or 01 tw mr<l oid? tr? < <i only t>i its rcctorttM vr rf gti, tl>? ifit-n rwrr ing frorndiarMC vi k eii?w?rf ??o?titat?onal n?nr. For Ml* b? all rMMetKbl* DriirnU in tki* city, and by Ike proprietor. MR"*. M COX. >oc? tannine m.]e*? bar naaee ta b.own on Lb* bott? acd bar bm on ih- oo'k r~r 'no* 91 per b"t 1 e, aix bott'ea for ?&. whol"a'e jigmt. R k T CISiKL. Dragciat. Gc*r(?io?rf>, u W holamla mmi for the Dtt trie', ?td ?i 1 supply the trad < at my prisM. Mil tr Dr. j. bovee dodu IMPERIAL WINE BTTTEKS. re bow being Beed from Mam* to the Salt Lake, acl the em versa. ?erriiot of all who im them either u a medtem* ur t< i k'rfiwt, la that they are nnearyaeed in tae world, l?r Dode need them Bcoeeefuijr in hie eraetio* for T> year* before we purchased of him threoie icht to maaajhetare and preeent tbeia for ?le to the puhlia. Par the OB'e of Iitoipient ConeinnjUoo, leriijeetioa. Dy peptia, riiM, .>ervou? iiimn, Feinae Cob piau.ta, and ail! oaaoa raaairini a tome, th?? are b? rood doubt a moit invaluable ree-edy. And* from their m?diotnal propertiaa tliey ara a para, vkew aome and deughtfai Beverage. producing all the piaaaant exhueratmt effect* uf Brandy or Wiaa without their injunoua reau.ta. l-?t ail frtoada of humanity and all a't vcaui.- of teraporaaoe aaaift us ta nu'iatitainc U.*** va uarve V-cewble B<tt?ra for the mmer*l peiioa* a <i niu trrmtud L*qum i Cth vhioh the oOnntry it flooded, and tharebf ti >tua.i? ai* in baa ahiag Diaeaaa aad Pnaahaaaaa trow the land. CHARLFH WIDDJFiKLD 4 CO.. l*ropriat<>r?, 7* Wiliian" itmt. Ntw York. J.BCHWARZE AfMt, \VaAin*Uin. D. C. PR. J BOVKK D#?r>?' 1 IMPERIAL UlU SITTERS, For Dimum of Ot? K.dne? a. B iMm fri d Urturi <>rfan*. aoc etpoataily for Fem?i* (JMinoUota. uevar tail to our*, and ara varrantad lo (ira aaU* 'flfSkLW WIODIFIELD * CO.. P- p-ietora, 76 Wul:Mil ?t.. New Vnrfr. J. fCHWAlU, jaT-Iy,r Ar*nt. Wa?hiD(U)n. D. C. T"*" ?w?oi??? ??? TKIDKILUL 1, , * s, hi KtytU Lttlmr P*tml if IrtM. ImI No. 1 is iavaiaaMi for exfcauatioa, IftnMlr rluta,ai.dalTahyr.oa. uaafeilitiaa. No. 4 oomp etely trid ott?? aJl traoaa of thoM dimtM tut h?T? baoo hiOierto tracts fcr Uw mm MoniUd p*nnciota mm otanftm aad oabctoa No. 3 hac Mtiroty aavpiaalod Lbe itourioM aa* of wiurT, thoraby lBMnaf fta tfca aafcrar apaafr raltaf,<li???r?iaf allimjmntam, aad roebag Nttkt ^LTUmjuS^Wei, l.Sejid **re rf??i i* tta fern of a loiMttfi Hwid of tMtc and ?tt.? , kdc iii m oarriid tsUM waiatooan f??k?C ftoiO wTe dWtoad tato MfMaM <oM,iitiiiili torod dt Vk.p?M, LAikMMl. R)U, Kioo-d. it, Prioi UitMk. or four own foi $1 wtiior aar? M 194 tr*?1fc??r dnon Mow lM.N?vY*rk. ImiiMxlttWj oi mnnai rt mitt*co?, Dr. Baircwili forwa^ U? Tniaaaar to My Mat of U>? wor.d, oorolt pa* bad, u4 ad - Swhi. of>J?T for >m? iii thMBttil.Md, if disposed U> |?roit 61 miini I WT>fcJT6"if"R rHAAT IT8 Ct?r. at?n>? miaTom]!, v;d'???. ill ywftrt Nil d#>no?. rqmr frieno. ? frr** nRnr, iw^'t um$m eritun^B^fri. OteriMtow*. A... WM.T. POVE ? 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