Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1860 Page 1
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# 9959555!5!!l599!!!555S!5!!55y55H5!5S5E955!5^5E9555559!5!595!55i55555!5555^5!5555! 555 ! ! 555!5!5!55!555555!S555!!!555S255555!!? I - i t ' - ~ ?* (Ektitng jlkr. 4 '" ' - t Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 22. 1860. N-. 2.848 . THE EVENING STAR | u PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11<A St., Ml W. D. WALLACH. P&pera Barred in ptokMW by otrrlera it |( I *MT. or - rm it ? * * ?? ? ?? u*uu per muuui. iu niftu HDVoriDon the pnoe it fjji ijMr, ?* adramc; $1 for six months f i f0- three months; And for lees than tiir*<? month* at the rat* of K mdU a VMk. dingle 4opi?*. nsiciiii; in wrapper*, two cists. E7* Advkrti?e**!?t? should be sent to the offoe before Uo'olook iu ; otherwise they may not appear anhl the next day. Tke <*reat Mrtetr ml July. REMARKS or l?ROr. H B WTO!* 0.1 If# APPARBRT PATH. Although the traoh of the great meteor of the *nti. .1 n 1 t j r*rvf a/iitwa^alv ?? ? ? ?*- * w iL uw m.v ut ?ivi j uvtvi UilUVUj CUUU^U is known to givo an approximate path. Observations at New Haven and New York indioate that it passed the line joining those cities at an altitude of 45 miles. Its track was vertical over Point Shippan. a little south of Stamford. 37 mfles from New Haven, and 3Ji miles from the Citj Hall, New York. This point it believed to be very accurately determined. The meteor at this place was moving in a straight line about south, 92 degrees eut, and parallel to the earth's surface. This Is only . _ _ . - - *n approximation, ana a turtner comparison of wkwrrauout vill uo doubt change, HMfhat, the position of th? line If it be the trae direction. the meteor must hare passed nearly i vertioallv over Chippewa, C. W.,-Tonawimda, Warsaw, Havana. Oswego, Narrnwsburg, Sing Sing, Goshen, and Medford, L. I. It/ height near Buffalo, acoording to the apparent altitude reported by Mr. O. Hallownll, of Alexandria,Va.. was about 50 miles. It wni | seen by Mr. Benj. Marsh, of Pbiladolphia, miles at sea, that is in N. lat. .'i'J deg. 85 min.-, and W. long. 70 deg. 6 min. It* apparent alti- i tude was estimated by him at 5 deg., which ' would make it 43 miles above the surface of ths sea. The velocity of the body seems to have been not less and not much greater than 11 miles a second. The earth was moving almost directly awaj from it; so that the meteor's velocity in its orbit around the son was not less than 27 miles a second. It is calculated, from perfectly reliable observations, that not lesa than ten millions of meteors enter the atmosphere every day, and I re burnt up. Some* of these bodies revolving round the sun in elliptical orbits like the i planets, and are a part of the comets. The periodioal meteors which occur in such abund- i oce on the morning of August 10, and those ] whioh were so famous on the mornings of No- t vember 13, between 1830 and 1840, are of this 1 _i Other meteors, it is believed, come to us from the stellar spaces. Such. oo doubt, was the brilliant meteor that exploded over the southern part of New Jersey, on the forenoon of November 15, 1850. If, on entering the atmosphere, the meteor of Julj 20 had a velocity greater than twelve miles a second, it must have been a visitor I from the stellar rutinm Tt ia nf therefore, to obtain accurately its velocity. If 1 any one haa observations which will help to j determine the path of the period of flight of the meteor, they should be sent to some one 1 who would make proper use of thein. Espe- ' ciaily valuable are observations made a great ' distance from the path of the meteor, if ac- 1 companied with the direction of the points of < ppearanco and disappearance. 1 It is altogether probable that fragments of the meteor came to the ground. Such frag- ' ments. if aecured, would have a high interest. ' Iu only two instances have the velocities of * meteors affording meteorites been obtained. J la each eaae the data are far from being as 1 full and accurate as is desirable. If this me- 1 te >r should be proved to come from outside J the solar system, such fragments would be j unique in the world. The meteor need not ' have be?n ? very large boly A mas* of stone a few feet in diameter, burning up under in- 1 tense heat, it is believed, might furnish all the 1 appearance of that brilliant train. H. A. Newto*. 1 Talk College. Aug. 6, I860. ^ The Last or the Atlantic Cable.? Capt. 1 Kelt and Mr. Yarley, who went oat for the parpose of endeavoring to raise the American end of the Atlantio cable, report that, " although thoy have on many occasions been able to raise the (bight, and so get on board at different times pieces of cable, in# all amounting to about seven miles, they have invariably found it broken again a few mile? off " Attempts were made at various point*, bat all were unsuccessful, the rope in alinoitt every instant giving way. It *w. tneretore, rouna ' necwjarj to abandon'' it. Speaking of the atate of the ropa between Tickle point and 1 Copper island, Capt. Kell and Mr. \ arley say, " Although mud is shown on the oharts, there ' are unquestionably rocks alao, weed and sea : animalculae adhering to and surrounding it in many places, showing that it had been suspended elear of the bottom Tbe oable was invariably hauled in by hand to avoid unnecessary strain. The reoovered cable varied in oondition very much, and what is most important is, that even those portions which came out of the black mad were so perished in numerous patches that the miter covering parted on board during the process of hauling in, and bat for the dexteritv and conrara n* the man ill seising hold of it beyond the break, where the iron wires stuck out like bunches of highlysharpened needle point*, wo should not nave known to much of its condition. In a wordt it was evidently sometime.-! imbedded in mud. ' sometimes on snail stones, sometimes half imbedded, and sometimes wholly exposed over racks, aa was apparent from the condition of tie outer covering. The iron wires in mmy placea often appeared sound; but, on minute inspection, were found eateta away and ! rotten. The sewing was also decayed In some places the iron wires were coated with 1 metallic wires, and much eaten, they having moat probably rested upon copper ore, for there are veins of it in Trinity Bay. The guttapercha and copper wire are, however, in aa g^od condition as when laid down." Theae Fr>rtiona of tne eable recovered at Break Heart oint, that wore wrapped with tarred yarn, were sound, the tar and hemp having preserved (he iron wirea bright and free from rust.? i /_.. T.' Whit We aki Made Or?The following ia from an article by Oliver W. Holme*:?If th* reader of thia paper lire another year, hia self conscious principle will hare migrated from hia preteot tenement to another, the raw materiala even of which are not yet pat together. A portion of that body of which ia to be, will ripen in the oorn of hia next harveat. Another portion of hia future person he will purohaae, or ethera will purohaae for him headed ap in the form of eertain barrela of potatoec. A tnird fraction ia yet to bo gathered in the Southern ne^-field. The limbs with which he ia then to walk will be olad with fleah borrowed from the tennnta of n.any atalla and paaturea, now un conscious of their doom. The very organ* of spaeeh with which ha in to talk M wisely. plead so eloquently, or apeak effectirely, must first surra bia humble bretnren to bleat, to bellow, and for all the varied utterance of bristled or feathered barnyard life Ilia bones themselves re. to a great extant, in pos*? and not esse. A b?g of phosphate of lime, whioh he has ordered from Prof. Mapea, for hia grounds, contains a large part of what ia to be hia skeleton And more than all thia. aad by far the greater part of hia body ia nothing at all but water, the inUuiM* at hia scattered members is to be looked for in the reservoir, in the tunning streams at the bottom of tha wail, in the clouds that fl'jat over his toad, or diffused among thain all." Slick says " Yea, yea, natur balances all things admirably, and has put the axes and every individual of each, on a par. Them that have mora than their share of one thing commonly hare leas of another. When there ia a great strength there ain't apt to be much gumption. A handsome man in a general way ain't much of man. A beautiful bird *?Idnm sings Them that hare genius i bare no common aense. A fellow witn one Iidea grows rich, while ha who calls him a fool <ii*s poor. The world ia like a meat pie; the upper crust is rich, dry and puffy; the lower ?rw*t is haary, doughy and nndone; the middle is not bad generally; but the smallest pvt of all, ia that which flarors tha whole." >r Hall n GtbsuIibi. It is reported that arrangements are in progress for establishing gymnasiums for students and members of young men's associations. Are oar embryo doctors and lawyers, and clerffmen going to make Tom ltyers and Bill ooles and \ ankee Sullirans of themselves? Does tha ability of a jurist depend on the amount of beaf he carries? Is a pbysioian's skill to be determined by tha hardness of his muscles? Is a clergyman's efficiency measured by the agility of his monkey ospers, by his doxteritT of h*n?rin?? nn tn u Ko?m Uia J Q S V- ~ "J hind leg. and swinging up to touch his nose against the big toe of his " totber foot." A man's intellectaality does not depend on the amount of brute force which he possesses. It does not require a. giant's strength to write a sermon, or make a book, or clear thief, or feel a pulse. Of an assembly of French savans, on a certain occasion, Humboldt being present, was found bj an accurate mode of measurement, to hare the least muscular strength of the whole company, of which he was the greatest and the oldest. Small men, fragile men. men of little museular vigor, may have good bodily health, and among such are found a vast excess in number of the opposite class, in -11 ?J * - - ? .uu m >|oa tuu uuuiunes, woo are ine brightest of the world's brightest stars. As a rery general rule, it holds good?the bigger the man the bigger fool he is. Whoever heard of a giant who was remarkable for anything beyond sise of his body; while the smallnees of his bead and the little that is in it, is a notable thing. Both body and brain need vital force; the mind is great in proportion as that vital force is expended in the brain; but if it is used up in developing the muscles, the brain must suffer. If one expects to make his living by the exorcise of muscular sirengtn, lot him, as a boy and a youth, develop that strength by steady labor and a regular ard temperate life; if it is his wish to miike money by legerdemain, by monkey capers, by rope walking, by miraculous poses and astonishing feats of lofty aud ground tumbling, then the gymu^sium is a very proper place for him, and it is well that the energies of the system should be expended in the direction of the muscles; but if he aims at a professional life, one which is to be followed as a means of living, he must exercise the mental, nnf tKa mnorttil** 4' * ? * ? A uvii vuw uiui-^uiai |w?tor, in iue uraiu unu QOi to the beef must the energies of the system be sent in order that, by their exercise, the brain nay be developed and the mind worked with power. To sedentary persons, violent, sadden, and Stful exercise is always injurious, and such are gymnastic performances. Soldiers die early. 10-day they are doing nothing. To-morrow :he forced march, the terrible battle, summon ip to the very dregs, the employment of dornant energies. The disabilities ttnd deaths of % campaign are ninny times greater by dis>ase than by the bullet, for shocks and great ilterations always cause disease. The exercise of the student should be regular, gentle, deliberate?always stopping short >f felt fatigue. One hour's joyous walk with a sheerful friend in the street, or field, or woodland, will never fail to do a greater and more 3nmixed good than doable the time in the most scientifically conducted gymnasium in the world. There are individual cases where the gymnasium is of tbe most undeniable benefit, >ut the masses would be the better for having nothing to do with them. A million times betMr re.ipe than the gymnasium for sedentary persons is, Eat mndorately and regularly of plain, nourishing food, well prepared. . Spend two or three hours every day in the >pen air, regardless of the weather, in moderate. untiring activenefu. Political AmbitUn and iU Rewards The eloquent testimony of Uuizot, which wo sopj below, to the emptiness of political distinction, ought to reconoile those who have never succeeded in attaining such distinction to the more obacure walks of life, in which the multitude of men must always remain. We find it quoted by a contemporary from the third volume of the recently published memoirs of the great atatesman and historian : <t T V.. J : a. !-? J * *' - i unt o uu acpiro w lovruao idj pnvaie iiic nd feelings on public attention. The mure they are profound and tender, the less are they disposed to exhibit themselves, for I cannot show them in their intense reality. Kin^s exhibit their crown jewels to the inspection of the curious; but we do not parade our private treasures, the value of which is only known to the owners. Yet, when the fatal day arrives in which these invaluable possessions are wreated from us, it would be evincing toward them a proper want of respect and faith not to declare the esteem in which they were held and the void they have left. I have been strongly attached to political life, and have applied myself to it with ardor. I have devotea to publio duties, without hesitation, the saerifice and efforts they demanded from me; but these pursuits have ever been far indeed from satisfying my desirss It is uot thatll complain of the incidental trials. Many public servants have spoken with bitterness or the disappointments they have experienced, the reverses thej have undergone, the severities of fortune, and the ingratitude of men. I have nothing of the kind to say, for I have never acknowledged such sentiments. However violent I may have been stricken, I bare never found men more blind or ungrateful, or my policioal destiny more harsh than I expected. It baa had alternately, and in great abundance, its joys and sorrows; such is the law of humanity. But it has been in the happiest days, and in the midst of the moat brilliant sucoess of my r * it. 2 JOB _ ! # cum, wai i u?i luauu luo IDOUUlCienOJ 01 public life- The political world is cold and calculating; the affairs of government are loftj and powerfully impress the thought; but they cannot fill the soul, which has often more varied and more pressing aspirations than those of the most ambition* politician. It longs for a happiness more intimate, more oompleto, and more tender than that which all the labors and triumphs of active exertion and public importance can bestow. What I know to-day, at the end of my rase, I have felt when it began,and during its coatinuanoe; even in the midst of great undertakings, domestic affections form the basis of life; and the most brilliant oareer has only superficial and incomplete enjoyments, if a stranger to the happy ties of family and friendship." "If my Father will Hold tub Ropb." In the Highlands of Sootlaod there is a mountain gorge, 20 feet in width and 200 feet in depth. Its perpendicular walls are bare of vegetation, save in their crevices, in which grow numerous wild flowers of rare beautj. Desirous of obtaining specimens of these mountain beauties, some scientific tourist onoe offered a Highland boj a handsome rift if he would consent to be lowered down tne "iliff by a rope, and would gather a basketful of them Tha boy looked wistfully at the money, for bis parents were poor ; but when he gased at the yawning ohasm. he shuddered, shrank baek, and declined. Bnt filial love was strong within him ; and after another glance at the gifts and at the terrible fissure, bis heart grew strong, bU eyes flasned. ana He Mid " 1 11 go, IT my father will hold the rope!" And then, with unshrinking nerves. cheek un blanched, and heart flrmlj strong, he suffered his father to pot the rope about him, 14wer him into the , wild ftb/aa, and to suspend him there while he filled his little basket with the coveted flowers, it was daring deed; bat hia faith in the strength of hia father's arm, and the lore of his father's heart, gave him eourage and power to perform it. A Civil \Voa? -?"If a civil word or two will render a inaa happy," nid a French king, 'he mnilbti wretch, indeed, who will not rive It. It la like lighting another man'aoaadle by your own. which lose* none of ite brilliancy bv what the other gaina " If all men acted upon thla principle, the world would be much happier than It' A rmu. wikilow, ^" N Experlen ?fl Narae and KamiUe Phyatotaa. preMnta to tJie attention of mothers. h?r SOOTHING SYRUP. F?r Chiidr.. Teethiagi Whto* ftMlly fadllt???? U? pnein ?f tMthtof, kr ufui tn( lb* nni, r?a?eirf all fnlammatiM-^iU alia* ALL fAiw patmcdie acutn, and I* SURE TO REGULATE THE ROWKI K. D?p?od (pi* It, BMbtn, it will f i?? >ni m u< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS * h?T? ,-mt ?r *od ?0l? tkit ar.ielt for ?T?r t?n yttr*. aotf CAP 94T, llf and TBPTH of it, what ? h?T? o???r b?*D *H? t? ??J ?f any CTH1I HMMh-rbtik MRS it rtiLiD,m A lit- ITlWtl TO fict a cull, WISiljUW'l tbiD timaly Md Bavardid wa kaaw UMifiMii an ioataaaa ef di?? HUilictiM by any 1u mi *a* aaad it. Oa tha eantriry, all ara SYRilP, dailfhtad wick It* lUiTMIU, ?41 IMrt to tllM af kifkiM eaamnluiM ( la ai-inl ifMU ul media*) nrtaaa. W aptak in .bn miliar * what wl do brow,1* aftartaa yaara' axptrtauci, and rLioal sui iipi'TaTION FOI TBI or WHAT VI Hill Dl* CLAII. In altnoat inry inatftnea whara Lha infant 1a aaffarln( from pain and aahaaation, raliat will b* found ialftaaa r twtrur xinataa aftar Iba ayrap la aumfniatarad. Thu valaibla prtparaion ia tht praieripuon ef ana af lb* IWII lirMllltCID aol IIIIPCL HCIIII in Haw Enrland, andkaa baan aaad with HITH-PaILIRS ICCCIII 11 THOUSANDS Ot CASES. U lat anly raliavaa Ua child fram pain, bat lorifaraua th? tanaeh and bawala, cerracu acidity, and ji?aa taaa and aaarfj ta the whala ayatam. It will ilmaat instantly raliaaa Gbifin* in tbs Bowili and Wind Colic, and araroama eon?nlai*n?, which, if tat araadil* ramadiad aad In daath. Wai ___ I bdha*a it tba ?1?T and IUIIIT UK- FOR M>T in tha WOIld la all caaaa af dy?- CHILDREN !?TlkT and diai III iba lit chil- TECTHIKIU niin. wbathar it ariaaa fram taiiimif 1 ar from an/ ethar HI?. tt ? ting u; to a**ry mouiir whn nil a child tsf faring from any of lb* for*f?iiif complnnu ? DO ROT LIT TOUk%KIJUDICKl, NOR THI rRBJCDICB* OF OTKtRt laud b*iw*tn yoar ftnnf child tad th* Mli?f that will bt ?U*1?y*a, aasol.tJTBLV ICR I?to follow tha oat of th madicina, if tfirtlj and. fall dirtctior.i or aaing will a corapanr *acb bottla. Nona gattaint boi*m lha fac-aimila CDRTli ft PERKINS. N? w Fork, ia on th* aaWi-1* wiifpl Void b7 Drorj:?t? throughout tb* world. Principal Offie*. No. II C*dar Blr**l, H. T. Pria* mltli C*nt? p*r Battia. * ll-dftwlv EDUCATIONAL. jjjELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Mill M. RIDDELL will resume thedutiesof her nch'iol on Mie first HON DA V in September, at No. 451 I welfth street, an jn-lin I^MERSON INSTITUTE, J H St., Betwkkn 12th a*n 13th Sts. SELECT CLAS^It^A'. AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Anniml Station of this school will commence on MONDAY, September 3d. Numl>er of pupils limited. au 20 (States ) CI! AS. B. YOUNG . Principal. The prescott high school, 37? Eighth St., Bktwmen K aid I. Pts. Studies will be re?timed in thin mcfi'ution on MOMMY , September *1. Circular sat hooknturer, I au 16-tl A. C. RICHARD!*. Principal. RS. M. E.KINGSKORDS SEMINARY, 4 1H E St.. VV'ajh.xotojs, 1>. C. 'I'iiA navt ao<sinn w111 ? ?* 1 a/,A ?" w HI Uflllllir-untn HHOIJCf 151. lOH'f. Terms, to., forwarded on applic&tiou. an 15 tf QEORGETONVN COLLEGE, D c7 Studies will be resumed at this Institution on the first Monday of September. an !4-eo3w JOHN' EARLY, S. J., Presided. < LAFAYETTE IN8TITLTB. iSRSSION Will commence <>n MONDAY, Pe?teml>er lflth, at the n?w Institute BniMme, >67 1 street, adjoining Carolina Terrace, opposite Franklin Square. Circulars at l>"nkstores. au 11 eu2w (Con..Vint.) I,. C. LOOM 19. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES. 464 E Sr., IUtwim 6rn a*d 7th 8t?. Th? fourth it nnutl ion of %V? InctitntA Will I oommeneson the first MONDAY in 8epteml> r. Applications should be in.vle ?arly, a* fie number of pupils is limited. For pa*ticulais see ci<ouiara or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. IIAVENN F<R, at the Institute. au 9-eotf VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY IS LOCA T ted i r a heautrul and healthful village 12 milo* above Wilmington. Del., and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Reoommerided bv the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The oourse of study la extensive and thorough?in the Mathematical, Classical and Knrli*h Depart menta. Student* are prepared for hnaineaa or college. In the preparatory oourae for college special reference ia made to Dickinson College. The institution ia provided with a larue philoaophical apparatus to illustrate the stu ly of Natural Boier.ce. A library of threo hundred volunn;a ia acoessiW? to pnpila The fifth/ear will commenco MONDAY, September 3d. IWW. Boa ding.Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 week*, ... Cirrat attention m r>ai<! to the moral Heoortmenf of student*. Month1? reports sent to parents. For circular* or information nddress the Principal, Rev J. HERVKY BARTON, A. M , Villas Ore?n Seirnnarv. Delaware countv, Pa. Ktierrnrcs? Rev Levi }*c"tt, D I). Bishop of M. E. C , Wilmington, Del ;Mr. F. A. Lutz, Washington, D. C ; Mr. O. w. Augeli, do.; Messrs Dick*on 4. King, Georgetown. au 11 tSepS Commercial college. No. 47ft Sbvknth i?t., Oppautt the OmrrcU PoH OJlce, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, BooKkeeping, Mercantile Forms and Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Ezohame, Current Hills, Commission Saies, Grammar and Arithmetic. ID- A Preparatory Class for Boy*. IlT* Ladies will be instructed in fine peniran hip. Rooms open frorc 9 ft. m. to 10 p. m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ina 2?-3m WM. W. YOI'NG A CO. The union female academy. Nkw Arranosment. This well-known and popular Seminary. whioh has been so successful under the entire cars of Mrs. Z. Richards for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, und?r the united supervision and instruction or Air. and .Mr*. RICH ARDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particulars. see oiroulars at all the Bookstores. tna2J-tf (VI MRS. MeCOR *ICK<8 SCHOOL. IvlRS. McCORMICK desires to inform hei friends and the public generally that rhe will resume the duties of her Sohool on the 1st Monday in Septra bar next The oourse of study pursued will oomprise all ths branches requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to her day soholars. she is deairoas of reoeiring into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from 10 to 14 years, who will be under her immediate oareand oversight. Bar arrangements for tha accommodation and due oare of pupils have been oonsideraliy increased and otherwise improved. Those in washinrton aeairing particular information with rererenoe to nor tonooi may apply uiw.u, wanaon, Kditor o the Star. For tarai and furtner partiomlari apply at bar rMi deooo?No. S* Cameron atraat, Alexandria, Va. Ivt7-tf |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE * CO.'S BXjBOT 8PIOBS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ic round from freeh Spie??, aelaoted and olaanad by ua exprea?ly for tne pureoee without reference to eoat. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with Pape<,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fall weicht, while the ordinary around Bpioea are almost invariably ahort. We warrant than, in point of atrength and riohnea* of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a aincle trial will abundantly prove. Manufacture! unly by " E. R. DURKKli * CO., tn| p,*rT rt.. N.wVort, WT NEW GOODS. ~ M F. H?Tf j ait reoeired a'arje stock of l)l*?ohed And B*>wn COTTONS of the best ra?k?? A i*<?, SHKCTiNGS, TAMLP. LINKNS, NAPKINS, TOWBLINGS. IRISH LINENS, JO<t *arca LAWNS, from 8 nenta to UX : HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAONTLKTTS. WHITR, REP, BLUE mod GRKY FLANNELS in va*ty. We have a few rich OROANDY ROBES on h iJ which we have marked lest than ?r>t. jy? TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. gALTIMORE BUTTER HOU8R Dailr reoeivinj fresh and sweet, in Goshen package-. Also, Ohio Butter, at iq>? and 12>. oertx " ELLlCOTr k. HKWF.S. jy V> 5? KznhAnce Plaee, Baltimore. n e; /X XX ALE AND XXX ALB!! Tke >or*?t ?j:d most wholajwiM Ale in thia city ia te be obtained at the WABH1N6TON BllhwKRY. Thif Ale ia made from malt ar.d hoaa or.iy tad eannot fail to five entire aatmfaetion to eon earners. C. COLIN EAU, Proprietor of the t?<4* WMII'ii I .)(, H[ O. HOOD hae now on hand a rerr large I. a took of lot atnndard" SILVER WARE, all of hie own make, that he will aell aa low aa iuiy of the Northern Ware* are aold for. and at the a*m? time will warrant everything to he standard SS? K*. a fVKW ^lUSn mftwd~M? week.?. 1^ warded by mail free of Jj 11 JOHN Pa EL. LI FOR SALE AND RENT. l/OR RKNT?The three story (brown froit) A HOUSE. No. S?T New York aren't**, oetweeu 10th anfl Uih streets, north aide, containing tjftoen rooms. Thin house is convenient to tne I'atent Offioe. Treasury, etc.; is lighted Uy gas. and in every way suitab e for a boarding Jiouse. Kent mo 'erate. I Apfij ncii door, or to A It. FOWLER, oond Ho t north wing ot Patent Oflioe. jy 14-tf If OR RENT?Three HRICK HOUSES?on? on r Twelfth itreot, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth and H ?t?.; and one on H, between 12th and 13th stu. Inquire of J AM K.? NT BARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 4-ii. ina 30-tf |?OR RENT?That new ard well arrangtxl three r story BRICK HOUSE. No. 1*4,on G street, between 19th and Juth kU., Firet Ward, lately occupied by Mr, Bodwco, Rustian LeicaUou. Po??-? iob immediately._ inquire of Mr. MltTU r.i l AKivr.K. next floor east. ina J6-eou FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR oftlra boUdint immediately opposite the west wins of tb? City HaL, recently oooupied by Chas. S. Wallach a? an office. Alto the front room in the second story and the third floor of the mime btuldine. Foi te-ms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, !*n. 3 Louisiana avenae. ja 13 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.? O Two splendid (niter of ROOMS, elegantly furnis*iedt wifl be rented daring the session of Concress, in the moat desirable locality in this oity, t>eiiK within oueor two square* of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of suoh Rooms will do well to make early application at No. 3T9 <th street, between D street and Pa. av. de 5-tf "carriage factories.^ 117 iUniMATHM PiDDIiCP tfiPTHDV nnuuii^u i vnnuinuri r i v i s ? D Stmt, Between 9tk and 10(4 Struts. We have just finished a number of first class CARRIAGES, such as Light Fancy. XWkO., Park Pheatms. Family Car-y^m: rUgrit, and Butftes, whion we will sell a'? "He? a ver- small profit. Hein* pract eal mechanic* in <liD>rent brnnchee of the bunnt*s, we flatter niir<>e!v that we know the Htylea And quality of work that will jriva aatia fvtiot, oomhimng lightness, comfort and dar&bili ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the ahorteat nctiee and moat reaaonabie oharree. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Cnachmakera, auoceaaora to Wm, T. Hook. ap 27-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Subeoriber having mad? adaitiona to hi factory, making it now on? of the larg^st^ ib the Distnot, where hia faaiUtiaa forwSS^Bnf manufacturing CARRIAGE A LIGHTS" Wf WAGONS >f all kind* cannot !>e arrpaaaed, ana from hia long experience in the bisinesa, he hepep vo gire general aati* faction. All kinda of Oar nag e? Light Wagena kept * tanl. Ali R KP AIRS neatly tfene,an4 all erdera prompt r attended to. SeoaBd-haad Canrlagaa taken in exchange for lr* >?M. ANDHKW J. JOYCE, I a- tf ?*m*r of ?4tb &ti4 k' vta Proposals for iron railing, cop LNG. Ac . FOR ENCLOSING CIRCLE. Off:cx of CoMMissionxx of Public Pcili?tngs.J August 18. IbtiJ. ( Sbalrd Proposals w II be receis-ed at this office up to 12 o'clock", m , 28th instant, for the following Work for tbo improvement of thj circle at the in "riectioa of Pennsylvania and New Hampshire avenue*: One thonaand feet, (1,000 feet > more or less, of Wrought-Iron Railings. (posts 6 f-et apart,) w th three sinf!* and one double fate; the seres and pnats t? he included in the priee psr tineal f.>ot. One th nsatid lineal feet,(I.OfW f*et,) inoreor 1 ???, of (Circular Granite Coping 9 t>j 16 inch"*. in piece* not lets than six feet Ion*. Also, one thojK^nd :iu??a! leer, (1,000 feet) of Buck Foundations, 1 foot 6 inches by 3 f?et deep, including excavation and removal cf earth. Plans for railing to be seen at this < ffiae The kid* f<ir KmIiuk, Coping and Foundation to R>r th? Cireie." or ^CopTnj.' or wP^'u'-ciatiorr^',as the case may be. j NO. B Bl AKK, ao 18 dUflthau Commssioner. Proposals for furnishing wood and coal. Department of thr.Intfhior I AngUfet 16, IMil. \ Seated Proposals will be r*oeived at this D? partm<Mit uutu 12, ?nr n, of Mot day, the 27th August 1360, for furnishing, for the ua-? of the Depart ment. (iu'iug the ensuing V\ inte.- and Spring, one hundred aad fifty tons cf th- />eet wh'teorgrey ash ami ?eventj-fi ve tonx or best red ash anthracite oral fir furnace use, to be f>ee f-oin impurities and delivered at theoonvrmeneeoftne ooutrautor before ihe 1st day of Novenr*r next. Proposals wil also be received until the same time r>f furni?hinir one hundred oords of hest dry. fo'id hickorv wood, a: d twenty cords be*t hikers' pine wood, f"'?r fee* in length, to be prompt!; de liveredia such qiMnt ti's and at such tim-s as it may lie ordered lor use, the Department to have the privilege pf ordering a creator or less quantity of wo .d. if wthf-r or t??>tii tmai. according n imm tu\! requirements of the puh'io ?*rv ce. The wo >d Mdeoa both U> he del Tired upon the fUrsin* on the ?a*t orjnorth front* of the FaUrt Office but'rt uu. ** na> be moat ooovement to the Department * A it. Kurenn.. aui7dlw T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. UK N?st Drawing of the Roys! Havana Lottery, conducted bj Uie Bpauish Uovernmeat, ur..1er tne *upervis:on of the Captain ttocera! of Cat*, will late piace at Havana on SATURDAY, AieriT 'A. tafe. SOKTEO NOMERO 641 ORDiNARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE flOO.MOO. 1 arise ef~ #100,000 Wprizeaot fl,?? I do WJX* w do 500 I do sn.onn 15S do ?or 1 do SO,ooo 30 appro*. ? ?,30f 1 do 10,000 IN ALL 888 PRIZES. WholeTiokets,?iiO?Halves, f 10?Quarter!, $$. Prizes oaahed at sight at ( per cent, discount. Bills on all solvent Dank* taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded m aoon aa the result become* known. All orders for wheniee or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, au 6-tr Care of Citv Poet. Charleston, s. C. OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Washington, August 16, ifcm Hkopo<al? will be received at this until io Af?iAiilr a** nn tha ^71K Haw nf August, fftr i;onatrcctinr th? unfiniahed portions of the conduit of the Washington Aqueduct. The work to be don* comprises al-out 5fio Cubic yards o' Rubble Masonry, and 3 000 Cubic yard* of emt<ann mailt. A'ao, f?r the completion of Tunnel No. I., b"inc about b7 lineal foet. containing 9* Cu'-ic yarda of rock excavation; all to oe completed and delivered up by the 1st day of November next Plan* and specifications may be imii at tins office. Proposal* will beaea'ed and endoraed "Proposa's for Conduit" or for "Tuunei" as the case mty be. H \V BENHAU.Oapt. of Humeri a* H-eoSt Ckicf Engineer W. A. SUGAR, COFFEE. TEA, Ac. 18 hhds PORTO IUCO SUGAR. 15 do CUBA SUGAR, SO hhl. RF.PINKI) sI'liARS. 50 Lags JAVA COFFEE, do MARACAIBO COFFEE, 25 do KIO COFFKE, 25 do ST. DOMINGO COFFEE. H) halfehNU GREEN txo BU'lKTEAS, 5 hoxea ADAMANTINE CANDLES. if do PRIME CHEESE, S? do STARCH. Now landing from steamer Monti cello timl packet actio ner Mott Bedell, and for n|i l-w by au 3 6teo SAMUEL BACON A CO. SEVENTH STREET. 486 A lH?autifal assortment of GOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and low priced GOOD", CIDL'DA . II no rilliv I'U DIi-"P. U m PAD 11 r / i iv UE7, i ni:i in, t i ^ i vw?vP 1 and TA!?SKL9, he., remnants of low pucid PAI PERS*. with a haml*om? stock of WINDOW ! SHADES, at greatly reduced prions. Orders IHY For PAPER^aNOiNGS and WINDOW SHADhS satisfactorily executed with skill and dispatch ia city or coeutry. Please give ma a call. Don't forget tlie number. JNO. MARKRITER, No 4S6 Seventh St., 8 d<or? al>ove an C eoftt* Odd Fllows' Hall. PILOTS' NOTICE.- To a i Captain* and ownersol Vessels, hound to tiie Dtatnct of Columbia, no'ice is hereb* given. thatZVV?1 Pilot* mav be found at ail tiiiMs at St*?'" George's Uland. al the uiouth of rt. Mur/s livar, and near Pmey P- int. and that it is not n c-si>arj to tak-< V ir^i 'iia Pilots from tti??.r l oata, wkcn the vesael i? bound to Georgetown or tt ? tungtou ci'y. aa Maryland Pilots cau be found ofat U-a?t equal skill and reliability. au ll-eoti2in* \f ag noli a hams : it I magnolia ham?!! We hare ju?t rwivM another tupp'.j of < * m \gnt)lia HAMS, whioh Ha?e given rooh im faction (or eaver*! mn p%?t. We tnarantce vary one to be of the fieat ana it*; KINO k. B RHBELL, jy Corner fifteenth at. nod Vermont av P?? NOTICK. r KRSON8 Deoliniuc hou?< keeptng or having a auralua of hoaeehoid fffeoU oan fiod ready sale by oaifinc at hit Furni?lun< Start;. 4*S 7tU alre*t, between 0 ana H atreeta. <?*at *><ie l|190i.VW MlORT.Tj NKW&TYLESOF RICH JSWBLRY -HOnortp hu jaat o??wd a lint* &**. he will 'Wet at wry iotw rat?? Therefore .fhofce that are via'ainc to aarry home antthir* in hta iifce aa pre?enta, will do wall to oall and examine hia took at 33? Pa.avenue. j*? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A rare chance 19 now offer kdt? any one who rear be deeirone of entermc m i a profitable buaiai ?, M one of the best autnda in Georgetown. A offer my entire atook of dry 6OOD8 on reasonable term*, in order to make a . ohance in mj buaineaa. W. r hurol.e. 1 jy 24 1m Corner of Huh aa<l G%y ate. Having determined to change my butinena. I'll oommeroe from thia date to a?ll for cuh xbt antirs atook of DRV and FANCY GOOD?. Having purchaaad o the most favorably term*, and heinc d??inm? of o'oticr out aa ?"*rly aa ?o?aihl?, all who may h? in wat>t of bargains will do wail to give me a oan. ( \V. R. HURDLE. ' jyX 1m Corner of Hi?h and Oa? ?t? i OFOR HARPKR'S PERRY. \ N A ad after Jul* Id, |MD, tt>? itrliMr L J. lirengle, CapUun W. U- Kilter, will Jl ' ^ leavo Georgetown EVERY TI'ES f f* DAY. THURSDAY,and 8ATUK DAY, At 7 o'clock ? iiu, anU return every aiteriiiU* ' day, at 6 o'clock a m. On tVc Saturday trip from Gwrjtetown the boat will run thronch to Shepherdstown. jo 81 3m P*RANDKLLk opticus, V No. \ J* Srxdf I St.. <J urt$t*Wlk, | Has constantly on hand a large assortmrtit ol J French Near-nthtori. Periscono. Col . ored, and ai. other SPECTACLES, or*^T*^2* ! the best qua.ity, in coid. silver. stee!,aii<l German " silver frame*. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and I new t. asses set m them to order. no lt-ly " JOS. F. H1RCH, UyOKH TAKER, P CW, Bridge and Jrferson its., ffer(tln?s. I Hfivinr riv#n mt nrraonft.1 Rttr?:itinn in fthia hrannh O of hit b??ine?*, 1 am prepared to a ? _ attend to tgl calls with pr- mptnem a Perr ons from a distance can bo J plied at a ' * minute*' I have a large aaeortinent of CoFKINS always on hand. Pa t.cuiar attention paid to t!ie removal of the d< ad froin the old to f?e new burial f roands. Heareex and H{?r??n for lure. at 10-tm ? ? mr I 1'klT O L'n L I tr i_? *k I kll J i r?i r\ r,Vvrii ? r.L?, IOU BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) J l?n do. I1FRRINO a.6 ALKWIVES, 25 tin. KKFINKD S1GARS, Nhhda. TORTO RICO SI ?iAKS, 6 bbls. (HajWHITK Fl-H, t 25 boxea prime KaetarnCHKKMK. ForaaleiowUy JOHN J. BOOUE, 1 jeft G'ortrtdwn, D. C. j\f AftSEY. COLLINS h. CO.'S FHILADKL- ? ItI PHI A DRAIUHT A LF,.?We are constantly reoemng freah supplies of the above delif htfnl bev- ? ?rare, and invite all persons who rant a pure an- a adulterated Ale. to fire it a trial. k ARMY it SHINN, A?enta, a f?l ST flrwwn at.. ttfnrteluviL ? ? n DENTISTRY. f D DENTAL NOTICE. p R. LOOMIS Has Hos?d his office for the sea- a son, and will be abaont, as uaual, durmr the turn nier mouths ; will r?suine practice about the 1st of October, of which further notice will be riven. jy io-tf _ ( D DENTISTRY. n R. HlLLtf, after a jpractica! test of nro rnri, d fee's that be can with conference reoorn mend the C)ieopia?tic Process (orinaertir.cgfcflBM * teeth It ha* tire advaa.tai.eB of**" ' ? strentth. beauty.olea&iiaess,aiid oiieap:ie?s. Full upper Bete nFcnftl for #3fc. Pa tial in proportion. 5? ifmo* SOS I'a. nveno*. e*7 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I Boots asd shoes to slit the times. We are now manufaoMi'inc all kinds of HOOTS? aaU SHOES. and constant! v reotivm* M:pp ? nf (>ai> t>in rnn<l-? wn'k o' evert ne vHJ enptvi", made expressly to order, and willy Hi } be cold at a much iower sncathan ha* keen* heretofore charged in this city for much inferior articles. Person* in want of Roots and Shoes of eastern 01 f city inade work, will always find a food a?sor',i&*n in store and at die lowest V HHo '," _Bf?-r aia renasylraiiia avenue. r CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRPNK8 r arrived this day, embracing all quni-agrwTWK * ti?? ana sizes of So!c Leather, Ladinr'^MvM Dross and Paokin* Trunks. Onr trunk*"' 'u sal?s room exhibits at this time the creatrst variety nf travel^ requisites at moderate prices, to l>? Ivund this tulAof New Vork. Aiso. ?twj deecnp tiou of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CKS, CARPET RAG"*. SATCHEL*. *c. s 117"Old Trunks repaired or t^ken in exchange J. for uew ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sales Room, m>r Sl-tf ?aa Ki. tvnue. ^ SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, n 4*9 ttq Sikbkt, * Orrotite Odd Ffllinrt' H<iU. Wi-ktntton, D. C. * Travelers wiii tod* their interests b> examiBtn ! my TRUNKS. VAI.JOfch Ac , before pur ? chamr.g ele-swore As I use none bat i, best material the market afford* and "tnplo*^"1**' i the be?r workmen, 1 can confident!* recommend my work to be superior in Strent. K *ud IHtr ability to Trunks that are niadi in other cities and sold here. , I keep constant y on hand, and make t<> order <<>n one week's notice! every description of SOLE , LEATHER, IRON FR AM K FR ENCH PR ESS 1' m4 WOOD JiO I TRl'NKS: AS HI Ay I> and u ciker V ALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HaR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *c., ft. Trunks, ft o.. Repaint and Covered, in a work d> manlike mann?r, at short noiioe. tl Trunks d?livored in any part of the oity, George rr town, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY U SEWliVu MACHINES. si de 15-1t JAMES S. TOI'HAM. rsi PRdi'i.iy iTin\ 1m wvviMsw?ta?vti y O THE ( CITIZENS OP v WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ftc. Whereat, ? At the preaent ar&aou of the yer r p CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, ? CHOLIC, * DYSENTERY. I DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. A o., io.. J prevail tn an alarming ex tent: n And where**, ... "a It moat t>e of the F'RST CON8EQLENCE jt to every family to know "f A REMEDY Kl UDDC opfuy, una c.p'aricm?, DR. MOIVTAKDE, P or Paiii, f offer? his ,l MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the mo?t L CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL ? REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS Jj In order to aatiify 11 THE PUBLIC ? that no imposition it intended in the a&le of tliia Great Medicine, THE MONEY Wlf.L BE REFUNDED r in mil cases . when the medicine tail* to give entire eatufaction. ^ A?k, then st any Drag Store for ? D? MONTARDE'S " MIR *CU UillS PAIN KILLER, . take ae direoted, and if not perfectly asuafied, Return tooui Ageut. 1). B. CI'ARK. ESQ., 4*k Street ??4 PenneyIvaui? Avenue, who will refuud jour money. Prioe?8ft ud 00 Cects per Bottle. J For Mile at all Drug Store* everywhere. jAS. MCDONNELL* ? General Agent, > |t 11-eotr Baltimore. ISATIO?fAsbAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Until Stiiit, flcMu/i Rr\dtt mnd Water itrMll. Ueortttevm, U. C. t A stock.of CANDLBS, Brown, Ftmil;, Cast11* and Fancy SOAPS, Also, j TALLOW aad ORKASK for Locomotive, St?a?n?<uats, and all kinds of maclu-.ery, always on hand, ..... < and lor sale at prioes _ _ to suit the trad* 1 C. B. JbWLLL, Proprietor. ty 10 aotf I We AS FIXTURES. F. Havs in stor?, and are <Jai. jr reocivinj, OA S J PJXT URBS of entirely New Patterns and l>??tfns , and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens senerel It to call and examine our ?tock of Gas an a Water Fixtures,/eelinf ennfkNil that we have tbe best selected stock tn Washington. All Work in the al-ove line intrusted t" our ear* will be promptly attended to. I ' MYKR8 k. MeGHAN. mar 5-tf 37* D street. 275 ALkEN 275 ! JACKSON, PLASTKKSHS, puna. avbsck, ^ { . Between 10th and lUh streeta. )e It | HOOP SKIRTS. ? I 11 Hwr PMBia. , Juit r^?irnl this morning, a }*'*? >*>ir <i J it I direct from tha manufacturer*, of lhi> irai ??. I in I .a lie*. Miuo*. and rhiWr*n? all a. ?J#ij d I prio?K. J. W. COLLKN # CO. I ftu 14 6t $#3 7th ?t. above P? av#. * THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia axo*U?nt Paiaily ud Nowa Jwrnl i ?tailing a fr?atar vanoty of intoroatiac than oar. bo fo?a4 in ut othor? la pafeliafcod om Saturday moraiag. Taiiti?C+tk, MNfMtl), u adr?? 8ia( I* oojy, mt asnvn ? Htt *nyiM ? an Ten ooriM . ? | w Twecij ooptea? U OP By aot?oribin< la olah* raiaod aaa->M aoiffcborf vih'ii m? inwrtraii-'i m trm" mml, aa Will t* p*roairad ? p+r omL of Tkt ITmWv Himr will too S^ad, It uirariaOiy oodUiqi tna - AukinftN (n that hu made T%* Emtat Star oiroa.a;a ao gaaerally throveboat tk? ooaotry. (nrSiagiaaoBiaatia wrappers oax ba proaarad at tl>a oonat*r. lnin ct%te j afW tita ihh of papor. Pnw-THREK CENTS Poatmaalari wbo act aa acaata will ba lowyd ?oomiBi?noa of *> canta. SUMMER BESOBTS. CAKLIILE Tim favortta raaort fur wmli. nn *<S~??RS IPKIKM, Air. Ia*lfora?l'MBERLA!in CO . Vv? 1 Wuk?dT,.?, /aaanilraaia. <ioo?l Hoaiat j aad a OW AcroHMoaaTioaa roa *p*r' ^rticlan aand 300. 'or Circa iar. OWEN r?_, CI ENPJiN ia,nms luw. I IN * VIWCHKR, i? 7 IW I tImrlisU Swnmgi. P?. CARD.?A* an mdao?m?utfor fami ir-a to sojourn ?t tn? " H YO KlA"4oring th? m -Mh?A . . A f Aitfiist ?>k1 ih? Propria VfafeV or? h*re roduc**i Uio prioe of Board to W1 lt^U *r u?) ana fU *> per tw L i-un August IaL I r? OH Pou.t, JuUMtk. Jyr ti ivahhikgton If CITY OAIUKN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Projntor. Ifett Ytrk cvcnm, betwm ui mmd M $U. InatlHnc th* tttontio i ofth* public to n y groaixl* woild iUK tUt v^rr ?rru(M*iit h*? I . . A ?*n ciAde to nuU* U?i? 'Retreat" n><>r< .KrMDvctttrf day. Mood*} the bar XLlflLL ena are op?n to the public Iree of cti?.rf ?? ?ouo-rt bf a select hand. ThoMdMiriti toeejoy tbe lanoe and waits wi I find the aa'.oon in ooinpete >rder to render plea*u'e to all. On otb?-r days the roprietor will ebeerfally rraat th? use of the ra?i <liforioteolor other Pie Nie Paitiee witbat charge. t-'or the amuaement o'ohi d'er be baa lr.f ^ uca4 , number of little tamea, never before eeen ia tbta itv. and calcB.ated at IM aame Uiue to am see tbe 'old folka." N. H.?Attached ia my Hott!in? EataWiabm-at, knd lami.Kt oau beaupplied witb any quanUtr at heir reaiaenoe. of that healthful drib*. LA or II >KKR, upon abort notice. Je mm analog tan rktrkat, [? OR AiiioiTt1) Opposite and R'u4iiiiIm Tbe rahaoribera having leaeed for a 'em of yeara i... .-j - - ? imi imauim mi nrniSIHH! ??oi. Of*"1! a | a t for tne uoemmodtUoo of the ublie onIrM V h? 3l>t d?T of May, lifln. For beanty oltfjm oeoery, flelubifol promertadee, tnhiag. Ao. iwidee in tuporior water. it n n?ry?ii>1 m the Jaton. The dnut ia large and oomttodioaa, btrini been mtirely rer.ovated It liui larce Dan?;; t Palooa itaohM to the h<>aa*. bet dea iJtnint and Pmiim loom* for both la*Ji a 'J geii'ieiD'n In addition pier did Arbora i(?tac ed from th-? build in* a. Partita, FamiliM ud lnd.vniiiai* will Sad it a Boat deai able dim t? paw the auitry day? of aoai ner. aa every attention will be ftiaranUed by tho >r?*ri?tore. TM tncteet ?o'ioe a ranfemeota M l be enforoed, asd p<>IiU ai dieoaaaie^a will be rohibited The Larder will be found to oontain all the doll aciea ofthe aeaaon at all timea. The Par ?ili be fu-niab?d with the ofcoiwet .lquori and ^ in^a and the fin'at Sejar?. Hveietlea, Pundar Schoola. Clube and Military 3untaniee will find thia the moat deairabie raaort ear tie metropolis for apendinf a p eaaant and or ?fly da?. {iy Children anaoeooiaanied by their paraataar uarrfian*, will ha excluded from the groaada. <ii"iwni and dogt prohibited. i^T*.**<? will Wave the ?oot of High atraet. l-?orget<>trn. and G afreet, Washington. hoariy, rom 8 o o.otlc a. m. ti I 12 p. m .daily. Peraor p'eferr in* a peasant vt k oan reach .tha and ?ia the Aqueduet Waao icit the aubho to judge fur thennel ve?, ud ? ! a?? ol riving ea^ia'a^tio* ir ? rntf JACOB W. POWRR? A CO. WOOD AND COAL. iV o O D IT AND COAL Delivered to all part* M ti?e cu>, at the lowest oaaible rat**. T JAW. M. GALT. nmrr tun n. ,_.i - ? - --T ' . ma 1 fti north eUa. rHE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an exteuaive jtock of FUEL, la prepared to all at a rery low figure for oaah. WooD Sawed and Saltt any aisa. Qall and aae for yourself. Woofaa^CMU Deafcr, mait d. b. oorier 01 ruurtamu tM v Kh S EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION. At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. Htk-Wth. Th* UNITED STATE* AGRICULTURAL OCIF.TY will hold it* Eichth Aniutl Atrieultu ill and l> duMria Exhibition on th* cround* liMr11) provided by th? citix-n* of Cincinnati, whiok re to be fitted up in the beat etvle. Thernwil! b? latla ?nd Tent* for th* diultr of J^PLKI EN TS, Mil' III NfcR V. TOO I ,P, llOM ESTIC lAM'FACTURKS, FARM ANb GARDEN RODl E, FRUITS*, FLOWERS. and NA 'IVE W INliS; with Italia and P* .? for IORSES. CATTf. , SHEEP, nn<f PWINE. nd an uncqnal ?d T ^. te.otie mil* in lenrth and :?rt? feet in width, for th? eihibition m HornM. "he Premiums offered?11 aa?h,?rold, silver. MM roaio medals,?di,loma? and oertiboatec, amouat 920,000. The Exhibition will remain ooen Irom Wsdnas av.ine izih, to Thursday, the ?*n, oi r?epten4>er, ?u* giving time to examine and teat the nnple I*at* a .1 machinery. po' p mi im lieta or information apply at tha ftice ot the Society, No. 3it> Pk avenue, (up aire ;) or to the *ul>*cr.t>er. at Cincinnati, Ohio. BEN. PERLEY POWRK, jf M tf Sao'r II. S. Agricultural Society. )FFJCii OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GA* METERS. Wmiiwroi, Jilf 18,1W. yOTlCE IS HEREBY GIf EN. That, agree (? y to ihe proviaionc of tbe otdiuanoe f the Cororati' n a.ppro"ed May it. H*\IM underaignad ia >w prepared,"whoever require* m writiag. and n pre ptij merit of the fee of hfty oeita, to inapaet. kamin . prove, and ascertain the aoenracy of 'giatratmn <?f any ?aa in*-ter in n?e in taia city." I very ;n*tcr, if lot nd inoorreot. will be oo?d earned, rd another, aealed and roatk'd a? trae, wi be Ft in i*t p aoe. If proved to be aoourate tn I'a ie**ur*ment of gae, it will beaded acoordingly, rv1 ar&in put in poarioa (or nae. Offioc No MO Seventh street. (near 04d Fat>W?* Uali ) < 'pen from 8 a. m . to 5 n ia. CHAKuES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jt 18 tf Inapeetor and Sealer of tfaa Metara. hT INo. MS 1 NOTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE .AND OFFICE FROM HIUSON TO FALll IF hT OROIX, IN TBE STATE OF WIS f*sin. In accordance with the proviaiona of the aet of tangreaa er.titled "an a-t authorizing char.tea in he location of land o?oea," approved March 3d, I6t, it ia hereby d?c'ae<i aad made knowa that tha i?' the aale of public laada at Hcmor, ia tha >tmt* of Wiaconain. will be runuvwl to FtLU or T Cm<HX. IB Mid ftut J, ?l m* ?rlf ptrwd a? roc tit able, P :ther aotioe fta to the preeiBa bate of oVwini h* < Uioa at Rintion. fr?nmt?iTf to rwntl tidof ittoeemng tor t>ii?ine?e at PaM? of Sr. Cao x. nil ha (i von by the Re?i tar mmd Kaoalvaf fa* the ina dikinot. (j i v?d under nr. y haad, at the CUr of WM^Uftoc. hie thirtieth day of Jan*. A D., 1MU. By ordar of Uie P rend rat: JOf*. 8. Wlf CON, CommiMOMT of the Generai Lud Otw. jyllaaKw Enamelled SLATE MANTELS, Dirtel ft mm the Theae ftr* moat braatifui atylee of MuM*. ?bClled ir imitation of auoh rare mutuae aa Mia ninh, Ec) ian, J*; .tin* V erde Aatiii ue. PorahtB-ocat' !!< , and others -anally o?-!aliratad. Tha mtt%tion? are ro aa to enaiiaaf e tha e ? ?< ?t lerutiay. Inen.eaaceofSiue'-tfcey ataad aantr^liad mdae ni*nif poaawv irmi in?-w rruwR MTir wiuK and freahnaa* loiter than th? aommoti parilea. while the* are H'kl much cheaper. Thai ha va k> n u?<xi in thla country lor the lwt tfa.aad U I'irope for mora than fifty yaarv.and have firau lutire ?eu?faction. F e*.e ga.. and examine at W. H HARROVKR 4, Ktova and Tia Store. of po Patriotic BaU, jy 3b 2w t duon nortli rf linaiwaiia amaa JELLING OPF! HELLING OFT* S GREAT BARGAINS IN DRY goods. We oiminaata to da* mI'iu of oar entire atoefc <f SPRING AND SUM J>RE*? QOOI?S, B a*k Laca Shawla. and Martitlaa, la fact a { Pan-* Dreaa at crealty radooad Prtoee, many at t aa than ooet of importation la order to radaaa oar i#arje Stock. iliO In Store a fall aaaortrreat of ftrat elaaa Stasia Boin^etic Good*. for taneral family anraoeea. ail it the 1 iweet Market P'ltaa. J. W UULLKT * CO. * 4 ?t ?-il nk iu itowh. XTEW8ILK MJTNTT K? 1^1 AND HOOPK|>?0?T?. W# have r-wi hv >?wl| ?fn?> Vea^p/oSr^- 1# 4mw ofth* fall at?l? of WOVRN Mn*T? ..f aapor?? ultty. I^dtn in Tutorur of tke ?N??? ?o?da M,;y ' * ra-fcas P?K. lStSS..K^JSi it* * f*? w. G. *KT%e*OTT. T?hrkk BBArrirvi. rp*??mr o? oot" I TaGE HANOH Tor rer? ky tlM ?wt month. JOH^F KLI I*. Ctuekcruc 4 bou' Pimm m ail ynMa. b?

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