Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. !ii7"Tb0ii!Th Th* Sta* la printed on the fastest *p >m preaa In use aouth ?f Baltimore, ita edition 1? ao Inrge aa to require It to be pat to pre* at an early hour; Advert aementa, therefore, ahould be aent In before 1*2 o'clock m ; otberwlae they may not appear until the next day. Notic* ro Washixstosiaxs.?Thoae of our fellow-clti7ena leaving for the watering placet and elsewhere should bear in mind that we do not mail Thk Sta* except after payment in advance at the rate of 3?X cents per month. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted in tbe|>l II? are received at and forwarded from Thk Star Office. Thi VIikidiar Hill Cam ?This case comes up to-dav. npon tbe premise*, before Justice* Donn. Glberaon. and a grand inquest Aa tbe ? sse has been frequently spoken or and noticed In our city journal*, we give tbe following statement of how it stands at tbe present Tbe claimant i. M. !>-* " ? ?? ? J* " .... . mil, ui rw ?orx. ihe last purchaser. Mr Pettlt bought of Mr. Rturgis; Mr. Sturpis bongbt of Mr Thompson: and Mr. Thompson bought of Mr. Co*; but Mr. Thompson never bad a deed of tb* property. The present occupant, Mr Quinter. it &eems was the tenant when Pettlt purchased, and was tamed over as a tenant to the present claimant, acknowledging Pet it as bis landlord by renting from bis agent. Mr Messmore, at per annum The tenant sub-let a portion of the estate t* Messrs. Alexander and Weldon. for WW) per annum. The rent due upon the place from Quinter has not been paid annually, except the taxes. Mr. Messmore. Pettlt's ageni, arrived In Washington recently, and took out a writ of distrain. Tne property of Quinter was levied upon, as slso that of the sub tenant, who had rented the hill for a refectory and saloon?the Arm replevined, Quinter entered into a written agreement to deliver the property to the agent of Pettit. The agent then gave all the property levied upon to Mrs. Quinter, the wife of the tenant, and rented a bouse for them to occupy until they could make arrangements for some other business. The agent ??>nt furniture cars to remove th*lr f irniture, and then Quinter, it is said, refused to vacate, notwithstanding an alleged written agreement to do so. From this the forcible detainer before mentioned In the Star, was begun. Mr. Stone appearing for Alexander and Weldon, and Mr. Laskey for Quinter, before Justices Giberson and Donn. The case was partially proceeded with, and postponed till the next day In the meantime a consultation was had with the counsel, and It was I agreea u> give tbe tenant the benefit of ^grand Inquest, for which purpose the time was ?et for 11 o'clock to-day. This Jocbmymks Bakkb*.?Tbe journeymen bakers of the city of Washington held a pic-nlc at Loettler's City Garden yesterday afternoon, and previous to going there marched through the principal streets, preceded by Eiputa'a new band, | who wore their handsome n'w uniforms, which looked exceedingly well. The associated bakers wore light shirts trimmed with blue, and black ^uamu urai wane aprons, winch gave them something of the appearance of a society of Free Masons. Behind tue procession two colored men led two white horses, harness* d to a light wagon, in which was an Immense loaf of bread, decorated with petite flags and wreaths of flowers, which attracted universal attention and wonder. The loaf was at least six feet in length, and of proportionate circumference, and excited great speculatton aa to the manner in which it was baked. The afternoon proved unfavorable for the bakeTS on account 01 the rain, which began to fall shortly after thev paraded, and continued through the night, but they doubtless managed to nave a lively time beneath the ample shelter of Loefller'a as] eons. Ska are much pleased to hear, from recent visitors, that the eld and favorite watering place, Plney Point, la still under the direction of .Mrs, Dlx,whose kind attentions lieen experienced bv all visiting the place. It i> only requisite to add, that time has not only added to the beauty of this charming location by the growth and extension of foliage and shade, but the oysters, planted in the lagoon extending on the north of the premises and attached thereto, Lave increased and fattened, and now afford an abundant supply, freah from the water each mornlug and evening Those who remember the planting of theaeoyater beds should go and realize what planted oyster* are susceptible of becoming I f well-provided fish and fowl, elegantly prepared, can be obtained on the Potomac. Mrs. Dlx will serve tier guests to their entire satisfaction Cool and airy rooms, clean linen, a fine sandy beach, with both houses for bathing, for the ladies, and accessible fishing for sport, are among the objects which recommend Plney Point to the aeekera of pleasure and health. Thb Gabibaldi Festival, held at the Park, Seventh street, on Monday last, was very numerously attended by those of our citizens who sympathize with the cause of Garibaldi and hla followers in Italy. The different German and Italian associations assembled en wiasst. with annronrl*tj? banner*, and marched through the stree's. preceded by bands of music, to the place of rendezvous. where an Immense multitude had assembled to participate In the ftstivlties of the occasion. i*pe?ches were made, national hymns sunt; by the societies, national airs played by the band*, and the whole afiVtir passed of]' in the most delightful manner, and a considerable fund was realiled. which will be transmitted without delay to the "lireat Liberator," In whose behalf the festival was evoked At a late hour the party returned to tbeir homes, well pleased with ttie occurrences of the day. A Niw C?r*cH. amd Festival.?A mo?t interj es'iug day Is anticipated, on Thursday nut, a_ the lay ins; of the corner stone of the new Presby" terian Church at Ileltavllle, Prince George' county. IVid Several distinguished ministers are expected to be pr< sent, to take part in the exercises? whom we learn Is the celebrated orator and divine, Rev. Win. Finney, of Harford county, Md , who will officiate in the ceremoiies of laying the corner atone, and will deliver an address on the occasion During the day a fes'ival will be held, for which ample arrangements are being made Music, sp^cr-.hes and other social entertal nmenls will be indulged; and altogether the cause and the occasion will be such as to draw a large concourse of the friends of this enterprise to Beltsville, on Thursday next. The 5KW bcildisg in progress at the southwest 4 r- ?a ? t?ii -? * ? comer vj ruur-iiuu-?-uan sirt'ti ana fennsylvania avenue. under the auspice* of the American Colonization Society, is an improvement of great sine to the neighborhood, In view of the rapid growth in population and Importance of the Federal Metropolis. The *lrst story above the baaeinent is of iron, very heavily and llrmly constructed, and well calculated to support the walls of the upper stories, which are of handsome Nova Scotia stone, cut in a pretty design. The exterior design of the strrcturs is highly creditable to the architect, who, in designing it. had to deal with an unfortunately shaped site for architectural effects This improvement Involves an estimated coat of SM) 000 Accident ox thr Okasgb axd Adexandbia Railroad ?The train on the Orange and Alex audria railroad, which left Lynchburg on Monday evening, was thrown from tbe track about 11 o'clock at night, when about fifteen miles from Charlottesville, and did not reach Alexandria until yesterday afternoon, instead of 4 o'clock a in , as usual As the train neared one of tbe stations above Charlottesville, the engine, tender and baggage car ran over a large oullock, and were driven some distance from the track, tearing tbe Mtimal in pieces. Tbe passenger cars did not IdTe the track, and an express waa at once aent off for auotber engine, tender and baggage car. \V? Lms that strenuous efforts are being mcdf by parties Interested In Ludim A Bargy, lately convict*d of obtaining money undrr false pretenses front Benjamin Chambers, and who now lies in jill awaiting the action of the Circuit t'otirt upon the exceptions taken by his counsel at bis trial before the Criminal Court, with a view to bis unconditional pardon by tbe Executive of the United States. A number of persons of standing and Influence are prominent in tbe mov?- I Meat. Potic* ?Btfurt Justiet Clark ?8n?an Black waa requested to appear, in conaequenoe of her being suspected of Laving made uae of words not allowable in polite society, iu the public street An investigation of tbe matter fully juatifled the auapiclon previously entertained, and was mulcted in 19 for tbe benefit of tbe Corporation, (jearge Johnaon and Balle Mathews were aceuaed of carelessly throwing atones, to tbe hazard of rooufuoui wmui'w kim. t btjr ?vi eacn diim fl Set, after which the dlrau closed. Tub Cnbhafbakb akd Ohio Canal.?We learn that the direr ton. at their late meeting at Berkeley Springe, issued as order stopping a team boa is from navigating the canal, on acconnt of the Inluriea it 1b alleged tbey do the banks. Ttejr also reduced the tolls on wheat. #kb motic* of Vandemark't portable fence, In another column, wbieh we have before commended. We apeak from experience of this fence, and cueerfally advlae all to get toe right and do likewise Ceitbal GoakdhocskCases ?Chas Anderson, drunk ami disorderly; lae and c?eta,tO II. J no Uolaa, breaking a house: do.HU. Cbas Baldwin, dronk and disorderly; dlanilsaed Ale* Adams, do ; hne and coats, *U 15. Thi Zocavb Clpb aaaounre * prize plc-nlc at Arlington Spring*, on Tuesday, September 4tb K?p a lookout for particulars lit a future* advertlseuteut. Sam advietiisjcbnt, is aaotber cojama, of a pair of b?rM far nk. 84 * i . a : " ' ? ? P>sss5TA.Tion to a. Masonic Lodqi ? Wewere present a short time ago, says tbe Washington correspondent of the Alexandria Sentinel, upon the occasion of the presentation ts Washington Naval Lodge, No 4, of a very handsome and appropriate article of Masonic furniture. It was designed and made by a most worthy and excellent member of tbe order, William Boyd, esq., master workman In the pattern shop, at tbe Navy Yard, (. *L<- - " a uiiBciir, ana presented to ttie Lodge. It is a candlestick or candalebra, Intended to support the three leaser lights The base is constructed of three sqnare frames of red cedar?their dimensions fl, 11. and 12# Inches; so arranged as to form the 4?th problem of Euclid. The smallest square on the right angle pointing South is Inlaid with white Lolly and black walnut representing X.=, II A larger square pointing to the WesF, panelled with oak, In which Is Inserted the letter G. The largest square, raised on the hypothenuse extending East, contains the Master's capet, bordered with variegated wood, In the centre a star. On this basr is set an irregular triangle of Carolina pine, representing a square plumb and level; the shortest side of the eight ancle restinjr on ttie ban?, the longest tide against the SouthTthe hypothenuse Northward On 1U apex it poised a globe of red cedar, upon which are delineated ttn- zodiacal signs and the various constellation* as they appeared in April last. Beneath the globe are three scrolls, forming a triangle, to bear the lights, carved with pomegranate and lily work. On the points of these arms or Scrolls are the candle-sockets, the Eest one representing an KtLiopian lily, the West a heliotrope, the South a Doming glory. Between the celestial globe and the light on the South irm is a figure of the sun in its meridian splendor; on the Western arm is a representation of the moon In her silvery radiance: against the hypothenuse, of the North side, Is the representation of the great lights resting on two parallel lines outside of a cirri* in th? I center of that circle a point in harmony with tbe 1 tun and moon. Beneath the celestial is placed the terrestial globe, made of different kinds of wood, to as to have the appearance of a map,with Unea of longitude and latitude, he. Thk Population or Alixandria.?Official Census Rtturns ?The Gazette of thia morning uvt:?Dr. D. M. French, United States Assistant Marshal, has completed, revised, and returned to the Census Bureau a statement of the population of Alexandria city and connty, which shows a larger aggregate population than the unreYlaed statement published In tbe Gazette a few days lince UnHpp th* ?-* - A * * .uv uwuiai irtuia u rrponta to the I Department, the population of the city aggregate* U,2ltt?and that of tb? county 1,367, making a total of 14.57?. The following li the aggregate of each clan of the population aa returned by the cenaua of 1850 and 1SG0: Alexandria City 1850. 1860 White* ,...6.440 e.032 Free negroes I,3ti8 1,248 Slavei 1,067 1,086 Total 9,795 11.206 Alexandria County 1850. 15)60. Whtto 705 962 Free nevroea "" c "" Slave? ill 358 Total 1,321 1.367 It will be seen by tbla table, teat whllat the increaae In the population of the city aince the last renana has been about 30 per cent on Ita previous population, the Increase In the county hna been only about 12 per cent. In the city, the Increase of tn? white population has been 2,61$; whilst the free negroea have decreased Sti, and the alaves 41. In the county the white population has increased 167, the free negroea 41, and the alavea 37?thus ahowing that while the white population of citv and county has rapidly lncreaaed. the number of negroes haa diminished. We aubjoin for reference and preaervation a corrected table of the populations or tbiscity, under ear b census since tbe adoption of the present constitution of the United Statts: Year Population. Incrtast. 1790 2,7-16 1*00 4,971 2 ,225 1810 7.227 2,256 1820 8.218 991 1SW 8,263 25 1&10 8,549 196 1850 8.795 I860 11,206 2,511 Tub Washihoto* Robbkkt Case?A female named l.ehna Duttner was arrrsted yesterday by Detective A . L Kerse suspected of being concerned with Peter Strobel In the robbery of Air. Michael Frelderberg. of Washington city, the particulars of which were stated in our edition of .Monday She la well known as a companion of Strobe I a. living with him In Washington, wblch city she left on Sunday morning On her arrival in this city, she proceeded to a house on iMarion street, near I'aca. where the officers arrested her. She was allowed to converse with Strobel, who was confined in the lock-up at the Middle District statiou. She Informed the officer that Strobell had intimated bis intention of committing suicide; in what manner be did not inform her. He was immediately handcuffed to prevent the attempt Officer Keese yesterday received the necessary requisition from the President for the delivery of Strobel. who. with hi* quondam wife, w ll Ik- taken to Washington city by the early train of this morning. The amount of moneytaken by Strobel la about ?l,OUO. He had been employed by Freiderberg, who, aa previously stattd,' ia largely engaged in the bakery business, and while the latter was absent at the market on Saturday morning, Strobel entered the office and seized tiiemoney, which being Infold and diver, had been left in a cigar box. Strobel emptied the coin la l>oth coat pockets and Immediately came on in the cirs to this c.lty. The officers had not succeeded in finding the remainder of the money. Baltimore American. Thi Smithsonian.?A very great number of strangers have visited the Smithsonian Museum this summer In addition to the many curlos'.tles arriving at the Smithsonian. the aquariums now exhibit subjects of considerable curiosity. The large aquarium at the south door of the Museum contains a young alligator, sent herefrom Georgia; a very fine specimen, now about four feet long, and very healthy. He is visited by numbers of visitors daily, and 1s a great curiosity to persons who have never seen any of his tribe. He is fed regularly, and,may possibly live to attain his full size He has an astonishing appetite for toads, grasshoppers. 4c., and his meals afford diversion lor his keepers and those who mav b? nwni In the small aquarium In tbe east wing of the Museum are two living specimens of an animal known us the conger, brought from tbe marshes of Georgia They are curiosities in thia latituds, aid attract much attention. They have the appearance of the common eel, with tbe exception < f two legs and feet similar to those of the lizard The name by which they are called at the Institution is cyrin, or cyrene. The Rain.?Yesterday afternoon our citizens were anticipating a refreshing shower that would coot tbe atmosphere and give opportunity for sweet and invigorating sleep at night. Light showers fell at Intervals during the day; but shower was reserved till nigbt,when, about eight 'clock, the rain descended In torrents, accompanied by heavy thunder and vivid lightning,which continued without cessation about half an hour? oversowing tbe gutters, choking the sewer traps with rubbish, and at various points covering the footwalks with mud and sand Th? aioners of Improvements were at work early tbia morning, with workmen, removing obstruction* from tbe footways, gotten and aewer traps,which were deposited by tbe torrent falling from tbe northern ridge into tbe sewer mouths on PennaylYanla avenue. Tbe rala extended a considerable diatance into tbe aurroundlng country, and will leave the groves in a very unfavorable condition for tbe pic-nic and pleasure parties intending to visit them to-day. Salb or Fbke Nbobobs in Albxandkia ?The Gazette says: uOn Saturday last, Wesley Avsry. collector for (he First and Fourth Wards, exposed for sale, in front of the Mayor's Office, 'the service and labor' of tbirty-four free nevroeawbo have not paid tbelr city taxes. Tbe blading was not spirited, but all the neeroM w?r? ?nM - rale of ten cents per day for period* varying from five to thirty-three daya, and realized aome aixty dollar*. The sale waa made under the following provision of the city law*: 'That any free negro falling to pay hia or her corporation taxes, or levies. for any year or yeara, and not'havlng visible property out or which they can be made by distress, shall, by order of the Mayor, be hired out by the Collector of the Corporation, of the district la which *uch free negro may reside, for such time as will sufflce, at not ltsa than ten cents a day, to raiae the aald taxes and levies, with a com- I rai**iou to the officer of Ave per cent > The negroes were not preaent at the aale, and tbe new owners must 'catch' their property before making use of it " Octbaosou*?Shooting imto a Tkaih or Caa* ?We are Informed that on yesterday morning, abont 3 o'clock, as the passenger train upon the Virgin a Ceutral Railroad waa nearlng Forest L>?pot, a pistol was tired from the roadside into tbe train, tbe ball of which came very near striking tbe baggage master of the train A few momenta afterward, a stone weighing about nine pounds was thrown through one of the wfndews of the passenger cars, and passed very near a geniteieaa from thia city, who was traveling on tbe trala.?AUxamirta Gaxetf.'ilst. Thb Prmir Schools.?The board of trustees of the public schools, at their meeting yesterday afternoon, reappointed all the teacbers of the last yeir in the several district*. Miss Kate Sanderson was promoted to the principal charge of No. 6, Id the third district, in the place of Mrs. Freeman, deceased, sod the sub-assistant, Miss Mary Ana Hill to the Tscaacy la primary No. 1, same district, vice Miss Sanderson, promoted. A coaacsroaDSiiT requests as to appeal to all persons not to throw ineioa rinds and such subst inces on the sidewalks, as several serious accidents recently occurred from sucb catnap. . _ * Th* j)itTKicr MitiTA?T.?Mr. Iditor: I presume your friend " Military Mmn" and " I-over of the Military" are one and' tb? same individual. and therefore this reply will suit the two characters. My first communication was simply In defense of the 41 poor apology for military/' questioning the military capacity of your correspondent to set himself up to judge in such matters, and in judging not to notice what was commendable in other corps ?f this city apart from one corps. My other object was to relieve toe Infantry of the groundless charge of il'.-feeling towards the Nationals; but as your correspondent appears so very rapid la jumping at conclusions, without cartfally scanning his ground for his information, 1 will again reply to him, and in doing so will leave our Washington military and take op the broader and more important field of the 4< supremacy" of wtll trained armies and our achievements,over which your correspondent becomes glorious, indulging In such strains as the following u When was that battle fought on land and sea In which the Americans did not show their surrtmnty ' Have not our armies tvtr been victorious'" ice ; and be concludes that 44 Another Military Man" has not read our history, or he is a sore-headed "Hingli.K ?, ' 6 nouuiUll I U.C. A? the greater part of bis communication la filled with this subject, we will open the lids of our history with a view of pointing out the continuous erroneous conclusion of your correspondent. He write* prettily, and we will tee whether there is the same absence of substance as unfortunately has marked bis other communications. Now we come to the " supremacy" of European armies over our own forces, (we use the term forces, as in time of war we necessarily employ volunteer and militia troops in addition to our small Army.) The Mexican war will not figure, as there were no European troops to fieht in it, and we take up the war of the Revolution, through which our sires fought under the most discouraging and adverse circumstances. Now, we lost in lb s war with the well-trained and disciplined troops of Britain?1. Bunker Hill; 2. Quebec; 3. Long Isl um, i. run >i Moinuion; ,*>. K randy wine; 6. firrmantown; 7. Charleston; 8. Camden. Now bow these battles were lost any American can satisfy himself by looking at our history. 1 am simply answering the assertions of your correspondent ns marked above. We will now take the war of lbl'2 with these same troops of Britain?1. Detroit; it. Ciueenitown Heights; 3 Frencbtown; 4. Burligton Bay; 5. Bladensburg. Certainly we hava lost some battles, your correspondent's assertion to the contrary notwithstanding. Now, for these defeats what constitutes our Army, our volunteers, our militia, the discredit is common, and in our victories the glory is common Your correspondent did not possibly comprehend the Idea of "Another Military .nan" In speaking of tvelltraintd, disciplintd troops, and connecting that with the "supremacy." There innni?Hiff<r?n? in numbers when we* give the French army 4l!0 000 men and place it alongside of our Army of 16,0t>0 men There is tome difference in these 410.tOO men fresh from the plains of Italy, and stationed in great military depots engaged in the training of armies, and our 16.000 men, cut up in frag, ments stationed along our frontiers keeping our Indians in place Is the opportunity allowed our Army to train for the work of armits as afforded tbe French army? Your correspondent is like many of our people who believe in the invincibility of our arms. The Wars of Independence and ISI'i do not prove this, as victory did not nerch upon our banners in every battle on land, ana 1 am under tbe opinion that our fathers and hires belonged to a hardier race and timo than wa ? *?' U>1U iur| WCIC (IB iBUllliar with the war-whoop of the Indian as we are with the tchoop of the opera singer. Their path wti surrounded by dangers; our* in romfortand peace. Their companions the trusty rifle and kuife, our* a toothpick, morning paper, quotation of stocks, A.C That hardy race suffered many sore drfeats: andean we. who have dallied in the sunshine of peace, expect an exception ? True our appliances of war are superior to theirs, but if we rni;a? with a European army, do not they bring appliances equal to our own ? Where is the 'vantage? In what way won id your correspondent meet such an emergency, supposing Kngland and France were to invade ns suddenly? Not by our little army of 16,1)00 m?n, who are scattered In fragments along our frontiers. Not by our militia; that is an abortive and non-effective system Not i hv Alir ? IJ * * * VH| .V>uun,via , iurj WWII HI Uiive VO l> 0T%1LI\' ized,equipped, and trained. Then the only available troops to unite with what '"regulars" we could collect, would be the uniformed volunteer corps, who would have to act on the defensive until other forces were collected. Months would Intervene before we could tight, and the march of that European Army would be red with the blood of our people. Remember the onward, rapid march of the French Army from Turin to the Claius of Solferlno. That ground was disputed V the professional and trained soldiers of Austria. With iis, our troop* would be fresh from the walks of the civilian. In the face of our national weakness a few rltlzens, comparatively, make some efforts to keep alive a little martial apirit, and they become the subject of the critlclam of mub-dom and others, who rannnt th*t V ...v. ?i * * * .??. nc??Aii^av,wuu?|irilK oquently of oar achievement*, coupling egotuoi with it.'by which we are lulled to a sense of security that is too easily broken. Records speak of what has been done. WUat can be, is only the working of the Imagination, and remains to Intried. Adieu ''Military Man," adieu ' I^over." A Mkm Bat. W. L I Ch*ap Sympathy.?Mr. Editor: The question suggests itself to the minds of many, whether the imbble that came with a vagrant woman to the Widows' and Orphans' Home at a very late hour on last Saturday night, and knocked outrageously to get her in, (some of whom had interfered before night, not for her sake, for they said they knew nothing about the matter, but for the sake of houses of ill-fame, adjicent, where they fouivi ber getting up an excitement,) would not, if they bad as much regard lor her ns they pretended, have ofiVred her a night's lodging, instead of trying to compel the Institution to take her, when she had lived in it several weeks, although she had not been admitted as an inmate, but only taken in for one night to save her from laying out, and bad often been requested to go. and then repeat* dlv ordered away, but had staid dfllantlv and had broken in after being locked out; arid moreover wan ttnallv sent away In time to get to a good place before night, where the could have good wages and lignt work. It has been found at the Institution, as others have found on whom she bung, until she was almoat or quite driven away, that ?he will not work, although she Is well and hearty, as long as she can possibly geta living in any way without; and she has even boasted that her tongue can support her. It may be added that some who were at flrst deceived by her, Lave since changed their minds, as all fair minded persons will, on learning the truth. F A. Sobk Eye#?Mr Editor: 1 am not "arl<rgvman whose sands of life have nearly run out." so no one need to send me a fresh supply; but 1 am rnnntraine/1 t? *? ?141 -v ku m aiuiclfu wltq iotp cv6i tbatl have often, when passing those thusafflirted, recurred to tbe fuel my mother, some thirty yean ago, was applied to for mi If* around for an eye-wash that tbe was In tbe habit of ma king? j as she made almost everything else that would relieve human suftVring for gratuitous distribution among (be poor?and regretted that the recipe was lost Expressing my regret to a member of the family on a recent visit, the recipe was re membered. and it has since benefitted so many that I am induced to make it public It is simply the spear, or seed stalk, that grows out of tbe centre of tbe green plantain, that abounds in this region. It is taken and made a tolerably strong tea of, and tbe eyes well bathed several times a day. particularly early and late There may be cases that It would not meet, but it will do no harm if it doeanogood. The afflicted need not tend a dollar anywhere so that I can share the plunder, but go to the graas plats and get it for themselves, ' withoutmoney and without price.'' H. Edito* Stab : A gross outrage was committed here by the police, on Suoday night last. The only child of a worthy citizen?an interesting boy about 10 years of age?was taken from the residence of nls father, by force, and committed to tbe almahouae. As regards his not having been properly provided for by his parent, your local reporter here, who is evidently not prejudiced in the parent's favor, himself, says that tbe boy 1-shows no signs of 111 treatment On the contrary, be is plumper and more robust than the majority of children?wltb a clear and rosy complexion ' Will tbe august powera-that-be explain why this grots outrage has been committed' Is It that they oroDoae to SDite the father- h? .-J . . - r - ---- ? V -|T...S ?u? reducing to pauperism the ion ? Law isd Ordsb. Georgetown, Aug. Hi. Me. Editw*:?Tha queries touching a legal question in relation to the waste of water, Ac , In the Star of the '.AJtli, are dislngenlonsly put. in that the writer asks?' Has the magistrate a right to hear evidence relative to offences of a similar | character committed upon previous davs. but not 1 charged in the writ?" ' The warrant in question did charge the offence specifically and legally; and in due deference to all concerned, there to no man who knows the rules of evidence in penal cases whcvcan criticise the warrant, or show a defect In 11. Common Sbnsb. MeEditoe: Allow me through the columns of your valuable paper to call the attention of the Board of Health to the nuisance In the rear of those shanties on Eleventh street, near the avenne, { west side. Notwithstanding the attention of the , Board of Health has been repeatedly called to It during the last taro years, and a petition signed by the business men In the vicinity has been sent to them, the nuisance still remains. A Scrrnii. 1 Revival m Alsx&idsia ?There Is an Interesting revival of religion at the Village Chapel, STMS ----- - f VW.WWi, lfM lam vwyege. . ' ?v?r. Y- : 1- #-! I-- . a*.K a ,?t v 1 p? * t 4 Ocr yonng friend Waugh. of the Northern Lib- 1 arttea, dm very fvlitkly concluded to go Wert, | and In conaequenre, offer* hi# rstabliihment for sale, which ia a rar? tkanrt i?d'*d We ad viae thoae that have any idea of going In bualntja to give him a call. See ad vertiaeinent In another column IlKDKa. have you ae*n Prof. Wood'# advertisement in our paper. Read iu it will interest you. , an SJ-evly It ia BtLDOM that we notice anything in the med ica'line, nor would we now. utl^s* we could be convinced that *? are not doiux our datT a a journnlut in I: ? - 11 A * ** ^j>>iuifT?-nuin|! in me pmnic 1ST. J.Ho*UUr.r * r'libratftl Bitfrs. fur the cure of tliat moct fatal anil terrible of all diseases? Fever and Ague. From our own expenecce of this valuable specific, we tan safety nay, that for diseases of the above nature, it stand* without a rival. It* timely assistance has saved ii-auv a fellow beine fiom a premature grave. Everyday we hear vf it* conquering the worst cases of Fever and Ague. To thoee who . are in the least afflicted with anv of the complaints atising lroinan irregularity of the digestive organs, j nothing can |>e more beneficial than these Bitters. 1 We oheerfully recommend them to the thousand* | in this Mate, who are suffering the most intense Kin, as a certain cure for their ills. Try them, and convinced of th. ir many exo?-llent qualities For sale hy druggists and dealers generally evenwhere. au 30 eo3t wistar's Bm.sam or Wild Chiret. The following letter from Rev. Hknkv Wood.of i Concord. N. H? Editor oftheCongregath-nal Journal, speaks volume* in favor ol W? star's Concord. N. H-, March 2. 9sth W. Fowl** Co.?Genti'mn : Two years ago, a sudden and xioleut attack upon my Lungs confined me to iny bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that 1 was often unable to I eicc|i im iem upon a h'Hl bv night. The suffering I was extreme, and judging from the ineflicac) of the remedies used, ] supposed tho disease inoorable. ' Being persuaded to try a bottle of WiJiar'* i?ihatn f'Wild Cherry without co: fidencs in its eflicaoy, found the difficulty almost entirely r.-moved bo j fore one bottle was used up. SympathT with my I fellow sufferers induces ma to make this publio i statement, anil recommend tho artiole to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly. Hknrv Wood. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for m?iM pj i.. u. imm&n.s. U. Korrt, jr.,*. li. Waite, G. Stott. John Sohwarze, Nairn A Palmer, Wash lUKton; and by dealer* everywhere. au U-lw.r Hollowat's Pills. Lirtr Complaint ?The insid ?u? and destructive effect* of "blue pill" on the lutein a* a specific for I this disease are now entirely superseded by the use or the mild, antiseptic and vegetab'e remedies. , Th"y not only eradicate all truces of this complaint. I but five vitality to the exhausted functions, vigor | to th? impaired constitution, and energy to the i emaciated invalid. For indigestion, biliousness, ! heart born, Ac, they are the only sale crtre. Sold b\ all Druggists, at 25:.,62c.,and 91 per box. au 17 lw Homkopathic Rixkdiks All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 35 and cents each. Also, in cases, containing at vials, from 84 to 8* each, with book of full directions. For sale by 9? rv ??" 1 w.. i?. unman. .ia?i ra. *v?nn?>. whoi^sal'* ana | retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; alto by F. B. Winter, corner of Ma><eaohiisetts avo nue and Hixlli street. Als?, Pond's Extract of Wittk Hazrl, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9 1 j Mxs. WiitiLow, an experienced nurse and female physioian, has a Soothing Syrup for CAilden Ttttktar, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gum*, reducing all inflammation? will allay ail pain, and is sura to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement is another column. ocll-ir Lton'* MAexxfic I:?i??rT Powrn Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, kc. It eeafatax no Poison lto^'s maoxkttc pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9-3m Mktkr'a Miraculous Vermis Dkstrotxr, the oldest and bent remedy known for exterminat inn lints and Mice, Cockroaches, Bugs, Ar.ti, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Giain-W orrns and Garden lr?eots. fT~y* Principal Depot, 612 Broad vay, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m * A PET'S TKICOFHKKOUB cheapest artiole for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Ra? storing the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug gists and Perfumers ar 13-fim MARRIED. On the 2fith in'-ta'-t. by Rev. Mr. Nalle*. K S. PUcKEMj to Miss HARRIET E. BEL1., both of ! Georgetown, I)_ C._ _ * i t, ppor aiariDoro' pap?rs please copy.) | LOST AND FOUND. ?? | REWARD-Strayed or ttolen on the 19th instan-.a la'*eORAY HORSE; bob/?v_ tail, and that sore; abonM2 year s old Any T_n one returning linn to inn will recoive tlie^^^-^above reward. SA.MIKI. SHRKVE, au 21-2t' No. 273 Seventh ?t. TO<T-A KEY, of a Herring'* Patent Powder j Proof J'afe, No. 199"*. whioh number was upon the ko\; the ln-y was made of eopppr. A suit? abl reward will be Kiven if retufnitl to the subscriber, T. EDVV. CLARK, Lumber Dealer, Navj ard. au 2f>-St^ 1 OST?On Tneedajr, August 7th. a BUNDLE of I 1_J Keening Star News-papers. containing four copies ofeach day for the mouth of J an?, 1&58 The ! finder will rwive I liberal reward by leturnin^ tlieiu to this office. au 15 tf BOARDING. i PO NINTH 8TR EKT.?Persons returnniE to T?iO the cit* from their summer resorts will find vacant sevoral desirable rooms havtn? lh-> conveniences of *as, wat?r, and bathing Clo ets, at 453 I'?!si., one 1100 snmn 01 i : suicawe either lor iatmiim or ii' cle eentlernJn. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. au 18 4t* FOR SALE AND RENT. [jFot otkm " For Sale and Kent" advertisements, tee first page ] FOR RKNT?The two sto-r BRIOK HOU9K. No. 41* K street, between 9th and loth streets. Thn house is a comfortable <>n?, a >d contain* six rooms. Apply to C. F. RICHARDSON, Bao?>n deale*-,Center and Northern Markets. It TO L.ET?Two well arranged and convenient FRAME HOUSKH, containing six rooms , each; one situated on 14th *t. west, Ivtween I, and M sts north: the other on "V St. north, tietw >i?n nth and lith sts. w??t. Enquire of J. Hilton. No. K st. north, between 13th and l*th sts. west, or No 374 Mth at west, between I. an !|M sts. norih. au 2i-tf JOHN P HILTON. FOR RKNT-A HOUSE on JSth street went, between I. and M north, No. 3<i9, R rooms all in good o'der. and a pump of good water in the rear Pussession ?iven ou tl?e First of September. Apply on the premises, or to JAMES MlLI.KR, corner of L and l&th streets. an 21-3t* OR REXT-A new FRAME HOUSE, containing four rooms, pa?*a<e and cellar. A good tenant may apply to Mr. LEWIS,at the Globe office au a?t? FOR SAI.E?Very cheap, on reasonable terms, on* ofthe most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the crtjr, situated on the north west corner of ith 1 LriH Vork Avfllili*- l?'nnnira nf L' fiou'GSON, Stove Manufactorj7.No. 4<>5 *7tli it.', ' between H anil1 ?U. an 15-tf nOB KENT?Two beautiful new BRICK r HOUSES, on Euhth street west, between M anil N streots north, west aide. Apply to MARY C HAlSLIP, No. 3SI /Vinth street west, or Dr. < KKASBY, No. 333 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. jy 12-7w? S~~TORE FOR RKNT.?Situated on the South , side of Ha av*.^ b??tween 9th and 10th, suitable . for any business. For further part'culara enquire at , No. *05 Pa. ave., between 9th and 10th an U 2w ( f^OR SAUK-A fine substantial Jl R I C K I HOUSK.o* llth St., between I, aud Mat*., with large St*bl?i aud Carriage Hou?e. Anions wanting auah a Hu?i>? will b<j aolii on v?ri ac- < | t-omuwdating terma, or exchange for emaller prop- * I erty For a private roaidence uoue can *urra?a it' I | Inquire of G F.O. T. LAXGL.Y, wn i.. at., near 14th 1 at au 14 tf ' tfOR RENT-The large STORE ROft.M and | r CELI.AK on the oorner of I and Seventh *ts , Navv Yard. This room ia auitahleforani Imaiaeaa. Can t>e rented with or without the dwelling Po*- i aeaaiun given lat of Scrftamlwr. Apply to JOS. K EPRTI I, 4Sg 1 at.eaat. an3 2W FOR RENT,?A new and hand *o me FRAME HOI'SE will be for rent in a few daya. )t ia lieautifnlly nitaatod on Thirteenth atreet, between Georgia avenue ami K at.. Navy Yard : haa a large garden lot attached, a pump of g on wafr n ar. ami contain* 4 roomi, kitchen and wuodah?d. Will be rented low, with or without the'lot, to a good tenant. For aale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSEJ work* well iu anything Inquire of T. E. CLAliK. Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, tt 18 H at., between 4th and 5th. jy 16 U700D Now ia the time to get winter fuel at "? reduo?d pricea. We have a large atoek of WtK)L> and COAL at very low AND prioea. for oa?h. Harder ^ stewart. f OAL. _ Oftoa?Corner H and 12th st*., _ v iau /-2w~ i?ru-ian w.ana tanaj. HW. HAMILTON, PAINTER, i and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. SM 7th Stirt, nwr Odd Filings' Hall. >n ?-tf PUTTY~I8 DOWN. PATENT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JARS?tlio boat m4 oheapeU article in u??I mII AUa m. iinnlw nf t 'n w m'm flu latino Burnett's Cocaine; Brown * Ginger; together will a freeh lot of Medicine*, Ac. Ju?t reoeived kt MoORE'S Wert Kud Drug Store, an 10- 111 Pa. eve. TAKE NOT CE. 3U& m'wtajfll&SIttdHE tor tale, wholeealeand retail, . I " fc- KKySa* i HID* ooraer 11U? et, and Pa are, rol Y? .tfWjt if .?i I +*A GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of The Star. eiouiTom. AugwatU. 1M0. In Wect Georgetown several improvementa Lave bee? made In addition to those noticed in our letter of Monday last Two Mat fume dwellings have been erected on Frederick atreet for Misa Mary Thomas, and aeveral others bare been built in that locality The line brick residence of Mr Mcl'lotld. OPIMStte the Arjuli-mi' or IK. vi.ihti*. is about to Up enlarged by adding another story to It That delightful nnd healthy section of our city la improving rapidly, and abounds in excellent building altca Our enterprising feUow-eltlxen, Mr. William Godev, who finished two flrat class brick dwellings on Corrgrtss street this spring, baa embellished tbe neighborhood of Bridge street bridga, by the er?rtton (on yowr sid? of Rork creek} of four fine brick bouses for storea and dwellings In tbe lower part of our city we notice the erection of tu-n tmill fr?tr?? ir ?L _ __ MW??UVH<* wn T? MUIIIV* ton atreet, near the canal; and on Water ktrert the w.trrbouiw and office of Mr. A'betUy la being Improved by building a new front, and otherwise adding to ita outalde appearance, and Inside arrangements for comfort and convenience. Senator Bright b.ia improved his property by tLe erection of a lodye for his gardener. and not a table and carriage house, aa stated in oar letter of Monday laat Tb? c?nal la In fine navigable order throughout, and boata are constantly arriving The coax wbarvea prevent a gratifying scene of bustle and activity, and at Ray'a dock ten or twelve veasels are receiving cargoes of coal. ..., ?.- v, ii.urau ? wu mrv prt>?(reaai ng nnciy with their portion of the contract for thr ronatruction of the aqueduct bridge orer Rock Creek. and new beauties are every d7y develop* d In that mau'iiittceat and graceful structure, v* Lich. when rtniebed. will be one of the Llona of the federal Metropolia Meaara Real! A Matthew* have made conaiderable additlona to their stock, mud have now a complete assortment of family groceries of tbe flneat quality Their advertisement of "Pure rye whtaky" la worth attention We know the gentleman through whose agency they ohtaititd it, and purchasers can relv nnnn ti* ?? > y ? J ? ? - * ? &, ? *? terated article. Many of our citizen* will no doubt participate in the reretnonlM at BelUville, Md , on Tburaday next, tbe occaaion being tbe laying of tbe corner tone of a new Preabyterlan church. An intereating time iaexpecU-d. By advertlaement in Georgetown column it will be seen that Meaara Spilman A Hunt bavereaiovi-d to the oppoaite aide of Bridge atr^rt while their atore la being reniodeUd and improved !t la only neceaaarv to Bay to the ladiea that thev are aelling dry good* at tbe c.heapeat rate* in order to till their new atore with an entire new atock AdTertiaenietit* ltft at No lit Bridge itreet. or at Dr Barnard'a drug atore, will be promptly attended to n n/\T\n ? 1 wrAJttlxU l U >V JN AD V JKKT'MTS For other Georfr.toic* advertisement f tee first pig* ? " STILL ALIVE." &PILLMAN * HUNT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 77) formerly occupied by Lewis 1'ayne. neaMy opposite their old establishment. JC7" DRY GOOLS can be had as cheap as ever. au Zi 3w F()R RENT?A convenient two-story HRIC'K DWELLING, on First street,-with Gay ai.d Water. Also, a commodions Dwelling and Store, on Hndge street To suitable t?iiant? the rent will Se very moderate. Apply to SAM I'EL M. K RNN V. No. l'J4 Luiibarton st .Georgetown. au 21 tf A CANARY HIRDS FINE Lot of those delightful songsters may now be pu chased in pans, or the whole lo! very choap .\et-t llaskeu and a few Ca^> for tale. Apply at No Ml.Heall street, lour'*'1doors west of Christ Church. au 21-3t WILLIAM OSBORN. Jl !*T RECEIVED FROM TUF, INTERIOR of Pennsylvania, a few brands of PI RE RVK WHIfKV, distiU?d m the jears 1RH and 'K30. I" <>ge wi*Hnic t? purchase an unadu!terat-d article for me purpose*. Alc , seldo n have such an opportunity offered to th<.m. aujl' 2w BEALL t MATTHEWS. F^OR HARI'KR'S FKRR\.-CHANGE OF It A YS ?t >" audalVr J uly Jf k the stemner ANTELOPE, apt B tswsv J. Well*, carrying the I'm tod mail, will ltfavrin'orKrfown KVERV MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY,?t7a. 111..and return ever} Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. . II.? Kvery \V>due?day the Antelope will run thronglito Sliepherdatown. au_2n-Jir* T FOR NEW YORK. HE Picket achooner Arctic Captain Hicks. i*n>'w reaty for carso for the above p" t, axv and will meet wiUi disp tch. Kor frei.h'^lS* apply to MeCOBli A UOl)(iK, au 16 fi< Water street. THE SUBSCRIBER BKGS LKAVK TO 1 N fjrin hn frieiuls that he will open on the 2iat inat.,a PROVISION SToR E on I i-treet, hetwren 16 h and IStli streets, where he will lie pleased to wait on all who will lavor him with a call. an 15 7t* W. 1.1 NKINS. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR lapreciael* wbatit* rame indicates, for. while plea*ai.t to thetaate, it ia re ivif?ing. exhilarating, invigorating and ktrengtV inc to the vita sower*. ana at the name time revivifies, remstatea, and re n(*wt the K'kmI i i a I its oricfal pu ity.aid thua at one* rrs'.nrtt and rrnrlmi ikt inru 'ne*tibU to ttnrkf 0/ iIumm. It la tti only preparation evsr off rcu t<> the world, ao olienicaJly and akillfuliv c"?r.l?in?l aa to b* V* meat poweriui Iodic, an<l at the aarn* time ao perfectly adapted to. aa to act in perfect accordance with the lawa of mature, an 1 h?*n?*e will rcctur tike rtmlrtt ttomark, and tone ap the digeativ o.gana an 1 thua allay ail nervoua a (I other irritation, it la perfect) exhilata ting and at the aame time it la composed entirely of vegetables, yet ao combined aa to prodao? the moot thoroukh tonio ?fl?ot, without producing any injurious coaa1 queues. t?uch a ?emedy has iocc h?en fe t to be a desideratum in the niedic?l world, (or it nee<la no medical skill to tee that debility follows all attacka of diaeaae, and prooeeda a> d in d^ed lay a the ay stem op n to the mridioua attacka of many of the moat latal, auoh, for example, aa the following: Consumption, lnd>?oaiion, D*apepMa, L< a 1 of ,A ppetite, l-aintne's, Nervous Irrita'i ity. Vru a (ia ? aifitatii n ot th- heart Melancholy, N11 ht sweats, Lanitor, Gid?un>aa, Retention ot. aa well aa Painful obatrnoted^ too profuae, or '00 o-ni raenuruMion, a> a raiiinc ol tins Womb These all depend upon general debilttT. '1 hi? pure, heaitb? tonic Cordtai and U o??i Renovator it aa sure to cure aa the sue in to r'?s and att. Th?>re u no mi take at?out it. But this is not all If the sjstem is weakened wo are open to bilious *ttack?, the liver h?cj?nes torpid, or worse dista*e<l. the kidneys refuse to p rf >rin their furotions, ai.d w* ar? troubled scaldir.g and iuooi:tiuepce of urine, or involuntary 4iscr.a>ge or trie same, pain in the baok, side and l>etwoen the ?h'juld."f, t x ceedintly liable to slight cottis, coughs, si.d it' tin checked, soon emaciation fullothen*ti?t,t goes down to a per mature rtaro. IJ Jt space wilt not allow u? to enumerate the iwit ma to wh'ch ?e are liable in a weakened condition <>| me ???t?ni. But we will bm in thii CordiAl and li nod Renovator yon have a perfect. sa'e, pleasant and efT*o'i'al remedy for loss of Apprtite, Mliousuecs, Flatulence, w?alc an<1 sick sHomach. Lancour, l.iver Comp aict, Chill* and Fever,or ani H hou-attack, Cos liven ess. Acidity olthe>t maoh, Nervousness, Neura xia. Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofSpinta.Sorea, Pnnples on the Face, ?r any disease ariaiag from impure bioou, auch as Scrofula, Erysipelas, Bronchitis, Couch, difficulty of Breath inc. and all that class ot diseases eat ed f-n.ale weak ness. and enumerated above. We wi 1 also a%> ttie traveler exposed to epidemica, ohaiue of elm ate and water, wi'l find it a pleaaatt- aafesnd aure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Ke?d*r. try it, for we aaaare you yoa will find in it a friend md-ed.aa well aa a triend la reed. 11 persona of sedentary habita will fin J a a p#rfeot preventive cf, aa well aa a cure for thoee ail meota which they are fartiou!arly exp< aed Heuoe iBiriitera. students, attorneys, literarr grn'lemeri, fcnd ladieewhoare not aouusi' inwl to miioh oet door exe.cii*, will fiud it to their advautageto keep a bott'e couatantly on hvr.d, aiid above a I mothers or tuose i<eoorning such, will co throtxh Uiat most danteious period n<-t only with all their locus.omed strength, but m and free from the thousandailm?*fit* ao prevalent among the fema:e portion of the wo: Id. In short, is indeed a mother a ^1 T.. .? ... I - ji'i?itoi. i ? j i* via bhu jwuuKi uu iu (VI I ? n uir ntk ofdelay: it vill relieve and prove i??eir eiriphatiotlly a Rtslirratirt Cor, imI a*d Blood Rmora ler. o. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Uroad#ay. New Vork, and 114 Ma ket StreM. r<t. Loan. M<>.. and ?o d by all b?mm! Druggists. Price One Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD REXOVATOR au 20-eoly,alw WG ALTS' _ ^ , OOD AND COAL OFFICK. u 9(19 Pa- At., Brrw. Hth ar? 1*tb 9ts., .North ?de. Mill mm! Wharf foot ol Byf ntg?uth it., mt 17 tf B?lnw W ?f Ppp?rtm?tit. AILY LINK OP NEW KOrR-H<>RSE COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrriiir rk* If. S. Mat/. Th? a ?re cow rniiiis* Daily, '*xoejt Sutiaij.) rour no *e uoa?5he.? r>~- ^-r . twew \vashingron and Upper Marl boro", ai follow*: Leave llw Steamboat Hotel, oorner of ;Wea'h pt'eet and l*a at7 o'clock a. m Returning leave ITaper Marlbo o at 11 o'clock a m., and arrive in Waalungton at So'clock, in Urn* to eonnact ?ritt the 3 iii p. in. t am for Baltimore. The (Joachea ar? new and ooiKinodioas, the teami firit-cia?? ta the ban.Ik of cart-fol and aocomtno tatiQC drivers. Fara to Upper Marlboro... - M oenta. To Long OUl Flaida. * 44 Tfl (lAHtflr VI!1H Sk ? Frei<i:t an<l in proatxtton. fcu tf ' OSBOKNTcO . Pr?ETM>Ur?. $2.50 J ? i Ftehioiiahle Hat tod Cap "> ? *?+r ?tr?at. HPHK JAPANE8K HAT, OPE 11 JlAT. 1 Flor* Dnvit't Ha?. and all kit*l??f HAT$ mi Jf0. ?Oy*v?*th street, JKill-JW i * _ H v.; Jg [ THE LATEST NEWS TE LKOR AFHIC. The I'r.are of Walt* ? QarWc Qikbcc. A?|. 40 ? The wratfcrr vntrrdir wi? superb lid the excitement ervtt The renter of attraction was the fc. agitata Cathedral. ?bm the Prince attended morning are* toe The chorch vrii crammed with people, who were admitted only br ticket The adjacent atreets were crowded The Prince drove to churrh wltl the Ooeernor General lie occupied a aeat In the gallery. and ww ao much the object of attraction that the sermon of the Re*. Mr Houaman ww mnrlf liatened to. At the conclusion of the anrrtoo be lumped into the carriage and drove rmp dly ? k>m? uilor? belongtn* U> tbe Her? brought tl? Prince's do* Cabot, which preeenled le htm t Nrwfiinn'l*'^ ' T?L crowds of proplf wm i[ilbe?4, who pitted tbe animal, soine ladies fvm kissing U. On Sunday nltht a dinner vu given to Un pwn by Mr. Rusaell Mr Bartlett Secretary of Stat* and Mr Spragne, both of Kbode Island, preaejitrd an li*llitlu? to Governor Williams for the Prince to vlalt Prstid?*nce Th? Duke replied that the programme *4 the Prim e's visit to the United Wales was not vet decided on hut that be would consult Lord Lyons, lu wbuc charge everything wan left, today or b>-a>orrow. and arrange the programme Both he and the Prtnre wanted to Me as much as possible of tbe United 9Utea and its various would also like to go West and see tbe prairies. It was probable tbev might go to Chicago Tbe Prince, who Is much t rite rested in mnrbaatcs, wants to nee manufacturing towns The Duke askrd Messrs. Bartlett and Sprague If tbev cnitte all tbe way from Hhode Island on that special business, and was so much pleased at this sltontlon to tbe Prince that be offered them a residofK* at the Hownof'i house The K bod* Island delegation returned h?me tbti afternoon, and will rectlr? tbe Prince's answer bv letter The Prince taken np tola olBcial residence nt Parliament Home to-morrow morning, TIM Seventeenth rerlment net as s guard of honor K salute will he Bred from the levea In the evening three balls will be glve?, one of them by the eltv There will be s display of Sreworks and an Illumination White kid gloves are fearfully high on account of the ball Tne regulation dress Is all black, except jjloves. shirt collsia, k c. Tkr New Mritua Mall IiDtPKNDisci, Mo , August 40?The New Mexican mail, with dale* to the 5th in?t , arrived this evening. There It great excitement In Santa Fe Tb? Navajo Indian* made an attack upon a little aettlement. eleven mile* below, and killed two men, and drove off all their stock. There were oalv eleven soldier* in Santa Fe, and they were aent in pursuit of the Indiana In a wagon A part)-of citizen* were aent out, who overtook the Indiana, I and recovered the stock, and had tolght for It. ana owing 10 tM cowardice of wax Menl<ane, threa of the party were killed and fltre wounded, two of whom have lince died One of them waa Chrtatlan Velann, a highly reap-ctable citlsea. a cabinet maker l?y trade He, with hia own hand brought down live of the Indiana, whoae total loaa waa thirteen killed and aeveral wounded They fought entirely w ith arrowa, and only retreated when their arrowa gave out Had the entire psrty tak'ii part '.n the light not a man would have been killed or captured On the aame da? tfc- Indiana ran off eighty head of cattle from Aran Fria, a town Are ml lea below Saute Pe TUey alto took thirteen head of government homea, and aucceeded In making good their ? cape. An old resident aaya we have been expecting their return every day, and would notbeaurprlatd to a?*e them any time in the public aquare The unitary promotion doea not amount to anything, and the military commander ia vrorthleaa There ia no teiling what moment the Indiana may take the country, aa they bare done everything that they can to provoke the military to action, but they are afraid to aaaume any reaponalbltlty, and iwinwc pcrmii toe inaiaci 10 ao wui (hrjr please bare been made to get Mm commander of thf department to accept tbe aervtcea of I,* *?? volunteers, but, after consultation with tbe Government, be baa refused Tbe Federal office's ?ff at loggerhead*. and do not speak, and tbe consequence is no unity of action or feeling anion*; tbetn. therefore tbe public lntereat suffers, and tbe citizens are murdered with impunity Tbe conducter of tbe mall italas tbat a report was current tbat Mr Bent bad been murdered by tie Indians at bis Fort, but he does not plare mucb reliance on It. No Indiana were area on tbe route. Grass aod water were scarce. Tke Breckiaridge aad Law Democrat Is State C aaaiiitee. Saratoga, N Y . aug *20 ?Tbe Breckinridge and I.ane Democratic State Committee meets ber? to-morrow. Neither the Donglaa a or tbe Bell and Eve rot State Committee bave called a meeting here, and tbe utatementa to that effect In tbe newspaperaara erroneoua. From tbe conversation of a majority of tbe Breckinridge and Lane Committee here It la inferred that they will to-morrow inaugurate active measures for proaecutlng i vigr.roaa campaign. A large number of documenta will be publiahed and distributed, and straight ticketa nominated In every part of the !*Ute Tbe members of tbe Committee exproaatbemae 1 v?-s as decidedly boati le to any movement wbich will tend to revive tbe Know Nothing party under the leadership of Bell and Kverett Telegraphic Kxtoaaloa S*t Josephs. August 3U?To-day tbe Mtaaourt and WesUrn Telegraph Company commenced stretch'ng their wire westward la toe direction of ton Kearney, rbe poles are set 10u mile* out from here, and tbe wire will be up that distance In two weeks. A large party is at work further west, getting out and setting polea It Is expected the line will finished to Fort Kearney by tbe mkldle of November Tbe different routes west of Fort Kearney are being surveyed, and tbe company will soon'be In possession of accurate Information us to timber and otber facilities, which will enable them to push forward rapidly and to the best ad vantage next season. Prire Fight Bo*tos, Aog. 21 ?A price fight took place this morning, on island Pond, Vt, between Australian Kelly snd Dsn Kerrigan Twenty-five juuiiu? wnc u? in ivi?j-b?r uiiauw, wur?u Kelly struck a foul blow, and Kerrigan wu declared the rlctor. Bad Acctdeat at AI baa y. Alurt. N V , Aug 2U.-A ad accident occurred bere this evening. The friend* of Douglas were railing a hickory pole, when it fell. Instantly killing a child named Lehman, and fatally lajuring another named Garner. ratal Acctdeat. Potr Sunt, C W.Aug 90 ?Capt Daren port, of the Grand Trunk rail way ferry beat, was klUrd here this afternoon by being caught in the snub01 at rope of his vtaeel Death af a Baa tea Merrhaat. Bosto*. Aug 90.?Benjamin Howard, an aged and highly esteemed merchant, fall dead this forenoon while taking part in a religious held in Trinity Chnrch veatry. Arreat af Gardes, the Marderer. LitviNwoiTH, Aug SKI?Gordon, the murderer. wbo escaped from the vigilance committee at Denver, has been arretted, and U now la Um cuatody of the United estate* marahal Tlie Arabia at Inf. Bono*, July -a ?The ate*m?Lip Arabia,from Liverpool oo the lltto, bat beoii at (Mailed, aad will probably arrive here at 8.30 p. m. Arrival of the Great KaiUra at HalUai Halifa x, Aug. 80.?The steamer Great Eastern arrived at 6 3t> p. m. oa Saturday, aadaalled again at 9 o'clock veaterday morning . Skip Newa. NuaroLi, Aug 81 ?Arrivedin Hampton Roada hip Juliet, arveaty-Ave day* from Chi nebs Islands, bound to Alexandria. New Twl Markets Naw Yaaa, August 88 ?Floor Is heavy: Ftate 6 OSalo 15: Ohio Mi SUaftS 49 : aoutbern L mm. changed at i>5,SWfl 65. V\ behtia art! ve aad le bljjber; r-d w?tnn ?1 *?al *, wbltflfl J3a*l 35 Corn b*? an ad vane las tendency aad aa'lva, mixed 6Ua6lj<e. Pork la dall, mm ti#a?iv .37. prime Lard la dull at MjfalSlfe. Wblaky la ateady at *21 *c. Niw Van. Aor *U -Watti are aacbaagad Chldaira aad Rock itland 98, lUiaota Central abaraaM: New Vark Central 8S\; Raiding 44%; Hudaon River Railroad 58; C*atuna?o, U. ft. 5 a of *1A, Ittjf. _ WILUU ? (ftrnurii vat /. L. XWviu. Im . ?f um ? ? ? ? nH*fWh * iaJ*M? UM OltlSMM * 'i|l^ wd P? *rc? *h*r* M will tM ftMiad |B ixwni, mi will k*??afr*?b w ruai^^j^Sresa Drug ?t >r? H* prommaa IIiom vW ?U bror him with th-ii p*viruaa?? kia ee*vt4ed ettwuoe to tueir *Mit?

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