Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1860 Page 1
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I I I ?? . " ? ?(! " " "* THE EVENING STAR it PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of ~"J 11 '4 ' V2S. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C., THURSDAY. AUGUST 23. 1860. N?. 2.344 A *M? *? ) BY W. D. W4LLACH. Ftpera aerred in paokscva by earriera it |4 I 7?*f, or y? oenta per month. To ra&ll lahMnbm the prioe ia |uo a ye?r, in advance; %i for aix 91 for three montha; and for leee th&n throe montha at the rate of B oenta a week. Bincle ooytee, otti cm; in wrappora, two cut*. CTADrnrni?nTi ahonld be aent to the offioe before IS o'clock n ; otherwise they may not kfHV ntil the next day. Mr. E. H. Hoom thus write* to th? Tribune concerning the appearance of the Prince of TT lllftfl nnnn Ki? ?? ? *. tt.i;* - ??U u l? IQQQ |)iiua at naiuax : The Prince wu singularly prepossessing. Of Mil who now saw him for the first time, not ona but was agreeably impressed. With ex ?reme delicacy end regularity of feature, thorough refinement in expression, and a countenance the natural animation of which was probably hightened by the excitement of the moment; with unaffected dignity of man ner, and a gracefulness of bearing that showed itself in the brief passage to the spot assigned for bis reception, be needed few other claims to win the most cordial acclamation of his wel oomen. He was dressed in the uniform of Colonel of the Guards?a scarlet coat, blaek trowsers. and bat with plume. He wore, also, the broad ribbon of the Garter. Erect and wall UnrmamA "" * ? 41 1 .. .... ?, ?Hia uuniuuia WM 4U uio favor. Ail persons were strack with the youth fulness of his appearance, for which a knowl edge of his precise age seemed not to have prepared them. As he stood listening to tbe reading of the address, with undisturbed com posure, and in easy attitude, he looked as nandsome a young English gentleman as the most sealous of his provincial well wishers could have desired to find him. i His face is not unlike the Queen's, as we have , it represented in portraits, and the forehead and ohin are atill less prominent. (lis hair is light, and hia complexion very fair. Hia eye is bright and keen. The other features are large, but not ill formed, and the mouth is pe- | culiarly expressive of quickness to mirth. The beat likeness I have seen of him is a steel en- , graving which accompanied a recent number | of a London illustrated paper, the New* of the ( World, which is admirably perfect. A large ] wood cut in Frank Leslie's Newspaper, whiob ] has just reached this place, ia also excellent in every detail, exeepting that the mouth is too uara ido compressed. in general effects, this likeness ia very acearate. ; Major Lincoln, on bin way to St. John, on \ the Styx, invited the Prince to visit Boston, < and. if need be. to bring his fleet into Boston ] harbor, and embark there for Europe. The Duke of Newcastle afterwards told the Mayor ] that no programme could yet be settled for the < vi?it to the U&ited States, as it was not known how long the Prince would remain in Canada; . til At <?" J * J *-!? ? ' ??-? *uu ?^uccu ucoircu 111 in to rexurn so a? to r?c'>mmence his studies iu the month of Octo ber; and that time must therefore govern his moremnti. It was added, that authority had b?en given to Lord Lyons, the British Embas sador, to receive invitations for His Royal Highness, and that on meeting him at Quebec, it would be settled where the Prince would go. As to the embarkation for Europe, nothing was as yet fixed, but it was likely it would be at New York, though Portland had been spoken of. The Prince of Wales, so the officers of the H?ro tell me. experienced little sea sickness after leaving Plymouth in the Hero. The offi cers' rnw room having been vacated, that apartments for His Royal Highness might be fitted tip. there is plenty of room made tor him and his suite. The dining-room is immediate ly under the poop, and his bed room is at the tern. The dining-room contains very simple furniture, bat what there is is elegant in the extreme. On the sideboard are two beautiful little marble busts, one of the Queen, and the other of Prince Albert. Above these is a print of Prince Albert, in midshipman's uniform, and all around the room are portraits of cele brated naval officers?Keppel, Brooke of Sara wak, Ae. The sides of the bed room are cov erod with neat chintz. The rooms of His ft race of Newcastle and Lord St. Germains are similar in their simplicity. jjuigouua scanci coai, gio?y ana ncmy Slumed cocked hat, and resplendent "Orders ' j ?eked bis slight figure now, do nobbj civil ian'* costume set on those well shaped but as j jet undeveloped limbs?nothing bat a vulgar tweed suit, with a common straw hat wore he. AII effort* to count the number of strands in , the straw and to ascertain the cut of his trow aera failed! It is safe to presume, however, that the latter were peg tops. The Ztaavtt o( (hi Revelutioa. At this time it may be interesting to know that there were Zouaves in the War of Inde pendence. The extract of a letter, written by a young soldier in the Connecticut army to hi* parents, which follows, states the fact: u Dear Parent#:?Our company arrived here lut Bight very late, hungry and tired. Train ing is a good deal harder than old Squire Fell tells of. If he'd marched fourteen miles a day for three day* and carried his pros, besides father's old French war fusee, I calculate he'd sol been so encouraging to us boys I don't find fault, mind; I only wish to let you know that we are not on a May party. * At Milford tarern we were joined by two companies of soldiers from New Haven, and a eompany of 'queer fellows,' as Jake oalls them, from the soutnern colonies. They are all rifle men, and are oommauded by Colonel Cresap. They dou't use any beds, as we do, but sleep ri^ht on the ground, all in a row, like Indians ARut th*ir intim in mililtri ??>?;??? ? of the cariou*Mt kind. They load and fire their rifles lying flat oh their bellies. After that thej tangle themselves all up in a knot, and look just like a porcupine, with their guns sticking oat all over them. But the wonder most part of their action* ia their hitting a mark. Any oae of them can hit a small po tato at fbrty rods distance. You never naw anything like it. When wfe get to camp I will writ* more about thee* riflemen, who would amuse the girls if they eould see them cut their antics. ' The oompany described ia this letter is also allndad to ia Store's Diary of tha Revolution, at follows: " Auaaat 7, 1T75.?On Friday evaainar last trrivtd'u fa?WIf, P?n on their way to the Atacricu oiop, Capt. Cresap's company of riflemen, consisting of 130 active, brare Gang fellows, many of whom h?Te been in th# :? expedition under Lord Dunmore against the Inoians. They bear in their bodies fisibl# mark* of their proweaa, and show sears and wounds which wonld do honor to Homer'i Iliad. They show 70a, to use the poet's words, w bere the gor'd battle bled at every Tela !' 44 One of the warriors in particular shows the cicatrice of four bullet holes through his body. These men hare been bred in the woods to hardships and dancers from their infaney. Tke* annaa* ? if thaw A uv; "IT*"* ?T * ?--J "W4W Huao quieted with, and had never felt the panion of, fear. With their rifle* in their hand* thej luume a kind of omnipotence over their ene* mtea One cannot much wonder at thia when ?? mention a feet which can he fully atteated bj several of the reputable pereona who were ye- wiUeaaea of it. Two brothera in the ?om wmj tank a piece of board Ave inches broad and seven inches long, with a bit of white pa per about the site of a dollar, nailed in the cMkter, and while one of them supported thia board perpendicular 17 mivmd nu knees, tne other, at * distance of upward of 00 yards and without any kind of reet, shot eight bullets through it auocauiralj, and spared a brother's thigh. '-Another of the oompany held a barrel Man perpendicularly in hi* haads with one edge eleae to his aide wnile owe of hia comrades, at the aaae distance and in the saine manner be fore mentioned, shot several bullets thought it without a ay apprehension of danger on either ide. The iptcuton, appearing to be amaaea at thwe feaU, Were told that there were up ward of fifty persons in the same company wh> e??ld do the auae thing; that Aero was not one who oould not ping 19 bailetrout of 20, as thejr termed it, wiihia an inch of the head of - * *- ^ ? MDpCQDJ Dill. IB Bun. w ? ? w? Idence they ponwwd in their dexterity with these kind of arms, tomi at them proposed to stand with apple* on their heads, while otfcfrt, at the ease distance, undertook to shoot them of, bat the people who saw the other experi ments declined to be witoeeeee of thi* . | "At eight a great fire was kindled aronod a pole planted in the coart-houae square, where the company, with their captain at their head, all naked to the waist ana painted like sav ages, except the captain, who was in an Indian shirt, indulced a vast oonconra# of n*nnl? wi?K a perfect exhibition of a war dance, and all the maneuver! of Indian#, holding oouncil, going to war, circninrenting their enemiM by defiles, ambuscade?, attacking, scalping, and so forth. It is said by those who are judges that no rep resentation could possibly come nearer the original. The captain's cxpertness and agility, in partioular, in these experiments, astonished every beholder. This moraine they will Mt out on their march for Cambridge-" The Bladeaabwrg Daeltag nr*u4> Tka DL1I.J T - J - (uuwisipuii ii?ai?r giTM some remi niioenoM of this spot, which are at once inter est ing and lad : In 1814, Edward Hopkins was killed bare in a duel. Thia seems to be the first fashionable murder of whioh this place whs the theatre. In 1819. A. T. Mason, a United States Sena tor from Virginia, fought with hi9 sister's hus band, John McCartj, here. MeCarty was averse to fighting, and thought there was no necessity for it; but Maaon would fight. Mo Carty named muskets, loaded with grape-shot, and so near together that they would hit beads if lh*v foil nn ?K?i? C ? 1 ? j .... ... >u?u iikcs. x ma niw cDingeo by the seoonda to loading with bulleta, and ta king twelve feet as the distance. Mason was killed instantly, and McCarty had his eollar bone broken. In 1820, Commodore Decatar was killed in a duel here by Commodore Barron. At the first Bre both fell forward, with their heads within ten feet of each other; and. as each supposed himself mortally wounded, each fully and free ly forgave the other, still lying on the ground. Decatur expired immediately, but Barron ITdntllkllT r(K?nr?r?J In 1821. two strangers named Leg* and Sega appeared here, fought, and Sega was instantly killed. The neighbors only learned this much their names from the marks on their gloves left on the ground. Lega was not hurt. In 1822, Midshipman Locke was killed here by a clerk of the Treasury Department named iibson. The latter was not hurt. In 1826, Henry Clay fought (his second duel) with John Randolph just across the Potomac, ss Randolph preferred to die, if at all, on Vir ginia soil. He received Clay's shot, and then tired into the air. This was in accordance with a declaration made to Mr. Renton, who spoke to Randolph of a call the erening before on Mrs. Clay, and alluded to the quiet sleep of ber child and the repose of the mother. Ran iolph quickly replied: "I snail do nothing to disturb the sleep of the child or the repose of the mother." Heneral Jessup, whose funeral I attended last week, was Clay s second. When Mr. Rande'ph fired, he remarked: "I do not shoot at you, Mr. Clay," and ex Lending his hand, advanced toward Clay, who rushed to meet him. Randolph showed Clay *hore his ball struck his coat, and said, face tiously: "Mr. Clay, you owe me a coat." Clay replied: " Thank God the debt is no greater !" They were friends ever after. In 1832. Martin was killed br Carr. Th?ir first names are not remembered. They were from the South. In 1833, Mr. Key, son of Frank Kej, and brother of P Barton Key. met Mr. Sherborn and exchanged a shot, when Sherborn said : 44 Mr. Key, I have no desire to kill you." 4i No matter," said Key, " I oame to kill you '' 4? Very well, then," said Sherborn, 441 will kill you." And ho did. In 1838. W. J. Graves, of Kentucky, assum ing tho quarrel of Jamea Watson Webb with Jonathan Oilley, of Maine, selected this placo for Cilley'a murder; but the parties learning that Webb, with two friends, Jackson and Mer rell, were armed and in pursuit, for the purpose in BBsaraiuauug v/iiio/, m<>vea mwtra i&t river and nearer the city. Their pursuers moved toward the river, but missed the partita, and then returned to the city, to which they were goon followed by Graves and the corpse of Cillcy. In 1845, a lawyer, named Jones, fought with and killed a Dr. Johnson. In 1851, K A. Hoole and A. J. Dallas had a hostile meeting here Dallss wa3 shot in the shoulder, but recovered. In 1852, Daniel and Johnson, two Richmond editors, held a harmless set-to here, which ter minated in coffee and not in coffins. In 1853, Davis and Ridgeway fought here, RiHinwi* lllnaiu) hi* ?nt?nnni?t o >-/ ~ vw M4V "*vu out returning the shot. Th* FirUt Locomotive Tkip.?Major Ho ratio Allen, the engineer of the New York and Erio Railroad, in a speech made during the recent festival occasion, gave tne following account of the first trip made by a locomotive on thi* continent44 When was it? Who waa it7 And who awakened its energies and di rected its movements7 It was in the year 1328, on the banks of the Lackawaxen, at the commencement of the railroads connecting the canal of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Com |jauj wuu iuni uvw iiiiuos?auu ue WOO la dresses 701 vh the onlj person on that loco motive. The circumstances which led to my being alone on the engine, were these: The road hud been bnilt in the aummer; the atrno ture wa* of hemlock timber, and raila of large dimenaiona notched on oapa, placed far apart. The timber bad cracked and warped, from ex posure to the ann. After about 300 feet of strnight line, the road croaaed the Laokawaxen oreek on trestle work about 30 feet high, with a curve of 355 to 400 feet radiua. The impres sion was very general that the iron monster would either braak down the road or it would leave the track at the curre and plunge into the ereek. Mj reply to auoh apprehensions wm that it was too late to consider the proba bihty of such occurrence ; there wia no other ooarae than to hare a trial made of the strange animal, which had been brought here at a frmat expense; bat that it was not neoessary tbat more than one ahoald be involved in it* fate; that I would take the first ride alone, and'4ha time would tome when I should look back te the incident with great interest .As I rlaoed my hand on the throttle valve handle, was undecided as to whether I should move slowly or with a fair degree of speed; but be lieving that the road would prove safe, and preferring, if we did go down, to go hand somely, and without any evidence of timidity, I started with eomidetable velocity, passed the curve over the oreek safely, and was soon oat of hearing of the vast assemblage. At the n/1 nf ??a a* tKmil*f T rftvurcAii fKa !** VUU la ww V VI ? ? * vv u(t*vw a ?'w* "vv* ?uv t ai ? o, and returned without an accident, baring thai made the first railroad trip, bj locomotive, on the Wester? hemisphere." Th? Great Elbvatob.?A Southern gentle man, at one of the hotel* in PeniMjlrania last week, perceiving that the dining-room servant, a negro, was bestowing his attentions elsewhere to hia neglect, called up John, and aecosted him in thiswise: ''John, I hare servants at home, and am waited upon as a gentleman should oe. I am neglectea here, and am tired of it. I give you fair notioe that I shall inform the proprietors /*/ wakb aand n?4 n ft lads wnn KaKtoa Katfa* ' * VI T Vltl v/wuu wv% u uiuau vvuht ? wvtvvi The consequence wu John became very at tentive daring the few days the gentleman re mained On going a wit, the gentleman callal John up and presented him with a dollar or two, wbioh he thus acknowledged: Thsnk'e, maasa; Southern gemmen always so?reprimand its if we don't tend 'am right, bat dey always gives as a dollar or two 'for* Jeyleare. Bat deae Abolishun gemmen mighty hard to suit, and require ao much tent ion, an when dey laare shake Tour hand, look ap to d* afcv. an mj : uoa oien you, mj nnrorta fri.nd, and .1ct?U 70/Id th. M.U of WIPISLOW, * ?-N Experten ed Narae wd PhyslcUl, prevents to the attention of moti>er?, bar SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, WkUk fiittl? fMUliti** th? >?' ?' ""t"-- fc- ?* ? Inf tbi'nmi, rid?tir| kit fnt*niiBauoc-*wUl" 't'laj ALL PAIR ana iptinwdii ncuon.and to SURE TO REHULATR THK BOWELS. Dopa>d apaa It, motbtn, It ?tfl jj*? ttit to fiimlTH, lit RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOVR INFANTS Wo h?T? pat ap *nd told ihit irticl* for oror t?n yoara.ood CAR *at, in C?ltriDlKCI and truth of It, what VI kafl Ttr boon >U| to ' ----- Mtdielno? KITH A I 1*0 LI IB riCT A cull, Mo*?rdtd >i know (atiofaatiaa by any tht contrary, all aro rHATiom, and ? ... ? btfhoit conHDoadatioo of ll at-teal ortatt aad nodical nrtaoa. Wo opo?k in .tea m*?ar what Wl bo mow," aftar t?a yoaro'oaponaaco, AND plidoi oua aarPTi TTOR roi THI FCLPILMINT of WHAT Wl Nt?l na. MRS. . WIN SLOWS IOOTH?e STliUf, *7 vi mj v i ns? mai it TAIfCI to ir whia Uraaly atod an inaUiXi of dia on? wbo utd II Or dalifhtad with it* aviaab taoma ?( CLARB. In almaat iTtr; inatmaa vhtrt tba infant I* tnfar Inf frxn p?in u< iihiattim, riHil will ba fnand la ffiaaa r twtnjy miiiut?? aftar tba i;rip 11 n.nlniitiiil Thu raluabla preparation M tba praacriptiaa af an* *t tba m( lirilllKCID md iliLrDL NDIIII in Nav Kar laad, aadhaa baan natd with NITia-rtlLlffS iccclu ! THOUSANDS 0* CASKS, It lit aaly raliaraa tba child fram pain, bat toTifarataa tb* atatnxeb and bawaia, carracta aeidu*,ac4 fiWH tana and raarp ta tba vbala ayitam. It will almaat inttaotiy raltava wail-in* in the nowiLR AND WIND COLIC, aod Tircomi eonT?l?\?n?, which, if jot ?p?idi4y nrotilid ad in 4ittk, W AND IDA BIT UK to all can* of DTI RfKBA IN CHIL n??( from ( thine k?i?T? ittba BI(T MIT in till WOULD .WTI?T?l)ll DIAR nRBN. whithtr h from anr o(h*t cans*. W voalduj to a??rjr mothir vho has a child i?f firinr (nn ?n; of iht fotipmg toinpl?inU-ro WOT LIT TOD* PRBJl'DICB*, NO* THB PRBJl'DIC BS OP OTHBRS tand bnw??n y??r tafarlng child aod th? Mliff th?t will bi tt'R ?JtO, il'OLl'TBLT SUBB?t* foll<rw th* Bl? of th dicini, if tiTtly vta<1 roll dirietiar.i or Iiiiif will a eh botua. Nona f*nain? *?! tha f?e-iimtla e?m?anr < CVHTW 4 PERKINS.Niv fork, ii on thi auida *rtp|il fluid bt Dr?r#iitB ?v Prineir?' OtSes. No. 1J ??<1ar Itrm, H. T. Prie* nlvtSCsnU psrBsttl*. ? ll-d?wl? EDUCATIONAL. Rock hill academy, Kllicott's Mill*, Md. This Instigation, conducted bv tho Christian Brothers, will resume studies on .Monday, Septem ber 31. au 22 lot WASHINGTON SKiTeCT school, Cor.> mi or Trkth *sd G Sts. The oxercises of this school will l>e rosumod on MONDAY, September 3d. For tortus apply at mv resid?nce on D street, near Star Officc. Circulars a* ?v mnmnvuioB, mi 21 int SAMl'EI, KKl.LY, Princiral. J DRAWING AND I'AINTINU. M. 6TANLEY Having taken the room* re cently occupied by the Washington Art Associa tion, two door* went of the auction ttore of J. C. MoGuire A Co., it is hi? pnrpo*e in addition to his aooustomed art labors, to open a School for Imtruc tions in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING. Seminaries and Hoa'ding Scho.ds accommodated with separate clan* rooms, upon an early applica tion, and may find it advantageous to have lessons in these brauches civen to their pupils, wh?ra it will not interrupt the routine of scholastic instruc tion. Pupils desiring to ent'r will please apply at my present Studio. Penn. arenue, between 11tn and 12tn street*, until the ist proximo. irrciass rooms open on the first MONDAY in September. Washington, August, 18G0. au 21 tSept 1* Select SCHOOL for YOUNG LAD.ES. Mist M. RIDDELL will rnums the duties of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at Nu. 431 ' welfth street. au 20-lm Emerson institute, H St., Bitweru 12th AJtn 13th St*. SELECT CLAHXlCA'. ANJ> MATHEMATI CAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Annual se??ion of thin school will commence on MONDAY, September 3J. Number of pnpila limited. au 20 (States.) CHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. rr western ACADEMY. 1 UK Exercises of this school, under the charge of Dr S. L Loomis, and the Primary Department under Miss Asmik h Peck, will bo rnumert Sep winner ?j. circular* can l?e obtained at the book stores. (lot i au 17-eo2in THE RIPLEY FEMALE SEMINARY. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, SlTUATBD BltTWUKN RtH A3D9TII Hts. K??T, Will commence its n?xt session on MON DAY,Sep tember 10th All d<?*irinK further information will be furnished with a catalo^uegivinR full particulars by caHine upon or addressing the princ pal. _au 16 eo3w O. K. RIPLEY. THE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 37m KionTiiST., Btrvin K ahd L Sts. studies will be resumed in this institution on Mfl IllV Q-l r-. 1 L... i- . ?. ? f uvptvmu. > in. wnvumf sai ir?'a^fc'?ror? an 16 tf A C. Klt'HAK|J?, Principal. ]\f RS. M. E. KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, 1*1 4li KSt,. WapHiXoto*, IJ, O. The nojit i?>non will commenoe October 1st. lfwn. Term*, io., forwarded on applicat.on. an IS tf RKV. C. P. RUSSELL, ASSISTKD BY MRS. Russell. will reopan his school for >ounK la/fins on the first MONDAY of September next,at No. 41 East Capitol street, Washington, D. C. au 15 .Aw3w* VILLAGE GREEN SFMINARY IS I.OCA ?ed m a lioanti ul and healthful vil'aee 12 miles above Wilmingtoq, Del., and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended hr the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The course of study is extensive and thorouzh?in the Mathematical, Classical and En*li?h Depart ment*. Students are prepared for l>nsinesaor oolln^e. In the preparatory course for college bpcoial refer ence is made to Dickinson ITollnrn. Th? institution is provided with a l?rc? pliilo tophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Natur al Science. A library of three hundred volumes is MMMibM to pupils The fifth year will oommence MONDAY, Sep tember 3d. IWi. Boarding,Tuition, Ac., for ion of 14 weeks, 45. Great attention i( paid to the moral deportment of students. Monthly reports sent to parents. For circulars or information address tne Principal, Rev J. HERVKY BARTON, A. M., Village Green Seminar*, Delaware county. Pa. Reierenees?Rev. Levi S?"tt, D D. Bishop of M. E. S, Wilmington. DH ; Mr. F. A. Lutz, Washington. . C ; Mr. O. W. Acgell, do.; Messrs Diclcon fc King. Georgetown. au 11 t8cp5 COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, No. 47* Skvksth ?t., Orflitt tk* Qtncral Pott Qfce, Washington City. Armorian Pyatam of Penmanahi*. Boo?ke#?inr. Mercantile Forma and Calculations. UuiinHiCor respondenoe, Bills of Exohame, Currant Hills, ~ mission Sales,^j and Arithmetic. Cojjmj Jr A Priftrttorr Class for Boys. Ladies will be instructed in ftna penman skip. Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms applv at the Rooms. maK-3m WM, W. YOUNG & CO. HPHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Niw Auumimint. Thia well-known and popular Seminary, whioh has been so suooeapful under the entire oare of Mrs. Z. Richards for more than ten /ears, will be opened on the first Monday in September n?xt, und?r the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arrapcad and delight fully located Union Academy Building. For partio nlars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23-u M MRS. McCOR uICS'S SCHOOL. If IRS. McCORMlCK desires to inform hei !s?~ tiobtrnoztt w" J TMooir* of ftadr pimtd will aomf riaa all tha branohaa recount* to a thoroach Knguih ediei "in additi addition to bar dmy aokolara. aba is daairoit at ring into k?r fk rally a few pupil* u boarders ?ssrj la un? yaara| who will be oadar bar im liriac aarticalar information with reference I ^waohool may a?ply to W. O. Wallaak, Kditor < ALTIMORE A/ailJ lvwif IU^ *' uf" wwa bwowv, III UU?n?Il pnci~ K? AUo, Ohio Butter, at 10k and 123% o*t U KI.LICOTr* HKWKd, iy? a? Kwhwr* Pla-. Batt.mrS*. PIANOS.-ORE4T BARGAINS-(>? Ro.en r k rants Piano, in bast order, for fr i I " me1 / i_ for sale and rent. k^ok r v m T_* l?r.. #V? j j B, . -- - m. Mm pk V 'iimr-nUM ? ~<kUU* All IO * vBRICK DWELLING HOI SK, iituated at ?li Eleventh *t , a short dirtftnce from Pft. araiiye. Room* lftr*e; bouse nrrftnted with the inouorn conveniences ; prick stable And oarr.age nousn in the rear. R?i.t moderate to ft ?ooi tei fti.t. A?]y to JA?. c. MCO_UIRK 4 CO au 2-rotf I^OR RENT-A thre*-stonr BRICK Hol'S*! A ou H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two. tory BKICK COTTAGE, with garden,corner of J*DHWw avenue and north P street, surrounded "i ? common pasture, and would lia a d??ira ble location for a dairyman, lnquiro of C. BIRGE, 446 12 h st. jy l?-<-o3rn? pOUNTR Y RESIDENCE l-OK HALK.?Threa V/ and a half a-rea of Land situated at Bailey'i X road at the interaction of the Columb an and L.*esburg turnpikes, six milea from Waahington and S from A If Xanana. The improvements conaiat or* honaa, anatataiac 16 rooms, barn, oorn hmise. k?j, Ao. The yard ta well abaded with trw? and htuT* it an excellent well of water. For furtbr part*oalara *??! on the aremiaea toWM. PA VN K, or.o JNO. BOWLING. Ba*.,or A. G. .Virahau'a auction rooma, Waahincton, D. C. The tbovn deaonhrd property will be sold .ow for cash jy S eo4w* fi^C'R RENT?The thrae atory (brown front) HOUSE, No. 3t>7 New .York avonue. between "in ann 11 in atr?eta. north aide. containing nomi. Thin honae is eonTenieat to the Patent Of fice, Treasury, eto.: is lighted by ga?, aud in every *?? auitab'e for a boarding houae. Kent tno iera?e. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLKR. ?econd tto-T north wingol Patent Office. )j 14-tf |?OR RKNT-Thrw BRICK HOU8E3?one ^ r Twelfth atreet, between C and D;one on the corner of Twelfth and II eta.; and one on H, be tween Uth and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMKS W BARKER,on H atreet, between 11th and 13th, No. 4 2 A. ma30-tf I70R RENT?That new and well arranged three * .* nointr itr?no I' ar - - ? - > ai<Tj nmi/i\ nuLrr., iin. ir>.?,on u nrti, l.etw?en Wh ami 20th st*., First Ward, lately iwcu pie<l by Mr. Bodiseo, Russian Legation. Pom *ion riven immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH KY S. PARKER. next door east^ ma 16-eotl FM OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build I ins immediately opposite the west wing of the City Har.,reoently occupied by Cha?. S. Vrallaoh aa an office. Also the front room in the e?o?nd tory and the third floor of the same baildinc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, INo. tf Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. 1T|7ASHINGT?N CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' ? D Strett, BetteeenStk amd Slreus* We hftVA ill fit finiahMi nnmUr a* fi .- ? CARRIAGES, such as LinKt FnnrytJBTfWkB. Wagons, Park Phratons. Family Tor rJjfLijgK riatc*, and livtrtct, whioh we will sell at w ~ TBT7 a ver- small profit. Heine praot cal mechanics in different branches of the business, we flatter ourselves that we know the stales and qualify of work that wiH give g&tis faction, combining lightness, comfort and dnrabili tj. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest ntioe and most reasonable charge*. WALTER, KARMANN k. BOI'P, Coachinakors, successors toWm.T. H.>ok. at ?r-dir T* CARRIAGES. l* UVW UUO Ml mo |M in the District, where hi* facilities forMKMR inauutivoturinn <JA RK I AGE A LIOHT*=?i WAGONSofail kinds cannot be sur?a*?ed, ant from hi* Ion* experience in th* bauneaa, ho hopes to tire { nerU satisfaction. All kind* ofCarriages an* Lickt Wagons ke*t ti *and. All R Kl'AJ RP naatly dsa?>,an4 all ?rrf?rs prenyl 7 attended to. Seo*a4~kaa4 Oarrisjes taken in exchange for arv m. ANDREW 4. JOYCE, 4 It tt wraar "t Uth t?4 K atn S CALVERT KORD, Ja.. ATOTHhCAKY AND DRUGGIST, Pxrji. Avk^ck, CoRtKB or Elkvknth St., Denier in PURE DRUGS. CHEMICALS, AND STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES. including tk' latest nwl most nrrrnrrtt FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; *w?, CHOICE ARTICLES FOR THE TOILET, embracing ever? variety FRENCH. ENGLISH AN I) AMERICAN PER FUMERY, SOAP?, BRUShES, Ac. The proprietor'* personal attention given at all hnuri to tn? compounding of Physician*' Prescrip tions._ au_J4_12t_ F PROPOSALS! OR MATERIAi. FOR THE APPROACHES OF THK ?OUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. Tkiasckt Dkpaktmkivt. < Bureau of Construction Aucutt 10,1860.\ PaoroR^Ls will bo re?*ived at this D^p^riin >at ur,tii i. o'ol<>oiin.,on the lit day of September, 186<?, for the delivery of the following articien. vix : Prepared ston?s lor Be'gian pavement suffil>nt to lav down 5 500 superficial f*et ol pavernei.t, litifa' feet of o?rb stones for tidewa ks. An . in ler.gth n>t lea > than seven (7)feet,and 8 inches thick by 17 inches neep; tSe top edge hatnm^red straight biiu uuo,g iuuuub wiuf.uc r"iurana iiuvn 3 mens* on one aide, S lochia on the oilier, and have thi lr rnda properly j'-int'd Ala > 6 qnnrter circle oorn?r pincea in a single pi> oe of a radiua of 2 feet ontmd*, and of th? sa>ne thioknsaa aud depth, and aarne return* down the aide* aa the etrai<i>t onea; and alao another quarter ei.ole in pieo-Mi or not ? than 5 U> t in length, of a rartiua of 23 feet ontaide. of the a*tie depth and return down the aidea aa above, and6 inohoa thiok on top. 196 piroea < f blue North Rive' Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet r> inehea i n pico?? of b un North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feot 3 lnchea 42 pi?oe? of blue North Fiver Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 56 piepea of b'oe North River Flagging 4 fwt by 3 (eft 5 mclca an1 le>* Diddera ?>uat atate the p'ioea for rough ftac, of mootn fl&g, or drezaed flag, of each of the abovo a'jea ol the best quvitv, per aupe ficial fwt. Whatever kind la ?looted innst bo prepared in a perfectly proper manner to be laid down, and to b* 4 lnotiea Vtiok. with their f'drea ioint'd square, down at if ait two (2) incites from their laoe. A 1 the articles t> be delivered at the Treasury Kxten ioii, where they will be used as may be direoled br the proper authority. Tw propo?ala must he sent under cover to t?>e aeor<*tar? of the Trev ury, endorsed "Propotal* for Maltri*1 for the Treasury Extension " &h(1 will he opened at I o'clock p. m , of the asi day namrd for re^ei vine the same, in the preaenoe of the bidders, if any choose to attend. S. M. CLARK, Aotinx Kngineer in chaiice au 13 2awtSept 1 Treasury Departu ent. X? '.HOYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. X BK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot iarr,?auu*Bwu uj uie cp&nisa ouvornmonv, unuer the supervision of the Captain General of Cnbt, will ta*e plane at Havana on SATURDAY, August 25, MO. 80RTE0 NVMERO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK #100,000. 60 prises oL #1^** 60 do 500 US do 400 20 appro*. 1,300 I prise of #100,000 1 do fiO.OOft 1 do *>,000 1 do *1,000 1 io 10,000 IN ALL *88 PRIZES. Whole Tioketa, SO-Halvee,?10?Quartern, * . Brizea cashed at eight at > per oent. discount. ills en all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded an noon an the res nit becomes known. All arders for eohemea or tioketn to b? addrs?sd to DON RODRIGUEZ, an ?-tr Oar* of Oitr Poet. Charleston. 8. C. W NEW GOODS. E Haw juat received a large atook of Bleoohed an<i Brown COTTONS of the beet mak*?a Also, SHEETINGS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS, TO WELINUS. IRISH LINENS, 20*> varoa LAWNS, from S eenta to .2H; HOSlfiKY, GLOVES, GAUNTLKTTS, W HITE. KED, BLUE and GREY FLANNELS in variety. We have a few rich ORGANDY ROBES on h nd whioh we have marked leea than of st. jy ? TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. \f AONOLIA HAMS! in MAGNOLIA HAMS!! We have juat reo'ived another ?npplr of oar MAGNOLIA HAMS, whioh havegiven?uoh *at faotion for several year a put. We guarantee every one to be of the heat ana ity; KING * BUROHELL, jy W Corner fifteenth at. and Vermont av; P NOTICE. ERSONS Daeltaing houaekaaping or haviag a aural ua of hoaaehold ?(recta can find ready aale by o*lfin* at ray Karniahin* Store, 48S 7th atraet, be "STS,"" " BUf?W,.T. h. m&juxs, all of his own thai he will aeli m !nw u any of the Northern Ware# are aold for* and at tht tame time will warrant everything to b# standard iIvmt. SS? P*? ftwnn*. ? 22 CaiCK?-RINR * SONS' WORLD RE nowned PIANOS only tor aale by the? ?ut>? Tiber, at vfioaa ext?ti?iyeware:oom> yon will find aivayaa largeet >ok,emhr&o ins every variety, style, price of Piaoafor aale naot eaay torn or MmnI lor mk. Piar.oa also fro* ?U., for h. Piuo ud Mhio . 9ta ud IOth i Muuoal iD?tm i*M * * i J 2 .1 1 JOHN F? i GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS ALKX4NDK1 E. bxall.l I W *. S. MaTTRBW* I\J KOTTCF iu;w UKOCERY ESTABLISHMKNT, Br idtt and Centrist &ls , Gtottttc ira. To thk Citizen* of th* Dunicr axd Vicisitt The under?i(n*d would re*?ectful!y an*-o??noc Mint having taken the ??M catai>fii<hed * at:d of John M. lieit. K?< , th y intend to keep always on haad a largo and very polect aanortiiieutol fine firi>t cJau FAMILY GROCERIES of all kind*, and h*'e*?y respectful!* solicit call* fr<>n all who way Jesire to be supplied with prune articles in their line, and at moderate price*. _au IS-euiw BKAl.L A M ATTHKW8. \ RARK CHANCE IS NOW OFFER? DT!) Kny uu? who may m> oeairoaa 01 eni'Mug in a profitable buairw *a, at one of the beet a tan da in G*or*eto?rn. I mi entire a took of DRY OOOUPm tarma. in ordar to mtka a chance in my buaineaa. W. R Ul'RDLK. jy ?? 1m Corner of Huh and G<y a?a ffOR HARPKR'9 FKRRX.?CHAN<*E OF DA VS ?On and afVc July,2,1*6n, jp?k the atOMner ANTKI.Ot'K. Caat B J. >V*LL*,oarr> 111c the L'nited Vatea^ ^^** mtil.villlnretirorfflovn KVF.RY MONDAY, WKDNKHDAY amf FRIDAY*,at?a. in., an. I re turn Pvor? Tuesday, ThuradaT and Saturday. N. B.?fcvery \\ Pdueaday the Antelope will nm through to Shepherdatown. an 2ft-l?r.* OH ~ FOR hXrPF.R*!* FURRY. N And att-r July 3d. IW, th" uteamer L. J. Urnn?ln I"*- tir |i r? .. ?? ? I?( Vyapuklll , II. I\Iil?r, Will leave G<K>rr<>tewn KVKRY TCKS DAY, THt RSi>AY.and SATUR-1 HA Y, at 7 o'clock a in., and return ?very alternate day, AtC o'clock a m. On t'.e Saturday trip from Georgetown the Ixj&t will run through to Shep herd utown. jo 21 3m f^RA.NLlKLL. OPTICIAN, Ho. 1 'i* Kridtt ??., Qterttt Hm oonst&r.t'T on bind a large a* French Noar minted, Perjgcopic, Col ?,?,l . ?,l .1 -.1 . rlt ' u ' . , i. uvnoi Cl I j' j I a' i_drjP, OI the best entity. in gold. silver. steel .and Garmu i I ver frames. N. fl. O'tl F'tmn Repaired and new * *.*??? set m them to order. noM-ty JOS. F. BIRCH. UNDERTAKER, Cor. BrUtt and Jrfemon tts., Oforgtlowm. Having given my personal attention to thia hiancb of my bu?ines?, 1 am prepared to attend to all calls with promptness Persons from a distance can rve sup plied at a Vw notioe, as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS a-wars on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the df ad from the old to trie new burial grounds. Hearses and Hors*? for hire. ap >0-flin 1 K/fc JUST RKCKIVKD, It/U BBI.S- \VMl.~KY, iMKortrd.) lan do. HKRRING a d JM.KW1VE8. 25 <lo. MKHNKI) !?r?ARS, miihd*. PORTO Biro SUGARS, 6 bhla. (Hat field) Will TK Fl II, 25 lx>xos p im* fcastrrnCHKKSK. For sale low ky JOHN J. BOG UK, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. \fASSEY. COLLINS ft. CO.'S PH1LADEL lU FHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonataatiy reooivirifr freeh cuppiiee of the at?ove delightful bev erage, aud invite al, poraons who wast a pure un adulterated Ale. to live it a trial. ARNY A: SHINN. Ajenta. fin* ST <3tamo ?*.. AoorfMnvo. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOO MIS tl a* cloacd bi* office for the k* son, and will In *h*t?-it. a* u^ual. during the sum iner month* ; will r'siim? pra^tioe about the lit of Oct?.l>or, of which further notice will be given. ij JfV-tf D DENTISTRY. R. H1LL9, after a practical teat of two years, fMil thai Ha Mn with 1 mend the Cbeoplaatio Prooasa for ;nr vt:- r*HK3 artificial teeth it haa the advautaxes 0(*sniP atrennth, beauty.aiean]in?Ba,and ci:?apne?a. F?l! upper aeta iceerted fur 03*. Partial in proportion. < .(floe 306 Pa. avenne. w*l TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Ihavk RKMOVKD TO No. 16 market fp.%co, Penn. avenue, between 8th indgAf 3th KtrtM ta. where I will he h?pf ? to vtitHI on all who will favor me with a call withjH.T a fine ?t->ok of MOOTS and SH"K8 f >rw Vfcte toadies' Gents', boy a',.Miaae*' an?1 fhildrer'a wear. a?2-otr J. ROSK.N1 hal.. Bouts and shoks to suit th*. TIMES. We are now manufacttcinc all kind* of boots and SHOKt*, and ooratAntfv receiving ft?A* aupptjr of enat*rii made work of ever* aoriptio'-, mad* t-xpreaaly to orde-. and willw he sold *t a mnoh tower pnoe than Km keen* heretofore charged in this oity for much inferior articles. Pe. sons in want nf Roots and Shoes of eastern 01 oity in vie work, will &lw*y? find a good assorMnen 10 store and At the lowest prices Give ws a call. GRIFFIN k. HRO., A;f-r 314 Pennsylvania Avenue. F~7vk hundr kd traveling trunks Arrived this day. emh'Acint All quAii ties And siz"s of ?<>!e Leather, I^a-Ii*** , Dress And PAoking Trunks. Our truirk sAles room exhibits At this time the gr^Atei-t vAriety of traveling requisites At modermte true*, to be tonnd tins side of New York. Alro.evory descrip tion of INDIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET bAG?, SATCHELS, Ac. |X7"Oid Truaks repaired or taken in exohanc* for tew ones. WALL, STEPHENS A. CO? Trunk Sales Room, mar 31 -tf 3aa Pa. Avenue. SOUTHERN TRI'NK MANUFACTORY, 4 ua * a ??? ? II OIllITi Opvonte Odd Ft Hows' H*U. Wa-ktnttem. D. C. Travelers wiil *turtj their lnlerecu b< e&aminin my TRUNKS. V AMOK* Ao , before pur ohuicc elsewere As 1 Done tmt tlx-, l?OKt the market afford* and ?mplov the ii*?' workmen, I can nonfidentiy recommend my work to h?> superior in Sfrenc.-A and IhtmbUuy to Truukt tiiatare made in other oiUes and aold her?. 1 keep oonttantf y on haitd. ar-t make to nrd?r (oo one week'" D<?ti?e) every d??eoriptien of SOLM LEATHER, IRUf* PRIME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND ow( otktr Y ALICES; TKATELING BA0S; HAH NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., #e. Tri'.nkB. Ac., Repaired and Covered, m a work mail:ike mann?r, at ahort notice _ _ i runs* uouvrroa in any pan 01 tne city, Seorga town, or Alexandria. A1b?v? Areot for Howe'i oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. deJM^ JAMES 8. TOPHAM. Proposal* for iron railing, cop ING, Ac , for ENCLOSING CIRCLE. Orncx cv Commissions* or Public "riLDiso*,/ August 18, I860. \ Sb&lid Pkoporals will be received at this offiee up to W o'clock, m , 28th id-tant, for the following work for the improvement of the otrel* at the in terseetion of Pennsylvania anil New Hampshire avenue*: One thousand t?et, (l/<0 feet ) more or lees, of WroBRht-lron Railings. (posts 6 fret apart,) with three single and one double gate; the sates and posts to be inoluded in the prioe per linsal foot. One th usand lineal feet,71,00u fret,) more or l?ss, of Circular Giamte Coping 9 by 16 inches, io pieeea not less than siv feet 'one Also, one thousand lineal !eet,< i.non fret) of Brfok Foundations, 1 foot 8 inahaa bT a ftet dMD. inn.uiliir natwatina uul removal of earth. Plana for railing to be Been at thia ' ffioe The bida for Railing. Conine ud Foundation to be aeaar%te. and marked "Proposals for Racing for the Cirole." or "Coping,** or "Foundation.** aa the aaae may be. JNO. t) RtAKti, aa 18 dt?8thaa Comnsieaiontr. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING WOOD A AND COAL. Dipaktmkst or t*i I*Trmio*.f Augaat 16, I860. \ Hkai.kd Propohalb will be reoeived at thia lie partm^iit until 12, noon, of Mord%y, the 27th Au gaat iwn, fur furniahing. for the aae of the Oepa't moot. UurioK the ensuing V\ inter and Spring, one hundred and fifty tuna ?.f th - best white or erey uh and seventy -Svttiniol beat red ash anthracite oual for furnace use, to be f'ee f>?m impuriti?e and delivered at the convenience of the ounlraotor bef ire the 1st day of November next. Proposals wil. also be received until the same time for fumiafuag one hundred oordi of lieat dry. solid hiekorr wood, a?d twenty cords be?t b?kera' tine wood, toar feat ia length, to be aromptly de livered in such quantitira and at anon tin* a a* it may be ordered lor aae, the Department to have the privilege of ordering a gTaater or ieaa qaantity of wood, of either or both kinds, according to titeao tnal requirements cf the publio aerv ee. The wo ?d and eoal bath tn he delivered neon the en the east orjnoiw fronts of tfaa Patent Office build ing, as may be moat ooovenient to the Department ana its Bureaus. an 17 llw AL K ! XX ALE AND XXX ALKV I Be pareai Mia Bto?t *d<mmou A.e ib uu< WtM*. on'.j U> be ubtatued at me WA8HT16TON BR ERY. ThiaAieu made from mall and hopi and oaaaot Call to p*e entire eatufaotior. to Biner*. C. CQL1NEAU, Proprietor of the WmK'w HmwOi f . <v>rw?r f >ti [VJKW 8TYUK? OF EiOH JRWKLRV ! 1 HOod hu jnat opened a large stock, which he wilt efer at very law rate* Therefore those thai viihinr tna&rrf hnmft&Biihi&t in kik liaa IRK BEA1" A0B flAN ? Cfeiokwlng k. Don*' Pimm at*U moM. ir ? T*HRRK BEAl'TIPUI. UPRI6HT O* COT I Ta?B HANUS for rt?. we-k o * THE WEEKLY STAR Tfcia rjMUwi Ftwlf mmi N?w? Jwnl ww taiDiag a tr++t*r ruM; ?t iatfrataM reading th?a o?j> b* I* My ott?r-it ribiiM om iurniD(. Tim-OMi, MNrMii), u fml* oufj, pw anna +1 ? 1m v? oi pidt ?. m T-MSOflM W T want J (OHM lft M B* ?n*?cnbinf la elat* raiaad umu aauhbrra without the ict?nrMof a imi m?iI,u will h? >? omL of TV ImW) ffi?r will ha saved. It inrartahl* (togltlti th? '?I hllllM New*" tnat kM MM* Tk* Ermtmg X*ar eirtttial* o faaarallj thronebo?t the oountrj. irT-Pmr - oopi*? <la vr?|Hr< aM b* proaara* at tnaooantar, nam-?i.?t?ii afty U? tMaaof Hr?r. Pno*?THRKE CRNT8 IC7" P' "tfnaatai who Ml m ataeta will ba lowed a oumniMMi of to oonta. STTUUPD DPCADTw' uvanuu ttiacvuio. tlRLItLI WHITK BILPHCR SPRINM, CUMBKRLANn CO., fflMiy'MRM. Accokko?atior? roi 300. . TERMS LOW. j? 7 ll?w t for UoM who Grw4 Zvumj. P?r? Moantaii Air. I?TlfoT% <ioo<< ?<ooiet j ud a r For pftrtimiiM or Circular, "m'i&SBF Cn*lt?l* Small, P?. CAK1).?Afc an inducement for fttnili**U. sojourn at the " If V?? Kl a'dortnt the m^mh? A ^ ? A of Aacuat and >epiem*?*r, the Pro?rie WAV w v>r? iiare rMucwl Uit prioe of Hoard to RlJ Mr d?? U<1 #12 * f wwk, Iron August 1 C?C wiLUK^' { P'*t n??ors. OKI Pwtut. J *kl ?U- if ?*-!? AHimeTon CITY SilDIN. KRN'ST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. New York ifMM, bfttrte* 1 J( mmd M HI. InealUnc the attention ?t U>? pa HI le to it yj I would ataie tAat every trrMIMlt'lt ha- M t>e??n made to make thia "Retreat" icon ^ attractive every da*. Momlm the ?*> dene are open to the publio tree of ebarge?a ooaoert tiven by a eel^t l>and. Thone desiring to ei joy Ibe danoe aud waits wi 1 find the saloon in ooaplsto order to render plea*a re to all. On oth*r days the proprietor will ctiMrfally grant th? nee of the grounds for acteool or otbar Pi? Nu Paities vita / n? ?Kar-? for tl.e MiMmnl o'children h? hw It trod Med a number of little hium, never before mm in thia eitT, aa?l o*!cu.ated at the Mine time toMMtM old folka." N. B.?Attached in my Bottling ketahliefcwwt, and lamiliei ran b? inMliftf nth any auaotitr at their -rimer,oe. of that healthful drint. LACV R BF.r.R. apoa ikort aotiM ) lt-la 4NALOSTAN RETRKAT, I\ On ARtiMitii Ulakb. OrrwiH (iemttfwm mmd faituui** The ahacTibera baring Iwwd for a tana of yiart thia beautiful and romantic aaot. ohh??. ? A it for tae ao(w>mmodatioB of the ?nt>lic oi.icml the Slat day of Mar. 1M?. For beaaty ofJUjBX roguery, dehitht/ul promenade#, ftahitif. to.. tie aiaMua ioperior ia anaorpa>eed in tha Uaioa. The tioaM ia largeand ooaaaodioaa, ha vine ban entirely renovated It bu a large Dar.oinc Saloon attached to the hoaae. hea>dea DiniM ani PraMinc Roumi for both la^iei ana rent emeu In a441Uun plendid Arbora fletac ed from the bnildinca. Partiea, Familiea and Individual! will find it a moat deal able a aoeto paa* the aultry dart i>f aaaa mer. aa every attention wilt be cnarantied by tha proprietor*. The atriateat polio* arrangeiqanta wi 1 be enloroea. and aoliti aJ dunuuiuLi will prohibited Tnc L?arder will be foacd to oonta?a all U* <aii oaci?e oI tfj? Mwog at all tirnw. 'f'ho Par ?ill bt farniehed with the ehoioeat Liq U'T? and W tnea and lit* fin??t ftecara. Sobooia. Clubs and V IA-T Companies will find thia the moat deelrabie raport nair the metropolis for apendioc a pieaaaat and or dej-lrdaT. H3T Children unaccompanied by their parent* or gaardiana, will be exelaaed fmm the groaada. Unnninc and do(a prohibited. JUT Ho*u will Iwrt the ?oot of Htch atifet, 0.-or*otowD. and G sfeet, Waahinftoa, hourly, from 8 o o'osk a. m. till 1J p. ?n , daily. Persons preferrin* a pleasant walk oar raaeh .the T a an/1 via ?Wa A m - ** Wa solicit the Mblio to judge for tliMnsaivaa. ud fe '1 aeatired of ginnr aatiefactinn. le <? eotf JACOB W. POWER* * CO. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD NO COAL Deliver** to all parta ot tua cu>. at the poaaible ratea. T J. * W. M. G ALT, Oftoa 39* Pa. ? ., betTMB 11th and 12th iU., lit* 17 tf north ?4< rUE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON ran an axtenaire mtook of FUEL, u preparad to D all at m very low figure for caah WOOD fawed and Split any nw. Call and see for your salt . . Wogf^cSfSS^ ma 19 P. K. coror of Fourteenth aad C eta. N FIGHTH ATIONAL exhibition. At CINCINNATI, OHIO, St*. IZik-mk. The UNITED UTATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold iu Eighth Aonaal AgnouJta ral and Ir.duatria: Exhibition on the % ounda lu>er - ally provided by the cttiseaa of Cincinnati, which are lo be fitted up in the liaal style. Tnera will l?e Hall and Tents for tha <iippla* of 1*1 PL. R M ! ' V 'IV MiPUIMCD V TikAi A ? - ? ? i*? nn i ? i V/V71 <3i IAJM r?7 I I U MAM*FACTIRR"1, FARM aJU> GARDKN PRODI)' E, FRUIT8, FLOWER*, and \A TIVK W I N F. !*j with ami P?at for HORDES. CATTI,', 8HEEP, and 8WINE: mid an unequal.*d Track,one mils in l?arth aad lortjr feet iu width, for the exhibition of Horaee. I'he Premium* offered?in oa?h.?cold, (liver, and bronze medala,?dipiomaa and oertihoatee, amount to 020,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irons Wednae dav.ihe lttit, to Thursday, the >*h. ol 8epten.l??r, illiis giving time to eiaoune and teat the impia m<*nte and machinery. For premium I lata or information apply at the Office of the Soaiety, No 33t> Pa. ar?aue. i up atKira;) or to the Cincinnati. Ohio. BEN. PARLEY poor it. jy 24 tf San'y IT. H. A-crioalta ral Boeietf. nFFICK OFJN8PECTOR AND SEALER UK l?AS NKTKR8, W iiRimrnx, Jil; It, 1M0. NOTICE IS HEREBY GirEtf.'*? ahi) to the primniia* of ttte <>id inane* of tlMC?r poratin %ppro*e<i May l*. iwn.tbe unriaraicnad i* n"W prepaid," whenever rcagirad in wriun* .and on pre pat inent of tu fee of fifty woU, to inapaet. exan to-. teat,proTa, and aaoartain the astiraer of registration of any tu meter in uae in tai* city.'* Every raster, if found inoorraet, will he condemned, and another. sealed and marked as tma, will be el m ita place, if prorad to be aooarate ia Da we*?ur?tnent of KM, it will ba aeaiad aooord.ngip, and *. mi put in poattioa for aae. Oftoe No 5let ffvpr.rh street, (near Odd Pal low*' bal ) t >pen from t a. m. u. 5 p. m. w. Cunningham. it Ik tf Inspaotoc and Kealar of ttaa Mxara. OFFICE of WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. U WuHiisTOii, Ai|in IS, 1MB. P?opo?al? will be _raeaired at Una Oft?a until m I finished PO' da it of the Washintton Aqueduct. 12 o'clock m. on the 7nh day of Aa?ust. IHO. for Onnstructin* th? unfinished portion* of the con The work to be dona oouapnsaa about S? Cubie yard* oi Rubble Maaonry, and 3 MO Cable yard* of em'<*ckm*r.t , .A'ao^f r the TunneJ_ No. I., I aooui K7 nn<*ai ieet ooouinici ?*' uaoic yara* 01 rook exoaration; all to oe oomp<eted and delivered up bv tiii? let day or N o?wnbw next PUm and ?ywii??Uoti May be mm at ttii of fice. Propoeal* will be aea'ed and eadcaed "Propnaa'a for Conduit" or f<rtr "Tannai'' aa the caae aaj t>e. H. W BENflAM. Capt. of t-acuwr* aa 16-eoat Chief K*f iaaar W. A. CELLING OFF ! CELLING OFF' O. GREAT BAROAISB IN DRY GOOD*. W# oommonne to aa? aai in* off tmw ??n atoflk ?'SPRING AND 91MHFR DREN OOOI^, Blaok Lace Shavla, and Maetillaa. la fact ail Fancy Dreaa at treat]* rac uo*d Pnoea, many at lea* than ooat of importation la order to Mm oar Large Stock. iUa la Store a fall aeaortwieat of firat alaaa Staple Doaaetic Gooda. for (an era! laauly parpoeaa, all ...h.^a^ras Ey t aa 4 ?t **S Tth at., abora Pa. a*. KB. WW A B MITU K K H*v? id tor*, udtndai. PI XT ('K KS of ati.rel j N?wPit and Finish. ?up?riur ia rtrl? to Ml ??w*d in thi? mark?L W? iinUeiUs< It to oail and examine oir stock of 8m Fixtures, footing eonMont tint w? ka< 9 AS >l*ot*d lock ia Wa all Work ia tk*ahov? will b* promptly Mf NEW SILK MANTUH. i jtn ? i i

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