Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I WASHINGTON CITY: THl'ltftDAY Aaptt 43, 1MO. ?fint ( th* Mtralaf Prnt. The Cmsti:ution deacaita at leazth upon tbe reledons of "The National Intelligencer, Mr Seward, and the Repeal of the Missouri Com promise " The fntelligenter diacuaaes Sooth Carolina poll tlca, arguing that the proapecta of Bell and Ever ett are iurh aa to Dreclude tbe neceaaity of that 9Ute making arrangemfnta for leaving the Union. |E7" The New Vork Journal of Commerce aaya "the Great Kaatern, during her aUyin this country, haa probably made not lew than #<W.UOO clear. C7" A meeting ia to be held in I'pper Marlboro on the 6th of September neit, for the purpose of organixing a Cavalry Company. \\~J~ The Montreal Gazette and the Toronto leader, both leading Government organa, have broken ground in favor of the confederation of the British Provinces Id North America. |The Cleveland Plaindealer ?aya that " the largest Masonic gathering that ever occurred weat of New Vork will be on the luth of September, in lhat city." 1] r Mr. Lincoln declines to define bla position any farther than It has already been defined by the Convention that nominated bim, which be thinks quite sufficient. p* The Jefferson (Mo ) inquirer of Saturday says that, so far as heard from, the House of Rep resentatives of that State stands, 36 Douglas; 20 ( nlon; 12 Republicans; and 16 Breckinridge. |p* The New York Tribune and Express and the Albaay Evening Journal are at present engaged In a kind of triangular fight, personal and polit ical. Their neighboring cotemporaries look on without seeming to care who whips. CI7~ A Japan letter of May 25 announces that all the parlies engaged in the recent assassination of the Regent have been arrested. Some difficulty yet existed'between the foreign merchants and the Government officials, Wt there was a prospect v* cs jttuj ciwciMtui. fpj? A resolution was adopted at the recent Douglas Convention in Georgia, inviting Judge Douglas to visit that State aa soon as bts conve nience will admit, ' to exchange courtesies with his friends, and to remove the prejudices of his enemies." Private letters from Stockholm state that there ia much talk in the Court circles of the Swedish capital of a rumored vi*it to this country and Brazil, during the coming winter or next summer, of Prince Oscar, the brother of the King, and Lord High Admiral of the Swedish Kavy. fpy Dr. Barnard, of the Labrador eclipse expe dition. states that on the barren and inhospitable coast of that country, whlsh shows an almost en tire absence of animal or vegetable life, the expe ditionists were subjected to excessive annoyance from mosquitoes, which abounded ia that high northern latitude to an extent and reached a size unequalled in the broad morale* of the Mls?is iPP1 Cos*KCTicrr.?It is estimated that the popula tion of Connecticut, according to the census now In progress, will be 475,000. In 1*50 it was 370,791. Showing an increase of 25 or 30 per cent. Probably no other New Kngland State has in creased in so large ratio. The principal Increase Is in the large towns and manufacturing villages, and some of tb? agricultural townships show a light decline. Movements or Sexatoe Doiglas?His Goixa South.?The Hdn. Stephen A. Douglas. was ex pected to arrive in Baltimore thl* afternoon, at 1 o'clock, and to be escorted by a committee of sev eral prominent gentlemen to the Gilmor House, where a suit of rooms had been engaged. He is announced to address the citizens of that place in Monument Square this afterneon. At 5 o'clock, p. in . he takes his departure for Norfolk, in the for that nl?p? fT7* Hon. A B. Longstreet, of Georgia, has addr?w4 a letter to the British public, through the London Morning Chronicle, regarding the affront offered Mr. Dallaa In the Statistical Con grew which recently met in London. It ) a moat dignitWd and at the same time severe criticism upon the conduct, not of Lord Brougham solely, but also of the Confess which applauded him for his lil-tlmed levity or ill-timed fling, which ever way his lordship may have intended his al losion to the presence of the negro in the Con greaa frr On Tuesday ereniug last, at Memphis, Tpin . Hnn \V illiam Va# A 1?Ki?? dretstd a large concourse of people on the politi cal topics of the day, in a speech continuing over four hours His remarks were directed mainly to review of the positions of (he Breckinridge and Lane, the Douglas and Johnson, and the Bell and Kveret: parties, and a canvass of their respective claims to the suffrages of the South. His prefer ence, of course, is for Breckinridge, in whose suc cess. be contends, lies the safety of the Union. Mr. Ysncey aiso enters into an explanation of the object* of the so-called Southern League, whleh he assert*d was no longer in existence, it having been regarded with disfavor by the Southern people C7"The following speech was made by Louis Napoleon to the French soldiers, on their recent departure for Syria: ?'Soldit rs, you Wve for Svria. France hails with joy m expedition the sole aim of which is to cause the rights of justice and huu anily tu tri umph You do not go to make war against a foreign nation, but to assist the Sultan in bringing t l- * ? ? * * - - --- uocb ko oueaience nis sunjecu, wbo are blinded by tbe fanaticism of tbe former century, 'n that district you baregreat reminiscence* Fol 1 your duty; stow yourselves worthy to be the children of more wbo once gloriously carried into that country tbe banner of Christ You do not leave In great numbers, but votir courage and prestige are a supply to tbe deficiency; because whenever the 1-rencb'flag is seen to pass, the nations know tbat a great prctdes it, and jrreat people follow it ? fsrwul Mr ft?ugh, th* tempeeanc* advocate, is aniong tbe pas*?ugers by the Arabia Jeaaie White Mario, of Mazzinian notori ety, is mentioned as being at Palermo, engaged in the superintendence of the hospitals a la Flor ence Nightingale. Blondin is a little, fair- haired, wiry fel'.ow, with keen bine eye, aa bright and piercing aa an eagle's His grip is vice-like in Its firmness, .!? .* - w... 1 w ??(CWI Lit iwrnmrnm tut nouian intgQl wUo Idowi uo fear. O<nor thi Kivil Tbocpk im T?ol?L?.?At ILe JrflVr?/0 Market Police Court, tu New York on Monday, appeared 8i?nor Juliau Martlaetti, leading aerobft of tbe Ravel Troupe, who wag ar n*ted on Saturday, at tbe an 11 of hi* wife, on a charge of abandor.fueat. Tbe ln;?t-??nd produced a certified eopy of tbe record of an Indiana Court, abowin* that be had been regularly divorced from b?r. and prevloua article* of separation ?l^n- d by both parties and their trustee, and proved that bla wife b.-.d received under It the sum of #3.(>U0, and an annual allowance of #*<{1)0. which had been reg ularly paid for the aupport of tbe children left In berrcstody Tbe complaint waa d:iai!i?td and tbe defendant discharged. LIT" Three-bund red thousand arrea of land on Hawaii, Sandwich Islands, being one-'welftb of tbe wLole area of ttu? Kingdom, wvrr told r* rr.?r .or *.? it? The tract conUina half doxen unod tftrd TulciDoa, four or five Ufg' abrep fnru,?. and an minx-uae quantity of pulo la the rou|(b. rb? purdiwr baa been dubbed ?inc? the iucUm eale. the Duke of Kabwka, wLkeb it the urnie of the land ta question |? f I he 1-ooirvWle Juurnal U rather (flad tbat )tt friend Tutu Marshall brataken thetenipt nwe t 1 ?*dvr an * I n, buttbnka that, if Lis autograph commanded a good price, the poaaeaaor of blaaij< r.aturra to temperance plrdgea would be a very rich man. JO" The New York Journal of C?mii??ri| thiuka that If the common council bad totew? b> 1 foreland that tba tat^atotoora were cofnln# they : would kan ?f>fV??ted a fcrtnmlflrt of ra*^tWn. trr In 14a >c??cb at CbnrUttenviUn, Senate* Maaon M'.d a *harfl?th?t be called the ZZfZruej tb. *et?9V?cy '1~ VTj > JfT'Tbe craaur m* ef m* ' ! id tk* ' ID" Tie Emprew Eu *'/ "T. ndLioufcfecJ* ft fr _ I* " Y w, to btedaod ottritoua. WASHINGTON NKWS AND OOMIP. ThiCosditiohof mm T**AstTmr.?The news papers give, every d?y or two. various and con tradictory accounti of tbe condition and prospects of tbe treasury and of the revenue Sometimes they Say tnai me iron?ury ! i?iik[U|ii, aim ?biidi carry on the public works for which appropria tions are made. Again, they say in one column that the receipts have exceeded the estimate*, and in another column that they accord with the esti mate!. The fact is, probably, that Mr. Cobb has had no reason to change the opinion which, at the close of the session, he stated to Senator Hun ter, and through him to the Senate, to wit: that there would be money enough to meet ail the ap propriations, provided only that the treasury should be protected from the return upon it of the treasury notes. This has been effectually done, by some arrangement, without resorting, as yet. to the loan which Congress authorized for the pur pose of redeeming these notes. . Naval.?Surgeon Win. F. McClenahan has been ordered to report for duty at the Navy Yard, Washington, on the 1st of September next, to re lieve Surgeon George Clymer. Commander B.J. Totten, who recently return ed from the African station in command of the sloop-of-\var Vincennes. and was tried by court martial at Boston, has been suspended from duty for eighteen months, the first six without pay. in accordance with the sentence of tha court. Lieut. Paul Shirley has been ordered to the receiving ship at Philadelphia. Lieut K W Henry has been ordered to the receiving ship at New York. Passed Assistant Surgeon A.M. Lynch to the Navy Yard at Philadelphia. Incksjlsk or th* Gulf ^cjldxox?The Indi cation! are that a strong naval force ia to be con centrated at aomr point in the Gulf; but when or for what object we are not yet reliably Informed. It is said that the Suaquehanna, which waa des tined for the Mediterranean, will sail froin New York to-day for the Gulf, and that the Powhaton, at Philadelphia, will soon follow. In connection with this movement, it is also rumored that special orders have been dispatched to the Sabine at AsplnwMl,and to the St. Louis, daily expected at Pensacola. WasHIHGTOW Mo:?UMBXT COSTKIBPTIOXS.? The secretary of the Washington National Mon ument Society acknowledges the following con tributions-.?From Miss M. C. Brown, Vice Pres ident for Florida, ?133 63; and Mrs. R. H. Wal worth, Vice President for New Vork, *50. Returs of thr Postmaster Gxjeral.?Hon. Jos. Holt, Poetmater General, h is returned from his home at Bardstown, Ky., whither he accom panied the remains of his deceased wife. Tub Wiatbii.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Acgcst 23. I860. New Vork, N. V .....c loudy, warm. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, warm. Baltimore. Md overcast, warm Washington, D. C... cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. cloudy, 78 \ Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 80?. Norfolk, Va raining, 75% wind K Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 74?. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, rainy. Columbia, ?. C clear, pleasant. Charleston, S. C.... clear. 7fl\ Augusta, tia. clear, cool. Havannxh rloar WJ i*M?iv ? f V ?mw V?V?? <| W? J ?? I liU i7 *f Macon. Ga clear. Columbua, Ga ...clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 78?. FROM THB WEST. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Ha<*er?town. Md cloudy, warm Cumberland, Md cloudy, d.imp. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va 60 , calm. Parkeraburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O .....clear, warm. Pittsburg, Fa cloudy, 05?. Elgin, 111 cloudy, calm, 67?. l.'edar Rapids, Iowa clear, 693, wind S\V Dniinqne. Iowa .. Houdy, 72', wind S\V Cairo, 111 cloudy, wind >vv Ottawa, 111 clear, 72s, wind XW Uarnm<it?r ?t th? UmHVtaAnlon ^ ?* m_. ?1 v w?. ?v < ? ""WWII 1'sji a* I a | ^ t>ui * reeled for temperature,) '.!!>.!?H; at noon. '29,UI1. Thermometer at 7 a m., 73?; at noon, W?. Maximum during -Jl hours ending V a. m. to day, 65^'; minimum 68#*. On the Wing. Corrtspondtntt of Tke Star. Newport, R I., August 13, 1&G0. A White Mountain Twilioht?White Mocn tais Black Bears?How we uo dp Moukt Washington ?A Capricious Divinity?Tip top Entertainment at Tip top Prices?The View?The Descent "avernus facilis, fcc." Newport, R. I.?Its Cottages, Visitors, Bathiko, 4c. Star: My last letter left me at the Glen House, White Mountains, engaged with mv fel 1 >w travelers in a wild bunt after sleeping accom modations. This effected, after a fashion more or less satisfactory, and a capital sunoer disnna^rl of with almost ravenous appetite, there was op portunity to look about one. A few simple minded people, who really came to enjoy the scenery, were upon the piazzas, watching the changing lights of the mountain twilight; the stern old crests relieved against the sunset sky, looming up more mighty and solemn each mo ment as their shadows increased In depth. But this is not the business of the multitude. The pleasure-seekers, who philander at Niagara with backs to the Falls, are here, thrumming the piano, rolling ten-pins, teazing the bear on the lawn, and ignoring the mountains to the best of their ability. By the way, every White Moun tain house has its black bear as an indi*iK-nsable adjunct. The Alpine House has one, the Glen House has one, and the Crawford House, (<?ibbs) on the other side, conies out Rtromr with bears Not a few of the visitor* were at the atables electing borses for the morrow's ascent of Mount Washington. Some seventy boraca are kept at the Glen Houae for tbe use of excursionists; tbey are of small aize, of eight or nine hundred pounds weight, only, and are of course selected with an eye to sure-fooU-dneas. I was surprised at the, large number of borses on tbe invalid list, and on inquiry learned tbat la the ascent of tbe mountain (Washington) tbe change of temper ature is so marked on leaving tbe belt of forest upon tbe mountain aide aud entering the wind raked frosty regions above, that tbe borses in tbe heated condition In which tbey reach this point, are peculiarly liable to rhilla ? / I " Not a few of the visitors prefer to make the aacent on foot, without the annoyance of a guide at the elbow, and amongat this number waa the subscriber, who got an early breakfast, and was many miles up the mountain side before the cav alcade left the Glen House, on their winding course The buoyancy of feeling is, 1 think, immeasurably heightened by making the aaeent relying upon one's own legs and reaourct*, and the |Mth, though rugged, is so well defined, par ticularly upon ibis (eastern) Ride, that It seeins quite impossible to lose it, unless Indeed, late in the set son. wbeu a sudden tlurry of mow might obliterate it. Numbers of ladies make the ascent from the Glen House without difficulty on foot. I met not a few on my descent, and in sunt cases they were quite unattended. At one point I met linn !( >! prill*)* irn J'?n <>I Hg*, WHO *ai t?ivt? going up i;on her owu hook." An excellent carriage-way Lu Wen completed for four miles of the seven constituting the rise, and some fort) laborers are hard at work blasting and terracing the remaining distance. Ills designed to have the work completed and conveyances running to the very Tip Top House by the Fourth of July, W51. The atmosphere of Mount Washington It of notorious fickleness, and I was treated to a touch of It. The weather when I started was remark ably tine, and the toll-gatherer at the little bridge, who taxed ine 14 cents for the privilege of walk lug over the portion of the road as yat completed, inclined to the opinion that the day would be the clearest of the season?but a blinding rain, with ? ...... ...... ..rmmuuui iriiau or wind, lnterc? i*ed me in tbe last mile of (be asrent. and threatr n< d to make my mornlng'a taak labor*ost Hal/ Xnzrn by I be sudden chill at the temper ature, J waa glad to be able to distinguish tbe outliae aS the rude "Summit Houae," fastened to the rock* if Iron roda and bolts, and looking ex ternally but a mere heap of loose gray atones. Inside, however, was a warm Are and a cheerful party of tenants, Including a stereoscopic artist, who has taken his quarters here for some weeka, and who makes a good thing of it by taking photographic groups with the stony rubbish of the summit as a background. Two of theaa rude structures bnve been erected upon the summit? designated respectively "The Summit House" and the "Tip-Top House,'' and originally started as rival houses of entertainment, but findiag this did not pay, the interests of the two establish rnent* have been merged, and the one li new used at the sleeping department and the other as the eating department. Forty or fifty- persons can be lodged here after a fashion As everything has to be brought up by pack-horses, prices rule high? 91 for luncheon-meals, SI for lodgings, 25 cents per drink for whisky, and soon By 11 o'clock, a m., the cavalcade from the Glen House had arrived, and also a mounted party from the Crawford House (nine miles) on the other side. The facility of reaching the imme diate vicinity of the mountains by rail Induces the larger number of tourists to approach them by the way of Gorham. Thus, seventy-five per sons made the ascent from the Gorham side the preceding day to twenty-three from Crawford'*. With the accessions, we mustered strong around the big stove of the Summit House. It had ceased raining, but the mountain top was veiled in driving ciouas, wmca roued up me sou in west rm acclivity with surprising celerity and panted 08' to the northeaat, lifting aa th?y trav eled in that direction. and giving transient views of wonderful breadth,' including in the nearer plane of landscape the barren rock-crowr.ed conea of Mount Jefi'erson. Adams, and Madiaoa. To the southeaat a line of silvery fog indicated the windings of the Androscoggin down hs beautiful valley, and yet south, old ocean was outlined in dim haze. In other directions the view was provokingly obscured, ao eciij>se the more tantalizing because my time-table required me to be at Gorhsm fifteen miles distant in season to take the afternoon down train. Apparently the grim old mountain was in a htift'at my disposition to "do"' hfcr wonders with such oft-hand celerity, but relenting about mid day, ?he unveiled momentarily, and, aa If by touch of magician's wand, a scene was displayed to be remembered for a lifetime. The cloud lifted from north to south, disclosing in turn the warm tinted Green Mountains, a lovely hint of the Con. nectlcut, then the southwestern range of the White Mountains, dotted with glittering specks of Alpine ponds, and south of all the picturesquely outlined mirror of Winnipiseogee. The clouds now shut down again, and with less reluctance on that account I made iny parting adieus The programme time for making the descent is two and a half hours. I dislike excessively to brag, but truth is mighty and must prelavtt By dint of long legs, thick-soled shoes, short cuts down the mountain side, and the Drosrwct of dinner ?hear I I made the distance in one Lour and forty minutes, reached the Glen Hoiiw by the dinner hour, two p. m., and Gorham by coach in abundant time for the train. How I reached Newport will not particular ly interest the reader. 1 fl;id here the very (r mt a la trtmt of fashionable pleasure-seekers, but, for the mott part, they do not frequent the hotels, as at most of the sea-shore resorts, it being the card at Newport to own or rent a cottage. Nothing astonishes the newcomer here more than the infinite number of these charming residence*, embowered in the surprising wealth of foliage fir which Newport ia remarkable, and which I pre sume la attributable to the moist, bland atmos phere. A small fortune la not unfrequently ex pended on theae summer residences, used for per haps two months of the year and ahat up the remainder. Thus, Hareda'a (the guano man's) new villa, with lta surroundings, has already cost 5170,000, and will run S??5 000 ere It iB completed. Land, when it can be bought, about Newport brings ?.'1,500 an acre, whether ledge or soil. 1 have been disappointed with the bathing here it is safer?less undertow?1 am told, than on the .> ew jersey coin, uux aner one Has luxuriated in the clear brine ot Cape May, tse surf ot Ncwpirt deems positively nasty, infused, as the water is, with particlcs of decayed animal and vegetable marine matter. Among the illustr sBiiiil who make Newport their headquarters this season, are the youthful Pattl and t?ie Strakotcbes; the French minister Mercier; Miss Hosmer, the sculptor: M'ss Cuthmun, the actress; Belmonte, the banker, to gether with most of the country's notabilities who make shorter visits to the place. C. S. N. IV^THE UNION ASSOCIATION OF THE ' L3 Seventh Ward, and all friend* of Bell and Everett, are requested to meet at Inland Hull, on THIS (Thursdayt EVENING, at 8 o'clock A lull attendance is requested, an huMnesn of impor tance will be brought before the Association. It O. HOSWKLi.. Sec. iY**8KVENTH WARD.?A special meeting of !l ? the Yoiin* Men's Union Club, of the Seventh Ward, will l>e held i'O MuKKUW ( Friday) K VE NIN(J, the 24th, at 8 o'clock, at Capt. Burch's, foot of 11th street A full attendance is requested. A cordial invitation is extend d to all favorable to the cause to t?e present. D. PI PER, .~en. It" [Ty?THK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION. |L_3 Will hold its regular weekly ,riieetin* at the " Wigwam'" corner of Indiana ave., and .il *t., '1 HIS <THURSDAY.* at 8 p iu. An addrecs wili im uenvereu oy Mr. uoti<e,o| Minnesota. The Ulae Club will be in attendance. An opportunity will be afforded to all who nifty desire to unite with t!ie Association It* ry^-CF.NTRAI. BK1,I. AND EVERETT I % CLUB.?The ra<u ar weekly meemu of the Bell and Everett flub will be held at Thorn's Hail, on THIS (Thursday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock. It is expected tlia; Mr Geo. A. l'earre, of Maryland, will address the Club 011 the occasion All persons friendly to the cauno are respectfully invited to atte: <1. If CHAS. 1. CANFIELD. See. YV COME AND SEE OUR CELKBR \TED Ji q NAVY FLANNEL COATsit 9*A> at an 10-2w SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street. HE MISSES BALL'S SELECT SCHOOL. The duties of this School will l>e resumed 0:1 Monday, Septenib9r 3d, I861, at 179 Sixth street, between i\ >wl U streets. au ihOt' j^T. VINCENT'S SCHOOL, wa.? n ur Bil 1 XI A it V VJ C I The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the fi st Monday in :*epti'nier noxt. IU oxercises rill f*r> oonducted as in former years. au ?j-ro2w (StatesJ Raven, bacon * co 's.andsteinway k. sons' pianos are only to he_ .. found at the wareroom? of W. G METZ Kmn KKOTT. Persons in search of a reliable'!'*" ? Piano are requested t? o?ll and examine bef re pur chasing lsewlior<. Musio Depot?aorner of ?'*?nn. avsnue and Eleventh St. au 23 Dress iiats fall STYLES. 1360. BEEDE'S new YOkK ventilating DRESSHats rm For Gentlemen, At lane'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, au 23 eoM 4 i4 Pa. av., near 4,S street. Red ash coal, white ASH coal. lyken& VALLEY COAL OAK woo", pine WOOD. Sawed an J Split Wood in quant,ties to suit, f->r sale low by R. W.BLRK, au :3 3t* corner of7th st. and Mass. av. ASH I MiTOM CRUtl V I Mutitiihu - , J il O A I I U i Cl Tf 2a;* fJ St , bktweks 17th and 18th Si*. Mrs. SM I Til prevent* her compliments to tlie R rents of her pupils and hopes their daughters wilt prnsent punctually on tho first day of the session, t September IS > The Iwanl of instruction consists, as formerly, of ten professors and teachers, seven of whom taught during the last session, au 23 St" CENTRAL ACADEM Y, CoRISR K AND TbnTM StS. This Institution will resume its duties Septujutx-r :Jj. Applica ions ma<le to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. *. 1)K HART, Principal. Kef*r*ACt*. Prof. Henry. LI>. L) . M. H. Mills, Esq., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver. Kev. A. (i. Carorhers, Rev. J P. Davidson, au 25 RJOXES'S HEUMATIO OINTMENT. A Sb'RK CUKti VJK HHKVMiTrlbM. Warranltd to curt is lw? tr tkret wuJct. Can also te uttdfor amy other pains. No patient should b? capped or l?ached or bied beftjrt> consulting me. There i? but two kindr of rhenrna'iirm I ever heard of. that is mttaminato-v and chronic rheumatism; they come from cold and exposure Any one wishing to oasult m- can find me between the hours of 8,12,4, at No. 418 D niiAr Tliirt??n-Rnrt.A.hAJf ? " WHEELER A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewing nachiiet, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, 1 " which raodar tham ?bao utaly ah thut (an tx? (Mnili AT THE NKW AOKNCV, Nq. 346 Putut-VAjuA Avjlhds, near7ib atrte w.u.iaiaftt'aw M 88-lm ^ P. J. STEER, A|tnt Mmnmiora Dbath or ax Editob's Dacohtbb ?Supposed Out rag* and Murder ?A correspon dent of the Utica (M. Y ) Herald writes, that the village of Mohawk baa been thrown Into great ex citement by the finding of the dead body of a young girl la the canal at that place. Toe clr mitancea, aa they appear mi the Coroner'a in jtieat, are tbun narrated: "Abbey Keller Bowe, Jauffhter of O A BoWe, deceased, and formerly editor of .the Herkimer Journal, left Franker* on the alghtof the 10th Inst., for Herkimer, on the cars. Arriving ai mai piaca shouip^. iu? wrre took the omnibus for Mohawk; arriving ther", be oit at the tavern togo to her boarding bouse, vtfiich waa tbe last aeen of her alive. At about U% o'clock her screams were beard by neightori living not far distaut from tbe spot whfre her body waa found. She waa also beard by sone boatmen who saw her straggling la the watir. and went to her assistance, but too lat- to savi her. A boat was obtained, and her body re rev red in about hoars after her screams were bard. It is stated that tbe boatmen saw two nan leaving the spot ia their shirtsleeves soon aler htr screams were heard. A NnviL Wkapo*.?The drivers of two furni tire wagons In St. I.on Is got into s fight the other dty, ma one of them was evidently getting the - * ? M al 1 111 _ ? t - ? 1 J _ 1 _ . _ 1 _ 1 % "I ? VI IUC VQIttCj TT li( II ur BUUUriliT *CI1>V%I U J tjf tail a passing dog?small In size but remark ibly savage?ana swinging tbe brute around bli lead, brought it In violent contact with tbe cra tium of bia antagonist. As migbt have been ex pected, tbe dog scratched and bit the poor fellow iterribly, causing him to beat a retreat, much to 'the amusement of the spectators, who were de lighted with the novel mode of warfare. 0I7""Vanity Fair'? la improving with age Tbe principal illustration last week, was aa good aa any thing In i'uneb.?before Punch Km* dismal. <'John Hull*' is represented to be taking a nap, wun toe nigm-inare crawling ail over nun. In tbe shape of "the Nephew of his Uncle," ana undry other Frenchmen, pike In h>nd, in tbe act of making a hostile demonstration on the old gentleman, who with his legs crippled with a na tional debt, wbich be cannot shake off. Is In a very tight place H7"Tbe yearly amount of raia which falls at the roof of the Royal Palace at Berlin ia 18 Inches in depth. Tbe average annual fall of rain at Parts for ten years, from 1817 to 18*27, was about 'JU

inches. The weatern coast of Great Britain, . France and Portugal, have an annual average of from 30 to 54* inches Corinbra, in Portugal, haa 111 inches In Russia and Poland, the fall ia 15 inches; at Ekathertrioalav, In the southern part of Russia, It Is 13 inches; and in Siberia still leaa. (?7" The Boston Atlas says: " We have aeen a letter from'Geo. F. Bickley, K G. C.,' dat d at Richmond, Auguat 3, addressed to a large manu facturer of arms in this State, irivinir an order for arms in large quantities to be delivered at Mata moras, opposite Brownsville, in Texas, by the 1st of October, l?rtO, and ottering to pay for them in cash on delivery at that place." lET'A bachelor's fcce. aayi Prentice, Is often ttie worse for wear?a married one's for wear and ttar. But Prentice atones to the ladies wben he s*v?, "next to God we are Indebted to women, tir?t for life itself, siul then for making it worth having." U3T The Boston Post ts responsible for a rumor that Gov. Banks is soon to assume the presideucy of one of the western railroads, with a salary of 97,(100 a year, and that his future residence will be in Chicago. (JIT-WLen Jemima went to school she was asktd why the nouu bachelor was singular? "Be cause," she replied, "it's so very singular they don't get married " |p^G?s w?s successfully introduced Into Little Rock, Arkansas, the 31st ult. DLUMEi DE COQ 1 AM) OSTRICH FKATHERS. Suitable for trimming JocJiey Hats. We have just received Plumus de Co<j a id Ostrich Feathers in plain jet black, in white and black com bined, and in black and gold, from 75 cents to $2 50 MAXWELL'S, 329 Pa avenue. N. B.?We are agent* for the Si oat Sewing Ma chine Company. au 23-eoSt / GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL FOR THE IN ll SANE, AuRint 22, 186 >. Bids are invited till Wednesday, August 29th, 1fW, to lurnmh and deliver upon the Hospital wharf live hiinarcit tons, rn <re o less, (2 24) lbs. to the ton,) of good, clean Anthracite Coal, "broken" tntt. The difference in price !>etwAen wiile-Mik and fray a*h should be stated, and also the (articular name o>~ designation b> which tlie Coal it may be proposed to furnish is known in. the market. A hOTMand driver will be furniohed l j the ITos p.tal. and a' its expense, to hoist th* Coal from the ? .oavi) ihim win i/o loucivmi Alio urftwIt &W&V &S fa?t a* it is delivered upon the what!, but no man will lie furnished by the Hospital to wotk on board the vessel. The Coal will be weighed as it is delivered by a nwurn receiver,employed and paid by the Ho pi a:, and accounted for accordingly. C. II NICHOLS, ati 23 eol w Superintendent. SCEOFLLA OR KING'S EVIL, 1b a constitutional disease, a corruption of the Mood, by which this fluid (>ec>mea vitiated, weak, ar.d poor. Being is tue circulation, it pervade* the Whole N>dy. and inay burst out in disease on any part of it. Whatever be its origin, it is hereditary in the constitution, desoeadmg ''from parents to children unto the thi'daud fourth generation;" in deed, it seems to b? the rod of Him who says, "I will visit the luiquities of the lathers upon their onildren." One qu*rt?r of a 1 our people are Scrofulous; their neisons ar#? invvl?< h? thi? lnrlri?> tlietr health is undermiQ.ied by it. fo cleans* it from the system we must renovate th-? blood by an alterative medicine, m,<1 invigorate it ay liraithy fooJ and fxerone. Such a medioiue we supply lu A YICR'S COM PO USD EXTRACT OFSARSAPARILLA, tho most ell actual remedy whioh the medieal ml of our timoa can devite for thi? everywhere pravail 111K ai.d fata! ti.alady. It is combined fro n the moat active remtMliais that have baen dt-oovored for the expurxaiiouofthis foul disorder from the biood, and the rescue of the ay teT> from it? destructive coase^ueuce*. Hence it should be employed lor the cure of not only scrofula, but a'so those oth?r ad'eotio'is whioh ariie from if, such as Kruptive anJ ^kin iJisoas's, St Antlutny's Kira, or Krrsip*.aa, Pm.ples, i'u>tules, Hlotolies, Hlain and Boils, Tumor*. Tetter ar.d 3a t Kheumt soald Head, Kincwortn, Rheumatism, lyohilnio and curia: Diseases, Drup.y, ljjbpep< a, Pobihtr, and, iti'leed. all Complaints arising f oin Vitiate or Impure Blood, in? p >pular belief in 'impurity nfikf Blued ' is founded tu truth, for ?orofuia ta a denene ation of the Blood. The particu ar pursoto and virtue ofihia Saraaptrilla ii t>> purify and re generate thia \ital flu.a. without which round h altii i? impmni'le in contaminated constitution?. Prepared l>y Dtt. J C. .v\ KR A. CO., Lotvcil, Mui , ai:d sold bj all drug|l?t* every when, au 23 eolm 1KNULI8U SHIRTING PRINTS. HAVK Just received one case oi English Shirt ing Piintsof extra quality and width, warranted fast color*, at !8c. per yard. II. EG AN, au Jg-6t *ul 7th at. ?nj 3'it P?. av. WTO TUB PUBLIC. K Call tho attention of our friendaand the pub lic generally to the fact that we hava<-pened a firat quality CI.O r?ING ESTABLISHMKNT on the corner of Seventh and K streeta, Washington, where we have on hand a large stock of the aitovn named good*. with ?n elegant a?iior inent of GKNTSP FURNISHING GOODS OurShirtaa--e indeed a auporior kt A to any b?retofoi? sold in this citv fo. the orices. R? Kait ll< lllinr and l.r?w Prinw i which has always been our motto) we hope to ob tain a liberal share of patroua^e fiom iur friends and tho public. au21-1 w BAR k BROTHER. I f Store, No. 371, nortliea*W:orner ofStv ?nth and 1 xt euu, lately owned by Dr. T. C. Mclntire, is now prepared to accommodate the forme - patrons of : lie Store, and che pub lie gene ally, with everything they may wan in his line of business. lie keeps constantly on hand * fre-h and pure assortment of DRIJ6S, C r! EM10AL*, and MK DI01N ES.purchased from some of *he most reliable houses in the IJnitrd Spates. There will also hefoui.d PATENT MED K INE8, FANCY ARTIjLES, SOAPS, and PERFlTMEuV. St-ict personal attention given to^the compound rg of physician's personptions at .... uuun. un; or infill. rNi'gicai Insirument*, Trusties, Jce., ordered from the mantfTacturer at : the horte?t notice, and at reasonable prices. Ha ! pledges himsetfto 'to all in his power to please and | accommodate eyerr on? why (jives him a call. Ha I also has a few gallons <>f vtry superior Old Port ! Wine, a pure article, for medicinal purposes No 370, eomer Seventh street west and I street north. No. 370. au?-M*^ W DRESS HATS! E open this dav several cases of "Gentleman DRESS HATS,? from "Beebe." New York. STEVENS'S an 17 eo?t "Sales Room, Brown's HoteL PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the eitisana of Washington, Ueorfatown and Alexandria that h? has addrd to his lone estatdishad business the auxiliary of steam power for eawioc and naanaiao tnrinr Marble and Brown Stone Work is >hatr va rious branohe*, Mart la Mantels, Table and Wash stand lop*, Tile, Monuments, Tomb and Head rwwi, ?>a?, Wttdot L*mWa, Btl.e, 8te?e and platform*, slaving purohivaed alarge atock of Itilian Raroie in bloot .front first hudMt the lo.waat ratea, f*?i? oonfi<le?t of bring abU to furnieh Marble Work M low uitoubc pnrohaaed in Naw York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Tha trade aupplied with Italian Marble in bl?k or a aba at the earn* rata aa furnished in S ew York, and on aoAonmo* dating tf>rina. Alao, on hand, a aup?It ot Pumioe Stone,Water of Ayr Ho.a and Pollakin* Putty at New York prieea. Enoour?ge th* ente# Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown Statu Works 9 Fa. at., oor. Thirt enlh at.. " w W*?li>Mtoa. P. B. T OPENING. HB t 8TRKRT BOWING SALOON WILt tin* Mu d?r evontng, Aufu?t?.?. 2Wh, m For tfte aaason, having I ' clojed for the thrwj months lor x| I' m ilii ByriMMA ftI rnfittin? ???PVthin* ?*._ -r. ... mm* rcxcnRSTONS pin Nirs *r_ ? OOK OUT FOR FUN! Th? NATIONAL CLUR will five a FAMILY PIC-NIC at ARLINGTON JC**. SPRING, oa TUESDAY, ? >. ^mrnrn^m^ Wither?'? full Braa* and Stnnr Band in *n(acerf. Refrenhmenti. dinner, Ac., furnished by the pro prietor. Ticket* Fifty CenU. Ladle*. ohildren. and e?r ranta, free. Omnibus** will leave Uie corner of Pa avenue aq-1 Seventh street Th* ?t'*m?rGin W. R .<x;< wiTl leave Fonrt""wth rtrect hridceand the rtoainer Fltis? Cloud will leave the Aquedaot every hour dnrinc the day. B? order of ?he au?3eo COM. OF ARRANGEMENT*. ATTENTION. ALU HE GERM AM SEANGER Bt'ND SOCIETY n<>iineinK to treir f< iends ind fellow a citizen* that the; have made every* nwiw; ?r ancement to jive a*i EXCURSION to til,Y MONT, on the ewift and oonimodiom steamer Thomas Colltes, on MONDAY, the 27th inst. Meals w:ll he furnished on this occasion at eitjr prices by the proprietor of Glrmont. The boat will l?*ave her wharf, foot of 8??f a'-h st? at 8 o'clock a. in. and 2 o'clock p. m Omnibnse* will leave the followitg places at 7S o'clock a. m and IS p m.: Eighteen ?t and Pa. av . Seventh st anil Pa. sr., Seventh and L si*., and fo. t of the Capitol. By order of the ... ? ? ou v/v/m<ui a b Ei. tMRST GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC r PIC-NIC of the WASHINGTON RIFLES, Capt. A Baleacii. Tlie U'uhmtton Rifle* be* l?ave to annouaoe to the rni'itar? and the public that the* will uvea PIC-NICat the P AR K MONDAY. Ausiwt 27. V The committee will npftr* no pama to make this th' Pit-Ni* of the fiea*on. Ticket* FIFTY CENTS.admittinc agentlcra&n and ladiea. Oaiuihuaea will run hoarlj between the Park and the oorner of Pa avenue and Seventh at. Committee of Arrnngrm'nts. Lieut. N. Harp O. Ser.'t John Wahl, r.n?nn jm. Miner, wru *v naiaer, Herg't P. Schweitz>r, rrivtto NeiMtnoki. Private J no. Oiling if. aii 23-tt Grand railroad excursion and pic-nic! aelhlBf New, Navel, ami Attractive! Th" young catholics' friend SOrf. F.ties of Wanhington and Haiti-1 more will hold a ?>RA\D S<>-i CIAL PIC NIC in the R-au'ilu!1 Grove at the annapolis junction, oa thursday, the*** of August Th*ocoa?ion will afford An mvit'ng oppo'tamty for the interchange of friendly rreetingi ami civil tie* lietween the meinh*ra friend* of the two Societies,and am pi* arrant em *nt? have been mad* to insure unallotted pleasure and delicht to ail who may participate in ihefeativwieaof toe day and eve ning rne proceeds win r* oevoien io the charitable ptirpose* of th?tw<* Societies. whieh are to cloths and educate poor and desMut? children. The con sciousness, therefo e, o' contributing to a noble cha'itjr will cive additional ze?t to the innocent pleasure* of the nmiioa The friends of both Societies in \Vashi..gton, Georgetown, Alexamt 1%, and the surrounding cotin'ry,are cordially invited to share the pleasures of this attractive festival. Withers'cMebrstod B a?s and Sinn* Band h*s been engated. a d, m addi'ion to their unrivalled cotillon mu?ic. ?ill icive a choice InBtium'n al Concert, malt at vocal t<>? grand old woods with their matchlessconco <1 [ sweet sounds. Ai< excellent dinner, and refreshments of the choicest kinds, will be fnrnishrd at reasonable prices, to those who de ire them. '? the courteous proprietor ofthe Junction Hotel. Mr. FitK'immons. Tickets for th? round trip, including admission to the erove. 75 cent : children between 6 and 12 sears of aire, hall price; no oharge for children of less a:e. i am* win if ?vi rue w a?mn;lon depot at 7.40 And 11 4" a in . a'd 3 20 and 5.7* p m I .cava the Anrap-ilin Junction at 93i a m . ar.rl 4. 6 and 8 oVI-ck p in Ticket*' whieh should l>? procured befjre enter ing the car?>in*? lie ha I at th < following plac* : O E Duffey's Book a"d *ia?ion?'ry, No AcJS 7Ui street: ! tin F. Rllis's Miimc Store, Pa.av. betw*?n 9th and inth b!s.; Dr. F. S. Walsh's Drug Mo'e, Navy-Yard: Dr D. B. ''larke'* Dm* St*> e, corner Pa av and 4S reel; D' Kidwell s D'Uj S ore. Ueorcotown. a d ol'the officer* and members of the V'Minc Catholic's Friend Societ). au 23-T M \V 4t (S ate?, Intel, a*d Con. 3t each ] T POSTPONED. HE BAM. AND DISPLAY OF FIRE WORKS which wa? to come oil last evening ** COLUMBIA SPRINGS. , in POSTPONED until! TUESDAY, AucuiUWh. au22 OOK Ol'T FOR THK FIRE A L* ZOl'AVK CI.CB PRIZE PIC-NIC, At ARLINGTON r^PR NG. au 20 TUKSDAY. September 4tb, 1M0. AMU8EMENT8. yY ASHINGTON THEATER. r>oie Lessee and Manager $ W. Gliks. THIS* ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the ret alar Fall and Winter Seaaon on the night of THURSDAY, ISov**BEa lit. JOSKPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age.wili commence an an* (ijemfntuf Twe ve Nuht? on MON DAY, November 5?h, and wi!l b? foilow-d b*the most BR I L LI a N'T STARS 11. the Theatrical Firma-ne* t. fTT Communications if addressed to S \V. Glknt. ''Old HovarT Tliostsr.'' New York, will me**t with prompt attention. au lt-lf IJi PREKCOSOERT8! LiRNST LOEFFLER, JVftr York bt ticrtn 1?r and 2d streets, would respeetfsll* Wfa state to tlie public that A COIWKRT oflW SELECT MUSIC will be ii?*n?Terr MON-HP DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dunnc the seaxon. at his Pavilion, eommenoing at S o'olock and ending at lit p. m. Previous to the Conoert, tue Saloon ia open to those desiring to while away a few hoira in the maxy danoe. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY aiwaya ready at city prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pie Nio pnr poses, are requested to give a day or two notio*. je 18 3m I^OR PHI LADEI.PHI A ?The steamer C. C. A Iger, Cap mii F?*nton. bas ar rived a!>d will receive fniiht for th?J above port on Ihurftday. to sail on" Friday moruing, at 11 o'clock. HYDE 4 DAVIDSON, a i 21 3t ? Georgetown. CUT RAW HATS, STRAW HATsi LEAKING OUT STOCK OF STRAW HATS In ord r to dinpore of my entire stock of Men's and Boys'STRAW HATS great inducements will be t>IIereil until the ol?*e of the ie?juo at LANE'S Fashionable !??' and l a? Mor?, au 21 Itn Pa. ar., near Pour-and a-ha!f ?t. THK ESPECIAL ATTENTION OF Ol'R NAVY YARD FRIENDS AND CUSTOM ERS in called to new CLOTHING KSTAB 1,1-miKN'T, ooruer of Seventh and E atr-eta. Washing on Intending to make th s our perma nent place of business, we have >rplemsb?d our stock with a fine lot of new Goods just received, which now makes our stork altogether a complete ou *. We hope to reoeiva a iberal aha e of patron age from the public Fair dealing and low price* has always been our motto au 21-3t BAR * BROTHER. C. M. keys, I DEALEK IN l WOOD & COAL, LIME, 8AND, CEMENT, MAIR, ' Plaster, and White Oraral, I 548 N. ?. Cor. 12th A C 8U.I One equate South Pena. At. WASHINGTON. D. C an *v-tf rpO CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPBA. Owes or thi Wa*mixgtox Aov*dcct,( WasHi.nctob. Autuit 7, 1H60. { S*AL*n rsoro?*L* will he reoeived at tbI* office until 12o'clock m., August 21 *t, I860, for supplying the following materials: IS* to nSSCMneh Pip**, 12 fact long, Ball 4 Spig got. Washington Aqunduct pattern. ...? 320 to 39) 30 inch Pipes, 12 feet long. Bell Jt Spig got, Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 .sn-inoh Flange Pipe*, 12 feet loaf, (drilied) Washington Aqueduct patfera. 3 12 inch Flaug* Pipe*, 12 feet lone, (drilled) Wa hingfon Aqueduct pattern. 26 inch Flange Pipe*. 9 feet long,(drilled> AN a*h in^tou Aqueduct pattern. _ i 4 men t-iange ripe, sieet long, (drilled) Wuh ington Aqueduct pattern. Atno.ftnv special patterns, *neh m B ?mm, Bonds, Ac. For further particulars, luminaboi of drawing*, 4 c., apply at this riot. The whole of the canting* will be re^nirod to t? delivered bj the 1st October text. H. W. BENHAM, Captain of Enginoorm, an t-tf Chief Eng'r Washington Aqueduct. T IMPORTANT NOTICE. O Person* who have small room* or passages to5? ?j|?r several thousand pieeee of daair able WALL PAPKR ktmi N/.> .. get yniir work done from 36 to ? per oaat. less than usual prioea. Call and tee fo' youreelvee at FRANK If* * ROTH ROCK'S Wall Paper and Shade Store, an U-lUtrtw eoraer Nmtb ana l) ata. L'ST R ROE WED. aa<1 for tale SIR JA*. Rhenmatiein, by . F?j>D,J>,v ;t, MUtw corner 1Kb at. and Pa ara. AVKKY NICK BBvkw OCTAVK PIANO haviai been in n?e a abort Ume pair mi the L haviai been id a.aa abort U?e 11 b* aold at a great aorifi<w for e*' k IBM owB'r being eonf^ied to lea*- the?Iimil ?tv. Q iginal p ioe SMf.wiljjhj'^eoid fe< #1 # AUCTION SALES. Br thos. DOWUN0. AMboaM. (fwrrliM, D.C. rpBUtTSB* sale of large and rs 1 atftABL* PlVCI of Dkt fconlA, Jlu ?i . Plated Wai, IHooTt,!* Hott-Ar4hi Twrlttl DAY, 23<1 iua(. thp Aaoti > E ' | o'?Uk ?. m., and ratio** from dav to tUy ?rti! tk? loo It i? ?old. th? otir* 8Uks* at Ch*?. 8. Hwtt, roi-ii tint off ifnna ?**or<vf Dry PI*Ud W?r*,|g(iMr*lrT< 1*??** ,* **,-*?->*c ??.v>k Wilt Ka BaM mm mm ratV and thf att^nUon of the ladie* and h?ad? of fonili** i* ?p<ciii W oall#<d . HSSt TH(?. IWIWI.IW. Aid. Bt A. GRKKN. Aaetion?*r ?A LB OF (tOUftFHOLU AID KIT^IirW ^ l-'ciiiiTiii. it Arrrio* -Oi MOND*V.lfc? 77 th mat ,uii o'clock t.w., I ?1mmI aati at th* rmmt <1*'o? of a (tentl?rran drehnnc hoiaakarp'Bg. oa OtirM'.hrtww 1 Ih and 11th Mnli. (Ik* Flat will dMicnai# tka fcouM.) M m?rtiwt o< Faraitur*. *i*. M?.li ii-.j Sola*. Chars and T?Wm. Ho Fockrr and r???*or Otir*. Walnut What Not,and Gilt Tarn* G ait. Mant Ornament*, and F#?-t *'oo!a, IHmuk, and ottiar Curia*aa. Mahocany (took Caa.ard Hat Hank. Do Prcaainc Hnrp?r,and Bcdstaada. Ingrain Taraata aid *tair Roda, Fa*tk?' Bad*, Pi Iowa aad bolatora. rary ftaa, Qaiita, ''omf?>rt*. afd Rlanketa. J??'in*. Hair.and *huck Matfoaaaa, CVina, 6>aa?. and Crwk*rj War*, Radiator. Crok aad otkar Htom. A lot of Kit?-h?n K.*qui*itM, aud m*ny otktr ar tioVa too ruiDaroas to rnim*r?t*. Tarmt: AM ?!?? nf ?nrf nod#?. $? M?h; mrm ?r?dit of ?n*nd?i d??r, for *.pprorrr4 mm lorMM) not**, b??r in* irterMt * 93 d (IbUI J A. GREEN, Ant THIS AFTERNOON * TO MORROW B? J C McOUllB A CO. Ai?baMMk SNUti TWO-5TORV FRAME HnL'SE AND Lot os 6th Tii?Twmlmwu!i G **r H TIIITI KOITI, At ArcTiOM -Oi THOMD\V AFTKRNOON, Am. ?J, M ' oiek, mm prMiiiaM, we th*J sJll Lot No. 14 id <^ur* m. froDtioc 25 f*>*t on 6th strMt WMt, butVMi ti mmid H strMts lortk. mnoinc h*ek ? f ? torn 15 Sit all?T. t/irfttior with tl laanMBtMt mnuniita of ft two tor? tram* Dwiiiiii Hob**, mMuhic four room*. Term* One third oB?h;tfee rwidB* ii ud IS months, with interest, soon red bj b deed of traet ? ftu y 'duT**** J. C. MoQL'lRK 4 CO., A??t Br BARNARD k HIJCKKY. AuotioMm. 0Nmt?OT. Ac CORNUCOPIA HOTtSl. at AUCTION.-O* Vy THl RSD*V AFTMtNtHtN HI Mi *'o ock. ib fruit of th? promise*, w* wtti *11 Uiftt D'W ud tbIubWi property. the *Conuoo?it Hotel," ai tasted on the oornor ?>fM*rk*t ipeet ftnd the Cud This H??m is new ted in pe-k?t oner, o ntAioe ton room*, bar fitted very ?oi?i?t?. b)?o uaek building: titer* is bb excellent Bud d y oe lBr. Thia houae U in a most eioeJIent position. is a very popular reeott, ami it gov under food rmt to a punctual 'rna't Thi? u e offer* m oppo-t unity to erssrsa good bo?inea? location, or fo' an invratm'Bl Term*i One-thiM oaeh: the reeidas in ?. It. and II month*, with interact. and s<car?d ty a dssJ of t uat on the propertr. Tltis perfect aa n d pARNAKD jTbO^KKY. Aoata. Br A. ttRKKN. AiatiooMr. fj ANDBOMET* OSTORYFRAMF H<*l ?K II AUD Lor 0* TWt ]*LASB AT AfrTI > ?'On THOK!?OA V. the?l met . I aha I a?|l it Tr-mitH the pr at fi o'clock p. m , wee* part of lot A in rqnare No. 496 r aving a f'on* of 2> feel im aottk G between i', and fth streets, ran' Ins with a aid* alley to am fe-t a ley. 113 feet t inches. with the improvement*, whieh are a food two-story fraase bntiae, Ac The 01 ia handsomely improved with trees, shrubbery, Ac l'ermi: One half ca?h; helsnoe ia t, IS and It month*, for aote? bearing interest, an 16 d A. GREEN. A sot. FITTURE DAYS. By J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. AMbutMri. DF.HIRABLK DWELLING HOU8K ON NoaiH |. ITMIT BRWIN 14TM XT I KIT WB I. i*n V Kit most Av*sr*. Fo* P a La -4ta FRIDAY AFTKHNOO.V Aurnat Mh. at aiz o'c ock. on the we shsJI sell partofut ?, ib sacaivision 01 < utr? w?. ziv iroaunr 1 (?*( oo north I. >tre t between Mtli street awrt \ ermont ITW??, rirnn nf hack ah at i'3 f-et wth a front of 15 feet on Vermont a*enae, tot ether with the ihi provem-i.ts,con?iiitin* of a three-?tor? boo* haiM nr, oon'aiiK iix rooms, and stand inr back from the bui'dum ine ab< at ? feet.and adjoined oa rach aide hj a handton.e three-at ry brick dwo)lint house. The It cation is naexoeptionabi* for a private renderev and the p'?perty vary desirable a* a residence for small family Terms : One-third cash;t a reaidae ta C, It, and It muntba, with inter's', secured by a (?a* uftusl on the premises Title perfect. an 20-d J. C. MaOUIKK * CO., Anote Rj A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 2HANDSOM" THRKESTORY FRAMK Horsia ox 13Sth ox thb Island, it ArcTios ?On To e.?U * V the X at inatant, | snail aeli in Iront of the premiaee. at* o'clock p. as., par* of L?t Nn.6m square No. 2f, wiu the UB aroTemrnts which are two good th-ee a tor; f ame n^naee, with back bailoinc, oonOuoiax ei?ht or tea ro<>ms each w th paaeace. Th:a property ia handaomely situated, fronting fin 15W ttrMt VAtf hrtwMu sunt I* II ar.H P dmi tlie 8?nith?<?nian Ground*. T?rm? : Ooe-foarlh eaab; b?ltii?e in6. It, 1I,h4 24 month*, for notea b-anni interact from dar of ii* A deed fiveu and a deed of tru?t taken. Title au 15 d . A. GREEN. A??C ICTTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED ob account of the inolement voather until FRl D A Y. the 74tk in?t., utm. feoar a^?3 paee. ?u :2 d A. GREEN'. AuoC Br BARNARD A BUCKBY; Georfetow*. POMT1VK !*m.K OP V AI.I'ABl.K AND DlliBARLK BctLDU?0 L?OT I ! _ .G.? OIUKTO wg, 4/. V.., AT rtlLIC ACCTIUM.?on J l f.BVAY if TKKNO'lN,?'h 'Bit , at W* o'clock. IB front of th? premi?e?, that Tali?l>l? ud m??t flwi'iti Lot, ofird by John CftMin- E?q . ud m mated on tne nortnw*t o rner of Prcspeot Md +oU+nxe tree. , in Georgetown, D. C . ai d fronting 6ft? - f.ur Iwt more or ! ?, on the formsr atraet ud nin>t* ir?fwtmnreor 1 on the iatt-r. Title indi-potable. Terms cuk.uxi iflr # '!an of tiie pu chw money to be paid on the iioimd, or the property will be immediate'* reaoldT Pomm inn ?iTen upon oomiliarc* wit" ukI term*. au ?l- BARNARD A BUCKET, Aaota. Br A. GREEN. AuoUodmt. Thri *?TEK'?ALB OF A PART ova tract OP UNDo?ll(d ' Peter'* Mill Sent," lUtUd in the oounty of Vvaehington, oa the Piney Brutk Ko?1, and about three milfe from the eitr of Waahinfton, beinf apart of the eroeerty knoarn a* the Piney Branch Trottinc Coaree." iBr virtqei ftwo deedt of trait, one beanai data on or aocut id* 9th of Auk tut. 'g?. and ra oord?d L>iber J. A. S , No 15), foliaa M*. at a*q.. <iu? <> the ad reoordt of the ooUQty ol W ttklH t >n? in the District of ColinhM, Mid the other bearing aat* on or about the 14th daj of May, 'M*, a' a recorded in Litx?r J. A. R-. No. 177, 'olioe *4, et ?<) . also one ol the Immi eoorda of e??d out;, I will proceed to **11 at pubiK Motion to the highest twtd-r. on TUESDAY. th? Pth day "f BttUabw, lion, at 5 o'oiock p. m.. at the AacC'oa |too? rf A. U R ken. ooriw 7th and D atre-ta. Wash.r tton, **a:i tha part of a tract of land called 'Petet'e Mil] Seat,' situate, Ijmj, aud h-ins m the ojuntv of Washington, in the District or Cotambta, and oa tha west aide of the Pioey Branoh >oad. coata.aed w thin the foJowiac met**, and honodt, to wit: Beginning lor the earn* at a ?tone. No 4, planted in the weit tine of Aid road. f-?' the no theest eor ior of a lot of sa d land laid of to Htu ?p ?ak man. an-t ranaing fro? taenoe north six if oae aod a half d*g ieo?,we?t &fty fix and forty-foar han dredthe aarches. with Sp**kmat's "rth line. f> a t >n?, No. s, a* the rotthweet eoraar of $peaka?a'e larger lot and the b'gnain* of hie ewiaJ er lot, th?n e ranninc north thi>tj and a halfdegree*, eaat twenty eight and a hair perches to a -take u the natt lm> . ? J 1 * * * ? -*r ? i ? m? Uf? I * WTUlf - u * Il'Wi V IU If AM TIUI the eaet li a of Sp-akmaa'a aanal or lot, who?t is planted a ?tone No. 5; :beoce raining Brgtt aixty "h?*b i a ha f decree*. aaat fifty nine po-cbaaaad ft tr ind ob? baodrrdth of a p?eoh la the WMtllMOrth* PlOOy IB kraMi;U0BO?VtUMl4 *Mt tn? of aatd Pinoy branch run iaaatraicbt lino to the p'tct of beginning, <vrtuai?| Ml aara* and thirty ai* p-?rebee of taad," mora or lt*>; to c?t her wi'h the < mproraraaata tbarao^i, ?M?? mit of a b*v. *paci<>ua, and wall bout t?o atory F aic Dwelling h<>uaa, ?tabling aheda. and oat kou?ra. I eraaa of aaio: On? third aaab; t*o balanaa ia C and 12 mouths, lor which th acrcha>a will ba rw qaired to giva hia notes boarfa* intotoat fro? the day of rale. and Mcirtd by a M oftiiH^raa.lkt * Should tha parebaeer foil t# eomylr with tke terma of aaie within five ?H?a aftar the day of Mlat the trn?te? reserves ;be neat to roao'l said pro* erty, at U? riak and e?at or th* defaatinc pare ha or, opor, giving five daya previoaa pnt>ioao*io* by advertiaoment. ia aoma nawapaper pabliahao id tba city <*f Waahugt-n, of tha Uaae, plao*. ?d terma ofcuch ra All mn??ri??? tK? of the purchaser. B. LA8KK\ , ?> . an ? foAd? A GiltKW. Awt 1V1 V/AL* BALJL?ia virtao of ft Vrit [ .15 ?*'' faolM "yd ff?? *? Clark lOftot of the Circuit ( ourt i>f the Dtatnot ?.f Colaaibiafnr the Coaptj ol Washington. and to me dTr*ctad. I itl exaoaa tn pa bile *!?. fot eul. in f cot of U>? Court fl<-a>e d o-<>' m? oowtr oa WkB(U|. /i ," P- j dV,9t Am**S " ** ** ? o'eCk a. Alt <iafeudant'? rifhi, tftla, c aim ud nt?r*?t in and to Lot No 6 in t*?uare HM in the C*t? of WwMagtaa, D.C, u^nhm ? tk aU Uie imfTiirew*' U UMroon miu^ and IrrMd ?#on *?t <*"? ?> P. D?w. Hd wi I b* ao'd to Cw/oimS iliTg R?#w2j trralM, 1a D.B. Man ha: for tka Di?tMot ol Go urcb'V. HT-4U \1 AftSHA L-*8 BALK. ! netaa 1?m from t lit C<>urt of rfe? Diitrxl ______ oiDt)ofWukmiU>c. tad to me an