Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. l?7~Tbo?JKta The S*tae U printed on the fastest (tWm pri? In uae sooth ef Baltimore, lta edition Is bo large u to reqnlre tt to be pat to press at an early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be ?ri m oerore re o eiock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notic* to WmhMToittam?Tboae of onr fellow-citizen* leaving for the watering place* ina eisewnere should bear In mtnd that we do not mall Twi Sta* except after payment In ad vance at the rate of 37cents per month. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted la the Baltixobb Sow are received at and forward*! from Till Stab Office. Thb Public School* ?Tbe following are the name* af the teachers who were elected at the inffting of the Board of Truatees of the Public ^ boots, on Tneadav afternoon last: i ..? K??i rv;>s_I -a a?s * * - r ii?? cvuwi unit I'- V? innnn kdooi. male de Jwirtment.S John Thomaon; MaryK. Middleton, -male department. Male primary, M E. Rodier, principal; Emily Roblnaon, w .aUnt. Primary K? 1. Mi* Mary J. Ritchie Primary No.'2 M 1m Adeline K Lowe, principal; Miaa Artemesia Hall, a?siataut Primary No 3, Mtae Henrietta H Slater. Primary No 4, Min Mary J Milla. Primary No. 5. Miaa Francea K. Hoover; anb-aaaiatant, Min Sarah V. Triplett. >?cond Diatrict? Dtatrlct achool, made depart ment. Thorn aa W . Wilaon. DrinciDal: Mrk Kinilir Vvn, assistant Female department. Mrs. Susan P Randolph. Male primary, Mrs Rebecca M. Bi^elow. Primary No. 1, Miss Isabella F Acton. Primary No. 8, Miss Lucy H Randolph; Miss Marte L Henry. Primary No 3, Miss Kate .McCarthy; Miss Martha V. Fletcher, assistant. Primary No. 4, Miss Emily V. BlUfajr ; Miss Amanda Baird, assistant. Pilmary No. a, F.llaa T Ward. Primary No. S, Miss I.anra A. Reed; sub-assistant, Mrs* Margaret Flenner. Third District?District school, male depart* meat. Was. M. McCathran; Miss Elizabeth Par sons. Female department. Miss K II. Ilosrgt. Male primary. Miss Jane G. Moss. Primary No. 1. Miss Francis F.Ivans; Kmlly E. Tucker, assist ant; Mary Ann Hill, promoted to sub-assistant. Primary No 2. Miss Lucy E. Moore; Miss Catha rine Murphy, assistant. Primary No 3. Mrs Eliza \! phrki* Primara Ma A Miss I .?<IU P . vr-. a * J -|| IV* UJ?II? u v/ uvm ?t Primary No 5, Mtaa Margaret C Simonda: Mlaa J tcphinr Bird. usaistant. Primary No b, Miss Kale Sanderaon. principal, vice Mr*. < fwd Primary No. 7, Mlaa Ellen L. Hawkins Primary No 8, Mis Lacy B Davia; Miaa Mary Aukaid, promoted to aub-aaaistant. Fourth District?Diatrict school, male depart nt-nt, John E. Thonipaon Female, Margaret A. Milburti. Male primary. Auguatua Edaon. prin cipal. Mlaa Sarah E Ecklotr and Mi? Geneva K f*d, assistants Primary No. 1, Mlaa Annie M. A da ilia, principal; Mra. M E. Martin, assistant Primary No. *2, Miaa Mary A. Lee. Primary No. ?l at U?>? A 0 LI J n.i * *? .iii?. ATiaxy a. cftiumvre. rrimary ^o. 4, illlM L. Reed Primary No. 5, Miss Anaie Dawn; sub-asaiatant. Miss Maria Norris. At the same meeting a resolution was adopted authorising the treasurer of the board to puntutse Phtlbrick's alphabetical tablets for the uae of the public schools. Daring the session the following resolutions were adopted: R'solr'4, That the teachers of the public schools shall not be allowed to use any other text books than those designated by the Board of Trusteos of the several schools. Ke*olr?i. That the Board of Trustees of public s aoois suggest to the City Councils the propriety r>f authorizing tue said board to lease for a prriod no* excelling ten year* suctt building a* may be offered tbem for school purposes in the different districts, reserving tbe riuht of tbe Corporation to purchase the tamest a fair value, and provided such buildings can be leased at a sum not to ex tend SI00 per annum for each school of sixty pupils. ' ThI AeBIVaL or STEOBKL AMI) HI* ACCOM PLICE ?The 5 o'clock train from Baltimore yes wday afternoon brought to tbls citv Phillip Strobel and a female named Lehae Duffner. who is charged with being his accomplice, in charge of Officer A. K L. Keese. These are the parties arrested in Baltimore on the charge of robbing M. Freidenberg Upon the parties being taken ?>efore Justice Donn for examination, the wlt iitsses were heard for the Government, and con firmed the statements formerly made by tbem, as already given in the Star. Mr. Frelderiberg thought the amount taken was about a thousand dollars, but Mrs. Freidenberg testifies that the amount taken was little over six hundred dollars in gild and silver coin. The officer?Keese? testified that the amount found on Strobel was V272 77. A watch and several articles of small vaiue were aiso lounu upon mm John 1 .an fret, a workman in the employ of Freidenbenr, Iden t.fled the watch and a fob chain aa hia property. The money and watch and chain were missed by the owners Saturday afternoon and night. The jiarties were committed to jail for a further hear ing Strobel ad in i ta that he took the money. He ays be saw the pile when his employer was counting It, and the temptation to take It was too strong bim to resist. The object now Is to -recover tLe remainder of the amount. The ULAniwsBcmo Exerasiow.? Notwith standing tbe threatening appearance of the weather yesterday. the ladies of the Methodist Protestant Church. Ninth st , went to Bladeosburu to spend the day in tbe grove near tbe springs. They give a report that excites regret in the more timla;who intended going but were deterred from it. that they were nbt present The only rain that Ml In that vicinity lasted about two minutes, and did not even make the use of umbrellas necessarv. An excellent dinner had been provided for the company, which was served up in the most ap proved style. The sportsof the young were highly enjoyrd by many of riper years who were present; and the voral performances of the excellent choir, assisted bj-^veral talented amateurs of this city and Georgetown, added greatly to tbe pleasure of tbe company. Another company was present at mri| uiigi, ivunswuv vi iik gaiKuiicavairy cor| l of tbe county, in full uniform, and quite a num ber of tbe youth and beauty of tbe surrounding country An interchange of civilities between the pvtles took place, that was truly delightful Tbe ladles of tbe VVaahin^ton party speak iu tbe bljtb* ?t terms of the buapitality aud kindntaa of our Bladensuurg neighbors. A Qckstiox Decidbd ?On Tuesday, a case In volving tbe relative rights of proprietors and con tactors connected with buildings came uj> before J ustice J - H. Johnson, it being tbe case of Horace S Johnston agt Jackson t'umphrey. It was an urtinn tn rwov??fft?l hnt>>H nnnn rnntfai ttAfAm. piete two house* by a time specified therein The contract was received in evidence, allowing that the defendant stipulated to erect and complete two houses by a time named, and in case of fail are, the cou tractor waa to forfeit tbe aum of S15 a month for eacb houae until completed. I be houses were not completed against the stipulated ttme. The defendant proved conclusively to the mind of the Justice thai tbe failure waa the conaequence of tbe plaint; IT a couduct In neglecting to comrly with certain arrangements with a sub-contractor, thereby obstructing and preventing tbe contractor from latsbingtbe work indue time. TheJuatice decided 'bat if the proprietor obetructa or prevents tbe progress of tue work be has no right to claim tbe forfeiture. Jadgmaat tor the defendant; the plaintiff te pay costs. Thk Bkb Hive of Mr. Henry Polklnhorn, on v wee*. near oeTenin, nu pointa aooul it worth nottoe In the* doll times fowmUg all the qoilltlrt of a tlrat-rate business man, Mr. P. has established an olBce affording facilities forth* ac roni|'!iibment of any kind of job la the printing line, from a lady's visiting card to a ten-foot t??ter He bat recently added to his macbiuary a full-grown single-cylinder Taylor prtn, which vrorfci at the rate of 1,400 per hour. Beside this he has alx other proses, all In Ine order, and all m ? .1.. a_ _ a . a a . * Be pi consi.. uuy worKin|(. ah laTociie or Dome UilHl. Mr. P. purchases everything ia t^e way of mar a! aery that he can obtain of Washington * mechanics. His beautiful little iteam engine, which drive* bis aeren fast presses, wu built by KU:s k. Brother, of this city, and la the pet of ail the haada in the establlenment, ao quietly and eaeaUently does it perform lta work Kverytbing Rat the place indicates the presence there of or , lnduatry, and business ability. 8al* Mbbidiax Una. Crrici* ?Thegooda flrat levied upon by tbe agent of Mr Pettlt, and which he proposed to return to Mrs. Qutnter upoa tbe fulfilment of the agreement to el ve the property up to the agent, were exposed for aale oa the space opposite the Bank of Waahinc* ton this morning, by John H Wiae, bailiff. In addition to tbe ordinary furniture were a number of Tine boga, aereral large paintluga, and other valuable articles, which were telling at rates far bdow tbe actual value. ^ 4(viiti?iiht< it another column, of the fin In afore for all who delight In tb? - ten strike," at John T Marr'S Bawling Saloon, in E atreet. between Twelfth an4 Thirteenth streets Mr Man always van a caterer of taate, bat this year be bta exceeded nil prevtoas etfbru to render bin pla<-e acceptable to his customers Hla saloon la Btted up la drawiag-rootn style The alleys are new aud level, the pins fresh from the manufac tory, and the lignumvlUe ponies aewly turned CiseMsrraeall. Msbccbt, we see, Is attending a camp-meeting at Shrewsbury, Pa We nee glad of it, and hope Uttt be wiilexp rlemce a ebangv or Heart, ana iomm back a wlw and better maa. ' While the lamp botdaoat to burn, ? The vilest siuner mar ?etu*a,'' kc. Tmi Ptovnm CowtiT at the Prratdeot'a Ground*, yeaterday aflrmoon, was quite largely atwadad. and paakd off vary pleasantly. The ?ext concert, it wlQ be remenWred, take* place la the Capitol Grouada an Saturday afteroecn, comneaclBf at f a'cloek Folic* MaTT**s?Bffore Justice Bam*clo ? Mrs. Kate Feeny, Mrs Margaret Clancy and Mra Catharine Griffin reside irf a locality known to the police aa "Hog alley"?a romantic neighborhood in the rear of Shreeve's stable Yettrrdav. a aues tlon arose between these three females, whlcli no discussion wis adequate to settle satisfactorily to all parties In fact, tbe more vigorous the argu ment (conducted altogether in the Irish language) the farther the three seemed to from an ami cable adjustment; so tbe worst finally came to the worst, and the question, which, so fir as it couM be understood, Involved the ownership of a piece of tin water spout, took the form of a free "mitt," in **hich not only tbe three above mentioned were participators, but some fifty or sixty others, inhabitants of the same locality, were drawn into the affilr. either as ?>ace makers umpires, or K.lII..? I- o_v? . J * wv*?^caniM. in me n^Qi, wvcrsi liiiionunaw! woaifn austaiued iev?e capillary damage*; and In the midst of the hubbub a policeman made a descent upon the riotou* females, and having captured the three above named, bore them off In triumph to the office of Juatice Barnaclo. Here Mra Griffin, aa the nartv nrinct enter talced the bystanders with a graphic history, not only of the late difficulty, but of herself and those Implicated with her; all of which wu deliverr-d In choice Irish, and with appropriate gestlcula tiuna The magistrate finally restored silence in his sanctum, by fining all three ?5 24 each. John Freeman was accused of uttering profane language, for which he contributed SI 94 towards the general fund of the Corporation Mllly Rob inson, do ; do. f 1 James Ross, do ; do. S5 15, ai.d security to keep the peace; in default of which he was sent to jail. R. A. Harrison, pro fanity; fine and costs, ft 54. VVm Waugh, drunk; SI 53. Kdward Johnson, disorderly con auci; #! >?. jonn iNowiaua, profanity on the Sabbath day; 92.SM. Margaret Taylor, disorderly behavior; 91 W Thomas tioddard, disorderly; 95 91 Ricbard Bradford, disorderly; fine 92 94, and in default of payment, sent to the workhouse for 3u days. Daniel M iller. disreputable conduct; 92 W- Joseph (ierbardt, selling liquor on Sunday; 923 94 Bridget Ryan, disorderly ani throwing stone*i K M. Mrs Marv Berretaccused Mrs. Honora Enwri({M of disorderly behavior, and of calling her wicked ana unseemly and unchristian names, all about a little difficulty between two little children. A witness called upon to give testimony in this matter declared tnat he saw Mrs. Berret's daughter and Mrs. Knwright's niece together, and thtt one of the little ones picked up a stone and "made an offer to throw It at the other little one, and that tuat was all he saw." This witness furthermore declared that the whole affair was not worth on? of the grey hairaon his head, and that be wouldn't give one of the old suspender buttons on his (rowsers for it all Mrs. Enwright was lined 9'2 y-i, and held to bail in f2W5 to Keep the peace fur six months. as octkagiocs Robbery?On tbe 15th Inst , Charles Parton arrived at Baltimore from Rio de Janeiro, intending to goto New York, where he has some friends. He ! a young Frenchman and cannot understand the English lanumge. Upon inquiring at Baltimore the route to rtew York, he was told that he would have to go to Washing ton and take passage from there He came to Washington on Tuesday night, and attherailroad depot fell into tbe hands of the " night liners," or knigbts of tbe whip; some of whom make their living by driving nckettv coaches at night, and picking up "green tins." One stopped bira, appa rently to make him understand wbere to go for the best quarters; while another, a pard, no doubt, took the Frenchman's t>aggage, with bis clothing and money; and that was the last he saw of him, m.rl lh? " * v.iki wvu mi. nir r<irion naa a voia Cece in his pocket, out of which be obtainea hi* dgings Yesterday be stated his loss to the French legation, wbo immediately informed tbe District Attorney. Mr. Ould sent directly to de tective officer Allen, who at once started to trace out the thief. The amount of cash taken was only about thirty dollars, but it is a shameful case, ana the villain should be severely punished, If caught Heavt Sto*m?Railroad Isjubwd?Flood ? A terrible storm took place in the neighborhood of Warrenton Jnnrtion, between 8 and 9 o'clock on Taeaday night last. The thunder and light ning were quite severe, and for the space of an hour the rain ponred in torrents?"the drops being so big," S3)* an eve witness, '-that men bad to dodye them to keep from being drowned." Though the size of the drops la undoubtedly ex aggerated, the rain wa? exceedingly' heavy and deluded for awhile the region lying between Beal ton and Warrenton Junction. Tne Orange and Alexandria Railroad track was badly warned in many places. The up-night train was compelled to stop at several points on the road, until the road bed could be placed In order, and the track tem porarily arranged as to admit a safe passage over. 'jjickiiiK Run, which Is usually a small stream, at II o'clock had swollen tobra foaming torrent rushing under the railroad bridge 13u feet wide, with tremendous force, and Hooding all the low lands adjacent The crops in the line of the storm were mucb damaged, and we shall, doubt less, soon bear ?stimates of great losses. A Woud fob thk Birds?Mr Editor?Dear Sir : Are we to be cbeere I no more by tbe sweet notes of lue dear little birds that generally fre quent tbe Capitol grouada at this season on account of the bad and thoughtless boys who are allowed to throw stones and chase tbem for hours together without any one to say a word in their favor or forbid this cruel treatment? This morning, I aaw Ave boys, between the agt-a of seven and twelve yean, chasing tbe birds for more than an hour, which sport would have been continued much longer, no doubt, bad the game remained longer to give encouragement to it. Now, I think that you. and many readers of tbe Star, will agree wiih me in saying this is not as It should be, and any think; that ao many will agree is wrong we should use our efforts to put right Uegging your atfistance and Indulgence, 1 remain, yours truly, Subscribkk. I"AS?1!*G UOCMTERFKIT MOX1V IJI ALIX AHURIA . The[ Ua/.ette sa>s: ' On Tuesday night last, soon after Dittenderllt r 4 Co. bad closed their evening auction, two men entered their establishment on Fairfax street, appearing to be much intoxicated, stating that they had arrived down the canal late, and wished tb" auction re-opened in order that they might make some purchases The auction ww partially re-opened for their benefit, when, in the purchase of some articles, half a dozen or so counterfeit half dollars were passed on the firm. The cbeat was soon discovered, and, upon Infor mation being K>ven at the watch bouse. Watch men J 1*. Wbitpmore and Henry J? flVrson ar rested the parties, who jjave their names as Bertram Stelnrock and David Jenkins, and tbeir occupa tions as canal boatmen " On examination before the Mayor, the parties were committed for court. Tub Mkkidiak Hill Cass ?Yesterday Justices Donn and GiOerson succeeded in holding a grand iimu'-st at Meridian Hill, when inii wh?r^ ?" ? ?. quiry was made Into the alleged forcible detainer ?f property by Qui titer and others The jury found that tbe property was forcibly detained by Cjuintf-r and otbrra. After tbia verdict a writ of crrthrari waa aervedupon the juaticea, wblcb pm a atop to further progress in tbe case bv tht-m; ao that tbe case ia not yet ended, and unless a corn promt i; ! effected It will be taken to tbe Cir cuit Court. Tbe counsel fur Mr. Pettlt were Mr. Stevens and tbe Messrs Tyson; for tbe tenant and subtenants, Mrears Stone and L?askey. Cesteai, Guabdhuuse Casks.?A Gbxbbal Sweep?Last night officer J. F. King made n thorough search of tbe Centre Market, and Cbaa. Hutler, Wm. Rollins. Char Ellla, and Charles Grsnaon, colored, and Wm. Switzer, Francis Armstrong, Tboa Armstrong, Wm. Fisher, and J as Brady, white, were arrested for disorderly conduct, and sleeping In the market. They were all committed to tbe workhouse for ninety day* Wm Huteblnaon, disorderly and profane in the market; Ine and coats, %fS IS. T. J. Cheoer, drunk and disorderly; do., S3 13. Thoe. Ward, do ; do., $2 15. Abbbst roK Riot and Resisting am Orncti Tbia morn lug, Patrick McNeinara and Thomas Bark*, who were arretted by officers GiU and Cblpley, for being engaged In a riot in the Smith Ward on la?t Sunday week, In quelling which ottca Cbipiey waa severely Injured, were brought out foi-lrial before J ustlce Don n After a hearing of the evidence, Burke waa held u bail for court. tbe case of McNemara waa deferred in conae qoooce of tbe absence of witnesses. tm Ball and display of Fireworks which was to haT? come off last night, at Columbia 8prings, was postponed, on account of tbe weather, until neat Tuesday, the 2?ih inst . when a good time may be expected, as great arrangements are being made see ad vert i semen t i n another column. Rack at Bladinsbcro ? A race came off over the Bladensburg Court* on Monday, the'40th Inst., Mwnn (ieorge T. Craufurd'a ' Crop ?u" and J W. P Newfty's' Sylvester Buchanan," alias " Sylvester Douglas," which, it is said, was won easily by the latter. Sbi Adv*btuk**st, lo another column, of the Washington Female institute, one of tbt best planned and ablest conducted lnatltutiona of the kind in the c?.< wy. Pbofo?als for furnishing the Insane Asyluin with coal, are Invited by advertisement in an other column HOMSOPATIIIC KkMBDIBS . All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'a specific Ho me.<piuoic RaiiKKiies put up expressly Tor family use, in boxes, at 35 and a) cents each. Also, M each, z. pr rwtaii n~>. owuiaiiuug ju viais, irom 94 u> with book of fall directions. For sale arena*, whole - ale 1 Kent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north r at by r. H. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave t and treat; nue and Mxth street. Ai? Ha*'lylot internal aude ail kittdi. bold aa above , Pond j Eztrtrt if Witck internal and external inflammations of Bold ae above. me 9 If Ma*. WinsLow.anexperienoeiliiiiraeandlemale Hyaunac. hM aSo?*tw? Syria Jar Chtl4?n Vt*<* iwf Wtt*oli jtreatlj Jaoilaawta tUeyrooeea of LMUiBg tg f iWeini Uie ganta, redaeia? all inflananaafao*^ SKsFvSaiwCistrums! Wimi'i Bala ax or Was Chvkby. The fo'iowinn letter from Rev. His?v WooB.of Concord. N. H., Kditor oftheConcregational Jour nal, speaks volume* in favor ol Wtntar's Balaam:? Comcobd, N. H., March 2. 8?th W. Fowl* Jr Co.?fienti-mm : Two years a?<>, a sudden and 'intent attack upon my I.un?ii to my bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, i was so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing. that I waa often unal.l* to sle,ep er rest nponal??<l by nuht. The sutT'rinK was extreme, and judgiug frrnn the inefficaoy of tho remedies used. I supposed the disease incurable. Be in* persuaded to try atK>ttie< f IviAiar ? B itam Wild flurry without co ?(>nc? in it* efficacy, I found th? difficulty almo?t entirely r moved be fore one twttle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferen induces me to wake this publia statement, and recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, Hk**y Wood. None ranome unless signed 1. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for sal? by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B. Waite, 0. Stott. John Sehwarxe, Nairn & Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. aa 14 lw,r Hollowat's Pills. Liver Compiaint ?The insid on* and destructive effects of"b!ue pill'*on theststem as a specific for thliillBDfliiP n rt> now antirolw njraa.l.?l Kv tka naa OIOVUI ' < V IH'W V11?I *1J aUfO' BtniVM UJ W?V WWW of the mild, antiseptic arid vegotab'e r?>medi*?a. They not only eradicate ail trace* of this complaint, but give vitality t<> the exhausted function*, vigor to the impaired constitution, and energy to the emsciated invalid. For indigestion. biliousness, heart, burn, Ac, they are the onlr safe cure. Sold by all Druggists, at 25c., 63c., and $1 per box. au 17 1 w _ LyohV Maohstic Ihsbct Pownii Exterminates He-1 Hues, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It (asisUi Me Pes?e? Ltow's Magwktic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9 Sra Mira's Mibaculou* Tskhih Dkstkotkb, tbe oldest and best remedy known for exterminat ing R*ts and Mice, Cockroaches, Bugs. Ants, Mosquitoea, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worms and Gar denl n sects. fr^Dri?AiMi ?io w v |i # a a wmrei jyv|fv?, w A Ul "wi ffBJ ? I gold by ail Druggists everywhere. malMa It is sxldom that we notice anything in the med ieal line, nor would we now. unlea* we eould lie convinced that we are not doing our duty as a jour nalist, in roc-mroending to the public Dr. J. Ho$ tturr'f clebrntfd Bitters, for the cure of that most fatal and terrible of a'l diacaaea?Fever and Ague. From our own experience of thia valuable ap?cific. we ran sarely say. that for diseases of the abova nature, it stands without a rival. Its timely assist ance has saved man? a fellow bom* from a prema ture grave. Ever? day ve hear uf its conquering the worst eases of Fev?r and Agoe. To those who are in the least afflicted with any of the coinplainta arising from an irregularity of tne digeative organs, nothing can be more benefi i&l than theae Bitters. We cheerfully recommend them 10 the thousands in this Mate, who are autferin^ the most intense pain, as a certain cure for their ills. Try them, and be convinced of th?ir many excellent qualities For bhIh hlr Hrurriita anH iLb.]ai s r?n?rk1lv where. au 30 eo3t Barkt's TRicoraixotrs is the beat and cheapest article for Dreaainf, Beau tifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Re storing the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug data and Perfumers ar 12 6m P*it!*i*a.?Persons desiring Penmea will always find th?m? fnr evenanr* at the Star fl(He? nmnt?r MARRIED. On the 21st of August, 18?>n. by the Rev Joa^P. the ohureh, COLLIER C. FRWSER.of Richmond, Va.,to Miss MARGARET CRuMK, of Washington. D. C. ? On the evening of the 2 st inst., hv Rev. John N. Coomha. Mr. CHARLES WIL.L1A.M-* and Miss HANNAH BEHERNS, of Frederick. Md. DIED, On the morning of the 231, EVA ERNESTINE. 011I5 child of Wrn. \V. and M&na V. McCathran, agrd 1 Tear and 111 months. The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock to-morrow afternoon, from 444 G st. south, l>et?reen fith and 7th *ts. eajt. The fr ends and acquantanc^s of the family are respectfully invited to atteud. * (Bait. Sun copy.) FOR SALE.-A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fast, s-.|d for no fault: the owner hiving no use for thein. Apply at W. 11. i'FPKRMAX'S Grocery, on f*enu-"??* ? syivania avenue, l?3tween 3d and 4,'i sts. au 22 if COAL OIL. U9T Received from the Virginia Oil - 6<> harrel* p'iine PARAFiNE COAL OIL. is warranted equal to tne New Vork or Boston oil. The trade can be supplied on the safe tcring as they Iiut at the North, saving the freght. au 22 1m H.C. PCRDY, 403 Pa av. Having determined to remove to tlie West, I now offer mv STOCK, FIX TURES and GOOU W1I.L of mv GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, on reasonable terms Any one desirous of entering in the Grocery Busmens, i.s now oilered a Karr <'kanc*. the location being one of the bnost in the City. JAS. E. WAUGH, c-jrner 9th street and New York ave., an 22-31 near the Northern Lit'T'y .Market. WINTER FUEL. SHALL shortly receive two caccoex of RED and WHITE ASH COAL, ofsupenor Quality, which 1 shall deliver to consumers from the vessels at a. J Company I L, wnich I deduc'ion *f twenty-fire cent* per ton. SAWED aud SPLIT WOOD alwavs on hand. GEO BOGUS, Successor to S. H. Young, mi 22-41 east tidefUh, between 1) ami E at*, PROPOSALS WILT- BE RECEIVEp~AT the United States Penitentiary, D. C., for the turning and furnisiiiuc Fifyr Thousand. ( more or less) Broom and Whisp Handles, to t>eof(jiim. Maple. Poplar. Cherry, Birch, or any other ha il wood. For pattern, and further particulars, call on the Warden of the Institution. lTh? States and Alexandria Scntine! will pier te insert three time*, and send in account for i&me I au 22-3t J NEW FALL GOODS. I ST Received my first supply of new Fall Goods, consisting of Cloths, Cas imers, t'a<iners. Fla - nels, Delains, Merinos, A Ipacas. Poplins, MTrimac and Kng uh Calicos, Kentucky Jeans, Tweeds, HleschM tnd Brown Sh>?etii<gs and ishirtiugs, Cot tons, Irish Linens, Ac., Larr? assortment of Hosiery, Gloves. Linen Cam b' ic Handkerchief*. Ac. II. KHAN, an 22-6t _ .V.I1 7th ?t? and Vil Pit. av._ l/OR SAL E.-On Knionahl* Tenm?tho r RIGHT of ELLYSON YKRBY'S PREMI I'M BvTTER MACHINE; Patents July <27th, 1858. I'his niacin no may he used also as a rhurn an'l Cream F??* ir. Terms can 1** known In ap plying at No. 33^ Twelfth fti eet, lx>tw en M ami N, Washington, 1). O., or through the W'axli neton Port Office. The subscriber wishes to employ two or threw more active business men io travel for the sale of the Right. A liberal offer will he made to buch as shall come well recommended. au 22 1 w' ELLYSON VEKBY, Patentee JELLING OFF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST. store for rent and fixtures for sale. j.C.gibson. No. UO M'KKir Space1 au 21-?a2w Belie en 8tk ami 9th Streitt ^jJRKEN ginger and pickling vine lnfoMs piirnCIDF.R vinegar, (warranted,) 1 tibl. green ginger. WHITE jamaica ginger, White and Black M I'stard seed, tumeric. WHITE pepper.and all necessary ingredients for pickles. For sale for william BRYAN, No. 44, opposite Center Market. ail 21 eo6t between 7th and8tii streets. All kinds op GAME Bought at the Highest Prices, At klotz'S restaurant, an 4-eolra* Ninth st., I>et. Pa. av and d st. JU9T RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OP FALL TIES, SHIRT COLLARS. SoCKS. and & l kind* nf GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS and CLOTHING at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh ?t., oppaaite Po?t Offioe. au ll-2w ENGINEER'S OFFICE. -Ei Alsxandkia. Jane 36, I860. MANASSAS GAP KAIL ROAD SIX HUNDRED MEN WANTED on thejine of this road from ML Jaokaon to Harnaonbyrg, Wa<M fl a day; br ard #10 p?r m??nth. For infor mation, fco., inquire of WX. S. FEWELL, Com pany '? Offlue, Alexandria. je?-dtJi?U?twAniAI?twSrt?. f^EORGBTOWN FEMBLE SEMINARY, va ( POlM KRLT Mim L. ?. LXGLISIl'lt.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The dutins of thia Inatitutien will be resumed on the Brat Monday in Septemtwr next. The course or instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudiments to the most highly fin ished education. * The corps of teacher*, ten in number,are emi nently qualified aud experienced in their seveial departments Lectures Friday eveningson the Natuia' Sciauoes without charge to the pupils. Circulars may beobtained by addressing the Prin cipai, Miss M.J HARROVER, Georgetown, D C. au 22 eoSra COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. WASHINGTON, D. C. The session of the Collece ooens on Wednesday. September 36th; the preparatory achcol Wednesday, September 12th For terras, catalogue, or other in* formation, apply to the President an22 2aw4w? Q. W. SAMSQN, P^D. JNUTRUCTIONS IN DRAWING an* FA I NT Mr WM. MAC LfioS MntinuN inttri?titM in th? various bran'hes of the above art* at his aiaw room. No. IT Louisiana arenue, a few doors east of Perry * Brother's. Colleges, seminaries nnd school* attended, as heretofore, with but lntt.i in terrnpti n tQ other studies of pupils Apply aa ab ive on Wednesday* and Saturdays, fiom 9 a. ra. to noon. orthrongh the Poet Offioe. an 22- east* Miss MAR^^.^lvC^V&lifon the (K5?oa<l MONDAY (the 10th) of September next, open a oiiool for girls at No. 31 Indiana avenue, in whieh will r>e tati?nt prencn ana the ordinary branch s ot A good Kngluh education. au ti-juvsw WOOD! WOOD!! - WOOD !!! STOVE and KIN DUNG WOOD, at tt* lowe. possible price. ^ w ^ QALT, 293 Pa. av? between 11th aad 12th at*.. f nmth *<d ; *2.'50 1??irBB Fashionable H at and Cap Store! p'a. ave.. HH Ua wax 4* tfMt. ! i WANTS. j %J17ANTED? Immeditla'v. a *00 1 CHAMBER ? MAID, WASHER AND IRON EJt.colored irul ?r' WfW; muit com" well recommended: and ??? 'I '? m given. Ina?ir?iU No. 323 on Wh ?t., Uwf?L and M ?U. It* Wt ANTED-a WOMAN to Cook aud Wa*h. at WT t?4 fat ,Mt. 20th and 3?st ?t? 2? 3t? WANTED?A small FARM containing i'om "f life to tv<>ntT-fiv? ftorei. ntnttwl fom 1 tu2 ia')?t from this CitT. Apply to J A COB HEW cor nn <1 Hth and grt Capitol ?tre t*. iu 21 3t* \VANTED?A WIDOW with a small family to ?? i?k? curie ?f a summer lioardinc huu?c, 'o cat ri near Drs insville, Va., Ju milea from Waih im'on, D. C. The house contains 8 1001ns n*wly papered, painted and furnished. It will bo rented or let conditionally. A good living ami imim't ctn be made ujr an industrious and good managid* per son. For particular* apply at a two *U>ry brick, corner Twelfth and O sis., or address" W. \Vash ngtoa, D. C. au 21 * WANTED? Bt a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as collector. Beit or recom inundations given. Address .M. C., Star Ofioe. jy 12-tf PERSONAL. Madame feux, foktvke teller, from Paris, inform* her former friends, and the pit 1>I 10 generally, that she ha* removed to 4?t Teath street, between E and F. where she will be happy to see all who will favor her with a call, an IS 3W IVf ADAME morkice, Thi giut Astrolo 1"! ?trr *m> Doctiim, jmttfrom ?*rw.-T?i? highly Cift'd and intelligent lady oan be oonaulted on the Paat. Present and Futare Eventa. CaJl at No. 805 Twenty-second atreet, between H and I. wmhin?tnu. jel?Sm* lost and found. I OgT DOG.?1 will ?ive Five Pol'ars for the re ? tarn of my Black and Tan TKR R1KR SLUT. She ha* a scar or sraall^^jp^L b?ro place on back of the reck; ia small? * size, and about nine months old. HOPKINS, au 23 3t corner of 6th gt. and Pa. a v. LOST?On Tuesdav, Au*nst 7th, a BI'NDLK of Evening Star News-papers, eontainin* four copies of eaeh day for the month of June, |RW The finder will restive a liberal reward by returning them to this office. au 15 tf BOARDING. | CO NINTH STREET.?Persons rpturran* to XtJO tho citv from their Hummer retort* will find vacant several desirable rooms. having the conve niences of gas, wat?r, and bathing Clo ef?, at 4 '>3 9th ?t., one doo' south of F; suitable either "for fami lies or single gentleman. Table boarders areoin inodat'-d on moderate terms. au l(M>t* FOR SALE AND RENT. [fbr otktr "For Sal< and Rent" advertxtimenir, te* first pa ft ] TO LET?Two well arranged and conve1i??nt FRAME flOL'PKS, containing six room* each; one situated on 14th st. west, b twren L and M st* nortu; the other on N sL north, between 14th and 15th sts. wwt. Enquire of J. P. Hilton. No. 239 F st. north, between 13th and 14?h sts. west, or No 375 14th st west, between I. andl.M sts. north. JOHN P. HILTON. FOR RKNT?A HOUSE on 15th street west, between L and M nurtli. No. 359, 8 room* ail in good order, and a pump of rood water in the rear Possession eiven on the First of Septemlter. Apply ?n the premises, or to JAMKS MII.I.KR, corner of L ana 15th streets. an 21-31* I^OR RENT-A new FRAME HOUSE, con r tair iug four rooms. pa^aer- and cellar. A good tenant may apply to Mr. LEWIS, at the Glnlm of fice ?n a?-8t* F^OR SAI,E?Very cheap, on rf-asonab'e terms, one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, sitnated on the north west of 6th st., and New York Avenue, Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th st., between H and 1 sts. an 15-tf W~*/\D D L'VT TV.? ^ ? r' v iv nrj.i *?* iir Trr j uuiiii?n i?inc auu winan a inly aituat-d thrne-atory and basement BRICK HOUSE, occupied at preaent by the underMs n< d, ??n the co nerofSeoocd at west an l I) at. north. Also for renf.that Pretty COTTAGE on B at nortt, between l*>t and 2rf ata. east, Capitol Hill. Both < f the above houses are finished in the lieat manner. reasonable. Inquire of the anbscriber. JOHN T. KILI.MoN. an 21 e'.lt corner Second and D ats. |?OR SALK-A lot of LAN D containing 5 acr*a r in I'ru ce <?eorne'i4cou'tj .adjoining the District line. > niii?a north of Washington city and 2 miles from the Soldier*' Home, in a healthy neighbor hood. improved with a comfortab edwel.nip an<l an orchard ol aelect fruit. Situation desirable as a building mte convenient to churches, schools, Ac. Terms liberal For particulars inquire on th< prem ises to the subscriber. au 15-oilm' Mn. E. I)AV|S. L^OR RKN'T?Two beautiful new BRICK r HOI SKS, on Kiichth street weat, between M and N streets north, west side. Apply to MARY () HaI!*I.IP. No. 3*1 fMnth street weat. or Dr. KKASBY, No. 33d l*a. avenue, between 9th and loth streets. iv 12 7w* STORK FOR RENT.?Situated on the South side of Ha ** ., between 9th and 10?h, suitable for anv t>n?siFor further pa't'culara enquire at No. *05 I'a. ave., between 9th and loth aia. au 14 2w LMIR SAL.E?A tine substantial BRICK i HOUSE, on llth ?t., between Land M sts., with large Stable and Carriage Huum. Anyone wanting ?tich a House will be cold on very ac commndatinr terms, or exchange for smaller prop erty For a private residence none can t>urpas* it1 Inquire of OKO. T. LANliLY, t?n L st., in ar Uth st au 14 tf Ij'OR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME I HOI'SE will be for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street. l?etween Georgia averue and K st.. Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pump of g <*! water n ar. .and contain* 4 rooms, kitcheu and w> odshed. Will 1>? rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tpnunt Fur ka.!a p.hpftn n. irrwvl ulroMF WORK HORSE : works wel-in rvnvthinK inquire of T. E. CI.ARK, Navy N ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, t? 1? H at., between 4th and 5th jy 16 JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE Jt CO.'S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spio?a, selected and cleaned bjr ua f?xprosely for the purpoae without referenoe to ooat. The* are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur/ by keeping, aud are full weight, while the ordinary ground Spioea are almoat invariably ahort. We warrant them, in point of strength and riohneaa of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, Ma ainrlrt trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only bj E. R. DURKEK * CO., 1*1 Pearl ?t . Niw York. ILLIAM B. ENTWISLK APOTHECARY, ( Formerly with J I- Ki dwell, E'q , "f fteoi t'toien,) Respecifu'Iy informs the citizens of W" Respectfu'Iy informs the citizens of^^f Washington that he has t<ken themaP if* Drug Mand at the corner of 12th street \M l-MOand Pa. ave? where he will b? found Em *** ?tall ho?ra. an4 will keep a fresh and well ael<-cte<l ?t ckofD^UGS, FANCY ARTICLES, and all goods usually found in a w?ll furnnhed ? rug Store He promising those who may favor in with their patronage hia undivided attention to their wants. IM . 15 I*jXCiU?l pci suucii oiknuiwn ^itru ??/ mu cornpouniin* of Physicians' Prescriptions at all hours, day or night au 112w VANDEMARK'S PORTABLE FENCE -Any one ean ?ecnra rights for thi* really cheap anil unrivalled Fence,of Agent L. W. FALTOV, o-?r ner Seventh ?treet and Pa. avenue, where the model can !) seen for a few da> * only Call up gentlemen and he-ore the righU are all sold. Agenta wanted. au*?-eo?* ???? ? TMi> iirtT ?? THOMSON S CELEBRATED NOVELTIES FOR AlITl'MK, 1*60 The Eagenle Paris Gare. Oaastitatiaa. ?* Soathera Qaeea. " fairy. " Pan?iaa Traia. SKIRTS. Remodelled from the latest Parisian designs Manufactured solely by as from Thomson's Patent Improved Corrugated Spring* and Inimitable Wrdte Slide. Kvary Skirt stamped with our nam* and trad# mark, the Cjown. Per ?a'e every wite.f. Tbe Best U the Cheapest. W 8.* C.H.THOMSON* CO. *36 Broadway, Naw Yokk. an 6 MAThtlst Sep&lawlm Now it the time to get winter foel at reduced price*. We have ajarg* ?vv-,k of WOOD and COAL at very lotr prioes, for ca n. Vt ARDER * STEWART, Omoe?Corner H ard 12th st*., au7-2w* Yard?12th it. and Canal. JUNT^; ? REAI-KR IN PAINTS, i No. 589 7th Stesst, ***t Odd Full***' Hall. au?-if PUTTY 18 DOWN. PMAT?NT FECIT AND . KGKTABL> .JARS?tha best and cheapen articlem u?e c?n??, *c. Jttst reoeived at lE'tt Wait Eud Drnj Stor*,J ? | i a }.^SassRa'w YA',e"' au !*- ?* MIDDLE rtsH. lavuiod BAY RUM. TON A BEALL. GEORGETOWN. Corre*pondtnet of Tkt Star. UtottiiroWR, AujfTWt 43. 1MB. " Law and Order." in a communication which appeared in the Star v^sW-rday evening, says ? "1 our local reporter L?*re. who is evidently uot prejudiced in tue parents' favor himself, mii," he- A? a 44 Inral reporter." we endeavor to state plain Wi In all cases. without anv partlalttv for particular persona or parties, or prejudice against them. Whether we succeed or not is for your readers to determine. " Law and Order-' *ar? : 44 The only child of worthy citizen?an interesting boy about tu years of age ? was taken from the residence of his ffethcr. by force, and rommitu-d to the almshouse." and asks. 44 Will the sugust powers-that-be e* rlala why thia gross outrage baa been coiumllt J* a It that they propose to spite the father, by kid napping and rednclng to pauperism the son V Iti nnswer to this we have to say, that we have seen a letter from this "worthy cKiren," addrtased to the Trustees of the Poor of this city, In which be asks them If an arrangement can be made, as had been suggested to him, for beard for the child, whom he styles 4* an illegitimate bey of mine," in the poor's bo<>a? So the boy. It ap pears, bat been disposed of In accordnace with his ;_L ,. t?< i - - * ? * - - * wn>i.e? i nit iciier ' an ue proaucea, ir r>-qulr*<l Wf are certainly not prejudiced lo favor of tbe "powers that be" here, including the police, and just as certainly are not prejudiced against the "worthy eltiien"' and "pHrent" alluded to If we bad been, weshould probably have mentioned such facts as his teaching negro classes at his house bere twice a week; his accompanying col ored ladies to and from church; and his gallant ing octoroons, quadroons, mulattoes. and ulacka, through our streets, as well as other acts equally objectionable to our cltliena It may l>ec?niie i?e ctssiry to state these things more parttularly, but at present we forbtar. If the "illegitimate boy" of this worthy citi zen "shows no signs of 111 treatment," will may humane man pretend to sav that It is not cruel and unnatural to confine a child, ten years of age, in a cloae room at this - on of the year, for d?ya at a tin e, with no companlon?hlp and no attend ance. ai.d to force him to eat and sleep In an amptm?nt ntA/ia Mllkv Ku #K* crement. We are not apologists for the police, but are In formed that tome action by the authorities became necersary, in consequence of thegathering of an excited crowd of outraged and indignantclliteni atiout " Recluae Cottage," who thrent'-ned to rfs cue the child, damage the premise*, and lynch ttf proprietor, and the boy was removed In order to prevent a serious outbreak. VVe noticed yesterday quite a fleet of Teasels at Ray's dock, taking in coal and at anchor in the stream opposite awaiting berths. It is a pleasant sight to all friends of ?ur commercial interests By advertisement in Georgetown column it will be seen that the Bell and Everett Association hsve a meeting at their ball, corner of High aud <?ay streets, this evening. Able speakers from Balti more have been invited, and. as usual, an Inter esting time is expected Notice the advertisement of Mr. Tenney. In another column Advert semenU of schools, arademlem, Itc., If left at Mrs Crandell's, on Bridge street, will be promptly attended to. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS for otkcr Georgetown advertisement* fee Jirtt fag* Yt?BELI, AND EVERETT ASSOCIATION. JkJJ GEORGETOWN.?The regular wecklt ineetinz of this Association will h<* held THii EVENING, at 8 o'clock, at the Hail southeast oorner High and Gay Ktrrets. Able speaker* f. oni Baltimo-e ate expccted to bo present to add ers the meeting (It) W. II TENNKY. See_ CHEESE ANDSHOT ?Ju^trec ived per steam er Monticello, from New York? 30 lioxes prim-* OhKKSK, ,00 t>a<* XHOT, assorted sizes. For sale by au ti 3t VV. H TE %X EY. F^ROM BOSTON.?The superior clipper ?choon er J. C. Runyuu, Capt. Mathias. ba* ar rived and is now tliichsmng. Arph to zfisfe1 HARTLE\ & BROTHER. "' au 23 3~. 99 and lot Water si., Georg? town. S " STII.L ALIVE," PILLMAN Sl HI NT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 77) formerly occupied by l.ewis Payne, nearly opposite thei. o <1 establishment. J]j" l)K> UOOD!* can l>e had a* cheap as ever. au zz :jw CANARY BIRDS. FINK Lot of tiiose delightful songsters m?y now be pu chased in p?iis,or the whole lot 4. very cheap Nest Ha>k< ts and a few Ca<eb\0 f<?r,aio. Apply at No 141 Beail btr-'cl. loiir^"u doors west of Christ Church. _au 21 3t WILLIAM OSBORX. JIST RECEIVED FROM THK INTERIOR of Pennsylvania, a few brands of PI RK RYE W HI*K Y, distilled in the years 183r< and 839. Tt<os* wi?btne t > purchase an unadult'-rat-d article for medicinal purposes. Ace, seldom have mch an opportunity Offered toth.rn. jiuao-gw HE ALL A M AT THK VVS. FOR R VNT?The DWELLING and STORK No.77 Hridre street. TheUwollin* ocn'&ina 11 'ooms in rx.'e Unt order, besides o.oat tr, water niAt. riii-in am .lr? hnncA millr l-m.ii.. n 11 fr. ribiiin< WAt'r, a d wooaahei; with g\? fut-ira ionrl t% an 1 water. ? be window*command ?via<-nung view* of the river an adiacent c >ui t'?. The atore ta < omj 1 *"eiy Gfed with helving. toiir t r?, ga* fixtu.e<, and w* tar, with a^r* e French p a'" K>aas window* and doota. and two la ce -1ry ce . lara The* wi!l be rented either together or tep arat?, and to a good aid perma' ent tenant at very 1 w r.Uea. A la , for r nt t ?o UK 10 ?>TARLFf*, w.t'< ca-nage h<>usea studied, with liyiirant in ti e yvrd. Apply to I>r CKM?1>, 124 L>uirl artr n ?tr?.t au 14-eotf FOR RKNT?a oonrrntent two-story HKK'K DWELLING, on First atreet.with Gas and Wat?r. Aiao. a comiii"dio;ia Dwelling and Store, on Ridge atreet To auitahle t-nmit* the rent will >e very moderate. A pply to SAM I'KL M.KF.N NV", No. l'J-4 Uunl?arton st .Gfo/cetowp. an 2i tf Having dktkkminkd to changl my buainoaa, I'll com tn .fee fro-u thiadate t? a-11 for cash my entire atook oi DKV aud FaNCV GOOD**. Having puronawttl o the cioat favora bly terma. and heing deairuua < f o <>emg out aa ?a> ly as poaaible, all who may he m waiit ol bargain* will do well to give me s oall. VV. R. HUKDLE, if 24 Im Corner of Hi?h an i Ga< ata. m n.i\T(iM *n*iiK\iv J. UK Next A-.nual Session of ths pch ol wil! ou MOiMU&Y, S pteml>er 3 Th- school I'M been removed to 161 \\V>t sire t, he ween C-m^ress and IIi?ch Circulars nay be o'ai-x-ii aft' r th? 22d of AuvuKt.?i the dru* ? or? of Mr R. S. T. Cisul, co ufif of C'-ngreH* aiid Budge st<. au 18 ?u lin ^?EO._AR\OLD. M- A.. Principal Desirable property forsalk in OKOH ?B'r(> WN -riwvtrj desirable Build ing Lot on the south side of First street, opposite Cox's Row and ad'otnitiK t e re.?i.|<*noe of William W m"*er. r sq., *l feet front and I10f?er deep. Also. patoILot No. 212. at the norihea-t corner ??f Fifth and Frederick street*, fronting 75 f?ct on MAh utreet and al>out 13 > fft deep, an p*rt of Lot No 223, on Sixth ?'reet. 23H feet fro t and 151 feet d?ep. Apply to M. ADI.KR, Georgetown. au !7-eo2w TM) LET?Tlie large a d convenient ??ore ro< m i/tuler th-new .Masonic Hall in <?eorget wu Possession will be give ton the 10th of October next. Also, the liack room under tlie lift 1 suitable for au office of a lawyer or ohjsician. Apply to M. AH LER or fc.r. J ENKIN THOMAS, nearly opposite the Hall. au 17-eogw The subscriber begs leave to in form his friei.ds that he will open on the inst.,a PROVISION store on I street, between 15 h and 16th atreets, whore he will be pleased to wait on all who will favor lum with a call. au 15 7t* W. LIN kins. WG ALTS' ood AND coal OFFICE. SBS Pa. Avm Bktw. 11th ahd Uth Stb., North Md6? Mill and Wharf foot of tSere?teenth at, mt 17 tf 'Wnv W?r IVysrtmsrt, Daily line of new four-horse coaches to UPPER MARLBORO', " L .. IT V \tnil (?rTVlN| t r?c V O, ?'4'?w The underRi^u'u aro uow luiurg Daily, (except Sun?l.??.) Four ho*s? Coaches b<;- . t ween Washington and Lpper Mail V '_y boro'. as follow#: ? Leave tbe Steamboat Hotel, cor tToi S?v?nk btaet and Pa. at7oc]ocV a. iu Returning lea.e Lnp- r Marlbo-o' at 11 o'clock a ni.and arrive ia WaahiuKton at 3o'clock, ia time to connect witk tln-aiu in. t ain for Baltimore, Tue I oache* ar<- n?w ami oomiboJioui, tbe tM:;is first-clan* in the haudt of careful aud accomuiodat in( drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro JSO cents. To Long Old Field*. J5 " To I'ento. ville ........ 38 *' Freichtaml package* iu propo'tion. au 15 tf OSBORN 4 CO , Proprietor*. J^EW SUPPNf CLA90 BTAPLK DRV GOOPt*. Just opened superior Sbirtinr Cottoa?anrt i mens. S*h?etiii$s. Table I?ia|??? ?, Snpki s, Tow<>lin.:*, W hite ana Colo ed Doili**, Tahi.' <*lo(h', line mi I Itwtium VVh t? ani Cofor?"?l Flannels, Hoilrh us,) Russia Diap-ra. Canton Klannela, new strle Motis sol.lies anil tall style C*!ieos, Phirtinr Calico ami LmenShirt Bosoins; innd<?*?n Ladiee'Linen Hand kerchiefs, priw from 75 ob?t<4 to $1 a riosen; alt ver* chap; with manr other aeasowahle k?o4s k,.L 1 ?-ii .1 it,. w .. : - BKOWNV K*SKNCJiOK JAMAICA GIN _ ?U "? ?W ? OKCKIVKD AND FOR SALK ? Ri?u i nLiis^ uy ft C. TORI), Jr.. D'ursist. m lo-lit cutiiwr ?non mu ? ? I'hompso *?&?HS^^^AlSl CINKS, life PRESERVER,?oj CORDIAL, lor tau.?hol.*l.*?] ?.?mlfch?ford jf phiumaceutiht, u 14 2y oru*r 11th ?l mid p> nvq, company, imim mu twf a sitm* j. c. moeulre. prw44 4 > 9. D. ban son > J THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Xrrtieg eltha Rrftkiari4|r IMU CMBittM SuiTiHiA. X. Y . Aug. Si ? Tbe Brerklaridjfe i*UU) Comm I tter nirt to-day at It o'clack. Tfcir. teen out of :iWn wn* pcaaout John A Greene was appointed < ha'rman. aud Matthew MrMahoa ecrwtarv Tbe first business related to funds, ud tbe ranni to be adopted to rata* tbr urate Tbr Cbairmau was Inquired of aa to whetbrr be bad rerelrrd anr rommuaictUn from Ca^yw'! Douglas State Committee raiallee to Um propoard onion on tbe Stair aad electoral tl<ket? Tbr Chairman raid rams) mat ratios of aay nature on that iubject bad beea received from any sourre No ot? rturra whatever bare hern made by tbe Breckinridge men to tbe Bell people Tbe sei.timent of tbr committor U to await ovwrtarea from tbr otber orjran: zatioM, aad not take tbe initiative in anjr roalitiea. A number of southern geeUemee?Iwludiag represent*! vrs from l?oulsiana, Florida Kro ; tuckv. North Carolina and Tea a tea** wrlnraw the action of the Breckinridge men. I nam or fa aa t they regard it aa a movement to defeat tbe free . soil combination which tbe Bre< klnridge men J allege to exlat between Douglaa, Dean Rtemiond, Cagiter. Pierre 9oule, Ricbardaon of Itilnoia. and I otiitr prominent oppoattloa polltlclaaa. to defeat Breckinndg* tn tbe Southern Statea. (1?? tho vote* of throe tltatea to Bell, throw tbe election Into tbe Hooae, and. by a fualon, then overcome tte true national acntiiurnt of tbe ftoutb and the country at large Tbe committee are nnanlmow la aay movement tbat will certainly result In tbeeiecttoa ot Bro k lnridga or Lane They do not wish to revive tbe old knew nothing party nnder the leadership a4 Bell and Everett and wiU work aa atreauoaair for tbe defeat of Bt 11 aa they will far tbe defeat of Lincoln Tbe committee adjourned to matt at 4 pm. Tbe aeaaion will probably laat through tbe even lag. and la for Mm- purpoee of arranf ia( for Peoa ecutlng a vlgoroua campaign Tbe proceed!aga are ?uTctly private Collector 9cbell deprecates tbe Indopendent disposition of tbe committee He arguea tbat ua leaa they keep tbe matt-r of compromtae open, tha onus of Lincoln carrying New York will fall upon tie Breckinridge men He aaya If New York ! 1 oat. New Jeraey nd Pennsylvania are aura *a ioiiow, ana i?in< om s election secunra Tbere is much ablution tmoo^ the " Hard*" around the l otted States Hotel. and coterie* are busjr calculating chances At tLe afternoon session, after selecting a num ber of documents for distribution, the committee resolved to abide by their determination to m*k? no cfivrs of coalition, and thus throw the onus of defrut on th'ise who neglect Breckinridge men and their Influence Adjourned situ du. Ike Prise* sf Wales at Qaekec. QriBK Aug St.?Amid a pouring rain the Prince left tbe Gomnor General's house to take up his residence in the PsrLiament Buildings At tbe levee all the Roman Catholic Hi shops Ta lbs Province were first presented separately; next tbe lllrftTM nf th? Hnn?riAf Tniirt nf l^iarar I \ki>aA> then Uie ra?mb?i of tbe Legislator* and the Council, tbe Speaker of which read an add ma la French and English, to which the Prlnee replied. At the conclusion the Speaker was desired to kneel down ; and the Prince, taking an on sheathed sword from the I>ake of Newcastle, struck the Speaker lightly, saving "Rise op, Str Narcisse Bellean.'' The members of the Lower House were then introduced, and an address was read by the Speaker, Wm Heory Smith, oa whom the honor of Knighthood was also be StoWrd. Afl??r this, the officers of the garrison were pre sented; then the Anglican Bishops and clergy, who presented an addresa and received an appro priate reply About a thousand geutieiuen were tben presented. A number of addrtaaes from Na tional Societies were presented After a levee, up ward of fifty members of tbe I/egislatlre Council and Assembly partook of a d> >un*r with the Prince. In tbe afternoon tbe Prince drove to Montmorencl Falls. There were a dozen arches on the way, and houses were dressed with fines, 4c. Tbe crowds on tbe road cheered lustily. Tbe Prince *fas delighted wltb tbe Falls. He visited tbe natural steps, and returned to tow* to dinner at 3 o'clock with a select party. A hell comes off at Music Hall to-night The Prize Fight? Kelly Defeated. 1?lajid Post), Aug ill ?Tbe light between Kel ly, of New York, and Daa Kerrigan, took place three miles from this place, among tbe mountains, this morning at seven o'clock. About two hun dred persons. from all parts of tbe States, were present, and tbe tight i<aased ofl very quietly Krmxci was seconded by Jim While and Johe Menevan, aud Kelly by Harry Finnegasa and Hen Winkle. Betting was one hundred to sixty on Kerrigan. Charles Godfrey, of Boston, wss referee; F. Grew, of Boston, umpire for KeUy, and Barney Ferd, of Boston, for Kerrigan Tbe fight was a very good one, Kelly having little tbe best of it, until. In thetweutv-flfth round, be bit Kerrigan while on tbegro..nd Both um pires decid.-tl that it was foulT and consequently the referee decided against Kelly. Neither of tbe men were much dudished. Kerrigan havings> arce ly a mark upon "him. The light lsrted forty-flee minute* Toe first blood was awarded to Keliv, and the first throw to Kerrigan. Yieleat Rail lurn. Aibaxy. August &2?Yesterday central New York vrai visited by one of the most aevere rain storma ever witnessed in that section Several bridges on tbe Central Railroad were carried a way, and tbe tralu carrying delegates to tbe Re publi an State Convention, west from Albany, w? unable to proceed further than Fonda, as the water w?s two feet deep on the track. Tbe Til lage of Fultonvllie waa entirely submerged to tbe s? coud-atitrv of tbe bousjs. Almost tbe entire village of Fonda was also one or two feet deep la water. Perseaal (elllsiea Montgomery, Ala . August S3?Considerable excitement baa been produced here by a collision between two prominent politicians?Benjamin C. Yancey and Col J J . Belbles, editor of tbe Con federation Vanrev struck Seibles with a cane, and n scuffle ensued, but without serieua damage to either Tbe affair will probably be settled ac piuif Ins tn lh? riKlr nf hannf Cause of thedtfl culty?politics. Pottstili.*. Pa , Aug *1.?The Republleu convention. wblcb n>?t bere yesterday, Dominate Hon Jauitt H Caoipoeii, for rM:l?ctlW toCoa grr?, by acclamation Chambkhsiomg. Pa., Aug SI?Tbe republican contmwional conference Lave unanimously r* n mimiVd Hob Edward McPbemoa for re-eiec tion to Congress. Ms re Meat* sf Mr. Pot I?. Nokwicr. August SI.?Judge Douglas arrival bere to-day, at noon He was cord I all* racalvad an l handsootelv welcomed to Connecticut Ha f P 'kf for two boar* upon the parade g rota ad tkte afternoon, to between 10,000 and 18.000 poo pie. la reply to a handsome welcome by Col J T Wait. He leave* for New York to-ru^bt. and will ar rive to-morrow morning by steamer CVaaderbLlt. Peukrlnalt Politico. HABBisariG, August 48 ?Tbo Coaatitattoaal Union fUte Central Committee mot bote to dar, every Coagrewlonal District being rsprsotinted Cheering accounts from all parti of tbe Bute wrrt received, and a strong dispoaltion mam fooled for tbe ualon of all naCloMJ moa. A oom mitiP* has been appotatod to aaisct Pml4*stl>l rlecton. Mr. Bierkinrldg? aad Ike PrefUMry Louisville. Aug. 21? IMn have be?? ?4 drwJ from Islington to tb? New Vork Herald ?ud Charleston Mcrturjr, bv Samuel C Reld. Jr., of l.iMttmt. on tttt- authority of Mr. Breckin ridge, contradictory of tie reports of hit with drawal, aad taping that be will, la a few day?, reply to the cbargen ?f hit eneiuiet. New lark Reptkilctt C?r?ttf SraacmB, Aug *2 ?The Republic?? Stat? Convention assembled here today, Jamt? M Cook {residing The CoaveaO?* nominated 11oTerror Muck?n amI !*! ?? 6o?ereer C?aapbell for rrttrcUui i<v mirlttstion. tad S. H liar net, of Chenango, for Canal Commiseloner Noiron, August 22 ?Arrived. I? Hampton Roada. birk Warren. 14 dayt from Sombrero, having ou board Joseph Sarah?, the colored ring leader oi the mutiny at the 1 aland, racaally ptsc sd in < barre of the United States authorities. Also arrived, bark Snap Drtpt, 84 day? ftM Cdbs, bound to Baltimore. l.ociaviLLS, Ky , Aug. 21 -Forty-nineeoon t ?? la Arkaoaas uiva Rector 7 Jtti Johnton 7 JM 61 com lit* are "y*-t to be braid truoi BiLTnou, A?f;. 33 - Flour doaad atoMv Wheat It <|aiet and ateadv, ir4 #1 ***1 ?7, while VI 00. Cora to active; faUuw 73*73 white 72?7N: Provianma are active, MM Pork ? -? ?A^_aa.. V1V.73, oaroti lira ?? ? ?? heavy, ?rtiU? lM^KMvply mad. u dwu.1, Ru u-. 77* "rZz~"' titw Toms AwaM rmr likwjMt, Mutt a?3BS!t S&fiiSsvSfs a* if. ?ti, Indian* ?1 C?a fa *'?" w?x~d *!< *. PorkUlrv. UidUMn *" - k> nrm ?ts(Sc. X t'T7 1 . ? * Mm,*

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