Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1860 Page 4
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THE KVENIN<; STAR. |ro* THK STAR. IAV GROWS IJITKMPKKATE. BT W* T. WILLIAM#. Jsst after rum*. 8am most d-ink. It give* him health, the doctors think; And then to r?h*h tm-akfa*t, too. Poor ma*t take a horn or so. To tell it plain, 8am doth not dine Till he has ?ipjv*d his glass of wine, And olt he haunts the liquor den, - <-?* - u.i.1, -- . r, Ill* narres like rentlMa serpents creep. And thus poor 8am o*? aever sleep; A julip, then, witi flow'ry crest, I* good to n:ake tho rascal rest. Now Sarn is growing fat and stout. And wild his red e*?s glare about, Y?'t flora s deepest onuison rosa Sr iows not like -am's expressive nose. He drinks too much, the neighbors say, For olt he staggers en his way; And be it morn or be it I ight. Poor Sam is always beastly tight. I.iriKMAHT, Washington. D. C., August, 1S00. 117" A nepLew of Prlnc? D?mldo<T has ju?t ** V nAlaAninV mitipinn at th? (aUn/i A# vpviicu a ? """ "* * * *4V i???uu VI Klba It consist esclusi vely of furniture, clothes, and Jewelry having belonged to Napoleon I. Ttiere i? alio a carious autograph written by General Bonaparte to Talma, the actor, at a time when th# former was vegetating la poverty In Paris. It runs thus: "1 have fought like ? lion for tbe republic, my good friend Talma, and. as a reward, she leta me starve; that wretch, Aubrv, leaves me on the pavemeut. when he might make something of me I feel myself more than a matchfor such generals asSanterreand Rosiignoll, and they won t find a corner In Vendee or else where to employ me. You, indred, are fortunate! Two hours on the board put y?u face to face with the public that dispense faine. We soldiers must purchase glory at a brighter price, on a larger sUge, which we are not alway* permitted to ascend Do not, then, reuret vour Doallion: re main on your stage Who knows whtth?t I shall v?r appear on mine again. 1 siw Monftl (an other a?tor) yesterday. He la a true frletkL Harms makes large promises. Will be keep them? That I much doubt 1 am reduced to my last farthing. Have you a few francs fqueiques . ecusj at n?y service? I won't refuse them; and promise repayment out of the first kingdom 1 may conquer. My friend, how happv were the brrv>ee of Arloato. They did not aepaod on a minister of war. Adieu, Boxapabtx." Tbocblk is J ikusalem ?A letter was received In Boston on Friday, from Simeon Murad. the acting American consul in Jerusalem, who says that considerable anxletv ia felt by the Christian European residents The Arabs without the wu?, m> ny uoiuinv 01 \ao*e wunin, are evi dently under unusual excitement Those of Dibel Kuds and Dlbel Vablous have already destroyed the surrounding crops. Bread la begilining to be very dear, ao tuat a loaf which ordinarily coat live paras now hrtn^a twenty, and scarce at that The poor are suffering, and apprehensions of a fearful outbreak are anticipated There is nn calculating the amount of misery that would follow, should the fanatical spirit of the Mabotnmedans break forth as tt baa on former occasions at Jerusalem, wblch has in past aces passed through more ex traordinary scenes of blood, slaughter, and rapine, than any other place on the whole glob*. AcriBKT Trt A Pnon .? 1??? ? " Davenport, a well-known comedian, has inel with a severe accident by being thrown from a pleasure vehl* 1?, near Stamford. Connecticut, where bit family reaide. Mr, i)avaii|K>rt's ln jurtrs where believed at ilrst lo be mortal. It is uow ascertained that he will recover, but only aftar a long and irksome confinement to his b?d. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?J R Alexander, Mo; W Worthington, Md; J T Maron, ?; H B Spra {Tna, >C; J A Deen and lady, SC.; O A Edmuoi, Pa; J 8 Berkenstock, do; Capt Pearson. UaN; H Pom bo, \V P Wi nans and family. La; J R Hogg, NY; G W Knox, Pa; K Phelpa. Misa; B F Webb and^lady, NY; G Cohen. Va; \V S Butt, do; J R tl vavts, do; l> Peaco. do; K H Smith, do; J H JDovull, O, J Duvall, Aid, M H Jones, Ala; A >1 Moor*, do; \V M Jones, do; W G Jones and fami ly, do, Mrs E Hobson, do; L) K Stewart. Va: MIh M Stewart; do; Miss M Morrison. Ky; E J Sati ford and lady, Tenn; A Trotteii, Miss; W Bailey, J11; J W Medley, Md; T A Hall, NY; VV Har rington. Miss, F E Barnard, Mass; 4 Hays, Ga; B S Spann, Ala; A Calaby and family, Ga; C Batctiiuin, do; Mrs Bateman, do; Miss Bateman, do; Rev J H PInnkett, Va; J Scott, Md. BROWNS' HOTEL.?W Campbell, NY; W MolUton. \V Jet?- V?: M Vil.nn.. f I..H- "" D AugUda, Ga; W Cborch, Va; D DIJcoy, >V; J P VV?lworta and ly, Misaes Walwoitb, 1) VV 1 w rb and fdin, L V\ ul worth, Z Hooker, Mia?; >i l)o aey and daughter, NC; J B Varnum and f-tm, NY; C Hammond. J Padgett, J W MeKle, R A McKie, >4'* J Walker, VV P Walker, SC; C R Percy, Li; W Cockney, Va; J L Mlia< ana fun, Ala; D Caraa.1, La; V Burgua and ly, NY; J LT Sr.ead ?nd ly, Tenn; C M Harper, Ga; J VV Cary, Ala; J SkV'nwii. Va; E Wiggins, Miss J \Vij> 511 a, VV VVii{?lQS. Mo; T Crenshaw, Ala; Dr J S en-iaud and ly, Mo; Mrx Loyd, Pa; l>r M Eifl'en doffer, Md ivikiv?uuij HUlSE.?W Delano, NO; Mr McOumu, Md; O Watkinson, NC; D K Colt n and f?m, K Wilkinson, Lar S Davrnpori, Va; J T.'ipp aid ly, J Spencer, J B Robblna. Md; s \V Paxt n, Va; VV Gerriah, Ulab, J Orr, J Ashbr, J T Herod >n, Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?A Bruce, NY; M Harriaon, Habana, Cuba; H C Upperman. DC; I. J Hooker, Va; T K Benmaa and 2 children,?; T 0 Govtoa and Nelce, 111; B F Arnea. Mass. OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DAYS From the United States. Steamers. Leave. For. Dayt. Euro pa New York _. Liverpool... .Aug. 2i tdri&tio -...New York...Havre .Am. 2' eraia ..... New York.. .Liverpool.,_Ant. 2S ew York .Hamburg 3?pl 1 Arabia. Boston Liverpool Sept. S Afrio* New York.-.LiverpaoL... .Sept 2t . From Europb Nova Sootiaa Liverpool....Qnebeo Aug. 11 Vanderbilt?. ..South'ptoh.. .New York...auk. 15 Africa ?.Liverpool... New York...Aug. it Jura.-_.... .....Liverpool. ...New York.-.Aug.21 Fulton .South pton.. New York...Aug 22 New York 3outb'pton.. New York...Aug. 22 North Briton Liverpool Ouebec Aug. iff Oanada Liverp<H>l Boston. ..? Aug. 25 Bohemian Liverpool Portland Aug. 30 The Havana mail stoaaiera leave New York on the id, Utn, 17th, and 27th of aaoh month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mail leave New York on th* 8th and 2uth of ea<^ month. EE WHAT AYER'B SARSAPAR1LLA DOES FOR DERANGEMENT OF THE LITER. _ _ Btott's C*ossim?. ? raitad'rm Cm., Ah* , Aug 9, '5B.\ Dr. J.C. Ayr, Loyfll, JV/ojj.?Sir : 1 take my MDtouiljna what your bAKSAf'ARIi.LA and CATHARTIC PILLS have done for me. I had been kflioM with Liver Complaint for six years, during whtoh I waa m>m well,and muohofthe time vrfry aiofc. Mr Liver wae sore to th? touch, and, the doctors taid. waa oongeated. I suff -red from aevere ooativoneaa and <iia rtia*? alternat-ly. Mi akin waa olainmj and unhealthy : mr eyea and kin uftm yellow. Oooaaionally 1 bad a voracious pypeute, bu t#fcerally none at i?l? A dreadfu: un ?%ti<>n of oppreaaton on my atoinaoh, with languor an ; a gloomy aenaation of aiokneaa all over, kept ine in aaguiah. Yon cannot know how mueh I auf i*red from an indeacriDable feeling ot diatreea The uncoontinuaneeof thia mmom, nttM relief, hal worn me out ao tha' 1 never expected to be Mhnj but reading, in the Christian Advocate, of yoar Saraapanlla. I aoim?'* ' ? " ?? -Mini is Tin <x> oaatooal a thai I doiai ofyonr Pilm, to rega late the botreU aa you direot. From the brat, it had more efeot apon m; disorder Uiau i auppoa?>d anything 0<>uld hav?. 1 regained 1x17 health rapidly, ana now. kftar *iavM vMka, wiof u |uud health and eu*ogth aa any other man. Ma; tae "Diapenaer of il good" ahower bleeainga on yoa John W.Stott. Prepared by Or. J. C. AVER & CO., Lowell, Ha?. jy H-eolm XT- O. R. db T. A. HU1V1VEWELL>8 UJIYEB8AL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cough* to Actual Consumption. t >a Ths Natural and Surt Revudy for all Ner vous Complaints, From NeuoUfia through ail cum where Opium Tu ever a?M to that of IMirium Tremens, nod the oonmoi ohief oauee of diimm LOSS OF 8LKKP. The Tola Anodyne, though oontaiaing not a par tic of Opium, prodaoea ail the requirements of, and may be aaed ta all ohm wherever Opium waa uaed without pro'noiug anything but Cure*, and lea*iac the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. The Universal Couth Remedy, (freed from all the oomnua otoeettou ef ? -ouch Remrdiee, which produce aaaaea or proetration.) may be oonaidered the common ecemy to aa Throat and Lung Com piainu.and uaed with perfeot impnnity Aakiac ail to ooart from proarietora or frianda the moel severe investigation of both Remediea,aad reading of oar p&niphtata to 1 - w.mi ae?uer?. ftfid more p%rUiul*r!jr to parctiMA only of tho?? who c*n be 4?peu<1?d upon, we ?til oonfiJence the of PftUenU kadPkTAMUI. "Piiom wiUub rewh of aiP' KMUAL MIRTIf J. W. Hiiiliwiu * Co., T tod ? CommerouL 14? Water it.. New York, I'oder the efeoiAi ?up?-rvi?ion of JOHN L. HUN NliWKLL, Che?u?t ud Pharmaceutist, Bo?ton, Mm , *hoM ?(Htar? tea oo ki of the gacai? oaii,tM to vka? addrau ail oomrnau ' all] bwu MISCELLAN EUUS. pROrOSAL^. * Natt Dm-ARTMEWT, I Bwrm* of Yards and Dorks, Au*u?t 16.1W0.| 8ial*d Propos* 14 for ?aoh olaaa Beoarately. n-(-rs<xl "rTMPO? ? for Cla*aNo.< name the claw) f.?r the Navy vari at i nam* the yard,,' will be ra o? ived at thia o?sj ontil noon on the 1?h day of Meotenaber next, for fvrtaiahing and deliverin?|at the anver&l Navy Yania named the materials and article* embrao* d in printed reiedn'ea, which will be fumiahed on app loaiion, and aeut by mail, if ao requeated, to persona deairinx to dffer to contract for any or all of the oliaaea namf-d therein, by the oommandantaofthe several Navy Yarda, for the olaaa?a (or the yarda under their aomma'd, or by the navy agent neareat thereto, or by the bureau for any or all th? ?a da. Tomcent confusion and mistakes in *tal n{ the offers, no bid will be received Which containi ciatses for mare than one yard in one envtlopt; and eivoh in dividual ol a firm must aign the bid aad contract bill4th are hereby oautioaed and partiaa arly notified that their clTora must be in tb? form here inafter preacribed, and be mailed in time to reaoh their destination before the time expiree for reoei v iac thein; no but will be considered which shall b* received after the period xtntnl u>> tl bt mndtf?rf*xl*fs rf tkt mail. To (Hard a?&iust offer* Deing opened before the time appointed. bidders are requested to endorse on the envelop* above thr address, and draw a line nrder the endorsement. thus: " froposms for Class Ao. nam* the class) for the jVary Yard at [nam* the yard >" To the Uhtet of the bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington, 1>. C. Form of Off'T. (Her# date the offer ) 1 (here insert the name or names composing the firm,) ??t < name the town.) in the State o (name the State,) hereby offer tj furoun unler jour adver j ti*?iu?ct date! (date of advertisement,laud sub jeit u> all the requirements ofthe same, ami ot tie pribted schedule to which it refers, all the articles embraced in Class No. (name the olasslforthe Navy Yard at (name the yard,) to said so'ietlule, via : < here pasti on the printed class from schedule, and opponito ea?h article set the price and carry out the amount in Uie columns for do ars and aenta. and loot up tne aggregate amount of the bid for the class.) amounting to (here write the amount in words ) 1 propose as my agent <hore name the ageat, if 'ortWMir< quired by the schedule) lor the sappy un d r in oia?se<i m.rcelianeous, by a non resident f the ptaee of delirery; and stiouia iny offer be ac Mtitul I rM it mmt t k. '? 1 ant to the tW natures and c? ?? ? f ? > *.7 uuniiKK'h xi aj u? prepnrca WQ cart at (name the agency) for sit icnte. ( Herd the bidder' And each member of the firm to B?<n ) The nnderrigr,ed (name ot guarantor) of (name the town,) and Stale of i name the State,*and (nan.* of aeoond guarantor, Ac.) hereby undertake that the above n?^i*d (name the hirid?r or bidden) wi 1, il hit [or their] tiff->r as above be accepted enter iuto oonti aot with the L'nltwJ state* within'fi teen d*y? alW toe date of notioo through the Po<-t Of jco, oi the acceptance ot ina lor their) offer before motioned. Wituers: (Signature of guarantor*.) I certify that the above named (hore name the guarantors) are known to in* to bo good and re sponsible guarantors in this case. To 6e signed by the district judge. diKtiict at Form Qf Guaranty. (Signature > v?rury, emwciO', navy keent ?r' ?om? per?on kr.cwa to the 'irtau to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. 0 id si No. 2. Store; o a*? No. S Whit* pine, spruoe.jur.ipe.-, and cypress; c a--s No. 7. Lnn", > hair anu plv>.ter; class No. #.?'.einent; class Nt?. 9. Gravel and rand; cla s No. 11 iron, iron nails, and sp k*?; o ass No, 12. Stael; ola sNo.14 Flies clans No. 15. I'a nts, oils. an<i *las?; cla<? No. ?> Ship ohaodlerj; class No.17. Hardwarr; cat No. 13. Mationery; o ass No. 20. Hay aa i straw; - ass No. 2i. Provoi.uer;cla? s No. 22 Charo.>al; cla^s No.28 B ?.tint. pack ins, and ho>? ;o'a>s No. 21. ^ per in and lubri'-a-in; oile; cUsiNo. 25. Iron oMtinic*; o a*? v.. 2fi Auge s; cla? No. 27. Ai.thraeite ooai; class o'* n. : "' * iiu. tj, m.uiniuous uurn' o undoull. BOSTON. C!a*a No. I. Uncus; oi&ci No. 6. Whi pin?, apruce. juniper. &c ; cimi N<>. 7. Lime, hair, and p.aatrr; c as* No.9. Orave! aud aatid; o!aa> No. II. iron.tioa nai *> a d apik?:; ciaaa N >. j2. ateo ; c a^a No. 14. Kiie?; cla^a No. IS. Paiuta, o la, and giaar; o aaa No. 16. Stiip chand ery; olaaa N<>. I? Ha'dwate; claaa No. l?.Stationery; ?iasj No.?. Hay and atraa *, o'aaa No. 21. Provender; olaaa No 22. Charoca ; oiata No 2a. Spe m ard lubrioat rg oil*: olaaa No. M. \acera;o a?a No. 27. Anthracite ooal; o aaa No. ?>. bituiuinoua Ouinoer and ooal elaaa No SO. Broad Top acini -bituminous ooa*. NEW YORK. C'aaa No. 7. Lime, hair, and p'aator; olaaa No.O. Gravel and; c.&ss No. 1!. ion, inn ua la. and apikea: o a?a No 12. btesl; ci v?a No. 14. Fi e : r aaa No. 15 Pauita. oila *. d ^1 "~ ' , ? v reao 1'U. '\J Cllip etianfllory; class No.17. Hardware; o a*s No 18. SjiiionTy; ciass No 2ft. Hnj and straw; c ai>s No. 21 Provender; class No.22 Charcoal; c a*? Hit tine, packing, ana host; cia?s No. W4. Sp^rm and luorio*tim oils; class No. J6. Au ? r; clsss No. 27. Anthracite c<?al; class No. 30. flro&tl TVp geini-bitaramous coal. PHILADELPHIA. Class No. 5. Oak a^d *ard wo d; o'ass N?. 6. Wh.te pi no. spruce, junipor Ac ;o)>i No. 7 L*m?, h*ir. and plaster; o.ast No. 11. Irou, iron spikes, a_d rails; o ass No. 12 St??i; c:a:s No. 14 Kn?; c ass No 15 I'a nts, oils, and glass; o'ans No. W. Shi* cnandiery; cla?s No. 17. Hardware; o as* No 18. it'tiouery; o ass No 19. Firewood; aims N . it. Hay and sua*; class No.21 Provender; class No. 22 Chare a; class No.24. Sporin and lul?ri ca'inr oils; elas* No.?6. Au<sr>; olass No. 27. An vuiwiw o"iw; oass i>o. ?). LSr<>ad fop Hid semi bitu mine us coal. NAVAL ASYLUM. Class No. 1. Clcthi *; class No. S. Ha'?,boot?, and sho?i; class No.S. Krovisiom-; cifus No. 4. Grooeries; c'ass No. 5 Dry Go ds; oiass No. 6. Brt-ad, A.c.; ol?*s N*> 7.T bacoo; class No. 8 Mis o'llaneooi; o'.ass No. 9 Hardware; class No. 10. Faints, i.s and g'.as-; olas* No 11. Lumber; cltss No. 12 R'at.OWfcry; olass No. 13. Ftrowood: class No. 14; c a ; class No. 19. Provendsr; class No. 16. U.iok?; class No. 17. improvement of oemetery. WAS1LNGTON. Class No. 1. Brioks; olass No. 4. Yellow pins lumber; class No. a. <>ak a;.d hard wood; olass No. 6.\Vkite pi&e, sprue, juniper, fto ; oiass No. 7. Limr, hair, and pla tor; o sm No. a G.a?*l ?ud gaud; olass No. It. Iron, iro > nails a ,r. spikes; class v.. 1 ? -i-? w - uim> itu. 13. r g ir^n; c a#* No. 14. Kil??, ola-n No. 15. Punir oim *n fit*'; oiast. No. 16. St-.ip otiau ier>; c & ? No. 17. Hit a* vt: o ass No. 13. S'auo fry, class N*. 19. Firewood; olass No.??. H?t and straw; cla*s No. 21. Pro7?n v?,r; o ass No. 2*1 Charooahclass No. H. t-e't iQg, packing, and Ik sr; c am No. 24. Sperm and >u b.icati guils; cl ? N . 27. An'.hraeite coal; ola?s No.S8. Kionniond or Virginia eoJ; olass No.29. cumbjrland bituminous coal. NORFOLK. Class No. 3. Yellow pine Umber; c'ass No. 4 Ye low pine lumber; class No 6. Wbite Fine, rpruoo, ju iper, Ac ; olass No. 8. Cornell.; c ut No. 9. Grave, and sand; olass No. It iron, iron nails, a ,d Hpike>; r ass No. 12. ateel; class No. IS. Pig l on; c'a-s No. 14. Files; ciasn No 16. Haiut* oils, a a *l%ss; c;a?* No. 16. Ship ohar>d!erv; c'ass No. 17. Hardware; oliss No. 18. Stat onTj; olass No.SO. Hat and straw; olass No. 21. Provender; class ,*o 22. <:i.arcoal:o as* No 24 Mtcrm and 1? k.. >? >?va>ini ' i!>; oi??a Au^ tj c am No. 27. 1 Antnriioite ooal; c aaa Wo l-i C 'mi*rland itu rninoui ooal; o aaa No.Si Broad Tjp s?mi bitu ininoufcoa..; o aaa No. 31. Rttplaoiug the gal.eriea at Nava Hv sfitv PENSACOLA. Claaa No. 4 Yeliow pine lumber; olaaa No. (. C# mmi.; oiaaa No. 9 Oravf 1 a..<l tand; eattNo. II. iron, Iron naiia, aii'J apikea; elaaa N . 12. Hteel; oiaaa No 13 Pig iron; oiaaa No. 14. r ile*; olaaa No. 16 Punta, oila, and glaaa; oiaaa No. 16 8b p ciand er?; eiaea No. 17. Hardwara; oiaaa No. <8 tationerj; olaaa No. 19. Firewoud; oiaaa No. in Hay atjd a.raw; olaaa No 31.Proreu.ler; elaaa N<?. 32. Charcoal; oiaaa No 33 Belting, paokufg m,d hote; olaaa No 24. t*perm and l.bncating oi.j; Claaa No.36. Auge.a. The achedule will atate the timea within which artio fa will ha required t> bo delivered; ai.d wnere me printed ?flh?.i>.i??- ?' 1 ' - uua <i*-u, me p*iloil?> atated id it it>r deliveries must be copied id the bida. Ail the article* which may b? cont acted for must be de-tWMl at luob place or p.cea, including diayaio andoartafe to the piaco where uaed vithm the NaT? Varda, reap-jcuvely, for wluoh the otter ti invle, a? mar be directed bT the commanding oft oer tn?reof: ana. all other thinga being equal, prrf er"Bce will Ix) riven to American manufacture No article wil' be reoei veu alter the expiration of I the period vpeoifted in the achedalea fur th- oom plet or. oi denveriea,onleaa specially authorized by the department. In ooiapuunc the olaa es, |? e pnoe atated in th? column of prioea ?ill be tho ta daid. and t"e aggregate of tlm olaaa will be car ried out aooording to the prioea atated. 11 ia to be proviued in the contract and to be dis tinctly unterat-'O'l by the bidders, that the amount acd nmnMr ofartieie* enumerated in oMaaea h*a>i ed "M ibO?ll*r,eoua" are rpeeihed aa the prohibit quantity whion may l>e required, aa well aa to fix data far detmrn laioc tho lowest bid; but the con tractor 1* to furnish more ??r iu. 1 wiiv cai'i wii? mrraifi articlo* and tw .*urh quantities, and at jtirk times, at the burtauer commandant may require; ?ucO increase. however, not to exoted one-lia.t ot the tnantitx a'ated and r^qusit'.oiatent thr u|b the pout offish shall foe deemed sufficient notice) dtt'inc th? 6?o?l )e>\r ending 3?th Juuo, <861; and vhftb?r the ?*ntitiea required bemoreoi than t p-ojfitd, the prices shall remain the same. All the aruc(?") under the con raot inuit h? of the heat quality, deliver. d in good order, free of ail and every charge or expcnso to iha so <err.ineu(. and auhj*ot to the inspection. oount, 'eight, or meaa u em<*nt of lUe aaid (Navv V*rH m~<r . - _ _ no in ah re >p vii satiatao'orv to the oommaniKnt thereof bidder* ar? referred to tlx* raru for p 11 nV speuifi cation?, or aainplea, and anj fur< her description of thea tiolee. ? cntractorsforolasies headed -'Mia oellanenus," who do not reside u?ar the paoe where the art ol*s are to be de'ivered, will be repaired to uami in their proposals an ax*nt at the oitj or principal place near the paid of de'iverp, who map be oalled upon to deliver artiolea without dilay when th??y shall be required. Approved ametiM in the full amount of the oon tra> twill be requited, an<l twenty per oentnm aa additional aeonritp deducted from each payment until the oontract shall have been completed or naansllod, an.ess o:herwise authorzed uj the de KUnent. On a.aasee of artiolea headed "Misoel I I eous," to be delivered as reqaired during the fiscal rear, the twenty per otntmn retained may, at the discretion - _UMuuuuauuMl| OO paid quarter- I ly on the first of January, April, Jul/ and Oo'obejr. when the deli v? ries have been sa*islsot*r/, And the l>ai?nce (eighty p*r cent) vill be paid by the rs spec'iv* Navy A geats wit&in thirty da*s after the presentation oftha bills, in triplicate,duly vouched and app ovrd No part of 'he per centum reserved i? to be paid antU all th rejected a tides off red urider the oua traet shall have been removed froin the sard, un less ip oially aathorixed by the department, , It trill be stipulated in the contract, that if da ^alt shall be made by the partiee o? the first part delivering ail or anv of the artie es mentioned ? ? any o ats bid for. of the quality and at th? ii?? and ? * * ""Out Of Moh olM? Whi?h . Ta i?othM d n* ^ ^ *?* o/^tTE. Th? M?roh3,IMS ^ ~&2s$svzusi f - Uwir Agent, Collector. Diatriet Attorney,or eon*other peraon aatMaotorilr known to the burrau. It ia to be provided in the oontraot that the bu reao shall have the power of annnlling the oontmot, without loni or damage to the Ro?errinent, in e?*e Congress shall not have made suffioient aparopria tiona f->r the artiolea named, or fc the oomptet on oi works estimated for, and (! vhieti thia adver tisement ia baaed, and ahati alao have the power to increase or diminish the quantities named ia the iassea not headed "Miaoellaneoaa," in ike sohcd mie twntj five per oent Peraor.a whose off^ra ahall he aooepted, will be notified by letter tferoszh the poa* oftoe, wkitk no tioe ahaii be considered sufficient; and if they do not enter into contract for the ausBhea within fifteen days from the date of notiae from the bnreau of the acceptance of their bid. a <Kntract will he maoe with aom* other person or pe-aom, and the guarantors of toon defaulting bidden will be had reapoasihle fc all delinqnenoi*a. All offera not made in strict conformity with th's advertisement, will,at the option af the bareaa, be rejected. Those only whose offera may be accepted will be notified, and cont acts wilt be ready for execration aa soon thereafter as may be practicable. au ifi 1aw4w.Th j^RMY SUPPLIES. Orrtc* or Akjct Clot?t*?? *bb E<?uipa??,J Philadelphia, August i7.1860. { Pealvd Proposals are invited, and will be re o i ved at this office, nntil to o'clock a. m., of Thura day, the fourteenth day of September nexl. for furniahing by oontraot the following Army Sup tea and Materials, deliverable at the United Suitea Clothing and Equipage Depot,(Schuylkill A's^nal,) in quantities aa required via:? 3.000 yards oloth, dark blu*J, (indigo wool dyed) for eaps 54 inches Wide, to weigh about 14 ounoes per ysrd. 40,000 yds keraey. dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled. M inohea Wide, to weigh 83 ooaoea ?er >a:d. . . 5,000 army bla keta, wool aray, (with the lettera li 8 ,in black,4 inohea lone, in theeentre,) to he 7 feet long. and A feet b inonea wide. to weigh 5 pounds eaoh. ?,000 yard* of flanuel, d*r* l> ue (ladico wo>l dyid) 51 iLOhea wide, to weigh 10 onnoes per j?rj. 100,0000 yards ttannel, white (cotton and wool) 91 mohea wide, to weith 6% ounces per yard 80,000 yards Canton flannel, i7 inehes wide, t? wemh 7 ounces per yard. 80,000 yard* cotton drilling, nnbleaehed. *7 inohes wide, to weich 6H oanoes par yard. 30,000 yards cotton dulling, unb.eacht-d, 36 icohes vidA. tn vpisrh ft AnnM! nor W rH 80 000 pain half ?t>c:tinK?, fray. 3 sizes, properly made <>f jtocU fleece wool with double and twisted yarn, to wei(h 3 pounus per dozen pairs. 15,000 yards Ursula sheeting, 42 inches wide, best quality. 3,000 yards, brown linen, 38 inohea wide, best quality. 10,000 yards cotton mualin, nnMeaohed, 38 inchea wide. 10,0ft) yards black ai'ecia, heat quality. 36 inch** wide. 1 .'00 yards buckram, best quality, 40 inohes wide. l.s.Ofln sh*ets waddinc, cotton. 3","CO yards tape, white\ and inchea wide. Silk r d, whit", yellow, green and b!ue, f >r flags, per yard. Silk twist and sewing ilk, host pu&lity per pouu<1. I.inon thread. W. B No..Va40,per pound. Dj d*? Hlu?, No. so a 40- do. Do do assorted oolora. No. 8) a 4ft per lb. Wlnj?n spools ootton. .soft puc?? webbing. 1 *od inch. 3*),i")0 yardi ootton duck, inches wide, to weigh 15ounoes per y*'d.# 20,0*0 yards ootton duck, 2K>* inohe* wide, to weigh 10 ounce* per jaid. oft.rtto yards ootton duo*, 33 inches wide, to weigh 10 ounce* per yard. 150 cords and tassels, for trumpets and bugles, assorted colors l.oro yards S inch silk lace, assorted oolors. lo;nn rards ? ?', S and tS inches worsted la:e. do. 17,*00 hat eord*, worsted, assorted colors 4-16 inch diameter, with a tassel at eaoh end two inches long. 15/W black foil h\ts, best quality, made of Scotch aiiu r?u^ 'ii>n u??nt*j aim 1% U*SI* tl*FOCt f,onn blaolt ostrich feath* s, 12 inches long. 17..V!0 h n bs eagle*. ?w? brass croistd cannon. 5. in <:g buttles- 3"?XI do do sabres 100 do cm ties 6,'M> do knapgaok trimmings sett. 50 do spears aud lerules for guidons, and colors. 800 gross bookies, iron roller, % and lif inoh best quailt? 5* gross buckles for n*ok stocks. 10ft pairs N C S brass scales. 300 pairs Sergeant's brass, and 25 pair bronzed scales 8,000 pair corporal's and privates' brass, and ISO pair bronzed soales. ?,w gross c>>at buttons, best sua!ity, 2.5X* gross shiit do do 2'i<*> *ros* snspender buttons, do i x> r,...Ut. ? t- ? *1 ./ rutivs. w .l.i oiu? uiuuin pieces, trumpets, do do 2<?t fifes, II ard O. 3ft drums, complete, artillery. 80 do do infantry. T4)t do heads, f atter. two do snare. 2x1 do snares, sets. 3 0 do sticks, pairs. 3K> do cords, of Italian hemp, 1 ?< do slings 800 tent poles, wall sets. ano do' servants' do 2,i?m t?nt pins, hospital, small. 2 ,"00 iio wall,li*rKO. 50,000 do aotninon ion,-oo tent buttons, (wo >d)sma! I. iS),< 00 tent slips, do do l"o<arrisp i haluaMs, of Italian hemp. ISO recruiting do do do (to pound* cotton sowiiik twine. K and R strands. 15,(i< 0 pounf s Mai>iliat<*nt oord. Final 1, tffct quality. 15,^ tin cantfxnn with oork stoppers, 3 pints, to w<Meh 11>$ nunc?? 4"0 iron pots *irh tails. 8/WW pans, sheet iron. 2,oo<\atnp kett <?s, do 3 sizes, in nests. 1 mm pokaxes, 2 ?i?M,tn wo-ighfi}* and 7 ponnds 2 o-o foiling axes, ca?t st el, bast quality, 3 liser. 1 o o piok axe hand nr, best quality. 6,<i00 fellinie do do co do a ooo camp hatohot do do do 2 (*<? spades do do 30) stoves for Sibley tent*. 400 chains for Sibley tents, sets. AH the abo-e montion?d aitioks mast oo-form in all respects to the s?al<Ml ftanlard patterns in this ofta?, where ihey can be n*min*d, and any additional information in regard to them will be fur nis'' a/1 "" * ........ .EBHirio patterns r?i mo woolen aid o itton etothes wi:I be seLt by inail to bidders; it m de?irahlo tl at the articles be 01 domestic mauufac tu'?. .I I he privilege is reserved by th Uoitefl > tates of deore.aanK the quantity ons-fourthon the aoot pi anos of t' e prop"* * a, an<1 of increasing it from one third to one-haif at any time prior to th>- oom pletion of the oontract, by giving tne contractor thirty d?ys notice of suoli derired incr'aoe; and of rejesting any proposal which may be considered extravagant. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' pace of business must be specifically stated iu the proposal, together with tne names, address, and . tgponsibility of two persons proposed as securi ties, with the acknowledgment* of said persons that they will be nu"h -ec wity or will be ret possi ble good security be furnished in oase a con tract ia o' tained Bills irom in\nufaoturers of. or repular deal ers i th? artioies. will be pref-rrrd, and contraota will he awarded to the lowrst responsible bidder, wiio nhali fur ish the required iconritiesfor tho p*rformaT oes thereof D hvrri*s to<omineaoe within forty day* after the accfotanoe of the preporas,and one half ol the quantity contract d for must b<< delivered in equal monthly proportions within tour months from said date ofaooeptaroe, aud the re i.ainder within three months ti.oreafter in monthly or greater propor tions, a? the oontraotor may find oonvenient It is to b) distinctly understood ti at oontTMts are not transferable wit out the oonsent ot the proper authority, am! that an? aale assiir.ment, or transfer, without suoh eonsent havinc te*n ob laind. (except under a proces* of law,) will be regarded an an ar>andonm?ut of thee uiiaot: and the oontraotor aud his securities will he heiH r?_ aponsiDi* mr Ml lo?a or da > age to the United mm. na which may ari?e therefrom. Pajrcent* will be made on each delivery. T*n per cent, of the amount of each delivery will be retaired until 'he contract shall be onmplMed, which will be forfeited to the U:>itfd State* (n case f ilafrlcauon on the part of the contractor in ful filling the contract. Forms of propoaala and gimrantY will be fur niahad upon application at thia offioe. and none be oonwdered that do not oonforin thereto. Pruposala will b? endoraed?"Propose for Fur nishing Ai my Suppliea and Materiaia," and oiad dreased. CHS THOMAS, Colonel, mi 21 StawtSU Ant Q. M. Gei.l. U. B. Army. l>ROPO?AL9 FOR RKPAIP1NO THE ^US ET TOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, Ms. T*iasb*7 P: .. iiin. j uiy 13, Proposals will be reoeived at this Department until the fifteenth day of September, A. D.. 186 >, at 12 o'o'.ock, noon, for the repair* of the Custom. H?u?e authorized to be repaired at B&ltimora,' Mary and, aooordinr to the plan* and ap?oifioa uons prepared at this Department. Bidders will be required to receive tho old oaat iron work di? p natd with in part payment of the work, at tha rate of one dollar per hundred pour d*. and will be required to furnish all tn* M aterial and perform all the neoasaary labor to ooropleto the repair* aooord inr to th4 p au? furnished. N > nety p t oent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered ? -?* w vumnoi prioe amount to be aaoertaiuea in the manner pre orib*d by th * contrast, by the estimate of an a^eut ofihe Department appointed for that pur p-tee > will be paid mocthir.a* the work proireuee. and ten p*r oent. retained until the completion ol the contract and acceptance of the work ty the agent arora*aid, and to be forfaited in thaeveat of n?n lulfilmeot of contract. Upecifioation* ?>.d drav in*s will be read* on the IMh <tf A oca*t, when thnj can be had on application to the Dapartim nt The propoaa'e mut be tent ta th'? Deptrtment. addreteed ;o the {Secretary of the T'aaaurv a-d plainly endorsed" Provo sals /or 'tpatriug the Bait* more Custom house, and will be opened at one o o ock of the Uat day named lor reaeivinf the | mmm" - HOWEU.COBH, jy 17 SawSw ?? w-w j !> >u? irvMury. !,(.? UlUk. ?. *. Mort. I.kAWT&T. Will prftetioe Id !l5?<?oifrt o}'Urron and Ar ealaat Jaokeon, the Federal Court at Pontotoi, CbTOoarta o? the Seventh Jadioiali Dwtnct of Mu? ?teei,acd vill attend te the CoUfcetton of Claim raUPQ-MT'S GUNPOWDER, \J For MUe at manufacturers pnoe?, by JOHN J. BOflUE, 0?pRe*Tow!i/D. Ov Sel? itouy fer (JU Dittrxct v Mmuu. m. vrewioutiw MlMtatUmoCmiof Adtau* kiinm RnmnuiT. WiuiKinrtnn. D. O. fr*-U?lr MAPLE SUGAR. ^frwy nim lot ofMAftSfWeAlfftrt W Jy ? 11MC * BUBOBBLL. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. New ^ gg&JBTKlm?. ? 5. SSfciSL ">MS|UMi only 18 ratlec of staging * comfortable amf aafe road. Ln?? Alexandria in the Oraitte and Alexandria Tra-n at 7.15 a. m., take the Ma..a?saa can at the junction, arrive At Capon bi A o'clock >. m. E: oometof Sixth ?t. and Pa. av.,'n Wathinirtoii, and at the Ticket Office on Union it, Alexandria, Va. Jy U-dt2*?thAng ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 19th, train* will run aa follows: l.oave Was ii inn ton at 6 2" and 7 ^ a. m. Leave Waahintton at 3?> and 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 2u p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4JS and > 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. < ? bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the Ka?t will take trains at ?J0 and 7.*' a. m and 3 ? p m. Chasok or Hovbb. Philadelphia on!j. jf> 13-fl T H. PARSONS.Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TJHRBH 3DAYB WITH TBB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. At L ti AW# n^>1 ???r* ?? Orange and Alexandria Railroad tO lynchburg: Virginia arid Tennessee. East 'Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPhtst ROUTE: Memphis by Rail.thenoe br First olftM Picket* to Nev One&as. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail^thenoe U> Mobije by First oimb rKieu. moTP 10 niew uriwu by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sbkdays Included, Lrave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p. m The Steamer GEOKGK PAGE leave* her wharf fool of Seventh street at a. m. and fljtf p m. and oontieotK at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Tram* for the Soothwent. O?o?? fennar Ivania avenue, corner of Sixth at. BA66AQB CBSCKKD TBROBCH TO ??W 0RLBAH8 Lynohbnrg ?. .#7 50 Bristol . 15 O' Knoxville . 5c*>Oft Chattanooga .........24 oo jjMtnn. ... 34110 Memphis <31 00 Atlanta -3R on Maoon ? a oo Oolumhns 31 50 Montgomery ....... JSft ?> nuiinviup ?..:nmi l v>aM<-inphis.<2 v> Grand J u notion.w|ft,O.S via?. Jsno .<2 SO Nashville ..25 SH \ via Mobile...46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY MY RAIL and is iOO MILKS SHORTER. aud 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME tl:?i any ?>th<*r<v? the l-ynchhnre Kx tension hcitiK now completed, nr. al*o the MiM"nippi Centra), maktnc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided wiUi Firat olaaa Sieepme Cart! TIME {To Ne* Men _ T< Hoars. emphis.? 34 do. onUomerr do. 46 do. CT'The U.S. MAlMuid ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over this Nev Line. Tiokets can be obtaitmd ?t the Soqth Western Offioe, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av i.ue, to the following points: Lynctibtir*, IlnsUil, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chivtt&iiooKA. Huntsrille, Grand Junotiou, Macon, Nashville, Ualton, Calnmbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW OK LEANS. Ipr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. l[y Omnibuses and B\Kg&fo Wagons leave the offioo at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Atent, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth st. and Fa. av. THE STEAMER J AS, OIJY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, *1st of feitrvarv, lKjO. Willlwv* WASH INGToN ever? TUESDAY and1 _ . FRIHAV, at 6 o'oloflk a. m., and A I.KX ANDRIA at half-pimt? o'clock, for CURRIOM AN and the intermediate Landings. On her return tripi, the will CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L. BOUSH. A*'t, Alexandria. fe ? PaMAOIMB The New York and Virginia Screw Steamihii ooairany n"w ana eieg&nt steamship MOUNT VERNON,CaptJ\C.Sraith,^?? will leave the Company's Dopot, tern Wharves, at lJ'o'ciock a. m.every WEDNES DAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. in. same day. Faarsngera from Waehinxton and Georgetown oan take the coaches connecting with Alexandria teiunboats or railroad, which leave the oorner ol Tth stroet and Pa, avenue honrly, or they oan lsav? on the stoamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'cloak a. m. State rooms oan be e&gaced on application U Meesrs. Morgan k. Rhmehart, Western Wharves Freight will ba received up to the hoars of dspar JZ7" Inrnranoe will be effected on all roods by thlsune at the oflloe of the Company at Xper cent prami am. The accommodations for passengers by this an* are m every respect finrt-o ass, and every effort wil be made to render thia communication with New York an fcgreeihlo and healthfs'< on*. For freight or passage apply to FOWLS * CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWKLIi k CO., et-ly 80 West st..oon:er Albany, New York. R NOTICE m.%,ry u IjAit ?TK.\M PACKKT LINK BE TWEEN BALTIMORE AND -.fT""*. WA8HINGTO N.?Leave Com- r merne st. wharf, Baltimore, as ?TheST Nichoi. r ?vprj W ROVKPDA Y, tt 6 p. in. (Talcxbi*., ev?ry SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Imvi fttlfly'a Wharf, at the foot of Uth street Washington, as follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. St. Nicholas, every 8ATL'R DA V,at6 a. m. For freight, A.o., apply to THOS. W. RILEY, A rent, Riley' Wharf,at ihefoot of mar Ifi-TATBm 11th st. Waahinrton NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. , The Steamer MOUNT VERNON viU leave Alexandria aad Waihiniton for N?w York KVbKY W k UNtiKDA V. 'ml gUh o'olock p. m., and Now York for WMh-" -" miton every Saturday, ats o'ciook p. m. t P&Mengers can join the ahipat Alexandria at any time before the hour of the eteajner'a departure. N. B.?In the event of the atetmerainability to | oroaa the bar in eonae* a en oc of low water, ail gooda will be promptly uihtersd to and from the atetmer by the undersigned. For freight or Masare apply to tyORQAN* RHINEHART, oett-9.MiTtr Weatern Wharree. ~ 1 1 '?1' ~ 1 1' ? m' m f^OTICE TO ft0ARvFEL#B !N? POTOMAC 1 PINBY POINT, POINT LOOK-OUT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PO&TSMOOTH. The oommodiom an J awift ate&ner BALTI. u rv n * ith/ i\ r>, naming been thoroughly overhauled ana i?fitted with ,Pe*i22jK? boiler* and machinery, Ao . will> piaced on the above ri ute MONDAY, the 9th of July, and continue during the bathing ??a?on,nMkk Waehiniton lilON S at IV o'clock a no. Re lea Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FK1 DAYS at 3 o'clock p m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fare to ing eemi we?trW tri DAYS and THU~ turning will 1 DAYS Marbury'e...~ Pandy Point IJn Quantioo 1 sr Liverpool Point 15' Boyd*? Ho'e 2 flit Matthia* Point.... S.? Pope's Creek #21) Hlaokietone'e. 2 00 BloffP"iiK...._?_ WO ^arsha'l'e Pavilion 2.(0 Piney Point 2.00 fo<nt Look oat... 2.00 To Old Point end Norfo'k 45, including mea'e. Round trip tiokete to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the ? f"-"J v>> unimino unuer ten aervAnta.halffa e. Freeoo'.ored person* ?4. Prei(hte at usual rale* and muit be prepaid. The steamer Baltimore being the fa*teat boat ol the i'otomao. will ooiirey paasengeia to Point Look nut in bonra. making the trip down thia baa* trial nrer by daylight. For boketa and further information apply on bo?rd toCapt. CH At). E. MlTCBfcXL, or at the Com parr'* offioe,corner Peon, avenue an-1 Sixth *tre#t, aader the National Hotel ICrc-oaohe* will oall at aay ? a?e to the aitjr for MATTINOLV, General Tiokaft Agent M t-3t Potomac Steamboat Company. PRANCI8 HARPV? a AT1KO OPKNED __ FAMILY GROCERY AND PEED STORE, Cmnur 9/ iViw York avnu* nwi Tenth tUttl, Respectfully nolioits the patronage of thoaevho mar m in vaot of any article in th? at>ov? line. His endeavor* shall be to pieaae, and by a etrict atten tion to the vast? of the publ 10, tee hopea to aant ,hHi? ?toc)t oontliu1^ every article anally to be fouad in a v.-*.'- ??? 8tor?. ' " mt 17-tf" Lot? op pianos por rent at low 1 rate*. PUnoa for ?&ie or the moat^s^M * rasrteii Ijs.wsi'.'tfssntH , loaeoii. Aoourdeonii 4<l ' JOHN r. BLL1S. M IS sol* HMrt for Chiokerinx ft Bona* Flukoa. MIHOKMj&N KOU8. UMH IU( I 111CI. At teidtmtt will karptn, ?m m wHl rtt+iAtmi famtlus, it it rury dee.rable to haTe km ohetf and convenient way for repairing Fanutare, Toya, Crockery, Ac. IPlLDINA'a PREPARED GLVK meet* all such emorgenoiei. and no hoaeebold su afford to bo without it. It u always ready wd Bp to th? atioking point. There is no longer a neoea aitjr for limpir.g ohaira, splintered veneers, bead lees dolls, and broken orad'ee. It ia just the article for ?one, shell, and other ornamental work, ao with ladi?s of refinement and taste. Thia admirable preparation ia need ?old. being ob*mioei) j held in eolation, and eoeeesaing al' tM vfclaable <oaJitie* of the beat cabinet makers' cjne. It may be nsed in the plaoe of ordinary nanoi.&ce, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN XVgRY HOUSB. Prict, IS oente. N. B.?A Brush aovompeciee each bottla. WknltntU rimmnt Nn AM .r^t Addraaa HKNKY C. SPALDINO & CO.. Box No. 3,600, Nrw York Put ap for I>waJer? in Cmm oontaior.f Foar, Kirht, &n<1 Twf!? Dozen?a boantifal Lithofrapt) <e Show Card aeoompanyioc each pMkK*. ICr A >U>cln bottle of SPALD1WS PRE PARED GTuE will mi* tec timaa ita oo?t m anally to every hon?ahold.-/*fl Sold by all prominent St&tionera. Draffiata, Hardware aod Furniture Dealers, Grocer*, aM Kaney Stores. Country merchants should make a note of SPAL n r m nu r*n j d w?h ? r ?? ? ? -? t'n'u p i nor/inr.? tfl i *. whcd muin( up their list. It will stand ?nj oil mat*. f? M-ly m Tin II i<i4?? 14 *j+m ff"W*/?r f?M V* (fA# o'stft fr.&lhr f* f$4* I tke Mrmmpak* #,) , V ?.*?'* Qualiv #f f'P+r?l bf y i ptKMi n?/y Aawv ? M Arm. f##n fiepnui wprn opting ? f?7 ?rflr'#% r wA*n tk* r?Mrv * , 4*114 6v rl4 /Vtff'? M^V. /f r# / r ' cvmm*nJ"1 h / lie Jfrti i?\ ' lit Cmo* aat' it$ Median*! \4 n CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS dminU WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE All III T A Tin ll inn A nr.iiurrnrriT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.ELDALY, I 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BT y 7 it HARBdl'R ft PEMMES. fREEMAN t\ SIMPSO^ OLD WOLD iMACNOLlfMAGNI kWHISK EX^WillS] We offer for sale the above stacdard brand ol fine Co^j?er^DistiiUxl Malted Rje \Vhi?kjsjn bar V.. ?uu Iiau-iwrcii AH it II "I our own OllUilH tion.snd highly improved b? a*e, w? e?nfrdeiiti reoommend it m th* mtust %n i beet Whisky thai oan possibly be distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYB WHISKEY, apd other brandi, from the largest etnek of Fins Whiskies in the United State* FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohnyikill rirer, Phil*. Ofiloee?96 Wall street, New York ; and 101 SojUi Front street. Philadelphia. mar 39-lr | IGHTNINO! L LIGHTNING!! LIOBTNINO mi In Ttkb or Pkace, rtirai roi Wu! F? liABARREt Soutkwtt eorntr nf lWfc end C tit., MiKmcTviu or PLATINA-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Keapeatfu'W announces to tn? puMic of Washing ton ard vicinity that he ta prepared to exeonte a.I order* for erecting l.ightiung Conrioctora on tn? most approved aojentific principles, obstructed ol tlie very beat of materials, on very moderate terms. All Pl&tina tipprd Points whioh are inarsfWotnrM by me wlH be a(a inped with my nus*. Weather Vane* of any design mad* to order, iy -lm ??? Ii^nk, BUU niuio VO th? ej ea than/m light Thit Oil ia fre?> fn-mado'teratlon, and Terr mnok more eomioniioal than man; of the Coal Oile uMd at thiatime. ItT 11 ia in no war ?x?loat ja. we kwt aleo a aupply of tb? tjrlM of Lampi.Jto.. Agenta for ita aal? for I JHHI _ Conwr Hfteenth at. and Vermoat av. Great KanawhaCoal and Oil Company. nail ROWK'S IMPROVED WEIGH I NG&CA.LK8 Theae SJoa'.ea are ofler?4 to the aablie aa tbe moat timj'e. darabie, and reliable aoaleaerer ?at ia ih. Pirat olaaa pr?miu ma have baas avarMibeq by the United Slatea Fair and Vir?iiua Afienltaral Booiety; Virrinia State Arnaaitura Pair: Franklia Institute Pair, Pennajlrania; New York State Fair*. ? vim?ui rou r nr. as., k?. In tr?rr mm wh?n BHibitod thej a*r? re?ived ftr?t ?lam prMuui U-lT I roa sum. * C. PATH SON, AiMt U/A8S1N6TON 8EWIN8 ROOM*. " ?M 9U <(., two CMrf Vara />?. 4??. sfiffft"*"?0 ptlNl ?. n both Fire, fire. POTOMAC WATER. I urn Bill! I" *>' itwoim??- " " _ ??? .M ? 1 UV(*1 Oi u WW QAQ PtTTI NG Bl'fiiNTW at my old atand ib Philhar monic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful iiftlr ofwater waa readily nb?w*rt at the ire o1 reeterday.aa I am w?U aatuied 1 ahould hava t*??a (turned oat bat lor th? bountiful aup ply epor mj premieea and th?t of my neirbbnra All ordera for the introduction of Water and flu will ba promptly attends to. Tenaa aa raaaooa ggNVMM A Ona at X oenta per month PIANO Onaat5? do. do Oneatfl do. "neat ll? do. FOE One at f 2 da. ^^wnriir^ ?ent u-j9!wv*t?a^ Jyfl P*. >v.t >?tw*wi ?H> fcai wiim 12,000 AittMNHRISai & ht> attaution of tb*r?blulooirWi( wid w?|l w cud Itook o( ChunjwiXDSud Crab A?pe Cid?f.| rhioh wo gn?r&nt*e to be pun iUM,ul will kr old on riMiMblt tnmi la order to Mil* ww Jtef Wo. IT Bnw it. N. B. ^Mi5J!?!WL?Ti m on hand a )mrr? wxock of Mirtli MaaMs^jiato S"?w stylo. Also Monti moot ilMd J?to?oo. Table H, 4e , which h? )* to diwneo ?f ?t prl?x?? to MEDICINES. U" ? FOR ALL MMCAIU OF IMFIt'DBNCI. LMT IfO PALSJt DEL/TACT rUtftFT. APPLY INNKD ATfcLV. ACVRK WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONt TO TWO MAYI Rmi >r kw>rAf*vx?M?f Um UiKlim Ma ?\? tfcaaa Timtli Ihaxdin wiiwf Imi Miur; Ithu rf Dr<i4fal u4 n??ntu?i frtwm ?*wk n? 4?r Kimtfi iaipaaa<Mi. >m tMm MwlK;u< MM TO BUM1 B?f Itu iT tliM'i Mean 'ictHa* af Ihri <mml ??< d*r.rvfii?? bafeM vkwk immIIi (VNyi la a anUwaif f r??a t>?a>?>iU ?Tm| Man a#it* aaat a? klt?4 Itlnii ?k4 knllut iMai latrutW uataa Ttlld la IHWtr I fcniUat ?( 'la?t, wba ayfci ?U>ai fcava iialtitiM vkk ??Unf?n rf?liwaanw rf lk? H??i tyr*, m* j Ml Ml aaa*. rtm, ?ain| tain M >k'r?ul *MtMM.T'r 4??rroiuM, *e. ?|.??diW t ar*4 ^ * mm A mm Mly InHi m bM kMw M yirtif ? "'1 lf? k? (kill u opticb * t to vra m? nrnct irnir, Itfl Iu4 !<) r?nf tr?m liluawi nnu. fa* 4mm Hir lb* emir Kit Mt M *b*?r?? >Ukt ? < n*Mi bMil* M k? paid ud lltllll i lOBf Dm. jomaroa, taktn *tlb* K*t*' CaiUf* ?* *, Ln>w, fnMut frMB ?a* ?f tk* MM HHKMI OUagW* M Ik* > > ! ItW, tad ik? |niuf f rt ml ?** i.f* hu ktti ifiw m Mm ha** Kit* *1 Uaadaa. hrn, Hulad*l??u* ?a* ata**b?ar?, ka* *f tad Man* af tk* <M*t (*rw (hat *>n **? >? *?, m*ny tr?*l><< ??t rtngtof b M* bi 0 tm* nn Vti*a ?*l**a: ?r??i ?w?i**?m. b*<nf >UtM< at n*4? (Mad*, baaVfbTaaa* vi(K fr*^**>( blaiVmy *t*aa4*d ** * I >?II Tllti t?rif | - II i if-rnit T iri rai< ! ft?*al> mi r*?ncfui hotici. Ttmrng Mh u< Hktit ?h? ItiN u.)are? tn?1?? ky I Htttu practice iada ft t? a'aae e hi " lMn<< fr*m e?ll ar ? kM, which art aifkily Ak t>M wk?a MU?f, ?4 If *M MM<. ny?r? mnuft l?pM?iUt.u4 <HWn Ml arta4 mmm Mf. ftMM apply w?<i?M!T Tnaee are H tii of the u< >! tfttu m4m?4 to ealja biliiu af fHil TU ? Wntnm ?<* Seek ??4 Urate. P?u>? in tfce * ?!, Dmimmi af St*k'.,Uu ' Mulit pawer, PtlpllMa af the f?n,Paapepay. Ntrrtaa terHakelt lf,D?ruf?ntl*([ki i>ijaao?? Fane. <> . eaeea! P1W17, of l o. aataf lia.,, Ac. MVNT ALLT -T?.fe.rV tfit'iM iki bMin uttk he dreaded?Laae nf Memery, CaataaMa tfMm, DiWMnai (f Sfiri'a, K?il Fartadtnra, Aaaretaaef Racial*,#eW iHaveak, bare af ahta4e,Tt audit?. at*., ate nai af the |U< Ita tuei HERTOVI DniUTT -TVateu4iui anMn vkal to Ik* owl of tktit declining kkmhfc, IniM ?k*ir k? > >( w?'t p?*. MP U< in ltltttf M1*f >totidi? c?t(ti w ?r II Iff ( MMMftN ruftfcASEaor ibipri dknob Wkm t>* iMaftncittf * ? ivpniM *f fttinx It ??i irkiMi lit* M?ia af iki* friatal 1m<u, t; i?? rflN k*pp*?i it tn #f iMai? rr dr?*4 ~f tmrilitk. frtn *pplrifij i? ?to,lto* Itcnin m< rMpceukilttv, tu ( ?? to4nii4 bin Hi fcll* mm lk? ludi ( truer* nt ! ilmfnmf nniMm, ?k?, Mmy?H| f ciruf, lid In ftccma; y iiltiu' . k**r Wia m*euh *fl?r modik, *r * iftt.f i>? *n>*lU*t If Wi kt ?k Wuatd, ui6 m 4**p?ir ! (* hi? wtt*i r?tn*4 l.wklMi'|k tir Mi (illini dw?pp?imw?m; w W tto m i(iM<M<lf y?i*?n. Mkrearr. h*M*>. ik* wnto'k'ml i^nr'nn *1 Um iimMi dmaii, Hck u Aliumit'iki N**ri. Tr.r?*i. Hm, kin .*c.. pnfriHirf with frirh'fk! raptdity, till nil Hl.aiMtlli Jr..irJ I I U .k Sbeaaarad CNMrr front vhwAwrM lr??al?f raia?a? Da joimoaiiKMKnT for ountinc ? mitm AWI)IMPOttWCT My thl* (INI ul tenfit rw?ii| aiUmm af ifca tirui *? apaadflj earart and fdl ?ifar rMMti. Tbaaaaada aflfc# mi Mr?Mi u4 4iMiuu4, *ka kad )wl all k?pa.ka?? kaan liantadiataly ralia??d. All impadimatiu ta Marrwfa. Pfcya4a*l a? Hn?I PHllll Iuuwi baa* af Pracraau*a Prvar, Har*a?a iMMHIMl TNablin|M4 WhIcinii BiltMUft trikl saai ficW kind paaadiij carad ENDOUCMKJtT OF TBR PIM. TIE MAN V THO tIBAKPI c arad at ihta inaurnM *HMa On leat aa**ntaa? *a>ra, ud tha namaraaa iiy?ruat araa aj aparauani p?rfarn.*d ^ Dt. Maaao. vttaaaaad fcy tk? npananaf Ifca pipara aad aaaav aifcar Mwam. MUtaa a# v^itk k?i >pritrt4 (!! u4 t|tui lufcn fe? HWit, k? Mm kia iiuiu u a nitltau ef tkmn'f w bUhj, I* a taStum putctM tetka tflMu* JOY FOR THE AND ^'FFK>rjM. I LET ALL WHO ?k If AFFLIcTl* READ! APPLY THr. HEMEDY REJOICE /V HEALTH. friend, do you ?utf if Are *ou th? vietiai tfw; of those nnmeron* ailment* wkich a i?e irr in im putty of the blood? \Vh*t?r? 'hey. do 70s Mk Ratner a-k, * h*t a<* *h> y iW? Ik* UlwAd M the .I'M ot lue and h?a t h. ud it i? t*>e fcr?t emei.t of oar b"inj[ to respond to au? cmi? whieh ft'* t'i* ayrlern.Aa th# puia? tola 11 h * attoata The ever prevailing N< u a gi* th* lrrit--ting K.ry* jea? the ublie J*jr?lna the gor iiine Kb??matiam, N*r vou? D'blJi J, Dyrp?p?ia, Livar? o>npl*int witfc it? torpor and d?-}eotion. and tt>e aawbc, Iraa ula tfcat fleai. is h^ir V . ?W?t* -heir hideoaa origin frvai Ike plood. IVal kind.) the* ai>d ge< tly wiiii tlie Meed. l'i* th* vitalising m uic-i uf nature lor lu a*d, and antTer ua to o mmend t > yrur oonfideita* and mat tru r va uahle m^icament known aa MRS K. cors INDIA V VEGETABLE DECrCTIOK. With regard to tlu? a m-et inf?fiibie eaeaifio fpu'ar aeutiTent Ka? ?p-ken in d eidei Urm. ud the avioenMs of u ia rreat c&oac* tr? aaa tain'd by cuniui i ivn*a.i <>f eurati ve ff-ct? aid ta- h*pr.r?' rr?u,t* from ita n?* are af?er a'l other remedies an'? tho hot medical bill hav fai ?d Let ui say, in ooDeliMti, tb?t of oure* tr? (nt inatht fr?in ike illiterate a*d mwc ftoia!. hat they are roJ?nW>rrd f ?n the n ?t re peelabiA ?fHiro-? m l the hipheat ta'iua la vhieii it i? poeai! le U> eum-neod ao \a.vab<? a i^4ifc? to ic approval We may add also that tua ouiativw prt?p*rtieaof the m^dtetae aree^ Mailed ??iij ifj up imoranvn m Oil, in? S'ti*ID rwv#r Ml fromd! ??* *l.h MMUtat owl vteor. For eaJ* b? all rwaeefabie DruciitU in thie oitj , and hr the pri?frietor, MR*. M COX. *one t enema aaW? her ntmi u b.vto on tl>< bctt> itcd her sea! on th* oork trr fno* f| bnl'l?,(ix Urtt'eefor IS. TrWcnV /-rear. R. ??. T CIB^KL. mniit. 6?"rie<?wn. o \\ Afent for the 0l? trjo*. urd li > eupplj the trad < at mj ftl ma. _aa 18 tr _ . Dn.'. j. bovfe dod** IMPERIAL WINE BITTEXS. Are bow betas aeed from Mum to the ? real Halt Lake, ?n 1 the anireraal verdiot of all who tiiom either a? % or a* a ker+rm$t ia that the? are anaarpaae* ia the world l?r. 1>?U aeed them aacoeeefaUr is hia eraoUoe (or 25 yeara befare we purubaoc-o of kim tbCaoie j if ht to tao.Djaotare and preeent them for a&le to tfc* pohlie. For the oare of Iooip.eEt Conani&ation, lndi/oyttoa. [>? peaaia, Pilee, Nervosa Dieea-oa. Female Com -- * -II ? r .w^uirin* ??*. ?, U?T^r?l? rond (toiM ? no*t inmubl* A tide now. thmr m^icinaJ pr"t?UM tfary trt a M'*< whola ome and <i?>igiiUM ber+rnc*. produeiric >11 tk? jlMsant oxk:'?ftUtiK effect* of B rawly or wiw without their injurion* re??Ha. et *1! fnwJi of bumanitj and Ml ?<H-<.o*t*? of lunfHMM *??mt n? in tisutainc th??e vi'usn'o Bitt? for the witftal r*i>f?i and miitnt'rmt*4 /.**?<"/ wilh ?ki?h the c<*nUy flood e4. u<i tbfr^j H feo'na !? %i 1 in )>%ii ?hia? liiMftM ami Dunkweti from the land. CUARLRf* WIDDIFIF.I.P ft CO., frwrl<l?r?,7* Ww*? ttrwt. Nw Wrk. j. 8TH WARZK. Aceat, Waauiiftaa. D. C. on. j wivr.k dodt imperial ois bitters, Ror PumiM of the K'dne* * R adder a< d (Iruiri rr?o>, and aefwaily for Fomai- Oiwtrvoooa*. narar foil to care, and art* wruta4 to fin utii CBtkUff WIODIF1ELD ftCO Pr. r- .ptora, 7S VV nil an kL. flaw Vork. i. w;hwaizk, jaT \rj A rent. Waahiagtoa. IV C. RwadtaiaBsiariK.. tfuchu, <> niLa<>. It r.'ramnU ar Iftem a. . *o<1, .NJ po?aa to fcoil b? my < vntaioi * lay order* tor Mywior^oafMboM ofitavva jT?n. %il ordara f*r Wann, Papfora, MHkU< SKa5gaS-S"-^jf UQ8TRTTK**8 STOMACH BJTTEJtP. Mr. Kl Wici-iow'* ftootkiac Kir. p I i?aid Km ta?, J'ffcUlina'a Glut, Maatanc uaiawat.^V A?re'e ile^'.Bek'e raeaa a.ic.wnkS a fraab any*)* of a?ra VMiviM*. at MOORE'S Wra hod f>r?t Plor*. 112 ft +VtmM% MMltil lUlf HTPraak BU? L.c* ud Coi.?-?'ai Wn?? aa altora Abe, improved Frait a.-Mt V c?tab> Jar*. I m ? ? AW*. T. DOV t? * CO. KR Nov 9'1n!^*kkS%. SASUl IffiAM FITTlN# sr.. fry Store ob Kb 1*61 doora Dortk of Pa. JACOB PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CUOTH* FOE IU Lit. AYKLLOW PINE LL DaMnptioM of tba IS tiuafced 4ir?o JOY * A IARGK ABHORTatKNT Of AteS iSUKjksj JuS ? ../ ??- ... ?j L

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