Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1860 Page 1
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w * < *< ~'7.M *~l I ,r ' * . . ?*vm: , ^ 1 i C*Y<MUK*1 kumg Star, ? p / ' V?. XVI. WASHINGTON, P. C., SATURDAY. AUGUST 25. 1860. N?. 2.846 i THE EVENING STAR M " PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE StAft BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and lllA st.} ?T W. D. W1LLACH. 1 t'apera eenred in package* by camera K |( I T?r, or tt oenta per month. To mail aubaonbera tii? priee la fS-W a rwr, in ado*net; #3 for aix mottha^ 91 for throe moot ha; ud for laaa Uu th rea nontlu at the rata of IS oenta a week. Siagl* eopiee, naacut; in wrapper* two canra. ITT Kdyiitk?pti ahoald be aent to the ofioe ?*?frr>ra tf u'elook ? fflfeerwiae they may aot appear until ika H ? UNCLE PHIL'S REMEDY. T T. 8. ARTHI R. *' How's Mary?" asked Uncle PhU Windh*id. of hi* nephew, Harry Lester. ' Not rery well," replied the yoang man, with a shadowed face. ' I'm lorry. What seems to be the matter with her!" " I'm sore I don't know, TTnole Phil. She ha> do appetite, and ia weak "and wretched half her tim?." 4* What does the doctor Bay?" ' Nothing satisfactory It's my opinion that he doesn't know what aila her. The wont of it ia, she gets into sneh low spirit*, and eriea,' sometime*, for half the night'' "That's bad, Harry?rery bad."' 411 know it is. Uncle Yet what ean I ?" " How are jou gettiug alone ia your business?" asked Uncle Phil. " Not ae well n I eoald desire. Hard, wearisome work, every day, and yet I seem to make very little progress." The young man's face took on a troubled aspect Uncle Phil had seen that look a great in any times before, and now it act him to thinking. " Did you ever Me the person who got along in this world as well as he desired?"' asked the old man. ' Oh, as to that, Uncle Phil, my desires do not take a very wide range. But I would like to see some fruit of my labor." " You hare a comfortable home, Harry, as the fruit of your labor. Isn't that something?'* "Yes. But I don't seem to get ahead. And that discourages me I work hard enough, in all conscience " Uncle Phil looked at hia nenhew for anniM moments, and thjn said : I? that the face you carry home every night, Harry ?" 4 What faee ? I don't understand you." "The dark, discontented face you wear now." The eyes of Harry Lester dropped to the ground" Because, If it is, I don't wonder Mary is sick. The shadows passed away, and a smile lit up the young nan's countenance. (i Ah, that's better! That's the true home face. Show it to Mary, and my word for it, she'll find it more potent th'an medicine.'' "You're a little facetious to-day, Uncle," said Lester. " Not I; but in sober earnest. I don't just know how it is, but I'm afraid that in going Iiaiba In Ktn at ni?Kt w.m aki I ' etead of sunshine. Now, a woman's heart want* sunshine. It cannot grow flowers in the dark. Leave youi care and business anxiety inside of your store when the doors are shut at night, and bring home to your wife a cheerful spirit. Try the virtue of a suiiling face, ray boy, and old Uncle Phil's word for it, Mary will Deed no more of doctor's stuff." I It was just as the old man had supposed Harry Lester, like too many other men who permit themselves to get over-anxious in regard to business matters, always brought a clouded face to his home at night, lie used to bring light and smiles and cheerful words. Then it was different with Mary from what it is now. Her face reflected the light and smiles that beamed from his, and her lips were running over with pleasant talk. Uncle Phil's remarks ?et him to thinking, and he remembered all this. Could it be possible that the withdrawal of sunlight from his countenance had thrown her life into ib*d?w ? I .1 V >L L> .1 - - x uiuugm >u? wma more ui * woman man that." More ef a woman! Wbj, is this all jon know of a true woman's nature? You should hare been wiser in regard to her charaoter before taking the happiness of a wife into jour keeping. Lore cannot grow and flourish il the sky i<* forever clouded: and lore is a woman s life. The state of Mary's nflnd, as well as the state of her health, were sad enough to lead her hosband to think seriously on a&y remedy that might be presented, and Uncle Phil's admoaitton did not pa.?s from his tboughu, as we have seen from his remark, touching the lack of true wominliness in his wife. "Try the virtue of r smiling face " That was easily enough said; bat not so easily done. ll'?w was llarry Lector to smile, wben he felt depressed in mind, and anxious about his business ' He could smile this>n?h ? ?D ? the d?j; smile in the face of hi* customers; and without an effort. Did be think of that? No; he only thought of the impouibility ot applying Uncle Phil's remedy. " Try the virtue of a smiling face, my boy." lie remembered these word* as he stood at hit door, and made a piiue before entering. Anything but a coiling aspect wan the one that sat upon his countenance. " I will try," he answered, with a kind of desperate resolution, and, pushing open the door, entered with a lighter step than usual. *? Oh, is this you, Mary ?" he said, in a pleas-" ant way, as his wife, who happened to be crowing from the parlor, mot him in the passage, lie put on a smile as he spoke; and, wonderiul to say, a smile came into Alaiy's pale face. * How are you this evening V he then asked, with a kind interest that wad unusual, foi Dearly always, his thought* were not huuiegucsu. bat wanderers backward, amid the care* of the day, or forward with anxious hopes into the morrow. " Better than I have felt all day." And something of the old sweetness played about her lip*?played there so temptingly that her husband could not repress tn? inclination he felt to lay upon them a kiw of tender feeling. Why, U seemed as if a sudden sun-burst L*d irradiated the countenance of Mra. Lester how long was it since a kin, ao fall of heartwarinth as that, bad been pressed upon her lips t Away back in the past, the time laj so far, that memory was a: fault in recalling it. Better than she had felt all day! If this wMkfMllv so. and we believ* it. th? rfiiMinr* wM^fcde'at the moment Hun glad of it, M*ry." And with hia ana drawn around her waist?when had it been there before '?they walked back into the sitting-room ' You look in better spirits, dear." And Mary's eyes read his face all^rer with an eager interest which she could not hide. It was on the man'f lips to reply, that ha wasn't aware of any cause why he should fe?l in better spirit*. Despoudency was such a habit with him that any other Rate of mind seemed nnusual Eren as the words of this !_?. L?- ? * repij came tnio nu mina, an countenance changed Bat, remembering Uncle Phil's admonition. he checked himself, and forcing back into life the already half-extinguiahed smile, ha aaswered: 44 Do I?" 44 Yn; in batter spirit* than I have seen jou for a long time. It docs me good to aee the sanahlae 10 jour face again." *?Tha muuhine in my face again, Mary? Why, haa it baaa absent so long r' Laatar felt mrproed, and showed it in his maaaer. 41 Don't let it go oat again, dear," said his wife, leaning fondly toward him. 44 If it Is so pleasant to yo?, Mary " 44 Pleasant. Harry! It ia bit life. Oh. if I could sea your-faee wearing the cheerful expression it wow ia tba beginning of oar married life, I would b? the happiest woman all re." Mra. LnUt'i voiee lost itself ia I aob, and h?r era* gnw dim with U?rs; bat the smilo that lit ap bar wan face, and gari to it an tmpreasion of tonaer baauty, remained " Business bring* iu cares and anxieties, Mary; and tbaaa will shadow tha face somet-lUQOd M " I know it, daar Bat, why not laara aara and aaxioos thoughts babind, wban tha day's basinaas is ovar? To sit ?t bona in darkness cannot make you stronger fur to-morrow's work. Ii ia enough to ba anxious and aaraful H'iSiwSawy "^uld refresh yoor mind " True word3, Mary; and I will try to profit by them It does me good to see the sunshine iii your face again." ? You ean always hare it there, if you will," she answered. 41 lean?" "Tea; but only refiaoted sunshine. I am like the moon, and shine by borrowed light. If clouds corer your free, mine must lie in darknew." That was an evening memorable in aftertimes, aa the Wppieat one they had known for montha, if not for years. Mary's aspect changed ia an hour, ao entirely, that ahe scarcely seemed like the aame oerson. A I neighbor who dropped in daring tke evening, aid : " How mach better 700 look, Mr?. Lester ! I'm really glad to see it " " I feel mueh better than I hare felt for a long time," aha replied. Her husband looked and listened in wonder and self-rebuke. Uncle Phil's remedy was working like a charm. " Can it be possible," he ssid to himself, "that the cause of her low spirits and failing health lies at my door ? Has she been wasting, like a plant deprived of sunshine? I did not dream of this Women are dUTerent from men. I hare not oomprehended my wife." In the morning Mrs. Lester looked cheerful, and moved about with a lightness of step to which she had been for months a stranger There was eren warmth in the cheeks that had been colorless so long?a warmth that rave tOern tbe appearance of roundness. " How ia Mary to-day?" asked Unole Phil, who called at the store of his nephew. " She's better, I thank you." ' Ah; I'm glad to hear yon say so. Did yon try my remedy ?" The old man smiled, and Lester smiled back in his face. " Did you try it?" u Yes. ' " And it acted right?" " Like a ehann ! " I knew it would,*' said the old man, gleefully. '41 knew it would! Why, you moody fellow! you were killing your wife. Women must have a little snnstiin* at hnm? fk? ? ? va VUVJ will die. And bo Mary is batter, dear heart! I waa sure that was all she wanted. I was sure I had the right remedy." " If there should be no relapse." "Relapse' There can be oo relapse, unless you take home a rueful face. Let her see you always cheerful and hopeful, and my word for it, there will be no going back to low spirits." " But, Unole Phil," said the young man, "how am I always to look cheerful and hope ful, when my mind is burdened with care ? It is requiring of me a great deal more, I am afraid, than I can give." " Did your worrying all through the erening ever help you a particle on the next day, Harry said the ola man. " I don't know that it did; still I couldn't hely worrying." I know better. You can help worrying, if you will. You helped it last night, didn't you?" " Ye?." " And jou can help it to-night and to-rnorrow night, if you will." ? How?" " Think of your wife1* health and happiness That should be motive enough, surely, to cause a little self-denial. ' Self-denial, Uncle Phil?" "Yee; fori think you must have a oertaio enjoyment in these moody states, else yeu woul<l not indulge thcui ao often. Your own reason tells jou uiat they are fruitful of great harm. But a deeper reason why they should cease is, that they involve distrust in Provi(ianna ?? '- *1 * ' " ? ? j . TVU III IU? XIA Kill 9 Ot ODO who knows juur wants, tod who will aee that they are provided for juit in the degree that is best for jour eternal as well aa your earthly good. No anxions care?no dread of ooming disaster?no gloomy distrust or chafing doubts will change ihe events of to-morrow. They are to be ministers of good to you, though not always in the way too have desired. Is it not the worst of folly, then, to sit brooding in darkd uesi because the affaira of your daily life do not shape themselves according to your shortrighted plaiiuings { You can help this unhappy brooding over what .cannot be changed, aiid you must do it." " 1 will try," answered the young man. " You muat try, and suceeed also Let there be do giving up or going back. Habit is sec ona aiiure 1 oa nave thIleu into * bad habit. Break it up with a vigorous hand, and go to work iu the formation of a good habit. After awhile you will find it as easy to oarry home a pleasant face as you now do a olouded one. And think what a wonderful difference it will make in your home!" When the day went down, and Lester turned his steps homeward, he felt the old dark states falling like funeral drapery around him. There had been nothing in the day's business of fcB unusual depressing character. It had been a lair day's business, and he should hare been satisfied. But having indulged a morbid way of looking at thing' so long, his mind has taken on a diseased action, and now there waa a troubled weight on hit feelings, and a depression of spirits that it seemed impossible to throw off. Thus it wai with him when he aacenied the steps of his dwelling, and reached out his hand to open tne do-tr. "This will not do," he said, pausing. And be stood still at the unopened door for some moments. " 1 shall mar everythimr." Then ho descended the steps an<T passed up the street. " It will never do in the world to earry this face bume to Mary. I must try and find a better one. What a firm grip this fiend of brooding distrust has taken : I mu?t shake him off. And I will!" Thus he talked with himself, as he strode away. In ten minutes Lester was back again at his own door; and now he turned the key and entered without hesitation. lie had shaken off the fiend, and had a smile, a kits, and a pleasant word for Mary, which gave new life to her EuIms, and sent the warm blood in Inshes of eauty to her face. Two applications of Uncle Phil's remedy waa enough to satisfy Henry Lester of the real cause of his wife's disease; and to assure him that he had only to continue as he had begun, to make certain of a speedy enre. He found the remedy good for himself also. His own mind had been diseased as well as the mind of his wife; hot now he felt like a new man. If Uk ? * : ?* *- 1 lien 11 Li wan uuwiug lurougu OIB TetOi, and glTing him a sense of enjoyment to whieb be had been a stranger % years. Thb Jafanmsm akd the Cannes*.?In this J art of the world one oan hard! j think of the apaneee ezoept in eontrast with the^Cbinese However learned or intelligent may be the Ghineee, it is not often that we ean disconnect from the Celestials some element of the ludicrous. Bat there is nothing absurd about the Japanese. The magistrate of the Central and Flowery Kingdom maj be an umbrella, a cue, a lantern, a fan and a button?but the magistrate ot Japan is a pair of swords. There is no oramped feet or lone nails. The Chinese is sunk in a rut whieh thirty centuries Las wdrn for him. The JaDanese isonick to di?*?rn *n<i anxious to adopt the improvement* of western civilisation. By no possibility could Cbiaeee comtniseiohers have made the proposal whioh the Japanese did to Lord Elgin in the treaty of Tedo, that the language of written official intercourse should be English, and for the reason that they would be mere likely to learn English than the English would be to learn Japanese. After two wars with England, and a third impending, the Chinese braves (I do not spesk of the Tartars) still tarn somersets and burn gilt paper, and flourish bronte banners and long spears, with hers and there a mstoblock: but the Japanese already make their own Colt's revolvers and Minie rifles and will have the rifle-cannon aa soon as th* Mas saobusetts Flying Artillery. Although die English war steamers hare battered their towns anJ advanced nearly a thousand miles up the Yang-Tse-Kiang, the ChineM still use their preposterous war junks; but the Japanese cross the Pacifio in war steamers, managing the navigation, engineering and gunnery themselves. TbA electric telegraph and railroad are familiar to their men of scienoe, and are already beginning to be introdnoed among them.?Ertract from a Utter of R. H. Dana. Yorwo Maic, Yoo'r* Wawid.-A woman wants you. Don't forget her. Don't wait to be rich. If yon do, remember that., ten to one, you are not fit to get married. Marry while you are young, and struggle up together ? Exchange. But mark, young man! The woman does not want you if she baa to divide her affeetions I with a cigar, fanev Antr f??t. knn? nr wK;?ir? jag. Neither does she want you ainn)y because you are a nice ''young man;" tne definition Of whioh, now-a-days, b too apt to be it animal that sports an immense hirsute append* age, a lot of jewelry, kid gloves, a fashiouably cat coat, a gold-headed cane, a stove pine hat on an empty head, drives a fast nag, artnks like a fish, and swears like a trooper, and is given to all manner of licentiousness. She wants you if you have learned to regulate your appetites and passions; in fact, ike wants you if you are made in the image of Qod, not in the likeness of a beast. If you are strong in good purpose, firm in resistance to evil, pure in thought and action ss you require her to be, and without which inward and outward purity neither of you are fitted for husband or wife. If you love virtue and abhor vice?if you are gentlemanly, forbearing and kind; not loud talking, exacting, and brutal?then, young man, that woman wants you; that fiir, modest, cheerful, bright-looking, frank-spoken woman?we mean one who fills your ideal of I mai/)a?i 1 2? ?*? ?'? A ~ 1 .U?.UVU ?IU WHO II is sue wno W1DU JOU : Marry her when you like, whether you arc i rich or poor; we will trust yoa both on the conditions named without further security. Awns. WIN8LOW, N Bxperlen ?d Nurse and Female Physician, presents to the attention of mothers, hsr SOOTHING SVHUF, r?r Children Teethin*, Whlah fraatly fad.nana tha pnciu af taathing, by MftH ing tha finit, radacicf all wlamiaatiac?will allay ALL 1 run and apaaanadic aetfan.and it SURE TO Hhd VLATK THE BOWELS0*P?q3 span It, ma'Jiara, it will giy rut ta ;iinil>u,ud RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR niFANTS W biTt pat ?p and told th la artiela for a*ar tan yaara.aad cah sat, iit confidikcb attn tevth of it.wbat waba*? a?ar baao abla ta ?? ia*y ?f any OTHBK Madicina?KIT IB MRS. Has IT FAILED,t!? a sinsli "*-??, ? <>?,. ?*?? to ?rr?CT a CVII, WINSIiWW'i whan tiraaly aaad. Na*ar did Wa Itoaw SiMTiBMl al> matanea of dia aiiafaeMM by any " on. who aaad it. On tha <?ntratry,all ara SYR U 1' l Idalifhiad with iu I SFMAYfONS, and apaVW in ttrma a! [ fcifhaat eorrinandntion of i? mi-ual affacta and madieal nrtaai. Wa apaak tn hia nnitar ' what *1 do show," (tartan yaara' aiparianca, iSD rLSDOl oi'R rin'ti* tlolf pos thb fclfilmswt of what ws Hill OlI CLASI. In almoat a?ary matanea * ara infant is aafar inf irom pain ana iniuusn, rtntj will bi (osnd In Ifltaa r twtnty minattt tfttr tht ??rcp n aiBiinuttrtil. Thu t?;b? bit prtpartuen it tht prtieription of ml* tf tht iimi liritlMCIDind lia?DL ih'iiii in Ntw Enf lud, uibu kttn Itlil with NBTBIt-rAILIPe tVCCBSl ! THOUSANDS Ot CASES It sat wily rt lit* it tht child fram pain, bat Inriyarattt tht itanach and bowtii, eorrtett acidity, and firtt tana aad toarfy ta tht what* tytttm. It will -.Iidmi Inataoliy rtlitra Gbipin^in the Bowels and Wind Colic, aadartrcomt convalatana, which, if it; trttdilr rtnotdiad Ml ia dtath. War kNitTt it tht BUT abdvubbit ibb* FOR bt X in tht wobLD all tattt ?r dti- children *tb?t ?uj diab km4ba IB CHIL- tketlitng fbbi*. whtthtr It anttt (tare taatbinr * ? from an* ochtr ttltl. Wa wttwu; Mi ?t?y W * ! ?? umm child aalfariuf from any of tht complaint*?do nor lit TOCB PBBJCDICBf, r?oa THB PlBJl'DICBl O* OTHBBI tiand btiwttn yamr mfftring child and tha aaliaf that will ba icib-yaa, ABfOLVTBLT IVKB-u follow tht uit of \a aadlctnt, if tirrtly attd. Fall dirtctior.a at atinf will a tampr.ny ttch botut. Nana ranaina anlaaa tha fac-timila CCRTIB B PERKINS, Ntw York, it an tht aattidt wrayyt Boid by Dra*(ittt throaf boat tha warld. | Principal Of.ea. No. II Cadar Stratt, N. T. Prlca anlr li Canti ptr Batua. at ll-dtwlr FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-A larfte thre?-atory-and-attic BRICK DWELLING HOL'SK. aituatwl at at No. Eleventh at , a ahort distance Irom Pa <t t*nr.nn Dtuimii Idiririt hoiiuo b rr?ntrw 1 K modern conveniences ; nrick stab e and carr.agnhouse in the rear. Rod moderate to a goo?l tenai t. Apply to J AS. C. McGUIRE k. CO au 2-coif I^OR RENT?A three-story BRICK H??USJ?T 1 on H stroct, between 4th and 5th. Alao. a twostory UKICK COTTAGE, with garden, corner of Tenne?see avenue and north F street, surrounded Tir a large common pasture, and would In a durable location for a da.ryman. Inquire of C. B1RGK, 44b 12 h st. jy 19-r-o3in? COUNTR Y RESIDENCE FOR SALK.-Thrre and a half a res of Land situated at Bailey'* X roads at the intersaotion of tha Coiumb an and L,ee?barjc turnpikes, nc miles from Washington and 5 from Alexandria. The improvements consist of a house, oontaining 16 roomi, t?rn. oorn house, sheas, Ac. The yard is well snad^d with tree* and has in it an exo*>lo:it well of water. For furth r particulars apply on the premises to WM. V f , ortoJNO. DOW LING. Km., or A. G. OK. at Marshall's auction rooms, Washington, D. C. The above desonbod piopcrty will be sold .ow for ca?ti jy S e"4 w* L^OE RKNT?The three story (brown fro t) " HOUSE, No. 3GT New York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, north side, containing filter, rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc ; is lighted by gas, and iu every way suitab e for a boarding house. K ent ino terate. Apply next door, or to A 0. FOWLER, stcond Bo -r north wing ol Patent Office. jy 14-tf OR RENT-Three BRICK HOUSES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and D;one on the nnriiar of TwAlfth k ml II at>i a nil Ana on II La tweon 12th and 13th hU. Inquire of JA.MKJs \V BARKER, on II street, between llth and 12tli. No. 4 84. ma 3n-tr FOR RENT?That new ami well arranged three story WRICK HOUSE. No. 183."on G etreet, between 19th and2)th its., First Ward, la:ely oocupted by Mr, Bodisco, Russian Legation. r???'s ion given immediately Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EY ? PARKER, next door east. ma 16-eotl FOkTr E NT- T heF 1R ST FLOOR of the buiuT in* immediately opposite the west wuig of tha City tial.,reoently oooupied by Chas. S/Wallaeh M an office. Also the front room in theseoond story and the third floor of the tame (wilding. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, wo. S Louisiana avenue. ja IS tl T_ ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY*. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will taxe slaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Ad?U?T 26. I860. SORTKO NUMSRO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK #100,000. 1 ?rlm of #100.000 so pnaee oI ?l ,m 1 do 80,000 60 do 500 I do 30,000 189 do 400 I do #1,000 aoapprox, L&X) 1 do ~?- 10,000 IN ALL 086 PRIZES. Whole Tic beta, #ao-Halvea, #10-Qaartara, ?! Sriaee oaahed at aight at 6 per oent. dieooont. ills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded m eoon aa the remit b^^'e>f3en(foreohemae or ti<*et* to be Mldreeaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, tn 8 -tr Care of CftT Poet. Char!eaton. ?. C. New supplies in FIRST-CLASS STAPLE DRV GOODS. Juat opened aneerior Shirting Cottons and Linens, 8h?etiu<?. Table Diaper*, Napki ?, low-jinga, W kite ana Colored Do* lie*, Table Cloth*, fine anri medium White and Colored Flannel*, Sootrh end Ruaaia Diaptra, Canton Flannel*, new atjle Mou* iftlinAo AnH (kll PaTiurt ? ? - awa? ?y V/WII W*/?| nil lilUK VHtW SUU tinen Shirt Bosoma; MOdoien Ladies' Linen H&nd?rohipf?, prioe* from 76 eenta to $2 a doxon; al verj oheap; with many other aeasonable gi-oda whioh we are selling at the lowest m&rknt prioea. J. W. COLLKY A ? O , ao 18 2w tQ3 Seventh at , above Pa. ar DIVOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captaina and * ownsrs of Vassel*t bound to the District >_?< of Colombia, notioe la herebr given, that^OT> Pilots may be found at all tim*s at St George's I a land, at the mouth of r*t. Msr.'a river, and near finey P >int, and that it i> not n ownry to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, whon the vessel ia bound to Georgetown or Wa hmgton oity, aa Maryland Pilots aaa be found of at least equal skill and reliability. au lt-*od2m* BALTIMORE B(JTTBR HOUSE. I Daily reoeiring fresh and swnst, in Gosben packager. Also, Ohio Butt/r, at fo? and ?2>a oS'U II ft HKW K?, If W ? RseMws PI%o?, KalUrnore? hihv ?a3fe. EDUCATIONAL. pENTRAL ACADEMV, Vi. ? Coiwit ^ Aim Tnri 9r>. Tlu? Institution will rMiim" its duties S*pfeinher 3a. Ap plica io:i? mfele to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstore* J. S. DE HART, Principal. _ , ? Rtftrtnttf. Prof. Henrj. LL. D , M. H. Millt, Ewj Rev. JoluiC Smith. D D., l)r. C P. Culver, Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. HfMn TH8 MISSES BALL'S SF.LKCTSCH0OL. rite duties of this Sohool will be resumed on Monday, September 3d. I960, at 179 Sixth street, between N and O streets. an ?S-3t* CT. VINCENT'S 9CHOOI-, i a? . Cviiik or Tinth atid G St?. Theautiea of thia Institution will be reaumed on the fir?t Monday in Hepteiuer next. I la exereiaea will b? conducted aa in former years. an g-eo2w (States i f*oll*m b! an-oolxeok. WMHmaTo.t, D. C. Tve acasion ofthe College opens on Wedneaday, September 26th; the preparatory achool Wednesday, September 12th For terma. catalogue, or other iaforination apply to the President au 12 2aw?w* 0. W. SAMSON, D. D. Rock hill academy, elUCOTT'b Millb. Md. this institution, conducted bv the Christian Brothers, will resume studies on Monday, Spptember 3J. au 21 lot W ASHINGTON SEL.ECT SCHOOL, Cob>kr or Tkxth and G Sts. The exercises of t/iis school will be resumed on MONDAY, September 3d. For t<-rins applj ?t iny residence on D street, near i?tar Offioo. Circulars at bookstores. au 21 lot SA MLEL KELLY, Principal. J DRAWING AND PAINTING. M.STANLEY Havinjr taken the rooms recently occupied by the Washington Art Association, two doors we?t of the auction store of J. C. McGuire fc Co., it is his purpose in addition ?o his accustomed art labors, to open a School for Instructions in DK AWINQ, LANDSCAPE AND POR t'R AIT PAINTING. Seminaries and Br>ardin* Schools accomodated with separate cla><? rooms, upon an earl) application, and may find it advantageous to have lesao.-n in these branches civen to their pupil*. wh> re it will not icterrupt the routine of ichofastie instruction. Pupils deririnc to ent<r will please Apply at mv present Studio, p?nn. avenue, between 11th aud 12th strrets, until the 1st proximo. ?C7-Cla?? rooms open on the first MONDAY in September. Washington, August, 19ff>. an 21 tSept 1* SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.E3. Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 451 I welfth ftret-t. au2n-lm Emerson institute, H St , Between 12th ant? 13th St*. SELECT CXAS?ICA>. A\D MATKEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The Eighth Annual Sesnion of thi* school will commence on MONDAY, September 3d. Number of pupil* limited. au a) (States.) CHA8. B. YOUNG.Principal. T WESTERN ACADEMY. UK Exercises of this school, under the charge of L)r S. L liOoMis, and the Primary Department under Miss Askik E PBCK.will he resumed Sep temher 3d. Circulars can tie obtained at the hookstore* (Int > au 17-eoCin ' 'HE PRE^COTT HIGH SCHOOL, 1 3?u Eighth Sr., Bktwirn K a?id L Sts. UtnJiAs w i'] ka l7kU"'v" n itu II nuilIPU lit VIIIB lilMPUlIUII UII MO * DAY, September 3d. Circular*at bookst re , an 16__tt A. C KICHAKDa. Principal. ri^HE RIPI.RY FEMALE SEMINARY1 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Sttwatbd Hktwh> 8th and9th St*. K??t, Will commence its n^xt aeaaion on MONDAY,S pt ember loth All deairinc further information will be furnished with a catalogue jiving full pa'tiotilara by caHing upon or addressing the pi inc'j>al. an 16 eo3w O. E. RIPLEY IIVRl M. E. K1NGSFORD$ SEMINARY.,. iJl 4l?Et?t? W*?b.5bt01, l>. C. ^ffhe next ?e<aion will commence October lat. JW\ Term". Ac.. forwarded on applioatiou. au 15 tf_ LAFAYETTE INSTITUTE. ESSION Will coinmeLoe on M? ?NDAY, September Kth, at the new Institute Building,^.>67 I i?nun, ivtjuiui iik VjBmJiliin i err v, opposite r I tlltlin Square Circulars at b >ok<>torea. au 11 eojw (Con A Int.) L. C LOOM1S. VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY IS LOCA fed i" a beauti ul and healthful village 12 mile* at?>vu Wilmington, Del,. and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommeudod bv the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Metliodint Episcopal Chnrch. The course of study is axtenaiv-e and thorouch?in the Mathematical, Classical and En*h*h Depart menta. Students are prepared for bnsinesaor college. In the pr paratory rnurse for eolle.e special referenoe is matle to Dickinson College. The institution ;s provided with a laree philosophical apparatus tu illustrate tne study of Natural Scienoe. A library of thre? hundred volumes ia accessible to pupils The fifth *ear will commcnce MONDAY, September 3d. 186'. Boaidinic,Tuition, Jtc., for aeaaion of 14 weaka, it. Great Attention is paid to the moral deportment of Htu<leuts. Mouth r reports ?ent to parents. For circular* or information addreas tfio Prnr.ip&l, Rev J. IIERVEY BARTON, A. M., Village Gr??*n Seminary, Delawarecounty, Pa. Reiertncts? R?v. Levi So<tt, D I) Bi*hop of M. E. C , Wilmington, Del ; Mr F.'A. Lutz, Washington, D. C ; Mr.O. SV. Angell, do.; Meun Dick on i Kin*, Georgetown. aulli3?-p5 Commercial college, No. 8kvi*tb ?t., Opposite the Utncrai Post Ojfict, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Mercantile Forma ana Calculations. BusinrcsCorrespondeno*, Bills of Exchange, Current Bills, CoT<mi??ion Sales, Gram mar and Arithmetic. try A Preparatory Class for Boys. tl r Ladies will be instructed in fine penm&nffooras open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. For terms ma24-3m WM, W. VOUNO A CO. 1>HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMV. 1 NlW AltiX&UUKT. Thia well-known and popular Seminary, whioh ha* been so nuocea-ful under the entire care of Mr* Richard* for more than ten veara, will be opened on the firat Monday in September next, und<*r the united stiperviaion and instruction of Mr. and Mra. Z. RICH A RDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particular. aee circular* at all the Bookatorea. ma?l-tf Ti MRS. McCOK ICK'S SCHOOL. ITIRB. McCORMICK deetrea to lnforn. he maiiida and tlie pnblio generally that rhe will reauin* the dntie* of her Sohool on the lit Monday in September next. The oonrae of ?tudy punned will comprise al! the braaohe* reanuite to a thorough Engueh education. in aauiuuu 10 nor uaj sonoiars. ano is ae'iroca 01 receiving into her family a few pupil* u boardera aged from in to 14 yeara, who will be tu.der her immediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aoeomraodation and due care of pupils hare been oonsideraily increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington oeairing partioalar information with referenoe to her school may apply to W. D. Wailaoh, Editor o the Star. , For terms and fortnar partiomlara apply at her residency?No. St Cameron street. Alexandria, Va. tt f-tf pROPOSALS FOR SEALING WAX. Post Onici Dhpaktmsnt, July 24,1M& ??alko panposALs will be received at thia Department until ihe 3d day of September next, at 12 o'oloo*. noon, for furmahlng dealing Wax, for the uae of the Poat Offioea in the United States, from the date that the oontraoi theref .r thill be exeouted tn t kit flat Haw n f Daaamhar Iflfil Thu W a v f \ tia delivered, free of umbm, ?t the blank t(tnci?i of the Post Office l>epai trnent, at Washington, D. C., New York oity and Cincinnati, Ohio. The estimated quantity of Wax required at ?aoh agenoy yearly is specified below. Distuict No. 1.?JTa-'AtufJow. D. C. ISA pounds of Scarlet Healing Wax, ol good quality, for ordiaary use. District No t-ii New York city. eo? pounas of Scarlet Sealing Wax, same aa for distrio*. No. 1 District No. j.-j? Cincinnati, Ohio. 40* pounds of Scarlet Scaling W ax, same as for distriot No 1. vill UOB?M?WIU?"C luvnuiu uv I bidder, th? boat hid Ut ba df term i red aft r a earafu. anamination for tba purpose of anorrUinmir wueb bid wi.I, in its praotioai reauita, be most advanta (Mua to the Department. It til* District* thould ba reoonstrrctorl, cr in raaaad in numlwr, tk? tt*ahag Wax anall barinliverad at anch piaca or plaoesa* the Poatnia ter Gaceral ahait dt ?ignar.e, at fro rata pneea Sample* <>( tna r'ealmg Wax reanired to bo f r msnwf can ba aaan at. or proaarid from, enter of th? ?bo*e naiMd acrmwaa. Kaoh bidder must furtisb, with his prop yals.ev ;d?i o? of his abi'ity to e<?mpl; vito ma bio. Two fluffioiont MotnUN will be required to a .lomraoi runrn to larnua u? ?oa;iuc *v?x oon.ra?t?a for promptly, or inmiehinc an trtitin iutr tor 11 < ntr&oi-d for, vtll b? o ? iderrd ?ofioient oaaae fur th? Ibrfoiwro of Uie onnvaoc tfid * nut made in aceordanoo with th- m p' *lU not bo nn?idt?rcd PrOM>aa<a must bo * ark?4, on tho oataido of the ?inv<*U>p , "rropo-ala ?or 8'aitru W**," ?r.| th? t?tuw ouoltiaiiii U?m addrosaod to Ua Fir t ,\a Ut^nt PvitBHW Go. oial, WwMnitiiijO. C. " if S-U?4v,Tli PoatiiaaUr Oanaral. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A^m RAKE CHANCE 18 NOW OFFER KD TO any on* who may be deeirooa of entering in profitable buciO' aa, at one of thereat atanda in Georgetown. 1 offer my entire atock of DRY GOODS on reaaon&b'e terms. In order to make a chant* in my boameaa. W. R NUROLK. jj 24 Ira Corner of Huh and l?*y ata. POR HARPER'S FF.RRY.-CHANVE OF F DAYS?On and after July, 2.1MU, he aUomer ANTELOPE, Capt P J. W?t,L?,c*rr>inf the L'niled S'afce^^^^^^^* mail, will leave Georgetown EVER Y MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY,at7a. m.,ar.d return everv Tueedaj, Thursdat and ?atnrilar. N. B.?fcverj Wednaada* the Antelope will run thmughtoSheph?*rdetuwn." a'u 20-lir.* FOR FERRY. N And after Jnly Sd, l?en, the ktcamer L J. Bren;le, Captain \V. H. hitter, wiil n k Irove 6?o[>;ttvvn KVKR V DAY, THURSOA Y.and ?ATI R , l>A Y. at 7 o'clock a m.,an<i return every alternate .at 6 o'clock a. m. On tWe Saturday trip from Georgetown tlie boat will run through to Shepberdniown. jetl 3m Jp*RANllBLL, OPTICIAN. V Xo. 121* Bridf* ft.. 0MTMIM, Hae oonetantly oc ha id a large AMortment of French Neaj--*ight*d, Penacopic, r"'- rw>ifi ored, and al. other 9PECTA'=LES, tae beet * gold. silver. *toel,and German ilver frame*. N. B. Old F<-amea Repaired and new* aeeee net ni them Jo order. uo l?-ly JU OS. P. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Oer. Bruit' <**<1 J'fTton ut., Georgetown. Having civen mi persona: attention to thi* branch of my buwiuec*. 1 am prepared to,????_ attend to all < * with pr mptueea tfce Rtylee and qua i?y of work that vi I rive *at?e faetion, oom biuing lithtneae, oonifort and durau.i ty. Repairing promptly and oarefullr attended to the aliorteet n tice and mo*t reasonable o'ia"-*o?, WALTER. KAKMANN A BOPP, Ooachmakers, Buccassors to Wm. T. Hook, ap 27-dly ^ _ T CARRIAGES. X HE Saboenbar aavioc mace addttioae to tu factory, making it now one of tne arce*t.&jQ|^? in the Oiatnot, where hi* faoiWtiea f->rSfKTifS rnauutacturincCAKRIAiiK k. WAGONS or all kinds cannot be eorpaaaed, ant frooi hia long experience in the tmeioeaa, he hopea to (ire generai aauafaotion. All kind* ot Curiae taa&4 L?i?kt Wacom kept** kan<l. All RLPAI R8L(i?(ir 4*B?.t24&n ?rt?r? preayl j atisndod to, hAatf 0*m*<M taken in e*ofc*nre form >IH. ANDRHW J.JOYCE, <11 ?? Mm** mt <*t? ?n4 K >M THUNKS, BOOTS AND 3HOKS. Boots and shoks to suit tht T1MK8. We are now manufac'urine all kind* of BOO I> and SHOKS, and cor?tantIr receiving a *upp y ol eaatern mad" work of ever* ae-VBM aoriptio". made expreatly to order, and wiilw ! be sold at * mooh iower price than ha? been* heretofore ohetrited in this city for iriuoh inferior irtioles. pAranni in want nf ? \A ? rerfon# irom & durance oan betup- ? plied at a *ew minotee' notice, aa 1 have a larre auortmont of CuFFINS k vari on hand. _ I' attention paid to Utc removal of tb? d< ad from the old to the netr burial fronnds. Hearer and Horeen for hire. ap 1 CA JUST RECEIVED, 1?>U BBI.S. WHISK\ , <t?.eorte^,> ICO do. HERRING a d ALEWIVES. 25 do. REFfNED SUGARS. Whhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS. Cbhla.( Bay field) WHITE FI-H. Ot V, . _ ,-k_ _ . ^ P. r~% i n a ?i ? ? p i;iio Msircrn * ii r. For sale low ky JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 G"or<et<>wn, P. C. \fASHEY, COLLINS * CO.'S FHILADELLT1 phia DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delirhtful bevera*e, and invite all persons w&o want a pore unadulterated A.9. to live it a trial. ARNY ft. SHINN. Acenta. fa IT Qmsn at.. Qsorislnva CARRtAGK FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? ? - D Strut, Uttwren 9tk amf 1<UA Strett*. We Fare Just finished a number nl first cms CARRIAGE*, truoh a* LitMt fanryrJKBWkS Wa*"H5, Park Pkeatons. Family Oir-YSgEjzR riat's, and Butrics, which we will sell at JE " W ? a ver* small profit. Bern* practical mechanics in difT?rent branches of the butinrs*, we flatter onrr*iv<?s that we kno? " ? " ' - w y? ??w?? Huw u mv? \.rw ill rftR. ? 1 U U| oity made work, will always find a jood auor'.men in store aud at the lowest prirea Oire as % call. GRIFFIN A MRU., *P*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenu*. LMVE HUNDRED TRAVELINGTRUNKS i arrived thi? day. em* "acim a!! ?bihi-jm?h? t?<?s and si*e? of Sole I.^aihftr, Ladie* Rvj^St L>re?* and Pac>:iug Trnuus. Our truLk^a**<l" wt room exit'una at una umr the tr*atest variety of tn?vaii?( roq 111ritea at moderate price*. 10 be f>u:id thia etdeof New York. Aiao, ev?rj deacnp tion of 1.AD1KS' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET HAU-?. SATCHKL.S, ij. lO^Old Trunks repaired or taken id exchange for new ouea. WALL, STEPHEN* * CO., Trank Sales H oom. mar 31-tf Ha. avenue. SOUTHERN TRI'NH MANUFACTORY, 499 TTB Stkut, Orroritt Odd Fellovr' Hall. Wa krnfttm, I). C Travelers will a'adr their intereata b e?amicin my TRUNKS, VAl.IGf.!* to , before pur ann ohasin* elaewere Aa I ua? none but thiKll jflW beat piatTial the market allo'ds and Mnplo*^*1**^ the b~at workman, I oan confidently reooir>mend my work to bo superior in Strtnt * at d Lhtrability tc Trunka that are made in other cities and sold here. I keep ctnatautly on hand. an<> make to order <nn one week's notice) evorj d*>eeriptien of SOLE L EAT HE H. IKON FRAME FKESCH DRESS s%d WOOD BOX. TRVSKS; ASHI.AXD ohA otk T TALICES -.TRAYELIKO BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #r.. *e. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, is a work manlike mann?r, at short notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, Georc* town, or Alexandria. Alto?Agent for Howe's oele|>rat*d FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-1? JAMESJ*. JOPHAM. S CALVERT FORD, Jr., APOTHbCAKY AXD DRUGGIST, Pass. Avbhuji, Coa*ta* o? Elkvb>th St., Dealer in PURE DRUGS, CHEMICALS, a!*n STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, including tl?? nmA ?>/??' w- * 1 FRENCHME iTlCl N AL"i;R^ P ARATION S J ALIO, CHOICE ARTICLES h^OR THE TOILET, embtacing ??verj v*rtet* FRENCH. EN<?Li?H AND AMERICAN PER FUMERY, SOAPS, HKl'SnES, Ac. The proprietor'* pernoi*) Attention j.vct1 at all ncur* to in? oompoonmnir oi Physicians' Prescription*. tu U 1? Proposals for furnishing wood AND ('OAL. Dtpaktxbxt o? th? Augu?t 16, IWI. ( Sealed I'soroetu will he received *t thie !> partment until 12, noon, of Mood*;, the Z7tii Angu*t I860, for formatting for th? nee of tbe Impart meut. Uu'iug the ensuing Winter and Spring, one hundred and fifty t<>u? i f th beet white or srey a?h arid eeventt -five toue of best red uh anthracite o<<al for faroaae nte, to be f ee from impurities *nd delivered at the convenience ef the oonuaolor before the let day of November next. Proposals wU. aleo be received until the earn tifft Tar turni?nm( one hundred oord? <f l>e*t dry, ko'id hickory wood, a- d twenty cord* l>e> t baker*' Biae wood, ftj?r feet to leof tia, to be promptly <1s livered in auch quantti* *nd at *uoh tim- a? it may be ordered lor u*e, the Df partmbnt to ha*eth? pnrilefe of ordering a freater or lee* quantity of wo-d. ?>f either or b"th kind* acoordmc to Uieac tus1 requirement* cf the pahlio *erv oe. The wo >d and ooal both to he delivered neon the fl'Kgi tin on the ra*t or^nnrth fronta of the Vattnt Office hnild ;re. a* may be moit oooveuient to the Department at.d it* Bureau*. an n Hi w v> r T D i.< * k 1 IV D t L' uruiavv a ^ ruivo iv i Fi men * u?na brand, of Pare Uld Kya WM-kf. CopWF Dia tilled, made by the moat rHiabe distillers i?l P?naBTlvaaia, Maryland and Vir*inia, warranted mi*. Alao, Imported Hrasdiea, Hhmnt. Otard, D?ht * Co.. Jnlea Robin?,-4o. Alao. P?aok and Affla Brandy, anra Holland 6io, old Jamaioa and St. Croix It am. and Winoa of ar*ry variety all of ?? It-fv 9**g *t.. hw?w and t??T? ata. A L 1XX ALB AND XXX ALB!! The aareat and moat wholeaoma Ala is this oit* 1a to be obtained at the WASHINGTON BREWaY. This AJe is made mail and huu only oanaot Jail to five entire aatiifaoticu to oon earner*. _C. COL1NKAU, Proprietor ofth# I* *_?? Wuk'r llravwr Minuw ?t?. IWKW STYLES OP RICH JKWKLKY -H. U? i* HOOL> has jest op?nr>d a lane stock, wfetch be will offer at vary tow raUe Therefore those that are wishing to carry home sn?inine in his line as presents, will do well to oatl and etnaine hie stoot st saw h?n TOA"tmnii TOSI _ * ? Pa. sretnne, bet. 9th and loth st's. nutefrfg * vm' ft?no? ax an ?ric? }ym i ITHE WEEKLY STAR uniBf a iratur ?%n*ty of iBtsraattac rWHeg t tuoa ou b# fou?4 is My tkmr?u pabliahai am i?uriui|. TuiHU, inf rialfi. u afunri ^iBfltMM.NruaiB. #1 fire e< pit* *?| . in TWBBt) tufM? U at Bj WribtBK in slate rut< mkhw o?if kfcorg &?3s sssstvtt ieufa?5re nvfxl. It lBvartafciy ooniaiM Om? ' ?n>iBt?? Nf*?" th*t hB? mad* TTU I?w>>? SMr Mroi ? ao ??uarally ihruBiboil tb# eooctry. lT7'8tn(i?0opiM<ia wrappo/i MBtofronni ttleooBDfr. [inn diatoi* W? Um ibbbboT H^r. Prtoo-THRKE CENTS p tjTiMlOra VlMJM* M M?tl will bB i" - rv n ci'niui iuu MI # waits. SUMMER RESORTS. PARD?A* an inducement far fkrruliee toeu)o*ra ys HUM "HYUEl A"dari*f the m nth?A^ . A of Aurnst and *e?emt>?r, The Proprie-VfSAV tors have r?d.i??<1 U\? price of Boord to tiiMU F*r day a*4 ?tt? nt ~^k. few Aaceatlat. ?,,T. fc wILURD: | Proprietor*. OM Point, iai* S6th. f la ERNST LOEFFLKR. Pronator. >'<? y?r* tawo 1M Mj M (U. T~ nUiwr thT Iratiiin nf tn patiln tn j jma*4* I woo:d state thai arery arrangement ha* A . , A tx>*n made to make thu "Iftntt" iron VfmV attractive every day. Mowiaya the ba-UE^KJL dona arc opei, to Um public lr?? of charge?a ooa??rt liven by * aeiectb*od. Thoee dean i rig to or joy tho danoe and w*!t* ?\ I firia U?e ea oor in eonplata order to reader pla*a*.a to *U. Or other 4aya Ue jssirfc^vm vrvsws.iir oat oharce. I" or the erruaemect o'shildre* b* baa lntrod*ee4 * f ' a ? hiLh Oit?, and cfelcc.&ted at the ant* tux to MlM ui* "old folk*." N. B.-itltcM i*mj BotUinf KatabUabM'Bt. and (unulie* can k* aupplied with ant qaantit* at tn?ir of t:>At b?a thfui dnak, LAffV E HkEK, upon M >rt aotio*. j? 1S3*> N A LOST AN RETRKAT, On iiiiMTii Iiun. Orroutt Gtrfttmen mmd Wmtktmtttm Th? nb?crih*rm kaviai ?aa^d for a ?er* of r?rt thi* hvaatifwi and rotnaatie ?ot. o**b*u 1. . A it for ti.* aoo<>minodation of th? pablio tlM3i?tdiT of May, 18W. For fwAuty o'JLcflLL MeLery, dtiigbtful prnmcnadM, fiaktirt. *?, t*> itea us ?n pen or water, it is an?nrpi?Md la tba L' mom. | I'ko riOBM il IftMK&nH k""" ^ entirely renovated" It kM a large LtTiil attached to I he hoiiee. bMdN Dinin* an ' Draaeing Room* for tmih iviea and i*nt ?m?ii In additio* g splendid Arl>ora detac ed from the bind, or a. Partiea. Familtea and Indiridon'a will find it a aoat drt?i ahle p aoe to paea the au try 4a ye of atiaa mer,aa rverj attocfon wii' be luarantied by the proprietors. The atriotest polio" arrangements wr^be enforced, aiMl poi'U al diaoaaaioaa will bo prohibited The larder will be fonnd to oontatn all U* do.loaoies of the aeasoa at all times. The far ?ili bo fs-niahnd with fko ofcoioeat Liquor* and W ioea and the fin'at Segara. s Ksieti'n. Minda? ftoboole. Clabe and Military C nrifanit-a wi.l had Una the moet 4?*irabie report ne\r the metropolis for aMadiag a p.feasant and or deMy da?. ft^rhi dreB nnaoootnpar.ied br their parents or fiivr-Jiane, will he excluded from the iroiada. unking and dogs prohibited. fir Busts will l?eve the loot of High atreot. G orgetown. and G street, Washington, hoarly, fr'?m o e^ock a. m. ti I n > ?i H?.u l>e-?o"a a ^Ituut wa li ou ntak .the Ii'tixl ?it the Aqueduct. W eso ion tli* suhiio to)adi(efor thMMal vaa, ud fe'l **iurp<l oi giving sa*'sra3tinr ie '9 eotf JACOB W. POWF.R* ? CO. I DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS* HMoloMdhiioRM forth# catson, and win be Aba not. as usual. during the MB mer awalhs ; wili r<wom? prartioe about tb? 1st of Ootuber, of voioh further notice will be give*. I jy 10-tf DDKNTIBTMY. R. HILLS. after a raotiea' teat of two rears feela that he oao with oonhuenoe raoots meed the Cheopiastic l'r^es* (or Lse-t.i cMfllEi artificial teeth It has the advaat^es ?rr(*Dgth, f.eantr, deacliDees, a?d oneapneaa. Fall upper sets inserted for Mik. Partial in i(ftMSO<Pk?Tnn.' r r~'wT~* WOOD AND COAL. ? WOOD AND COAL *U jpm -?? *4 Ui* , ?4 tU* kw? possible rfctr>?. T J. * W. M. BAI T Offio* 2*?'i Pa. ar., between Uth and IfUT at*., ma 17-tf DOftkNM_ The-subscriber on hand tuuUMlv* fU'ok of FL EL. U to Mil at a very low ficarefor oaah. WOOD Ht?d an J !?p!it any aise. Call and ?* for yo>raat? ma IS S. K. corner of Fearteentfe and C ra, N EIGHTH A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. \Xtk~mtk. Th? UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL. SC('"I KTV *. I t.r.1,1 .t. I'.-K.L * I 1 ? ... ??V I??J|n 7 HUH Ainouilf ral ? < < ! id u atria Exhibition <>n the k ouMa lumpily provided hr th~ eiua*n? of CiucitiiaU. ?hi*h are to fitted tip in the beat at*!#. There wili he Ha ls and T"*nt* lor the dtapla* of 1*P{.EMK\TS, MACHINtRV.ToOl.$.IK)MEST!C MAMTACTCRfe* FARM AND GARDEN PK<?DU K, KRl'l+S, FLOWfiRi*. and NA TIVE WIN Kj: with J?talta mJ P*?? for HORSES. CATTL", SHEEP, and SWIMKs ?n<l an uueqaal ?d Track,one mile ia length a-ul fortv feet in width, for the exhibition of tioraaa. The Premiums offered-in ca?k.?fold, vlver. and bronze lueuala,?diploma* and oei uioatea, amount to 090,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednea,1?v th? l?th loThn-il.. ? * ? ' - - ??, r- a .??? , ? iv n, ui r*rpv?nitwr, Ihui Iivinn t ins to riainiM ?nd tMt the nop * nratttnd machinery. Pur preim-ira licU or mformttiM Apply at the <of the f*oci#t?, No. 311 Pa. inun, (up ?tair? ;)or to tLe ?ul>?cniier, at Cinaantti, Ohio. B1,N. P^HpKT PtX RK. j v 24 tf f*?o'j U. S. Agricultural Society. PROPOSAL* FOR IRON RAILING, COPiPitt. 4c , FOR fcNCLO-INU CIRCLE. Office or Coxmimioseb or Ptslic Amitt U. 1*80. \ Psalkd PaopoiALs w.U be raoeivad at this <? up to U o'olock. in . Mih initant, for thefolloaiac work for the improvement of the circle at the )at?r?ection of PennejlTauia and New Hampshire One tti<>n?aod tMt, (1,000 feet.) More or leee. of Wroa*hi-Irou km .nri. <oaata a fmmt uwt ima* three untie and on* double |ktr, the lUM u4 potts to be included in the prioe per line*] foot. One th'0?mit<1 lineal feet,<1.000 f?-at,i more or l*e?. of Ciroular U actfe Coping 9 by 18 inches. m pieces not leea than mi feet lone Aleo. on* thoveaad lineal teet.O OUft#e?t)of Briok Founrtntmne, 1 foot S inches by S l?e? deep, laoladiac axe*ration and removal of m'tii. Plans for rsihug to be seen at this r ???. The bids for Railing. Coping and Foundation to be separate, and marked vPropo?ais for Rm mg for the Cirale." of Coping," or Fni"4?bon " as the ease mey be. J NO. B Bi AKK, an U dtmhaa Ca?<-mew. Office of inspector and sealer of oa* METERS, _ July IS, iwn. NOTICE IS HEKKUT OlfK*. TtM.Mrwably to Mi* pmritioua of Uw n> dintnoc of tbc c*rpotapproved May 12 Ifftn.tbe auderaifned la ?w prepared, "wh?t aver r?*aulrea in vriti?(, and on pre P*) ment of the fee of fifty oeou. to i' ayeot, examtn , teat, prove, and aaeertain the aooaraey ?>f registration or my ru raster in ee? in tuia eity." Eeery m?t", iff? uod ioeorreet. will beeoad?fna*d. lid another. eeated and nitit'd aa true, wvl be aet in Ha plaoe. If rr' ?ed U? be aocarate la i-a measar-u.eot of km, it will b? ee*!ed ers. ..rdinfly, and put in pom ioa for uan. Offioe No filO jfevtu h atrMt,(c?ar Odd Fellow*' ) 4 >pen from I ?. m . t(. 5 p m. CHARcKW W. CI'NNTNOHAM, jy II tf laapeotm end Sealer<?f#aa jjalero. Pr a n c i 8 harper, i V i.M V* n A FAMILY GROCFRY A\B I^KFD STORE, t>?f \rw Y~i ???? mmd Tmtk ?r??. Reepectfull; aouotto the MlroMc* of Ikmtte mat be in vut ofan> article i? U# ??ov. line Mta eiKloavor? ahaJI be to 9 '- ?*, arx! bj a atriei attea tion to the w*wta of the publie, he bopea io merit ? hare of their patronaxa. Hia tnek oonaiata of ever? artiel# aaualW to bo foe?1 in a fcrt ela? Famil* Grocery and Feed 8 lore. wiaW-tf NEW ??-? -*NI^'?00PKD ' of the fill atrleof WOVKN MTI*T? of a?p?rior malitr. Lax! in want of any of abn'we cools at very low prioea Wi!'_p!"V? Cr*-"-,-?n jy?> TATLifll ? HVT' HI?" . 275 275 JACKSON, * F LASTS USB8, Pkhra. Arum, troop SKIRTS. _ 11 HOOP SKIRT* J list Tfr* v*(S this moriunf, a L* f l?rtw" t direct fro XM* munf?ctu'*r>. wfthc h-?t make*, in Ladtaa. Hi? . and ?bitdr*> *. all at r.iural FMMi 1. W. < OLUtV CO. HiU? it3 TUi *. *!?? ? P? jy|A6?oui UA ftotton for * ?%! inii M " . ?'?*?* ,7."Bo32S^.

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